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2023.06.02 13:01 SureGrowth Tips For Reading Whole Bible?

So I tried reading whole bible like two or three times and each time I failed because I just lost motivation or got distracted so long that I forgot what I read after a few weeks or a month or not reading.
My boyfriend is going to be supportive and help hold me accountable (I didn't have boyfriend during my failed attempts), so I'm hoping that'll help me further my reading goals.
I know the bible is a steady read; not a race because it's God's word and stuff so I'll be reading it as long as I have to so I can best understand it. I bought a book awhile back that will help me read whole bible in a year (again NOT going to read it in a year but take my time) it's just title of book. I do some reading and praying in morning and rest of some reading and praying in evening.
I just finished my prayer and devotion today this morning and I feel so refreshed and happy.
Any other tips or suggestions for reading whole bible successfully? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 13:00 Fabian_the_Fabulous REvents: Progress Report #1

REvents: Progress Report #1
Hello everyone!
I once again bring news about my mod-in-development, REvents (workshop link ), aimed at giving a game more somber tone and toning down various irks which clash with it.
Over a few weeks I've been working on various events which have been brought to my attention both by the community and my own experiences, and I think I managed to squash the most frequent problems: see the list of fixes here\_d3qTLlSok-MA0oci\_iMpBoINu7fwCMZBY/edit?usp=sharing
Now I am going to get back to the testing phase to nail down more of the possible events to fix, and I would love your help: install my mod (or even keep it vanilla!), play the game and let me know which events do you think stick out like sore thumb (too memey/too crass/too ridiculous/too frequent etc)!
As a little side-project I am going to approach the current education system, specifically gaining personality traits. While the Wards and Wardens is around the corner, you never know what specifically it will bring to the table, so I have a plan of my own: add "twist option" for most of the standard "choose one of three personality traits" events. This twist option would require a stress investment and successful check of some kind/money or prestige spent and success would result into another event with several possible options. For example, with the event where your kid gets beaten by a rando and is too scared to tell you more, a diplo+intrigue check would allow you to find the responsible and organise an impromptu "reckoning session", where kid can get something like Forgiving, Wrathful or Callous with your nudging.
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2023.06.02 13:00 9-susanDavis 'Here's the Pope's good health with three!!'—

Rang in their ears three deafening cheers,
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2023.06.02 13:00 UtopiaEarth Join Utopia Earth: 1:1000 Cross-Play Earth Server with many Unique Features

IP: Launching 3rd of June
Experience the ultimate utopia on Utopia Earth, the SMP earth server that transcends the ordinary! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where PvP and building enthusiasts come together, fostering a perfect balance for every player. With no burdensome mods, you can focus on the true essence of the game and let your creativity soar. Our server boasts an impressive array of features designed to enhance your gameplay. Engage in a dynamic and immersive economy, complete with a fully functional shop, where you can buy and sell items to your heart's content. Cross-play compatibility ensures that no matter what platform you prefer, you can join the adventure alongside friends and fellow gamers. Lag? Not here! We've assured our players have a lag-free experience for bedrock players, allowing you to fully indulge in the rich tapestry of Utopia Earth. And for those seeking thrilling PvP encounters, our 1.89 PvP system guarantees exhilarating battles where skill and strategy reign supreme. Get ready to form alliances and forge epic friendships within our expansive factions. With plenty of space to explore and conquer, the vast map of Utopia Earth will captivate your imagination, presenting endless opportunities for discovery and conquest. To join this extraordinary world, simply join the discord ( ) and embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Don't miss your chance to be part of a thriving community that values both creativity and competition. We can't wait to welcome you to Utopia Earth, where dreams become reality!
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2023.06.02 13:00 kuusjke132 Use perk 2 or 3 times?

Hi guys, I recently got my Plutus card and I was wondering whether or not I can use my perk only once per month or if it's possible to divide the €10 over 2 or 3 times?
E.g. I got the McDonald's perk: do I have to use the €10 at once or can I split it in three visits of €3,33?

Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 12:59 bobs143 How are you today?

