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2023.06.02 15:09 Arowx If the great depressions 25% unemployment gave rise to Hitler and Stalin, what could happen with western workforces >50% white collar, AI replaceable jobs.

If the great depression and 25% unemployment gave rise to Hitler and Stalin, what impact could AI driven unemployment combined with AI driven propaganda have on modern society?
The UK has a >60% and the USA a >50% white collar workforce. These jobs are going to be severely impacted by LLM AI.
The combined economic and social impacts are going to be profound and potentially as negatively impactful as the great depression.
Will we need an interim Green New Deal, to convert our infrastructure to renewables and give people blue collar jobs in the interim to creating a new humane economic model?
Also, how quickly could this happen, are we even prepared for a rapid transition to AI powered jobs?
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2023.06.02 15:09 paulusmagintie RIP think my screen just died

RIP think my screen just died
Was on reddit, screen goes completely white with these black marks. Had flickering resolution for a couple months i couldn't fix unless i was playing a game on my other monitor
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2023.06.02 15:09 jcravens42 interview regarding situation for women in Afghnistan

a JURIST staff member — a legal scholar in Afghanistan, whose identity cannot be disclosed at present due to security risks — conducted the following interview with Dr. Hannah Neumann, a German member of the European Parliament (MEP) and an advocate for women’s rights, recently traveled to Afghanistan for the second consecutive year, gaining firsthand insights into the country’s devolution under Taliban rule. As a prominent figure in the European Parliament, her experiences on the ground and work within the legislative body shed light on the challenges faced by Afghan women and girls. To mark European Parliament Afghan Women Days, Dr. Hannah Neumann led a workshop called “Solidarity with Afghan women parliamentarians.
Based on your visits to Afghanistan, how do you perceive the evolving situation of women and girls in the country?
The Taliban’s victory in the war has led to their seizure of power – and their handling of this power, to put it mildly, is far from responsible. The consequences have been alarming, with UN experts expressing deep concern over the systematic crackdown on the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban’s press conference two days after the fall of Kabul, hardly any of their vague promises have become reality – be it regarding women being able to work and receive an education, or ensuring non-discrimination against women. Instead, what we are witnessing are alarming violations of women’s and girls’ rights, including restrictions on education, employment, and participation in public life that are unparalleled. An increasing number of decrees are designed to marginalize women from public life, confining them to the boundaries of the private sphere and limiting them to stereotypical domestic roles. This system can only be accurately described as gender apartheid.
Have you had the opportunity to engage in discussions with Taliban officials during your trips in both the current year and the previous year? If so, what have they told you?
During my visit this year in April, I did not meet up with Taliban officials. Nonetheless, during my talks with Taliban officials last year, I have come to understand that there are numerous contradictions in how they currently approach governance. While they express opposition to evacuations and express concerns about brain drain, they lack a vision for providing opportunities and livelihoods for women and minority groups in a future Afghanistan. Despite banning girls’ education, many Taliban members choose to home-school their own children. While asserting independence from international influences and emphasizing Afghan ownership, they at the same time complain about the decline in international funding for the national budget. It is also apparent that the Taliban may demonstrate proficiency as fighters, governing a country however requires a different set of skills. The transition from a violent insurgency to inclusive governance needs to occur swiftly, but currently, there is little to no visible plan in place. This is especially visible in cases where the population holds local Taliban accountable for things that do not work well under their responsibility. They simply lack a proper response – or even willingness to engage in such conversations. Compared to the situation last year, things are slowly progressing in some regions where individual Taliban on the ground have realised that they need to participate in exchanges and dialogues. Yet all of this is far from any form of sustainable or inclusive governance.
As a Member of the European Parliament, how will you continue to push for and highlight the need to protect women’s rights in Afghanistan?
Afghanistan under Taliban rule is a ticking time bomb, and the international community cannot afford to turn a blind eye, even if finding solutions is far from easy. In the European Parliament, we have consistently placed Afghanistan on our agenda since the Taliban takeover, including our recent resolution addressing the crackdown on education activists, which I actively supported. Additionally, I am heavily involved in ongoing discussions with colleagues from other EU institutions to leverage the collective strength of the European Union and develop a comprehensive approach. One of my key priorities is to provide a platform for Afghan women, both from within the country and in the diaspora, with the goal of making sure that their opinions, goals and concerns reach a wider audience and inform policy making in the key international fora. During my most recent trip to Afghanistan, I had the opportunity to talk to numerous women who shared their experiences and challenges, highlighting the importance of supporting women-led initiatives and projects. I am committed to fighting for more and flexible funding to support these organizations and ensure they have the resources they need to carry out their vital work.
