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2023.06.09 05:24 cdjensen94 Introduction in New Book

“Not all stories are meant to be scientific or realistic, in fact, many are meant to be grand-scale fantasies, flavored and seasoned with science and reality.” – cdjensen94
Lethurea is a Universe, not a parallel universe, nor an alternate universe, but a separated universe. Lethurea is one of many Universes, including many names. Cosmos is our universe created from the mind of an All-Mighty God. Aroenios is Lethurea’s Brother. Lethurea, like all universes, is created from the singularity of a fathom of a dreamer. They are born into the void in which all universes reside.
Lethurea is a young universe, only 3.5 billion-years-old, he is also a small universe comprised only of ten thousand galaxies.
Lethurea’s limit, as all universes, is without. The depths and complexities are only limited by the dreamer.
The creator is the dreamer, and the universe is their creation. The dreamer may wake, but the universe does not end. For it lives on in the heart and soul of the dreamer.
Universes do not gain much shape and form without the dreamer’s nurture and thought. All dreamers have a universe, but only the ones that are nurtured and thought of are to ever grow into something.
Lethurea is a nurtured universe dreamed from the days of a young storyteller. In a composition notebook, lost to time, Lethurea was born. First, it was a simple written first-person story of the dreamer in a fantastical world with fantastical powers.
Great are those that nurture the dreamers for they are the greatest forces of creation. Many of these nurturers came along: a teacher, a friend, a mother, and a brother.
The spark of life was given to this universe, at first small, a galaxy, some stars, but with time it morphed and grew in size and grandeur. It became what it is today.
These are the Legends from Lethurea…
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2023.06.09 05:20 Benin369 My Strategy

My Strategy
My Strategies For Winning

So I just completed World Clash yesterday. And here's a few things I've learned.

I. Major goals in Game play
When playing this game I'm convinced that to really excel we must develop a strategy.
But why do we need a strategy? Because we individually want to reach a particular end goal.
What are the end goals? There are three main ones Imo.
  1. Get as many coins/blue bricks as possible. Good for general game play and World Clash.
  2. Win a level asap. This is main goal in both WC and in Piggy Race.
  3. Increase our kill count. This used to be a major goal but is less relevant ever since Devs configured coin rewards. Not relevant except when achieving a daily, weekly or Season challenge.

II. Interesting combinations to watch out for.
When it comes to this game I've learned over several months that it is not as simple as spamming to win. There has to be some thought put into playing. Some enemy combo/observations.
A. Fastest mobs are in descending order. Ninja, Alien, Chicken, Normie
B. Slowest Mobs in descending order. Paperbag, Soldier, Bear, Knight
C. Obstacles/Structures in game play.
Multiplier gate(x2, x4, x10, etc.)
Wall(with numbers on them) Smash as qucikly as possible.
Sliders(orange on the floor) Use but time it just right.
Portals(jumps us across the base) Use but time it just right.
Death gate(pink with skulls) Avoid at all costs. (It seems that Deathgate has been altered. It blocks you, then kills you, before it killed you instantly.) If I missed any let me know.
D. In an earlier post I stated what to use and when as it relates to the power ups.
Use 2x Fire rate when there's 3 gates or more in a stage. Why? Using the x10 is not good since it could land in spot too far away thus making it useless.
Use x10 Gate when there's 3 gates or fewer in a stage. Why? The gates are closer, x10 is better than 2x Fire Rate for large mobs when gates are closer.
Will speak on Fast Charge later.
I don't use Extra cannon much. Used a few times. Didn't really see much of a benefit to it.

III. Strategies to defeat most enemy mobs in Mob Control.
So when looking at all of this here's what I've noticed.
A. When facing enemies that are slower than me my best combination against them has been The faster mobs + Big Bertha + Sirion + Rocket Barrage + 2x Fire Rate or X10 Multiplier.(Look closely at previous section about when to use these.)
Why? Faster mobs are generally weaker so when combined with Big Bertha they get a slight power boost and a size increase making them a bit more formidable. Whenever I used any other cannon they would get bulldozed by the Bear or the Knight.
Add Sirion and Rocket Barrage to that and guess what, I can knock out stronger enemies from a distance allowing me to get to the enemy base quicker. And if I do go to blows using my largestronger mobs(thanx to Bertha) they last longer and stand a better chance fighting the stronger slower mobs.
Also because the enemy is slower the 2x Fire rate and x10 Gate work better for swarming while Sirion and Ultimate shoot them from a distance.
Note : After a while you'll notice your mobs consistenly forming a pincer around the enemy mobs. The end of the pincer destroys the bases before killing all of the mobs. Try it out and see.
This works well depending on the gates. If fewer gates(x10) if more gates(2x fire rate) Both situations can allow you to swarm if you plan it out right.
Also fun fact Sirion + Bertha = Double amplifying effect. Bertha boosts your mobs then Sirion Boosts them again when under his Mind Amplifying power. So you effectively have dozens of Champions in your squad!!! :-D (Notice how they turn yellow and start to resemble Great Normie)
This strategy seems to result in fewer enemy deaths but more coins and blue bricks won.

Win rate seems to be about 75 to 80%. :-)

Example : L48 Ninja + L36Big Bertha + L36 Sirion + L36 Rocket Barrage + 2x Fire Rate or x10 gate vs L48 Paper Bag = Massive win totaling between 600 to 1,400 blue bricks.
Note : I would only use Abduction against slower enemies. There have been times where a Ninja or even an Alien slipped onto my side even after activating the Abduction Ultimate. :-( For me this doesn't happen as much with Rocket Barrage.

Scoured through my phone. Found out I don't have any good screen caps of this scenario. Will update later. ;-)

TLDR : Faster mobs with above combination gives me power and speed to go around slower stronger mobs and reach the enemy base faster.

