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2023.05.30 17:07 mini_k1tty Any tips on tackling credit card debt?

I guess it’s the same scenario as some, the pandemic seriously affected my income. Since 2021 I’ve been struggling to get back to what my income used to be pre-pandemic. I’m the only source of income in the home btw.
To add for context, I lost both jobs (pt and ft ~$75k income) early 2022 and secured a job by end 2022 ($65k/yr; net $3.3k/mo). I presently have $4,130 in credit card debt. My fixed monthly expenses are currently $3,450. These expenses don’t include groceries, gas, etc., we have been limiting unnecessary travel to ensure our gas can last us and cutting back on groceries to only the essentials. I maxed out my cards and had to touch my savings through the end of 2022 up until now. This week I will have depleted the last of my $10k savings I’ve been working on.
Come July I anticipate my monthly net income to be at ~$4.5k, leaving me with about ~$1k to use (save, pay addt’l bills, etc.).
How can I best tackle the credit cards? • CC1 $2.1k bal @ 31.74% • CC2 $315 bal @ 27.65% • CC3 $547 bal @ 28.74% • CC4 $345 bal @ 28.74% • CC5 $262 bal @ 29.99% • CC6 $542 bal @ 29.99%
I listed them as such bc I’ve been told two ways to best tackle them depending on their interest/balance but tbh I’m a bit lost on what method would be the most appropriate to do it and do it fast (I would like to bump up my credit score before end of year). Also, I wasn’t sure about these two ways I was told lol, never heard of doing it as such. In the past I’ve made payments higher than my minimum due and it’s been fine but I’ve never maxed out my cards:
  1. pick the one with highest interest pay more than the min due and pay the min on the rest. Once the one with highest interest reaches below 10% usage do the same for the next highest interest.
  2. pay the one with the least balance to leave the usage below 10% and pay the min on the rest and do the same with the next highest bal. Once I get to the highest balance pay that one with a bit more to min.
Any wisdom/advice/tip will be greatly appreciated :)
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2023.05.30 17:06 Unfair_Ad7569 Should i attend my SD graduation or not?

Hello, my SD is graduating high school this week. I’m conflicted on attending or not. We’ve recently had some issues with her mother who in my opinion is ruining it all.
Backstory: Ive known her since she was 4 years old and i have 2 children with her father who is my now husband. We live in another state and we do see her often. She visits during school breaks and some holidays. My husband and i found out about her high school graduation months ago and arranged our vacation time around it so we can attend. She currently lives in our hometown so i do have my whole village there. Her parents divorced 2 years before i met him. Her mother immediately put him on child support and was very bitter when she found out about me. Ive been with my husband for almost 14 years now and not once have i met her due to her having too much pride to meet me. Since the beginning she set boundaries with me regarding parenting. I was 21 when i met my husband so i had 0 clue about parenting especially a stepchild, but i jumped right in with an open heart and did the best i could to respect the boundaries and make our home a home. Unfortunately the relationship with her mother and my husband was extremely toxic on her part. Besides receiving child support and having full custody of their daughter she still harassed my husband about money. Everything has always been about money. She recently has been trying to scare him by telling him shes taking him to court after their child turns 18 for college support 🤷🏻‍♀️ her family had always been really ugly with us and has also threatened and harassed us in the past.
My relationship with my step daughter is very minimal. We talk and hang out only when she visits. I spoil her so much when shes with us and do the best i can to make her feel included. As shes getting older i thought we were getting closer as she seemed to open up more to me. I was honestly so happy our relationship was blooming which is what I’ve always wanted.
As we know senior year is full of senior activities. Prom, senior trip, year book, senior photos ect. My husband and I financially supported her for it all. I bought her prom dress, paid for her nails hair and makeup while her dad paid senior photos, year book and senior trip.
Somehow a shift happened. My SD stopped communicating with me after prom. She didn’t even send me pictures of her dress. I received nothing in return.(not even a thank you) i found out yesterday that she only got 6 tickets for her graduation. She let my husband know 2 were for her grandparents, 2 for her mom and moms boyfriend and one for my husband and one for her boyfriend. I was not included. My husband let her know i along with our 2 kids would be attending and she told him we can sit in the field with everyone else that doesn’t have tickets. At this point my husband tried to negotiate with her. We leave our kids with my mother and only us 2 attend but she said no and said i can sit in the feild as i wasn't as important as the other people with tickets. Her mom then messaged my husband and told him he was crazy to think I would sit in the front with them as i was a nobody. My husband decided then he would not sit up front with them and will sit with me in the field instead. Since then my husband has been receiving harassing messages from SD aunt, mom, and grandma about him being a bad father for “choosing me” over his daughter.
I can tell he’s upset and disappointed. Last night we had a conversation about the whole graduation and he told me he didn’t want to go at all. He said if it was up to me I wouldn’t go. I asked why. He said he just didn’t want to see his daughters family and have to deal with him. He said he was worried what they might try to do to me or him. He said “i don’t want to go at all, but i have to cause that’s my daughter”. I asked if he would prefer for me to not go and he said it was up to me but I didn’t have to if i didnt want to.
I don’t want to. But i do for him. My SD didnt even bother sending me a happy mothers day message or didnt even let me know about her graduation. I wasn't invited to her graduation dinner and was not invited to her 18th birthday party this weekend. It’s pretty clear to me now that shes just been using me.
I don’t know what to do. Should I attend or not? I feel like her mother is realizing she won’t be receiving those big child support checks anymore and is ruining my husbands experience with this daughter.
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2023.05.30 17:06 bostonglobe The warmth of summer is nearly upon us. A look at the weather June has in store for New England.

