Mitsubishi mirage or similar


2011.06.26 15:58 dominikK Mitsubishi


2023.06.01 07:45 Ugniawoo Help me pick!

Help me pick!
Help me pick!
Reformation Baxley petite size 6 vs Sézane Alessia dress size 4. Very similar dresses but the sleeves are slightly longer in the Alessia and the Baxley is slightly tighter.
Also debating if I should go a size larger in the Baxley for more waist room or just take the regular size for more chest room.
Thank you!!
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2023.06.01 07:45 GeoThePebble Are there any mute mods for cocoons / ringing?

I hate the sound dreadnought cocoons make a lot, I always have to mute my game around them if there's minerals to mine. But when I do hear it, it gets annoying, similarly to menaces burrowing or swarmers biting. (Only lookin for cocoon cause the other two are absurd for others to be annoyed by).
For ringing it's a bigger problem. My ears have started ringing a while ago, usually faint but can be worse. And lemme tell ya, hearing the ringing from an explosion does not go well with that. Which happens every single mission. I'd love to mute this, it actually gives me a headache.
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2023.06.01 07:44 Doctapus Japanese faction would be so sick (Not a weaboo I promise)

The rise of Japan would be inevitable in this timeline, as the Japanese had already kicked Russia’s ass in the Russo-Japanese war.
Game design-wise, I think a stylistic Japanese aesthetic in the form of new poi’s, ships, and especially weapons and armor would add a fresh contrast to the similar feel of the other factions.
The main exception are the panzer helmets and armor, which really capture the industrial focus and strength of the Central Empire.
Imagine cool samurai themed helmets and armor like that. (Don’t poopoo the idea based on historical accuracy, Germans weren’t running full tilt with panzer armor in space flying U-boats either)
Plus imperial Japan was still very much a samurai dominated and influenced society through the turn of the century.
All things said, the coolest armor in halo, another sci-fi, was by far the samurai armor. It’s definitely possible to make it look more diesel-punk while infusing the game with more variation.
Even if they made the Japanese faction an extra paid DLC with its own zero to hero, skins, and voice lines, I’d be ok with that. I’m happy to support the game further, especially if they could hire more people to design and code the extra content.
Paid or not paid, I think the Japanese are conspicuously missing from this alternative future. It doesn’t make sense for them to be part of any other faction and we’ve had no word on them either.
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2023.06.01 07:44 menkoy Using cloudflare warp via RT-AC68U

I recently "upgraded" to AT&T FIBER which I've since learned has some routing issues. Some games I connect to (ffxiv) currently have horrible connection issues the way AT&T routes them. A fix I found is to use Cloudflare's Warp service which seems to be an overall improvement to my internet anyway. However, this only runs on my PC and doesn't enhance the rest of my devices traffic.
Is there a way to set up Cloudflare Warp through merlin, or at least a similar service I could try? I tried just updating the DNS settings but that had no effect on the connection quality issues.
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2023.06.01 07:43 Snow-Foot depression and few “spoons”

I recently learned of the spoon metaphor. I will attempt to explain my dilemma with it. This has turned into a longer than expected rant.
I’m depressed and have been since a young teenager. When I was younger I struggled substantially, spending large amounts of my time confined to my bed because… I simply did not have the energy to do much. I struggled with basic things and taking care of myself. While I improved, I never completely recovered and knew that this would be a struggle I would always carry with me at some level. Now I feel as if I am slowly descending again, and I don’t know what to do.
I have always had a difficult time socializing, even as a small child. I grew up friendless and isolated most of the time. Now, I have friends, but I struggled to connect or have energy.
The spoon thing: Most days I feel like I wake up with very little “spoons.” I use some up most of them by waking up. Doing normal self care things like showering and eating properly takes up a lot. Most days I use up the “spoons” by going to work. When I do not have work, I use them up completing errands and things around the house.
In the end, I do not have spoons left to socialize or let alone dating, despite being lonely. Even when I try to it feels like I can’t get close to my friends and loved ones. Sometimes I socialize anyways despite having little energy because I want to be around my friends, which usually ends with me depleted. I find that it requires a large amount of energy to muster social reactions. I recognize what is happening as similar to when I was younger and became very depressed. I go to therapy, but it doesn’t really seem to help and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Therapy is supposed to help.
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2023.06.01 07:43 Powerful-Zucchini678 Slim 7 Pro X poor battery, any suggestions?

