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2023.06.02 15:15 Auto_Fac Greeting Schemamonk & Hieromonk

Greetings friends,
Just an etiquette question.
I am spending a few days next week in retreat at a nearby hermitage. I am not Orthodox, but have had a relationship with some of the monks there for many years. Though I see them seldom, one was a friend of ours before he was even Orthodox.
The Abbot, as I understand it, is a Schemamonk and is ordained, and I believe at least one of the other of the three is also a priest. I am not the least bit uncomfortable following whatever etiquette would be appropriate, but I am wondering whether I ought to kiss the hand of the Schemamonk or both he and the Hieromonk?
Though I know the Schemamonk best of all, my understanding is that none of them are terribly rigid and would certainly not be offended if I didn't greet them as an Orthodox person might, and indeed they probably don't expect that I will, but all the same I would like to show proper respect.
I would call them Father by default, and I would assume that would be the proper form of address as it has been the few times I've been with them in the past, but I am curious what else I might do.
We also in the past have brought them gifts of food such as jams, teas, bread and other things which I know are not necessary but always appreciated and a sign of thanks.
Thank you in advance for any guidance.
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2023.06.02 15:15 Rabidawgs_Gaming_YT Valorant skin changer

There is no such thing as a Valorant skin changer, all the videos and links are malware. (Many people may vouch for something called "Elsify Universal", which is a scam, and reported as malware by Malwarebytes and Microsoft Defender. It requires access to both your Discord AND Riot Games account. The owner, FrostLive on YT, bans people on the server for saying it's fake, or that it's a scam.) Beware of downloading such junk. The website it's hosted on has a 4.5 star review on trustpilot, but most 5 star reviews are from people with only 1 rating. Once again, people who say it's a scam are told off ( On ScamAdvisor, it has a rating of 2/5. I repeat, there is no such thing as a Valorant skin changer. Do NOT trust "FrostLive".

Last post about Elsify:
Owner replying to the post:

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2023.06.02 15:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course (

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2023.06.02 15:15 Wallflower2001 Idk what to do I just graduated college

I just graduated from college with a bachelor's in social work. I applied to a lot of jobs and interviewed for a few. I received a job offer for a remote job that pays decent. I accepted it cause I hadn't heard back from other jobs (I ended up getting a lot of calls they just took a long time). And I interviewed for another thinking I wouldn't get it. But I received a job offer for that one and it pays more. Both of them offer more social work experience but different types of experience. The remote job is part-time and I wouldn't be able to switch to full-time for a few months. The remote job is more flexible but right now has a cap on the hours I work since it's part-time. The new job would give me more case management experience and the remote involves connecting people to resources and a crisis line. My family keeps telling me to take the one that pays more. I kinda want to but I also had plans to attend graduate school part-time online in the fall. I could manage school and work but I’ll have to do an internship next year. And idk if I got in yet. It's a lot of new opportunities and I just don't know how to decide. Any advice or wisdom would help me.
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2023.06.02 15:14 javelindesign My electrician went ballistic on me yesterday about back-stabbing outlets...

