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"We can live into the future with hope rather than hopelessness, feeling empowered rather than powerless." - Leah McElrath A positive community to discuss gardening, farming, and other means of food production when it counts. Our future looks scary, but we aren't helpless. Being resilient by growing food is an important skill in an uncertain future. We promote the ideas of mutual aid and community support. In hard times all we have is each other. Please share knowledge and ask questions.

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2023.03.21 21:29 CartographerNo8846 32 [M4F] #Atlanta - Now taking spring fling applications

What I'm looking for is someone who wants to give/receive good morning/good night texts. Someone who understands that life gets in the way as well. Someone between the ages of 18-50 who wants to get to know me and create that spark. You can be located anywhere, but near the state of Georgia is preferable as it means we may eventually be able to meet up...but I have done this with people as far out as Europe and it was a lot of fun there too. Hopefully you can carry on a conversation, about anything is good. I do enjoy most things marvel/disney, science, sports, history, pretty much most nerd culture really...and am always down to learn new things.
I'm a dad to 2 wonderful kids and they take up most of my time as it is currently, but staggered schedules with the wife means I am free to communicate for most of the day. I hate leaving people on read, won't ghost you, and will probably make you accidentally laugh out loud during the first week or two. I do enjoy being outdoors or indoors...I'm happy either way. I'm a hell of a cook, I just moved back down to the area recently as I was up north for a while. I am emotionally available as I tend to find that it's hard to not develop some sort of feeling doing all of this.
I do hope to hear from you, otherwise best of luck in your search and thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 21:28 dangernoodle354 Hit and run

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know somebody that drives a blue with black trim f150 with jersey plates that goes to pa on I80 im assuming for work.. guy tried to run me off the road today and took off.. guy wears a neon hi vi sweatshirt. I'm assuming this is someone near the border so if anyone knows of anyone like that or anything please let me know... I know this is a long shot
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2023.03.21 21:28 littlejd_jd High Service Charge increase for lots of people.

I am seeing a lot of posts on forums about service charge increases being really high. Has anyone else received a large increase? I have spoken to a few people near me and they panicking as to how to pay.
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2023.03.21 21:28 Im_fairly_tired [US-UT] [H] GMMK PRO, LiNK65 Green, KBD67 Lite, GMK Redacted, GMK Godspeed Armstrong + Novelties [W] Venmo, Paypal, Local Cash

Timestamps and images:

Offering up some of my collection that I will not be using. I'm new to listing on mechmarket but have 20+ years of experience selling used items on other well-known markets. Please see my post/comment history for evidence of my interest and engagement in the hobby.

Item Condition Price
GMMK PRO Assembled. Lightly used. Black. Keycaps/switches NOT included. Some very minor scratches from a switch puller on the inside of the case, which are nearly entirely invisible when standard-sized cherry switches + keycaps are installed. Significantly modded to my preferred acoustics/performance: Stock stabs were replaced with lubed Owllabs stabs (Krytox GPL 205G0 & Krytox XHT-BDZ). Tape mod on the back of PCB (low adhesive masking tape). PCB modded w/ EVA .5mm foam switchpads. Poron foam on screw holes (force-break mod). Updated Poron gaskets. Silver and Black knobs included. Polycarbonate and aluminum plates are included. (Assembled with aluminum plate.) $185 OBO
LiNK65 Assembled. Like New. Green w/ golden weight. . Hotswap PCB. Keycaps/switches NOT included. Meletrix stabs are included and were installed with Krytox GPL 205G0 & Krytox XHT-BDZ. (Meletrix stabs are the white & black stabs included with R2 Zoom65). FR4 and aluminum plates included (assembled with FR4 plate). Additional white poron plate foam and case foam are included (assembled with black poron foam). Most original packaging, and all spare parts are included. Link65 $465 OBO
KBD67 Lite R4 Assembled. Like New. Keycaps/switches NOT included. Bonnie Cream OR Rosy Brown OR Transparent case (please let me know which case you would like included. The Transparent case has been modified with heavy white molding clay in the bottom for sound dampening and extra weight. The other two cases are unmodified). KBD67 MarK II RBG V3 Hot-swap PCB. Stabs installed with Krytox GPL 205G0 & Krytox XHT-BDZ. Bottom Foam included (Wired ANSI version). KBD67 Switch Pad (ANSI) included. KBD67 Lite R4 plate Mute Silicone included. KBD67 Lite polycarbonate plate. $100 OBO
GMK Redacted Keycaps Like New. $125 OBO
GMK Godspeed Keycaps Very Lightly Used. Armstrong Base Kit. (Note, the GMMK Pro is pictured with GMK WoB alphas which are not for sale in this listing. The GMK Godspeed alphas are an off-white color.) $125 OBO
GMK Godspeed Novelties Kit Like New. $50 OBO

Will take Paypal or Venmo. Local Cash accepted w/ $10 off a purchase.
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2023.03.21 21:28 Mariannnae Advice on shaving for brazilian

So I shaved my brazilian area for the first time ever, and GOD am I hairy. It took me nearly an hour to get through all of that.😂
I just wanted some advice:
  1. Can I use aftershave? I bought this Bump Patrol Aftershave off amazon, and a lot of the reviews say that they use it in their bikini area - but is it safe to use all over my Brazilian area?
  2. Do you recommend anything else to reduce ingrowns and razor bumps?
  3. How soon after shaving can I start exfoliating? My first Brazilian laser session is in about 24 hours.
  4. What can I use to moisturize? I’ve heard coconut oil and baby oil are good. Do I put them on right after the aftershave or later in the day?
Thank you and any help will be appreciated!
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2023.03.21 21:27 CartographerNo8846 32 [M4F] #Atlanta - Now taking spring fling applications

What I'm looking for is someone who wants to give/receive good morning/good night texts. Someone who understands that life gets in the way as well. Someone between the ages of 18-50 who wants to get to know me and create that spark. You can be located anywhere, but near the state of Georgia is preferable as it means we may eventually be able to meet up...but I have done this with people as far out as Europe and it was a lot of fun there too. Hopefully you can carry on a conversation, about anything is good. I do enjoy most things marvel/disney, science, sports, history, pretty much most nerd culture really...and am always down to learn new things.
I'm a dad to 2 wonderful kids and they take up most of my time as it is currently, but staggered schedules with the wife means I am free to communicate for most of the day. I hate leaving people on read, won't ghost you, and will probably make you accidentally laugh out loud during the first week or two. I do enjoy being outdoors or indoors...I'm happy either way. I'm a hell of a cook, I just moved back down to the area recently as I was up north for a while. I am emotionally available as I tend to find that it's hard to not develop some sort of feeling doing all of this.
I do hope to hear from you, otherwise best of luck in your search and thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 21:27 rads43 Can anyone help me with my load order (ps4/ps5)

