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2010.09.27 18:10 rynvndrp Get laptop suggestions from geeks that know

A place for prospective laptop buyers to get suggestions from people who know the intimate details of the hardware. Please use the laptop form while posting a new request:

2013.03.06 01:59 dev_icee Tuesday: the Butthole of the week

Everyone acts like Mondays are the worst when really there is a more ferocious monster looming in the dark. The monster's name is Tuesday, and it picks its nose and eats its own boogers covered with hot sauce.

2023.06.02 13:26 NezuminoraQ Public holidays on Salary

I have recently started a job and today was informed that I am expected to work all public holidays that fall on normal working days. That's... All of them for the rest of the year, except Xmas when we're closed.
I've only worked a salaried job once before but all public holidays were non-working days that we were paid for like a normal day if they fell on what would be normal working days. All my wage slave jobs have paid time and a half or double time, with a day in lieu.
I've checked Fairwork but there's a lot of "weasel words": employees may be entitled to time and a half and/or a day in lieu.
It feels shitty and unfair if not strictly illegal.
What say you, Reddit?
My contract says something about "reasonable" additional hours but is every public holiday with no additional reimbursement "reasonable"?
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2023.06.02 13:26 rishitadevelopers Finding the Best 3 BHK Flats in Lucknow - Rishita Developers

Finding the Best 3 BHK Flats in Lucknow - Rishita Developers
3bhk flats in lucknow
Are you searching for your dream home in the vibrant city of Lucknow? Look no further than Rishita Developers, your gateway to luxurious and comfortable living. Our esteemed real estate company specializes in crafting exceptional 3 BHK flats in Lucknow that offer the perfect blend of elegance, convenience, and modern amenities.Located in prime areas of Lucknow, our meticulously designed 3 BHK flats are a testament to architectural brilliance and meticulous craftsmanship. Each apartment boasts spacious interiors with thoughtfully planned layouts, allowing for maximum utilization of space and natural light. The contemporary designs and premium finishes add a touch of sophistication to every corner of your new abode.Rishita Developers goes above and beyond to ensure that your living experience is unparalleled. Our flats are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including 24/7 security, power backup, and high-speed internet connectivity. Enjoy the convenience of covered parking spaces, well-equipped fitness centers, rejuvenating swimming pools, and beautifully landscaped gardens that provide a serene environment for relaxation.Moreover, our flats are strategically located in Lucknow, offering easy access to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs. Embrace a lifestyle of convenience, where everything you need is just a stone's throw away. At Rishita Developers, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you at every step of the home-buying process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.Discover the joy of owning a luxurious 3 BHK flat in Lucknow with Rishita Developers. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and convenience in a home that truly reflects your aspirations. Come, explore our projects and find your dream home today!
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2023.06.02 13:26 PopularAd1131 Help with food manufacturing in Netsuite/RF Smart

We are a food manufacturing business running Netsuite Mid Market Manufacturing in Australia. We also use RF-Smart Advanced Distribution. We are having trouble working out which features to use to best maintain inventory control and traceability in Netsuite through our manufacturing process.
The process we want to use is;
-pick lot numbered inventory in the warehouse and allocate to a production line (including quantity greater the BOM to allow for wastage) We want these items to be locked to a work order.
-complete work orders using the ingredients picked
-return unused ingredients to the warehouse

Ideally we want to be able to do all this with a scanner. It doesn't seem complicated but we can't find a way to do this without too much complexity.
For various reasons Netsuite's Issue Components and RF-Smart's Production Staging doesn't do what we need.
Can anyone offer any solutions or point me to a consultant with experience in this?
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2023.06.02 13:26 etfore Let's celebrate the historic milestone that forever changed the course of Bitcoin!

Let's celebrate the historic milestone that forever changed the course of Bitcoin!
Let's celebrate the historic milestone that forever changed the course of Bitcoin!
On this memorable day, May 22, 2010, an amazing transaction took place where 10,000 bitcoins were exchanged for just two mouthwatering pizzas. Little did anyone know the immense impact it would have on the world of cryptocurrencies.
Fast forward to today, and we witness the incredible growth as One Bitcoin is now equivalent to an astounding 3,857+ pizzas! This awe-inspiring transformation is a testament to the remarkable rise of Bitcoin, symbolizing its journey from humble beginnings to becoming a global phenomenon.
Let's raise our slices and toast to the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of digital currencies!
Follow @etforecompany Follow @etforecompany Follow @etforecompany

BitcoinPizzaDay #Bitcoin #pizza #Bitcoinpizza #btc #Paywithbitcoin #etfore #Etfore

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2023.06.02 13:26 BespokeDG Reynaers Aluminium Doors, Cheshire

