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2011.11.30 20:57 rach11 52 Week Baking Challenge

Welcome to 52 weeks of theme-based baking! This is a great way for beginners to learn, and for experienced bakers to expand their skill set and explore their creativity.

2011.02.10 18:51 meinhyperspeed BaconReader: The easiest way to reddit

BaconReader is a leading client for reddit, serving up reddit content in a stylish package with powerful features. “This is the absolute best looking Reddit app around.” –Android Police

2023.06.02 13:10 suvam0711 How to Make the Most of the Government's Apprenticeship Scheme?

How to Make the Most of the Government's Apprenticeship Scheme?

Instead of the old-fashioned mechanisms that are already in place, there should be a network that allows for the skill development of millions upon millions of young people in India, and this network should cover the entire country.
They need to9 acquire the abilities that will allow them to contribute to India's evolution into a modern nation. Their talents ought to be praised wherever they go, regardless of the country they visit.
Apprenticeship training is one of the most effective ways to develop skilled labor for industry. This method uses the training facilities already present in the establishments, so there is no additional financial strain placed on the exchequer to set up a training infrastructure. Those who have undergone apprenticeship training can readily adapt to the milieu of an industrial workplace when they begin regular employment.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Program

Apprenticeship training is regarded as one of the most effective means of developing skilled labor for the nation. It provides a practice-oriented, industry-led, effective, and efficient approach to formal training. The purpose of the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme is to encourage apprenticeship training across the nation.
Employers will receive 25% of the prescribed stipend, up to a maximum of Rs. 1,500 per month per apprentice, according to the scheme. The government of India would also provide Basic Training Providers with a maximum of Rs. 7500 for each fresher apprentice (without any formal trade training).
The program went into effect on October 1, 2016. Employers who hired an apprentice before October 1, 2016, will be eligible for program benefits on October 1, 2016.

The Objective of the Plan

According to the post on the National Apprenticeship Promotion Program (NAPS) rule, the government aims to give apprenticeship training to 47 lakh youngsters by 2020. Under the program, the Government of India will provide 25% of the monthly stipend, up to a maximum of Rs. 15,00 per apprentice. The government of India would also provide essential training providers with a maximum of Rs. 7500 for each fresher apprentice (without any formal trade training). The program began on October 1, 2016. Employers who hired apprentices before October 1, 2016, will be eligible for program benefits on October 1, 2016.

The Qualifications to Participate in the National Apprenticeship Promotion Programme

The following is a list of the eligibility criteria that must be met to participate in the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme:
  • The candidate has entered into an apprenticeship contract with the employer for apprenticeship training. They can be recruited from the following categories-
  • Trainees who have graduated from ITI courses/ dual learning mode from ITI/ completed PMKVY/ minimum educational qualification required for trade have yet to receive formal training.
  • Needs registration on the portal.
  • Mandatory Aadhar number
  • Must meet the age, educational, and physical standards specified for the trade and the business's minimum age and academic and physical qualification.
  • The upper age limit for new apprentices is 21 years old. The number of apprentices must reach 20% of the annual quota.

The Advantage of the National Apprenticeship Training Program

The NATS, which is available to students notion wide provides a variety of benefits-
  1. In India, the National Apprenticeship Scheme is a twelve-month program for all students.
  2. It will provide the nation’s youth with technical expertise.
  3. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills required for their chosen profession.
  4. The organization gives the trainees with training on the job site.
  5. Due to the well-developed training modules and skilled managers, trainees pick up the task quickly and thoroughly.

Approaches to make the NAPS or National Apprenticeship Promotion Program work-

  1. Youth Education- How do we make it seem like a desirable goal to become an apprentice? If they are marketed correctly, apprenticeships have the potential to be just as effective as internships. It is impossible to restrict it to students at it ITI or polytechnics. Applicants who have participated in short-term training programs such as PMKVy or state skill development missions should be able to take advantage of apprenticeship opportunities to further their professional development.
  2. Use current infrastructure- Some technical training institutions, such as RVTIs and ITI, need the financial means to purchase the most recent equipment, tools, and technology. An apprenticeship allows skilled individuals to expand their practical knowledge and get familiar with the most up-to-date industry requirements.
  3. Apprenticeships are not low-cost labor- The widespread perception that apprenticeships are exclusively found in the manufacturing business restricts the program's viability as a route to employment in the organized sector, especially in the service industry. Apprenticeship is currently employed in a variety of fields, including customer service, sales, and logistics, among others.
  4. The Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Business (MSME) difficulty- Several MSME businesses continue to employ unskilled or semi-skilled laborers. Recruiting skilled individuals is not a priority for them because they can meet their demands without incurring the expense of training them. But they must be made aware that their output continues to fall below quality and industry norms. It may be challenging to convince them to accept apprentices, but they can be won over via systematic teaching about the long-term benefits and incentives.
  5. Not restricted to manufacturing- Apprenticeships are limited as a tool for organized sector employment, particularly in the services industry, due to the common perception that they are associated with manufacturing. Apprentices are employed in customer service, sales, logistics, and other fields.
  6. Apprenticeship regulations should be loosened- Now, the legal aspects of apprenticeship that could hinder its wider acceptance are being re-examined (a reference to Apprenticeship Protsahan Yojana). We need an approach that encourages the sector, training partners, and candidates to adopt apprenticeship models without fear of strict labor regulations, excessive paperwork, and excessive regulations.


We must investigate adaptable and interoperable methods of incorporating apprenticeship programs into existing training and development programs. This is the most effective method for increasing the value of skilled professions and promoting diverse avenues for skill-based training to have a lasting impact on the lives of young people.
Looking forward to implementing NAPS in your organization? 2COMS can help you implement it with the case while you stay compliant with the labor laws. Not to mention you get financial benefits. Ask us how! Visit today.
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2023.06.02 13:05 Positive_Librarian67 The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Development Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Development Company
Web results have nowadays become an integral part of every organization, regardless of whether you work with large corporations or are just starting.
Digital commerce is a terrific tool for brand promotion, and the tangling community is the greatest place to use it.
If necessary and if you want your trademark to maintain the international recognition it has gained, you must take extra effort to make it visible online.
When it comes to using grade online exposure, two options are accessible. Either contract with a web development company or fill your position with a full-time architect.
However, there are several advantages to working with a web expansion company rather than a qualified architect. Among the reasons to work with a company are:
Outstanding Coordination and Assistance
Other support staff members are available to answer your questions before and after your assignment is completed.
You will have no trouble receiving support. You intend to receive all of your clarifications regarding updates, management, and problem repairs.
On the other hand, a freelancer may not be able to assist you effectively because they do not remain around once the assignment is over.
There have even been instances where independent contractors refused to make the changes you requested after the assignment was delivered.
Behind three months since the website's delivery, they won't stand unrestricted to resolve your issues. These are some of the drawbacks that could arise from hiring a freelancer.
Hiring a web growth company that will work with you in every way imaginable and take care of any problems you could run into in the end is therefore preferable.
Website development with a purpose
Users will be drawn to your goods or services via your website's showroom of your style and impact.
A company will provide you the freedom to use the trap area they give you to accommodate your business aims. It is among the most significant purchases you can make for your long-term planning.
A competent party will make an effort to offer your website a beautiful, distinctive, and pure appearance to set it apart from other websites.
One advantage of choosing a website expansion company is that you are certain to receive the results on time.
Project managers must deliver the finished product on schedule. They have incredible designs that allow them to produce high-quality websites on time.
someone advantage of staff replacement is that, in cases where a person is ill or unable to work, managers can replace them with someone who has the same skills.
Your website will appear nicely.
People can perceive another person for the first time in roughly one-tenth of a second. However, it takes them much less time to view your website for the first time.
The user decides whether they'll stay or leave your website within the first 50 milliseconds of arriving there.
This suggests that the impression of your website is important. Your visitors are more inclined to stay or visit again in the future if your website has a nice, tidy, current appearance. If your website appears dull, awkward, or dated, visitors are likely to depart and discover something more suitable.
Hire a Reputable Web Design Firm
These are just a few benefits of working with an established website design firm.
The list might continue forever. But the only reasons you need to let a professional develop your business website are things like dependability, quickness, dependability, affordability, and a clean professional style.
Give us a call if you're looking for a firm to create your website, and we'll provide you with the assistance you require.
For more information, click on link below:
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2023.06.02 13:03 canofwasps Was my question valid? or did I just come off as a total narcissist?

