Rainbow unicorn with stars

Anything, everything, all the things that are rainbow!

2017.09.02 08:03 scaffelpike Anything, everything, all the things that are rainbow!

Bring me all the rainbow things! Hair! Buildings! Rooms! Animals! Books! Paintings! Outfits! All of the things! The more colours the better!

2018.05.28 02:28 voodoo_monorail Friendly Buildings

A place for cute, friendly, or just generally pleasant buildings

2019.04.15 01:17 mgush5 A place for animal photos with naturally occuring hearts

A place for animal photos with naturally occurring hearts as the Care Bears and Cousins do. While Care Bears and Cousins have Suns/Moons these would just be circles - the exception to this is if there are changes within the circle For example, circles within a circle would be a moon. Rainbows could include a light refracting over an animals stomach creating a Care Bear Stare of sorts, or a Rainbow arc where it changes colour through the shape No photos of Humans allowed. This includes babies.

2023.06.01 07:18 Jealous_Solution Is it even possible to 36* the abyss as a complete F2P who's not playing from release

I've seen people 36 staring the abyss with only 4 star characters and 4 star weapons on YouTube. But they always had the best artifacts and not only that, but their 4 stars were primarily the best starting 4 stars (Bennett, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Fischl) and all of them were C6 (at least C4) and all of them with the best F2P weapons like Favonius which were also mostly R5.
If you are F2P but play from release you may have acquired all these characters C6 and weapons R5 and you may have had enough time to collect good artifacts.
And though I am playing for a year, as a complete F2P (no welkin moon or battle pass) I can't 36* the abyss. I have never done that, not even a single time. And I'm not even close, it's 6 stars max on floor 12.
I've watched so many guides, I try my best but this is completely impossible for me. Most of my weapons are not even R5, they are R1 to R3 at best and all of them 4*. My Fischl and Xiangling are C0.
I tried everything. I tried so called cheap and OP dendro teams. I have Nahida and Kuki and the dendro set and I try to max the elemental mastery as much as I can. I tried Ayaka+Ganyu and Hu Tao+Xingqiu I still can't do it.
The point is that I am not even close. I am always going through floors 9-11 fast and smoothly. But the mobs on floor 12 have too much HP for me. I don't think I will ever be able to do it as a F2P player. My artifacts luck is obviously bad and they aren't perfect but I have the right sets and I am fighting for crits but on different sets it's either 60/160 or 80/120.
Main dps like Ayaka and Hu Tao are triple crowned though they have 80/90 levels bc I am literally out of mora and exp books and resin and spend resin to farm arts. Everyone else in my teams has 9 lvl talents.
I lack some ultra OP characters like Kokomi for freeze or Kazuha for everything or Raiden for national. But I have Zhongli, and Nahida, and Yelan. I try my best, but my arts suck, my weapons suck, and I am about to give up...
It's not even about the primos. I just try to understand if it's even possible. When you are f2p and you don't have R5 weapons and your Xiangling/Fischl/Bennett are C0 and you don't have shit ton of artifacts.
I mean even if I get Raiden for example, will she really help me that much with C0 Xiangling, will any character save me with no good weapons or arts or resin to even farm those arts since when I get a new character I have to spend so much resin on upgrading that character that I don't have enough to farm arts.
This recent abyss by the way is even more humiliating since usually I am able to 9* the 11th floor but this time I couldn't even get all starts on floor 11.
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2023.06.01 07:18 Fuman20000 [US, US] [H] Several Sealed Products [W] PayPal

I have some sealed product I want to move so I can buy other sealed products. Prices are lower than TCGplayer and or EBay. Flat rate shipping is $5 and I ship via USPS First Class and will provide tracking.
Sword & Shield base & XY Primal Clash booster packs - https://i.imgur.com/h5ahtHp.jpg
Sun & Moon + Steam Siege blister with Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligator promos & XY Roaring Skies triple blister pack - https://i.imgur.com/sOoKbyi.jpg
Brilliant Stars, Guardians Rising, & Spanish XY Flashfire booster box - https://i.imgur.com/FoZlFxR.jpg
  1. X44 Sword & Shield base booster packs. $3 per pack.
  2. X18 XY Primal Clash booster packs. $12 per pack.
  3. X6 Sun & Moon + Steam Siege blister packs. $20 per pack.
  4. X6 XY Roaring Skies 3 pack blister. $65 per pack.
  5. X2 Brilliant Stars booster boxes. $130 per box.
  6. Guardians Rising booster box. $320.
  7. Spanish XY Flashfire booster box. Booster box only has 18 packs. $200.
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2023.06.01 07:16 eVeiL_ Guest violates terms of rental, leaves bad review and Airbnb won't remove it.

