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Eastern Wisdom, Southern Hospitality — a 15 Minute Review

2023.06.09 06:50 cannons_for_days Eastern Wisdom, Southern Hospitality — a 15 Minute Review

TL;DR — Should I Pull?

New Players

Neither of these banners are better for a new player than Matriarch/Roc or Liz/Jo. I recommend new players skip these. If you already have Matriarch and Liz but you didn't get Jo whilst pulling for Liz, then pulling for Gustave and Kat might be a good use of jewels, but I think I still recommend waiting a week to see what's next before investing in that.


Is... is that an average of two party heals per turn on Kat? 👀
Sorry! Sorry. I just got distracted by pink samurai healer girl. (Man, that checks so many boxes for me. 😆)
Probably the most noteworthy unit here is Goddess. Being able to shut down all shadow damage the enemies deal for 15 turns is basically a cheat code for certain content. Orlouge is pretty whatever for veterans, but Monika has some support things she can do and she bulks up to very defensive numbers so while she doesn't dispense Polka-levels of party heals or Matriarch-levels of stat buffs, she's an excellent supplement to either of those who doesn't require special attention to keep in the fight.
On the other hand, we have Kat and Gustave. Kat can reduce Skill damage to the party in the same way that Tsubaki and Gustave can reduce Spell damage, and that's not a small thing. Gustave, meanwhile, can dispense damage boosts and damage mitigation to the party while also acting as a BP support. So there's unique stuff on this banner, too.
Broadly speaking, I think I would recommend a skip if you aren't flush with jewels. Goddess is good, no question, but she's not really worth chasing on her own merits, and Monika's good but she's not great unless you have her previous bow style to inherit that S3 onto. If you have a good amount of jewels to spend but you don't feel like you can do pulls on both banners, then it depends on who you have inherits for. I can recommend Kat/Gustave's banner if you have the previous Spellbreaker Gustave style. I can recommend Goddess's banner if you have the previous Music Fest Goddess style and the previous Kids' week Monika style.
If you have all three of those styles and you can't afford to pull on both banners... I'm sorry. I would probably lean towards Goddess's banner just because damage immunity is so strong when it works.

Samurai Jack Kat — Romancing Festival Limited Banner


Unit Summary

Kat can reduce skill damage to the party and heal them at the same time. And then she will heal them some more.

Unit Analysis

Well, it's not Pierce/Cold switch, but it'll do.
So the main deal here is Ice Fog Sword Ballet, which deals B-rank pierce and cold damage and then grants the whole party a defensive stance that reduces skill damage taken by 35% for 3 turns. Skill damage reduction is arguably not as important as the spell damage reduction that Tsubaki and Gustave can bring to bear, but there's undeniably a lot of skill damage out there for bosses to dish out, and Kat is the only source of this particular buff. Because of her Abundance Switch, she gains +2 BP and heals the entire party for a tiny amount when she does this. So even though it's a 10 BP skill, she can rotate it with her normal attack or her S1 quite easily and still dish out some heals for the party.
In fact, if she happens to hit a weakness, she gets +1 BP from that, so it's actually not implausible to be able to use her S2 a bit during her S3 rotation with her normal attacks if the enemy is pierce weak.
Why would you want to do that? Well, her S2 (Ice Impact) is a 7 BP C-rank AoE that deals pierce and cold damage, so it triggers that +2 BP and party-wide heal. Oh, and it has a 50/50 chance to hit twice, so it can actually deal decent amounts of damage for the BP cost. Oh, and it heals the party on each hit. So if Ice Impact gets 2 hits, she heals the party three times that turn.
Now, Kat's mitigation is contingent on being able to resist the enemy's attacks, so depending on the enemy in question she may be competing for equipment that you can't spare for her, which is unfortunate. And her damage output is mediocre compared to the likes of Goddess who's spamming a similar power skill as Kat but with significantly better damage boosts. But she still compares favorably to a lot of other styles that bring damage mitigation and/or healing for the party if you assume all of her stuff works. She's just a bit more conditional than a style like Final Empress or Macha.


Kat has a lot of styles, but since this style relies so heavily on dealing either pierce damage or cold damage, not many of them have skills that are worth inheriting.
The only one I'm going to point out here is Glacial Sword, available on a couple of styles but most notably on Kat's second plat SS style (SS [The Real Reason] style), as that one is available from the Training Cave Ore exchange. Glacial Sword is 2 BP and deals cold damage, so it can trigger the party-wide heal and still net some BP recovery for the turn. It doesn't trigger the +2 BP from pierce damage, so it's either +1 BP for the turn if it doesn't hit a weakness or +2 if it does hit a weakness, which makes it a little weak as an option to rotate with Ice Fog Sword Ballet, but it's definitely useful to have the party heal on demand in the event that you need healing the turn after using the skill defense stance.
Or if you'd prefer, you can actually just spam Ice Impact and Glacial Sword to deal decentish damage and churn out a lot of party heals. Kat averages about two heals per turn this way if Glacial Sword hits a weakness, and with Glacial Sword amplified you're dealing at least C-rank damage every turn, which does actually help a bit as people who've been using Esper Girl can attest. This healing isn't quite as good as Thyme can manage with support from Emelia or as good as Chef Polka can accomplish with the Still Blade Phoenix inherit, but it is the strongest party-heal setup that guaratnees at least some healing every turn, which may be appealing in some content.


Unit Summary

Attack boosts and defense boosts galore.

Unit Analysis

Where to start?
Well, first thing's first: bringing Gustave grants everyone in the party a 15% damage boost. Just for being on Gustave's team and not being KO'd. Well, OK, actually no one can be KO'd if you want the damage boost, but generally speaking you don't want your units just eating dirt anyway, so that's not a huge restriction.
His Let's Paint skill then grants the party a small Attack Boost and small Defense Boost for 4 turns. Let's Paint is 8 BP and Gustave gets 4 BP back every turn, so it's trivial to keep those boosts up. But wait! There's more! Let's Paint is a charge skill, locking Gustave into doing nothing the next turn and then using Pigeon Whistle the turn after that. Pigeon Whistle grants Gustave +2 BP and then grants the whole party a very large Morale Up and a medium Guard Up for 2 turns. Obviously you can't sustain that (because the Let's Paint cycle spends two turns waiting to get back to Pigeon Whistle), but they'll stack with those 4 turn boosts, giving the party pretty substantial boosts for 2 turns out of every 3 if you want to spam this cycle.
If you would prefer to spend that bonus BP, Gustave has Fighter Special, a 12 BP SSS attack (it's actually high on the SSS-scale, so it's not actually decent damage for 12 BP) which gratns Gus a very large Guard Up for 5 turns. With High Protect Tension, that Guard Up actually makes Gus pretty dang tough for a while. Or Gus has inherits. See below.
And if you want, there's also Sunder, an A-rank attack for 3 BP. This isn't the absolute strongest attack in the game that is also BP-positive, mostly because Gustave's damage boosts are not that great unless you're still inside the Paint cycle, but it's way up there.


The most interesting thing you can do with this Gus inherit-wise is actually to inherit Let's Paint to a different style. [The Fated Hour Comes] Gustave trades Offensive Union for Scrum Guard, which is 20% damage mitigation instead of 15% damage boosts. Both shut off if someone gets KO'd, but it's not that hard to argue that the 20% damage mitigation is a bigger deal than the 15% damage boost. Scrum Guard Gus needs to land hits to gain +1 BP/turn, unlike Ocarina of Steel, but the +2 BP per activation of Pigeon Whistle can help offset that. So while you may end up spending nearly all of your time making sure that whistle cycle is up, it's a lot of party mitigation while it's up.
If you're set on keeping ArtsAndCrafstave in play, you can inherit Triple Crush from UDX Gustave 2.0. Triple Crush is Double Crush but Triple. It's 3 A hits for 13 BP, so it is an excellent BP dump.
Or if you would prefer to lean into Gus's damage boosting capabilities, you can inherit Brave Impact from Gusv7, which is 12 BP for an SSS attack that, instead of granting himself a Guard Up, grants bonus G. Sword damage to the party. G. Sword styles are not the heaviest damage dealers in the game, but it's certainly an interesting thought to try to turn a team of G. Sword attackers like Laura, Fancy Lass, Iskandar, and Gutave into a damage-boost steamroller.


Unit Summary

All-in slash farmer.

Unit Analysis

Noel gets a lot of damage bonuses on turn 1. Like, Souji levels of damage bonus. If you use Maple Storm, he actually peaks higher than that on turn 1. He deals recoil damage to himself, and all his BP generation is concentrated into the first 5 turns of battle, so you probably don't want to bring him to boss battles, but in short battles he truly brings the thunder, with Maple Storm dropping a train on a single enemy or Burst Blade being a strong [Fast] AoE for a kinda-spammable attack.
Where Noel falls short is that on turn 2, he loses 30% of his damage boost, and in fact takes a damage mitigation penalty, taking and extra 15% damage on even turns. Which is really, really weird for a character who has 8 BP attacks and generates enough bonus BP to use those 8 BP attacks on turns 1 and 2 back to back. You would think you would want him to burn out quickly rather than bounce back and forth between strong and weak turns. But, hey, it is what it is.


Christmas Noel has a strong row attack in Twilight Flash, which you can utilize with his early game BP generation and odd-turns peaks to get a strong row attack on turns 1 and 3. It's [Fast], so it actually contends with Gray's charge attack for 1/3 row farming. His skill has a somewhat lower power than Gray's, but he gets much higher damage modifiers on the odd turns, so the damage is likely pretty comparable between the two for most situations.

The Most Powerful SaGa Beings... and Orlouge — Romancing Festival Limited Banner

(I kid. Obviously Monika transcends SaGa and is the most powerful being in the universe. Why else would she have gotten all the buffs on this banner?)


Unit Summary

Trivializes content that deals significant shadow damage. And looks good doing it.

Unit Analysis

Light of Dawn is the main attraction here. The Goddess's Light costs 9 BP/1 LP and grants the party complete immunity to shadow damage for the next three turns, granting them a smol heal at the end of each of those turns to boot. Goddess gains +1 BP/turn, so it is trivial to maintain that buff until she is out of LP 15 turns later. Now, sure, once she's out of LP, she's not going to be doing nearly as much for the party, but fifteen turns of every-turn healing and negating a good chunk (if not all) of the enemy's damage is way more than you need when you're fighting any enemy that isn't named "Egg."
While she's building her BP back up for the Light, you will probably be spamming Burning Star, a 1 BP INT-based skill that deals C-rank sun/heat damage. It's only C-rank damage, sure, but it's BP-positive, and with Goddess's 70% passive damage boosts and stacking medium INT buff every turn, it's actually going to be dealing a solid amount of damage for a support unit.


The big one is Heavenly Melody. From her Music Festival style, Melody is 10 BP, so it really does compete BP-for-BP with Light of Dawn, but it's also doing a lot so there may be situations where you may want to intersperse this with the Light. Its damage is just B-rank sun AoE, but it inflicts a small Morale Down on all the enemies it hits for 3 turns and it grants the party a small Guard Up for 3 turns regardless of whether it hits. So while it won't fully stack with the likes of Gustave's Pigeon Whistle or Aisha's Earth Thrust , it does a lot of work to reduce incoming damage for 3 turns if you haven't brought other Morale Down or Guard Up units.
Masamune+ from her original SS style is a B-rank slash/heat INT-based attack for 4 BP, which Goddess can spam forever for slightly better damage than Burning Star. You'd really only do this once you're out of LP, but it does improve her damage output once that has happened.
Alternately, if you'd rather keep using Burning Star and drop nukes once you've built up BP, her OG style also has Purging Light, which is SSS sun/heat damage for 10 BP. It's a little low on the SSS scale, but, again, it does improve her damage output once she's out of LP as opposed to just spamming Burning Star.


Unit Summary

Everything bagel ailment jammer.

Unit Analysis

I don't have a ton here to say. Drop from the Depths is a 10 BP AoE spell that just throws the whole kitchen sink of ailments at the enemy. Poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, and charm, all at once. The way ailments work in this game, you will never see more than two of those on a single enemy at once, and one of them will always be poison if there are two, but it can be... convenient that this one style does all of them in a single spell.
When he's not overcoming his analysis paralysis by "¿porque no los dos?"ing it, he rotates between Shadow Drop, a 0 BP shadow AoE spell, and Rose Petals, an 8 BP spell that deals SS shadow damage and grants him 1 stack of Damage Block. Unlike most characters with Damage Block, it is actually significant that this stack of Damage Block does not have a turn limit because Orlouge can randomly evade all attacks in a turn, which would preserve the Damage Block stack for a later turn. This is doubly important because Orlouge gets +3 bonus BP any turn where he doesn't take damage, so if he gets an evade turn, layers a stack of Damage Block on himself, and manages to get off another Rose Petals next turn, he's got a pretty good chance of also not taking any damage that turn for even more bonus BP.
It... it's fragile, but when it works, it does do cool things.


Well, if you just must have all the status ailments, Orlouge 2.0 has a single target Petrify (Mistress' Ice Prison) or AoE Stun (Purple Flames) you can inherit. Or he has Absorb from that style for a spammable small self-heal. (Remember, "small" self-heal actually means like 900+ HP at current stat values.)


Unit Summary

DEX buffehealeBow damage enabler.

Unit Analysis

Monika is trying to do a lot, here.
Firstly, she grants all Bow wielders a 15% damage bonus just for bringing a Bow to a S. Sword fight.
Secondly, she heats up to 80% damage bonus over the first 5 turns of battle. So she's trying to bring the damage. And actually, every single skill she has will buff at the very least her DEX. Whether it's the 0 BP DEX buff attack on Focus Fire, the party-wide DEX buff for 5 BP in Dancing Arrows, or the combination DEX buff/heal on Arrow Bloom, she's going to have her DEX buffed. So she actually does deal pretty serious damage once she's heated up.
Oh, did I mention that the heal on Arrow Bloom is "small" rank? So it's 1k like Still Blade Phoenix, not 200 like Kat's little heals.
Now, that's good because it's a 13 BP skill. Which, honestly, it needs to be because it's a party DEX buff, a small heal, and it's an SSSS attack. But Monika gets +2 BP when she hits a weakness, so she can actually rotate that at not-painfully-slow rates if the enmy is pierce weak.
She's juggling a lot of stuff, is what I'm trying to say. And she kind of can actually get all of it done.


