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A Reddit Version of Craigslist

2012.05.23 21:34 A Reddit Version of Craigslist

Have something you want to sell or get rid of? DUMP IT! Put your item on DCdump and you may just find someone willing to take it off of your hands. It never hurts to have more than one avenue to sell something, so we hope this helps!

2010.02.16 05:45 mirabeau The loony antics of the Keystone kops of air travel


2010.09.07 20:27 Atiesh The Sustainable Homestead


2023.06.01 08:21 Vrooom__Vrooom “Never exceed 35% of your annual income when buying a car”. Did you follow a rule similar to this?

My annual salary is 2.7M and if I will follow this rule, I can only spend 945k on a car. However, the Honda BR-V that I am looking at costs 1.4M. If i pushed through with the purchase, 52% of my annual salary will go to the unit itself. Of course I will have other expenses when I own a car.
What percentage of your annual income did you spend on your first car?
Did you overspend?
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2023.06.01 08:21 nilkanthenggworks Demystifying Cement Silo: A Key Component of Concrete Batching Plants

Cement silo play a crucial role in the concrete production process, particularly in concrete batching plants. These tall structures are responsible for storing cement in bulk quantities, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of this essential ingredient. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into cement silo, exploring their importance, construction, functionality, and the benefits they bring to concrete batching plants. Join us as we demystify the world of cement silo and shed light on their significance in the construction industry.
The Importance of Cement Silo:
Cement is a primary component of concrete, and its availability in sufficient quantities is crucial for uninterrupted concrete production. Cement silo provide a centralized storage solution, allowing concrete batching plants to store a large quantity of cement on-site. This eliminates the need for frequent cement deliveries and ensures a steady supply, even in remote or challenging locations.
Construction and Design:
Cement silo are typically cylindrical structures made of steel or reinforced concrete. They are designed to withstand the weight and pressure of the stored cement. The silos are equipped with a cone-shaped bottom section to facilitate the smooth flow of cement during extraction. Various sizes of cement silo are available, ranging from small silos suitable for smaller batching plants to larger silos capable of storing significant quantities of cement.
The functionality of cement silo is fairly straightforward. Cement is delivered to the silo through bulk transport trucks or pneumatic conveying systems, and it is unloaded through a filling pipe or conveyor. Inside the silo, the cement is stored in a controlled environment, protected from moisture, air, and other external factors that could compromise its quality. When needed, the cement is extracted from the silo through an auger or conveyor, and it is transported to the mixing unit of the concrete batching plant for further processing.
Benefits of Cement Silo:
  1. Continuous Supply: Cement silo enable concrete batching plants to have a continuous supply of cement, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring uninterrupted production.
  2. On-site Storage: Storing cement on-site eliminates the need for frequent cement deliveries and minimizes transportation costs and logistical challenges.
  3. Quality Control: Cement silo provide a controlled environment for cement storage, protecting it from moisture and maintaining its quality, resulting in better concrete performance.
  4. Increased Efficiency: With a cement silo, concrete batching plants can streamline their operations by having cement readily available, reducing the time and effort required for manual handling and storage of cement bags.
  5. Flexibility: Cement silo come in various sizes, allowing batching plant operators to choose the capacity that best suits their production needs. They can be easily integrated into new batching plants or added to existing ones.
Cement silos are an integral component of concrete batching plants, providing a reliable and efficient storage solution for cement. These structures ensure a continuous supply of cement, eliminate the need for frequent deliveries, and enhance the overall efficiency of the batching process. By understanding the construction, functionality, and benefits of cement silo, batching plant operators can make informed decisions regarding the selection and installation of these crucial components.
At Nilkanth Engineering Works, we offer a wide range of high-quality cement silo designed to meet the diverse needs of concrete batching plants. Our robust and reliable silos provide efficient storage solutions, ensuring a steady supply of cement for your concrete production. Contact us today to learn more about our cement silo and other batching plant equipment.
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2023.06.01 08:21 dainuan Global Laminated Labels market report 2023, forecast to 2028

Global Laminated Labels market report 2023, forecast to 2028
We will present the Laminated Labels market in five sections, with the aim of assisting users in better understanding the forecast, competition, trend, etc.
Click a section below to be directed to one of the parts:
  1. Growth of the Laminated LabelsMarket
  2. Competition in the Laminated LabelsMarket (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)
  3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights into the Laminated LabelsMarket
  4. Classification of the Laminated LabelsMarket
  5. Analysis of Laminated Labelsby Region.

1. Growth of the Laminated Labels Market

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2023-2028 period is projected to be 4.13%, based on OJ Data’s regression analysis model. According to their “Global Laminated Labels Report 2023, Forecast to 2028”, the growing demand for pharmaceutical supplies, food and beverage packaging is expected to drive the global laminated labels market. There is also an increase in awareness of the benefits laminated labels offer, as well as a rise in demand from consumer goods, both of which contribute significantly to the market’s growth worldwide.

