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Once recieved via StreetPass, the Eon Ticket will automatically be distributed to other people you meet with your 3DS. This subreddit is the perfect place for meeting up on a previously arranged date for sharing the Eon Ticket in a more effective way.

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Trade Pokémon cards online with people all over the world by mail!

2023.03.21 21:15 AutoModerator [Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

[Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022
Get the course here:
[Get] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022

Finding and Flipping Tax Delinquent Properties the RIGHTway

The Tax Delinquent Blueprint online training program uses proven strategies for finding distressed homeowners severely behind on their property taxes. The training shows you how to uniquely beat out the competition with a Tax Assistance program.
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2023.03.21 21:14 afterberner9000 Drone Footage PC Build

Friend of mine was about to pull the trigger on a computer from a local shop until I stepped in. Looking for a quick logic check.
The invoice from the local shop is generic in terms of parts.
$1700 From Local Shop
I've got a build parted out in my cart that's $1100:
Leaves lots of margin here. I have everything else (thermal paste, misc cables, etc.). For the savings we could throw a decent GPU in here. I think my biggest question is the downgrade to the 12400. Not concerned about the ddr5 vs. ddr4 downgarde. Making huge gains in storage and a more appropriate case for a non-gamer.
Friend does not game at all... simply wants video editing capabilities.
Need to leave $100 wiggle room for software (W11, etc.)
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2023.03.21 21:14 xor_2 Possible issue with HDR implementation on PS5

I recently got OLED monitor so I started using HDR and noticed it doesn't display darkest shades at all leading to horrible black crush in eg. Ghost of Thushima where in some scenes or inside buildings its pretty much just pure black and only way to see anything is to crank up gamma in-game but that makes picture washed out. I tried multiple times HDR calibration but nothing helps and only highlights change. Third step where I set level of dark details I could see does not seem to change anything in game or in SDR to HDR emulation (when playing SDR games in HDR).
I verified it on IPS monitor which can also support HDR and it looks pretty much the same. I tested setting HDMI link to -1 or -2 but it looks pretty much the same.
My conclusion is that PS5 might send incorrect signal to my monitors. With PC (Radeon 6900XT) I tested all possible settings (RGB Full/Limited, YUV 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and at 8, 10 and 12 bits and everything always look correct in HDR and I can only not see few of the levels when desktop brightness is set to darkest possible - in which case white is pretty dim, much dimmer than when PS5 display the same test image.
This is how it looks
If PS5 sends incorrect HDR signal it might explain why so many people complain about games being at places too dim (read: pure black) and opt to disable HDR completely for these games...
Would be great to collect more data and send findings to SONY so they can look at the issue and possibly fix it. For this it would be great if people open google, search for "lagom lcd" and check how it looks on their monitoTV...
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2023.03.21 21:13 MikeBsleepy Suggestions for a new laptop that can photoshop, game, all the college stuff too. Please and thanks

Easy fit into a back pack and i'm happy
Thanks for all the help and advice. I really do appreciate you taking the time out to give me your suggestions and advice. All the best.
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2023.03.21 21:13 weeniehut_general Question about Nylon and HCL soak

I work in agricultural research and part of a trial we have this summer is the installation of resin bags. These are ion exchange resins installed in the soil to track the leachate of N through the soil. Part of the procedure of installing these resin bags is putting them in Nylon hosier after soaking in diluted HCl. We are trying to find out why this is a step in this process. From my limited chemistry knowledge and some research I have learned that soaking Nylon in HCl causes partial hydrolysis and can carry out enzymatic immobilization. I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around the function of this and why it is required in the protocol for these resin bags. Any ideas or leads?
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2023.03.21 21:13 LorraineBoedeker Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander (High Quality)

I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course is one of the best programs out there that will improve your relationships with females.
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course will show you how to:
If you are interested in getting Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +44 759 388 0762
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2023.03.21 21:12 digamymagadisg88 Innovative firm on my radar - Movella (MVLA)

Hello everyone! How are your portfolios faring amidst the current banking turmoil? I'm relieved that I didn't have any investments in SVB. Recently, I rewatched Black Panther and noticed a company called Movella mentioned in the credits. Has anyone come across this company before?
Movella specializes in motion capture technology and has collaborated with prominent influencers, movies, and digital platforms. Given their impressive track record, I'm curious as to why their stock price remains low. They even assisted 21 Pilots with their virtual concert, which had ties to Roblox!
What do you all think? Should I invest? Or should I hold off? With their high-profile collaborations, I believe they have the potential to grow significantly, but I'm always open to other opinions.
Check them out for yourself:
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2023.03.21 21:11 AlisaieLevielleur 22 [F4F] Ohio/Anywhere Trans Girl looking for something genuinely Long Term

