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2023.06.09 06:43 H0PS1N_RS Have I killed my seedling?

Have I killed my seedling?
Both of my seeds I planted at same time has extreme difference in growth and appearance in my second plant appears to be very sick. I haven’t added nutrients to my water on any watering day. (Every 3-4 days) according to my notes. Day 11 since it sprouted from soil, using Fox Farm Happy Frog. One day after watering the seedling fell down so I propped it up with a tooth pick and moved more soil around the base and redirected the oscillating fan to blow off the tent walls rather than on the plants. Using tap water leaving to evap for 24hr to get chlorine out (tested with strips) and PH water ranging from 5.9-6.4, different levels each watering. First time grower here so I’m very blind to the process and trying to learn where I have succeeded and failed. My other plant looks very healthy and has began to develop is first set of 5 finger leaves.
TL:DR have I killed my seedling or should I use 1/4-1/2 strength nutes per fox farm feed schedule for week 2-3?
Pictures attached over the last few days of my observations
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2023.06.09 06:42 ChillSpartan187 Watch order

I'm towards the end of season 4. And I watched the Feds episodes. But after season 4, what order of episodes should watch? Is it just Rookie then fed?
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2023.06.09 06:42 Nonreality_ probably a really hot take about seasons

i dont think season will be popular compared to non-season. so why do i say this. ive recently on main server completed all lilath statues and area discovers this took me about 15 hours, i still have to do every quest and dungeon for that renown. that will easily take another 20-30 hours. when you finish those events and get renown and stats the pop up says something along the lines of all your character on THIS server get the stats. assuming season is a different server, every season you will need to spend 40 ish hours just getting renown, ontop of learning all the new season stuff and leveling and min maxing gear. 90% of people will not want to do that every season, me included. if they want diablo seasons to thrive i reccomend they carry over all collectible stats to season. ontop of that they should not make season a different experience that doesnt benefit your main, seasons should only be done to get something that benefits a main character on non season to progress further.
i see alot of comparisons to POE right fully so. but one thing people dont realize is POE is super linear in the story and you finish it super fast then hit end game. very skilled players cant do that in a day. even the most skilled diablo 4 players will have to spend days doing this renown system every season which is why i think it wont work.
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2023.06.09 06:41 Draft_Positive Could really use some help going from curly hair to wavy hair

I have pretty curly hair, 3B-3C, the top length is down to my nose, 4 1/2 inches, and the sides and back are about 2 inches. I have been trying to get wavy hair and it's been difficult to find a way. I love my curly hair but I want to try out something new and just see how I like it, I am looking for something like 2B-2C, my end goal is to get like a layered surfer hairstyle, does anyone have any experience going from curly to wavy? Temporary or permanent solutions?
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2023.06.09 06:41 mathographer_ IIT student, failed in all subjects in first sem. Really need help, advice and motivation.

Hi Guys,
As the title suggests, I am a 2nd semester student at an old IIT in the EE department. My academic situation is very very bleak. I have failed literally all cources in first semester and will most likely fail a few (most likely 1) courses this semester too. I am very very depressed. I feel like I have wasted any advantage that I could have had by having a degree from IIT. I feel like my two years of tireless hard work has been wasted. I really need your honest advice on the following:
1) Is it even possible to complete my degree in 4 years?
2) Is campus placement even a possibility for me considering I may not be able to clear my backlogs before placement season?
3) How hard will off campus placements be? Will I be able to get a similar CTC to my on- campus peers? Will companies hire someone in my position? What kinds of firms would be open to hiring me?
4) What's the most reasonable CPI I can get before end of 6th and 7th sens respectively?
5) I always wanted to pursue higher education abroad (MS and most likely PhD) from a top university. Is there any chance of that? What would my CPI need to be for that? How can I make up for my past mistakes?
6) Any kind of motivational stories etc would also be very helpful.
educational_info: 1st year IIT student
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2023.06.09 06:40 glamgirl15 Volcano Bay - First Time

Hi all!
Found this group after starting to plan a trip to volcano bay for the first time. Have been to Universal + IOA many times but never got to venture to the water park.
Planning this visit as a surprise to my husband for our wedding anniversary!
Have a couple questions:
  1. I am generally terrified of roller coasters (think big steep drops, upside down flips) - I couldn’t tell you where the fear comes from but have been this way since I was a child. Have even been forced on rides, survived obviously lol, yet the fear is still there and I don’t find it enjoyable. (For context, I’m not against rides, I love stuff like Harry Potter where it’s mostly screens/illusion, Spider-Man, the simpsons, etc)
How are the water slides/which ones would be considered more “scary” that I should probably avoid? The water coaster seems to be popular but is it truly a coaster in the traditional sense of big drops or relatively mild?
  1. Typically at Disney/Universal/IOA you can wait in line and then jump out to an exit at the end. I have done this for rides I truly refuse to go on, is this type of thing an option for the water rides? Of course I’m hoping to be able to do several of them, but my husband loves all rides and may want to go on some that I don’t, and I’d like to at least be able to wait in line together.
  2. Is getting there with early access (staying at universal property) worth it/necessary? I was debating a premium chair but the cost I was quoted was insane (literally more than a night at the hotel lol) so was thinking maybe we should utilize the early access to ensure we can find a free seat. I’d like to get there early anyway but wondering if it’s something I should stress over or not. Will be going on a Monday.
  3. Speaking of free seats, do people just leave their towel/non-important items, on the chairs while riding rides? Planning to get a locker for phones/money/etc but curious how you keep your seat when you’re off venturing.
  4. Is the water on the rides heated at all? Would hate getting in and out of freezing water lol
Any other advice is welcome :) TIA!
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2023.06.09 06:39 KirDroi Kinds of Dragons

Kinds of Dragons
As someone who has read dozens and dozens of books in the wuxia and fantasy genres, I have identified several groups of dragons that appear in the literature: ​
  1. dragons-absolute - super beings and gods, have incredible power, can control the fate of the world, are the protectors of the world in which they live;
  2. dragons that can take on human form - they are intelligent, strong, able to use magic, and love luxury and wealth; ​
  3. the wyvern dragons​ - they are giant winged reptiles (lizards) that can breathe fire and fly, but they are beasts and cannot think like humans.
In the book series "Dragon Heart" by Kirill Klevanski we meet an amazing character, Hadjar, who is a part dragon. He only has a dragon's heart, and that determines all of his future destiny. ​ It's what makes this series truly unique. ​ If you don't know Klevanski's work yet, you're welcome. ​ Please let me know in the comments what kind of dragon you are most interested in. Way to the North
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2023.06.09 06:39 BackgroundPhysical37 [Request][Steam] Attempt #2 Any Monster Hunter game on PC ( World / Rise ) $14.99 / $19.99

