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Doubting the authenticity of this Royal Oak
My friend got this AP And he claims it’s the 50th anniversary. However, when I looked at the back of it, the rotor didn’t have the number 50 on it. He said that it was repaired and replaced incorrectly. Unfortunately no pictures of the back. This is all I got. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙏 I’m just really curious
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The Hawaiian Soul food truck in west Minnehaha has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, and such nice people too. Try the crispy chicken sandwich and the chicken katsu. Their desserts are amazing as well. Heads up that they are cash only.
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Trying to fill the hole in my soul after finishing the mass effect trilogy and i’ve read that these two games are pretty good. Trying to find a game where choices actually impact the story and i’ve come across these two very much. Which one would be the better option? Or if there are any other games where choices significantly impact the story, please tell me below.
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Mainly interested in souls like games, Metroidvania, horror games but I'll take a look at whatever. Send me your lists! Here's what I have;
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Lost Planet 3
Bionic Commando: Rearmed
The Invisible Hand
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Purchased EUV in January, went through hoops with Qmerit, got an install date set, discovered we were moving to a new home and canceled install with electrician.
  1. Contacted QMerit to request a change of location; No bueno but happy to cancel operation fully.
  2. Contacted dealer; no bueno but gave number to Chevrolet Electric Concierge (?).
  3. Chevrolet says I can only use the charge credit and not the install at this time and would contact dealership to initiate the credit. They did not give specific reason.
Ya I get that we, switched horses mid-stream, but wanted to parlay what happened to the group.
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2023.05.30 15:55 Notmiefault [Video Games] World of Warcraft: Is a Head Start an Advantage in a Race? The Answer May Surprise You!

