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Bikepacking: Off-Pavement Bicycling and camping where you would if you were to go backpacking. Bikepacking is generally in the backcountry, but you can backpack on local trails.

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2023.06.07 05:32 Vinxl_ What if the old man tried to kill you

I step outside, only to be met with a man who seems to be waiting for someone or something, he is just standing on a boat in a small lake, looks like he is fishing. I go over to observe him from a distance to see what he was doing. I crouch down near an opening of the many thick pine trees so I can watch what he is doing. He turns and looks at me, dead in the eyes. Then he turns to grab something. It’s a… crossbow? He turns back to me and takes aim.
I’m frozen in fear, Unable to move. He shoots, And misses. At this moment I knew I had to do something, or I would be dead. I stand up and start bolting towards the forest. He won’t be able to catch me there. The thick tall tree was rubbing against my skin as I kept running. I was as though I was being held back by a large crowd.
It begins to rain. Now I can’t see much at all, water is obstructing my view. I need to find shelter. There Is a bright light that might be a campfire. Sprinting over towards the light, I rub my eyes to try and see what’s going on. There seems to be a smaller light pulling away from the bigger one. I think its in a cave or tent sort of place, still can’t see.
I finally step foot into the shelter, I rub my eyes only to come face to face with the old man holding a torch. His face was all scrunched up like a paper ball. His eyes were dark brown with a menacing touch to them. the hair was like a dog’s fur, all scruffy and uneven. the old man stares me down. He grabs my arm and pulls me closer to the fire as If he was burning me alive. I try to pull out of it, but he is twice my size which isn’t fair because I’m exhausted from all this running. I manage to kick him in the groin, which he is stunned by and drops his torch in his other hand and grasps the area to desperately try and cope with the pain. My arm is now free, I grab his torch and throw it at him. He screams and lands on the campfire and His screams can no longer be heard as the fire has reached his neck, therefore his voice box. He slowly closes his eyes. Now there is a lifeless body on the floor, that smells like leather being tanned over a flame.
“I know what I’ll be eating tonight then”. I say to myself.
His cave was small but roomy at the same time. The old man seemed to like his taste. There were four wooden pillars at each corner of the square area. A red and green carpet made from fur, either a bear or a very big sheep. He had a less than comfy bed made of rock and grass. And some meat dry aging on a rack just near the door. This is where I think I’ll live until I know what’s really going on.
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2023.06.07 05:32 throwaway_7212 Looking for location of crazy older murder case

I'll be spending some time in Asheville soon and have deep family roots there. I'm a true crime follower and there's a crazy case involving Asheville, and I'm hoping to find out the related location.
The case is the 1994 case of Judy Smith. She was in Philadelphia with her husband at a conference, went missing sightseeing, then five months later some hunters found her skeleton near the Stony Fork picnic area in Candler. She had no known ties to the area and she'd been stabbed in the chest. One of the most interesting things I've heard about it is a single mention that the now defunct website for her was interested in anyone who knew about people who were fans of the book The Celestine Prophecy - I can't find anything else about that. It's famous for being a completely baffling case and you should check it out if you're into mysteries.
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew the location where she was found, as I'd like to see it.
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2023.06.07 05:32 cks2016 Does anyone feel like their ADHD is more apparent (from the outside) than their autism?

I am dx adhd and strongly suspect I'm also autistic. However I think my expression is atypical.. I am very hyper expressive and hyper emotive in social situations sometimes, especially when it is new and I am nervous or know that I am expected to perform (more than usual with masking or the performance related stakes are higher). I often try to dramatically people please in these situations or act the part of a total goof, maybe as a way to gain social buy-in and negate any questions about my oddness. But its only ever in short bursts and I always shut down so hard after. Over the years my energy to do this has become less and less.
Yet I am also a classic autistic in that I have intense special interests, significant sensory issues (seeking and avoidance), shutdown periods, significant visual, patterned, systemized thinking and perception, struggles with uncertainy and change, literal thinking, difficulty building/maintaining relationships and still feel like looking at eyeballs is like staring into the sun. I also studied books/film/tv/people in the wild and psychology religiously my whole life to "figure out" how to nail a social interactions because when I was a child/youth I had 0 clue what was happening around me socially. I practiced facial expressions to try to match the ones that seemed "just right" based on the media I was watching and actually tried to train myself to ALSO feel/pair an emotion on the inside to that face so it would seem more genuine. Like when I smiled and saw myself smiling I tried to think of things that made me happy and how nice it was to see a smiling face and to feel happy as well. the more I practiced the more the two came together to the point where its mostly natural now. I actively studied people I thought seemed especially charming, outgoing and likable and sort of internalized their mannerisms, I guess. I would follow people around to do this as a youth, to the great annoyance of others. Was often accused of staring.
Sometimes I nail the social performance and I'm very well spoken and charismatic and more socially graceful than my NT peers! But never for long and even then most of the time I think it still comes across just a litttle bit too strange or intense, bit too expressive or tryhard.. a little off! or sometimes I will manage to say so or do the blatantly wrong thing (because i fundamentally still dont really understand) ever so charmingly! its entirely an over the top act I can never sustain and for days after I cant hold a basic conversation and don't want to see or be seen by anyone. I think I keep people at a distance so they dont see that I'm actually not always like that. I was raised in a very extraverted, emotional irish family that often gave me a hard time about always being quiet, tired and weird and wanting to be alone as a kid. I was bullied at home for it by my father and brother as well as at school near constantly. If I could come out of my room to give an outgoing social perfomance, or manage to do an outgoing social performance once a week or once a month for a few hours at a time say for extended family or houseguests than I was free to have my alone time later. I wonder if these factors shaped the mask that I wear? Maybe I learned to channel some of my ADHD related strengths into this to put on a more significant performance? My family was basically always telling me to be more expressive in some way shape or form and I think I learned that giving my best, in many ways, was just not enough. It was go big or go home.
Currently I am so burnt out and could not summon this persona if I tried. I get the feeling this strategy was heavy overcompensating effectively to try to erase my autism and survive scrutiny.. I am new to exploring my autistic traits but do identify strongly as autistic on the inside. Yet as I meet more people in the autistic community I still feel so self conscious because I feel like I must appear to be, on the outside (forgive me) the "least autistic people in the room"? Too social, too smiley, too verbal, making jokes, etc etc. When I mask like this, I feel like I appear like just a "socially strange ADHDer". I know this is ableist and I am working on challenging it.. Sometimes I think the opposite; maybe I give myself too much credit and my masking isnt that good 😂 Sometimes I cringe when I watch myself back on video talking to other people because I will have stared at people with big wide eyes (like I'm surprised the whole time), tense and actively trying to look relaxed, my lips pulled back getting ready to say my line (nail my "part").. The eye contact is just a little too much a little too long and I can see the other person get a bit unsure about me and they start looking away every now and then (uncomfortable).
Sorry for wicked wall of text.
I don't know. Does anyone relate? 😩
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2023.06.07 05:31 CommunityBig9626 The strange disappearance and death of Karen Bartley

I was going through some old boxes and found a copy of my college newspaper, The Breeze. In it was an article about a part-time instructor at James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia named Karen Bartley. Her disappearance in late 1996 captivated the campus community. Even if you didn't follow the news, you couldn't ignore the sight of Newman Lake, a large body of water at the University, being drained. My dorm sat on the bank of the lake, and I remember smoking cigarettes that dreary January of 1997 watching as the water levels fell, revealing years of disposed kegs but not Karen Bartley's body.
Here's her story.
Karen Bartley, 34, had been a part-time accounting instructor at JMU’s Business School but resigned in October. She was married and had an 8-year-old son. According to police, Karen had been diagnosed with severe depression and I vaguely recall this being the reason she may have left her teaching position. However, her husband, Wayne disputes that she would have committed suicide. "She was not in a depressed enough mood to commit suicide," he said at the time. "She was not in that state of mind.”
On December 15, 1996, Karen left her home at 3061 Horseshoe Lane in Harrisonburg at around 7pm. She was headed to do some shopping. According to her family, they were preparing to decorate the Christmas tree and Karen was going to run out and by stamps to mail holiday cards. “She had every intention of coming back that night,” said her husband, Wayne.
But she did not come back. Her panicked family searched for her that evening and at 2:30am, Wayne finally found her 1991 Lincoln Town Car on JMU’s campus in the WVPT television station parking lot (this building is now owned by the University and is called Lakeview Hall, as it sits on the bank of Newman Lake). Her keys and purse, containing personal items such as family photographs, were in the car. Ominously, tracking dogs located an odor that “could” be emitted by a body near the lake within 24-hours of identifying her vehicle. It is worth pointing out that this location is within walking distance to the building where Karen would have taught when she was still an instructor at JMU.
The uncertainty of that December and January were heartbreaking for Karen’s family. Police sent divers into Newman Lake but came up emptyhanded. Two sightings of Karen were investigated by police in January but again this was a dead end. Finally, a decision was made to drain Newman Lake, no easy feat for a 9.7-acre body of water that is approximately ten-feet deep. The lake was drained and searched over a three-day period and on January 14, 1997, police again found no sign of Karen. And so, her family continued to wait.
On April 4, two boys found a badly decomposed body in a shallow stream that flows out of Newman Lake. The stream is located between the highway on-ramp (I-81) and an off-campus parking lot. The corpse had probably been in the stream for a couple of months. A few days later, the state medical examiner's office identified the body as that of Karen Bartley. The cause of death was drowning, and the body showed no evidence of foul play or signs of suicide. See link #3 (page 2) for a map showing the location of the body.
The area was just steps from Newman Lake and police admit that they had searched the stream during her disappearance. The body may have been hidden by leaves and mud, which could have impeded discovery. The body almost certainly did not come from Newman Lake as the drain is too small and is covered by a filter. Jim Auckland, director of facilities management at JMU said that Bartley's body couldn't have made it through the drain leading from the lake: "[The drain] is physically too small. There's a cage there to keep the fish [from getting out]. You might be able to get your hand through the grate, but that's about it." In any event, Karen's family felt that the police bungled her search.
Authorities believe that Karen may have drowned herself, but that the autopsy couldn't determine medically whether Bartley drowned by suicide, homicide, or accident. Her widow, Wayne, contends that his wife was abducted and murdered. He also questions how the medical examiner could have concluded that she drowned, given the decomposed state of her body, let alone that she drowned herself in such a shallow stream. "I do not see drowning and I questioned [the police] about that…I don't know how you can drown yourself in (that ditch)," he said. Moreover, he is certain that she would not have left behind her son, “her pride and joy."
Karen’s mother, Erma Allen, also doesn’t think that her daughter killed herself. "Karen was not suicidal. I lived with her, and I know she was not that type," Ms. Allen said. She said she thought someone in the past few days may have placed the body where it was found. Allen said she was very upset with Harrisonburg and JMU officials concerning the search and investigation since her daughter disappeared. She said it didn't make sense that Karen Bartley would have drowned, yet her body remained undiscovered for months before being found in an area that authorities said was searched earlier.
There are so many unanswered questions in this sad case. If Karen committed suicide, how did she drown herself in a small stream? Given her depression diagnosis, suicide seems plausible but only if her body had been found in Newman Lake, a body of water that, up until October, she passed by anytime she taught at JMU. But experts insist there is no way her body could have made it through the drain into the stream. In my mind, foul play is certainly a more plausible explanation. There are just too many unanswered questions. What do you think happened to Karen Bartley?
I can find no recent updates on her story so it appears that the mystery of Karen Bartley’s death will remain unresolved.
#4 (this contains several local newspaper articles).
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2023.06.07 05:31 Screaming_Mosquito Does anyone want this thing growing in my backyard? Please say yes.

