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Heading to Vegas? Just got back? Have questions about a Vegas trip? This is the sub for you!

2023.03.21 21:14 upinflames Colorado SPH vs. University of Washington for Epidemiology MPH?

Hi All.
I am narrowing down my options for an Epidemiology MPH, and I would like folks' opinions on the University of Washington vs. the Colorado School of Public Health. Here are the factors that I am considering:
At the end of the day, my priority is going to a program where I will obtain data analysis skills, gain practical work experience in epidemiology, and build useful connections to help me secure a job in the public sector upon graduation. If folks have any thoughts, I would love to hear them!
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2023.03.21 21:13 dumbratbitch I(F19) have been with my bf(M20) for 5 months, he’s made it clear that he has commitment issues, but says I fixed them and is now pushing us moving in together. What’s the deal??

When he first told me that he liked me, I told him I had some commitment issues but wanted to try to take things slow, he said he had them too and that we could take things as slow as I want. I read up on how to deal with commitment issues so I could put mine behind me and learn how to handle his, which he said he got from moving locations so much as a kid, but it never really added up.
When we first started dating in November, he bought tickets to a rave for us to go in February. He’s even said before that if you say you’re gonna do something you have to follow through with it. He hasn’t had a relationship last longer than 6 months, and now that it’s around that mark he’s been bringing up living together a lot, while not forgetting to thank me for being the miracle cure to his commitment issues, but I just don’t believe it. He says it’s not too soon because and I quote “I’m the one with commitment issues not you” giving me the impression that if he has them and he’s not scared I shouldn’t be either. Even though I said I had them first, I just don’t know if maybe he doesn’t remember? Is he trying to make mine small by making his huge?
He also told me one time that he specifically does not have abandonment issues, and that he would be fine if someone left him. But a couple weeks later I told him that I do have abandonment issues and he said he does too. I feel like he’s copying me and I have a hard time believing anything he tells me about himself now. Any insight/advice will be greatly appreciated!!!
TLDR: My bf of 5 months with “commitment issues” insists I fixed them and is pushing for us to move in together. Did he have them in the first place?
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2023.03.21 21:13 PrincessCaution Monitor looking for a home! (enclosure included)

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2023.03.21 21:13 geo_jam Vintage ad for Rockridge: "No negroes, no Chinese, no Japanese can build or lease. in Rock Ridge Park. There'll be no stores, no saloons, no business of any kind in Rock Ridge Park. Absolutely nothing inferior can now or at any time be built in Rock Ridge Park."

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2023.03.21 21:13 hibamichelle California will give firs-time home buyer 20% down- California Dream for all

California passed SB-197, which gave birth to the housing program California Dream for All. This program isn't available to apply for until 3/27/2023; however, the guidelines and details about the program have been released. You can verify all the info in my post here. This program is similar to the 10% down program CalFHA had last year. Like that previous program, this program only has a set amount of funds available.
What is the program?
Through shared appreciation, The California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) will provide 20% down payment assistance, in the form of a silent second loan. There is not a monthly payment associated with this loan; however, should you sell, refi, or transfer ownership, you will have to repay the loan they provided to you, as well as a portion of the appreciation. This loan does not turn into a grant.
- For Example -
$500,000 purchase price.
CalHFA will give you $100,000
This amount doesn't include what you would owe through shared appreciation.
What does shared appreciation mean?
CalHFA is entitled to 15% or 20% of the appreciation gained the purchase date. Whether you pay 15% or 20% will depend on your income. Per the guidelines, buyers whose income is between 80% - 150% of your county's Area Median Income (AMI) pay 20% of the appreciation. Most buyers are going to be within this range. If your income is less than 80% then CalHFA will only take 15%.
Thank you :)
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2023.03.21 21:13 foolock Nmom has to turn other people's issues into everyone elses

I'm going to have to wake up at 5:30am to go to school to arrive more than 1 hour early to school at (8:30) Because in her own words "I(her) have to much pride"
She doesn't want me to take the morning drive with her boyfriend to the train station on the way. because he likes tells people we (out family) dependends on him.
(We litterally do)
Of course when I say that I don't care what he says to other people and don't see why I should struggle for others people ego issues, she calls me a lazy and a manipulative person and that I should me to basically "man up" because in our family we aren't quiters...etc.
This is especially annoying because Im already struggling right now by waking up 6:30 because I naturally sleep late and and on average I sleep around 4 hours. (+ My studies require a lot of focused, so being tired all the time really messes up my productivity and accuracy)
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2023.03.21 21:13 Voltquake [9th] 4-5IV Egg Moves Moon Ball Rowlet Giveaway