Alight, a while a ago a girl who’s been flirting with me added me on instagram.
A few weeks later I see that 1)she had tagged me in something and 2) she apparently added me to her close friends list. I clicked thru her stories and the first one was her mentioning me and one of her other friends who I’ve never met, suggesting that we’d get along because we both have a similar hobby.
The very next story was her close friends story which was info for a queer kink party that she was co-hosting. It was posted minutes after the first story.
I wasn’t be able to go to the party, but we kept flirting and talking and eventually exchanged numbers too. I asked her the other day if she had actually been serious that me and her friend would get along or if she had tagged me so I would see the info abt the party. She just kinda laughed it off and said that it was a while ago and it was probably just an accident, but then asked if I had talked to her friend. Her friend’s a dude and I’m queer so I don’t think she was trying to set me up.
My question is: was it out of pocket for me to suspect that she MIGHT have tagged me in her one story to make sure I saw the other one? Or did I just come off as the biggest narcissist?
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2023.06.02 13:02 sann540 (1/2) May 2023










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2023.06.02 13:02 RoseBlack2222 When It's All About To End

Part 1

Never trust someone who can easily get themselves out of danger to protect you from it.

August 14, 2052, freshwater sources have been depleted in the Middle East. Scientists are working to find a solution amidst rising acid levels in the ocean.

"What are you looking at?"

Carlo stared up from his phone. Jerell was rummaging through the pantry for something to fix and settled on some instant pancake mix.

“Just some more news. Shit’s bad across the globe.”

“Yeah, there’s no getting away from it unless you’re like Glen Dalton.”

Carlo sneered.

“That greedy piece of shit. You know, the other day I read that he and some other rich fucks were designing something so that they could escape the climate crisis.”

“Who said that?”

Jerell put their iron skillet on the stove and turned on the heat.

“A most likely now former employee of his, but his pr team must be monitoring things twenty-four-seven. The post was taken down within minutes. Luckily, I thought to get a screengrab of it.”

“So what are they coming up with then? Underground bunkers?”

“Could be, the poster said they were eavesdropping on some meetings.”

Jerell put some mix in a bowl along with cold water and stirred as Carlo went on.

“I’ll never understand the mentality. How can they think spending the rest of their lives cooped up won’t make them insane?”


“Yeah, probably. I’ve also heard that Chipotle has been closing down stores in what they refer to as nonprofitable areas.”

“So in other words, high crime?”

Carlo chuckled. Jerell put some batter on the skillet.

“Our location might not be far off. Maybe we should start job hunting.”

“Where? If they’re shutting down that means other businesses will be too.”

“Well, that’s another bridge to cross then. Maybe all of us should see about getting transferred.”

They had their pancakes drizzled in syrup with some cups of black coffee. When they were through eating, they brushed their teeth and then went out to the bus stop. During the ride, which was packed they had to listen to people ramble on about gas prices.

“The whole world’s gone to shit and that’s still all people seem to care about,” Carlo thought with an eye roll.

He exchanged a glance with Jerell who judging by his expression was thinking something similar. Not much had changed in the past two years other than their workload. On the plus side, they’d been making some traction with their music. It was slow, but progress nonetheless. The same could be said about Mona’s writing as well as Irene’s art.

When they reached the store, they found Mona sleeping at the back desk with her head over some papers.

“Did she spend all night here?” Jerell asked.

“Looks like it.”

Carlo lightly shook her shoulder. She gasped and sat up.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned, “what time is it?”

“A few hours until we open,” Carlo informed her.

She rubbed her temples, then opened a desk drawer, containing a Five Hour Energy. She cracked it open and downed it.

“What were you working on?” Jerell asked.

“Some paperwork Fred was supposed to do.”

“He coming in?”

“No, he’s on vacation, again.”

They had their work cut out for them. Irene arrived as they were about to open. The day went as usual, being busy yet monotonous. Something rare then occurred. The store slowed down. In fact, there were no customers.

“Okay, does anyone else feel freaked out right now?” Carlo asked.

“It is weird,” Mona agreed, “but we should just be thankful for it. By the way, I was wanting to talk to you all about something.”

When she had their attention, she went on.

“I was wondering if any of you wanted to collab?”

Jereall answered.

“I mean, we’d love to. How exactly would this work, though? I mean, me and Carlo are on music, Irene has her art, and you have your stories.”

“Well, I was thinking maybe I could give you guys a story to write some lyrics about, and then Irene can make some background art.”

Irene spoke up.

“I’d be up for it, but where would we find the time to put this all together?”

“I say we brainstorm now, then we can each work on our own parts and eventually put it all together.”

They agreed and the impromptu session began. The genre they decided on was a mix of dark fantasy and horror. They knew that they needed to get it done whatever they were making before their enthusiasm wore out. Mona would be the first to work on it, making her story. After that, she’d present it to the others so that art and a song could be made of it.

Elsewhere, trouble was brewing. Glen Dalton was not having a good day. During the past two years, he’d been having trouble quelling his workers. Sure, bribing politicians was easy enough, and so was convincing the general population of his greatness. However, getting people who were working under him to see the same view was more challenging.

Why was it so hard for them to fall in line? He’d provided jobs for them which was more than most people got these days. Not to mention, he always made sure they had long hours so they could afford to pay their expenses. Nobody was grateful. His parents worked hard to establish their empire and when it fell to him he was smart enough to hire people to help him manage.

What followed was supposed to be him enjoying his life. Instead, there was hardly anywhere he could go without encountering the parasites, be it his ingrate employees or the shoe kissers. At least he wouldn’t need to worry about dealing with them for too much longer, according to his hired researchers. In public, their opinion was the actions of his businesses and the climate crisis were in no way related. In private, they were constantly messaging him that the planet would in all likelihood not be fit for human life maybe even sooner than they were able to predict.

This had been the case for a while. Therefore, he hired engineers to work on a means of him escaping the coming disaster. It was something he intended to keep under wraps if not for one of his ex-employees. Although his social media monitors took it down almost immediately, many saw it, and the damage was done. It wasn’t his fans turning on him that he was worried about.

He knew that no matter what he did he would always have their loyalty. Rather, the more pressing concern was that the information would cause his opposers to throw caution to the wind and try to take him out along with his associates. Despite this, he was confident his people would finish things before everything reached a boiling point. For the first time that day, he allowed himself to smile. In his experience, patience paid off.