Another day, another post.
I start my new soon. Thankfully.
Money is really tight and unemployment has been dragging their feet for weeks to kick in.I have filed for the past three weeks only to be told they need to contact my previous employer to verify why I was terminated (lay off). This has been three weeks of now money from that.
Buy the time I see any unemployment money I will back to work at this pace.
So a little stressed over money right now. The pay check from the new job won't come soon enough.
How are you today?
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2023.06.02 12:59 ForgottenWell Do Fish Know of Poetic Justice

My wife’s final act, before Leukemia drained the life from her, was to buy me a Koi Pond.
She bought me a bunch of fucking fish.
I cannot begin to explain how tough it is to deal with the death of your wife of twenty-three years, and to have to keep a bunch of stupid fish alive.
But then I realized that she wanted me to have something to take care of. I realized she wanted me to have something to remember her by.
So, I did my research… because I couldn’t just let these fish and my wife die.
I cared for and adored those fish. I changed their water every two to three days. I made sure the filtration system was working efficiently. I fed them a healthy diet four times a day. I loved those damn fish.
As a high school English teacher, I don’t have a lot to keep me going. My life isn’t exactly full of meaning, but I treated those fish like the children my wife and I could never have.
Then Graduation was just around the corner, and unfortunately Senior Pranks started to happen. Some Seniors learned that I cared unrequitedly about my fish.
As a “prank,” in the middle of the night, they showed up and delicately sprinkled Miracle-Gro onto the surface of my pond.
My Koi are beautiful but unfortunately they are imperfect. They ate the fertilizer and died. I was devastated. I mean this shit really fucked me up something awful… and all the grief and anger I had suppressed came pouring out of me.
Well… kids these days are very stupid. I mean, they’re practically begging to be caught when they do stupid shit like this!
All I had to do was search “Ames, Iowa” and “Senior Prank” on Tiktok, and I found the bastards culpable for the crime. They filmed the whole thing! They were bragging about it, even laughing about what they’d done… They wouldn’t be laughing for long.
I did a little reconnaissance and figured out when these bastards were having their graduation parties. More importantly, I figured out who was making their graduation cakes!
Would you believe that one bakery in this small town was doing over 75% of the town’s graduation cakes?
Small town, huh?
All I had to do was get a part time job as a “baker’s assistant” during “the busy season” to have access to every single one of those idiot’s cakes.
You could say they made this “easy as cake” for me.
I didn’t just help make their cakes, and discreetly poison their cakes, because that wouldn’t be enough for me.
I also personally delivered their cakes, one by one.
I waited around after each delivery, and watched as the cakes were eaten.
I smiled as I watched family and friends, and more importantly the culprits themselves, eat my cakes, and start to suffocate and die…
As an English teacher there’s a term for this: poetic justice.
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2023.06.02 12:59 rajahbeaubeau Elora by Pavel Golovii

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2023.06.02 12:58 singhal-001 How Long Does It Take To Cure Allergy in Homeopathy?

The time taken to cure allergies with Homeopathy can vary from person to person. In some cases, Homeopathic treatment may lead to a significant improvement in allergy symptoms within a short period, while in other cases, it may take longer for noticeable changes to occur. Chronic or long-standing allergies may require more extended treatment and a gradual reduction in symptoms. Allergy Treatment in Homeopathy effectively treats not just the symptoms but the entire person at three levels: skin, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. Dr. Vikas Singhal is the best doctor to identify what is causing the reaction if they believe they have an allergy. After diagnosis, he will prescribe medicines for the best allergy treatment in Homeopathy. Book your appointment, call +91 7087462000, or WhatsApp us at +91 9041111747.
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2023.06.02 12:58 GhostWithThePost Haven't been able to get a GP in my town for nearly two years - what can I do?