Just a quick giveaway here! I have a box full of Moon ball birbs ready for a home! If you're looking for that, I also have a pair of 5IV owls that can be bred to create your own 6IV owls. Some have HA and some do not.
Running until I run out or go offline for the day. You may take 2 each if you'd like, although most are male. Comment your IGN and the last three digits of this trade code to get yourself an owl: 2357-91_ _ Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 21:13 Affectionate-Rule390 FUCK why am i still thinking about him

i briefly dated this one guy before, back on October last year. we only talked for about 3 weeks. within those weeks we talked everyday and only met twice. first meeting was a wholesome date turned sexual tas 2nd was a hookup na. after the hookup i accidentally said na there's this other guy, and another guy other than him. based on his reaction before parang it didn't bother him naman. i also don't remember why i blurted that out. tas i remember on the way home he asked me "so ano tayo?" i didn't know what to answer kaya i asked the question back at him and he said "i don't know eh" so i was like "i don't know din eh".
tas pag uwi ko, i was feeling sad for some reason. i think i was really busy and tired that time na i kinda got emotional especially after a hookup, so i talked to him and impulsively opened up na i'm tired of hooking up and i might end what we had kasi it's probably gonna turn into another fwb/fubu situation again and i was too drained for that (pero that time rin i wasn't sure if i wanted anything serious).
i also opened up na for the past few months hooking up was slowly taking a toll on my mental health pero he took it well and properly communicated with me naman. like i read our convo rn and nagulat ako because he handled that pretty well, like he comforted me and stuff and said all the right words to me. then i asked him if he wanted to end and he said he wasn't sure, and i wasn't sure din. we agreed na it was something we can't answer agad.
he admitted na when he first talked to me, wala daw talaga sa intention niya makipag-hookup, and he genuinely enjoyed talking to me. he told me rin na he's not that shallow to use me just for sex. he also asked me where do i see this going and honestly that time di ko talaga alam and because nagsself-sabotage ako i told him it's probs not gonna end well lmao. he told me na hindi niya rin alam and "taking a risk is a part of it." he also mentioned na we were due for more "getting to know each other"s, and he understands why i hesitate kasi there were still a lot of uncertainties.
after that we continued talking the next day, i remember he invited me to do a netflix watch party together pero tinatamad kasi ako mag online watch party and would rather watch something together irl kaya di natuloy. tas one day we were talking normally lang and i remember he jokingly said na "cute kasi ako" tas i jokingly replied na "no i was just horny and drunk" tas after that he gave a dry reply na. tas sineen ko nalang kasi medj busy din ako that time and di na siya nag-message ulet kaya i told myself i'll talk to him nalang tomorrow.
pero days passed and neither of us sent a message. i was wondering if na-off siya sa sinabi ko pero ma-pride ako kaya i never initiated convo. i thought that was the end of us. a week later he messaged me again asking if i was interested in buying a concert ticket because his friend was selling 2 tickets. it was an artist na we both love. i thanked him nalang and told him i'll hit him up if may nahanap na kong concert buddy. tas since then there's no more messages, we both stopped talking na talaga and it's been 5 months. even nung christmas, new year and birthday niya walang greeting.
idk why pero for some reason i can't get him out of my mind. wala kasi kaming proper closure. i mean i had lots of no closure endings with other people pero it didn't really affect me much. i'm also aware na no closure is closure pero i can't help but think of the what ifs. to this day di ko parin alam if he simply lost interest na sakin because he figured na we can't have sex anymore or he lost interest to me na as a whole. like na-off siguro sakin because baka he got the feeling na i wasn't invested enough. i'm an avoidant kasi. or maybe naisip niya na i'm not worth pursuing, ewan. all these questions can probably be answered if i talked to him again pero ma-pride ako kaya di talaga ako nagiinitiate convo sakanya. pero i also thought of just lowering my pride so i can get the closure i need pero nahihiya na ko because baka maka disturb sakanya or baka he's dating someone else na. hanggang view nalang kami sa ig stories and tbh i avoid viewing his stories most of the time because natatakot ako baka makita ko ig story na may babae na siya pero parang wala pa naman idk.
sobrang wtf lang talaga because it's been months bro, 3 weeks lang kami and i'm still thinking of him. he probably forgot i even existed💀 andami na nangyari sa buhay ko tas naiisip ko parin siya amp. i also dated a few men after him and got really busy kaya of course there are times na i forgot about him pero once i lose interest sakanila and when i get the free time (like now), bumabalik ako lagi sa kakaisip sakanya puta. i even hooked up with a few guys din despite saying na i don't wanna do it anymore💀 pero now i'm really taking a break from those. tangina talaga bat iniisip parin kita POTA!1!1!1!1! DI KO GETS UGHHHHHHHH. ANDAMING MAS GWAPO & MAS INTERESTING AND MASAYA KASAMA AND KAUSAP DYAN PERO BAT IKAW PARIN AMP!!!! i was thinking maybe because he was the last guy i felt really connected to and maybe i'll forget about him if i found someone like that again. pero rn kasi i'm on a break from dating kaya siguro di ako maka move on sakanya. EWAN!1!1!!1 i feel like a teen girl for feeling like this and i'm already in my 20s jesus christ so annoying
he's not even super cute, cute lang. pero for some reason halos lahat ng hinahanap ko sa guy nasa kanya. i remember i told him to stop wearing glasses kasi masyadong cute and since then he wore it all the time with me. tas nung we stopped talking, napansin ko sa mga pics/stories na pinopost niya naka glasses na siya lagi amp. tbh i only said that because i wanted to make him feel good about himself. i liked him eh. in reality walang difference if may glasses siya or not lol.
wala offmychest lang baka sakaling maka move on na ko puta. i never really told this to my friends because i dont wanna seem like a simp. can't catch me simping on some guy smh. tas tangina biglang he has a reddit account pala and saw this. sobrang specific pa naman ng mga sinabi ko. wala na kong mukhang ihaharap pag he recognized me here💀HAHAHAAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHUAHAHAHAH
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2023.03.21 21:12 3chopstics 55 [M4F] #Monterey potentially romantic but non-sexual date