In the coming months, things would get far worse than anyone could’ve foreseen. While a lot of this could be attributed to the Dalton factories releasing gases into the air, it wasn’t something people needed to concern themselves with. No, they were more worried about who wanted to marry who or how someone chose to present themselves. Obviously, these things were far more important than the habitability of the Earth. People tended to have this ability to ignore an issue even as it stared them in the face.

However, some were fully aware of what was to come and no matter how hard they tried to get others to see it, they just wouldn’t. Others knew this was fruitless and so instead chose to prioritize their quality of life over quantity, what little they had to work with. The group that was especially good at this were artists. The reason being they possessed the unique ability to turn pain into drive. Such was the case for Mona and the others.

The project was slow to come together. When it did, it turned out better than they imagined. Mona’s story was set in another world full of gods and monsters. Someone tried to rebel against them and failed. Their punishment was an endless loop. They were sent to the deepest darkest part of the world.

Climbing out of it was possible. Unfortunately, every time they reached the top a monster controlled by the gods knocked them back down. Carlo and Jerell wrote lyrics detailing the rebel's pain, not only physical as the skin peeled to the bone with each climb but also mental of coming so close to freedom only to have it snatched away. Lastly, Irene painted the rebel on their back, haven fallen yet again and reaching a scabbed and bloodied arm toward the light. When it was all put together, they uploaded it where they could.

The reception for it was better than they expected. While there were some who did not care for it, others praised the creativity of the music and art. Mona saw more comments on her story from people who read it because of the song. It was the first and last major thing any of them would accomplish. They were okay with that.

Within the next year, things truly fell apart between natural disasters and scarcity. As mentioned, Glen Dalton had a means of escape and now was the time to use it. He was riding in his private jet. Every so often, he would glance out the window, seeing the fires of retaliation both figuratively and literally speaking. It took a while, but even his most loyal fans turned on him in the final moments, not that it mattered.

On remote islands, he and others had something worked on, ships to be exact, paid for generously with government funding. Of course, that meant he’d have to rub elbows more often with people he didn’t care for. That was a small price to pay, though. When he arrived, others were also there. It wouldn’t be long before the launch would commence.

Elsewhere, it wouldn’t be long before the rest of humanity would have to spend their final days. Most chose to do this with family and friends. Others, elected to have solitude. Mona and the others chose to spend their time left with each other and their families. They decided if they were going to go out anyway it may as well be on a happy note and so they gathered what little they possessed and threw a celebration.

The air was heavy with fumes as the rockets launched. Mona and the others were at Irene’s home, sitting together. Whatever differences divided people finally didn’t seem to matter.

“I don’t think it’ll be much longer,” Mona wheezed.

The end was a frightening thing and drugs helped. Among them was a bong which she took another hit from. She passed it to Carlo who lit it.

“People really enjoyed what we did,” Jerell smiled.

“Yeah, I just wish we could’ve done it sooner,” Irene replied.

“Better late than never,” Carlo said after blowing a cloud of smoke. “Still, it would’ve been nice if we had time to make something else. Can someone hand me the chips?”

With them were also snacks. The goal was to finish as much as they could.

“It’s a shame,” Carlo continued. “There’s a lot of places I wish I could’ve gone.”

“Jamaica?” Jerell suggested.

“That’s one. What about you?”

“I always wanted to see Japan.”

“Rome for me,” Irene interjected. “What about you, Mona?”

“The ocean.”

They were losing strength. In an effect similar to hypothermia, their minds were elsewhere. They passed away only hours later along with their families. Each one of them smiled as their imaginations made them experience their hearts’ desires. They were able to go happily. It would not be long until no living life would remain on the planet.

Glen Dalton and the other elites were in stasis as their ships were drifting through space. Before going into their slumbers, the ships connected to each other to form a moving city. It was powered through several means, mainly solar. Failing that, kinetic energy would also work for a while. The plan was to travel to an Earth-like planet and establish a new society. In order to manage everything, several AIs were created.

As tends to happen, however, things rarely go according to plan.

Author's Note: Finally, I'm able to get this next part out. I won't lie. This was a bit of a struggle to write, but the next part which hopefully should be the finale is where things will really pick up. Anyway, I'd you enjoyed this post, you can check out my links. The first shows where to support me. The second shows my list of stories and the last shows the articles I have written.
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2023.06.02 13:01 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 22: ZZ TOP