I had a guest reservation for 8 people over Memorial Day weekend (Thursday-Monday). The guest arrives the first night with 5 adults and 1 child, everything seems fine. Then on the second night at around 11pm the remainder of her party arrives 3 additional cars and 8 more guests for a total of 14 guests. I immediately notify her that this is beyond her reservation and I cannot host the extra guests because of local ordinances. She responds saying she understands, asks me if they can stay the night since it was already late and they will sort it out the next day. I was nice enough to agree to let them stay the night which exposes me to fines by the government if they are caught. The third night comes and her entire party of 14 is still at the property and no one has left. I notify her again and she says it's memorial day weekend and last minute affordable accommodations are really hard to find they are still working on it. I immediately check Airbnb and found a house that hosts up to 10 people for the last two nights Sunday and Monday for less than $700 and is around 10 minutes away from my property. So now I know she is lying about everything she has told me. I contact Airbnb about the guest violating the terms of the rental agreement and they cancel her reservation, this is around 12am on Sunday. I ask her to vacate the premises within 45 minutes, guest claims that Airbnb informed her that she can stay until 1pm to checkout which is another lie, Airbnb policy is you must check out immediately if your reservation is canceled. I also asked the support to send me proof that they informed her otherwise. She refused to leave the property until 1pm on Sunday. I really wanted to call the police and have her trespassed to teach her a lesson that she can't do this. But I did not want to disturb my neighbors now at approximately 2am. I say nothing until she leaves the property.
When I arrive at my property I find food crumbs all over the place; greasy hand prints on the walls and sofa; unknown pink stains on my carpet, bathroom vanity, nightstands, light switches; something was spilled all over the floor and it was in disgusting condition, they moved my furniture around to accommodate their unauthorized guest. They used the comforter as a sleeping bag, put the used comforter back into the closet. Put dirty silverware back into the drawer, so I had to reclean the entire drawer. They spilled liquids near the garbage and dirtied an unused bag, then put the dirty bag into the pile of clean garbage bags. They threw garbage directly into the bins when an abundance of garbage bags was provided.
I typically don't count inventory for guests, I replenish the supplies I give based on the party size and duration. To my surprise when I went to do laundry I only had 3 detergent pods left, prior to this guest I had about 20-30 pods left. She treated my house as a laundromat for her entire family and they brought all their dirty laundry to do at my house. I did not have enough detergent to clean the mess they left and all the linen that they used.
I leave double towels and linen around because it is a mountain house and I want my guest to have everything they'll need if something happens. I leave a light blanket and a thick blanket because not everyone in a group likes the same temperature. I leave an abundance (an entire roll) of garbage and recycling bags because I don't want them to not be able to throw out garbage. Many cleaners and host would advise against this because of cases such as this. But I am also a traveler and there is nothing more frustrating than not having something you need to get comfortable. Such as an extra towel if you got dirty being out all day, running out of garbage bags because your group cooks a lot. I try to be a good host and I don't even ask for any cleaning on checkout, all I ask is they tidily bag all the garbage and place it in the garage.
I receive a 1 star review, surprise. She states that I was mean (I don't feel like I was and I was actually very gracious not calling the police) I kicked her out (technically not true? she left on her own accord at 1pm, that is not what I requested), she states that I was kicking them out with 3 sleeping children (camera only saw 1).
I contact Airbnb that this guest violated the terms of the rental agreement and to have her ratings and review removed. It goes through the review process and they say no. So I appeal and dispute her review based on misinformation and lies. I receive a response from an agent stating that although I may feel like her review is false, individual experiences are subjective. So 3 children vs 1 is just a matter of perspective? Her statements are full of lies and they refuse to remove it.
In many jurisdictions such as mine we require permits and license from the local government. We are bound by occupancy limits, safety regulations, etc. We pay extra fees just to get our licenses and be able to rent out our vacation home. Airbnb's actions are protecting these horrible guest that can cause irreparable harm to the hosts. Hosts are at the most risks, entrusting a valuable asset to the guests with no certified method of compensation for unauthorized actions. My county fines are $1000/day of infringement of an ordinance, my HOA has fines of $500. The fines I could receive from this guest actions is at least $2500 which far exceeds whatever compensation I'm receiving for the reservation. There is no recourse for the hosts and our profile gets dinged even when I'm doing everything right and by the book. All the "lower" agents that receive my support requests compliment me for doing everything right and that all the proof is in the messages I have with the guest. Once they submit the information to the "higher" agent that has to approve the request, the higher agents just keep saying that no policy has been violated.
So it's ok for a guest to lie about everything and give the host a poor review as long as they don't violate any of AirBnb's review policy.
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2023.06.01 07:16 Plibty Has anyone paid for a sub this way? Does it give you some kind of code to redeem?