Like most months in recent history, June is forecast to be warmer than the 30-year average. NOAA
By Dave Epstein
May will end up being warmer than average and somewhat drier than average. Rainfall was at a premium and the only thing that prevented the area from slipping into much drier than average conditions, or even a drought, was that significant rain at the end of the third week.
As we look ahead to June, there are some things we know and lots we don’t. The official outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calls for a greater-than-average chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures for June.
This means that when you average out the 30 days of the month, June will come out higher than normal. Since most months end up warmer than average now, this is not a surprise.
In terms of rainfall, there are no clear signals. The weather service has much of the country in equal chances, which usually means it won’t be super dry or super wet.
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2023.05.30 17:06 Monicaesan What advice would you give to an autistic woman thinking of being a mom?

I've always been on the fence about having kids, but lately, a switch flipped. I can't wait to have children! My wife and I (lesbians) are saving for IVF and hoping we can get pregnant by next year.
Yesterday my wife told me she thinks I'm idealizing motherhood and that having a meltdown and needing time and space might be challenging for me with a screaming kid.
What is the best advice you can give me? I feel a little lost now that my wife mention that.
Thank you!
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2023.05.30 17:05 JinSakai [Help] Buy or not?

Hi guys, I have been lately looking for an acoustic guitar, preferably not dreadnought. A few weeks ago I found a new Richwood A-70 for 450€ (his store price is about 670€). Everything was superb, the guitar was literally new, but wasn't the A-70 EVA (the one with the fishman electronics), but the A-70 VA (same guitar, but without electronics). Since I very much like to plug the guitar, I am hesitant about the purchase. It's still a superb price and the guitar has excellent conditions. Help me out pls!
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2023.05.30 17:05 Candid_University_56 Best starting point?

BFA graduate here. 2018, I just wanted to ask. what is the best way to get back into the creatives field since the past few years, all i had as an experience were co-terminus side gigs that had little to no connection in terms of design and arts. Ive been wanting to go back ever since last quarter of 2022 but struggling to find on where to start. all i know is i want to go back even if i have to start on an entry level position and work my way up. Complacency got the best of me. Not the smartest choice, but better late than never and having regrets. Any tips or advices? Every advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!!!
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2023.05.30 17:05 Odd_Supermarket2422 Dating for almost 2 months after an 8 year relationship