I admit even after some researching I still do not understand alot I have over 800 hours logged on falout 4 and feel so stuoid for not even being able to get this right as I dont want to play vanilla game anymore. I have been struggling to get the right load order for my game to run properly like for instance sometimes when i start the game it doesnt even let me move around, or when I can get the game running half the mods dont work right. I have looked online at the guides on how to get the right load order and at posts others have created about mods to see what I could be doing wrong but i just cannot seem to get it right. For my playthrough I want the focus to be settlement building, with some new weapons and the jetpack aswell, but im unsure if some of these mods are conflicting with others, I have tried playing around with it and moved them around but I cant find any solution.
For reference this is my load order currently after nearly rage quiting
*some of these mods have clicked into place and i cannot move them around?)
Unofficial fallout 4 patch Cheat room Settlement electricity overhaul * USO Base game * STCbase game STC far harbour STC automatron STS all in one STS extras Beachmont New settlment USO Season pass Place everything! Workshop items base game Miscellaneous Settlement items Vault-tec anywhere Coloured workshop lights Workshop turrets Legendary pipboy skins No borders All settlements extended Quick hack and pick All map markers Pip boy flashlight brighter Walther ppk weapon mod Winter blade ps4 excusive weapon mod Freecrafter Freemaker Buffed minuten militia 2 Faster positive affinity for companions No build limit - no dlc No build limit - All dlc
Any advice or help with sorting it would be greatly appreciated as I am ready to uninstall the game at this point.
Edit please excuse the format im on mobile and dont know how to change it
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2023.03.21 21:27 Jaustin175 You Never Know

It was an interesting day today. I went to a memorial gathering to reconnect with long-time friends. A man walked up to me and asked my name and I knew who he was - it was Bill Gates. I asked why he was there and as it turns out he is close friends with some people I am close to that now live abroad. I thought it was really special that Mr. Gates would take time to support his friends.
So I deduced that Bill Gates must know my friend through his international finance work. So I took the chance to explain to a person related who is in finance and stock investments about Rocket Lab. We spoke about this for a half hour from the importance of space, the technology and the increasing upmass of satellites in the near constant rocket launches. RKLB is now on the radar of this finance investor.
You never know when you'll get an opportunity like that. When you do it is great to have a company with good leadership and that you believe in that you can help promote.
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2023.03.21 21:27 niles_deerqueer LONER - Caroline Rose’s Beginning: Out of the Woods and Into the City by Niles Hollowthorn

Welcome to my review trilogy for Caroline Rose’s LONER, Superstar, and their new record, The Art of Forgetting. This is a really special write-up for me, though I’d like to assure you of something before I begin: Numbers don’t matter here. When it comes to commercial success by a reviewer, sure, the public will look at numbers before they decide to spend their ever-draining time on an album, but ahead of The Art of Forgetting’s release, this small review series is about feelings, as much of the new album is. I won’t rate any of these songs or albums on a scale.
To understand just how much of a surprise LONER is, we need to go back to the two albums before, 2012’s American Religious and 2014’s I Will Not Be Afraid. If you hopped onto the scarlet Caroline Rose train with LONER, you might be surprised to hear that their previous records were not Alternative Rock albums, but rather Country/Americana affairs that hold up in their own right. However, as Caroline has said, those two records feel like a completely different person, and LONER is where they truly began to find themself and their sound. One of pop rock fun that will get you up on your feet and maybe could even get your party grooving (Jeannie Becomes a Mom is always a great choice for getting partygoers spinning with their half-filled red solo cups which they’ll inevitably crush and throw on the floor during the chorus so they can jam out with their whole bodies).
My experience with LONER goes back to before Superstar was released, but that’s far as I can tell you. When you listen to a special album that inevitably becomes one of your favorites, your mind is supposed to take a snapshot of that span of time where you’re listening to something great and you have that moment where you stop, blink, and think to yourself, “Hold on a second, this rocks!”, then proceed to be astounded by every forthcoming track. No, I don’t remember the time or even the day when I first heard LONER, but I know it hasn’t left me. I will say one thing, though, our relationship isn’t complicated. There were no repeated listens required to know that I loved the album. That being said, instead of naming only a few songs, I’d like to take a plunge into this record fully and put you in a submarine in an ocean of sounds.
We start with the iconic album cover. Caroline stands in a red tracksuit and crimson sweatband, with an entire pack’s worth of cigarettes shoved into their mouth, blackened tips from the warm flame of the rose-colored lighter they are holding. They look like they have just come from the gym, a red sweat rag wrapped around their shoulders as if they had just finished running and stopped for an extreme smoke break (Don’t try this at home!). Our titular loner is cast against a white background which emphasizes the single person in the shot. Their eyes are far away and despondent, as if they are trying to escape their thoughts. The red colors against the white help everything to pop out at the listener and intrigue them to find out what music waits inside. How can you not want to hear an album with a cover this iconic?
Fun fact, LONER’s track order used to be something completely different, along with the art, but Caroline was forced to change it by suits and it’s still a choice they regret to this day. However, I’ll be looking at the tracklist as it is. Let’s dive into LONER and see what it has in store for us, shall we?
More Of The Same - The album opens with atmospheric notes before the iconic LONER synth comes in to create the backdrop of the song. By the time the percussion comes in, my body’s already moving along with the groove Caroline is carrying us along in. I’d like to note that this song has one of my favorite choruses from Caroline, and if this was your first album by them, you’d notice that they have a knack for writing incredible choruses. As for the meaning, I feel we really get introduced to our loner here, as they describe a rather dissociative state from the rest of society, realizing the cycle they are caught in while everything keeps moving around them. It’s a cynical but fantastic opener.
Cry! - The bassline of this song is incredible! As well as the very unusual drum pattern they use in the verses. During the chorus, the guitar strums beautifully, bringing a smile to my face every time. And what about that chorus? It has its own basic chorus structure, followed by multiple instances of “Cry!” from Caroline, but that’s where they use their vocals to great effect to keep you on your toes, not knowing what note comes next. In the middle of the song, when they give us that quiet moment of levity is maybe my favorite part of Cry!, as it’s so unexpected, and that’s why it’s so great. Caroline is a master of surprise. Interestingly enough, it seems this tackles similar themes to Superstar, as it’s about a staperson who experiences how tough being populafamous really is. What can I say except that this rocks?
Money - Damn, Caroline! Opening with another sick riff and showing off your skills! Question: Have you ever played someone this song before? I’ve played this for people many times and there are always two reactions I’m usually guaranteed to get. During the first chorus, people laugh at Caroline’s comedy, which is another thing they excel at, and then in the bridge, people are always weirded out by the…interesting noises coming from the singer. I like that Caroline doesn’t hold back though, for sure. Quirks like that are what separate LONER from other Alt-Rock albums out there. The song is a cunning remark on capitalism, saying it plain and simple: These days, it all comes down to money. Everything in our society circles back to it, and it’s really dumb.
Jeannie Becomes a Mom - Proof that a simple melody is all you need to make an effective song. The lifeblood of this song is that iconic synth, and without it, this track wouldn’t have skyrocketed to be their most popular. Of course, all the ingredients are what make the sonic soup truly incredible. My favorite moment in Jeannie Becomes a Mom has to be the second verse. It’s just so damn catchy! I like that the end of the song is kind of hypnotic and reaffirms the message, “Now you’re in real life”, though sometimes when I’m showing the song to people, I’m worried it might go on too long…Suburbian fantasy, put into music form. Move over, Arcade Fire (Just kidding, I love The Suburbs).
Getting To Me - The versatility! Caroline knows how to keep their records interesting all the way through. I think the diversity will always lead their albums to be infinitely replayable. They have never once come across as boring, and the other songs are incredible, but this song is the beginning of that realization. The plucked strings throughout the song, as well as the progression, make the song stick out of the eleven tracks, as no other song on the record has them. Good choice. Plus, the strings later! Gosh! This is the song for which LONER gets its name, even though Caroline never says the word “loner” in the song. Funny, the things we notice when we’re lonely. Guess we have time to think.
To Die Today - The guitars on this track make me think they are underwater, and that is an incredibly chilling sound to be added to them. The song starts off slowly but finds its groove later, creating one of the strongest progressions in LONER. I love that little moment with the synth in the third quarter of the song. This song is incredibly dark on what sounds like a mostly-happy record, but it's also meant to be comforting. Death is scary for some people, but comforting for others. For Caroline, death is the knowledge that all the pain we feel won’t last forever.
Soul No. 5 - The album flow gets flipped on its head, from the darkest song to the happiest song on the album, yet it doesn’t create a whiplash. It all works. And how can you deny this song with that opener? If you told me the character from Superstar was singing this song, I’d believe you. It radiates confidence. Despite the album’s cynical nature, it’s important to remember what you love about yourself and that you’re an awesome person. Caroline gives us an incredibly fun anthem for that. One of my favorite Caroline Rose tracks in general.
Smile! AKA Schizodrift Jam 1 AKA Bikini Intro - The longest title for the shortest track on the album. This is just a fun little interlude, but it does have relevance to the next track, as it documents the cycle of women in the industry being put in a glass box for everyone to see and being told to smile about it. We’ll get into it in the next track. Super weird track, but that’s why we love Caroline.
Bikini - Caroline Rose’s comedy reaches its peak here, even though that comedy derives from something shitty. The surf-rock song sounds happy and fun, and Caroline sounds happy as ever. However, the song is actually a bitter commentary on the sexualization of women in the industry. They are told all these promises and told that all they have to do is “put on this little bikini and dance”. However performing these actions open a floodgate for many women that causes them to discover how shitty the industry really is, and how even these days, they are still objectified and made to do things against their will just to be famous. This is what it takes to make it and it’s tragic. Superstar further explores the idea brought up in this song, and you can tell Caroline really feels strongly about the topic.
Talk - I can’t decide if this song or Animal is my favorite on this album. They both have similar soundscapes and have a dark edge to them. The fact that Caroline ended this album with a dark sound has always been super effective for me, as I tend to like music that sounds a bit darker (Guess what my favorite song on Superstar is?). The dark synth, the slick percussion, and the intense paranoid lyrics are all incredible. Bringing to mind the title of LONER again, this song explores the conversations in one’s mind, all the bad things you say and think about yourself, and how it affects you on the outside. It’s really about anxiety, and I feel that. Caroline’s music has a lot of mental health aspects to it, and that’s one of my favorite things about them as a musician, they put that side of the human experience into grooves we can enjoy, but when you dive in, it gives the song a whole new face. Truly a gem.
Animal - The tails to Talk’s heads, Animal is the epic closer of this album. The concept is simple: Rose is jealous, and that jealousy is like a wild animal, filling them with anger and fury at the thought of their ex they are not over being with someone else. We don’t know if the ex is the man or the woman, just that Rose is jealous of one of them, and that increases the track’s lure. The instrumentation is dark and intense, and Caroline is as passionate as ever, but it’s really the final cries of the album that stick with you when all is said and done, leaving us with only an echo, then it’s gone. Have you ever heard this song live? If you haven’t, go do that.
When all is said and done, this is the rebirth of Caroline Rose from folk singer to city-slicker, bringing infectious synth and groovy guitars to the table, showing listeners that they aren’t here to mess around and that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of indie music. It’s not a surprise this is their most popular album, as its quirkiness, down-to-earth lyrics, and pop-rock fun make it a good time during any listen. However, this is my least favorite of the trilogy, because I believe that Caroline has only grown as an artist, but I won’t spoil my future reviews here.
For now, Caroline’s LONER is an album that will stand the test of time, never to be dated by its topics or sound. The replayability and longevity of this work add to just how much of a breakout record this is, and it’s a shame more people aren’t paying attention to Rose these days. Do yourself a favor and LONER whenever you can. Really take some time to listen and soak up all of the sounds. Let it wash over you and truly hone in on the lyrics this time. Something this special deserves to be savored. Hello, Caroline Rose.
Until next time,
Niles Hollowthorn.
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2023.03.21 21:26 cparfa Just unsubbed from r/ADHD