Back-inheriting Arrow Bloom to her baby style can potentially let her unleash the giant attac-plus-heal more frequently because that style can gain +3 BP when she gets hit. It's only a 25% chance per hit, but if the enemy is dishing out a lot of weak attacks, it can wind up being a lot of BP recovery over a long battle.
Back-inheriting Arrow Bloom to one of her S. Sword styles can also be useful for Remembrance battle purposes. Just as a thought.
Oh, wait, inherits this style wants? Oh. Uh, interesting. Maybe?
Gift Prick from the style that was on Liam's banner is a 2 BP attack with a small-rank self heal. Using that hurts the damage output of this style (misses a DEX buff) and makes BP cycling Dancing Arrow or Arrow Bloom harder (costs 2 BP instead of 0 BP), but it goes a long way to making this style harder to KO.
Present of Pleasure from... also that style... is a party CHA buff, Morale Up, tiny heal, and +1 BP recovery. It costs 7 BP/1 LP, so it's a very limited use skill, but the BP support angle of it can be useful for a style you are already bringing for DEX/heal support.
Pure Flower from the kiddo style is a 3 BP/1 LP heal with a little attack boost on heal. Nothing huge, but handy to have.
And that's kind of it. Monika has a ton of styles that you could inherit stuff from, but the fact that most of them are S. Sword skills means that they miss out on part of Monika's innate damage bonuses, and many of them will rotate awkwardly with the +2 BP/turn in the first place, making Arrow Bloom look better in comparison.
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2023.06.09 06:39 miketaylor357 For honor warden dnd stats

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2023.06.09 06:37 jy02521671 all Mythic path experiences

I just played through all mythic paths over the last 3 months including DLCs. The story is so rich, have to say I genuinely had a good time. For me, some mythic paths play throughs are more enjoyable than the others, here are my experiences with each mythic path, my preferred class, and my epic moments:
Trickster - Gendarme
Mechanics - Perception2 increase critical multiplier, Trick Fate guarantees all attacks hit and crit (dualwield can achieve up to 10 crits in a row). On top of Gendarme's x3 x2 charge damage multiplier. World3 gives any feats you want, Persuasion3 makes enemies kill themselves, Magic Device3 makes metamagic rods infinite use. Nature3 can give unique items otherwise unobtainable any other way. Mechanically trickster can do anything and everything.
Disadvantage - None, Trickster is just too good.
Epic Moment - 1 round KO Deskari on unfair.
Demon - Kineticist
Mechanics - Demon Rage Kalavakus Aspect gives a free weapon hit on each CMB check. Kineticist has push/bowling infusion to trigger CMB checks on AOE attacks. Demon story gets to usurp Nocticula's city if so choose.
Disadvantage - Story is heavily skewed towards an evil Demon, even if you pick all the good choices in the game, Arueshalae still leaves you.
Epic Moment - Unfair Nahyndri is the hardest boss in the game, and Kineticist can just solo him. Also watching enemies walk into my AOE, get pushed away, then walk back in… again and again, while sipping on my tea and not having to control anything… is very amusing.
Swarm That Walks - Oracle Seeker
Mechanics - Swarm Clone copies your ability and spells, max 3 clones at mythic 9. Insane melee attack range if you are willing to grind up your Swarm Size. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook, Oracle offers Angel spellbook merge + pet progression, pet stays after your companions leave.
Disadvantage - no companions/mercenaries. Story is bare minimum, no ascension ending. No research in crusader mode, so Act 5 research items are inaccessible. No base building, no teleport around the map, meaning you have to waste time walking everywhere and get into random fights. No generals to lead your armies, so crusader mode becomes a dry and stale experience.
Epic Moment - the sheer quantity of attacks of opportunities when I can melee punch enemies from 2 screens away.
Angel - Shadow Shaman
Mechanics - Angel spells focus on buffs, and in this game pre-buffing before fights is overpowered. Can merge spell book, mostly buff spells plus irresistible damage spell Storm of Justice. Shadow Shamon can merge and offers pet + sneak attacks.
Disadvantage - Story is pretty good, but needs to read a guide on it first otherwise very easy to miss characters/items.
Epic Moment - >! Iomadae came down and invited me to heaven !< , then I refused her like a boss!
Lich - Sylvan Sorcerer
Mechanics - Can raise dead NPCs as minions/companions. No limit to the number raised, can trivialise boss fights. Lich ignores Constitution damage. Vampiric Blade gives lifesteal on weapon hits. Can merge spell books. Overall has a good blend of buffs, debuffs, and damage spells. Sylvan Sorcerer can merge with lich spellbook and offers a pet.
Disadvantage - no real way to avoid the atrocities in act 5. Seela will leave you. Repurpose is glitchy, best not to use on important NPCs. Undead companions don't talk much.
Epic Moment - Walking around with balor bodyguards as if I'm someone important. The story is alright, was a little surprised when >! the crusade turned on me on the ending slides !<
Aeon - Divine Hound
Mechanics - Aeon Bane is a weapon buff that dispells enemy buffs on hit. Upon mythic level 6 all summoned units/pet get Aeon Bane. Divine Hound offers pet and free teamwork feats for your pet. Theoretically you can also spell summon nature allies to make full use of Aeon Bane. Edict of Invulnerability gives temporary physical immune. True Form can give massive stats buff. Interesting unique story with time travel.
Disadvantage - Spell summoned units can not be directly controlled and they require finicky maneuvering/positioning. Aeon Gaze requires manual activation every fight, it can get annoying. True Form can not be metamagic extended, there are ways to make it 24 hours, but takes a lot of work, and you only get 2 casts of it. Aeon ending is sad, makes you question why did you bother spending the last 100 hours to achieve a nothing ending.
Epic Moment - that one time I buffed to 80+ in all stats.
Azata - Overwhelming Mage
Mechanics - Overwhelming Mage gives +4 spell pen +3DC and is a Charisma caster, aligns with Life-bonding friendship. Favourable Magic gives your spell DC check roll twice. Zippy Magic makes your hideous laughtephantasmal killer jump to another enemy. The story revolves a lot around the dragon pet Aivu.
Disadvantage - Caster build falls off at higher difficulties. The DC just can't scale high enough to be relevant.
Epic Moment - meeting Arueshalae's ex in Act4 was pretty savage.
Devil - Crossblooded
Mechanics - Crossblooded can choose 2 draconic bloodlines with fire damage boost. Devil mythic 9 gets infinite hellfire ray, can set it to auto cast. Only Azata and Aeon can become devil. Keeps previous mythic spells. Azata keeps Superpowers and Aeon keeps Aeon Bane.
Disadvantage - Infinite hellfire ray can not be metamagic boosted, which limits scaling potential. Story is OK, playing politics with Chilax, but for an evil character you never feel powerful, ending is mediocre. Can not recruit Galfrey.
Epic Moment - Decree of Never-ending War doesn't have mind-affecting descriptor… then I used it on mind-affecting immune enemies and it worked!
Legend - Fighter + Knife Master
Mechanics - Max level to 40, but per class is still capped at 20. BAB bonuses stack between classes, can achieve 10+ weapon hits in 1 round. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Fighter is a given with the weapon training, and Knife Master offers 10d8 sneak attacks. Can also keep Trickster critical feats after turning Legend.
Disadvantage - no ascension ending. CL does not stack between classes, heavily skewed towards a weapon based build, as you can achieve 40BAB versus 28CL if you are going caster build. If legend offers 40 CL, it would put casters on the same level playing field.
Epic Moment - Giving away mythic powers, then regretting the fact that I could have ascended to godhood had I made different choices.
Gold Dragon - Oracle
Mechanics - 3 dragon feats can choose from any non-mythic feats. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Uplift your BAB to 25. Oracle/Loremaster can merge and keep Angel spells, then the weak BAB gets uplifted at Mythic 9. Ideally at character creation you want to dump all other stats and pump one stat to 22, so at Mythic 9 all your other stats get uplifted to 18, and your one highest stat gets further +8.
Disadvantage - Dragon Breath is underwhelming, your weapon attacks do more damage. Requires a lot of planning ahead, once you become Gold Dragon, you can't respec otherwise you lose your merged Angel/Lich spells. The story is lackluster, no meaningful difference between corrupted and uncorrupted Dragon, Dragon ending is also mediocre.
Epic Moment - Finding out that there is a unique dialogue to stop Arueshalae from leaving by reforming from Demon to Gold Dragon… experienced that redemption moment… then promptly reloaded to continue Demon…
So that's my experience, comment below what is your Path/Build and your Epic Moment?
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2023.06.09 06:23 Competitive_Bid7071 If you guys were apart of the Lucas Film Story/Continuity Group how would you handle the Decline & “Fall” of the Galactic Empire after The Battle of Endor?

First of all hello everyone! I’m new here so excuse me if I make some sort of mistake or accidentally cause drama in some sort of way, because honestly that often happens with me even if I don’t intend on doing it myself at all lol, anyway I was curious about how you guys would have handled the fall of the Decline & “Fall” of the Empire Story-wise if you guys were apart of the Continuity/story group at Lucas Film. Personally as a geek & guy who loves history I’d honestly be really excited and have a few ideas for how I’d want things to go. Anyways…. Here’s my basic bullet points for how I’d want to handle this subject in a way that is unique yet mirrors real world history to an extent.
Personally I kinda feel the Empires fall was a bit too quick personally speaking based on the current canon. Originally the conflict lasted for another 15 years after Darth Vader & Palpatine were killed in the second Death Star. While the Rebel Alliance (Now the New Republic) continued to capture important worlds such as Coruscant, they still knew they were outnumbered due to how large the Imperial army & Navy were. So they basically just sat back and watched as the remnants of the Empire lead by high ranking officials or Governor’s kill each other over what they should control due to the power vacuum left behind. I mean two imperial Grand Admiral’s literally killed each other over who should control the correlian sector for gods sake lol.
When the time was right, The New Republic did more devastating strikes against the Empire causing them even more devastating losses & damage, until Grand Admiral Thrawn Came back & reunified the remaining imperial world’s & military under his command where they then actually made scarily good progress against the new republic until he was assassinated. After that the war continued until The Galactic Concordance (also formerly known as the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty) was signed which basically formed the imperial remnant afterwards albeit as a rump state.
Whereas in the modern canon the Empire falls in only a YEAR after Endor, that feels way too quick & unrealistically personally speaking when we look at real world empires throughout history, I mean The British & Roman Empires Took hundreds of years until they finally fell, but for the empire to fall this quickly it just seems unbelievable. So this is how I’d change things to make it more realistic & closer to real how real history goes when an empire or authoritarian regime crumbles:
Anyways… what do you guys think of my ideas? Would you like to hear how I’d handle the origins of The First Order? I’d love to hear what you guys would add or change if you’d like to discuss this topic.
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2023.06.09 06:19 LeRoienJaune 1945: Gott bestraft Deutschland- the Allies fully commit to the most radical version of the Morgenthau plan, reducing all of Germany to an agrarian state.

OTL 1945: The Morgenthau plan is leaked and abandoned by the US as it becomes a rallying point for Nazi propaganda.
ATL: Germany is divided into five separate nations: Prussia (soviet hegemony), Saxony (Soviet), Hanoveria (British), Hesse (American), and Bavaria (French). Frisia is given to the Netherlands, Holstein to Denmark, Franconia/ Saarland to France, with mass deportation of ethnic germans from all three regions. There is the summary execution of the highest ranking 100,000 members of the NSDAP party. And Germany is systematically de-industrialized, with every factory demolished and de-constructed. Between the years of 1945-1965, fully 25 million Germans will die from the famines and hunger. With the additional mass emigration of Germans to America and South American countries, the former German states are left as impoverished and desolate shadows of the former Germany. All of these German nations remain under Allied military occupation and administration until at least 1949; new German governments aren't even considered until 1950.
What are the long term consequences for European history for Germany being ripped apart and de-industrialized, with substantial and vengeful land seizures to Germany's neighbors? What does the modern German region look like?
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2023.06.09 06:18 ellieisherenow Persona 3: Reloaded: One in the Chamber: Special Edition: Dog Days: Eternal

Just wanted to talk about some revelations I got from the trailer.
First, there is no indication one way or another whether we’re getting FeMC or The Answer and we should wait for more information before talking about it like we have any idea. FeMC would probably be DLC if it does come about.
Second, the character models are NOT the dancing models. This is apparent within 10 seconds of the trailer, with Aigis’s model sporting a rounder face, more circular eyes and a heavily modified headband. These models are either entirely new or heavily modified from the dancing games.
On from that though, I think the game is pretty unfinished in its current state. Major work has gone into overhauling the design of Tartarus (the trailer heavily features a Tziah block with added environmental elements such as pillars and bridges) but the main areas sport extreme lighting, model and texture issues. The dorm in particular exhibits an extremely flat design that looks very placeholder-y. The cooking scene with Yukari looks like they ripped the original dorm’s geometry, hastily retextured the glaring elements and modeled the table.
Speaking of which, I think that cooking scene is new, so we possibly have a new minigame. Although its possible this is just a scene in the game I missed, as the Yukari sprite was edited to have an apron.
Moving on I don’t have much to say about the mall area, but the ramen shop scene with Kenji is high quality. Which, by the way, unless the Kenji scene is placeholder or they rearranged the social links, no male party member links.
Upon entering the police station a dynamic menu drops down, showing us that the revolver theme isn’t completely gone (more on that later) and giving us a tease as to what the game is going for stylistically, being a mix of P5’s stylish menus and P3’s practicality, but more leaning towards the style.
Now the battle UI is… interesting to say the least. They removed the revolver menus for P5’s button assignments and have this weird shadow highlighting the character being engaged. This is where the game goes too far in my opinion, it does not fit the game’s style in the slightest. While I understand the grungy aesthetic of the original’s was mostly due to necessity, this move to sheer cleanliness is not working for me.
Now for the pause menu, which I’m really focused on right now. It is, to say the least, immaculately detailed. I love every second of it. It is also really weird thematically, it seems the game and its designers really want to capture Aigis as the deuteragonist, with this menu being a direct callback to the ocean meeting at the beginning of the trailer. It also has ties to portrayals of depression that revolve around drowning. I have my gripes with it, but in the end if this is what they go for here I’ll be happy.
We do get a glimpse of the velvet room with its cool card parallax effect which, while not technically impressive, is a nice visual effect. Then we get a shot of the protag during the opening awakening scene. This is a direct acknowledgement that we probably aren’t getting remade FMVs, but rather new in-engine motion capture scenes. I am personally extremely happy with this decision, though I imagine it will be divisive.
After this we don’t really get anything new. The lighting effects in the aforementioned cutscene upon Orpheus’s entrance are honestly stunning in my opinion, and we see the ‘Weak’ effect on an enemy. Then we see the logo from a swarm of blocks and the approximate release date.
I don’t have much to add here at the end, but what are your thoughts? I am extremely hyped, as this is my favorite game in the series, but it has glaring issues I think a remake could iron out almost completely.
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2023.06.09 06:12 DauntlessAkagi [Excerpt: Various] Macragge is actually the most vulnerable Space Marine Homeworld in a way

