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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to http://blackcoin.org/

2023.06.09 07:11 TryingNot2BeToxic I just shooed a spider and she listened

Brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed, a cute little spider on the floor near the water heater started inching it's way hesitantly towards me. I told her to go hide somewhere and she politely skittered off into a corner as I turned out the light and got in bed to post this. I think I've made a friend!
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2023.06.09 07:10 hasnt_been_your_day I just had an epiphany: I'm a Roomba

So, I was trying to do at least 3 things at once just now, as per usual. I was doing dinner cleanup, loading dirty dishes, helping the 6th grader with his English homework, and attempting to fend off the 2 year old while trying to get the 5 year old to brush her teeth. And I stopped, on my meandering and ever repeated path around the kitchen\dining room... And I laughed. Because I realized that I'm a Roomba y'all.
Not a fancy programmable one that maps the room. The original kind, that starts off in a spiral and then does it's thing by pinging repeatedly off any wall or other obstacle it comes to. It does eventually get everywhere, but looking on there appears to be no rhyme or reason.
That's me. Given enough time (and no interruption, HA! What's that like I wonder?) I can eventually get everything done. Sure, I'll literally bounce off the walls every time. Sure, I'll get stuck in corners (throwing out all the Tupperware lids that don't fit anything? Deciding now is the time to organize the kid's craft supplies? Or hang the pictures that have been sitting there waiting for a year?). Sure, if you leave a door open I could very well wander out (or, ya know, Google every third thought in my head). Sure, the direction of my path is changed by everything I run into, by every item I pick up to tidy, by every person that needs something from me. Sure, it looks like I'm a human pinball bouncing around. But I'm not.
I'm a Roomba.
And even though it looks completely inefficient and nonsensical, I'll eventually get it done.
Unless I sit down 😅
I ran over to my husband (who, to give him credit, had cooked the delicious dinner, gotten the 5 year old into her pull-up and jammies, and was trying to catch the 2 year old to do the same to him. And he covers math homework help. Plus we're both nearly knocked flat by allergies because yay, record grass pollen) and explained my new theory, that I'm a Roomba!
He looks me in the eye and says, "You're not a Roomba. A Roomba is you."
I'd marry that man again y'all. And I've done it twice already
path of a roomba
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2023.06.09 07:10 TomoIsNotherDay Upgrading 7 Home Prem SP1 to Win 10 with ISO

Thank you to those that helped me previously.
I have tried everything to get win 7 upgraded to win 10 using the media creation tool. Nothing worked.
I acquired the win 10 ISO from Microsoft website. My question is, when I go to install it, will it ask me for win 7 license key (legit) and allow me to proceed with upgrade?
When I was running this computer back in 2016 I was eligible for the free upgrade from 7 to 10. So I am hoping it will let me upgrade using my win 7 license key. Cause if it gave me a win 10 key back in 2016, I don't have it.
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2023.06.09 07:09 TylerTulley345 Am I giving myself too much false hope?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me in February and we were in no contact for 8 weeks following this.
Prior to the breakup, she was invited to be a bridesmaid at my friends wedding. Being a groomsman myself, we were scheduled to go together, however since breaking up, this was an obligation she was no longer able to fulfil.
After 8 weeks of no contact, my ex girlfriend reached out regarding picking up the remainder of her stuff, as well as telling me she had finally spoken to my friend about no longer attending the wedding. She was, however convinced to stay on board and continue attending despite the breakup. She was calling to tell me she would still be attending and how I don’t have to talk to her if I don’t wish.
Fast forward a few great conversations later and she asked me if we could partner up at the wedding as initially planned (as bridesmaids and groomsmen will be required to dance among other activities) and she felt most comfortable going with me. She also mentioned in this phone call that I’m welcome to call her anytime I like, even in a casual manner.
Since this conversation nearly two weeks ago, we haven’t spoken. I try not to initiate conversation as she was still the one who broke up with me so I believe she should still be the one to contact me until we move along further.
Just wondering if these are all positive signs that she might wanna try and start patching things up or if it doesn’t mean all that much and I’m giving myself too much false hope. I really do want to reconcile with her, however I don’t want to push her away by bringing up any relationship talk.
Should I remain hopeful or accept this as nothing much?
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2023.06.09 07:09 Optimal-Specific9329 My partners narcissistic friend and confronting the things that bother us.

