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For information that is technically true, but far from the expected answer.

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2023.04.26 22:05 DynaBeast STOP

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4 pic one word help there is a boy holding crying on phone girl telling someone on phone looks like pork? 4 pics one word level 313. boy putting book on top of another stack of books, a trapeze artist working out, two girls dancing together ( one of the girls is p... Can you help me solve this? 1 word four pictures, a stack of books, an empty room with a table and chairs, flags on poles and a some type of graph?
vianafranklin Level 1 (Contributor)
2 Answers "Six letter word that might fit the bill is "agency"." 1 0
source: 4 pics 1 word answer for computer chip, 2 animals with curly horn, 3 cars bumped to each other? 3 letter word answer?
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This answer closely relates to: 4 pics one word level 295 answer What`s the answer for level 239 on 4 pictures 1 word its a 5 letter word using e j g t q g s j e a a a options? I have been stuck on level 63 for ages now! help! it has 7 letters in it and the last letter is s. what is the answer to level 63 on 4 pics 1 word
4 pics 1 word answer for a woman wearing ear muffs a girl in blue an orange snow cap and a guy with earphones playing the guitar 4 pics one word level 24, a kid holding his mothers leg, a hand on a gearshift, a hand bag, and a group of young adults who are being silly... help? What is the answer to level 203 on 4 pics 1 word? the letters are oealcvzbfdab. its a 4 letter word. the pic is: 2 burry cars, pencil, people hiking?
7 letter word on 4 pic one word game i am stuck on level 33 I am on level 36 on guess the word i have flags, caribbean island,family photo, and a boat and it has 6 letters they are x p e g l r a k k h c r? Four pics one word level 118 pictures of round shapes like a button , a coin, a candy, and a food bowl. what is it?
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4 pics one word level 17 strawberry, grapefruit,slices of fruit, lady with a drink?
4pics one word answer. it is five letter word the letters are: S S S S C E A M R Y Z. Then is shows four pictures.
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2023.02.15 01:45 Interesting_Test_814 More Scoredle words than valid scrabble words ?

Everyday, after solving the Wordle, I go to Scoredle and it tells me there are 14,855 possible guesses for guess 1. Of course, it contains obscure words like AAHED that won't ever be actual Wordle words. And, of course, plurals.
But then I look at the website I usually use for checking words. gives the list of all 5-letter words. This is all 5-letter words present in the official English scrabble dictionary (some words are actually in red to account for the English/American dictionary discrepancy, but they're still there). Including obscure words like AAHED, and plurals. Yet this list contains only 12478 words.
That's quite the difference. That's 16% of Scoredle guesses that are not valid Scrabble words. And indeed, if I look up the obscure guesses Scoredle gives, they are indeed sometimes not words (seems rarer than 16% though, weirdly). Like QUEYU (, which was listed in the possible guesses in one of my recent Wordles (guesses LATER, SHINE for answer DEBUG). Where does this difference come from ?
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2022.11.17 14:00 Potential-Mountain61 [University Mathematics Vector Algebra] Struggling with a lengthy answer (4pics)
Shouldn't the answer be -1.333/a^2. They assumed x =a cos(theta) and y = a sin (theta). In the force field they assumed the denominator of i component to be 1(it was a^2) and same goes for j component.
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2022.06.19 18:48 Few_Bottle_618 How to deal with this?

I (22m) had crush on a friend (22f). We were very close for more than a year. She knew i loved her and she was okay with that. She wasn't ready for relationship and i thought let's give it some time.
Things didn't work out, we had some arguments and we stopped talking. Around 30 days later i texted her, she was very warm, said she missed me a lot and there is a void in my life without me.
Few days later i screen recorded one of her snap. Later i sent her a screenshot of it. She got mad that i should have saved it instead, or screenshotted it, The way I did it was dubious. (I had saved some snaps in chat, she hadn't complained. There's whole story why i screen recorded it that day because she wasn't in good mood. When we got to talk later that night i told her i had screen recorded her snap)
I apologized, like 20 times. I said my intentions were pure and all that. But it didn't work out. So i decided to give her time again.
13 days later i texted her. She said she's forgiven me but it didn't seem so. She tried to end conversations, she would reply after 2-3 hours with 1word answer like "hmm" "okay"
Today: I feel i am the one making all the efforts. Whenever things went wrong, i was the one texting first and trying to fix things. But now it feels like I'm being disrespected.
I want cut off from her completely. But she sometimes replies to me on snapchat, and i can't hold myself replying her.
Suggest me a way to end it. I should not come off as rude.
Or do you think we still have a chance together?
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2022.02.11 14:21 ArtemisMarsian Win a scholarship by answering a quiz

