Purple mushrooms stardew valley

desperately need ppl to play with

2023.06.07 07:20 snail_skull desperately need ppl to play with

I play stardew on my switch but non of my friends play on switch, anyone down to play stardew valley with me? im a minor tho so no one older than like, 19 😭
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2023.06.07 07:15 hughlyhuge Looking for comfy fantasy games

I’ve played stardew valley a bit and really enjoyed how comfy it felt. I’m looking for a game, preferably fantasy, that was comfy, maybe like running a tavern or, adventuring but something light and fun. I like the Zelda games on the switch but haven’t played the newest one as of yet (I haven’t finished breath of the wild fully), and I enjoy games like Skyrim in general to play and feel like the house building and such is kind of comfy. Any suggestions? I’m looking on the Nintendo switch and PC.
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2023.06.07 07:02 Feeling-Software-682 26F - Why's everyone in my life suddenly getting married and having kids now

Well, it's official. All my friends have reached that stage in their life where they're getting engaged / married and having kids. As the only single one in the group, I'm starting to find myself having no one to really talk to these days as they're all busy with SOs and relationships and starting a family. Which admittedly gets kind of lonely and sad.
So I'm looking for some new friends to talk to! Hopefully also single, because I hear about cute relationships enough from my current friend groups. xD I'm NOT looking for a romantic relationship though! Just want platonic friendships with fellow singles living the solo life.
No huge expectations, not gonna say we have to promise to talk every day or call or anything immediately. Let's see if we click and get along and where the friendship goes!
Some facts
* I generally work from home, so I have a decent amount of free time to text and talk, but I may not always reply immediately due to working.
Please be around my age, gender doesn't matter. Night owls preferred if you're from USA-ish.
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2023.06.07 07:01 Crazynuttygirl Laptop suggestions please for a good laptop for starting out with twitch streaming and gaming.

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2023.06.07 06:45 cartiercorn Multiplayer survival/building and crafting games similar to Stardew Valley/Minecraft?

Hello! I am looking for a new MULTIPLAYER (preferably free but doesn't HAVE to be), survival or chore sim game where you get to craft your own world.
Things I have played that are somewhat along the lines I'm looking for:
Ark: Survival evolved. Enjoyed the crafting, gathering, collection and base building aspect. (LOVED!!!)
7 Days to die: same applies for Ark (minus collecting dinos obviously)
Don't Starve (loved the art, base building, and seeing all of your things build up.
Terraria (didn't enjoy as much but played enough)
The Forest: LOVED the different styles of bases you could make. Fun to fight, even more fun to craft and build. This one is great.
Grounded: enjoyed the building/crafting aspect, liked the grind, but did not enjoy having to go through hours of story to get to certain areas).
I'm really looking for something (mostly) cozy and crafting/building for my friends and I. The biggest criteria is really the ability to make cute/cozy bases and craft multiple items that you can place and use. I am not too picky about graphics, and it has to be multiplayer. Think of it as if you could make animal crossing multiplayer, but loosely (I don't mind fighting mobs). Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 06:28 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 089: Mushrooms

