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This subreddit is about the fighting game "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle". JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 オールスターバトル JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Ōru Sutā Batoru) is a fighting game based on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandai Games.

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2023.05.30 17:13 Buckaroo2 [BOOK REVIEW] 'Fourth Wing' by Rebecca Yarros (fair warning: this is negative)

I am aware that I am in the small minority of people who didn't like this book, but I must speak my truth. This is in no way an attack on anyone who loved this book. I wish I had loved it! I was excited to read it, and to me, personally, it just didn't work.
Quick One Sentence Summary: The Fourth Wing is a contemporary romance masked as a fantasy, filled with a checklist of tropes, flat characters, a nonsensical plot, lazy and cheap world building, and cringey dialogue.
I should have been the perfect audience for this book, but much to my disappointment, I hated it. I should have DNF’d around 30%, and I normally would have, but I wanted to say I read the whole thing so I could review it. Even so, I skimmed the last 100-150 pages because I was dreading reading it and it was going to put me in a slump.
Where to even begin? First of all, This does not feel like a fantasy book. It feels like a contemporary romance with dragons. I honestly think she should have just made it an urban fantasy book, and I probably would have rated it higher. But she didn’t. She chose to insist on writing a fantasy, and if you insist on doing that, it better be a good fantasy. And this one wasn’t. The whole book felt reverse engineered, and by that I mean Yarros had one goal: to write a “spicy” book about your standard dark haired hot guy and a character that could act as a self-insert for readers. I guess she accomplished that, but it felt like she lazily created a “world” and story to make that happen. She knew what tropes would sell, and hey, good for her I guess. Get your bag. She’ll make a lot of money off of this. But if you start really looking at the premise, it makes no sense.
This book is about a war college where the lucky few get to become dragon riders to help protect the kingdom from attacks from a neighboring kingdom. It is repeated over and over again that the threat of all out war is increasing, so I have a huge problem with this military college allowing so many cadets to die when they are going to need everyone it can get to help fight. They could have easily made the Rider Quadrant a little safer so that those who fail can be sent to the infantry where they will still be able to fight in the war. Sure, I guess you can’t help it if a dragon incinerates someone, but culling 20% of potential riders every year by unnecessarily forcing them to walk the Parapet is pointless. It makes no sense to “weed out” weak people when the kingdom is desperate for soldiers. It’s also ridiculous that students are basically allowed to kill their fellow recruits with impunity (except when they’re sleeping).
Regarding the dragons: I don’t understand why they even bother with the humans at all. They have all the power here. Maybe I missed something, but what exactly do the dragons get out of this agreement with humans? It’s in their interest to protect the realm, so it seems like that’s something they could do on their own.
I also find it unbelievable that the kingdom would allow traitors’ kids into the Riders Quadrant at all. If the previous uprising was such a problem and they wanted to punish the kids of the leaders, the last thing they should do is let them bond super powerful dragons. That sounds like an incredibly risky thing to do for an unstable kingdom. They could have just sent the kids to the infantry and used them as soldiers, and there would be less risk.
Now let me get into the actual writing in this book. My biggest issue is the modern dialogue that felt so out of place in a setting like this. It was jarring, to say the least, and it took me out of the story. There was also an over-abundance of curse words. The world “fuck” is used an enormous amount, but the word “Shit” is found in this book 177 times. 177!! That is an absolutely wild amount of times to use that word. The end result was a book that seemed very juvenile, like it was a 13 year old’s idea of what an adult book should be like. In trying to be cool and edgy to seem more adult, it actually had the opposite effect.
The book was also so cringey to me and I rolled my eyes so many times reading it. I should have known this was going to be a bad book the first time Xaden referred to Violet as “Violence.” You can’t tell me Yarros didn’t name her that specifically so she could use that nickname.
Together, the dialogue and cringey writing made it so I could never get into the story. When I read I like to forget that I’m reading, and this book did the opposite. Instead, I was extremely aware that there was an author sitting at her computer writing these words, and it didn’t allow me to get into the story at all. I like an immersive experience, and this could not deliver.
Yarros also seems to believe that the reader isn’t smart enough to pick up on foreshadowing in this book because it was about as subtle as a sledgehammer. It made the book incredibly predictable. At one point, Violet’s nemesis Jack announces “Get those oranges away from me or I’ll be sent to the infirmary!” Gee I wonder what’s gonna happen later in the book. It was so out of place and there might as well have been a flashing neon sign that read “FORESHADOWING HERE.” There are other instances (e.g. the book of fables), but that example is just the most blatant one I can think of.
But perhaps my most hated thing about this book is the absolutely atrocious “worldbuilding” that Yarros did, if you can call it that. I’ve read a lot of fantasy books and this is by far the worst I’ve ever read in terms of providing the reader with information about the world. Violet, a character we are told (but never really shown?) is smart and clever, tends to recite historical and geographical facts during times of stress, so it’s all just spelled out for you. How very convenient! I know that when I’m stressed, I always recite to myself information about the geographical position of the United States and facts about the Revolutionary War. It happens the most in the beginning of the book, but this is a tool Yarros relies on throughout the entire thing. Everything we learn about this world is from either A) Violet reciting information out loud to herself, or B) In Q&A sessions during class where a professor provides details to a student. At one point Rhiannon says something about a specific treaty, and Violet literally says “Ahhh yes, the treaty that ________” and tells you exactly what that treaty is. This happened multiple times, too! It felt so incredibly lazy and cheap. It really seemed like Yarros only insisted that Violet was smart as a way to excuse this type of worldbuilding.
The idea of a school for dragon riders and a kingdom on the brink of rebellion should have worked for me, and you know what? It did work for me!! Rosaria Munda already did this concept perfectly with The Aurelian Cycle. So if you, like me, hated Fourth Wing, then you should really give Fireborne a chance. And if you loved Fourth Wing, you should also give it a chance because it’s a fantasy about dragon riders! It's just that it has better writing, characters, and world building.
My rating: 1/5 stars.
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2023.05.30 17:11 Crimson_saint357 Gone Fishin’ my water world inspired diorama for gaslands

Gone Fishin’ my water world inspired diorama for gaslands
This is my completed diorama for a competition on the gaslands forum. The change was a water world inspired post apocalyptic vehicle build.
I have three main vehicles, the chased airboat/hovercraft. My jet engine powered hot air ballon battle bus the “Hell-A express” and my hover bike called “chopper cycle”.
This my first time using water effects and I’m pretty happy with how it all came out even if some of the stuff I used didn’t work quite as it should have.
And questions or creative criticism is welcome. I also added a lot of hidden details and Easter eggs into the build, how many can you spot?
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2023.05.30 17:10 AdventureMaterials The Third Son - Pt 2 - A D&D Themed Ironsworn Actual Play