Has anyone paid for a sub this way? Does it give you some kind of code to redeem? submitted by Plibty to swtor [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:15 ryanangzz Revolver on EE

So I've been testing revolver on enders echo the past few weeks and here are some things to note:
I am sitting at 41k atk with revolver for comparison On absolutely shitty rng where I could not level or evolve my revolver at all, the worst run I have had this season is 2.7B. Bear in mind that my revolver stayed at 1 or 2 stars till 2mins mark and I could not evo it in the end.
On the contrary, my absolute god rng, my best score this season was 9B. I was able to evo my weapon early and had hi-power bullet and crit rate upgraded decently.
Overall, in normal rng runs, I'd average 6.5B in score.
People with kunai feel free to post your results in EE this season for comparison!
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2023.06.01 07:14 Former_Glass_3012 What do we think about my ending?

Sorry if it's a little confusing
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2023.06.01 07:14 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Tupac to be honored with posthumous star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

[Entertainment] - Tupac to be honored with posthumous star on Hollywood Walk of Fame submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to NYPOSTauto [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:14 yaner245 LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder/Ring

LowPoly Darth Vader Pen HoldeRing
If you want a pen holder with style, this is the perfect one for any Star Wars fan. This'll make a great gift or persona

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2023.06.01 07:13 4gigiplease 0:37 / 2:44 "I Am a Rainbow" with Dolly Parton Episode 8 Goodnight with Dolly

0:37 / 2:44 submitted by 4gigiplease to THERAPYlite [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:13 Difficult-Nature-955 Literate Roleplay M4A Playing female

Yo, I go by Arlic, and I'm just a guy looking for someone to roleplay with. I'm a literate writer, and I would prefer if you were on as well. I'm open to do a multitude of fandoms, mostly anime ones, so we can discuss what kind you would like to do in direct messages! I play as an M and I am looking for an F, I do like romance within stories so I am also very down for that. So if you would like to roleplay, do not hesitate to message me! I also can roleplay on discord.
I am interested in a wide variety of fandoms, such as:
Demon Slayer Star Wars MHA Kengan Ashura Souls type games DBZ Cyberpunk Uncle from another world
These are just examples, the list does in fact go on. I'm also open to do original plots as well! Fantasy, sci-fi, etc. I am also up to discuss a dynamic as well, I am big fan of enemies/rivals to lovers. I am also eighteen years of age. I'm particularly a fan of DBZ, uncle from another world, star wars, and demon slayer. However, I do have a few idea for our own original plot, such as:
An ordinary college student opens an ancient vase, releasing a deity who has been asleep for many many years. In order to stop them from destroying the world, the college student attempts to show them the many wonders of the modern world, a world which the deity is very unfamiliar with. Essentially it's a slight SOL roleplay, romance will be involved!
No canon characters.
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2023.06.01 07:12 yaner245 LowPoly Darth Vader Pen Holder/Ring

LowPoly Darth Vader Pen HoldeRing
If you want a pen holder with style, this is the perfect one for any Star Wars fan. This'll make a great gift or persona

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2023.06.01 07:10 Pale-Perception2569 Amphibia: Age of Calamity writing idea