Women in Afghanistan are bravely fighting for their rights, and some civil society activists are proposing aid suspension as a means to exert pressure on the Taliban. What is your stance on the matter?
Humanitarian aid is delivered based on internationally recognized principles, namely humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence. These principles are crucial for its effective functioning. Given the growing and drastic poverty in Afghanistan, it is our responsibility to provide humanitarian assistance in accordance with these principles. It is important to emphasize that this assistance is directed towards the people of Afghanistan, to whom we are committed, and not to the Taliban. The UN estimates that 28 million individuals will require assistance in 2023 alone. Even a slight reduction in aid would be fatal, as it would result in numerous deaths; disproportionately affecting women and girls. The recent decrees by the Taliban stopping women from working in international NGOs aim to politicize humanitarian assistance. We need to clearly oppose any such attempts, but where we can continue to work in line with the humanitarian principles, we should do so. According to reports from most humanitarian organisations, they can continue to work in most regions of the country, also because certain sectors, such as healthcare, are being exempt from the Taliban’s restrictions. The approach needs to be: For women, by women – and wherever this is possible, aid delivery directly to the people should continue.
The response from the international feminist movement to this deplorable situation has been relatively muted. Why do you believe this is the case, and what actions can the feminist movement take to support Afghan women and girls?
Since the Taliban takeover, many feminist organizations, diaspora organizations, activists and politicians have continuously been denouncing the gender apartheid system imposed in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, in the last two years various crises have emerged, such as the war in Ukraine, the protests and their violent crack down in Iran, the global hunger crisis, or most recently the Sudan crisis. Frequently, the international focus has shifted to address these urgent issues, making it difficult to sustain attention on Afghanistan. The geographical distance, as well as the challenges faced by the Afghan people in speaking out against political injustice and raise global awareness, have contributed to this change. Additionally, there seems to be a growing fatalistic mindset that suggests there are no further actions we can take to support Afghan women. I strongly disagree with this notion. It is crucial that we redouble our efforts and stand in solidarity with Afghanistan, for as long as it takes. During my recent trip, I had a meaningful exchange with an Afghan women activist who articulated the role that the international feminist movement should play: „We want you to amplify the voices of Afghan women, to convey our message where we are unable to, and to support us in our domestic struggle for our rights.“ While we must continue to denounce the oppressive actions of the Taliban and their infringement on women’s and girls’ rights, we should also champion the empowerment of Afghan women by addressing their specific challenges and providing them with the necessary support and opportunities. Concrete actions include providing a platform and support for women who continue to work under Taliban rule, advocating for easier funding access and removing financial barriers for women-led organisations and projects. Additionally, facilitating visa access for women, particularly those in the business field, would enable them to make their voices heard internationally, for example by participating in trade fairs. As one woman put it: „Afghanistan is very black these days – but there is also some pink and it is our duty to make sure it stays.“
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2023.06.02 15:09 Sensitive-Hurry2106 I have grubs attacking my roots :(

I have grubs attacking my roots :(
So some context - I've repotted a mother aloe that was neglected from a pup and is approx 2 years old along with 2 pups separately. Alongside I have potted several mint and oregano stems individually. They were very thick and hardy and all had strong taproots which were potted individually in small containers along with perlite and rooting hormone just to allow them to develop nice strong roots before being moved into a large container. They seemed to be doing well for the past 3 days until I came out to see a white grub, approximately 1/4inch digging straight into the root/ crack DIRECTLY where the mint is actually planted, leading me to believe it was attacking the taproot. Some photos are attached.
What is it, do I need to get rid of it and how? My concern is the plants are still only 3 days old despite their size and need to build up their roots 🥲
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2023.06.02 15:09 MightBeneficial3302 Element 79 Gold Announces 60-Day Extension to Valdo LOI (CSE:ELEM, OTC:ELMGF, FSE: 7YS)