All our Reynaers doors are manufactured in-house, meaning we can create truly bespoke door designs for our customers in Cheshire, Chester, Warrington and the surrounding areas. We also work with homeowners and architects throughout the UK, so please feel free to enquire about your architectural glazing project with our team today about our bespoke glazing services.
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2023.06.02 13:26 wisedental Best Emergency Dentist in Bridgeport from Wise Dental

Wise Dental has a trusted team of emergency dentists in Bridgeport, Texas. Our dentists are well-versed in all things dental care; whether you’re looking for urgent dental care, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, braces, or teeth implant services, we have you covered. Visit us today.
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2023.06.02 13:25 _IamDJR_ I give another chance to the albums I like the least, part 1: Origins

Hi everyone!
As title says, I'm gonna give another chance to the albums I like the least. This is the first of the the three other posts I'm going to write, as the albums I'd like to review are Origins, Evolve and Mercury Act 2.
Today I begin with Origins, not for any particular reason, but just because it's the albums I've been listening lately.
Here, I write a small review for each of the tracks and at the end I decide my final "verdict".
Also, don't take this review too seriously, as I won't go too much into technical details and I'd like to write something funny.
So, let's begin!
Natural: Among the other tracks, I think Natural works well as the album opener. I truly was into this song when I first discovered ID but now it feels to me a bit formulaic and shallow in lyrics. Overall, it's not that bad, but I've just got used to that sound.
Boomerang: It's the track that opens up to the "Origins Vibe". Many other songs from this album have these syncopated drum beats. I like how they've tried to be modern by experimenting with drum samples.
Machine: That's the track I considered to be one of the "rock songs" from Imagine Dragons, but I guess that my idea of rock music has changed over the years. Rhythmically it sounds like "We Will Rock You" by Queen, and that's probably the case considering that ID have always tried to make the definitive 21st century arena rock anthem. Lyrically it's as "edgy" as other lyrics I've heard from other modern pop-rock bands like Twenty One Pilots and so on. Definitively, it's not one of my favourite from that album.
Cool Out: I'm not as a pophead as I was before, but honestly it doesn't sound to me that bad. It's not the song that can revolutionize the pop music scene, but it feels... fresh (no pun intended). The production is pretty good for this kind of pop music and the drum samples are pretty unique. I'd rather listen to this kind of music rather than a generic pop-rock song that tries to be edgy.
Bad Liar: Ah, yes. The popular one. This is the song that made me discover ID. The production is coherent to other songs from this album, and that's good. At the end, it's another self-blaming ID song with pretty lame lyrics, but I must thank this song and radio stations for making me discover this band.
West Coast: It reminds me of some acoustic songs from Avicii and I bet my life. It's ok, but it's not the strongest track from the album.
Zero: Ah, yes. The Disney one. But honesty, it's not bad! I can definitively hear some reminisces of the old post-punk revival ID in there! I also love to listen to an ID song with this high-level professional production. Perhaps I'm crazy but, probably due to the drums, it also sounds like one of those post-soviet songs but just slightly overproduced, ahah. Would I listen to this song on my own? Well, no. But it's actually a funny song!
Bullet In A Gun: This song unveils Dan Reynolds' hip-hop background. It's essentially a pop-trap beat with lyrics about celebrity issues and how people have high expectations of them. It's not that great in my opinion, but they've tried to be experimental.
Digital: I don't get what's the purpose of that song as it sounds like a demo for the Ralph Breaks the Internet soundtrack which didn't made out. I can say that it's pretty experimental and the "they been saying the same thing" bridge somehow sound like a Radiohead song from the In Rainbows era? I know it's a strech, but I can hear that they've tried to bring something unique.
Only: Like I said for Cool Out, this is another fresh pop song from Origins. I would have loved this if I found it out during my EDM phase. The production it's yet again very polished and Ben's bare ass worked out pretty well!
Stuck: Omg, how's this possible. I know it has become a cliche, but this sounds to me like another 🌈 ID Children's music song 🌈. No, I'm not crazy, take a listen to this italian children's music song and you can find out that it's virtually similar to Stuck. They're even both in F Major and 115 BPM! Please, don't mind too much, I'm just a crazy listener with weird life experiences...
Love: It's just a generic love song called... "Love". Probably that's the beginning of the cheesy ID phase in MA1 and MA2. What a unique song title, btw.
Birds: Ohh, that was my song! This is instead the song which unveils ID morbid obsession with death. The production is yet again coherent with other songs in Origins. I also like the animated music video they made for this song.
Burn Out: I love the rythm of the piano and these kind of fooley samples truly makes this album. Lyrics are also quite interesting though.
Real Life: It didn't grow up on me and it was also the hardest one to review. It's another upbeat Imagine Dragons song about loss of faith and personal relationships.