Hello, hello,
I am newly dating again after going through a horrible 8-year relationship. The guy I have been seeing is like no other man I have ever met in terms of our conversations, care, and vulnerability within ourselves as well as me finally feeling comfortable in my skin and personality with him. We both started seeing each other on the implication of starting slow, and our goal was to form a long-term relationship via our online dating profile; we spoke about it in person several times before yesterday too!
We just spent the 4-day weekend together by taking a mini road trip, and I was going to express to him my feelings which every day is getting stronger. Still, I stopped myself due to not wanting to scare him away because he is scared to get hurt and develop feelings.
While driving home, the last 1.5 hours were spent discussing where we see this going, etc. There is a hiccup due to him working in the States and being from Mexico, so if he loses his current job, he will have to figure out other options even though he can stay here for 8 months legally and has sufficient savings due to his being a technological engineer. I told him that if he leaves to renew his Visa in August, I will be there for him no matter the circumstance. I hope this can go long-term, but if life gets too much on his end, I ask only for honesty, and we can break it off during or after August once he gets his new work Visa or new employment. I replied that I would go on the journey with him and not end the relationship over immigration scenarios because I deeply cared and would be by his side in any way I could.
He then mentioned to me he only sees this being short term because he doesn't know about his immigration status/situation and doesn't want to get hurt or hurt me. When he starts feeling strong feelings for me, he doesn't want it to continue because he wants to protect himself now rather than in the future with me.
I, of course, cried while we were driving back and knew he felt horrible for breaking my heart. We then spent an hour talking after we got home safely, and it just came down to uncertainty, not being in control of his situation, and getting devastatingly hurt.
He left by giving me a kiss which I, of course, wanted more of, and I kissed him about 4 more times. He then told me he would text me. I said those two things genuinely confused me and told him I wouldn't tell him because it would be mixed signals, and I'm very hurt/sad. I then told him to tell me what he wanted and to take his time because I would be there for him no matter the situation, but I only asked for honesty.
I am heartbroken because I was going to tell him on Sunday night I was starting to fall hard for him, and I hoped I could show you my love for you, but thankfully, I stopped myself. I also told him I would be there for him no matter what, and with those words, he felt a lot more pressure and commitment even though I meant if we don't work out, I will be there through the good, bad, etc. by you calling or texting me when you need me!
I am starting to feel I am to blame for this situation because I was vulnerable with my emotions and feelings and wanted a long-term relationship with him. Still, he is also going through a lot emotionally and mentally with work, immigration documents, not wanting to get hurt, protecting himself from having feelings, and more.
Any advice on this would be beneficial! I am currently giving him space to think about what he wants to do, but my goodness, this is killing me because I was falling so deeply for him, and I thought the same, but now I am unsure of everything, but I also want the best for him.
Starting to fall in love is complicated, scary, and risky, but my goodness, I wouldn't change this feeling!! ❤️💕
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2023.05.30 17:05 xthrowaway145 How do you come up with ways to start conversation over text that aren’t abrupt or generic?

I’m bad at initiating conversation over text and it inhibits me from reaching out to people a lot of the time. Usually my go to is “hey, how is your day going?” but once I use that a couple of times I feel like I can’t use it again. Going off of previous conversations is easy enough when there’s something left to be talked about, but it’s really difficult when you’ve had a long conversation with someone and have exhausted a lot of what there is to talk about about a particular topic. Also, openers such as “what’s your favorite x” seem very out of the blue and random to me, which is why I tend to avoid using them.
What’s the best way to reach out to someone when you want to talk to them but don’t know how to open/what to talk about?
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2023.05.30 17:05 pizzaboss4 Best Gym/Martial Arts Place near Hulme?

