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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

2023.06.02 14:42 Atreus3012 Samsung Q930b vs Q990b? The price difference is negligible where i live(India).

So here's what im going through. I purchased a Q800b from Croma(a local retailer). Delivery was going to take 5-6 days. Today, the salesperson calls me and apparently he made a mistake while placing the order, as they do not have a Q800b in stock. I can get a Q930b for 65k inr($780). The second choice would be the Q990b which from another store is for 80k($1000). The room I'll be placing this has perfect ceilings and an average sized room(sorry don't exactly have the measurements). Also, I'm upgrading from a pretty cheap 2.1 sound system worth $50.(Fenda 100w 2.1). Any help would be appreciated :) I have to go through a bit of hassle to get the Q990b though, hence this dilemma.
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2023.06.02 14:42 Green_World_Intl Review From our Learner

Review From our Learner
Our learner, Mr. Aniwal Sitadhu, has completed his #NEBOSH IGC Certification. We have received a glowing 5-star review from him, where he specifically mentioned our team of executives for their excellent support throughout his learning journey.
Mr. Sitadhu's endorsement of #GreenWorldGroup as the top institute for #HSE-related training is a testament to the quality of our training and the unwavering dedication of our trainers
We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. !!
Visit us for more details:
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2023.06.02 14:42 ThinMoment9930 My thoughts on beauty and the Queer Community

I think part of the problem with Van and Mildred is they are so used to dealing with men. Men will let a lot of toxic behaviors slide if they think you’re hot. Attractiveness is a high value quality in a heterosexual relationship.
In the queer community, beauty is great but is by no means the most important quality. Physical attraction, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily follow societal beauty standards. Other qualities are so much more important! And we know that when the other qualities are there, physical attraction grows regardless of what they actually look like.
Tiff is clearly thinking with her vag by staying with Mildred for so long, and Mildred is relying on her sex appeal to keep Tiff coming back. I don’t think she’ll find that dynamic nearly as often dating women as she would with men.
Same with V saying she’s beautiful to get around her bad behavior. You can see how unimpressed everyone is by it. And when she isn’t able to flirt with the other contestants as the “beautiful woman” role (teehee, I’m so pretty don’t you love me), she reverts to the “predatory man” role (you’re so sexy, uncomfortable touching/grabbing) because I honestly don’t think she knows there is anything beyond the traditional male/female dynamic.
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2023.06.02 14:42 xxkayleaxx Should I switch to max conversions?

I’ve been running Google Shopping Ads for my e-commerce store and I’ve had it set for maximize clicks because I didn’t have much data to start with.
It’s been running for a 3 months now.
Spent $700, CPC is .78, had 42 conversions. 8 of those have been purchases. The cost per click and cost per conversion is pretty high but I know the campaign hasn’t been running for that long.
I’m only spending $10/day. I just tried to switch the goal to target ROA’s but it said to get more conversions first.
Targeting seems to be pretty on point.
Should I leave things or make adjustments? I’ve been wondering if I should duplicate the campaign and try to see if it gives me the option to maximize conversions instead of clicks but I’m not sure if that would make sense.
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2023.06.02 14:42 Fine-Hedgehog-4641 Just venting....tired of being told to be positive

DLBC dx and have not started R-CHOP yet. Was not jazzed on doing chemo at all but due to a colossal fuck up in my care, it's 100% needed. My tumor was growing out of the back of my head and splitting my skin. It was removed and now I have a quarter sized hole on the back of my head (near ear)that won't heal without chemo. I've had a really hard go getting any kind of care and am now on my 2nd oncologist. Everything is a battle to get done (referrals, etc.).
People in my life keep telling to think positive and expect the best outcomes. I've tried that and clearly it doesn't work for me. People in my life are insistent it will. It hasn't (repeatedly!) and I've given up any beliefs I had about that. I also 100% believe (for me) that I have done something wrong to someone or something which has led to me having cancer. I am not religious or anything at all but it's just what I believe in my heart. I don't think that's the case for everyone but absolutely for me.
I have so much internal rage and anger and sadness. Therapy is not on option due to my job. I have a security clearance which will be rescinded with any mental health issues. I have to leep working to pay insurance. Also support groups are not my jam. I don't want to he around myself right now, let alone other people.
Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.02 14:41 Der_KaizerII German Shepard Puppy Advice