Element 79 Gold Announces 60-Day Extension to Valdo LOI (CSE:ELEM, OTC:ELMGF, FSE: 7YS)
VANCOUVER, BC / THENEWSWIRE / May 30, 2023 – Element 79 Gold Corp. (CSE:ELEM) (OTC:ELMGF) (FSE: 7YS) ("Element 79 Gold", the "Company") announces that, further to its November 17, 2022 release announcing that the Company had entered into a non-binding letter of intent (the “Valdo LOI”) with Valdo Minerals Ltd. (“Valdo”), the parties have mutually agreed to a 60-day extension to the exclusivity period to enter into a definitive agreement for the sale of three properties from its Battle Mountain Portfolio located in the northeastern Nevada, US.
The other terms of the LOI, as announced by the Company on November 17, 2022, remain unchanged.
Proposed Transaction Highlights
  • Valdo to acquire 100% interests and obligation in:
    • The North Mill Creek Project - comprised of 6 unpatented claims located at the margins of the Goat Window in Lander County, Nevada, an exposure of lower plate rocks beneath the Roberts Mountains Thrust, the preferred carbonate host of Carlin-type gold deposits.
    • The Elder Creek Project - comprised of 23 unpatented claims, which cover the historic Elder Creek open-pit mine in Lander County, Nevada, hosted in upper plate rocks where the mine area is believed to represent leakage from the deeper lower plate of the Roberts Mountains Thrust.
    • The Elephant Project - comprised of 197 claims located at the foot of the mine dumps at Nevada Gold Mines' Phoenix operation hosting a covered pediment target with various depths of cover based on the displacement of fault blocks.
  • Valdo to issue 3,750,000 common shares at a deemed price of $0.30 CAD per share representing an aggregate value of CAD 1,125,000.
  • According to the revised exclusivity period, the transaction is expected to close by July 15, 2023.
“As we progressed toward the initial term of the LOI, Valdo expressed a desire for an extension as they finalize their project structuring and capitalization plans,” said James Tworek, Element79 Gold Corp CEO. “Our collaboration with Valdo holds great promise, spurred by their continued interest in how the optioned portfolio synergizes with their other regionally adjacent projects, we are confident that this extension will pave the way for a successful closing and strong Valdo story in the future.”
Element79 Gold’s Battle Mountain Portfolio
The Battle Mountain Portfolio was originally comprised of 15 separate projects totaling over 44,478 acres across 2,203 unpatented claims in five counties: Elko County, Eureka County, Humboldt County, Lander County, and Nye County. Most of the Battle Mountain Portfolio is located within the Battle Mountain Trend, with several projects close to globally reputable gold deposits including Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.
The Battle Mountain Portfolio is comprised primarily of early-stage projects. While drilling has been completed at some projects, such as Elder Creek (155 holes) and Clover (104 holes), many have only surface sampling and geophysical surveys completed. Of particular note are the Long Peak, Elephant, Elder Creek, North Mill Creek, Clipper, Pipeline South, West Cortez, and Walti Projects, which are interpreted to lie along the northwest trending fault that hosts the high-grade Pipeline deposit, which is included in Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.
Qualified Person
The technical information in this release has been reviewed and verified by Neil Pettigrew, M.Sc., P. Geo., Director of Element79 Gold and a "qualified person" as defined by National Instrument 43-101.
About Element79 Gold
Element79 Gold is a mining company focused on gold, silver and associated metals and committed to maximizing shareholder value through responsible mining practices and sustainable development of its projects. Element79 Gold's main focus is on two core properties: developing its previously-producing, high-grade gold and silver mine, the Lucero project located in Arequipa, Peru, with the intent to bring it back into production in the near term; and its flagship Maverick Springs Project located in the famous gold mining district of northeastern Nevada, USA, between the Elko and White Pine Counties. Maverick Springs hosts a 43-101-compliant, pit-constrained mineral resource estimate reflecting an inferred resource of 3.71 million ounces of gold equivalent "AuEq" at a grade of 0.92 g/t AuEq (0.34 g/t Au and 43.4 g/t Ag) with an effective date of October 19, 2022. The acquisition of the Maverick Springs Project also included a portfolio of 15 properties along the Battle Mountain trend in Nevada, which are non-core to its primary business focus. In British Columbia, Element79 Gold has executed a Letter of Intent and funded a drilling program to acquire a private company that holds the option to 100% interest of the Snowbird High-Grade Gold Project, which consists of 10 mineral claims located in Central British Columbia, approximately 20km west of Fort St. James. The Company also has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Dale Property, 90 unpatented mining claims located approximately 100 km southwest of Timmins, Ontario, Canada in the Timmins Mining Division, Dale Township. The Company is analyzing the non-core Nevada projects, The Dale Property and Snowbird Property for further merit of exploration, sale or spin-out.
For more information about the Company, please visit
Contact Information:
James C. Tworek, Chief Executive Officer E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
For investor relations inquiries, please contact:
Investor Relations Department – Dylan Anderson
Phone: +1 (613) 879-9387
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.02 15:09 jpr2410 Watching Asur on Jiocinema and ad doesn't load and gets stuck on a black screen on Tizen OS