My partner has a female friend and they’ve known each other for about 10 years. He also has a twin brother (both gay), and the two of them have socialised with her for a while. I’ve picked up on a few of her behaviours and she’s a narcissist for sure. Her number 1 thing that gets to me though is that when my partner is around, she’s incredibly nice to me. When he’s not, she’s a completely different person. It created this situation where my partner would doubt what I was telling him. But, she did it in front of his Mum once and she got caught out.
Personally, I can’t stand her because of how toxic she is, and she triggers me with her behaviour. To give you an example. I ended up in intensive care. Granted, she was on her honeymoon in Africa, but I nearly died. She ignored all of my partners messages, and continued to do that when she got back for 3 weeks. Yet, she was posting insta photos everyday of her trip. Then of course she went completely the other way and over compensated. Also, It’s like she has some sort of ownership over my partner and she regularly does things that can be described as “splitting” and causes drama between us. I could go on. I decided though to employ a strategy of “if she’s there I’m not” just to avoid giving her the opportunity to cause trouble, but that would mean my partner would still go, and then I look like the troublemaker while she plays victim. It also causes problems if I ask my partner not to go, which I am uncomfortable doing anyway. She has me in a bit of a bind. They all admit that she’s manipulative “but she has some really good qualities too”. I’m yet to see them. One last thing. There’s 15 years between my partner and I. I am the older one. I have picked up that she finds the whole “older guy” thing as “gross and creepy”.
I’m not sure where I read it, but I recall there being something about facing your fears. Exposing yourself to these sort of people because that’s where you grow as a person. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts around that, or something I can read. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 07:09 ThrowAway7s2 "A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta" from the May 29, 1973 Door County Advocate