This is part two of my Ironsworn campaign experiment meant to emulator an “Old School” D&D like experience–a party of vulnerable allies, location-based adventures, and strange monsters lurking just on the outskirts of human civilization.
In the last episode, the party gained a quest to figure out why the fishing has dried up for the town of Longhill, and they have followed what clues they could find into the woods east of town.
The Party: Sir Gethin Oyvind E-1 H-2 I-3 S-1 W-2 Health: 5, Spirit: 5, Supply: 5, Momentum: 8/2. Assets: Commander (strength 4), Ironclad (light armor), Empowered (Knight Errant). Equipment: chain armor, sword, shield, crossbow, horse Vows: Become worthy of the Oyvind family name (epic): 0.0, bring back the fishing (dangerous): 2.0
  1. Baggi the Carpenter.
  2. Frej the Mercenary.
  3. Tessa the Wheel-maker.
Because this is a D&D style game, my PC won’t be solo, but the rest of the characters will not be represented by Ironsworn PCs. Instead, they are represented by the party contained within the “Commander” perk. As it stands, they are:
  1. Sola the Cruel (fighter). Workcrew overseer.
  2. Inguna the Naive (fightescout). A trapper.
  3. Bjarn the Jealous (fighter). A falconer.
  4. Somhaile the Tactless (thief/scout). A thief.
Cautious after their near-encounter with the strange crab-mosquito, the party moves forward with as much stealth as five people, a horse, and a donkey can muster.
Delve the Depths (Shadow): [Delve the Depths: Mark progress.]. [Mark Progress: Haunted Forest :9 boxes]. What do they find? Clearing (complex/refuge).
They eventually find a game trail and make faster progress. It winds through the wood until emerging in a large clearing that holds a walled camp. The walls are made of ~8 foot high poles and enclose an area about 80 feet across. A light gate stands open on one side.
Because I had no encounter, I’m going to rule that this is unoccupied. Since my supply is full, I won’t need to resupply but I may make camp.
Gethin sends Somhaile and Inguna in to investigate. They creep up to the walls, peer carefully around the open gate, and eventually disappear inside. A few moments later, they come back out waving and reporting that the camp appears to have been abandoned.
Are there supplies inside still (50%)? No, and…
The interior is entirely bare. Few signs of the prior occupants remain. Still, it’s a defensible spot and Gethin orders the party to set up camp for the night.
Make Camp: [Strong Hit: 4 + 5 + 0 = 9 vs 7 1]. +1m (now 9) and +1 next move.
The night passes easily, and the party sleeps well knowing that they have walls around them. Even the watches are uneventful. They rise early and break camp just after sunup.
[Progress Roll: Haunted Forest :Strong Hit = 9 vs 7 7]. +1 to next move (now +2).
[Mark Progress: Bring back the fishing :4 boxes]
The road passes beyond the forest and emerges onto the shore of a small lake.
Is the smell of death worse here (75%)? Yes, but…
The smell of death worsens as they leave the woods, but they still cannot see any sign of what may be causing it. There are no fish decomposing on the lake’s shoreline, and they see nothing floating atop the water. Still, they are confident that they are growing closer to their goal.
With nowhere to go but further upriver, Gethin dispatches the two scouts to see what they can find.
Gather Information: [Weak Hit: 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 vs 9 2]. +1m (now 1). What do they find? Blighted/Thicket.
It is very late before they come back. When they do, they look wary of what they have to report. A thicket ahead, near the great eastern forest–but the trees there are dead, and not by fire. The grass, too, is yellowed and crunches underfoot. They dared not go further by themselves, for they heard strange sounds within.
That sounds promisingly sinister, so they head toward it, although they make camp when they are still a fair ways off, and they take care to keep their watches carefully.
Because we have already traveled through a dungeon and scored a hit on our gather info, I’m going to rule that this is probably the thing we seek. To figure out what kind of dungeon it is, I’m going to roll from three options and I’ll randomly assign a theme:
  1. Barrow
  2. Cavern
  3. Sea Cavern (river, in this case)
Result: Corrupted Cavern. Good theme result! I’m going to make this one formidable, because I think this should spell the end of my quest once we complete it. I haven’t finished a full, formidable dungeon yet, so we’ll see how it goes. Formidable means that there should be ~10 locations in the dungeon before I can be confident that I have cleared it.
The next day they rise, but they take their time approaching the thicket. Even from far off they can feel a sense of wrongness about it. Even so, glory (and hopefully payment!) lay on the other side, so they push forward.
Discover a Site: Corrupted Cavern (Formidable).
They enter the thicket, fighting the horse and donkey all the way. Inguna finds a hint of a trail in the dead grass and leads them up a gentle rise to a low hillock. Just to the north lies the river; it would have been hidden behind a canopy in better days, but the bare tree limbs hide little. The circle of death extends equidistantly in all directions; even a few trees on the far side of the river are chalky gray instead of brown.
At the peak of the hillock stands a low wall of pale gray stone that is all that remains of the foundation of some building now long gone.
A dark pit, ringed by a strange red moss, gapes open in the earth like a sucking wound. A faint wet sound can be heard from within. “Underwater river,” Bjarn posits. All the rest pretend to believe him as they stake the animals and prepare to descend into the earth.
What do they find within? Something Unusual – Fortified/Hideaway.
The pit descends as a narrow chute through almost twenty feet of earth until it emerges into a cavern of unworked stone. Gethin lifts his torch and paces the chamber while the rest of the party follows him down. By the time the last of them arrive, he has mapped the room. It is featureless and without exits except for a single door of iron set into the northern wall.
“This strange curse is no work of nature, red in tooth and claw,” Gethin observes. “Some man had a hand in this. And that man might still be here. Be ready.” The party draws their weapons.
[Delve the Depths (Wits): Mark progress and Reveal a Danger.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Cavern :1 boxes]
Feature: Subterranean Waterway (Treacherous/Exit)
Danger: Lose way or are delayed
The door opens with a rusty groan, revealing a claustrophobic tunnel that sinks deeper into the stone. Gethin leads with his shield high as the others follow behind with torches and weapons. The fires cast long shadows that move strangely against the warped walls.
The faint water sounds become louder as they progress. Eventually, their tunnel opens into a large cavern that is split in half by a wide and swift river. The water is roaring here, for at the far end of the cavern the water gathers and throws up spray as it drains in a violent whirlpool.
“Where do you think it goes?” Inguna asks. None of them want to find out.
Unfortunately, there is no bridge and the span is too far to jump. They cast lots for who will have to swim across, and it falls on [d5=] Inguna. “Guess you’ll get the chance to find out,” Somhaile jokes. Inguna doesn’t laugh as they tie a rope around his waist.
Face Danger (iron) to swim across: [Strong Hit: 5 + 3 + 0 = 8 vs 3 2]. +1m but I’m already at 10 (I should burn it!).
He swims across but is swept quite a ways down stream before he reaches the far bank. They throw him a torch and wait as he secures the rope to a stone outcropping on his side. The rest of the party passes by safely, though they are cold and shivering when they emerge and begin to dress again.
[Delve the Depths: Mark progress.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Cavern :2 boxes]
Feature: Cramped Caves (Secret/Entry)
The tunnel beyond the river leads to a series of cramped chambers. In one, a faint breeze stirs the air. They investigate and eventually find a chimney that might lead up into the world above, although the climb upward would be nearly impossible.
[Delve the Depths: Choose one: Mark progress or Find an Opportunity.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Cavern :3 boxes]
Feature: Twisting Passages (Unstable/Valuables)
Eventually, they progress out of the caves and into a maze of twisting passages. Time seems to stall as they track and backtrack their way through the tunnels. All grow weary and–truth be told–frightened when they realize that they have been underground for far longer than they had expected, and that the way out may not be trivial.
It is Somhaile who spots them first, with her keen thief’s eyes–a smattering of reflective discs down a side corridor. They investigate and realize that they are silver coins, shining in the torchlight. Someone has definitely been here. Somhaile pockets the coins as they pass, though the others want to leave them behind to track their return. “Leave your own silver, then,” she retorts.
Inguna drops a few coppers before he realizes that no one else is doing so. Feeling foolish, he stops.
[Delve the Depths: Mark progress and Reveal a Danger.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Cavern :4 boxes]
[Reveal a Danger: Denizen controls dark magic]
Feature: Vast Chamber (Fortified/Boundary)
The passage emerges into another chamber, on that stretches out so far in all directions that their torchlight is swallowed by the darkness.
Face Danger (Wits) to detect the foe: [Miss: 3 + 2 + 0 = 5 vs 7 8].
Unwilling to become lost in the darkness, they decide to hug the walls and circle the cavern in a counterclockwise direction. Eventually, the come around again to the tunnel where they started. With nothing left to do, they leave the safety of the wall behind and step out into the great open chamber. Soon the wall is lost behind them. Their torchlight flickers feebly in the darkness, revealing a dim circle of dun beige stone floor and nothing but void beyond.
Eventually, something materializes out of the darkness–a squat, perfectly square structure of worked stone, possibly twenty paces to a side and 10′ high. [Description: Assault/Desolation] Scenes of battle and destruction appear to be engraved upon its surface, but even in the still air underground the ancient carvings have been worn smooth by countless aeons.
In one wall stands a door. With no where else to go, they open it.
Here’s where the Face Danger miss comes into play. Let’s decide what kind of monster we’re facing.
Monstrosity: giant-sized – fish (I’m going to interpret as eel) – spikes/spines – keen senses
A robed figure stands within, hunched over a darkly stained altar. As the party enters, the figure turns and begins to howl. Foul green mist pours of its open mouth, billowing across the narrow room toward the party. None want to test it, so they fall back into the large chamber, slamming the door behind them.
