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2023.06.02 13:57 Wolven91 Adventures of Joseph, Basch & Vine

(No prompt, just had this in my head and wanted it out.)
"You're nervous." Said Basch the canid, inhaling through his nose.
"I'm not nervous." Replied Joseph the human, sat with his arms resting on his knees.
The pair were sat in a public space on board a space station. To Joseph, who only a scant few weeks ago had just assumed that humanity was alone in the universe, the massive upheaval of the past few weeks had left him somewhat numb to the fact that an unknown sea of stars gently floated on by far above his head, while he sat on an artifical hill covered it what felt like real grass, next to an alien.
The pair were away from the crowds, choosing to sit on a hill overlooking the park and having a great view of the pleasure district.
Joseph had assumed something seedy from the name, but it was filled with families, parks, entertainment and confectionery stands.
The human's companion was one of two new friends that he had made. A canid, Basch, by virtue of his appearance, reminded Joseph of home. Wherever that was now. He looked like a werewolf, but with enough small differences that to say it was a one to one ratio to what he knew, would be false.
A mane that would have suited a lion or rock icon. Whiskers or spines extended from joins and down the centre of his back. A sea of small differences. Just... not quite a werewolf. If he squinted, then yeah, a 'space werewolf', maybe.
"Ah, I'm wrong then. I'm losing my touch..." Replied Basch, referring to Joseph's denial that his anxiety was building.
There was no danger, no need to be worried.
That was when the canid attacked. Canids were larger than humans and Basch was a perfect specimen of a healthy male canid. Muscles rippled under a healthy shiny coat of fur. He used his greater mass to roll over Joseph sideways and dragged him into a barrel roll of sorts.
It all happened in mere moments, but the next instant Joseph was on his back, the grass tickling his ears while a giant wolf-like creature grinned down at him. Two massive clawed hands were either side of his head. The knees of the alien were either side of his legs while it's lower legs were crossed over and pinning Joseph's ankles down.
"What are you doing?" The young grinning man asked with laughter before trying to get up. He put an elbow beneath him and tried to push the alien away, but it was no different from trying to push a building.
"Oh no, I'm not being told I'm losing my touch, I have to be certain!" Exclaimed Basch as a hand snatched one of the human's wrists and pinned it. Putting his weight on the sides of his hands while holding the arm still, his other arm reached for the second wrist of the human which was just as quickly pinned down.
Joseph attempted to wriggle free, but found he was quite firmly held in place even when he bucked and yanked.
"I will not be shamed!" Grinned the alien.
"I didn't shame-hey! What are you-?! Ack!"
The canid had leaned down and pushed his snout and muzzle into the crease of Joseph's neck where it met the shoulder. A cold wet and leathery nose pressed into the exposed skin and breathed in deeply before breathing in and out in rapid successions, tickling the human.
Joseph reacted by flinching and trying to press his cheek into his shoulder, but the canid's head was in the way, snuffling and wriggling about.
"Mm, smells like nerves to me. What about... this side?!" The male said before retreating his head only to repeat his actions in the otherside. The human however was squirming and laughing as his sensitive areas were assaulted and tickled. He threatened the canid several times up to and including outright murder. The canid offered no mercy.
And as suddenly as the assault had started, it ended. Joseph was panting deeply, his face flushed red as he glared up at the canid who wore a dopey grin, tongue hanging out.
The canid released the human's hands and lowered himself onto his elbows. The canids body completely covered the human's lower half, pinning the legs and hips beneath him. The canid rested his head against the humans ribcage, while his hands were slipped beneath Joseph's shirt and rested against the bare skin directly. Basch could hear and feel the human's heart beating rapidly. He had noticed before that human's had a much faster heart rate than the other species, and only one heart at that.
The canid, on learning about their biology and hearing the small organ working so hard, developed a very serious sense of protection over it. It felt... fragile, like he needed to close his hands protectively over it and hold it against his own chest.
Especially Joseph's. It wasn't so much that he needed protecting, Basch had been a guard before. He didnt feel protective of the human, it was more that... he didn't want any harm to come to Joseph in the first place.
