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2023.03.21 20:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.21 20:59 Feeling_Writer_5864 Yesstyle Coupon Code: FLORAL23 + SHAZAM9 = 20% off

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2023.03.21 20:58 terabotjr 18 years old, Kratom in Texas

I’m just asking if it’s legal for a 20 year old to possess and consume kratom in Texas, because I looked online and it says the sale is prohibited for minors and 18 years or old are allowed to purchase kratom but I’m not completely sure because I’ve gone to smoke shops and they sell only to 21+ but I just bought kratom online with no problem.
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2023.03.21 20:58 Bochulaz Lullaby

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2023.03.21 20:58 Dangerous_Employee47 [P3V2 [P4V3]] An apology

I recently implied that Philine's father Kashick was also the scholar who set up the sale of Hasse's pretty girl orphans. Upon double checking the Fandom wiki, I realized that I was incorrect. The scholar in question was actually Kantna.
I apologize for my mistake.
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2023.03.21 20:57 uber_kuber Steam deck Spring Sale made me hate it

I bought this thing like a few weeks ago. Then it goes on discount. I'm thinking oh that's a shame. Oh well, it happens. Then reddit completely blows up with these experiences of people asking for refund despite having made the purchase before the sale. I'm thinking okay I'm not gonna be that petty over 50 bucks. But then I start feeling like some rich brat asshole for turning down potentially free money. Plus, I would have just spent it right back on Steam, so it's a win-win for everybody. So I contact them and they of course turn me down.
So now I'm feeling like an idiot on like three accounts - being the idiot who bought it three weeks too early, which turned into being an idiot who bought it one week too early, plus I feel like an asshole for asking the refund, plus I feel like an idiot given how smoothly they told me to just **** off.
I know I sound spoiled but I just can't bring myself to enjoy this thing any more. Thanks for listening.
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2023.03.21 20:57 bobdevnul How Does Selling Brokered CDs Work - Accrued Interest?

I have some old brokered CDs with low interest rates. If I sell them before maturity on the secondary market do I get paid their accrued interest up to the sale date? I just sold some and it appears that accrued interest is paid.
For example:
I sold a $25K, 2.05% one year CD with 5/25/23 maturity date. It was reported at my broker as:
Sold 25 @ 99.026 with proceeds of the sale $25,180.54
25 x 0.99026 = $24,756.50
Does the difference between $24,756.50 and $25,180.54 ($424.04) mean that I was paid accrued interest. That is my guess.
If this is the case, that means that I can treat them sort of like no penalty CDs - plus or minus capital gain or loss due to interest rate changes.
I web searched about this and did not find anything.
I don't see a way to start a new topic in the daily section. Move this there if appropriate.
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2023.03.21 20:57 Rhoran Do you think the Steam Deck can be upgraded with new release hardware?

I am on the fence about buying a Steam Deck because I have read that Valve is working on hardware revisions and I don't know if I should wait for those.
If I buy now during the 10% off sale, do you think future improvements like the known incoming better battery and screen could be installed?
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2023.03.21 20:57 zoobywooby Strawberrymilkmob selling repackaged Shein earrings?

(This isn’t an NYC influencer but there aren’t many other active subreddits to post in)
Georgia Costella aka Strawberrymilkmob recently announced in a Tiktok that she’d be selling a pair of jumbo gold hoops for the low low price of $50 CAD.. She said she has been wearing them for a while and actually designed them herself and was now selling them. Several people in the comments pointed out that in a now deleted tiktok from several months back, she responded to a comment asking about the earrings saying she actually got them from Shein, which is still available on their website for $2.30. I just checked back and all the comments about the earrings being from Shein have now been deleted.
Thoughts? I liked Georgia and as a Canadian I liked seeing another fellow Canadian getting recognition but this is shady behaviour. It’s one thing to resell repackaged items for a profit and another to blatantly lie to followers about designing them and deleted comments that call you out. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if her bikinis were the same deal if these are the types of business practices she follows.
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2023.03.21 20:57 -LazarusLong- [WTS] [WTT] DD MK18 full upper, Trijicon Accupower 1x4, ADM, AK mags