The verdict

This is probably the most experimental album from Imagine Dragons along with Mercury. It's a coherent and fluid album but, although it could have been an interesting release, this kind of experimentation hasn't took off the stigma of generic radio songs that ID suffer from.
Overall, for me it's a 6/10 as there some tracks which have surprised me positively.
Next time, I'll try to reconsider Evolve and see if it's really as bad as I remember it to be. So, see you later!
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2023.06.02 13:25 GraceOfEscanor Is it weird for a guy you haven’t spoken to since 10th grade to ask you to cinema?

Imma keep this short and sweet.
I pissed of some girl as a sophomore but started talking today for the first time properly (we’re seniors/12th grade now) I want to meet up in person is it weird to ask now or should I wait a couple days?
(By the way this is a friend not gf)
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2023.06.02 13:25 Napalm-1 Producers, clients and financial players competing in the uranium spotmarket (yes, producers are also spotbuyers), Very soon Zuri-Invest will at least buy 2M pounds in the spotmarket (Next week?) -> A couple possibilities: URA, URNM, CCJ, UEC, EU, DNN, GLO, URG, UUUU, ...

Producers, clients and financial players competing in the uranium spotmarket (yes, producers are also spotbuyers), Very soon Zuri-Invest will at least buy 2M pounds in the spotmarket (Next week?) -> A couple possibilities: URA, URNM, CCJ, UEC, EU, DNN, GLO, URG, UUUU, ...
Hi everyone,
Debt ceiling sage, Is FED going to increase rates further?, War in Ukraine, AI, ...
In the meantime in the tiny uranium spotmarket utilities, financial players and producers are outbidding each other.
A) Yes, you read that right!
Today many uranium producers are spotbuyers too, because:
  1. spot price is lower then AISC + small margin when producing their own uranium
  2. Some producers having a lower uranium production then their uranium supply commitments towards their clients, so those producers have to buy uranium in the spotmarket too.
B) There is information about one RFP for uranium delivery in short term (spot) for 1 reactor that is significantly impacting the uranium price at the moment.
But there are other western reactors (Diablo Canyon, Kori2, Doel4, Tihange3, Asco1&2 …) in a similar situation... => More to come

C) Also more and more financial funds are created to buy physical uranium in the spotmarket, because investors start to notice that there is a global growing supply deficit at today's uranium prices.
Latest example: Zuri-Invest will start buying uranium in the spotmarket, probably starting next week. Zuri-Invest on their own will have at least 100M USD which represents approximately one month of uranium spot supply. But Zuri-Invest is not the only one buying uranium in the tiny spotmarket, by consequence those 100M USD together with the uranium spotbuying from others will largely exceed on month of spotsupply, creating a significant upward pressure on the uranium spotprice.
An uranium price of 60 USD/lb isn't high enough to get the needed higher production cost producers to produce uranium again!The consequence: Upward pressure in the uranium spotmarket is steadily building upThe consequence: Upward pressure in the uranium spotmarket is steadily building up
If interested, a couple possibilities to get exposure to the uranium sector
1) Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (U.UN on TSX in CAD, U.U on TSX in USD, SRUUF on US stock exchange) is a physical uranium fund:
Note: U.UN share price today is still well below their NAV value.
2) URNM etf, URA etf , URNJ etf are uranium sector etf's on US stockexchange
3) Here a couple US and Canadian uranium companies that are too cheap at the moment compared to their EV/lb value 12 months ago and certainly compared to their EV/lb value similar uranium companies had in February 2007 when uranium spotprice was at 75USD/lb: EnCore Energy (EU), Uranium Energy Corp (UEC), Denison Mines (DNN), Fission Uranium Corp (FCU), Global Atomic (GLO), Cameco (CCJ), ...
Denison Mines (DNN) share price today represents a valuation of only ~4.46USD/lb U3O8 DNN has in resources today compared to EV USD/lb valuation a couple companies had in February 2007 (when uranium spotprice was ~75USD/lb):
- DNN: 21.42 USD/lb = ~5x
- PDN: 23.04 USD/lb
- FSY: 16.02 USB/lb

Source: John Quakes on twitter

Global Atomic (GLO on TSX and GLATF on US stock exchange)
Global Atomic is building a 5Mlb/y DASA mine with possibility to double the planned 5Mlb/y production if the right price is paid, GLO will produce uranium early2025 and is signing contracts with clients)
Global Atomic (GLO) share price today represents valuation of only 1.41USD/lb U3O8 compared to PDN EV USD/lb in February 2007 of 23.04 =16x
Am I pretending that GLO will do 16x from share price today? No! But GLO is stupidly cheap today. Imo 9x from here by 2025/2026 is possibility.
GLO has higher grades in DASA than PDN had in Langer Heinrich in 2007
GLO is also about to increase their uranium resources after very succesfull drills in 2022.
And GLO already created JV with government, SOMIDA (80% Global Atomic, 20% Niger), so the negotiations around the ownership are done! Niger is an important uranium producers globally where Orano and others already mined uranium for several decades.