2. Competition (Including at Least 40+ Industry-Related Companies)

Some of the companies that are profiled in this report are:
  • CCL Industries Inc
  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH
  • 3M Company
  • Coveris Holdings S.A.
  • (……)
  • (Please contact us for sample, which will provide a complete list,at lease 40 related companies)

Report Attributes Report Details
Report Title Global Laminated Labels market report 2023, forcast to 2028
By Composition laminate, facestock, adhesive, and release liner
By Laminate type polyester, polypropylene, uv sunscreen polyester, UL approved laminates, and others
By form reels and sheets
By application food & beverage, consumer durables, home & personal care, pharmaceuticals, retail labels, and others
By Companies CCL Industries Inc, Avery Dennison Corporation, Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH, 3M Company, Coveris Holdings S.A., ………..
Regions Covered North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, MEA
Base Year 2022
Historical Year 2018 to 2022 (Data from 2010 can be provided as per availability)
Forecast Year 2028
Customization Available Yes, the report can be customized as per your need.
This report can help clients to improve their market positions. It provides an analysis of the leading Laminated Labels companies, including CCL Industries Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH, 3M Company, Coveris Holdings S.A.. The global laminated labels market is highly fragmented and competitive due to the presence of many domestic and international players. They use various strategies, such as collaborations, contracts, partnerships, new product launches, geographic expansions, and joint ventures, to stay ahead and meet the increasing customer demand. Companies are also investing heavily in R&D to expand their product portfolios and gain market share.

3. Views of Senior Analysts & Insights

Views of senior analysts
Pressure-sensitive (PS) labels are gaining popularity as advanced labeling technologies. PS technology provides precise labeling through shape customization, multi-process imaging, and fast and accurate dispensing – perfectly suited for premium labeling applications. PS is extensively chosen for informative labeling applications over other technologies.
As per Amy, Senior Analyst from OJ Data’s Chemical & Material Market Research Center, the emergence of in-mold labeling has been driving the growth of laminated labels. This process involves the same machine producing containers and labels simultaneously with high-speed injection and blow molding combined with robotics. Brand owners favor in-mold labeling as it is ideal for high-volume containers and reduces packaging costs and weight.
Market Drive
The growing demand for laminated labels across various applications in end-user industries such as food & beverages and pharmaceuticals is anticipated to drive the global market. The product offers information like barcodes, unit cost, real-time pricing, manufacturing date, expiry date, and more, which encourages its usage. Moreover, product innovations, advanced technology in retail operations, cost-efficiency, and increased online shopping are likely to fuel the demand. Additionally, transparency labeling, which allows customers to know more about the product, will also contribute to the growth of the global laminated labels market in the forthcoming years.
Market Opportunities
The emergence of nanotechnology in label and packaging is projected to create lucrative opportunities in the upcoming years. Spy dust, or nanotaggants, are employed for invisible coding of brand protection and also as smart indicator labels which display changes in temperature. Furthermore, producers are formulating new methods which include the direct dispersion of nano-scale particles into liquids, then used as ink or coating materials. The escalating demand for RFID-enabled smart labels will bring about bright prospects in the near future. RFID is used to monitor goods during the supply chain, track parts sent to a production line, and facilitate cashless payments. Additionally, smart labels are being increasingly sought after in the healthcare industry due to the emergence of standards. Therefore, the rising usage of RFID-enabled smart labels is anticipated to drive the growth of the laminated labels market in the near future.
Market Restraints
The availability of substitutes that can replace laminated labels in the packaging industry is hampering the demand for the latter. Flexible packaging, pouches and labels with varnish coatings are being used for obtaining high gloss finish, resulting in intense competition in the market. This has decreased the profitability margins of laminated labels manufacturers, as end-user industries are selling their products at low cost. This, in turn, has brought down the manufacturers’ overall profitability, consequently restricting the growth of the market.

4. Classification of the Laminated Labels Market

Based on composition
The Global Market is divided into Laminate, Facestock, Adhesive and Release Liner. The Facestock, which can be printed on, was the biggest contributor in terms of revenue, due to its ability to act as a protective layer and resist moisture or vapor. It forms the top layer of the Laminated Labels and is often used as a spacer material for multi-layered materials.
Based on laminate type
The Global Market is divided into Polyester, Polypropylene, UV Sunscreen Polyester, UL-approved Laminates, and other types. In 2022, Polyester led the Laminate Type segment in terms of success. The increasing demand for durable labels that are also resistant to various chemicals and temperatures is projected to be a major factor that will drive the Polyester Laminate for Labels market growth during the forecast period.
Based on form
The global market is divided into reels and sheets. Laminated labels on reels dominated the market in 2022 and is expected to do so in the forecast period. For large-scale labelling, most label application machines rely on reels, which is likely to propel demand for them.
Based on application
The Global market is segmented into Food & Beverage, Consumer Durables, Home & Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Labels, and other applications. It is estimated that Food & Beverage will remain the largest segment during the forecast period, due to the increasing need for water-resistant and chilled/frozen labels. Moreover, stronger labelling requirements in the pharmaceutical industry will cause significant growth in this segment over the next years as well. This is further supported by the growing elderly population and prevalence of chronic diseases, leading to higher consumption of medications and consequently a surge in demand for labels in the pharmaceutical industry.

5. Analysis by Regions

The global Laminated Labels market is divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. The Asia Pacific market leads in terms of revenue and is anticipated to remain dominant during the forecast period. The rising industrialization, as well as growth of food & beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries in this region is likely to propel the Asia Pacific laminated labels market revenue. China and India are major contributors in revenue, thus boosting the global market in the region. The Asia Pacific market is likely to see a faster growth rate than that of the forecast period. North America is also expected to register a faster rate of growth compared to Europe, due to the increasing demand for laminated labels from food & beverage and packaging companies in the region.
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2023.06.01 08:18 eyoung1103 [US-CA][H] Keyboards (Memento, Bias, Nazare, Salvation, Mode80 FE, Elongate, E7-V2, Piggy60, Sagittarius, Pandora, AVA, Portal, CLS-2/65, Fjell, Think6.5 v2, Sunsetter R1, Noon, Enjoy), GMK (Lavander, Moomin, Bento R2, Honor & Oblivion), Deskmats & RAMAs [W] Paypal, Local Cash/Venmo

*Hi MM!
Prices include shipping & PP fees to CONUS (via USPS) – Not shipping international at the moment, sorry! Many items are priced at my cost or below.
Not FCFS but priority given to bundles > local (SoCal - Orange County (92708)) > those willing to do asking price > others
Bundling will let me give you better discounts on the items & everything can be OBO - no lowball offers please! Always willing to negotiate prices but most prices are pretty firm given that they're at or below cost.