Hi all - my partner and I moved to a town near Dublin two years ago where there's three GP's in the area.
I've been calling around all of them every few months and am just told every time "we're full but call back in a few months." I've asked could they take our names for a waiting list and they've either said they don't have a waiting list or their list is so long they've stopped adding names to it.
I'm concerned because if I needed a doctor, I would have to travel 3 hours back to my hometown. If my partner needed one, she doesn't have a GP in this country at all.
Is there anything at all I can do here? Maybe the answer is no but I just wanted to check.
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2023.06.02 12:57 MensSkinCare_ The Ultimate Guide: Top 5 Men's Face Wash Brands for a Refreshing Skincare Routine! 🧔🚿

The Ultimate Guide: Top 5 Men's Face Wash Brands for a Refreshing Skincare Routine! 🧔🚿
Hey gents, are you ready to elevate your skincare game? Today, I'm sharing the ultimate list of the top 5 men's face wash brands that will leave you feeling fresh, revitalized, and confident. Let's dive in! 💦
1️⃣ Nivea All-in-One Charcoal Face Wash: Experience the power of their specially formulated face wash, designed to deeply cleanse and remove impurities without stripping your skin's natural moisture. Get ready for a refreshed and energized complexion!
Nivea All-in-One Charcoal Face Wash
2️⃣ Garnier Men Acno Fight Face Wash: This brand offers a range of face washes tailored to different skin types and concerns. Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, their gentle yet effective formulas will leave your face feeling clean, balanced, and ready to take on the day.
Garnier Men Acno Fight Face Wash
3️⃣ Press Skin Care - MEN'S FACIAL CLEANSER: Known for their natural ingredients and sustainable practices, this brand's face washes are a must-try for eco-conscious gentlemen. Cleanse your skin while contributing to a greener world—talk about a win-win!
4️⃣ L’OREAL Paris Men Expert Face Wash: Seeking a face wash that tackles acne and breakouts? Look no further. Brand D's face washes are formulated with acne-fighting ingredients to help control excess oil and keep pesky blemishes at bay. Say hello to clearer, smoother skin!
L’OREAL Paris Men Expert Face Wash
5️⃣ Himalaya Men Face & Beard wash: For the busy men out there, this brand offers multi-functional face washes that do it all. From cleansing to exfoliating and moisturizing, their all-in-one formulas simplify your skincare routine without compromising on results.
Himalaya Men Face & Beard wash
Remember, everyone's skin is unique, so finding the perfect face wash may require a bit of trial and error. Consider your skin type, concerns, and preferences when choosing the right brand for you.
Now, it's your turn! Have you tried any of these men's face wash brands? Or do you have a favorite brand that didn't make the list? Share your recommendations and experiences in the comments below. Let's help each other achieve our best skin ever! 🙌✨
#MensSkincare #FaceWashForMen #GroomingEssentials #ConfidentSkin #Nivea #Nivea #PressSkinCare #LOREAL #Garnier
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2023.06.02 12:56 OtalktheHippo Dragonlance: Ogretitans 3 in 1 book?

So as many know, Father’s Day is coming up and this is one of the few books my father is missing. He’s been talking about wanting the book since last year but didn’t end up getting it so I wanted to surprise him with it because his dad used to get him these books so they mean a lot to him. Does anyone know of a way I can get the three in one book in Canada? I’m aware they are extremely rare but I’m willing to pay because I know what this means for him. I’m in Canada and If anyone would be able to point me in a direction of where I could get this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.06.02 12:56 iouashdjrfiodfnv233 I HATE MONKEY MADNESS I HATE MONKEY MADNESS

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2023.06.02 12:56 Theonewatches Oyster Perpetual 124300 (41mm) GEN, GM, KING, EW & BP Comprehensive Comparison