Hi everyone,
Me and a mate are moving to Hulme (Near St. Georges park) in July. Ideally looking for a gym where you can actually get on a bench / squat rack without waiting ages, or alternatively learning a martial art that can keep us fit!
Preferably within walking distance but I don't mind going a bit further if need be, all recommendations are welcome!
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2023.05.30 17:05 TracingBullets CMV: Pro-Palestinians should be assumed to be opposed to peace, pro-terrorist and anti-semitic until

I have observed the "pro-Palestinian" movement in action for over a decade, and it has become clear to me that it is a movement with serious moral failings, moral failings that are maintained by strong groupthink and the stamping out of dissent. I have tried to give the pro-Palestinians the benefit of the doubt in the past, but all I can do is draw conclusions from what I see. Would you like to know what I see?
I see pro-Palestinians rejecting peace.
I see the leadership of BDS, the pro-Palestinian north star and guiding light, admitting many times over that the purpose of their movement is to destroy Israel. I see pro-Palestinians across the world chanting "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free," and "death to Israel," at this point there are thousands of videos of them doing so. I see every major Palestinian and pro-Palestinian group drawing their logos to show a "Palestine" not in the West Bank and Gaza but including all of Israel. I see them regularly conflating "pro-Palestinian" with "anti-Zionist" and continuing to defend anti-Zionism as a legitimate point of view on the debate stage at places like Intelligence Squared. I see them sneeringly label Israel as an "ethnostate" for being Jewish while refusing to say the same about any Arab state, or any other nation state for that matter. I see them insisting that Israel exists on "stolen Palestinian land" which must be returned, and I see them snarling that they "really, truly don't give a fuck" what would happen to Israelis should their sovereignty be taken away from them. I see them labeling any Arab, politician or otherwise, who dares to so much as treat an Israeli with a modicum of human decency as a "traitor."
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinian individuals or groups explicitly endorsing two states for two peoples, in fact I have yet to find a single pro-Palestinian group or organization that does so. I don't see pro-Palestinians reaching across the aisle to find common humanity with Israelis, or trying to bring the two sides to a mutual understanding. I don't see pro-Palestinians ever treating anyone who disagrees with them with anything other than base hatred and violence.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian individual wants peace?
I also see pro-Palestinians being pro-terrorist.
Every time Israel and a terrorist organization, even ones that aren't Palestinian like Hezbollah, get into conflict, I see pro-Palestinians marching out into the streets not to call for peace and an end to the violence, but to "stand in solidarity" with their "resistance fighters." I see BDS, the face of the pro-Palestinian movement, endorsing and defending terrorists. On this subreddit and especially on /Israel_Palestine, pro-Palestinians make it clear that Palestinians not only have the right but the obligation to resist the occupation "by any means necessary." Pro-Palestinian groups like Jewish Voice for Peace regularly reaffirm the Palestinian right to "armed struggle." A new chant we see alongside the aforementioned"from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" is "there is only one solution, intifada revolution." When it comes to settlers, the pro-Palestinians are even more clear: they are all legitimate targets, even the children. I see pro-Palestinians pulling out all the stops to help terrorists like Rasmea Odeh, and I see them giving platforms to terrorists like Leila Kahled and supporters of terrorism as well on college campuses. In fact I see pro-Palestinians getting very heated and bothered that anyone would refer to groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorists, and I see them insisting the "real terrorists" are the Israeli children murdered by those groups.
Meanwhile, I don't see any pro-Palestinian group explicitly disavowing the targeting killing of civilians by Palestinians, or the groups that carry out such attacks. Even finding individuals who are willing to do so is extremely difficult: they prefer instead to whatabout or minimize them. At best, you're going to see things like "I don't support Hamas but those children were settlers so they had it coming"
Here's an example comment that proves my point for me:
"Hamas and the PIJ are the resistance right now. if you are pro-Palestinians and believe they have the right to resist the Israeli oppression then you are automatically pro-Hamas and pro-PIJ."
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian is opposed to terrorism?
I also see pro-Palestinians being anti-Semitic.
At this point the number of cases of Jews, not merely Zionists, being attacked both verbally and physically by Western pro-Palestinians runs in the hundreds. I see pro-Palestinians ramming Jewish girls with shopping carts, punching Jewish college students and professors for the crime of disagreeing with them, screaming racially charged insults at Jews, conspiring to keep Jews out of student governments, and pushing to keep Jews out of the Women's March and the Temple Mount. I see them harassing Jews at synagogue in Michigan, assaulting old men for attending a basketball game, and taunting Holocaust survivors. I also see pro-Palestinians vandalizing Jewish houses of worship and Hillel houses, disrupting Holocaust remembrance ceremonies, graffiting Holocaust memorials, and engaging in Holocaust inversion regularly. I see pro-Palestinians insisting that Jews are not allowed to decide what anti-Semitism is, and that what anti-Semitism is and isn't is up to Palestinians, not Jews.
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinians admitting that there's a problem of anti-semitism in their movement and committing themselves to fixing it. Instead I just hear a lot of whining about definitions of anti-semitism and how it might make it harder to criticize Israel. The few who have the courage to speak out against the anti-Semitism in the Palestinian movement are attacked and smeared.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian isn't anti-Semitic or at least complicit in the anti-Semitism of the movement?
At this point the pro-Palestinian movement has a very well established reputation for all of these things, and have done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt. So I refuse to give it to them, and neither should you. If any of our local pro-Palestinians truly want peace, are truly opposed to terrorism, and are truly not opposed to Jews being treated equally, with dignity, and with human rights, let them say so now, without equivocation or euphemism, or let them remain silent and be judged forever accordingly. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 17:05 hercules00700 DM me for dating advice. You can ask me anything related to dating

