Hidden dyed hair underneath

Unlocking Hidden Value: How to Sell Your Hair for Money

2023.06.07 08:39 Various-Sorbet-3443 Unlocking Hidden Value: How to Sell Your Hair for Money

Hair is often referred to as our crowning glory, but did you know that it can also be a valuable asset? Many people are unaware of the potential financial gains that can be made by Sell your hair. Whether you’re in need of some extra cash or simply looking to make a difference, selling your hair can be a rewarding experience. In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of selling hair, providing you with valuable insights and tips to maximize your earnings.
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2023.06.07 08:17 Redditor_5395 31 [M4F] Worcester, UK - Chancing my arm at dating on Reddit 🤞🏻

Hey 👋🏻
I'm Neil, a 31 year old chap born and raised in Worthing, West Sussex but now living in Worcester, Worcs. I'd consider myself to be a down to earth and easy going man that's light hearted and cheeky natured. I'm your classic Pisces as per textbook - romantically affectionate and physically intimate, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I highly value my physical health being a Physiotherapist in the NHS but even more so importantly, my emotional well being given that like many of us, I've experienced my fair share of ups and downs but with time, effort and patience, I've come out the other side a far better version of myself.
I've attached a photo of myself below in order for you to put a name to a face but to give you a brief overview of my physical characteristics, I'm white British, dark haired, green eyed, around 5'10 and lean shaped.
In terms of my hobbies and interests, I have a wide range inclusive of but not limited to: drinking coffee - mines a skinny latte if we're out and about, console gaming - with a current love for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy, Netflix series - drastically ranging in genre from the Crown to Sex Education, outdoor cycling - typically along routes adjacent to both the Worcester canal and river Severn, country pubs - out in the sticks with an open fire and traditional grub, and weekend getaways - getting out into the great outdoors and exploring those hidden gems, both new and of old.
I'll be honest in saying that I'm brand new to Reddit, hence the blank profile as of now. I can fully appreciate that for some, this may present as a red flag, therefore if this thorough description and attached photo is not putting your mind at ease, let me please add that I'm also wanting to verify in different formats early on into the conversation as we're online after all. Say by going from texting to calling, videoing and so forth as and when we're comfortable to do so of course.
Now, as to what I'm hoping to seek out on here, well, as per many of you I'm sure, I've tried the more conventional dating apps and what not, however despite matching with various people of different backgrounds, I'm yet to stumble upon that special somebody in which I can create both a deep and meaningful connection with. The type of conversation where all just naturally flows with plenty of smiling, laughing and joking but also, with an underlying desire in wanting to plan for the future and settle down. I'm at a point in my life right now where I'm ready to meet my better half, dare I say it, soul mate?
Anyhow, that's enough of my waffling for now. If any aspects of my post have caught your eye, please do reach out and introduce yourself. All I ask is that you make a concerted effort in your initial message as I have and ideally, attach a facial photo so I can see that beautiful face of yours. As an ice breaker for you, why don't you start by telling me what drives you to rise out of bed every single morning?
And if you're one for the banter, I use to work in a factory that distributed fresh orange juice but for some unknown reason, my manager started to put the squeeze on me. I found this awfully tough over time and began to lose my concentration, ultimately resulting in me being canned from my job...
Stay happy and healthy fellow Redditors!
Ta-ra for now,
N 🤗
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2023.06.07 08:15 Redditor_5395 31 [M4F] Worcester, UK - Chancing my arm at dating on Reddit 🤞🏻