On paper it really does seem like Macragge is the one of the most heavily defended planets in the Imperium. It lies in the heart of Ultramar and any invading force has to go through the Ultramar Auxilia, Ultramar Defense fleet and 10 Ultramarine Successor Chapters permanently assigned to guard Ultramar. However it has one liability that may not be so obvious:
A massive civilian population
Macragge is the political, economic and financial heart of the 500 Worlds and as such, not only has a population in the tens (if not hundreds) of billions but it also has a similar number of induviduals constantly transiting through the planet at all times.
This makes this planet extremely vulnerable to infiltration by more subtle enemies: Chaos cults, Genestealers, Alpha Legion agents, Tau spies or even agents sent by the High Lords/Inquisition.
An Imperial Fist best describes this weakness here:
"Macragge is a capital world, sir, and this port is its great harbour. Macragge rules an empire of five hundred worlds, sir – the realm of Ultramar. It may even come to rule over the Imperium. It has a port that reflects that role, a port built for trade and commerce, a port built to serve the mercantile needs of peace. Yes, you have fortified it. But it is still not secure. It may withstand an assault, but can it filter out the illegal entry of our enemies? I believe it is reasonable to expect that those killers who meant to take the life of your primarch are not the only intruders currently here on Macragge.”
- From: Unremembered Empire
The biggest evidence of this vulnerability was the detonation of a nuclear device on one of Macragge's orbital landing platforms during the Iron Warrior Invasion of Ultramar. Although they never managed to actually get to the planet itself, Honsou was able to smuggle two atomic weapons onto the Ultramarine Homeworld. One of them was detected and neutralized by an Ultramarine scout team but the other one was succesfully detonated:
The platforms were thick with shouting voices, machine noise and hot fumes. Orbit-capable ships came and went in rigorously controlled schedules, and the backwash of atmospheric jets filled the air with light and noise. A pair of translifters from the Helion demi-plate were one platform over, offloading a host of blinking pilgrims. Other ships were spread further afield, bringing yet more pilgrims, workers and hopeful aspirants to Macragge.
A second later, he was proved right as a blinding flash threw Telion’s shadow out before him. He shielded his eyes and turned to see a miniature mushroom cloud of detonation claw its way into the horizon.
‘One of the littoral platforms,’ said Kaetan.
- From: Torias Telion: The Eye of Vengeance
Another thing to consider is the fact that Macragge has to take in a large amount of refugees during active conflicts in Ultramar as many civilians in the 500 Worlds instinctively flee towards what they consider to be the safest place in the segmentum when their worlds are under attack. This results in a lot of security and administrative resources being devoted to processing these induviduals before they are allowed on the planets. This also leads to overcrowding as well as the potential spread of disease and unrest among the orbital stations over Macragge.
This was most evident in the wake of the Shadow Crusade where a significant chunk of Ultramar was destroyed by the World Eaters/Word Bearers invasion and Macragge was swamped with refugees:
The immigration halls of the Helion orbital plate were vast, but now they were overcrowded and had begun to smell. Helion was the outermost grav-adjusted hard anchorage circling Macragge, and the largest and oldest of all the capital world’s orbital plates. Battleships, bulk carriers, barges and gross tenders clung to the edges of it like piglets to a sow’s teats.
He could smell the stale odours of his own body, and the reek of the hall around them. There was crying and wailing everywhere, echoed by the orbital’s unforgiving acoustics.
‘What is Guilliman thinking?’ asked old Habbard. He coughed, shaking his head. ‘I thought he was a kind king, a noble man. But he keeps us penned like animals.’
‘I thought he was a warrior,’ grumbled the sulking youth, Tulik. ‘Some warrior. He let Calth get scoured to ashes.’
‘Come on, hush, all of you,’ John said. ‘We’ve all been through hard times. Our beloved primarch… and let’s be respectful, shall we, old man?’ John looked at Habbard, who shrugged and nodded in apologetic agreement.
- From: Unremembered Empire
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2023.06.09 06:04 DrHerb98 Lonesome Sundown (1969) Excello Records

Lonesome Sundown (1969) Excello Records
This is a very underrated album. A lot of great songs here and is a great addition to any blues collection. He’s slightly reminiscent of his fellow Excello artist Slim Harpo
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2023.06.09 06:03 Objective_Campaign82 Sins of the Father Ch36 (Hellworlder pirates 2)

Standing and moving still brought the Arbiter a lot of pain. But the Law’s grim enforcer couldn’t let anyone see that weakness. Especially not with the pirate before them and the very same assassin who had nearly killed them weeks before beneath that pirate’s foot.
The Arbiter had only just been cleared for light duty and decided to spend that time with the Officers in charge of watching the pirates Demon ship. They weren’t ADCU since those officers couldn’t be wasted on a simple stakeout. The Arbiter however had been assured the Officers in charge there were the best they had. But not two minutes within the stakeout tent the Arbiter had learned that the pirate Captain had slipped past the officers assigned to tail her. And more disturbingly that every pirate who left the Astaroth had slipped their tails with disdainful ease.
The utter lack of concern had further stoked their fury. According to the officer on duty every pirate that left eventually made a mess of something and stirred up a minor disturbance. And that only a few that left were unaccounted for. 
The complete lack of awareness for how shady and suspicious all that should have sounded baffled the Arbiter’s mind. They knew crime and violence didn’t come so naturally to other species as it did for the Arbiter’s human mind. But the failure to make such a basic connection that the pirates were creating distractions so that other pirates could do their work covertly, screamed at incompetence.
That led to the Arbiter learning that all the officers in charge of the overwatch operation were actually low level beat cops and file clerks. Looking into the system used to select these officers the Arbiter learned that they weren’t just incompetent, but so incompetent that the staggering number of negative reports had confused the filing system and had placed them into the highest bracket of trusted officers. The system was made to calculate negative values but couldn’t properly place such incompetent people into their proper bracket because there wasn’t a bracket appropriately low enough to place them into. So instead it simply went past the lowest level and placed them into the highest level.
And of course such poor officers couldn’t simply be fired because the officers workers union would make a fuss. Which meant the SS couldn’t replace these idiots with any slightly more intelligent sapients.
The bureaucratic idiocy was so infuriating that the Arbiter had lashed out at a nearby pole before they could think better of it. The pole snapped at the impact, fell over, and collapsed half the tent with it.
After that little outburst the Arbiter decided to take a walk and calm down. Only to stumble upon the missing pirate captain locked in a life-or-death battle with the very same assassin who had ambushed them just weeks before.
The Arbiter hadn’t been there for the start of the fight, but simple deduction was enough to reason that the assassin had likely initiated the conflict. They had mentioned Astarte’s name on the night of the attack. And the Pirate had no reason to seek out and attack the assassin.
During that fight The Arbiter had barely survived their encounter with the assassin. The assassin’s prosthetic modifications presented a gap in power that the Arbiter just couldn’t bridge. But despite fighting what should have been a one sided battle, the pirate was doing surprisingly well. In fact if the Arbiter was any judge, Astarte seemed to have a slight advantage.
Not in speed, power, or endurance. The assassin’s mechanical body was simply too powerful for a human to matchup. But in skill Astarte out matched the mechanical assassin.
Astarte dodged and weaved without effortless ease, getting past the assassin’s guard to strike at their, or her, mechanical body. If the assassin hadn’t been a machine then Astarte would have won by now, even with the gap in power.
Rachel felt slightly ashamed at her own poor showing against the assassin when compared to Astarte’s fight. The shame then quickly burned into anger as the Arbiter gripped the rifle at their side and pulled it out to try and shoot the assassin. Unlike the Arbiter had been that night, Astarte was wearing that ridiculous dark red armor and had a sword like she was some sort of space samurai. The Arbiter had done well that night, and their lack of superior weaponry had been their only flaw. One that had been amended with the addition of a more powerful pulse rifle.
They tried to line up a shot on the assassin that wouldn’t hit Astarte, when Astarte began to speak. “You wanna know the funny part. Greyson didn’t even care that you were gone.”
Wait, did these two share a past. The Arbiter guessed that old saying about birds of a feather was true. Who was Greyson? Some sort of man they had both known?
“Didn’t even question me about. Just said ‘Zera’s gone, now you will guard my back’” the pirate continued. “Then not even a week later I was second in command and got to sleep in his comfy bed.” The pirate gave her attacker a sloppy lascivious grin.
“And then you killed him like the deceptive whore you are!” the assassin spat, her attacks becoming sloppier with more openings.
Where these two quarreling over a man? The Arbiter felt bile rise into their throat. Two of the deadliest human women they had ever seen fighting over some man they had known. Pathetic. No man was worth that. Especially not whoever this Greyson bastard was given how quickly he had let the pirate into his bed after his first girlfriend disappeared.
Wait, Greyson, pirate, dead. Were they talking about the infamous human pirate, Byron Greyson? The one who had been a menace to the Femeri system, who was responsible for the disappearance of over thirty thousand humans and the deaths of many more? The one whose headless body had turned up one day aboard the drifting remains of the Black Saint? It couldn’t be, right?
But the rise of the Astaroth and Astarte had happened shortly before Greyson’s mysterious death. It seemed too coincidental.
“Of course I did, I refused to be the latest women he ruined and dumped into the gutter. Face it, your days were numbered. If it wasn’t me it would have been him.” The pirate said with a derisive sneer.
A bit callous and mercenary, but if they were discussing Greyson then likely not inaccurate.
The assassin however didn’t see that logic. “LIAR!” she screamed as she flew into a rage.
Then the Arbiter saw the reasoning behind Astarte’s taunts. This assassin was dangerously unhinged, and Astarte was using that to bait her into a trap.
The next sequence of attacks was too fast for the Arbiter to follow. A sword hilt to the face, followed by something launching out of the assassin’s arm. Then somehow Astarte had her other arm in her grip and flipped the assassin over a shoulder. With the assassin on the ground, Astarte quickly pressed one leg to their back, and with the arm in hand began to pull. The assassins sudden ultrasonic scream made the Arbiter vison darken at the edges, and maybe caused their ears to bleed a little.
Then the arm came out with a pop and the screaming stopped.
The pirate looked at the arm for a second, before lifting it above her head and swinging it down into the assassin’s head. The loud conk of metal on metal was enough to startle the Arbiter out of her awe and terror.
The barrel of their pulse cannon lifted up with Astarte centered in its sight “FREEZE!” the Arbiter roared with all their might.
Astarte paused mid swing, looked towards the Arbiter, and then raised both of her hands above her head. As well as the assassins severed arm. “It was self defense.” The pirate said quickly.
The Arbiter could have sworn they saw a flash of red. But it happened so fast that they weren’t sure if it was really there. And if it was then why would the pirates eye flash red?
The eye crossed by a gruesome scar. Did the pirate have a glass color changing eye?
No, her eyes were both clearly moving around and focusing on things like they should. Could it be cybernetic? Those were supposed to be impossible, too complicated to properly miniaturize with current technology.
It was something to investigate.
The Arbiter had been so focused on Astarte that they hadn’t been watching the assassin close enough. In a movement the Arbiter hadn’t seen the assassin threw Astarte off her back before popping up to her feet. Astarte went down onto the ground and the assassin lurched forward to attack her downed foe. But before she could reach the pirate three quick blasts from the Arbiters rifle stopped her in her tracks.
One had winged her side, another went wide. But the third had caught her right where a liver should have been. The assassin stuttered, but wasn’t dead. They dodged the next shot by ducking and then the second by somehow leaping ten meters into the air and onto a window seal. The assassin looked down on the two women and was clearly judging their chances at victory. But with an, admittable impressive, one-handed springlike flip Astarte was back on her feet, sword ready for another round.
The assassin’s strange mechanical face scowled before another impossible jump sent her over a nearby building and out of sight.
The Arbiter relaxed once the assassin was gone, but Astarte didn’t. The pirate turned, grabbed the Arbiters gloved hand, and pulled her into a jog down the open alleyway. “Come on, there’s an open lot nearby. Can’t jump us from there.” She said without looking back as she dragged the Arbiter along.
For a stunned few seconds Rachel stared at the strong hand grasping her own smaller one. But then the Arbiter saw the logic in Astarte’s worry and forced their hand to release the pirate and ran alongside her.
A few times the Arbiter had noticed a thin humanoid shadow leap between the buildings above them, but a quick turn down an alley from Astarte had them moving away from the incoming ambush from the assassin chasing them via roof tops. In no time at all they made it to an open loading dock for a nearby warehouse. Astarte ran into its center and scanned the roof tops, the Arbiter followed suit.
The Arbiter and the Pirate stood back to back, each searching for any signs of the mutual foe.
“There!” Astarte shouted while pointing her finger at a roof top.
The Arbiter stared up, but couldn’t see anything. But following the pirate’s direction they raised their rifle and shot at the edge of the building Astarte had pointed at. The blasts landed and then the crouched figure of the assassin rose up and backed away.
How had the pirate seen her? The Arbiter spared her a glance and saw a second flash of red before the pirate shifted her head.
“You should call for backup.” The pirate stated while still scanning the roof tops.
“To arrest the assassin?” the Arbiter asked before they could think better of it.
Astarte snorted. “Wouldn’t trust any SS to arrest a dead log, let alone Zera. But more witnesses might scare her off.”
Two things stood out in that statement, the assassin’s apparent name, and “SS, is that supposed to be short for station security?”
“Schutzstaffel actually, its just a strange coincidence they line up” the Pirate joked wryly.
The Arbiter scowled “You think the Station security are like the Nazi’s?” The Arbiter’s lessons about the various evil factions during Earths history had left her with nightmares for years. Crucifixion, death by a thousand cuts, blood eagles, and the like had disturbed their six-year-old mind. Their lessons had spent weeks on all the evils humanity inflicted upon each other, all the way until First contact.
“If the kinky boot fits.” Astarte said while examining the Arbiter’s own black boots.
The Arbiter swished their cloak to hide their boots, and the pirates gaze snapped back up to the rooftops. The Arbiter made the call, and the idiots in charge of the tent said they would need a few minutes to ‘locate’ their rifles and arm shields. Why they had to be located in the first place confused the Arbiter? They couldn’t be so incompetent as to not know where their weapons were, right?”
Tense minutes past before Astarte let out a sigh of relief. “I think she gave up.” she then shot the Arbiter an accusing glare “I almost had the bitch. If you hadn’t interfered we wouldn’t have to worry about her coming back.”
"You expect me to stand by while you committed murder?” The Arbiter growled, now stepping back from the pirate and reaching for a set of cuffs.
The pirate frowned, then glanced up as if recalling a distant memory. “I… ugh felt my life was in imminent danger, and feared for my life while facing down a clearly aggressive and violent deathworlder with a weapon. I used whatever objects I could find at the time…I carry no weapons and was forced to use ceremonial objects in crude, and ugh…unusual ways for self defense. I did not think retreat was possible so I acted to end the threat” she said in a bland staccato rhythm of everyone reciting words from memory. Her words obviously citing several different laws pertaining to self-defense.
The Arbiter felt an eye twitch. “The law pertaining to Deathworlder assailants was not intended to include Deathworlder victims.” The Arbiter said slowly.
Astarte shrugged “Union vs. Trevor Philips established that the enforcement of the law was done by the letter of the law, not the spirit. By that ruling and precedent I acted reasonably and was within my rights for self-defense. Any attempt to detain me would result in punitive measures from my legal representation.”
In all their time on the ADCU the Arbiter had never encountered a criminal so well versed in the intricacies of Union law. Some loop holes were well known, and easy for Officers to circumvent in order to attain an arrest. But the Arbiter hadn’t encountered something like this before.
The Arbiter looked down and noticed the sword she still held, red blood from the pirate running down its blade. “So that sword isn’t a weapon?” The Arbiter asked pointedly.
The feline smile that covered Astarte’s face sent shivers up their spine. “My dear officer, as you can notice I am of half Japanese heritage, a hafu if you will. I am dressing in the traditional fashions of my people. The armor, the katana, and the wakizashi are all hallmarks of the samurai I am descended from. None of these are worn for anything beyond cultural heritage. And for that matter, my crew wear the same to honor my ancestry.”
The Arbiter sighed. Astarte’s defense, though blatantly false, was airtight. Arresting her now would only give her ammunition to legally strike back. And with the recent backlash of the Deathworlder crack down the Arbiter could doom Judge’s career. It had been a celebrated move of the last chief, but the knock-on effects of it had resulted in several months of rioting, looting, and political discourse in the heart of the Union. The last chief was forced to step down and Judge took his place and was still trying to reverse the damages. Which was hard with all the precincts fighting him on it. Those officers had too many friends torn apart by Terran criminals to ever let that grudge go.
“Then you may leave the arm behind and be one your way.” The Arbiter ordered.
Astarte blinked, “the arm?”
The Arbiter pointed to the severed arm still within the pirate’s grasp “That is evidence in an on going investigation. LEAVE. IT. BEHIND” The Arbiter explained, growling out the last words slowly. Just because Astarte had likely saved the Arbiter’s life with some quick thinking didn’t erase the fact that she was a person of interest/suspect in the same case.
Astarte glanced down at the severed arm and blinked as if surprised she was still holding it. Then tossed it carelessly onto the ground. “All yours, make sure to check for bugs before plugging it in.”
“Computer viruses hidden in its OS. Thing could have all sorts of things hidden within.”
“And how do you know?”
“I don’t. It’s just the sort of thing I would do myself. Try loading it onto a separate server. Oh, and check for small explosives.”
“Danm Deathworlders” the Arbiter growled as they now considered the severed arm on the ground next to a small splatter of Astarte’s blood. She was right, Deathworlders were known for their tricks and traps. Humans especially. During one investigation a load of seized morphine from an illegal clinic had been stored next to an unstable chemical that reacted poorly to the jostling of the transport and destroyed the evidence in a fiery explosion.
Astarte chuckled “Glass stones Arbiter.”
“Glass stones, it’s a human malaphor of sorts. I’ll leave the details for you to figure out. Good luck with tracking down Zera, I’d recommend starting with the prison records on Union Station Parox.” She said as she turned aways and strode off. Walking in the opposite direction of the arriving officers, half of which were missing their weapons or shields.
The Arbiter let out a sigh as she observed the most incompetent idoits she had ever seen strut onto the lot without a care in the universe.
“You called us Sir.” The lead Voral said.
The Arbiter took in a deep breath “Yes I did. Ten minutes ago.”
“It was a long walk.” The officer said defensively, no care for the Arbiters growing anger.
“Its only a few hundred standard meters. But that doesn’t matter I encountered an assassin in the midst of their crime. That’s their arm.”
The Voral looked panicked and began to look from side to side.
The Arbiter felt an involuntary eye twitch and clenched her fist. “The assassin is gone.”
The Voral relaxed “So you want us to secure the evidence?” he asked.
That had been the Arbiters plan, but now seeing them mill about aimlessly they changed their mind. “No, secure the area and stay out of CSI’s way. Understood?”
The officer looked offended. “Sir, its just an arm. We don’t need to wait around for CSI, one of my men can bag it right now.”
Patience wearing thin the Arbiter marched right into the Voral’s face. The fact the Officer loomed over her by two meters did little to diminish the Arbiter’s menacing aura. “AM. I. UNDERSTOOD?”
“Yes Sir.” The cowed Voral officer answered with a nervous buzz of his wings.
“Then go.”
Ten minutes later six medium shuttles from the CSI unit, and two small shuttles from the ADCU were on the scene of the lot and in the alley where the Arbiter had stumbled upon Astarte. Edict and Prosecutor began to jump along the rooftops, recreating the assassin’s movements and collecting more evidence.
The assassin’s arm, and the dried sample of Astarte’s blood was collected. As well as fragments of what looked to be a broken glass eye with a micro camera.
They lost the assassin’s trail after they ducked into the inner hull of the station and escaped across the pipes, wires, and support structure of Unity.
Thirty minutes after that they departed for the central precinct. The Arbiter within the darkened confines of the ADCU shuttle felt safe enough to take off the hood. Caleb and Bartolv did the same. They noticed her pensive mood and didn’t disturb her.
It wasn’t lost on her that Astarte knew exactly who this assassin was. And if she hadn’t left those pretty blatant clues about how to identify her then then Rachel would be trying to acquire a warrant to bring her in for questioning. But that still left her with a lot of questions.
And despite the answers she might get, she had the sinking feeling it wouldn’t be enough to see the whole picture. How big was this whole thing?
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2023.06.09 05:48 KyronAWF Review of Dragonball Super Superhero