Sometimes a band gets so big that they somehow outshine themselves. They reach a point in their career where it does not matter if they release a new album or not; fans just want to see them tour. No one gave a damn that Led Zeppelin had not released a new album since the 1970’s; everyone just wanted to see them play again at the O2 Arena in 2007. When The Who played the Super Bowl halftime show in 2010 they had only released one new album in 28 years, and no one cared. And no one cares that Guns & Roses aren’t making new music. They still packed arenas to see how much cake Axl had packed into himself.
We’re going to take a dive into a blues power trio from down south who have zero need to release any new music, since their recording career stretches back over five decades. They had amazing and groundbreaking success in the ‘70s, the ‘80s, and the ‘90s before hitting the max level. Instead of playing to win, they now play for fun. Their sexually charged lyrics and videos inspired generations of teens to both dress better and worry about their fly. And you can bet that their fuzzy, bluesy tight sound had a huge impact on our very own desert dwellers.
It’s time for us to take a walk with That Little Ol’ Band from Texas. This week’s featured artist is the legendary ZZ TOP
About Them
The Power Trio is a tested and true format for a rock band. Lots of examples come to mind: Cream. Rush. The Police. Biffy Clyro. King Buffalo. Them Crooked Vultures. (Wait a sec. Just three members? Clearly, not everything is bigger in Texas.)
There is a member joke there somewhere, but I just can’t get it to come. Hmm. Perhaps it will come if you play with it a bit.
Hey! Stop that. Get your mind out of the gutter.
ZZ Top’s original and founding member was William Frederick Gibbons. Born in Houston in 1949, the front man was originally a drummer but, after studying with Tito Puente in New York City, picked up the guitar at age 13. His dad was a musician in show business, which allowed Billy to get an insider’s view of the industry. By the late ‘60s, he had been in and founded a number of bands and had even befriended the late great James Marshall Hendrix. One of his first bands, a psychedelic/art house band called The Moving Sidewalks, toured with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This meant that Gibbons was actually mentored by Snagglepuss himself. They also toured with The Doors, where Gibbons saw the legendary self-destructive band somehow manage to rise above conflict and make music every night. The Moving Sidewalks generated a following all of its own with a couple of hit songs, and things seemed to be headed in the right direction.
Things were going absolutely great until bassist Don Summers and keyboard player Tom Moore were drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam. Don't you just love the ‘60s?
Gibbons and drummer Dan Mitchell added a new keyboard player, Lanier Greg, and tried to make another run at it. But the chemistry was all wrong. Gibbons rechristened the band as ZZ Top (an homage to BB King), and declared that he wanted more of a straight up rock approach than the art-house kaleidoscopic sound.
Gibbons, Mitchell, and Greg (isn’t it weird when last names are also first names too?) recorded the single Salt Lick in 1969. This generated a bunch of interest and a recording contract. Decisions over the direction of the band ensued and it quickly became clear that Mitchell and Greg did not agree with Gibbons’ hard rock approach. That ended up being a poor life decision for them, but a great one for a couple of other guys.
Clearly, Gibbons needed a new rhythm section.
Fortunately, he found a package deal.
Dusty Hill and Frank Beard - also both born in 1949 - had been playing together on the Dallas-Houston-Fort Worth circuit in a number of bands, including The Warlocks, The Cellar Dwellers, and a fake cover band called The Zombies. Both the Duster and the (then ironically) beardless Beard also heard the siren call of rock and roll. Hill was classically trained and was an accomplished cello player before moving to his signature bass. Frank ‘Rube’ Beard appears to have been born with drumsticks in his hands (which I imagine might have been uncomfortable for his mom).
Beard joined the band first, along with bassist Billy Ethridge, who had played with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Ethridge balked at signing a contract and so joined Mitchell and Greg on the list of ZZ Top’s former members. Their lineup was set. Hill and Beard anchored the band in a rock-solid, tight, bluesy fashion. Gibbons meshed perfectly with this duo, and his Hendrix-inspired guitar work was on another level. Hill provided backing vocals, and Gibbons’ low throaty growl was an impressive counterpoint to his soaring fretwork. The talent was all there; now they just needed to record some music.
But success was not instantaneous, not by a long shot.
Their first album - appropriately called ZZ Top’s First Album - gives insight into who the band were to become. In this 1971 release, you can hear their raw sound. The record peaked at 201 on the charts, and had only one single - (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree. It did give them material to go out and tour. The boys gelled on that tour and went back into the studio with renewed energy, and emerged with 1972’s Rio Grande Mud. The disc was a step forward in refining their sound. The album almost cracked the top 100, and the only single - Francine - went all the way to number 69.
But the band knew that their third album, Tres Hombres, was something special. It is the epitome of Southern Rock: bluesy, fast paced, sexy, and irreverent, it is just over half an hour of pure magic. And while the album went gold and peaked at number 8 on the charts and is worth your time, it was one particular single that rocketed them to stardom. You know it and you love it, and a-how-how-how-how: La Grange. It is still in heavy rotation on classic rock stations today. And why not? The song is an absolute banger of boogie woogie blues, written about a visit to a whorehouse. What’s not to love?
La Grange propelled them to popularity. Tours sold out. Venues got bigger and bigger. 1975’s follow up album, Fandango!, was half live album (with some covers) and half new material - like an EP with bonus tracks. They covered the Elvis Presley classic Jailhouse Rock, Willie Dixon’s Mellow Down Easy, and John Lee Hooker’s Long Distance Boogie. The boys had rock and blues chops, and had 5 years of touring experience. These were bold statements that cemented their musicality as well as honoring their roots. But side two of the disc had another track that you’ve come to love. You ain’t asking for much: You’re just lookin’ for some Tush. Tush was the perfect sexually charged follow up to ensure that they were not one-hit wonders. It was written in a ten-minute spasm of creativity at a sound check, and has gone on to be one of their most popular songs.
While Tush topped the charts, ZZ Top went back into the studio to record their full length follow up, 1976’s Tejas. The name of the album means ‘friends’ in the Indigenous Caddo language, and was the basis for the name of the state. You know what that means? It means that the name of the state is ‘Friends’. Just like the ‘90s sitcom. Don’t mess with Friends. Anyways, this was an album of experimentation for the band, and unlike its predecessor it came out half baked at best. Billy Gibbons has called it a transition album. What actually happened is the band transitioned into a hiatus from touring and recording, taking some significant time off. They had recorded five albums in six years and spent virtually all their time on the road. The latest effort was just not up to their standards and was a step back. It also completed their recording contract.
What was the solution to this burn out?
Facial hair of course.
The boys took a few years off before landing another recording contract, this time with Warner. Over those months, both Gibbons and Hill grew what would become their signature long ‘Texas Goatee’ beards. Frank Beard did not grow a beard (though he did finally succumb to peer pressure from his bandmates in 2013, and his is much more neatly trimmed). So while they were resting/relaxing/getting their groove back/aligning their chakras or whatever, they also started to reinvent their signature sound as the world moved towards a decade of legendary excess.
The first step on this reinvention journey was 1979’s Degüello. The title literally means ‘decapitation’ but idiomatically refers to a fight to the death. Clearly, the band decided to tackle their transition head on. The album was not as successful as Tres Hombres or Fandango!, but it was not the flop that Tejas was. It did spawn a couple of singles - I Thank You (which was a cover) and the signature hit Cheap Sunglasses. Both are staples at ZZ Top concerts to this day. Degüello was quickly followed up in 1981 by the album El Loco. This was really the first time ZZ Top incorporated a synthesizer into their sound. As you know, the synth was THE new wave sound of the 1980s. Gods help us, keytars were once popular. But Gibbons, Hill, and Beard did not abandon their edge. The single Pearl Necklace was an immensely popular innuendo laced tune from this album. And no, I will not explain what a pearl necklace is to you.
Ask your mom.
Over the course of their first seven albums, ZZ Top had steadily grown in popularity and become a truly extraordinary live band. More than a decade of touring together meant that they had not just cut their teeth. They had found the Tooth Fairy, beaten her senseless, and added fangs to their jaws. They were ready to tackle whatever came their way.
Their huge breakthrough coincided with the birth of music videos and MTV. 1983’s Eliminator was an absolute monster of an album. ZZ Top were everywhere. They completely embraced the Music Video as a medium and became pioneers in this new genre. They branded their band with a 1933 fire-engine red Ford Coupe, which was on the cover of the album. They even had a signature hand gesture that they used as the car went by. The car belonged to Billy Gibbons and embodied his hot rod obsessions. It was featured in the videos for Gimme All Your Lovin’, Sharp Dressed Man, and Legs. Other singles from the album included Got me Under Pressure and TV Dinners. Eliminator is still the band’s most successful album. They were at the absolute height of their popularity with a massive audience. No doubt the 10-year-old Joshua Michael Homme watched those videos on a small screen in the California desert, little knowing that he would one day collaborate with Gibbons.
Seeking to capitalize on the popularity, the band went back into the studio and released Afterburner in 1985. It featured the signature hot rod on the cover and spawned two more singles - Sleeping Bag and Velcro Fly. Afterburner was not an innovative album by any stretch of the imagination. It simply built on the success of Eliminator and replicated the sound. If you blended the two albums together it would be very difficult for a novice fan to guess which song came from which disc. But hell, when you release the most popular album of your career and are earning millions of dollars for that sound, it is not time to mess with success. Or with Texas. Or with Friends (though Ross was a pain in the ass, IMHO).
That desire to not screw up a good thing was also evident in their next release, the retrospective re-release Six Pack. This was a great way to earn some bucks with a simple repackaging of existing tracks - I’m looking at you, K-Tel… - and introducing them to another generation of fans. This was not a bad thing at all - you gotta get that green whenever you can, because fame can be fleeting.
ZZ Top closed out the decade by going Back to the Future. Literally. They appeared in the third installment of the Michael J. Fox trilogy as the olde-timey house band (complete with rotating guitars) in the saloon scene. The single and signature song from the movie, Doubleback, appeared on their 1990 release Recycler. The album spawned two more singles: My Head’s in Mississippi and Concrete and Steel. Recycler was not as successful as its predecessors, but it did effectively max level the band. In the 1970’s they were a scuffling bar band that hit it big. In the 1980’s they were one of the most popular bands of the MTV generation. And in the 1990’s they achieved superstardom. They had hit the level where it truly no longer mattered if they ever released new material again. They could simply tour on their back catalogue alone and sell out stadiums.
It is clear that the band realized this as well. In the thirty years since Recycler came out, they have released five albums of new material: Antenna in 1994, Rhythmeen in 1996, XXX in 1999, Mescalero in 2003 and the critically acclaimed and Rick Rubin produced La Futura in 2012. This was equivalent to their output in their first six years.
In contrast, they have released no less than eight greatest hits albums, cover albums and live albums in the same time span. Greatest Hits came out in 1992. One Foot in the Blues was released in 1994. The massive compilation Chrome, Smoke & BBQ came out in 2003, and is a fantastic place to start if you are a new fan. Rancho Texicano was released in 2004, Live from Texas came out in 2008, and Double Down Live hit shelves in 2009. Live at Montreaux came out in 2013 and Tonite at Midnight: Live Greatest Hits from Around the World was released in 2016.
As recently as 2019, there were rumors that a new album was in the works for our Septuagenarian heroes. Lord knows the boys from Texas have nothing left to prove to anyone.
It was then that tragedy struck. Dusty Hill had to leave the band during a tour in 2021. The reason given was a hip injury. His guitar tech, Elwood Francis, filled in. Shockingly, Hill died at home at the age of 72 just five days after leaving the tour.
Fans were shocked and mourned the stalwart bassist. Per his wishes - and it seems he knew something wasn’t quite right - ZZ Top did not break up. Francis replaced Hill on bass, and the band soldiered on. In 2022, they released Raw, a soundtrack for a 2019 documentary about them. This was Hill’s final release.
You can still catch them on tour. They are going to be out there this summer, touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd, for something they are calling ‘The Sharp Dressed Simple Man’ Tour.
Go buy some tickets. Don’t miss your chance to see a truly iconic band before they are gone.
Links to QOTSA
The Reverend Billy F. Gibbons was a big part of the Lullabies to Paralyze album by our Desert Dwellers. He played guitar and provided backing vocals on Burn the Witch. He was co-lead vocalist and lead guitar on the QotSA cover of Precious and Grace, which he originally released as a ZZ Top tune on the Tres Hombres album. He also provided the guitar stylings for Like a Drug.
But the connections don't stop there. Billy sang the lead vocal track on the recent Desert Sessions tune Move Together, and he played guitar on Noses in Roses, Forever.
What may be most important to QotSA fans is that Gibbons was the first person, almost two years ago, who hinted that Queens were working on a new album.
And now we know he was right. Never doubt a Reverend.
Their Music
Salt Lick
(Somebody Else Been) Shaking your Tree
La Grange -- Live on Howard Stern
Jailhouse Rock
Tush -- a fan made video. It is not subtle.
Cheap Sunglasses
Pearl Necklace -- Live
Gimme All Your Lovin’
Sharp Dressed Man
Legs -- the ultimate makeover video
Got Me Under Pressure -- Live at Montreaux
Sleeping Bag -- Let’s go out to Egypt and check out some heads...
Velcro Fly -- also somehow in Egypt
My Head’s In Mississippi
Concrete and Steel -- vintage video
I Gotsta Get Paid -- from La Futura
Show Them Some Love
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All Them Witches
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2023.06.02 13:00 socialfoxes How can I get a Unified inbox in Outlook for Windows on Windows 11, with the New Outlook UI?