Long shot and probably impossible to find someone for this.
But I will be at the Monterey Conference Center with a large group on Wednesday, March 22. I am with them all the time, including evenings. But for a few hours this Wednesday I will be alone. I don't know when I'll be free and it will be unpredictable, but it'll probably be late morning. I will be in #Davis and #Sacramento a couple times in March and April.
I want to meet one reasonably attractive woman and share a drink of any kind. You should be intelligent about something and be able to tell me about something of interest to her. Any age and race is okay, but I am usually not attracted to weight that goes beyond a little chubby. I don't care about height or breast size or any of that, so much as I really like a face that makes me want to smile back because it is pleasant and reveals one's personality. If you're between 18 and 65 and don't look 75, or you're 75 and look 60, then we're good. I don't even need to know your age unless you look like I really have to ask.
I don't want sex for a bunch of reasons that include the fact there'll be little time, I'm married, I won't be able to have you in my hotel room anyway, and other practical considerations. I really just want to talk and giggle. Maybe we can hold hands and I'll give you a kiss somewhere innocent.
I'm well-educated, well-read, and am told I understand women and can be a great conversationalist. If our interests are different, we can describe them to each other. I speak several languages I won't describe except in person. I'm white and have brown hair and I'm 179cm. People are shocked to hear how old I am, so if you like my age because you want a man in his fifties you've been warned.
Please understand that I will have limited patience with a low-effort response that doesn't engage in the conversation with sincerity.
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2023.03.21 21:12 Ramen818 Starting Oral Minoxidil + Derma Stamp

Recently in the past 2 years I have started to noticed my hairline receding and finally made the effort to see a dermatologist to go over my options. I told my doctor I am looking into a low maintenance approach in battling my hairline and after he analyzed my scalp he recommended Oral Minoxidil.
I did ask why he recommends Oral Minoxidil and not Finasteride and he simply told me in my case Oral Minoxidil is more than enough to battle the receding hairline and less of a "punch" when looking into potential side affects.
We then went over non-medical approaches to battling hair loss and then thats when he advocated I start dermastamping. As far as a needle length he told me 1mm should be okay but I think I will start at 1.5mm seeing all the success stories here on reddit.
Lastly, he told me to start taking multi vitamins and to drink a whey/collagen shake in the mornings so I will do that as well.