I've tried selling this thing for weeks now on Facebook Marketplace, eventually at just 1 cent because I just genuinely want it out of my hair. And I cannot find any takers. I want someone to just take it instead of throwing it out because honestly, I'm deeply nervous about what would happen if I did. But if this advertisement proves to be just as fruitless, I will do it despite my nervousness because my mind just can't take this anymore otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to have a psychological break with reality and need to be sedated.
I grew up originally in Northern California near Mt. Shasta, and four years ago I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii after I got a new job working for the university located in Hilo as an adjunct. The search for a place to rent where I could garden in the backyard took a while, but the wait was worth it. Gardening is like comfort food for my soul, and always has been ever since I was a little girl. My mom brought me up doing it, and I took to it immediately when I was just 3 or 4 she always liked to remind me.
I suppose the reason I wanted to leave California was the fact that she wasn't there anymore, that the last piece or vestige of my family was gone and I was all that was left of the life we used to have out there. I remember the day everything was packed up for the movers and ready to go, I walked outside to wait for a friend to pick me up to take me to the airport. As I sat there on my porch, I saw an elderly man walking in front of my front yard. It was an old friend of my mom's from the neighborhood. He had been very kind to me at her funeral as he had just lost his wife himself. We both waved at each other and I got up to chat with him one last time.
As it turned out, he was there to give me a going away present. It was a batch of strange seeds in a small sack. Some were colored burgundy, others indigo, and still others ivory with fascinating patterns on them. In total, there were 19 by my count. He said that before his wife passed away, she had originally intended to give them to my mom. Apparently, during one of their hiking trips around the mountain, the two of them kept stopping to see if someone was following them. Every time they would, some tree would rustle or a bush would make a quick, sharp noise indicating some sort of disturbance. Towards the end of their hike, they stopped one final time only for them to turn around and notice that someone had left this dingy little sack of seeds on a rotted out tree stump they had just passed. In other words, there was no question at that point that they had been followed.
For what reason? He couldn't say, though obviously the implication was that whoever it was wanted them to have these seeds. His wife died soon after that, before she could pass them along to my mother. He said he was hesitant to part with them after she died, but felt extremely guilty having waited too long to give them to my mom. Now that I was heading to Hawaii, he thought he ought to just give them to me instead of continuing to keep them. Other than that, he told me to be very careful with them, to specifically pour them out into the ground from the sack instead of touching them myself. And I wondered why. Like it's such an oddly specific thing to bring up about them.
I took them gratefully and thanked him for the gift and said that my mother would have loved them. Now, I'm not so sure she would have.
It was only a week or so after I had finally unpacked everything in my new place that I decided to garden again. And the first thing I planted, of course, were the seeds once meant for my mom. In memory of her. It was only one I put in the ground because honestly I wasn’t exactly sure how big this thing was going to grow to be. I wasn’t even sure what exactly this thing was even going to grow to be either. Turns out, it’s a vegetable… of some kind. I think. It’s almost like a yam? Like with the same texture and everything but with bright orange skin… and fur in strange places? Also, another thing, it’s like a yam but at the time of writing this it has most definitely grown beyond the size of a typical yam. Basically it’ll increase in size every week or so by a half a foot by my measure. Also, every time it grows by that much, another bulbous root pops out and burrows itself beneath.
And oh yeah there are little blue flowers (or what I guess you could call flowers) growing out of little nooks and crannies and just random spots all over. I’m not sure what to say. I have yet to identify it. If one of you reading this can, then good for you, would you like to take it off my hands in that case? Please? Okay well, I guess I better finally explain why I want this damn thing out of here. I’ve already ostracized myself at work trying to get people to take it, as well as trying to explain what makes me hate the thing, so what harm will come from making a bunch of internet strangers think I’m creepy or crazy?
The black and white of it is that every time this thing grows a half a foot, every time another root plants itself in the ground, every time another one of those little blue flower buds appears on it, something changes. About the world we live in. About our history. About how we live day to day. And no one seems to notice any of the changes except for me. Today in fact, I almost got into a fatal car crash after I woke up and took note of a new flower bud growing on the side of it facing my house. If you put a Bible in front of me and made me swear to God that I was going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth I would swear on that, my life, and my late mother’s grave that I grew up knowing that Americans in all 50 states drive on the left side of the road.
I know you’re probably laughing at me. Because that’s what the person I almost ran into did when I told them. They wanted to know if I was British or something, and I said no I was born and raised in Northern California all my life. The closest I’ve ever even been to a foreign country is San Diego. But when I pulled over after that scare and looked it up on my phone, there it was. Americans drive on the right side of the road and pretty much always have. It’s just so… jarring. I have vivid memories of me death gripping the wheel to my mom’s Wrangler for the first time in my life, with her in the passenger seat teaching me the rules of the road for the first time. And I remember very clearly her telling me that no matter where I go in the United States or Canada, if I ever did that is, I would be on the left side of the road the entire time.
And I remember everyone else driving on the left side too. I remember them doing it yesterday. And now, everyone’s acting like it’s actually been this other way the entire time and that I’m somehow just noticing it. But I’m not “just noticing” it. It changed without warning me, to my abject frustration. This is what my life has been like since I planted it. I remember when it first sprouted. When I first started noticing the changes. The very first one I encountered were the changes made to the American flag. Again, swearing to God, on my own life, and on my late mother’s grave, I can attest that the American flag has always had 13, red and white, diagonal stripes. Not horizontal. Diagonal.
Again, I remember vividly sitting Indian style around our 1st grade teacher as she taught us some of the most basic history of the Revolutionary War. Particularly when it came to the Betsy Ross story. I remember being told that, when Betsy Ross first showed George Washington her initial design for the flag that it did indeed have horizontal stripes just like the one I suppose all of you are familiar with. But at the last second, he had her change them to be diagonal because he wanted to convey that the United States did not intend to be an empire in which some states would be perceived to be dominating the others by being “on top”. Making the stripes diagonal, to him, avoided this undesired symbolism.
I remember it all so clearly, even the little kitschy cartoon drawings in our school books of him with Betsy Ross as she showed him the final design. I remember reading about it in middle and high school. Hell, I even remember writing a 13 page essay for US History I in college that dealt with the subject. The paper of course, along with any historical record or proof of this detailed memory (digital or otherwise), is nowhere I can find it. It’s as if God or something turned the whole world into one big Wikipedia article and began editing reality at random with no one reverting the changes.
If you don’t think I’m crazy yet, then maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. When I noticed the plant had grown its eighth root, I learned for the first time in my life that Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal and not for having been outed as having had a nearly decade long affair with both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy at the same time as I thought I had been taught. I hadn’t even heard the term Watergate before that. In fact, I learned at the same exact time that apparently for decades since, the affix -gate had been attached to various other scandals and controversies as though it were a naming convention. Until that eighth root planted itself firmly in the ground, I had never once seen or heard of something like that before.
The day I noticed the very first flower to bloom on it, was the same day I found out there’s this little place near Long Island and New Jersey you may have heard of called New York City. You see, to me, that place has always been (and always will be in my mind as I cling onto what I know to be the truth) New Ithaca. Frank Sinatra’s famous song that is played every year on New Year’s Eve, has always been about the great city of New Ithaca, the Big Apple. The changes are just so weird and particular too. The whole general history of that city and state has remains the same though (at least to me), being that it was founded by the Dutch but was taken by the British and renamed before becoming a part of the United States. Only, instead the place was previously named New North Brabant whereas I suppose you have always known that New York used to be New Amsterdam.
There’s even a song about that bit of trivia, I learned. Catchy, and also cringe inducing for someone like me going through what I’m going through.
Actually the overwhelming bulk of changes have had to do with place names. Again growing up, I had it beaten into my brain that in 1492 Columbus sailed the Pacific blue. You heard that right. The vast puddle you probably call the Atlantic Ocean has always been the Pacific to me. And vice versa. Nebraska was a name I had not ever heard of before I measured another half foot in that damn thing’s already enormous length. To me that place was called the State of Fillmore. If before I measured it to be at 3 feet, you had asked me to point out Paris on a map, I would have stared at you blankly until I realized you probably meant to say Degaulleville which was built just northeast of the ruins of the ill-fated City of Lights after it was used as a testing ground for Germany’s most devastating weapon of WWII - the nuclear bomb.
Apparently in this new world the plant has created for me, it is our country that has the dubious honor of being the first military in the world to use nuclear weapons in an actual war.
And the list of changes I have just goes on and on like that. I’m not going to waste time spelling them all out for you. I’m sure that should be enough for you to at least hear me out or dismiss me as having had a break with reality. All I want now is this thing in my backyard, and these seeds to boot, out of here. Like I said in the beginning, I’d throw it away, but now that I suspect there’s some sort of link between it and all these changes being made, I worry what it could do to me if I yanked it out of the ground and chucked it into a dumpster. Degaulleville, Fillmore, etc. were erased by this thing. I could be too, if I made it mad enough.
There’s another part of me, a selfish part, that hopes if someone else takes it they can be the ones to have all these changes happen to instead. They can be the ones to watch desperately as what you once knew to be true, to be there, to be real, is all ground up and thrown away like it was nothing to bend your reality and leave you as the only one aware of it. I want that to happen to someone else instead of me. I want to be the one who’s oblivious to the changes made in the fabric and window dressings of reality. I want to be the one who reads the complaints and desperate cries of someone like me, and calls them crazy. I want want want that.
There’s another, tinier part of me, that naively hopes once I can leave this thing with someone else, it will change reality again but this time for the better. For the better, for me. Maybe once it starts affecting someone else adversely, it can change reality one more time to make my mom come back. To come back in a way that would make me forget she was ever gone. And then maybe I can go home, go back to the life I was used to living. But I know at the same time, there’s absolutely no reason it would do something nice like that for me.
Hell, if anything, it could decide to make things in reality, history, etc. worse for everyone including me. Like let me think… Okay for example, remember back in 1999 when everyone was afraid of the Y2K bug, but then it turned out to not be such a catastrophic ordeal as people were predicting? That damn plant could change things to make it so that Y2K’s catastrophic potential was fulfilled. Or wait, here’s a more recent example - remember like three or so years ago when there was that weird disease in China all the schools and governments got freaked out about for two weeks, warning about having to do lockdowns and stuff like that only for the Chinese government to successfully contain it before it could leave its shores?
I’d imagine the plant could change that history as well. And it’s not like I want any of that to happen, it’s just that I have little to no control over whether or not it will. And I just want to be free from being the only one to know it’s all happening. To notice it everyday. To have your heart and brain scratched at and tortured by it when you do.
So please, someone, anyone out there who can and is willing to take this thing off my hands knowing full well what it is - just DM me. I’ll give it to you at no charge or expense to you. I’ll even dig it out of the ground and drive to where you are (if you’re on the island that is) so you don’t have to get up and go anywhere. If you’re located somewhere else I’ll happily volunteer to pay all the associated shipping costs at my own expense as well in order to get it to you.
You’ll be my knight in shining armor if you do.
UPDATE: I am no longer in need of anyone to take this thing and these seeds off my hands. Thank you to the person that DMed me after I posted this. I got your email confirming that it safely arrived at your address as well. Also, glad to hear it’s grown another root. By glad, I mean that I am glad to know that it has grown yet again but this time I haven’t noticed anything changing. You have no idea what you’ve done to help salvage my sanity. Bless you.
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2023.06.07 05:30 racoongirl0 Why does my right hip hurt when I kick with my left leg?