So, get this. I’m currently writing down and working on my fanfiction called "Amphibia Age of Calamity".
There’s artwork on DeviantArt, link is here.
And since this fanfiction takes place during Watching and Dreaming, I made a little scenario. After Anne, Star, Molly and Rapunzel reunite with Luz who’s with Eda, King and The Collector, they head off to teach the Collector about the meaning of life, growing up, and change… without the “Steven Universe method of musicals”, along with them is Lunella Lafayette, Penn Zero, Bashful, Elsa and Sofia The First.
After Luz shows Collector how she got her ice magic, Anne receives an emergency call from Sprig and Sasha who inform them that Andrias and Darcy are launching their attack on Los Angeles, but it’s not just in LA. Vee, Scratch and Marco soon join the group chat and informs their friends about Frobots attacking Gravesfield, Ghosts haunting Brighton, and Solarian Warriors attacking Mewni.
Eda and King decide to stay behind and continue showing Collector around. Luz goes with the group to return to Earth, but Luz suddenly remembers about her mother and friends who were taken from her before her nightmare illusion. Anne rejects on going to the Archives to find them as time is off the essence and the more they waste it, the more innocent people would get hurt. But Star decides to help Luz and goes with her to the Archive House. Soon, Anne and the others followed too.
As they entered the Archive House, Star provides light with her magic when she suddenly screams from coming face-to-face with a Titan Trapper’s puppet form. Everyone saw the horrors of the puppets with Sofia commenting, “I’ll never look at Puppet shows the same way again”.
Luz literally is in a state of panic her mom and Cool Aunt Lilith as puppets. Things only get more painful when Rapunzel sees something and asks everyone not to look down. When Luz does, Star quickly blocks her. Luz asks Star to move and tries to move past her, but Star refuses to move because doing so would hurt Luz beyond comprehension.
Luz then asks Stringbean to move Star and to Luz’s horror, she sees Willow, Gus, Hunter and Amity as puppets laying on the floor. Luz begins to tear up as she stares at her friends, brother figure and girlfriend in sheer horror. They all float down to the puppets as Luz cradles Amity’s puppet form in tears saying “I’m sorry. I failed you, my hermosa”.
Anne puts a hand on Luz’s shoulder to comfort her, when receives another call from Sprig telling her the situation in LA is getting more worst and she needs to hurry back. Anne begs Luz to leave Amity, Camila and everyone else behind, but Luz refuses to do so; Anne also tells her if they don’t hurry, there won’t be a home for her and Camila to return to, but Luz informs Anne that the Isles is her home and Amity and Camila need her; Star makes her pain worst by saying there’s nothing we can do for them right now and they are needed on Earth. Luz cries even harder and she puts down Amity’s puppet form and whispers “I love you, sweet potato” to Amity, she gets on Stringbean and she goes with the others back to Earth via a portal Star opened using her Butterfly powers.
After splitting up to save the civilians in LA, Gravesfield, Brighton and Mewni, Anne and her allies regroup at Anne and Sasha’s school, “Saint James Middle School” to plan their next step to stopping the WAR OF THE WORLDS. After reuniting with Team RWBY, who came back from the Ever After, Lunella sends them to New York City to find a special energy component that can help them dismantle the Newtopia Castle’s shield. The component is somewhere in Lunella’s old underground lab that was destroyed when the ENCLAVE attacked her home. While training with Anne, Molly, Star and Rapunzel, Luz loses all restraint and the trauma from the Collector’s nightmare, seeing her family, friends and lover as puppets and all her suffering/grief kicks in. She emits some form of full powered dark anti-magic like Asta from “Black Clover”, and starts fighting and beating up Anne (who’s in her Half-Calamity Super Saiyan form), Molly (who’s in her Wraith form), Star (who’s in her Golden Butterfly form), and Rapunzel (who’s in her Sundrop Super form) to near death. In order to calm her down and lighten her grief, Sofia asks Elsa to find Team RWBY and go to the Boiling Isles to bring Amity’s puppet form to Doctor Strange.
The fighting goes on until only Anne and Luz are standing. As Luz nearly beats down Anne, Anne asks Luz to stop and don’t give in. As Luz was about to strike a deadly blow of magic, Anne asks her; “Is this what your mother wants for you? What your father wants for you? What Amity wants for you!?” Luz turns back to normal and sees her hands stained in blood and burnt marks from her fire glyphs. She drops to her knees crying realizing what she’s done to her friends and over the darkness and anger that was inside her. Vee slowly walks up to Luz and kneels down to hug her sister in an effort to comfort her.
What do you think? Leave a comment on what you think.
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2023.06.01 07:10 AutoModerator [Get] Kierra Castle – BnB Bootcamp for Beginners Download