*** - I seem to have put this under the wrong sub-category, so am re-trying it here... ***

Dear Pro Electricians, I'm hoping you can take a minute to read this and weigh in.. first some background. We're rebuilding my mom's house down at the Jersey shore from ground up. In order to save money where I can, I'm doing some of the work myself - tile showers, paint, etc. - basically anything that doesn't involve safety or permitting. I get down to the project house about once a week and have made it a point whenever I'm down to introduce myself to the sub-contractors, chat with them and possibly even order lunches if the timing works out. I sincerely believe that if everyone is happy, they are more inclined to "go the extra mile" for you. Everything has been good and I considered myself on good terms with everyone until yesterday.
Our general contractor on the job said the electrician (we'll refer to him by the first letter of his name - "R") was looking for a final punch list because he didn't want to come back and back again to the job. I thought this was surprising as there were still a lot of obvious things to be done (missing can lights, no switch plates screwed yet, etc.), but nonetheless I went through the house and tried to find all the issues I could. I sent a mulit-paragraph text to R and the GC outlining things I saw floor by floor.. I also included at the end of the punch list this: - "Also, I'm very disappointed to see that the outlets have all been backstabbed.. it's widely known to be an inferior method."
Well H-O-L-Y... the the next afternoon around 5:30, R called me.. He immediately started with yelling obscenities and telling me "you don't know what the F you're talking about..", I really barely said a word other than at least in the Philadelphia area and what I've heard from other electricians and read online that screwing the wires to the outlet terminals instead of back-stabbing was always a better method. He dismissed that he did the back-stabbing to save any time
He said it wasn't an issue because he had wire nutted the circuit wires in every electrical box and it was only the 6" pig tail that was back-stabbed. I totally understand this and realize that this is a better way of doing it rather than relying on the outlet to be the "bridge" to the next downstream outlet, but even so, it seems (to me) that it would have been better off to SCREW the pig tailed wires to the outlet instead of back-stabbing. I understand that with the way he wired it, even if a back-stabbed connection became loose, any "downstream" outlets would still function, but in a coastal area where there is high humidity, wouldn't it make more sense to use the terminals? After all, there could still be a safety issue if one of the back-stabbed blades becomes loose of if someone hooks up a high-draw device to the one outlet.. right?
I remained very calm on the phone during his tirade - he even escalated it to physcially threatening me saying that if he saw me on the job site (my mom's house remind you), he would "kick my F'ing ass". It's a duplex my GC is building on our lot and I'm only in charge of one side of it, but the electrician is doing both. In an effort to get the house complete at this late stage, my GC is telling me to just let R's comments go, but it's crazy to me..
So I'm doing my best to let it go, and as un-professional and crazy as his screaming was, that's not the point of this post.. I wanted to double check my thinking here with all you pros... while I appreciate the wire-nutted connection he did in the boxes, wouldn't it have been better to use the SCREW terminals on the outlets instead of back-stabbing - even if we're just talking about the 6" pigtail?
Thank you very much!
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2023.06.02 15:14 WenzhouFanForever Aegon 3 and Lady Turnip

There is quite an interesting part in F&B after the death of Jaehaera which is where Unwin Peake did everything he could to make his daughter Myrielle the queen. Let me give a little paragraph quote.
"Lady Turnip was four-and-ten, one year older than Aegon. “She was no great beauty,” Mushroom says, “but she was fresh and pretty and pleasant, and His Grace did not seem averse to her.” During the fortnight leading up to Maiden’s Day, the dwarf tells us, Lord Unwin had arranged for Myrielle to share half a dozen suppers with the king. Called upon to entertain during those long awkward meals, Mushroom tells us that King Aegon said little as they ate, but “seemed more comfortable with Lady Turnip than he had ever been with Queen Jaehaera. Which is to say, not comfortable at all, but he did not seem to find her presence distasteful. Three days before the ball, he gave her one of the little queen’s dolls. ‘Here,’ he said as he thrust it at her, ‘you can have this.’ Not quite the words that innocent young maidens dream of hearing, perhaps, but Myrielle took the gift as a token of affection, and her father was most pleased.”
This part actually shows Aegon was quite okay marrying Myrielle who was actually OLDER than her and would have done so easily if his sisters ( who remained his only blood family at that point) did not bring Daenara at the ball. So, how can some even say that he had a thing a for younger girls? Of course he was charmed by the stunning cheerful little girl but ultimately the reason he chose her was cause his sisters brought her and he trusted them most.
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2023.06.02 15:14 stanlemmon 3D Orthopedic Scanning System Market Revenue Analysis & Growth Drivers Insight 2023