I had a previous post of mine removed because my post was “inappropriate for our community and has been removed by a moderator. We are not a "share your feelings about other people's diagnoses" sub and we are not the arbiters of who does or doesn't deserve treatment”
My post? Expressing concern over the amount of people posting on the subreddit who are claiming to be leaving with a diagnosis and prescription after a single visit. I expressed concern over them possibly not being properly assessed, that stimulants are a serious intervention and I was shocked that after a new diagnosis a non-pharmaceutical method wasn’t tried first. I even referenced the numerous people posting who were misdiagnosed with things like anxiety and depression and only felt like they were getting help once their ADHD was diagnosed and they started treating that.
I was downvoted into oblivion, and nearly everyone who commented thought I was attacking anyone with ADHD and that I was in favor of not taking meds. I take meds. But they aren’t the end-all-be-all treatment for ADHD. My comments were being blocked so I had to DM people personally to explain I wasn’t trying to be harmful, my post was trying to be compassionate to those who are seeking help and deserved the time of an accurate assessment and diagnosis.
People told me to “let the doctors do the diagnosing” but they don’t have that same energy when people post complaining about DOCTORS who won’t diagnose them with ADHD.
The entire subreddit treats ADHD as this horrible disability and you’re never going to have an accomplished life because you’re just broken and useless as result of your ADHD. The world isn’t made for us and it should be, trying anything other than medication is a waste of time, and there’s no upside to having ADHD. It’s all self-pity and complaining. I did my time as an angsty, depressed teen, I don’t want to be a part of a community for ADHD if that’s the mindset they have.
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2023.03.21 21:25 Awkward_Comparison93 The Tales of Tra'Vol: Song of the Soul Prologue

