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2023.06.01 08:32 Civil_Emu2174 I can't study anymore and I don't know what to do?

I'm not a lazy student or at least I wasn't always like this. I take school very seriously and I used to have all As and an occasional B. I took APs and all honors. I would stay up late studying and always finish my homework at all costs. If I got distracted, in the end, I would get the work done, but I can't anymore. Ever since this school year and I joined IB, I have been burnt out. I always push myself and get by but now I'm falling. My grades are so bad compared to my peers. I try to focus and study but I can't. I either am so tired I give up or I feel overwhelmed and alone so I'm chatting with someone. Not to mention, my extracurriculars are so draining that when I get home. Now the ec season is over and finals are approaching, I am failing so bad and I can not focus for one second. My brain just denies it all. It sucks too because I really loved to learn stuff but now I just hate it. I feel like I'm so alone and stupid. I'm losing the person that I once was. I constantly just want to cry and give up until I see my grades then I start to cry and remember the reality which is that I'm failing. Don't get me wrong I try as much as I can even thought it's not the best. However, once I go home I'm deadbeat. Is anyone else like this? Am I going to be better?
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2023.06.01 08:32 9Kewtie I guess I'm looking for a simple smartphone

I tried to figure out what dumbphone I would like, but all the ones they are currently making are clunky. J literally bought the Nokia 6300 and it's driving me nuts! It sounds like you can't really use older phones here in the US anymore, especially ines with a full keboard. I don't mind having something not so dumb, that's why I picked the 6300 in the 1st place. But I am having so much trouble searching for something kinda in the middle. Do any of you have an idea of something that might work?
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2023.06.01 08:32 DumbIdeaGenerator Is decreasing your stats for training actually worth it?

I've been messing around in the great desert for a while now. About 15-20 ingame days. I've given my 10 squad members samurai armor and big backpacks to lower their attack stats. Then going out and picking fights with whatever is around the grey desert.
They... haven't improved that much. Even after 15 days they're still only in the 30's with regards to attack and defense. This equates to a melee attack stat of around 5. Everything just about nearly kills them and they still don't get better particularly quickly. Much of my time is spent just waiting at 3x speed for them to heal their injuries in bed. Plus they're hella slow in that heavy armour, despite me training their strength every chance I get.
Is it simply not worthwhile to reduce the stats for training purposes, given that they lose more fights and spend more time recovering, meaning less overall battles?
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2023.06.01 08:32 OrmanRedwood Either Christians Are Atheists or Athiests are Theists, pick one.