I am trying to find a way to get a Unified inbox in Outlook for Windows, in Windows 11, while using the New Outlook UI.
Similar to how I have a Unified inbox in the Outlook IOS and iPad OS apps.
I have read that Unified inboxes are now possible, but I can't figure out how to get it set up.
I currently have the following mail accounts added to Outlook for Windows.
I currently have added the inboxes from both accounts to the list of favourites, but I am having to keep switching back and forth between two inboxes manually.
I'd prefer a single Unified inbox.
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2023.06.02 13:00 superkilometerfilter Highest Mileage Car – The Most Interesting and Impressive Models

Highest Mileage Car – The Most Interesting and Impressive Models
If we look at the odometer of the highest mileage car of all time, we’ll be astonished, to say the least. Only one vehicle managed to break the records, yet other cars are also quite impressive. Their mileage exceeds what we perceive as normal substantially. These days, we frown upon the cars that have more than 200,000 miles on the clock. But for top mileage car and its counterparts, this number was simply an insignificant part of the journey.
These vehicles drove across the US, collecting mileage without flinching an eye. Is mileage as important as we believed? We’ll figure that out below.


The most mileage car that reached all-time highest mileage is the 1966 Volvo P1800. The last reported mileage was 3.04 million miles, which is really hard to process. An average vehicle will last around 300,000 miles if we’re lucky. Somehow, the owner of the Volvo P1800, Irving Gordon managed to maintain the car for a whopping 3.04 million miles.
Not surprisingly, the 1966 Volvo P1800 and its owner hold the Guinness World Record. According to Irving, the secret to making the car last so long is regular maintenance. He changed oil and transmission fluid frequently to enhance the lifespan of the vehicle.
Truth be told, P1800 isn’t an ordinary vehicle either. Volvo created a real beast with this one. It was designed for long road trips and that’s exactly what Irving used it for. In other words, the combination of the caring owner and the characteristics of the car itself made it possible to cover 3 million miles without any trouble.
After hearing about P1800, I’m sure you’ll start believing us next time we emphasize the importance of regular maintenance.

Even though no one managed to break the record set by Irving and Volvo P1800, other cars also exceeded everyone’s expectations. Below, you’ll find the list of the best high mileage cars that crossed the 1 million margin with ease.

1976 Mercedes 240D

Even though the 1976 Mercedes 240D didn’t manage to beat the longest-range Volvo P1800, it came quite close. The owner of the 240D was a taxi driver who used the vehicle both for personal and business purposes. He hit 2.85 million miles in 2004. That’s when Mercedes recognized it as their longest-lived car and saved a special place for it in their museum. In return, the owner of the 240D received a brand-new C-Class. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

1979 Volvo 245 GL

Yes, we have yet another Volvo on this list. This time it’s their 1979 245GL. Even though it doesn’t have a special story attached to it, it’s still quite famous. With its durable components and indestructible design, 245 GL easily made it to 1.63 million miles. The company that owned this vehicle claims that they didn’t do anything special apart from following regular maintenance schedules. Maybe purchasing an old Volvo isn’t that bad of an idea after all.

1963 Plymouth Fury

Next, we have 1963 Plymouth Fury with 1.62 million miles. Unlike other vehicles on this list, the Fury was the least fortunate out of all. It would surely beat the Guinness World Record in 1999, but it was hit by a truck. The Fury didn’t survive and failed to break the record.

1963 Volkswagen Beetle

We wouldn’t necessarily expect a Volkswagen Beetle to be a reliable top mileage car. Yet it surprised us in the best way possible. The 1963 release of this model lasted for 1.61 million miles. However, the owner didn’t achieve this result with the original engine. In fact, he had to go through 7 motor swaps to make the vehicle last. If you’re not sure whether the engine replacement is worth the money or not, take a closer look at the Volkswagen Beetle.

1983 Lincoln Town Car

Another remarkable model on this list is the 1983 Lincoln Town Car. This fella traveled 1.3 million miles throughout its life. The owner claims that they didn’t have to do any major repairs. We don’t know if that’s true or not, but we know that they really loved driving.