I recently got a Lenovo Slim 7 ProX from eBay for $899 and I really like everything about it except for the bad battery life. It has a 6900HS and RTX 3050 that works extremely well for CAD and everything else I throw at it. Unfortunately bouncing around campus without many places to plug it in means that the battery life just isn't enough for me.
Right now I'm getting about 3.5 hours of battery with the 120hz and about 5 with 60hz on regular use (1080p video, writing essays/reports, browsing, etc.)
I'll probably be returning it but I have another 2ish weeks before the window ends. Does anyone have any suggestions on laptops with similar or slightly less specs but with a larger battery? I don't mind too much dropping to a 60hz screen but I do prefer the higher resolution.
I considered the Legion slim 7 but it's much larger and 1.5lbs heavier, so carrying it around would be a pain. And I'm not sure the battery life would be much better.
I'm really tempted to get a Mac, my friend's M2 Air easily gets over 12 hours and I rarely see him ever charge it which I'm jealous of. However with MacOS I won't be able to run programs I need like Altium as I'm in engineering and he's in CS.
Any suggestions will help greatly
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2023.06.01 07:43 loom_e_e so be it

"I would have liked to get some answers and her side of the story. And I really would have liked to see her at least once, you know.. she seems so mirageous. I'd like to know the dusty corners of your head, where your darkest thoughts are hidden; the things you've never admitted even to yourself. I think the answers that I'm looking for are hiding somewhere over there. But I know I'm asking for a lot, sorry. I know you feel bad because of our history, but I have my share of blame to assume too. You didn't ask anything of me, and I gave you everything. I'm a bottomless well. My water has bewitched you. Tell me, did I leave you with a pungent or sweet taste? Tell me. Speak to me. Words sound better when they come out of your mouth, once they've danced with your tongue and caressed your lips. You hurt me by ignoring me, or rather, I burned myself with my own clumsiness. I'll never blame you. We're all stupid in our own ways. I think there's a lot you don't want to admit. You cry in the shower, where tears blend into the background. How can anyone lie to themselves so much? (he's such a hypocrite) It's a shame what happened, but it was inevitable. We did our best! Right? I don't know if I should, but, I'm still holding out a little hope that one day we might meet. I think we're two sides of the same coin, but the would mean we'd always have our backs to the other, never face to face. It's comforting to know that somewhere on this planet, a kin soul cares about me. I have a bright little corner in my head dedicated to you. I build an altar there and place memories of you, the sound of your voice and thorny flowers <3 Our story is coming to an end, and so be it." C'est la vie, isn't it?
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2023.06.01 07:42 VarmtElement Burning sensation around pubic area