Hair profile:
- course hair, no balding in the crown area just hairline receding

My regime will be:
- Oral Minoxidil .675mg to 2.5mg (titrating up from a quarter pill up every 2 weeks until I reach the full dose)
- dermastamp at 1.5mm once a week
- daily multivitamin once a day with a meal
- Whey protein shake with collagen powder added (Note, he did mention to NOT take whey-isolate as this can actually promote hair loss but whey concentrate can aim to help regrowth

I will try to post a photo every month or when I see some progress. Lets see how it goes
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2023.03.21 21:12 TheRealHalJordan Did I screw up somehow?

Sort of a long story. I (M27) met this girl (F22) a while back. We hit it off and had a ton in common. We started talking kinda serious but she was going through some crazy stuff (not gonna disclose too much for privacy reasons). She’d gone through a messy breakup back in September and gotten into an fwb situation with her best friend but that was over cuz she caught feels and he wasn’t ready. Some stuff was going on with her house and she told me she wanted to press pause until things calmed down. We were “friends” but still flirting a lot, texting everyday, FaceTiming all the time, couple dates. Then she told me the pressure of a pause was getting to her so we decided on just friends.
Despite this we made out one night. But later that same night I walked up to see her make out with two other guys. I told her the next day that I couldn’t do the whole friends thing cuz I was really into her and it all just kinda sucked for me. She understood and we went our separate ways. But a couple days later she came back and admitted that she missed me. She said she’d freaked out when we kissed cuz she got butterflies and she had been in denial about liking me. She admitted that she had been hoping her friend would come around but had decided to let that go and that she wanted to try and do this thing with me. So I said what the hell. Just as long as we agreed to be open and honest with our communication.
We went back to flirting texting and FaceTiming. Shared some stuff including some embarrassing stories in an effort to get to know each other. One night we were hanging out with two of her friends. We had them watch an old vid of me from 15 years ago cuz it was funny and kinda cringe. She hadn’t wanted to watch herself cuz she was scared of getting the “ick” but wanted to see their reaction. Sure enough it was hilarious. But one of her friends started going on about how I looked exactly the same, especially my weight. She and I had talked about how my weight is sort of a sore spot since I was a chubby kid. Myself, the other friend and she all sort of shouted him down but he kept going. To get him to stop, I gave him a little smack across the face, not hard, but enough to get his attention.
He immediately got super serious and started yelling at me. I tried to apologise but he wouldn’t take it. Got super tense. The other two guys soon started joking around and moved on. I could tell she was uncomfortable (as was I tbh) but she didn’t want to talk about it. I was sort of rubbing her back to make her feel better. She ended up going home shortly after while the guys and I went out and had fun at a club. The next day I apologised to the guy again and he assured me he had forgotten within five minutes. But I didn’t hear from her until late that evening. She told me she was super uncomfortable and didn’t want to see or talk to me again and that she didn’t want me in her life. No conversation, full stop. And I don’t know what to do, because I still really like her.
TL;DR I screwed up an interaction with a girls friend and now she won’t talk to me.
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2023.03.21 21:12 depressed_labrat GP started me on 1 mg Wegovy

I stopped taking Saxenda four weeks ago and will now start taking Wegovy. My GP prescribed me the 1 mg pens instead of 0.25 mg. Does that sound okay? Is it because I’m already used to the Saxenda?
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2023.03.21 21:12 SarthakChoyal Bard AI vs ChatGPT: Comparing the Future of AI

Google's latest AI creation, Bard AI, is designed to write convincing Shakespearean-style sonnets and even entire plays. But how does it stack up against ChatGPT, an advanced language model that can understand and generate natural language in a variety of contexts? In this video, we'll take a deep dive into the capabilities of both AI systems and explore what they might mean for the future of language processing and creativity. Join us as we compare the strengths and weaknesses of Bard AI and ChatGPT and try to answer the question: which AI will lead the way in the coming years?
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2023.03.21 21:12 Routine_Departure_43 Spring Cleaning (free stuff!!)