I recently bought a nearly 8-week-old German Shepard pup. I've had old dogs before this is my first pup that's mine.
Just want some guidance and tips and tricks, especially with comforting anxiety and rewards.
On his first day, he is doing alright with the toilet but wants to do number 2 in a specific spot which is far to get to. I reward poo and pee outside with “good toilet” and haven't yelled when peed inside just taken outside immediately which still might have been scary.
Anxious in the crate. I'm not sure what I'm doing with crate training because food lures aren't working on the first day. I just need this to be able to fook dinner, sleep, and go to school when no one else is at home. I don't know if I should let him out when he whines. Is that rewarding bad behaviour or comforting because he's distressed and I want to hug him?
Leash issues, I have been using a house line some inline trainers insist on. When outside to keep him under control and safe any pressure results in somersaults and head shaking. So I let him go because I don't want to hurt himself.
Once this simple stuff is done and he comfortable I want to do heel, sit, stay, entrance waiting, e.c.t. I want him to be very good and disciplined but DO NOT want him to be separated from me. I want play, sleep with, cuddle, he's my best bud. Can I achieve both worlds?
I am going to keep going, I know he's a new pup.
Just want some direction as I'm new to training and this community, Thanks!
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2023.06.02 14:41 FantasticChipmunk345 Ordering food from a stall

Just past this food place near to where I have just moved. Food sounds amazing but getting anxious to go on my own and order. I'm indecisive in general and worried I'll go up to the counter and I'll be looking at the menu trying to decide all the while they are looking at me waiting for a decision. Or I'll go near the counter pretending I'm on my phone or something to try and get a glimpse of the menu and then just end up panicking and walking away and going to a pub where I know I can sit at a table and order from the app but the food is so average. Any tips?
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2023.06.02 14:40 rakha589 How are they live?

Newcomer here, I just noticed they will be playing near me in August but never heard them live. Their latest album has some good stuff.
How is their performance live, does it live up to the recorded albums ? And also do they play a lot of songs from the latest album?
Thanks a lot for your input
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2023.06.02 14:40 CalligrapherKind6246 I made $43 from Uber, without ever driving for them.

A Uber driver's misfortune, turned into my op.
My Lyft $5 ride turned into a $8 ride, because near the end of the ride, I had to return to pickup pax's mother. Pax's mother was refused a ride by a Uber driver, because it was rush hour and he didnt want to spend 45 minutes taking her across town for $16. My pax had ordered both rides. 1 Uber for her mother, and 1 Lyft, me.
But the Uber driver had called my pax, to tell her he wouldn't be taking her mother. My pax had on her speaker phone. I could hear the Uber driver. He said it was only a 5 minute ride when he accepted it. It changed to a 45 minute ride when he picked her up. (For what it's worth, I believe him) I told pax I would take her mother, for less then what she was paying Uber. I Think I might have stole the Uber drivers op. He may have been waiting for them to offer him more cash. But they already didnt like him, and liked me better. Sorry!
She was paying Uber $36, so I said $25. Cash up front.
So, $5 ride turned into $8 for the return trip. Daughter left me a $5 tip also on that Lyft ride, on the app, because i was so nice in helping them out. Then she hands me $25 to take her mother home.
Then, when I reached her mothers destination, her mother gives me another $10 cash tip.
So, $5 ride turned into $48 ride in less then a hour.
Works for me. Thanks Uber driver
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2023.06.02 14:40 Main-Ad5049 PCS Question

I PCSd to my unit and deployed immediately upon arrival. I had my HHGs shipped to my duty location and they have been in storage in transit until I return. I also drove to the base and got an additional storage unit to store stuff. In the mean time, My wife and Kids have been staying across the country with family until I return.
When I return, will the army pay for me to move my family to my duty location? I have already received payment for my partial dity move to include; weight of items I took to the new duty station in vehicle by mile and per diem for myself and dependents during the trip.
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2023.06.02 14:39 midnitelogic Pups favorite toy is on its last legs, Help!

My boy has had this stuffed Axlotl that we got from the $5 bin at Petsmart and it's on its last legs. He has 4 other plushies from the same line/bin but none are his go to comfort friend. My entire state is sold out of these and as ridiculous as this probably sounds, if anyone can find one at their local store, I would pay cost plus shipping plus a coffee if someone would be willing to get one for me!
Can't attach a pic but they're still on the PS website
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2023.06.02 14:39 LateCamp440 Kmart stories from childhood?