The definition of what an Athiest is is pretty darn simple: Athiest do not believe in the existence of any god. However, some athiests believe in the simulation hypothesis which posits that our universe was created by intelligent life in a more real universe... The simulators in that case would basically be gods to us and their world basically heaven, not the paradise we often think of as the reward of the faithful, but the more ancient idea of heaven: the place that actually controls what goes on in the world. The thing is, there is no real difference between the pantheons of other religions and the simulators, so simulationists seem to be polytheists, not athiests.
But, if you want to say they are athiests, you somehow have to change the definition of atheism so that it doesn't exclude simulationists. This is actually pretty darn simple because "God" in the English language and in most languages refers to two very different concepts and since Atheism does not believe in the existence of either concept Atheism real is a lack of belief in two things rather than one thing. The word "God" can refer to two separate concepts and the set of both concepts while atheism refers to the denial of two distinct concepts but never refers to the denial of only one of the two distinct concepts. I simply propose that we make "atheism" and "theism" more symmetrical, use atheism to refer to two separate denials or both denials separately... This has some interesting consequences.
The word "God" does not refer to one defineable concept, but rather to two distinct concepts. There are polytheistic gods which are defined as exceptionally powerful, generally immortal, spiritual (not defined by our world) beings. Sometimes gods can die in their view, though usually not from old age. I'm pretty sure Mormons have a different view where the gods are perfectly immortal but also often physically in our universe, but correct me if I am wrong on that. Hinduism makes this something of a simplification, but that's because they view everything, literally everything, including the polytheistic gods, as a mere extension, or reflection, of the next concept the word "God" refers to, and that is the Monotheistic God.
Every Abrahamic religion worships being itself, that which exists without reference to anything besides itself, and that can only be existence itself. This strange way of defining God has a unique consequence: having more than one of this being is literally impossible. Since God is existence himself, he cannot be divided into two separate beings because if two beings exist within the same reality they are necessarily dependent on and distinct from existence itself. Secondly, there can not be two separate monotheistic Gods that do not share the same nature as both Gods are different definitions for what is and isn't real, and because they are different definitions neither God would be contained in the others definition of reality, thus relative to one God, the other does not exist, and since we live in one reality, relative to us, only one God can exist under the monotheistic definition. The idea that more than one God exists according to the monotheistic definition is wrong, and as has already been shown, this is not because God is defined as one, but because monotheism necessarily and unavoidably follows from how the nature of God is defined. The oneness of God is not attached to the definition of who he is, but rather is the result of the way he is properly defined.
Now, since these two definitions of God refer to completely different concepts, it seems that athiests should be allowed to choose which concept they actually do not believe since Theists are allowed to pick and choose which concept they believe. After all, most Christians think being monotheist also means believe the polytheistic gods do not exist (an incorrect assumption, but still one commonly made). Theists don't have to believe in both God concepts to be Theists, but athiests do have to disbelieve both God concepts to be Athiest. However, this way of defining things perpetuates the misconception that the word "God" refers to one and only one coherent concept when it actually refers to two distinct concepts. Instead, athiests ought to be defined those who do not believe in the existence of God according to either or both definitions while Theists are those who believe according to either or both definitions.
Oh, but there is a clear problem with this. There are two categories in which you can define yourself as a "theist" or an "athiest" without changing your beliefs. Under this schema, many Christians are athiests and theists at the same time because they believe in God but believe every other being called god does not exist. To fix this issue, you could try to use a three term system like we do now: polytheist, monotheist, and Athiest... But the problem with this is that it assumes believing in the existence of God and the gods is mutually exclusive... But it isn't. There is no overlap between the concept of God and the gods, they don't contradict one another, they are simply different. Hindus believe in the existence of fundamental reality, Atman, a universal consciousness which is a (inaccurate) way of understanding the one God('s relationship to creation), but they are polytheists... That believe in the one God... To an extent, they don't actually worship him... He is simply in their cosmology. As for the Christians, we are supposed to say that all the gods of the nations are demons, (Psalm 96:5, I know the translation is disputed) that is that pagan religion is an immoral communion and interaction with very real demonic spirits rather than a mere indulgence in very fake fantasies, so both polytheists and monotheists can believe in the existence of the beings which the other worships while still retaining their polytheistic and monotheistic identities. Similarly, monotheists and polytheists can deny the existence of the God or gods of other religions while still retaining their theism. This is why it is important to distinguish between what kind of God is denied as theistic beliefs aren't a simple binary or even trinary, but in this case there are more like Five distinct views without taking worship into account.
Inclusive Monotheism: Only the one God is God, but other beings called god are thought to exist.
Exclusive Monotheism: Only the one God is God, and he is the only being called god that exists.
Strict Atheism: No belief in the existence of any personal being more powerful than humanity.
Exclusive Polytheism: There are many gods but the One God does not exist.
Inclusive polytheism: There are many gods including the One God.
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2023.06.01 08:32 dammit_sammy I’m rewatching for the first time in over 5 years and I’m just as obsessed as I was when I was a teenager.