Spoilers obviously.

Overall, great movie. Actually, fantastic, as far as Dragonball movies go, considering their history.
Story: Pretty good. Things make sense. I definitely applaud the muddying up of good and evil elements. I'm extremely sick of "We're the good guys. They're the bad guys." That basically spells out most of Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super. Sure, we pick up friends along the way and people like Goku and Vegeta used to be baddies and now are all pals, but that only happens after the fact and until the Super series came out, it would never happen in the movies. Superhero gave perspective to that of the enemy and we saw a legitimate perspective of the antagonists thinking the protagonists were the bad guys and allowed for a change of mind when there was enough conflict. There was a nice flow. For the most part, comedy was integrated pretty nicely without being too detracting. There was a clear sense of urgency and while some characters were basically useless during the fight (ie: Bulma), most really put themselves in there.
Visual Effects: It's good, fun, and lively. I feel like that's where they were going and they achieved it. I've read criticism on it, and I agree just a tad, and just in the sense that I think they went just a bit over the top. Maybe I'm wrong, but the only time I thought, "I don't need to see it like this" was the last scene when Pan learned to fly. The one thing I do have to admit that I loved was the comic book feel in the beginning, such as when they introduced the androids. They didn't overdo it. It was done tastefully. I loved it. One thing I had to add about Cell-Max was how he looked. He looked absolutely evil and had I been the age I was when I first watched Dragonball(Z), I'd be absolutely frightened. Also, weird reaction here, but that character's face often gave me reactions to Flowey from Undertale. Specifically, it's the last two pics on the third row: (Compare with this:
Characters: THANK GOD IT'S NOT JUST GOKU AND VEGETA. A lot of fans have been sick of it and I've been late on this bandwagon, but I agree too. Looking back, my favorite fights have been the team battles, like the Saiyan Saga and looking back, the Frieza fight before Goku arrived. I'm so glad that most of the fighters got a chance to shine, especially Piccolo and Gohan. It really makes sense with Vegeta and Goku being off with Beerus and Whis. With that said, there were moments about Piccolo and Gohan I didn't like. Piccolo is meant to be really smart and pragmatic, and I really think he would have (or rather should have) come up with better wishes than letting Bulma get two wishes. Even if he forgot to wish Vegeta and Goku back, even doing something as minor as letting Pan also get a power-up would be something. Instead, we got a weird moment that was meant to be comedic. As far as Gohan goes, two gripes. 1) I don't believe for a second that he couldn't sense energy when Pan did. I don't care how weak he got. 2) When Piccolo told Gohan he should train and Gohan replied (paraphrasing), "I don't think that would happen." Are you kidding, my dude? Everyone on the planet died before (except for Hercule for some reason) and the Z fighters once or twice, including him. I expected better. Also, I agree with critics that Cell-Max failed as a villain. I'd argue that Magenta was the real villain here, but Cell-Max was the monster and the writers had a responsibility to give more dimension to him. There's an argument to be made that Cell-Max was designed this way and if that's the case, I respond with this: Not good enough. To end on a positive note, I loved that Vegeta beat Goku. There was tremendous growth from Vegeta considering there was so little and if the writers planned for this strategy from Vegeta when working on the Tournament of Power saga, bravo.
Sound: The music is SO GOOD. If I could give any category a 10/10, this would be it. As I've mentioned in the visual effects section, I was worried that the superhero name was just a marketing tactic to reel people in, but the music really helped to deliver. It's been a long time since I've gotten so excited from watching a DB movie. This got me excited. I can say without a doubt that the music helped.
What I wish I would have seen:
Here's what I wish I wouldn't have seen:

Overall, I'd probably give this film the equivalent of a B+. It's not without its share of criticism, but I enjoyed myself.
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2023.06.09 05:35 UnholyDemigod I roleplayed my last Rome 2 game. Here is the story