I have a lot of experience when it comes to dating and my advice can be really helpful. Feel free to hit me up for any advice related to dating. Any personal problem or any advice i will try my best to help you with the issue. The conversation will be between us private and i won't judge
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2023.05.30 17:05 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

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Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
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2023.05.30 17:05 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (All Courses)

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2023.05.30 17:05 KeyNebula1044 I am insecure about my weight

I (18F) is overweight and while i know and try to lose weight i end up giving up because i see no result and people around me mock me for not losing any weight even though I am trying my best. Family, friends, classmates everyone seem to tell me to lose weight and i absolutely agree but I can't help the fact that it hurts because they don't know anything about my mental health or the issues that I'm going through, i feel angry and sad idk what to do when these feelings hit me. I wish they were on my shoes to know how i feel, when I think my mental health is getting better and i feel happy in my body and doing what i like i get hit by comments like "you should lose some weights you'll look better". Why can't I just be happy? I try...I don't know at this point, my heart can't seem to heal and my mental health is going down and down. Food is comforting but I also feel sick eating it because of the comments i want to throw up and not eat for says if I could to lose weight. I can't tell anyone about this because i don't want them to feel bad. That's why I'm saying it here... I hope nobody has to go through what i am going through 🙁
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2023.05.30 17:05 paleale-king Moving Advice

Hey! I’m moving across the US (GA to CO) in a couple days and I’ll be bringing my cat with me. We’re staying in a hotel so it’ll be about 12-13 hours in the car the first day. She’s never been on long car ride and I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice? Do the “calming sprays” (Nature’s Miracle brand) they sell at the pet store work? Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable? Will she be ok not using the litter box for that long? Any recommendations are welcome! Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 17:05 Raikuru I really want to get into reading more, but I feel like I've done it wrong my whole life and it's frustrating.

Hey books,
I recently got recommended a book by an important friend of mine and I'm a fair few pages into it now, but there's something I've struggled my entire life with that I really want to ask you a question: How do I get reading?
Example, I'm a very emotional person. If a movie tries to make me cry, I will cry. If I rewatch a movie that previously made me cry, I will cry before anything sad happens. I've cried over video games and I've even cried over Manga. There are songs that make me emotional, sometimes it doesn't even need lyrics to achieve that. The one singular piece of media that just never makes me feel anything is reading. I never cry when something sad happens, I'm not disgusted by vivid descriptions of atrocities and I don't feel anger when someone in a book does something terrible. I always seem to be utterly uninvolved. The best it ever gets is if I read something unexpected and I feel a slight sense of shock.
I always told myself that I'm just a visually oriented person, which would explain why even Manga can make me cry, but I also felt all my life that I just do reading wrong. I could never accept that it may just not be my cup of tea. I've read a fair amount of books from somewhat unknown things to tried and true classics of literature and nothing ever clicked.
What is it that I'm missing? Is there a constant film running in the back of your head while reading, that provides those visuals that I seem to desperately need? Because I've tried that,. So hard. But I always seem to lose focus, I just can't get into the flow of it. And even worse, whenever I can't get anything going it just frustrates me, because it makes me feel like I severely lack imagination. This frustration makes it less appealing to try again, so I stop. After a while, rinse and repeat.
Please, if any of you have/had a similar problem, please let me know, it's always a nice feeling to not be alone with something. My whole family consists of avid readers who sometimes read multiple novels a months through various genres. My dad sometimes recommends me books he really liked and it's always a little bit sad, when he asks me and I have to tell him that I haven't got to it yet.
If any of you have advice, I beg you. I don't know where else to ask.
Sorry for the long post, I hope this is in accordance with the subreddit rules.
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2023.05.30 17:04 scala_hosting OpenCart vs Magento – Which One Should You Choose?