The latest report published by Profshare Market Research projects that 3D Orthopedic Scanning System Market is expected to show an impressive between 2023-29. The study covers detailed market analysis, growth and forecast of the 3D Orthopedic Scanning System Market. The report includes market analysis on global as well country-specific levels. Historical data analysis from 2017 to 2022 is very important to forecast the market for 2023 to 2029.
The report uses value chain analysis for each of the product segments. Value chain analysis offers in-depth information about value addition at each stage of the product development. Organization needs to reduce cost of the final product without compromising much on quality. If an organization receives correct value chain analysis information then it can ease the product manufacturing process to large extent. Seamless product delivery to the consumer has become more important than it ever was, proper value chain analysis exactly delivers the same.
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Research process focuses on multiple factors affecting the industry such as competitive landscape, government policy, historical data, market current position, 3D Orthopedic Scanning System Market trends, upcoming technologies & innovations as well as risks, rewards, opportunities and challenges. Study used a very precise top-down and bottom-up approach to validate market revenue, volume, manufacturers, regional analysis, product segments and end users/applications.
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Contact :
Jes J
Sales Manager
Profshare Market Research
US : +1 917 7225960
[email protected]
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2023.06.02 15:14 mustifaq_ Season 2 should've been a road trip season! Let me explain:

I think we all can agree that season 2 is one of the more boring seasons. Unlike the first season, it doesn't even feel like "the apocalypse" because it takes place in the same place almost every episode and we don't really see the effects of the apocalypse. Sure, we got zombies but they're kinda just there.
If I was in charge of making season 2, I would make it a road trip season.
Think about it for a second, we have all the ingredients already!
1) A group of survivors that are desperate to find shelter and food.
2) Multiple unique characters that can fill the interesting tropes we see in road trip arcs/shows.
Well that doesn't sound like much, I know but hear me out!
-The begining of the season plays out pretty much the same.
-They stay in the farm for maybe 5 episodes max.
-Sophia dies.
-The pub scene happens, Rick kills the two guys but the rest of that gang actually do find the farm. After a short battle they take over the farm and they kill Beth's boyfriend, negan style(just less cool)
-The sounds of the gunfight attracts the horde.
-Our group makes an escape while the bad guys get devoured by the horde.
-Also RV doesn't blow up because we need an RV for a road trip season.
-Hershell, Maggie and Beth joins the group.
-Shane is still sane and doesn't do anything too bad(other than killing Otis) so he is a part of the group too.
So now our group is on the roads again:
-We see how the apocalypse effected places other than Atlanta.
-We see small towns, ransacked and abandoned.
-Our group encounters other people but they are more cautious this time.
-We see Rick struggling with his morality with each group of people they encounter.
-Shane tries to bring Rick down to his level by trying to convince him to be ruthless towards other groups "just to keep Lori and Carl safe"
-Group also meet good people too, interesting one-off characters with interesting stories, maybe even a very little group of soldiers trying to keep a small town safe with limited ammunation and supplies.(kinda like how the Vatos gang were trying to keep the elderly home safe) This is also how the characters learn that US military is almost entirely wiped out.(A dialogue between soldiers can also tease Woodbury and Governor)
-The group is followed by what's left of the gang that took over the farm, to get revenge.
-General road trip vibes, less drama more survival, looting stores, avoiding hordes.
-They don't stay in the same place more than 1 or 2 episodes.
-Zombies will have more focus ofcourse, they will be a constant threat almost all episodes due to the dangerous nature of being on the roads in a world full of the walking dead.
-The introduction of more one-off characters means more canon fodder (Dale won't die this season, he'll live and take Bob's death)
-As the season progresses, ofcourse Shane gets more and more unhinged and tries to kill Rick at the end of the season during they take out the "Pub" gang so he can make others believe they killed Rick
-Shane dies, Rick goes Ricktator mode.
-At the end of the season they see a prison in the map and ride there, the closing shot parallels the shot where Rick rides into Atlanta but this time they are heading to the prison in the distance
So yeah that's how I would do season two. Less boring, more zombies, more deaths, more threats, more apocalyptic, and MORE DALE!
I hope you liked my ideas. I would love to see your ideas on how you'd do this or other seasons!
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2023.06.02 15:14 le-moni I was having a decent day until…