Rome 2 - Divide et Impera mod roleplay run
The year is 475 Ab urbe condita, and Res publica Romana is the growing power on the Italian peninsula. Not 10 years after the end of the Samnite Wars, we at still engaged with the Etruscans to our north, while Epirus at our south tests our resolve by encroaching on our borders. We must deal with these outsiders if we are to achieve our destiny. There is a dream that is Rome. It shall be realised.
476 AUC: Legio II Equestris, under command of newly appointed Legatus Lucius Julius Libo, finalises defeat of Etrutria. Shortly after, Pyrrhus of Epirus, after years of minor border skirmishes in southern Italia, invades and occupies as far inland as Cosentia. Legio II is redeployed to assist Legio I Italia. 478 AUC: after several battles ending in Roman victory, Pyrrhus is expelled from Italia. Despite heavy losses from the campaign, Legio II completes conquest of southern Italia 479 AUC: the Senate orders Legio II to northern Italy, to subdue the tribes in Cisalpine Gaul and to bring them into the Republic 480 AUC: cautious of Rome's rapidly growing role as a Mediterranean superpower, Carthage breaks diplomatic treaties and declares war on Rome. The Punic War has begun. Legio I is tasked with defending southern Italia. Legio III Gemina raised with intention of crossing Mare Tyrrhenum and invading Corsica et Sardinia 482 AUC: after far more losses than were expected, the tribes of the Po Valley have been subdued. All the land from the Alps to the sea now fall under Roman rule. Lucius Julius Libo and Legio II will occupy the area until it is assured there is no threat of rebellion 484 AUC: in the wake of years spent fighting Carthage, our military training and equipment has evolved. We have utilised tactics from our current and former enemies, while improving our strengths and casting aside our weaknesses. Years of war has turned us into a master of violence, and we will visit this violence upon all who would threaten Rome 485 AUC: years spent besieging the port of Karalis has borne fruit - the city is now ours, and with it, the province of Corsica et Sardinia. With Legio I and Legio II in Sikelia driving out the Carthaginian forces, Mare Tyrrhenum lies solely under Roman control. In 5 years of war we have driven Carthage out of Mare Nostrum and back to Africa. Plans are already being drawn up to invade 486 AUC: our invasion of Africa has paid off. Legio I Italica immediately marched onto Qart Hadasht, to strike at their power base and cut the head from the snake. After making camp in order to lay siege, the city's defenders sallied out and attacked. Despite devastating losses, we were victorious. The survivors retreated behind the city walls, but Legio II soon arrived to reinforce the siege, and our men stormed the walls. What warriors were left were no match, and the City of Carthage is ours. Legio III will soon make landfall to push west. Legio IV Minervia has been raised in Roma, where they will make for Massalia, to visit revenge for their betrayal of us during the siege of Medhlan 487 AUC: Legio IV Minervia has successfully besieged Massalia. After successive field battles, Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio marched on the city walls and began construction of siege equipment. Massalian allies attempted to aid them, but they too were defeated, following by the occupation of the city. Let all who know, to betray Rome is to condemn your civilisation 488 AUC: the province of Africa has been fully conquered by Legio II Equestris. The lands that brought Carthage their immense wealth will now swell our coffers instead. Despite the conquest being his doing, the Senate has appointed a Junian governor, instead of a fellow Julian. Suspecting bribery, Lucius Julius Libo begins to lose faith in the Republic he serves 490 AUC: Lucius Julius Libo has given up command of Legio II Equestris and returned to Roma. Petitioning the Senate to allow him to raise a new legion for the purpose of invasion of Gaul was met with success. The politicians of Rome are now so corrupt that an unjustified war can easily be put into motion. All it took was the lie that the Gauls bordering our new lands in Massalia were hostile, and that the lands to the north were fertile and rich with resources. The senate is too blind to see that with every battle won, Libo's influence in Roman politics grows 492 AUC: a Gallic tribe calling themselves the Arverni have attacked some of our scouts, and announced their intention to rid their forests of our presence. It seems that Libo's persuasions to the Senate were not without truth. A little more more leaning about the dangers of the Gauls uniting against, and the Senate has named him Dictator until the Arverni are dealt with. Lucius Julius Libo is now the most powerful man in Rome 493 AUC: Libo dispatches loyal senators to the African provinces under the guise of resolving financial troubles, while in reality, shifting loyalty from the Senate to himself. He already had the loyalty of the soldiers, now he is aiming for the people. 494 AUC: Carthage has been expelled from the African continent, after a successful siege of Tingis by Legio III Gemina. Upon arrival of the news in Rome, Lucius Julius Libo was recalled to Rome from Gaul to relinquish his powers as dictator. Despite the Gallic War still ongoing, the Senate was growing uneasy at Libo’s rapidly growing popularity, and used a weakened Carthage as justification to end his tenure. 495 AUC: Lucius Julius Libo returned to Roma, and was met with crowds of people, protesting against the demands of the Senate. In his service to Rome, Libo had saved the Republic numerous times, and Rome was still facing external threats. The crowd proclaimed Libo to be imperator, an act only previously done by a commander’s legion, but it was enough. The Senate agreed to grant him imperium perpetuum in return for relinquishing his role as dictator, to which Libo agreed. This everlasting power would grant him the ability to overrule the Senate with vetos, even consuls, and as such, historians consider this to be the first day of the Roman Empire. For the first time in 250 years, Rome was ruled by one man - Lucius Julius Libo Imperator. 497 AUC: Since the day Libo Imperator was granted everlasting imperium, he had taken great strides to improve the overall morale of the citizens of Rome by organising games and granting grain doles to the poorer members of society. Attending Senate meetings, he made sure to veto every bill that was put through without his prior knowledge. He prevented a list of enemies by compromising on many issues and joining their vote on bills he supported. He gained significant public support by making promises to rid the Republic (as the people of Rome still believed it to be) of political corruption, and then by delivering on this promise in steps, by exposing guilty senators. The size of the Senate began to shrink as he put through bills under the justification that that smaller it was, the less corruption there could be. Within 2 years it went from 370 senators to less than 100. His power continued to grow, but the people were happy. 498 AUC: Legio II Equestris, now under command of Gnaeus Julius Agrippa, has captured the last remaining stronghold of the Edetani, the final ally of the Carthaginians. With nobody to assist them, the end of the war is on the horizon. In capturing the city, the eastern coast of Iberia is entirely ours, completely enveloping the coastline of the western half of Mare Nostrum. Libo Imperator has grown bolder in his power, now requiring all bills passed to be finalised with his seal, and the words Imperium Romanum 499 AUC: with our legions pushed to their breaking point, and replacement recruits becoming more difficult to come by, Libo Imperator initiates a series of reforms, aimed at swelling the numbers with ease by removing the property requirements to join. Now, all who hold Roman citizenship will be eligible to serve her. With the state also supplying equipment, there is now uniformity amongst the legions. Gone are the old classifications, and replaced with general legionaries. Already we are seeing a large surge in recruitment across the Roman world, primarily from the lower classes looking for their chance at glory. 500 AUC: after 20 long years, the Punic War is over. Legio I besieged the city of Kartuba, awaiting reinforcements from Legio III, but the Carthaginians sallied out in an attempt to prevent being surrounded. After a decisive defeat in the field, there was no standing force left to defend to city, and our forces swept through, enslaving what civilians weren’t dead by the end of the day. As news of the victory spreads throughout Rome, a wave of nationalism follows it, with the people wanting to continue the expansion of our borders. Any nation that isn’t Rome is a potential enemy, and the senate, under the demands of Libo Imperator, fans the flames of this idea. Rome is about to embark of a series of conquests not seen since Alexander. Lucius Cornelius Scipio has been appointed commander of the Iberian forces, with the Legatus of each legion reporting to him. Quintus Trebellius Strabo will lead the conquest of Gaul, while Libo Imperator himself will take several legions into Germania. 502 AUC: Legio V Rapax sails across Mare Adriaticum to make landfall in Apollonia. Decades have passed since we pushed Epirus out of Italia, but inability to bring the war to them forced a peace between us. A peace that is now over. After many battles, Cornelius Scipio has conquered Iberia in its entirety. Rome now stretches all the way to Mare Tenebrosum. Upon their return to Rome, Scipio and his fellow Legates will be honoured with a Triumph. 503 AUC: Epirus is destroyed, their pitiful excuse for a kingdom overrun by Roman sword. Legio V Rapax will oversee the Latinisation of the local government, then move east, to bring the Greeks into our territory. 504 AUC: Athenai has taken offence to our presence in Greece and has captured Apollonia, seemingly hoping to cut us off from invading further into their homeland. It will not work. Julius Agrippa, well rested after his group Triumph, will sail his legion across Mare Adriaticum to assist Legio V. In Gaul, a final battle on the banks of the Rhine marked the pacification of the region. Gaul is ours. The legions will rest, then move onto Germania. 505 AUC: Julius Agrippa, keen to retake Apollonia, failed to scout the surrounding lands before moving onto the town, and was caught by an enormous Athenian army. Luckily, Legio V arrived in time. The largest battle in Rome’s history was fought on the outskirts of the town, and although we were victorious, thousands of Romans paid the price. Junius Brutus has made landfall with Legio II Equestris to assist the conquest of Greece. 506 AUC: Libo Imperator has ordered our legions out of Germania. Although we have subdued many of the tribes there, the longer we stay, the more nature takes its toll. We have now lost more men to the cold than to the enemy. A summer in Germania is only slightly warmer than a winter in Italia. Trade agreements with the bordering tribes, while being of little value to us, will ensure a secure border. The legions are to move to Dacia, and bring civilisation to the barbarians within. The Spartans, long past their glory, and not stupid enough to mistake the intent of our legions marching through their lands, have bent the knee before they even pointed a spear. We agreed, on the terms they would join our war against Athenai. 507 AUC: with Sparta capturing the city of Athens, and Legio II Equestris taking Pella, Greece has been conquered. To the north, Thrake and Dacia are now both ours. Rome now stretches from Oceanus to Pontus Euxinus. Over the last 30 years, Lucius Julius Libo Imperator has risen from Legatus to sole ruler of Imperium Romanum, and grown our empire to half the size of that of Alexander’s. With little to conquer without sailing to Asia, he has elected to end his conquests and focus on administering the empire he has grown. Roma Invicta.
Turn: 134 Factions destroyed: 39 Total income: 9.5M Total battles fought: 228 Fought personally: 113 Land battles: 82 Settlement battles: 78 Siege battles: 39 Total victories: 215 Total defeats: 13 (all were undefended regions with no garrison) Heroic victories 49
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2023.06.09 05:34 residentmouse [D] What is the current best, trainable method for image segmentation?

Hi all, straightforward question. I'm looking into image segmentation and I'd either like a base model, with the goal of fine-tuning down the track, or a method of producing a model that can achieve competent results on small datasets with the eventual goal of weakly supervised training.
I'm ideally looking for:
Last I heard SAM wasn't trainable, is this still true? Can I get something like SegFormer to achieve what I need? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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2023.06.09 04:56 Super_Nova22 The main autobot cast of the series I've been brainstorming for a good while.

The main autobot cast of the series I've been brainstorming for a good while.
So the main story here is that the short but brutal great war is over, and Optimus Convey is secretly sent by his mentor, alpha trion, to earth to find an ancient relic that could aid in the restoration(a cyber planet key). unknown to them, MegaEmpress, megatrons former gladiatorial partner and co-founder of the decpeticons, frees herself from exile/imprisonment and begins to rebuild the remains of the decepticons in her own image, starting with following the autobots to earth to find the key first.
Optimus Convoy(later prime): pickup truck- he’s sort of a hybrid of tfa optimus and optimus primal; he's a bit younger and idealistic still, being equivalent to late thirties in age, but has had experience as a soldier, done his share of fighting against the cons and is now a respected convoy commander(he is the bot who struck down megatron). He’s wise, compassionate, practical, open minded for the most part and a fierce fighter but dislikes it. He has secretly held the matrix for many years after being rebuilt but does not know its significance. He would eventually learn its origin and purpose and have to come to terms with its burden, being reformatted into a prime(based on his laser prime look). his original design would basically be a simplified version of his movieverse design(pic credit to TylerMirage)
Red Alert: ambulance-she’s a lot like tfa/tfp ratchet but minus the crankiness; she’s the strait man to the younger bots and optimus’ compassion and is the more serious and practical one. Being their medic and scientific specialist, as well as temporary second in command, she for the most part would prefer staying off the battlefield but is far from cowardly or unwilling to fight. She bears her own traumas from past battles, being the opposite side of the coin of ironhide, having seen the brutality of war. I imagine her being close in age to optimus and very much viewed as his peer rather than subordinate.
Hot Shot: sports car-he’s a lot like cybertron hot shot, a bit of a loose cannon but still a loyal and dedicated soldier but with a reckless streak akin to cheetor or tfa bumblebee. Also, not quite a pyromaniac, but a tendency to be overenthusiastic with his flame throwers. Has a mildly antagonistic younger brotheolder sister relationship with red alert.
Riptide: speedboat- he has a lot of shades of rattrap, being quick to both jokes and pessimism, but is not quite the jerk. He feels the most at home on earth and in his element, but also feels the most out of place amongst the team; he also resents having to be towed on a trailer to missions. He has some expertise as a technician as well.
Bulkhead: garbage truck- he’s the nice guy of the group; he’s got the tough, raw strength and fierceness in battle of the tfp version but also the easygoing and gentle giant energy of the tfa version; he mostly just wants to be liked by those aorund him. He’s close with riptide and often thinks of him as his little buddy that he has to watch out for.
Ironhide: offroader(tfp bulkhead's vehicle mode)- basically his movie self(simplified design); the battle hardened, intense soldier of the group; being older and more experienced than optimus, they don’t always see eye to eye, with him being less on board with hiding and playing it safe on earth. He still respects the chain of command and sees optimus as a friend and good leader. He was left in stasis lock for a time after the crash on earth(which he piloted) and when he woke up, was somewhat the odd bot out, having to play catch up with the team dynamic and camaraderie that the autobots had developed. He has a few shades of BW dinobot in him. He also holds regret over the death of his former trainee, Flareup.
Mikaela: has a few shades of Charlie Watson mixed in, she’s a typical teenager just rolling with having to help the autobots hide and adjust like its no big deal. She’s pretty and popular at school without trying to be so, a bit of a tomboy and street smart with surprising technical and mechanical knowledge.
Side characters
Elita One: Optimus’ brave and dedicated spark mate and a fellow commander. On cybertron, she takes charge of countering the resurfaced decepticon threat and searching for clues to optimus’ whereabouts. Her efforts eventually lead to being promoted to elita magnus; she does manage to track optimus to earth and eventually lead an awol team consisting of Jazz, Chromia, Sixknight, Road Rage, barricade and swift to aid him.
Marissa Faireborn: a military agent tasked by the government to take command of the investigation of transfomer activities on earth. Her enthusiasm for her assignment is undermined by her resentment for her father getting her the position.
Falcia: a belligerent and standoffish mini-con, her big personality and ego makes up for her small size. Found in stasis on earth, she is stubborn and sarcastic. She wants to stay out of the conflicts of the larger cybertronians, who have always looked down on her kind, but reluctantly fights with the autobots to ensure humans don’t suffer a similar fate. She believes her larger partner, Overcast, abandoned her when, in fact, she is in stasis on the moon.
Scowl: ankylosaurus- would have a more typical dinobot design/color scheme(similar but not identical to the new dinobot skar), though more sharp and stylized like IDW. Moody, violent and perpetually angry, being a loner and doing as he pleases is all he really wants. The apparent last survivor of the ancient dinobots who died protecting prehistoric earth from the quintessons; he’s both angry because his comrades died and angry because he did not die an honorable death with them.
Paddles: plesiosaur-the only other surviving dinobot, having been banished from her comrades for her less agressive nature. she has survived for centuries as the reality behind the myth of the lock ness monster. design based mostly on her planet-X WFC figure.
Junkions: a tribe of nomadic, space-faring junk bots who live hidden on earth.
Golden Prime-based on universe optimus/golden splendid prime, she would be the last prime and former holder of the matrix, who optimus once knew and would later seek guidance from through the matrix.
Cybertron High Council: big convoy, botanica, windblade, riker, heretech, dai atlas, black shadow, alpha trion, perceptor.
looking for genuine feedback on this series/cast idea, thoughts on portrayals or VA and at some point I may also do the decepticon/villains one as well
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2023.06.09 04:50 drlawsoniii I asked chat gpt to create a sequel storyline to VI.

Title: Final Fantasy VI: Echoes of the Magi
Several years have passed since the defeat of the villainous Kefka Palazzo and the restoration of balance to the world of Final Fantasy VI. The world has slowly recovered from the destruction caused by the War of the Magi, but new challenges arise.
Our story begins in the rebuilt city of Vector, now a prosperous hub of technological advancement. Terra Branford, the former esper-turned-human, has dedicated herself to preserving harmony between the realms of magic and technology. She now leads an organization known as the Magitek Research Institute, which seeks to harness the potential of magitek without repeating the mistakes of the past.
Terra's former companions, including Locke, Celes, Edgar, and Sabin, have settled into their respective roles as leaders in their own domains. However, a shadowy figure emerges from the shadows, threatening to plunge the world into chaos once again.
A mysterious cult calling themselves the Order of Chaos has risen to power. Led by a charismatic and power-hungry individual named Veros, the Order seeks to seize control of the remaining magical energies in the world. Veros believes that by harnessing the powers of the espers and the ancient crystals, he can ascend to godhood and reshape the world to his liking.
Realizing the gravity of the situation, Terra reunites her former allies to form a new team of heroes. Alongside new allies, they embark on a journey to unravel the Order's plans and put an end to Veros' tyrannical ambitions.
Their journey takes them to familiar locations, such as Narshe, Figaro Castle, and the Floating Continent. They encounter old friends and enemies alike, each with their own stake in the battle against Veros and the Order. The heroes must confront their pasts, overcome personal struggles, and unlock new depths of power as they delve deeper into a world threatened by darkness.
Throughout the story, the themes of redemption, identity, and the balance between magic and technology are explored. The heroes grapple with their own doubts and fears, learning that true power comes from within and that the strength of their bonds is what will ultimately save the world.
In a climactic showdown, the heroes face Veros atop the newly rebuilt Tower of Kefka, a symbolic representation of their triumph over the past. With their combined strength and unwavering determination, they defeat Veros and shatter his delusions of godhood.
In the aftermath, the world breathes a sigh of relief, but not without scars. The heroes, now wiser and stronger, return to their respective roles, ensuring that the legacy of the War of the Magi will never be forgotten. And so, a new era begins, where the echoes of the Magi serve as a reminder of the past, a guide for the present, and hope for the future.
Final Fantasy VI: Echoes of the Magi embraces the rich lore and beloved characters of the original game while introducing new challenges and storylines. It explores the consequences of the heroes' actions and their ongoing struggle to maintain a delicate balance in a world forever shaped by the War of the Magi.
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2023.06.09 04:42 kendallb183 advice on building a 1 bar pvp magicka sorc

From what I can tell, getting builds off the internet are weak compared to builds someone has tweaked. I am wanting to put together a 1 bar build for my character because I'm being destroyed in PVP. I know people don't want to share their secrets because then everyone would do it and then it wouldn't be good anymore... so if anyone wants to PM advice I'll keep it between us. But for anyone willing to pass on advice to a noob, is there any really good guides or do you have a good custom build that is great?

I guess I've found out the best stuff is learned through networking, my wife got a killer build from a friend I made who happens to be top 1% in her class. A few tweeks and shes doing crazy damage.