Hey 👋🏻
I'm Neil, a 31 year old chap born and raised in Worthing, West Sussex but now living in Worcester, Worcs. I'd consider myself to be a down to earth and easy going man that's light hearted and cheeky natured. I'm your classic Pisces as per textbook - romantically affectionate and physically intimate, wearing my heart on my sleeve. I highly value my physical health being a Physiotherapist in the NHS but even more so importantly, my emotional well being given that like many of us, I've experienced my fair share of ups and downs but with time, effort and patience, I've come out the other side a far better version of myself.
I've attached a photo of myself below in order for you to put a name to a face but to give you a brief overview of my physical characteristics, I'm white British, dark haired, green eyed, around 5'10 and lean shaped.
In terms of my hobbies and interests, I have a wide range inclusive of but not limited to: drinking coffee - mines a skinny latte if we're out and about, console gaming - with a current love for the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy, Netflix series - drastically ranging in genre from the Crown to Sex Education, outdoor cycling - typically along routes adjacent to both the Worcester canal and river Severn, country pubs - out in the sticks with an open fire and traditional grub, and weekend getaways - getting out into the great outdoors and exploring those hidden gems, both new and of old.
I'll be honest in saying that I'm brand new to Reddit, hence the blank profile as of now. I can fully appreciate that for some, this may present as a red flag, therefore if this thorough description and attached photo is not putting your mind at ease, let me please add that I'm also wanting to verify in different formats early on into the conversation as we're online after all. Say by going from texting to calling, videoing and so forth as and when we're comfortable to do so of course.
Now, as to what I'm hoping to seek out on here, well, as per many of you I'm sure, I've tried the more conventional dating apps and what not, however despite matching with various people of different backgrounds, I'm yet to stumble upon that special somebody in which I can create both a deep and meaningful connection with. The type of conversation where all just naturally flows with plenty of smiling, laughing and joking but also, with an underlying desire in wanting to plan for the future and settle down. I'm at a point in my life right now where I'm ready to meet my better half, dare I say it, soul mate?
Anyhow, that's enough of my waffling for now. If any aspects of my post have caught your eye, please do reach out and introduce yourself. All I ask is that you make a concerted effort in your initial message as I have and ideally, attach a facial photo so I can see that beautiful face of yours. As an ice breaker for you, why don't you start by telling me what drives you to rise out of bed every single morning?
And if you're one for the banter, I use to work in a factory that distributed fresh orange juice but for some unknown reason, my manager started to put the squeeze on me. I found this awfully tough over time and began to lose my concentration, ultimately resulting in me being canned from my job...
Stay happy and healthy fellow Redditors!
Ta-ra for now,
N 🤗
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2023.06.07 08:11 RozeTheWitch BIG vs Rehab Shampoo!

Hey guys! I’ve never bought hair products from Lush before, but I’m dying to try it! I’ve already deciding I’m going to try the ‘American Cream’ conditioner since the scent sounds AMAZING, plus I’m hoping it won’t weight down my hair. However I’m stuck between these two shampoos (Rehab or BIG) and I can’t decide which to get 🤔
For context, I recently-ish (maybe within the last three months or so) got my hair professionally dyed with bleached highlights. The colors mostly gone now though. This Friday I’m going to get my hair permed to be more curly as well! My hair normally is thick with some wave to it, now constantly has some frizz to it ever since it got dyed, and tends to get weighed down very easily if a hair product is too ‘heavy’ so to speak.
BASICALLY I can’t decide if I should aim for ‘BIG’ in hopes that it’ll be beneficial to my soon to be curly hair, or if I should go the route of ‘rehab’ and focus more on remedying some of the damage.
So what do you think? Or should I try a different shampoo from Lush entirely? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 08:09 jagz128 How to look professional as a therapist?

This is a pretty minor question, but I was recently accepted into a clinical psychology graduate program and I’m a bit worried about “looking professional”. I know a lot of what’s acceptable is dependent on what populations you’re working with (e.g., substance use would be more lax), so for reference I’m hoping to work mainly with adolescents/adults with mood/anxiety disorders (although that’s subject to change given I’m early in my career).
My main question is about how acceptable tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair would be. Currently I have a septum piercing, white blonde hair (it’s not a bright colour, but it’s very obviously unnatural), and some tattoos that are visible if I wear short sleeves. The tattoos are all pretty innocuous, but they are obvious when they’re visible (e.g. I have a big floral piece that takes up most of my forearm). I’m just wondering how acceptable this would be in a standard therapy practice? If it’s possible I’d prefer to keep my hair and my piercing, but those are easy to change if need be. As for the tattoos, they’re easy to hide if I keep my arms covered, but I’m just wondering if that would generally be considered unprofessional.
Of course I can bring this up with my supervisor when I actually start practicing, but it honestly felt like a pretty silly question so I just wanted to get general opinions from practicing therapists before I start. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 07:37 Adam-best Easy-To-Wear Stylish Hair Scrunchies Wear that Easy-To-Wear Stylish Hair Scrunchies confidently everywhere, knowing it makes that hair looks professionally done, even with thin fine hair! It is made with hidden band which is easy to apply within few seconds.