A well organized Girl Scout weekend at Cuesta

Pop and Popcorn. Julaine Jeanquart, Patty Baudhuin, Mrs. David Marsh, Jackie LaVine, Teresa Stroh, Kelly McDougall, Barb Kelsey and Kim Pagenkopf.
It's secluded in a wooded area near Kangaroo Lake. The large cabin, of surprisingly modern construction, has no indoor plumbing. Lack of plumbing does not upset, or even surprise, the 12 eager girls tumbling out of station wagons with sleeping bags in tow. They are Junior Girl Scouts, Troop 350. And this is their first weekend camping experience at Cuesta.
Their leader, Mrs. David Marsh, supervises the stowing of bedrolls in open box-shaped cupboards. Next she shows everyone the "washing-up room"; basins are arranged on a shelf beneath the counter-top; towel racks are fastened to the shelf. A "water-boy" sits on one end of the counter-top. Perhaps because this is a girls' cabin, several mirrors adorn the walls.
Then everyone sits on benches at picnic tables in the middle of the main room to eat their nose­bag suppers. When appetites are satisfied, the leader instructs the girls to throw their paper bags into the fireplace. "We'll build a fire later and make popcorn."
"We want to go to the bathroom," announces Barbara.
"We know where it is," Paula adds, "right down the gravel path." Half a dozen of the girls put on their coats and go out into the gathering darkness, carrying flashlights.
Five minutes later they come running back, squealing and shoving one another to get into the cabin door.
"There's something out there!"
"Loud noises down by the outhouse!"
"Something is going bang­-bang-thud, bang-bang-thud!" Motioning for quiet their leader explains that there is nothing to be frightened of in the woods.
"I'll go back out with you, girls," Chaperone says with false bravado. "Maybe there are some rascally raccoons out there."
Shining her flashlight on the gravel path, Chaperone leads the way toward the source of the noise. Some of the less-intimidated scouts chant, "There's lions, and tigers, and bears, of my! Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!" Up ahead something is going bang-bang­-thud! Reaching the outhouse, Chaperone takes a firmer grip on her flashlight and pushes open the first door.
"Nothing in there!" She pushes open the second door. "Nothing in there!" From the other end of the outhouse comes bang-bang-­thud!
"No raccoons, girls; not even lions or bears. But watch the doors." The wind caught the doors. opening them slightly and banging them gently shut.
"Oh, it's only the wind banging the doors."
"Shucks" said Chaperone, wiping her brow.
Back in the cabin they gathered around Mrs. Marsh who ex­plained that they would now go on a night hike. Chaperone sighed softly and put her coat back on.
Down the gravel path, past the no-longer-scary outhouse, and out into a field under the stars, they walked.
"Look, there's the big dipper."
"And the little one too."
"I can see the North Star!"
Mrs. Marsh showed them several fire scars where they would do outdoor cooking tomorrow. Then they started back to the Scout Cabin singing, "The other day I saw a Bear"
After washing up, spreading bedrolls, and getting into their pajamas, they divided into "details": the fire-building detail, the find the pan and melt the butter detail, and the pop the corn detail. Chaperone took pictures of the gay group and joined them in eating buttered popcorn and drinking soda pop. Then, to bed.
At four o'clock in the morning, somebody shook Chaperone's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Will you go to the bathroom with me?" Groggily Chaperone pushed back her covers and got to her feet. The scout who'd roused her was searching for something, using her flashlight as a guide. Whispers: "What are you looking for?" "My other red tennis shoe." "Did you look under your blanket?" "It's okay; I'll put on my boots instead." Just then another scout awakened and felt the need to join them. Once outside, and jogging down the now-familiar path, Chaperone became aware of how sweet and fresh the air smells at four in the morning.
Three hours later Mrs. Marsh sounded reveille. Quickly everyone washed up, dressed, and began the work of the preassigned Patrols. The Water Patrol filled three "water-boys" from the outdoor pump (started by electric switch). The Cooking Patrol began making French toast. Mary, flipping a piece of toast, asked, "Does this count toward our Cooking Badge?" Mrs. Marsh assured her that it certainly did. The Hospitality Patrol gathered leaves, shells, and pretty bits of wood and fashioned centerpieces for the tables. Breakfast ready, they sat down.
"Please pass the syrup," Kelly requested politely. The leader passed the pitcher. "Mrs. Marsh, that doesn't look like syrup on your French toast."
"Why, this is the syrup pitch­- oh no, this is the coffee pit­cher!" Amid the merry laughter, the leader tasted her French toast and pronounced it "Exotic! Sort of like the Galloping Gourmet might cook."
After cleanup and a brisk hike in the woods, the Cooking Patrol began making Jungle Brew over an outdoor fire. Ordinary cooks of the world would call it spaghetti 'n hamburger, or glorified goulash. Only Girl Scouts un­derstand its very special essence.
Early in the afternoon, co-leader, Mrs. Bob Schultz joined the campers. They spent the next two hours studying nature. Saturday's supper offered another surprising specialty, Hawaiian Eyes. Teresa and Patty placed shortcakes filled with crushed pineapple sweetened with brown sugar in aluminum foil wrappers. After heating in the campfire they made a scrumptious dessert. Mustard, meant for the hot dogs, was spilled five times during supper, once into someone's milk.
After supper, Brother Andrew arrived driving a cattle truck. Seeing the questioning look on Chaperone's face, Mrs. Schultz calmly explained that they would all ride in the back of the truck to attend mass in Baileys Harbor. It was just a windy enough ride to blow away all adult inhibitions. Before entering the church, everybody picked straw off their coats.
Before bedtime the scouts put on a hairstyling contest, shrugging off the fact that sleep would muss their elegant coif­fures.
Sometime around midnight, a voice came out of the darkness. Sleepy heads started up to hear Mrs. Schultz intone, "I want one print here, and one print there!" When nothing followed this startling pronouncement, the sleepy heads giggled and sank back into their pillows.
On Sunday afternoon they set off hiking down Logerquist road to visit the Brothers of St. Joseph Novitiate. Halfway there Brother Andrew met them in the cattle truck.
At the farm, operated by the Brothers, the scouts were treated to horseback rides. Then, Brother John asked, "Now, who would like to ride the bull?"
"The bull!! He'll throw us off!"
"No, he won't. He's a gentle old fellow, really." "Okay, I'll ride him." "So will I!" And ride him they did. The adults watched from a sensible distance.
After the rides, the Brothers invited them into the big recreation room of the farm­house. They gathered around the piano. Brother Andrew played and the girls sang. He surprised them by knowing every request.
Next, refreshments. The scouts brought out cupcakes and cookies from their totebags. Brother John served glasses of Kool-aid. Then it was time to pile into the back of the cattle truck. The girls said good-bye to Brother John and the spotted dogs, Alice and
Poncho. Brother Andrew drove them back to camp.
The cabin was tidied and locked. Then everyone par­ticipated in a flag ceremony to close the day. "Would you like camping here every weekend?" asked Mrs. Marsh. "Ye-e-sss!" came the enthusiastic reply.
Courtesy of the Door County Library Newspaper Archive
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2023.06.09 07:09 Antique_Turn4529 M30 stressed and tired at work and would love to have a [chat] about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.09 07:09 Antique_Turn4529 M30 stressed and tired at work and would love to have a chat about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.09 07:07 PlayNice_PlayPharah 8 days later, I finally have the T340 running and am ready to restore via WSB, but it's erroring saying drives aren't configured properly