Hey everyone
I am requesting for any of the Monster Hunter games on steam - Monster Hunter World / Monster Hunter Rise. Both are on sale currently.
I have heard great things for the Monster Hunter franchise and how it is loved by gamers of all age groups solo / online. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to experience any of the games yet. I have watched reviews and video essays on the series and below are the reasons why I think it will be fun for me -
Vast and Immersive World: I love games that are immersive and offer exploration without waypoints. The Monster Hunter series is known for its expansive and richly detailed worlds. Exploring these environments, discovering new creatures and uncovering hidden secrets sounds something from a dream world.
Epic Monsters: The game's focus on hunting huge monsters is a major draw . I love games with epic boss fights and the battle with these mythical creatures seems exciting.
Progression: I love games that reward players for grinding. Not necessarily loot oriented games just to increase a few numbers but with some impact on gameplay. Monster Hunter series is known for its depth and progression systems. The continuous grind to improve gear is bound to keep me engaged for hours.
Why I can't buy it myself ?
I made the switch from ps4 to pc last year and I am currently saving up for a new monitor ( my 4 year old benq gw2480 monitor is showing issues ), which is an essential requirement for my work and gaming. Unfortunately, this means that I am unable to afford new or relatively new games at the moment ( even at sales ). I am from India and computer parts and games are heavily taxed and a luxury for most people ( also due to the lower salary). Most new games cost very high here and rarely are games on regional pricing. My last gaming purchase was Deep Rock galactic last September ( for 300 rs ~4 $ ).
Thanks to this wonderful community, I won Resident Evil 2 couple months back and have completed two playthoughs of the game as well. I plan to revisit it after some gap for 100% which seems quite challenging ( and fun ) due to Hardcore S rank achievements.
Thanks for reading! Also anyone who wants can add me on steam, for a friend to play with or just talk to! <3
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2023.06.09 06:38 autobuzzfeedbot Even If You Hate Sports, These 11 Shocking And Unbelievable Facts Will Make You Read To The Very End

  1. The Pirates' Dock Ellis was tripping on acid when he threw a no-hitter against the Padres on June 12, 1970. The right hander mistakenly believed he wasn't scheduled to pitch until the next day, so he dropped acid with a friend around noon. Two hours later, he realized he was supposed to pitch THAT NIGHT.
  2. Monica Seles was the number one ranked women's tennis player in the world when, during a match at the 1993 Hamburg Open, an obsessed fan of rival tennis star Steffi Graf leaned onto the court and stabbed Seles in the back with a boning knife. The knife plunged an inch and a half deep between Seles's shoulder blades. Thankfully, Seles had leaned forward to drink water a second before the attack, saving herself from much more severe injuries. She was raced to the hospital and released a few days later.
  3. Eddie Gaedel — a little person who stood 3'7” tall — became the shortest player in major league history on August 19, 1951 when he stepped to the plate for the St. Louis Browns against the Detroit Tigers. The Browns were a bad team (they went 52–102 in 1951) with an owner, Bill Veeck, who pulled a lot of stunts to get fans into the stadium. Gaedel's appearance was one of them.
  4. Manon Rhéaume became the first woman to play in the National Hockey League in 1992 when she played goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a pre-season game against the St. Louis Blues. She played one quarter, allowing two goals and blocking seven shots. While she never made a regular-season NHL roster, she appeared in another pre-season game for the Lightning the following year, and played in the minor leagues between 1992 and 1997, becoming the first woman to appear in a professional regular season game.
  5. Nearly five decades earlier, Toni Stone not only became the first woman to play in the Negro Leagues, but the first woman to be a regular on a big league professional baseball team. She signed to play second base for the 1953 Indianapolis Clowns (Hank Aaron was a member of the team the previous year), and played in 50 games, hitting a respectable .243. She played with the Kansas City Monarchs the following year before retiring to become a nurse.
  6. Freddy Adu — a 14-year-old soccer prodigy from Ghana — become the youngest person ever to play for a major league sports team when he took the field on April 3, 2004 for D.C. United against the San Jose Earthquakes. Two weeks later, he became the youngest player to score a goal in Major League Soccer history. Despite his young start and comparisons to soccer legend Pelé, Adu went on to have an un-extraordinary journeyman career, playing on 15 different teams over the next couple decades.
  7. On the flip side, the legendary Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige became the oldest person ever to appear in a major league game when — at age 58 — he took the mound for the Kansas City A's against the Boston Red Sox.
  8. On March 2, 1962, basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain scored a staggering 100 points in one game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks. This is perhaps sports' most unbreakable record, with only Kobe Bryant coming anywhere close to matching it, when — 44 years later in 2006 — he scored a comparatively paltry 81 points.
  9. In a spring training game on March 24, 2001, the Diamondbacks' Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson hurled a 98-miles-per-hour fastball that hit and killed a bird that had the misfortune of flying into its path. The batter, San Francisco Giants' outfielder Calvin Murray, told the Athletic, "My initial reaction was the ball had exploded. I thought it was a practical joke or something, that he threw some tricked-up exploding baseball. It just took a minute for it to process."
  10. Amazingly, fellow Hall of Famer Dave Winfield had a similar experience in 1983. The Yankee was warming up in the outfield in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays when he threw a ball that hit and killed a seagull.
  11. Lastly, Ed Head — a left-handed pitching phenom — was just 15 years old when tragedy struck. He was riding a bus with his arm around his girlfriend's shoulder when the bus collided with another oncoming bus, knocking him unconscious. When he came to, he saw his girlfriend was dead and that his left arm had been ripped from its socket and was dangling by a thread. After a long surgery, doctors managed to avoid amputating his left arm, but told him he would never pitch again. Rather than give up, Head began the long process of teaching himself to throw right handed.
Link to article
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2023.06.09 06:38 AutoModerator [] ✔️Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family ✔️ Full Course Download
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The Objection Box Family – Learn his battle tested sales frameworks and 2-3X your sales in just weeks Even if you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out in sales What’s Inside The Objection Box Family? 1) The Objection Box Sales Methodology Training
You’ll learn my 4-step sales framework that will allow you to master sales in just days! This is the same process that allowed me to get to $40k+ months in under 6 months! My coaching clients pay thousands to be coached on these frameworks by me. And then they 3x their sales in just weeks because of this.
2) Live Roleplay Sessions
The only way to really learn something is by doing it… ​Only PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ​You’ll be coached by us so that you use our frameworks well!
3) Access to Roleplays recordings
The second best way to learn how to do something, is to see how someone else does it. ​You’ll get more context on how to use our frameworks by learning how other people is using it.
4) Exclusive community
Network with me and sales professionals that are in the same journey as you. ​Get access to job opportunities exclusive for our community.
5) TOB script ​This script and framework will help you close deals from day one!
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2023.06.09 06:37 Less_List_5161 Powerful Toppers Morning study routine & 2 bonus tips!

If you’re the type of person who likes to wake up super early, like 4 or 5 AM, to study and feel like a boss, then this article is for you.
but sometimes you just can’t focus and end up hitting snooze, don’t worry.
This is just for you early birds who want to start the day off right.
So, there are a bunch of ways to study, and I have experimented with different types of study methods but there’s this one that only works for people who like to wake up early.
It’s pretty cool because it helps you remember stuff better and makes it easier to recall everything you learned.

Getting a sense of how much fuel you have to grind

If you’re a morning person like me, you’ll likely feel more energized as the day goes on, peaking in the afternoon.
But then your energy will drop and hit rock bottom at night.
Of course, everyone’s energy levels are different, so it’s important to pay attention to your body and adjust your study schedule as needed.
I will tell you about what to do at different times of the day and what type of subjects to study.