"So... am I wrong, or do I need to track down more evidence?" The canids voice rumbled and vibrated Joseph's entire body as he spoke.
"I can't smell what you can, for all I know you're just making things up!" Joseph complained, diverting the conversation.
"Being smell blind is no excuse... tell me... maybe I can make it better?"
"You..." the human sighed, his head thumping back down, seemingly defeated, but still not wanting to talk about it. Basch remained where he was, only moving his fingers, brushing his thumbs over the humans sides and stomach.
"It feels like something bad is going to happen."
"Something bad? Like what?"
"I dunno'... its stupid."
A growl of warning from the canid.
"It's not stupid. You're worried that you're in danger?"
"It's like... what happened the other week?" He referred back to the end of Earth.
"Every time we thought we were out of danger, something else went wrong. Like... its been two weeks since I got here... I'm waiting for the next thing to go wrong."
Basch understood this. Combat was a canid's preferred environment. There's a bad guy, kill the bad guy. Easy. But even for a canid, if the fighting is too hard or goes on for too long, it begins to weigh heavily on any canid. They become nervous, they react violently to surprises and expect the worst in perfectly calm situations.
Joseph felt Basch sigh before a flat, wet and broad tongue lapped at the underside of his chin. It immediately shattered the serious mood that was building in Joseph's head as he feigned repulsion, despite him immediately feeling better, if only a little bit.
"Aww gross! Canid breath!" He joked laughing.
As Vine came back to the other two, holding three odd treats in his hands, he came back to the canid ravishing the human. The furless alien was attempting to prevent the canid from licking his face and was failing miserably. The canid would duck in, wipe his broad tongue across the humans face, then use the moment of being blinded to attack the opposite side.
As Vine stood there, there was a moment that the human grabbed the canid's head with both hands and attempted to hold it away. The humans arm's were tense, his tendons sticking up and out as he put all his strength into holding the canids skull away. The canid merely leaned forward and slowly approached with a wicked grin before he was in range and licked the humans face once more before stopping and turning to the felinoid, leaning back exposing the panting human with his chest covering half ridden up to his arm pits.
"Welcome back!" Basch said with a wide smile.
"What is going on here?" Asked Vine, crooking an eye ridge.
"Nothing!" The canid lied pathetically.
The felinoid simply made a 'mm' noise as Joseph wiped his face free of drool with the length of his arms, still panting.
"If we're experimenting, firstly I want to be there to, at the very least, watch and secondly, whilst exciting, perhaps not in public?"
The canid merely leered at the felinoid, tongue dangling from its maw. Canids were not a partner Vine had ever considered before, but it was turning out to be an untapped goldmine of boundless energy of a confident partner that was vigously willing to serve.
The human on the other hand was a bundle of anxious nerves. While Vine could have manipulated him with ease, the felinoid was enjoying the long playful journey of Joseph coming to terms with the adventures and pleasures that Vine and Basch were offering without expectations. The two of them were, mostly, allowing the human to explore at his own pace.
That said if Basch was going to keep using every time Vine looked away to be flirting with the human, Vine was going to need to up his own game. He underestimated the tactical acumen of the solider.
"What you got there?"
"'You Creams', apparently a human delicacy."
Joseph looked up.
"Oh, Ice Creams?" Seeing the wafer cone and the coloured mound on top.
"I think they are frozen, but they were quite adamant they're called 'You Creams'"
Joseph frowned before a realisation dawned on him. He did a sit-up with the canid still pinning his legs and fished his translator out of his ear.
The canid did the same and the felinoid, after handing the cones out, matched.
"I like Ice Cream."
The aliens responded, but it was merely yowls and growls, the canid's words seemingly more sub-vocal then actual words, rattling Joseph's bsck teeth. The trio replaced the ear buds.
"I, meaning me, and Ice sound similar in some of our languages. They weren't saying You, they were saying Ice."
"Oh." Said Vine, looking at the slowly melting confection. "Well good luck then because they've got a sign and everything." He said with a shrug before biting into the treat with gutso.
Moments later Vine flinched and screwed his eyes up as he learnt what a brain freeze was.
Tip Jar
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2023.06.02 13:57 Ok_Method5511 A maconha me libertou da masturbação, porém…