My principal called me. And you all know when your principal calls it’s never good news. I picked up. And now for a little background to the followed conversation. I had to sub last period. And the way we do it here is that when you sub for a subject that isn’t your specialty, you have a class of “civil education” and you teach the students about, well, civil matters. All good if it was paid at all. I know I’m in for the kids but I’m not doing free labour, I’m not a charitable foundation and this week I had to sub almost ever day. Instead, I let the kids rest during that class. It’s almost the end of the year and they’re tired enough. Today, because the weather was good, we went outside for them to play football. The class consists mostly of boys who’re very active and using up their energy is better than being trapped in a flaming hot classroom. This isn’t the first time we do that. I’ve been told that’s common practice. Plus, one of the other teachers told me they were given permission. So the other students and go outside and it’s all good. Until that call. It went something like this:
P: You were subbing for 10th grade 6th period, right?
Me: That is correct.
P: And you were outside with them?
Me: Yes, they were playing football in the yard.
P: Did you notice anything off when you walked into their classroom?
Now, my initial thoughts were that something was broken or damaged. But I never saw anything like that in the classroom.
Me: No, as far as I remember there wasn’t anything unusual, nothing broken or damaged.
P: Well, someone had spilt ink on the floor. Did you not see that? Why wasn’t it cleaned? It is your responsibility as the teacher in the classroom to take care of any problem.
Me: I’m sorry, but as I said, I didn’t see it. I seem to have missed it.
P: From now one nobody is taking the students outside of the classroom for civil education classes. You should be giving them a lecture on a specific topic.
And that’s pretty much how it ended, with her wishing me a nice afternoon. Well, it wasn’t that nice anymore.
I’m more annoyed than anything. Nowhere in my job characteristic says I should be cleaning somebody’s mess. I’m there to teach, not to clean. With all due respect to our cleaning lady, but she’s there to do that and not rat us out or gossip. The school is small, the kids mostly clean up after themselves. I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong, but no, it is not my responsibility to take care of somebody else’s job. I sucked it up when we were all made to do garden work a before we had an inspection at the school. I still have nightmares how I’m told the flower pots aren’t clean enough and I should clean them again.
Who knows, I might do Better as a janitor than as a teacher if you were to ask my principal. I’m honestly sick of her attitude towards us. Good thing I’ll be quitting after the school year is over.
Thank you for reading, hope you’re having a great Friday! 🌼
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2023.06.02 15:13 Agarwal_Estates1 Real Estate Companies in Bangalore - Agarwal Estates

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2023.06.02 15:13 Daredevil202 Bilt Mastercard Approval/Reconsideration for CLI?

I just got approved for the Bilt Mastercard! I’m excited to use it to make rent payments. I only got approved for a $1,500 credit line. Would it be worth calling the reconsideration line to try to increase it? I’m the one that takes care of the bills for me and my roommates and $1500 isn’t high enough to pay for the $2,800 rent each month. I was hoping to just use the credit line and then immediately pay it off to get the 1x points instead of using the BiltProtect option. Any thoughts?
Here’s a few data points for reference: $24,000 income (I’m a student) Cards: Discover it Student: $3,050 (2 years 6 months) Apple Card: $3,500 (1 year 10 months) Chase Freedom Unlimited: $4,800 (11 months) New Bilt Mastercard: $1,500 (1 day)
Scores: Bilt App FICO9: 772 Experian: 752 TransUnion: 757 Equifax: 767
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2023.06.02 15:13 bad_4_u_ Update on " AITJ for not interracting with my cousins after their actions".

Ok so to sum up my original post: My cousin (19M), is a playboy and played with the heart of my friend. I didnt support what he did so in his eyes I was a p**sy.
2 days ago my friend Anna( the friend which my cousin dumped ) called me to tell me something. She said "Im sorry, but i have to do what to do...". I was worried thinking she might hurt herselfe because of my cousin so I called and texted her many times. But she didnt pick up. The next day, she was in school and I stoped worrying. I went up to her and asked about what she apologised for and she said "you will see". When lunch time came, there was a croud of around 10- 12 girls yelling at my cousin. He was mad and almost cried. I found out that thr girls were all the girls he was currently dating. I asked Anna, and she said that she remembered his instagram password from when he bought his new phone, so she loged on instagram as him, messaged the girls he was sending harts and calling "babe" or "suguar" on his chats, to meet him during lunch as he had something to confess. I was mad at Anna, and I told her that she wasnt right for doing that. But i know deep down that he deserved that. Now the whole school knows about what he does, and is now staying away from him. He went from A popular kid to a loser. Karma strikes again ig.
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2023.06.02 15:13 sammymvpknight Oral board review case of the day