Our guild is looking for scholars. There will be 2 slots every day. Here are some of the ways where you can get a scholarship:
- Win 1 quiz. The quiz could be a riddle, 4pics 1word, crack the code, etc. (2x a day)
- Win a giveaway
- Win a contest
You can also check out more ways how to get a scholarship on the server. Good luck with the quizzes!!!
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2021.05.27 15:48 New_Inevitable1301 Did my boyfriend cheat on me? Help.

So here’s the deal. I’ve been dating with my boyfriend for just over a year now and we live together. We met on tinder and after like month of talking we finally met. We lived in different cities so I drove to him as I still lived with my parents and back home there is literally nothing to do, so it was just logical. So, after the first date I drove down to his place every weekend, and sometimes during the week when I had a random day off at work. So I was there constantly. After like 3weeks of dating (we never talked about it if we were serious or not at that point) he took me to meet his older sister and her family. I was surprised at how quickly he wanted to intreduce me to his family, but oh well. A few weeks after that I met his mom, stepdad and his other sister. Things were great! He was taking this serious, maybe even more serious than me!
May comes around and I have 5weeks off of work when I temporarily moved in with my brother and his family, as I had my college entrance exams coming up and needed the last moment studying, my brother also needed a babysitter for his 1,5yo son for the mornings when he and his wife were at work. So win-win. They don’t have to put the baby in daycare as they were moving soon, and I got to study, be around my nephew and be in the big city. At that time, during the 5weeks, my bf would visit me 3different times. In total, he probably spent 3-4 of those weeks with me. Then I moved back home and worked, while my bf had his summer break. Again, he would spend weeks at a time with me at my parents place, and often during the weekends we would go to his place or his parents place, and if he wasn’t with me at my parents place, he was spending his time at his parents place. You get the picture? So he was very rarely at his own place, only if I was coming up there, he would drive down to pick me up.
Now, on november we decided to move in together. Everything is great! No complaints until last night when I get an instagram dm from some woman, claiming that she and my boyfriend hah had sex on and off from last february, when me and my bf started seeing eachother, to september when she started dating some other guy and just before we moved in together. To say I was shocked was and understatement!! I asked her a bunch of questions before I went to ask my bf what was up. I do need to mention that when we started dating, there was this other girl who was snapping him on and on, clearly trying to hit on him and wanting to date him, and even he admits that. And she snaps to him to this very day. And so, I asked this girl who sent me the dm’s all these questions, when, where, how often, why did it start and stop, etc. She gave me answers that were kinda answering my questions, but not directly.
She knew where he lived, but didnt answer anything when I asked if she remembered what his apartment looked like or what kind of sheets he had (he had hello kitty sheets that he got from his sister, hard to forget so thats why I asked). She said that she was shocked when she found out that he had a gf all that time. She said that during the first months she was at his place every weekend, but I found it odd bc I was there every weekend. When I said that, she corrected herself and said that it might have been more during the weeks when she was around and slept at his place. Ok. Then during the summer they saw more often. Again, funny bc he was with me every weekend, and almost 3weeks at a time. Then she said that she suddenly remembered that and he told her he was just busy. Ok then. She said that when she cut things off, she blocked and unfollowed him on all social medias. But then said that when she was following him, she noticed a comment that I had left on his pic, went to my profile and saw a pic I had posted of us, and she relized that we were a couple.
So why didn’t she ask him then right away if he had a gf, or send me messages then? Why now, almos 9months later? She didnt give me and answer to that, just that she thought I should know. Yeah, I should know but not 9months later when things have ended!
I finally went to ask my bf what was up, and he was shocked as well. He read all the messages we sent, and he checked her profile and didn’t recognise her ( also, her profile was like a month old with 4pics). He said that he doesn’t know who she is, what she is up to and why she would have his old address, he said that she must have been with some of his guy friends when they stopped by to smoke few cigarettes. I believe him, her stories and answers weren’t that convincing, but I was still upset at the thought. I started crying and he hugged me and told me that he would never hurt me. I know he wouldn’t.
When we first started talking, he himself asked me about cheating bc he had been cheated on before and he despises people who cheat. And I agree. So why would have he cheated on me for 8 months straight? I was still sad and confused, and he got a bit mad and said that I don’t need to believe him if I don’t want to, and continued whatever he was doing on his phone. Then I got mad bc of course I believe him, I’m just curious who and why would someone send that kind of messages to me. He seemed to get over that whole ordeal like nothing, but I just can’t. I know he didn’t cheat, but in the back of my mind I’m like what if..
Then I thought that maybe the girl who had been snapping him for over a year still wants to be with him and is trying to break us up. He doesn’t believe that and got a bit annyoied when I was trying to come up with a logical explanation to this whole thing. And I got mad at him at how easily he got over that and how he doesn’t care, when someone is saying that he has cheated on me for 8months at the start of our relationship. What is happening and what am I supposed to do?
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2020.07.19 23:21 toobatf A question about saving elements in unknown size 2d array and determine if it using Row-Major or Column-Major