Watching Asur on Jiocinema and ad doesn't load and gets stuck on a black screen on Tizen OS
I have to go back and restart the video then seek manually till after the ad (seekbar is unresponsive so you don't know where you reached until you stop) which just totally ruins the experience 😮‍💨
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2023.06.02 15:08 Maxweill Liver Test Results

Hello, I got my blood work done for my physical, haven’t gotten it done in years , and my liver numbers are high. My SGPT is 97 and my SGOT is 126. I’m a 22 year old male slightly active , desk job , and have been eating healthier the past month. I have stopped drinking since I received the results. I have a couple questions , the weekend before my blood work (5 days before) I was in vegas and binge drinking heavily all day for 3 days straight. Would this make my numbers high ? i went to dinner the night before and had a strong gin drink. I fasted from 7pm until my appointment at 1:30. Would any of these be factors that would cause the high results or should i be worried about a condition? I’m going on a trip this weekend and was thinking about having a couple drinks while i was there, is that a bad idea?
United States, White, Aunt died of hepatitis and psoriasis, but she drank a lot after her husband died. I vape a juul, and drink very regularly. No medications , no dignosis. I just take fish oil and vitamins.
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2023.06.02 15:08 justirees Final rendition of my house (for now). The palace of ascension.

Note: you can actually ascend right before the foyer, so you don't even need to walk into the house, I just did to showcase :)
Considering that I've maxed out on shrines and sages will's I could say goodbye to my kitchen and my prayer room. And just because I like the weapons and shields I feel like those are more important to have around.
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2023.06.02 15:08 Scheiny_S HAPPY PRIDE, SCA!

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! Are you a queer viking? Want people to know you're a queer viking? Do you just love rainbows? Want to out- historical the cis- het white supremacists incorrectly coopting viking culture for their hate?
Bright rainbow belt based on an authentic Nordic card woven pattern, doubled for extra width. Center dot in the pattern is brown in the rainbow for the POC inclusive Pride flag. 2 yards long, 3/4" wide Perle cotton
Narrow Oseberg AKA: Oseberg 12L1
Orginal found in the 834AD Oseberg ship burial in 1904.
Fellow card weavers, this pattern is pretty popular and I certainly didn't write any of the many versions that are available. But if you're inspired by this color palette, please credit me. Thanks so much!

LoveIsLove #LGBTQIA #VikingLife #VikingsOfInstagram #VikingReenactment #VikingAge #VikingClothing #VikingCraft #VikingDress #InstaViking #VikingBling #CardWeave #CardWeaversOfInstagram #aethelmearc #MySCA #SocietyForCreativeAnachronism #TabletWeaving #TabletWeave #QueerWeaver #QueerWeavers #NarrowOsebergBand #LARPing #LARPCostume #LivingHistory #reenactor #WeaversOfInstagram #SCA #ClanBlueFeather #WeaverFever #larp

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2023.06.02 15:08 kuromilover444 Lumpy pilling-like discharge