I have noble duelist and Sargents. sgts jewelry and weapon and chest. slimecrawls head. I currently have the build to do 2 pets and daedric prey. no clue if any of this is good.
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2023.06.09 04:03 SP33DY313 Question for ROs and range lawyers

There is a stage that requires strong hand or weak hand only shooting and i want to avoid the DA pull on my Shadow 2. After the beep can I cock the hammer while the gun is still in the holster and then draw it?
Shooting in CO
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2023.06.09 03:40 Gaming_Moment_12520 A song, for deaf ears

I've been dumped too many times to remember, and with all the shit I've seen, heard, said and been through. I just want someone to find me and put me in their arms.
Hello World
You've put me in a whirl
You've sent me to hell
Rang my bell
Sent a message or two, or three, or a million more.
I may be short, I may be stubby
But I'm trying as I might
Looking for an end in sight
Spelling out my distress
Haunted by a former mistress
No matter where or when
Or what I've been through
I've been unable to find
Someone to share my mind
Anybody, listen to my SOS
My mind bleeds
My brain recedes
Bottling up emotions
Like I'm a man in a family of 3
Endlessly denied
Shot down, broken, and lied
A heart playing a song
With nobody to hear
I cannot shed a tear
As everyone will see
A weak, short man I'd be
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2023.06.09 03:40 DJ_Storytime How I became Rehab DM

I am a forever DM, have been since 1995, after nine years of being part of a mostly stable play group where we all took turns DMing. Don’t get mushy about it, we played under a philosophy that is considered pure poison today: the DM is your enemy, it’s his job to kill you, and it’s your job to thwart him. Naturally, as we matured, our views grew beyond this, but we were a bunch of hoodlums back then, and we had a great time.
Currently, I run a weekly play group every Saturday night. My wife chose that night for me because she believes that I desperately need to get in church as quickly as possible after “inviting the devil into our lives”, I mean playing Dungeons and Dragons. I don’t just DM, I also host. Sessions start at 6pm. I prepare for my sessions by making dinner and snacks, chilling some beer, and getting out the scotch whiskey. Hands off the scotch. It’s mine.
So far so good, right? Don’t get too comfortable. I host a very particular kind of group. All of my players are problem players. I refuse to host good players. I only accept players who have been kicked out of multiple other play groups because of behavior problems. Also, I only host men at my wife’s insistence. She has been cheated on in the past, not by me, but by several past boyfriends, so she doesn’t allow me to have anything to do with other women. Nothing. As in she thinks any words that come out my mouth to another woman must be flirting. As she says, “An affair starts with hello.”
Guys, don’t cheat on your women. This is the kind of harm you do to them, and then the man who truly loves them has to pay the price for your transgressions.
Oh, trans women are fine. According to her, and this is a quote: “They aren’t really women, and you’re not gay.” Make of that what you will. I just find it odd.
So, after all that foundation, why do I do it? Well, the noble reason is that I actually do the work of rehabbing them. I never kick anyone, but some would rather quit than learn. For the ones who don’t quit and go through the often very painful process of having their sins burned out of their very souls, they eventually move on to be excellent players elsewhere.
Again, don’t go all mushy on me. The things I must do to whip these players into shape would be considered supremely toxic for any normal player group. I genuinely break all the rules of good DMing to handle the crazy crap that my players bring to every session. I resolve out of game issues in game, where it hurts. I railroad JUSICIOUSLY. I keep two sets of sats for every NPC, normal stats, and god tier LVL 20 stats in case anyone goes murder hobo. I keep a codex of cursed items that I have been developing for over 20 years. Ditto for death traps. Ditto for unfair conditions and kills. But holy shit, these guys grow and develop into some amazing players if they stick it out.
In case you were wondering, I run 4-6 players in a group, and it’s usually 6 because my group is always full, and I fill new openings with supreme ease within a few weeks. I could fill them faster, but there is an interview process where I make absolutely certain that the player I accept is a massive problem. Minor issues are easily handled by the player just finding a group that’s a better fit.
I’m sure that many of you are wondering about exactly what goes on in my group, and maybe one day I will tell you, but this post is not about that. This post is about how I came to become a rehab DM.
It was the summer of 2021, and I was still bitter and grousing about the demise of the THAC0 system. Actually, I’m still bitter and grousing about that. I loved first and second edition. At this point, the only remaining player from my childhood group was Gorelash. Everyone else had either moved away . . . or in the case of Shagnasty, died. Drug overdose in the back of the van he was living in in 1996. It sucked. He is still one of the best friends I ever had despite his personal problems.
Sorry. I had to take a few minutes there. I’ll continue in a new paragraph.
So, I had a group ranging from Gorelash to a year in. I had my fill of horny player shenanigans in middle school and high school. I was done with them, and I’m still done with them. We were having an RP session. The kind where rolls are forbidden. Everything had to be truly interactive. I acted out all of the NPC’s, and they acted out every interaction. I then decided if the things they said would persuade, convince, coerce, etc. the NPC’s based on the personality of the NPC. If you’ve never done this in your games, I strongly suggest you try it. It’s a much richer experience than simply “roll a charisma check”.
But, as I said, I was very done with sex anything in my games. I still am. Berrian was a bard, and in this session he decided he was dead set on seducing the cute barmaid at the inn he was performing in. The performance was great because he was an excellent guitar player and singer in real life. He literally RP’d his performance by performing Gordon Lightfoot songs at the table. Everyone loved it.
The problem happened when he turned his conversation with the barmaid flirty. I quickly shut it down and reminded him that my games are asexual. How did he respond? He told me “No problem bro. I won’t make you RP a barmaid being seduced with me.”
Like you probably are right now, I breathed a sigh of relief . . . until he told us all to be quiet, pulled out his cell phone, one of those flip phones there were all the rage before the iPhone changed the world, called his girlfriend, put her on speaker, and proceeded to spend the next half hour literally having graphic phone sex with her. She had no idea she was on speaker, and we all heard her . . . finish before he ended the call.
The whole time I was stunned. I stared at Berrian the whole time in utter disbelief. When he hung up he looked at me with genuine pride and told me “There. You didn’t have to role play the barmaid.”
That was the moment that something in me snapped. On pure instinct I reached back into my hoodlum D&D days where the DM was the player’s prime enemy.
“Roll. For. Save.” I said in sharp, measured tones.
“Huh?” he asked.
I glared daggers at him. “I didn’t stutter. I said roll for save.”
“What kind of save?
I scoffed. “What kind? Okay, let’s do constitution.”
“But that’s my worst stat!”
“Then you shouldn’t have used as your dump stat! Roll for save!”
He rolled a 2. With his constitution modifier it was a 0.
I paused, my hands clasped in front of my mouth for an uncomfortably long time as I stared at Berrian. “You have a massive heart attack. By the time the barmaid can bring help you died.”
The argument that ensued was loud, and lasted longer than his phone sex session with his girlfriend. The meat and potatoes are that he thought I was being unfair and punished him excessively, and I thought he was so far out of line with what he did that he should consider himself lucky if I don’t creatively murder every character he creates until the campaign ends.
Eventually, he relented and followed the rules. It wasn’t immediate. There was pushback, but never as bonkers as having literal phone sex with his girlfriend during a D&D session. Over the next few months, it vanished, and we got to have two more years of great sessions before life intervened, and I had to move away.
I moved with a new mission. To take problem players and train them up to become great players. It’s been twenty years now, and I haven’t bothered to keep count of the number of players who have graduated and moved on. I have moved to a new state twice more in that time. I won’t dox myself, but there are now four regions where if you play with a former problem player who tells a tale of a crazy DM who took him in and with both patience and brutality trained him up to dump his problem behaviors, get incredibly creative, and function in gaming groups, or her if it was before I got involved with my wife, you might be playing with one of my former players. If you are, you’re welcome. You have no idea how much of a nightmare it was making him into the player you know and love.
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2023.06.09 03:39 SubstantialBite788 The Crystal Rose Room

I’m smashed right now, drunk as hell, with a shit-full of emotions gyrating about my head. My mind space is a concoction of fear and anger. For the past four hours I’ve drank Vodka and orange juice, Vodka and cranberry juice, and finally, Vodka and grape juice. That’s a load of Screwdrivers, Cosmopolitans, and whatever the hell you call Vodka and grape juice- well, maybe I’ll make up my own name- the Crystal Room. Ok, that’s dumb, but whatever, it’s the Crystal Room that’s on my mind right now.
I had to drank myself sloppy just to have the courage to write down my experience. I hope to get all the details straight and not stray too far from the truth.
In 2001 the wife and I went to New York city. Surprisingly, I loved it, except for my final days there. A southerner in New York. I got the worst asinine advice and general characterizations from my buddies at work. One was, “Hey, don’t stare at anybody on the subway. They don’t like being stared at.” Well, who the hell does. I don’t want to live in a city where the people like being stared at. Creepy, if otherwise.
The people were genuinely nice. I never had any issues with anyone on the subway, but then again, I didn’t just sit there staring at people like they were exotic animals in a zoo.
Next to the last day of our vacation we visited Times Square. I was intrigued by the constant action, the incessant visual and auditory stimuli. There was so much to see and so much to hear. My mind was scattered and unable to focus. There were flashing lights, advertisements, and the constant blur of nameless faces and mindless crowds. I was enjoying it, but also a little overwhelmed. I asked my wife if we could go back to the hotel, but she wasn’t ready to end the day. She assured me that she was quite capable of taking care of herself.
“Honey, just go back to the hotel. I won’t be much longer. I can take care of myself.”
“You sure? I can tough it out.”
“No, go. Please, I’ll be fine.”
I walked to the nearest subway station and rode back to our hotel, which was at the end of the line in Flushing, Queens. When I got to our hotel I slumped down in the bed and immediately fell asleep; I was exhausted. I woke up around three in the morning, the bed empty beside me. I picked up my cell phone and called her but got no answer. There was a text message:
Honey, meet me at the Crystal Rose Room. It’s just down the street from the hotel.
The time on the message was 2:00 am.
I remembered the place. It stood out among all the other crowded storefronts, with a large neon sign of a scantily dressed woman holding a red rose. What was my wife doing at a strip club? She was a regular churchgoer, never missing and always insisting I go with her. Something didn’t seem quite right.
I got dressed and hurried down to the club. I tried to bull my way through but the bouncer pushed me back, shoving his large open palm into my chest.
“No sir. Only invited guests are allowed.”
“I got a text from my wife. She’s inside.”
“What’s her name?”
“Catherine Bressler.”
“Ah, hell yeah, Mr. Bressler. Come on in. We’ve been expecting you.”
The courteous welcome shocked me, considering that a moment before he was ready to stomp me into the ground. In a flash of a moment, I went from being a nuisance to a highly regarded guest of honor. I walked through the front door and into the past. It was an old-fashioned cabaret with the waitresses dressed in flapper beaded dresses and floral headbands. They were all wearing outlandishly large pearl necklaces. There was a pianist playing ragtime music, with a boisterous horn ensemble. The air was thick with cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. My eyes were watering, but I felt eerily comfortable, like this was where I truly belonged.
On the center stage, dressed in a tight, short flapper dress, was my wife Catherine. She was dancing as if in a trance. A man walked up on the stage and started kissing her. My wife seemed to be enjoying it, enjoying it immensely. I ran up to the front of the stage.
“Hey dammit, get your hands off my wife.”
The man stopped, turned his gaze towards me, and smiled. His mouth was full of yellow, jagged teeth, encrusted with a thick layer of plaque. My wife looked at me and smiled, revealing a similar set of teeth, smaller, but no less hideous.
“I could no longer live a lie. I want my old life back and I know you will too,” she said to me.
“Catherine let’s get out of here. This isn’t funny. I don’t like this.”
“But baby, I do.”
Two men grabbed me and dragged me to one of the back rooms. They pointed a gun at me and shoved me in wooden chair. They turned the lights out and walked out of the room. I tried to run and grab the doorknob before they locked it, but I was too late. I heard a mechanical whirling and a pink light overhead was turned on. I couldn’t see where the light was coming from, whether it was a lamp or a fixture in the ceiling. It almost seemed mystical, coming from an unknown source. The room now looked like I was inside a diamond, with a rigid crystalline structure.
There were a thousand reflections of myself walking through the many faces of the crystal, independent of my own motions. They were alive in themselves, more than a mere reflection. One of them called out to me, “It’s time to come back to your true self.” He smiled, with an impressive row of sharp teeth, more immaculate, and more regal than what the groping stranger and my wife had. My reflection stepped out of the crystal and onto the plain hard wood floor, progressing slowly towards me, with his hands raised, the nails of which were long and sharp. The closer he got, the paler his skin grew. He was dressed in a black suit, with a collarless vest, and bowtie. Atop his head was straw boater hat.
He grabbed me by the throat and as his cold rigid hands touched me, I had a vision of a bygone life filled with murder and debauchery. I killed and drank, lapping up the warm, copper-tinged blood of many hapless victims. In my past life I was a monster, a man willing to kill anyone, constantly thirsting for blood, never satisfied.
“You trapped me here, but I knew Catherine could never stay away. I knew the memories would come back, the thrill and the passion of it all would well up in her soul again.”
I fought back, pushing him away, but he lounged back at me, grabbed my wrist, and bit into the side of my hand. I could feel the pressure of his mouth tighten as he sucked in as much blood as he could. His white skin began to fill with color. I punched at his head, knocking his hat to the ground.
“Damn you. That’s a nice hat. Don’t fight. I am who you are and you are me. There’s no escaping.”
I noticed that now there were many different people, or monsters, in the crystals. They were no longer my own reflection. They all looked hideous and weak, trapped in a purgatory by their own better selves.
He lunged at me again, but this time he flew at me head first. I dodged him and as he came closer to the opposite wall of the crystal room, he yelled in exasperation, holding his hand out to avoid hitting his head against the wall. His hand was engulfed by the wall, submerged up to his elbow. He was laying on his stomach.
“No. Pull me out. Don’t do this. Don’t you want to be a god again. The power. The power.”
I knew what I had to do at that point. He had revealed too much. I put my hands on his ass and pushed the rest of his body through the crystalline wall. He appeared on the other side of the crystal wall, banging with his fists, and pleading to let him out.
“You son of a bitch. You’ll be back. You can try to deny what you are, but the thirst and hunger is always there. It might be buried deep, but it’s always there, and soon you’ll miss your… or, should I say our Catherine.”
All around the room were trapped souls, damned vampiric souls, waiting for their better halves to come to their senses and embrace the darkness that was once an innate part of their existence, boldly committing to the passion of murder and gluttony.
They were screeching and hollering for release. I wanted to get out of the room. Visions of who I used to be were displayed across the crystal. I remembered who I was and when I was born. It was over a hundred years ago. I thirsted, I hungered. I killed and destroyed families, mostly preying on the weak and then there she was- Catherine. A murderer fell in love. I couldn’t kill her, even though my stomach felt empty and my hunger was uncontrollable. I bit her, but not to kill, only to bring her into my world to be with me forever. She hated me for that and then I found the Rose Crystal Room. I wanted to give her back a normal existence. A killer felt guilty. We gave up the demons, but at a price. One day, we would have to come back, and once again don the cloak of a murderer, but this time in his service, obeying his every whim. The world needed balance, according to the proprietor of this fair saloon. It needed hunters to weed out the weak. I remembered now. He was known as the Scarlet Shepard.
The door opened.
“You’re not quite ready, but you’ve had your time. I’m not erasing your memory. I’m not giving Catherine back either. You belong to me, but I don’t want it until you’re ready.”
I looked up to see a thin man dressed in a red suit with a long black tie. He was wearing a black tweed cap and a chain with an upside down cross.
His goons grabbed me by the arms and dragged me out of the room and in front of Catherine. There on the stage with her now was a homeless man, dressed in ragged clothes and smelling of liquor. She looked at me, smiled, and buried her teeth in his neck. He struggled but her grasp was too strong. She drank him dry. He collapsed to the floor.
“You made me. You love me and I know one day you’ll come back.”
I was thrown out on the streets, lonely and without my wife. The shadow of my former self still lives. I left New York with new and old memories; some I had hoped would never be discovered again. I drink to forget my sins, but mostly to forget Catherine. I tell myself that I killed her years ago, that she never survived, and that I never really ever loved her, but then again, I told you in the beginning that I didn’t want to stray too far from the truth. The truth is that I would kill a million souls to have her back again
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2023.06.09 02:40 HOCKHOCKHOCKHOCKHOCK Chat GPT Death Battle tournament. Round 1!