Last week I wore a pair of pants that sadly fit very badly in the crotch area. The day after I woke up with two tiny sores on my outer labia. A lot of my vulva, including the labia, were swollen and red and hurt a lot to touch. I had to go to work and walking hurt. This continued for 2 days, and I started getting a burning sensation in my skin, around the labia but also over my pubic area. So I went to the doctor. He did a gyno exam, told me I had herpes, did a swab and sent me home with medication for a herpes outbreak.. I felt like herpes didn't sound right, but I thought he is the doctor, so he knows best. I took the whole treatment of medication (5 days with pills morning and night). It gave me stomach pain very low in my stomach that is still kinda lingering. The sores healed up after about 2 days. The swelling and redness also went away, but burning has persisted around the pubic area.
Yesterday the doctor called me and told me the test for herpes was negative. He asked if I felt better, I said yes, but that some burning persisted. He told me to give it a week/10 days and come back if the burning still persists or if I feel worse. I have also taken tests for a UTI (negative), a pH test to see if I had bacterial vaginosis (pH was normal) and a chlamydia and gonorea test (negative). Like I said, sores are gone, swelling and redness is gone. The burning is still there, albeit less intense, and the labia and whole genital area feels more sensitive than normal. I notice this mostly when I wipe after being to the bathroom.
I am going on a trip (that I cannot cancel) in 2 days and I will not have the time to get an appointment at the gyno/doctor in 2 days, if the problems persist I sill of course make an appointment once I am back from my trip.
Anyone that has had a similar problem? Could I have gotten some infection in my skin from the little sores or what else could be the issue?
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2023.06.01 07:42 ritneytinderbolte This sub ought to change its name to 'Psycho-sexual nightmares and artless snivelling reports of teen angst' - or something similar.

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2023.06.01 07:42 LopsidedFold Authentication and Sale Suggestions - Vintage Chanel Bags?

Helping a friend who I recently discovered has some vintage Chanel purses from an elderly relative that they inherited 20 years ago, but they never realized their worth (think grandson inherits grandmother's goods and has no idea of their worth or value until they mention them offhand in a side conversation, pulls them out of a box on the back top shelf of a closet). Friend is now interested in valuing them and potentially selling them and I don't want them to get scammed, but neither of us knows anything about handbags.....
Since we dug them out, we've tried to figure out if they are real (we have no reason to believe their deceased relative would have anything inauthentic, but I suppose anything is possible). Several Chanel handbags from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. We used online searches to see what we could find. All appear (to these non-expert, non-luxury aficionado's eyes) to be authentic - feel like real leather, chain straps are HEAVY, stamped inside with CHANEL (some also say MADE IN ITALY, not all though?). One has a serial number, but the others do not appear to have them (are we looking in the wrong place? Do all of Chanel bags have them?). We have found similar looking bags online in various online searches, but one we have not been able to find online (we don't know the name of it).
Is there any reputable online service that will authenticate and potentially sell these kinds of bags? I don't think the local consignment store or website is likely the best bet? Or without any "paperwork" (there aren't any receipts?) are they considered not very valuable?
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2023.06.01 07:41 brettfk PDF printer with API - recommendations needed.

Hi gang,
Apologies if this is not quite on topic. We have an internal application. One function of that application is generating PDF reports generated in Crystal Reports from data in an MSSQL database. This is a fully automated process, no interaction required.
At present the function calls an SQL query, gets a list of reports to generate, then starts generating them one at a time before 'printing' them to a PDF file with the file name changed. This function currently utilises PDF995 which is slow and at times unreliable.
This application (currently 32-bit written in VB4) is about to get an update to .NET and as part of this transition we want to move away from PDF995 and to something else we can 'print' a PDF to and specify the output file name as part of the process.
Wondering if anyone here has a similar set up or knows of one, and can recommend a replacement software product. I'm open to anything be it subscription or a once-off, as long as it's regularly maintained and patched. TIA.
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2023.06.01 07:41 wandress11 Crohns disease, on humira. Extreme joint pain when I'm late to take my injection?

Hi guys, I have been taking humira for my crohns for over a year now. I notice on the day I am due to administer my dose, or when I've accidentally forgotten to take it, even by a day, I feel crippled. There's been times where my joint paint was so severe I had to lay in bed and not move a single joint. The day after I take it I'm back to normal for the next 2 weeks. I have no other symptoms other than severe joint pain that moves around the body when this happens. Gastroenterologist has no answer for me. Anyone have any similar experiences?
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2023.06.01 07:41 ShaeSmae NB Property Dispute