World of Warcraft’s latest Race to World First has ended, which means it’s time for another Hobbydrama post! Watching this season’s race, I was really worried that nothing truly drama-worthy would happen, things were pretty smooth for most of it. The gods of WoW must have heard my prayers, however, because right at the race’s end an incident, long-feared but never realized, finally came to pass.
If you’ve read any of my three previous posts on World of Warcraft’s Race to World First, then you’ve seen something mentioned about North America’s “Head Start”. I always put off talking about it because it never really mattered. Well strap in folks, because it finally mattered. Big time.
This is a story of timing, about what happens when two competitors aren’t playing under quite the same rules, and about what “fair” really means in a competition that was never really meant to be a competition.
Released in 2004, the MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most successful videogames of all time. Players create characters to do battle in the fictional world of Azeroth, a kitchen-sink fantasy setting where players fight dragons, gods, lovecraftian horrors, and each other. The game is heavily multiplayer focused, with pretty much all of the most difficult content in the game requiring a coordinated group of players to participate in. One of the most popular things to do in World of Warcraft is raiding.
Raiding and the Race to World First
A raid, in simplest terms, is a mega-dungeon consisting of a series of bosses that are designed to be tackled by groups of ~20 players. They are generally completed over weeks or months by organized guilds of players, who get together at scheduled times 2-3 days per week to try and work their way through them.
Raids are designed as a cooperative activity, but as with all things, some players got into enough to turn it into a competition. For WoW’s most elite players, it has become a race, the race to beat the Raid first.
While the Race for World First (RWF) has been around since WoW began, it really exploded in popularity in 2019 when top guilds started streaming their attempts. Whenever a new Raid is released, top guilds take time off work and play 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week, desperately pushing to become the very first ones to defeat the final boss of the Raid on the highest difficulty, called Mythic. Hundreds of thousands of viewers tune in to watch them stream their attempts on Twitch. While a number of teams compete, for years the top two teams have been Liquid (based in the US and led by Max) and Echo (based in the EU and led by Scripe).
Abberus, the Shadow Crucible
The newest raid, Abberus the Shadow Crucible, unlocked on May 9th of this year. Like the raid before it, they released every difficulty of raid simultaneously (as opposed to previous years where there was a week delay for the hardest difficulty). This once again meant that the top guilds spent most of first three days grinding gear through a nightmarishly boring process known as “split raiding”, something I covered exhaustively (and exhaustingly) in my last post.
What was more interesting, however, was that a few less competitive guilds went straight into Mythic and actually did pretty well, downing the first three or four bosses before the top guilds even set foot inside.
This wasn’t an anomaly, either - as Liquid and Echo would soon discover, Abberus was a surprisingly easy raid, the easiest in living memory. Bosses were falling over quickly, really quickly.
Now, this isn’t hugely surprising - the last race ended in disaster because it has been too hard from the start, so an overcorrection on the developer’s part seemed almost inevitable. Easy bosses also doesn’t equal an easy race - you’re competing against others, so what really matters is beating them fast.
A Rivalry Renewed
The top two guilds in the RWF for years have been Echo and Liquid. Liquid won their first race back in early 2020, the first time a team from North America had ever won a modern race. This was, at the time, chalked up by many European fans as a fluke owing to their ‘21st man’ strategy that other guilds soon copied. However, Liquid then won the next race as well, Castle Nathria, cementing their place as a RWF powerhouse.
That would be their last win for a while, however - Echo, inheritors to the European RWF dynasty, went on to beat them in all of the next three races - Sanctum of Domination, Sepulcher of the First Ones, and Vault of the Incarnates all went to Echo. It was starting to look like maybe Liquid’s success would be short lived.
Then, in Abberus, Liquid won.
(What, you thought I was going to do some long buildup? Really tease it out, have you on the edge of your seat about what the outcome will be? Sorry to disappoint, but like I said, the raid was pretty easy and drama free, not a ton to talk about before the last boss.)
Liquid were the first to reach Scalecommander Sarkareth and the first to kill him, downing the boss around 18:00 UTC on Monday, May 15th. Echo would kill kim the same day, just before midnight, about six hours after Echo.
And that’s when the RWF community exploded.
What do you mean Liquid got a Head Start?
To understand what I’m about to discuss, we need to make one thing really clear: the Race for World First isn’t an official in-game event. The developer, Blizzard, does not (officially) sanction it or (officially) make any allowances for it. Unofficially, they pay extra attention during the race and try to fix any bugs or balance issues that crop up more quickly than usual, and they absolutely benefit from the free publicity, but unlike things like Dungeon or PVP tournaments that are run by Blizzard and held on a tournament realm, the Race for World first is an entirely grassroots event.
The reason this matters has to do with patch timings. See, Blizzard is a US-based company. While they directly control their North American (NA) servers, servers in other regions like the Europe (EU) and Oceania have their own subsidiaries and partners that maintain them.
When new content is added to the game, it is done so via a patch, an update. During patches the servers go offline for maintenance. As such, you generally want patches to happen when the fewest players are online. In North America, that means patches are usually done on a weekday morning, while most of your players are at work/school; it’s also timed such that, if problems arise, the developers have all day to fix them without having to stay at work late.
Thanks to timezones, however, the best time to patch varies based on where in the world you are. In North America, patches happen on Tuesday at 10:00 am eastern. That’s 4:00 pm in Germany, however, right when everyone is logging on for the evening. As such, rather than rolling out patches at the same time as the NA and inconveniencing players and developers alike, the EU servers instead wait until the following morning to patch.
For most content patches, that isn’t a big deal, it’s a minor delay that affects nothing. For the RWF, however, in effect it gives North America a ~12 hour head start on the race.
If you’re like most new fans of the RWF, you’re probably thinking “okay, North America gets a 12 hour head start, so just give European guilds a 12 hour handicap, problem solved, right?” Unfortunately for everyone involved (except for degenerates like you and I who enjoy fandom drama), it’s not that simple.
How Useful is the Head Start, Really?
So the thing is, having a head start…it’s not a bad thing, per se, it doesn’t actively hurt you, but it doesn’t help nearly as much as you think it would. There’s a couple reasons for this:
  1. One of the most challenging and skilltesting part of the Race for World First is strategizing, coming up with clever ways to defeat bosses. However, this is really only that hard for the first guild to kill a boss - once someone figures out a strategy that works, everyone who comes after can simply copy the first guild’s strategy, maybe even improve on it. As a result, whoever gets there first has to spend a lot of time doing trial and error to figure out a winning strategy, time no one else has to spend.
  2. Bugs and balance issues are both extremely common in the Race for World First (as anyone who followed either of the last two races is well aware). More often than not, a race will have at least one boss who is pretty much unkillable when you reach him, either because the developers tuned him to be too difficult or because one of his mechanics is glitched and doesn’t work correctly. Blizzard doesn’t generally figure this out until a guild actually attempts the boss and discovers the issue, however, so whoever is in the lead has to waste even more time basically doing glorified QA for the developers.
As a result, while the start may look like it’s 12 hours long, in reality a lot, if not most, of that time gets eaten away over the course of the week(s).
On top of this, there’s a lot of other stuff in the RWF that’s not really “fair”, stuff you wouldn’t include if you were trying to design the competition from scratch to ensure the most skilled team always won. To name a few:
  1. Variability in gear drops
  2. Fluctuating server stability
  3. Fans who donate money, time, and gear to their favorite guild
  4. Hotfix timing (like the one that decided the last race)
Basically, the head start is just one issue among many, and far from the most impactful. What’s more, there’s no way to objectively quantify what impact it does have in a way that would be fair to everyone.
The thing is, up to this point, it had never actually been an issue. In theory, even if you think North America benefits fully from the 12 hour head start, it only matters if they win by less than 12 hours. Before Abberus, that had never happened before - both of North America’s wins were by at least a day.
In this latest race, however, their margin of victory was, for the first time, smaller, just over 6 hours.
Now, the general agreement between the top Guilds is that World First is World First; whoever kills the last boss first wins, period. When Liquid killed the final boss, Echo immediately pinned a “Congrats on the win Liquid” in their Twitch chat, acknowledging their win and conceding the race.
Thanks to this, all of Echo’s fans agreed that Liquid had won fair and square and congratulated them on a race well won.
Just kidding, they lost their fucking minds.
The Response
From what I could tell, most Echo fans were actually very sportsmanlike and reasonable, as was Echo itself (mostly - more on that later). However, thanks to the magic of algorithms, the most angry and controversial posts get the most visibility so there was no shortage of outraged Echo fans crying foul, saying Liquid only won because of their head start.
Here’s a few examples from the World First megathread over on /wow:
EU better as usual but NA gets the free early start pass because they're worse.
calling neck in neck with the massive headstart lmao. cope harder
Gratz Echo world first, killed within the NA headstart
Part of the drama was fueled by the fact that, the night before their kill, Liquid stopped streaming. See, most of the race is streamed on Twitch, for clout and those sweet, sweet advertising dollars, but Liquid, just as they were reaching the last phase of the last boss, turned their stream off for a few hours. During this time Echo also began the last phase, which they, unlike Liquid, streamed.
The reason Liquid went dark became clear the next morning when they started pulling again on stream. They had developed a really unique and clever strategy for managing the last phase of the boss, involving using careful timing and certain classes having immunity ability to basically skip a huge damage section and make the entire thing much safer and faster. They stopped streaming while they practiced the strategy because they were worried that, if Echo saw it, they would copy it and then kill the boss while Liquid slept.
Their fears weren’t unfounded. Upon seeing Liquid’s strategy, Echo tried to incorporate it, but by then it was too late, and Liquid killed the boss first. Some Echo fans saw this as fuel for the narrative that the head start does in fact matter.
The funny thing is that Liquid actually borrowed the “turning off the stream to protect a clever strategy” move from Echo, who had done the exact same thing against Sire Denathrius back in 2020 in a (failed) attempt to win that race.
As for Echo’s response to the whole debacle, it was congratulatory and respectful of Liquid but still pretty salty about the whole thing. After the race, Scripe, the Echo raidleader, said on his stream:
What a shit tier man…this was a good global release tilt for sure. It was fucking bad…the game is just not good, that’s what it is. Well played Liquid, but bad game Blizzard. That’s the TLDR of this whole tier… it really is a bad game in terms of competitiveness. It’s all about who gets first, and it’s not great to start late, it sucks.
Speaking personally as a Liquid fan, I have to agree with Scripe. Liquid played great and deserved the win, but it’s still frustrating for Echo, and for fans of the race in general, to have this clear issue of start times muddying the waters. It’s not an easy fix, however; Blizzard could open the raid simultaneously for everyone, but, due to how gearing and weekly resets works, that would only solve the problem if every race finished in the first week (unless they permanently moved to a global reset and patch time, which then complicates things for everyone else). The other option would be to move the race onto a tournament realm and make it an official event, but that would fundamentally change the event in a way a lot of people aren’t on board with.
Other Drama
While the head start was by far the most glaring and discussed bit of drama in this race, there’s a few other juicy tidbits that bear mentioning.
First, this race saw the best performance from a non-Liquid/Echo guild in years, with Method making a really strong showing and only being a few hours behind Echo. If you’ve read my previous post about Method, then you, like me, probably have pretty complicated feelings about this. (TL;DR from that post is that Method used to be the top Guild in the world until a MeToo scandal fractured the organization - Echo was formed mostly out of the raiders that left Method following the scandal). On one hand, it’s a great comeback story, and honestly it would be nice if the RWF was a bit more competitive, rather than always being the same two teams. On the other hand, Method fell from grace because one of their members was a sexual predator, something that there’s strong evidence Method leadership was at least somewhat aware of and did nothing about until it started giving them bad press. As far as I know several of the people who were in charge at that time are still there in leadership positions, so I’m not exactly rooting for them.
Another major complaint about this race was the tuning - as I mentioned before, this raid was the easiest in a long time. Blizzard once again released Mythic alongside Heroic and Normal, which meant the first three days of the race were in miserable splits. Once Echo and Liquid started Mythic, it only took them another three days to clear the race, so they spent as much time grinding gear as they did actually progressing. The total pulls for the entire raid were actually less than the number of pulls it took to kill just Halondrus, a single mid-raid boss from two raids ago. RogerBrown, Echo’s co-GM, tweeted:
Very weird race this time. This raid was probably the worst tuned one since Emerald Nightmare [note: Emerald Nightmare was a raid from 2016 that took less than 24 hours start to finish]. 3 days of splits, for just 3 days of progress aint fun. I would take Sepulcher over these 'bosses' any day. [note: Sepulcher is that race that took 3 weeks and broke a lot of world first racers’ will to live]
A much funnier bit of drama involved another one of Echo’s players, Gingi. Before the race, he shittalked Liquid’s raidleader via tweet, saying “I hope you beat Method this time!” (basically saying “good luck getting second place”). After their loss, Gingi tweeted:
Still amazes me how people can’t have a civil discussion and see things from both sides. Actually got so much brain rot reading the most stupid takes. People saying perfect tuning for this tier is one of them. 2.5 days of mythic progress. Same amount of time on splits.
Many fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy of complaining about a lack of civility in discussions, then in the very next sentence referring to those you don’t agree with as having ‘brain rot’. There’s a whole reddit thread about the tweet exchange that’s pretty entertaining.
Overall this was a pretty fun race. It was nice to see Liquid take a race off Echo; even if you’re not a Liquid fan, competition is always more fun when it feels like there’s multiple parties that could win. While the tuning wasn’t great, the bosses themselves were still fairly interesting, and there weren’t any serious bugs that made everything grind to a halt like in several previous races.
At the same time, however, this race has added fuel to the fire for fans demanding a global release for the raid, to fix North America’s head start. I don’t think I’ve properly explained just how annoying the whole thing is for fans of the race - the head start itself is frustrating, but even more so the fact that it dominates the conversation. Every single race people complain about it, talk about how it’s not really fair. It can feel like the only thing anyone ever talks about… and that was before a race had ever been (theoretically) decided by it. Now that NA has won by less than the head start, the complaining is only going to get worse.
We’ll see what, if anything, Blizzard does about this moving forward (my money is on ‘nothing’ but I’m prepared to be surprised).
Thanks for reading, and huge shoutout to Starym, his coverage of the race was really helpful in finding quotes and timings for everything
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2023.05.30 15:55 unknownvirus696 I went no contact with my birth giver over a year ago .