I have a multitude of backups now, and am now trying to restore from backup in WSB.
First problem, if I am booted to WinServ2019Essentials, the WSB times out when looking for a backup on the USB drive.
So I boot via USB and chose recover, it takes about 2 hours to scan the USB for a recovery file, it finds it and then when I say to execute it I get error "The system restore has failed. No disk that can be used for recovery can be found"
Now the internet has a variety of answers, from WSB is deprecated and won't work, all the way to attempting to partition and format the drives exactly as they were.
Second issue, I don't know how to determine how many partitions and exactly their sizes.
Can any of you syswizards help me out here?
I am absolutely trying to avoid manually installing and rebuilding of the server due to so many 3rd party integrations and exe.
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2023.06.09 07:06 johnkkim Removing timber decking boards for pest control access

Removing timber decking boards for pest control access
Hi guys,
I’m currently dealing with a pre-purchase building/pest inspection.
I’ve been looking at a property with potential issues and I want to find out potential costs involved.
The pest guy has let me know that there needs to be access on the patio for chemical injection and the decking needs to be removed to do so (abutting the dwelling)
My question is - some people have said as there was termimesh installed and the patio is low risk (not going to constantly get wet etc) to not worry about it. No activity of termites found anywhere.
Would love your thoughts and advice!
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2023.06.09 07:06 dshalmon Gunsmith for Beretta sights? (Chicago area/central IL)

I recently picked up a Beretta PX4 that had its factory-installed Ameriglo night sights swapped for some pretty bad three-dot ones. Apparently, swapping out PX4 (and APX) sights is tricky and typically requires a Beretta-made tool that no one in my county seems to have. I live in central Illinois and have family in Chicago—anyone know a gunsmith in/near those areas that might be able to do this for me?
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2023.06.09 07:04 KitchObs How do you help someone who is about to go homeless? What options do they have? (Ontario)

Ok, here's the deal:
My mother has been unemployed for nearly a year, based in Ontario. She has had a long history of mental illness which makes life very difficult for her. In order to keep the roof over her head and food in her stomach I've been sending her $1500/month ever since.
Soon I will be entering a phase of life that won't let me send her this money anymore. I told her a few months ago that July 31 will be the last time I can send it.
She has the skillset to get a job paying at least $30/hr and has been searching for a job for a few months. But the market is tough, and her mental illness makes the search harder.
I don't know what to do if she can't get a job. Thankfully she has cheap rent, only $1000/month. She has been living at poverty levels for a long time and is willing to continue to. She is drowning in LOC, CC, and student loan debt. Interest is causing MINIMUM another $500/month, but probably more. (60k total debt and she's given me a lot of pushback on the idea of a consumer proposal / bankruptcy)
I've heard ODSP takes a long time to get into. Is Ontario Works similar? Are there any other options for her if she will go homeless in August but is actively looking for work?
I understand there's a lot of things that "should" happen. Get any job you can. Get the consumer proposal. Start working on ODSP paperwork...I've been pushing for these things for a long time and ultimately it's up to her how she wants to handle them. What I need is immediate solutions to stop her from becoming homeless in a few months.
Thanks for any advice you can give.
EDIT: Also, she has many physical health issues that would prevent her from doing manual labour jobs. So temp agencies I think probably wouldn't help right? From my understanding those are mostly physical based.
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2023.06.09 07:04 Captain-Jackal (Help) Falkreath Guards attack everything on sight

I don't have too many mods installed, but the Guards slaughter everyone who's outside, and leave me unharmed. Any ideas?
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2023.06.09 07:03 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] ✔️ Adam Bensman – 6-Figure Income Sprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 07:02 ecarolinaweightloss Weight Loss Best Weight Loss Doctors Near Me Weight Loss Treatment Greenville