Hiya! So firstly thank you so much for checking out my post! I do appreciate it quite heavily! And secondly if anything at all in my same post interests you, feel free to send me a message! Given I try and answer to as many people as plausible!
I suppose there’s no better place to start than the beginning however, so let’s go back to the title. I am looking for something genuinely long term! Be it a relationship, or just a friendship! I have no issue with either or truthfully as both are completely accepted happily!
A little about myself as well too! I am of course a transgender woman! I have been out for five or so years, and I sadly have yet to start any form of Hormone Therapy, but I am hoping to one day do so! I am 22 years of age, and I currently only have a high school diploma as i’d say I’m not quite a bit too overwhelmed by how expensive college is both mentally and physically to even give it a shot! I am 5’11 in height! And give or take 190 pounds! I can also send a picture on request too! Sfw of course 💖
I suppose that’s enough about me though! I guess it’s rather time to plausibly talk about you. I don’t have nearly any requirements in what I find in a person, but truly there is some things that turn me away from one. I am heavily not into people whom put little effort into a relationship/friendship, given I like to put my all in - what I mean by this specifically is more so on the bias of only reliably sending one line per message! As I get it when you sometimes can’t think of what to say! But I guess it just shows little interest in me when it’s constantly done like that, ya know?
Other than that! That’s the only thing I really have as a requirement! On the realm of more random things I couldn’t fit in a paragraph of their own, I thought I’d go ahead and try and put them here. I am heavily into the game Final Fantasy 14 Online! Being it’s basically one of my biggest hyper-fixation, so if that’s a mutual game that’s pretty much a perfect match already! And I also really enjoy going on jogs! It’s far from a requirement for this to be a mutual as it can be physically straining 💖
Woo! We got to the final paragraph, so let’s not waste time. If you’re still with me, and still want to shoot me a message, preferably add the word penguin to show you read all of it! And if you’re still anxious to know what to say to me, don’t be afraid as I have a few little prompts made! Be it - What’s your age? What’s your name? Where do you live? Do you have stuffed animals? Do you have any pets? If so what kind! I hope to hear from some of you! 💖
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2023.03.21 21:11 chinadigital_agency Remote Business in China: Overview on Chinese Cross-Border Platforms

Remote Business in China: Overview on Chinese Cross-Border Platforms
Since the beginning of the 20th century international trade has been a major driver of China's GDP growth. The liberalization of trade associated with free trade zones is now supported by the development of cross border ecommerce and online retailers business. There are some famous examples of Western online retail sites such as Amazon. China, however, is now a leading country in the field of online shopping development.
Today we have prepared a detailed article for you with an overview of the TOP 9 popular and working cross-border ecommerce online marketplaces in China for remote business. In this article, you will learn why cross-border ecommerce is one of the most convenient ways for global brands from other countries to do business in the world's second largest economy using the potential of today's largest ecommerce market.
Author: Alexander Sabantsev, China Digital Marketing Agency
The benefits of working with Chinese customers through cross border e-commerce are a driver for any Chinese company to increase revenue, as leading e-commerce platforms and online shopping help to improve the connection between Chinese sellers and Chinese shoppers. Chinese shoppers are mostly online shoppers, as the average Chinese spends more than 5 hours a day on mobile services. Modern Chinese consumers consider online retail as the most convenient way to easily select goods from both Chinese businesses and international sellers, who in turn are interested in online sales as a way to reduce costs and benefit from the flash sales effect.
Nowadays, the cross-border Chinese ecommerce system allows foreign companies to conduct business activities through a global supply chain and enter China's complex market without having to establish a Chinese legal entity, open an account in a Chinese bank, and create a very expensive operational infrastructure such as opening an office, a warehouse, hiring employees, etc. In order to attract as many foreign brands as possible, most of China's major marketplaces, interested in increasing the number of third party sellers, have launched cross-border trading sections on their platforms in recent years.