1991 Chevrolet C1500

1991 Chevrolet C1500 is relatively new compared to other models, yet its owner still managed to reach around 1.29 million miles. He drove around 200 miles every day to deliver seafood. Such a long commute is the main reason why his C1500 managed to cross the million-mile mark.

1966 Mercedes 250SE

Finally, 1966 Mercedes 250SE accumulated 1.28 million miles throughout its life. It’s quite different from the newer Mercedes models that break down quite easily. However, even the 250SE had to go through major repairs to cross the million-mile mark.


Owning the best mileage car in world is beneficial as it makes you famous, stays by your side for a long time, and turns driving into a fun and enjoyable journey.

It makes you and your vehicle famous

Crossing even a 500,000-mile margin is a great achievement these days. Imagine managing to rack up over 1 million miles! As soon as you exceed the life expectancy of the vehicle, you’ll become a cool guy among your friends. But as you achieve unimaginable numbers, you’ll surely become famous. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time achieving those results with newer releases.

A top mileage car is a life-long companion

A car with the highest mileage is a life-long companion as it lasts for decades. Sure, you’ll have to maintain it religiously, however, your investments will pay off. But if you prefer changing cars frequently, this might even be a drawback.

It makes driving challenging and interesting

If you’re someone who is always looking for challenges, then turning your car into the highest mileage model could be an interesting thing for you. Why own an ordinary car when you can have one of the most famous models?


Alternatively, owning a high-mileage vehicle can have multiple drawbacks, including the risks of breaking down, difficulties connected with reselling, and expenses.

You don’t know when it’s going to break down

The most mileage car ever recorded will be quite old – you won’t be able to rack up 1 million miles on a vehicle that was released in 2020 or 2021. Therefore, you won’t be able to predict when something will break down. Unpredictability is probably one of the major drawbacks of the highest mileage vehicles.

You might have a hard time selling it

According to Forbes, the sales of high-mileage cars have increased during the last year. However, it still doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to sell the highest mileage vehicle easily. Plus, the famous cars that made history are already in the museums. Therefore, beating existing records and making a name is already a challenging task. Reselling such a vehicle is even more difficult.

It can be quite expensive to maintain

As we’ve seen above, the best mileage car in world made it so long because the owner maintained it religiously. Even though regular maintenance is crucial one way or another, such cars require even more attention. If you skip changing the oil or neglect the signs of damage, you won’t be able to keep the car for so long.


As a rule, people manipulate mileage with the help of various tools. Even though we’re amazed by the highest mileage models, people are still reluctant to purchase cars with high mileage. Trends might be changing, yet we can blame that entirely on Covid-19. The chances are things will be back to normal in a year or two. Consequently, people still manipulate mileage to increase sales.
Mileage correction tools and mileage blocker devices are the main units they use. The former enables you to change mileage entirely, while the latter stops recording additional km. These two seem equally effective, yet things are quite different in reality.
To be more precise, the mileage blocker is more effective as it doesn’t leave any trace. Its performance is impossible to detect even with a diagnostic tester. It’s an ethical tool that manufacturers created for testing purposes. Conversely, the effects of the odometer correction tools are quite easy to discover.
You should remember that odometer clocking is an unethical business. It’s not the worst thing in the world if you have legit reasons, however, it can be illegal in certain states or countries.

You can use the mileage blocker to test the performance of the best high mileage cars. Since these fellas require a lot of attention, we need to be extremely cautious with them. Buying a tool such as a kilometer stopper can be a great solution.
It will help you check the performance of the engine or other components in a controlled environment. But it’s important to find a model that actually delivers desired results. Finding a high mileage blocker for sale is essential for safe and effective operation.


It’s interesting to explore the highest mileage car and the models that came close to its records. Not only are they impressive, but they also show us a different perspective when it comes to mileage. However, it doesn’t mean that odometer figures aren’t important. Even the owners of the highest mileage vehicles admit the importance of regular maintenance and repairs. Thus, mileage manipulation still lingers on the automotive market.
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2023.06.02 12:55 Miserable-Camera-482 McDodald, $MCD the next Gem x1000. AshCrypo, one of the famous incluencer support him

McDodald, $MCD the next Gem x1000. AshCrypo, one of the famous incluencer support him
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2023.06.02 12:51 alergikal Have Trello dropped inline shortcuts for labels and rank when creating cards?

Up until fairly recently I've been able to set labels and priority when creating cards by using the inline shortcuts of # for labels and ^ for rank. So when entering the card title in a list you use these shortcuts in the title and the label / rank. This can all be down without having to go into the card and manually set these values.
This is no longer working. I'm assuming that Trello have removed this functionality but just wanted to check that it's not a bug, and whether there are any release notes outlining this change.
Sorry if this has been asked, I can't find an answer to this.
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2023.06.02 12:49 Aggravating_Tip_9051 Curated a list of some of the best products that I have ever purchased

As shown in listings, the Ear Cleaning Kit is perfect for removing ear wax safely and efficiently. The stainless steel ear pick set comes with a handy PU bag for easy storage and travel. Highly recommended!
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2023.06.02 12:48 WarmBiertje I made an App for Reddit Collectible Avatars

Hello, Cryptocurrency community!

After countless hours of dedication, I'm thrilled to present RCAX, the ultimate tool for Reddit Collectible Avatars. It's designed to make collecting and investing more accessible for newcomers while enhancing your trading skills like a pro! 🚀

RCAX (short for Reddit Collectible Avatars Xplorer) is a tool designed to provide real-time insights and comprehensive tools for navigating the captivating world of Reddit collectible avatars. Let's explore the features that make RCAX a game-changer:

🔍 Real-Time Floor Price Tracking: Stay ahead of the market by monitoring the latest floor prices for popular collectible avatars. RCAX has 25 sorting options to ensure you are always aware of an avatar’s worth and price action! You can even check the current Reddit shop stock and see the live floor price to mint price ratio.

💰 Real-Time Last Sales, Mints, and Listings Tracking: Stay informed about recent sales, minting activities, and new listings across various avatar collections. RCAX provides a comprehensive overview of historical sales and current listings per avatar.

📈 Personal Watchlists: Create personalized watchlists to monitor your favorite avatars. RCAX keeps you updated on price movements and activities of the avatars that matter most to you.

📊 Personal Portfolio Tracking: Take control of your digital investments effortlessly. With RCAX, you can save and track multiple portfolios simultaneously.

🖼️ Avatar Mashup Downloading: Mix and match your mashup with different backgrounds! RCAX allows you to download avatar mashups with any background you desire (or no background at all). Show me your mashup in the comments!

🚀 Customizable Real-Time Price Alerts: Never miss out on profitable opportunities again! RCAX offers customizable price alerts through mobile push notifications and emails. Set your desired price thresholds and stay informed wherever you are.

💱 Preferred Currency Display: RCAX caters to users worldwide by allowing you to view prices in your preferred currency.

TLDR; Introducing RCAX: the ultimate app for Reddit Collectible Avatars. Real-time insights, floor price tracking, sales tracking, personalized watchlists, portfolio tracking, mashup downloading and custom price alerts. Trade like a pro with RCAX! 🚀

🌐 Web Version:
📱 Android Version:
🍎 iOS Version: Releasing very soon!

To celebrate the launch of RCAX, I will giveaway 20 Gen 3 avatars to the first 20 commenters that do not already own a paid avatar!
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2023.06.02 12:47 hidden_valley_explor Anyone know the set list for the North American tour?