EnCore Energy (EU) is ahead of schedule on the planned uranium production restart of Rosita extension and Alta Mesa, and already sold 200,000lb to a client they bought in spot in 2022
(Funny note: 1x 1000MW reactor consumes ~400,000lb/y, USA has more than 90 reactors online... So 200,000lb very good and important for EnCore Energy, but doesn't resolve the huge global uranium supply problem).
Yet EU share price today represents valuation of only 2.82 USD/lb. That's too cheap for a company already selling uranium to clients (imo)!

Source: Presentation May 2023 of EnCore Energy

Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) has several projects & mines in care-&-maintenance mainly in USA and Canada. UEC bought >5Mlb cheap uranium in the past for delivery between 2021-2025 that will have much higher value in future.
UEC share price is cheap today (imo).

UEC, EU, URG, UUUU, PEN,… are important for US supply security

Note: the uranium companies made a first bull run in 2021-2022, but got depressed by the negativity in the stockmarket in general (Market went from "risk on" to "risk off" mode), but the uranium spotprice actually remained quite stable.
Why did the uranium price remain stable?Because the sector fundamentals are very bullish, even producers buy uranium in the tiny uranium spotmarket at these low uranium prices.
Now we are steadily going to go back to "risk on" mode imo. Tomorrow, in a month, 3 months? We'll see. It's not IF, but WHEN. This isn't financial advice. Please do your own DD before investing.Cheers
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2023.06.02 13:25 saasfin Pre-market movers for today

Stocks that are moving the pre market
premarket (
#premarket #market #futures #tradingview #cnbc
Pre-market stock activity provides investors with an indication of how the market may react to news, announcements or events that happened outside of regular trading hours. This information may help investors make educated decisions.
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2023.06.02 13:24 Wr3ckingBall13 Republic Day Parade/Festivities

Does anyone know the schedule of activities for the holiday? We've heard that there's a parade today but we have no idea what time. Any insight would be appreciated! TIA
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2023.06.02 13:24 Synycsenterprises Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management
A functional IT infrastructure requires a lot of work. Like a marketing or sales department, when one component is out of whack, it can impact the overall IT system. That’s why proper infrastructure management is crucial. Building an IT infrastructure management, whether on your own or with managed IT services, is essential for corporate success. But properly managing that infrastructure is the key. The rapidly spreading use of today’s technology poses particular and significant commercial difficulties for businesses and government organizations of all sizes.
Information technology (IT) infrastructure management is the administration and management of crucial operational aspects to effectively, efficiently, and pro-actively employ technology, information, and data. It should not be confused with the wider duties of IT management. In addition to the hardware that makes up the IT infrastructure, these components also comprise the software, procedures, policies, personnel, training, security, networking, data storage, and mobile and virtual capability. Overall, company operations, objectives, and goals are tightly correlated with IT infrastructure management.
Visit Company page ->
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2023.06.02 13:23 Omeet2 40 lifehacks to improve your life