Chat GPT Death Battle tournament. Round 1!
Current Bracket
A while ago I had commenters vote on which characters they wanted to see in the tournament and I was able to actually get 16
The rules are simple. The tournament bracket was decided by age of the comment. First and Second comment where the first match, third and 4th were the second and so on. For each match I give a brand new ChatGPT thread the following prompt "Script a fight between [Character A] and [Character B]. The fight should start with the characters using their weaker abilities and pulling out stronger attacks as the fight goes on. You must decide who wins the fight based on logic and the fight must end in the death of the loser." I will not reset a script unless Rule 1 or 2 are broken. (Sometimes ChatGPT will literally replace the winner with "your winner pick")
Character submissions were as followed (btw I don't recognize almost half of these characters lmao) Tartaglia "Childe" Ajax - Genshin Impact - BandanaDeeMain Godzilla - Godzilla franchise - Mayo_enjoyer Kratos - God of War - NovaIBoo Jack Spicer - Xiaolin Showdown - Visux The Guardian - Destiny 2 - yeet7501 Son Goku - Dragon Ball - The3ggmanisBack Xeno Vegeta - Dragon ball Xenoverse - Sensless_fella Chuck Norris - Memes Totally 100% real life facts - TheBigLover Seiya - Saint Seiya - ptlg225 Ash Williams - Evil Dead - Toxic_Gorilla Erika Furudo - Umineko - Babilonw Naruto - Naruto - Then-Wrap-3535 Cole MacGrath - Evening_Sale345 Alucard - Hellsing - Salt_Mastodon_8264 (If you meant Castlevania I'm sorry) Reverse Flash - DC comics - BMan876 Dragonborn - Skyrim - Confident-Jump-3129
LAST DISCLAIMER: ChatGPT generated every fight on their own with the rules provided. I gave them no info on either character. Incorrect representation of personalities or abilities, as well as objectively false outcomes that may come from these fights are due to limitations by the AI itself.
FIGHT 1: Tartaglia (Genshin Impact) vs Godzilla (Godzilla Franchise)
The towering figure of Godzilla stands amidst a devastated city, smoke rising from the wreckage. Suddenly, the water below ripples, and Tartaglia, known as Childe, emerges from beneath, his Hydro abilities ready for battle.
Tartaglia: (smirking) Looks like I found myself a worthy opponent.
Godzilla roars, shaking the surrounding buildings, and charges towards Tartaglia, determined to protect its territory.
Tartaglia swiftly dodges Godzilla's initial strike and retaliates with his Hydro skills, unleashing a torrent of water daggers. They pierce Godzilla's thick skin, drawing blood.
Godzilla roars in pain and counters with a powerful swing of its tail, aiming to knock Tartaglia off his feet. Tartaglia, using his quick reflexes, narrowly avoids the blow.
Tartaglia: Impressive, but let's see how you handle this!
Tartaglia unleashes his elemental skill, switching to his melee stance and summoning his Hydro blades. He charges at Godzilla, slashing at its legs with incredible speed and precision. The blades cut deep, causing Godzilla to stumble.
Enraged, Godzilla releases a blast of atomic breath toward Tartaglia. The Hydro warrior quickly dives into the water, using it as a shield, as the devastating energy beam obliterates the surrounding area.
Emerging from the water, Tartaglia combines his ranged and melee abilities, launching a barrage of water projectiles and slashing at Godzilla's vulnerable underbelly. The giant monster roars in pain and attempts to grab Tartaglia with its massive claws.
Tartaglia uses his agility to dodge the attack, leaping onto Godzilla's back. With a surge of Hydro power, he stabs his blades deep into Godzilla's spine, eliciting a pained roar.
However, Godzilla, fueled by its nuclear energy, begins to glow with an intense light, healing its wounds and growing stronger. It shakes Tartaglia off, causing him to crash into a nearby building.
Tartaglia struggles to his feet, his Hydro powers waning, and notices Godzilla charging up for a massive attack.
Tartaglia: This ends now!
Summoning every ounce of his strength, Tartaglia enters his ultimate form, Hydro Abyssal Strike. His blades transform into a massive Hydro cannon.
Tartaglia fires a powerful torrent of Hydro energy towards Godzilla. The blast pierces through Godzilla's defense, creating an explosion of water and causing the mighty beast to collapse.
Godzilla lies motionless, defeated, as Tartaglia surveys the aftermath of the battle. The once vibrant city is now in ruins.
Tartaglia: (catching his breath) Another victory for the Fatui.
Tartaglia, battered but triumphant, walks away from the scene, leaving behind the fallen titan.
WINNER: Tartaglia (Genshin Impact)

FIGHT 2: Kratos (God of War) vs Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown)
[The scene opens with Kratos, the formidable God of War, standing in an ancient, desolate battlefield. Across from him stands Jack Spicer, the mischievous and eccentric villain from Xiaolin Showdown. The tension in the air is palpable as both warriors prepare for a battle of epic proportions.]
Kratos: (gruffly) You dare stand against a god, Spicer? Prepare to face the wrath of Olympus!
Jack Spicer: (smirking) Oh, I'm not afraid of some washed-up deity. I've got my own tricks up my sleeve!
[As the fight begins, Kratos lunges forward, swinging his chained Blades of Chaos with incredible force. Jack Spicer, quick on his feet, dodges the attacks skillfully, his nimble moves allowing him to evade the deadly blades.]
Jack Spicer: Hah! Is that the best you can do, Kratos? Try and catch me if you can!
[Kratos, unfazed by Jack's taunts, channels his rage and unleashes a powerful Spartan Rage. His muscles bulge, and he becomes an unstoppable force. With a mighty roar, he charges at Jack, launching a devastating barrage of strikes.]
[But Jack, ever the cunning trickster, pulls out a Shen Gong Wu, the Mantis Flip Coin. With a swift flip, he uses the coin's power to leap high into the air, evading Kratos' ferocious assault.]
Jack Spicer: Nice try, musclehead! But it'll take more than brute force to defeat me!
[Jack lands gracefully, summoning his signature tool, the Monkey Staff. As he swings it around, he channels its energy to unleash a flurry of projectiles towards Kratos. The godly warrior skillfully deflects them with his blades, each deflection creating a thunderous impact.]
Kratos: (smirking) You underestimate the power of a true warrior, Spicer.
[Enraged, Kratos channels his immense strength and summons the power of the Spartan Shield. As he slams it into the ground, a shockwave ripples outward, knocking Jack off his feet and causing the ground to tremble.]
[Unfazed by the display of power, Jack quickly recovers and reveals another Shen Gong Wu, the Silk Spitter. With a mischievous grin, he shoots sticky silk webs towards Kratos, hoping to immobilize the mighty god.]
[But Kratos, tapping into his godly abilities, summons the Winds of Hades. A powerful gust of wind emanates from him, tearing through the webs and sending them flying back towards Jack.]
[Realizing the fight is escalating to dangerous levels, Jack desperately reaches into his bag of tricks, pulling out the Shen Gong Wu that gives him the most power—the Moby Morpher. With a flash of light, he transforms into a formidable cyborg warrior.]
Jack Spicer: (grinning manically) Now I'm unstoppable, Kratos! Prepare for the end!
[As Jack charges at Kratos with newfound strength, the God of War, undeterred, draws upon his most potent weapon—the Leviathan Axe. With a mighty swing, he cleaves through Jack's cyborg armor, shattering it into pieces.]
[As Jack falls to the ground, defeated and severely wounded, Kratos stands over him, his gaze cold and unforgiving.]
Kratos: You dared challenge a god, and now you face the consequences. Your reign of chaos ends here.
[With one final strike, Kratos delivers a fatal blow, ending Jack Spicer's life.]
[The battlefield falls silent as Kratos, bloodied but victorious, surveys the aftermath of the battle. His godly power once again triumphant.]
WINNER: Kratos (God of War)

FIGHT 3: The Guardian (Destiny 2) vs Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
The Guardian, a legendary warrior clad in futuristic armor, stands confidently in the center of the arena. On the other side, Son Goku, an indomitable martial artist with spiky black hair, assumes his fighting stance.
The crowd roars in anticipation as the battle between two powerful worlds is about to commence.
The Guardian and Goku exchange nods, acknowledging each other's strength and determination. They begin circling each other, assessing their opponent's abilities.
Goku charges forward, launching a barrage of punches at the Guardian, who swiftly dodges and counters with a precision knife strike. Goku manages to block the attack with his arm, showcasing his incredible durability.
Guardian: Impressive! But let's see how you handle this!
The Guardian conjures a Void energy grenade, hurling it towards Goku. The explosive impact sends Goku flying back, crashing into the arena wall. He quickly recovers and counters with a Kamehameha wave, propelling himself forward.
The Guardian skillfully evades Goku's attack and retaliates with a Solar hammer strike, engulfing Goku in a wave of intense flames. Goku uses his Super Saiyan form, barely surviving the flames, and counterattacks with a series of powerful punches and kicks.
The battle escalates as the combatants exchange devastating blows, shaking the arena with each collision. The Guardian harnesses the power of the Arc, unleashing a torrent of lightning bolts towards Goku. Goku channels his Ki energy into a Spirit Bomb, colliding with the lightning and dispersing it.
Fatigued but undeterred, Goku transcends his limits, transforming into Super Saiyan Blue. His energy surges, and his speed and strength increase exponentially. Goku charges at the Guardian, launching a series of high-speed punches and kicks that rattle the Guardian's defenses.
Guardian: Is that all you've got?
The Guardian focuses their Light energy, activating their ultimate form—The Sentinel. A massive Void shield surrounds the Guardian, making them impervious to Goku's attacks.
Goku recognizes the danger and strategizes. He quickly teleports behind the Guardian, delivering a powerful punch to shatter the shield. Before the Guardian can react, Goku unleashes a fully powered Kamehameha wave at point-blank range.
The energy wave engulfs the Guardian, overwhelming their defenses. Unable to withstand the tremendous power, the Guardian is defeated and falls to the ground, lifeless.
Goku, panting and exhausted, looks at his fallen opponent with a mix of respect and sadness.
Goku: You fought valiantly. Rest now, warrior.
The crowd falls silent, witnessing the culmination of an epic battle. Goku's victory is apparent, but the cost is great.
WINNER: Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

FIGHT 4: Xeno Vegeta (Dragon Ball Xenoverse) vs Chuck Norris (Memes)
[Scene: A desolate wasteland, where Xeno Vegeta and Chuck Norris stand facing each other, radiating power.]
Narrator: In the ultimate clash of universes, two legends prepare to engage in an epic battle. On one side, we have Xeno Vegeta, a Saiyan warrior hailing from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse, possessing immense power and skill. On the other side, Chuck Norris, a meme-born legend, known for his indomitable strength and martial arts prowess. As the fighters prepare, the air crackles with anticipation.
Xeno Vegeta: So, Chuck Norris, I've heard tales of your legendary skills. Let's see if you can handle a true Saiyan warrior!
Chuck Norris: Hmph! I've faced countless opponents, and none have stood a chance. Prepare to be defeated, Xeno Vegeta!
[Round 1: Opening Attacks]
Xeno Vegeta: (charging energy in his hand) Galick Gun!
[Vegeta unleashes a powerful energy blast, aimed straight at Chuck Norris. However, Norris quickly sidesteps and counters with his own attack.]
Chuck Norris: (swiftly) Roundhouse Kick!
[Norris's kick connects with Vegeta's Galick Gun, dissipating the energy blast. Both fighters step back, realizing the power of their opponent.]
[Round 2: Escalating Power]
Xeno Vegeta: Impressive, Norris. But I'm just getting started! Super Saiyan!
[Vegeta's hair turns golden as he taps into his Super Saiyan power, increasing his speed and strength.]
Chuck Norris: Not bad, Vegeta. But I've got my own tricks. Ultra Instinct!
[Norris's eyes glimmer with a silver hue as he enters a state of perfect self-movement, predicting and dodging attacks effortlessly.]
[The battle intensifies as Vegeta and Norris exchange a flurry of punches, kicks, and energy blasts. Each fighter showcases their unique abilities, pushing themselves to the limit.]
[Round 3: Unleashing Devastating Techniques]
Xeno Vegeta: (breathing heavily) You're strong, Norris, but can you handle this? Final Shine Attack!
[Vegeta forms a massive energy ball above his head, charging it with incredible power, and launches it towards Norris.]
Chuck Norris: (calmly) It's time to end this. Norris Roundhouse!
[Norris spins in a blur, generating a cyclone of immense force that clashes with Vegeta's Final Shine Attack.]
[The resulting explosion shakes the battlefield, leaving a cloud of smoke obscuring the fighters.]
[Final Round: The Decisive Strike]
[Narrator: With the smoke clearing, the fate of the battle hangs in the balance.]
Xeno Vegeta: (emerging from the smoke, visibly injured) Norris... you're tougher than I thought.
Chuck Norris: (standing tall, a few scratches on his body) Likewise, Vegeta. But this ends now!
[Norris channels his legendary strength, gathering it into a single, devastating attack.]
Chuck Norris: Ultimate Memetic Fist!
[With a thunderous punch, Norris releases an unimaginable force, obliterating Vegeta and the surrounding area in a colossal explosion.]
Narrator: And so, Chuck Norris emerges victorious, harnessing the limitless power of the meme universe. Xeno Vegeta, valiant though he was, falls defeated in the face of Norris's unmatched strength.
[Chuck Norris stands amidst the wreckage, the battlefield trembling beneath his feet, as he looks on with an expression of victory and satisfaction.]
Narrator: In this clash of legends, Norris reigns supreme. A true champion of the meme universe.
[Scene fades out as the legend of Chuck Norris grows even stronger.]
Note: The outcome of the battle is based on the premise that Chuck Norris, being a meme legend, possesses invincible strength and power within the meme universe. The result may not adhere to the canonical power levels established in the Dragon Ball series.
WINNER: Chuck Norris (memes) before we get into the next fight i didn't actually add the note there, chatgpt did. i added this note tho...