Tmall Global

Founded in 2014, Tmall Global is a leading cross border China online marketplace and one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms with a large market share among other online marketplaces in China which are engaged in international trade. This China marketplace is a special online platform for trading imported goods of the flagship Chinese online marketplace – Tmall owned by Alibaba Group. 800 million people are active Tmall users, and one in eight of them shop on Tmall Global. About 30% of the more than 100 million audience belong to Generation Z, the most active group of Chinese consumers on China market.
On the other hand, Tmall Global sells 35 000 international brands from over 90 countries through its online marketplace market. For 80% of them, Jack Ma's online marketplace has become the first sales channel in the Chinese market with one of the highest transaction volumes.
Such popularity of this China marketplace is explained by the fact that Tmall has never had a clear specialization in the sale of goods related to a very narrow product niche. As a result, Tmall Global generally attracts a wide variety of shoppers with a wide variety of needs. However, unlike Taobao mall which operates on the consumer-to-consumer model, Tmall is not an online marketplace for small businesses. Entry requirements are high for both domestic companies and international merchants. Chinese online marketplaces Tmall and Tmall Global are more attractive for global brands specializing in manufacturing high quality products, the probability of buying counterfeit products on one of the largest chain store in China is minimal. We should note that manufacturers of beauty and health products and light-weight snacks with medium and high margins should pay special attention to this platform.

Home page (left), product card (center) and Tmall Global online store page (right)


Kaola is another leading Chinese marketplace and is one of the largest online marketplaces engaged in cross-border ecommerce. The Kaola platform attracts over 30 million users with a 25% market share of all cross-border Chinese marketplaces trade transactions in China. The name of the Chinese marketplace (consonant with the word "koala") suggests that it was originally focused exclusively on Australian brands. But a little later, the scope of the Chinese online marketplace expanded to include the sale of imported goods from all over the world.
However, unlike Tmall and some other Chinese marketplaces, Kaola is positioned as a slightly more "prestigious" China online marketplace for the Chinese middle class whose representatives often go to the platform for shopping. The loyalty of this demanding group of consumers is ensured by a strict system of product selection and quality control. The online marketplace has even developed its own system that helps shoppers track the customs history of goods using QR codes. Thanks to this, users have no doubts about the authenticity of the goods sold. As a result, the brand's presence on Kaola increases its appeal in China.
The main product categories on the Chinese marketplace are infant formula and other children's products, snacks, health foods, cosmetics, apparel, accessories and home appliances.

Home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

J.D. Worldwide

JD Worldwide, the import section of another popular third party marketplace, is seen as an alternative to the top online marketplaces such as Tmall Global for exporters looking to generate revenue from cross-border trade.
JD has become a famous China marketplace for having the most developed system of its own warehouses and delivery of goods. The company is also trying to maintain its brand by working with foreign merchants. JD Worldwide has partnered with global (DHL) and regional (Australia Post and Yamato) logistics leaders. In addition, the Chinese online marketplace has 32 warehouses for cross-border trade. In January 2022, JD announced a partnership with western e-commerce giant Shopify. This allowed Shopify sellers to enter the Chinese market through JD with little to no effort.
As with Tmall, almost every conceivable category of B2C products is sold on the JD platform. However, manufacturers of goods for automobiles, home appliances and electronics should pay special attention to JD Worldwide. The majority of Chinese consumers look for such goods on JD, expecting the high quality approach and effective after sales services. Today, it is difficult to consider JD as one of the pure play marketplaces because its scope is quite broad.

JD Worldwide home page (left), promotional offers section (center) and product card (right)

Duoduo International

The Pinduoduo marketplace (PDD) became a major Chinese ecommerce sensation in the second half of the 2010s due to two reasons. First, unlike other popular Chinese online marketplaces, Pinduoduo is a group shopping system that allows users to buy together at very deep discounts. The second is its focus on consumers from China's affluent hinterland. But it has also become a source of vulnerability in the e-commerce platform's business model. Although Pinduoduo's active users are on par with the market leader Tmall, the total sales of goods on the site are significantly lower than those on Alibaba's marketplace and some other Chinese online marketplaces.
In order to somehow solve this problem, Pinduoduo launched its own cross-border section - Duoduo International in 2019. As a newcomer in this business, PDD started to attract foreign brands with favorable conditions for entering the Chinese marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces, the owners of online stores on Duoduo International do not have to pay an annual service fee, and the registration deposit and order commission are noticeably lower than those of competitors.
However, cross-border from PDD has a significant drawback – the marketplace does not have its own warehouses and logistics solutions, so sellers have to deal with these issues themselves.
Pinduoduo is actively developing the trade of foreign cosmetics and perfumes. Taking into account the main audience of the site, we can recommend Duoduo International to manufacturers of conspicuous consumption products.
Pinduoduo home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