I’m curious to hear people’s stories from going to Kmart as a child, specifically funny/chaotic/just sentimental memories. Yesterday while at the doctor, one of the nurses was telling me a story about how when she was a kid she stole a pack of cinnamon gum from Kmart, and I can picture it so clearly and it’s so silly to me.
I was also listening to an 80s station on the radio, and a woman told a story of how she saved up babysitting money in the 80s to buy a cassette player from Kmart layaway. My personal memories are vague, but I remember a container of bouncy balls near the checkout line that I’d always love, and the claw machine. What are yours?
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2023.06.02 14:39 Valha28 EWW: The Storm

EWW: The Storm
Hello and welcome to episode 623 in a series inspired by u/kamikazeb0y and CinemaSins, where I'll be sinning each and every episode of Gumball.
Quick Disclaimer: I know this is just a children's cartoon and isn't meant to be taken seriously. This, like the show itself, is not at all meant to be taken seriously or considered an actual critique of the show. It is all in good fun.
With that out of the way I present you, Everything Wrong With: The Storm!

Gumball: Are you crying? Carmen: Yes! Gumball: But, you don't have tears. Carmen: Faces away I tend to retain water. Gumball: Rubs his arms Look, I'm really sorry. I don't know why I said all that stuff. Awwww, it's pretty rare to see Gumball apologize like this. Once again goes to show he really does care about his friends. -1
Darwin: Because you're a gutless coward, who has to ruin other people's lives because he's too much of a chicken to ask Penny out? Gumball actually decides to apologize for something he did for once and Darwin decides to butt in with an unnecessarily snarky remark and ruin the whole thing. Well done Darwin. +5
Carmen: Awww, he's not doing anything! Scene cuts back to Carmen and Gumball Carmen: Kiss me. Gumball's eyes enlarge Carmen: Come on, I'm not that bad! Ahhahahahahaha -1
Gumball: Look, I always thought the first girl I would kiss would be Penny. He says this but earlier on this season in The Skull it's heavily implied he accidentally kissed Sussie before. +1
Gumball: Gumball Watterson might be a lot of things, but he is not a cheap, corruptible bimbo! Fun fact, in U.S airings of this episode 'bimbo' is censored and replaced with 'coward'...
...which is what the U.S. is for censoring such a thing. +1
Carmen: He didn't do anything! Gumball: Pulls out Carmen's thorn What did you think he was gonna do? Carmen: Something dramatic like punch your face in and drag me away screaming, but he just left me like he didn't even care! Sobs If she really knew Alan even slightly she would know that he was never ever going to do something like that. Gumball could have literally murdered Carmen and her entire family and Alan would have probably just thanked him for for giving him the chance to fall in love all over again. +10
Anton throws bread at Gumball Gumball: What the— Hey! Anton: Shame on you, you dirty ol' girlfriend thief! Idaho: Throws his chips at Gumball Couple splitter! Bobert: Throws a bolt nut at Gumball Catalyst of social discontent! Banana Joe: Throws his own peel at Gumball Homewrecker! Sussie: Pointing Names! Names! Names! Gumball: Throws Banana Joe's peel back at him Hey, stop calling me names! I thought you wanted them to split up anyway! You hated them! Jamie: Yeah? Well, now we hate you. Why though? Like Gumball said, they all wanted this. Besides he didn't even actually kiss her, he just got his face knocked into her side. Plus this entire thing was her idea in the first place. +20
Gumball: Knocks the door Alan, is that you buddy? Awwwww, he actually called Alan buddy! That's a first...and probably last. Nice to see again that he even cares about Alan, even if it reeeaaally doesn't seem like it. -5
Gumball: I want you to knock me out in the playground in front of everybody. Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Surprised What? Why? Gumball: Because that's what Carmen wanted, man. She wanted you to show some passion and you just bailed like a wet lettuce! So man up, get out there and just pop me! Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Sighs There's no point, if I'm not able to make her happy, I refuse to stop her finding happiness Excuse me, what? What does he mean he can't make Carmen happy? Gumball literally just told him exactly how to do so. +10
Lucy Simian: These two chemicals will be bound forever and nothing can pull them apart. Tina: Apart from Gumball. Ocho: And then he'll try to make out with the carbon. Gumball sighs Penny: What are they talking about? How has she not heard from someone what happened yet? Surely someone would have told her by now. +1
Also why are they still insisting Gumball kissed Carmen? They were there, they could see he got knocked into her and that his mouth was nowhere near hers! +1
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: You're right. I'll do it for Carmen! But, who would date such a shriveled bag of sadness? Gumball: Well, no one. But, if you re-inflate, you can have a shot with Masami! Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I don't think I have enough strength to inflate. Gestures his knot towards Gumball Alan and Gumball exit the boys' restroom. Alan, now fully inflated, has a pleased expression, and Gumball looks disgusted Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Thanks, Gumball! Gumball: Whatever, man. Oh. my. god. D-Did...Did Alan just get...did Gumball just give him a...
Though how is he still floating? He was blown up with Gumball's breath, not helium. +1
Darwin: Or just get depressed at the sudden realization that Gumball ruined your life. He...didn't though. The whole pretending to flirt and kiss her thing was her idea. And for the third time, it wasn't Gumba's fault he got knocked into her. +5
Masami: The plan worked perfectly. Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​: Hey, I was asking a— Masami bumps him away Masami: Alan is finally with the right girl, the one who has always loved him. Yet another awesome call back to the Early Reel, where her and Alan were a couple. -1
Gumball: Gruff voice You lied to me! Normal voice That's it! I'm telling everyone. Masami: No, you won't. Unless you want Penny to find out you kissed Carmen. HE DIDN'T KISS CAR-you know what I give up. +30
Carmen: Appears from behind Penny It was more of a head-butt than a kiss, to be honest.
Penny: Masami, look into your heart. You're not a violent person! A bolt of lightning by Masami zaps her, knocking her down the other side of the hall She survives this. +1
Penny: Okay, Gumball. Your turn. Hahahahahahaha -1
Gumball: Isn't this the opposite of the lesson you're trying to teach— Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: To Gumball, irritated JUST SHUT UP, OKAY?! Woah, it's extremely weird to see Alan lose his cool like this. Especially when there's a whole episode later on about him never doing so. +1
Gumball: Penny, promise me we'll never be like that. Gumball/Penny makes their love for the other obvious but it still somehow goes nowhere cliché +1
Darwin: There's no risk of that 'cause you're not going out with each other. Even though they should absolutely by all accounts be doing so by this point. They've both made their crush on each so obvious it's baffling how even Gumball hasn't realized it yet. +1
Penny splashes a cup of milkshake into Darwin's face, much to Gumball's amusement Hahahahahahaha karma! -1
Total Sins: 69
Most Sinned Episode So Far: The Hero (1, 490, 894) Least Sinned Episode So Far: The Banana (-5)
Previous Episode:
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2023.06.02 14:39 Hy5787 XXXmas Greetings. Bad Santa Claus Alexandr Great Fuck me near the Christmas Tree