Please Comment before PM - Chats will be ignored – PLEASE DON’T USE REDDIT CHAT

Name Quantity Price Status Notes
TinyMakesThings – Winter Bunny Deskmat 1 $35 shipped Available Brand new – Big Bunny
GMK Dots R2 (Loading) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
GMK Dots R2 (Line) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
Nono the Duck 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB (does not include plush)
Brushworks (Zandaka) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
Cyber Meka (BLK) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
GMK 80082 (Geo BL00) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
Just a Box (Sneakbox) 1 $35 shipped Available BNIB
Keyboard(s) – 
  • All keyboards will come with either original box or a keyboard case, unless otherwise indicated
  • Will be shipped USPS priority
  • If PCB is mill-maxed = 0305 sockets used, unless otherwise indicated
  • Keyboards will come unbuiilt, unless otherwise indicated
  • Some keyboards include stabilizers, if so the format, Stabilizer Name (Stems lubed w/ x, Wires lubed w/ x), is used
Keyboard Price Color Plate PCB Stabilizers Extras Status Notes
ZTBoards Noon $675 shipped, $660 local Navy Half Alu Solder (Mill-maxed) Durock v1s (205g0, Dielectric) 2x plates (Full Alu & Full FR4), 1x PCB + Daughterboard Available Like new, used for about 2-3 weeks, comes w/ carrying case, keycaps/switches not included
TastyKeys Enjoy $760 shipped, $730 local e-white w/ brass bottom Carbon Fiber Hotswap None 1x PC plate & 1x Solder PCB Available Like new, used for less than a week. Comes w/ carrying case and no keycaps/switches/stabilizers
Charue Sunsetter R1 $500 shipped, $480 local Black (B-Stock) Brass Solder None 1x Steel Plate, Eclipse Badge kit, rubber plate sheet & 1x Solder PCB Available Brand new, unbuilt – Gaskets installed on case
GrayStudio Think6.5 v2 1u $540 shipped, $520 local Deep Ocean/Polycarb, Deep Ocean weight UHMWPE Solder (Mill-maxed) Durock v2 (205g0,BDZ) 1x FR4 plate, 1x POM plate, 1x Solder PCB, extra case feet & gaskets, Cat artisan & default Lightbulb badge (anchor installed) Available switches/keycaps not included. Gaskets have been installed on case. Basically new
Mekanisk Fjell R6 $470 shipped, $450 local Gray Brass Hotswap Durock v1(205g0, Dielectric) 1x Solder PCB, Brass plate & 2x Mekanisk foams Available switches/keycaps not included. Basically new, used for less than a few hours
Parallel Limited Portal $440 shipped, $430 local Navy Alu Solder (Mill-maxed) None 1x FR4 plate, 1x Solder PCB + Daughterboard, 1x 30A o-ring Available Like new, used for less than a week. DOES NOT come with carrying case & no keycaps/switches/stabilizers
Ori CLS-2/65 BE $925 shipped, $900 local Black FR4 Solder (Mill-maxed) Owlabs (205g0, Dielectric) 1x Alu plate, 1x Solder PCB + Daughterboard, 2x replacement daughterboards & gaskets, 1x Gold Leaf Logo Available Like new, used for less than 2 weeks. Comes w/ carrying case & stabilizers, does not include keycaps or switches
Sneakbox AVA $565 shipped, $550 local Black POM Solder (Mill-maxed) Durock V2 (205g0, Dielectric) 1x Brass plate, 1x Solder PCB, SS weight, extra PC bottom, extra foam, gaskets & feet Available Basically new, used for less than week. Comes w/ carrying case & no keycaps/switches/stabilizers
PearlBoards Pandora $820 shipped, $800 local Deep Black w/ SS weight Brass Solder None 1x Hotswap PCB, 1x PC Half plate, 1x POM half plate Available Brand new (opened for pictures), will come in original packaging.
Gondolindrim Sagittarius $590 shipped, $570 local Navy/Silver Brass Solder None 1x PCB, Gaskets & 1x FR4 plate Available Brand New (opened for pictures), will come in carrying case
JackyLabs Piggy60 $825 shipped, $810 local PC (PVD Silver inner frame & brass weight) PVD Silver Brass Solder (Mill-maxed) Owlabs (205g0, dielectric) 1x Solder PCB, extra daughterboard w/ JST, Gaskets, thick feet & 1x PC Plate Available Light used (~1 week), will come in original box
Elongate $400 shipped, $390 local Black Alu Solder None 1x PCB & 1x FR4 plate Available BNIB (only opened for inspection & pictures)
E7-V2 $710 shipped, $690 local e-white FR4 Solder (Mill-maxed) Owlabs (205g0, dielectric) Brass Logo & Backplate, 1x Solder PCB & Mute pad, 1x Brass plate Available Light use, switches not included
Mode 80 (FE) $740 shipped, $720 local Dark Gray Alu Solder (Mill-maxed) Staebies (205g0, dielectric) 1x Solder PCB, Gaskets, 3x plates (POM, PC & FR4) Available Light use, switches not included
Leaf65 $690 shipped, $675 local e-white/PC (PVD Silver inner frame & brass weight) PVD Silver Brass Solder (Mill-maxed) Durock V2 (205g0, Dielectric) 1x Solder PCB, 1x FR4 Plate, extra foams Available Light used, switches & keycaps not included
Salvation $400 shipped, $390 local Silver FR4 Solder None Solder PCB Available BNIB, will come with carrying case (only opened for inspection & pictures)
Nazare 1-60 $865 shipped, $850 local E-white/Black Alu Solder None Solder PCB & CF plate Available BNIB, will come with carrying case (only opened for inspection & pictures)
Baionlenja Bias $825 shipped, $800 local Black Alu Solder None Solder PCB + Daughterboard, misc kit & 1x PC plate Available BNIB, will come with carrying case (only opened for inspection & pictures)
Eniigma Memento $750 shipped, $740 local Black Alu Solder None Solder PCB & PC Full plate Available BNIB, will come with carrying case (only opened for inspection & pictures)
Keycap sets 
  • Keycaps will be shipped in Ziplock bags unless otherwise indicated
  • Shipping via USPS priority
Keycaps Sets Price Status Notes
MilkWay PBT WoB Base $60 shipped Available Was part of original batch of misaligned legends from Bolsa (considered B-stock)
GMK Bento R2 Traditional Base, Novelties & Spacebars $240 shipped Available BNIB
GMK Honor Light Base $120 shipped Available BNIB
GMK Lavender Base, Novelties & Spacebars $195 shipped Available BNIB
GMK Moomin Base, Novelties & Spacebars $265 shipped Available BNIB
GMK Oblivion R3 Extension $40 shipped Available BNIB
---# As always, thank you!
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2023.06.01 08:18 alexpolishman How to Increase Your ROI with Untapped Popunder Traffic Sources

