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2023.03.21 22:10 Mr-Mando "Your Browser does not support this function" ...

Trying to access my cameras though my web browser inside my own home network, I keep getting this message "Your Browser does not support this function"

The technical support line does not appear to be working. Can anyone help with this?
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2023.03.21 22:10 Penny_Shorts PSA: $51.75 per semester fee increase requested by ECA. MARCH 23 is the deadline to vote FOR or AGAINST for all engineering and computer science students

The CSU has sent an email to all Engineering and Computer Science students to vote for the ECA's General Election until March 23. How you vote is YOUR decision but some of the proposals on the ballots are misleading and don't fully explain the implications.
Share with other Engineering and Computer Science students, and upvote to prevent biased students from downvoting this PSA.
Fee Increases
The ECA, Space Concordia and SAE are respectively requesting a fee increase of $2.50/credit, $0.50/credit and $0.45/credit, or an increase of $3.45/credit per semester to be automatically increased by the greater of 2% or the rate of inflation. That works out to $51.75 extra per semester.
Extra Cost
Per Semester $51.75
Per Year $103.50
Per 4 Year Degree (with automatic increases) $426.58
Allowing automatic fee increases without member approval would also burden future students especially during periods of abnormal inflation such 2022 when it stood at 6.8%.
I was going to vote yes thinking it was a small amount, but then I realized it was misleading once the real cost has been factored in. Many of my friends feel the same way once they realize how fast a $0.50 fee increase accumulates to.
What they also fail to mention is there are 10,688 undergrads in engineering, assuming on average each takes 12 credits, that works out to $128,000 for Space Concordia and SAE alone per year each. The average member association make do with a fraction of that budget and do wonderful things.
For those amounts, I'd like to know what they are trying to achieve to justify a sudden windfall of that magnitude? These associations already receive a budget from the ECA. Why the double dipping?
What students don't see is the scheming that goes behind their back on how creative they get to try to push an agenda that students have consistently refused. The non-consensual annual fee increases is an attempt to circumvent membership approval.
From the ECA's 2021-01-19 Council Meeting Minutes
From the ECA's 2021-01-19 Council Meeting Minutes
While I'm expecting a bunch of ECA and Member Association members to downvote and start bashing this post, here is a taste of what accountability of our student fees looks like.
The CSU publishes their audited reports religiously, but not the ECA claiming COVID and other bs excuses as why they don't promptly publish theirs, yet its convenient they don't mention they have unreleased audited reports.
From the ECA's 04-01-21 BOD Meeting Minutes
There are allegations that of financial records discrepancies, a fancy way of saying missing money, that the ECA has not been upfront about to students.
From the ECA's 04-01-21 BOD Meeting Minutes
From the ECA's 04-01-21 BOD Meeting Minutes
Assistant Election Officer (AEO)
We as members should elect the Chief Election Officer and Assistant Election Officer to maintain impartiality of the election process not the ECA. They essentially want to be judge, jury and executioner in their own trial. Student associations are already quite sus when it comes to accountability and allowing the ECA to elect the CEO and AEO would remove independence. No lie, check out the ECA's official meeting minutes on their web site, a former Space Concordia president tried to gut the CEO's independence because she "pissed her off".
From the ECA's 2021-01-19 Council Meeting Minutes
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2023.03.21 22:10 ArEric_ 阿尔巴尼亚现在是怎么样一个国家?我只和一个中年阿尔巴尼亚人聊过,他很感谢腊肉。为啥NATO里阿尔巴尼亚战斗意志最高?

阿尔巴尼亚现在是怎么样一个国家?我只和一个中年阿尔巴尼亚人聊过,他很感谢腊肉。为啥NATO里阿尔巴尼亚战斗意志最高? submitted by ArEric_ to real_China_irl [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:10 AmazingChickenWings Thank you to the Fatfire Reddit Community. My new plan after meeting with a financial planner.