Just then, a whistling sound fills the air. They look up just in time to see a shadow, almost iridescent in its blackness, falling from the ceiling. The thing strikes the ground just within the light of their torches. It is a silver-scaled thing with a mouth full of razor-pointed teeth; its head it huge, easily large enough to bite through a man’s torso if it can get hold of him. Suddenly it begins to move, wiggling forward like a snake with an explosive burst of speed.
Enter the Fray against Eel-Monster and Wizard (Formidable): [Weak Hit: 3 + 2 + 0 = 5 vs 6 4]. Keep initiative.
Strike (I’m going to rule I can use my warband here): [Weak Hit: 1 + 4 + 0 = 5 vs 1 10].
[Mark Progress: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :2 boxes]
The band falls together into a group as the beast comes at them. Spears out, they manage to turn it aside just as it sends its snapping maw against Gethin’s shield. In a moment, it slithers out of sight around the building and disappears into the darkness.
They can hear it moving, just beyond the circle of torchlight. The band presses their backs together, peering futilely into the darkness.
Suddenly, it snaps forward out of the dark. Its body is long–they can see it now–dozens of feet long, and as thick around as a man. Heavy spines like sharpened quarterstaffs drag behind it, flaring from the sides of its body.
Clash: [Strong Hit: 5 + 4 + 0 = 9 vs 7 4]
[Mark Progress: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :5 boxes]
The party scrambles aside at the last second and the beast cannot stop its momentum as it sails through their midst. They stick it several times at it passes, cutting long scores in its scaly hide.
Strike: [Weak Hit: 1 + 4 + 0 = 5 vs 3 6]
[Mark Progress: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :7 boxes]
They follow it this time, gaining confidence. Several more hits land home. Suddenly, the door behind them smashes open and a whip of silver-green fire lashes out at them–the wizard has arrived.
Clash: [Weak Hit: 2 + 4 + 0 = 6 vs 10 1]. Can’t use momentum, so one of my men goes down.
Who is hurt? Bjarn.
[Mark Progress: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :9 boxes]
Sola, Gethin, and Inguna stay focused on the eel while Bjarn and Somhaile turn their attentions on the newly arrived wizard. The eel lashes out again, but not in time–Sola and Gethin form an effective wall while Inguna runs it through the neck with his spear. The thing writhes violently for a few moments, but it has been stuck well. It dies.
Just as the party turns, the wizard’s whip catches Bjarn across the chest. He goes down in a heap, like a puppet with the strings cut.
Clash: [Strong Hit: 5 + 3 + 0 = 8 vs 1 3]
[Mark Progress: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :10 boxes]
[Progress Roll: Battle: Eel-monster and wizard :Strong Hit = 10 vs 3 6]
The wizard’s victory is short-lived. Somhaile manages to sneak behind the robed figure and plant her dagger in the center of its back. It collapses with a groan and lies still.
After that fight, I’m going to say we completed one of the major steps on our quest. Surely this wizard and big eel were related to Longhill’s troubles.
[Mark Progress: Bring back the fishing :6 boxes]
Was Bjarn killed (75%)? No!
They go to Bjarn and find that he still lives, though his breathing is shallow and his eyes will not open. They need to get him rest, but none of them would be mad enough to rest in that cavern. Gethin and Somhaile investigate the building while Inguna and Sola try to prepare Bjarn to be moved.
What’s inside the building? Transform-Wound / Avenge-Time.
The chamber is spartan in its decoration. The altar stands alone near one wall; near the other lies the top of a staircase that leads deeper into the earth. Gethin averts his eyes from the altar and even Somhaile turns away; neither know what poor creature contributed to the mass of tortured flesh upon the bare stone, but both are glad that they killed the robed figure outside.
This doesn’t seem like a good place to rest, so Bjarn is going to have to stay out of commission for a while. Meanwhile, I’m going to use the stairs as an opportunity to change the domain of this dungeon–instead of a Corrupted Cavern, we are now moving into a Corrupted Underkeep. Otherwise, progress remains the same.
[Delve the Depths (Shadow): Choose one: Mark progress or Find an Opportunity.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Underkeep :5 boxes]
Feature: Hall or Chamber (Fragile/Exit)
The party moves more slowly now, and with as much quiet as they can muster given Bjarn’s condition. Somhaile moves a few dozen paces ahead of the others, keeping an eye out for signs of trouble. The stairs descend into a large, worked hall. Colonnades progress up the sides of the hall and lead toward an imposing set of bronze doors, but when the party draws near they realize that the right hand doors is ajar; there is enough room to pass through without disturbing it.
[Delve the Depths: Choose one: Mark progress or Find an Opportunity.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Underkeep :6 boxes]
Feature: Foundry or Workshop (Foreboding/Breach)
The door leads into a maze of 10′ wide corridors of worked stone. They choose a direction at random and move that way, passing several locked doors before coming at least to an open chamber. Light and heat emanate from within, but the room is empty. Inside, a forge’s embers lay dying. Strange tools of iron line the walls, devices of torture and war, twisted armor or weapons designed for bodies clearly inhuman.
[Delve the Depths: Mark progress.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Underkeep :7 boxes]
Feature: Stairs into the Depths (Mystical/Threshold)
Finally, they come to the end of the mazelike corridors. Another chamber stands there, and against the far end looms the maw of some devilish beast. It takes a heartbeat before they realize it is carven stone, and that within that maw stands a staircase that descends even deeper into the earth.
None of them want to follow it, but what choice do they have now?
[Delve the Depths: Mark progress and Reveal a Danger.]
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Underkeep :8 boxes]
Danger: Ancient Mechanism or Trap
Feature: Carved Passages (Active/Entry)
They descend further into the earth. The stairs spiral down, deeper and deeper, seemingly forever. Finally, they level out and open into a tunnel of perfectly smooth stone. They take cautious steps forward.
Face Danger (Wits) to avoid the trap: [Miss: 6 + 2 + 0 = 8 vs 8 8]
That could be bad! I’ll use momentum.
[Strong Hit: 6 + 2 + 0 = 10 vs 8 8]. Reset to 2m. +1m (now 3).
Suddenly, Somhaile reaches out and grabs Gethin’s armor and jerks him backwards off his feet. The clatters to the ground with a resounding echo. In a second he’s up, ready to berate her for making so much noise, but she puts her hand over his mouth. With a finger she points at the ground. A low wire, no thicker than a hair, runs at ankle height across the tunnel.
After a moment he removes her hand. Thank you he mouths at her. She reaches forward and pulls the coin purse off his belt and ties it to her own. He decides that argument can wait for later.
[Delve the Depths: Take both: Mark progress and Find an Opportunity.]
[Find an Opportunity: You are alerted to a potential threat.] +1 to next move and +1m on hit.
[Mark Progress: Corrupted Underkeep :9 boxes]
Feature: Shrine or Temple (Marked/History)
Monstrosity: person-sized – beast – tentacles – crusheconstrictor
The tunnel eventually leads to a small complex of carven chambers, all leading toward one center chamber. There, the ground slopes forward like an amphitheater toward a terrible shrine. That strange red mold grows everywhere here, red enough that it seems to glow with its own inner light. Water seeps in from countless tiny cracks on the walls, flowing down the pulsating mold and eventually draining through a small hole set before the altar.
A half dozen figures are here, worshipping at the altar on bended knee. The sound of their inhuman ululating covers the sounds of the party’s approach [thanks Find an Opportunity!]. The adventurers ready their weapons and prepare to throw.
Battle: [Weak Hit: 2 + 3 + 1 = 6 vs 4 9].
Who pays the price? Sola. -1 strength to warband (now 2).
The party’s ambush catches the cultists off guard and two of them are cut down immediately. The others turn, though, and the wailing becomes a scream of anger. They throw back their hoods, revealing faces that had once been human but are not mixed inseparable with that horrific red mold. Tentacles sprout from the fingers and backs as they run, spreading out from beneath dark fabric robes.
The party fights valiantly, holding the strange things off with fire and steel, and eventually the last of them lies dead. It is then that Gethin notices Sola, kneeling at the side of one of the defeated cultists. He goes to her, reaches out a hand, but that’s when he sees it–one of the cultist’s long tentacles has found a weak spot in her armor and has punched through her side.
Can he get the tentacle out without killing her? [Weak Hit: 5 + 2 + 0 = 7 vs 4 10]. -1 Supply (now 4).
The mold fears the fire, even in death, and he thrusts his torch into the wound on her side. She screams and tries to wrench away, but Inguna grabs her by the arms and holds her tight as Gethin thrusts the burning brand right into her flesh. She shudders, bites her own tongue until blood pours from her mouth, and falls still. He keeps the torch on her as her skin blisters and blackens.
Finally, he tosses the torch aside and digs in his pack for a small glass vial. He tips it into her mouth and holds back her head. The potion works quickly. The burnt flesh begins to pinken and scab. Her pale face flushes with color. Gethin sinks to his knees beside her.
Finally, he looks around. “I think we’ve done it,” he says.
Have they done it?
Reach destination: [Progress Roll: Corrupted Underkeep :Strong Hit = 9 vs 4 7]. Success! +1m (now 4).
[Mark Progress: Bring back the fishing :8 boxes]
There is no where deeper to go. The put the torch to everything they can find. The mold on the walls catches and the fire races up toward the ceiling of the cave, filling the chamber with acrid smoke. The party then takes hammers to the altar and throws the shattered stones to the four corners of the chamber, so that even its foul presence will no longer infect the water seeping through the walls and down the drain.
Finally, they retrace their steps and, after many long hours, emerge once more onto the surface.
That's it for this session! And as a reminder: You can find links to every one of my solo session game reports on my Campaign Logs page on my blog.
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2023.05.30 17:10 BL_Classics Takumi-kun Series -- Interview with the Lead Actors (translated by me)