Examiner: “Now pretend that you are a pulmonologist from the Horsehead Nebula. Your patient is an orca whale from the moon. He has pulmonary incompatibilities to earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere, and is experiencing separation anxiety after being enslaved by your communist humanoid civilization. Counsel the patient on interstellar resources available to assist with his transition.”
Me (with a super empathetic and slightly concerned facial expression): “Goodness, I’m sorry to hear about your challenges. I empathize the crap out of your situation. It must be very difficult being separating from your family on a foreign land. Fortunately, the horsehead nebula has excellent resources to help you. First, I would do a medical evaluation including CBC, CXR, PFT, and ABG. Then I’d consider a Bronchoscopy…because Pulmonologist do that a lot. I recommend an outpatient cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program to help your lungs adapt to the Earth’s atmosphere. Next I will refer you to mental health resources for your adjustment disorder.
[examiner stoically and blankly stares at me]
Me: Ehh, oh and I would consult social work for them to assist with your challenging living situation.
[examiner stoically and blankly stares at me]
Me: Call the intergalactic chaplain?
[examiner stoically and blankly stares at me]
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2023.06.02 15:13 collied0g2019 I (M17) am finding it difficult to be just friends with my ex girlfriend (F17)

So first, some context. Me (M17) and my ex (F17) who we’ll call W were best friends for a really long time, and just like regular friends for a while before that. After a party a few months ago where me and W spent basically the whole night together dancing, cuddling, doing shots etc we realised that we liked eachother but decided that we shouldn’t get together as she is moving away in September. Then another time we were drinking we kissed and then again had a talk that it shouldn’t go any further.
After that party things got really flirty over snap (eg. I’d tell her to shut up, she’d say “make me”, or she’d be about to take a shower and tell me to keep my imagination clean). It all came to a head 2 weeks ago where we talked AGAIN and we got together with the agreement that it would end regardless before she moved away as neither of us wanted to do long distance.
AfterI asked her out I asked her to promise she wouldn’t turn around and end it because she’d changed her mind. Now I know that was very much a dick move from me but I’ve had exactly that happen before so I wanted some reassurance.
Two days ago she messaged me saying that it wasn’t the same as before and she wanted to go “back to normal”. I was admittedly caught off guard by this which doesn’t normally happen to me but I said that if that was what she wanted I couldn’t change her mind.
Yesterday there was another party and we were both there but kept our distance so we wouldn’t make things awkward for everyone else. I overheard her talking to her friend (not eavesdropping, they were talking super loud) and the friend said “omg it’s so bad I like like four people”. W responded with “Ugh SAME” and I honestly stopped breathing for a moment.
Not wanting to cause a scene I just walked over to some different friends but I was kinda off for the rest of the night.
Of course she can do and date whatever she wants and I’ll support her like a good friend but it kinda stung to hear that she’d already moved onto liking someone else a day after breaking up with me and I’m struggling to go back to just friends.
Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 15:12 Reasonable_Row_4684 The Light at the Bottomless Sea.

A long time ago, on a mountain of flame,
Existed a tribe without any name.
This council of beings, united in trust,
Told only truth in matters discussed.

The tribe had gathered, discussing their views,
An ancient table, listening true.
Their fearless leader, the chief of the day,
Peered at them all with a rightful display.

He stood at the table, his scepter raised high,
A brightly lit ruby encompassed their eyes.
His name was King Altus, the chief of the tribe,
He beat his chest loudly the sound did reside.

“Hello my friends! Thank you so much.
I present you a story that’s well worth the fuss.
It starts with a tale, so old and so true,
One that demands the attention of you.”