I do pretty high side/hook kicks painlessly with my right leg which bends my right hip joint around where I drew the black line. However when I kick with my left and have to put my weight on the right hip and tilt at that same spot, it hurts and really limits not just my range but also my balance. Even though the tilt is no where near as deep. I just don’t understand how I can have no issue throwing nice high side kicks using that hip but I can’t balance on it to kick with the other leg. Any insight?
Btw I have no issues with forward/backwards motion. Only side. My glutes also has no issue with a back kick but this still hurts it. It’s tragic because the left is actually my good kicking leg and I just want it back😭
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2023.06.07 05:30 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 6 (pt 2)

"What do you mean I'm liable if the yeti eats Lindsay?" Chris asked frantically, his cellphone now against his ear while he continued to fan himself. "It's not my fault she's popular!" The camera zoomed out to show the host on the Dock of Shame, the two teams watching him intently a few feet away. "Gotta go," he quickly told the person he was talking to, quickly transitioning into a laugh as he turned his attention back to the campers.
"He-he-hey! For our next challenge, the two teams will...," he paused to think, "compete to rescue Lindsay!" he announced, causing the campers to share confused and disbelieving looks with one another. "Yup, that's it! Everyone grab a canoe and head to Boney Island!" The campers promptly ran off down the dock, leaving Chris to laugh nervously. "It's all good!" he reassured himself.
The scene flashed ahead to the two teams rowing across the lake, the Rats in a red canoe in the background with the Maggots in green in the fore.
"So it turns out the 6-way outfit we put on for the yeti did not suit his tastes," Anne Maria sighed.
"I'm sorry, guys," Katie apologized to her team. "Usually, my family and friends back home love my fashion tips. I thought it'd apply to the yeti as well."
"If it makes you feel any better, I enjoy your fashion tips," DJ comforted her.
"You do?" Katie's eyes lit up in anticipation.
"Absolutely. You just wanted us to feel involved in a way, even if it did backfire," DJ said. "It was almost, katchy, to say the least."
"You're too sweet," Katie cheered up.
Molly noticed a fog back. "Brace yourselves. We're about to enter Boney Island."
"That's good to know," Katie said as the fog moved away and cut to the island they were approaching, the skull-shaped mountain looming ominously as hollow, whooping cries echoed across the water.
A seamless cut ahead took the scene to Scarlett, Trent, and Scott running through the slightly-barren woods of Boney Island one right after the other. "Lindsay! Where are you?" Trent called, and the camera zoomed in on Scott's rather scheming face.
Confessional: Scott
"Chris is gonna merge the teams any day now," Scott said. "It's time to start getting serious. Trent is a nice guy, and I'll need someone like him to help with the votes."
Confessional Ends
Trent was shown panting as he ran along with worry in his eyes, and the camera panned back to Scott as he cleared his throat. "Trent, can I talk to you for a second?"
Hearing that one, Trent looked back and promptly slowed down as Scott ran up closer to him. "Could it wait? We have to rescue Lindsay from that sasquatch."
"I know that," Scott said. "I just wanted to say that I feel bad for Leshawna taking your guitar from you."
"I just don't get why she'd take my most prized possession," Trent sighed. "That guitar was given to me by my uncle, and I promised to never let anything happen to it."
Scott showed a bit of remorse after hearing that. "That's... really tragic," Scott responded. "But hey, Leshawna's gone, and even if we don't have B on our team, that doesn't make us stupid or weak."
Confessional: Trent
"So maybe Scott has a sensitive side to him," Trent confessed.
Confessional: Scott
Scott simply shrugged and let out an "eh" sound.
Confessional Ends
The scene skipped ahead again, showing Geoff coming to a halt. "Guys!" he called out panting, pointing up and ahead. "The sasquatch!" The camera panned up and ahead to a cliff with scaffolding set up on its face and Sasquatachanakwa sitting with Lindsay at the top.
"Aw, it's okay, yeti." Lindsay cooed, patting the purple sasquatch on the arm. "The world just isn't ready for beauty like yours." The sasquatch wiped a tear away from his eye. "You're like a snowflake, but like a lot bigger. Like, I mean, a lot."
"What's with all the scaffolding?" Scott asked, the camera cutting back to ground-level to show that the rest of the cast had arrived.
"I'm turning Boney Island into my personal resort," Chris explained as he and Chef arrived. "The Health Department said it was unfit for human life, but I sent in workers anyway," he continued, the cast giving each other incredulous looks. "Hmm...wonder where they went?" the host asked with an oddly sly smile.
A flash took the focus to a gruesome scene of human bones and workers' clothes scattered around some rocks in the forest. The camera panned to the right along gnawing sounds, and a trio of wooly beavers coming into view chewing on bones and wearing hard hats and pouring out a cup of hot coffee from a thermos.
"Don't hurt him!" Lindsay called down to the campers. "He just has big, hairy body issues!"
"Luckily, that's not a problem for me! We gotta take that yeti out!" Dave declared to his team.
"I know what to do!" Katie immediately declared. She threw her makeup bag and watched as it flew up and hit Sasquatchanakwa.
The bag exploded to reveal that he was now wearing Molly's headband, Scarlett's glasses, Anne Maria's blouse, DJ's shorts, Katie's socks, and Dave's sneakers, but they were colored all in pink unintentionally.
Everyone laughed at Sasquatchanakwa, but this only angered the sasquatch even more, causing him to jump up and down.
Confessional: Dave
"In retrospect, we probably should've double checked to see if there was any pink dye in our bag!" Dave confessed sheepishly.
Confessional: Katie
"I wasn't trying to make the sasquatch look bad. I was trying to stop him from kidnapping people," Katie told the viewers. "That sounds about right."
Confessional Ends
The raging ape-man jumped across the clifftop, his landings shaking through the stone and causing parts of the scaffolding to come lose – the right side of the top level, then the left side of the next, then right side of the level below that, and the left side of the very bottom level providing a convenient series of ramps up the side of the cliff. He then took off the clothes designed on him, rolled it into a ball, and chucked it at Katie, knocking her out.
The camera panned over to the Maggots, the members huddled together with the exception of Katie. "There are four poles holding up the scaffolding and five of us. Anne Maria, Molly, Dave, and I will climb the poles to draw the yeti's attention. As the strongest and most comparable to the yeti in size, DJ can run up the platforms and confront it directly," Scarlett told the plan to her team.
"I'll go up to the yeti, but I don't want to harm him," DJ said. "It's just not me."
"As long as we rescue Lindsay, I'm fine with what we're doing," Molly shrugged.
"And what about Katie?" Anne Maria pointed to the sleeping girl.
"Let her rest until she regains consciousness," DJ told his team. "She got hit pretty bad."
"How are we gonna rescue Lindsay before they do?" Scott asked as the focus cut over to the Rats watching their rivals put their plan into action.
"We could get someone prettier than Lindsay to lure the yeti away?" Geoff suggested.
"With me, Scott, and Geoff being males, there's no chance of the both of us charming him," Trent said.
"I have makeup, but without a mirror, I can't see what I'm doing," Sierra sighed.
Sammy saw everyone looking at her. "There is no getting out of this one."
Confessional: Sierra
"I know what I told Sammy before," Sierra confessed, "but she could develop her boldness here by stopping the yeti."
Confessional Ends
"Go Team Maggot!" Anne Maria called as she, Scarlett, DJ, Molly, and Dave were shown beginning their ascent, DJ taking the scaffolding itself while the other members climbed up the scaffolding's support beams. Sasquatchanakwa quickly noticed them and picked up a barrel from a nearby pile, then tossed a barrel at Dave, then DJ. Both boys let out pained grunts and the camera cut to the sasquatch as he threw more barrels, the girls letting out grunts of their own. The camera cut to Anne Maria, Molly, and Scarlett as they landed on top of their male teammates.
The camera focused on Katie as she woke up from her unconscious state. "What the?" she wondered as she saw her teammates on the ground in pain and looked up to see Sasquatchanakwa holding Lindsay captive. "So it seems they tried to do the challenge, but were unlucky. I could flirt with the sasquatch, but that's, like, gross." She let out a quick whimper at the sight of it.
"I'll just have to distract the yeti in some way," Katie concluded before running up the scaffolding.
The Maggots got up in time to see their perky teammate run up to Sasquatchanakwa. "Wow. Katie's going for it," Dave sighted her.
Katie saw the barrels coming her way and jumped above all of them.
"Katie, watch out," Scarlett warned her.
Katie saw a hammer in her path and picked it up. "Thanks for letting me know! Now I can distract him!" She continued to jump over the barrels.
"Are you sure this will make me look good?" Sammy asked with a hint of skepticism in her voice as the scene cut to the Rats, her back to the camera as Sierra got to work with a powder puff in one hand and a make-up brush in the other. The boys watched with variable interest behind Sierra.
"Of course," Sierra reassured her. "My mother used this makeup for parties and it usually attracts attention from everybody that's in the room."
"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Maggots are already ahead of us," Trent looked at their direction.
Geoff was shocked to hear that and grabbed Sierra's puff and brush. "We gotta hurry or else we'll be on the biggest losing streak!" he yelped and quickly applied makeup to Sammy.
"Finally!" Sammy said in relief. Trent gasped in shock and DJ, who was merely passing by, took a look at her and shrieked and fainted in terror.
Sammy puffed up proudly. "So that's what Francesca means about drop dead gorgeous. Alright yeti!" she called out as the camera showed her from the neck down walking away. "Your princess is here!"
"Why'd you rush the makeup process?" Scott asked after Sammy had left.
"I didn't think the yeti would be shallow," Geoff answered.
Back at the top of the scaffolding, Katie had gotten tired from all the running she had to do and resorted to dragging her hammer on the floor. She took a leap when she saw an oncoming barrel and fell face first on the floor. "I really need to be motivated right now."
"You're almost there. Get up," Dave called out supportedly.
"Go take down that giant hairball!" Molly encouraged.
"Don't fall off the scaffolding, Katie!" DJ advised her loudly.
Katie heard their encouragement and got up. "They're counting on me. I'm not gonna let them down."
Picking up her hammer, she dashed bravely to Sasquatchanakwa and threw the hammer at him, but he caught it with zero effort. He then grabbed Katie's head and effortlessly tossed her off the scaffolding, resulting in her landing in front of the Maggots with a thud.
"Are you gonna be okay?" Anne Maria bent down to check on her friend.
Katie got her head up. "I'm fine-kay!" she mumbled goofily.
A flash took the focus back to the top just as Sammy ran on to the scene, finally revealing the new look Geoff had given her – which amounted to large amounts of blue crayon as eye shadow and the bottom half of her face a swirl of red and green lipstick.
"Uhh...hey there...big yeti...," Sammy said awkwardly. "How's it like being... tall?"
Lindsay and Sasquatchanakwa stared at the made-up girl. "See? That's another what not to do." the blonde said to the ape-man before they burst into fits of laughter.
"Okay. I'm done here!" Sammy scowled, running forward to the surprise of the two non-competitors. She suddenly and swiftly kicked Sasquatchanakwa between the legs, sending him flying off the scaffolding.
DJ helped Katie off the floor. "You did good up there on your own."
"I may not be using technology right now, but that doesn't mean I can rely on it forever," Katie quoted before Sasquatchanakwa fell down at the spot she was just in.
"Team Rat, you've got immunity," Chris announced as he flew up with his jetpack, and the Rats on the ground cheered.
"Aww!" Molly griped as the camera panned to the disappointed faces of her and the Maggots.
Lindsay was currently applying makeup to herself until Sammy snatched it from her. She gasped, and then looked down at Geoff. "I would be mad, but I'm just glad this is all over."
"Time to head back to camp," Chris said, "Maggots," the shot cut down to them as they shared a nervous look, "you've got some voting to do."
An owl hooted as the footage flashed ahead to a shot of the island at night then zooming in to the campfire pit. Unusually, both teams were present – the Rats on the left, and the Maggots on the right.
"Well that was a complete fiasco!" Chris opened, him and Chef standing ready with their respective marshmallows. "Scarlett, your plans kept blowing up in your face and the yeti's," he said, the brainiac in the front row looking unnerved. "And Katie," the camera moved behind Scarlett, "you dropped the barrel on this one." She started to look nervous.
"As a result," the host continued, picking up two marshmallows from his tray as the camera cut to his close-up, "the first two to get their marshmallows are Dave and Anne Maria."
They caught their treats with smiles. "Also safe is Molly and DJ."
Molly smiled when she caught her marshmallow, though DJ looked a bit concerned.
"Now then, the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom goes to," Chris said as Chef took out the toxic marshmallow. As the tension built, the camera cut to close-ups of Scarlett's wide-eyed gaze, then to Katie's tensed-up face, and finally to Chris's impish smile as he announced...
The Influencer looked down and groaned. The toxic marshmallow bounced off her head and she winced.
"Sorry I messed up the challenge for us," Katie said as she stood up. "I really should depend less on using my vlogging experiences in situations."
"I'm just glad you were able to not go crazy without talking to your tablet," Dave smiled at her.
"I am going to miss your fashion skills," Anne Maria said to Katie.
"I'll miss you too," Katie promised before being grabbed by the back of her white hoodie courtesy of Chef and taken to the Hurl of Shame.
"Thank you Chef," Chris said with a smile. "Now for something very special. Toxic Rats, you're probably wondering why I asked you to sit in on this elimination ceremony." The shot cut to the team of five, all of them watching the host with anxious suspicion. "I'll need a strong volunteer from each team," he told them.
"Right here," Geoff said, standing up proudly from the Rats' front row.
"I'll volunteer!" DJ added from his seat next to Anne Maria.
"Pack your baa~ags!" Chris told them impishly.
"You're hurling them, too?!" Sierra asked in shock.
"Nah," Chris dismissed, "I don't give people time to pack before they get hurled! These two are switching teams!"
Everyone gasped but the two guys in question, who just smiled and walked towards their 'new' teammates, exchanging high-fives as they passed each other.
Geoff sat next to Anne Maria, who smiled lightly. "Looks like we're teammates now," Anne Maria said happily.
"This is gonna be sweet!" Geoff cheered, to which Scarlett took notice.
The shot cut to DJ as he stood in front of his new team. "Glad to have you on our team," Trent welcomed the friendly giant.
"I appreciate it, but there's something I have to do before I settle in with you guys," DJ informed his new team before jogging away.
The scene flashed to the docks, Katie sitting sadly in the bucket of the Hurl of Shame as Chris approached her. "Any last words before your ride to loserdom?" he asked in a taunting manner.
"Yeah," Katie nodded, the camera panning out to show Chef playing a game on her tablet. "Since I'm out of the game, can I have my tablet back?"
Chef finished the last level he was on and tossed the tablet back to Katie, who hugged her electronic cheerfully before putting it inside her pocket.
"Don't launch the catapult yet!" DJ yelled off-screen before coming into view and in front of Katie's eye.
"Wow! You came to see me before I left?" Katie chinned up with delight.
"Sure I did," DJ nodded.
Katie pulled out her slip of paper from the first episode and gave it to him. "If you want to see more of me, head over to my channel, like, comment, and subscribe."
DJ chuckled a bit from her line and pulled out a necklace and two bracelets made out of last episode's breakfast. "I made this for you just to give you something to remember me by."
Katie put on the meat-like necklace and bracelets. "Great minds really do think alike. Before I go, I just want to let you know that I've always been into YOU!" she yelled as she was catapulted off into the night.
DJ watched her fly off into the night, then dawned a look of sadness while walking back to his team. "I've always been into you too."
Chris laughed. "Oops," he turned and told the camera as the series's capstone theme began to play. "Who will be the next loser hurled? How much can we humiliate them first? And how will Dave try to hold in his bladder for another hour?"
"Hey!" Dave was heard saying.
Chris ignored him and finished his outro. "Find out next time, on Total! Drama! Revenge, of the Island!"
(Roll the Credits)
submitted by xtremexavier15 to u/xtremexavier15 [link] [comments]

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How to Watch Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie for Free

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Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Available On Hulu?

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Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Streaming on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately, Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie is not currently available to stream on Disney Plus and it's not expected that the film will release on Disney Plus until late December at the absolute earliest.

While Disney eventually releases its various studios' films on Disney Plus for subscribers to watch via its streaming platform, most major releases don't arrive on Disney Plus until at least 45-60 days after the film's theatrical release When Will Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie Be on Disney+?

Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie, the latest installment in the Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new movie promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you're looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here's an answer to that question!

Is Spider Man Across the Spider Verse Movie on Funimation?

Crunchyroll, its official website may include the movie in its catalog in the near future. Meanwhile, people who wish to watch something similar can stream 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train.'

**thank You**gtrv5
submitted by AutoModerator to SpiderManhq_now [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 05:29 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 6 (pt 1)