  1. Don't assume a 'no' for someone else. Let them make that choice.
  2. Believe in serendipity, not coincidences.
  3. For decision-making, resolve automatically by (1) setting a deadline, or (2) picking the less enjoyable option.
  4. Utilize email reminders for important follow-ups on specified dates.
  5. When in doubt, simply do what is right.
  6. The expectation of progress is key for motivation. It's hard to be motivated if you don't know your next step or the end goal.
  7. Clarity is key. E.g., "AGI takeoff fast" - define each term: "AGI", "takeoff", "fast".
  8. Use one-hour timers for brainstorming in Google docs and three-minute timers to jot down immediate next steps.
  9. Knowledge is a stepping stone. The more you know, the easier it is to plan your next steps.
  10. Naps don't necessarily mean sleep. Your brain is never fully off; it's about resting your mind.
  11. Without scheduled time for important goals, you can't really claim to have any.
  12. Ask yourself, what is something you're avoiding out of fear? Be specific.
  13. Consider, what are you hiding due to shame? Be honest.
  14. Think, what infuriates you? Define it.
  15. Every project has a preliminary and final version. The initial can often be done in just 10% of the time if you set a timer for 5-10-15 minutes.
  16. Don't shy away from asking people "What do you do?" as your first question at social events.
  17. Seek out the most unique individuals at gatherings.
  18. Working on complex issues requires a significant amount of bravery. Embrace your fears.
  19. Just because you feel strongly about something doesn't mean you're correct.
  20. Even if your overarching intuition is correct, without concrete actions, your assumptions might be off.
  21. Pursue the truth and test your assumptions. Don't settle for winning arguments.
  22. Avoid postponing important beliefs. Always strive to think from the ground up, not based on someone else's beliefs or what's considered reasonable.
  23. Be wary if you haven't experienced any awkwardness today.
  24. Thinkers believe thinking is key; doers believe action is key. Find a balance.
  25. If something is occupying your mind, jot it down. It'll help you focus on the task at hand.
  26. If a task involves a sequence of actions you've done thrice, create a checklist.
  27. If a thought disturbs you, remind yourself it's okay to let it go.
  28. Use tools like Anki, snooze tabs, and Asana to manage your questions and ideas for later.
  29. If a work location doesn't naturally suit you, switch places. Don't force it.
  30. Treat everyone as a friend. Don't hesitate to send cold emails.
  31. Keep a visible timer to ensure you're staying on track and not getting stuck.
  32. Recall your shower thoughts. They're often insightful.
  33. Low social status often hides untapped potential.
  34. Living in areas with high standards, like the Bay area, can provide a significant boost in drive and insights.
  35. It's natural to feel like you're lagging behind at times. It's part of the journey.
  36. If you rarely experience a certain emotion, your brain might be suppressing it.
  37. Prefer reading books over listening to them for better retention.
  38. People often project their motivations onto others.
  39. People often project their fears onto others as a form of self-protection.
  40. You have control over what to pay
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2023.06.02 13:23 WerewolfBarMitzvah09 You have to pick one of these characters as your dance partner for a competition/performance (pt. 3), who's your pick?

View Poll
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2023.06.02 13:23 HelaGreen My dog is so scared to go outside that I’m no longer sure what to do

I have a 4 year old chiweenie who has always been on the easily anxious/ timid side, super sweet an playful overall. We moved to a much more urban area last year (like a step down from being downtown). The apartment is admittedly in a busy street and busy parking lot that is understandably overwhelming for her so she hates going outside unless it’s to my car cause then she knows we’re going hiking or to the park. I try to do that as much as possible but isn’t feasible 3x a day. We’ve lived here 1 year, I thought she’d get used to it but she hasn’t.
So the problem- I have to walk down the hall and to the elevator to go outside. Recently this has gotten impossible. She keeps digging and locking her legs into the ground and refusing to walk. I can’t drag her of course, and I don’t want to pick her up and enable the behavior. That being said, I’m feeling at a loss for what to do. It’s increasingly difficult and more frustrating to take her outside. I try to gentle encourage her, she might take a few steps and then stop again. I was thinking treats, but she generally isn’t treat motivated when she’s scared and looks at everything but me.
Any advice?
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2023.06.02 13:23 digiskolae DigiSkolae Institute: The Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow

DigiSkolae Institute is the leading Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing courses that are designed to help you learn the skills you need to succeed in today's digital economy. click the Link And join Best digital Marketing Institute In Lucknow.

Our courses are taught by experienced industry professionals who are passionate about helping students learn and grow. We also offer a variety of support services to help you succeed, including career counseling, job placement assistance, and access to our online learning platform.

If you are looking for a digital marketing institute that can help you launch your career or advance your skills, then DigiSkolae Institute is the perfect choice for you.

Why Choose DigiSkolae Institute?

There are many reasons why you should choose DigiSkolae Institute for your digital marketing education. Here are just a few:

Expert Faculty: Our faculty are experienced industry professionals who are passionate about teaching and helping students learn.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers all aspects of digital marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media marketing and email marketing.
Hands-on Training: We believe that the best way to learn digital marketing is by doing. That's why we offer a variety of hands-on training opportunities, including internships, projects, and live case studies.
Career Services: We offer a variety of career services to help you succeed after graduation, including job placement assistance, career counseling, and access to our online job board.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field, and there is a high demand for skilled digital marketers. By learning digital marketing, you can gain the skills you need to launch a successful career in this growing field.

Some of the benefits of learning digital marketing include:

High demand for skilled digital marketers: There is a high demand for skilled digital marketers in today's job market.
Competitive salaries: Digital marketers earn competitive salaries.
Flexible work options: Many digital marketing jobs offer flexible work options, such as telecommuting and remote work.
Opportunities for growth: The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means there are always new opportunities for growth and advancement.
If you are interested in learning digital marketing, then DigiSkolae Institute is the perfect place for you. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing courses that are designed to help you learn the skills you need to succeed in today's digital economy.
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2023.06.02 13:23 D3vine29 Lost..