I cleared out my inventory on both my main accounts so I have a huge amount of items to give away! They're all located in the red box on the map, it's mostly ores (no gold), holdables/usables, and Nintendo/MEOW items. Also, I have Viché parked in my campsite if you want Splatoon items.
RULES: -Please do not trample any hybrid flowers! If you would like to take some home, please ask first. -Nothing in the bottom half of the town is part of this giveaway, including the flowers on the beach -I'd prefer if you didn't talk to my villagers, especially Apollo, Roald, Wendy, and Moe. -If you're looking for a specific item, ask ahead of time and I can check if I have it!
You don't need to give anything in return, but if you have any of the balloon colors I'm missing I'd greatly appreciate it! If you have Gold flooring that would also be much appreciated (
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2023.03.21 21:12 Busy_Expert6086 Hybrid vigour pt 3

Hybrid vigour pt 3
Seceteurs and loppers inadequate for the final take down. During the year I snapped it's stems, not caring if it lived or died, just so long as it stayed behind the fence! Revised total yield from that plant 1.3kg. After 15 hours trimming I found two stray seeds. Probably too scared to plant them!
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2023.03.21 21:12 geo_jam Vintage Rockridge Oakland Neighborhood promotion ad "No negroes, no Chinese, no Japanese can build or lease in Rock Ridge Park."

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2023.03.21 21:12 jiggamahninja r/Entymology: I wanted something in my stream that teaches me something every day about the genesis of a word.

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2023.03.21 21:11 Titin204 Spoilers for OT I and II. For those who have conpleted both games: Are you "dissapointed" with OT II?

I don't really want to say that I'm dissapointed with Octopath II because I still believe that it is a great sequel to a great game and I really enjoyed it, however, it fails with such simple things that makes it less funny than the first one.
Difficulty is the main problem, and some gameplay changes that didn't make any sense to add or omit for the sequel. At least in my playthrough, not a single boss was hard to beat (I only died to Ochette's final chapter boss). And I wasn't even overleveled to the chapters only Agnea was, because she was the one that I started with. Not even Vide could kill me, and during the fight he only killed one traveler. And why is this? Why the game is so easy compared to the first one? Well the answer is: they nerfed the OP skills from OT I but they added much more OP skills for OT II and the sad part is that there isn't a SINGLE boss (Galdera 2.0 is the exception) that can take these skills without dying instantly. How they did not notice this problem? Is just too easy to beat the bosses.
They also changed the way you "earned" the special jobs. In OT I the bosses to get them requiere the player to think of strategies before the battle and die a couple of time to finally get the perfect strategy and then get rewarded with a powerful new special job, it's satisfying to do that (hard work→reward→ satisfaction). With this game you just talk to someone and...the job is yours.??? Doesn't make any sense. Conjurer job did have a boss but she was as easy as normal bosses.
Also, the towns don't have a special theme for each one like the first game (it doesn't really bother me because they added a night version) but it would have been cool to hear a different song each time you arrived to a new town.
Skills: too many skills but in the end you only use half of them specially for the warrior, hunter, dancer and merchant jobs.
I still have to beat galdera 2.0 the only boss that actually is tough and it's a boss from the first game, ironic.
Don't get me wrong. Octopath traveler II is much better at the stories of the travelers, the world, exploration, playing with all 8 travelers at the end was cool af, the music is as good as the first one, variety of skills (even though you don't use them) but it failed on the simplest ones.
I don't know... I am just curious if you find any of these aspects as bad as I did. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 21:11 SheepGoat_ how to deal with difficult younger brother

I understand I'm not a parent, but I'm doing this to help my mom.
So my younger brother, who is entering that age where they become difficult is actually a straight up douchebag. He very rarely listens, he is annoying, takes his sweet ass time when we are in a time crunch and other crap. Now I usually let him off the hook and only intervened by letting him know if he is really getting in the way/whatever. But nowadays it's annoying the shit out of me, it's never really directed towards me, rather our mom. And she's not abusive at all, trust me. I understand how abuse works and our mom is great so just remove that factor. So what I'm thinking is to be the dick brother to get him in line. I know that there's the risk of burning the bridge between us, but I know that if it builds his character better I'm willing to do that. What I mean by being a dick brother is imma stop buying him shit, probably do some physical threatening if he's not being good at all. The reason for this is our mom is too soft on him and because of that, he himself is soft. He gets stressed out way too easily, no motivation and has bad anxiety. He's not exactly a bad kid either, hes just difficult. Some risks though is that our grandpa had schizophrenia, so I think we are at risks of it. Though, some things that I've noticed is the whole bad anxiety, being anti social, plays lots of games (like me), no motivation and sleep talks alot. Dunno if these add up to anything but that's there.
Tl:Dr brother is difficult as hell and mom is a bit too soft, should I become a bit harsher towards brother?
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2023.03.21 21:11 Dill-Ag13 Anyone else struggling to keep going?