Oyster Perpetual 124300 (41mm) GEN, GM, KING, EW & BP Comprehensive Comparison
Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.
Today I’m going to bring you a comprehensive comparison of the entry-level model of the Rolex - Oyster Perpetual. In the beginning of this year, I had planned to do a comparison of the Oyster Perpetual. It is not as popular as other Rolex series, after all, it is the pioneer series of Rolex watches. If we don’t have comparison for this model, it’s a bit unreasonable. Haha.
Without further ado, let's get started.
Front Dial View
Natual Light View and Light View
Color difference is unavoidable for these color dials, so we have to see which is the closest. Through the comparison view, we can clearly distinguish the color differences between the factories. The colors of KING and EW are brighter, and their color is very similar, it seems that they use the same dial. The color of GM is a little bit darker. The color difference of BP is actually not very big, but its color looks a bit faded and lacks gloss, which leads to its overall feeling by the dial color is not very comfortable. In general, I personally think that the color difference of GM is the smallest.
Bezel View
Except for BP, the bezel shape of all factories is consistent with GEN, and the side section of the BP bezel is too thick, which makes the bezel appear a bit too large from the front.
Crystal Side View
For the chamfering and height of the side of crysta, GM is the closest to GEN, followed by EW. The chamfering of KING is too much, resulting in obvious layers, while BP is slightly lower in height.
Crown and Stick View
GM’s crown logo has the smoothest edge chamfering treatment, and the overall shape among GM, KING and EW are very similar, no big different with GEN. While BP is slightly different, mainly because of its slope width is a bit narrower.
Hands Luminous Fill View
All factories have a certain luminous graininess, there is not obvious difference for this part.
Dial Mimeograph Front View
Relatively speaking, the regularity of BP fonts is slightly worse, and the mimeograph thickness and three-dimensional effect of other factories are similar.
Let's take a look at the opening of crown at 6 o'clock. Except for EW, the other three factories have relatively large deviations. Of course, this might caused by batch issue of the factories.
In addition, let’s talk about the dial. From the high-definition pictures, we can see that all factories’ dial is actually a grainy dial but not a glossy dial like GEN. It is just invisible to the naked eye and non closeup photos. King and EW are slightly better, the graininess is not particularly noticeable.
Hands and Middle Axis Dial
Compared with GEN, the leaking cylindrical part of the middle axis is different from each factory. Relatively speaking, GM and EW are closer to GEN. The flaw of BP is the most obvious, the hollow part in the middle is too large, and the processing is relatively rough, with obvious welding marks.
Rehaut Side View
In terms of the overall lettering shape and clarity, there is no obvious difference between the factories. If you have to score high and low, I personally think that KING is slightly better. Zoom in on the picture to see that the edges of KING’s font are more regular, and the shading is more clearer.
Crown Side View
There is nothing to say about the crown as there is no problem with the appearance and size. It feels a bit scratchy when you tough the crown of King, mainly because the teeth are not chamfered.
Case Side View
According to the past habits, usually, we don’t comment on the case, but I noticed it this time, so mentioned here. It is not difficult to find through the pictures. Compared with GEN, the curvature of the lug end of GM and BP seems to be more downward. I found that it is indeed the case by comparing with real watches. So KING and EW are naturally the winners in terms of case shape.
Caseback View
No more comments for the caseback, You friends can compare it in accordance with the photo. Steve is still in a hurry to write the next comparison, haha
Endlink Side View
In terms of endlink, it is very difficult for factories to be completely consistent with GEN. In my opinion, as long as the lugs are not completely flush, it is within the acceptable range. Obviously, EW and BP are not good. GM is the best in this part and it is the closest to GEN, followed by KING.
Bracelet Details View
For the engraving inside the buckle, factories are different. EW’s overall engraving lines looks more comfortable. GM and KING lack clarity, and a few small engraving dots below the ''ROKEXSA'' font of BP is missing.
Laser Mark and Lume View
Although the laser marks appear slightly different in the picture, there is no difference in reality.
KING's luminous color is different, it is more green than GEN, and the other three factories are consistent with GEN.
Movement View
GM and KING use the VR3230 movement, while EW and BP are A3230 movement which is modified and based on the 2824 movement. After all, their prices are cheaper. Compared with other factories, EW and BP have always take the cheap route, so it is justifiable to adopt the cheaper movement for these two factories.
Data Comparison View
Note: All measurements are in a clamped state, and there may be tolerance due to slight deviations in the position of the caliper.
Well, this is today’s post, thank you guys for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!
I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replicas and GEN, which is for you guys to better choose your favorite replicas.
(Note: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the angle of the light. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)
There is no perfect replica, only your favorite replica.
Telegram: u/Theonewatches_steve
WhatsApp: + 86-17081934955
Email: [[email protected].](mailto:[email protected])com
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2023.06.02 12:55 Queimarrozas Rghaif / Regueifa. Bread on the head in wedding traditions.