3:55am getting ready for work 24 years old. work a warehouse job. Been on drugs since I was 10 been sober for 3 years now. I need Help someone. Ever since I’ve been off drugs I’ve never wanted to leave more then I do now. I dreamed about going to the military. serving and dying in the field because at least I’d go down a “hero” who had a purpose something along those lines but got denied cus of medical issues. So now it’s just my little stupid ass self and my pea sized brain against the world right ??. I started hanging out with the wrong people and got Into the world of drugs and feel in love instantly. That’s all I ever needed up until 3 years ago it was my everything my happiness , girlfriend, food, life, etc. now that I’m sober I feel completely lost in todays world being alseep for so long and the truth is I just don’t want to keep going I want to give up I don’t see anything in the future for me I don’t see a happy family a house a dog nothing like that I workout out regularly 5-6 times a week I do everything that’s expected of me as an adult,brother,son,coworker I do everything right but deep inside I just want it to stop I don’t know anything else other then my past life nothing grabs my attention I don’t have that drive or ambition I still see myself as a worthless drug addict I’ve let down my parents and sisters and brothers even tho they say I didn’t I see nothing but pain in they’re expressions and I’m not intelligent what so ever I have no high school diploma so I guess you can say I have no education either I don’t believe in myself. I don’t like myself. I try to change I do everything I’m suppose to do. But my thoughts continue the same. now instead of being and or dying a hero now I’m just a sad confused 24 year old “man” who everyone feels sorry for including myself. I don’t expect anyone to read this or reply I just woke up and I’m sure no one gives a fuck and maybe I’m not making much sense either cus I’m rushing for work but had to express myself to someone or something because it’s been getting pretty dark around here lately and I feel low I hope everyone has a good day I hope everyone gets to live the life they always wanted and deserve you guys got this I believe in y’all
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2023.06.02 13:23 TryUpset288 Emergency temp soft top fix!

It’s supposed to thunderstorm in my area today and I just found a 2-3” tear in the top of the soft top, is there something that I can put temporary on it for at least the rest of the day that will hold with driving?? PLEASE HELP!
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2023.06.02 13:22 greenedgecomputers Sophos Endpoint Security: Strengthening Your Digital Defenses

In today’s interconnected world, where cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it is crucial for organizations to prioritize robust endpoint security. With the proliferation of devices and the rise of remote work, endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices have become prime targets for cybercriminals. To effectively protect your endpoints and sensitive data, you need a comprehensive security solution like Sophos Endpoint Security. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of Sophos Endpoint Security and understand why it is an excellent choice for safeguarding your organization’s digital assets.

Understanding Sophos Endpoint Security:

Sophos Endpoint Security is a powerful cybersecurity solution designed to protect endpoints against a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and zero-day exploits. It offers a holistic approach to endpoint protection by combining multiple security layers and advanced technologies. Let’s delve into some of its noteworthy features.

Next-Generation Anti-Malware:

Sophos Endpoint Security utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time threat intelligence to detect and block both known and unknown malware. By continuously analyzing patterns and behavior, it can identify malicious files and processes, preventing them from compromising your endpoints.

Behavioral Analysis and Exploit Prevention:

Sophos Endpoint Security employs behavioral analysis techniques to identify suspicious activities and detect threats that traditional signature-based antivirus may miss. It monitors processes, file system changes, and network connections to identify and block any malicious behavior. Moreover, its exploit prevention capabilities protect endpoints from zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Web Security and Content Filtering:

With web-based attacks on the rise, Sophos Endpoint Security provides robust web security features to protect your endpoints from malicious websites, drive-by downloads, and phishing attempts. Its web filtering capabilities allow you to control and restrict access to specific categories of websites, ensuring employees adhere to your organization’s internet usage policies.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

To prevent sensitive data from being leaked or compromised, Sophos Endpoint Security includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features. It enables you to define and enforce policies that govern the transfer and storage of confidential information. Whether it’s credit card numbers, social security numbers, or intellectual property, Sophos helps you stay compliant and protect your critical data.

Centralized Management and Reporting:

Sophos Central, the cloud-based management console, provides a unified platform for managing and monitoring all your endpoints. This centralized approach simplifies security administration, allowing you to deploy updates, configure policies, and monitor the security status of all your endpoints from a single pane of glass. Detailed reports and analytics provide valuable insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities, enabling you to take proactive measures to strengthen your security posture.