Just curious if he plays anything from Outnumbered album, like Outnumbered or Giants.
Also if anyone knows how long the whole show was you’d say? Sorry I’m not trying to be super particular lol, I have a different commitment later that day and just wondering about logistics and such
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2023.06.02 12:44 KickzNGigglez Mentor/Ult.Raider Tank and DNC E-GF YPYT me w/ Plot Twist

MentoUlt.Raider Tank and DNC E-GF YPYT me w/ Plot Twist
So I usually don't do roulettes but I'm hurting for tomes trying to craft iLVL640 for all 19 jobs. So, my standards are lowered and I queue up for MSQ roulette. I was actually excited to get Prae this time because I was in a sick run the previous night where we got Gaius to 0.1% with several GCDs to spare. It really boosted my confidence on ninja as I usually play Tank and healer for reasons. I send my greeting and only get a welcome from the WHM, so I figured they're probably just want this over with, fine. I've grinding this content plenty to omni and understand.
I immediately notice the PLD is sort of slow to do anything so I do my huton ninjitsu, hide reset, and Shukuchi in to get started. I shade shift and arms length to help out the rest of the party and nothing remarkable happens. The next single pull is about the same but I use bloodbath and second wind instead after my very long ninjitsu prepull setup. For the last pull, I just poke the 2nd pack with range into the PLD. Before anyone says anything, I'm not really rushing things. I'm legit RP walking in stealth for a few seconds, taking a look at my surroundings to see where everyone is at. Surely the battle mentor won't YPYT me in prae of all places. They're probably just having computer issues. I'm sure things will get to normal once they deal with it in CS. I'm too fucken trusting and need to always assume the worst from people.
First boss, nothing remarkable happens. I do my long ass ninja prepull setup and suiton ninjitsu as I see everyone port in. Fight feels weirdly slow for whatever reason. I do notice the PLD just stopping randomly. Poor dude must be really having terrible computer issues. Surely he'll figure it out after the long mech sequence and 2 long ass cutscenes before the Nero fight I thought.
We get to Nero and this is where everything goes chaotic. I'm obviously ahead of the pack because ninja. However, I know I'm not that far ahead because the WHM makes it to me before I even start my Huton setup. I do the suiton setup when I see the tank make it in and use it, assuming he's going to pull, and he doesn't. Fine, ninja has so many mitigations and heals, I might as well be another tank for a good few seconds of the fight. I take that tank buster like a boss. I tank Nero all the way up to the stack marker and when it's only me and the WHM stacking up, it dawns on me that this is a cringy E-couple and shit was taking long because they were probably bitching in a linkshell getting carried instead of actually playing the fucken game. I probably should have known as there wasn't any reason for someone from crystal to be queuing on Aether late into the night on a weekday outside of group play. The stack marker sets me and the WHM to about 20% and she can't save me from that range after using benediction on the tank buster opener. The provoke after I go down to save the healer confirms my suspicion that this is a YPYT moment.
PLOT TWIST, I'm a way bigger cringy E-Dater mentor that does the sort of things that would make Yoshi-P cry. If this dumb E-couple would have taken a look at the WHM's adventure plate, they would have noticed something along the lines of "u/KickzNGigglez 's baby girl". I use that time dead to pull up the party menu and got ready to send this loser to the shadow realm. I set the vote into play post combat and my partner immediately votes yes before the next cutscene can get triggered. We see the vote go through during the CS and his spot is immediately filled, giving me the most satisfying feeling of justice.
The new chad tank comes in and I tell him what happens. He laughs because imagine being a big enough loser to YPYT in Prae. The dancer does their best "WhY dId YoU kIcK hIm?" as if we did notice the obvious team killing. Chad new tank even backs me up on this with facts and logic. Unfortunately, the new tanks pulls immediately assuming this was over, so I couldn't send the vote in for the DNC too. I figured fair, he didn't know the whole situation and I didn't want to waste his time as much as this couple wasted mine. I have a back and forth with the dancer who is barely playing the game now. I don't remember what she says but something along the lines of I deserved what they did to me, giving me decent ammo to put in my report imo.
I decided to check this guys Adventure plate and notice the cringy "Beast mode on" alpha male wannabe BS on it along with the hardcore content and ultimate raids tag. I call bullshit because what sort of ultimate raider can't do a W2W on Prae and has such a fragile ego. I pull up FFlogs and sure enough, he has a LFG information listed with no Ultimate logs (I wonder why).
So IDK, get fucked by an ERPer you stupid, fragile, poser. I genuinely feel sorry for this dude's static for the new raid tier. I won't publicly post his name because it's against this subreddits rules and rules are big for what I do. Outside of this subreddit though.... lol

Rather tame from mute couple till Tank BF gets snapped out of existence

Beast mode on.... unless you hurt my feelings :(
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2023.06.02 12:42 smart_academic Study tip 24. How to be more productive 💯📚

5 tips to increase productivity💯: ⬇️
  1. Micromanage your time: micromanaging is a technique in which a person breaks down their daily schedule into small chunks. For example, something as simple as making your bed gets scheduled. The idea is that by micromanaging your day you waste less time (personally I do this tip every day)
  2. Use the Pomodoro method: this technique is used to manage time by working in intervals, usually 25 minutes long, with short breaks. The goal is to minimize distractions and stay focused.
  3. Try the 1-3-5 rule: this is a strategy where you pick 1 task to focus on, divide it into 3 tasks, and divide each of those tasks into 5 small tasks. This is a very easy way to stay productivity because even little tasks add up.
  4. Only set one goal each day: instead of making a long list of goals, just focus on one very important goal each day- like going to the gym, writing your paper, or studying for a test. Focus on achieving that goal. With one thing to focus on, you’ll be a lot less distracted.
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode: lastly, put your phone on airplane mode so it won’t distract you. You won’t get notifications or be able to use social media and thus you will be cut off from a major distraction, and more productive.
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2023.06.02 12:41 smart_academic Study tip 24. How to be more productive 💯📚

5 tips to increase productivity💯: ⬇️
  1. Micromanage your time: micromanaging is a technique in which a person breaks down their daily schedule into small chunks. For example, something as simple as making your bed gets scheduled. The idea is that by micromanaging your day you waste less time (personally I do this tip every day)
  2. Use the Pomodoro method: this technique is used to manage time by working in intervals, usually 25 minutes long, with short breaks. The goal is to minimize distractions and stay focused.
  3. Try the 1-3-5 rule: this is a strategy where you pick 1 task to focus on, divide it into 3 tasks, and divide each of those tasks into 5 small tasks. This is a very easy way to stay productivity because even little tasks add up.
  4. Only set one goal each day: instead of making a long list of goals, just focus on one very important goal each day- like going to the gym, writing your paper, or studying for a test. Focus on achieving that goal. With one thing to focus on, you’ll be a lot less distracted.
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode: lastly, put your phone on airplane mode so it won’t distract you. You won’t get notifications or be able to use social media and thus you will be cut off from a major distraction, and more productive.
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2023.06.02 12:41 smart_academic Study tip 24. How to be more productive 💯📚