É mais ou menos Boas notícias kkk, sempre me masturbei desde meus 13 ou 14 anos, nem lembro, porém agora aos meus 18 eu comecei a fumar maconha, no início era uma vez por semana e punheta era todo dia, porém, recentemente comecei a fumar todo dia por que comecei a trabalhar, e não tem coisa melhor que fumar um baseado depois do trabalho, porém, com esse vício, eu percebo que não sinto mais vontade de me masturbar e ver pornografia, mas ao mesmo tempo tenho interesse e vontade de conhecer mulher, sim, eu tampei um buraco e abri outro, porém acho que se for pra ter um vício, que seja a maconha, e não a masturbação, faz 10 dias que parei de me masturbar, e sinto que as mulheres me olham diferente, me sinto mais auto confiante e “relaxado” em torno de mulheres, é só meu relato sobre como maconha me ajudou nesse caso.
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2023.06.02 13:57 transiberiana Receita em mãos, como proceder?

Oi pessoal, sou nova por aqui e gostaria de uma ajuda. Ontem consultei com médico e ele já me enviou a receita pra comprar flores e óleo de CBD, eu queria comprar pela Cannect mas ainda não tenho liberação da Anvisa. Queria saber como proceder nesse caso.
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2023.06.02 13:56 ZookeepergameSuch405 Do you believe in true love

I never did Your unconditional love for your kids. Amazing right. Imagine you could love your partner and their kids unconditionally too never thought it was possible. I can tell you it is. Knowing you would do everything for your kids but falling unconditionally in love with their kid and looking at your partner and every single day think wow your my soul mate. But hey life throws curve balls and challenges. Sooooo having perfection in life blended family. Then your world gets smashed apart. Pain lost an emptiness. Imagine your ex doing a runner with your purpose in life your kids. This = self destruction. Bad thoughts But hey I had unconditional love for my partner and her beautiful kids who saved my life. But feeling guilty that I was happy but had nightmares of my kids getting pulled away from me. I’m an amazing human but I became a zombie with no emotion. So I turned to poisoning my life drinking and doing coke and gambling. Sad right but it made my tears and pain go away. Dumb hey 40 year old and I looked after everyone and ran a successful business. Lock my door put the blinds down and never got out of bed for weeks. Lost 5 workers stressing all my friends because I never opened the door. My partner came and cuddled me and I collapsed into her arm and she held me from falling. Imagine that know she had my back and took on hell with me. How did I repay her. I became a closet drug addict. I use to her for hour and we fixed things. That one day I went 3 days without sleep. My partner is perfect best human I’ve meet. Know her 30 years. I started Hallucinating and thought she was on the net as a pornstar. Rang her and going what the fuck are you a porn star or a hooker wtf you all over the net. Then drove over to her house begging for the truth. Our love/sex life was beautiful. But this broke her as a woman that I could think that but she didn’t know I was coked and hadn’t slept. Finally slept and thought what fuck I know she 100% not that girl but never told her it was because I was high. This took a piece of her womanhood I could never take it back. Month later it happened again so I took screenshots of this when I finally slept I woke up in the morning and looked at the picture and it was nothing like her. Discussing treatment of a mother and a woman. It was hitting it hard because I was going through court for the kids. Our love was a dream but it was broken because her walls went up She begged me to go to a doctor because all my randomness was a depression mental illness thing. I tried to give it up. And my lies went on an on sitting at home cooking myself into bad depression when when I was with my girl and her kids I was happy. She saved me I destroyed her. We had a big talk and I came clean. I was ashamed. I know if i spoke to her and told her she is always right and would of fixed it together. But the relationship was to broke. I’ve been clean since about October but had one slip up. We are even friends anymore Drug lost my best friend. Buttttttttttttttt After break ups So many different circumstances Put yourself in their shoes in circumstances out of the ordinary How would you cope not seeing your kids. Some people don’t care but me and my ex took 1 year before we meet the kids Kids 1st If you know your ex if amazing but couldn’t cope and was to embarrass I wasn’t strong enough. I’m living a life or regret the people I destroyed I had to sit my parents down and tell them I’m a drug addict and tried to kill myself Soooo would that amazing bloke you known for 30 years dedicated life you make it up to you Loving you isn’t a chore it’s natural Team I’ve lost everything how would you cope I’m still here and fucking fighting to love myself and life that life You always say you only get one Get of the couch and discover beauty Tuff love I’m so sorry
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2023.06.02 13:56 hotpocketsandranch Chapter progress didn’t save?

Buddy and I made characters together right at launch. He invited me to his group the moment we both logged in, at the start of the prologue.
We quested together for 5 hours, got to level 20 together. I realized it wouldn’t let me port out of a dungeon at the end of a quest so I figured it was a bug and left game then logged back in.
When I logged back in I found my level 20 character with all of his gear and spells sitting at the beginning needing to do the prologue… I’m sad and no idea what happened?
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2023.06.02 13:56 issabellaquiera Futebol Ao Vivo Online: Incidente No Aeroporto De Budapeste

Futebol Ao Vivo Online: Incidente No Aeroporto De Budapeste

PGMOL condena tratamento abusivo do árbitro Anthony Taylor por torcedores da Roma no aeroporto de Budapeste

PGMOL se manifesta contra o abuso abominável que os torcedores da Roma fizeram ao árbitro Anthony Taylor no aeroporto e dizem: "Estamos chocados". Você pode assistir ao jogo de futebol ao vivo online repetido no Futemax.
Como resultado dos torcedores da Roma comemorando a vitória de seu time na final da Liga Europa, Anthony Taylor e sua família foram alvo de abuso verbal na quinta-feira no aeroporto de Budapeste. Esses eventos causaram circunstâncias tensas e perturbadoras no aeroporto. Depois que o árbitro inglês presidiu a derrota da Roma para o Sevilla na disputa de pênaltis, o técnico da Roma, José Mourinho, referiu-se a Taylor como uma "desgraça" após a partida. O PGMOL manifestou-se "consternado" com os recentes incidentes.
futebol ao vivo online futmax jogos de hoje ao vivo futebol ao vivo hd

PGMOL critica torcedores da Roma lançando ódio ao árbitro Anthony Taylor e críticas a José Mourinho

A Professional Game Match Officials' League (PGMOL) expressou sua reação "horrorizada" aos vídeos que mostram torcedores da Roma assediando o árbitro Anthony Taylor no aeroporto de Budapeste após a final da Liga Europa. Reviva o emocionante futebol ao vivo online no Futemax.
Taylor apitou a partida de quarta-feira, que terminou empatada em 1 a 1 e depois foi para os pênaltis, onde o Sevilla saiu vitorioso.
Após a partida, o técnico da Roma, José Mourinho, foi bastante franco em suas reclamações sobre a arbitragem, chegando a ser flagrado criticando o árbitro inglês e chamando-o de "desgraça" no estacionamento da Puskas Arena.