I've been getting this kind of discharge for the past year (on/off). It doesn't itch or feel irritating, but I'm concerned on what it could be. The best way to describe it (tmi) would be white and lumpy and in a fairly large amount. Would there be any treatments to get rid of this symptom?
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2023.06.02 15:08 opiatesmile Hyperdip Chrome Delete Question

I just got my hyperdip chrome delete emblem kit in piano black and just had a question before I get started.
In all the videos I have seen there is a lot of talk about needing to be above 70 degrees but also below 60% (I think) humidity. That is a tough needle to thread in New England. Generally if it is above 70, it's humid.
Which is the more important variable to worry about, the temp or the humidity? And how important are these to the outcome?
I have a garage I can do this in so any tips on the best way to get the best working environment for this would be helpful as well.
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2023.06.02 15:08 BetterDays989 Need a black pencil eyeliner that doesn’t irritate eyes (contacts)

Recently bought the persona black kohl liner and although I love it, it seems to dry out my eyes/contacts. This seems to happen w kohl liners for some reason. I like the kohl pencils to tight line and the water line.
If you have contacts, can you suggest a pen liner that is BLACK and doesn’t smudge/longwearing.
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2023.06.02 15:07 PolluxScales Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #2 Variant Cover, by Joëlle Jones

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2023.06.02 15:07 beturass Yesterday's Grade

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2023.06.02 15:07 BigBaraLover Arches: Backhanded Compliments

So, after making the Blog about the VN Arches, I did feel like I forgot to mention the positives it has in the writing, even if they are very few and far far FAR between. I was unfair so I’ll take the time to correct that.
Actually, the idea behind Arches is quite interesting, a couple formed by a bear who relies a lot on number for his understanding of the world and coyote with a past of trauma caused by a mix of drugs, mental illness and supernatural events is interesting.
Echo is a place that “swallows all the good”, so it’s a good location to put the bond between them to a test, along with giving some room for character drama.
Yeah, the concept was poorly executed and mostly misused, but it was a nice idea.
Now, Devon’s fake death at the beginning of the VN is pretty cheap, there is no way around that. However, the conversation that fake Devon has with Cameron is quite good for giving introspection about the coyote, his motivation and explaining some of his actions.
Yeah, these motivations are left behind and we don’t get a real conversation between the real Devon and Cameron about what was in the phone call, or maybe talk about Cameron’s sense of uselessness. But, again, it’s mostly pushed aside because Devon is given little to no agency in this story.
However, this had a lot of potential and shows that was a lot of thought put behind our main couple.
Now, the scene where Cameron is developing his powers, he starts getting visions of the past victims of Brian. Now, being trapped and helpless, he is put in a situation where he gets to know all the ways the serial killer tracks his victims, how he traps them, how he tortures them, how much he gets off with the pain of others and how they souls couldn’t rest because they were killed in Echo.
Now, let’s imagine for a moment this is not Arches where no one dies, and this is not Brian who never kills anyone. This is a great scene to build up tension on Cameron’s part about what could happen to him and his lover.
Now, the epilogue of Arches is a very cheap emotional trip, yes, I know. But, let’s good at it in isolation or in a better context.
So, the Kitchen scene can be quite powerful, it really does show some of the struggles couples deal when going through mental issues. Really interesting, and it shows the potential of a VN centered around it.
Yeah, they also dealt with that before the VN, and yeah it would have been great to see that instead of being info dumped about it…
And then we have the Winter scene, which can be a great conclusion about a story centered about mental illness. Yeah, all the work in the middle was skipped but work with me. This scene shows there is hope and that thing can get better, that even if you can’t go back to be your previous self, you can still be happy.
Yeah, this should have been its own VN, but that’s beside the point, ok? I’m trying.
So, you may already guess it, I don’t particularly like Howly’s writing. Now, this doesn’t mean he is a terrible writer, he can come up with interesting ideas and he can create some hard hitting emotional scenes, but his clear low point is the in-between. He fails at building scenes, building upon and even making character reach those emotional scenes in a natural way. I think this is a problem of lacking guidance and patience.
And maybe he has the wrong target, like I said before, Echo and Adastra are pretty teenagy in the writing. Arches has some of that too, explaining most of the plot and how to interpret it through narration. I think he could make pretty good stories targeted at teenagers, just get rid of the more not-friendly themes and you are good to go.
So, Arches has some good in all the wrong, I still wouldn’t recommend this VN, there are better options out there. And, again, if you enjoyed this VN, all the better for you. There is a lot room to improve.
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2023.06.02 15:07 zack20cb Pastel dial with black-rimmed, applied indices (28.5mm, ideally) - any such thing?