[Get] Kierra Castle – BnB Bootcamp for Beginners Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-kierra-castle-bnb-bootcamp-for-beginners-download
How to Create the Perfect Pitch – Learn how to carefully craft the perfect pitch to sell your rental arbitrage business plan to your landlord and get the “yes”
How I Secured 9 Units in a Month – Get a glimpse on the strategy I use to efficiently scale up my units – plus, you will see how I use this formula to create an extra $2,000+ per month with less than 6 hours per week!
How to Connect w/ the Person in Charge – Steal my unit magnet method that doesn’t require me to make any calls after I’ve secured my first unit – plus how to identify the person in charge to get more units
Module 1 – The Basics
AirBnB as a whole
Short-Term Rentals
Gig Economy
Avenues to Start
Module 2 – Business & Legal
VIP Business Docs
Business Formation
Doing Business As (DBA)
DUNS Number
Business Branding
Business Plan
VIP Business Accounts
Renter’s Insurance
Module 3 – Credit
Consumer vs. Business Credit
Credit Bureaus
Data Furnishers
Credit Report
Personal Guarantee
Net Accounts
Trade Lines vs. Credit Lines
Lending Requirements
Business Credit Score
Credit Repair
Business Credit Tiers
Credit & Your BnB
Module 4 – How to Get the “Yes”
Psychology of Sales
Laws and Regulations
Lead Gen Document
Steps to Calling (aka the “Script”)
Methods to Find Properties
The Cold Calls & Warm Welcomes
“Yes” Questions
What to Look for in Units
What NOT to say on calls
Addenda & Contracts
Module 5 – System Secrets
Cost-to-Investment Analysis
Start-Up Costs
Move-In Essentials
Recurring Bills
Success Team
Furnishing & Finds
Psychology Hacks
BnB Must Haves
Renting Furniture
Module 6 – Design for Dollars
5-Step Design Formula
Google Design Leads
5-Star Designs
Funding Options
Shopping Secrets
Module 7a – DRAPED Listing
Mandatory Lease Signing Steps
My DRAPED Listing Framework
Description & Title
Ratings & Reviews
Profile & Photos
Dynamic Pricing
Calendar Settings
Terms & Conditions
BnB Glitches
Module 7b – Your Listing
AirBnB Host Account
Mock Listing
Photo Order
Base Price vs. Smart Pricing
Polishing your Listing
Module 8 – Messaging System
5-Step, 5-Star Messaging System
For Booked Reservations
For Check-In Message
For Checking on Guests
For Checkout Message
How to Set Up Automated Messaging
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2023.06.01 07:10 Kansai_Gaijin Don't you think that CR has a difficulty problem?

First things first, to get this out of the way: 1) I'm not here dis the game & devs and 2) I'm not here to gloat about my level or skills. I'm really average as average can be.
It's already been a few updates now that I have a strange feeling about the game difficulty and imbalance, most of all about the Cookie trials.
Am I the only one to think that Cookie trials are becoming more and more of a walk in the park, while some other parts of the game can be insanely difficult?
Latest cookie trial? One run to get rainbow on easy, 2 runs to get rainbow on hard. Other events that came with the latest update? Already at max level on all of them after a few runs.
But for the love of me, some levels of Islands of Memories or the License (I can't even get level 3 there) make me want to smash the tablet against the wall.
Is it really only me, or does anyone here share the same feelings?
submitted by Kansai_Gaijin to Cookierun [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:05 Xoxo_Emxni_ Are there any flowers that have every color variation in the rainbow?

I want to make a little rainbow garden in an area I just cleared out, but I found out that there aren’t green, blue, or purple versions of my native plant. Are there any plants with every single color in them? If not, which has the most rainbow colors in it? (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, it’s 1 am and I’m tired)
submitted by Xoxo_Emxni_ to AnimalCrossingNewHor [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:03 YNG_SKNHDXVX Cleaved Asunder

Planets, stray bits of cosmic matter, asteroids and comets, belts, solar systems, clusters, nebulae, stars and their dust, debris, light itself…all lost into its inescapable grasp. Nothing can hope to evade it, as it feasts on any and every single thing it comes across. A silent, deadly predator, floating through an ocean of vast, empty darkness. Extinguishing the signs of activity in entire areas spanning light years. Vampire lurking in the haunting abyss, growing ever larger off of the life they consume. Leaving voids in its wake. What was there? That has been forgotten. All that remains is the pitch black stare of a lonely graveyard. But there’s nothing to mourn what once was here. Nor would it care if anything did. For it is unceasing in its gluttonous hunger. Unfazed, for all it can do is follow its path. Suffocating the heartbeats of any and all celestial bodies that are unlucky enough to be met with its presence.
The utter coldness and callousness is the most unsettling part.
It operates on logic so bizarre and foreign to anything’s understanding, it appears simply as a marauding monster in search of more vulnerable, easy prey. What sounds would it make, if it could? A haunting cackle? Deranged howls? Maybe none…none at all.
Bright rings form around its impossibly large, impenetrable core. From a distance, there’s a certain beauty that surrounds this…thing. A whirlwind of enticing and exquisite spectacle clouding the very definition of sheer terror.
Onwards it shall go…
submitted by YNG_SKNHDXVX to Horror_stories [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:03 Wafflenet Please Fix your matchmaking Algo