In the verdant heart of Sayla, where the suns painted the sky with warm hues and the gentle whisper of the breeze carried the laughter of children, a soulborn elf named Elyan wandered through the lush forest, his steps as light as the dappled shadows that danced on the forest floor. His eyes sparkled with a carefree spirit, reflecting the beauty of the world around him. Life in Sayla was serene, with the days spent in harmonious coexistence among the vibrant flora and fauna. The village where Elyan lived was a haven for his kind, nestled in the embrace of ancient trees that stood as silent guardians, shielding them from the outside world. The soulborn elves shared a deep connection with the land and its creatures, nurturing an unwavering bond that transcended the passage of time. The villagers, united by a profound sense of kinship, filled their days with song and laughter, celebrating the simple joys of life. Elyan was no exception, cherishing the peace and tranquility that surrounded him. He spent his days exploring the emerald depths of the forest, forging friendships with its inhabitants, and basking in the warmth of his community. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Elyan would often gather with his friends and family around a crackling fire, sharing stories that echoed through the night, weaving a tapestry of memories that bound them together. Many of the stories would be about the trials and tribulations the Soul Born Elves faced over countless generations due to their overall pacifist nature. It is well known in Tra'Vol that Soul Born elves do not even take life as their culture is believed to cherish the sanctity of Life putting nothing else before it. Though true there is another reason soulborn elves do not kill that will be revealed in Elyan's tale. Unbeknownst to Elyan and his people, however, a storm was brewing on the horizon, a dark tide that threatened to shatter their idyllic existence forever. As the shadows lengthened and the air grew heavy with foreboding, the soulborn elves of Sayla would soon find themselves facing a grim reality. From beyond the southern border of Sayla, armies materialized as if conjured from thin air, commanded by a man known as Leviticus Brightsoul—The Wicked King to his own people. At the tender age of 17, Leviticus embarked on his first conquest, swiftly earning recognition from the kingdom of Impre'us. He conquered the provinces of Valta and Alamay and established a foothold in Eria after a brutal, month-long skirmish called The Shallows of Sorrow. The battle earned its name when rumors spread of Leviticus ruthlessly killing and torturing citizens and soldiers alike, leaving a trail of bodies in the shallow waters of the Eria swamplands. The death toll reportedly reached 50,000, yet Leviticus had only led a detachment of 100 troops—an astonishing feat even for the demigods who ruled the royal bloodlines of Tra'Vol. Five years passed after this conquest, and Leviticus returned to his homeland of Impre'us just in time to confront an invading army from Sacarr. Unimpressed, he single-handedly inflicted massive defeats on the invaders, forcing them to retreat. People began to speculate that Leviticus must have sold his soul to a Mala'Deus, as he had slain the Sacre'Noir—a formidable and ruthless warrior race, as well as the demigod representing their bloodline—all by himself. The carnage was said to be so immense that even his own people recoiled in horror as he slaughtered the enemy army, cackling maniacally throughout the ordeal. Everyone deemed his actions sickening and grotesque, except for his father, who saw his son's feat as a triumph that saved the empire. Swelling with pride, his father abdicated the throne, crowning Leviticus as the ruler of Impre'us. Leviticus was delighted but not surprised, as he had already planned to murder his father and seize the throne. With this obstacle removed, he set his sights on the neighboring continent of Lun'aal, intent on claiming its uncharted territories by force. Believing that every land rightfully belonged to his empire, Leviticus dispatched thousands of troops to explore the region. The soldiers landed on the serene coastlines of Mortua Terra, where they established bases that extended to the province of Black Sand and eventually to the borders of Sayla. However, they reported that the dense forests of Sayla made further travel and exploration impossible. Dissatisfied with their explanation and anticipating the rich resources of the unexplored land, Leviticus summoned his trusted advisor, a wizard named De'lacar, and the two used gate magic to teleport directly to the primary base at the border of Black Sand and Sayla. The soldiers in the encampment were taken aback when a tear in the very fabric of reality appeared in their midst, allowing their king and his advisor to step through. Shocked, everyone in the camp immediately knelt before their sovereign, Leviticus Brightsoul.
""No... No, that won't do. Get up!" Leviticus said, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb as if nursing a headache.
"That's precisely why I had to leave the palace! You fools and your desperate attempts to take a break on my time!"
As he finished his sentence, Leviticus snapped his fingers. Small circles appeared around each of the soldiers, signaling impending doom. The camp erupted in a cacophony of cries as the men begged for their lives.
"Sir, please give me another chance!" one called out.
"I'm not going to die like this!" another exclaimed, attempting to flee but quickly realizing his muscles refused to respond.
"Please, Your Majesty, I have a family! Don't be a heartless bastard!" a man cried out, sounding like a frightened child.
"Heartless bastard, huh?... You no longer have a family."
"What?! No! I didn't... mean..."
"Silence!" Leviticus's voice roared, startling even a large predatory creature that had been stalking the troops and lurking nearby.
"The price for your transgressions will be paid in blood, and because of your careless words, not only your blood."
Leviticus removed a glowing, lustrous orb from his battle raiment. The sphere emitted a beautiful dance of colors before abruptly turning a deep blood red moments later. It began spewing blood and viscera onto the man who had insulted him. The man screamed in agony, realizing the gore covering him belonged to his wife and two daughters, recognizing his daughter's torn and shredded face amongst the flesh.
"You!... What have you done?! I'll kill you!!!" the man screamed.
"Oh, will you now? I'll tell you what," Leviticus' eyes briefly shimmered from their normal light blue to a deep, dark red before returning to their original hue. He released the circle around the distraught man. "I'd say I'm a pretty 'fair' king, so I'll give you a fair shot."
Leviticus gestured to his advisor, who produced a strange sword with a glowing essence. Leviticus explained, "The sword issued to you, though strong, won't be enough to kill me in this realm or the next. This sword, however..." He took the sword from his advisor.
"This sword is made from Dwarvain titanium and etched with runic symbols found in ancient texts left behind by the Cyphora Civilization that once called our homeland their own. The symbols and their effects are not important. What is important is that it can even strike down a deity if used properly."
Leviticus hurled the sword at the man, and it embedded itself into the ground next to him.
"Now kill me!" Leviticus said in a playful tone. Unprepared for the soldier's escape, as few ever managed to get away from Leviticus, the soldier seized the sword and took advantage of his short-range teleportation spells. He made it to the border of Sayla, sword in hand, and sought refuge at a monument to the Celes'Deus Solayah. He planted the sword into the ground next to the statue and collapsed beside it. Distraught and trying to determine his next move after witnessing the murder of his family by the king, he began to plan. But no one escapes the Wicked King.
"Should we go after him, sire?" De'lacar asked with urgency.
"Why waste the manpower?" Leviticus responded rhetorically, holding up the orb once again. As it began to glow, the men still held within the circle seemed to evaporate, transforming into pools of blood within the circle. Simultaneously, the soldier who sought refuge at the shrine of Solayah also began to evaporate, as the circle reappeared beneath him leaving behind the sword as the only evidence of his presence at the shrine.
Elsewhere in the province of Sayla, Elyan, utterly unaware of the storm brewing in the distance, continued to revel in the beauty of the present moment. As he ambled through the forest, he heard the distant call of his best friend, Lira, who was perched on a nearby branch.
"Elyan! There you are!" she exclaimed, her melodic voice carrying through the trees. "I've been looking for you everywhere. You know the Soul Dance Ceremony is tonight, right?"
Elyan's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Of course, Lira! Do you know if Sonair is coming this year?"
Lira gracefully hopped down from her perch, landing beside Elyan with a soft rustle of leaves.
"They haven't said, but it's supposed to be a grand celebration of our goddess Solayah this year, so it's sure to be a night to remember. Unlike the last gathering when your brother got drunk on lavender tree sap," Lira recalled, giggling.
"Who even knew that was possible?" Elyan replied, joining in the laughter.
"Apparently Sedwin! One would swear he already knew and just attempted to liven up the boring rituals of our normal Soul Dance Ceremonies," Lira said playfully, tapping Elyan's shoulder.
"Yeah, he's probably responsible for the drunken antics of the village elders nowadays. You think he shared the recipe with them?" Elyan jokingly asked.
"Your little brother does tend to get away with a lot these days!" Lira exclaimed.
Elyan and Lira had been close since childhood. Both being raised as acolytes of Solayah, they never thought of each other as anything more than brother and sister. Elyan, however, had always harbored deeper feelings for Lira. But due to their strict religious beliefs, he never pursued these feelings. Nevertheless, the feelings remained and led to one of the first of many sins Elyan would go on to commit – the sin of coveting.
"You know what, Elyan? We should go visit the nearby shrine of Solayah. It's not too far from where we are now – maybe 20 or 30 minutes at most," Lira suggested eagerly.
Reluctant to resist Lira's captivating golden-hued puppy eyes, Elyan acquiesced, and they embarked on the renowned Living Vine Trail. The path earned its name from the vibrant green mycelium, resembling vines, that meandered languidly through the dense tree canopy overhead. The trail's relative safety ensured a tranquil journey for the couple as they made their way to the shrine. However, upon nearing the shrine's staircase, an unsettling sensation enveloped them—an eerie atmosphere that was decidedly atypical for a sacred space devoted to the Celes'Deus.
"Elyan, do you feel that?" Lira inquires nervously, drawing closer to him for comfort. "Yes... I do. Something dark has transpired here."
"At a shrine dedicated to a celestial deity?" Lira's voice trembles with the onset of fear. "We must turn back now, Elyan!"
Just as Elyan is about to agree, a glint of something catches his eye near the Statue of Solayah at the shrine's apex.
"Lira, wait here. I'll only be a moment," he insists, starting up the marble staircase.
"Elyan, are you serious? We need to hurry back and inform the elders about the dreadful occurrence here!" Lira protests.
"We will, but first, I must ensure the shrine hasn't been desecrated. We cannot risk angering Solayah before the Soul Dance Ceremony tonight," Elyan explains, swiftly ascending the staircase.
"Elyan, you better hurry up! I mean it!" Lira calls after him, her worry evident in her voice.
Upon reaching the magnificent golden statue of Solayah in all its splendor, Elyan is suddenly overcome by the stench of decay and an overwhelming sense of despair, causing his stomach to churn violently. He scans the area for the source of the repugnant odor, expecting to find the decomposing remains of an animal, but discovers nothing. Instead, his eyes are drawn to an exquisite sword planted beside the statue, unlike any he had ever encountered before. As Elyan picks up the sword to examine it, he notices the emblem of the Dwarvain Empire on its pommel—a familiar sight, as the Solvaylians are well-acquainted with the Knomadic race that inhabits Dwarvain. Beyond this single detail, however, the sword remains a mystery to Elyan. The hilt is wrapped in a sturdy wyvern hide, but it doesn't match any wyvern species he has ever seen. The golden crossguard bears intricate etchings in an indecipherable language, while the blade itself is inscribed with magical runes that are equally unfamiliar to him.
As if compelled by the enigmatic blade, Elyan conceals it within his cloak and makes his way back down the staircase. Elyan's descent is hastened by a sense of urgency as he clutches the mysterious sword hidden beneath his cloak. As he reaches the foot of the staircase, Lira's eyes widen in alarm, sensing the change in him.
"Elyan, what did you find up there?" she inquires, her voice quivering with trepidation.
He hesitates for a moment, contemplating whether or not to reveal the sword to Lira. Finally, he decides to confide in her, drawing the enigmatic weapon from its concealment. Her eyes fixate on the sword, reflecting a mix of awe and concern.
"I found this next to the statue of Solayah," Elyan explains. "I've never seen anything like it before. It bears the emblem of the Dwarvain Empire, but everything else about it is unfamiliar. I couldn't just leave it there."
Lira's gaze shifts from the sword to Elyan's face, searching for reassurance. "We need to take this to the elders immediately. They might be able to shed some light on its origin and significance, especially with the unsettling atmosphere surrounding the shrine."
Elyan nods in agreement, carefully returning the sword to its hiding place within his cloak. With the weight of their discovery weighing heavily upon them, the duo retraces their steps along the Living Vine Trail, eager to share their findings with the village elders and uncover the truth behind the mysterious sword and the ominous presence at the shrine. As they walk, they cannot shake the feeling that their lives have become entwined with a destiny far greater than they ever could have imagined.