What is the Right time to wake up for an early bird?

I would say it depends but the most common times are 4-5 am.
so make a goal and set the alarm already. And listen, When I make a goal of waking up at say 4 am, then I ensure that I don’t wake up at exactly 4 am. because I would panic after that clock hits 4 that I am wasting every second after 4 am.
it is just that I get paranoid haha. I feel like it is my boundary and any time wasted after that would make me super guilty. but don’t be like me. I am trying to change this haha.
cutting the bs So to ensure this I set the alarm at 330 or 345 to ensure that I relax before actually sitting at my desk at 4.
It’s a good idea to start your day at least 20-30 minutes before you actually want to wake up. So if I want to wake up at 7:00 AM, I set my alarm for 6:30 or 6:45 AM. This gives me some extra time in case I want to stay in bed a bit longer.
this period also helps to make the schedule for that day and I write a list of all the tasks that I have to finish that day.
If you’re going to school, waking up at 5:00 AM is perfect because most schools start at 7:00 to 8:00 AM, which gives you two hours to get ready.

Okay, but how do I do this without feeling drowsy?

Just set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual, like 8:30 instead of 9:00. This will give you some extra time to relax and remove that drowsy feeling.
Keep it up for a whole week before trying to wake up even earlier. and slowly practice this every day and you will master this. and one day you won’t even need an alarm for this.

I woke up, now what do I do? How do I start my day productively?

When we wake up, our body needs to rest for a bit, as it was in an unconscious state for 7-8 hours. Personally, I like to take advantage of this period by getting stuff done, like making a to-do list as I said before.
But if you’re someone who gets up super early, your list might need to have two parts: one for stuff that needs to happen right away, and another for things that can wait a bit.

4:45-5:00 am – warm-up time/ getting ready for the day

During this time of getting ready to start my day, I like doing my homework as a warm by seeing my subjects instead of starting directly with studying. but only those homework which is easy to finish and can be done faster.
It could be just one worksheet or a couple of pages of Math problems. Plus, I’ve started spending an hour every morning working on my Math skills. It’s especially helpful for people who find Math hard because practicing regularly can really help.
Doing this stuff every day makes me feel productive and good about myself, which is good for my overall satisfaction.
Another reason why I struggle with math at night is because I just don’t have the brain energy. Plus, it’s helpful to exercise your mind before things get really crazy.

01# Session – 8:00-11:00 am –

High concentration span/most important time

If I want to get some serious work done, I tackle it between 8 and 11:00 AM. It is the best time. and my fav too. I feel the most productive during this time.
That’s when your brain is firing on all cylinders and you can really concentrate. On weekends, it’s a good time to learn something new, and during the week, you can stay focused on your studies. Basically, this is the time of day when you can tackle anything that requires brainpower and problem-solving skills.
Are you aware of one of my articles on how to handle studying for multiple subjects? If you haven’t, no worries, read it whenever you have some free time.
Anyways, I just wanted to mention that there are three kinds of subjects:
Personally, I like to tackle the first two types in the morning since they’re a bit tougher for me than the interpretation-based ones. you need to figure out which one is tougher for you, Don’t blindly follow my brain’s capacity. some of you are way wiser or slow learners like me. so it depends from person to person. but get the central idea right.
When I’m at my best, I like to break up my study time into two parts. I usually tackle one subject from 8 to 10 in the morning and then switch to another from 10 to noon. That way, I can stay super productive and focused.

Bonus tip 01

If you want to remember everything you learn, there are two things you should do every day.

Session 02# – 12 pm noon

Around noon, I switch my attention to stuff that’s more about interpreting things.
It’s way less tiring than dealing with Math, Biology, or Physics. This is key because we usually start feeling more drained as the day goes on. I take advantage of this time to handle things I’ve been putting off on my to-do list.

Session 03# – 3 pm after school

My least favorite time would be this. personally speaking. It’s 3:00 PM and you’re probably either just getting home from school or you’ve been studying all day.
You’re probably feeling pretty tired by now, so it’s a good idea to take a quick power nap. Try to keep it between 10 and 20 minutes so you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up.
If you sleep longer than that, you’ll just end up feeling more tired. and the day is almost over.

Session 04# – 4 pm: last session of the day

When it hits 4:00 PM, it’s a go time for the final push of the day.
From 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, I like to take a breather and either think about what I learned earlier or do easy tasks like writing down some notes.
If you went to school, this is a good chance to go over what you learned in class. Being purposeful with this time can really boost your efficiency and end the day on a high note.
If you want to remember something for a long time, just make sure you study it twice a day. It’s super important!

Bonus tip 02#

Remember when I told you to make a list of important words related to what you’re studying? grab that piece of paper.
If you wanna remember stuff better, you gotta go over everything you know about a topic and connect the dots. Mind maps are a good way to do that.
It’s important to actively recall the info to keep it in your brain, and recapping is a good way to do that. That way you’ll actually remember it for the next time you need it instead of forgetting it right away.

Bed routine

As the sun goes down, a lot of people feel tired and less motivated, which is called the trough period. To deal with it, you can try the two-minute strategy – just do quick tasks like answering emails or packing your stuff. That way, you won’t have to waste your morning time on them.
Oh, and it’s a good idea to rest up and get to bed early too. If you made it this far, let me know if you are an early bird or a night owl. if you’re a night owl then why are you here? I have already posted about you too! see you in the next post bye!
I wish you all the very best in your studies!! And don't stress too much ;)
If any problem regarding your academics, then feel free to mail me here or comment below!
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2023.06.09 06:37 jy02521671 all Mythic path experiences