B. When facing enemies that are faster than me my best combination against them has been The slower mobs + Triple Cannon + Nexus + Rocket Barrage + Fast Charge.
Why? When fighting faster mobs the element is to slow them down/stop them from advancing. I'm pretty sure you all have had a situation where you swarmed a ninja mob yet somehow one of them still got through. Happened to me all the time. Very frustrating. }:-(
Figured out that because Ninja and all the faster mobs are so fast and agile that they slip through without much damage even against your own fast mobs. They evade attacks rather than tank them.
So the trick is to nullify their movement before they get too far. How? The above combination basically creates a wall in front of them of stronger mobs and Champions.
Fast Charge gives you a half a dozen Nexus. Each Nexus can knock out a dozen Ninjas with AOE attacks before they can advance. This nullifies their speed. Also Nexus + Fast Charge creates up to 3 or 4 Ultimates that nullifies their speed even further while simultaneously destroying the towers.

When relying on Fast Charge the gate mechanics almost doesn't matter when I get 12+ Nexus on the screen. Lol!
This strategy results in overwhelming the enemy side crushing everything in sight, slightly fewer coins and blue bricks though.

Win rate seems to be at about 80 to 90%.

Example : L42 Bear + L36 Triple Cannon + L36 Nexus + L36 Rocket Barrage + Fast Charge vs L49 Ninja = Massive win totaling between 400 to 1,200 blue bricks(before using multiplier).

L42 Bear + L36 Triple Cannon + L36 Nexus + L36 Rocket Barrage + Fast Charge vs L49 Ninja = Massive win totaling between 400 to 1,200 blue bricks(before using multiplier).

Got 'em!!! :-D

Yeah!!! :-D

TLDR : Slower mobs with above combination gives me strength and power to nullify the speed of very fast mobs.

C. Why I would NOT recommend using The faster mobs + Big Bertha + Sirion + Rocket Barrage + 2x Fire Rate or X10 Multiplier when facing a faster enemy!
Tried this multiple times. It doesn't work, Bertha mobs are too few so I get trapped in a pincer even after using x10 gate.
Also tried this with triple cannon. I either barely won or lost because a handful still slipped through to my end. Especially if it was Ninja or Alien, very irritating. (It only takes one.)
Win rate seems to be somewhere around 30% with literally one or two enemy mobs slipping through. :-(

D. Why I would NOT recommend using The slower mobs + Triple Cannon + Nexus + Rocket Barrage + Fast Charge when facing a slower, stronger enemy!
Tried this multiple times. It doesn't work, if enemy mobs were stronger even Triple Cannons fire rate wasn't enough to overwhelm them. They tanked everything. And the Nexus took longer to charge so fewer Ultimates. :-/
They eventually barreled through and beat me.
Win rate seems to be about 45% or so with bouts that lasted entirely too long. :-/

E. Finally about Fast Charge. I don't know if anyone noticed this but it seems like ever since mid April this year the Devs seemed to increase the number of giants in the enemy mobs. So at about that time that I started using Fast Charge.
And through trial and error I was able to find the above combination that helped nullify the faster enemy mobs.
I love using Fast Charge now when ever I know I'm about to face Ninja or Alien. :-D

I don't use Extra Cannon that much. Tried it a few times felt kind of useless. Seemed less effective then 2x Fire rate. Left it alone and focused on the other three boosters. Anyone else have experience using Extra Cannon?

TLDR : Don't use slower cannons with slower mobs. Nor faster cannons with faster mobs. Combine the strength of one with the speed of the other to maximize your ability to defeat the enemy side.
If the combinations are used well you should win about 80 to 90% of your battles while collecting just under 1,000 blue bricks in each stage. :-)
I hope this helps. :-)
Any ideas or strategies you came up with please share. :-D
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2023.06.09 05:03 ZakarosTarsus So, is it time to give up on this season after tonight?

So, I may be venting a bit after tonight but I got to ask if maybe, this is not our year. Nothing appears to be going in a positive direction at this point. We have lost 6 straight games - 3 to the Blue Jays because we couldn't hit the ball and we were beating the Braves in all 3 of these games and the bullpen couldn't hold it down at all. How can anybody be positive after this stretch.
Aside from Senga, Megill and Scherzer on occasion - the starting pitching is struggling. Quintana won't be ready for a while, Verlander has been slow to start, Peterson did terrible and Carrasco has struggled as well. The bullpen is the worst offender, they are really struggling to hold leads when we have them. I know losing Diaz was a huge blow but I didn't think it would hurt the team this much and I feel bad for guys like Robertson, Ottavino and Raley. The hitting has also been kind of sporadic so far this season. Baty and Alvarez are doing decent but Vientos has performed the worst, Nido is not hitting, Vogelbach is struggling and the regular guys are having trouble keeping consistent as well. The fact that in these three games, the hitting actually provided and we still lost is sad. It's just - I don't know.
And here's the sad part to me - I don't even think the Trade Deadline will help. I know there is talk about Diaz's brother but there are so many issues right now that I don't think it can be fixed this year. As far as I can tell, we need 2 or 3 decent relievers, 1 or 2 more hitters that can play on the field and maybe 1 or 2 starting pitchers. I don't see how we can pull off anything significant at the Deadline and still even make a Wild Card spot. The Braves aren't slowing down, the Phillies and Miami are clearly motivated and other NL teams like the Pirates and Diamondbacks are doing great as well. Just frustrating through and through.
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2023.06.09 05:02 OniriqueCherry Conversion of old ranks to the new rank distribution wise, know your split 2 rank/mmr with your current rank

Conversion of old ranks to the new rank distribution wise, know your split 2 rank/mmr with your current rank
By using current stats from https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution and the new distribution of rank given by this graph

I made a mapping from the old distribution to the new one:
iron IV-II + bottom half iron 1 -> iron IV-I (bottom 4%)
top half iron I- bottom half bronze II -> bronze IV-I (bottom 20%)
top half bronze II-silver IV -> silver IV-silver I (bottom 40%)
silver III-silver I -> gold IV-gold I (bottom 60%)
gold IV-gold II -> plat IV-plat I (bottom 80%)
gold I-plat I -> emerald IV-I (bottom 96%)

Noticable things:
Most new ranks are composed of 3 old tier, the exception is being new iron composed of 3 and half old tier, new silver being 2 and half old tier and emerald being composed of 5 old tier.