Douyin Cross Border

Douyin, the Chinese twin brother of TikTok, has become a symbol of the convergence of social media and online retail in China. Douyin has many of the elements needed to succeed in e-commerce. On the one hand, it has the most engaging content formats – short videos watched by 900 million Chinese on various platforms, and live broadcasts, which became one of the main profit-making tools in Chinese online commerce in the 2010s. On the other hand, there are more than 600 million active users and an army of influencers who have earned the trust of their subscribers.
Therefore, in 2018, Douyin entered the e-commerce market, initially by actively collaborating with Alibaba marketplaces. Two years later, Douyin broke off its partnership with Tmall and built its own infrastructure to provide full-cycle in-app trading. And in 2021, it began to attract foreign brands for cross-border trade.
On the whole, cross-border trading on Douyin is still in the early stages of development, which allows even small-brand product sellers to carve out a significant niche on the platform. However, when choosing which products to display and how to promote them, it is very important to remember that Douyin is the territory of wealthy Gen Z consumers.
Video (left), product search (center) and online store page (right) on Douyin

Kuaishou Cross Border

Kuaishou, with its 400 million viewers, is often metaphorically called "TikTok for the Chinese village". The majority of its users are young residents of provincial cities who prefer to watch short videos about people similar to themselves, rather than about the daily lives of rich KOLs.
Although Kuaishou is still playing catch-up with Douyin, the social network began to engage in e-commerce much earlier than its main competitor. As a result, about 20% of the company's revenue now comes from e-commerce (while Douyin still relies mainly on advertising revenue).
But at the same time, like Douyin, Kuaishou only announced the start of its cross-border business last year. Therefore, this part of Kuaishou's business is still in its infancy, which may be even more beneficial for exporters - the platform will offer more favorable cooperation terms and additional services at this stage. However, it is not so easy to get on Kuaishou now - the site only accepts manufacturers of cosmetics, food, watches and luxury goods, and then only by invitation from Kuaishou itself.

Video (left), online store page (center) and product card (right) on Kuaishou

VIP International is one of the oldest Chinese marketplaces, as well as the world's largest flash-sale marketplace (the main method of sales on it is discount offers that are valid for no more than 24 hours). The products that are sold on this Chinese marketplace are mainly related to the fashion industry – clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc.
While is no match for the largest marketplaces in China's overall e-commerce market, its cross-border division, VIP International, is among the market leaders, accounting for approximately 10% of China's cross-border B2C commerce.
Buying popular brands at low prices is what its users come to the platform for. Therefore, unless you are a world famous brand, is unlikely to be your first sales channel in China. main page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)

Little Red Book Cross-Border

If Douyin and Kuaishou are Chinese versions of TikTok, then Little Red Book (or simply RED) can be loosely described as the local Instagram. On this platform, ordinary users and influencers talk about their lifestyles and write reviews on the products they use (mostly these are clothes, cosmetics, skin care products). Other users can purchase the products shown in the photos with just a few clicks. This can be done both in stores within the application and by clicking on links to third-party marketplaces (for example, Tmall). In this way, a business account on Little Red Book can serve two functions at once – an independent sales channel and a tool for promoting products on other platforms.
It is worth noting that RED has a very unusual demographic profile – about 90% of the platform's 100 million audience are women.

Little Red Book home page (left), shopping section (center), and product card (right)

Suning Global

Suning was originally known in China as a large offline retailer of various electronics. Later, it began to expand both in terms of the breadth of the range of goods in various categories, and in terms of its presence on the Chinese Internet. One step in Suning's e-commerce push was to attract cross-border brands from overseas.
However, Suning is not only waiting for brands of foreign electronic equipment to enter its marketplace. The company writes on its website that it primarily would like to see foreign manufacturers of baby food, cosmetics, shoes, bags and food products on its platform. In addition, while other major e-commerce platforms prefer to deal with brands that have not yet entered the Chinese market, Suning explicitly states that brands that are already listed on Tmall or JD are more likely to open an online store.
To date, Suning is the least significant of the major players, with its marketplace accounting for approximately 1.5% of the total cross-border market in China.