Which ecommerce application should I choose for my website?
This is one of the first questions you have to ask yourself when you're starting a new online store.
Sadly, answering it isn't as easy as you may think.
To help you out, we compared two of the most popular options – OpenCart and Magento – to see which one fares the best.
Check out the link below to find out what we learned.
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2023.05.30 17:04 loveiseternalgold My (m23) girlfriend(f22) is recently annoyed all the time, dont know what to do.

my(m23) girlfriend (f22) have been in a relationship for 3 years. We moved in together during summer last year. It has had some up and downs, but overall we have a very good relationship. We try our best to help each other and make ourselves the best people we can be for eachother. However the latest couple of months or two she has been in a very strange mood. She is often annoyed with me, small things make her tick. Today i asked her if she was going to be home tomorrow and if we should do laundry. She said she told me the day before what she was going to do, and when I said i didnt remember she refused to answer and called me annoying. I dont want to be annoying or controlling in any way, she can do what she likes, and i dont feel a need to know what she is doing all the time. She has been under alot of stress lately, she has a big project coming up. I May be overreacting, but I don't like walking on eggshells. This is just one of many situations like this latest months. She complains alot over things.I love her dearly but things like this make me worry about the future of our relationship. Has anyone had any experience like this before? . Anyone had a similar experience where a very warm and loving person starts being annoyed and slightly hostile?
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2023.05.30 17:04 vegabassoonseacake Fenty Savage Stores Coupon Code

Check this out for Fenty Savage Stores Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.05.30 17:04 Rukahs- The best store in Santo Ileso where to buy gangster clothes?

I couldn’t find any clothes that suit my character. Any help?
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2023.05.30 17:04 vegabassoonseacake Savage X Fenty Near Me Coupon Code

Go to this page for Savage X Fenty Near Me Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.05.30 17:04 DLoIsHere Beware REI in-store scam

I was in the store over the weekend and believe I was subjected to a membership scam. I have called the company's customer service number and got great support from them, including a refund of the membership.
Check this out: I selected two items in the store, both covered by the same sale. I was helped by a great floor clerk and selected my items. When I got to the cashier I was told I didn't qualify for the sale because I wasn't a member. Another cashier argued with me about there being a sign next to the products indicating a membership was required (no such sign existed). I said I would pay full price because paying for the membership cost more than paying that full price. Nope, they said those products were for sale only to members. I couldn't even purchase the items without a membership. What?!? They both were on me; the second cashier had a register of his own, there was no reason for him to be sticking his nose in. I had to tell him to back off, literally. I frequently shopped in an REI store in another state and never heard of this membership nonsense. They also were insistent that I tell them the name of the floor clerk but I told them I wouldn't because he was really helpful to me. They kept insisting so I had to ignore that. I don't live in that area of Phoenix so I got the membership so I could just get the hell out of there with my purchases. When I went home, I found the product online and went through the process up to payment and, funny, there were no prompts for membership for the sale or the purchase. BS! The phone customer service rep I talked to told me the information was completely off base and asked me to send an email to share the story with the store manager and the district manager. And she refunded me the membership fee.
Seemed like there was an effort underway to get new memberships to benefit the store or the clerks themselves. In any case, be careful in there.
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