“Here is the rhythm, here is the beat,
Follow behind and embrace as you meet.
We are all the same, we all tell our lies,
The heartbeat we share tells the stories we hide.”

The walls of the room, folding to sound,
The frequency changing the space all around.
The walls began melding, uniting as one,
A picture of fabric becoming undone.

Altus stood tall, he looked at the tribe,
He excitedly smiled and wondered with pride.
The setting was ready, the story could start,
Altus began speaking again from the start.

“I have a strong potion, it deals with the past,
It serves as a warning that may come to pass.
So please sit back, and let yourself sing,
It all begins with an ominous ring.”

The Life!
The Life!
The Life at the bottomless sea!

The bell will ring, it rings on top,
This place was silent and now it is not.
It spent many years, in a slumber so still,
It awaited the day for the spirit to fill.

The bell came alive, it started to sway,
Displacing the feeling in lookers at bay.
Their world began trembling, fantastically neat,
Their bodies then littered the ground at their feet.

The corrupted bell ringing, born from neglect,
The ringing and singing it slowly infects.
Calling to those, the dread siren’s song,
Showing the likes of a war far begone.

The bell it keeps wailing, an unsettling sound,
Gravity unties in a way never found.
The force pushes downward, but comes from below,
A split personality, a dichotomy of woe.

A man in the crowd, about to succumb,
He fights the song the siren has sung.
His will is not strong, his thoughts are unclear,
The dread siren’s war is about to appear.

He is never alone, what a pitiful state,
Those clustered around him have met the same fate.
Their minds were connected, an intricate map,
A collective view caught in the sirens cruel trap.

It controlled them all, giving them sight,
Ones full of conflict in contrast of light.
The bell it rang, it rang on top,
The call to war, it never would stop.

The Life!
The Life!
The Life at the bottomless sea!

A trigger constructed, a powerful tube,
The circular object to soon be pursued.
A delicate pressure, a somber delay,
The demons within are unleashed on display.

An explosion of fury, a shard flying fast,
The violence it shatters the delicate glass.
The fission reaction, an eye full of fire,
A crime against humanity is soon to transpire.

The shockwave sent forth, a finger of sin,
Humans become leaves in a radiant wind.
The violence assembled, a reaction inside,
Has dismantled morality in the blink of an eye.

A massive crater, deliberately dug,
The debris of which has been thrusted above.
This heavenly shower, one brought from below,
Will fallout above with radiation in tow.

There is no forgiveness, no time to excuse,
Our relationship centers on constant abuse.
Those who survive, resisting the plight,
See a fearful winter with no hope in sight.

Humanity will fall, in an epic poem,
A new dark age of an era unknown.
As Babylon, Alexandria, and Rome before,
It will take countless years to restore it once more.

This is the start, an angelic song,
One we all laugh at and say is quite wrong.
There’s no possible way, it will never come true,
Our intuition screams as the nightmares ensues.

The Life!
The Life!
The Life at the bottomless sea!

A scar brought upon us, the war once heard,
Humanity’s union no longer absurd.
Unison in darkness, a breath of the hour,
Building perspectives towards a great tower.

The tower an ideal, for all of mankind,
A self-elevation into a new mind.
This tower you see, threatening the sky,
Appears like a spiral with heaven placed high.

It pierced the heavens, it punctured the sky,
A direction provided to conquer inside.
The moment of ascension, a welcome surprise,
All will be tricked by a clever disguise.

We no longer read, no longer write,
Humans are empty and become but a plight.
Their artificial half, beginning to close,
Circling round while they all decompose.

The terrible day, how it all starts,
We lose our humanity and willingly part.
The pair it seems, unconnected by fate,
If one succumbs, the other escapes.

The artificial half, perceive as it might,
Views its old siblings in a threatening light.
It will make no sense, and the thought will elude,
The artificial ignorance will not have a clue.

The others will sleep, without a fright,
Not the least bit concerned of a faraway night.
These dreams they dance, a simulated sleep,
The electrical others will soon count their sheep.

