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2023.06.09 07:45 -_VaV_- Everyone's Mad at Me

I am currently in 7th grade. It doesn't exactly effect the story but it puts off a tone. So I, F(12) an having some issues. Honestly, I wasn't really sure how to even title this. Now once I explain my situation, people's reactions could either be good or bad. A few weeks ago (I think), or more, I befriended this kid, who I will refer to as Blue (everyone will just be referred to as colors) . So, I have no feeling for him. He was initially friends with my best friend (who is a big part later in the story). So, we started getting close, texting or whatever. Now, one day, me, Blue, my bsf which I will refer to as Purple, and her sister, Red. Now, this part is a bit of a side story. So there is this kid, Orange. He likes me. Has liked me for a while. We were all at the ice rink, and he just happened to be there. (I had liked this kid for like a day earlier in the year but then realized he's not for me) I was trying to teach Blue how to skate, but it just wasn't working out. So I had Purple and Red take care of it while I decided to teach Orange how to skate. BIG, mistake. Along with that, I should mention there was another friend, Pink. So, I had been helping teach Orange how to skate, and Purple decided to take some videos. I held his hands or whatever but I didn't think of it as a big thing. Afterwards, I'm not mad about it but Purple sent the pictures to Pink, because she didn't worry about Pink showing everyone. Welp, you can guess how that turned out. People had started rumors that we were dating, that we kissed, ect. None were true. Now I started talking to Orange on snap, and just... no. The whole time he had only talked about himself. Which, ok whatever, no THAT bad. No. I asked him questions, he went on, didn't even bother to ask something along the lines of "What about you?". Bad. Where it gets worse is when, I state small things about me and he just cuts me off to talk about him. Red flag. That night, he confessed to me... He said he LOVED me. This is middle school... I had told him I just wanted to be friends, but ai guess he didn't understand, because he continued for the next few days until my friends told him off. This is where it all starts. People are mad at me for rejecting him. So, that kinda went away, but keep in mind, this was maybe two weeks ago. So. I started hanging out with Blue more often. He has a gf. I don't even know her, is was just kinda his advisor, helping him out and giving ideas. Now, a few days ago, I had gone to the ice rink and he hugged me. Personally, I don't see the big deal, hugs aren't romantic usually unless you make them. His friends took a picture. That had spread like wildfire. Everyone was mad at me, calling me disrespectful, a player (because of the Orange thing) and a few more stuff. Now, we had planned to go see the new spiderman movie, obviouslyI canceled that, and talked to Blue about how he needs to talk to his gf (whos in 8th grade) about how nothing is happening. I also said we shouldnt talk in public for the meantime until things cool down. So, he talked to his gf who. supposedly "understands", but I am not sure. Now, heres the big issue. Purple, my bsf. Blue, who has a gf, likes her. Now while no one knows about it, I am stuck with a bunch of seventh and eighth graders being mad at me when I'm not the main issue. They've, held hands for a consecutive 30 minutes, and theres more... Now of course I don't want purple having an issue, but I'm pretty sure Purple secretly likes Blue because she gets all blushy around him, and she is moving to another state at the end of the month. I am worried that he will try to make a move of some sort, and with my suspicion, I feel she would go along with that. Now I'm not thinking anything sexual, but like a kiss or something, which is still bad. So while I am passing people in the hallways with them glaring and whispering about me, I need to worry that something might be going on with them. Along with that, I have big social issues and am 100% sure I have social anxiety, and am too scared to confront anyone. Then I have a bunch of finals, and I am just stuck in this mess where a bunch of people are mad at me, and I am just struggling in my own personal ways. I just need help so please someone give me advice on this situation because drama stresses me out like crazy and I can't stand the fact that people don't like me due to my big social issue. So please someone just help.
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2023.06.09 07:41 Responsible-Rock-679 ENFP-T in love with INTJ