Hello my friends. I am searching for a shared tradition between Galician and Amazigh culture.
Traditionally, in some galician villages, in NW Spain, we preserve an ancient tradition for weddings, which involves that a woman dances for the bride and groom, with a flat and sometimes decorated bread in her head. This is called Regueifa. Here is a video. The regueifa is made up of a bread cake that is decorated with colored ribbons, fruit and flowers.
A good friend of mine found that in Maroc, the Msemen bread is also called Rghaif or Rghayfe, is that correct? Also, he assisted a wedding in the northeast, in which a couple of men danced with a big plate with rghaif and tea glasses and other decorations on their heads.
To me, the fact that the wedding bread is called Regueifa in Galicia, has to have connections with the Rghaif bread in MAroc. As you know, our cultures have been connected for long. I would love to know if any of you knows about these traditions in which someone dances with a bread on top of their heads. Also I would like to know what does Rghaif mean.
Thank you so much. Salud!
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2023.06.02 12:55 user905022 Who would you most rather be like?

As im finishing gilmore girls, i realised that i strive to be like paris. At the beginning of the show for the first three seasons, rory was my inspiration and i loved her lifestyle, i always thought she was so lucky to have a boyfriend, a stable social life all while managing to get good grades and get into three ivy leagues. I did also like paris but i always looked up to rory. But now that ive finished season 7, paris is my ultimate inspiration. I know she doesnt have the best ability to be a leader or make friends, but her studying working style is admirable. I know its very unrealistic to do law and medicine at the same time, but i still really admired paris so handling so much at once. Especially when rory thought she would be given the new york times job with her lack of experience (i read somewhere that you need much more than what rory did to get the job, apparently her internship with mitchum was less than a month and she went to europe all summer with her grandma rather than do summer internships like others). Rory was so certain that she'd get the job that she thought she was too good for the other job, honestly i dont blame her because my heart also broke for her when she didnt get a job. But when i saw paris getting accepted into all these ivies and medical and law schools, i couldn't help but be so impressed because we all know paris worked her ass off for this. She managed to achieve her dreams in ayitl and lived a great life, all her hard work paying off. I want to see what others think and if anyone else also wanted to be like any characters.
View Poll
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2023.06.02 12:55 throwaway0936264886 AITA for quitting the choir because I didn't get the part I wanted?

I'm in a music group of about 50 people and we have a year end concert coming up in less than three weeks. Our conductor, we'll call her Lisa, makes the decisions about what we're performing etc, and most of us don't get a say.
So a couple of months ago she announced she was bringing it an several outside performers to do some solos. One of the solos is exactly in my range, it's my favourite piece, I've performed it before (not with this group), and it has cultural resonance for me. I was upset about not getting to perform it, obviously, but initially I thought I could live with it.
Only I can't. Every rehearsal I leave angry. I don't like who I'm being but I can't seem to make myself let it go. Some fellow members have agreed with me privately that an amateur group like us should showcase talent from within the group and that I should be the one performing it. This just makes me madder because I feel like Lisa is basically saying I'm not good enough.
I know I can't make Lisa change plans, since she never really listens to anyone. But I'm not having fun with the group right now and I don't like myself when I'm angry. I decided to bow out of the rest of rehearsals and the concert just to avoid the situation since I was upset. But some people have said I'm just being childish about not getting the solo. I don't think I am because I'm just removing myself from a situation that's upsetting to me. The group is large enough that one person won't be missed. So AITA?
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2023.06.02 12:54 Valuable_Safety_9933 Title Chala Tanzania

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2023.06.02 12:53 bleepbloop3131313 Three weeks coming up tomorrow