I just played through all mythic paths over the last 3 months including DLCs. The story is so rich, have to say I genuinely had a good time. For me, some mythic paths play throughs are more enjoyable than the others, here are my experiences with each mythic path, my preferred class, and my epic moments:
Trickster - Gendarme
Mechanics - Perception2 increase critical multiplier, Trick Fate guarantees all attacks hit and crit (dualwield can achieve up to 10 crits in a row). On top of Gendarme's x3 x2 charge damage multiplier. World3 gives any feats you want, Persuasion3 makes enemies kill themselves, Magic Device3 makes metamagic rods infinite use. Nature3 can give unique items otherwise unobtainable any other way. Mechanically trickster can do anything and everything.
Disadvantage - None, Trickster is just too good.
Epic Moment - 1 round KO Deskari on unfair.
Demon - Kineticist
Mechanics - Demon Rage Kalavakus Aspect gives a free weapon hit on each CMB check. Kineticist has push/bowling infusion to trigger CMB checks on AOE attacks. Demon story gets to usurp Nocticula's city if so choose.
Disadvantage - Story is heavily skewed towards an evil Demon, even if you pick all the good choices in the game, Arueshalae still leaves you.
Epic Moment - Unfair Nahyndri is the hardest boss in the game, and Kineticist can just solo him. Also watching enemies walk into your AOE, get pushed away, then walk back in… again and again, while sipping on my tea and not having to control anything… is very amusing.
Swarm That Walks - Oracle Seeker
Mechanics - Swarm Clone copies your ability and spells, max 3 clones at mythic 9. Insane melee attack range if you are willing to grind up your Swarm Size. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook, Oracle offers Angel spellbook merge + pet progression, pet stays after your companions leave.
Disadvantage - no companions/mercenaries. Story is bare minimum, no ascension ending. No research in crusader mode, so Act 5 research items are inaccessible. No base building, no teleport around the map, meaning you have to waste time walking everywhere and get into random fights. No generals to lead your armies, so crusader mode becomes a dry and stale experience.
Epic Moment - the sheer quantity of attacks of opportunities when I can melee punch enemies from 2 screens away.
Angel - Shadow Shaman
Mechanics - Angel spells focus on buffs, and in this game pre-buffing before fights is overpowered. Can merge spell book, mostly buff spells plus irresistible damage spell storm of Justice. Shadow Shamon can merge and offers pet + sneak attacks.
Disadvantage - Story is pretty good, but needs to read a guide on it first otherwise very easy to miss characters/items.
Epic Moment - >! Iomadae came down and invited me to heaven !< , then I refused her like a boss!
Lich - Sylvan Sorcerer
Mechanics - Can raise dead NPCs as minions/companions. No limit to the number raised, can trivialise boss fights. Lich ignores Constitution damage. Vampiric Blade gives lifesteal on weapon hits. Can merge spell books. Overall has a good blend of buffs, debuffs, and damage spells. Sylvan Sorcerer can merge with lich spellbook and offers a pet.
Disadvantage - no real way to avoid the atrocities in act 5. Seela will leave you. Repurpose is glitchy, best not to use on important NPCs. Undead companions don't talk much.
Epic Moment - Walking around with balor bodyguards as if I'm someone important. The story is alright, was a little surprised when >! the crusade turned on me on the ending slides !<
Aeon - Divine Hound
Mechanics - Aeon Bane is a weapon buff that dispells enemy buffs on hit. Upon mythic level 6 all summoned units/pet get Aeon Bane. Divine Hound offers pet and free teamwork feats for your pet. Theoretically you can also spell summon nature allies to make full use of Aeon Bane. Edict of Invulnerability gives temporary physical immune. True Form can give massive stats buff. Interesting unique story with time travel.
Disadvantage - Spell summoned units can not be directly controlled and they require finicky maneuvering/positioning. Aeon Gaze requires manual activation every fight, it can get annoying. True Form can not be metamagic extended, there are ways to make it 24 hours, but takes a lot of work, and you only get 2 casts of it. Aeon ending is sad, makes you question why did you bother spending the last 100 hours to achieve a nothing ending.
Epic Moment - that one time I buffed to 80+ in all stats.
Azata - Overwhelming Mage
Mechanics - Overwhelming Mage gives +4 spell pen +3DC and is a Charisma caster, aligns with Life-bonding friendship. Favourable Magic gives your spell DC check roll twice. Zippy Magic makes your hideous laughtephantasmal killer jump to another enemy. The story revolves a lot around the dragon pet Aivu.
Disadvantage - Caster build falls off at higher difficulties. The DC just can't scale high enough to be relevant.
Epic Moment - meeting Arueshalae's ex in Act4 was pretty savage.
Devil - Crossblooded
Mechanics - Crossblooded can choose 2 draconic bloodlines with fire damage boost. Devil mythic 9 gets infinite hellfire ray, can set it to auto cast. Only Azata and Aeon can become devil. Keeps previous mythic spells. Azata keeps Superpowers and Aeon keeps Aeon Bane.
Disadvantage - Infinite hellfire ray can not be metamagic boosted, which limits scaling potential. Story is OK, playing politics with Chilax, but for an evil character you never feel powerful, ending is mediocre. Can not recruit Galfrey.
Epic Moment - Decree of Never-ending War doesn't have mind-affecting descriptor… then I used it on mind-affecting immune enemies and it worked!
Legend - Fighter + Knife Master
Mechanics - Max level to 40, but per class is still capped at 20. BAB bonuses stack between classes, can achieve 10+ weapon hits in 1 round. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Fighter is a given with the weapon training, and Knife Master offers 10d8 sneak attacks. Can also keep Trickster critical feats after turning Legend.
Disadvantage - no ascension ending. CL does not stack between classes, heavily skewed towards a weapon based build, as you can achieve 40BAB versus 28CL if you are going caster build. If legend offers 40 CL, it would put casters on the same level playing field.
Epic Moment - Giving away mythic powers, then regretting the fact that I could have ascended to godhood had I made different choices.
Gold Dragon - Oracle
Mechanics - 3 dragon feats can choose from any non-mythic feats. Loses previous mythic spells unless you merged spellbook. Uplift your BAB to 25. Oracle/Loremaster can merge and keep Angel spells, then the weak BAB gets uplifted at Mythic 9. Ideally at character creation you want to dump all other stats and pump one stat to 22, so at Mythic 9 all your other stats get uplifted to 18, and your one highest stat gets further +8.
Disadvantage - Dragon Breath is underwhelming, your weapon attacks do more damage. Requires a lot of planning ahead, once you become Gold Dragon, you can't respec otherwise you lose your merged Angel/Lich spells. The story is lackluster, no meaningful difference between corrupted and uncorrupted Dragon, Dragon ending is also mediocre.
Epic Moment - Finding out that there is a unique dialogue to stop Arueshalae from leaving by reforming from Demon to Gold Dragon… experienced that redemption moment… then promptly reloaded to continue Demon…
So that's my experience, comment below what is your Path/Build and your Epic Moment?
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2023.06.09 06:37 HopePuzzleheaded3085 The challenge:Inferno

Just finished Watching this season Damn CT was a beast even in his first season loved the Katie and Veronica drama it's funny how Katie called 😂 Veronica a short Dwarf they are literally the same height that was so comical still can't believe Veronica is a 3 times champ the second to last Elimination was crazy everyone fighting each other total chaos
Can't believe the girls are actually scared of Veronica coral and Julie scared to face her in an Elimination while the team spoke that they were going to keep Katie in the game because how weak she is they talk a big game but can't keep their words I also like an underdog story even though Katie was weak she was able to make the team win in the final and loved how she disappointed people when they thought she was gonna lose every time
Damn Real World were whooped in this season by Road Rules as Always
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2023.06.09 06:34 zairanator how I went from averaging -23 on RC to -0