If their goal was to flatten the curve of rank distribution between iron and plat they did a pretty good job, the only issue is emerald will have a bigger skill difference between his IV tier and the I one compared to the others ranks since it's composed of 5 old tiers.

It's was already hard to compare your current rank with the players of previous seasons since the skill of the playerbase improved a lot combined with a shift in the distribution of every rank, with this change, it's will now be close to impossible without doing a lot of conversion and thinkings.
At best you can compare % wise but it's stilll not resolve the improvement of the playerbase skills.
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2023.06.09 05:00 DTG_Bot Daily Questions [2023-06-09]

New player? Please read the New and Returning Player Guide, Destiny 2 Guided Support & Gameplay Guide.

Want to buy the DLC? Check out the Lightfall Guide.

Returning and not sure what was vaulted? Destiny Content Vault: Year 6

Season of the Deep (Season 21) key dates:

Top Known Issues List by Bungie

Welcome to the Daily Questions thread! Do you have a Destiny-related question that needs answering? Can't find it anywhere else on the web? Well, You're in luck! Simply ask your question down below, and the knowledgeable community of /DestinyTheGame will answer it to the best of their abilities!
Be sure to use the search in the top right before submitting a question, as it could have already been answered. Also, be sure to check the thread itself!
We also have a nice collection of useful resources below "Useful links" in the sidebar / top menu.
We also have an official Discord, which allows for live chatting about the game, LFG, and more!
Be sure to sort by new to see the latest questions!
You can find the full Daily Thread schedule here.
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2023.06.09 04:54 DavidJKay The what if option where Bell wins faster!

Season 2, a new "girl" introduces herself as more beautiful than Ishtar and Bell runs away faster than he ran away from Ais the first time.
If winning against OEBD is the important thing then what about Bell running into Toad first rather than Ais or Ryu? Then his growth in speed would be based by the intensity of his feelings about Toad.
He'd be faster than Allen by season 3, season 4 he'd be running circles around juggernaut and soon even OEBD wouldn't be able to hit him
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2023.06.09 04:52 monkeywarrior333 Questions about trying to find the squid in FOMT

So I'm starting to look for the squid(as well as all the other king fish) but I keep running into conflicting info. My main problem is season: I've seen some websites say you can catch it in any season except winter, and some that say only winter.
Aside from that, there are a couple smaller questions. With that being, I wanted to ask the following: 1. What season do you catch the squid in?
  1. The wiki says you just need to drop a "smaller fish", but multiples forums have said that it's strictly small fish. Which is it?
  2. Do you have drop in a new fish every time you fish for the squid, or does it just reset by maybe the day or by exiting the beach?
  3. How many in game hours or days would usually be expected to catch the squid? I had a pretty easy time catching the jp. huchen and carp, but lots of the forums I previously went to indicate that the squid might take the longest out of the king fish to catch.
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2023.06.09 04:50 TheMightyEagle4 Announcing Flashpoint The Movie

Announcing Flashpoint The Movie

This is my first-ever fan edit and am hoping for it to release on June 16th (the same day as the official movie)
Editing is halfway done (and a lot harder than I thought it would be lol)
This edit will be using footage from the first 3 seasons to tell the story of CW's Flashpoint
I am making many changes to the chronology of events to fit my taste, and to make the film flow as nice as possible
Changes so far include:
Flashpoint occurs after Reverse Flash is defeated
Zoom is another name for reverse flash (like the older comics, there is no Hunter Zolomon)
Metahumans only exist in the flashpoint reality
Flashpoint is the first time Barry time travels
And most importantly no Ezra Miller
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2023.06.09 04:46 JapanApril2023 Belated Trip Report of Our Honeymoon

April 9 - April 26: Tokyo - Nanyo - Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka - Koyasan
We had two main goals for this trip to Japan: eat great food and see cherry blossoms. We had the best of both in the city of Nanyo in Yamagata prefecture. It's not a place that I've ever seen mentioned on Reddit or the western internet, so I wanted to share it with you all here.

What we learned


Tokyo Highlights


As I mentioned before, Nanyo was the highlight of our trip. Despite being a small town, it had it's own distinct feeling and cuisine, and I think it deserves more love. I definitely shouldn't have been able to book a last minute ryokan reservation during peak Cherry Blossom season.


Kyoto Highlights

Osaka Highlights


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2023.06.09 04:46 BoxerJ1974 Private Poker League - Tax and Seizure concerns on funds

I'm the treasurer of a private poker league that plays two seasons of 20 weeks each for individuals to win a $10,000 World Series of Poker main event seat. Approx. 40-50 people participate each season.
Each week from our weekly tournament (to earn points for leaderboard) I collect between $3,000-$4,500. This money is taken to a safe deposit box the next day at my bank where it collects dust until I disburse the money to the winners in May prior to the WSOP. This year I had just over $150K for our league's two seasons. When interest rates were low I didn't care about the money sitting in the safe deposit box. Now my online savings is offering 4% interest. I have no problem paying the tax on the interest earned on the money that I will hold from August 2023 to May 2024. My concern is that these weekly deposits could trigger an audit, and worse case, a stop or seizure of funds when I transfer $150K back to my brick and mortar bank, and then try withdraw it in cash. I don't want our league or members affected or have tax consequences. As I stated, this is a private game among friends/acquaintences.
Am I overthinking this? What concerns, triggers, etc. should I consider before depositing this money in the bank instead of the safe deposit box? Thanks
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2023.06.09 04:43 SuperCasualGamerDad Does it bug anyone that there is no story? Yes, I know there is a semblance of a story, but it isn't there.