Toxic Rats: Geoff, Scott, Trent, Sammy, Sierra
Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Katie, Molly, Scarlett, Dave, DJ
Episode 06: Runaway Model
"Previously, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!" Chris opened over a stock shot of Wawanakwa, the capstone theme starting up in the background. "The campers got deep," the recap montage opened with Sierra and Molly sinking to the lake bed in their antique diving suits, the former quickly getting held back by Fang, "in an underwater scavenger hunt."
"Sierra quickly got under her team's skin as soon as she came back," Sammy was shown upset with Sierra for taking a picture of her, "and Anne Maria and Geoff began to develop feelings for each other," the two were shown having a conversation with each other in the morning.
"In the end, Leshawna was tossed for swiping everybody's stuff," Sammy was shown tossing out everyone's belongings from the bag, "even though it was really Scott. Sneaky," the host added over Scott admitting his role in the confessional.
"It's now Team Maggot versus Team Rat," the host said, the Maggots' logo appearing on-screen against a radiant golden background. The logo rotated around into the Rats' logo, and a five-way split-screen of the Rats' remaining members rose up from the background – Trent in the upper left against a brownish-red backdrop; Geoff in the upper right against dark blue; Sierra in the middle top against orange; Sammy in the bottom left against turquoise; and Scott in the bottom right against yellow. "Will the Rats man up before they're a man down? Let's hope not," Chris said as the scene cut to him standing at the end of the dock with Chef. "There's nothing more entertaining than a man down."
As if on cue, the wood under Chef started to creak and crack, breaking away and sending Chef plunging into the lake with a startled scream. Chris laughed. "More where that came from, right now, on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!"
The sun was already high in the sky as the episode opened, and a loon cried out in the distance as the camera panned down onto DJ and Dave looking rather distressed outside the communal bathroom. The normal guy knocked on the door and asked "Is it our turn next?"
"Keep your panties on!" Anne Maria called out as the camera cut to the inside of the bathroom. The mirror on the back wall was too cracked and smudged to use, the trash can was grimy, and the strip of fly paper hanging in the corner was in need of a change, but nevertheless, Molly, Anne Maria, Katie, and Scarlett were still gathered along the countertop – Scarlett was sitting on the far left, Molly was plucking her unibrows, Katie was happily filing her nails, and Anne Maria was spraying her hair.
"Anne Maria?" Molly said. "Could I borrow some lipstick from you? I forgot it back at the cabin."
"You can help yourself, but don't go touching my hair spray," Anne Maria answered. She finished spraying her hair, and flicked it to show how bulletproof it was as it briefly shined. "Now that is how you do hair!"
"I prefer having a natural appearance," Scarlett clarified. "I'm mostly just here to wash my face and brush my teeth."
They later saw that Katie had pulled out a bag containing a makeup kit.
"What's that bag for?" Molly asked the influencer while brushing her hair.
"This is my portable makeup kit," Katie said. "If I need to get myself ready in the morning, this'll do the job in five minutes max."
"Do you carry that around with you at all times?" Anne Maria looked at the bag.
"Only when I'm traveling to places," Katie answered as she put on her lipstick. "I've done a lot of makeup tutorials with this thing, and they've skyrocketed my channel up to one million views."
"That's interesting to hear," Scarlett rolled her eyes. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave."
Katie watched Scarlett and Anne Maria go, and turned to Molly. "By the way, you can borrow my lipstick too if you want."
Confessional: Katie
"Chris still has a hold of my tablet," Katie confessed. "I'm sure my subscribers are wondering why I'm inactive, but some of them will probably understand that I'm competing on a TV show."
Confessional: Molly
"Katie's been a lot more helpful to us with her device taken away, and now she wants to help me with fashion," Molly explained. "If that means she's not mad at me anymore, I'll take what I can get."
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to the girls' side of the Rat cabin as Sammy said "I can't believe what happened last episode." The shot cut inside to show her sitting in her bunk bed. "Not only did people's belongings get taken, but Leshawna was pinned for it."
Sierra was using her phone until she heard Sammy. "What makes you so sure it wasn't Leshawna if the bag was under her bed?" the blogger emphasized.
"Someone else could've slipped it under there, and Leshawna's too respectful to touch our things!" Sammy enforced.
"I'll have to think about that more," Sierra said. "You know, this is the most I've ever heard you say."
"What do you mean?" Sammy asked.
"You're mostly silent, and also nervous most of the time," Sierra claimed.
"I just prefer keeping to myself," Sammy said. "I'm introverted."
"Have you managed to have any friends in your life?" Sierra wondered.
"I do, but I only have five friends," Sammy responded while holding her arm. "We make up the cheerleading team back home, and they really love and care about me, but they tend to forget about my own opinions."
"Have you ever told them it bothers you?" Sierra asked again.
"Not really. I don't want them to hate me," Sammy said sadly.
"I never had many friends, so I don't know how to help you there, but if you want to let them know something is wrong, just do it," Sierra shrugged. "I'm sure it can't hurt."
Confessional: Sammy
"Sierra may have a point. She's eccentric, but she definitely can be smart." Sammy admits. "My friends can drag me into activities I'm not interested in, although cheerleading is something I like to do."
Confessional Ends
The whining ring as the scene cut to a shot of one of the island's loudspeakers heralded a broadcast from Chris. "Iiiit's challenge time!" he began. "Campers~! Meet me on the other side of the island~!" he announced in an almost sing-song voice.
The footage immediately skipped ahead to the two teams already nearly assembled on two sets of low bleachers in a clearing lined with a handful of stage and spotlights. The five Rats were seated on the stands to the right of the camera, while DJ was just now filing in with his teammates on the left.
"Yo Katie," DJ greeted the girl. "Your hair is looking fantastic today.
"It's all thanks to this makeup kit," Katie showed her bag as DJ took his seat next to her. "It's really helpful for your looks."
The perspective inverted to reveal that the two teams had gathered before a large stage and runway, complete with a short catwalk and a large curtained-off backstage area. Chef was already waiting in the pink dress he'd worn to ceremonies back in season two, and Chris shortly joined him by way of descending from above with his jetpack. The host was wearing a sharp gray suit and fashionable glasses with tinted lens, but more noticeable were the changes to his hair – it was now pure white and long enough for him to sport a short ponytail.
Chef walked up as he landed and took the jetpack of his back, then walked away as Chris spread his arms and smiled. "Welcome to your challenge," he opened. "The Weird and Wild Fashion Spectacular!" He took a paper fan out of his breast pocket and waved it a bit as he spread his arms even wider.
"We're doing a fashion challenge? Awesome!" Molly cheered.
"Fashion? Now you're talkin'!" Anne Maria sprayed her hair about while complimenting Chris.
"You won't be walking the catwalk," Chris started to fan himself, "no-no-no-no. No amount of fashion can help you people."
"You don't say?" Dave mumbled to himself.
"Here's how it's gonna work," Chris continued. "Each team gets a wardrobe of clothes," the camera cut to a dresser, clothes rack, and several pieces of luggage on the side of the stage, "a make-up kit, and ten minutes to dress and make up a model." Chef held up an hourglass and glared mutely at the camera. "Which, you'll send down the runway," the shot zoomed in on the host's fan as he walked his fingers across it, "to be judged by myself, Chef, and today's Total Drama classic competitor, Lindsay!"
One of the suitcases on the side of the stage popped open, revealing the former contestant. "Yay! Don't you just love my new, special fashion boots?" Lindsay asked the campers, raising a leg to show off blue boots different from her regular brown ones.
"Wait, we get to dress an actual model!" Trent got excited.
"Uh-huh," Chris said, scraping some white powder off his shoulder with his fan. "Right after you catch one."
"Catch a model?" Geoff wondered. "Why would one even come to this island?"
"Did I say human models?" Chris corrected, fanning himself again as he walked across the stage. "Don't think so! No, your models are in there!" He thrust his finger off to the right, forcing Lindsay to duck under his arm. The camera quick-panned to the woods just as an earth-shattering roar shook the area.
"They're wild! They're mutated!" Chris told the campers, the camera moving behind his back. "And like me, they despise teenagers." The five Rats were shown looking shocked and concerned.
"Okay fashionistas," the host said in a campy accent, "go!" He blew his airhorn again, and the campers ran off.
The footage flashed ahead to a trail in the woods, Sierra and Geoff searching behind a rock and Sammy looking at a bush in the background while DJ walked by in the foreground. The camera panned to the right and stopped on Anne Maria and Scarlett, who were warily looking upwards.
Something croaked above them and the shot cut to a small frog, seemingly normal aside from an eye stalk on the top of its head, sitting on a branch. With a grunt of effort, Molly pounced on it from the right, and smiled when she opened her hands and saw she'd caught it. Unfortunately for her, the mutant frog produced an odd noise and flash of light, blinking out of sight but quickly reappearing on top of the confused young woman's head. With another noise and flash of light it disappeared, this time bringing Molly with it, and they blinked back into existence in mid-air a few yards away. Molly screamed as she started to fall, and the mutant frog teleported away to presumed safety before its failed assailant landed with a crash on the forest floor.
In another part of the forest, Trent was looking around absentmindedly while approaching what appeared to be a gigantic turtle shell, a short and spiky tail poking out of one end. The boy tapped the tail with his foot, but gasped when the tail suddenly wrapped around his leg and pulled him inside the shell. The beast inside growled and stood up, its stout legs and turtle head popping out of the shell's holes...along with Trent. With another growl, the mutant punched him away, and he landed in a heap with a pained groan.
The camera cut next to what appeared to be an ordinary beaver sitting perfectly still just at the edge of a bush. Dave rose, grinning from another bush in the background, then pounced upon it. His jubilation quickly faded into confusion as the unmoving beaver was somehow lifted up by its tail, taking Dave with it.
The shot cut outward to reveal the beaver has no more than a lure of a large bipedal anglerfish-like monster, which promptly roared. Katie, who was standing nearby, promptly ran away, and was soon followed by Dave and the angler mutant.
Another flash moved the focus to a close-up of a slice of pepperoni pizza, lying on the ground in the middle of a loop of rope that led off to the left. "Pizza? What's this doing here?" Scott said, the camera zooming out to show him looking down at it. He looked up and tilted his head, and the shot cut over to none other than Fang not quite hidden behind a tree, an axe in one hand and the anchored rope of his snare trap in the other.