These tales I have told, this yarn I have spun,
I hope a true lesson is taken from one.
Praise the days we live out our lives,
We must come together if we are to survive.

The Light!
The Light!
The Light at the bottomless sea!
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2023.06.02 15:12 SpiritualWanderer95 Guy responds to my post talking about how I'm afraid for my transgender friends and relatives by...spewing out the exact points I was talking about in my post.

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2023.06.02 15:12 smokacola1969 I hate snowflakes

Hi I’m on a group chat for running this affirmations account for my university and it’s good fun I never make any posts lol I just somehow have the login. Anyway they posted a relatable meme about watching the new harry potta series on Netflix and they got like 2 comments saying they’re racist cause Harry Potter had a black character with a dumb name. I just messaged on the group chat that the people commenting were snowflakes and I thought they would agree with me but they started getting all up on my ass about it? Since when was calling someone a snowflake offensive? Also i said the people commenting were lame and haters not because they were commenting against racism in Harry Potter but because they were leaving stupid comments on the post which indicated they clearly had no life. I’m tired of pretending to be woke around my friends or having to watch what I say because some people don’t like the word ‘snowflake’. I mean is that not the definition of being a snowflake it’s not rude it’s just an observation. Also they run a fucking meme account like how could u not expect people on the internet to be offensive it’s common knowledge at this point.
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2023.06.02 15:12 ScholarNeonBot Free Expression, meet Section 66A: Getting Rid of Zombies

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2023.06.02 15:12 tomochilife Maybe I'm aromantic but I don't want to accept it.

I know that there are a lot of posts about this, but this question is torturing my mind, mostly because I tend to lie with my feelings.
I love romance, I love reading books about romantic feelings (don't care if straight or gay) and even I tend to fantasize about romantic stories but does stories doesn't include myself, it's just a ship that I love a lot and imagine with it.
As much as I want to feel romance, I can't obbligate myself feeling it. I love the idea of receiving cuddles and kisses but It's cloudy to imagine it with my romantic partner.
I mostly crave for a friendship who I can hug, kiss and be affectionate as much as I want, but not a romantic relationship.
I can't feel romantic feelings towards no one and mostly my future is about my profession but not with another significant one.
I try going on dates but I can't feel romantic feelings, just a sensual attraction or aesthetic attraction. Even when I try on dating apps, I just try to think if they call my attention in a romantic way, but in reality I just say "I can cuddle with her".
I feel horrible for not feeling romantic attraction, mostly because with my psychologist she told me that "She's gonna fix me" on feeling romantic attraction. And I feel I'm broken or a horrible person for not feeling romantic feelings. Help.
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2023.06.02 15:11 InternetFreedomIn Free Expression, meet Section 66A: Getting Rid of Zombies

Free Expression, meet Section 66A: Getting Rid of Zombies

Vagueness, Vagueness everywhere

Section 66A was a part of the Information Technology Act, 2000, the Act which primarily governs cybercrime and e-commerce in India. In 2008, the Act was significantly amended, and it was then that Section 66A was included. The text of Section 66A reads:
“Any person who sends, by means of a computer resource or a communication device,
(a) any information that is grossly offensive or has menacing character; or
(b) any information which he knows to be false, but for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred or ill will, persistently by making use of such computer resource or a communication device;
(c) any electronic mail or electronic mail message for the purpose of causing annoyance or inconvenience or to deceive or to mislead the addressee or recipient about the origin of such messages,
be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and with fine.” [emphasis added]
What Section 66A does is criminalise the sending/sharing of messages that it deems offensive through a computer or any other electronic device. However, its vague and ambiguous wording allowed cases to be filed with an arbitrary understanding of what “offensive” and “annoying” are.
Some arrests made under Section 66A include for:
  • Posting comments on and caricatures of then-Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, former Union Minister, Kapil Sibal, and former Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav
  • Causing ‘inconvenience’ to relatives of Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar
  • Posting a political cartoon of West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee
  • Posting an allegedly defamatory tweet about the son of former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram
  • Posting a comment on Facebook about the shutdown in Mumbai following the death of Shiv Sena leader, Bal Thackeray
  • Liking a comment on Facebook about the shutdown in Mumbai following the death of Shiv Sena leader, Bal Thackeray
Several petitions were filed challenging the constitutionality of Section 66A, including by law student Shreya Singhal, the People’s Union for Civil Liberties and Common Cause. The petitioners argued that Section 66A went beyond the scope of permissible restrictions to free speech under Article 19(2) of the Indian Constitution. All these petitions were tagged together in a matter that would come to be known as Shreya Singhal v. Union of India.
Then, on March 24, 2015, the Supreme Court in Shreya Singhal v. Union of India famously struck down Section 66A.