Hello, I was the recently retired 63 year old anesthesiologist who asked about a week ago about possibly doing a reverse mortgage on my house for retirement income. This was my post where I also listed my current assets. After reading the comments I learned a lot and was not as financially literate as I thought. Also received plenty of private messages, including one from a fee only fiduciary financial planner from South Florida. Some of the messages were also not great, someone wanting me to invest in a film production company and one saying they were an underage girl asking me to send them money, among other beggars. Also I don’t need a realtor, I have one, thanks.
After looking at the reviews of the financial planner who messaged me, I ended up hiring him and we had a 2 hour meeting yesterday to make a plan for me (I will still be managing my brokerage account). He started out explaining to me how bad of a deal reverse mortgages are, so I won’t be doing that. Now my wife who passed 4 years ago from breast cancer, was also a physician, and between the 2 of us we were making about $1m/year. She was the one who managed most of our investments, was more financially savvy than me and encouraged saving. Without her I would still be in the OR dealing with the rude ASA 3+ patients that populate the South Florida area. Our income and previous lifestyle and the fact we had over $5 Million in stock market investments, led me to believe for whatever reason that I could spend $35k/month in retirement indefinitely. After our meeting and from the comments on this forum, I learned that was reckless and not sustainable.
Also, a lot were asking how much I spend on women a month. It is around $7.5-10k/month. Around $2.5k/month at the strip club and $5-7.5k/month to my sugar baby all in, whom I see 3-4x a week and travel with. It should also be noted she is in her late 30s who is not financially dependent on me, a lot were suggesting I was some creep dating college aged women or paying their college tuition. Another big part of my budget was Poker, I’m apparently not a great player and playing pretty high stakes, playing $5/$10 no limit holdem, where I could lose or win $3-5k/night, but now I’m just gonna start playing $2/$5 no limit holdem instead. $5-$10 Stakes make no difference in my lifestyle if I win and should reduce my monthly losing now that I’m lowering stakes. Poker is my only gambling, I’m not one of the old timers at the slot machines and thankfully don’t bet on the Knicks.
So this is the plan that we formulated. I’m going to sell both of my houses and my boat, which will be listed by the end of April after I return from my vacation in Bonaire. I will also join a boating club instead of owning, as i'm getting older, this is a better option. The sale of these 3 things will reduce my monthly expenses greatly, they are money pits. I am hoping to gross $6 Million from the sale of these 3 things. After realtor fees and long term capital gains taxes our goal is to net a minimum $4.5 Million on all 3 things, possibly a little more. I also realized there are condos that I like in Miami that aren’t overly expensive. I live by myself, I don’t need a huge place. I found a beautiful condo overlooking Miami’s Margaret Pace park in the Edgewater neighborhood, 2 bedrooms, for only $750k. This move by selling those 3 things and buying this condo or something similar, will save a minimum of $7000/month. This will also leave me an excess of $3.75 Million to invest.
Now for my monthly budget. We decided that we are going to reduce my $35k/month budget to a very strict budget of $250k/year (around $21k/month), which I intend to follow. I should be able to continue how I am living but now not throwing away tons of money on property/boat maintenance. Now there was also a lot of talk about how it was unfair I was blowing a lot of money on women and not my daughter. I do have a different view on inheritances, where you should be able to get maximum enjoyment with your money and anything you die with is a bonus for your heirs. However, I see other peoples point and I decided after all 3 things sell I’m going to gift $200k to her to pay off her condo mortgage, hopefully by September for her birthday, I’m sure it is also what my wife would’ve wanted and won’t make a big difference in my financial situation.
After buying the new condo and the gift, this leaves me with roughly $3.5 Million, which we decided will be invested in the following. $1 Million- VT, $1 Million- SCHD, $1 Million- DGRO, $250k- VOO, and $250k- VXUS. His goal for me was to have a diversified portfolio that would give me good dividend income but also have the potential to grow in share value. I asked about bonds and treasuries, but he told me at my NW diversified ETFs would be the better investment as they have better growth and it is unlikely even with a 30% stock market drop I would ever go broke. This should increase my taxable account from around $4.2 Million to the $7.5-$8 Million range. My taxable account should also be producing roughly $125k/year or $10.4K/month in dividends, plus my $2.5k month social security payment. For the remainder I’m gonna be withdrawing from my 401k, the plan is to withdraw $15k/month (current value around $1.1 Million in SP 500 funds), obviously, however this is taxable income. Should give me a gross of roughly $28k/month before taxes. This should give me at least 7-10 years, where I’m living off 401k withdrawls, taxable account dividends, and social security. So hopefully in this 7-10 years my taxable account appreciates as do the dividends.
He also recommended to diversify from my HCA holding, however I’ve decided to pass on that. It would trigger a lot in capital gains taxes, which I will be paying a shitload this year on the house, and with the current valuation and the fact we have an aging population I’m confident on the position, think it will easily double in the next 10 years. If it goes down 50% that would be my own fault and I’ll have to deal with the consequences and decrease my monthly budget. However this stock isn’t crazily overvalued compared to earnings, like a Tesla stock or a Bit Coin, so I feel safe with it. Also he said the MSGS position isn’t the smartest, but once again it’s a company I like, I grew up watching the Knicks game every night, and he understood that, plus it’s a small position.
Once the 401k is depleted I will start selling the HCA first, if dividends aren’t covering my expenses, as that has the least diversification. For now I’ll keep the BRK.B, as it is diversified, but is possible over time I’ll convert it to a dividend fund, like SCHD, if I need the income, if not my daughter can inherit it. Ideally don’t sell because that also has decent unrealized gains. Hopefully everything appreciates in the meantime, my planner said in 7-10 years, once the 401k is depleted, it is very possible my taxable account could be valued in the $15 Million range, if I don’t sell anything. Regardless, it looks like with my new plan I will have a good retirement, how I want to live it, which is large, and also have a good chunk left over for my daughter and possible future grandkids. Thanks again to this Fatfire Reddit community and also my financial planner I met due to my previous post on Reddit.
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2023.03.21 22:09 FNwastaken [help] detect and hide objects with raycast