I went no contact with my birth giver over a year ago. She keeps attempting to contact me . I have her blocked on everything , she tried to use my grandmother to send messages to me . She used someone else’s number to call me and all I needed was hearing her scream my name to recognize it was her . She still has 2 out of 5 of the kids in contact with her and they think we (my brother and I ) are wrong to go no contact . The last kid is 7 so she doesn’t have a choice to go no contact but she’s terrified of the birth giver . I’m working on getting a restraining order atm . I’m terrified she’s going to pop up at my house . The birth giver is a violent person who will do anything to be in control and hurt those that are not manipulated by her . It took me so long to cut her out of my life because I was hoping she would change . Anyways thanks for letting me vent .
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2023.05.30 15:55 Slanel2 We may see the return of Henry.

Henry, as we know, died in the Pizzeria simulator when he burnt the place down in order to set the remaining souls trapped in animatronics free and killing William Afton for good. He tried to clean everything, to end it all with a final master move that fooled even Afton. However, now we know that it has not ended yet, as the memories Henry tried to erase still live on inside the Mimic1 program, the only flaw in his plan that allowed William Afton's legacy to survive and take the form of The Mimic. Now, we know how posession works in fnaf, there has to be some sort of commitment that binds a soul to the world of the living. It was revenge for the usual animatronics, the will to continue alive and flee all kind of punishment worked for Afton and Elisabeth...idk. Thing is that Henry did not end his work for ending William, all he created and the unfortunate consequences it had. Basically, William lives through a legacy, and The Mimic is keeping said legacy alive.
So it would not be crazy to see that Henry died but his soul is posessing another animatronic (maybe Glamrock Freddy, but I feel it would be other one) in order to find the last remnant of Afton's legacy to destroy it for good and trully kill William Afton once and for all.
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2023.05.30 15:54 Small-Ad-7185 Fernando auctioning his Enzo