Hi all,
At the moment, it has been quiet for a few months, but I wanted to hear the opinion of others. We had a lawyer who was casually looking into the problem, but he recently died.
The winter before covid, my family bought nearly 40 acres of land in the woods to eventually build a camp. We built this camp the following summer. This property is rectangular, it directly follows the cliffside of the current government-maintained road (the former government-maintained road runs through the center of the property, but hasn't been the "main road" for over a hundred years.) A road through our property is considered an "unmaintained government road."
Since 2019, we have been occasionally dealing with an 80-something year old man who claims he owns our property, and has for decades. FYI - the property was owned by a real estate family since the '60s, we have all original paperwork and survey maps from this time. The property was surveyed when we bought it.
He has told us he "plans to get his winter's wood" from the land, and back in 2019 took three massive hardwood trees from the property. We had a trail camera set up along our side road deep in the property, and took some photos of him walking through the property, but he stole the camera after the tree he cut fell in front of it and he noticed it. The police did warn him to stay off the property, but that it was more of a civil dispute and there was nothing to be done about the trees. He told them he owned the property.
He has had two survey companies come to survey our property since then. Since they notify everyone in the area, the first told him he didn't own the property, while the second was fooled into believing he owned it. When they found out we owned it, they also told him he didn't own our property and called us personally.
He repeatedly will blaze trees and tie orange/pink ribbons throught the property, usually on diagonals up the mountainside or along creeks, jumping over roads, etc. He will even use orange paint on these blazes, and has made his own "property stakes" by painting red wooden spikes and setting them in the ground. He usually does this at night; we have caught him several times on our cellular trail cameras with him holding the can of orange paint and a walking stick, at 10:30 p.m. in the middle of the woods. Other times he's parked outside our property doing the same to others', or sneaking through their property to ours. We have photos of him, but never during the act, either before or after.
Is there anything to be done about this? He constantly claims he owns all the property in the area, not just ours, and has forced people away. He similarly cut & blazed my cousin's property up the road, just after it was professional surveyed. He cuts lumber off these properties with his skidder, but the RCMP never do anything? Our surveying is ruined with the lines that he has cut all throughout our property.
Last summer, my uncle brought his excavator to our camp to build a lawn, and a field. He reported us to the RCMP that we were using equipment on his property and digging it up. The RCMP called us and my uncle (he gave them his company name) and told us we shouldn't trespass on his property, that he's just an older gentleman and that he says he has documents to prove he owns the property (obviously, he does not.)
I just thought I would hear what others think. Like I said, our lawyer just died, and he had been doing research on it for a while. He did say prior-to that he believed this man didn't even own any property in the immediate area.
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2023.06.01 07:41 robolokidA Lost a really important website.

Hello! It's my first time posting here, but in short, I am an elvenkin (elf), and there used to be a website dedicated to the language, basic education, books, etc. But since I broke my computer recently I can not find it. It's called "elvenkin" or something like that, but when I search it on my phone, it shows me a very old game. Does anyone know a website that is similar. I used to have an account there as well, but when I searched in my email, I couldn't find any sources to track it again.
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2023.06.01 07:40 ogreatgames Hidden Invasion: Futurustic Action Gameplay - PS2 Game

Hidden Invasion: Futurustic Action Gameplay - PS2 Game

![video](12y5cswony391 " Lead a special operations unit and defeat the aliens that attacked the world. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #action #alien --
Hidden Invasion for Sony PlayStation 2. Embark on a journey set in a futuristic different timeline during the year 2027. Take the role of one of the superb agent characters - Karen Bride or Dean Travis. Your special operations unit is responsible for eradicating the alien invasion. Complete more than 10 heart-pounding levels and fight against 4+ powerful bosses. Kick, punch, and use guns to defeat the invading aliens and bring peace once and for all! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.01 07:40 code_hunter_cc Use Environment Variables with If Statements

I was wondering if there's a way to use an Environment Variables (or similar) with an if statement in order to turn certain things on and off, such as display_errors, modpagespeed.
So for example:
SetEnv DISPLAY_ERRORS on php_flag display_errors on php_flag display_errors off I've spent quite a while searching for such a thing but I was unable to uncover anything which does this. Is this even possible?
I'm looking for an easy way to edit the htaccess using PHP, but instead of writing blocks to htaccess it would be easier to just change the "on" and "off" values and would also make it easier to display this as radio buttons within my application.
Answer link :
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2023.06.01 07:40 arndtyouandrea Frequent psychic interactions