As the sun dipped lower in the sky, casting a warm golden glow over the village, Elyan and Lira joined their fellow Soulborn Elves in the village square. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation, as everyone eagerly awaited the elders' pronouncement.
Elder Aelara, a sagacious and revered figure within the community, stepped forward and raised her hands, calling for silence. Her voice, gentle yet authoritative, effortlessly captivated the attention of all those present.
"Children of Sayla," she began, her eyes sweeping over the assembly, "we gather here tonight to celebrate our bond with the forest and the spirits that dwell within its embrace. The harmony we share with the land and its creatures is a precious gift, one that we must treasure and safeguard for generations to come."
Her words were met with nods of agreement and murmurs of approval. Elyan, standing beside Lira, felt a swell of pride in his chest. The bond his people shared with the land was something truly special, and he was grateful to be part of such a unique and connected community.
As the night progressed, the music filled the air, creating a magical atmosphere that enveloped the village. Elyan and Lira danced and sang, their hearts brimming with happiness and love for their people. However, the discovery at the Shrine of Solayah weighed heavily on their minds, and they knew they had to share the information with the village elders.
Taking a break from the festivities, they approached Elder Aelara, who was speaking with a small group of villagers.
"Elder Aelara," Elyan called out, trying to mask the urgency in his voice. "May we speak with you for a moment? It's important."
Aelara turned to face them, her wise eyes showing concern. "Of course, Elyan, Lira. What troubles you?"
Lira glanced around, ensuring no one was eavesdropping, before she began. "We visited the Shrine of Solayah earlier today, and we found something... unusual."
Elyan chimed in, "Yes, there was this strange sword next to the statue, and it bore the emblem of the Empire of Dwarvain. It also had magical runes etched into its blade, runes we've never seen before." Aelara quickly snatched the sword away as if taking poison from a child, eyes widened, and she exchanged a worried glance with the other elders. "This is troubling news. We must investigate this matter further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please, enjoy the rest of the ceremony, and we will discuss this further tomorrow." Taking the sword from them, she sent them on their way.
Elyan and Lira nodded, a sense of relief washing over them as they returned to the celebration. They hoped that the village's wise leaders would uncover the truth behind the mysterious sword and the disquiet it had stirred.
As the night of festivities drew to a close, Elyan and Lira found themselves sitting together at the village dock on the Ta'kalu River, following their nightly tradition.
"I was at Solayah's shrine just three days ago, and that sword wasn't there," Lira said, her voice tinged with concern. "Maybe it was accidentally left behind by some adventurer," Elyan suggested, trying to ease her worries.
"But that's the thing, Elyan," Lira countered. "When's the last time you remember an adventurer passing through Sayla?"
Elyan furrowed his brow, deep in thought. "I don't..."
"Exactly!" Lira exclaimed. "We only hear stories of adventurers in Sayla. Our home is nearly inhospitable to outsiders. Many have been swallowed by the jungles, as evidenced by the number of skeletons we've discovered."
They sat in silence for a moment, contemplating the unsettling implications of the mysterious sword's presence in their sacred shrine. But for now, they could only hope that the wisdom of their elders would provide answers and guidance in the days to come.
Meanwhile, at the border between BlackSands and Sayla, King Leviticus began mobilizing thousands of troops skilled in jungle-based warfare. He ordered the transport of ample supplies and materials for his military campaign into the uncharted province of Sayla.
"Your Majesty, word has come from the Emperor Isles that your father and his council disapprove of your campaign into Sayla. They are taking action to sway public opinion against you," De'lacar informed King Leviticus. "How should we proceed? Executing the old fool now would silence his council effectively." De'lacar suggested.
Leviticus furrowed his brow, considering the situation. "I'm less concerned about his feeble council than the consequences of killing the old man. No, executing him will be... complicated at this stage in my plan," Leviticus replied thoughtfully, weighing his options.
"De'lacar, contact the Alliance of Dark Heart and offer them a substantial reward for eliminating my mother. They must stage the event to implicate Old Man Lavarus, providing us with the perfect pretext to sentence him to death," Leviticus commanded, his voice unwavering.
"As you wish, Your Majesty. But... if I may," De'lacar hesitated, only to be immediately interrupted by Leviticus' thunderous voice.
"You may not!"
"Understood, Your Majesty," De'lacar responded, bowing his head in submission as he stepped backward into a swirling portal that closed behind him, leaving Leviticus to ponder his next move. The door to Leviticus's war room creaked open once more.
"Sire, the troops will be fully mobilized in about a month, and the fortress you commissioned will be completed in a matter of days," General Gurod reported, kneeling in submission to his king.
"And what of the local population here in BlackSands?" Leviticus inquired.
"We successfully captured the Perr'ju city of Ku'ran and many of the neighboring villages... however," the general hesitated.
"However?" Leviticus probed with great interest.
"Sir, the land here is harsh, and morale among the men in the 19th division is dwindling. They request permission to withdraw from the Sundered Coast and StoneBlossom Meadows," General Gurod explained, fear creeping into his voice.
"Withdrawal?..... Withdrawal!?" Leviticus stood, his piercing blue eyes flashing a fiery red for an instant. "The troops have been 'withdrawn'," he declared, sitting back down with a sinister grin.
"The 20th division is now the 19th division, and so forth for divisions 20 through 50," Leviticus detailed manically."Sir... That division comprised one hundred thousand men."
"And there will be one less to worry about unless you curb your questioning tone, General Gurod," Leviticus warned, his voice cold and unforgiving.
"Now that that little detail is taken care of, send a detachment of troops to retake the city of Ku'ran and recapture the local populations for use as slaves. The Sundered Coast and StoneBlossom Meadows are to be reoccupied immediately by the 19th division, formerly the 20th," Leviticus cackled.
"As you command, sire," General Gurod replied submissively as he stood and walked toward the war room's exit.
"Oh, and one more thing, General!" Leviticus called out as he sauntered over to Gurod, handing him a sealed parchment scroll bearing the symbol of the Mala'Deus Pantheon.
"Take this to the statue of Nero located on the edge of the DustBowl." Gurod grasped the scroll, his face a mix of shock and fear due to the ominous symbol and the perilous location he was to visit. However, not wanting to question a man who had just dispatched one hundred thousand men without a mere word, the general accepted the scroll without hesitation, simply responding, "As you wish, sire."
Back in Sayla, Elyan and Lira awoke early, eager to learn whether the elders had uncovered anything about the mysterious sword they had found the night before. They met at the prestigious Temple of the Celestial Gods, only to be greeted by a locked door.
"The door is only locked when something serious is happening," Elyan told Lira, trying to peer through a crack in the heavy wooden door.
"I know... it's troubling. The last time the temple was locked, we were attacked by a swarm of Bush Wyverns not long after," Lira replied, her voice filled with concern.
"Maybe we should just take it easy, Lira. The elders could be deliberating for hours, and I have chores to do at home anyway," Elyan suggested, stepping away from the door. "Yeah, maybe you're right. I have to go get Gecko herb from the village south of here today anyway. Perhaps things will have settled down by then," Lira replied, her frustration evident.
"The village of Floravale, right? I understand your frustration. It gets cold there, being so close to BlackSands," Elyan said compassionately.
"Yes! It can be tedious sometimes, but fortunately, Grandma's warm Gecko tea is a refuge all on its own," Lira declared, her spirits lifting.
"Ah yes! I remember Granny's Gecko tea! Pure as Solayah's soul," Elyan reminisced fondly, thinking back to his time as a youth in Floravale village.
"Well, I'll be sure to pass on your high praise to her," Lira responded with a giddy giggle. "You know, you could come with me. You're always welcome at Grandma Laya's house, Elyan, and I'm sure she'd love to see you after all these years."
"I would love to join you, Lira, but my mother's sickness has worsened lately, and my father will need help tilling the field. I'm glad Eleene is old enough to take over my mother's household duties. Krain knows Sedwin wouldn't be able to handle it," Elyan explained, reflecting on his younger brother's laziness.
"Is she still sick?" Lira asked with concern. "That's not good at all, Elyan. It's been, what, about four weeks now, right? Have you tried consulting Shaman Arlo about a possible remedy?" Lira inquired, her anticipation palpable.
"My sister Eleene has visited him several times, and the last time she inquired, he was just as puzzled as we are. So, he came to our home and made a dire prognosis. He says my mother is suffering from an illness related to our ancestral heritage. But when we asked him to elaborate further, he wouldn't say more, only that she had a matter of months before..." Elyan's voice trailed off, his teeth gritting slightly.
"I'm... so sorry, Elyan," Lira replied sympathetically. A dead silence filling the air.
"All things ethereal, the living intertwine... The meaning of life discovered, but only when we die," Elyan recited a verse from the scriptures on the teachings of Solayah. "It's okay, Lira. We're just going to make her as comfortable as possible before she rejoins Solayah."
"That's a noble task, Elyan. I truly commend you," Lira replied. "Well, I have to go if I want to get back in time to hear what the elders have to say. See you later, Elyan!" She hurried down the road heading south out of the village.
"Safe travels, Lira!" Elyan called out, watching Lira disappear into the distance.
"Well, I'd better get to my father," Elyan said to himself, preparing for the day ahead.
In the continent of Sol'aay, across the vast sea, former King Lavarus of Impre'us province and father to Leviticus, convenes with his council at the Temple of Sol'thur on the Emperor Isles. They engage in a heated debate about the impending invasion of Sayla and the reckless actions of Leviticus, who ascended the throne mere months ago.
"This is an utter disaster! Your son will be the downfall of our kingdom!" Adviser Calvris exclaims, addressing the former king Lavarus.
"Why did you abdicate so readily? Just because he vanquished those supposed 'invaders'?" another adviser adds.
Lavarus tries to interject, "It was an invasion..."
"Massacre, sire! Anyone with eyes saw what Prince Laventus did to those people," Adviser Calvris retorts.
"That's King Laventus, you insolent worm!" De'lacar announces, entering the chambers with numerous guards in tow.
The sudden appearance causes everyone in the room to stand. Lavarus demands, "What is the meaning of this, De'lacar?" his tone a mix of confusion and impatience.
"Well, 'Sire,' you are under arrest for high treason, for your involvement in the death of your wife, Queen Silla," De'lacar proclaims, gesturing for the guards to arrest Lavarus.
"What?! No..." Lavarus utters, shocked by the news.
"Unfortunately, yes. And the punishment for such a crime is public execution," De'lacar reveals, a sinister smile gracing his lips.
"How could he do this? Tell me, De'lacar! How could he have his sweet, innocent mother murdered?" Lavarus implores. De'lacar merely shrugs, responding, "I wasn't allowed to ask," before attempting to leave the room.
"Do you really think we'll let you and Leviticus get away with this, you glorified lapdog?" Adviser Calvris challenges De'lacar, garnering the support of his fellow advisers.
"No, which is why none of you will leave this room," De'lacar replies. "You may complete your contract, but don't leave a mess this time."
De'lacar's words puzzle the council as he ushers Lavarus out in shackles, closing the door behind him. Suddenly, small black energy masses with a purple aura appear next to each of the seven advisers' heads, darting into them as if possessing them. A dark figure clad in black leather armor emerges from the shadows, and the now zombie-like advisers form a single file line, following the mysterious figure out the door.
"Don't leave a mess this time," the mysterious figure, Zel, mocks De'lacar childishly. Two other figures materialize from the darkness behind him.
"Don't be so childish, Zel," the tallest of the figures scolds. "Indeed, your overconfidence could be your undoing," a female voice chimes in with laughter.
"Yeah, yeah, stop lecturing me! This contract was already disappointing," Zel grumbles.
"Please! This contract was the witches tits! Not every day you get to stage a murder within in the royal bloodlines" the female voice counters.
"Of course you had fun, you got the most pleasurable kill with that frail old Lady Sinclair," Zel retorts.
The trio, along with the entranced advisers, proceed down the palace hallway, reaching a dead end. Zel recites an incantation, "Queen of the night, heed your children's call, for we've fulfilled our tasks and killed them all!" Simultaneously, he casts a handful of black powder at the wall.
The wall transforms into a distorted portal, emanating a faint purple glow and the haunting sounds of countless souls groaning in agony. As the mysterious figures and their captives step through, the largest cloaked figure drops a black rose with deep purple pedals, before the portal vanishes behind them. A calling card of the Alliance of Dark Heart.
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2023.03.21 21:25 black_and_yellowish It's eating away at my love for her (26F) (25M)