Are you tired of relying on the same old traffic sources with diminishing returns? It's time to explore untapped popunder traffic sources that can potentially increase your ROI. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of popunder advertising and show you how leveraging these overlooked channels can unlock new streams of revenue for your business. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to make the most out of untapped popunder traffic sources!


In order to increase your ROI with untapped popunder traffic sources, you need to understand how they work and how they can be used to your advantage. Popunder traffic is a form of web traffic that is generated when a user clicks on a pop-up ad. These ads are usually displayed on websites that have high traffic levels, such as news sites or social networking sites. When a user clicks on one of these ads, they are redirected to the advertiser's website.
Popunder traffic can be a great way to increase your website's traffic levels, as well as your ROI. However, it is important to know how to use this type of traffic effectively in order to make the most of it. Here are a few tips:
Use an effective pop-up ad blocker: Pop-up ads can be annoying, especially if they're not relevant to what you're looking for. In order to avoid this, it's important to use an effective pop-up ad blocker. There are many free and paid options available, so find one that suits your needs and install it on your computer.
Choose your target audience carefully: Not all website visitors will be interested in what you have to offer. For this reason, it's important to choose your target audience carefully when using popunder traffic sources. By targeting specific demographics, you're more likely to generate leads that convert into sales or customers.
Use effective call-to-actions

What is Popunder Traffic?

Popunder traffic is a form of online advertising where website owners place advertising on their site that opens in a new window behind the current one when clicked on. This can be an effective way to increase ROI, as it allows for more impressions and potential clicks than other forms of advertising. Popunder traffic sources can be Untapped and so Commission Junction is a great place to start finding them.

Advantages of Popunder Advertising

Popunder advertising has been shown to be an effective form of marketing, providing both website visitors and advertisers with a positive experience. When used correctly, popunders can increase your website’s ROI by providing targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into customers or leads. Here are some of the advantages of popunder advertising:
  1. Popunders are less intrusive than other forms of advertising, such as banner ads. Because they appear in a new window behind the active window, popunders do not interrupt the user’s experience.
  2. Popunders are more likely to be seen by users than banner ads. Studies have shown that popunders have a higher viewability rate than banner ads because they are not blocked by ad blockers and are not subject to ad fatigue.
  3. Popunders can be targeted to specific audiences. Advertisers can target their popunder ads to users based on location, demographics, interests, and other factors. This ensures that your ad is seen by people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
  4. Popunders are cost-effective. Popunder advertising rates are generally lower than other forms of online advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) campaigns. This makes popunder advertising an affordable way to reach your target audience without breaking the bank.
  5. Popunders perform well on mobile devices. In addition

Strategies to Maximize Your ROI via Popunder Advertising

Popunder advertising is a form of online advertising that appears in a new browser window behind the active window. Popunders are typically triggered by clicking on a website or advertisement and can be used to promote products or services, generate leads, or increase brand awareness.


Popunder traffic sources offer an untapped opportunity to increase your return on investment (ROI). By using a combination of website optimization, segmentation targeting, and third-party exchanges you can target the right audience with the right message at the right time. Ultimately, this allows you to maximize your ROI without having to drastically increase your budget or invest in new techniques. With these tips in mind, popunders can become a cost-effective way for you to acquire targeted visitors and improve overall site performance.
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2023.06.01 08:18 reachingfourpeas POLL: Do you use the official Reddit app or a third-party app to visit r/BinghamtonUniversity?