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2023.06.02 14:39 3gEclipsemf wanting to buy a 2nd gen camaro

ik they aren't the fastest or best looking but ive wanted one for awhile now. might as well right? what are some problem years, things to worry about, etc. i found a 79 near me for abt 6k in good condition. but i also know where a decent condition one is sitting in some guys yard. what do yall think😂
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2023.06.02 14:38 random_slav_man My Sister got help for the first time ever. I can’t help but feel super hopeful.

Earlier this week I posted about my sister having a near death experience during a two week bender. She has been heavily drinking for at least ten years and has been extremely resistant to getting help. She has never willingly sought help and always maintained that she is not an alcoholic. Well, after this last event I managed to convince her to get into a detox clinic, she was also drugged last weekend so I leaned heavily on that and got her to agree. She didn’t do the whole detox and left after exactly 24hours. During her stay she did get a lot of counselling and participated in some of their activities. I was told that she opened up a little about her drinking and said she was interested in getting help. And she pretty much told me the same thing. She had a lot of good things to say about the staff, and seems like she had a pretty good experience all things considered. They sent her home with some information and she signed up for some online meetings with her Native language group. It’s been a day since she left and she hasn’t had a drink yet.
Now the staff told me that she was very likely to drink again, and I understand that, but I’m having a hard time containing my excitement. Knowing her history this feels like HUGE progress. I know the road ahead is long and difficult but at least she’s on it right? I can’t help but feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. She’s already made more progress than ever, what else can I do to give her the best possible chance?
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2023.06.02 14:37 larae_is_bored 15 hashbrowns... is it true?

Whenever I order breakfast from here, I'll count the number of hashbrowns in the box to see if there are indeed 15 in there. Some of the times there are, but most of the times it's less. This habit stems from years ago ordering at the chickfila on Peachtree St near the corner of Collier Rd, when the person taking my order read it back to me he said "and 15 hashbrowns"? At the time I corrected him and said, no no just one order of hashbrowns. He then informed me that each order should have 15 of them inside.
Although I did in fact get 15 from that particular order, I thought the idea to be a bit farfetched in practice for employees to always have to count out 15 per box, and thus ever since then began to count my hashbrowns. I've never went back and complained about not getting 15 or anything, but I've always wondered was this really supposed to be the practice or was it just one anal local manager?
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2023.06.02 14:37 skroopy2 Took me nearly a month. FINALLY!