Scott knew what was going to happen, but decided to have a little fun. "Too bad there's pepperoni on it, otherwise I'd totally eat that," he said loud enough for the shark to hear as he walked off.
Fang palmed his face and walked over to the slice and started picking the toppings off of it. Meanwhile, Scott used his shark tooth to cut the rope of the snare.
The effect was instant. Fang was hoisted up in the air by his wrist, and Scott came over to where the pizza was. "Oh perfect! No pepperoni!!" He picked up the pizza and ate it as he left, the shark growling at him as he was hung up.
The scene cut abruptly to a massive mutant brawl between a massive two-headed rabbit, two spiny woolly beavers, and a hairless squirrel zapping them with its eye-lasers from a nearby branch. The camera panned left as a giant hermit crab scuttled up and snapped its claws, with Trent, Sammy, and Geoff watching from behind a bush in the background with wide eyes.
"So which one do we use?" Geoff asked.
"Uh, maybe we should find something that can't eat us," Sammy replied.
A whine signaled the loudspeaker turning on once again, and soon enough Chris's announcement rang through the air. "Five minutes, people!"
"Hey, Rats!" Sierra quickly followed, directing her teammates' attention to their right. "Why don't we use that rat?" he asked, the shot cutting to a close-up of a small rat happily chewing on a leaf atop a fallen log. A large hairless rat jumped onto the log, quickly stuffed the rat into its mouth, then chittered and looked around.
"It'd be easy to catch and dress. It just needs a little more domestication," Trent proudly said.
"That's a good plan," Scott supported with a grin.
"Stand back," Geoff told everybody and went towards the rat's direction. "I have an idea for the fashion style."
"Don't give up yet! There's gotta be something on this island we can catch!" Molly told her teammates, the Maggots now hunkering down behind a bush.
"How about that critter?" DJ looked over the bush, and the shot cut to none other than Sasquatchanakwa walking into a cave, oblivious to the teens watching him.
"How are we gonna get him out of that cave?" Dave asked.
Scarlett smirked. "I've conducted a plan, but I need a bag for this," she told her teammates.
The Maggots were back on the stage watching Scarlett seated near Katie's makeup bag. She folded a few clothes together, squirted it with glue, and shook the bag together.
"This is what I call a "Detonating Duffel Bag," Scarlett talked about her creation. "It can and will dress any target within its sixty foot blast radius! With a mix of glue and clothes it'll be unremarkably simple to just launch the bag at the animal."
Confessional: Anne Maria
"I like her way of thinking," Anne Maria told the camera, "even if I don't understand what she's saying half the time."
Confessional Ends
Katie picked up her bag and looked at what was inside. "Puffy sweater vests? Plaid skirts? High knee socks? It seems you just put together an outfit that resembles yourself, Scarlett."
"Katie has a point," Dave told the brainiac. "You clearly made the outfit something you yourself would like instead of what everyone would like."
Scarlett was annoyed. "So what else should we use instead?"
"How about we compare our fashion styles and see what we'll all agree on," Katie suggested.
"That can work," DJ nodded. "To our cabins!"
The scene immediately flashed away to the Rats where their own rat has been dressed by Geoff.
"This rat looks ready to party and have fun!" Geoff described his choice as the rat was wearing a black collared shirt, a brown cap, a black chain necklace, and gray sneakers.
The rat expressed its dislike of the party style by ripping the clothes into shreds.
"Seems the rat isn't a big fan of the choice of fashion," Scott said.
A sudden ringing got the team's attention, and Chris announced "Three minutes remaining!" over an unseen loudspeaker.
"If you guys don't mind, I'll take a crack at it," Sammy offered.
The scene cut back to the Maggot cabin, where the team were inside the girls' side of the cabin.
"So these are what we normally wear," Katie said as she presented a row of clothes on the bunk bed. From left-to-right, it showed clothes belonging to Scarlett, Anne Maria, DJ, Dave, Molly, and Katie.
"That's correct," Anne Maria agreed, "but why are our clothes all lined up?"
"You know how some teams normally can't agree on anything, right?" Katie started her conversation.
"You're right about that," Molly said.
"So what if instead of arguing, we just combine our fashion styles into one big burrito?" Katie said extravagantly.
"A fashion mesh? That's a weird way to go, but I don't want to argue right now," Dave told them.
"If I had my sewing kit, I'd whip up a line of clothing suited to fit our animal, but since we're running out of time, let's just try to stuff all our clothes into the bag," Molly suggested.
"I'll add some dye colors inside just to make our colors clash," Katie said.
"I'll assist as well, but let's make sure to actually fold our clothes," Dave emphasized.
"Agreed," Scarlett said. "We want to make our outfit mash look as clean and fresh as possible."
"Now that we have a plan, let's get right to it," Molly encouraged the team.
Confessional: Dave
"I don't like to give away my clothes, but once I realized that I only have to give two pairs, I went along with the plan," Dave admitted.
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed back to the Rats, the camera positioned close to Sammy's face but focused on her four teammates behind her. The camera zoomed out as they watched her tighten a piece of cloth over their rat model.
"That should be about it," Sammy said. "Me and my friends tend to design clothes during our sleepovers."
"It's not bad, Sammy," Geoff started to say.
"I think you did a wonderful job," Trent critiqued.
Another ringing got their attention, and they looked up towards an unseen loudspeaker as Chris announced "One minute!"
"It's good enough," Scott declared. "Let's get back to Chris."
The scene flashed back to the Maggots hiding behind a rock near Sasquatchanakwa's cave.
"This DDD is ready for action," DJ held up the bag.
"What does it stand for exactly?" Anne Maria asked him.
"Detonating Duffel Bag," DJ made it more clear before tossing the bag over to Katie. "Go long!"
Katie ran towards the cave with the bag in hand as the scene cut to the inside. Sasquatchanakwa was sitting in a wooden armchair, drinking a can of soda and watching some jaunty-themed show on an old television set when Katie's bag landed in his lap. With a curious grunt he looked at the bag.
That's when the explosion happened, and when it did, the yeti let out a frightening roar, scaring the Maggots.
"That doesn't sound good!" Katie panicked.
Confessional: Katie
"I don't know if running away from Sasquatchanakwa is worse than hurting him," Katie said. "I'm not the fastest runner, but I'm not going to die."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to a spotlight as it turned on; then a couple stage lights turning on as well; then a mutant squirrel hopping up next to a book-reading bear which lowered its book to reveal its three eyes, both animals looking at something curiously; then the stage and catwalk, Chris front and center with Chef and Lindsay – the former in sort of rapper-ish outfit with a red tracksuit and hat, earphones, and gold chains – sitting at the judge's table.
"It's freaky forest fashion time!" the host announced. "Rat-istas," he turned and pointed his fan backstage, "show me somethin' fierce." The five Rats walked out on stage, Geoff, Trent, and Sierra on the left with Sammy and Scott on the right.
"Chef, drop that needle!" Chris commanded next, the shot cutting to a close-up of a record turntable as the needle was dropped onto the spinning disc and a trendy tune began to play. The camera zoomed out, and Chef gave the host and campers a thumbs-up.
"This small rodent is wearing a fresh, popstar fashion style like no one else's," Sierra began smoothly, motioning to the gap between her and Sammy as their model reluctantly scurried out on all fours but continued down the runway on its hind legs. It was wearing a pink wig and a purple dress with white stripes. The camera followed it as it walked along looking both nervous and awkward, Sierra continuing her piece all the while. "Her pink hair matches well with her diva attitude and her dress screams fame." She finished with a grimace.
"A bit typical and overly glamorous," Chris said as the rat reached the end of the catwalk. "I give it an 8.5," the host announced as he held up a placard with his score.
The Rats shouted cheers of victory.
Chef held up an 8.0.
Lindsay held up a 1.8 to the uproar of the Rats. She realized her mistake and flipped her placard upside down, showing an 8.1. "Oops."
"Okay," Chris said tersely, looking back towards the catwalk. "Show me what you've got, Maggots!" he called out, the trendy music resuming as the shot cut back to the stage, showing it utterly empty. The camera zoomed in and the music kept playing, but for several more seconds there was still no movement backstage. "...Maggots?" Chris called out again and finally Katie ran out screaming at the top of her lungs.
"As you can see, the yeti is wearing a mix of several different styles based upon us," Katie said as her team quickly ran out to join her.
All six looked towards the backstage curtain, and the furious sasquatch growled and chased after them. His outfit consisted of several different styles – white sneakers resembling Katie's, long white socks resembling Scarlett's, pants resembling Anne Maria's, a blue and yellow collared shirt resembling Dave's, glasses resembling Molly's, and a hat resembling DJ's.
"The outfit consists of a variety of garments applied forcefully to random parts of his body," Katie said, cringing in terror as her team's model quickly tossed Scarlett, Dave, and Molly away again while DJ and Anne Maria quickly got off the stage. The ape-man grabbed her after she finished.
The music stopped, and Sasquatchanakwa finally noticed the three judges just as the first one spoke up. "That thing is huge," Lindsay gasped at the sight of the model before her, "but the outfit had too many themes. Maybe stick to just one next time."
"I agree with Lindsay," Chris admitted, fanning himself again. "It hardly complements the Yeti's husky physique."
Confessional: Katie
"Going with Scarlett's first idea for the yeti would have been boring," Katie groaned in disappointment, "but at least the yeti probably wouldn't have gotten as mad right now."
Confessional Ends
Still holding Katie, Sasquatchanakwa saw what he was wearing. Angry at the 6-way outfit put on him, he threw Katie away, took off the hat and glasses, kicked off the shoes and socks, and ripped off the pants and shirt.
"Chris is right. The team are too different-" Lindsay tried to say, but was cut off when the yeti suddenly reached forward and grabbed her by the head, yanking her out of her seat. The shot zoomed out as an engine whirred to life, revealing that Sasquatchanakwa had also commandeered Chris's jetpack. With the captive dumb princess in his arms, he took off into the air.
"Hey, he took my jetpack!" Chris quickly protested. The shot cut back to the ape-man and dumb blonde as Lindsay screamed, and Saquatchanakwa flew off to the foggy and ominous crags of Boney Island.
"Uh-huh...," Chris said blankly, still fanning himself. "Will Lindsay survive?" he asked the camera, lifting up his shades. "And am I legally liable if she doesn't? Find out, after the break."
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.07 05:26 jlw327 Seeking Westside Delivery/Takeout Recs for Birthday