Sometimes I see pictures of an explorer-style watch with applied indices on the dial, silver-rimmed and lume-filled as is typical, but the silver rims are reflecting something dark, causing the indices to be starkly outlined in black.
Black-rimmed hands are absolutely a thing - some Rolex Explorer II “Polar” models have them, as do some homages - so, are there dials where the indices are outlined in black?
It’s probably more common with printed indices, because applied black-rimmed indices would need to be IP coated black, or made of ceramic or something rather than just polished steel.
Thanks for any tips!
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2023.06.02 15:07 Lazereye57 Follow the feedback from last post. Got a fade haircut, dropped the black T-shirt and tried smiling a bit more with my teeth despite my insecurities with my teeth. What do you guys think?

Follow the feedback from last post. Got a fade haircut, dropped the black T-shirt and tried smiling a bit more with my teeth despite my insecurities with my teeth. What do you guys think? submitted by Lazereye57 to amiugly [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 15:07 wilkerws34 OTR shooting- police chief blaming “children not being supervised and social media”…

Just saw and interview with CPD police chief and she said “some of this is about children not being supervised and the use of social media these days”. Is this lady fucking serious? Those kids were walking home with backpacks on from school when someone shot 15+ rounds at them. This is the biggest old white person cop (pun intended) out I’ve ever heard, which says a lot coming from an old white dude
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2023.06.02 15:07 Shoddy-Leopard-9149 Get the best Watermelon

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2023.06.02 15:07 Mythos_Industries Papa Bones: Time II