Alguns torcedores da Roma lançam ódio ao árbitro Anthony Taylor e sua família no aeroporto de Budapeste

Na quinta-feira, Taylor e sua família foram alvo de ataques violentos dos torcedores da Roma depois de serem reconhecidos por seguidores da equipe da Roma no aeroporto de Budapeste.
"A PGMOL está ciente dos vídeos que circulam nas redes sociais mostrando Anthony Taylor e sua família sendo assediados e abusados ​​no aeroporto de Budapeste", afirmou um comunicado divulgado pela Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).
"Estamos chocados com o abuso injustificado e repugnante dirigido a Anthony e sua família enquanto ele tenta voltar para casa depois de arbitrar a final da Liga Europa", disse um dos membros do grupo. Os maus-tratos são chocantes para nós. Faremos tudo ao nosso alcance para ajudar Anthony e seus entes queridos.

Árbitro Anthony Taylor enfrenta desafios durante a final da Liga Europa

Taylor se deparou com uma tarefa desafiadora em Budapeste, pois precisou distribuir um total de 14 cartões amarelos para jogadores, reservas não utilizados e treinadores durante a tensa partida final, que durou 25 minutos de prorrogação.
Segundo fontes, a UEFA está esperando para coletar relatório dos árbitros antes de determinar se deve ou não disciplinar Mourinho por seu comportamento após a partida.
Uma instituição de caridade no Reino Unido conhecida como Ref Support UK também se manifestou contra o técnico da Roma e o culpou pelo caos ocorrido no aeroporto de Budapeste.
Eles postaram um vídeo no Twitter mostrando Taylor e sua família sendo assediados e comentaram: "Isso é tão preocupante de ver e esperamos que Anthony e sua família estejam bem". O tweet foi anexado a um vídeo mostrando Taylor e sua família sendo assediados.
Depois de perder a final da Liga Europa, Mourinho lança dúvidas sobre o futuro da Roma ao dizer: "Não posso dizer".

Sevilla conquista o sétimo título da Liga Europa com vitória nos pênaltis sobre a Roma

Após uma vitória nos pênaltis contra a Roma, o Sevilla conquistou o sétimo título da Liga Europa, recorde.
"É por isso que acreditamos que organizações como a League Managers Association (LMA) e a Professional Footballers Association (PFA), bem como a Football Supporters' Association (FSA), precisam sair e condenar tal comportamento neste país." os comentários e o comportamento dos jogadores encorajam isso, e é preocupante quando um incidente sério ou assassinato está prestes a acontecer."
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2023.06.02 13:55 joelskizzle Find a mechanic, tell ‘em I pay ‘em in fabric 3500 in traffic - what does zay mean by this specifically?

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2023.06.02 13:55 SupermarketHopeful37 Sou viciado em trabalho

Trabalho em IT para uma operadora e sinto que apenas estou bem quando tenho tudo feito e todos os meus problemas resolvidos. Mas em IT , isso nunca acontece .
Estou constantemente a pensar no trabalho e o único hobbie que tenho tem sido ao final do dia ir ao ginásio. Recentemente ,à cerca de um ano passei a liderar uma equipa de 8 pessoas. Sou uma pessoa muito tecnica e não gosto de gerir pessoas mas penso que até faço bem o meu trabalho.
O cliente por vezes tambem não facilita a minha vida. Ficam furiosos com coisas , sem cabimento e cerca dos 90 por cento dos casos que reclamam chegamos à conclusão que nao são problemas ou que o sistema até está a funcionar bem.
Nunca perco a postura e no final mostro como estão as coisas montadas mas chega a um ponto em que começa a ser dificil lidar com gente estúpida. Há malta que não sabe o que está a testar .
Ter de aturar malta que refila sem razão faz-me perder tempo . Tempo que podia ser gasto noutras tarefas que tambem tenho.
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2023.06.02 13:54 Excellent-Victory-65 Homem baleado por ocupantes de carro em andamento na Arrentela

Homem baleado por ocupantes de carro em andamento na Arrentela submitted by Excellent-Victory-65 to portugueses [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 13:54 vickylanguila Novinha Do Whatsapp Na WebCam Gozando MUITO Safada da Buceta Lisinha Fazendo Cosplay de Cachorra - VEJA MAIS VIDEO DESSA PIRANHA EM

Novinha Do Whatsapp Na WebCam Gozando MUITO Safada da Buceta Lisinha Fazendo Cosplay de Cachorra - VEJA MAIS VIDEO DESSA PIRANHA EM submitted by vickylanguila to Jorgerrchu [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 13:54 Annaa_L3 Criação do sub