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2023.05.30 15:54 AnakinTheOnlyOne My ss scale collection. Baiwei Ironhide is on the way.

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2023.05.30 15:54 Nybro991 I have so much trauma from my childhood, and it cost me so much depression

My father abandoned me
If I go to United States, immigration office here in California and tell them my dad did to me can there stop his visa to get renewed
My father left me 23 years ago, and he moved to a different country and he got married and he got new son And is not allowed back into America ever since my father left me at the young age, my depression really got really really bad. I decided to message him on Facebook. All he did was blaming my mom for everything. Actually, I believe both of them for making my life hard his mother is a psychopath and they never my mom imagine your father got married and he got a new son and he has been with him for 20 years. When he send some pictures I got really emotional and sad I’m 31 years old and I was crying because of my learning disabilities. I get depressed. My dad’s family never likes me because of my disabilities. Imagine your own grandma supposed to take care of. You went to your mom’s neighborhood in California telling everybody we want to have a disabled grandson all of my life I was rejected my people
I don’t understand why did my dad left the country? He own so much child support and he didn’t want to pay it. Can I do anything about it? Can I call the immigration people? I know exactly where he is what country he is living can I contact my state police here in California? Can there do something about it? His new son stole everything about me. He is spending so much money on his new son Stole my childhood after my dad, dad divorce he got remarried again He had his new son in the 2000s And now he’s buying him Gucci stuff and Michael Kohl’s
Meanwhile, I’m working at a shitty job at Walmart getting treated like shit I had a hard time oh my God to make friends. I had a hard time playing sports. Growing up my female coach didn’t want to teach me how to play basketball 15 years ago I’m going to b 31 years old so if I go to the immigration in the United States, you in California, can they contact his country and stop his freezer getting renewed
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2023.05.30 15:54 Leland_Palmer66 Apartment complexes