Link to original interview:
(Their photos are marvellous, please check out the web page!)
Link to theme song on YouTube:
(It's a lovely, gentle song. Do give it a listen.)

Interview with Morishita Shion (Takumi) and Kato Daigo (Gii). I will abbreviate them as M and K respectively. I'm still learning Japanese, so this is the result of my own limited knowledge + Google Translate + and some guessing.
Q: Can you tell us how you came about to do this role?
M: I auditioned for it and at the final screening I had to read the script together with Daigo-kun. I was really nervous.
K: I was invited to audition for the role and when I saw Shion-chan, I immediately thought 'he's definitely Takumi!'. He matched exactly the image of Takumi that I had in my mind.
M: I'm really happy to hear that.
K: Well, from my point of view, he's my junior, and he's cute, so I wanted to make things easier for him.
M: Daigo-kun has a certain aura about him, he's always the centre of attention, idolised by everyone. To me it seemed like he was perfectly suited to play the role of the cool and popular Gii.
Q: The two of you played Takumi and Gii, so can you tell us how you felt about being associated with such a legendary BL novel?
M: After getting the lead role, I was ecstatic. But as the filming came nearer, I began to get nervous. A BL novel with so many fans, with a 30+ year history, such a highly valued work -- I wondered if I would be able to do it justice.
K: This was my first starring role in my first film. I've acted on stage, but still my career was only about 2 years in. And I had so many younger co-actors too. Anybody would feel pressure in this situation, but as one of the lead actors, I felt it particularly strongly.
Q: Just as you're wearing now, were you able to get into the feeling of your roles when you wore the traditional light blue school uniform?
M: I thought 'Oh, this feels real!' (laughs). From now, my life at Shidou Academy begins!
K: I was reminded of my school days. Like that morning when I didn't eat my breakfast and was scolded by my mother! (laughs)
Q: What did you understand about the characters that you portrayed?
K: Gii is an all-round desirable guy (rich, handsome, cool, popular), and fans can be particular about how such a character should be portrayed. I was a little scared that I wouldn't be able to do it properly, but in the end I decided that I would deliver the best version of 'Takumi-kun Series' that Shion-chan and I can deliver with our unique capabilities.
M: 'Human contact phobia' is one of the key attributes of Takumi, and I wanted to stay true to that portrayal of Takumi, just as in the original work. However, as filming progressed and I discussed the scenes with the director and with Daigo-kun, I came to realise that there was no prescribed 'correct' way to express the character, and that it would be okay to put my personal stamp on the portrayal.
Q: Please tell us about the similarities and the differences between you and the character.
M: I have many similarities with Takumi. I am also 173 cm tall, I too come from Shizuoka, and my blood type is also B. I don't know what his weight is supposed to be though. Like me, he is reserved and has conversations with himself, so we have many points in common. That made it easier to get into the role.
K: I was attracted to the character of Gii because he and I are very different. I tried to remember how the popular people from my school days were like, what such characters in anime are like, what kind of feelings such a perfect-seeming person might have. For example, what would he be thinking even when he doesn't say anything to Takumi? These were the things I kept in mind for getting into the role.
Q: Was there anything in particular you did in the approach to the acting?
M: Before the filming, Daigo-kun let me stay at his place. He said I didn't have to go back to my place.
K: I wanted to read the script together and I had a lot of things to discuss at that stage. I think it is good for co-stars to have a place where they can converse easily. My seniors were very good to me, so I want to support my junior even if it is in a small way.
M: I am really thankful. Daigo-kun is good at taking the lead, just like Gii, so our relationship grew naturally and this helped our performance on set.
Q: Please tell us about some episodes during filming.
K: Out of all the scenes between Gii and Takumi, the kiss scene had the most number of takes!
M: I lost count of how many times I messed it up!
K: Rather, it was more like filming it in many different versions
M: I was tentatively trying out different ways -- is this how Takumi would do it, nope he wouldn't do it like this at all, etc -- a lot of trial and error.
K: We tried out various approaches. It was a good experience.
M: When you see the kiss scene, please think of it as the result of all our experimentation! (laughs)
Q: Now I want to see all the NG cuts!
K: Sorry, we can't show you all of them! (laughs)
Q: There are many heart-throbbing scenes in the film, but are there any scenes when you felt your heart pang towards your partner?
K: Oh yes, there was one! When Shion-chan looked up at me in one scene, I felt a genuine pang in my heart. I thought it's good that I'm tall!
M: The kabe-don scene. Since Daigo-kun is taller than me, when he did the kabe-don, my field of vision was filled with his handsome face and I felt a real pang in my heart. Now I know why girls like kabe-don scenes!
Q: The kabe-don scene is a must-see! Kato-san, you also sang the theme song for the film. Please tell us how that happened.
K: Since I love music, being able to use my song in my first film and my first starring role feels like winning a treasure in my life. I had already done the song, but the director said it would be good for the film. I feel it has a strong connection to the work.
M: It's awesome to have Gii's voice singing at the end of the film. The lyrics sound as if they were written for Takumi, and you can imagine Gii singing it.
Q: Finally, a message for all those who will see the film, please.
K: This is a work that depicts pure love. You can see the viewpoints of different characters and I think you will enjoy discovering many things. I hope that you will see it again and again.
M: There are many fascinating characters and many heart-throbbing scenes. Apart from Takumi and Gii, you will see the emergence of other couples, and lines that foreshadow events in the subsequent works. I think it will make a path that fans can follow. Please enjoy watching it.
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2023.05.30 17:10 Ill-Escape-9160 SQ42 is just two years away!(again)

SQ42 is just two years away!(again) submitted by Ill-Escape-9160 to starcitizen_refunds [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 17:09 RumpledPoetry The Cynic Speaks

Spring is but a fleeting thing, and summer suns must set. Beauty fades with autumn rains and winter brings regret.
Put out all the stars above, dim the moon with grime, bury deep your living love, and leave all hope behind.
Comment 1
Comment 2
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2023.05.30 17:08 UlyssG 2023 CDL Regular Season Awards

I wanted to give my opinion on some awards for this season, and have a place for others to give their opinions as well. We might not all agree but it could be interesting to see who everyone thinks deserves some recognition this year. I might make this a yearly post too, so if anyone has any recommendations for other awards to give out drop those below.
MVP - Hydra
Rookie of the Year - Scrap
Most Improved Player from 2022 - Priestahh
Breakout Player (Not a Rookie) - Nero (This was the toughest award for me. Not a lot of good candidates for this in my opinion but I really like Nero and I think he took a step forward this year)
Coach of the Year - DREAL and Sender
1st Team All-Stars - Hydra (SMG), Abezy (SMG), Scrap (AR), Cellium (AR)
2nd Team All-Stars - Pred (SMG), Simp (SMG), Dashy (AR), Skyz (AR)
3rd Team All-Stars - Kismet (SMG), Shottzy (SMG), Octane (AR), Slasher (AR)
Those would be my picks. What do you think and what would be yours?
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2023.05.30 17:08 cumtitsmcgoo Hyatt Place Auburn Hills