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2023.03.21 22:08 hannibalryzing [PS4] Price Check

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2023.03.21 22:08 JelCapitan Need help with labor laws in Kentucky

So i work as a service technician and spend my days driving from one customers home to the next the whole day. I stay extremely busy and prefer to just work through my day and technically take my lunch when I get home at the end of the day. My company does not provide a paid 30 min lunch break but does require one and they’re now telling me I have to stop working in the middle of the day and clock out for 30 minutes instead and waiting until I get home. I’ve looked into Kentucky labor laws and have got mixed answers on wether this is legal or not. If not could someone help me find an article stating so? Thanks you!
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2023.03.21 22:08 mr2711 Fed rate hike vs CAD: How low can it go?

The Fed is widely expected to raise its benchmark interest rate by another 0.25% on Wednesday, bringing it to 4.75%-5%, the highest since 2006. This move would likely boost the US dollar against other currencies, especially the Canadian dollar which has been under pressure from lower oil prices and weaker economic data.

The BoC, on the other hand, appears to be nearing the end of its hiking cycle, as inflation has moderated and growth has slowed. The BoC has raised its policy rate five times since July 2022, but the market is pricing in only a 25% chance of another hike this year. The BoC’s current target range is 3%-3.25%.

How will this divergence in monetary policy affect the USD/CAD exchange rate? How much lower can the CAD go against the USD? How long will the BoC hold off before raising rates again or even cutting them?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic.
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2023.03.21 22:08 Repulsive-Mix9796 Problem ssh (sftp) to server behind dynamic ip.

Hey buddys!
Like the title says I am having some problems connecting to a server on my local lan with sftp from outside my network. I'm using a Palo Alto 440 and my Nat and Security Policies looks like this.
NAT: Untrust -> Untrust, destination address FQDN, service ssh, destination translation is the server ip and port 22. Anything else is set to any and none.
Security: Untrust -> VM, Destination address FQDN, service ssh, application default, allow. Anything else is set to any.
Im using FQDN because I have a dynamic public address.
The traffic log shows that the traffic is incomplete and ages out. If I run a tcpdump port 22 on the server (freebsd) and then initiates the sftp connection it shows nothing and the sftp client fails to connect.
It feels like I have tried all possible kind of Nat/Sec rules, but I think I have them spot on as of now. Somehow it feels like the server don't get hit with any traffic, the tcpdump would have shown that right? I would also like to add that I have a different web server up and running with the only difference being the ports 80 and 443 instead of 22, and that is accessible from the outside.
Any kick in the head....I mean right direction is appreciated 😁
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2023.03.21 22:07 mr2smashin What's going on here? Two aircraft with same registration number. Close proximity. Both coming from Chicago.