On May 31, news broke that Reddit will start charging outrageous fees to developers of third-party mobile apps, likely putting most of them out of business. According to the stats for this sub, around 63% of views come from mobile apps, but I can't see a breakdown of how many of those are from the official Reddit app vs. third-party apps. In my opinion the official Reddit app sucks compared to third-party options like Apollo on iOS and rif on Android, and many comments suggest that some users will use Reddit a lot less if they can't use third-party apps.
I'm concerned that, depending on how things bear out, this sub will become markedly less vibrant over time as a result. So I made this poll to assess what proportion of people who visit this sub use third-party apps. Thanks in advance for giving an answer.
View Poll
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2023.06.01 08:17 Sweaty-Business7690 Salba's contract situation

I'd really rather not have to sell Saliba but it seems as if Arsenal might be forced to. His agent has every right to demand more than £120kpw. If Nketiah is on £100kpw, who doesn't have nearly as much impact on the team as Saliba does, he's right to want more.
I think it was a big mistake to give Nketiah a contract at that wage; not because he's not good enough to be part of the squad but his wages do not reflect his role in the pecking order of the team. And make no mistake about it - there IS a pecking order.
This was an unwise move by the club. The club have to realise that there is a pecking order, and that players will expect to earn a wage that's reflective of their place in it. If the club's wage structure caps player's salaries at 200k, for example, players like Saka (who has signed, to be fair), Saliba, Jesus and Ramsdale should be earning that.
Squad players like Nketiah should not be. If there's a wage cap policy, Nketiah should be earning less than half of that.
This naivety and arrogance by the club might cost us a vital player. If Saliba is considered to be a vital member of the spine of the first XI, he should be earning top wages. Top wages should be clear of squad players wages.
If Nketiah is only earning 20k less than Saliba, something's wrong.
There's this weird policy that Arsenal have, where they aren't willing to see things for what they are in terms of player's worth to the squad. Saliba is worth at least 180-190, similar wage to Saka's and Jesus'.
If he doesn't agree to a new deal, or if Arsenal don't significantly improve their offer, we have to cash in. Disrespectful in my opinion, for a crucial member of the squad to be earning not much more than a squad player. Stupid move by the club.
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2023.06.01 08:16 theborah93 Defrauded by a car "dealer" in Birmingham, any advice welcome

Hi everyone, so I already posted a couple of days ago but since then I have gotten some new information and so decided to post again in a more detailed way maybe someone can help me.
On the 5th of March in the morning I enquired about a listing on autotrader posted by a trader called “James Cars”. He called me around 12pm that day. The car was a 2017 Suzuki Ignis and it had 120k miles and priced at GBP4995. I had been shopping around for a while so I knew that the low price was because of the mileage. I was concerned about the mileage obviously because that is the first thing that you look out for in a car. When he called me and I voiced my worries he assured me that these were motorway miles implying that any wear and tear would be less than if the car was used for short distances regularly. He assured me that the only issue that the car had was the stereo which had a broken screen and that he could fix free delivery for me from Birmingham.I agreed and gave him a 1000GBP deposit on the 5th of March and on the 6th of March I sent him 4000GBP.
On the 8th of March the car arrived and as soon as I started it it stalled. I called him and he assured me that the issue might be from the battery because the driver might have left it switched on. We charged it and all was fine.
On the 12th of March the check engine light came on. It took a while to diagnose as the mechanic told me that it could be a variety of problems. He even suggested I go to another mechanic in Hexham who might be more suited to deal with Suzuki engine issues. This took until April 28th to diagnose. The mechanic told me that the cambelt and the sensors are busted and that it would cost me around 1.3k to fix. I would like to point out that everytime we went to the mechanic, he reset the system and the check engine light went off and came back on again after about 60 miles, which is the distance we had driven it before it came on in the first place. So I suspect that the guy reset it so it wasn’t on when I drove it.
After this diagnosis we decided to get in touch with the seller, so we messaged him. When he didn’t reply we tried calling but his phone is always switched off. He has even deregistered his number on whatsapp.
I then remebered that I had transferred the money to a certain “Simon Cars”. We contacted a Simon Harrison Cars that we found in the area and he told us that he was not the person who sold us the car but he knows that a Pakistani national is posing as different dealerships in the West Bromwich areas, in order to gain people’s trust as an English family company. He has been also known to operate under “Stuart cars”.
We gave him a call on the phone number listed on the “Simon Cars” trading profile on autotrader, telling him that we know what he is up to and that we expect him to reimburse us for the car and any work we had done on it so far. He seemed really surprised but never denied anything. We told him that we will go to the police and he said to message him the registration number and he never replied back.
We have submitted a report to Action Fraud, and I have spoken to my bank. We are still waiting to hear back on the report but my bank said there is nothing that they can do.
I really hope someone can help me, maybe someone has been through something similar and can suggest what I can do.
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2023.06.01 08:16 LaxyoIndore Mining Raise Bore Drilling Raise Bore Mining Raise Bore Mining Method

Mining Raise Bore Drilling Raise Bore Mining Raise Bore Mining Method
Laxyo Energy Limited firm provide full service Mining Raise Bore Drilling. Which is one of India's leading providers of mining and underground services. Our previous record is good, lowest cost, timely project's delivery that exceeds current standards and provides a great level of services.
Mining Raise Bore Drilling Raise Bore Mining Raise Bore Mining Method
For more Info please visit our website: http://www.laxyo.com/raise-boring-contractors.php
Contact us at: +91-9425103444, +91-731-4043798
mining raise bore drilling, raise bore mining, raise bore mining method
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2023.06.01 08:16 inline_five Daily driving an almost 30 year old Volvo. Need something new(er) but similar to it