I’ve stayed at about a dozen Hyatt Places and Houses and I’ve always had a good experience. I never expect luxury from these lines, but they have always been clean, orderly, and sufficient. This HP on the other hand would make a Motel 6 look like a Park Hyatt.
With how small Hyatts portfolio is compared to the other players, along with their overall elevated brand identity, I expect a higher level of quality control. Regional management needs to stop by this place and give it the Gordon Ramsey treatment.
The whole place was dirty everywhere and the front desk was left unmanned many times I walked by. When manned, the staff looked like they just rolled out of bed. They were friendly enough, but far too casual. Wearing sweatpants and on their phones. Hanging with friends who stopped by to visit. I get that these jobs can be thankless and tiring, but there’s a baseline for professionalism.
Now, I don’t expect much from a 3 star hotel buffet, but the breakfast was a joke. Only ran from 7-9, which is the shortest window I’ve ever seen and half the time the buffet was empty. By the time they finally refreshed the buffet it was all somehow over cooked and cold at the same time. Seemed like it was maybe food from the day before that had been stored in the fridge. I watched the woman refilled the potatoes spill a bunch onto the counter and scoop them right back into the serving container. Dishes and trash were piled up everywhere and everything was just grimy. The coffee was burnt and had the consistency of tar. I figured the Starbucks down the street was a safer bet. I didn’t want to get food poisoning on this trip lol.
Housekeeping didn’t come by once in my 3 nights even though I specifically requested it each day. Lots of excuses of being short staffed. AC unit couldn’t keep the room cool, but did a great job spitting out black soot all over the bed. It was also neat how it took 10 minutes for hot water to come out of the shower head.
I’m a Hyatt loyalist and generally have top tier experiences at their hotels, but this was comically bad. I want them to continue to expand their footprint with lower cost options in smaller regions/cities, but they need to keep the quality consistent.
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2023.05.30 17:07 bakedrefriedbeans We're in the final week, what's everyones thoughts on New Lex Luger and his tour?

Time for another character review. this time with Tech Lex and straight off the bat he's a massive breathe of fresh Purple or Black moves THE over! Instead Yellow Red and Green, the first with no Purple/black in well over a year (well since ASH) secondly he's Attitude Era which is a massive boost as the best i have from that era is Bradshaw and/or Zombie austin, so he's looking a strong contender to have that era requirement sorted (like K-kwik did for RA)
First things first, he's better than Dexter, his recycling is much better and his sub move while costing more can be refiled easier, HOWEVER Dexter is still faster and has a 4mp 3x2 black make move Lex's lowest cost move is 7 and (at 4SB) you can turn 3 gems green HOWEVER Lex's sub ties more in with his other moves, at 5SB you can run triple green and have your sub up every turn...can't do that with Dexter (takes 2 turns)
One of the most noteworthy things is Lex is the first MLC free wrestler to have snowfall gems in...well a long while and while it's finicky to recycle the damage it puts out makes up for it. at 4SB you can run RYR and (with some luck in the grid) recycle every turn couple this with his yellow move which boosts yellow gem damage and you can throw down a ridicuous amount of damage while having all your moves ready to go again
A shade off topic but Lex's trainer ability is much better than Dexters, Dexters requires 6SB to out-do the much more common Acro Finn's multiply gem damage..and Finn also gives +1 multiply gem make Lex on the other hand gives a multiply gem strength boost at 17k (like Corbin) but also boosts Blue starting MP (+2 at 21k) considering he's AE and a lot of new-er players wont have a good AE wrestler (less they spend) i can see him being taken to 5SG quite easily
That being said he did start off shaky 7mp move to make 2 gem green isn't great at the start and his silence > green, move was woefully bad due to how little sub gems he creates once he got to 3SB he gets the YRY combo which boosted his damage (with Santa hogan) but caused issues vs later Goldberg (i'll get to him in a bit) Recycling is his biggest issue he does the damage but it's a of a "one and done" deal but with some swapping out (the sub for the gem damage) he got a bit more consistent in surviving vs Goldberg...and SPEAKING OF...
Goldberg gives the Miz and Dexter a run for it's money for "most annoying to face" I've said it once i'll say it again, I despise being forced to use a sub to not lose round 1, Normal goldberg his MP charge move wont fill his sub turn one..but on hard and above (or 3SG difficulty) it will fill the sub and you will lose. so either you knock him out with pure damage with the YYR combo (which is impossible later on) or you bring the sub and need to rely on luck to recharge it (goldberg needs 1 Black match to fill his sub) or you bring extra sub turns and forgo your snowfall being charged
In the end i found a Green Sub -Yellow Gem make and 1x3 Snowfall as the "best" way to survive (without props) takes some luck but i don't have to deal with reversals and 1 mp moves "COUGH" managed to beat one of the 20k Goldbergs with a 4SB Lex but his tour is a mountain to climb, easier than Dexter..but harder than Dakota's
Once the month ends i will be taking Lex up. he covers many useful requirements AE - WCW - Lex luger (duh) and his snowfall combo will make yellow colour clash much quicker than my current best (IOW Batista) Will i take him to 5SG for the boost? it would be useful for WTTQ Steph but it also requires 2 stars filled, which could be an issue..5SS for sure to get the boost and to have AE in the bag. Shakey start but I really like Lex!
Alright what's everyone elses thoughts on Lex and his tour?
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2023.05.30 17:06 DanTay19 Likeliness of more warriors games coming to switch?

I currently own DW8XLCE on switch and despite the great content it offers i’m slowly realising it’s shit.
Some of my favourite characters and weapons were introduced in this game and the fact everyone is unique is brilliant.
But the XL battles all have incredibly shit ally AI, never enjoyed the rock paper scissors mechanic, ambition mode is shit and the enemy AI consists of consistent guarding.
Yet I keep playing it because it’s dynasty warriors and it’s on the switch.
I keep thinking though how much I would love to see games like DW7 or DW5 on switch.
If DW8 runs fine surely all these others will, I don’t know how difficult they would be to import.
But an XLCE version of these on switch would be great.
Side note does anyone know if these games mentioned DW7 and DW5 are available on PS4??
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2023.05.30 17:06 axisokdev I documented the winner character of every 2023 Strive tournament I found on YouTube

Personally, I don't like tier lists, especially because they're extremely biased and don't represent actual results. So what does represent results? Well, what else if not the results themselves?
So, I decided to make a "tier list" based on real data with video evidence. These videos were all found by searching "guilty gear strive top 8" on YouTube and sorting by newest. Then I went through them one by one, checked what character won really fast (very likely to have made several mistakes) and made a list. I could keep going, but I already spent a few hours on those so I decided to stop on the first tournament of 2023. Plus, we probably don't want to include too old videos, as the difference between patches would be too big to ignore.
Also, there are several missing because for some reason they're either not on YouTube at all or they didn't show up in the search (notably baccpaBrawl has several missing on search, but they are available on the channel), don't take that as a list of every recorded tournament in 2023 because it's definitely not. And again, there's definitely mistakes somewhere, I did not check every video twice and some links might be broken/lead to something unrelated for some reason.
So, here it is, the results:

Tournament winners

Win count

So, what conclusions can we draw from that? Well, I would personally ignore everything at or below 2 wins, as I'd say that's where you can see a singular player carrying the character that one time or two. I would also like to point out that many of the character wins are from the same very few players, which could change the way you think about the list, but do remember that if they're sweeping consistently maybe the character is good after all.
Those things aside, I do think that the "tier list" formed by those wins is decently accurate. It would be interesting to check every single one of those videos and include more players from the top 8, maybe that way we'd see some obvious characters that are missing like Baiken. But it might become slightly more of a popularity contest, which could go against the original goal.
I wouldn't say this is a tier list of which character to pick if you're new to tournaments and want to win, but instead a tier list of which characters are more likely to win any future tournament. I'd consider anything below Zato to be the underdog, and everything above to be one of the favorites to win it all. Why is Ky up there with the big boys? I don't know, I guess Dany is just built different.