What's going on here? Two aircraft with same registration number. Close proximity. Both coming from Chicago. submitted by mr2smashin to flightradar24 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:07 MiranoKun I need advice for a new Camera

Hello there, So I've never before owned a camera, but I always wanted to buy one. Now I want to use it to record amazing youtube videos, do freelancing UGC stuff and also daily photography. I was thinking of buying these cameras: Sony Zve10, A7iii, a6400-600, Fuji 4T or smth like that. So I'd like to hear your honest opinion on all of these. These are all amazing cameras but what would be a best choice in my scenario. I am bit perfectionistic so I always look for mkst expensive gear 😢. Thank you :)
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2023.03.21 22:06 mcgill83 [OFFER] Job-winning Resume and Cover Letter For You! 🚀

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Services and Rates
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2023.03.21 22:06 Sam_McClure Sent ticket payment to the courthouse instead of the mailing address (Long Island)

So I received a ticket after getting stopped for speeding in a school zone on March 2nd. I pleaded for a reduced sentence through the online service that the county provides. I was required then to print payment information and send it off to the PO box associated with Traffic and parking violations department, which i thought i did on March 8th. The problem i have is, i realize i wrote the address for the department itself on the envelope rather than the PO box address provided. Should I re send the form again to the correct address or should it be fine with the address that was provided on the envelope. I’d be happy to answer questions that might help me further, I’m just very perplexed at the whole thing, with this being my first ticket. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.03.21 22:06 glubw34k513d2q Best options body/lens/combined at different price points for streaming video conferencing?

I'm assuming my scenario is common: I'm sitting in front of the computer, I have a wall 5 feet behind me (of course for some it's more) and I'm doing video conferencing on a high bandwidth connection. Room lighting is pretty good, but still indoors. Maybe we can assume investing something in improving it (keylights).
If I wanted to spend some money to get a more impressive image, what would you recommend? On the low end you have, say, Logitech webcams for $150. What about $500, 1000, 1500, 2000? Assuming one can get the settings dialed in on the higher end to make it worth it. For example I know Canon has some cameras with streaming features.
I assume there's a point of diminishing returns there too, given the picture is streamed in real time which causes, for some apps and recipients, compression throttling to kick in.
Thanks guys!
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2023.03.21 22:06 mcgill83 [OFFER] Job-winning Resume and Cover Letter For You! 🚀

Hey Reddit👋
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2023.03.21 22:06 BronzeSultan My Heart Is Beating Strangely? Palpitations, What could be the issue?

M 33
Weight - 160
Height - 6'1
First preliminary EKG Walking In Visit-

Cardiac Rate
93 BPM
PR Interval
140 ms
QRS Interval
94 ms
QT Interval
QT Corrected
410 ms
Frontal Axis: P
72 Degrees
Frontal Axis: Mean QRS
91 Degrees
Frontal Axis: T
Borderline Abnormal
Background: For 2 r 3 years, I have been drinking energy drinks sometimes, but changed to True North Energy Seltzer drink, with coffee in the morning. The Coffee I would take sometimes 1 or 2 cups (small) or 3 to 4 (if I didn't drink True North Seltzer Drink in the morning). I stopped it all 3 and half weeks ago, with one coffee cup in the morning if needed.
Medical Procedures - I have kidney stones removed in 2020. In 2021 I injured my hip area ( muscle) after a workout, and needed pain medications. Recently had my Wisdom teeth removed in January, yeah very late.
Problem with Weird Heart Palpitations started: 2 weeks ago, In the gym while working out ( I forgot my water bottle) I had a strange sensation with my heart, it beat very hard, and it felt as if my heart would pop out, I was so alarmed I had to sit down. It went away.
The BPM according to my Apple Watch (I bought recently) varies between 70 - 105 when standing, more when walking briskly. Sometimes when I sit it's 80-95. When standing it goes as high as 100-112, also lowers to 95, 90, 88, 85. Mind you this is no walking at all.
Resting Heart Rate since buying the Apple Watch - 70, 74, 69, 72, 71, 76,
Apple Watch: ECG : Sinus Rhythm
82, 82, 73, 75, 82, 81, 86, 80, 89, 87, 93, 91,

Now I feel, my heart beat strangely, increasing to a point I don't think it ever did ( Not super alarming in terms of pain) By very discomforting and concerning. I have not had decent sleep due to this. I worry if I had a heart attack or maybe some other heart condition. I have a follow up doctors appointment in April 4, where they can look at my results. I think I need an echocardiogram done for them to check it out. Its also possible I may have injured the area internally? ( The gym machine was a sit down row weight lift, with a chest cushion to place yourself, as you pull the weights towards yourself. Let me know what you think. :(
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2023.03.21 22:06 DburkeZM When Microsoft tells you there is no issue then puts out an incident report

When Microsoft tells you there is no issue then puts out an incident report
I reported to Microsoft a month ago that some of our users were getting a black screen with their teams webcams and they said they do not see an issue. Now they posted this....