I responded to someone’s comment who asks how I went to -0, so I thought I’ll post it here as well!
yeah I studied for the lsat for 1.5 years and never touched RC till this past March cause I was too scared lol. I actually improved indirectly where during the 2022 midterms I was reading a bunch of articles a day. I got used to it and when I went to do RC again I was improving drastically. To summarize basically:
  1. Read, read, read. Start with thing like the New York Times and just read. Don’t just read about politics or the headlines, but read about the arts and sciences. You get used to analyzing it. Move to more complex pieces like The New Yorker and The Economist. If you’re still in college you probably get free subscriptions to these sites. My school gives free NYT till graduation.
  2. Skip the first question if it tells you to summarize the main point of the passage. Read the passage in about 2.5 minutes and get to the other questions. You will most likely have to refer back. Once your done with the rest of the questions for that passage, then do the main point question. By then you’ll have a comprehensive idea of the passage because you have read it 2-3 times by then!
  3. Understand what type of question you’re doing. Early on I just answered blindly. RC is similar to LR where the passage helps guide you. One thing that I struggled with was Inference so made sure to recognize question type and approach it in the right manner.
  4. When you’re asked to refer to a part of the passage, don’t just look at the lines you were told to refer to. Look at the sentences before and after. That is usually where they get you!
  5. You can use control-F on the test so when it comes to questions where they ask which of the following did they mention in the passage, it is easier to narrow down answers.
Hopefully this wasn’t a rant, but i didn’t want to leave you without all the information! Good luck on the lsat and if you’re a person who believes in God pray for me lol!
If anybody else wants to chime in they can!
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2023.06.09 06:33 Logic_mischief234 I feel horrible for not telling my brother’s girlfriend that he’s cheating on her

For context, my brother (25M) “Johnny” and his girlfriend (22F) “Amber” have been dating for 5-6 years I think and they have a toddler and baby on the way.
So maybe about 3-4 years ago, Johnny disappeared one night. So Amber and I went searching everywhere for him calling all his friends, parents, the hospital and and even the police to file a missing persons report. The next day Johnny shows up and claims he went to a party and had one shot and passed out in his car at a friends house claiming somebody spiked his drink. Amber actually called one of his friends and they told her they didn’t see johnnys car at the party and Johnny said he parked down the road.
Later on, maybe a month later, Johnny and I are talking on the phone because he disappeared again and he calls me and tells me if Amber reaches out to me to tell her not to call the police and that he’s safe. he told me that he didn’t really pass out or was at a party the first time he had disappeared and that he was actually out of state cheating on Amber. When I asked him why he said because Amber had cheated on him in the past and that it’s only fair to cheat and get even. He told me he was out of state once again and that’s why he was calling and I heard the other girl on the phone calling him “baby” and to “come back to bed” and he was telling her he loved her. I felt disgusted. Amber and I grew really close to one another but in the moment I chose to cover for Johnny since he was my brother as long as it was a one time ordeal. I have always looked up to my brother and we wasn’t as close growing up because we was 4 years apart, and he didn’t care for his little sister as much. But I wanted him to trust me and to talk to me and tell me things so I agreed that if she reached out then I’d help cover. I admit this was my mistake. I should have told her but I didn’t. Though that night she didn’t reach out to me. At least I don’t remember if she did.
Now, 2023, they have a little boy and now they have one on the way (she’s in the third trimester), a few days ago, Johnny disappears in the middle of the night. Amber texts me worrying and stressing and the first thing that comes to my mind is that he’s probably cheating. But I didn’t tell her that, instead I sympathized with her and listened to where she thought he may be and I reassured her that he’s safe and not to worry because she was scared he got mugged. It’s now been 3 hours later, Johnny comes home and says he was driving around and lost track of time. So now a day goes by and Johnny gotten drunk and passed out at his house. Amber gets his phone and Johnny forgets to delete the text messages and search history and she finds out he’s been cheating on her with a girl that lives a few streets away and she sees all the texts and where he searched up directions to her house. Amber texts the other girl but she claims they haven’t done anything besides talking about their past and everything since the other girl has kids of her own living with her mom and dealing with baby daddy issues and she mentioned Johnny’s past issues.
I know Ambers hurt and distressed. Johnny and Amber has a lot of issues between one another. In the past, they have both abused one another, verbally and physically. And she’s tried leaving several times before but Johnny would not let her, and he is very manipulative. He reminds her that she can’t leave him because she has nothing without him, no money, no job, no house, no car and with a baby about to be born there ain’t no way she can leave after finding out (Johnny doesn’t know that she knows he cheated).
I don’t know what to do. I don’t want Amber to hate me for not telling her about all the cheating in the past but tbh they may have still been together or maybe not I have no idea. I feel like a shitty person and I want to help her or give her advice but I don’t know how or what to say. It seems like they are going to be staying together for now but she just has no way out and she doesn’t want to get him in trouble with the law for the previous abuse since he’s already on probation (tbh I don’t know why he’s on probation this time because he’s been to jail multiple of times). Any advice is helpful. I just really needed this off my chest. I feel like shit.
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2023.06.09 06:33 DolorasaurasRex 28 - Diagnosed with PCOS after miscarriage. I feel like the universe is against me.