Decidi criar esse sub pq queria compartilhar minhas experiências estudando em um colégio militar com outras pessoas que também estudam, Enfim... Divirtam-se 👍
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2023.06.02 13:53 hallouminati_ Shrooms at my wedding… went to space

I got married last month and the week before I thought I’d make use of the Golden Teachers that I grew earlier in the year. So there I was in the kitchen, pink apron on thinking I was on Bake Off making shroom chocolates. I’d never made them before, but I put just under 2 grams a square into melted milk chocolate and I even put a white chocolate button on the top for presentation. Obviously being my wedding I didn’t want to have too much, so I put a lot less in them than I usually would have.
Fast forward to wedding day. Lovely day, very civilised and suddenly it starts getting a bit loose on the dance floor. So I grab my chocolates that I made, ate one and gave them out to a few mates who I had done them with before (and could handle themselves). Now I don’t know if the chocolate reacts with the shrooms in any way but fuck me… These were some of the strongest I’ve ever had. In just 20 minutes it starts to hit me… I’m looking around, I see my new in laws, I see my parents and all of my wife’s family thinking FUCK.
I go outside for some air as at this point I’m tripping my nut off and I’m ambushed by my wife’s aunt. I’m pranging out majorly. Will she know? What are her family going to think of me? Anxiety through the roof.
I catch a friend who I gave one to walking out of the marquee. We lock eyes and he says “mate. What the fuck?” To which I replied “you think it’s bad for you, it’s my fucking wedding!” I go back in the marquee and see people looking for taxis in trees, stumbling in the car park and I’m thinking what have I done?
At this point, I’m a wreck… Every fibre in my body was saying “go to bed” but I somehow pulled myself together. Gave myself a pep talk in the loo, accepted the moment and went back in. Told my wife straight away who laughed her head off and looked after me for the next 30 mins.
Ended up having the best time. Full of love and able to express it to the people I love. At our after party, the group I gave them to came in one by one, each having an amazing trip sitting somewhere under a tree or by the pond.
I clocked out at 3am and went to bed. My wife sheepishly crept in at 5.30am… Wouldn’t have it any other way. Fun to do it since we’ll probably have kids soon so will be off games for a while.
Won’t be handing them out like that again though. Lesson learned.
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2023.06.02 13:53 vongole24 Wananabani-en - Door Door[Japan/Instrumental]

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2023.06.02 13:52 vongole24 Wananabani-en - Door Door[Japan/Instrumental]

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2023.06.02 13:52 artmonkeymg [for hire] Character commission discount

[for hire] Character commission discount
New month new discounts!
I’ve got 4 discounted Full Colour characters at £65 GBP
And one group of 6 at £300 GBP
Grab em while you can!
DM or email [email protected]
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2023.06.02 13:51 nuoilomienbac247 Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023 - Chốt số 888 miễn phí

Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023 - Chốt số 888 miễn phí
Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023 – Chốt số 88 miễn phí chính xác Hôm Nay. Để có cơ hội ăn chắc trong việc đánh lô đề miền bắc. Việc tìm hiểu soi cầu miền bắc 88 là yếu tô quan trong nhất trong việc chơi thắng hay thua rất quan trong. Vào ngày 03/06/2023. Soi cầu 88 của chúng tôi tự hào mang đến cho các bạn những thông tin chi tiết chính xác nhất. Và dự đoán chính xác nhất về kết quả xổ số hôm nay hoàn toàn miễn phí từ các chuyên gia lô đề hiện đại nhất hiện nay. Hy vọng mọi người sẽ hài lòng và nhận được lợi nhuận cao từ các con số của chúng tôi mang lại nhé.
Chúc bạn may mắn vào ngày 03 tháng 6 năm 2023

soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023

Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023

Dưới đây diện đàn soi cầu 888 sẻ phần thống kê kết quả xổ số ngày hôm nay các bạn xem qua để biết chính xác xem số các bạn chơi ngày hôm nay có ăn hay không, Và các bạn xem bảng kết quả mở thưởng ở để phân tích dự đoán chuẩn xác hơn cho ngày hôm sau nhé

Thống kê kết quả xsmb chi tiết ngày 02-06-2023

soi cầu 888
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Lô về nhiều nhất là đầu 0 , 2 , 5
Lô về ít nhất ở đuôi 3 , 4 , 5
Những thống kê trên đây của chúng tôi được cập nhật từ diện đàn soi cầu mb 88 giúp các bạn hiểu rõ biết những lo tô nào hôm nay về hay không. Xin mời anh em cùng theo dõi để có nhận định chính xác để tìm ra con lô đẹp nhất hôm nay. Từ thông kê cầu lô đề về ngày trước để mình bắt cầu chính xác hơn cho ngày hôm nay các bạn nhé.