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Early the next morning, as the sun was just cresting the horizon, Bellona was putting the last of her gear onto a merchant wagon. With the change in plans for several routes that came with the news of the new dungeon came an opportunity to start the first part of her route with some company. For the first leg, she’d be accompanying a caravan, then going by horse alone for the second leg, before going on foot for the last leg. It made her logistics easier, she didn’t have to worry about feed for the horse for most of it.
The champion of Amirume went over her mental checklist one more time as she adjusted the position of her stuff, making everything as neat as possible. All her heavy armor was in the chest, until she was setting out on the last leg there was little reason to wear more than a chain shirt. There was little chance of danger on the main roads, so her axe she’d keep at her side and her shield on the horse. Even when traveling solo, it would be easier on the beast to distribute the weight of her armor rather than have her entire armored mass centered on its back.
For the last leg, when the horse would be left behind, she’d wear her full kit. If you were going to be carrying the weight anyway, there was no better distribution than to wear it. That would also be the section where she’d be traveling up mountain paths, and she didn’t look forward to it. She’d worn her armor for days while moving and fighting across relatively flat land before, but days of going up a mountain in armor were going to be quite different. Fortunately, it was early summer, so the mountains wouldn’t be too cold on her way up.
After Moriko had reached the monastery, Mordecai and Kazue had turned their attention back inward, for it was time to build. As usual, Kazue went first. With her plans finalized, the walls of the cavern on the fifth floor shifted and formed tiers, enabling ever-higher placement of mushroom buildings, and larger structures that could spread their weight on supports of multiple heights.
This was a large village of artisans, crafters, farmers, athletes, entertainers, writers, philosophers, and similar professions. She expanded on her tokens idea, to pass through the gate required five tokens, but the laganthros were free to hand tokens to one, some, all, or none of a party’s members as they saw fit, and the tokens would attune themselves to those who they were presented to. She also borrowed from Mordecai’s double-door concept: the first door could be opened by anyone who had five tokens, the second door would open only if the first door was closed and everyone inside the corridor had five tokens, and the first door also can’t be opened unless the second door is closed.
In addition to the more straightforward challenges she’d been thinking of previously, she had developed some slightly more complicated quests. Many professions use heat, so a challenge could start with “My fire drake wandered off and I can’t find him!”, leading to tracking down the drake, then figuring out the sub-challenge (it might be somewhere hard to access, or be distracted by a love interest, or maybe it found a shiny to large for it to carry but won’t let it go and hisses at any one who gets close, etc), solving the issue, and then they might still need to persuade the drake to come home.
There were many variations of ‘I need a thing’ that could be made into challenges, and the first obstacle was unstated: The inhabitants could pick the challenge, and could make it harder. If they didn’t like you, it would probably be long and involved, and wind up getting dirty, wet, and cold. So being at least reasonably polite made everything much easier. It wasn’t terribly likely that this would be an issue by the time someone got this far, but Kazue had decided that she was going to include variability in all her future challenges that made things easier for people who were being nice.
Now, people needed proper settings for them to venture into, so she spun off side caves of differing layouts and environments; some were jagged rifts that required navigating a lot of vertical terrain, some were wide with one or more streams or small ponds, others saw a return of crystal outcroppings, and a few were mildly caustic with acidic, alkaline, or salty environments. Nothing too dangerous of course, unless one was exceptionally foolish.
With many of the available challenges being at least partly physical, she started arranging for appropriate rewards as well. Mordecai had made sure she now knew how to craft some of the common physical enchantment items and how to alter their form and fine-tune their secondary abilities. A belt that could let someone carry more weight, boots that made you a little faster or made your steps quieter, a cape that could keep you warm or could help you blend into the background, and many other possibilities.
Not that she neglected the mental side either: glasses that could help decipher an unknown language, a pen that always wrote smoothly and without smearing and with unlimited ink of your choice, crafting tools that enhanced the product you made, and several other items of specialized use were all available rewards. She wanted the rewards here to be more focused on helping people better their skills, rather than rewarding them with direct knowledge as the library did.
Of course, sometimes people would be coming through who knew more than anyone in the dungeon did on a topic. Their challenge would be to teach, and rewards would generally be in raw materials unless there was other information they wanted.
She did have to be careful just how generous she was though. From dawn to dawn, there was a limit to how much the dungeon could create that could be claimed as loot, and they could only ‘stockpile’ for values that had already been won or that they already owed as part of a trade agreement. Their inhabitants were not so limited, but only if they worked with ‘real’ materials rather than ones created directly through dungeon mana, and it took a fair amount of time and effort to craft even a minor enchanted item the proper way. So unless there was a good cause, the items the inhabitants crafted were their own to use or to trade as they saw fit.