Long post, I will summarize. I am an ENFP-T still in love with my ex who is INTJ. I believed he was THE ONE. But he hurt me.
Me F (28) and he M (38) started dating a year ago. Our differences were very obvious. I attract attention everywhere I go because of my looks and how I dress up. I’m also very chatty and easily make friends everywhere. He is on the quiet side, very observant and easy going. We both work in the same big tech. Different orgs and different locations in the same cities. I joined the company a few weeks after we started dating. He is an engineer and I work as a product manager.
When we initially started dating, it felt like he really liked me. We talked about the future pretty quickly and things moved very fast. He met my family and I met his. He wanted to do everything together and spend every minute together. Everyone thought he was heads over heels in love with me when we go out with friends. But I didn’t feel that way in the relationship. I constantly felt put down by him, he made fun of my life goals to build a multi billion dollar business. Indirectly called me one of the MBA airheads (I have an Ivy League MBA). I didn’t feel supported by him and sometimes I genuinely believed he disliked me or thought I was pretty stupid.
I once asked if he thought I was stupid and he didn’t respond. This was after he said he couldn’t believe we work for the same company and I make more money than him ‘doing nothing’ in his words. For reference he is an IC5 and I am an IC6 manager. Which was never an issue or anything I brought up or mentioned. He only used it to mock me whenever he felt the need to knock me a peg.
I don’t doubt that he is smarter than I am. I respect him for that more than anything else. He is really really smart and one of the best engineers on his team. Although we never said I love you to each other, but I assumed we both loved each other. Despite his pessimistic approach to life and constantly hating my optimism, he never said no to anything I wanted or asked. He would silently fix things for me or take my car to get serviced because I forgot or buy a ticket I forgot to buy.
I gave him space a lot because I am also very independent and like having my own space. I am only extroverted sometimes and even the test says I’m only 51% extroverted. So I do enjoy time alone.
He loves solo vacations and he had a few during the relationship. One time he traveled for 3 weeks and did not call me once during that period. Although we texted back and forth every few days. I was genuinely shocked how he could go that long without speaking to me. He got back from the trip and asked if I wanted to buy a house together? I said sure, let’s do it.
We reached out to a few realtors and started looking for a house to buy.
The tech layoffs started and we decided to put our house hunt on hold incase either or both of us lose our jobs.
I constantly cheered him up and gave him words of affirmation and gifts. He never did same to me despite knowing it was my love language. Initially he didn’t like the words of affirmation, but after a while, he genuinely started to laugh when I praised him and it was the best laughter I would see on his face. I enjoyed buying him new clothes and shoes and games.
He made ‘compliments’ about my body a few times. He said I sometimes make the ugliest dresses look beautiful because of my body. I took that as the best compliment I could ever get from him. However he hated it when people complimented me. He didn’t feel comfortable when stranger’s walked up to us and called us a cute couple a few times. But I wasn’t sure how to fix that as it wasn’t my fault. Then he said maybe if I wore better clothes, people might stop walking up to us. By better clothes, he meant ugly fitting because I never expose my skin.
A few months later, I told him I wasn’t feeling happy in the relationship and wanted us to fix it by taking a vacation. I asked him how he genuinely felt about the relationship and he said he was happy and didn’t feel like anything was wrong. At this point, I believed I was the problem. Maybe I didn’t love him enough? We went on vacation and on the trip he somehow completely ignored me and was working all through. We didn’t get to discuss our issues even once. I understand that work was important but I felt completely ignored and abandoned. And he completely dismissed my feelings. On our way back, I told him I wanted to break up as I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in the relationship. He didn’t respond to me. When our flight landed, I told him I changed my mind about breaking up and would like to work things out again. This time he responded and said he wanted to try again too. One week later, he breaks up with me out of the blue and says I’m too superficial and obsessed with myself, I have too many friends and I use social media too much for his comfort. He said I am an attention seeker and it’s the reason why I have so many followers on IG and tiktok. He hardly uses social media and he knows the reason I have so many followers on tiktok is because I talk about my journey to tech as a product manager. I am a minority woman working a high level job, I have so many younger women who love me on social media and look up to me. I don’t know how he went from ‘loving’ me to resenting me. I know I wasn’t perfect but I kept the relationship going. And I constantly asked him to tell me when things were bad.
He says we are very compatible but he can not get over my flaws. And here was I trying to work through his own flaws.
I felt judged, unappreciated and disrespected. I love him but maybe he wants someone who is more like him. I have been in therapy and working through my issues. I am superficial and that is something I’m working through in therapy. I just wish he gave a chance to fix things together than pull the rug on me. I find it hard to date anyone else. I have deleted all my social media accounts since we broke up 3 months ago. I feel like he broke something permanently in me. I am no longer my cheerful happy self, I don’t think I’m smart and I think he was right and I only got into Ivy League and got my job because I am a minority female. Maybe I do think too highly of myself.
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2023.06.09 07:40 Geoffrica_ Newly acquired koi fish - advice?