Soi cầu 888 miền bắc thống kê lô gan ngày 03-06-2023

Soi cầu 888 sau đây chúng tôi sẻ gửi tới các bạn bảng thống kê lô gan và lotto ra nhiều trong tháng gần đây nhất để giúp bạn xem được. Cũng như tham khảo trong việc đưa ra các con số có tỷ lệ về cao nhất trong ngày. Và dưới đây là tổng hợp lô gan miền bắc lâu chưa ra và ra nhiều trong tháng gần đây.

lotto lâu chưa ra

Lotto Lâu Chưa Ra (lotto gan)

+ Lô : 06 chưa về 14 ngày
+ Lô : 99 chưa về 13 ngày
+ Lô : 70 chưa về 12 ngày
+ Lô : 09 chưa về 11 ngày
+ Lô : 14 chưa về 11 ngày
+ Lô : 57 chưa về 10 ngày
+ Lô : 90 chưa về 10 ngày
+ Lô : 52 chưa về 9 ngày
+ Lô : 03 chưa về 7 ngày
+ Lô : 10 chưa về 7 ngày
+ Lô : 47 chưa về 7 ngày
Và nhiều cầu lô tô nữa mà chúng tôi, chưa thông kê hết, các bạn có thể xem trên website để biết rõ hơn nhé.

Lotto ra nhiều nhất trong tháng qua:

lotto ra nhiều nhất trong tháng qua
+42 ra nhiều trong tháng có 17 lần ra
+67 ra nhiều trong tháng có 16 lần ra
+87 ra nhiều trong tháng có 15 lần ra
+84 ra nhiều trong tháng có 14 lần ra
+00 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra
+36 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra
+43 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra
+49 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra
+56 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra
+62 ra nhiều trong tháng có 13 lần ra

Đặc biệt lâu chưa ra:

đặc biệt lâu chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 84 lâu chưa ra có 357 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 25 lâu chưa ra có 356 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 08 lâu chưa ra có 343 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 01 lâu chưa ra có 322 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 93 lâu chưa ra có 262 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 90 lâu chưa ra có 244 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 51 lâu chưa ra có 241 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 68 lâu chưa ra có 239 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 50 lâu chưa ra có 235 ngày chưa ra
+ Đặc biệt 09 lâu chưa ra có 233 ngày chưa ra

Các cặp lotto dẫn đầu bảng gan:

+ Cặp số 06 đã 14 ngày chưa ra, cực đại là 27 ngày (từ 05/10/2022 đến 31/10/2022)
+ Cặp số 99 đã 13 ngày chưa ra, cực đại là 26 ngày (từ 02/04/2022 đến 27/04/2022)
Trên đây là những thống kê kết quả miền bắc mà đã thống kê chi tiết cho các bạn tham khảo. Để biết rõ hơn những cầu lô đề nào khan hay về nhiều trong ngày. Giúp người chơi định hướng được nhưng cầu lô miền bắc. Để chọn cho mình được những con số ưng ý nhất để dành cho mình được chiến thắng lơn. Chúc các bạn may mắn.
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Soi cầu 888 miền bắc ngày 03-06-2023

Dưới đây Soi cầu 247 là bảng tổng hợp thống kê kết quả xổ số Miền Bắc ngày hôm trước. Điều quan trọng là người chơi phải kiểm tra kết quả để biết liệu những con số mà họ đã chọn có trúng thưởng hay không. Bảng kết quả XSMB rất cần thiết để người chơi có thể phân tích chính xác các cầu lô cho ngày hôm sau.

Soi Cầu Miền Bắc Ngày 03-06-2023

+ Bạch Thủ Lô Miền Bắc Là : 12 lót 21
+ Song Thủ Lô Miền Bắc Là : 68 86
+ Xiên 2 Miền Bắc Là : 21 24 – 61 63
+ Dàn Lô 6 Số Miền Bắc Là : 36 63 – 78 87 – 89 98
+ Dàn Đề 20 Số Miền Bắc Là : Đầu 7 : Đầu 9
Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023 được admin đưa ra đây dựa vào phương pháp tham khảo. phân tích từ thống kê kết quả xổ số của các ngày hôm trước và tìm ra những cầu mới đưa ra cặp số may mắn cầu lô đẹp nhất, tuy nhiên những con số chúng tôi đưa ra hoàn toàn mang tính chất tham khảo. chúc các bạn thành công.
Soi cầu 888 ngày 03-06-2023 hôm nay, hi vọng luôn nhận được sự tin tưởng của các bạn. Sự ủng hộ của các bạn sẽ giúp website soi cầu 88 top của chúng tôi ngày càng phát triển lớn mạnh về chất lượng và số lượng để có nhiều anh em có cơ hội chiến thắng mỗi ngày.
Lưu ý với người chơi : Các con số dự đoán chúng tôi đưa ra mang tính chất dự đoán cá nhân, chỉ nên chơi loto do nhà nước ban hành vừa vui vừa đảm bảo ích nước lợi nhà.
Nguồn Trang : SoiCau88.Top
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2023.06.02 13:51 RaddishEater666 Do you agree disagree or option C -“Why You Should Actually Let Yourself Eat the Foods You ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ Around”