When Kazue was done she looked over the town to make sure she was satisfied with her work. There were towering mushroom spires, thick-walled squat mushroom buildings, long buildings made from many mushrooms grown together, and every other combination that had been asked for that she could make work. A lot of them were ‘dummies’ at the moment with no roads to reach them or doors to enter them, but she’d change that as the population grew. She even had a few unoccupied buildings growing from the ceiling, which were left available to be claimed by any inhabitants that could make their way to them. A little challenge and reward set up for her own people, figuring out how to make flying magic items or systems.
Creating the lighting had been one of her favorite parts. There had been a few concepts she’d considered, such as just making every mushroom and fungal surface glow slightly to create a very even and ‘sourceless’ lighting, but in the end, she went for something a bit more flavorful. The underside of the mushroom caps glowed to illuminate the area around their base while large glowing ‘spores’ floated overhead to cast a dimmer radiance to the general area, and all the paths were marked with tiny little puffballs that would collapse in a sudden burst of glowing dust spores if disturbed, most likely coating whoever messed with them and leaving a glowing residue that would smear the more you tried to rub it off.
All of the fungal-based light was in a soft blue/green color, but in addition to the ‘natural’ lighting, the inhabitants had access to fire and normal light spells, making the interior of the buildings look warm and inviting against the backdrop of perpetual twilight outside. Overall she rather enjoyed the contrast of slightly spooky exterior lighting and warm, inviting interior lighting.
They’d had plenty of time to build up lots of energy since Kazue’s mother had come through, so technically Mordecai could have built up his side at the same time. But he felt it was best to wait until she finished in case there were any surprises. The upside-down houses on the ceiling had not been in their original ideas for example, though in this case, they didn’t cost a significant amount more. They did, however, give him an idea to add later.
For now he focused on his original plan. At the entrance to the fifth floor, visitors would find themselves entering a wide campsite. There was no equipment, but the space was obviously cleared with a small, 2-foot tall ‘fence’ of piled stones and a fire pit in the center. There was also a plaque that read:
This area is neutral territory for the two warring factions beyond, but animals and monsters do not know such distinctions. Proceed at your own time and in your own way, there is no one path or one method to success. 
Combat challenges were fun and straightforward, but even the library was only a warm-up. Beyond the cleared campsite stretched a dimly lit mushroom and fungus forest that gave away nothing of what lay in wait for brave adventurers to face. Or at least would, when he was done.
Mordecai started with the terrain. The campsite was going to be slightly disadvantageous in that it was at the bottom of a shallow depression. All ways out were uphill, making it impossible to see most of the cavern from here even without the addition of a forest. From there he varied the terrain, creating twisting valleys, solo and clumped hills, the occasional small ravine, and very few areas of simple, flat land. If one tried hard enough, one could even find thin trails running along the walls of the cavern, but those were carefully placed and angled to be difficult to spot from below. Once done with the layout, he created a few springs to become the heads of several streams that eventually combined into a river that flowed into the boss chamber at the end of the cavern.
Back toward the entrance, he also introduced a small, natural ‘alcove’ with three waterfalls coming down along the inner curve of the wall into a small pool, which in turn started its own stream. These three waterfalls were connected back to the warren’s water network, making them part of the ecology of the dungeon. It was also time to add a layer of complexity: rather than just having exclusive pathways for different water uses, he started using nature’s filters of rock, soil, and sand to keep most of the impurities flowing into the sewers, and then let water seepage work its way into various underground ponds, which in turn became the sources for further streams. He made sure the paths alternated going into airless pockets and into caverns that were half-air and had light sources embedded in the ceiling to let photosynthesis take place. All natural purification. This was the source of the water for these three waterfalls and introduced the preexisting biome into this floor.
Now he looked at his entire catalog of available mosses, lichens, and fungi to select the best ground cover options, then he carpeted the entire floor in a mixture of this ‘grass’. Not entirely unaltered, Mordecai did fortify them to make them more resistant to being walked on and generally tougher, but for the most part he left them alone in their design. He was also doing a wild-seeding mix, to let them all compete and find their preferred environments. And there were plenty available, every single visitor had brought in various spores and tiny seeds that most humanoids never realized were clinging to them and shedding from their skin at all times.
He’d also been very considerate of Kazue’s origins. While she knew how to zoom in on material structures, he’d carefully avoided showing her how that technique could be used to examine all the tiny critters that lived on people all the time. Mordecai had found out a long time ago that most people did not want to know about them. It did however provide a source for the next layer of this floor’s ecology, filling all the undergrowth with tiny creatures invisible to most people. Once Mordecai was satisfied that everything had reached a self-sustaining state, it was time for the ‘trees’ of this forest.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to (I also try to stream once a week, but that's strictly hobby level).
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.07 06:11 KarmelCHAOS Don't sleep on Rune Factory 4 Special