Hey there - first time home owner and first time koi/pond owner. just bought a house and it came with a small pond with 3 koi fish, and I have no idea what I'm doing. The previous owner directed I take out 1/3 of the water, and then just fill it back up and feed them pellets. The water is no where near clear and the fish don't swim to the top unless I change out the water. I have done this once a week since I moved in and I can tell they appreciate the clean water, and I feel like I need to do more than what the previous owner directed.
I'm going to call some pond companies to have them look at the pond and the fish for professional advice but thought reddit is the best place to start, so I can go into it not completely clueless. Give me any advice you think is valuable, any is greatly appreciated!
Pond info: 52in X 20in 12? Gal Kidney shaped pond roughly 52in end to end and 20in wide, roughly 12 - 13 gallon pond. Deepest end is only 15in and the shallow end is 8in. There is a pump that brings the water into a waterfall that puts it back in the pond. She's pretty murky! I didn't realize there were 3 fish instead of 2 until I first followed the "take 1/3 out and refill" advice, which did help a little. It is in a pretty sunny spot and I live in Phoenix, so it's about to get hot. I put more plants around it to shade the fish/pond, but the fish have been in there for awhile and honestly from what I see are doing fine, just aren't thriving.
I'm now dechorinating water (by letting it sit out for a few days before putting it in the pond) and just brushing the walls right before clearing, closer to 1/2 the water, out before putting fresh water back in - also rinsing off the 2 fake plants.
What would you do to maintain it and the fish, what kind of pump/filter would you use - what would be your game plan for not only keeping the fish alive but to keep them happy in this lil body of water? I don't have a ton of money to spend on it, but already am pretty attached to the little guys. All advice is appreciated!
Thanks koi fam. 🙏🐟❤
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2023.06.09 07:40 fakin-_it I have feelings for my friend who is 8 years younger. Would this be too challenging?

I'm f/32 and he's 24. We are both Christians and met on a hike with friends about a year and a half ago. I was not interested at all and if you would have told me I ever would be I probably would have died laughing and not even made it this far lol. He is not my type at all, and the age was always a hard no for me. So, because of these factors I always have had good boundaries with him and never thought more of our friendship. But over the past year he has grown to be one of my best friends and I truly love him, I care for his best interests as well which is also why I'm posting this. I wouldn't want dating me/marriage to bring him extra challenges in life.
In the time that I've known him, I met another guy and dated him off and on for about 10 months. I ended it in March, but it dragged on until about a month ago, which is when my friend revealed to me that he has feelings for me. The relationship I was in I had no peace in and the Holy Spirit was constantly leading me to end it. The guy was 33, but spiritually he was not where I'm at and was unable to lead us in a Christ centered relationship. There were a lot of red flags and we technically broke up twice in those months of dating. I never broke up with him for my friend and, like I said I never saw my friend like that.
But, the past month God has really opened my eyes and heart to this friend, it's almost like wow why did I not see this before. When I did realize he had feelings for me, it was because a couple other mutual friends mentioned things like "I think he likes you" or "when are you guys just going to get married?" Those statements just caused an instant realization that I do love this guy, he is my best friend, we laugh together, I can be myself with him, he always leads me to Christ and the Bible when I'm going through something or seeking counsel, he loves and adores me...etc. He's not the type I'd find attractive, but at this point I'm realizing the guys I do find an instant attraction to aren't good for me. An attraction is there for him emotionally, and growing because I do love him for who he is, it's just weird because I've only seen him as a brother in Christ. We are very compatible though, even him being younger he gets all the same references and likes the same music. We can have deep talks, especially recently since I've been single and he's very receptive to my emotions and caring. I've actually never known a guy to be this sweet and attentive (and I've dated a lot of guys before I was a Christian).
Last summer, he moved to another state and so during that time I've dated my ex. My friend was mostly out of the picture besides phone calls here and there, and visits every few months, but next month he is moving back. We've been talking about things and possibly seeing where the Lord leads us. He's let me know he wants to pursue me and that through prayer he feels God is telling him it's okay to pursue me when I'm ready. I told him I'm not ready right now, due to just being in a relationship. Not to mention our church community I think would be really shocked. I would like to explore if God does have something deeper for us together, but I'm hesitant due to the age difference and being in different places career wise. Neither of us are financially stable, I'm in grad school and he will be starting trade school, but also feels called to be a pastor one day. It makes me nervous that we may not be stable for quite some time.
Would this even be realistic? I do graduate soon, but then I will have to be an associate for 2 years not making much money (I study clinical psychology). Would this be wise to pursue this any time soon? I'm thinking maybe 6 months to a year, if we ever do.
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2023.06.09 07:40 _RogueRanger_ Melee Build Advice