I’ve spent the last couple of days helping repair the damage to the town from the attack. The events of that day keep replaying in my mind. I’m convinced something was off but I can’t but my finger on it. As I think about this, I lay down a sheet of singles. I make the nails hover above it and slam down. Securing the sheet to the wood.
“Papa Bones.” A woman named Elizabeth calls out.
I straighten up and wipe my forehead with a rag. “Yes?”
Elizabeth wands me a glass of water. “It is absolutely hot out here. Thought you could use this.”
I take the glass. “Thank you. I take a drink and say. “I should be done here in a hour.”
“Thank you for helping us…it’s just…”
“Just what?” I ask.
“It’s just…you’re not abusing your powers helping us. Are you?”
I give her a warm smile. “I can see where you are coming from but no. I’m protector of Ayzian. I use my powers to protect and help. Even if I’m just putting shingles on. So no. I’m not abusing my powers.
Elizabeth smiles back. “I just wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t displease the Loa by helping like this.”
“I appreciate your concern.”
I finish the water and hand the glass back. “If it makes you feel better. I’m repairing a chicken coop after this. It’s a smaller project so I will be using a hammer.” I teases.
“Sounds good.” Elizabeth says before becoming serious. “If you need anything, just ask.”
“I will. Thank you.”
Elizabeth nods and climbs down the ladder. I look around. By the looks of it, I will need two more sheets of singles. I look down and two more sheets float out of the bag and up to me. I secure them and true to my word, I was done with the repairs in about a hour. I clean up the area and say my goodbyes. Like usual, the afternoon was hot as hell and I decide to cool down at Pops’s restaurant. I walk to the restaurant and when I walk in I close my eyes.
“Your black ass going to stand there all day and block the customers from coming in?”
I open my eyes and look at Pops. “I happen to be a customer.”
“What do you want?” Pops asks.
“Ice tea. Large.” I ask.
Pops points to the ice tea dispenser. “You know where it is.” Then he walks into the kitchen.
I grab a glass and fill it with ice and pour the tea. I sit down as Marcus walks out of the kitchen. “Julian!”
I take a sip and nod. “Hey, Marcus. Working the lunch rush?”
He stands behind the counter. “Yeah. My shift is almost over.”
It’s been a bit since we talked. “How are things?” I ask.
“Good. Good. I’m learning a lot from Pops. He says I will be able to contact a Loa soon.”
I lean back and smile. “Excellent. How is the cooking lessons going?”
Marcus smiles. “Even better. Pops says I got talent and here in a few years. My gumbo will be as half as good as his.”
I chuckle. “You know what that means, right?”
“No. What?”
“You are very good.” I say.
“Really? How come he don’t say that?”
“Compliments from Pops is rarely given out. To be your age and for him to say that means you are very good. You just got to know how Pops works.”
“The ultimate judge is my friend Faust. She loves Pops’s gumbo. You get a thumbs up from her, you got something special.”
“I’ll have to cook for her one day.” Marcus says.
“Oh, she would love that.”
“Hey, can I ask you a question?”
I take another sip. “Sure.”
“I made a dish. Blackened chicken on some fettuccine alfredo. I like it. My mom likes it.”
“Pops is giving you static.” I add.
“Yeah. He says it’s not a good fit for the restaurant because it’s not traditional Cajun cooking. But I think it will do good here.”
I take another sip before answering. “Pops is old as hell and set in his ways but there is a way.”
“How?” Asks Marcus.
“Faust. Her word goes a long way with Pops. Impress her and her word will almost guarantee it will be sold here.”
“Ok. How do I do that? When is she coming here?”
I finish my iced tea. “I’ll tell you what. You make it and some gumbo and I will take it to her.”
“You will?” Asks Marcus.
“Sure. I always support young entrepreneurs.”I say.
I hold a hand up. “Easy there. I’m busy right now. Here in a few days when the town is squared away. I’ll do it.”
“Thanks Julian.”
“No problem.” I say.
Pops walks out of the kitchen. “Boy, you done corrupting my worker?”
“Almost. Word on the street is that Marcus’s gumbo is as good as yours.” I say.
Pops hurumphs. “Huh. I don’t know about all of that. He is a better dishwasher than you.”
Me and Marcus share a smile.
“Sir, I cleaned the tables. Can I go now?” Marcus asks.
“Yeah, I saw you prepared the okra.”
“I sure did.” Marcus says.
“Sure. Can you swing by and help at dinner?”
“I sure can, sir.”
Pops looks at me. “I don’t know why people complain about todays youth. He works harder than your lazy ass.”
“That’s my cue to leave.” I say as I stand. I look at Marcus. “Walk you home?”
We leave Pops and enter the heat of the early afternoon.
“I can’t wait to make my blackened chicken for Faust.”
“I’m sure it will be a hit.” I say.
“Hey, Julian. What was that thing in the sky the other day? My mom was scared.”
“I don’t blame her. I was kinda scared myself.”
“You were scared?” Asks Marcus.
“Sure. Why wouldn’t I be? As far as what it was. I couldn’t tell you what it was. It was odd. I hope it won’t happen again.”
“What if it does?”
“Then Papa Bones will protect the town again.”
We walk another few steps before I speak again.
“No matter what. The Loa help us. My situation is more condensed than the standard practitioner of Voodoo. For example, Marionette of the dry arms.”
“What about her?” Asks Marcus.
“She loathes enslavement. She has helped us break our chains both metaphorically and literally. That’s why Ayzian is the way it is. All are welcome here.”