I have been following Fortnite since it was first announced. At the time, it was supposed to be something completely different. I started playing in Season 3 and really got into it in Season 4. I was so excited to figure out what the game was actually about. Were we in some sort of VR simulation? I had so many questions. What universe are we in? Is the Save the World mode lore even connected? What is the storm really? Are zombies even a threat anymore? Why are there characters from multiple franchises?
The game had some big events that hinted at the lore, (Kevin, the seven) but I'm not a fan of how Epic Games is handling the story. They seem to be content with letting players figure it out on their own. Honestly, I would really like to know. It's obviously not anything like Save the World. What is going on? Are we real people? Is this a VR simulation that we are all logging into?
My only real guess is that it's a VR simulated game within a game. But who knows?
I missed a few seasons so maybe I missed the big explainer. But I mean I just want to know at this point.
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2023.06.09 04:43 VictorianLesbiansOTW Crying over this show, again.

So I finally decided to finish the show, (kinda took a break cuz I was sad it wad over) but decided to just rewatch the whole thing. I just finished season 2 ep 3 "Echoes of the past" and when King was remembering where he came from, when he heard the roar, there was also a loud thud after it.... Was that his dad dying???????? Did he call out to his son with his dying breath, and then he, y'know, DIED??????????? I'm literally sobbing right now bc if so that is the most heartbreaking thing 😥😥😥😥😥😥
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2023.06.09 04:35 stayclassypeople The 1984-85 Bowl Season

If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the master post below!

Setting the Stage

Team record AP Coaches
BYU 12-0 1 (33) 1 (24)
Oklahoma 9-1-1 2 (16) 2 (8)
Florida 9-1-1 3 (6) 6 (2)
Washington 10-1 4 (1) 3 (1)
Nebraska 9-2 5 4
Ohio State 9-2 6 5
Important games and notes

1984 was a bit of a wild season, with 6 different teams spending time as #1 at some point. Only BYU stood unbeaten at 12-0 (besides Cal State Fullerton who wasn't even invited to a bowl). The Cougars were obligated to play in the Holiday bowl as WAC champions. Multiple teams (including Washington) turned down an invitation to play in the Holiday bowl, leading it to pair the Cougars with unranked Michigan. There was carnage everywhere as every other top 5 team minus Washington had either a 2nd lost or a tie on their resume. Additionally, Florida would have normally had gone to the Sugar Bowl as SEC champ, but their post season ban barred them from doing so, effectively eliminating them from national title contention. Washington actually finished 2nd to USC in the Pac 10, allowing them to accept an at large bid to the Orange Bowl vs #2 Oklahoma. Leading up to the bowls, Sooners coach Barry Switzer and Orange Bowl organizers campaigned heavily to convince pollsters that the Orange Bow should be the de facto national title game and blasted BYU's 'weak' schedule. Only time would tell if his politicking would work.

The Bowls

Holiday Bowl: #1 BYU vs unranked Michigan (December 21st)
Leading up to this game, even Michigan coach Bo Schembechler doubted BYU as he felt they're vaunted passing game was overrated relative to the other Big 10 teams his Wolverines faced. Although they were only 6-5, the Wolverine's were probably better than their record indicated. Mid season, starting QB Jim Harbaugh broke his arm vs Michigan St, leading to 4 losses in 6 games. Its a shame he hadn't yet discovered the bone strengthening powers of milk, something I like to think he learned from BYU after this game/season. Anyway, back to the game. After a scoreless 1st quarter, the teams' traded TDs in the 2nd. BYU kicked a late FG to lead 10-7 at half. The Wolverines scored the 2nd half's first 10 points to lead 17-10 before BYU tied it early 4th quarter at 17 all. It was a wild finish from there. Late in the 4th, BYU QB, Robbie Bosco threw a crucial pick, but the defense held and forced Michigan to punt on the ensuing possession. Bosco made the most of his 2nd chance for a game winning drive, and drove the Cougars down the field for a decisive TD with 1:23 left to win the game 24-17. The Cougars won their 24th consecutive game to finish 13-0 and stake their claim for their 1st national championship.

Orange Bowl: #2 Oklahoma vs #4/3 Washington
As previously mentioned, Barry Switzer campaigned before, and after, this game that the winner should be declared national champs. With a win, #2 Oklahoma would be hard for the Pollsters to ignore as their last two games including wins over top 10 teams. If Washington won, they would almost certainly jump idle Florida (in the AP) and Oklahoma, but would they receive enough love to leapfrog BYU? After all, they didn't even win the Pac 10 and had 0 wins over ranked teams entering the Orange Bowl. Regardless of whether or not the voters would listen to Switzer, it turned out to be a pretty good game. Washington raced out to a 14-0 first quarter lead, before Oklahoma rallied to tie it 14 all a the half. The Sooners then scored a FG early 4th to lead 17-14. Washington rallied with a 74 TD with less six minutes to go. Oklahoma muffed the ensuing kick off giving the Huskies the ball at the 2 and an easy TD to extend their lead to 28-17, which would hold as the final score.

Final Results

Team Record AP Coaches
BYU 13-0 1 (38) 1 (28)
Washington 11-1 2 (16) 2 (11)
Florida 9-1-1 3 (6) 7 (1)
Despite protests, whining and screaming, BYU was voted #1 in each poll and claim its first ever consensus national championship. While Washington did receive double digit 1st place votes in each poll, it wasn't enough to leapfrog BYU. In fairness to BYU, Washington's schedule, outside of the Orange bowl win wasn't much better. Ironically Washington had their chance to play BYU head to head, but declined a Holiday bowl invite, choosing to play Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl instead. Love it, hate it, agree or disagree, BYU was your 1984 national champs. To date, this is the last time a team outside of one of the major conferences (PAC, SEC, Big 8/12, ACC, Big 10) that would win a championship in major college football.
*Washington and BYU would play in the the 1985 season, with BYU coming away with a 31-3 win.