Fun zone

One last thing I wanted to do, as this might be more representative of the actual power level of a character. Just keep in mind that these are some arbitrary numbers and calculations and there aren't enough samples to draw any conclusions even if they were scientific. The numbers don't reflect reality at all, it's just for fun.
I'm taking the popularity on 2100-2200 elo from Rating Update (as of writing this) and dividing the percentage of wins by it. What that gives us is a number that is bigger if a character is not very popular but wins a lot, and lower if a character is very popular but doesn't win much. A number of 1 means the character is in line with what you'd expect, higher means they're winning too much and lower means they should be winning more. Again, 49 tournaments is not enough and the numbers are going to look funny.
We could somehow include the amount of different players using each character, but while we could pretend that would be closer to the truth about the character being good or bad, I think the number is already meaningless enough as it is.
So I think what we learned from this is that May is severely underpowered and needs some buffs. S dolphin will be +0 on block on the next patch, boys.
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2023.05.30 17:06 Ancient-Web7144 31 [M4R] want to make a best friend

Hey there!
I’m a 31 married guy that lives in the southeastern US. I’m in the eastern time zone. I don’t really care what time zone you’re in but would prefer it to be close to my schedule.
I’m looking for someone that I can message all day and night. Some that will share happy moments and sad moments with me. Someone that will just send me stupid memes and or crazy selfies. Send me songs that you’re listening to.
I really would like to move off of Reddit chat eventually since it is terrible. I'm on telegram and snapchat. Also if please bring your A game conversation.
About me: I’m into tattoos, just got a big one day this weekend, I have piercings and stretched ears. I love music. I play guitar and make my own music. Going to shows is really important to me. I go to a lot of local shows as well as big name shows. I love horror movies, and movies in general. I enjoy reading and I really like graphic novels. I love Star Wars and lord of the rings. I love skateboarding.
If this sounds what you’re looking for send me a message.
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2023.05.30 17:06 ilikemoose42 H: Trades W: Unyielding, AP, weapon weight, heavy leather left arm, plus a few other things

I am looking for a unyielding, AP, heavy leather left arm, with weapon weight, or maybe cavalier or sentinel.
A unyielding, intelligence, sentinel, wood left arm.
A Vampire, power attack, strength, chainsaw.
An AA, bash, 90% reduced weight, Minigun.
Chameleon, weapon weight reduction, excavator power armor, with a good second star, I don't need a left leg, or chest, and am mostly after a left arm.
Maybe a unyielding, +1 strength, weapon weight reduction, marine chest.
I will pay caps for weightless trapper, or forest scout armor, with slowly removes rads. For trapper I need a RA and forest scout armor I need a CP, LA, LL. If you have more then one piece I may offer more then caps
Now what I have for trade.

Rare outfits

tattered field jacket
blue ridge caravan outfit and and gas mask
both scout masks
white powder jumpsuit
responder fireman helmet
winter man mask
crazy guy mask
deathclaw mask
brahmin mask
demon mask
hag mask
buffoon mask
raven mask

Some enclave plasma rifles ready for rolling, and some mod boxes too.


aristocrats, explosive, less vats cost, double barrel shotgun
aristocrats, explosive, less vats cost, handmade
anti armor, explosive, V.A.T.S. critical meter fills 15% faster, radium rifle
anti armor, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, pepper shaker
berserkers, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, fixer
bloodied, explosive, breaks 50% slower, fixer
bloodied, faster fire rate, 90 reduced weight, minigun
bloodied faster fire rate 90 reduced weight gatling laser
bloodied, explosive, faster reload, submachine gun
bloodied, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, gatling plasma
bloodied, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, lever action
bloodied, faster fire, rate, 90 reduced weight, radium rifle
bloodied, faster fire, rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
bloodied, explosive, faster reload, ripe rifle/pistol
bloodied, faster fire rate, breaks 50% slower, ultracite gatling laser
executioner, explosive, less vats cost, fixer
junkies, explosive, faster reload, handmade
junkies, explosive, 90 reduced weight, handmade
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, light machine gun
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, 50 cal machine gun
junkies, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver
quad, 50 more vats critical damage, faster reload, fixer
quad, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver
quad, faster fire rate, faster reload, gatling gun
quad, faster fire rate, faster reload, assault rifle
quad, explosive, less vats cost, assault rifle
quad, explosive, less vats cost, bolt action pipe rifle
quad, explosive, faster reload, hunting rifle
quad, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, gauss rifle
tse, less vats cost, pipe bolt action pistol/rifle
tse, faster reload, pump action shotgun
tse, less vats cost, combat shotgun
tse, faster reload, handmade
tse, less vats cost, radium rifle
tse, 90 reduced weight, 50 cal machine gun
tse, 90 reduced weight, gatling gun
two shot, faster fire rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
two shot, 50 more vats critical damage, faster reload, fatman
vampire, faster fire rate, less vats cost, railway rifle
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, railway rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, pipe revolver
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, assault rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, combat rifle
vampire, explosive, faster reload, radium rifle
vampire, explosive, less vats cost, pipe revolver


anti armor, 50 more vats critical damage, less vats cost, chainsaw
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, pole hook
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, shovel
anti armor, swing speed, + 1 strength, shishkebab
aristocrats, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw
aristocrats, swing speed, + 1 strength, chainsaw
berserkers, power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
berserkers, swing speed, + 1 strength, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, 90 reduced weight, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
bloodied, AP, 90 reduced weight, chainsaw
bloodied, power attack, + 1 strength, grognak axe
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, assaultron blade
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, sledgehammer
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, hatchet
bloodied, swing speed, + 1 strength, multi purpose axe
furious power attack, + 1 strength, chainsaw
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, pole hook
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, cultist dagger
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, death tambo
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, chinese officer sword
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, tire iron
junkies, swing speed, +1 strength, pickaxe
instigating, swing speed, +1 strength, super sledge
vampire, +25% damage while standing still, + 1 strength, chainsaw
vampire, swing speed, less vats cost, chainsaw
vampire, power attack, less vats cost, chainsaw
vampire, power attack, breaks 50% slower, chainsaw


assassins, AP, sentinel, sturdy robot left leg
chameleon, ap, sentinel, heavy combat armor right arm
overeaters, + 25 fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, urban scout right arm
overeaters, receive 7% less explosion damage, sentinel, sturdy metal right arm
overeaters, + 1 perception, cavalier, trapper left arm
overeaters, poison resistance, weapon weight reduction, urban scout chest
overeaters, AP, cavalier, trapper left arm
overeaters, 25% disease resistance, weapon weight reduction, trapper left arm
overeaters, 1 strength, cavalier, forest scout right leg
overeaters, hunger and thirst 10% slower, sentinel, heavy leather left arm
overeaters, Fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, wood left leg
overeaters, Fire resistance, cavalier, wood right leg
overeaters, poison resistance, cavalier, heavy combat right arm
overeaters, radiation resistance, AWR, forest right arm
overeaters, poison resistance, AWR, marine right arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, marine chest
unyielding, 1 strength, harder to detect while sneaking, forest scout chest
unyielding, 1 strength, sentinel, sturdy leather chest
unyielding, 1 strength, sentinel, heavy metal chest
unyielding, 1 strength, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, AP, cavalier, urban scout right leg
unyielding, 1 perception, weapon weight reduction, light leather left arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, cavalier, heavy leather left arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, weapon weight reduction, wood right arm
unyielding, 1 intelligence, sentinel, wood right leg
unyielding, 1 luck, sentinel, light leather right leg
unyielding, poison resistance, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, AP, sentinel, heavy combat armor chest
unyielding, AP, weapon weight reduction, light combat armor right leg
unyielding, AP, cavalier, trapper right arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, marine left arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, sturdy left leg
unyielding, 1 luck, sentinel, heavy raider chest
unyielding, 1 intelligence, cavalier, marine right leg
unyielding, AP, harder to detect while sneaking, sturdy robot right leg
unyielding, 25% cryo resistance, AWR, marine left leg
unyielding, radiation resistance, AWR, forest scout left leg
unyielding, poison resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy raider right arm
unyielding, poison resistance, cavalier, forest scout left arm
unyielding, poison resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, trapper left arm
unyielding, receive 7% less explosion damage, sentinel, heavy robot left arm
unyielding, receive 7% less explosion damage, FDC weight reduction, heavy raider left arm
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, heavy combat right leg
unyielding, radiation resistance, cavalier, wood right leg
unyielding, Fire resistance, harder to detect while sneaking, wood left leg
vanguard, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy combat armor chest
vanguard, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, heavy robot chest
vanguard, ap, harder to detect while sneaking, forest scout right arm
vanguard, 1 strength, sentinel, heavy combat armor left arm