Hi all!
From out-of-state visiting older family members with mobility issues in Venice. Want to treat them to a birthday dinner I can bring to them on a weekday evening.
They don't have any dietary preferences or restrictions. They eat early, though, so i'm trying to avoid rush hour traffic hell by ordering somewhere nearby (within 20 minute drive one-way, if possible).
Happy to use a delivery app and tip well or drive to pick food up.
Where and what do you all recommend?
(Tried researching this question through websites/online lists but most I found are city-wide and don't have any/many West Side spots and/or are or from back during peak Covid, and I figure a lot has changed since then)
Thanks a lot!
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2023.06.07 05:24 jafandaus Jafända: Embracing Clean Air Day, striving together for better air

Jafända: Embracing Clean Air Day, striving together for better air
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At Jafända, we take this mission seriously. As a professional air purifier brand, our philosophy is "Better air for you". With a dedicated team of over 20 senior experts in indoor pollution and health, we are committed to providing cleaner, healthier air for every household.
Our air purifiers are the fruits of a decade-long research process. Incorporating HEPA and activated carbon filters, our products purify the air in a comprehensive manner. They effectively filter PM2.5, pollen, dust, dust mites, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs, SVOCs, and odor pollutants. Our unique patented technology and energy-saving design bring efficiency, quiet operation, and sustainability into your homes, creating a healthy and refreshing breathing environment.
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Let us remember, every breath counts, every action matters. Choose Jafända, choose better air for a healthier tomorrow.
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2023.06.07 05:24 fluffybunnies51 Skipping meals because someone stole from my disabled child.