Hello gafs,
Rules: Dibs rules applies. I can also do cash on my end if something doesn't add up to the trade value of optics I am interested in. Payment due within 15 minutes of dibs. If payment has not been received, I will move onto the next dibs in line. I accept with NO NOTES, pp ff, apple pay, venmo, carrier pigeon, and Zelle. Users who wish to use G&S will eat the cost. Comment and then PM, no chats.
Looking to trade or sell the following items (anything else not listed is not for sale):
the goods
DD MK18 upper from Brownells with the dark brown handguard and .07 diameter gas port. This includes the head spaced DD bcg, DD barrel, and BCM/Vltor CH. < 300 rounds fired through it. This is currently rattle canned but the underneath, supposedly there is no salt. (catch and release from here) I would prefer not to split, but willing to split if I have to. Upper must go first. SV:$950 TV: $1050
Trijicon Accupower 1x4 SFP on an ADM Recon H QD mount (1.93 height). Low salt, but it does have some lights scratches on the body and dings on the caps from being used. This does have the original box. It's extremely large, but I can send it if you want it. 223/55 gr BDC reticle. 30mm tube and green crosshair. I will split this no problem. This thing is super clear and a super nice optic.
SV:$600 TV:$620. Scope alone $400. $200 for the mount. Mount has approx 300 rounds through it.
27 brand new 30 round Tapco AK mags, one used pmag, two used CAI mag (steel reinforced lips), one used 40 rounder of unknown origin, It looks to be Bulgarian since it has the three little stars. I would prefer to get rid of this as a lot to avoid logistics issues. They are great range mags, but I have no use for them since I got out of the AK game. I have no idea what these are worth since they are no longer in business. $250 SV:TV? (No shipping to ban states)

Items I am interested in trading for:
Trijicon VCOG SCO 1-8. 100% has to be the SCO with the Larue mount and christmas tree reticle. If you have one of the SCOs, I will straight up buy it from you cash if you don't buy/trade any of my stuff.
Trijicon ACOG TA02 red crosshair reticle.
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2023.03.21 20:56 kingofwinecups Fri 3.24: Larry & Joe Album Release (w Charlie Hunter, DaShawn Hickman, and Brevan Hampden)

Larry & Joe have been working hard for the release of their debut album, Nuevo South Train. We're thrilled to announce the date is finally here and hope you'll join us in celebrating at The Fruit in Durham this Friday.
Charlie Hunter, DaShawn Hickman, and Brevan Hampden all make appearances on the album and join the bill for the evening. It's a star-studded lineup that you won't want to miss.
WHAT: Larry & Joe's Nuevo South Train album release party WHEN: Fri March 24th 7pm doors / 7:30 show WHERE: Durham Fruit - 305 S Dillard St Durham NC 27701 TICKETS: All ages; by donation - check the comments
If you haven't been to a Larry & Joe show, get ready for the time of your life! Their bilingual program (eng/esp) features virtuosic folk fusion music, storytelling, humor, dancing, and singalongs. It's a family-friendly event... and all ages! Música para todos!
We'll have arepas, full bar beverages, and coffee available for purchase.
As always, Larry & Joe is committed to inclusive programming. Tickets are BY DONATION and nobody is turned away due to lack of funds. If you can afford it, please consider donating more than the suggested amount to subsidize the ticket of someone less fortunate. Less Eventbrite fees, 100% of the ticket sales go to the artists.
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2023.03.21 20:56 schwing710 So happy that the boys finally re-released this shirt. It was for sale at the show the first time I ever saw Ween play, twenty years ago, and I missed my chance to pick it up. Not making that mistake again.

So happy that the boys finally re-released this shirt. It was for sale at the show the first time I ever saw Ween play, twenty years ago, and I missed my chance to pick it up. Not making that mistake again. submitted by schwing710 to ween [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:56 IguanaGaming22 Anything else I should be getting before the eshop goes down?

MH4U, MH3U, MHGU, pokemon bank, pokemon: (silver, gold, crystal, red, blue, and yellow), all the Ace attorney games. Monster hunter, pokemon, and seasonal themes for the 3ds.
Anything else I should look at buying on the shop (mainly lookingfor games on sale)? I upgraded the storage so I got 32 GB of storage on it.
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2023.03.21 20:56 BobNewbie1 Arsenal USA Presale Code

Hey folks - I am planning on heading to DC for the Arsenal v MLS allstar game in July. Wondering if anyone has any presale codes for when they go on sale tomorrow? Thanks!
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2023.03.21 20:55 mtothej_ Most important ecommerce-related reports you're downloading before UA data is deleted?

I'm currently downloading data from the last 10 years of so for my ecomm website. I'm trying to cover the most important reports...
Sales vs Demographics (age/location/gender)
Source/Medium vs Ecommerce
Source/Medium vs (Site) Content
Source/Medium vs Demographics
Sales vs Time (day of the week/hr)...
I have about 30 reports downloaded so far. I realize that every one's business or client's business is not the same. What's important to you may not be important to me.
However, at least in the ecommerce sphere, what were two reports that you immediately downloaded when you started saving UA data before the July 1st deadline?
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2023.03.21 20:53 Th15isJustAThrowaway Donating Items I bought from a thrift store and Deducting Fait market Value