Sources and recommended reading
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2023.06.09 04:35 Jmalex451 Ubisoft is doing everything in its power to make me stop playing this game. (RANT)

This season has been the absolute worst experience I have had in this game in my years of playing. From the friends list bug where I have to restart my game 3 times in order for my friends to see I'm online. To the audio where it sounds like someone is above me but they are infact up my ass. But the largest problem by far has been the matchmaking. I consider myself a slightly above average player. I managed to claw my way into emerald 3 last season with my squad of friends and even that was awful. This hidden mmr bullshit theyve added to the game has fucked matchmaking for me. I won the first 6 games of the new season...since that, i have won 3 and lost 19. 60% of my matches have put me against high diamond and champ players who are far better than i am, and paired me with teammates whose highest rank is Gold. The rest of my matches have had blatant cheaters who have no problem showing off their walls and zero recoil aim bots. I've been playing this game for 8 years, it used to be one of my favorites. Maybe I'm just burnt out. But it sure does feel like I passed someone at Ubisoft off and they're doing everything they can to spite me.
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2023.06.09 04:33 Stephany232323 Sitting for 2 years

I have 2 skis. One wakepro 230 and a Spark Trix. They both have less then 50 hours on them.
Do to health issues they sat after the last season 2020. They were not winterized.. the batteries were put on trickle just last year and surprised they are still good after being out all winter. Thankfully the last couple winter were mild really..
So I'm getting them ready hopefully by: 1. Drain all the fuel out as well as empty the fuel rails basically starting with fresh fuel from tank to injectors. 2. Change the oil and filters and crank engine with plugs disconnect to get it lubricated before allowing it to start. 3. Flush cooling system.
Is there anything I'm missing or suggestions? Thanks.
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2023.06.09 04:32 DreadEve Advice Managing New Symptom of Acid Reflux

TLDR: I've had stomach pain for a few years, which has been improving over the past 6 months due to diet changes, but now I'm dealing with acid reflux.
I've had pain in my upper stomach (In the center, right below my ribcage) for a number of years now. I used to think it was normal to wake up in the morning with stomach pain, because it would go away when I ate. I'd tell people I "woke up so hungry it hurt." Around 3 years ago, I had a bout of stomach pain so bad I went to the hospital, who told me I had gallstones and needed to remove my gallbladder. My stomach pain was near constant after that, and I was eating a lot because that was the only way to make it feel better. When I went to my PCP for a referral, he gave me omeprezole which I started taking and saw a big improvement in my stomach pain, but still had pain in the morning when I woke up. After 6 months he switched me to famotidine.
On the famotidine, I stopped having pain in the morning, but became sensitive to different foods, so I slowly started cutting things out. For about a year and a half, I did a cycle of feel good -> flare up -> cut something -> repeat, until eventually I was barely eating anything. My PCP sent me to a GI, who did an endoscopy and found nothing. They told me I had a 'generic acid problem,' and told me to go back on omeprezole and start adding foods back in. When I tried that, I had some of the worst pain so far. That was about 6 months ago.
I was barely eating and had lost a lot of weight, so I bought the Gastritus Healing Book and only ate approved meals within. For the first time, I started seeing improvement overtime instead of things getting worse. 6 months ago I could barely walk around my house or eat, but now I'm having decent meals, hiking, and have stopped losing weight.
Onto my actual question! While my stomach pain feels better, lately I've been having acid reflux. Usually after I eat, I will get a sour taste in my mouth and a little burpy. I'm not sure if this has always been a problem, and I never noticed before, but I'm definitely very cognizant of it now. Since I've been doing everything to get better from my main symptom of stomach pain, I have no idea how to manage this new symptom! I'm afraid I'll have to cut back on how much I eat again, but I'm barely managing to maintain my current weight. So, what more can I do to manage the reflux?
Here is what I mostly eat: - Oatmeal with maple syrup and walnuts (made with almond milk) - Rice with vegetables and avocado - Banana berry smoothies made with almond milk - Eggs, sometimes salmon - Cilantro, sumac, salt are my go to seasonings
I sleep on my back on an incline pillow, and have potato juice every morning. I tried DGL for a bit, but it made my stomach pain worse. I don't eat anything 3 hours before I got to bed, except the 40mg of famotidine I take.
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2023.06.09 04:29 BadassClassPresident I loved S3 of Index (haven't read OT as of making this post)

Before I go, I just want to say for anyone who doesn't know I skipped over OT and went straight to NT since I was too impatient to read through OT before getting to NT. I wanted to see the new stuff I kept hearing about now that I'm caught up with GT I plan to read Biohacker before getting into OT once I stop being lazy about it.
Anyways I know its common to hate on season 3 of Index, but as an anime-only I loved it I loved that instead of only focusing on Touma and occasionally going to Accelerator, it went between Touma, Accelerator, and surprisingly to me, at the time Hamazura. Even from the anime I loved to follow these characters, and seeing Accelerator getting more focus was a joy though Hamazura, at least at first, was annoying. Since by sheer chance, he kept ending up in the perfect place to exploit his surrounding enough to injure Mugino multiple times severely. Mugino seemed way less powerful and competent as a result since by all rights she should have killed Hamazura easily though after this when Hamazura was saving that village it was cool and seemed well within his capabilities. I also just loved seeing all three of them travel the world and wished they actually meet since Toaru occasionally would tease this like in that one episode where we follow them in a slice-of-life matter where some people meet and almost meet when they in that mall. Also I had no problem with the Touma vs Accelerator fight.
My opinion might change once I read the LN version but for now, these are my feeling towards season 3 of Index.

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2023.06.09 04:29 Oskey1309 Thought my away win at Anfield was going to steal the headlines but Haaland & City can't be stopped

Thought my away win at Anfield was going to steal the headlines but Haaland & City can't be stopped submitted by Oskey1309 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:25 DatabaseJumper Unwatched TV Show Episode Search/Filter Help?