I just want to say: I HATE delivering to apartment complexes with multiple buildings. Half the time the customer doesn't give me a building number, and never responds to texts asking which building they are in. The other half wants me to meet them at the door, but I can't get in due to either not having a door access code, or they need a key card (very common where I live.) They almost never come down to meet you, never respond asking for a door code, and then get passed when I drop the order in the lobby. I've had multiple tips taken away because these people don't know how to respond to messages.
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2023.05.30 15:54 avocado-afficionado Is it true women with high body counts are unable to truly commit to their long term partners?

I am not redpill, but I talk to a lot of them. This is an idea that gets thrown around quite often— the idea that after a certain number of people (anywhere from 3 to 10) they have sex with, women are no longer able to emotionally commit to their partners. These people are almost always hypocrites and would say that men are allowed higher body counts (sometimes 2 or 3 times as many). I’m looking for resources debunking this ideology that women who were “ran through” are no longer emotionally viable as long term partners.
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2023.05.30 15:53 kji3ll Scaling

While Beyonder powers become more abstract and leaning towards authority over concepts in later sequences, I want to know what are the estimated levels of power for High Sequence Beyonders.
My estimates would be(Using Sequence 4 as a base):
Sequence 4 = 1 Sequence 3 = 12 Sequence 2 = 100 Sequence 1 = 400 each Uniqueness = +600 Sequence 0 = 3000
These are my thoughts on initial digestion, while complete digestion would be 2x that number. What I used to make these numbers is the number of worms of spirit a High-Sequence Seer could split, with guesswork for Sequence 1 and above
No. of worms each sequence can split:
Sequence 4 = 50 on initial digestion Sequence 3 = 600 Sequence 2 = 5000+
I would like to know the thoughts of others regarding this
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2023.05.30 15:53 WaffelsBR Mechanics about Exploring stuff

Lend me some suggestions and names of RPGs that are focused on exploration and discovering stuff
I’d love themes like No Man’s Sky or Stars Without Numbers. It can be either planetary or interplanetary (though I prefferr some interstellar travel stuff)
Or, if you’ve got the time, shoot some mechanics that you find interesting about exploring places and discovering new things
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2023.05.30 15:53 jrstelle Mega AI news, tools, and research dump for Tuesday, May 30

30 May 2023

AI News - 30 May

OECD mulls revising AI guidelines amid rise of ChatGPT, other bots
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is considering revising its AI guidelines due to the increasing prevalence of generative AI. The updated guidance is expected to align with the policy discussions in generative AI within the G7 countries.

'Game-changer': Aussie HR unicorn takes on Seek with latest AI play
Australian HR start-up Employment Hero has launched an AI hiring tool called Swag, aiming to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a competitive edge in the war for talent. Swag leverages AI to streamline the recruitment process by generating job descriptions, predicting hiring needs, matching candidates with suitable roles, and posting jobs to job boards. In addition, Swag offers corporate-level benefits to employees, such as earned-wage access and cashback offers. With an estimated global AI in HR market value of $10.7 billion by 2028, Employment Hero sees AI as a game-changer for SMEs in the HR industry.