I was curious if this would be legal. I am a savvy thrift shopper and started a small business buying and selling at the thrift stores. I am on par to clear at least a few thousand this year from the business. Since I can deduct the fair market value of a donated item, if I donated items back to the thrift store that I was trying to sell and just didn't sell, could I deduct their fair market value from my taxes. Example: I buy a Vintage Carhartt Jacket for $5. Comparison of other similar sold listing as well as a professional store value it at $240. I unable to sell it and donate it back to the store, Could I deduct the full $240 from my taxes, or just the $5 I paid? Also Since I paid $5 could I deduct that as a business expense even if I donated it back? Ultimately I would probably lose money doing this as I could just simply put it on sale and get the money, but I was thinking if I ever decide to get out of this side hustle and cut my losses it could be an option
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2023.03.21 20:53 Duke15 Two tix for sale tonight Vs OKC, 111 row 13 aisle seats + parking pass lot w, asking $50 each with parking included free

I’ll put a picture in the comments for reference where the seats are. Please DM me if interested!
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2023.03.21 20:53 onlineLefty Quitting after 2 weeks

I’ll start by saying I’ve done all kinds of retail before, so this isn’t my first rodeo. That being said, Menards is the strangest store I’ve ever worked at.
They started me in OSY. I’m not a big guy. I’m not as young as I once was. After a day out there, I said no thanks.
They moved me to POG. That shit is soul-crushingly dull and tedious. As a creative, social person, I can’t stand it.
I finally asked to be moved to sales because I enjoy talking to people. Without any discussion at all, I was told I’d be in plumbing, but I found out that department manager is a major asshole drama creator. I also don’t know shit about plumbing.
After all that, I think I’m done. There’s no training here. There’s minimal staff. Store management and HR has been exceedingly kind and flexible, but I’m done jerking them around. Maybe retail just isn’t for me anymore.
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2023.03.21 20:52 Aynirg [WTS] A set of 47 different Russian wire coins (1535-1717) recognized by catalogue numbers

Today I want to sell this set of 47 different better then average Russian wire coins (1535-1717). Photo/proof: Numbers above are their catalogue numbers by KG.
Price is $119 (shipped). I accept Crypto (preferred) or PPFF (no PPGS, plz).
Shipping is from Russia, last time it took 25-40 days for the letter to reach a destination in USA. Please note that I may reply to your messages with delays because of time difference....
Please also see my other sales.
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2023.03.21 20:52 -blackacidevil- Any seller recommendations to keep in mind for higher priced items $4k +

For the last couple of months I've been using eBay to sell more so than I previously have. I typically sell items on eBay that aren't a good fit for other marketplaces.
The highest priced item I've sold on eBay to date was in the $1k - $2k range.
Soon I will be creating a listing that is likely going to be over $4k.
For those who have sold high priced items on eBay before, is there anything I should keep in mind (beyond the basics) before creating the listing?
Additionally, which shipping provider would you suggest for a more expensive sale? So far I have utilized USPS and have never had an issue but I'm wondering if people think UPS or FedEx would be better?
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2023.03.21 20:51 razaky201 Deciding between 2 properties for purchase - which would you recommend?

I am torn between 2 options both of which are 2 bedroom co-op apartments in NYC. Both neighborhoods are kind of similar, no clear differences. Both are about a 30 min commute to my job. We are a family of 3 (2 adults, 1 baby).
Option A:
- $276,000 Price, fully renovated
- 850 sq. feet
- Monthly Maintenance of $838 includes all utilities
- has elevator, 15 mins from train
- On sale, 25% of profit is taken by the co-op, leaving seller with 75% of the profit
Option B:
- $245,000 Price, will require $10,000 of renovations (so basically $255,000)
- 1050 sq. feet
- Monthly Maintenance of $835 includes all utilities except electric
- no elevator in building (2 flights up), 5 mins from train
- On sale, there is no flip tax and no profit sharing required with co-op
We do prefer Option A as even though it is smaller, it has a great layout and newly renovated. However the thing bugging me is that the co-op will take 25% of the profit if we decide to sell in future.
Option B has some annoying things in that we will have to hire contractors to do renovations etc before moving in but then no fees upon selling.
Any advice? We would plan to stay in the unit for at least 15-20 years.
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2023.03.21 20:51 thatzwhatido_1 Considering reporting another realtor on an ethics violation

Curious to know what others thoughts are on this
I pay for Zillow leads. Had a lead come in that wanted to see a home.
We set the time and meet. I shook his hand. He confirmed he was not working with another realtor, but revealed he was in construction and has purchased 20+ homes over the last couple years.
I thought it was strange that a man who has purchased that many homes didn't have a relationship with at least one realtor.
Anyways, he's on the phone during the showing the entire time. I get a strange feeling that he's not being honest with me.
He says he loves it and he'd like to write an offer. I told him that I needed some information and and his approval letter.
He said he'd get it to me, only to ghost me and I never heard from him again.
A month goes by and I decide to check with our local MLS and to my surprise he bought the home.
I called the realtor that represented him and he claims he had no idea his buyer did that.
I accused him of being in on it, and that he probably instructed his client to use Zillow to show the home while he took credit for the sale.
I'm not looking to be compensated at this point, but wanted to express my frustration. He's claiming he had no idea
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