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2023.06.07 07:15 LabiaMinoraLover 35 [M4F] #Los-Angeles - Cute blue eyed, fit, fun guy seeks sweet, smart, pretty girl who has 'outies' 💋, fuller flower petals🌷, butterfly wings 🦋, longer, darker kitty lips😽

I seek a sweet, smart, pretty girl I love to make happy fully, to make smile loudly, to satisfy deeply, who is my pleasure to please. I'm patient to gain trust, to build a connection by communicating, seeing if there is attraction and learn what we want. I'm open to begin with chatting, talking and seeing if there is chemistry for exploring romance, seduction, spontaneity, creating highs with teasing to pleasing, almost anytime, anywhere. Once we are sure of our attraction. I like sharing affections, cuddles to kisses, to earn my turn, to prove myself, giving massages to multiples, so much that we grow to be exclusive. This munch passion makes me seek someone special, perhaps a shy inexperienced woman curious to explore the best loving pleasures and feelings or maybe a woman with an insatiable libido yearning for one man to keep her full/filled.
I want more than just lust, where we feel butterflies gazing in our eyes, holding hands, loving spending quality time together. I like anticipating, feeling a primal passion, a romantic hunger in my belly that brings out the lover-giver in me (tho I love receiving too). A spark in me starts with what I feel from seeing pretty eyes and smiles, combined with personality, poise, voice, and even an accent. Some eye shapes I like can be described as upturned, almond or cat-eyes (and any color). I like skin tones from white to olive, dark tan skin. I like only natural curves, in the right places on a thin to thick, voluptuous, hourglass shape, natural bigger lips on your mouth and on your kitty (my username checks out-ies ;)
I prefer larger, longer, darker labia minora because they're extra arousing to see, admire, kiss, lick, nibble, suck on, play with, feel, wrap around, and spread with tongue or D during kitty lip n clit worship. Sometimes lovely longer lady-lips may be hidden by puffy labia majora, while some are "outies" protruding, some can dangle, spread like butterfly wings, like a fuller flower with big pretty petals blooming with nectar. You probably know if you're blessed with lips bigger than average. Speaking of which, I'm above average down below and cut. I also prefer labia that are darker pink to tan brown, as well as those colors of nipples and fuller areolas because they make me hungriest to kiss, suckle, breast-nipple worship, including dry or wet ANR, ABF. I can be open-minded in bed, with sexy roleplay, foreplay, edging, sweet gentle pillow princess, face-riding/queening, Gspot to cervix massage, to rougher play, both sub and dom dynamics, giving and receiving multiple Os, breaking records, within shorter and longer sexy sessions. I can get into erotica, writing, talking aloud, discussing fantasies, learning your kinks. I get ideas on how to give better pleasures, learning, trying techniques, including designs for toys/furniture, multiples ways to keep a woman happily cumming and cuddling. This link has interesting info, useful to see diversity of women's labia, and many are the larger range I prefer. (NSFW) https://gynodiversity.com/panels
I'm cute, fit, fun/ny, 5'11", hygienic, healthy, white with blue eyes, brown hair, soft beard (for now), single with no kids. I enjoy reading, documentaries, podcasts, comedy, cooking, nature, hiking, exercising, science, arts. Keeping healthy is a passion of mine, including a whole-plant food diet, yet I may be open to 420/drinks during loving. While playing together, I like to listen to/make DJ mixes with styles including chillout, chillwave, deephouse, indiedance, nudisco, dubtechno, dreampop, downtempo, synthwave, ambient and open to other music. What are some of your favorite music genres/bands/songs? (No one ever answers this question :)
If you relate to what I wrote, we can use the Reddit live DM/PM to decide if we want to verify with voice, pics/live video, etc. I may be open to distance, but prefer Los Angeles losangeles LA L.A. SoCal, Ca
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2023.06.07 07:10 StrikingCourage3768 What is Underarm Rejuvenation?