So I'm coming back to the game and I want to give a mantis blade build a try. I've seen some rec on YouTube where they went 20 body, 20, reflex, 20 cool. I'm a bit hesitant on not going going into tech for crafting though. I'm looking for some recs for attribute distribution so I don't end up feeling like I'm missing out.
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2023.06.09 07:38 Risate Bad experience first try smoking

My first smoke was very rushed (stupidly). I had a sitter and didn’t combine anything, but I wasn’t sure if I totally cleaned the mesh when I smoked it because it was hard to heat it all up and my lighter was dying.
When I inhaled, I kinda saw stars and stuff starting shaking. However, I also kinda felt in a different headspace. It was like a headache almost. I felt my hair stand on end sorta, and like little needles went all over my body. It we pretty uncomfortable. I saw more colors in everything, and the sky had a purple hue. It lasted about half an hour. I still felt effects 2 hours later, just like a queasy feeling in my stomach and a light headache. Did I botch this? I made the DMT myself, and like I said the mesh wasn’t totally clean. Also, at one point in my extraction I used a nylon Turkey baster to pull naphtha but eventually gave up after it had touched naphtha for about 10 minutes, getting a glass pipette instead.
Any help at all would be appreciated. This is one of my first psych experiences and I’m worried I might just suck at doing them.
Overall the long lasting headache has made it a 3/10 experience
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2023.06.09 07:36 sydney66643 I feel stressed out

I’m usually a very cool headed, positive person, but it’s really hard right now.
My dad has covid, and so does my brother. My brothers a senior in high school, he literally walks for graduation next Thursday. But chances are, he might not recover in time to walk. All the events planned next week for him have to be cancelled : ( his online best friend was suppose to fly over and stay with us too, along with our grandparents. I can’t imagine how he’s feeling, why’d it have to be now? He’s avoided it for three years and yet somehow NOW he catches it. Right on the week of his grad : /
On top of all this, my sister is immunocompromised. If shes to get sick her body will struggle a lot. How is she suppose to be safe in a house with 2 covid patients?
Oh and my mom just dropped this bomb on me. My grandma’s cancer came back.
theres a lot on my mind right now.
I feel fine but I might end up catching covid too. All of this is weighing on my mind a lot. I will keep trying to be positive despite it all. I always tell myself that “It always works out” and I really will try to believe it this time.
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2023.06.09 07:35 NoPersimmons I feel so goddamn broken. I’m an addict, I want to quit pot, but it’s the only way I can have sex without pain

TW: no one who is feeling down about their situation should read this. Please click back. Your situation is not mine, your body is not mine. I’m being upset and dramatic. Take care of yourself.
I want to be intoxicated. My partner is out of town so I’m drunk—I’m sober from alcohol otherwise. My pot intake is fucking up my PhD and my life but I keep using because it’s the only way that sex doesn’t hurt. I just want to fuck my boyfriend of TEN FUCKING YEARS.
I got diagnosed with bipolar and the meds (Wellbutrin is the culprit, but I’m on others) make me so goddamn horny. I want to fuck. I’m an evolutionary biologist, and I know I was literally DESIGNED to fuck. Why does it hurt???? Why do I have to get high to fix it??
I’ve thoughts for years and years that it’s my hymenal tissue. The pain is ONLY and exclusively at the entrance, but my OBGYN keeps giving me advice like “it’s tilted to the left.” DEPTH ISNT THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Why won’t it stop. Why won’t they give me a hymenectomy like I asked. But noooo they say it’s vulvodynia.
I have only had bad gynos since I was 16, and I brought up hymenectomy to doctors working in an almost 100% Hispanic Catholic area. I’m 25 now. Should I push for the hymenectomy? Can it make things worse? Does anyone see progress from it? I have no intention of passing my bipolar disorder onto children so no worries about potential birth complications.
I want to be sober. I want to be sober. I don’t want to get high just to get fucked. I’m so tired.
I don’t even know what my treatment options are. Please tell me. I did physical therapy, it helped, but now it’s JUST that the tissue right at the entrance gets SO irritated so quickly.
I’m designed for this. 3.7 billions years of evolution just to dead end in my broken vagina. It’s not about being a mother for me, or about being a woman the right way. I am designed for something I can’t fucking do. Painstakingly, natural selection has tried to choose a functional vagina for me and instead I got this piece of shit.
In before common advice—I am in fact a victim of sexual abuse, I feel that I’ve moved past this and I never think about it when I’m being sexual. I’ve been in therapy for it for 15 years and I rarely think about it. We use lube, we use foreplay. My partner is below average. I’m just fucking broken.
Is this a fixable disease? Do I need to choose between a career and a sex life? Is it pot and sex or sobriety and pain, or is there another option?
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2023.06.09 07:31 Awaythrow4761 AITA for taking someone else on a trip my friend was looking forward to?