Do you agree disagree or option C -“Why You Should Actually Let Yourself Eat the Foods You ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ Around”
Some highlighted points “Instead of stocking your kitchen with every single food you’re afraid of, start with just one.”
“Try your best not to worry if you overeat the food at first.”
“Slowly start practicing mindfulness while eating your trigger food. If the process feels really scary, seek help.”
My thoughts 1) why not a middle ground, chocolate is easy for me to overconsume, so since I live in a cool climate I keep it in a ziploc baggy in my car and have some on the way to/from work. I grew up with freshly made cookies in the kitchen every week and honestly it was more difficult to want to eat vegetables with cookies sitting out
Keeping out of sight, out of a cupboard I might open, relives my brain have having that discussion of are you even hungry or do you want the cookie cause it’s tasty
2) WHY DO help articles always seem to assume people have time and/or money for the worst case scenarios They always seem to end with this bit Me I’m maxed out of time I can spend at drs cause of all the dr I see for chronic condition in a week I know some friends struggle with medical debt and weight and definitely when you’re living paycheck paycheck don’t have money for more dtherapists
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2023.06.02 13:50 Status_Albatross7251 Acho que vou vender a minha casa

É o seguinte, estou a pensar em vender a minha casa, já estou em conversações “avançadas”, ainda que sem compromissos, com uma amiga que trabalha na remax e depois das contas feitas, chegamos à conclusão de que ficarei com sensivelmente 70k de lucro (depois de comissões, impostos, etc.)
Neste momento resido e trabalho na Alemanha, por isso a parte boa se vender é que fico sem os encargos e as chatices de ter um imóvel em Portugal. Mas o plano é voltar. Se vender, sei que tenho um prazo de 3 anos antes do estado me vir buscar os impostos sobre as mais valias, e comprar já não me parece inteligente, pois se o mercado está bom para vender, com certeza não estará bom para comprar… o que acham que devia fazer? Estarei errado? Deveria comprar já? Não deveria vender sequer? Deveria rentabilizar com um aluguer de longa duração?
Agradeço o vosso contributo.
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2023.06.02 13:50 Cute-Peaches Tips to 36* Abyss without whaling, by a non-whale (only welkin buyer but F2P options)

Tips to 36* Abyss without whaling, by a non-whale (only welkin buyer but F2P options)
Well, hello, fellow player!
I read a lot of comments of people complaining on how difficult this abyss is. As much as I agree with all of you, I got a little overboard and tried multiple combinations until it worked a little too well - I finished with 17 seconds remaining.
The key to this abyss is either CC, Aoe strong dps dmg and Xiangling+Bennett.
With this team, it took me five times only; and I can try to help you do a budget one if you don't have these characters:

You can also use Nahida insead of the Traveller to make it work; I tried the budget one to see if it would still be doing big numbers and it is.
Keep in mind that Childe, Wanderer and Kazuha are min-max to make them extremely good because I either main them or I really love the character.
All my important builds are here too. I will not recomment the same characters in both floors.
--- x ---
First Half:
. Childe can be replaced by Ayato or a really good Yelan/Xingqiu (need good RNG for Yelan/Xingqiu and they need to hit like a truck).
. Lumine can be replaced by Nahida (I changed because I wanted to try) or Collei.
. Kazuha can be traded for Sucrose.
. Kokomi can be replaced by Barbara.
Keep in mind that, again, I did not whale for any of these characters - I simply saved enough for them and farmed their domains for too much time. Skyward Harp / Viridescent Hunt / Thundering Pulse / Aqua Simulacra / Blackclif Warbow are all good options.
I tried with my Boyfriend's Childe (who is not C4) and it worked well enough to pull this floor I think.

--- x ---

You want to make sure you have a pretty solid AOE DPS or EXTREMELY good CC. Both would be great.
I chose Childe because I am a Childe simp because he is my main and his Aoe helped me so much. I don't have a lot of DPS builded characters - I have three perfectly builded and two somewhat for the abyss and that's about it.
Childe has HoD artifact box available for you if needed - his new artifacts are a pain to farm, so I am still using his HoD build which is awesome because it does its job.

PSA - Kazuha and Lumine run with +180% ER. Kokomi uses R6 Thrilling Tales for buff porpuses, so she needs to be the one you use before your DPS IN EVERY ROTATION.

-- Examples of characters that I think it will work instead of Childe for AoE//DPS dmg - keep in mind that I do not have most of these so I cannot try them out for myself.
. Ganyu reverse meld.
. Kaveh or Nilou Bloom Team (I am not sure if it does its job, although I really think it can).
. Mono Geo Team + CC.
If you go with Bloom, you want to apply as much hydro as possible - Childe/Kokomi/Xingqiu/Yelan must be in your team, at least one of them. You can try Mona, although I do not think she will do the job.