Quick warning. I have mild brain damage and am dyslexic, so I apologize if this is rambling or there are mistakes. Not sure if this is where I should post, I mostly just want somewhere to vent.
(This post is about money, I am NOT asking for money at all, just venting)
My son is 4 and autistic, he has some minor mobility issues and some pretty big trauma linked to both crowds and doctors.
My son has never liked strollers, hasn't been in one since he was 1. Instead we use a stroller style wagon that has a canopy. We call it his mobile safe space, and it's the only reason we can get him into see his doctors without bad meltdowns. This thing is $366, which is extremely expensive for our family. But it was worth scrimping to save up the money to get it.
Well, someone stole it. It seems like there is nothing to be done either. No one saw it, no one has cameras that could have seen it. The one time we left it out.
We just moved across the country after losing almost everything. I do not have the money to replace it.
So I have been skipping meals. My partner is only home for dinner. So I feed my son, and make it look like I ate too, but I don't eat anything until dinner that night. I am trying desperately to squirrel away every penny I can save.
I am so frustrated and upset that his wagon was taken. It was his only form of comfort outside of our home or the trampoline park. It had multiple sensory toys in the pockets, too. He won't accept another one either, so I can't get a cheaper wagon. He would refuse to get in it. I am so so unbelievably worried because the doctor can not even do any real exams on him, because he is just so scared and screams the whole time without it. I can't believe I allowed this to happen and feel so guilty.
I don't know how much longer I can do this. But I am going to keep going for as long as my body will let me, because my boy needs his safe space back.
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2023.06.07 05:24 sorryforbarking It rained today and somehow that was perfect

Yesterday we said goodbye to the love of our lives - Ru. Ru was the worlds sweetest and most quirkiest dog. She had endless love to give and was so gentle. She always seemed to know when to nudge a hand for comfort or when to snuggle up for support. We discovered a mass growing in her mouth that fractured her jaw - the mass was cancerous and already in her lymph nodes. We were lucky to have a few last weeks with her but constantly grappled with the question of “when” — it was insanely difficult.
After a rough night on Sunday where she was pacing and wheezing and seemed so miserable we quickly decided Monday that it was time to say goodbye. A vet came to the house and we did it here so she was comfortable. All the while I felt like it was all too soon. She was still eating and very much in control of her functions … but the pain was always there. After we just felt like we made a huge mistake and like we did it too soon. I thought it would be beautiful and maybe a bit of a relief but instead I’ve been riddled with guilt.
Today — it poured rain. Something that’s highly unusual for my area in June. Ru absolutely one thousand percent hated the rain. If it rained - it was a bad day in Ru’s book. She loathed getting wet and walking outside.
It seems silly but I felt some relief today that in then end we spared her one day of rain.
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2023.06.07 05:24 JoshAsdvgi THE PARTRIDGE WITCH



Two brothers, having hunted at the head of the Penobscot until their snow-shoes and moccasins gave out, looked at each other ruefully and cried, “Would that there was a woman to help us!”
The younger brother went to the lodge that evening earlier than the elder, in order to prepare the supper, and great was his surprise on entering the wigwam to find the floor swept, a fire built, a pot boiling, and their clothing mended.
Returning to the wood he watched the place from a covert until he saw a graceful girl enter the lodge and take up the tasks of housekeeping.
When he entered she was confused, but he treated her with respect, and allowed her to have her own way so far as possible, so that they became warm friends, sporting together like children when the work of the day was over.
But one evening she said, “Your brother is coming.
I fear him , Farewell.”
And she slipped into the wood.
When the young man told his elder brother what had happened there—the elder having been detained for a few days in the pursuit of a deer—he declared that he would wish the woman to come back, and presently, without any summons, she returned, bringing a toboggan-load of garments and arms.
The luck of the hunters improved, and they remained happily together until spring, when it was time to return with their furs.
They set off down the Penobscot in their canoe and rowed merrily along, but as they neared the home village the girl became uneasy, and presently “threw out her soul”—became clairvoyant—and said, “Let me land here.
I find that your father would not like me, so do not speak to him about me.”
But the elder brother told of her when they reached home, whereon the father exclaimed, “I had feared this.
That woman is a sister of the goblins.
She wishes to destroy men.”
At this the elder brother was afraid, lest she should cast a spell on him, and rowing up the river for a distance he came upon her as she was bathing and shot at her.
The arrow seemed to strike, for there was a flutter of feathers and the woman flew away as a partridge.
But the younger did not forget the good she had done and sought her in the wood, where for many days they played together as of old.
“I do not blame your father: it is an affair of old, this hate he bears me,” she said.
“He will choose a wife for you soon, but do not marry her, else all will come to an end for you.”
The man could not wed the witch, and he might not disobey his father, in spite of this adjuration; so when the old man said to him, “I have a wife for you, my son,” he answered,
“It is well.”
They brought the bride to the village, and for four days the wedding-dance was held, with a feast that lasted four days more.
Then said the young man, “Now comes the end,” and lying down on a bear-skin he sighed a few times and his spirit ascended to the Ghosts' road—the milky way.
The father shook his head, for he knew that this was the witch's work, and, liking the place no longer, he went away and the tribe was scattered.
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2023.06.07 05:22 piscesprincess444 My bf’s mom

My bf & I (24f, 26m) have been together for 8 months now, and things between the two us have been really good so far. However, I’m starting not to like his mom. I went into this with the utmost respect for both of his parents but after getting to know his mom, I just feel like her behavior is really weird. His mom lives in a different state than we do, but she’s here visiting my bf for a week (his dad is a very nice man btw, I really like him!). We went & had brunch and dinner with them Sunday, and during that time she made a number of comments that rubbed me the wrong way.
Comment 1: My bf and I have two separate apartments in the same complex because we didn’t want to move in together too soon. His mom insinuated during dinner that he spends too much time with me & at my place in general, and that he should spend some time alone at his own place. I didn’t have much of an issue with this because I agree, but I did have an issue with the accusatory subtext of the conversation. I feel like she was trying to say I was forcing him to be here at my place when that couldn’t be further from the truth. He chooses to spend the majority of his time here, I definitely don’t force that on him.
Comment #2: She said (basically verbatim) that she thinks he takes me out too much to restaurants, and that we should develop some kind of 50/50 rule moving forward so that he pays the tab sometimes & I pay the tab others. I have no issue with this, but it’s 9 times out of 10 my bf’s choice to eat at restaurants. I’m used to cooking & I usually do that 6 days out of the week. She even said that any woman who cares about their significant other will also care about their finances. What she said wouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong way if we didn’t already have an agreement with taking turns paying for food, and more importantly if it’s my idea to get food I know it’s my responsibility to pay. I didn’t really like that she had it in her mind that I’m a burden on him financially when I’m not. I’ve been taking care of myself since before her son came along just fine. I also had an issue with him not correcting her in the moment, which I voiced to my bf.
Comment #3: As we were leaving dinner, his mom also mentioned how she had paid for all of us at brunch & dinner and spent nearly $300. The way I was raised, it’s considered tacky to bring up money. I feel like if she had a problem paying she could’ve voiced that at the moment. I might not be explaining it well, but I felt like it was really passive aggressive to bring up the exact amount. Due to this, I already told my bf that the remainder of the time his parents are here I won’t allow them to spend another penny on me, because I don’t want anything thrown back in my face later.
Comment #4: On the way home, I pointed out some apartments that me & my bf were considering moving into together once our current leases are up. Seconds after I said this, I heard her sigh really dramatically & say to her husband, “Pray for me.” I thought this was probably the weirdest of her comments and it really made me wish I hadn’t said anything at all about our future plans. Later that night my bf mentioned to her that I was upset by her reaction & she said she just wasn’t prepared to hear that in the moment, which is totally understandable but still a rude reaction in my opinion.
I should probably also mention that when me & my bf first started dating, I overheard her refer to me as “that girl”, to which my bf did correct her which I appreciated. I think I knew then that I wasn’t dealing with an average mom. She has also made it a point to mention on multiple occasions that she “doesn’t get involved with her son’s gfs”, which made me feel uneasy.
I’m sorry this turned out to be super long. I guess I just need advice to see if I’m being overly sensitive? Or is this an issue that will continue looming on? I’m not sure how to move forward with my bf knowing I have this problem with his mom.
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2023.06.07 05:22 Extreme_Manager_5697 Switching from 100% Freelancing to FT work after 8 years

I'm not even sure what flair to assign this one ... maybe just putting this one out there for some solidarity and reassurance. The long and the short is -- I'm leaving my super flexible job as a freelancer to head back to FT work on Monday for the first time in 8 years. I have two kiddos and my youngest is starting Kindergarten this fall -- ergo I got both kids out of the house full time in September for the first time in 8 years.
I've been a freelancer for years -- (I teach business English online and do misc admin work) but things got scary with my hubby's company -- they got bought out and a consulting company came in (yes -- cue imagines of 'Office Space' in your head!). I saw the writing on the wall last December -- at least that some major downsizing might happen soon. What was always a sure thing with his job suddenly seemed more like a fragile thing and I simply couldn't deal with the risk of being without healthcare or losing a huge amount of income...just didn't feel responsible with our kiddos or some of the bills we currently have. The decision is incredibly bittersweet because the contractor I worked for was,to say the very least, phenomenal. Best place I've ever worked -- they all have been so supportive because they all get it too! The pay was a nice little buffer to the 'household budget' for years but with inflation/cost of things lately...it really wasn't sufficient anymore. Years of no vacation, constant cancellations to deal with sick babies...etc. -- just gets old and exhausting when you're the only one handling it. (To be clear - I handled it because I had the lower pay and most flexibility...)
Fast forward through a turbulent 5 months -- I did get a job. It took forever and was way more challenging than I anticipated, but I did it and I start on Monday! It's a government job and above all the benefits are solid (I mean...you can't get much better than NO benefits...but they really are quite good!) The job security is solid... and provides a nice balance to hubby's iffy position/company situation. (And of course, as all of this was happening 5 people did let go in his department -- luckily not him!) Above all, it's hybrid. After I get trained up, I'll be 2 days in office and 3 at home.
The only thing that gives me pause is the same thing that gives me pause every time I take on a big commitment like this-- the what ifs of childcare. My husband and I have literally been making childcare work since March 2020 when the pandemic started. My husband went 100% remote...until all of a sudden last month (you know, the month I finally got an interview after 4 months of applying) they suddenly want him in the office so much more. And they are threatening to track their logins... something they doubled down on recently.
The pandemic obliterated the daycare situation near me -- wait lists/no availability -- you name it. Summer programs last minute? Forget it. Grandma doesn't like to be 'on call' during the summer for regular babysitting (which is fine -- I respect that!) but I literally have a list of neighbors/friends to have on call at a short notice. I'm VERY thankful for the village that I do have -- don't get me wrong. I know so many moms who have less resources than I do.
But it is so terrifying to make this leap. I'm at the point where I HOPE we can toggle -- that my hubby can handle the kids when I'm in office and he can go in on the days I work from home. I'm VERY used to working with my children (again, pandemic hardened...LOL) and they are MOSTLY okay -- but of course this is a brand new job with a lot to learn so I have no idea how that will be in the beginning so I have to be cautious.
Phew -- if you made it that far, thanks for coming to my TED talk. Overall, I'm very excited but working FT for the first time ever with two kids after being freelance by choice for years to accommodate them...it's big. I also strongly suspect hubby underestimates how different it's gonna be -- but hey -- one challenge at a time :D I'm hopeful it will be a great experience.
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2023.06.07 05:22 chefthedxman Food Theory Sequel Idea

I have my own theory about something that MatPat said in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsIQF1mEmj8). He said that if you ate a fish with the bones, the bones would pop your stomach walls. However, I have my own theory using the other side of that, both literally and figuratively.