I hate Microsoft so much, support is useless since they started outsourcing.

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2023.03.21 22:05 ppr1227 Is it unreasonable to expect my neighbor to ask permission before tapping my sugar maples this year?

I moved to my place last year. I have 14 acres in a small town. There a farm on my eastern boundary and 5 homes on my northern boundary. There is also a creek running through the property, around 50 feet down hill from the northern boundary. There is no bridge so I don’t get to that side of the creek often, though I can access it from one street over.
Last year, my neighbor on the other side of the creek asked if he could tap a couple of maple trees to make a small batch of syrup with his kids. Of course, I said yes. He also said he would give me some syrup and gave me a small mason jar of it-somewhere around .75 cups. He continued tapping and boiling for a while but did not give me anymore.
This year I was expecting him to ask again and would have given him permission happily. I thought it was cool to have syrup from the property. He’s seems like a nice enough guy and his kids are really well mannered. I found myself a bit shocked to be out for a hike on the property and seeing his sap buckets on my trees. I texted him that I was surprised to see the buckets. He texted back with an apology and acknowledged that he should have asked. He said he would take them down. I told them he did not have to take them down but I do expect to be asked if he wants to tap in the future. Since then, I’ve found myself very annoyed about this guy and feeling disrespected. Since I moved in, I’ve let them tap my trees (twice now), he asked if he and the kids could come hike my trails and I gave them a tour followed by lemonade and homemade cookies, I had extra apples in the fall and gave them an apple cake. Last fall, when I had a bunch of ash trees cut down, he asked if any firewood was available and I told him he can help himself to as much as he’d like from the log pile. I feel like I’ve been kind and generous. Meanwhile, they never reciprocate - haven’t even invited me over for a twenty-five cent cup of coffee. I try to be a good neighbor but I’m feeling like a sap (pun intended) since I discovered the buckets. Is it unreasonable to expect them to ask to tap my trees, even if I gave permission last year?
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2023.03.21 22:05 mcgill83 [OFFER] Job-winning Resume and Cover Letter For You! 🚀

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2023.03.21 22:05 FinancialRoom9383 [For Hire] Hire me to apply to jobs for you!

Hello, are you currently applying for jobs but find the process tedious and boring?
Are you looking for someone reliable and proficient in English who is willing to read through each question and put in your info / add documents?
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What I need:
What I will provide: - An excel sheet containing name of the company, link to the job, title of the job and (optional) screen recording of me applying or confirmation of successful application.
Please send me a PM or a chat and we can go from there. Thanks everybody and looking forward to hearing from you all!
Work sample - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jI8Q5MW76P61_hNMQJL-LhzoTUFA0YpC/view?usp=drivesdk
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2023.03.21 22:05 Brilliant-Spirit17 [For Hire] A Professional Content Writer with Impeccable SEO Skills

Hello. My name is Marvin. I am an SEO specialist, researcher, a content marketer, and an all-round copywriter with years of freelancing experience under my belt.
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Resume writing: starting at $50
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I accept payment through PayPal or Crypto.
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Feel free to message me on Reddit, Discord (Brilliant-spirit#6977) or email me at [email protected].
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.03.21 22:05 2Busy2Reddit GW5 BT pairing not sticking

I thought I saw this before, but cannot find it search here.
Got a GW5 three weeks ago. Tested it for 48 hours, all worked fine. I fully charged it, powered off and got it out today to replace current watch.
Powered up at 75%, watch all seemed fine, but showed not connected to phone. Galaxy Wear wanted to repair - and that meant resetting the phone. Annoying.
Setup, all working. Just updated the OS on my Pixel - and watch wants to repair again. Reset, repeat.
All other BT devices unaffected (Oura ring, car stereo, headsets) - just the watch.
Getting frustrated. Any ideas anyone?
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