Home page (left), product card (center) and online store page (right)


Today, more than 1400 categories of various products can be exported to China through cross-border channels (a complete list of these categories can be found at the link – a document in Chinese). Today cross-border ecommerce gives numerous opportunities to purchase inventory directly, buy consumer products from foreign brands, etc.
You can open your own cross-border online store on a dozen Chinese platforms and become a successful online retailer. Some of them are traditional marketplaces, while others are social networks with e-commerce features. But despite the differences, their requirements for exporters are similar:
● Entity registered outside of China
● Foreign registered trademark
● Statement from a foreign bank account
● Copy of passport of company's representative
● Payment of a refundable deposit (from $1.5 thousand on Pinduoduo to $10-47 thousand dollars on Tmall, depending on the category)
● Payment of an annual service fee (from $1 thousand for JD to $4.7-9.4 thousand for Tmall)
● Platform commission on orders (from 0.6% on Pinduoduo to 2-10% on Kaola)
Trading through cross-border makes it much easier to do business in China. The absence of the need to open a legal entity and a bank account in China helps reduce the risks of entering an unfamiliar market. Thus, small brands have the opportunity to test the demand for their products in China or prove to investors that they are promising without large initial investments.
China is closer than you think.
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2023.03.21 21:11 HayHayHues [F4M] Seeking RP Partners for Scifi & Fantasy RP

Greetings Everyone!
First off, thank you for popping in to take a look! I am seeking an RP partner for Sci-Fi or Fantasy based RP settings. I am very much an enjoyer of good story and plot, so I hope you will be the same! I don't mind smut as long as it makes sense for the story, and in the same vein, I also don't mind platonic RP's where romance is a fade-to-black type deal.

About Me:
I'm in my 30's, so please be above 21
I post anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs and am semi-lit
I am in the EST time zone and don't mind rping with others from other timezones.
I rp over Discord and prefer it, so I have a way to put up things like Character Profile sections and alllll that fun stuffs!
I don't mind playing multi-characters!
I enjoy darker themes as much as I enjoy light ones, so don't be afraid to ask.

I have plenty of plots and things to share & show but don't want to list it all here but I will include a few plot idea's and intro's to see what tickles your fancy.
If you have an RP idea and you think we'd vibe good together then please feel free to reach out! I do all things in the vein of Scifi and Fantasy so please do share!

PLOTS: These are just vague outlines of more profound plot ideas, your welcome to ask for more info.
1: She believed one's fate was written in the stars; he believed only in his survival ability. They were born on the same day and were destined to meet despite being born planets away. He'd only meant to steal a ship but got so much more. She thought her whole life she would only be part of the vessel, and he made her more. They were destined to fall. It's too bad fate did not tell the crew or the law that pursues them.

2: Two people from worlds that are interconnected (think like two sides of a coin) find themselves meeting at the golden between their worlds and forge a bond that ends up getting them involved in an organization that polices the path between as well as handling anything that manages to stumble into the opposite world. They must learn to work together in order to keep the peace and their respective sanities.

3: This is a long and lengthy plot that essentially boils down to the story of Prometheus bringing the elements to the world; these elements are elemental children from the different planes. They escape and scatter across the world and have to find a way back together with the help of their bonded partner to stop Prometheus from capturing any more elements/ causing the gates between worlds to crumble type deal.

Misc: I have other plots involving things like adventuring parties off adventuring to darker themes like possession and murder and intrigue, so again, if these aren't your cuppa tea but you think we have the right kinda magic to make great things, then reach out!

SAMPLE/Starter Option:
The bathroom was an utter and complete mess! Candles were knocked over and still lying on the floor in hardened puddles of wax; the walls had green goo splattered all over them, and an assortment of scales, nails, ripped clothing, towels, and shredded toilet paper scattered all over HER bathroom floor. The medicine cabinet's mirror looked like someone had put a fist through it or shattered it by other means. There were pills, other various medical supplies, feminine supplies, and mirror shards littering the bathroom sink; some had even ended up in the toilet bowl (someone appeared to have left the seat up instead of down).

Violet eyes shifted to milky blue, allowing her to take in things like the magical residue still in her bathtub and the various magical symbols marked about on the walls indicating some sort of summoning ritual. When Mayhem opened her home to a few sisters of the Crescent Moon Coven, this hadn't been what she'd expected. Sure, they'd been drinking special moonshine, and her memories were scattered and vague leaving very few clues as to what had happened....but the sisters would have never damaged her bathroom without good reason.

Blue became violet once more as Mayhem headed over to the door leading into the small bathroom closet, where a note had been pinned to her door by a throwing dagger of some sort.

Apologies for the mess and the man we've left behind. Please take care of him till I get back. FYI, the poor thing doesn't know yet since he was sort of dumped off into one of my sister's arms while unconscious. Please protect him should trouble come looking!
Your Gal Pal,
P.S. You're out of coffee, moonroot, and other things! Sorry!!