I solo all the way in rank. Now i am stuck at mythic with 40 stars and unable to go on. Keep facing win lose win lose situation. I do not think i have any skill issues, i can filled up and play all roles.
But here's the thing, after every game. i check my teammates status, current season and overall 40-47%? How do they even go up to mythic 40stars? just how? My wr for this season is current 60 (thanks to win losewin lose) overall at 66% with 8k+ games. Why this new season after they changed from points to stars the matchmaking got worse? or matchmaking is to target solo players?
submitted by Wafflenet to MobileLegendsGame [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 07:03 RevolutionaryClass19 Unable to play Rainbow Six Siege on Linux/Steamdeck with Proton

Unable to play Rainbow Six Siege on Linux/Steamdeck with Proton
Please contribute here to show your support for Rainbow Six Siege Linux 🙏🏼. Ubi devs just keep ignoring this serious issue in Rainbow Six Siege since the your old discussion forum, there was almost 900+ report registered. But since Ubi ditched their discussion forum. Only way to report this to ubi is just contribute here..
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2023.06.01 07:03 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator FULL updated course And 3,000+ MORE FREE courses

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2023.06.01 07:00 Entire-Citron1093 Australian vs America/Canadian Gay Men

As a laid-back, masculine, bisexual man, I've noticed a disparity within the Australian gay/bisexual scene. The majority gays lean more towards feminine persona, also generally unattractive. Sure there's guys who have ribbed abs and good bodies, but they're generally feminine with ugly personalities. My experiences in Melbourne, Sydney, and various parts of Queensland, have enhanced this perception, rarely find any masculine guys. When I do find guys my type, they tend to be homophobic and end up dating chicks.
Conversely, during my visits to the United States and Canada, I encountered a larger proportion of masculine, attractive gay men. Besides their appealing aesthetics, they also tended to be overall chill dudes. I enjoy having my Tinder settings on America/Canada as its much more enjoyable. What sucks? It's not realistic flirting with a dude on the other side of the globe.
I believe this lack of masculine gays is a result of social stigmas. Growing up at a only boys school, everyone was very homophoic. Then when dudes come outs or gay pride events, it's always the most extreme version of being gay (i.e., rainbows, dildos strapped to them, leather sex suits, furries ect). I feel as there's scares of masculien gay dudes and end up just staying which chicks as it's easier. That's how I'm feeling currently.
This difference is somewhat disappointing, as I want to find a partner whose characteristics mirror my own (i.e., I'm attracted to fit masc guys). I'm curious if others have faced a similar situation.
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2023.06.01 07:00 LiveRadar /r/WiiU's Monthly Question Thread (All Questions & New User Posts Here!) - June 01, 2023

/WiiU's Monthly Question Thread

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Monthly Question Thread, a place where all of your Wii U-related questions can be asked and answered in. Besides questions, feel free to post your unboxing videos and pictures here, so that way it doesn't back up the main subreddit page.

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Games recommendation for Wii U, eShop and Wii - In there you'll be able to find many great titles recommended by the community themselves. Also includes what type of genre, the amount of players and if OFF-TV is supported. We also have game recommendation threads created by Chronus13 every week. They cover a wider selection of AAA-games to indie games. You can check them out here!
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2023.06.01 06:56 AdAggravating7786 +#+123Movies! Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Full Movie Online Free On Reddit

🔴Watch LINK >>> Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Full Movie Online

🔴Download LINK >>> Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Online free

After reuniting with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales — Brooklyn's full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man — is catapulted across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. But when the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles finds himself pitted against the other Spiders and must redefine what it means to be a hero so he can save the people he loves most.
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Stars: Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Johnson, Oscar Isaac, Issa Rae
Director: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Avi Arad, Mary Hidalgo, Christina Steinberg
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