tl;dr : 25 male, 26 female, 2 years of relationship. Trying to accept my gf history.
We started as friends with benefits for 2-3 months. I wasn't that into her but I always thought it would be possible. Maybe out of fear of attachment.We then started getting exclusive and started dating lets say 6 to 7 month in since we met.
I learned weeks before the official dating status that during the friends with benefits period she had met with other dudes and slept once with a dude other than me. The meetings are ok we were not together but the sex had made me so angry. I nearly stopped it there. I felt betrayed and disgusted. Because i had based the relationship on something that wasn't sincere. But out of love I continued
I had a few experiences before but less than 5. Her history is 10. I learned recently that what she meant by 'history' is not what i meant. Let's not go into details but she did stuff with 16 guys. Wasn't just kissing btw.
I used to love her easily easily way more than she did. During the first year of the relationship. After that, my love lessened and her's grew. We have known each other now for 2 years. Having kinda accepted all this, learning the 10 to 16 recently kinda sarted the doubt again.
I do find it too much. It's in the span of 18 months too. She lost her virginity late and i was just the next one. Honestly i feel like just any other dude. I did speak with her about this. She is sadenned that it bothers me but doesn't regret it. I understand.
I really can't stop thinking about this sometimes and it annoys me. And it's eating away at the relationship and my love for her. Nearly 2 years now.
It's hard to talk to her about this. Not the right time now but i want to know. I tried before, many times, but she isn't really into communication. She is really shy with her emotions. I understand. I know that we have to work on communication before going into this further. I would just like an opinion in the meantime.
How should i deal with my feelings without hurting her?
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2023.03.21 21:25 TheDoomedHeretic [Friendship/Hobby] [25F] "Apathy is Death." Looking for RP partner, mostly Star Wars.