It comes to Gamepass tomorrow and it's a great game. I haven't played the 'Special' version so I'm not sure what's new/different but the original game was great. I had close to 100 hours in the 3DS version. Had just played a ton of Stardew Valley and was looking for something similar, ended up liking RF4 more.
It's a mix between Stardew Valley type life Sim, and action rpg. Whereas SV emphasizes the farming and has some combat, RF4 is kinda the reverse.
Either way, great game I totally recommend.
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2023.06.07 05:46 Elegant_Library6151 Marybeth

Being a woman of faith was taxing. Taxing on the mind, because the Christian God was something Marybeth had a difficult past with. As she aged through her childhood, she was consistently in the church, the bible being sewn into her spine, the gospel being stapled to her aorta. She went to those little youth group meetings, and promoted her church at school, and got made fun of, and didn’t care. God was her life, her soul, her purpose, and she was complacent. She was fine.
Being a woman of faith is taxing on the body, maybe even more so for Marybeth than the mind. Following the death of her parents at sea, she felt like her tether to the Lord was straining, like the threads of rope were snapping, and she was holding on for dear life. Her knees were purple with wear, her neck was red and flaky, her face was dry, and wrinkly. Marybeth looked past it. Past all the vanity was God’s word, and her history with the man, and well, vanity would not help her get into heaven. Past it all was her house, and her crops, and of course, her husband, Sawyer. Marybeth stumbled upon Sawyer in the same church she grew up in. He slowly slid his fingers over her bible, and seductively chewed his lip, and she pulled her bible back and giggled, and nothing fruitful came of the interaction for a couple years. They reconnected at church a few years later and hit it off. Then they got married, then they moved to Oklahoma, and then they just lived.
Oklahoma was an odd state, at least that’s how Marybeth felt. She had some beans over the fire, her hands shaky from her day-long act of sewing. She didn’t work, just as all the other women didn’t work, but unlike them, she was restless. She wanted to move, and act, and do something. So, she sewed. With the little thread she had, she sewed. She made socks, gloves, and hats. She made some shirts and undergarments too, but kept the latter hidden. What her husband didn’t see couldn’t hurt him. Sawyer was still out in the field at this time. The wheat and corn were swaying, the sun dimming as the clouds rolled in. Marybeth slowly creaked up and made her way to the back door.
“Sawyer, baby, you got to come in.” He didn’t respond.
Marybeth knew he wasn’t coming in. She didn’t understand. A tornado was coming, the wind was picking up – all they had was their fragile, wooden house. Marybeth fought with the man many a time about it. Smack dab in the middle of tornado valley, with nothing but walls of glass keeping them warm. She recalls one conversation in particular.
“Sawyer, why are these walls so thin?” “Well, I was lazy, and wood was easy for me.” “Yeah, I get it sweetie, but it isn’t safe. With the winds, and us trying for a baby, we ought to reinforce this little place of ours.” “We don’t need none of that, Beth. Just God. God will save us.” “Maybe, but God made stone for a reason.” “God also made tornadoes. Funny how that works.”
Regardless, the tornado had yet to arrive, and he was not retreating inside, so she figured she might as well get back to work instead of daydreaming. Marybeth examined her wrinkly, pruned fingers, before submerging them in the bucket once more. She glared into the pupils of her reflection, her eyes swirling as she dragged her hand. She saw into her eyes, and into her mind, and in the newfound haze she was enveloped in, she found herself almost dozing off. Marybeth was a pretty name. Latin, meaning “star of the sea” or something of the sort. Marybeth’s mother named her after hearing the name in a song, a sweet memory that she held close. Every once in a while, the melody returned for a visit.
Marybeth, Marybeth, where did you go? Did the greyhounds finally bite? You should have seen it coming, Wandering off alone at night.
And when the town sends men to search, And asks, “Where could she be?” Marybeth, sweet Marybeth, answers: “I’ve become a star above the sea.”
She squeezed the rag, lifting her hands and letting the suds seep through. The melody dissolved into the air. Another gust of wind raced through, this time noticeably stronger. She returned outside.
“Sawyer, you really ought to come in. I need help boardin’ the windows.”
Sawyer remained in the field, and Marybeth saw it. The tornado, finally in view, sweeping through the village lining the horizon with aggression. She almost felt the flame of death’s heat run through her hair, her legs picking up once more as she stepped backwards towards the house.
“Sawyer! Sawyer, you damn idiot!”
Maybe Marybeth’s words were ruthless, and lacked objective, but the tornado didn’t show mercy, so neither did she. Many people lost their lives in that hour. The village was demolished, the cows refused to milk out of fear. As for Marybeth, she lost Sawyer that night. Maybe not physically, but spiritually, he was gone. She had been sleeping next to blind faith, she had been setting the table for a coward.
Marybeth, sweet old Marybeth, had been kissing a scarecrow.
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2023.06.07 05:36 Littlefox232 31 [F4M] #USA/Florida/Online - Adorable Transgirl Little On A Quest To Find Her IT/Cybersecurity Daddy!