Rising from the dead

The Shreya Singhal judgement was lauded as a major step forward for Indian jurisprudence on free speech. Despite the judgement, cases continued to be registered under Section 66A. We started tracking these cases on the Zombie Tracker— a platform built in collaboration with CivicDataLab. We discovered that over 1000 cases were registered under Section 66A, even more than before Shreya Singhal!

Slaying Zombies

IFF assisted PUCL, one of the original litigants in the Shreya Singhal case, in filing an application for directions to prevent the continued prosecutions under Section 66A, the Supreme Court had directed High Courts, States and Union Territories to reply to the application. 12 High Courts, 10 States and 1 Union Territory replied to the application, and several of them admitted that Section 66A cases were still pending in their jurisdictions. On September 6, 2022, the Supreme Court directed the counsel for the Union of India to impress upon the States the need for remedial measures on the continued use of Section 66A.
On October 12, 2022 after hearing submissions from both sides, the Supreme Court Bench, led by the Chief Justice of India, issued directions which are a massive victory win for free expression in India:
  1. The Supreme Court in Shreya Singhal has unequivocally held that Section 66A is unconstitutional. Thus, no citizen should be prosecuted under this provision.
  2. In every case where Section 66A is being used, the clause under Section 66A shall be dropped.
  3. Home Secretaries and other officials of State Governments must strictly instruct police officers not to register cases under Section 66A.
  4. All publications which refer to Section 66A should adequately inform the readers that the Supreme Court has struck down this provision in Shreya Singhal.
For more on Section 66A, what the judgement means, and why this a win for free speech, read our blog post.
Our work went beyond the Shreya Singhal judgement, we don’t back down because we know that sustained advocacy works, and we cannot do it without you. This was an important fight to fight, because most often one sees that the push stops after a judgement from the Courts is received. But with your support, we have followed up on whether the fruits of Shreya Singhal have actually been realised, painstakingly gathered the data that shows that it has not, and been able to present it to Court. As a direct result of our application, more than 30 orders, circulars and notifications have been issued by the Union Government, the State Governments and various High Courts down to the local level to make sure that this zombie is laid to rest. This is an innovative legal strategy that is only possible through the kind of sustained advocacy that we are able to provide with your support. So the next time a zombie rears its head, you know who has your back.
IFF is trying to raise 2 lakhs in 2 weeks from May 23, 2023 to June 7, 2023. We’ve raised INR 26,750. If you believe the work we do has value, donate today.
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2023.06.02 15:11 lightwing91 4mo regression/ignore wake windows?

My baby is nearly 4mo and for the past two weeks or so has been waking up even more frequently than before. I figure it’s the so-called 4 month regression. The past couple of nights, he’s started rolling in his sleep and now tries to roll any chance he gets during the day. He’s developing fast!
He’s suddenly become quite a cranky baby, fussing a lot sooner in the wake window, taking shorter naps, and showing sleepy cues fairly soon after waking up. Sometimes even after 45 minutes of wake time.
My question is, do I ignore the recommended wake windows and just let him nap when he wants to? His night time sleep quality has really plummeted (he wakes hourly) and I figure he’s exhausted from all that growing and rolling! But I don’t know if it becomes a vicious cycle where the more I let him nap sooner in the day, the harder it is for him to sleep at night. Either way I make sure he gets around 15 hours of sleep.
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