Most TV shows have no more than 20 or so episodes per season, making it easy to find the unwatched episodes. However, in the case of Rifftrax, their "Season 3" contains all their riffed shorts. At the moment, they're up to 439 individual 'episodes', which makes locating any new shorts I acquire literally one or two among hundreds. The search/filter options only get me down to 'TV shows/seasons with unwatched episodes' but don't filter down to those specific episodes.
With that, my question for the group is: does anyone have a good way to filter down just to unwatched episodes from a specific season of a TV show? (I'm happy to feel stupid if there's an obvious answer, so long as I don't have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find the one episode I'm looking for. Thanks!)
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2023.06.09 04:24 VixinXiviir "One of Your Friends Has to Leave": Mono Black Midrange Meta Report

Howdy Arena goers! Once again it is I, Vixin, the guy who will play Mono Black decks against all reason and probably to his own detriment.

Since the bannings and the new season I've taken a break from ladder. With my finish from last month I definitely feel a lot less pressure to actually climb, so instead I've been grinding Traditional Standard events (hereafter referred to as leagues) in order to build my collection and get my daily games in. I've included some screenshots below, but I've played about 20 leagues and 100 matches with this deck and maintained about a 72% win rate overall. I got a lot of comments on my last post asking for an updated list since the bannings so I figured I'd share. With that in mind, let's get the list and talk about some cards!

A note on leagues: I am well aware of the difference in competitive level between leagues and ladder, especially higher up on ladder. That being said, more often than not I faced meta in the leagues and can definitely speak to meta matchups and play patterns. In addition, I also gained the insight that this deck is very strong against rogue matchups. You have a lot of different interaction and flexibility to be ready for anything, which can definitely translate to ladder performance.

The List:

Creatures (16):
4x Evolved Sleeper
2x Ayara's Oathsworn
4x Tenacious Underdog
3x Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
2x Sheoldred
3x Phyrexian Fleshgorger

Non-Creature Spells (18):
3x Cut Down
2x Go for the Throat
3x Sheoldred's Edict
4x Liliana of the Veil
3x Sorin the Mirthless
1x Invasion of Fiora

Lands (26)
23x Swamp
1x Takenua, Abandoned Mire
2x Mirrex

Sideboard (15):
1x Cut Down
2x Go for the Throat
2x Glistening Deluge
2x Graveyard Trespasser
4x Duress
1x Invasion of Fiora
3x Breach the Multiverse

Interlude: A Farewell to Fallen Brothers

Some of you may notice that there are several cards missing from the list that I talked way, way up in my last post: Jadar, Fell Stinger, and Concealing Curtains. Unfortunately, the context of the format completely changed with the bannings, and these cards are no longer as well-positioned as they previously were. There were a lot of incidental values and synergies between these cards and both Invoke Despair and Reckoner Bankbuster, as well as the fact that they're a lot stronger in a format dominated by slow, grindy Rakdos than in the much more open field we're facing today. It very well may be possible these cards will see play again, but for now, in the current format, they're just not optimal. No one is more disappointed than I.

Deck Overview

The name of the game is efficient threats, value generation, and disruption--and we've got it all. This deck can curve out, it can play the grind game, it can disrupt those pesky combo decks. With the loss of Invoke and Bankbuster this deck definitely leans a little more aggressive, but it's still at its heart a midrange deck. Get a couple of good threats out there, get your planeswalkers ticking up, and outlast everyone on your way to the top. The biggest deal in this deck is managing what you're spending your mana on. You have a lot of sinks in this deck, and making sure you weave in Sleeper activations and get in damage with Underdog when it's the right time to do so is a skill you're going to need to perfect, or else you may find yourself with no cards, too much mana, and you're staring down an Atraxa on field and another in hand.

Individual Card Choices

Evolved Sleeper
I have a love/hate relationship with this card. Every time I play it, I wish it was something else, but every time I go back to the collection and scroll through all of the cards in Standard I have to come to terms with the fact that, while it does everything in a very cumbersome manner, this card does a lot. Early damage, mana sink, value generation, stonewall defender, this card is so darn flexible that it's essentially unreplaceable. This card is a solid 1 drop, 2 drop, 4 drop, and 7 drop, since those are the breakpoints of all the different ways you can spend your mana on it at once. However, if you play it on turn 1, that ALSO means it's a solid 3 and 6 drop. If you count those numbers, that means Evolved Sleeper can fit in essentially anywhere on your curve, and it is very, very difficult to replace that kind of flexibility.
There's something to be said of knowing when to dump mana into sleeper when to just leave it alone like a ticking time bomb. It's hard to explain in text which is the correct move in which situation. Gaining a sense of the right time to evolve your boy is both difficult and necessary.

Tenacious Underdog
Another love/hate relationship for me. Underdog's just a simple, easy guy. He's above rate, he comes back, he draws you cards, he gets in damage, he keeps on punching. Another example of a hyper-flexible threat that is difficult to replace. With the need to be both aggressive and grindy (since you can't predict what you'll face on ladder or in leagues), Underdog just does it slightly better than other options.

Ayara's Oathsworn
This is a flex slot that I wanted to try a new card in, and it's doing alright so far. In many ways, the Menace on this creature is a lot more important than the scaling. Being able to attack around big blockers to either get in damage or hit Planeswalkers (very important!) is a surprisingly big deal. Even then, the scaling is pretty good. This thing can get very big very quickly and makes your opponent have to decide which time bomb of a creature they want to spend their removal on, and we are VERY happy to put our opponents in difficult positions. That being said, this could easily be something else.

Liliana of the Veil
Hoo boy. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boy. This card is nuts. This card is fantastic. You wanna talk flexibility? Liliana has your back. Removal with a threat attached, disruption and pressure against control and ramp opponents, Liliana is good in basically every matchup. Playing her in the ramp/control matchup turns the game into a question of "can your opponent afford to get rid of your Liliana?", to which the answer is often "no, not really". Curving Sleeper into Underdog/Ayara into Liliana means your opponent is going to have to look long and hard at their hand and figure out what they value more: their life total, or their ability to play the game. If they remove your creatures with Ossify or Binding, you'll rip their hand apart and blow up their lands. If they get rid of Liliana, you bash their face in. Liliana is such a scary card for your opponent to deal with, even in the hard aggro matchups. If you can have Liliana and another removal spell or two, you'll stonewall their early aggression and start to deprive them of precious resources. An absolute champion of a card, earning her voice line the prized position at the top of this post.