This is going to be a long rant sorry. I'll put the tl;dr here at the start. Spent years complaining to different doctors about symptoms, got consistently different answers. Had a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks ago. 5 days ago rushed to the ER with debilitating cramps and sudden severe bleeding. Roughly 8 hours later was told I lost the baby due to being rh - and oh, I have pcos. In addition to all of that, I feel like no one is helping or educating me on what is wrong with me.
Long version:
Heavy periods were normal in my family. Most of my periods since late teenage years had been heavy and lasted long. I'd been to doctors and was told as long as they came around the same day and lasted about the same time, it was still normal. I rarely have cramps during my periods, and aside from occasionally having extremely heavy flow days or maybe a slightly longer bleeding cycle, it didn't bother me much.
At 19 I had a chemical pregnancy. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I went apple picking in the hills; this was a big deal because it was our first "trip", almost 2 hours from our home town. I had missed my period but only by maybe five days and was excited that our sort of big date wouldn't be ruined by aunt flow. Half way there she showed up anyways... or at least I thought that what was happening. I had mild cramps which was strange but the bleeding didn't stop. I was going through a super tampon and pad roughly every half hour. We made it to the hills, and within 20 mins left. I was too embarrassed to tell him why I needed to go home and blamed it on feeling incredibly sick. What really happened was I had sneezed, and even though it had been maybe 15 mins since I had switch my tampon and pad it gushed so badly that I bleed through my jeans.
I went to the doctor the next day. Found out it was a chemical pregnancy. They did all the "regular tests" to see if there was anything else wrong. Everything came back negative. I was given meds and told to let nature take its course.
Around 22 I started battling my weight. I am 5 foot 1. My healthly weoght is between 115 and 125 lbs. I always did sports so I spent most of my teen years around 130/135, majority ot being muscle weight from the years of softball, swim team, and polo.
My eating habits hadn't changed. But I suddenly kept gaining weight and couldn't lose it. I though maybe it was because I no longer did Phys Ed classes and stopped doing sports. I didn't think I'd hit 165 in just a few months, but assumed it was my fault. I dieted like crazy, started hiking 2 hrs a day, and was able to lose most of the weight and sit comfortably around 145. I never got back to my ideal/healthy weight though. I brought this up to doctors and was told it was my metabolism aging. It was normal. It happened. I just had to adjust my lifestyle and make the best of it.
Shortly after, mostly because I kept demanding answers, I went to an OB who told me I had fibroids. It felt good to get an answer after years of frustration. I tried different birth controls, which helped but also caused other unwanted side effects. More weight gain. Mood swings. Decreased sex drive. Depression. Nothing seemed to be worth it. So I stopped and focused on living as health as I could. Not dieting but chosing better options and eating less. Starting jujitsu. Keeping up with hiking. Things seemed to be balancing out.
At 23 I was in a bad car crash. I was tboned on my driver's side by someone who was trying to turn left into a gas station, going 45 mph. After a couple of days at the hospital, frontal lobe damage, cracked skull,, broken bones, and other minor exteral damage, I fell into a terrible depression. My wrist was shattered so badly that I was in a cast for 9 months. I couldn't exercise. I was always in pain. And almost overnight I went from a healthy-ish (not what I should be at but what I was comfortable at) 145lbs to 165 lbs. Not actually over night but in about a month and a half. I was barely eating because the meds I was on made me so nauseous and completely zoned out. I was stuck inside due to the concussion I had and I was stuck in bed due to other injuries. The bleeding got worse. But I was told it was just the fibroids flaring up.
My periods got worse. They started lasting longer. They were more frequent. I would get one week off and then three or four weeks of bleeding. One time it was a solid 3 months of almost non stop bleeding. I did blood work. Pelvic exams. Went to the OB, my primary care doctor. Moved to a new state. Got a new OB.
At this point my weight gain had gotten even worse. I somehow would drop 10 lbs and gain 10 lbs and then drop 5 and gain 15 over the course of a month. My once thick hair had gotten so thin. It was falling out in clumps. I had bald spots. It was snapping off in places. I did hair masks, oils, viviscal pills. Nothing seemed to help. My depression and anxiety was also getting worse, but after taking pills to feel numb I tried to focus more on natural fixes. Sam-E, holistic supplements, healthy eating.
I told this to my new OB. They did thyroid tests. Diabetes tests. Cancer tests.
And the answer was always, well it's more common than you think to flux in weight. Your blood work looks fine. Sometimes women get heavy periods due to stress. Hair loss is natural with age. Maybe you should change your diet. Work out more.
It was exhausting.
Fast forward to 2023. I got married after 10 years of being with my now husband. We were finally ready to start a family and trying for kids. My OB gave me the all clear, said we shouldn't have anything to worry about. My fibroids hadn't been flaring up. My periods were fairly regular. My dedication to getting healthy was paying off. As strenuous as it was, it was getting results.
I worked hard, lost about 25lbs and got down to 170 last year.
Things were getting better, I was working my ass off. After 5 years I found the strength to join jits again. Even though I had pain and had to be careful with my.old injuries I worked hard to keep up.
Life was getting better.
I've always wanted to be a mom. Since I was little.
When I got that positive test after 5 months of trying it was the happiest day of my life. It had been about 7 weeks from my last period. I had had some light cramping. A day of pink spotting. I could smell things like a blood hound.
The soonest appointment we could get with my OB was a week after the positive test, but I didn't care. I was so happy.
I had adjusted my diet. Fought my sugar cravings and ate only completely natural sugars like fruit. I focused on nutritional food. I did light exercise. I took prenatal, and stopped drinking caffeine. I tried to do everything right.
At the OB the ultrasound didn't look great. They couldn't see much, but confirmed the thick wall was there, and it looked healthy. My blood test came back with healthy levels of p and hcg.
Friday the cramps started. Saturday the spotting started. The cramps got worse. Sunday was the worst day of my life bare none. The cramps pain was unbearable. The bleeding was mind blowing. I was going through 4 super plus tampons in an hour. The pads were the only thing keeping me from bleeding through my clothes every 15 mins.
We spend from about 1:30pm til about 9pm in the ER. I knew at this point what the news was going to be. Blood work was first. It confirmed almost nonexistent levels of HCG. I was told i was rh negative and my body rejected the baby, but i couldnt leave yet. Pelvic exam was next. They couldn't give me any answers on why they were keeping me or what else was wrong. After the ultrasound we waited about 3 hours for results. I was told I couldn't leave because they were concerned I might have twisted an ovary and needed surgery.
The news I got back was a million times worse. Both ovaries were covered in a large amount of tiny cysts. I was told I have pcos. Well they were almost certain it was pcos.
I asked questions buy got very few and vague answers. I was told to go to my OB appointment that I had already scheduled for my 7 week pregnancy follow up. I would learn more there.
I went to my appointment yesterday. Again got very few answers.
I was told more tests needed to be run, and it was hard to do while I was in the process of having a miscarriage. It was probably pcos. I would need to come back in 3 weeks, when I should be ovulating again. I could find out more then.
I feel so lost. I did my own research and finally things started to make sense.
The symptoms were lining up. Things I never even considered being related to each other.
The obvious ones were irregular periods, thinning hair, difficulty losing weight.
However it was the smaller symptoms that made it all click. My sleep habits had gotten very poor. I had trouble falling and staying asleep. I had darkening skin in my elbows, knees, armpits, private areas. Headaches which seemed to get worse around my ovulation time. Unexplained fatigue.
I feel so hopeless. I feel like no one is helping me. No one is guiding me on how to treat this. Or what to do. My concerns were being brushed off by medical professionals. Most of the information I have I found myself after my ER visit. I feel alone, and defeated, and just tired. I've been unable to muster any energy to do much other than get up, go to work, eat a little, and sit/lay in bed. I know it has a lot to do with the miscarriage, which has been hard, but I feel like the pcos diagnosis has just crimpled me mentally to a point where I don't even know how to function anymore.
Thanks for letting me rant. It feels better being able to put into words these feelings. I'm trying to stay strong and not show this side to my husband. He took the news just as hard, if not worse, than I did.
For those who made it this far, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Where do I go from here....
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2023.06.09 06:32 StringfellowHawkes The cruelest of dreams