I'm looking for a GM for the title. I'll be providing a writing sample down below; I've a variety of ideas in mind, including unrelated fandom stories such as WH40K, Dragon Age, KOTOR, Cyberpunk, and ASOIAF/AGOT/HOTD. That's all, folks, thanks.
If a writing sample isn't shared in your first message, I'll block you immediately.

The boar is not dead, though to all the other hunters’ senses it is. It lays motionless on its side within the sled, tied down by rope with two arrows sticking discordantly out of its hide like seams of broken bone. Frozen blood pools in the cracked stomach of the sled, collecting rather than leaking now that red ice has sealed the wood. Poison leaching out of the arrowheads keeps the boar docile, and its breathing so light that only Trapper can see. An ovate in too-thin robes shivers as she ties a garland of rosemary around the beast’s neck, murmuring prayers to the ancestors that they might find the kill worthy.
Winter has seized the land in its vise, its unending waves of cold and snow having transformed the Barony of Marlas into a crueler scape, one Trapper doesn’t quite recognize. Tranquility abounds along the driven snow, all through the clearing, hiding the buried world and the woes of man but unable to snuff them out. Trapper knows well what a mirage it is, the oppressive winters of his homeland no less savage than the bloodletting summers. The numbing cold does not soothe his aches, for he knows they’ll be worse come morning, come the thaw. Too soon this clearing will melt, its river gone from white to red, the whole Septima Line thrust back to war.
Baron Orys refuses to yield to midnight season, to accept its peace, and so from his great warhorse’s saddle he brazenly belts out a mixture of drunken lyrics and commands, determined to master this hunt even if he does not partake. An entourage on horseback spreads out in his orbit, ranging from eager young footmen to grizzled junkers, all in varying states of inebriation at his command. Their braying is nearly louder than the hounds’, who hungrily stalk between the sled and the hole they pulled the boar out from. Teased by the hunt but yet unrewarded, they’re too unruly to be kept in check by the kennel master.
On foot slog the unfortunates who actually have to take part in the hunt, Trapper among them. They huddle into their hemp canvas cloaks, glancing up at the moody afternoon sky threatening to crack open with another snowstorm. Dark clouds sweep in low from the south like a riptide, a single vast current swept in from the mountains already menacing the Oldwoods. Its furthest gales reach them as tongues of vengeful cold, flecks of whipped-up snow biting into Trapper’s exposed skin.
By the boar’s nest leans a typical Mallean, one of Trapper’s two erstwhile comrades. Sigorn is tall, pale, broad, with the close-set, wide-boned features of a commoner, and a shock of red hair grown out to protect against the elements. Beneath his cloak he proudly bears his blood-flecked armor, each dent a Darkman put into it a point of dear pride. He’s not the only one, either, the clearing filled with dozens of youths whose first blooding ended in victory amid a blizzard. Baron Orys, deep into his cups after six days of nonstop celebration, saw a break in the storms and gladly called a hunt. When informed he could not go on account of his shattered knee - he simply grinned, and ordered himself tied to his saddle.
Trapper remembers the moment his lord fell from the saddle, burned into his nerves. The screaming of horses, skidding hooves catching on the frozen ground. On the edges of his vision a rider smashes into a branch in the din, others don’t move at all for fear of the blizzard. His spurs dig, his borrowed steed whines, and he races for his lord - only for another to reach him first.
“What a woman.” Sigorn sighs beside Trapper, craning his neck to look at one of their lord’s companions of honor. Susannah Oye junker unlike the others, a pretty, willowy noblewoman well into motherhood, with the lean, ruthless look of a ranger. Her two poisoned arrows are what struck the boar down, and her pride curls off her body like steam. Sigorn’s face cracks into exaggerated appreciation, and then he turns to their lord’s other honored companion. Another woman, this one as young as they are, haughtily-built and leering with none of Susannah’s refinement. Many of those looks are reserved for Trapper, forced to slog on foot as just another hunter. “Anya too. I think she fancies you, eh?"
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2023.03.21 21:25 ZAROM4 I have to be strong, let go of times bygone

Moving on
Moving along
I have to be strong
Let go of times bygone
Everyday and every night
Memories come fill my mind
Thoughts and faces
Beautiful places
In my dreams I see you again
With your beautiful smile
It sends chills down my spine
Making me feel things hard to define
It's a comfortable pain
Like a sunny day with cold rain
Because I wish you were here
And my dreams make you feel near
But I need to move on
I need to move along
I have to be strong
Let go of times bygone
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2023.03.21 21:25 Sara_Bil Just spent loads of money to fix my car. Today my exhaust fell off, on campus.