I used to be a supernatural superfan. I live-blogged nonstop on my superwholock tumblr. I dressed as Dean Winchester to my school’s “character day” during spirit week. I had ungodly amounts of merch. Once, Misha released his phone number on twitter (I think it was a GISHWES promo) and I called it a hundred times and sobbed with happiness when I managed to get through to his voicemail. If I could have gotten a tattoo at age 16, you know I’d have an anti-possession tat. I owe my decade-old Reddit account’s namesake to the show, and today I was surprised to see I have flair in this subreddit. I must have posted here back then, though I don’t remember.
But at some point, I stopped watching the show (I think it was season 11, maybe 12?) because i felt it had gotten too repetitive and I was busy at college. Honestly, I somehow completely forgot about the show even though it was formidable to my teenage years. When people asked about my favorite shows or actors of all time, supernatural and the cast stopped coming to my mind.
But for whatever reason, I started up the pilot episode a week and a half ago. And oh my god am I hooked again (I’m a few episodes away from the S2 finale). And now that I’m older and I had some time apart, I appreciate it for deeper reasons (the themes, the music choices, the writing, the depth of the mythology, to name a few). I could read a dissertation evaluating every aspect of the show. Every night I have to force myself to turn off the show and go to bed. I could eat, sleep, and breathe it.
So anyway, I just want to say that I’m so thankful that this community is still here. And if any other people are returning to the SPN family after a long hiatus like me, welcome home.
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2023.06.01 08:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Agency Navigator)

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2023.06.01 08:32 SeaArt_Ai FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is SeaArt used for?
SeaArt is an efficient and convenient Chinese AI drawing tool.
It allows you to easily generate high-quality images without requiring professional skills, making it suitable for various scenarios.
High-quality creations are near at hand with its rich model library, professional settings, intelligent recommendation systems, and community interaction features.
It can quickly generate realistic and high-quality artwork to meet personalized demands.
No matter you are a beginner or a professional, you can find your exclusive drawing style and unique artistic expression in SeaArt.

Q2. How to generate images?
  1. Click Explore or AI Model to search for the image or model you want.
  2. Once you find the image or model you like, hover the mouse over it and click Try in the top right corner to enter the Generate interface.
  3. You can modify tags and parameters for personalized adjustments in the Generate interface. Once ready, click Start Creating to begin the creation process. If you don't need to make any modifications, you can directly click Start Creating.

Q3. How to delete images?
  1. Click Personal to enter the personal management interface.
  2. Hover your mouse over the image you want to delete and click "...".
  3. Click Delete to delete your artwork.

Q4. What is NSFW? How to avoid images being tagged with this label?
The abbreviation NSFW stands for 'Not Safe For Work' and is commonly used to label emails, videos, blogs, forum posts, and other content that contain explicit, violent, or gory material. This labeling helps prevent viewers from inadvertently accessing such content in an inappropriate setting, such as at work.* You can add (NSFW) to the Negative Prompts to reduce the probability of generating NSFW images.

Q5: Can I use my own images created on SeaArt, or the works of other users of SeaArt for commercial purposes?
Officially, commercial use is not prohibited, but users need to bear the associated risks themselves.

Q6: How many times can I create per day?
You can generate 100 images for free every day. When exceeding 100 times, the corresponding tokens will be deducted according to the GPU power consumption. Tokens can be obtained by completing tasks and participating in official fan community activities.
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2023.06.01 08:32 AutoModerator Agency Navigator - Iman Gadzhi (Complete Course)

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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.06.01 08:32 throwawayfapster22 Minor Help With Ruetoo's SST Champ

Hey exiles, have been following this Ruetoo SST Champ build: This is my build:
This is by no means a budget / cheap build, its my last build put together for Crucible league throughout (was playing LA Deadeye to farm currency). In need of help regarding two parts of this build;
  1. How did Ruetoo manage to fit in Blood & Sand as well as other auras? (I bought an Enlighten 4 to compensate for 3% less mana reserve on ashes already, still wont fit)
  2. Why does his Precision give nearly 400 more accuracy compared to mine?
All help is appreciated, really want to get this build to at least 100% accuracy and also somehow fit in the Blood & Sand if even possible. If you do spot any other mistakes / inefficiencies please do let me know too!
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2023.06.01 08:31 pink1375 What is it about weddings that makes people so crazy?