A hand combing through messy, wild crimson locks Mayhem stared at the note, reading it over again. This did not explain anything and left her with about a thousand questions about what the hell was going on but with no hope of answers in the near future there were more pressing things to deal with. Exhaling, a knuckled rapped at the door not wanting to scare the shit out of her guest.

"Rise and shine, darling," Mayhem sing songed, putting on her most charming and cheery expression as she opened the closet, her arm shimmering with a shield just in case she found herself with a fist or something equally dangerous coming at her face. After all, if the person left behind didn't know how they'd gotten their chances, the occupant would not be warm and friendly....
Nothing like a bit of mayhem to start the day!
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2023.03.21 21:11 catrw1 Cancelling Blocks

How do you guys handle cancelling blocks that are taking you to areas you don’t feel safe in? I don’t do it too often, but recently have seen an influx of routes that are going to areas I don’t want to step foot in.
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2023.03.21 21:11 yeroc_sema 1nDone Snowflake IM - The progress till now (ep1-5 spoilers)

Let's try this again without everyone thinking I'm Idyl because of my poorly made post... I meant to post this when I had some notable progress on the account, which I now have, but I also have a terrible problem with procrastinating so I can play runescape. You probably wouldn’t understand…
This post and future posts are meant for those more interested in immediate updates about progress rather than watching a progress series. But if you would rather watch the episodes the playlist here.

Here is the concept. Treat gilenor as you would real life. Any action not repeatable in the real world is not repeatable in game. Killing a specific creature, picking an item up off the ground, mining a rock, chopping down a tree, hunting a creature, collecting some quest items, etc. etc.
For simplicity's sake, and my own sanity, actions like shearing a sheep or cutting down jungle brush, actions that would be repeatable after a relatively short time irl will also be treated as one time resources. I have also applied this logic to the inventory of shops, deciding that I may only buy up to the base inventory of any given item in any particular shop. (Ie 3 buckets in a shop I can only ever buy 3 buckets from that shop)
A few notable things:
My early progress in the first few days of the account. These will be spoilers for episodes 1-5 of my 1nDone series, so if you don’t want to ruin an episode you should not go further.
EPISODE 5 SPOILERS (comes out tomorrow)
That is the progress up until the current point of the videos, the final of which (ep5) comes out tomorrow. The next post will come out approximately one day prior to episode 6 and I will endeavor to keep this format and system with future episodes and progress posts. I have a newly created discord for helping me keep track of the progress, the kill lists the shop inventory lists, npc interactions, and the various chunk maps to plot my progress. Thanks for checking this out!
Tldr: go watch the 1nDone series or drop a toxic comment about another snowflake ironman.
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2023.03.21 21:11 digamymagadisg88 Keeping an eye on a distinct EV production business - Graphite One Inc (GPHOF)

Hello everyone! How are you all doing on this fine day of stock exploration? With the bear market presenting numerous opportunities for the courageous, what types of stocks are you considering amidst the ongoing drama surrounding US banks?
As a Tesla owner, I was browsing the electric vehicle (EV) market, possibly looking for an upgrade. That's when I came across Graphite One—a company involved in the electric battery market, primarily as a producer. I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this could be a good investment and your opinions on the company. With more automotive manufacturers entering the EV scene, Elon might soon face increased competition.
Perhaps these new lithium batteries could offer improved charge capacity compared to others—I wouldn't want to spend too much time charging my car and waiting to reach my destination. If you can relate, let me know if you think this is worth including in my portfolio!
Check them out for yourself:
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2023.03.21 21:10 UWpapa Buying a new/used R1T

I am about to buy my first R1T with 550 miles on it. Seems like it's brand new but is there a guide on what to check for when buying a used Rivian?
Like how do I know that the software wasn't messrd with or if there are any recalls on the truck?
Anything specific you would double check before purchasing?
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2023.03.21 21:10 surfertyler Question about fire alarms

The alarm in my condo is connected to everyone's and there is no ability to silence it or turn it off once it starts. I'm on the 8th floor. If someone starts a fire on the 20th floor on the other side of the building mine will still ring.
Not only this but it's equipped with a white strobe light that starts blaring along with the alarm.
I'm not looking for a lecture on fire safety, I understand the importance but I couldn't bare how often this alarm was going off especially in the middle of the night and how invasive it was so I removed it myself.
I'm happy to have a fire alarm with batteries or one that is going to let me silence it as need be. How can condos in downtown Toronto charge nearly 3 grand a month and have this nuisance of a problem?
For context I lived in nyc for 10 years and parts of Europe for 4 years where they never once checked it. They were standard battery alarms too.
Why does Ontario/ Canada feel the need for central alarms out of the tenants controls? And why do they need to test that system once a month?
My question is when will they notice I removed mine? And how much trouble will I be in? And what can I do to negotiate with them having my own fire alarm?
I have to be up at 4:30 for work some week days and if an alarm is blaring for 45 minutes at 1am - how can I justify living here and paying exorbitant rent ?
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2023.03.21 21:10 yahbluez How long can a bridge with FDM printers get and which kind of filament did it best?