For the past 6 years or so, I have had one dream. I remember it well as it is the only one I have. It always proceeds the same way. The ending may change slightly, as well as the setting, but it is always the same. Today however, I had a different one. The cruelest of dreams.
You see, I look forward to that same dreary and desolate place my mind would find every night after consciousness finally leaves me so very much. It is simple and will not take long to describe.
I walk. That is all I do. I walk in fields of freshly bloomed flowers. I walk on the warm sand. I walk on a plain of white. I walk in the dark with nothing but the light from far away stars. I walk as everything blurs around me. I walk while all else is still. I walk in silence. I walk with a barely audible murmur. I walk over the softest fabric. I walk over ancient rock. I walk to wonders. I walk past history, past the now, toward whatever each step is leading to in the future. I walk clothed. I walk naked. I walk and I feel the air brush by me with a caress. I walk and feel nothing. I walk through storms. I walk through wars. I walk past births. I walk past deaths. I walk through memories. I walk alone though. Always. And all I feel is happiness, joy, peace, freedom. And whole.
The ending comes one of a few ways. I just stop and the dream ends. Consciousness returns as does the pain. Or, suddenly there is a mirror appearing in front of me. My own visage howling and cackling with the most evil of laughs. Then my doppelganger suddenly stops his taunt and smiles. The consciousness returns as does the pain. There are a few others but I won’t subject you to those.
And so the day begins. A blur like my dream. Only now the happiness and freedom have gone. Now it is just the pain that rules my reality. I cannot hide from it. Cannot stop it. It blinds me. I can dull it briefly sometimes but it always returns. As it always will, every second in my reality, until the day my heart stops and my brain dies. The pain is the last thing I will feel in that instant. And each day it gets worse.
As in my dream I just walk. From here to there. From there to here. Walking to do this thing I must in a world I wish to escape for that one reason. Walking so someone else doesn’t have to. It is what we all do. We all take each step with some type of pain, somewhere. I go through my day in a fog. Every movement brings more pain. And with each step the weight presses down harder. Tiring me to the point that I start to look forward to when my body gives up and I am back in my dream.
So it was last night as I made that unaware transition from one reality to another. In that semi-conscious fugue between awake and asleep, I think I smiled as I usually do knowing what I may get to experience.
I was myself but at a different time and place. That immediate urge to start walking and get to those feelings I usually have was not there. I was in a world my mind had put together that I was familiar but it was different. It was concentrated. I could see my pasts. So many of them. I could see them so clearly. Not as some vaguely obscure thing I would usually see as I began my walk. Or as I walked past. Not this time. All connected. As if a tour had been arranged for only me.
It wasn’t just the places that were clear. The faces. I actually could see their faces. Friends, family, loves. They weren’t smudges on a camera lens here. They were laughing, talking, living their lives. I could hear words, though I cannot recall them now. I could hear their conversations, crying, yelling, kind encouragement, singing and all those moments each of us hold onto. I could see all this in that moment. This place my mind had made for me this time.
Then I moved. I walked from each little bubble of remembrance to the next. To some of the happiest times in my life to some of the saddest. But in all of them. they were there with me. I can even remember what it was like to shake their hands or hug them or bump into them as you do when you are standing about. I can see the smiles I have such fond memories of. Hear the tone of their voices. See the way they carried themselves. All as I had remembered it in my past. Before I knew it, I wasn’t just walking to walk in peace but living. Or reliving to be more apt. The warmth growing in my chest was indescribable.
I spent eons there last night. All the highs and lows of my life were open to me, even if it was just in this one brief moment I allowed myself. Happiness and joy accompanied by sorrow and pain. But all of this was ok because I wasn’t alone on this journey this time. To be able to see their faces, hear their voices and see their life was buoyant.
I was running through one of my favorite times. It was somewhat controlled chaos on a weekend night. I could feel the bass pumping from the DJ. The crowd was frenzied and joyous as it always was. My family was there. We were all working as one. Not one of us hid the smile on our faces. We all knew those times were something special. That even in the worst parts, we all had each other. I had never, nor to this day, been a part of that. It truly was unique. And I had been a part of it.
This was the last part I want to remember. When I said all those people were there, it was not an exaggeration. Everyone who has been a part of my life. They were all there but there were no differences, no motives, no reason for this, since it was a dream. But that’s how my mind presented it to me. Everyone who I cared about, learned from, chaste or chastised by, friend or foe, those I loved and those I have lost. They were all there. No enmity, no anger, no hate. Just all there enjoying this false moment my mind had built.
I remember the end clearly. In fact it is the only thing I can still see in detail. I remember a voice starting to yell from the other room. I was in a back stockroom taking a break and having a beer. The floor was that kind of polished well worn concrete that is as smooth as polished granite. It is grayish brown. It was cool and the shelves were stocked. I remember being fixated on the floor for some reason because there was nothing in the middle of the room.
The yell turned to a scream. The rest took place in a sort of slow motion. I was moving like normal but with each step, that world my mind had created started to change with each panicked stride I took. Edges became duller and duller, less defined. The Modello bottle I had tossed was sliding and spinning across that floor but had not broken. I watched as the concoction inside foamed out but could see time slow the spread of the spill. I can see each bubble start to form. I see the color of the floor change as the now glacially moving spill became just a blur along with the now colorless floor. I tried to move as fast as I could to the door. Each step slowing and obscuring more and more. I reach the door and open it. It seems to take longer than the eons I have been here already. The scream had become a banshee's wail.
Nothing happens when I open the door. I am in an empty room, I think. There is a purplish light that. Everything has returned to the normal dream. The DJ beat has been replaced by some indistinguishable white noise. There is no definition to this world anymore. And they are all gone.
All the faces. The voices. The laughs. They have all gone. And so I started walking. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I just walked.
The pain woke me and the tears were already there. They had been for some time. They flowed for a long time until I could bring myself to move. And now I wait until the exhaustion takes over later so maybe, just maybe, I can get back to that place. Something tells me I never will though, that I will end up as normal. Just walking. This time however with a small bit of pain to accompany the happiness, joy, peace, freedom and whole. I hope though that I can smile a bit at my new companion. As it means that for one brief instant in whatever passes for my mind, I was with all of the people I have known. For each one meant something. And I thank you for letting me in.
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2023.06.09 06:32 InTheSkyCity 6/7/23 (Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead)

“She said, ‘I'll throw myself away. They're just photos after all.’ I can't make you hang around. I can't wash you off my skin. Outside the frame is what we're leaving out. You won't remember anyway.”
“I can go with the flow. Don't say it doesn't matter. With the flow. Matter anymore. I can go with the flow. I can go. Do you believe it in your head?”
“It's so safe to play along. Little soldiers in a row. Falling in and out of love. Something sweet to throw away. I want something good to die for. To make it beautiful to live. I want a new mistake. Lose is more than hesitate. Do you believe it in your head?”
My memory is actually going to shit if I don’t remember much about what happened. All I know is that I was charged a second time for the Camp Flog Gnaw VIP tickets so that’s definitely not a good thing, still haven’t had the time to make a refund.
I continued writing on a song of mine, started to freestyle a bit while on the shower for some reason. I don’t know why, but most of my ideas when it comes to music usually begin by me just fucking around in the shower. No wonder the water bill here is awful lmao.
I ended up heading to work at around 4 PM. Want to know the fun part about that? My brother didn’t tell me that I was actually staying over for the night since I got to work really early the next morning.
So after my work day was done, god, it took me so long to remember that I worked a dinner at the night time. My brain has just been fried lately. It definitely might’ve been the protein shake I had the next morning.
Anyways, the dinner went well, only concerning part was how bloody the steak was. It’s usually cooked medium well, but I felt so bad once I saw how red it was… like I had to apologize to a man because the cooks fucked up.
Once my brother, uncle, and I cleaned everything up. I immediately hauled ass to my home. I didn’t have time to take the bus home and another back so I took an Uber home. I spent the next 8 minutes frantically packing up some fresh clothes I could sleep in, a poor excuse of a dinner and breakfast, and the things I need for my morning routine. I didn’t even manage to pick up a whole razor, I just bought the blades with me. But I did somehow had the time to pick up my package that got delivered, my QOTSA merch got delivered, it’s fucking nice.
I was so happy when I checked my phone and I saw the bus would be a bit late. Have my father and his girlfriend a quick goodbye. These times are the only times I want them to be late.
Riding out the bus this late reminded me of the last time I did it back in 9/10/22 over a friend of mine. I’m kinda cringing as I look back on it. Crazy how you can get along with someone well for years and it just all crumbles in a few months. She’d only really text me sometime afterward because I looked similar to a classmate of hers… Even I knew that was too much disrespect….
Anyways, the passengers were wilding out. I overheard this lady talking about how:
She “was born and raised to suck dick.”
That has to be the most out-of-pocket sentence in my life. I was fucking BAFFLED when she kept going on about how she was being honest. “Honesty is the best policy” is what she kept saying to herself. Many people found it funny, but who didn’t? Oh, the fucking uncomfortable teens who were sitting right next to them as they kept talking about genitals and shit . I just turned up my AirPods since I couldn’t bother to hear what else was going on.
I arrived to my hotel room at around 10:40 PM. I took a shower, got my things organized, and had an awful time going to sleep. Those pillows are straight ass, I should’ve bought some more clean clothes, that would’ve been a better pillow than what I got. I ended up waking up like at 2 AM, ended up going back to sleep though.
Song Of The Day: Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow
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2023.06.09 06:29 CNard12 Nightly Pick 'Em Game for June 9th