My younger sister (24yof) has been complaining about my wedding for the past 2 years! My fiance (33yom) and I (28yof) have been engaged for almost 2 years we set a 2 year engagement because we originally planned to get mairried where we live in wisconsin and a lot of our families live in California, we recently had to move the whole wedding to California because my fiancé's mom is sick and can't travel. The whole thing has been really stressful for me rearanging all the plans, but my little sister has been bitching about every little thing the past 2 years, and she keeps making snide comments here and there about our plans. A little back story a few years ago my little sister moved to Virginia and one day (the day after easter) she called my mom and said "don't be mad, but i got married yesterday" none of us even knew she had a boyfriend and she hadnt lived there very long, my family is very close so this took us all by surprise. Fast forward to me getting engaged and now my little sister keeps making comments about the wedding like "why are you even having a ceremony" or "i wanted to have a ceremony but no one wants to do it because they say its pointless now.." i told her if she wanted to have a ceremony to do it and she said our dad and grandma talked her out of it then she said "I still want to have a ceremony but you stole my theme" so i asked her what theme? And she said "tim burton, corpse bride" and I said " Im not haveing a corpse bride wedding Im having a country western themed wedding..." and she argude with me saying i told her i was doing corpse bride so i told her i dont remember ever saying that but im not im doing country western.. so you think that would be the end of it right? Oh no.. since we had to move the wedding to California my dad has offered to use the money he was going to use for travle to help me pay for the wedding (I know such an amazing gesture i am so greatful, my dad is amazing) but my little sister has a problem with this stating that dad didnt offer to pay for her wedding... i explained to her that he was not given the opportunity to offer since she eloped behind our backs and didnt tell us until it was done. She then started ranting about how she wanted to have a small ceremony with the family but my dad and grandma keep saying there is no point now (she has been married for about 3 years now) and my dad and grandma insist they never told her that but i digress, she is acting like a spoiled selfish child which i guess shouldn't surprise me because thats how she has been her whole life.. my older 2 sisters (30yof) and (29yof) are both really excited about the wedding and very supportive thank god my little sister also complained about the brides maid dress i picked which i thought was very tastful on theme and quite frankly very affordable only $40 on Amazon and all the other girls seemed to love it then she complained that i want all the girls to wear cowgirl boots which look soo cute with the dress at first i did want a specific pair that were a little pricey but then when i realized they didnt come in a wide fit i told the girls they can get any boots they want as long as they are brown she gripped a little bit but eventually gave in when she found a pair she liked that were more affordable, her son is to be the ring berrer he will be 3yo at the time of the wedding and Im soo excited to see him in his little suit. We made all the arrangements for the flower children over a year ago my god kids are going to do it but my little sister recently had another baby and we were discussing what boots to get for my nephew one day (i told her to wait till closer to the day so he doesnt out grow them before the wedding) and she said "oh how do you plan to incorporate (my niece) into the wedding" and sent me a screen shot of a dress she thought matched my color scheme. I told her I did not plan on adding the baby to the wedding party as i already have a ring berrer and 3 flower children and i didnt see a feesable way to include her and these plans were set before my sister even got pregnant. This. Was. Another. Problem. For her, her and her husband (24yom) have been going back and forth that last year or so saying they are coming to the wedding, they are not coming, blah blah blah.. my brother-in-law has made it very clear to me that he doesnt "give a fuck about your fucking wedding" as he screamed at me over the phone one night when my sister was arguing with me about the brides made dress.. I am not a fan of this guy I never have been since i first met him and i liked him even less after my nephew was born because he literally doesnt help my sister with anything and gets mad anytime he has to spend time with his son but besides all that my sister insists he has to be at the wedding or she cant come.. so i told her the baby can sit with her dad in the audience.. my sister didnt like this answer and asked who would be with the baby when her and her husband walk down the isle i was confused because her husband is not in the wedding party.. so i asked her what she ment she just repeated "who will hold the baby when (husband) and I walk down the isle?" So i responded "you and (husband) are not walking down the isle, (husband) will be sitting in a chair as a guest and YOU will be walking down the isle with one of the groomsmen." To witch she said "no im walking down the isle with my husband" and I said "no you're not, he is not a groomsmen you are walking with so&so" and she said "I'll just walk down the isle by myself then" i told her "no you will not you will walk with so&so or you will not be a bridesmaid and if (husband) has a problem with that then I will tell him myself because this is my wedding and what i say goes" my little sister also got mad that people where "too focused" on my wedding to congratulate her on her second child.. (no one in our family was thrilled about her having another child rn because her and her husband have moved in with our parents and my dad is basically supporting them and they just gave my dad another mouth to feed) but some how thats my fault.. in my little sisters eyes.. she has always had to be the center of attention and she always makes everything about her and i know this is horrible to say but i get the sneaking suspicion that she only got pregnant again because the attention was off her and my nephew and focused on me my fiance and our wedding. I mostly feel this way because she whined to me that "no one wants to throw me a baby shower because they are trying to save up to come to your wedding!" I couldnt help but roll my eyes i couldn't believe she said that to me.. like this major event in my life is somehow less important that her baby.. i feel a lot of resentment building up against my sister for the way she has been treating me and acting towards the wedding, her and her husbands behavior has been selfish and weird IMO because i have been feeling this resentment build i havnt been talking to my little sister very much and because of this I havnt seen much of my new niece, when my nephew was born i would facetime him almost everyday but with my niece i can only see her when i facetime my mom or dad but she has colick so everytime i try she is crying so i just get off the phone because its hard for them to deal with the baby while on the phone so the few times i have seen her when shes not crying she starts crying as soon as she sees me so i feel like she doesnt like me... i dont want my resentment and anger towards my sister to affect my relationship with my niece but i feel like it already is.. maybe im just over thinking it and i just need to wait for her to get a little older idk.. i just dont get why my sister cant just shut up keep her coments and jealousy to herself and at least pretend to be happy for me...
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2023.06.01 08:31 phampt Looking to get a new position. Please let me know how my resume looks and/or what needs to be changed. Thanks!