Your underarms should generally be of the same skin as the rest of your body but sometimes those are of a darker tone. While dark underarms are not a cause for concern, they are definitely a cause for embarrassment for a lot of people, especially for people who love to wear sleeveless and tank tops.
The darkening of the skin happens due to a condition called acanthosis nigricans which basically causes the skin to thicken and become dark on folds all over the body. The most common areas that become dark are the underarms, back of the neck, groin, elbows, and knees.
The pigment cells on your skin are known as melanocytes which are responsible for causing the darkening of the skin. AN can be genetic but sometimes hair removal can cause it. Repeated shaving or plucking can stimulate the production of excess melanocytes which can cause the underarm to darken.
There are many reasons that can cause the darkening of underarms some of the causes are diseases like obesity, diabetes, hormone imbalances, and side effects of medications. But darkened underarms are not a permanent condition. You can get rid of them with specific treatments and wear the tank top you always wanted to flaunt.
One of the common causes of pigmented underarms is the constant waxing and shaving which causes the skin to produce more melanocytes. You can solve that problem immediately by choosing an alternative for hair removal. Get permanent laser hair reduction, no more waxing, and shaving. Laser hair reduction saves money and does not cause any pain or darkening of the skin
Chemical peels like retinol can work on the darkened skin and remove the topmost layer of the skin giving way to the new skin underneath which will be brighter and smoother. This typically takes time and a few sessions to see results and it also depends on the individual’s skin and how pigmented their skin is.
Laser treatments and dermabrasion can help in the resurfacing of the skin which removes the dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin and helps in the regeneration of new brighter and smoother skin.
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2023.06.07 06:54 Indeecent8 Black Baccara GC reviews + 1 over the top BPAL bonus review

https://imgur.com/a/6Af6Y4D My husband was sweet enough to get me this cool old lock box for my samples so I redid it and made it ridiculously decadent and added a unicorn for good measure. I have (hopefully properly) attached some pics. I've asked for so many recommendations here and had sooooo much fun! I thought it would be nice if I contributed some reviews of my favorite house Black Baccara. My personal tastes tend to be weird and dark atmospherics and BB definitely does that well! Here's some of her GC scents :
Sorceress (Aroma palette is smoky, woodsy, fruity, and boozy. Highlights include rum-soaked pineapple, dark roast coffee, pipe tobacco, soft amber, smoky cedar, warm musk.): I wanted this for a long time as the pineapple/coffee combo somehow became a HG scent in my mind and I've been searching for the best one. After a few months of hankering I finally pulled the trigger. Sorceress is a dark boozy coffee without cream with a slightly floral pineapple and cedar in the background. It's definitely not citrusy and not identifiable as pineapple until you know what it is. The musk comes out a little towards the end and is very subtle and somewhat powdery like cocoa powder. I consider this a dark/gothic tropical which is perfect for summer but wearable all year. It has moderate longevity but pretty low throw. I find this can be remedied by applying to the ends of my hair or just slathering on extra lol I really like this and I'm glad I got a 5ml. 4/5
Black Cat (Aroma palette is dark, spicy, and earthy. Highlights include toasted cardamon, church incense, ancient cedars, tendrils of oak moss, cloves, and earth.): Conifers and cloves. That's pretty much it. Which would be cool except it has very low throw and longevity even on my faithful test subject. Only one I wished I hadn't FS'd. 2/5
Vena Cava (Aroma palette is woodsy, floral, and metallic. Highlights include dark florals, merlot, orris, ylang ylang, oud, and blood accord.) This is decadent af! I've tried a lot of boozy smells and this one is perfect ! Its very noticeably wine and it's definitely red. However you're not gonna get a sobriety test if you get pulled over wearing it. (I bought nosferatu from bpal and wore it to work one day. Bad idea! I had two customers walk in and exclaim that it smelt like beer in the shop. And I work in a dispo so it was being smelt over the reek of weed lol) anyways this is the perfect wine. It's ever so slightly floral from the ylang but very much like crushed red fruits without going candy like. Again you get woods in the background and I cannot detect any oud. The really magic comes towards the dry down when the metallic blood comes out. It's not meaty and could very well be the scent of a metal knife or armor instead. I only got a dram of this and will be uprising. Just a heads up though when I first got this my husband and I smelled it and both immediately said "oh chewing tobacco" 😅 don't wry it totally changes in about 10-14 days 5/5
Cathedral Noir( Aroma palette is earthy, resinous, and smoky. Highlights include holy water, juniper and cedar incense smoke, melted candle wax, aged myrrh resin, lilies, and deep aged labdanum. ) verrrrrry strong smoke. Which I like. This is basically an extra strength version of Hexennachts Fumer with some juniper, cedar and resins underneath. I do not get any of the other notes at all. It's pretty cool though not very easy to wear going places. It last forever too and definitely don't put this in your hair 😆 I recently wore this camping and it was perfect. 3.5/5 cause I wish I got more of the other notes but I'm glad I got a 5ml since I'm out of Fumer.
Hecate (Highlights include Ylang ylang, dark aged patchouli, myrrh, black pepper, hibiscus, leather, and lilac. ) THIS ! YES THIS! This is as close as I have gotten to my perfect SS. It's straight up kinky sex in a bottle. New black leather straight from your trunk of bondage gear mixed with lilac/ylang combo. It's even balanced between the leather and floral and there's no new car smell. I do not get any patchouli or myrrh and it's perfect without it honestly. I will be getting another bottle and I will absolutely be wearing it to my next shibari class. 5/5
Wild Lilac (Highlights include wild blooming lilacs, white musk, hyacinth, and orange.) This is the most realistic lilac I have found. There's a bit of orange in the opening that fades in under a minute. It's a very nostalgic smell for me. When I was a kid I lived in a tiny country town and my best friend lived in an old farmhouse. She had ancient lilac trees in the back yard so big we could climb them. This is the scent of spring afternoons spent among their gnarled branches gathering fresh bouquets. 5/5.
Overall BB is a house that is true to their descriptions. I can easily predict if I'll like a scent and I feel safe blind buying. I've only had issues with longevity with the one scent and look forward to trying more! In fact I have Frogs Breath, Gaia, and Wake Me in September on the way to me now.
I've recommended BPAL's Depraved to quite a few people on here but never felt as though I described it accurately so wanted to offer a review Depraved(aged patchouli and apricot): It's a cool night in the beginning of summer and you're at a small local watering hole in Louisiana's Garden District. The bartender is getting ready to close up shop and filling one last round of drinks. As you push your chair in to leave you see a dark handsome man in leather jacket giving you a strange steady look. You smile invitingly to him and he walks over to place his hand around your waist as you leave the bar. You lead him out into the cool evening air over to your car and you both get in. He doesn't say a word to you as you drive but instead rolls down the car window as he lights a cigar. And you don't look to him for any sort of explanation ; you know just where you're going. You stop in front of a beautiful and abandoned Cathlic Church. St Agnes had stood here for at least a couple centuries now and has been witness to worse deeds than you plan to commit tonight. You both hurry up the steps and through the pews pausing in front of the altar. Until he slowly takes you forward and pushes you down onto the old creaking wood and as he leans into kiss you you smell the cool and smoky earthiness left in his goatee by the cigar he smoked in your car and you can almost taste the apricot brandy left on his lips. But there's something more than both these scents, something shadowy and dark maybe it's the entire spirit of the Garden District itself but whatever it is its completely feral and heartbreakingly untameable.
This is what Depraved smells like and it's why I recommend it so much.
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2023.06.07 06:54 treatyofparis45 hair dye fading after just a few weeks