I smoked weed almost every day for the last 2 1/2 years or so. I felt like I needed weed to think, needed it to be creative, needed it to cope. And maybe some of that was true. But over the years it just got worse and worse. I had this moment three weeks ago where I got high, despite telling myself that I wouldn't and I had a miserable time.
I had tried quitting before and the first week always got be back. This time? The last time I smoked weed was miserable and so I kept thinking about how awful a time I had and it kept me going.
In the last three weeks I've repaired social relationships, started working on DIY and creative projects again (I'm a musician and filmmaker). So many ideas, so many inspirations that I felt weed gave me, but I was never to follow up because of the brain fog. In the end... I think I have to accept that while weed was good for me creatively, I don't need it to be a creative person. Maybe that's the most insidious idea, that weed was my creativity. Because it wasn't.
Sometimes I think about smoking again but it just makes me shudder. I feel so much better :)
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2023.06.02 12:53 imast4er Birth control

Does having an implant (or any other birth control) make you able to have kids for longer? If I have the implant for three years, will the eggs I should have shed during those years just start after I remove it, and so I’ll be fertile for three more years than I previously “should” have?
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2023.06.02 12:53 pudakak I’ve seen this one before

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2023.06.02 12:52 HootyHootMcOwlface I'm writing my BA thesis on diversitymanagement and the handbook for diversitymanagement says ADHD directly correlates with psychopathy and low work quality. I. AM. FUMING.

In the handbook the authors quote a study that says:
"Research on life history strategies suggests individuals with indicators of a fast life history strategy report more Dark Triad related traits, including antisocial and opportunistic personality traits, manifested as both Machiavellianism and psychopathy. Such a point has been echoed in work on the Dark Triad proper.
Life History Theory also predicts that cognitive systems will co-occur with life strategies. In particular, a fast life strategy should not only be manifested in personality traits, but also in lower order traits like self-control. Limited self-control is likely characteristic of those with a fast life strategy because these traits will not interfere and may actually facilitate a shorter-term and opportunistic perspective whereas, these tactics are more likely to interfere with the longer-term and delayed-gratification projects pursued by slower life history strategists. We define self-control as the ability to inhibit impulsive responses that undoes one’s commitment and measure it with self-control, consideration of future consequences, and attention deficit disorder symptoms."
Now, in the handbook the authors claim:
"The Dark Triad include Psychopathy, Machiavellism and Narcicissm. The Dark Triads traits include characteristics und behaviours like articifial view of the self, manipulation of people for self-serving purposes and a lack of empathy and pangs on conscience. The three hallmarks of the Dark Triad correlate with mobbing. Psychopathy and marchiavellism correlate with a lack of self-control, a lack of future events due to own behaviour and ADHD. Psychopathy and Machiavellism correlate with low work quality."
I don't know whether I'm reading this wrong, but to claim that there is no difference between the study, that spoke of ADHD symptoms, and the authors claiming it is ADHD solely, is so wild to me.
To me, it implies people who show symptoms of ADHD or having ADHD are at risk of developing a anti-social personality disorder, or are more likely to have it, since they say those two correlate.
What they actually don't mention though, which is written in the study, is that:
"Specifically, we expect the Dark Triad to be positively correlated with attention deficit symptoms and negatively correlated with self-control and a tendency to consider future consequences."
Why ? Because they simply define (!):
"We define self-control as the ability to inhibit impulsive responses that undoes one’s commitment and measure it with self-control, consideration of future consequences, and attention deficit disorder symptoms."
There is a correlation because they just say there is.
Furthermore the study says: "The Dark Triad will be positively correlated with limited self-control. Specifically, we expect the Dark Triad to be positively correlated with attention deficit symptoms and negatively correlated with self-control and a tendency to consider future consequences. "
OFC ADHD symptoms fall into that category, but that doesn't make people with ADHD more prone to being psychopathic, narcissistic or machiavellistic bumholes. It just means there is an overlap in behaviour, but it does not mean it correlates.
Furthermore: The testing they did was done with incarcerated males, who ofc show more signs of psychopathy, SINCE THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW ALREADY. THATS WHY THEY ARE IN PRISON. Plus, it only involved males, so we as women were completely cropped out of the picture.
I am so fucking pissed.
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