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2023.06.01 08:31 idealpictureframe Ugh at random memories coming up.

I found out only as an adult 5 years ago that my Mom was bipolaschizophrenic and had the mental capacities of a 6 year old after she was committed for a short time. It has been a long journey because of her abuse my entire life. The other day my husband and I were talking about teenage memories and I had one come up that was unexpected. My Mom used to blame me for everything as a teen and we would get into massive fights cursing and throwing things at each other as if she was also a teen. During one of these, she threw a freshly delivered pizza at my head and in the tiny kitchen that was about 5x3 started hitting me with a wooden spatula while calling me a stupid ugly b*tch. I guess back then I assumed this was totally normal. Now I know it isn't but that memory made me suddenly want every single wooden spoon/utensil out of my kitchen ASAP. I have tons of childhood trauma but this is the first one that has had such a reaction for me. Trauma is crazy.
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2023.06.01 08:30 flapjack_logan Burning vagina after sex

I’ve been suffering with this almost all of my adult life. After sex I have a burning vagina which lasts for days and days and also comes hand in hand with burning urination.
I’ve had every test under the sun and they can’t give me an answer. I’ve had my bladder expanded, key hole surgery to look for endo, multiple blood and urine tests, all of the scans. Keep getting told to use coconut oil (which I do) but lubrication isn’t an issue for me with sex.
I’m not really after things to try because I think I have exhausted all of the options. I’m honestly just utterly miserable and trying to find someone else who matches my symptoms. When I look online all I find it “burning urination after sex” instead of MY VAGINA IS ON CONSTANT FIRE for like 2 weeks after sex (as well as the burning urine)
Is there anyone out there or am I alone in this? Honestly at my wits end. It’s making my life and any chance of a relationship impossible. I’m 27.
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2023.06.01 08:30 Myllokunmingia I'm totally anhedonic and unmotivated after 2 weeks sober, and I have no idea what to do with myself.