Nvidia is not the only firm cashing in on the AI gold rush

The AI gold rush is driving demand for AI infrastructure, including chips, servers, and networking equipment. Chipmakers like Nvidia and AMD benefit from increased sales of specialized chips, while data center providers like Equinix profit from the need for data storage and computing space. Server manufacturers and software providers also see growth, ensuring the sellers of “picks and shovels” will continue to profit from the gold rush.
‘Adversarial AI’ a threat to military systems
Shift5 CEO Josh Lospinoso warns of the threats posed by “adversarial AI” to military systems. Lospinoso explains that data poisoning, where adversaries manipulate the data that AI-enabled technologies rely on, can have effects on their operation. He stresses the need to secure existing weapons systems before integrating AI capabilities and expresses skepticism about AI algorithms making decisions in lethal weapon systems.
MediaTek taps Nvidia GPU and AI for connected car chipsets
Nvidia and MediaTek have announced a partnership to provide hardware and software solutions for AI-driven experiences in next-generation connected cars. MediaTek will develop automotive-focused system-on-chips (SoCs) integrated with Nvidia’s GPU chiplet and software stack, enabling new connected infotainment and safety functions. The first products from this partnership are expected to be available in late 2025.
AmEx is experimenting cautiously with generative AI for fintech
AmEx Digital Labs, the company’s innovation arm, plans to experiment with generative AI for transaction approval, predictive analytics, customer sentiment analysis, and interactions. While AmEx is open to integrating existing generative AI offerings, it is unlikely to develop its own large language models (LLMs) from scratch.
ChatGPT takes center stage as students ditch tutors in favor of AI-powered learning
A recent survey by Intelligent.com, a higher-education planning platform reveals that an increasing number of students and parents prefer AI-powered learning tools like ChatGPT over tutors. Notably, AI-powered platforms are viewed as less intimidating and more accessible.
Orion Unveils AI-powered Speech-to-Speech Translation for the Frontline Workforce
Orion Labs introduces AI-powered Speech-to-Speech Translations (S2ST) for frontline workers. The bi-directional translation feature, available through their Push-To-Talk (PTT) 2.0 Platform, enables real-time communication across multiple languages. Orion’s Frontline AI, powered by Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), delivers instant speech and text translation, promoting collaboration and productivity. The S2ST supports up to 60 language preferences, facilitating effective communication in industries like transportation, logistics, hospitality, retail, and healthcare.
'Everyone is a programmer' with generative A.I., says Nvidia chief
Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang envisions a “new computing era” driven by generative AI. Huang believes that anyone can be a programmer by speaking to a computer, as generative AI understands various inputs. During his keynote speech, Huang introduced the DGX GH200, an AI supercomputer platform for building generative AI models. Generative AI’s LLM capabilities lower the programming barrier, making it a transformative computing platform.
At Computex, Intel Demos ‘Meteor Lake’ Processor: AI Takes Center Stage
Intel showcased its upcoming “Meteor Lake” processor at Computex 2023. The processor will feature a new silicon component called a VPU (neural accelerator), which will focus on power efficiency and AI-related tasks. The VPU will enable local inference on PCs, allowing for low latency, better privacy, and distributed scaling. The company plans to release Meteor Lake by the end of 2023 and expects it to have a significant impact on the PC interface and user experience.

Cool AI Tools

InfraNodus is an AI-powered text network visualization tool that uses clever algorithms and visualization techniques to show you how different ideas in a text are connected and which parts are the most important. It’s like a map that reveals patterns and gaps in the text, helping you see the big picture. You can use it for summarizing texts, analyzing them deeply, writing creatively, and even improving your website’s visibility on search engines.
Cody is an AI virtual employee that can assist businesses with a range of tasks, from answering questions and completing assignments to onboarding new hires, providing support, troubleshooting, and bringing new ideas and insights. It searches all of a company’s accumulated data, including articles, PDFs, and PowerPoints, to provide answers in seconds. It can also be trained on specific business processes.
Knit is a collaborative platform that brings team members together to create, store, edit, and execute prompts as a unified force. Knit enables seamless project management, offering features like prompt organization and version control. It prioritizes data security, providing encryption for sensitive information. Knit supports popular tools like OpenAI, Claude, and Midjourney with additional features on the horizon. The platform is entirely free, and user data remains private.
Waitlyst is a smart AI tool designed to help software companies grow on autopilot. It uses AI to guide users throughout their entire customer journey, increasing revenue, and fostering retention. With automated onboarding, activation, and retention processes, Waitlyst effectively converts signups into paying customers by sending personalized, high-converting emails. With zero-setup reports, it provides comprehensive product insights effortlessly, enabling data-driven decision-making.
Autodraft is an AI tool that transforms the way visual stories are created. With a wide range of style models, AI tools, and generative image AI capabilities, Autodraft empowers users to craft captivating visuals effortlessly. It features AI Paint, Image to Image Optimization, and Text to Image Generation features, enabling customization of images and the generation of visuals from text prompts.