power armor

assassins, AP cavalier, excavator torso
assassins, radiation resistance, sentinel, excavator right leg
assassins, poison resistance, AWR, excavator right leg
Auto stim, AP, sentinel, excavator torso
Auto stim, AP, sentinel, excavator right leg
Auto stim, AP, FDC weight, excavator torso
Auto stim, AP, FDC weight reduction, excavator torso
Overeaters, receive 7% less explosion damage, weapon weight reduction, t45 right arm
Overeaters, Fire resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg
Overeaters, radiation resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator torso
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg
Overeaters, + 1 endurance, FDC weight reduction, excavator left leg
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, AWR, excavator left leg
Overeaters, 25% disease resistance, AWR, excavator left leg
Overeaters, Fire resistance, sentinel, excavator right arm
Overeaters, + 1 strength, sentinel, excavator left arm
Overeaters, poison resistance, sentinel, excavator torso
Overeaters, poison resistance, cavalier, excavator torso
Overeaters, + 1 strength, AWR, T60 right leg
Overeaters, + 1 intelligence, weapon weight reduction, ultracite right leg
troubleshooter's , 1 strength, AWR, excavator right leg
vanguard's, AP, weapon weight reduction, excavator right leg


I have most rare plans such as.
I believe I have all the rare Ultracite power armor plans
dense trapper torso plan
dense marine torso plan
T60 full set of plans
And much more. If there is a plan you are after feel free to ask if I have one.
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2023.05.30 17:06 ParisLake2 [Front Office Sports] Stephen A. Smith’s ‘NBA In Stephen A’s World’ Joins ABC/ESPN’s NBA Finals Coverage Plan

Link to article:
Here’s what Front Office Sports has learned in advance about ABC’s 21st straight year of NBA Finals coverage:
Earlier Game Times: For the first time in 20 years, the NBA will offer earlier game starts. All weeknight games will tip off at 8:30 p.m. ET instead of the usual 9 p.m. ET start. Weekend games will begin at 8 p.m. ET. It’s the first time since 2003, that the NBA has moved up the start times for the Finals, according to Sports Media Watch.
Network Firsts: ESPN’s biggest star, Stephen A. Smith, will present his first NBA Finals-specific version of his alternate telecast, “NBA in Stephen A. World,” on ESPN2 and ESPN+. Smith’s guest list for Game 1 will be announced closer to game time. And he will continue to star on ESPN’s “NBA Countdown” pregame show.
Records: Hall of Fame play-by-play announcer Mike Breen is poised to call his record-setting 18th NBA Finals. Ex-New York Knicks coach Van Gundy will call his record 17th Finals as an analyst. And Jackson will call his 15th Finals – the most-ever for a Black analyst in a major championship event. Between them, Breen, Van Gundy, and Jackson will call their record 15th NBA Finals together (Breen and sideline reporter Lisa Salters won Sports Emmys last week).
Pregame Show: Mike Greenberg will host the “NBA Countdown” studio show, with analysts Smith, Jalen Rose, Michael Wilbon, and insider Adrian Wojnarowski. Meanwhile, host Cassidy Hubbath and senior writer Brian Windhorst will lead coverage of “Hoops Streams,” ESPN’s digital pregame show.
Lead-In: ESPN’s “NBA Today” will go live at 3 p.m. from the site of that day’s NBA Finals. Host Malika Andrews will lead coverage with analysts Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins, Chiney Ogwumike, senior writers Windhorst, Zach Lowe, Ramona Shelburne, and Wojnarowski.
ESPN Radio: Doris Burke, P.J. Carlesimo, Marc Kestecher, and Ros Gold-Onwude will call the Finals nationally on the radio. Burke is calling her fourth NBA Finals. Reporters Tim Bontemps, Nick Friedell and Zach Lowe will also provide coverage. Day 1 will feature a piece exploring the turning point in Jokić’s pro career.
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2023.05.30 17:05 TracingBullets CMV: Pro-Palestinians should be assumed to be opposed to peace, pro-terrorist and anti-semitic until

I have observed the "pro-Palestinian" movement in action for over a decade, and it has become clear to me that it is a movement with serious moral failings, moral failings that are maintained by strong groupthink and the stamping out of dissent. I have tried to give the pro-Palestinians the benefit of the doubt in the past, but all I can do is draw conclusions from what I see. Would you like to know what I see?
I see pro-Palestinians rejecting peace.
I see the leadership of BDS, the pro-Palestinian north star and guiding light, admitting many times over that the purpose of their movement is to destroy Israel. I see pro-Palestinians across the world chanting "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free," and "death to Israel," at this point there are thousands of videos of them doing so. I see every major Palestinian and pro-Palestinian group drawing their logos to show a "Palestine" not in the West Bank and Gaza but including all of Israel. I see them regularly conflating "pro-Palestinian" with "anti-Zionist" and continuing to defend anti-Zionism as a legitimate point of view on the debate stage at places like Intelligence Squared. I see them sneeringly label Israel as an "ethnostate" for being Jewish while refusing to say the same about any Arab state, or any other nation state for that matter. I see them insisting that Israel exists on "stolen Palestinian land" which must be returned, and I see them snarling that they "really, truly don't give a fuck" what would happen to Israelis should their sovereignty be taken away from them. I see them labeling any Arab, politician or otherwise, who dares to so much as treat an Israeli with a modicum of human decency as a "traitor."
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinian individuals or groups explicitly endorsing two states for two peoples, in fact I have yet to find a single pro-Palestinian group or organization that does so. I don't see pro-Palestinians reaching across the aisle to find common humanity with Israelis, or trying to bring the two sides to a mutual understanding. I don't see pro-Palestinians ever treating anyone who disagrees with them with anything other than base hatred and violence.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian individual wants peace?
I also see pro-Palestinians being pro-terrorist.
Every time Israel and a terrorist organization, even ones that aren't Palestinian like Hezbollah, get into conflict, I see pro-Palestinians marching out into the streets not to call for peace and an end to the violence, but to "stand in solidarity" with their "resistance fighters." I see BDS, the face of the pro-Palestinian movement, endorsing and defending terrorists. On this subreddit and especially on /Israel_Palestine, pro-Palestinians make it clear that Palestinians not only have the right but the obligation to resist the occupation "by any means necessary." Pro-Palestinian groups like Jewish Voice for Peace regularly reaffirm the Palestinian right to "armed struggle." A new chant we see alongside the aforementioned"from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" is "there is only one solution, intifada revolution." When it comes to settlers, the pro-Palestinians are even more clear: they are all legitimate targets, even the children. I see pro-Palestinians pulling out all the stops to help terrorists like Rasmea Odeh, and I see them giving platforms to terrorists like Leila Kahled and supporters of terrorism as well on college campuses. In fact I see pro-Palestinians getting very heated and bothered that anyone would refer to groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorists, and I see them insisting the "real terrorists" are the Israeli children murdered by those groups.
Meanwhile, I don't see any pro-Palestinian group explicitly disavowing the targeting killing of civilians by Palestinians, or the groups that carry out such attacks. Even finding individuals who are willing to do so is extremely difficult: they prefer instead to whatabout or minimize them. At best, you're going to see things like "I don't support Hamas but those children were settlers so they had it coming"
Here's an example comment that proves my point for me:
"Hamas and the PIJ are the resistance right now. if you are pro-Palestinians and believe they have the right to resist the Israeli oppression then you are automatically pro-Hamas and pro-PIJ."
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian is opposed to terrorism?
I also see pro-Palestinians being anti-Semitic.
At this point the number of cases of Jews, not merely Zionists, being attacked both verbally and physically by Western pro-Palestinians runs in the hundreds. I see pro-Palestinians ramming Jewish girls with shopping carts, punching Jewish college students and professors for the crime of disagreeing with them, screaming racially charged insults at Jews, conspiring to keep Jews out of student governments, and pushing to keep Jews out of the Women's March and the Temple Mount. I see them harassing Jews at synagogue in Michigan, assaulting old men for attending a basketball game, and taunting Holocaust survivors. I also see pro-Palestinians vandalizing Jewish houses of worship and Hillel houses, disrupting Holocaust remembrance ceremonies, graffiting Holocaust memorials, and engaging in Holocaust inversion regularly. I see pro-Palestinians insisting that Jews are not allowed to decide what anti-Semitism is, and that what anti-Semitism is and isn't is up to Palestinians, not Jews.
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinians admitting that there's a problem of anti-semitism in their movement and committing themselves to fixing it. Instead I just hear a lot of whining about definitions of anti-semitism and how it might make it harder to criticize Israel. The few who have the courage to speak out against the anti-Semitism in the Palestinian movement are attacked and smeared.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian isn't anti-Semitic or at least complicit in the anti-Semitism of the movement?
At this point the pro-Palestinian movement has a very well established reputation for all of these things, and have done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt. So I refuse to give it to them, and neither should you. If any of our local pro-Palestinians truly want peace, are truly opposed to terrorism, and are truly not opposed to Jews being treated equally, with dignity, and with human rights, let them say so now, without equivocation or euphemism, or let them remain silent and be judged forever accordingly. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 17:05 TygoSK033 [XBOX] [H] 3/13 , 4/14! [W] All Sweeper S1 Dire Wolfs and Helios