I got to drive the car for one damn day. I don't have enough money for this and I have no idea what to do. I'm not covered by insurance as my parents have not yet renewed our AAA. I have $130 in the bank and don't get my next check for another three days--more time than they'll let me leave my car on campus. I don't have nearly enough to get a new exhaust system., and neither does my mother who has already helped me out so much. Oh, my $700 laptop won't turn on and now I have to take hers to use at school. Do I try an at-home fix? Lift up the car and pin up the pipe with some cables? I don't care about driving it illegally I can't deal with this right now and have already had three breakdowns today
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2023.03.21 21:25 CottnIJoe I am in college, get good grades, but want to do something else?

I have been in college for two years after being in the military and I can’t believe how much more miserable I am when compared to when I was serving. At least in the military it felt like I had a purpose (even though I really did not) and I felt so much more fulfilled. I have good grades too, a 3.8 gpa only because this past semester I got a few Cs and I think I am going to get two more this semester after getting all As. Only reason is I stopped trying because of how miserable I feel. I am thinking of learning how to be a gunsmith instead, I know there is not much money in it, but at least I can work with my hands and on something I enjoy. I found a program near me and I would actually just get an AS in Gunsmithing instead of getting my BA in Econ and since I am already done with GE, it is only like 40 credits I need to take. Is this the right choice? Or should I sacrifice my happiness to make more money? What would you do in my situation.
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2023.03.21 21:25 wellhungmatt812 Any ladies in or near West Terre Haute want to have some fun? I'm 38, well hung and really love to eat pussy, If interested message me.

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2023.03.21 21:25 MildManneredAltEgo New Snoo User — Questions and Advice

Hello! FTM and my spouse and I caved and rented a snoo for our 4wk-old boy. Arrive Friday and had a relatively successful couple of nights— we were able to sleep for at least four stretches at a time before getting up to feed. However, a couple of issues have emerged, especially in this last night of sleep and I wondered if more experienced Snoo users had ideas.

  1. I think the Snoo may be getting stuck in soothing mode. But basically from our 5:30am feeding until we woke up 3 hrs later, it's a solid block of red. When I zoomed in, it showed it resetting from baseline to level one soothing every 8 minutes, which tells me that it's not likely the baby that's the problem. I don't have anything noisy nearby, and I have the settings set to the lowest level responsiveness. I called customer support for this, and I hope the solutions they email will help, but Im curious if anyone found anything that solved this issue?
  2. Transitioning the baby to the Snoo at night is a pain. Last night, it took FOUR HOURS to get my kid settled into the Snoo peacefully (from around 10p-2am). Partly, it's just the newborn clusterfeeding/burping/diaper cycle but I had really hoped the snoo would help my LO be soothed to sleep. I eventually tried feeding him while wear the sack, which I think helped, but the transition is still awkward because you have to clip in the sack. Any advice?
  3. My child has had prolific spit-ups. The issue is that this creates a sopping wet Snoo when it happens while in the bassinet (and it also inevitably makes him fussy again, prolonging the feeding/burping/fussing cycle ...see #2). I now have some bassinet fitted sheets standing by, but what do you do when the swaddle itself gets soaked? It's not like you exchange it for a dry one. I think a damp swaddle is making it uncomfortable for the little guy and delaying a successful transition.
Thanks for your help! Send good vibes out for better sleep tonight!
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2023.03.21 21:24 dangernoodle354 Hit and run on I80 near kidder pa in carbon County dark blue f150 with black trim

Hey guys I know this is a long shot but i was driving this morning and was on i80 near kidder township (I guess? Not from pa) and had someone try to run me off the road with a dark blue f150 with black trim with jersey plates. The guy was wearing those neon hi vi vests with a hat. If anyone has seen this guy or knows who he is please say something I wasn't able to get plate numbers. Dude was riding my ass for a few miles when he has enough opportunities to pass. If anyone has any information at all please let me know! I know it's a long shot
submitted by dangernoodle354 to Pennsylvania [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 21:24 Ozon44 [H] 14 Knives & Gloves🔪🧤& 200 Skins🔫 [W] Fair Trades ✅

I will gladly consider downgrades, upgrades, or 1:1 offers. Browse my inventory and choose something interesting for you, keep in mind that every day, new skins arrive. Feel free to send me a reasonable offer or add me to friends I'm trying to answer A$AP!
Only quick and safe trading only!
★ Butterfly Damascus Steel (FN)
★ Gloves Superconductor (BS)
★ Butterfly Rust Coat (WW)
ST Desert Eagle Hypnotic w/ IBP Katowice 2014 (FN)
★ Stiletto Rust Coat (BS)
★ ST Nomad Safari Mesh (BS)
★ ST AWP Redline (MW)
★ Gut Freehand (FN)
★ Bowie Ultraviolet (FT)
★ Ursus Urban Masked (FT)
★ Navaja Vanilla
AK-47 Fuel Injector (WW)
★ Shadow Daggers Forest DDPAT (MW)
★ Shadow Daggers Autotronic (FT)
★ Gloves Convoy (WW)
★ Hand Wraps Duct Tape (FT)
ST Glock Bullet Queen (MW)
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove (FT)
ST USP Serum (FN)
ST AWP Hyper Beast (BS)
M4A4 Hellfire (MW)
ST AK-47 Redline (FT) w/ 3x Katowice 2015
P250 Digital Architect (WW)
AK-47 Empress (FT)
AK-47 Frontside Misty (MW)
Desert Eagle Code Red (WW)
& Many different Play Skins (0-20$)
Trade Link
Happy trading!
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2023.03.21 21:24 satan_drinks_maitais Neighbors dog poop on balcony

My girlfriend and I moved into a new apartment a few months ago. It is a loft above some businesses in a downtown area; absolutely gorgeous. We have a large back balcony which is our own space but separated by a 3 foot high wooden fence, the other half being blocked by a privacy wall. As we are nearing into spring I have been out on the balcony figuring out how to decorate and also getting fresh air. Today I noticed my neighbor, who clearly has a dog, has been letting their dog SHIT on their balcony! There are big dried turds completely littering it and i’m almost certain the beast pisses out there too as I can get whiffs of it here and there. I have never heard or seen the dog, but it’s obvious the owner is too lazy to take their dog outside for a walk and just lets it go out to use the bathroom. There really is no way of me being able to contact them as I don’t know where their front door is to leave a note. I’m nervous about the warmer weather. I don’t want to be enjoying outside while looking at/smelling dog shit/piss. I also like to let my cat walk around the balcony for fresh air and don’t want her to be near poop.
Dog owners are assholes. Dogs are disgusting. Is this something I should write to the landlord about or should I mind my own business?
submitted by satan_drinks_maitais to Dogfree [link] [comments]