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2023.06.02 14:37 VaporTowers mfw when the funny fake stories

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2023.06.02 14:37 Jack_Of_All_Tradz IT/Software opportunities in Siegen

Hi everyone,
I have received admit for Master's in University of Siegen Computer Science and TU Braunschweig Data Science. I am torn between making choice between two as I am interested in both courses.
As per my knowledge, if I need working student job in future in IT/software field, Siegen has Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Dortmund, Essen near it while Braunschweig has Hanover and Wolfsburg.
Please help me make choice between them!
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2023.06.02 14:36 frenchy_mustache Feelings of sadness

Hi everyone.
In advance, sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language.
It's been 5 days since i've decided to become sober. I reached another "rock bottom" last saturday and decided it was time to quit. That i wanted to have another life. I'm 30.
I was not the type to drink everyday. More of the type of drinking until blackouts. And also drinking alone, sometimes. While bored for example. As many, i've lost friends, loves and went into problems because of alcohol.
I recently moved to another area, where i purchased my own home. I wanted to be near my family. But i don't really know anyone here, besides them, and a friend who's probably drinking too much too.
I've decided to tell the truth to my family, that i'm an alcoholic. I think it will help me to stay sober as i don't want to disappoint them. I was very surprised to see how supportive they were.
But i don't know. I've those random feelings of sadness. Knowing that my life is now changed forever. Knowing that i messed up so many times (my ex dumped one month ago because of behavior under booze). Though alcohol is bad, i had some really fun times with my friends with it.
To be honest i just feel empty. Since i'm mostly working from home, i don't see that much people. I'm just going to the gym and boxing. Those are my social times. I just can't forgive myself for what i've done while i was drunk. I'm absolutely ashamed.
For now i'm just renovating the house and planning to get a cat, to have lil buddy at home.
I don't know i guess i just needed to vent. Take care everyone.
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2023.06.02 14:35 sfconstructiongroup Are You Using Service of Construction Contractor?

The services of a commercial construction contractor are essential not just for new construction projects. A company that specializes in commercial building can help you with any renovations. Talking to a New Construction Carlsbad company before making any major changes to your building is always a good idea.
If your building is not up to code in the eyes of the city, a commercial Construction Contractors Near Me can come out and look at it for you. If a city inspector checks over your place of company and finds that the electricity, plumbing, or ventilation are not up to code, you could face hefty fines. To avoid this, you should engage an inspector to check your building to make sure it complies with all current regulations.
You may rest easy knowing a qualified professional is handling every aspect of your building's upgrade when you hire a New Home Construction Carlsbad CA contractor. You will need the services of a lot of different specialists if you decide to tackle this project on your own. If the city allows you to carry out the work yourself, you will likely need a permit before you can get started. Then, you will require the services of an inspector to double-check your progress at regular intervals. An experienced construction company for Bathroom Remodelling Near Me will know exactly when to ask for an inspection and will have a working relationship with the relevant inspectors.
Some municipalities have restricted the use of specific construction materials. Certain construction materials have very specific requirements for debris clearance. If you are going to pay someone else to do the task, they should also take care of cleaning up after themselves and hauling away any waste they generate.
The Home Additions Contractors will be responsible for securing all necessary authorizations and construction permits for the project. The Garage ADU Designscontractor will be aware of what paperwork must be submitted and to whom in order to secure the necessary permits for your renovation or expansion.
The general contractor for ADU Builders Near Me is responsible for finding and compensating all the project's subcontractors. To rephrase, when you hire a general contractor, you pay that company, and they in turn pay the various tradespeople that worked on your project.
You wish your Granny Flat Construction contractor to be pledged so that you can rest assured that they will compensate you for any damage they cause. Having certified Granny Flat Buildersprovide peace of mind regarding their subcontractors. When the general contractor fails to pay a subcontractor, the subcontractor's ability to place a lien on your property is limited by whatever bonds Exterior Remodeling Contractors Near Me may have.
Each new venture is an opportunity to raise the company's profile in the eyes of the general public. A contractor can operate on a client's behalf for all aspects of a job if he or she has a good working relationship with the client. The company's revenue and employee count are both guaranteed to grow as a result of this strategy for the foreseeable future.
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