Currently driving a '95 850 wagon. Just did some light work on it and I'm finally coming to the realization that it isn't going to be around forever (it's the first car I drove, back in '96, when I was 15). Plus, it's starting to look junky.
I like the reliability, stoutness (ie heavy doors, etc), smooth ride, easy DIY maintainability (just replaced rear rotors and pads for $82), and cheap cost of ownership, and ability to tow lighter loads.
I had ordered a Ford Maverick (ok, totally different car, I know) last year but Ford won't be producing it and I have to get back in line next year, and I'm over it.
What would be something similar to my Volvo that isn't quite so...old...? Again, I'm looking for a quality feeling car, with low cost of ownership and DIY friendly. Newer Volvos tend to be quite spendy in parts and electronics that break and needing to be re-programmed at the dealer, so as much as I want a V90, those are probably out.
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2023.06.01 08:16 YngFijiWtr Pet Allergies/Asthma + Bunny Owner Journey

Hello to whoever might benefit from this allergy tip,
I've always known that I had issues with sneezing/asthma around cats, and suddenly dogs when I turned 18ish..
Like bad. Terrible lungs/breathing plus urgent care emergencies when sick. Sneezing like crazy.
so I thought I'd give a rabbit a shot. Well same thing. But I found a full solution after about 1 year of owning my bunny.
It took going to the doctor about 3 times and trying other things as well.
My solution was:
  1. Air purifier in bedroom. No bunny zone.
  2. Claritin seemed to last 24 hours and help sneezing the best. Costco had 365 tablets for way less than the price of a name brand 30 ct bottle.
  3. Nose clogged once a week or less. Flonase used only when it clogged. Also costco deal.
  4. Let's talk asthma. First, a Singulair tablet every night seemed to help (in a behind the scenes kind of way) but it is by no means the immediate solution .
  5. Breo Ellipta once a day. Inhalation powder. My doctor told me I'm not supposed to get asthma attacks and if I do, maybe once or twice a week tops, thus requiring albuterol. Breo ellipta seemed to solve the allergy induced asthma 95% of the way, giving a much better quality of life.
This combination took me years of suffering to finally realize. At first with a friend's cats, and eventually with my own bunny who is almost 3 years old.
Luckily I have been able to get my breo ellipta prescription cost covered because its a "preventative" medication.
Now I've had no problems for over a year :)
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2023.06.01 08:15 Archanaajikumar RENTAL CAR SERVICES IN KERALA

What to Look for in a Car Rental
Car rental services have become a popular mode of transportation in Kerala for tourists as well as locals. Numerous organisations have come in order to give customers the greatest options due to the increase in demand for the rental services. In specific, car rental services are an ideal alternative for public transportation, and be a practical and affordable option for travellers. Customers who require cars for a variety of reasons can rent them from rental car firms for a specific period of time. Various car rental firms typically charge customers a daily or hourly rate to rent cars, minivans and SUVs. They can be utilised for family holidays, business excursions, and more. Car rentals can be available for wedding function, business meetings, VIP transportation, airport transfer, employee transportation, and self drive.
  • Economy cars are the most affordable choice,which is ideal for individuals or small groups. They have good fuel efficiency and are simple to operate in narrow places.
  • For families or groups travelling with a lot of belongings, SUVs and minivans are the best choices because of their increased size and space.
  • In addition to having the newest features and technologies, luxury vehicles offer a high-quality driving experience. They provide premium features like leather seats, modern entertainment systems, and elite safety features.
Benefits Of Car Rental Service 1. Flexible and convenient travel options
2. Cost-effectiveness
3. Access to luxurious and unique vehicles
4. 24/7 customer support and emergency help
5. Long distance travel is more convenient
6. Rental options available for long-term as well as short-term needs
7. Convenience of pick-up and drop-off destinations
8. Increased privacy Renting a car is now more convenient with online booking efficiency and flexible locations.To ensure that their fleets of rental cars are reliable and secure for consumers to drive, rental car companies must ensure that they are frequently inspected and serviced. Overall, renting a car is a practical, adaptable, and affordable transportation choice for a range of travel requirements.
For more details visit the website - https://www.southgatetravels.com/
Contact us today to learn more about our luxury cab services. Contact no : 9249699996 Address : Mukalel Building VL, 43, Vikas Ln, Kunnukuzhy, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,695035 Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.01 08:15 myMAPLEadvisor ROI - Return on Investment