I grew up with a functional alcoholic father and didn't realize how normalized alcohol use had become to me until I was in my late 20s. I started drinking a lot in college and was pretty consistently the heaviest drinker with friends. Not the most drunk because I adapted to handling it well but I could keep up with people that had a few dozen pounds on me. A lot of people say alcohol makes them tired or not feel great after a few drinks, I just feel better and better unless I get to the point of throwing up. And even then I'd feel better after puking and want to drink more.
I'm 29 now and it got pretty bad over the past 3 years or so. So did my dad's, and I think watching him slowly kill himself with it despite the pleas of everyone in our family, therapy, and an intervention I staged started to make me realize how serious my own problem was.
I was working an incredibly high stress job and it started to become my only way to relax. Come home, drink all night, wake up hungover, repeat. When covid hit I started working from home and it evolved into day drinking to get through the work day. I'd take a shot at 11 and keep up a buzz all day while feeling like complete dogshit the entire time. I hid it from my girlfriend at the time. I'd buy duplicate bottles of the liquor we had and hide them in the basement so it wasn't obvious I was plowing through a few fifths a week at times. If she or anyone at work noticed they never said anything. I kind of snapped at one point and quit the job (couldn't keep doing 60+ hours after a few years of it); I've had enough financial stability to not work for several months now but the drinking didn't really stop. I cut back a lot and starting working out, even lost a lot of weight, but I've been oscillating between moderate and heavy drinking the entire time. I've been dealing with a lot of mental health issues and realized I have absolutely been using alcohol as a form of escapism from depression and anxiety. The only time I'm not in total fight-or-flight mode is after a drink.
Last year I spontaneously accepted an invitation to EDC for this May from an old friend. If you're not familiar, it's a gigantic rave/electronic music festival outside Las Vegas. I've never been to anything like that and thought I'd give it a go. I'd actually forgotten about it until I got added to a group chat a few weeks before and managed to get my shit together enough to make plans to go. It was the first thing of note I'd done in months.
We camped in the desert with a crew of people I largely didn't know and had an incredible time. The group brought vodka but it was so brutally hot during the day no one (myself included) could stomach the idea of alcohol. It literally felt like a survival situation where you were just trying to sleep and stay hydrated and sane in 100+ heat under the Nevada sun. Then at night you'd take a bunch of party drugs and wander around the Speedway seeing DJ sets while being overstimulated with neon light shows and unending bass. It might've been the most fun I've had in years and I didn't drink for 3 days; which I haven't done for years.
I don't know if it was the healthiest way to force an evaluation of my life, but it forced one anyway. And I realized I didn't want to end up like my dad and that I'd been pissing away my life in a bottle. I'm happy I've come to this conclusion but panged with regret around how much time I've lost. I came home happy for the first time in about a year and totally full of energy. I was ready to get my next job, start making new friends, and start a new chapter of my life.
Those feelings lasted about 2 days and since then I have crashed, hard. I've been sleeping 10-12 hours and I'm exhausted by 3 after having done nothing. I've read it's possible my body is repairing a lot of long-term damage now that I'm not constantly inundating it with a toxin. I'm trying to do what I can. I'm introducing moderate exercise, taking multivitamins, eating extremely well, drinking water, and obviously avoiding booze. I still feel like shit, though. I have no motivation or energy. I've been in a foul mood. I feel foggy and slow, I can't follow conversation well and articulating my thoughts is difficult. Complex ideas wash over me and feel like grabbing at molasses. It's like my brain is stuck in power-saving mode. Nothing brings me joy. I realized I don't even know how to socialize without alcohol, I'm worried it's going to make meeting people difficult and hanging out with existing ones more complicated. It's like my genes and upbringing funneled me into a trap I didn't even know existed until recently and now that I know it's there I don't know how to get out. I feel like a shell.
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2023.06.01 08:30 knighthawk_XX Council Repair of Communal Areas