I saw a question which asks to determine how elements are stored in a 2d array if A[0,1] sores in hex7A00 and a[1,1] stores in hex7A10. it has two choices: Row-Major and Column-Major and the answer is row Major but i couldn't figure out how we can determine which method are used when we have no information about upper-bounds. i know if it was column major a[1,1] is successor of a[0,1] and 7A10 is 2 byte bigger than 7A00 and i guessed maybe in default we should assume every element allocate 1Byte , but in another hand i always assume an element store in 2Byte or 1Word i really confused and thinks this question has not enough information so i decided to share it with you to know your opinion.
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2019.12.19 06:26 dhmowgli [TOMT] [MOBILE GAME] [2010s] A word guessing game where some icons were clues IIRC.

It was in the early 2010s I think. The game had a whitish background and it gave you clues in the form of small icons iirc. Once you answer the app gave a small reply to some answers. All I can remember now is a memory where my answer was "Frankenstein's monster" and the app said "Ohh You're one of those people who like to be accurate huh, we would have even accepted Frankenstein". It was a long time ago like 3-4 mobile phones ago for me.
It's not 4pics one word btw.
Thanks in advance to everyone.
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2019.08.03 06:59 GeyserExe 4pic 1word

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2018.05.30 09:21 AAAmberr new 4pics 1word puzzle! try this
This game is facebook instant game. pretty good though I am addicted! try this game now~!
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2015.02.17 09:03 1word_ I am an executive consultant who ran a Reddit novelty account for months, and now wants to stop doing that. AMA. (Story inside)

Reddit. Like most of you, I have a cat and hate ISIS.
I met my wife Rebeykah 6 years ago at a singles event held for our denomination. Soon after we got married and had our twins, Joxua and Samyuel. My world revolves around my children, work, and my wife's upcoming Christian-yoga philosophic lifestyle book.
Rebeykah is an artist, poet and a yogi. She has a knack for words and has encouraged me to find my calling in life. She has worked hard to re-center our lives and surrounded us with our spirtitual nouns and symbols.
We all accepted the names she gave us, the children had no choice of course, but my old dog Max refused to answer to "Lavender". It became clear that Lavender was permanently misaligned with his own axis and had to be put down.
On my own, and without my best friend, I took to reddit for months and operated a fairly successful novelty account, 1word_: I would reply with one word. As evident from my performance spreadsheet, the account was growing in popularity and averaged 3 points per comment. However it all came crashing down yesterday when I replied to someone by mistake and used several words.
This concludes my adventure, and although I failed, I believe I have done something remarkable. AMA.
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2014.11.13 10:43 aappaday Thu, November 13, 2014: 4Pics 1Word- What's the Movie Init

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2013.08.28 15:38 Lynda73 Free android app - 4Pics 1Word- What's the Word Init free today at the Amazon store (rated 4.5 stars with 503 ratings)

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