Let's say Klyve (the character MatPat used in his video) went to a restaurant and got all the food down. Then he leaves the restaurant feeling fuller and ever. He would also be more tired than ever, meaning that he won't be able to make split decisions. With that in mind, say he tries to exit the restaurant after paying, but instead of leaving out the door, he accidentally breaks the window somehow by falling on it. After he falls out of the window, he *somehow* hits something sharp enough to puncture his stomach.

After Klyve punctures his stomach, someone nearby sees him bleeding out, and applies first aid (antiseptics and bandage). Then he takes him to the hospital.

Even if you are bleeding out and in need of surgery, you are still able to consume things, even if not by means of eating or drinking.

Klyve gets to the hospital (thanks to the person who applied first aid), and they decide to stitch it up through a surgical process. He's unconscious due to him hitting the floor and the sharp object, but they still apply the anaesthetics just to be sure he's numbed while they do the surgery. Right there, Klyve is already consuming things - even though he's not eating or drinking it (or them). It may not be essential for you, but it's still something you consume. When MatPat said that when you're full - that you couldn't take another bite, he didn't take into account breathing. He was breathing in the anaesthetics. So it wasn't entirely true that he couldn't take another bite. He was breathing a "bite" in.

Same thing for the saline solution they gave him in his IV. He wasn't drinking it, but he was still consuming it because it was still entering his body, through means of a syringe or needle. That was essential: he was getting his water and his sodium through the salt (The chemical abbreviation for salt is NaCl, where Na is sodium and Cl is Chlorine).

So basically, I was just giving a scenario where if what happened to Klyve in the Theory didn't happen, what actually MIGHT have happened and what someone would do to fix it.
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2023.06.07 05:22 Fit-Marzipan9247 Overeating

Background; I have cared for my 4 NK (16M,13M,9F,8F) for 14 years, they are like my children and I have a wonderful relationship with MB. 2 years ago MB and DB divorced and naturally it has been an adjustment for everyone.
My biggest concern is the overeating that 9F and 8F are doing on a daily basis. Today 9f, 8f get home from school and both ask for and prepare a snack which is the usual routine, it has always been a struggle with portion sizes and has steadily gotten worse. Both girls have snack at 3:30pm and then the moment MB SO walks in NK 9f quietly ask him for popcorn which he allows not knowing they have already snacked. So 3:30 snack and 5pm Tupperware bowl of popcorn while MB is preparing dinner! After dinner snack is typically a bowl of ice cream or 3-4 smores. MB understands that they are overeating and would like them not to but WILL NOT enforce any limitations. Both MB and I have struggled with our weight but I am very aware of what I eat and how my eating habits can influence them so I am very careful to eat healthy foods in the proper portions. I am losing my mind with the constant asking about food. They eat healthy foods ie. fruits and vegetables as well as not so healthy foods but the real issue is the amount they eat on a daily basis. 16M and 13M are in physically demanding sports so the caloric intake they take in is used as fuel but 9F is not in any sports ATM and 8F is in a sport that is 2 days a week for 1 hour so they aren't offsetting the calories. The children have not experienced food insecurity at all but MB got a letter from the school cafeteria oweing $90+ because 9f was buying lunch everyday and taking a packed lunch! For reference only 9f is 110lbs and 8f is 150lbs so I am very concerned with the health ramifications of being obese plus the psychological effects. I am the one that takes the children to Well Child visits where I am being lectured on healthy habits but it isn't me! (I did tell MB that I will not be taking them this year) I'm not sure what exactly I am hoping for as far as advice goes but I would love to hear others suggestions and personal experiences. TIA
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2023.06.07 05:21 JoshAsdvgi THE PANTHER'S CHILDREN AND COYOTE.


Two women lived alone.
One was a woman and the other a girl.
The old woman was the jimson weed; the girl the cottontail rabbit.
They lived west above Tejon creek.
In the morning the old woman saw a dead deer lying at the door.
She did not see who brought it.
She took the deer, sliced it, dried the meat, and said nothing.
She did not ask the girl about it.
Next day the same thing happened.
Three times it happened.
Then the girl gave birth to two boys, twins.
They saw no one.
She did not see her husband.
The boys grew up and she put them into a cradle.
Coyote lived at Sututaiwieyau and had seven sons.
He said: "I will go to see what they are doing."
The mother of the two boys was on the plain gathering seeds.
The old woman was caring for the children.
Coyote carne to the house.
He found that they had plenty of deer meat and acorn mush.
The old woman said to him: "Will you have meat and acorn mush?"
He said: "Yes."
Then she gave him the food and he ate.
After eating he was thirsty.
She told him: "There is water in the pitched basket (made with piñon gum)."
Coyote said: ''I do not drink from that kind.
The pitch stinks." She told him: "What kind do you drink from?"
He said: "I drink from an openwork winnowing basket (khali)."
She asked him: "How does it hold water?"
He said: "Put leaves into it."
The old woman went and tried to bring water in an openwork basket.
The water kept running out, but she kept trying a long time.
Meanwhile Coyote took the two boys and went off, making a circuit.
The mother was far off on the plain gathering seeds.
At night she came home.
"Where are my boys?" she asked her mother.
The old woman said: "Coyote came here.
I think he stole them."
Now the panther came.
"Where are the children?" he said.
"Coyote stole them," they told him.
He took pinenuts and puhuk and hapu in a sack and started to look for his children.
He looked all over the country.
He looked for them for ten years, for about twelve years.
Now the boys were large enough to go out and hunt rabbits.
Then Coyote told them: "Do not go far.
A man may come here.
He is bad.
He will catch you and kill you."
He was afraid their father would come.
Next day the boys went on the mountain and killed a deer.
Then one day they went to the top of the mountain Wachkiu.
From there they looked down on the plain on the other side.
When they had rested, they got up to go.
The younger one was behind.
Then he saw a man coming.
He was dark all over with a little white on his breast.
He said: "See, the one is coming of whom our father told us, the dangerous one."
The panther called: "Where are you going? Stop. I am your father."
Then the younger brother said: "Let us wait."
They stopped. "Hello," said the anther.
"Hello," they told him.
He asked them: "Why do you run away? I am your father.
Coyote is not your father."
Then he took one by each hand and they went.
Soon the old man became tired and fell.
He got up again, took pinenuts and puhuk and hapu from his sack, and gave them to the boys to eat.
They ate them all.
Then he asked them: "How does he do when he kills deer!"
They told him: "He eats all the intestines before he takes it home."
Then their father told them: "Well, I will do that."
Now he killed a deer.
Then the boys went and called Coyote to come.
They said they had killed a deer.
Coyote came. "Whose track is that?" he said.
The older boy said: "It is my track," and Coyote was satisfied.
Then he went to the deer.
He wanted to eat of it.
He nearly bit at it when he jumped in fear.
Three times he was afraid and jumped aside.
Then he went to it and ate.
Now the panther jumped on him, killed him, and tore him to pieces.
He strewed his flesh over the ground.
Then he went to the house.
Coyote's children were playing in a swing.
They did not work or hunt but played constantly.
The panther killed them all.
He took them by the feet and struck them on the ground.
He entered the house where Coyote's wife was, took her by the feet, and threw her out. Then he burned the house and went off.
He said: "I am going. I travel over the country."
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2023.06.07 05:20 Blecher_onthe_Hudson I could use some advice before tackling this antique rocker repair

I could use some advice before tackling this antique rocker repair

My wife's rocker from her granny got knocked over and the arm snapped off. I'm a pro craftsman, but primarily a machinist/modelmaker and not really a furniture maker, more of a competent trim carpenter when it comes to wood.
I think drilling out the 2 dowels at the back of the arm and regluing it with new dowels is fairly straightforward, but the front helical vertical seems trickier. the 'dowel' was the turned end of the support. I'd have to cut flat both sides, drill it out freehand and redowel it.
Is it crazy to think about drilling the front holes loose, then using Bondo and a 1/4" steel pin instead of a dowel and wood glue at the front so that it can float into position? It would also be stronger in case of a future mishap. Or is this a machinist trying to bring his craft where it doesn't belong?
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2023.06.07 05:19 lockzhere Any thoughts for finding IR commands for an OL800 Solar Obstruction Light

Any thoughts for finding IR commands for an OL800 Solar Obstruction Light
So, I have acquired this guy quite a while back off of an old job site. When I had acquired it, it was stuck on a Flash pattern that got pretty annoying.

Right now, I'm looking for a step in the right direction on mimicking the IR Programming remote, there is supposedly a full menu you can access via IR where you can set the Date/Time, on/off schedule, Light intensity, flash patterns.

Reading through it's documentation, Apparently it can be programmed to have different intensity output, as well as an Always on mode, which is ideally what i'm looking for. my first thoughts were to see if it would be useful for an outdoor light for the camping spot so we're not blasting white light everywhere, of course depending on what I can do with it.

I have since had it stored in the shed to stop the helicopters from trying to land in my back yard where I had it sitting when I had picked it up.

I have ran through all the default IR sequences that are on the flipper, and have had a constant response from the unit when the universal TV power gets to approximately 93%, very repeatable.

every once in a while I will get a different set of flashes around 60% or so, but not near as repeatable as the above mentioned.

I am going to try to use the IRDB and burn through that list to see if I can get different results.

Carmanah OL800
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