Good Morning. Looking for some advice please, but please let me know if there is a more suitable subreddit for this particular topic.
Essentially, we own (mortgage) a property beside two council owned (and rented) commercial premises. At the rear of the properties, and around our garden, is a communal path.
Above this communal path there are windows for the previously mentioned Council owned commercial premises, and these are in a sever state of disrepair, with the concrete window sills regularly dropping broken parts on the communal path, as well as the glass bring broken etc.
I initially reported this matter to our local council around 8 years ago, and was told they would look into the matter, but never heard anything more about it. However, since my wife gave birth last year we have been working on our garden, and raised the issue again with the council, as well as with the tenants of the commercial premises.
The council have come back and told us that they have been out to assess the matter and have authorisation to replace the windows and sills, but cannot advise on when this work will be carried out.
Can anyone advise what their legal obligation is to ensure the area is safe? I would have thought they'll as a minimum they should have put up some form of netting over the broken sills to stop chunks of concrete etc falling and potentially hitting people using the communal path, but they have not some anything like this.
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2023.06.01 08:30 musiconcloud Map won't render properly as HTML file

Need help: world map won't render properly as html file
Hi everyone! I've been working on a self project which involves embedding an html file (generated via folium). But as shown in the image below, the map.html file won't render properly for some reason - though it looks just fine on Google Colab. No difference when I zoom in or out. Could someone help me render the map properly?
EDIT: I generated this map via folium. I thought the initial zoom level was perhaps the issue so I tried different options e.g.
folium.Map(location=(30, 10), zoom_start=2, min_zoom=2, max_zoom=7, tiles="cartodb positron", max_bounds=True) 
And then I saved the map using:"map.html") 
I experimented with different zoom levels - yet to no avail. The map looks fine in my programming environment: Google Colab but when I downloaded the map (HTML file) and load it on my browser, it just won't render without issues.
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2023.06.01 08:29 KaleidoscopeNew5634 I F18 am scared to break up with my boyfriend M22

i’m very nervous and I don’t know how he’ll get. we’ve been together for four years. he used to have the worst anger issues - it was scary and unpredictable. he hasn’t been angry like that for around 6 months. it’s been a very good period. however, this period only began because he did something extremely hurtful towards me and he began acting perfect in order to gain forgiveness.
essentially i applied to an amazing out of state school and got in. i accepted the offer a month ago. i definitely did not tell him - when he saw the acceptance letter he told me to delete it and not bring it up again. i worry about how he’ll react but my orientation is very very soon and he’ll see me leave the state via life 360 and find out so i have to tell him before then.
i formulated the text already. the tone is very nice but it’s all a lie. i want to go to this school and it was me that applied and me that accepted the offer. however, in the message i act as though my mom is forcing me to go and that she declined my offer at the in-state school that he wants me to go to.
i know this is wrong but i just don’t want to get yelled at. i don’t want any drama. i want a clean cut and i don’t want to worry about him doing anything to get back at me - i feel like if i end it on a nice note then nothing bad will happen and maybe it’ll just end. if i put the blame on a third party then it seems like everyone wins. he’s not going to find my mom or anything and nothing will happen to her, she won’t even know i said something like that. also, nothing will happen to me and he won’t be mad at me. it’ll honestly just appear as an unfortunate and inevitable event that can’t really be stopped.
let me know if this is a terrible plan. i’m sending the text tomorrow morning so i need to know if this is an awful idea and if i should just be honest. just know that me being honest will likely threaten my safety so maybe honesty isn’t the best policy here!
TL;DR: i need to break up with my boyfriend but i’m worried about how he’ll react.
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2023.06.01 08:29 ventfulspirit Optimized Battery Charging

I just came off a 4 month old reddit posts on how optimised charging never kicking in. I feel the same on macOS, I have deliberately left my macbook plugged in everytime i use it and yet it refuses to recognise this and pause the charge.
Talk about over engineering, I dont know why they went ai/machine learning/algorithm route when they could just allow people to schedule manually. I am currently using a sumsung mobile device and set routines to simply limit charge to 85% when in dark mode and 100% when in light mode. Darkmode is enabled at night time automatically.
On a previous dell laptop i used there were BIOS options to schedule and set limits to charge manually, even though they had an automatic options which never worked for me by the way.
Honestly I am tired of AI and machine learning being baked into things that can easily be achieved deterministacally and not depend on optimisation algorithms that could fail to detect unconventional use patterns.
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