5 tips to increase productivity💯: ⬇️
  1. Micromanage your time: micromanaging is a technique in which a person breaks down their daily schedule into small chunks. For example, something as simple as making your bed gets scheduled. The idea is that by micromanaging your day you waste less time (personally I do this tip every day)
  2. Use the Pomodoro method: this technique is used to manage time by working in intervals, usually 25 minutes long, with short breaks. The goal is to minimize distractions and stay focused.
  3. Try the 1-3-5 rule: this is a strategy where you pick 1 task to focus on, divide it into 3 tasks, and divide each of those tasks into 5 small tasks. This is a very easy way to stay productivity because even little tasks add up.
  4. Only set one goal each day: instead of making a long list of goals, just focus on one very important goal each day- like going to the gym, writing your paper, or studying for a test. Focus on achieving that goal. With one thing to focus on, you’ll be a lot less distracted.
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode: lastly, put your phone on airplane mode so it won’t distract you. You won’t get notifications or be able to use social media and thus you will be cut off from a major distraction, and more productive.
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2023.06.02 12:41 smart_academic Study tip 24. How to be more productive 💯📚

5 tips to increase productivity💯: ⬇️
  1. Micromanage your time: micromanaging is a technique in which a person breaks down their daily schedule into small chunks. For example, something as simple as making your bed gets scheduled. The idea is that by micromanaging your day you waste less time (personally I do this tip every day)
  2. Use the Pomodoro method: this technique is used to manage time by working in intervals, usually 25 minutes long, with short breaks. The goal is to minimize distractions and stay focused.
  3. Try the 1-3-5 rule: this is a strategy where you pick 1 task to focus on, divide it into 3 tasks, and divide each of those tasks into 5 small tasks. This is a very easy way to stay productivity because even little tasks add up.
  4. Only set one goal each day: instead of making a long list of goals, just focus on one very important goal each day- like going to the gym, writing your paper, or studying for a test. Focus on achieving that goal. With one thing to focus on, you’ll be a lot less distracted.
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode: lastly, put your phone on airplane mode so it won’t distract you. You won’t get notifications or be able to use social media and thus you will be cut off from a major distraction, and more productive.
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2023.06.02 12:40 ogreatgames Power Drome: Futuristic Street Racing - PS2 Game

Power Drome: Futuristic Street Racing - PS2 Game

![video](p20s4366ej591 " A futuristic street racing game where you will meet unique racing foes and compete in highly intense races. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #action --
Power Drome For Sony PlayStation 2. Put on your seat belt because a cool futuristic street racing game on the PlayStation 2 has arrived! Get ready to face different types of exceptional racers with unique outstanding racing styles. Compete against fascinating racers such as a war droid, a robot political activist, and an interplanetary playboy. Level up your driving skills and learn new exhilarating tricks. Play this futuristic street racing set across 5 breathtaking planets. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.02 12:35 Zealousideal_End_978 Games Workshop have broken the golden rule - don't render our precious (new) models obsolete (general discussion about rules, Legends and proxying)

" All of our models are still usable in open, narrative and matched play-style games and tournament-style games run at home with friends (with your opponent's permission). Third-party tournament organisers are free to allow these models in tournament standard play at their discretion, please double-check with any private event organizers before submitting any lists."
This stock response to complaints directed at GW is perhaps the most anger-inducing corporate word salad since "unexpected item in the bagging area". I genuinely wonder whether the person who drafted it isn't about to leave GW for a competitor, and wants to do as much damage as possible before they leave?
Look, Games Workshop's miniatures aren't cheap; they're an investment - purchased with reasonable expectation that we'll be able to use them in games for many years. I've been playing 40k on and off for 25 years, and I still regularly use models I brought in the late '90s, from my trusty old land raider to a badly painted metal Ghazghkull.
Much talk in recent years has been about the shift to Primaris, and whether firstborn marines would disappear. Firstly, in most cases (save perhaps attack bikes and land speeders), it was clear that in the worst case scenario we could proxy old-for-new (tacticals as intercessors etc). Secondly, GW have gone our of their way to stress that old models will still all be useable. At a push, even old boxnoughts can - give or take a larger base - probably be proxied for the new Ballistus. In other words, one way or another we'll still find a way to sensibly use our beloved old models on the tabletop.
Separately, Legends has become a place to send old, obscure, out-of-production models, to ensure they can still just about be played if you *really* want to bring them in for a bit of narrative fun. In most cases they're specific named leaders, veteran versions of normal units etc (and again, in most cases models can instead be proxied for an existing proper datasheet).
While GW may argue that Legends units & datasheets can be used in "almost all" settings beyond a few official tournaments, the reality is that most local gaming clubs, groups and leagues - where most of us play most of our games - either entirely ban Legends units, or strongly dissuade their use. The reason for this is obvious: we all want a fair fight, a balanced game, and many Legends units are either sufficiently over (or under) powered that wins and losses quickly become hollow.
Yesterday, things changed. A whole heap of near-brand-new large plastic models - which have been actively marketed at 40k players - are being kicked into Legends. From the awesome Leviathan dreadnought to the humble (ish) relic terminator, we're....stuffed. Huge amounts of money and time spent on these awesome new kits, now largely down the drain. The models are sufficiently unique that there's no sensible way to proxy them, so they really are as good as dead as far as most people's 40k gaming experiences go.
Outside of the great cull that was the End Times and the rise of Sigmar (now finally being reversed with the Old Times game, after GW realised how toxic it was to render so many miniatures unplayable), this has to be the most egregious and frankly nasty decision GW have made against their player base, certainly in the quarter-of-a-century I've been playing. It has broken the one golden rule of tabletop gaming: design your game to ensure your products retain value in the medium-to-long term. I really don't think they realise the extent to which players get upset and angry at spending large amounts of money on "new" models, only to find them rendered obsolete within an unacceptably short timescale.
Their argument about balancing the game is not unreasonable, and in another context putting HH units into Legends might be OK. The problem is that GW have spent the last year actively marketing these new models to 40k players - indeed given the relative player bases, I suspect a large majority of kits have been sold for use in 40k rather than HH. As it is, wouldn't it have been so much easier to keep giving them proper rules, even if they ensured the units were always slightly overcosted/underpowered? That way they can still be played properly, but without significant risk of upsetting the fine balance of uber-competitive play?
And I really just don't get it from a business perspective either. HH is plodding along slowly, but it seemed like they'd cracked the key to getting more involved in that game (and selling more models), by allowing the big stuff (and, in reality, the troops) to be used cross-platform in both 30k and 40k. In my local gaming group there are dozens of 40k players; the small handful of 30k gamers I know *all* got into the game on the back of the knowledge that they can use their models in 40k too (indeed one local league player has a 40k list made *entirely* of 30k models). GW have spent a fortune bringing out these cool new big plastic kits, and quite frankly now, who's going to buy them?!
Until this point I was really looking forward to 10th edition, and have been pleasantly surprised at the extent to which the gradual reveals indicated a company which genuinely seems to understand and support its player base (something GW has struggled with throughout the past three decades or more, to the extent that practically every competitor implicitly markets themselves as "not being dicks to their players like GW"). This decision has cast a huge shadow over the new release; as someone who brought a Leviathan at Christmas and has spent the last few months meticulously building, magnetising and painting it....I've had enough, for now. No Leviathan box for me; I'll finish painting what I have, play local games with my old models so long as I still enjoy it (my local gaming group is now actively discussing whether to stick with 9th AoO for the forseeable). Beyond that, I really do think for me it's now time to jump ship and find another tabletop game, run by an organisation which genuinely puts players first. Suggestions welcome!
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2023.06.02 12:34 Fletchyboyo Genos from One Punch Man (CODE: QKVN3NEF4)

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