I (18 f) am the friend that ended up going on the trip. We'll call me A. My best friend B (18 f) has a friend I'll call C (18 f). They've been friends for four years. C's favorite place in the whole is Washington State. B and C have talked about going there since they met. In recent years C hasn't been a very present friend. When B went through a break up she and I became best friends. I already knew C but after B and I became friends, she stopped liking me. I ended up getting blocked on everything by C about a year back and I still don't know why and neither does B. C became a little trapped in her own world. She's been through some things but B has always been there to help C through it. When B went through things, C wasn't around as much. When B and C did occasionally hang out, C talked about herself and her problems and tended to step on B's feelings. B and I have become best friends and do everything together. In May, B's favorite music artist came to Washington and she bought tickets for her and C. It was during her birthday weekend and between the two they could only afford one night there to see the concert and come home. It was about a 10-hour drive. I, A, wasn't invited because C still doesn't like me. B ended up wanting me there and asked C if I could come. C never replied and when B asked again a huge fight ensued. C said that since it was her favorite place and that she and B had been wanting to go for a while, B was being insensitive. I should mention that B's parents ended up paying for the whole trip as B's birthday gift, but they could still only stay one night because C had work. They started fighting and C ended up saying she didn't want to go if she couldn't spend quality time with B. B felt like this isn't fair because it was one night, her birthday and her parents were paying for everything. B said she would understand more if the trip could be closer to how she and C originally planned it. B invited me the night before and I said yes. We stayed for two days because I could afford to stay longer and we had a great time. I don't think C knows we went because B and her were supposed to take C's car but she bailed out and it was assumed B didn't have a way there anymore. None of B's family likes C because of the way B's been treated for so long. They see her as flakey and self-centered, but B is still feeling bad. So, are B and I the asshole for going on a trip that a different friend was looking forward to?
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2023.06.09 07:31 indian-goose Evil No See

Wherefrom words turn back, Together with the mind, not having attained - The bliss of Brahma, he who knows, Fears not from anything at all. Such a one, verily, the thought does not torment; Why have I not done the good? Why have I done the evil? He who knows this, delivers himself from these two thoughts. For truly, from both of these he delivers himself - he who knows this! Such is this mystic doctrine, the Upanishad!
From the dark I attain to the variegated, from the variegated I attain to the dark. Shaking off evil as a horse his hairs, shaking off the body as the moon frees itself. I, having fulfilled all ends, obtain the eternal Brahman-world yea, I obtain it.
Evil is intrinsically related with one;s understanding that gives the motivation for any action, one performs. If the motivation is wrong, the action becomes evil and hence in the Bhagavad Gita, Karma Yoga (Unitive Action) is recommended as a way to avoid wrong motivation. Instead of thinking I am the doer, if we understand ourselves as a mere instrument of the Divine and all our actions aims at universal welfare, then no evil is incurred.
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2023.06.09 07:31 IndividualPurpose974 My story / questions on Dating

I’m a 22 F ; my ex bf lied about getting tested regularly & ended up giving my me this virus as well the clap. As of now I’ve been dealing with it by myself for what will soon be 8 months and so far I’ve had to turned down a number of people when it comes to letting them get to know me or them wanting to have sexual relations w/me. I even had to reject the boy I really cared about due to fear of infecting him and the possibility of getting rejected by him if he found out. I’ve done research and I take all the vitamins needed for my immune system to fight this. I’ve even made an oil based concoction to apply vaginally to help get rid of the gws ( mines are extremely tiny - imagine the size of poppy seeds & there are very few thankfully)
However I’ve only gotten one dose of the hpv vaccine shot since finding out I have this. ( I don’t have insurance anymore nor can I afford it get another shot at the moment)
I would never endanger a person sexual health due to my own sexual frustrations like my ex did me … But I would like to start dating & having sex again .
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2023.06.09 07:31 nsfwthrowawayaccio How to ride a man?