hair dye fading after just a few weeks
hi yall! i got my hair dyed at aveda about three or four weeks ago, it’s naturally a jet black but i got it bleached and dyed purple - it’s now more of a bluish green (see pic, ignore how messy it is in the second pic lol). i don’t really know anything about dying hair but how can i fix this? i don’t really want to go back just cause of the money (it was like $50 which is kinda a lot for me). i wanna go for as light of a purple as i can, like a lavender, is that reasonable even if my natural hair is black?
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2023.06.07 06:46 Bacon_Lamb Putting the punk in voidpunk

I know that a big part of the idea of punk is doing things to annoy authority/break stupid rules. I got my hair dyed five different colors today, and it felt like a bit of that because I have the ideal natural hair (wavy, slightly reddish brown, red and gold highlights) but I get to choose what I do with my body and my hair.
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2023.06.07 06:46 ph00p Hair that was probably dyed. Not interesting.

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2023.06.07 06:35 Ok-Falcon-3075 (FNV) Brave New World not overwriting all vanilla VA's.

I don't know what happened, but before it was all fine, but now? It seemed like something overwrite it. I thought it was YUP + DLCs it tends to do that. My loadorder or (Plugins) is sorted out by LOOT and now it's all in alphabetical order (And I am talking about the plugins list, the one with archives, data, etc) I am still new to MO2 and I have been trying to manually drag the plugins, but that doesn't seem to work as MO2 won't let me. In my Modlist I have put Brave New World to the bottom but the problem still occurs. Any help? This is my load order

# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
Configurable Pip-Boy Light Color.esm
Securitrons On Alert.esm
Animated Player Interactions.esm
Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm
Tammer's NIF-Bashed Armor Mega-Pack.esm
Pip-Boy Screen Always On.esm
Simple Open Freeside.esm
Functional Post Game Ending.esm
Simple Open Strip.esm
Mojave Wildlife (FO3-Style + No Chanced).esp
factions reloaded raiders v2.esm
Mojave Raiders.esm
Sydney Follower.esm
Functional Post Game Ending - TTW Patch.esm
Sierra Madre.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - YUP Patch.esm
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
NPC Use Aid.esp
Flora Overhaul.esp
Uncut Wasteland.esp
Brightweight Strip Overhaul Open.esp
The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul.esp
Vicious Wastes.esp
Mojave Raiders.esp
Simple Open Freeside - Uncut Wasteland Patch.esp
Ending Slideshows Ultimate Edition Overhaul.esp
Primm Reborn.esp
Novac Reborn.esp
Vicious Wastes - Complete.esp
Vicious Wastes - Tale of Two Wastelands.esp
Goodsprings Reborn.esp
Fallout New Vegas Weapons Rebalanced.esp
DLC Enhancements.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Extra Collection Patch.esp
Alternative Start.esp
Kill Feed.esp
Think Tank Sonic Armaments.esp
TTW Quick Start.esp
Casino Crowds.esp
AwesomeCripplingEffects2 - Staggering.esp
Bullet Tracers TTW Shotgun.esp
Weapon Retexture Project.esp
Mannequin Rce.esp
Realistic Safehouse Upgrades Ex- All.esp
Mojave Arsenal.esp
TTW Armored Wasteland.esp
Realistic Wildlife.esp
Wastelander Pack.esp
Fucking Scary Fiends.esp
Fiends Friendly to Khans.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Wasteland Patch.esp
Functional Post Game Ending - Outside Bets Patch.esp
Simple Populated Freeside.esp
SPF - FPGE Patch.esp
Concept 1 Mr Handy and Mr Gutsy Replacer TTW.esp
Concept 1 Mr Handy and Mr Gutsy Replacer.esp
The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul.esp
Lock Those Doors.esp
Brightweight Strip Overhaul Open - FPGE.esp
Brightweight Strip Overhaul Open - Iguazu.esp
ultra luxe expanded fountain.esp
Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered v1.2.esp
FNV NPCs Travel.esp
Combined Weapons.esp
Sierra Madre Safehouse.esp
Hotplates and Campfires.esp
FPGE - Lonesome Road.esp
WWP 45 Pistol replacer - Vanilla Stats.esp
WWP 45 Pistol replacer.esp
CowgirlRaiderOutfit (DT14).esp
Type 6.esp
SimpleHairs - Color.esp
BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects.esp
Diagonal movement.esp
360Movement - Diagonal movement Patch.esp
Ammo Boxes.esp
Pearl Cross Necklace.esp
Daniel Better merchant Trades.esp
TTW Enemy Damage Rebalance.esp
Lore Fix - Asian Daniel.esp
TTWRude Awakening Erafox.esp
Lucky38 Furniture - Sierra Madre HoloVendor.esp
More Realistic Aiming.esp
Enhanced Corpse Count.esp
Courier Vests.esp
OldWorldBlues - Keep Big MT Active.esp
meow_Diverse Gear for Traveling Merchants.esp
Mannequin Races-TTW.esp
Sit Anywhere.esp
Better Burned Man.esp
Project Reality Footsteps.esp
Groundcover Overhaul.esp
UX Toolkit.esp
M.U.X. Series - Compass 3D.esp
M.U.X. Series - Floating Damage.esp
M.U.X. Series - Floating Healthbar.esp
M.U.X. Series - Immersive HUD.esp
M.U.X. Series - Interface Overhaul.esp
M.U.X. Series - Item Explorer.esp
M.U.X. Series - Prompt Overhaul.esp
M.U.X. Series - Targeting.esp
Immersive Hit Reactions.esp
Realistic Movement.esp
Realistic AI Movement 1.0.esp
Stimpak Hotkey.esp
Vicious Wastes - Ragdolls.esp
Vicious Wastes - Ragdolls TTW.esp
Bleedout - Aid Addon.esp
Bleedout - TTW.esp
JIP Companions Command & Control.esp
Animated Ingestibles.esp
The Classic Centaur Replacer.esp
CM Lighting DLC Support.esp
Vanilla UI Plus.esp
127 SMG Rebirth.esp
LaserRifleReplacer - EVE version.esp
Classic Combat Armor Replacer Redux TTW.esp
Classic Leather Armor Replacer TTW.esp
Classic Robobrian Replacer TTW.esp
Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
ILO - Tale of Two Wastelands.esp
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2023.06.07 06:07 MaryMagnolia4810 The Deceptive Diet Plans of Brittany Dawn w/ Franchesca Ramsey