“I see.”
“That is why there are so many Loa. We have many needs. From gardening to love.”
“Is there a Loa for homework?” Marcus asks.
I chuckle. The question every young person asks. Myself included once upon a time. “While there are some Loa that can help. They can only help not do the work for you.”
“Are you sure?”
I put a hand on his shoulder. “Yes.”
“Damn it.”
I chuckle a little harder now.
As we walk through the town park, I see a group of children sitting around Vincent.
“What’s going on?” Asks Marcus.
“Well, his name is Vincent. He’s new to town. He seems quite skilled and helped during the attack.”
We walk and stand next to a tree and watch. Vincent seems to be telling a story. The children are enraptured.
“The wind was howling.” Vincent’s says as he spreads his hands.
“Wasn’t the hurricane? Asks a child.
Vincent points to them. “Yes but it was the worst hurricane ever seen. And just like that…BOOM,”
The group gasps.
“Two eyes appeared in the storm. The eyes spoke with a powerful voice that shook the ground. Papa Bones came to me and you know what he said? He said he didn’t know if he could do this. You know what I told him?”
Many of the children shake their heads no.
“I told Papa Bones. I said, Papa Bones. You are the champion of the Loa and maybe the world. You can defeat this evil.”
Children stay quiet. Vincent continues.
“He said to me. I don’t know if I’m strong enough. Will you help me?”
“Is that how it happened?” Marcus asks me.
I lean against the tree. “It most certainly not the way it happened.”
Vincent starts walking around. Looking at each child as he passes them. “Then I said. It would be my honor Papa Bones. Fly, fly to the sky and I will distract it. Papa Bones held my shoulders and said Vincent, you are a good friend to me and the Loa.”
Marcus looks at me and I say. “Those words were never spoken.”
Vincent continues his tall tale. “So there we were. Papa Bones and I. Papa Bones took to the air and started throwing fireballs, which did nothing.”
That part angers me.
“As the one sided fight continued. The Loa touched me…”
Vincent takes a pregnant pause.
“Do you know what they said to me?”
The children shake their head no.
“They said, Vincent. Perhaps we have need for a second champion. Then…then I felt a great power enter me.”
“This is bullshit.” I mumble.
“I was also given the knowledge of what to do. I called up to Papa Bones and I said. Papa! Stand aside! The Loa are with us and they are here to help through me. Can you guess what happened next?”
Many of the children shake their head no.
“With my new found knowledge. I knew what to do. During the fight the Loa had opened a hole in the clouds. I knew where the sunbeam was going to land so I got into position and reflected it back to the monster. The reflected sun greatly hurt the monster.”
Vincent takes a pause.
“It is now when Papa Bones’s little fireballs could hurt the monster. Together we raised the winds and tore the cloud monster apart.”
The children cheer.
“That’s right. When the clouds disappeared and the sun returned. Papa Bones flew down to me and said. Thank you Vincent. I couldn’t save Ayzian without you. I said to him. It was my pleasure Papa Bones. We are both children of the Loa. Your fight is my fight.”
I’ve had about enough of this. I take a step forward. “An interesting story.”
Vincent looks up and sees me. “It is. Children. That will be enough stories for today.”
The children get up. Many pass me and I smile and say hi to them as they pass. When the children are gone, I walk towards Vincent. “Telling lies to children?”
Vincent smiles at me. “Every story need’s embellishment.”
“Embellishment maybe but not lies.” I counter.
“Come now, Papa Bones. Is your ego so fragile, you can not stand thinking you may have needed help?”
“I believe that story reflected your ego. Not mine.”
“There is no harm in what I said.” Vincent states.
“Yes. There was. Most of that was fabrication. I will not allow you to lie to the children.”
“A good story does not rely on only the truth.”
I step towards Vincent. “Let’s see if the Loa agree. I can take us to the crossroads and Legba can give us his opinion.”
Vincent smile fades. “There’s no need for such an extreme response.”
I take one more step towards Vincent. “Oh, it’s no problem. We can go right now.”
“Like I said. It was only a harmless story. I must be going. Good day.”
Vincent walks away and Marcus walks up to me. “You don’t like him. Do you?”
I watch Vincent as he walks. “No. I don’t believe I do.”
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2023.06.02 15:06 Flashy-Professional9 Just moved in! Can't figure out the best layout or additions

Something's in here haven't moved out yet, like the wire shelf and the black cabinet organizers on the far back wall. I'm thinking of replacing the TV stand and the storage cube might be moved to a separate room. What should I put there instead- if anything?
We were planning on using the cubes to divide the room and to have another one stacked on top but that would split the windows.
I want to flip the TV and couch and the TV (and have it all sit within the rug. SO doesn't like the idea.
Curtains or sheets? What color? Are the yellow dining chairs too much? Accent chairs for the living room?
Tell me anything at all you think would improve this space!
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2023.06.02 15:06 rickbawb1776 [WTB] KRAM 7.0, Cheap carbine buffer and spring

As the title states. Looking for:
Price will very with salt content. Open to offers.
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