By taking the best Weight Loss Treatment Greenville, NC, from East Carolina Weight Loss, many people got amazing results and succeeded in losing weight with the help of the Best Weight Loss Doctors Near Me.
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2023.06.09 07:02 Yousif255 Looking for a Mentor

Hey! I’m kinda new to Diablo in general. I played Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls many many years ago, but remember nearly nothing.
I’m looking for a mentor to teach me the ropes and help me learn my build and what I should prioritize. I also don’t get what I should do with half my gear.
I just finished Act 4, and I am a level 32 Barbarian.
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2023.06.09 07:01 deathscaryman Crippling fear of time and death

Hi everyone,
It's basically as the title says; I'm in my early 20's and yet I find myself frequently anxious about my inevitable death, at least a few times per hour and occasionally for hours at a time. It's not exactly a passive thought either, it gives me a thick sense of anxiety and a strong tightness in my upper chest to the point where I'm afraid it's getting out of hand. If I really go down the rabbit hole with it, I can give myself a panic attack, which feels really silly because of how powerless I am in the face of death. I know worrying about it won't change anything, but of course that provides me no solace.

For a bit of context, I've only recently come out of a deep three year depression and started really appreciating my life. However, I've noticed that as the depression goes away, more new issues seem to grow in it's place. The way I perceive myself in the world is changing rapidly, often in ways I can't understand just yet. As far as I can tell, I'm a lot more anxious than I was even 3 months ago, and this whole fear of death thing is relatively new to me as well. I've used death as a motivating factor for years now, knowing my time is immeasurably valuable pushes me to try and make the most of it, but only recently did it turn into true fear. I think it started when I had a conversation with my friend about nuclear weapons strangely enough. We live near a big American city center, so he made the observation that if we ever went to nuclear war, we'd be one of the first people blown off the map presumably. It's normally the kind of what-if thought that I'd quickly dismiss, but for some reason I chose to really stop and consider what he said and I very nearly incited my first panic attack on the spot. The thought that it could all go dark at any moment, not when I'm old but truly any moment now, and that I wouldn't even be able to perceive or understand my own death is just terrifying to me. I feel like many young people have the perspective of death as something that will happen eventually, but not right now, when really that isn't a guarantee. Since then, I feel like I'm constantly trying to keep those thoughts at bay.

I have many regrets about the way I spent my time in the 3 years I was depressed, many of the best days of my life were wasted wallowing in it, so maybe some of my fear is related to that. I feel like I'm all too aware that each second that passes is time I can't get back, each second I spend scrolling through Reddit or YouTube shorts is time I could've spent more meaningfully, and each moment of my early 20's are particularly valuable since I have so much opportunity in this phase of my life. I often think about how I'll feel on my deathbed - will I resent myself about the way I spent my time when it's finally run out? Hell, how will I feel when I'm 30 about my 20's? Can I really live with myself knowing how much time I've already wasted on Youtube shorts, time I should've spent enjoying my one and only chance at youth? What used to be a useful motivator has turned into a crushing weight on my shoulders it feels like and I can't really see a way to cope here. And even if I can cope, I'll still die either way, that part of the story won't change.

I'm sure meditation and being more present focused will go a long way towards helping me out here as Dr. K has said many times that anxiety comes from a future focused mind, but I'm hoping there's some healthier perspective I can gain on this as well that will be useful. I've really only seen Dr. K cover death broadly in the first Ludwig interview, so I'd be really curious to understand his perspective more fully. Also just wanted to say thanks to everyone here in the community as well, been lurking since the first Bobby Scar interview and this community has been everything in helping me conquer my depression. Hopefully you all can help me out a bit here too, thanks!
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2023.06.09 07:01 lieddersturme Immutable openSUSE ?

Today started again Distro-hopping and Fedora KDE is my first try, everything works excellent, but looking for an excellent KDE experience I would like to try openSUSE, in this case immutable.
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2023.06.09 07:01 IveGotIssues9918 Slowly feeling myself losing touch with reality. I swore this wouldn't happen again.