-- Examples of characters that you can use to CC any enemy on the first Half:
. Sucrose - just slap a bunch of EM VV pieces (artifact box might help) without caring too much on the substats and you are good to go,
. Kazuha, for obvious reasons,
. Anemo Traveller - It is a little tricky and I think it is the worst option you can come up with (because Dendro Traveller with any hydro dps unit is amazing and underrated), although you can still try,
. Venti - Keep in mind that Venti and Childe do not work well in this abyss together. Unless you use all the time his melee range dmg and you have C6 Childe.

Second Half:
. Wanderer can be replaced by any fast dps who is not hydro, cryo nor exclusive single target - Xiao, Cyno, Raiden, Yae Miko (maybe), Keqing (maybe).
. Layla can be replaced by Diona perfectly fine, Zhongli, Baizhu, Tohma or Kirara (maybe, I did not test her shield long enough). I recommend Layla, Diona or Zhongli tho. If you have a DPS that doesn't suffer from stagger like Wanderer, you can either try Raiden as sub dps or Qiqi for heal.
. Xianglig cannot be replaced.
. Bennett cannot be replaced. If you do not have bennett, try using Klee as a support with thrilling tales and placing her bombs near abyss cryo hearld (really good RNG is needed) or Lisa with thrilling tales. You will need a good shield or Diona healer for this to work. Barbara is not recommended (you can try Kokomi if you have another option for her on the first half).

Wanderer also works if you have solar pearl or widsith with him!
I'll admit, I genuienely though this team could not work well at all. Yet, it hit like a truck.
Wanderer is only here to apply damage as fast as I can while Xiangling, Bennett and Layla recharge their bursts between his skills; extremely high remanding ER team.
PSA - None of these characters, except Wanderer, run with less than 190% ER. Bennett and Layla use Sac Sword (you can change for a favonious if you have at least 50% crit rate) and Xiangling can either run with The Catch R1 - R5 (F2P option) or any 5 stars you end up having laying around, really. Deathmatch is really good on her too.
You want to start with Bennett burst > Xiangling Burst > Xiangling skill > Bennett Skill (if it activates twice due to his sac sword, even better) > Layla Burst > Layla Shield > Wanderer spam.
The rotation is kinda wonky - just have fun trying to figure it out tho, it can be a little difficult to understand without the proper ER.
When you take out the abyss mages, you should have at least Bennett burst - use it the moment it pops up to be ready to use all the time. You don't care if the shields are up yet; Wanderer (or your dps) will do the job to finish them fast enough.
Weak side of this team:
. Wanderer dies all the freaking time.
Be ready to scream at him. All the time. He's a freaking paper - then, you should use his passive in your favor. Run! Run mid-air while he hits the enemies. Make sure Layla has the shield up; the moment it does not, run and change asap and do everything again.
If you have a really good WandereDPS that can hit like a truck really fast...
. You don't need a good Xiangling. Mine sucks. Her talents are 7 or less. I never ever used her before this abyss, basically. I slapped everything I had laying around from Yoimiya, Hu Tao and Klee and just call it a day. 4PC crimson or 4PC emblem is perfect. I just leveled her up to 70 - 80 just yesterday!
. You don't need a good Bennett. You need an average one that hits pyro, has a lot of ER. Just make sure he has Nobless Oblige.
. You don't need a good Layla. Slap a bunch of 2pcHP% + 2pcHP% or 4pcTenacity and you are good to go. If you have any HP weapon, even better. If not, it will work. Mine is only lvl80.

-- x --
It can take a few attempts but you can do it!! :) And if not, that's fine. These are just a bunch of primogems and I love challenging myself with the few characters that I have. Do not stress over 50 to 150 primogems. It is not even a single wish. Your happiness is more important than a gacha. :)
Feel free to check out my profile and builds - 718623462 IUD (Europe). If you want, Akasha System has (almost) all of them. The ones I don't have there are really garbage (Lumine isn't that great either but oh well).
I am the type of player that saves for 8 months for a Childe/WandereYoimiya rerun and just grabs constellations of the ones I main. I am not a collector nor build every single character. That is why I can do the abyss a little easier - my Childe took me an year and half to be like that and it is not complete yet.
Any questions, please do! It took me way to much time and it is not done properly, but I tried my best :)
Hope it helps~
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2023.06.02 13:49 Dr_Skipwith Me - If A Cog Want Beef Imma Spray 'Em When I See 'Em (Disney x Cassidy)

Me - If A Cog Want Beef Imma Spray 'Em When I See 'Em (Disney x Cassidy) submitted by Dr_Skipwith to mashups [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 13:49 LostedSky_ I still don't get it how people keep playing this

like i actually don't, the skins are bad as shit (compared to other games, not gonna name them) what do you even do at this point? Like is there a single braincell shared by all of the yba joes to make em play this game still? also fuck uzu and his release broken nerf later
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2023.06.02 13:48 poop_cupboard Fake whoviams wuoldn't relate...

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