I recently have been going through a stressful period of my life, just a lot emotionally. Over the last month, I have had three people approach me and tell me they “have a message for me”. All three of the messages are similar. All three people have also told me that I am hard to read, that I have a strange energy but that I am also open to light and positivity, or similar variations of that. And basically that the relationship I am getting over is toxic for me and not to go back. It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure out what they mean by strange and hard to read. In your opinion, what could it mean, if psychics/mediums are drawn to me more frequently? And what would cause someone to be hard to read?
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2023.06.01 07:39 Serious_Macaroon_918 looking to make more friends and meet people at uoft!

hi everyone, i hope you’re doing well! so i only have 3 more semesters left to go at uoft and i feel like i haven’t really made any long lasting friendships. i tend to make friends in my classes and then none of us really extend the effort to stay friends outside of school. my first two years were mostly online as well so this contributed to my lack of effort in maintaining connections. this also worked fine for me before when i had close friends outside of uoft but none of them live in toronto now and i feel like i need to make more of an effort to make friends at uoft. it feels a bit too late to join clubs now since i only have a few semesters left but i’m open to the option and plan to do that when the fall semester starts. but i wanted to post on here as well and say if anyone is in a similar situation or wants to make a friend, feel free to dm me! i’m open to meeting new people and would really love to find more uoft students to hangout with in toronto :) i know there have been a lot of posts like this on the subreddit and i’m not sure if anyone has had much success but i thought it would be worth a try, and if anyone has any other suggestions for meeting new people let me know! thank you!
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2023.06.01 07:39 EpicGamer425 The new salmon run stages are so much more boring that Splatoon 2's.

I feel like the maps in Splatoon 2's salmon run were so much more interesting than in next wave's new maps. Just looking at Jammin' Salmon Junction, the map's shape is effectively a U with only 2 spawn locations for the salmonids. The elevation also just goes on a gradual incline with the exception of a couple pillars and grates, and it just isn't very interesting overall. I haven't actually played on the stage yet, but that's just what it looks like. It just doesn't look very interesting.
Compare that to the stages in Splatoon 2's salmon run. There is no interesting features in Spawning Grounds, as well as arguably lost outpost, but every other map has a unique mechanic that makes it interesting and unique.
Marooner's bay has the fan platforms which play well into the elevated boat layout.
Salmonid Smokeyard has the propeller platforms that separate the 2 main islands. High tide was usually a lot of fun because of the separated islands and the unique conditions that came with it as well, separating the team through these platforms. Even if it's similar to Gone Fission, I would probably want this map returning the most.
Ark Polaris had the inkrails. I don't think I need to say anything else about it, it seems to be a fan-favorite.
I see Lost Outpost as a more interesting version of Gone Fission Hydroplant, with 3 directions for the salmonids to come from lower elevations to a central area in the middle, but lost outpost had the walls and windows which made the interior feel extremely cramped, ESPECIALLY on high tide. It was a cool idea that changed the way it felt to fight by making it closed off, but also providing player-only options for movement through windows.
Gone Fission, as mentioned, is pretty boring layout-wise, and the edges of Sockeye Station just aren't very interesting. They don't have any unique mechanics, and they just feel generally dull. I really can't say anything more about these maps because there's nothing to say about them. No interesting features or redeeming qualities to even talk about. They're just... plain.
I suppose when it comes to Splatoon 3's map issue, I think salmon run maps should also be a part of the discussion. What're your guys' thoughts?
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2023.06.01 07:38 Leading-Molasses-952 Crew Coach Job Description