When I was younger and knee-deep in maladaptive daydreaming, I would constantly think of my life as an ongoing series of media. At one point, it was so intense that I actually had a series of short stories, called The Phantom Series, which combined dramatic narratives of things that had really happened and speculative (?) stories about potential future events that I was looking forward to (it was called The Phantom Series because I was writing this in the years immediately following my mother's death and it was all written as though my hypothetical future daughter was my self-insert whom all these things were happening to- a level of dissociation that made it easier for me to process what was happening to me). Of course, limerence, and attractions that didn't quite rise to the level of limerence, were frequent story arcs in this series- in every installment, "my daughter" was either infatuated with some boy "she" barely knew (the speculative future events that never really happened would almost always involve said boy) or had "her" emotional journey framed by "her" longing for love in general. Somewhat appropriate, as I wrote these stories when I was between 16 and 19 years old- but obviously, real life never worked out like my stories, and as such I found myself perpetually disappointed.
I was 19 when I was disappointed so badly that I swore I would never get carried off by my fantasies ever again. He was my seventh LO of life, my third just of college. We met at a party one night, made out and I, a completely clueless virgin, was about to go back to his dorm room with him before some observers intervened due to me being literally too drunk to stand. I was scared to see him again in the light of day, afraid that he wouldn't find me attractive in his sober mind. When I looked him up on Instagram the night after we met and found out his last name, my brain suddenly recovered the memory of, when I was 4 years old, my grandmother explaining maiden and married names to me and using his (incredibly generic) last name as an example of my hypothetical future married name. Over the next 5 weeks, my fantasies and my fears grew simultaneously- the higher the stakes were in my mind for seeing him again, the more afraid I was for it to happen, knowing that reality was going to destroy the fantasy. When I, my narcissistic abuser who I then called my "best friend", and his even-more-dysfunctional friend from high school showed up unannounced to a party where my LO would be 5 weeks after our initial meeting, that was exactly what happened- worse still, we ended up literally shutting down the party by being disasters of human beings (an ambulance was called for the friend and my abuser physically attacked my LO- no, I'm not kidding, this really happened). I woke up the next morning with a two-ton weight of depression on my chest as though I had just been handed divorce papers after 5 years of marriage, and of course, my abuser took further advantage of my misery which he had been actively encouraging the entire time (which was how I started to realize that he was, in fact, my abuser). After that experience, I swore that I was never going to break my own heart like that again- sadly, the only way I really knew how to keep that promise was through total isolation. There was a guy the following semester who in hindsight was probably genuinely interested in me, but I avoided the hell out of getting to know him, petrified of falling into the very same trap. When COVID hit the semester after that and I went on a leave of absence that ended up lasting for 5 semesters, it obviously lent itself to isolation. I spent that time in reflection, painstakingly trying to find the cognitive "cure" that would keep that from ever happening to me again. When I finally started to emerge from isolation around a year ago, almost instantly there were new attractions and even an eighth LO, but they lacked the delusional nature of the ones I'd had in my childhood and adolescence. Never again.
Well... here I am, 4 years after I declared "never again", realizing that somehow, some way, I have managed to let it happen again. Like all of my "hyperfixations" on people, it only gets worse the less input I have from reality to counter it... the problem is, it'll be almost another 3 months before I see him in person again, and I'm already not prepared for that crash back down to earth. Even getting a notification that he added to his Instagram story the other day gave me a small fog-clearing moment... but, since he posted about a sports team that my dad follows and that I used to when I was a child, a few hours later I thought "what if I responded to his story?" and had to say to myself, out loud, "no, don't do that". I've been mentally writing the story of next (fall) semester for over a month now, which, while not exclusively about him (in my flimsy ass defense), he obviously features prominently in- celebrating his birthday, working with him on committee, having the same half-funny half-pained interactions we've been having but with a cinematic twist that lets every audience member know that these two characters will fall in love by movie's end. As of a few days ago, this story has a title- a pretty brilliant one, stemming from a triple entendre about the story's setting and plot points, but it's still a speculative story about things that almost certainly won't happen and now it has a title. Just now, I found a selection of songs that would make the perfect soundtrack, and that was when I realized that I am royally fucked. When the hell did I become this person again? How hard and how many times do I need to get my ass kicked before I learn not to do this? I pulled out literally all the stops to not fall back into this trap, and still, it's like a siren's call. I'm left wondering if there's any hope, if this tendency is just a part of me that I will have to deal with periodically for the rest of my life.
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2023.06.09 07:00 magnuss D4 - I find it difficult to respec my build when it is nerfed or changed. More notice and better communication would go a long way.