NOTE: CAN DO DISCOUNT IF BUY MULTIPLE especially with RP + Listening to offers aswell
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Enchanter Impact Scorer TW 700c
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Saptirishi Accelerator PM Black 1.4k
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Voxel Unpainted 100
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Zomba Black 840
Fan Rewards
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Crown Purple 40
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Statesman - 10
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ANDR01D Cobalt, FG 10 for both
Auger FG, GK Saffron 30, 60
Ault-SPL Juggler Pink 10
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Chequered Flag GE FG 20
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Corbital Boost Lime, Pink 10 each
Corbital Trail SB, TW 10, 30
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Diecast Spark Black, Crimson, FG 30, 20, 10
Dimensionator Boost BS, FG, 3x Orange, 3x Saffron 20 for all
Dimensionator Trail Black, Cobalt, 3x FG, Orange, 2x pink 20 for all
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Haphazard 2x Pink, 2x purple 30 for all
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Holodata Trail Black, BS 20, 10
Holodata GE Paragon Purple, Uncert BS, 2x Cobalt 30, 10, 10 each
Hrb-20 SB 10
Hrt Beat PM Lime, Scorer Saffron 100 each
Jandertek Lime, Orange 10 for both
Kablooney Crimson 100
Lotus Bloom 2x Black, 3x BS, 2x Cobalt, 2x Crimson, 2x Lime 30 for all
Mandala Boost 3x Cobalt, 2x Crimson, 2x Grey, 3x Purple 40 for all
Mandala Wheel Black, Acrobat Grey, Lime, FG, Scorer Pink 30, 20, 30, 20, 60
Mandala: Infinite TW, Purple 130, 50
Maxle-PA Pink, Saffron, TW 10 for all
Morrowhatch Paragon, Sniper Grey 10 for both
Muscle Boy Crimson 10
Phase-R Cobalt, FG 10 for both
Philoscope TW 120
Pylon 3x BS, Cobalt, Lime 10 for all
Q-Runner Uncert BS, Grey 10 for both
Rad Rock GE Sniper TW, Uncert Grey, Saffron 100, 10, 10
Rad Rock Boost Crimson, Lime 10 for both
Reticle Purple 10
Riser Bs, Crimson, FG 10, 40, 30
Sandscape 2x BS, 2x Lime, SB 10 each, 180 each, 50
School'd Black, 2 BS, 3x FG, 2x TW 20 for all
Shima: Infinite Purple 50
Shining Barrage Scorer Crimson, Uncert Black, Purple 140, 50, 20
Shortwire SB 10
Slash Beam Pink 10
Spatial Rift BS, Purple 10, 50
Spotdrop 2x BS, Cobalt, 2x Pink 10 for all
Sprattle Pink 10
Star Princess BS, Orange, Pink 10 for all
Starcade BS, Grey, Lime, 3x purple, 3x orange 30 for all
Starpower FG 20
Streamix 2x Cobalt, 3x pink, 3x Saffron 20 for all
String Theory TW, Cobalt, Victor Pink 10 for all
Supernova Boost BS 10
Synastry 3x Crimson, Grey, 3xLime, Saffron 30 for all
Throned Grey, Pink 10 for both
Torque TX: Inverted 2x Black, 2x Purple 100 each
Volkswagen GTI BS, 2x SB 30, 120 each
Volkswagen GTI RLE SB, FG 130, 100
Warp Wave Trail Purple, TW 20, 80
Xtra BS, 3x Purple, 3x SB 30 for all
Z-Ro Uncert Grey 10
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2023.05.30 17:04 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (Updated)

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2023.05.30 17:03 LRSSJ4Vegeta This is what I want LR GoBros EZA to be like

This is what I want LR GoBros EZA to be like submitted by LRSSJ4Vegeta to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 17:03 GamingHearts1 Retro Gaming 80's- Mega Man II: (1988)

Retro Gaming 80's- Mega Man II: (1988)
There were many great games for the Nintendo Entertainment System during the 1980’s that many people had the opportunity to enjoy. One of the best platform games to be released for the Nintendo Entertainment System included Mega Man II which was released in 1988 as the sequel to the original title. When it came down to musical composition many people would agree that the second Mega Man game was probably among the best depending on who you ask. Mega Man II was a huge improvement from the original game because in terms of BGM and gameplay. The difficulty level for Mega Man II had exceeded that of its predecessor because some of the stages in this game were usually tough even on a normal setting. In Mega Man II you have eight stages to complete with each containing a boss battle at the end.
However, despite how tough those levels are they pale in comparison to the obstacles presented in Wily’s Skull Fortress which includes a few levels before the final boss fight. Before reaching Wily’s Skull Fortress players are going to need all the help that they can get which is why acquiring some of the powers that each defeated boss is very useful. If players did not have the ability to acquire weapons from other boss characters prior to reaching Wily’s Skull Fortress then the game would probably be almost impossible to beat. Despite, being released for the Nintendo Entertainment System almost a year later the level design for Mega Man II seemed to be miles ahead of the original. The Soundtrack for Mega Man II was a large part of why this game was exciting. The intro for Mega Man II was probably one of the best in the series along with the start menu them which featured an epic soundtrack which is simply unforgettable.
Along with the start menu theme Mega Man II had featured some other great soundtracks including Quick Man & Air Man’s stage BGM along with the two themes used in Willy’s Fortress. When it came to completing the game players had to be very careful about what order they choosing stages and fighting the bosses of each level. Unlike, the original Mega Man game the second installment was very successful in terms of sales and managed to hit over one million units worldwide. Since its release the original Mega Man II for the NES has been remade for the Sega Mega Drive under the title Mega Man Wily Wars along with I & III in 1994. Also, Mega Man II was ported for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube along with many other titles in the series in Mega Man Anniversary Collection in 2004. Since its initial release Mega Man II has probably been one of the most influential platform games of all time. Many people would argue that Mega Man II is probably one of the best in the series not only because it was innovative but the difficulty of this game helped people get better at it mostly through trial & error. Mega Man II was easily one of the best platform titles that Capcom has ever created for the NES and easily one of the toughest games to complete in general.
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2023.05.30 17:02 Daystroiyu StarBattle Reloaded is well worth a look!

I've just returned to StarBattle and saw no 3.1 version games, which is the last I played. I tried later and StarBattle Reloaded was amazing. I'm still stuck on only being allowed beginner ships (a nice touch though for noobs, which I'm not) but am looking forward to more options soon.
Anyway, it's worth a look if your a fan of SB!
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2023.05.30 17:02 digitalstorm This is The Way (to homeschool)

This is The Way (to homeschool)
I know Reddit disapproves of homeschooling, but we try to make it fun, since we all love Star Wars.
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