Click here to submit your pick

(To confirm your pick, mention the team that you chose in the comment section) Click here to view real-time standings, and game results
  • Yesterday’s game: The Braves beat the Mets 13-10 Raisel Iglesias got the win, while Tommy Hunter got the loss.
  • Kingofalldogz the overall lead with 47.
  • alabasterhotdog and Pizzonia123 lead the month of June with 7.
  • Longest current winning streak: alabasterhotdog.
  • Longest current losing streak: NotLia, BusinessBread, and 56Metro 6.
  • The Orioles @ Brewers series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/7.
  • The Mets @ Braves series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/8.
  • The Rangers @ Rays series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was selected on 6/9.
  • The Red Sox @ Yankees series is omitted from tomorrow’s vote as it was the ESPN Sunday Night Game.
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Today's game will be:
Texas Rangers (40-21) @ Tampa Bay Rays (46-) at 6:40 PM ET. preview, and analysis
The probable starting pitchers are:
Andrew Heaney (4-3 4.03 60K)) vs Tyler Glasnow (0-0, 3.72 14K)
Submit your picks in the automated system above, and good luck!
If you are unaware of what this competition is... please click this link as it will explain what is going on.
Here is a list the teams selected the least if you are stuck between picking different matchups. I would advise you to only use this list as a tiebreaker between close matches. I do not recommend using this list if you believe the matchup will be a blowout.
Tigers, and Athletics with 1 game each.
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2023.06.09 06:28 ProbablyAnonymous420 Thoughts On The First 4 Books (Spoilers for first four books and some of the 5th)

Ok so I made a post talking about what I remembered of the books from like 4....??? years ago and now I have re-read the first two finished the 3 and 4th and barley started the 5th. I was gonna do this book by book but uh I didnt so yea. Also I am sorry for forgetting your name Starflight. So the first book is cool Glory is still the best character and I don't dislike Peril as much anymore but she still isnt my favorite. I loved the part where they were trapped at the Skywing arena and Clay started playing the one song like AHHH 😭. Uhm yea idk what else to say. The second book is also good, they are all good so far. The really hot guy is actually Riptide and I think Turtle might actually be a girl but idk. The orca statue was SO cool and once I read it I actually did remember it. Then the third book was also really good. Rainwings are the best and I love them. And when Glory became queen I was so happy. Also I feel like Mastermind and Whirlpool would have been friends even though that has nothing to do with the third book I just thought about that. I really want Blaze to win the war and I think she does? they are talking about how it might be bad to leave the Sandwings with a weak queen but most of the Sandwings seem to like her soooo. Anyway I think she does win, cause I'm pretty sure Blister and Burn kill each other but idk (Dont tell me if I'm right or wrong or whatever). Ok the fourth book, I like Starflight's perspective a lot. Fatespeaker is cool also. Also, also I kept thinking her name was Fate seeker, like I closed the book and like 5 seconds later I was like "What's her name?" Also I would have never guessed Meowmeowseer's name was a combination of tomorrow and seer but I guess I finally learned how to say it. Also Strongwings is funny, idk why. Uhmmmm I got off track and idk what I was gonna say now. Starflight's confession to Sunny was to freaking cute like wth you cant be that cute. Also sunny's plan to use sleeping darts was so flipping smart, she had another good idea in one of the other books but I dont remember what it is. Oh yea also Rainwings can overdose on sun. Now for Sunny's book or what little ive read of it. Mostly I just wanna say I think Smolder is her father (Dont tell me if this is right or wrong though again) Because idk I had a feeling he was somebody we knew and Thorn said he wasn't around anymore but I also dont think he is dead. Burn (Or Blister I dont remember) said something about him running off with a girl friend or something before. Yes I am really smart :). No I actually hope he is because I never figure stuff like that out.
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2023.06.09 06:28 ebanghelyo Pagtatag Discussion

Parang wala pang thread? Can delete if I missed it lol.
Pinapakinggan ko pa lang sya uli ngayon. Now I think pagsibol has more bops hehe but this just shows kung gano sila nag-grow from the last album. Yung vocal line really slayed lalo si Pablo syet the rasps. Tapos si Josh omg. I like his boyband style vocals naman na before pero utilized sya well here. Jah also shined. Hehe tbh not really a big fan of his vocal color pero ang galing nya lalo sa ballads. Keri lang sya sa akin sa I Want You tho haha.
Ranking 1. Ilaw: VOCALS! yung breakdown part ni josh/jah sa bridge is sooo good. 2 I Want You: i thought would be number 1 but Ilaw slayed me hard pero tagal ko na nag-aabang ng ganitong sound for them 3 Gento: kasalanan to ng tiktok lol nasa utak ko na sya at di maalis. Chorus is really catchy ganda pa ng choreo hehe 4 Liham: idk I’m just happy that we have lots of love songs in this album hehe. 5. Crimzone: I like how the rapline wrote this at lumabas talaga yung taste nila hehe 6. Freedom: lol ok lang, SLMT and even WMIAIN are much catchier album closer lol i can see this being fun sa concert tho
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2023.06.09 06:28 zevaraati The Benefits of Wearing a Gold Ring - Zevaraati

Wearing a gold ring can offer several potential benefits, both practical and symbolic. Here are some of the advantages associated with wearing a gold ring:
1. Durability and longevity: Gold is a highly durable metal, and gold rings can withstand daily wear and tear.
2. Value and investment: Gold is a precious metal with intrinsic value. Its price tends to appreciate over time, making gold rings a potential investment.
3. Symbolism and status: Gold has been associated with wealth, luxury, and prestige throughout history. Wearing a gold ring can be a symbol of success, social status, or an indication of your personal style.
4. Aesthetics and fashion: Gold is attractive, warm, and timeless in various designs, allowing you to express yourself. It complements various skin tones and can enhance your overall look.
5. Allergy resistance: People who experience skin irritations from other types of jewellery may find wearing a gold ring more comfortable.
6. Emotional significance: Rings are often associated with significant life events and personal connections. Gold rings are commonly used for engagement and wedding bands, symbolizing love, commitment, and lifelong partnerships. They can also hold sentimental value as family heirlooms or meaningful gifts.
Zevaraati can assist you with the purchase of gold rings or bringing your custom designs to life. Contact the custom jewellery designers for more details.
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