Sorin the Mirthless
This is our flex slot at 4--it's either this or Phyrexian Obliterator. I started seeing way more hard control (Esper / Azorius) later on so I chose Sorin, but either choice is justifiable. In Sorin's favor, he's once again a flexible, value-oriented guy. He can provide blockers, cards, whatever you need to stay in the game against a variety of opponents. By no means is he as strong as Liliana, not by a long shot, but he's good enough to earn a slot when the context of the format is right.

Invasion of Fiora
Sometimes you just gotta blow everything up. Like the 1-of Farewell in a lot of Mono W lists, Fiora provides a panic button available to you, and you have enough dig to be able to find it. Wiping the board comes up a surprising amount--you have few ways of answering a Herd Migration or multiple Wedding Announcements otherwise. And, very occasionally, you get to flip this thing, and Marchesa is pretty good!

It's a very close toss up between Duress and Pilfer in the side. Duress is better against a wider swath of matchups, but Pilfer is better against specifically the ramp decks (knocking out an Atraxa, Archangel, or Etali is super good). For now Duress is good enough against Ramp and great against everything else, so we run it over Pilfer, but it's very close.

26 Lands
This is the new normal, folks. You NEED to hit your land drops, and given the variety of mana sinks in your deck we're happy to flood. Pump up those sleepers, weave in those underdogs, we're happy to be able to play our cards.

Honorable Mentions:
Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor - Once again, our praetor boy is pretty good but didn't seem to quite be doing enough the times I played him. If he went off, it was usually because we were already winning, and he doesn't do enough from behind.

Phyrexian Obliterator - This guy is a WALL, so if you're seeing more aggro in your format (Soldiers, Legends, ESPECIALLY Mono Red), slot this guy in instead of Sorin and start sweeping up the silly aggro players.

Breach the Multiverse - No longer a main deck worthy card, Breach now belongs in the sideboard. It's powerful, absolutely, but you can no longer expect to make it to turn 7 against a random opponent. Bring this in against Ramp, planeswalker control, and other midrange matchups.

Matchup Discussion

5 Color Ramp - Even
The new boogeyman of the format, winning your first match or two in a league essentially guarantees you're going to see a bunch of tri-color lands and Atraxa further on. What's the gameplan? Liliana, that's what. Try and present an early clock with a backup Liliana, requiring them to have drawn a lot of removal (meaning they'll have to topdeck their threats) or else you'll rip their hand apart. Side in Breaches (to pretend we're the ramp deck), PilfeDuress, and an extra Invasion over removal and Sorin / MOM Sheoldred.

Esper Legends - Slightly Favored
I haven't seen this deck anywhere near as much as I thought I would, but we seem to have a pretty good time against it. There's been a trend overall away from Thalia which is great for us--curving a Cut Down or Throat into a Liliana on their Raffine turn is pretty strong. Deluge isn't as good out of the side, but with fewer Thalias running around Invasion of Fiora is more viable. Side out Ayara's Oathsworn and Sorin for a bit more removal.

Esper / Azorius Control - Even / Slightly Favored
The control matchup is super skill based, as your prime avenue for victory is identifying the windows between their counterspells to slam a threat. Both Sleeper and Underdog pull double duty as dual value generators/threats so they can get you a lot of resources over the course of the game--don't be afraid to just Underdog, hit for three, and pass! Your planeswalkers are great in this matchup, especially Liliana, just make sure you have a solid chance of landing them on the board before you go to play 'em--if your opponent left up two mana, don't just slam the Liliana into their Make Disappear. Side in some combination of Trespassers, Breaches, and Duress / Pilfer over removal, MOM Sheoldred (though try to keep some planeswalker sacrifice around), and Ayara's Oathsworn on the draw.

Azorius Soldiers - Unfavored
Golly I hate this deck. They have an intense ability to flood the board and get around blockers, so you're going to have to rely heavily on your sweepers in the side. Problem is, they can grow bigger than your Deluges SUPER quickly, meaning you have to time it just right. Some of these decks have been slotting in the 3/4 with the spell-cancelling ability that makes soldiers when it attacks, and that thing doesn't die to Deluge OR Cut Down. Tricky matchup, luckily we don't see it that much. Side in sweepers and removal for Sorin and Oathsworn.

Mono White and Orzhov Midrange - Even / Slightly Favored
The only truly dangerous card in this matchup is Wedding Announcement. If you don't have an established clock or a leveled-up Sleeper out before they drop that, they can swarm you pretty quick. The tokens also nullify Liliana's sacrifice ability somewhat, so this is actually the only matchup we tend to side her out in. The upside of all the tokens is MOM Sheoldred almost always snipes their planeswalkers in the backrow, so not playing into their Wandering Emperor turn and responding with a Sheoldred is a solid swing. They only tend to run one Loran so flipping Sheoldred is a solid win-con, and their Planeswalkers are great for Breaching. The Orzhov variant is a bit trickier since they have Breaches too, but it's essentially the same thing. Side in sweepers, Breach, and Duress for Liliana, creature-spot removal, and some Underdogs (exile based removal means this guy doesn't come around often).

Selesnya Enchantments - Even / Slightly Favored
This is another deck that I thought was going to be big and haven't really seen. Enchantments in general is a bit harder to deal with now that Invoke is banned, but we can usually control the board enough to the point of just winning in the value game. The real dangers are Wedding Announcement (again) and Katilda's flying, so try to keep track of if you have a plan for a giant flyer and you should be fine. Side in sweepers and spot removal for Sorin, Oathsworn, and an Underdog or two.