A new post was uploaded to our social media accounts today. It talks about ROI.
ROI is a simple way to measure the profitability or success of an investment. Imagine you have some money and you decide to invest it in something like stocks, real estate, or starting a business. ROI helps you understand how much profit or gain you can expect from that investment.
To calculate ROI, you need to compare the amount of money you gained or earned from the investment to the amount of money you initially invested. The result is usually expressed as a percentage. If the ROI is positive, it means you earned more money than what you initially invested, and it indicates a successful investment. If the ROI is negative, it means you lost money on the investment.
For example: Suppose you invested $5,000 in a mutual fund, and after two years, your investment has grown to $6,500. ROI calculation: Subtract the initial investment from the final value. In this case, $6,500 (final value) - $5,000 (initial investment) = $1,500 (Net income*) Divide the Net income by the initial investment and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. In this case, ($1,500 / $5,000) * 100 = 30% (ROI %)
ROI helps you evaluate the efficiency and profitability of different investment options. It allows you to compare the potential returns of various investments and make informed decisions based on the expected financial gains. Keep in mind that ROI is just one factor to consider when making investment decisions, and it's important to consider other factors such as risks, timeframes, and personal financial goals.
The ROI formula disregards the factor of time.
To calculate the annualized ROI, you need to consider the investment's performance over multiple years and adjust it to an annual basis. The annualized ROI takes into account the compounding effect of returns over time. Here's the formula to calculate it:
Annualized ROI = ((Ending Value / Beginning Value)^(1 / Number of Years)) - 1
Lets use a step-by-step example to illustrate the calculation:
  1. Determine the Beginning Value: This is the initial value of your investment.
  2. Determine the Ending Value: This is the final value of your investment after the specified number of years.
  3. Calculate the Number of Years: This represents the duration of your investment in years.
  4. Apply the formula: Divide the Ending Value by the Beginning Value, raise the result to the power of 1 divided by the Number of Years, and subtract 1.
For instance, if you invested $10,000 and after 3 years, your investment grew to $13,000, the calculation would be as follows:
Annualized ROI = (($13,000 / $10,000)^(1 / 3)) - 1
Annualized ROI = (1.3^(1 / 3)) - 1
The result is approximately 9.43%. This means that on average, your investment grew by approximately 9.43% per year over the 3-year period.
Calculating the annualized ROI allows you to compare the performance of investments with different time horizons and evaluate their profitability on an annualized basis.
What other measurements do you use to compare different investment performance?
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2023.06.01 08:15 GparentsGuiltyLove My grandparents love me

im suicidal. i had a mental break in january of '21 and was unwillingly entered into the hospital. my grandparents got me out of my lease, and took me in. spent literal thousands to help me get back on my feet. physically better than i ever was before. i have a team of a psychiatrist, psychologist, pcp, and now im working with an adult autism specialist to sort myself out mentally. i still live with them, but after finally getting a job last november ive taken over 80% of my own finances.
i thought i was okay. i thought i was as close to normal as i could be, i truly felt happy. which is amazing because it was winter and my seasonal depression hits hard. but here we are in the beginning of summer, where im usually bright and happy even when i was obese, and i just want to die.
my grandfather just retired. my grandmother runs her own business and is partially retired. they already didnt have as much to retire as they should have, and i know its because of me even if they wont say it. they cant travel the world like they wanted.
and now they cant even travel out of town if i tell them the truth
so i cant. i cant ruin any more for them. they love me so much theyll sacrifice everything and go in to debt if it means keeping me okay and i cant do that to them. they worked their whole lives to get here, and all i did was fuck up because of my mental health
i called out of work two days in a row when they were on their last trip because i had a break and attempted. none of my coworkers or manager know i have mental health issues, depression, or suicidal thoughts. i was reprimanded for calling out. im honestly worried i may loose my job and im working with my union rep right now. i don't know if i want to fight for it or not...
i want to go back to the hospital. maybe they can help me not feel this way. i love my little brother, and i miss my mom. my cat is my only teather, i hold her close. i know a part of me doesnt want to feel this way so if i go get help maybe they can do something.
but my grandparents have another trip coming up on the 10th. theyre going to yellowstone. they havent been to yellowstone in so long. this is only the second big outing since retirement. if i ruin it they wont go on trips again for a long time.
i cant tell them before they go because then they wont go. and i cant check myself in while theyre gone to avoid them worrying about me because we have three pets i need to take care of. so now ive been actively suicidal since mid may and i cant tell anyone or check myself in for help until the end of june. and my therapist isn't available until june 14th
i dont want to die and waste all the money they put in to me. but i dont want to live. and i cant tell anyone i dont want to live without it getting back to the people ive already put too much strain on.
my dad wasnt supposed to be able to have kids. my pda valve didnt close when i was born and i was oxygen deficient for the first month and a half of my life. i went through multiple surgeries and an open heart surgery. ive cost so many people so much money in my life. im not a miracle baby, im a living coffin.
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2023.06.01 08:15 OTodd_Lass037 Enjoy the show! "She Kills Monsters" is showing the next two weekends at the theatre on the square

If you've never seen a live play, here's your sign!
Come enjoy a comedy/drama - "She Kills Monsters" - The story about Agnes, an average woman who loses her parents and younger sister, Tilly in a car accident. Agnes’ life becomes quite an unexpected adventure when she enters the world of Dungeons and Dragons that her sister had written a module for. Adult language.
The cast/crew has worked their ass off! Come support your local theatre and do something fun and different. Tickets are available online and at the door.
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2023.06.01 08:15 OliverDupont Oberlin Commitment

Does anybody here know how exactly the $10,000 automatic scholarship works? I’m considering applying to Oberlin this fall and am confused about how it’s applied to tuition. Is the value subtracted from your net price (i.e. Tuition - Financial Aid - $10,000) or is it just factored into the financial aid (i.e. Tuition - (Financial Aid - $10,000 + $10,000))?
I don’t know if that question makes sense at all but basically I’m asking if the Oberlin $10,000 commitment makes any difference to cost of attendance if you’re already receiving more than $10,000 in financial aid.
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2023.06.01 08:14 daphatty Material advice for deck in (mostly)full sun

Greetings everyone. As the title states, I’m looking to build a simple ground level deck that will be mostly in direct central California sun. Not much shade to speak of, especially during the summer where it can hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit regularly. Using all wood instead of composite decking eliminates the possibility of melted boards. Conversely, wood shrinkage is also a strong possibility. As a result, I’m fighting a bit of decision paralysis.
Setting aside the cost differential, are there any other factors I should be aware of?
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2023.06.01 08:13 Mark_luckerberg Where to get cheap novels in indore?