🦊💕Greetings to my future Daddy! I'm Foxy, your adorable 31-year-old transgirl Little, still embracing the childhood charm of pacifier use and thoroughly enchanted by the magic of littlespace and the ABDL/DDLG lifestyle! Nestled in the USA, I'm seeking my unique Daddy CG, ideally within a 1-15 year age difference. Are you a wizard in the world of IT/Cybersecurity and a gaming enthusiast like me? If so, we could be the perfect pairing in the digital realm! 🌟👨‍👧
I'm a tech-tales enthusiast, looking forward to my future Daddy's thrilling narratives about his exploits in the IT/Cybersecurity world! 🖥️✨ The universe of technology, gadgets, and cybersecurity is an adventure I can't wait to embark on. Who better to navigate me on this journey than my wise and nurturing Daddy? Together, we could be a dream team in the tech cosmos! 🌈💻
Your good little girl, I always remember my greens 🥦, and my heart fills with joy when I play with my stuffies! 🧸 I'm seeking a kind-hearted Daddy, ready for building trust and possibly joining me for some warm and cozy chats on Discord! 💌 I'm an exuberant babygirl, often found hosting tea parties with my stuffies and eager to read you a bedtime story over the mic while I innocently suck on my pacifier!
Your Little Foxy adores diapers, pacifiers, and heartwarming cartoons! 🍼📺 I'm zealous about toy playtimes and cuddling with my fluffy friends! 💕 How about planning an online gaming night or a movie marathon? I'm adept at Minecraft, WoW, and Stardew Valley! 🎮 And in WoW, I'm flexible – ready to champion for both Horde or Alliance - you choose! 💖
The bond between a Daddy and his Little is a special kind of magic, isn't it? 🌟 I long for a Daddy to guide me in my curious wanderings and learning adventures. Intimacy isn't an immediate necessity, but I'm open to it as our connection deepens. Let's evolve into best friends, or even more! Let's explore and have fun together, Daddy! 🌈💕
Picture us, snuggled in comfy PJs, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, enthusiastically cracking a hackthebox challenge! 🌟 My giggles fill the room as I initiate the scans with nmap, my pacifier resting gently in my mouth as my fingers dance across the keyboard. You watch with a proud smile, admiring how much I've blossomed under your guidance. 🌈💻
Our journey through the digital world tightens our bond with each challenge conquered. Victories celebrated with cuddles, high fives, and perhaps a cozy movie night wrapped in a soft blanket, cherishing the unique bond we share. 🌟👨‍👧
But I'm not all about fun and games! Currently, I'm diligently working towards my Security+ certification, and your guidance would be invaluable! 📚 If you're adept with the tools of Kali, you're the IT/Cybersecurity Daddy I've been daydreaming of! 😍 I hope you found my note enjoyable, Daddy!
🌟✨ Special Optional Cybersecurity Challenge - Crafted just for you, Daddy! ✨🌟
For the Daddies who love a good challenge, I've designed a special CTF-like game! If you'd like to catch a glimpse of some cute pictures of me 🙈📸, visit my profile for more information about the VM! 🌟💕✨
To conclude, I deeply value honesty, respect, and a great sense of humor. Laughter is my life's melody - so if you're a joker, I'm ready to giggle! I'm in search of a Daddy who's patient, understanding, and supportive - someone who cherishes my playful side but also knows when to flip the serious switch.
I'm thrilled to start my quest to find my perfect Daddy! If you've reached this far and feel a spark, why not drop me a message? Share your favorite video game or a funny story from your life. Let's commence our journey as friends and see where it takes us! 💕
Thank you for reading my ad, Daddy. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when I can feel the safety of your comforting embrace while I softly suck on my pacifier! 🦊🌟
P.S. Please be single and have no kids.
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2023.06.07 05:35 Annie_Benlen I'm terrible at this game. But that's okay!