Closing Thoughts

Mono-Black had to adapt and evolve to match the sudden shift in the meta, but it still have a wide variety of efficient, valuable threats to take over a game. The flexibility and consistent mana base coupled with value and disruption is a big draw to the color combination (plus you get to flex on aggro decks with your 4 black symbol monster of an Obliterator). Try it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully, later in the month, I'll be speaking to you from high mythic again!

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2023.06.09 04:22 ONION_CAKES All Star Paths Rewards Statistics

One of the things I keep hearing is, "x Star path is bad, y was so much better in terms of....." and it made me wonder just how many motifs, furniture, other rewards have there been in each star path? So I decided to check and thought you might find it interesting too that aside from the first path with 1 less tier, they're basically all the same. All 5 of the paths after Season 1 contain 16 motifs and either have 9 or 10 Furniture.
Season 1: Pixar Fest
Motifs: 13
Furniture: 11
Clothing: 5
Pets: 1
Moonstones: 1,800 (across 5 rewards)
35 total rewards (5 Tiers)
Season 2: Villains
Motifs: 16
Furniture: 10
Clothing: 6
Pets: 1
Moonstones: 2,000 (across 9 rewards)
42 total rewards (6 Tiers)
Season 3: Festive
Motifs: 16
Furniture: 10
Clothing: 5
Pets: 1
Face Paint: 2
Dream Styles: 2
Moonstones: 1,910 (across 6 rewards)
42 total rewards (6 Tiers)
Season 4: Centennial
Motifs: 16
Furniture: 9
Clothing: 6
Pets: 1
Face Paint: 2
Dream Styles: 2
Moonstones: 1,960 (across 6 rewards)
42 total rewards (6 Tiers)
Season 5: Disney Parks
Motifs: 16
Furniture: 9
Clothing: 6
Pets: 1
Face Paint: 2
Dream Styles: 2
Moonstones: 1,910 (across 6 rewards)
42 total rewards (6 Tiers)
Season 6: Wonder of Pixar
Motifs: 16
Furniture: 9
Clothing: 7 (4 Hairstyles)
Pets: 1
Face Paint: 2
Dream Styles: 1
Moonstones: 1,910 (across 6 rewards)
42 total rewards (6 Tiers)
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2023.06.09 04:17 DuncanStudios2000 Bro, giys I found an old story of my favorite character I made back on 2018...

Tell me if you think it's canon worthy, compared to my new version...
THEDARKLORD2000's avatar THEDARKLORD2000 Jul 7, 2022 Premium Galleries T LITERATURE The Origin of The Silver Bandit Deviation Actions
Literature Text Name - The Silver Bandit
Real Name - Aliza Yashnikov
Age - 26
Height - 5'6"
Weight - 115 lb
Eye Color - Green
Hair Color - Silver
Occupation - Owns Silver Sword ind. , and is a trained surgical assistant
Allies - The Vengeance, Silver Sword, Heather Raven, Meghan Taylor, The Dutchess and Phillip Edwin
Foes - The Defenders of Earth, Roger Crilly, A.U.S.S.I, and The Assassin's Organization
Powers - highly trained assassin, martial artist, markswoman, swordswoman, Olympic-level gymnast, also has super strength (up to 12 tons), heightened senses including; foresight, pre-cognition, combat empowerment, and durability, also has probability manipulation, as well as longevity.
Origin Story - At just the age of 9 her father shot her mother and used her to get away, after that incident she wandered southern Russia eventually being captured by war trafficker's, after a few months she managed to escape and continued to wander around eventually coming across France who in which a police officer found her and put her in a foster home.
She stayed with a kind and loving family for almost 3 years until one day they were walking down a street and her foster parents were assassinated, she ran from the scene being chased by the assassinators coming up to a dock and boarded a cargo ship, she got on just as it was leaving escaping her assailants.
She ventured off hiding in a cargo crate, ending up in New York City, she lived on the street for a long while until a young man found her, he gave her his sandwich and revealed himself to be Roger Crilly, He brought her to his building and gave her a room to stay in.
After a few months she grew to trust him, and he offered her a way to get back at the people that hurt her, she of course reluctantly agreed, he took her to a room where a man named Dr Wilson was, they gave her a special serum that made her super strong and she began training under Roger's wing.
One day she was tested by having to kill an unknown man, at first she resisted but she ended up killing the man anyway, Roger knew she was ready, he gave her a job to go and kill his older brother Charlie, who was in a hospital in LA do to a cancer in his brain, she went off with Roger's other brother Jett and poisoned Charlie.
Aliza came back victorious earning her right as an official Assassin member, eventually she met another assassin named Reed Smith, whom she fell in love with, one day she found out she was pregnant and tried to hide it from Roger, who ended up finding out anyway.
He attempted to kill the child before it was born but Aliza fought back, and ended up on the run, she came up to Reed who reveled that he was indeed a clone of the original who died several years ago because of treason, she fought him vigorously, but Jett ended the fight by shooting the clone through the skull.
Jett helped Aliza hide from his younger brother, Jett eventually reveled that the man she had shot long ago was in fact her father, he helped her find a safe place to live which was in LA where she started a new life under the name Alisha Young and became an assistant surgical nurse to Aaron Thompson.
After a few years she reveled to Aaron (who was the Vengeance) that she was the Silver Bandit, to in which he of course thought that was the coolest thing he ever heard, they helped each other on missions every now and then.
While she was acting as a nurse, she started a new company where refuge assassin's could stay and help people who needed it most, she ended up being one of the many heroes who died due to the actions of the Dark Lord, but was eventually ( along with everyone else) revived a couple decades later, when she came back she found out her son was an adult and older than her in fact, and was carrying her name as the Silver Bandit.
He of course willingly gave her, her title back and named himself the Black Mamba, she continued to work as a vigilante sometimes helping the main heroes and even ended up helping Charlette Swiftly ( Charlie's granddaughter) fight Charlie and his team, after the fight ceased with Charlie in a coma, she went back to fight crime off the streets and ultimately gave up her life fighting the Dark Redeemers.
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