Feeling really discouraging lately. Been holding strong on a savings rate of ~25% for the past ~5 years but between hyperinflation/inflation and wage stagnation and kids growing up (extracurriculars, etc.) it is becoming harder and harder to hold firm on that 25%. I can do it, but it is taking more and more discipline. How do y'all keep up the momentum?
Currently have about $400k in retirement and on track to retire by 48/50.
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2023.03.21 21:11 ThrowRA13462457824 I 20M am unsure whether to continue a 3 year relationship with my 20F girlfriend or break up with her and enjoy my youth

So I've been dating this girl for over 3 years. Both my and her first relationship. I do love her and we get along quite well. However, I am internally torn on whether to keep dating her or not. She is a lovely, kindhearted and sweet girl, but for the last year I am extremely interested in literally all other women. I moved from my small town to the capital city for college and there's so many beautiful women I see every day in the gym, in school, on the street, in clubs and pretty much everywhere. There's no hiding from my lust.
On one hand, I want to stay with her, because she is really awesome, but I feel an almost irresistible need to fuck other women. I am constantly thinking of other women and I feel bad about it.
On the other hand, I know that if I was without her, I'd be sad and regret my decision (the grass is always greener...) I know it because we did separate half a year ago for a month and first it was awesome, I finally felt free, but then I became extremely sad and regretful of what I had done since I lost such a good woman. Then we got back together. But now, 6 months later, the same thoughts that made me break up with her in the first place are coming back stronger than ever.
I know that if I stay in the relationship, I will suffer. I know that if I break up with her, I will suffer. I know if I cheat on her, I will feel bad and suffer. There seems to be no easy way out for me. I have tried suggesting an open relationship in the past but got a hard no. She is deeply in love with me, way more than I am with her and says I am the only guy she wants and definitely doesn't want to share.
The worst thing is I know these college years are the prime years and I kinda do not want to miss them being in a relationship I don't know for certain will last forever. The idea of dating around in my 30s or even worse, 40s and above is extremely cringe and unappealing to me. Those are the years to have a stable relationship.
The relationship itself is quite good, we are pretty well synergized, don't really argue but also don't really talk that much about anything important. The biggest problem is that the relationship is carrying around baggage from when we were younger. We rarely talk deeply or about important stuff, since I have a problem talking to her that probably is a problem only since it was a problem back then and now it feels unnatural to me to talk to her. I have no problems opening up and talking to my friends, however for some reason I just cannot bring myself to tell her things. I just keep them to myself. Even the things I tell other people without a problem.
However, I know that she is basically an unicorn and I would have a hard time finding a better woman than her to marry.
Or at least I think I know. I know there were things I was so sure of when I was 16 and then, with experience I realised the opposite.
I also sometimes catch myself saying and doing things I know she doesn't like or may hurt her because I subconsciously maybe want to make her stop loving me and/or break up with me. I don't want to hurt her but I always catch myself doing it. I'm getting better at keeping this to a minimum though.
The ideal option would of course be pushing a button, turning her off for 5 years and then turning her back on, but I cannot do that unfortunately.
Rationally, I know that keeping a good girl I love and I'm in a good relationship with and marrying her is way better than leave her just for the sake of having fun with random girls and then risk not finding another good woman.
I also know that most likely this problem I'm having seems like a huge deal to me since I don't have that much life experience, especially in relationships since this is my first one. and is almost laughable by older people. That's why I want an opinion from you.
Another thing that makes me want to stay with her is that we have gone through and grew so much in those 3 years, I quite frankly cannot imagine being in a relationship with anyone else. The thought of it makes me cringe (yes my cringe meter is really low)
I'm in a pretty good stable relationship but I am extremely torn deeply since I feel an extreme need to experience other women. I don't know how to act since all possible moves I can think of end in pain and suffering for me in the short run and have a high probability of causing even more pain and suffering in the long run. I don't know what I want. I don't know what's the move I should take. I hope someone who was in a similar situation or just someone with more life and relationship experience as me reads this and gives me advice.
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2023.03.21 21:11 AwesomeNate Which control scheme is easiest to learn or get used to?

Not really asking for help but I'm just curious due to an experience I had. So, when I first played Kartrider Drift, I played on mobile. It did take me a bit to get used to though, as I was more used to Rush+ with its lighter physics and higher Nitro charge. Then, after a bit of contemplation and a short break from playing, I got the PC version and started playing that with the keyboard, and almost immediately got used to the keyboard. It might be because this game was originally made for PC but idk. I haven't tried using a controller yet, and with how well keyboard works for me, I doubt I will. What do you guys think, though?
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