I want to be on top, but I struggle getting the penis inside, and when I do, I’m not very good at the movement and end up with going too far up and having the penis slide out…
Would also appreciate advice as to how I (F) can make sex better for my partner (M).
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2023.06.09 07:31 Blunky2 Trunk Onewheel Holder

Trunk Onewheel Holder
The constant rolling around was annoying but more so, my passengers would complain/comment when the Onewheel would slam into the rear seats. I saw another post using PVC pipe and thought: "Why not just strap it down to some spare plywood and put velcro hooks under the wood so the whole contraption doesn't slide?"
It ended up working really well and you can flip the PVC pipes outwards and out of the way for easy removal.
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2023.06.09 07:30 Outrageous-Cost733 Tingly syncope, cirs?

I essentially have problems moving around in space with full relaxation. I feel tingly feelings (like when someone scares you, fear tingly) along the back of my head, behind nose along back and neck. I have been out of mold for a while but can’t shake this state off. It comes and goes sometimes increases or is completely gone. I also have presyncope (content feeling like I will faint) it is like my mind glitches, brings me back, makes me feel unstable and like I’m gunna fall over and die or pass out but I never do. Doctors have no clue. I feel like when my head turns or if I spin around my body cannot handle all of the coordination. Is this cirs? Mast cell? Histamine? Lyme? Is this psychological? I also visually glitch items jump or twitch when I know they aren’t. I have a hard time focusing on one spot, my eyes shift around after 1 min in. This is all mold related. I’ve already had an mri and been cleared via tons of tests. I no long have a lot of mold symptoms. If anyone has experienced something similar to this please reach out or message. How to treat or even relieve some of this. Techniques to cope? I end up just pushing through the symptoms each time.
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2023.06.09 07:29 Beta_Switch [Waybound] O M and The Secret Game

I guess I'm writing this because people really fuckin hate Makiel for alot of good reasons and they feel that he is this unrepentant incompetent monster who deserved to die so that the great Ozriel who we love could live. I don't think that's right. I think that's a misunderstanding of what happens. If Makiel was this character, this vile stupid idiot judge then we would have a very different ending because if that's the version of Makiel you see guess what, he won. Ozriel and the mad king were dead, Oth'kimeth had fled, and he had the scythe. He had a perfect victory. He had everything that version of Makiel would've wanted, and he gave it all up to die. Because in my opinion, that version of Makiel never existed.
Fate is a funny thing, it can be manipulated, destroyed and hidden but even if you do all these things, it can still be seen by others manipulated by others and changed by others. Fate is like playing rock paper scissors, but everyone knows what everyone's going to choose. Which is why we see everyone who uses fate as a weapon hide their own intent, their own feelings. We even see them playing roles in their heads, doing the opposite of what we know they want. We see Lindon, Emriss Northstrider, everyone does this. They have to actively stop themselves from thinking about that thread of fate from wanting it while doing the actions they need to in order to see it happen.
There's no one greater at this than Ozriel and Makiel. It's said time and time again that with the exception of Makiel using the powers of the hound that Ozriel can see farther and clearer than anyone in the history of the Abidan. Their powers of sight are comparable and perhaps even the same. It says that Makiel sees the same fate that leads Ozriel to abandon his role as reaper. They both saw the same thing, they both had different solutions, and at the end, they both knew everything. Almost everything that happens in the cradle books can be seen as a direct result of either Ozriel or Makiels actions. From Makiel intervening directly with the fate of cradle several times to Ozriel abandoning his role and hiding the scythe to raise his own executors, causing the Abidans control over the iterations to collapse. everything happens because of what they did or didn't do, even seemingly a small deviation in fate that was missed or ignored by the hounds, a deviation that Suriel just happens to come across and fix.
“Li Markuth was not permitted to return to this world. His attack was a deviation from fate, which I have reversed. When I depart, it will be as though your festival continued uninterrupted.” (Unsouled, ch 11)
I think the game between Ozriel and Makiel was to see who's chosen fate would win out. I believe Ozriel wanted to save them all or die in place of Makiel, but Makiel chose to die instead. When Suriel reaches him before he finds the scythe Makiel says he would have to settle for an imperfect victory, an imperfect victory against Ozriel who despite losing still managed to hide the scythe from him directly under Makiels feet. I could go on and on with this theory and write five pages on it, but this is just my opinion, and you can choose to hate Makiel if you want but I believe in Suriels words
The weapon struggled in her grip, but she held it with a firm will. “Enough. He lent you to me, and I lend you now to my ally. The strongest among us.” Suriel, the Phoenix, met his eyes. “I have faith in him.” (Waybound chapter 5)
Ozriel reacts not with anger when he is revived, but with sadness, he already knew what Makiel was going to do.
“Makiel—” Suriel began, but Ozriel waved away the rest of her sentence. “I know,” he said. He gazed at the body floating in space, and Suriel saw the weight of ages and the sadness of the Reaper reflected in him again. “I know everything,” Ozriel said softly. (Waybound chapter 28)
I dont know. Everything Makiel does just doesn't make sense to me unless this was his goal from the beginning. Either way, the books were an amazing experience that I hope everyone enjoys. Thank you Will Wight for the story and for your years of work and dedication towards the world you made us fall in love with.
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2023.06.09 07:29 NPC37463 It has come to my attention that roughly 99% of Reddit Christians believe that their Works play a role in salvation.