I just bought this game because I saw Call Me Kevin's video and it looked fun. I'm really, really bad at reflex-based games. I'm 58 and there is no getting gud in my future. I am getting worse at things if anything. But the difficulty sliders make it so that even I can play! And I can rebind WASD to the arrow keys so that is awesome too.
I'm going to try to learn more. But I looked for this on the googles and couldn't find it. How do I switch between firearms, other than going into inventory? Is one a backup in case the other breaks? Do weapons break (I found out about jamming at the best possible time, I tell you what)? And what the heck does style do? I get better at it by looting stuff I think? Actually, I need to find out what all the stats do.
This is a nice change of pace from Stardew Valley.
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2023.06.07 05:34 Sissuboi Simulation type games with easy learning curve?

I’ll preface that I’m a dad with new priorities in life. I can’t seem to get into any game recently. I really want to relax with a game after a long day.
I love strategy & simulation type games. Animal crossing, stardew valley, cities skylines to name a few of my most recent favorites.
My most recent download was stellaris during the spring sale but it is extremely time consuming to learn. I’d love something like that but with any easier learning curve.
Any recommendations? I’m open to anything!
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2023.06.07 05:33 songshy 18 US looking for friends :)

hi!! im 18, looking for some friends! i like to play casual games; minecraft, stardew valley, the sims, but am up for other games too!! would love to find someone to talk to/play with, msg if interested :3
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2023.06.07 05:16 Greedy_Confidence804 Game suggestions please

Hey, I’m looking for new games to play! I’ve just been playing the Last of us part 1 &2 over and over again. And although it’s still great, I’m looking for a new story :)
I really enjoy story-heavy games, but I’m open to other stuff too.
Here are the games I’ve played: - last of us 1 & 2 - god of war and god of war ragnarok - little nightmares 1 & 2 - bio shock infinite - cyberpunk - stardew valley - Detroit become human - horizon: zero dawn - ghost of Tsushima - Spider-Man ps4 and Miles Morales - Subnautica
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2023.06.07 04:38 Just_Chill_Bro Trying to find apk

I've been trying to find an APK for a Stardew valley companion app called "the valley planner" the least 3.1.2 just doesn't seem to be anywhere
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2023.06.07 03:52 boomerandzapper Comprehensive List of "Small Family Run Hidden Gems" in Vancouver


I've been compiling a list of "hidden gems" in the back of my mind for a while now. There are many "hidden gems" in Vancouver. To cover them all would be a whole book. To make things easier for a post I created a stricter set of criteria.
The purpose of this post is not only to share but also to uncover more "small family run hidden gems". There are many places that almost make it which I added to the Honorable Mentions section.

What constitutes a small family run hidden gem?

A tiny to small restaurant that's family and serves amazing food or beverages. These are the places that people who've been recommend to out of town guests. You go "wow" when you first discover the place.
The hidden part is covered by collecting data on posts/comments to verify the "hidden aspect". Although just because a business has low Reddit exposure, many of these places are well known in specific communities.

Detailed Criteria:

  1. Small: Under ~10 tables, Ideally ~2 tables. Exceptions for Food Court Stalls
  2. Family Run: Owner or a family member is always present. Bonus for family-run businesses with no employees.
  3. Hidden (On Reddit): Under 40 comments where a post is worth 5 comments.
  4. Gem: Arguably the best place to get a certain dish/cuisine in Metro Vancouver

The List:

Name Rough Area Cuisine Known For (* = other things also good) Comments Posts Reddit Exposure
Nine Ninety Richmond Chinese (Wuhan/Food Court) Spicy Dry Noodles* 1 0 1
Adam's Crepes South Burnaby French Crepes 1 1 6
Feast and Fallow Oakridge Cafe (Plant Based) Coffee* 2 0 2
Lao Cai West Vancouver Chinese (Xi'an) Dry Cumin Lamb Noodles* 2 0 2
Lully's Food Truck Abbotsford (Canadian Tire Parking Lot) American Hot Dogs 4 1 9
Excellent Tofu Richmond Chinese (Dessert) Tofu Pudding 6 0 6
Gateau de Henry Kitsilano Cakes Cakes* 8 1 13
Oide East Van Cafe Coffee Rotation 8 1 13
Tama Organic Mart Burnaby Japanese (Grocery Store) Vegan Bento 8 1 13
Fat Boy Kitchen Victoria - Fraserview Chinese (Hong Kong) Pork Chop Rice* 9 0 9
Klasik Inasal Mount Pleasant Filipino Overall Filipino Food 10 1 15
Long's Noodle House End of Main Street Chinese (Shanghai) Soup Dumplings + Drunken Chicken* 12 3 27
Mr Japanese Curry Mount Pleasant Japanese (Curry) Japanese Curry 17 0 17
Sushi Bar Kilala North Burnaby Japanese (Sushi) Homey Sushi 18 0 18
Sashimiya Downtown Japanese (Sushi) Moderately Priced High Quality Nigiri* 20 3 35
Baby Dhal Commercial Trinidadian Dhal Puri Roti* 24 1 29
Tandoori Palace Commercial Indian/Pakistani Naan + Butter Chicken (Outside Surrey)* 26 1 31
Cafe Dang Anh Victoria - Fraserview Vietnamese (Northern) Pho Bo Tai Lan* 27 0 27
Yama Cafe East Van Japanese (Cafe) Meal Sets/Moffins (Mochi Muffins) 35 0 35
Merci Beaucoup Cafe Commercial Vietnamese (Bahn Mi) House Special Sub 38 0 38​

Honorable Mentions:

Name Rough Area Cuisine Known For (* = other things also good) Comments Posts Reddit Exposure Honorable Mention Reason
Bali Thai East Vancouver Indonesian (Food Court) Overall Indonesian Food 45 2 55 Too Well Known
Barbara Chinatown Contemporary Tasting Menu* Unknown Unknown 50+ Too Well Known (Michelin Star)
Carp Mount Pleasant Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke Unknown 5 50+ Too Well Known
Dragon Ball Tea House Shaughnessy Bubble Tea Fruit Slush Unknown 5 50+ Too Well Known
Hachibei Fairview Japanese (Assorted) Miso Black Cod (Often Sells Out)* 18 0 18 Owner Status Unknown
Melo Patisserie Mount Pleasant French (Cafe) Almond Croissant 14 1 19 Owner Status Unknown
Prototype Coffee East Vancouver Cafe Coffee Flight* 75 13 140 Too Well Known and Owners not always Present
Unchai Kitsilano Thai Overall Thai Food 59 10 109 Too Well Known​

Hidden Gems from Comments:

Name Rough Area Cuisine Known For (* = other things also good) Comments Posts Reddit Exposure
T-Bay Bistro Marpole Taiwanese 0 0 0
Bangkok City Cafe Kitsilano Thai 1 0 1
Rumi Rose Tea North Burnaby High Tea 1 0 1
Shine Valley Lamb Noodle Richmond Chinese (Northern) Lamb Noodles 4 0 4
Szechuan Delicious Richmond Szechuan 4 0 4
Green Bamboo Burnaby (Crystal Mall) Vietnamese Pho (Meat from top to bottom) 5 0 5
Nam vegan express New West Vietnamese (Vegetarian) 6 0 6
Veggiebowl Cafe Renfrew - Collingwood Vietnamese (Vegetarian) Vegan/Vegetarian Pho 7 0 7
Puerto Mexico Kitsilano Mexican 9 0 9
Pho Lan Richmond Center Vietnamese (Pho) 16 0 16
Yagoto Kitsilano Sushi 10 2 20
Pho Tan Kerrisdale Vietnamese (Pho) 37 3 52
Indian roti kitchen Cambie Indian 43 2 53
Paul's Sub Shop Metrotown Deli 54 2 64
Sun Bo Kong Kensington Chinese (Vegetarian) Oyster Mushroom/Hot and Sour Soup/Noodles 70 1 75
Lamajoun Bridgeport Lebanese 46 8 86
Manpuku Chinatown Japanese Karaage 61 6 91
Northern Cafe and Grill Mitchell Island Diner 90 2 100
Hawker's Delight Little Mountain Malaysian/Singaporean 72 8 112​
Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine Metrotown Chinese (Shanghai) Soup Dumplings/ Pan Fried Juicy Bun 100+​
Used this to make the tables: http://tableit.net/
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2023.06.07 03:44 englishf00l 27 / UK / PC - no sexists