Sophos Endpoint Security offers a comprehensive and intelligent solution to protect your organization’s endpoints from the ever-evolving threat landscape. Combining next-generation anti-malware, behavioral analysis, web security, and data loss prevention, it equips you with the tools needed to defend against a wide range of cyber threats. With centralized management and reporting capabilities, Sophos Endpoint Security ensures streamlined administration and real-time visibility into your security posture.
Investing in a robust endpoint security solution like Sophos is not just an option but a necessity in today’s digital landscape. By fortifying your endpoints, you safeguard your organization’s sensitive data, preserve customer trust, and mitigate the risk of financial and reputational damage caused by security breaches. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and make Sophos Endpoint Security an integral part of your cybersecurity strategy. Contact us at Green Edge Computers to know more…
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2023.06.02 13:22 tranoire How could HA recognize who is speaking and reply accordingly, with personalization?

For instance, 'turn on my lights', 'what's in my calendar today', etc. For a home with multiple people, especially kids, it would be incredible for each person to only be able to control things they're permissioned for, based on recognized voices.. So kids can't mess with each others lights, no one can turn off the music when I put it on, etc.. Have the voice assistant reply with a personalized message, 'I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that', etc.
There seem to be some challenges to doing this, so I'm curious if anyone has tried or has any advice? I believe I can modify the Willow (Inference Server) to recognize (diarize) the voice from a local, pre trained, set. And then pass that userId back to Willow, along with the transcribed text... Maybe do a local lookup and pass a per user long lived access token back to Willow and get it to connect with a different token each time?
Assuming all of that non trivial effort, would it actually get me anything? Is there even any way to get HA to restrict access to entities based on the user? If I connect to HA as user1 vs user2, can I actually achieve anything useful?
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2023.06.02 13:22 Marshall_Michel_Ney Doubt with SAT Registration

I am an international junior who has registered for the august 26th DSAT. I originally registered as a student of school 'a', but just changed to school 'b' today. I can update the school on my SAT profile, but do I have to change the school in my registration, and if yes, how do I do it?
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2023.06.02 13:22 Boneyard_Tales The Church on the Hill

Short Synopsis
A young boy with an interest in local history and cemeteries learns about life and the value of friendship when he meets a child named Peter in the local cemetery that may not be all that he seems.