FIGHT 5: Seiya (Saint Seiya) vs Ash Williams (Evil Dead)
Scene: A desolate battleground, with ruins and debris scattered around. Seiya, the Bronze Saint, stands tall, donning his iconic Pegasus Cloth. On the other side, Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding hero, appears, ready to face off against Seiya. The tension fills the air as the battle begins.
Seiya: (Confidently) "Prepare yourself, Ash! I'll show you the power of the Cosmos!"
Ash: (Smirking) "Well, well, a shiny tin can. Let's dance!"
Seiya initiates the fight with a series of swift punches and kicks, showcasing his extraordinary speed and combat skills. Ash, though not possessing supernatural abilities, relies on his quick reflexes and agility to dodge Seiya's attacks, managing to retaliate with his trusty shotgun. The Bronze Saint's Pegasus Ryuseiken clashes with Ash's shotgun blasts, creating sparks and smoke.
Seiya: (Focused) "Impressive, but let's see how you handle this!"
Seiya taps into his Cosmo energy, radiating an intense aura around him. His attacks become faster and more powerful as he uses the Pegasus Comet Fist, creating explosive impacts upon contact. Ash, realizing the increasing danger, summons the Necronomicon, reciting an incantation. The ground trembles as small demonic creatures rise from the earth to distract Seiya momentarily.
Seiya: (Determined) "I won't be swayed by your tricks, Ash! I'll surpass my limits!"
Seiya channels his Cosmo energy to its peak, ascending to his Seventh Sense. His Pegasus Meteor Fist launches a barrage of devastating punches, each carrying the force of a meteor. Ash, battered and bloodied, activates his chainsaw and prosthetic hand, gaining an extra edge. He swiftly maneuvers, using his resourcefulness to block and counter Seiya's attacks.
Seiya: (Exhausted but resolute) "This ends now, Ash! Pegasus Rolling Crush!"
Seiya performs his signature move, the Pegasus Rolling Crush. His fists spin with tremendous speed, creating a whirlwind of destructive force. Ash fights back valiantly, but the immense power overwhelms him. Unable to defend himself, he succumbs to the relentless assault, his body battered and broken.
Ash: (Weakly) "Damn... you... Saint... too strong..."
Seiya: (Breathing heavily) "It's over, Ash. Rest in peace."
Seiya delivers a final, powerful blow, causing Ash to collapse, lifeless, onto the battlefield. The clash of worlds ends, leaving Seiya victorious.
WINNER: Seiya (Saint Seiya)

FIGHT 6: Erika Furudo (Umineko) vs Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)
Setting: A vast open field, surrounded by dense forests. The sky is clear, and an aura of anticipation hangs in the air as two legendary warriors prepare to face each other.
Erika Furudo, a cunning detective from the Umineko series, stands confidently, her piercing gaze fixed upon Naruto Uzumaki, the spirited ninja from the Naruto series.
Erika: (smirking) "Naruto Uzumaki, you're about to face the might of my analytical prowess. Let's begin, shall we?"
Naruto: (grinning) "Heh, bring it on! Believe it! Shadow Clone Jutsu!"
Naruto creates several clones of himself, surrounding Erika from all sides.
Erika analyzes the situation quickly and swiftly starts her counterattack.
Erika: "Red Truth: These clones are mere illusions, unable to cause any real harm!"
With her power of deduction, Erika sees through Naruto's clones and dispels them effortlessly.
Naruto: (impressed) "Not bad, but I'm just getting started! Rasengan!"
Naruto forms a spinning ball of chakra in his hand and charges towards Erika, aiming to deliver a powerful blow.
Erika evades Naruto's Rasengan by using her quick reflexes and agility. She counters with her own set of abilities.
Erika: "Blue Truth: Your Rasengan is a formidable attack, but it relies on close combat. Let's see how you handle this!"
Erika conjures a series of magic circles around Naruto, trapping him momentarily.
Naruto: (gritting his teeth) "Shadow Shuriken Jutsu!"
Naruto throws a barrage of shuriken, targeting Erika from different angles.
Erika skillfully dodges Naruto's shuriken, but realizes the need to take more decisive action.
Erika: "Golden Truth: The outcome of this battle will be decided by my intellect and strategy!"
Erika unleashes her most potent weapon, the Book of Truth. Its pages turn, and she recites an incantation.
Erika's Book of Truth casts a powerful spell, engulfing Naruto in a vortex of energy. Naruto struggles, but his determination refuses to waver.
Naruto: (grinning) "I won't go down that easily! Nine-Tails Chakra Mode!"
Naruto taps into the immense power of the Nine-Tailed Fox within him, enveloping himself in a glowing chakra aura.
Naruto charges forward, aiming to break free from Erika's spell. However, Erika's analytical prowess proves to be her greatest strength.
Erika: (confidently) "Red Truth: No matter how strong you become, your fate is sealed."
With her superior knowledge and understanding of Naruto's abilities, Erika casts a final, unbreakable spell, sealing Naruto's fate and extinguishing his life force.
Naruto: (weakened, gasping) "I... I can't... believe..."
With Naruto's defeat, his life force dissipates, leaving Erika standing victorious amidst the aftermath.
WINNER: Eriku Furudo (Umineko)

FIGHT 7: Cole MacGrath (Infamous) vs Alucard (Hellsing)
The scene is set in a desolate, crumbling city, with flickering streetlights and a dark, eerie atmosphere. Lightning crackles in the distance as Cole MacGrath, a young man with electrical superpowers, and Alucard, a powerful vampire with shape-shifting abilities, face each other.
COLE MACGRATH (focused) You've caused enough chaos. It ends here, Alucard!
ALUCARD (smiling) Oh, how delightful! A worthy opponent.
Cole charges up his electrical energy, crackling with power. Alucard transforms into a swarm of bats, swirling around Cole before reassembling himself.
COLE MACGRATH (releasing a burst of electricity) Static Thrusters!
Cole propels himself towards Alucard, surrounded by a glowing electric aura. Alucard dodges nimbly, but a stray bolt catches him, causing him to stagger.
ALUCARD (chuckling) Impressive, but let's see how you handle this!
Alucard extends his hand, and shadows coalesce around him, forming a long, monstrous shadow blade. He lunges at Cole, who responds by summoning a massive electrical hammer, charged with electric sparks.
COLE MACGRATH (swinging the hammer) Thunderclap!
The ground shakes as Cole slams the hammer down, causing a powerful shockwave of electricity to surge through the area. Alucard is thrown back, momentarily stunned.
ALUCARD (amused) You have some fight in you, but I am not so easily defeated.
Alucard smirks and vanishes into the shadows, reappearing behind Cole with his razor-sharp claws extended. Cole reacts swiftly, creating an electric shield just in time to block Alucard's attack.
COLE MACGRATH (gritting his teeth) You're quick, but I can keep up!
Cole channels electricity into his fists, charging them with immense power. He delivers a series of lightning-fast punches, each strike sending bolts of energy towards Alucard.
ALUCARD (laughing) Such vibrant energy! But it's time to unveil my true power.
Alucard's body begins to change, growing larger and more monstrous. His eyes glow with an eerie red light as he releases an aura of dark energy, causing the surrounding area to tremble.
COLE MACGRATH (sternly) What the hell are you?
ALUCARD (fierce) I am Alucard, the No-Life King! Prepare to witness true darkness!
Alucard's transformation is complete, and he charges at Cole with incredible speed and strength, striking him with devastating blows. Cole's electrical attacks barely leave a scratch on Alucard's regenerating body.
COLE MACGRATH (winded) Damn it! This is tougher than I thought.
Determined, Cole summons his most powerful ability. He levitates off the ground, his body enveloped in an electric tornado, crackling with immense energy.
COLE MACGRATH (yelling) Ionic Storm!
Cole unleashes a devastating storm of lightning bolts, targeting Alucard from all directions. The energy rips through the environment, tearing apart buildings and reducing the surroundings to rubble.
ALUCARD (grinning) Impressive, but not enough to stop me!
Alucard's body absorbs the electrical energy, enhancing his powers further. He retaliates with a barrage of dark projectiles and releases an energy blast that tears through Cole's defenses, striking him directly.
COLE MACGRATH (weakly) No... it can't end like this.
Cole falls to his knees, weakened and exhausted. Alucard approaches him, a wicked smile on his face.
ALUCARD (victorious) Your resistance was admirable, but your power is nothing compared to mine.
With a swift motion, Alucard plunges his claws into Cole's chest, draining his life force and ending his existence.
ALUCARD (satisfied) Rest in darkness, Cole MacGrath.
WINNER: Alucard (Hellsing)

FIGHT 8: Reverse Flash (DC comics) vs Dragonborn (Skyrim)
Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne), the malevolent speedster from the DC universe, and Dragonborn, the legendary hero from Skyrim, find themselves locked in a deadly battle within a swirling time vortex. They both prepare for a fight, their powers at the ready.
REVERSE FLASH (Grinning) Ah, the Dragonborn! A mere mortal against my mastery of speed. Let's see how you fare against the fastest man alive!
DRAGONBORN (Gripping his weapon) You may be quick, but I wield the power of the Thu'um. Prepare to face the fury of the Dragonborn!
The fight begins.
Reverse Flash unleashes a barrage of super-speed punches, each one a blur. Dragonborn, with his enhanced reflexes, manages to dodge most of the strikes, countering with swift sword slashes and fire spells.
Reverse Flash, impressed by Dragonborn's agility, taps into the Negative Speed Force, temporarily enhancing his speed. He moves faster than ever, landing rapid blows and disorienting Dragonborn. However, the Dragonborn relies on his powerful shouts to create shockwaves that keep Reverse Flash at bay.
As the fight progresses, Reverse Flash pushes Dragonborn to the edge, testing his limits. Dragonborn, feeling the weight of the situation, channels his inner strength and uses the powerful "Dragonrend" shout, which weakens and grounds even the mightiest of dragons.
The shout catches Reverse Flash off guard, momentarily slowing him down. Dragonborn seizes the opportunity, unleashing a devastating flurry of sword strikes empowered by his Thu'um, landing blow after blow on Reverse Flash.
Reverse Flash, realizing the severity of the situation, taps into the full potential of his speed force, gaining immense speed and healing abilities. He dodges Dragonborn's attacks with ease, his movements barely perceivable.
The fight reaches its climax as Reverse Flash vibrates his hand at super-speed, phasing it through Dragonborn's defenses, and impales him with a vibrating hand through the chest.
DRAGONBORN (Choking, blood spilling) It seems... your speed... is too much... for me...
Reverse Flash withdraws his hand, leaving Dragonborn to crumble to the ground, lifeless.
REVERSE FLASH (Victorious) Your shouts were impressive, Dragonborn, but against the might of the speed force, you stood no chance. Your time is over.
Reverse Flash, victorious and triumphant, steps away from the fallen Dragonborn, leaving behind a battle-worn hero whose deeds will forever be remembered.
WINNER: Reverse Flash (DC comics)

Round 1 is over! Round 2 will be done when my lazy ass updates the tournament bracket picture lol.
I am keeping each ChatGPT thread so if you have any questions you would like to ask the AI about the fight comment below and I'll try to get them answered. The one question I asked each time was for the AI to state their logic for who won the fight, if you want to see the logic the AI gave just comment which fight you want the logic for and I'll respond as fast as I can. Feel free to discuss which matches you think the AI got wrong or anything else really!
Also I've been doing these on my own for about a few weeks now. Reverse Flash vs Dragonborn is honestly the first time I can remember seeing the AI mention blood. Even the multiple matches using Kratos, Omni man or Homelander it never mentions blood directly. Their power is so great they managed to break the AI talking about them.
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2023.06.09 02:33 PurpleSolitudes Best VR Headset Available on Amazon

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2023.06.09 02:30 MoonOmens22 Generation Loss - Ep. 2, The Electric Chair Scene

I decided to do some research on the whole electrocution scene in GenLoss because why not, also because I'm currently studying the nervous system in class and I'm learning about neurons. SO I decided to see what exactly the affect of the shock that Ranboo experienced would be to them. I can't exactly remember how much the Master of the Warehouse gave them, I think it was around 8000 volts or something, do correct me if I'm wrong.
Most humans will pass away if experiencing anything over 11,000 volts, but anything under that they will usually survive unless they have heart issues. However there are long lasting affects on most people who experience this, which I'll list later. Now I can assume it was a quick charge of high voltage, thus the lack of extended muscle activity, but enough to cause The Hero to lose consciousness, as it's still quite heigh and they have not experienced such before. Because it wasn't a live wire we didn't get barbeque grilled Ranboo. It also put them through extreme pain obviously, because you know, you're getting amounts of electricity put through your body that it cannot produce on such level. Great acting by the way.
Now moving on to the affects that this would cause him. I pulled this information from here: Effects Of Electric Shock On The Brain Explained Electrocution Lawyers ( I'm serious about my stuff. Anyway, it lists that the affects that electrical shock has on the brain and body. The following affects include:
These symptoms can appear a year to many years after the event happened, but there would still be some initial difficulties post shock that The Hero would have experienced. A lot of these issues are quite hard to get rid of. There would have also been more issues as time went on. It's amazing that our Hero managed to still function after being shocked!
But another thing to remember is the choice we made in Episode three, Ranboo did confirm that we made the right choice, but also there is now another reason when I think about it. If we chose for them to live, Showfall would have of course re-casted them. But, Showfall would not have been able to have full control over Ranboo once they were recasted, why? Because they were electrocuted! Showfall wipes their minds blank of course when recasting a person or using them as staff, but it wouldn't entirely work on Ranboo because their brain has been damaged, and the re-casting process wouldn't fix this damaged. Maybe a shell of their former personality would leak through, or we'd see peculiar behaviour.
It would have been cool to see what would have happened if they were re-casted.

Anyways, tell me what you guys think! Also guys, ELECTRICAL SAFETY!!!!!!!!! I cannot urge you guys enough to be careful around electrical sockets, items or lines, practice safety, stay safe and stay away!
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