Hey, I'm down to play most co-op games except horror

My favourite co-op games : CS:GO TF2
Day of Defeat Fornite (Haven't played for quite a while) Raft
Stardew Valley Insurgency Sandstorm Minecraft Plate Up
GTA V - Online THPS 1+2
COD Zombies
Msg me on reddit if you want my steam friend code
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2023.06.07 03:18 TurtleTheTea HELP! I'm trying to load a custom npc I made but got this error message on the wedding day. How do I fix this (I asked in another sub but I feel this one is more appropriate)

HELP! I'm trying to load a custom npc I made but got this error message on the wedding day. How do I fix this (I asked in another sub but I feel this one is more appropriate) submitted by TurtleTheTea to SMAPI [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:06 AutoModerator Small reminder!

Remember to only post about either designs or architectural things you have made in Stardew Valley, this is not for any random posts. So please refrain from posting just random things you have done/found in Stardew.
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2023.06.07 02:55 littlekitten_ash 21 [NB4A] PA looking for friends but not against a relationship blossoming (open to poly)

Hello there! I’m a 21 year old nonbinary identifying person (born female if that matters). I use they/them pronouns and I would say I have a more neural style but sometimes I like to present more feminine. I have been on testosterone in the past but am not currently on it and I have had top surgery. I’m bisexual so I’m open to any gender as long as you're not cis. I want to be friends or have a Potential relationship with someone who understands what it’s like to not identify as your birth gender.
Appearance wise I’m 5 '3, very chubby, have short brown hair that has blonde on the top (possibly dying it blue or purple soon) I have hazel eyes and wear glasses. I also have one tattoo on my wrist and want more in the future and I want my ears pierced too.
I like video games, still cartoons, painting, coloring, some anime, camping and traveling when I can. I enjoy playing hitman, stardew valley, Minecraft, Pokémon, animal crossing and botw. I like watching the owl house, amphibia, friends, ducktales, svtfoe, helluva boss, Steven universe, studio ghibli films, just getting into bluey too.
I’m looking for either other queer friends or a potential relationship if we really click. I’m open to either mono or poly relationships. But I have more experience in mono relationships. Also I’m from Pennsylvania but you could be from anywhere though North America is preferred.
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2023.06.07 02:25 AngstyMangos 26 [M4M] Anyone want a new nerdy femboy friend?!

Heya! So like my titles says I'm looking to mainly make new friends with anyone cool and down to earth. I'm kinda not the best at making friends and wanna get better at it. And I'm totally down for fwb if it gets to that. I do love to chat here first before meeting in person and stuff to make sure we click. I'm a huge nerd and love to play video games watch movies, and have I huge weak spot for Lego, and open world games as well as ones that I can get lost for time in especially stardew valley! I am 26, white, 140 lbs and average height. I am hung down below. I'm pretty twink ish and like to dress up as a femboy from time to time in private. I do have pics of me in my profile! Also I am in a relationship but my partner is cool with my opening up and exploring myself. I'd love for you to be a twink, femboy, nb or just a well kept person in general. Don't be pushy and don't be weird. We will get to things when we get to em. Tell me your fav movie or video game so I know you read my entire post btw.
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2023.06.07 02:11 wolfoperaa 32 --- vibe with me while you watch my numerous deaths. PC.

18+, any time zone is welcome
I'm super into Modded Minecraft rn + playing a lot of Valorant lately solo (cause ya know.. social anxiety, helloooo🌟) but as far as my games:
& anything else you might be able to think of. I don't want to play league or anything like that, sorry :( I will try out most shooters though, so ask me about 'em.
I'm super chill about gaming, not one to rage or get upset with you for "not carrying." I like to mess around and have fun with friends. I'm shy so I might need a minute to VC but I def want to.
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2023.06.07 01:56 Helpful-Raspberry548 First PC Build Recs

hi everyone - this is my first time having/building a gaming PC. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I want the capacity to play games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, etc with mods - nothing crazy, just so it’ll run smoothly. My budget is $2-2.5k. I’m looking for help building my PC part list and I want the best bang for my buck. I’m not familiar with much related to PC parts, so how do either of these lists look? I am open to anything and everything (even a completely different part list). Thanks!!
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