How long can a bridge with FDM printers get and which kind of filament did it best?

120 mm
While tinkering around with an idea for the trophy contest on i needed to bridge over nearly 50 mm. First attempt with PETG failed. Step 2 with PLA worked really well. That motivated me to make a bridging tool to test very fast and with less than 2g of filament, how good a filament can do bridges.
I guess that this is a useful tool for many of us.
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2023.03.21 21:10 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator Download Course on

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2023.03.21 21:10 CB1Agonist How should I rank residency programs?

I'm an M2 interested in Ob/Gyn and starting to explore away rotations for my M4 year. I was advised to explore different programs I'm interested in and rank them into 3 tiers (Safety, Mid-tier, and Reach). However, I have no idea how to do that. I can't seem to find reliable data on avg STEP scores, research, or other metrics to help me stratify each program. Is there a way to knowing the match rate of students that did an away rotation or sub-I in their preferred program? Any advise is welcome!
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2023.03.21 21:09 perusw7690 When to Reach Out After Acceptance

Hi all,
Last Thursday (3/16), I checked the portal and got my first acceptance. It was a typical letter from the Director of Graduate Admissions welcoming me, congratulating, etc, and said the next step of the process was to send in official transcripts. It ended by listing the DGS in my department as my advisor for course registration.
The next day (3/17), I received an email from the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, saying I had been admitted, linking me to resources should I have questions about x,y,z, including funding (fellowships, graduate assistantships, financial aid, etc). Also a generic communication.
It has only been a few days, and my assumption (hope) is that the DGS will be reaching out to me individually, presumably after they've made a final decision about funding. Is there a point at which, if I haven't heard anything directly, I should reach out to them?
I'm currently waitlisted at my top choice, so I don't want to commit to anything just yet, and I feel strange being the one to initiate the conversation without hearing from them first. Apologies if this is a silly question and the answer is just to wait a little, but it's my first admit after being out of the game for a long time. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 21:09 SnooMarzipans6522 Info about cialis price in Quebec

Hello! I would like to know if there's anyone from quebec that could tell me how much they pay per cialis pill? Last time I checked, it cost me 50$ for 4 viagra of 50 mg, which I think is ridiculous. Just want to know if the price really is usually that high or I just got screwed.
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2023.03.21 21:09 sringray23 25 years of memories

What with Ash and Pikachu leaving the anime imminently, I thought it would be nice for people to share their memories of the past 25 years.
I was 7 years old when Pokemon landed on the shores of the UK. I remember a mate of mine, came up to our road (back when kids could and would all play outside) and he had a pile of Pokemon cards. It was the first time any of us had seen them, we had heard of them, but to actually see them was great and fascinating, we chased that poor boy up and down the road, trying to see and get them 🙄. Eventually that weekend I got a couple of base set packs and took them every where.
I watched season 1 and 2 of the anime on SMTV Live Saturday mornings. Great memories of being a kid without a care. I think I watched Johto Journeys on that channel but can't quite remember. I do remember Ant and Dec's Pokemon rap instead of the whose that Pokemon bit. 🤪
Fast forward a short while and I got Pokemon Gold on the gameboy colour and played it on long summer drives when going on holiday. I had Pokemon Blue but preferred Gold because of the Entei, took me, iirc, 3 play throughs to catch him.
Around 2004/5, I grew out of Pokemon and very rarely dipped into it over the years. Partly because a friend I used to trade cards with and play/watch Pokemon, moved away at the end of the summer holidays, I haven't seen him in 19 years, he was a good mate 😔.
When X&Y came out in 2013, my now wife, went on a mission to obtain every X&Y card over its 3 year span. An achievement she still brags about lol. She was mad for it and watched the episodes and played X on the 3ds. I slowly got back into it and then in 2016 when Pokemon GO came out, we played it hard and got proper back into it.
Our 3 children were born over the course of the next few years and now our eldest is Pokemon nuts, currently we are attempting to watch every single episode (not in season order) so far we have seen all of: BW, X&Y, Sun and Moon and Orange Isle. Currently we are on Johoto Journeys.
We collect the cards and play on Sword and Sheild together and play the toys too.
It's strange to think of how much Pokemon has been a part of my life, not in a grand way, but in small memorable parts that create fantastic memories with my kids. Even the years, I was not into Pokemon, I always knew who Ash and Pikachu were and would occasionally watch 10 minutes of an episode or read up about it in a magazine.
Getting back into it, has been a great joy, I'm sad that Ash and Pikachu are leaving, I'm hoping they return after the Paldea 3 year run and as much as I don't agree with the change, its a brave call and I see why they are doing it, in part, so kids can have and make their own memories.
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2023.03.21 21:09 uberrapidash Just found out my therapist reported me as having depression to my health insurance provider. I am not depressed. I am in burnout. They are different. I have an appointment with therapist tomorrow but I want to cancel and never go back because I'm so triggered by feeling so misunderstood. Advice?