AI Research

Break-A-Scene: Extracting Multiple Concepts from a Single Image
Break-A-Scene is an advanced AI tool that extracts multiple concepts from a single image, allowing users to generate customized visuals. By assigning text tokens to each concept, users gain fine-grained control over generated scenes. The tool optimizes textual embeddings and model weights, striking a balance between concepts, and users gain fine-grained control over generated scenes. The tool optimizes textual embeddings and model weights, striking a balance between concept accuracy and avoiding overfitting.
Reconstructing the Mind’s Eye: fMRI-to-Image with Contrastive Learning and Diffusion Priors
Researchers present MindEye, a novel approach that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to retrieve and reconstruct viewed images from brain activity. By using brain scans, MindEye can recreate the images a person saw by analyzing their brain patterns, achieving impressive results compared to existing methods. This technology could have applications in understanding the brain and potentially even enabling mind-reading capabilities in the future. The code is available on GitHub.
TaleCrafter: Interactive Story Visualization with Multiple Characters
The paper presents TaleCrafter, an interactive story visualization system that addresses the challenges of generating accurate and flexible visual representations of narratives. The system consists of four components: story-to-prompt generation, text-to-layout generation, controllable text-to-image generation, and image-to-video animation. TaleCrafter allows users to create visually appealing and coherent story visualizations with multiple characters and customizable layouts.
DNA-GPT: Divergent N-Gram Analysis for Training-Free Detection of GPT-Generated Text
The paper introduces a method called DNA-GPT for detecting text created by advanced language models. Unlike traditional training-based approaches, DNA-GPT analyzes word patterns and probabilities to identify discrepancies between original and generated text. It surpasses existing methods, including OpenAI’s own system. One interesting aspect is its ability to provide explanations for its detection results, offering evidence and reasoning behind its classifications. This feature is valuable for understanding the system’s decision-making process, particularly in education. DNA-GPT shows promise in enhancing trust and addressing challenges posed by advanced language models.
RAPHAEL: Text-to-Image Generation via Large Mixture of Diffusion Paths
RAPHAEL is a text-to-image generation model that utilizes a large mixture of diffusion paths to create highly artistic images based on text prompts. It introduces a novel approach by stacking multiple mixture-of-experts (MoE) layers, including space-MoE and time-MOE layers, allowing for billions of diffusion paths from the input to the output. Each path acts as a “painter” responsible for depicting a specific textual concept onto an image region at a particular timestep. This enables RAPHAEL to generate images that accurately reflect the given text prompts, outperforming existing models in terms of image quality and aesthetic appeal.

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2023.05.30 15:52 Commercial_Start5524 Using Japanese Maples with a graft?

Using Japanese Maples with a graft?
I recently acquired a number of Japanese maples from the greenhouse I work at. I have 10 lace-leaf maples that are roughly 3' tall, and three Bloodgoods that are about 4-5 feet tall.
They are all grafted. I have a few of them to play around with, and intend to take lots of cuttings and trunk-chop a couple, but I'd also like to grow some as-is, trying to use styling to cover of the grafting site and minimize the flaw.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!
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