TLDR: does your store expect you to do extra as a crew coach and not get paid for it?
Sorry this is a very long post.
Hello everyone. These questions are for Australian crew coaches and management but anyone else can comment if they have something valuable to say. Trying to stay anonymous because I don’t want anyone I work with to see this.
For context I am a crew coach at a restaurant whose franchisee owns about 15-20 restaurants in a certain region. When my restaurant opened a few years ago, the crew coaches received free meals and were expected to train staff and complete training modules for them. It was our belief that this was normal. The RM changed last year and he is a great RM but there have been some changes to the requirements of crew coaches that don’t seem entirely fair. I don’t know how much a crew coach is paid but I get 23.38 an hour (part-time). I won’t disclose my age for privacy reasons.
When the RM changed, many crew left or stood up, and this caused the safety squad to fall apart. There just isn’t one anymore. Our managers (RM, GM, and shift managers) told us (all crew coaches) we had to be the safety squad. They expected us to log hazards and safety conversations every month on top of our regular crew coach responsibilities. This was about the time FRED was released.
Since then, some crew coaches took on the new responsibilities easily while others either never learnt how to do them or just got by without doing them. The managers decided to make our free meals (which was one meal, before, during or after your shift to the max of $15) an incentive to do the safety convos and hazards. There were still coaches who got around this and so the managers took the free meals away completely and still expected us to do them.
From Today, we receive 50% like other staff, area leaders who don’t do any extra work receive free meals and the manager expects every coach to log one safety convo and one hazard every day. And we don’t have that many hazards in our store, trust me.
If you’ve read this far thank you. I know it’s a lot and I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I’m just genuinely not sure if what they’re doing is legal.
So the questions.
If you are a crew coach, what is expected of you in your store? What are you required to do? Are you paid differently from regular employees?
If you are a manager, have you managed a similar situation? Or do you have any advice?
If anyone has a copy of the job description also, I would love to see it.
Thank you so much for reading. Pls help.
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2023.06.01 07:37 techdata11 Data Science Course In Pune And Mumbai

Are you worried about your future? In this era, it is difficult to survive without proper courses. Normal graduation degree will not help you to achieve fame and success. That is why it is necessary to do a Data science course in Pune. These courses will help you to shine in future.
We have excellent faculties and they will guide you accordingly. If you wish then you can check out the website and get all sorts of details. We are sure that you will love to join all our courses.
Why is python training needed?
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Another important use of Python is Data science and machine learning. Eventually, the R and Java programming language is most normally borrowed for data science. However, Python code is considered simpler to conserve and more scalable than R programming. On the other hand, Python has improved in fashionableness for data science. We have seen especially among specialists without advanced teaching in statistics or mathematical fields.
In the past few years, there have been several places that have been developed for data analysis and machine learning with the help of Python. We are offering Python course in Pune and Mumbai. If you are from Pune then you must try these courses to increase your knowledge. We are sure that after having this course you will see yourself in a good position. Your future will be secured.
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The Maharashtrian people can easily do this course after the completion of their graduation.
The specialities of this course are as follows.
Benefits Of Data Science Courses
There are lots of benefits to data science courses.
Final Thoughts
Finally, we can conclude that Data science course in Pune and Mumbai will guide you. You can satisfy your expectations. In today's world it is difficult to survive. Due to the growing competitions and recession, candidates are not getting enough opportunities. Join the courses and make your dream come true. We are sure that you will definitely get the best placement under the guidance of the excellent faculties.
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2023.06.01 07:37 LordofDarkness51 What cartoon superhero could honestly beat a Marvel/DC hero

A cartoon superhero or a superhero from a kids show that isn't Marvel/DC related that could "realistically" if you think about it and their powers could beat a Marvel/DC hero? Ben 10 is OP especially with Alien X and he scan aliens so he could transform into a kyrptonian and a sayian. Skylar Storm from Disney XD's Mighty Med had 24 powers including similar powers to Superman. While I don't think she could beat Superman I think should could beat another hero. Are there any other superheroes from kid shows or kid cartoons that could probably beat DC/Marvel heroes?
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