I'll be visiting indore for jee advanced and after that I thought of reading books but books on Flipkart and amazon are costly. Suggest some good places to buy books for low price
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2023.06.01 08:13 Yui4united 86 degree curved spine for a female 13 year old (just turned 13 two weeks ago)

Honestly I am in shambles,I don't know what to do anymore.I what to get the surgery but my parents protest against it because they said it's 50% chance survival rate,this gets on my nervs.Your daughter is in pain and you won't let her heal.My mom keeps pushing for me to wear a brace and get physical therapy,my dad won't do the surgery because he's scared of the cost.
I'm tired of wearing clothes and looking like the hunchback of notre dome.everything I wear looks weird on my back.So I stick to huge shirts and baggy clothing,it's summer and it's hot outside and I'm still wearing large t shirts scolosis has ruined my self esteem.
I just wish I had the surgery already but my parents are worried about the survival rate and cost,my back is latterly killing me I can only breath by yawning I am in pain.
Along with scolosis I have severe deppresion,I've thought about ending it all because of my scolosis,what's the point of living when I know I'll never have a boyfriend or grow up to be pretty.who would wnat to date a freak?
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2023.06.01 08:13 dasPCX Is it possible to return/swap wearable items if upon arriving you find out that the fit is smaller/bigger than you?

I ordered a pair of shoes and found out that the shoe is a lot longer than my foot. Width of the shoe is fine. Would it be possible to swap the item and not really return it? I'm willing to shoulder the shipping cost for it.
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2023.06.01 08:12 Extension-Topic-5619 Getting cold feet

I’m a software engineer (27F) and have worked in the Indian FinTech industry for the past 6 years. I want to pivot to Tech Product Management post-MBA. Fortunately, I have been admitted to my dream M7 school with a 20% scholarship, but as things have started getting real and as the current tech market situation has become clearer, I’m getting cold feet.
Opportunity cost for getting an MBA at this point in my career is high. I am earning close to $120K including bonus. It allows me to lead a very comfortable life in India. Post-MBA median salary is higher, but given the cost of living in the US my style of living would actually take a hit.
I understand that the engineer to PM switch doesn’t necessarily need an MBA degree but it would definitely accelerate the timeline. I do have other reasons to pursue an MBA degree: exposure to diverse people, personal development, putting myself out of my comfort zone, exploring untouched streams like marketing, and learning more about entrepreneurship to have a better shot at my long-term goal of starting a business. Being an international, I don’t have PT MBA as an option which would have suited me the best.
Now, I’m contemplating whether these reasons are good enough for me to leave my current comfortable life and job in India and pursue a degree which would leave me with $100K debt and with no savings. What would you have done in this case?
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2023.06.01 08:12 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/Anywhere - Any ladies in need of a close friend or perhaps something more with benefits? Let's get to know each other.

Hi everyone!
I’m a 21 year old From the US who is looking to get to know each other and if we click, maybe something that could lead to us being more than just friends in a casual flirty way or friends with benefits. I don't mind where you are or your age whether that's around my age or older is fine. I've been pretty lonely and what comes with that is lack of online intimacy or sexual connection so I'm seeking someone to change that with haha
There's pictures of me on my profile.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build, and I'm white with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too.
I've been feeling kind of lonely as of late and decided to try my chances. I live on a small farm house built in the 50s with family and my parents are a little on the older side and thus we don't really get out all that often, so it becomes kind of isolating at times. I figured why not make a post and possibly meet someone great as you never know what life will give you when least expected. I work as a facility maintenance tech for a company that I just started with a week ago!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
Already mentioned, but had to list this one because I just adore the fall and everything that comes with it. My birthday is in October too so it's always been my favorite month. I much prefer fall and winter over a muggy humid summer. In the cooler seasons there's always ways to warm up.
• Technology
I'm good at fixing electronics and I'm quite nerdy in that aspect. So if something breaks I can fix it ;) I'm also good with my hands and quite inclined mechanically.
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
I like to cook and learn new recipes, as well as bake fun things too! It's always nice when the house feels nice and cozy and smells good. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, a cozy cup of tea and music or a movie in bed or sitting outside is so nice!
• Animals
I love animals of all types, and I currently have an older cat which I adore to death! We rescued her from the local shelter. She's the sweetest thing. (I think I love her more than anyone in the house lol, she just makes me so happy) :)
• Art
I enjoy art, both creating it from time to time such as drawing, and admiring other peoples work. There's just something so fun about it and seeing things so beautiful.
• Houseplants
I love houseplants and really anything nature related and also spiritual such as crystals and rocks. I love to help my mom in caring for all of our plants and also gardening outside when its a good growing season. Its fun! I also like cottage core and goblin core type vibes and enjoy sitting out on the deck burning incense, its peaceful :)
• Cozy video games
I'm not a hardcore gamer really, but I enjoy simple and fun cozy relaxing games such as Stardew valley and Minecraft. :)
I'm a very honest, caring, and loving type of person. I'm pretty introverted normally in private but get quite extroverted when I'm close with someone.
There's not much I expect from a potential friend except for respect, kindness, and honesty! I'm just very chill and easy going and able to adapt to all sorts of personalities.
If you think we'd vibe, send me a chat! I’d love to get to know you! :)
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