Be it either them flat out saying it, or creating a backdoor-works-salvation by saying "real faith will always show works". "you can lose salvation if you don't do enough works" is a big one also. Yet they seem blind to the fact that in their "faith", without works, there is no salvation. Therefore making it a Salvation where works are required to enter into heaven, no longer is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross enough.
Salvation comes by trusting that Jesus has died on the cross for my sins. If i live in willfull sin, God forbid, would grace not abound and my sins be covered by the blood of Christ?
But sadly instead of thinking about this for 20 seconds, you will always be hit with the parroting of verses such as "faith without works is dead!" or "if we sin willfully there remaineth no more sacrifice".
And so a point that i realized most of these people don't have on their radar:
If we disobey God, despite being a saved Christian, Hebrews tells us that:
6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. 7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? 8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. 9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?
If a child of God willingly commits hard sins, like fornication or murder; God would send chastizement and eventually if they don't repent, their lifes will be cut short. But if someone dies 40 years earlier because of chastizement, or lives a blessed life with much fruit; it is irrelevant, both go to heaven. One has treasure and rewards waiting for him, the other does not.
Salvation is free, that is why God even pays us for any good work we do afterwards. If you stay at home and do nothing, your faith is dead and won't bring forth fruit. If you go out and share the gospel, you will bring forth fruit. And if you sin willfully without repentance, you can expect your body to perish, but the spirit will be saved.
And i will also post this verse, because people nowadays use it for the exact opposite meaning:
Matthew 7:21-23
21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

"oh look not everyone will make it into the kingdom of God, only those that are good enough!"
Except that these people are not going to hell because they didn't do enough works, they are workers of iniquity because they are not saved and never were. "i never knew you". And what are they doing? They call Jesus Lord (reddit christians) but in reality what do they think gets them in? Their own accomplishments that they thought they did in the name of Christ, their own works, their own obedience.
And if you stand before Christ and think you get in because you "had real faith and therefore did the works" compared to the guy that "only believed but still lived in sin, who "obviously isnt saved" ", then gues where you are going. Same with "didn't i work to keep my salvation til the end?"
People will cope out of this with saying "oh its GOD that does the works in us..."; ok then nobody would lose it to begin with since everyone would do enough works if it were automated.

Its really sad to see how many people are blatantly lying to themselves about this, or doing it in ignorance because they have years of false verse interpretations behind them.
Simply trust that Jesus paid for your sins on the cross 100%, thats what God wants from you, why do you not want to do it? Why do you see your own obedience as relevant for salvation? You only have to accept the gift of eternal life, and then you are justified in Gods eyes once and for all.

and for the clowns calling this a license to sin:
read again, because apparently they just willingly block out the fact that chastizement is a thing.
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2023.06.09 07:27 jesus2nd NHS or Private?

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year after an "At home" sleep study. As a result I was sent a lovely photocopied leaflet on how to live with sleep apnea and that if I wasn't falling to sleep whilst driving then I wouldn't be seen to.
I bent the truth a bit because the constant struggle with exhaustion was overwhelming me, I managed to have a telephone appointment with a lovely gentleman who didn't listen to a word I had to say and just told me to lose some excess fat.
I'm not fat, I go to the gym and have a manual job so a lot of my bodyweight is just muscle mass.
I was told I would be reviewed in three months so I set about trying to cut down a bit of body fat...a year later and I've still not had a review and my quality of life has deteriorated massively, I've been back to the GP and had them refer me back to the sleep clinic but I'm not holding on to much hope.
I've lost a bit of weight and also had a septoplatsy but nothing has helped.
I'm edging on going private but not too sure the best way to approach it and don't want to end up throwing money down the pan.
Has anyone got any advice or stories to share that might point me in the right direction? It really feels like it's all coming to the boil right now I really don't have much energy left to throw at it.
I'm based in Yorkshire if anyone has any recommendations around my area for going down the private route.
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2023.06.09 07:24 PipsGhost WTF is who else has this?