When I was a kid I had a fascination with graveyards, burial grounds and old churches. I wouldn’t call this a morbid fascination but more of a learning place for a kid of the age of 5 or 6 to explore death and what it means to be remembered by loved ones and friends. As this fascination grew it lead me to the study of local history which would become a keen interest for the rest of life.
My great uncle Tom, who was a mountain of a man as he had worked all of his life as a miner in the local pits, encouraged this interest I had shown in history and at my behest, after Uncle Tom picked me up from school, we would often take long walks with his mongrel dog Tina around the local cemetery. The cemetery was scattered around the large hillside of the local church on the hill. The church cut quite an imposing presence in the small village I grew up in, as it seemed to loom over the whole place sitting high above the rows of houses, local pub and farms. Everyone in the village attended the church at least a few times a week, but at night it was considered a spooky place to the children in the village and my friends considered me very odd and often ridiculed me for my interest in the place and I gained the affectionate nickname Spooky Steven. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was just kids playing around and now we are all grown, we often all sit together having a pint in the local pub and laugh about it. I had my fair share of pokes of fun at them too when we were kids, there was no Internet or game consoles back in those days, so entertainment was what we would make it.
The church was ancient and had gravestones and markers now crumbling with the decay of age that dated as far back as the Anglo Saxon period of Great Britain. This history always fascinated me and it became a common practice for me to head to the graveyard, most often alone in my youth, and make grave rubbings to find names from the past and look them up in the local archives at the town library. This small library was full of old documents such as land registry papers and birth or death records which dated back for hundreds of years, it was like google before computers. I would spend hours in there till closing time at 6pm, looking through all these ancient records and when names came up again and again in certain papers, you could slowly build up a picture of someone’s life. You could see when they were born, who they worked for, who they married and how their lives progressed, most of the older papers ended up with people inheriting land or buying farms and making their way as countryside workers, it was enthralling to me. I think it made me realise early in my life, that if you say someone’s name aloud or read it, that person’s memory is still alive. Even at a young age I found that rather comforting.
Listening to this I’m sure you can imagine I was a bit of a loner, you don’t get the nickname Spooky Steven for being the captain of the football team. No-one was ever cruel to me or anything, I was bullied a little for being different and that was upsetting at times but I wasn’t bothered and I always just kind of did my own thing, so you can imagine I was happy when at about 12 years of age I found a friend who was interested in the same things as I was.
One beautiful summer afternoon while in the graveyard among some shady ancient oaks swaying in the breeze, I was taking some graphite rubbings in a particularly old part of the cemetery and I meet a boy named Peter. Looking back it’s strange that I didn’t know Peter from school, but you don’t think about these things at a young age. When ever I was in that part of the cemetery Peter would often turn up unexpectedly and talk to me about what I was doing and why I was interested in these old names from the past. He was full of information and seemed old for his 13 years, he talked about a lot of the old names on the gravestones as if they were still living. He would tell me about Mr Jones the welsh baker, who spoke with such a strong accent that he was hard to understand and how John Blakley the blacksmith would often let the local children into his shop and teach them how to use the kilns and pay them a small wage for helping him keep the fires burning good and hot. I checked out all of these people that Peter talked about in the library and they were all legitimate people who had lived in the town often hundreds of years in the past. I didn’t question this as Peter would have access to the same documents from history that I did, but I had never seen Peter in the library and I was there most afternoons.
On another occasion Peter told me that he was made to leave school and work from a young age because his father had died in a farming accident, so he had been put to work to help support his family. These times I met Peter we’re all in the late 1980’s and early 90’s and it was only when I began to get a little older that I started to think Peter was not from around here. There was no way a boy of 13 years old would be allowed to work at the hard labour Jobs that Peter talked about doing. Drystone walling or working in the fields are highly dangerous jobs that deal with heavy equipment and chemicals that a child of that age would never be allowed to use in this day and age. But, still I thought nothing of it at first, my young ego thought that maybe he was trying to impress me so I would be his friend. I started to ask about him at school amongst my friends and then the teachers and no-one knew who this boy was. I was again ridiculed for having an imaginary friend so I took a bunch of school friends to the church yard to meet him, but he would never show when I was there with other people. This became very frustrating, so I stopped talking about him.
After about a year or two of meeting with Peter on a few different occasions in the cemetery, I began to notice things that were odd or different about him. The clothes he wore seemed old fashioned and unlike me he didn’t seem to be getting any older, at that age kids grow at an accelerated rate and I was already almost a whole foot taller, but Peter had remained the same. On the last day I saw Peter in those years I questioned him about his clothes and the way he looked and he took great offence to this, his eyes welled up and tears began to roll down his cheeks. I told him I was sorry and that I wouldn’t mention this again, he then said to me some words that I will never forget “Its ok” he said through his tears “It’s been my absolute pleasure to spend this time with you. Just do me a small solid and say my name every once in a while when you are here, I’d appreciate that” he then smiled at me in a way that breaks my heart when I remember it and walked away into a shady part of the cemetery and that was the last time I would see him as a child.
By the time I was around 16 years of age the local historian knew me by name and we had developed a friendship and she began to tell me stories from the past which were not written in any of the history books. Some of the stories she told me were spooky ones about hauntings and other strange paranormal stories of local legends. Because of this interest she had and the passion with which she told me these tales of local occurrences, I felt comfortable enough with her to mention Peter. Her eyes lit up and she asked me to please tell her more. I told her everything and we stayed together well passed closing time looking up names and histories of local residents but we couldn’t find anything about about a young local worker named Peter, however we did find information in a record about the death of a local farmer in his 40s who was crushed in an accident with his wheat plough in the summer of 1889. The strangest part of the story is still to come.
Later in life when I turned 18 I was a regular in the village pub and became very friendly with the landlord and often did shifts in the bar serving in the evening to help pay my way through college where I took a bachelor’s degree in history. In the summer for extra pay the landlord asked me if I were interested in clearing out some of the old attic spaces to get the place ready for an extension that they were going to build. The extra money was welcome so I agreed and that is where the most amazing thing happened. Amongst all the cobweb ridden stacks of books, papers and a wealth of old furniture I found a framed portrait from a very old 1890’s camera. The picture was of a boy laying dead on a bed of flowers on one of the big old wooden tables in the pub, it was Peter. I rummaged around and to my amazement I found hidden in the back of the frame an old newspaper clipping about the death of a 13 year old chimney sweep named Peter Robinson. I was not afraid, but the revelation came as more a relief to know that perhaps I wasn’t crazy and that Peter had reached out to me from somewhere beyond our own understanding of this world. I chose not to mention this to anyone as Peter had never shown himself to anyone else and it felt it would have betrayed our friendship that had occurred in those early years of my youth.
A few weeks later I found myself drawn back to that shady part of the church on the hill amongst those ancient oaks and mossy gravestones with bottle of beer in my hand. It was a beautiful day, there was a gentle breeze and the crickets, birds and insects chatted in the gentle afternoon, just like those summer days I had spend in this place as child with my Uncle Tom and Tina who were now themselves long since departed. I rose the bottle of beer in the air and said Peter’s name out loud and for a brief moment, from the corner of my eye I thought I saw the flicker of a boy standing in the distance in the summer shade and a smile spread across my face. That day I learned a lesson for good, that if we think of those who are dead and gone and remember them out loud they will live on and never be forgotten.
The End
Written By John Renney
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