I've been playing since early access but not very aggressively as a twisting blades rogue. I'm level 55 and not to torment yet, which means I have a long road ahead of me for gearing and optimization. Today a change was rolled out which negatively impacted a major focus of this rogue build, nerfing the amount of cool down reduction that is obtained from using my main skill. (I am aware of some bugs they have mentioned regarding this, which exacerbates my specific problem, but does not change my point of this post).
Right now, with the most recent patch rolled out I am in a position where my build no longer works the way I expected it to. While frustrating, I would be fine to try out some other options and continue progressing. However, the other options available to me require a level of investment and gear that I simply don't have on hand. My rogue's crossbow is a vulnerability stat stick, not a high dps weapon. Switching to a ranged build will not allow me to do as much damage as I currently do until I find a Sacred bow or crossbow that is somewhat high dps.
Further, there are a lot of aspects I have not unlocked across the world. There are a lot of legendaries that use core skills which I have not seen drop, or have disenchanted previously as I had no interest in playing the ranged skill. I am also heavily motivated to break down all legendaries I do not need which don't have relevant aspects for my build, because I'm heavily resource starved.
So, due to a nerf with little to no warning my current build feels bad. Isn't unplayable but isn't nearly as much fun and is considerably less effective than before. I do not have the aspects or gear to dramatically change my build, and I'm at a point in the progression of the game where I am not very interested in spending a lot of resources on World Tier 3 and would rather wait for torment to the extent possible.
I really would prefer if blizzard take a different approach to their balancing. Quick, short notice patches which have a dramatic effect on the interactions of major skills are going to make players who are still early on in progression feel a lot more pain than those who are deep into their Torment journey. I'm too starved to solve my problem quickly and I'm playing a build that I no longer like. If I had a few days notice that'd be one thing, maybe a week, but this is a brutal way to come home and realize my character with ~30 hours on doesn't play the way I want anymore.
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2023.06.09 07:00 Squeaky_Ben What do we do on the 14th?

So, let me just open up with a quite dark possibility:
June 14th comes, Gaijin reveals their roadmap and it is shit. Like, they go "oh, here, we are so nice, have 10% more earnings of everything" which will, understandably, make everyone extremely ass mad because it is nowhere near enough to fix the economy.
What then?
Steam is fully bombed from what I can tell. I have also already given my rating on google.
Do we just continue not spending a dime so that Gaijin sees that their revenue is down by a ton?
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2023.06.09 07:00 DolorasaurasRex Miscarried and diagnosed with pcos all in the same day. Today I think I saw the fetus. Loving life right now.

My husband (34) and I(28) cannot wait to be parents. We tried to do things right. Save up. Get good jobs. Make sure we were both ready. I changed my eating habits. Cut out a lot of processed foods. Cut back on sugar. Avoided alcohol almost completely for the last 6 months.
We got a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks ago.
5 days ago we rushed to the ER. I was having the worst cramps I had ever felt and sudden severe bleeding.
Hours later was told I lost the baby due to being rh - and in addition to that terrible news I learned that I have pcos.
I feel like I've been living my life from the outside looking in.
Friday the cramps started.
Saturday the spotting started. The cramps got worse.
Sunday was the worst day of my life bare none. The cramps pain was unbearable. The bleeding was mind blowing. I was going through 4 super plus tampons in an hour. The pads were the only thing keeping me from bleeding through my clothes every 15 mins. The ER was no help.
Today I found a clump of cells in between the clots in my pad. I don't know why I looked. I usually just throw it away. But I looked. And it was there. In my gut I knew what it was.
It was slightly bigger than an apple seed. It looked so much like a tiny baby. I could see the veins. I saw what looked like a small dark red clump near the center. A thin cord like strand attached to the bean shaped clump.
I sat in the bathroom at work and cried for half an hour. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to flush it. I knew I was being crazy. I couldn't keep it. So I just moved it to a piece of toilet paper and stared at it for too long. I took a picture. I don't know why I did that. I don't know what was going through my mind. Then I flushed it. I felt sick to my stomach. I felt numb to the world.
I feel crazy. I go from normal, to depressed, to distraught, to laughing, to numb and back around in what feels like minutes. It's 1 am and I can't sleep.
This feels unreal. The doctors have been zero help. I don't know who to talk to. My husband doesn't know I saw it, but he's taken the loss so hard I can't burden him anymore.
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