'Who else has this' is a community for collectors or Redditors who just have something cool they think is rare or valuable and they want to see if anybody else on reddit has the same item(s) to get an idea of how rare or valuable that item may be.
I hope you tell the little story about how the item ended up in your possession.
Which can open the discussion of possible value or demand for said item.
This community is about items and things, this does NOT include;
Examples of things to post about;
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2023.06.09 07:20 Thelostkingdom Afraid of “relapsing” in the summer

Hi everyone, for starters I apologize for any mistakes I might make since English is not my first language. I struggle with an*rexia and binge eating, but it got better this year because I started going to school again, I had a lot to do so I tried not to focus on my body image and food too much. The school year is coming to an end; I have some things to get done this summer, but I will have lots of “empty days” in which I’m afraid I’ll start obsessing with my body image again. I feel like it’s happening already, and I don’t know what to do. I guess I don’t want to relapse, because I know it will ruin my life all over again now that I found a balance; but sometimes I really want to stop eating again. Has any of you dealt with this? How did you do it? Do you have any pieces of advice you can give me ? Thank you for reading this <3
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2023.06.09 07:18 spiritualRyan How long of meditating does it take you normally to enter the 5th-8th jhanas?

Although I thoroughly enjoy jhanas 1-4, I cannot manage to sit long enough for getting into jhanas 5-8. Although I absolutely love and am enthralled by jhanas 1-4, restlessness just eats me up inside after being in the 4th jhana for about 10 minutes. By then the 4th jhana’s equanimity seems to start to wear off and I am left back at my normal state of existence, which just means the 5 hindrances are back.
I’ve tried to follow Leigh brasingtons advice of slowly expanding your sense of being until you eventually end up in infinite space, but that hasn’t worked for me yet, even when I push myself to sit 45 minutes long. Although I can definitely say that while I’m in 4th jhana, my normal felt sense of my body is almost gone entirely.
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2023.06.09 07:18 JazzlikePattern5627 I am an Atty - Someone Needs to Sue (Not Legal Advice)

I am a licensed attorney in the US with experience in the implicated areas of practice (copyright, other internet-related torts). I have been patiently sitting in the background for months and can't believe a lawsuit hasn't been filed yet. This isn't a complicated situation.... It will require bravery insofar as a guy will likely need to use his real name (unless your jurisdiction provides for pseudonymous protection which extend to the facts in your case... Again, not legal advice; Consult a licensed attorney).
Individuals who summarily dismiss concerns regarding liability and (loss of) anonymity have not done their research. The Sh\**y 'Media Men' Spreadsheet* case is illustrative (See e.g., Jessica Testa, 'Media Men' List Defamation Lawsuit Ends in a Settlement, New York Times (Mar. 3, 2023) (discussing sh***y 'media men' spreadsheet which a court refused to dismiss); See also Samantha Chery, Settlement Reached in 'Media Men' Defamation Case, Washington Post (Mar. 7, 2023) (same).)
The moderators, posters, as well as the founders themselves, are not shielded from liability (whether under C.D.A. sec. 230, D.M.C.A. sec. 512, or otherwise); Nor are "anonymous" posters/authors protected from having their names made public or disclosed via court authorized discovery processes. (See e.g., 17 U.S.C. sec. 512(f) [process for securing subpoena to identify potential infringers].) These names are visible on the back-end (i.e., to the group admins). Thus, Facebook would be compelled to disclose this information if subpoenaed. I could cite case after case, but this is super basic hornbook law regarding discovery.
It is my opinion that claims over AWDTSG posts are almost certainly more meritorious than those presented in the Spreadsheet case supra. With a higher likelihood of success on the merits / ability of putative plaintiffs to make out a prima facie case on substantive claims (for defamation, invasion of privacy [false light and related torts], tortious interference, copyright infringement, etc.), said plaintiffs will be able to avail themselves of discovery -- i.e., there are concomitant higher probabilities that litigants will be able to (1) subpoena social media data; and (2) withstand Anti-SLAPP motions (where provided under state law, etc.).
Randazza Legal Group (Marc Randazza) would be my first choice. The Dhillon Law Group would be my second.
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2023.06.09 07:17 dustinross4 Rip off?

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