I don't know what sub to put this in...
And I'm not sure where to start... I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow but I'm having the urge to cancel and to never go back. I know this isn't the best thing to do.
And I'll go ahead and get this out of the way: I know that burnout can bring depression. But burnout does not automatically mean depression. And they are different from each other.
Context: 32yo AFAB late-diagnosed level 2 autistic. Over a decade's worth of history of misdiagnoses and mistreatment in mental health and physical health areas. I was told starting around age 18 that I have depression (and GAD, OCD, agoraphobia, and panic disorder), went on a variety of anti-depressants for the next 10 years, none of them worked and many made me worse, and in the meantime very real physical health problems (POTS and hEDS) were neglected as doctors just pegged me as depressed and anxious instead of actually testing for anything.
So I'm finally diagnosed autistic and ADHD and diagnosed with POTS (still working on the hypermobility diagnosis). I have had to fight every step of the way to make it this far.
I have been seeing a therapist at the place where I was diagnosed autistic for several months now. Instead of aimlessly talking about problems with no solutions, like how it seems like previous therapists have done, I have learned tools from this one that have been very helpful for me, such as having a self-soothing plan, self-care assessment, goal-setting worksheets, etc.
When I first met her I was in a really severe autistic burnout. We talked a little about autistic burnout vs. depression. I wanted to make it clear that depression and autistic burnout are different things. I am not depressed; my nervous system is fried, my executive function is in shambles, and I very much want to be doing things but I can't do a lot because of how poor my physical health is. I thought she got the picture.
But I just learned a couple of days ago that it was reported to my health insurance provider that I have depression. As can be expected, I am so triggered by this. I do not believe I have depression. I have had "depression" thrown at me for so long and it has caused me real problems in accessing medical care and was an obstacle I had to fight through to get my autism and ADHD diagnoses. Plus, I have been going all this time feeling understood by this therapist, and suddenly I have this horrible sinking feeling that she never actually understood me all this time. I trusted her, and now I don't feel like I can trust her anymore.
This is coming at the same time that I have met a new doctor who is doing something similar. I went in saying that I need help getting care for my POTS as I had had the diagnosis but had not been able to find a specialist to work with. I just moved to a new area so I need help making these connections. He wrote in the notes "I don't think patient has POTS" -- he didn't even ask me anything about my POTS symptoms or anything! (I'm giving him the chance to review my records and change his tune before I pitch a fit.) He put down the reason for my follow-up appointment as "anxiety" (!!).
Anyway, back to the main thing being, I want to run away from this therapist, but I don't want to give in to that urge. I know I need to talk to her about this but I am so scared. It is so triggering to be misunderstood, and even worse to have been misunderstood for so long without even realizing. And the truly scary part of all of this is that it erodes my trust in myself, because after a time, I start questioning if I know myself at all. I know that's what happens with gaslighting.
But I don't think she's trying to gaslight me. I think she's misinformed and she must be making assumptions about me, my thoughts, feelings, motives, etc. I think I'm going to take a bunch of depression questionnaires to show her and try to find whatever literature I can on the subject of depression vs. autistic burnout. I'm just really nervous about it, and I'm so tired. I know I'm going to cry, and it seems like everyone takes crying as a sign of depression. Like, no, I just cry really easily during tough conversations because I'm traumatized by not being heard for most of my life.
I didn't now whether to post this here or in the CPTSD sub...
I didn't mean for this to be so long. Sorry.
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