The Deceptive Diet Plans of Brittany Dawn w/ Franchesca Ramsey
This podcast episode is about Brittany Dawn. Although it isn’t about the Hollises etc, I kept thinking about how eerily similar she is to Heidi (and a little bit like Rachel). She was a fitness influencer that became religious after major public criticism (and legal action), and then she dyed her hair bronde and started dressing more modestly. She publicly announced she was now living a God-driven life, all while continuing on to recklessly shill and post on social media every moment of her life.
I find the host Laci Mosley to be hilarious and witty, so I really enjoy the podcast in general. But I also just thought she and her co-hosts brought up some really interesting and perceptive points about the immense negative impact Brittany Dawn’s scans can have on people, and it felt really relevant to Hollisville. Just sharing for anyone that may be interested. ♥️
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2023.06.07 05:46 Elegant_Library6151 Marybeth

Being a woman of faith was taxing. Taxing on the mind, because the Christian God was something Marybeth had a difficult past with. As she aged through her childhood, she was consistently in the church, the bible being sewn into her spine, the gospel being stapled to her aorta. She went to those little youth group meetings, and promoted her church at school, and got made fun of, and didn’t care. God was her life, her soul, her purpose, and she was complacent. She was fine.
Being a woman of faith is taxing on the body, maybe even more so for Marybeth than the mind. Following the death of her parents at sea, she felt like her tether to the Lord was straining, like the threads of rope were snapping, and she was holding on for dear life. Her knees were purple with wear, her neck was red and flaky, her face was dry, and wrinkly. Marybeth looked past it. Past all the vanity was God’s word, and her history with the man, and well, vanity would not help her get into heaven. Past it all was her house, and her crops, and of course, her husband, Sawyer. Marybeth stumbled upon Sawyer in the same church she grew up in. He slowly slid his fingers over her bible, and seductively chewed his lip, and she pulled her bible back and giggled, and nothing fruitful came of the interaction for a couple years. They reconnected at church a few years later and hit it off. Then they got married, then they moved to Oklahoma, and then they just lived.
Oklahoma was an odd state, at least that’s how Marybeth felt. She had some beans over the fire, her hands shaky from her day-long act of sewing. She didn’t work, just as all the other women didn’t work, but unlike them, she was restless. She wanted to move, and act, and do something. So, she sewed. With the little thread she had, she sewed. She made socks, gloves, and hats. She made some shirts and undergarments too, but kept the latter hidden. What her husband didn’t see couldn’t hurt him. Sawyer was still out in the field at this time. The wheat and corn were swaying, the sun dimming as the clouds rolled in. Marybeth slowly creaked up and made her way to the back door.
“Sawyer, baby, you got to come in.” He didn’t respond.
Marybeth knew he wasn’t coming in. She didn’t understand. A tornado was coming, the wind was picking up – all they had was their fragile, wooden house. Marybeth fought with the man many a time about it. Smack dab in the middle of tornado valley, with nothing but walls of glass keeping them warm. She recalls one conversation in particular.
“Sawyer, why are these walls so thin?” “Well, I was lazy, and wood was easy for me.” “Yeah, I get it sweetie, but it isn’t safe. With the winds, and us trying for a baby, we ought to reinforce this little place of ours.” “We don’t need none of that, Beth. Just God. God will save us.” “Maybe, but God made stone for a reason.” “God also made tornadoes. Funny how that works.”
Regardless, the tornado had yet to arrive, and he was not retreating inside, so she figured she might as well get back to work instead of daydreaming. Marybeth examined her wrinkly, pruned fingers, before submerging them in the bucket once more. She glared into the pupils of her reflection, her eyes swirling as she dragged her hand. She saw into her eyes, and into her mind, and in the newfound haze she was enveloped in, she found herself almost dozing off. Marybeth was a pretty name. Latin, meaning “star of the sea” or something of the sort. Marybeth’s mother named her after hearing the name in a song, a sweet memory that she held close. Every once in a while, the melody returned for a visit.
Marybeth, Marybeth, where did you go? Did the greyhounds finally bite? You should have seen it coming, Wandering off alone at night.
And when the town sends men to search, And asks, “Where could she be?” Marybeth, sweet Marybeth, answers: “I’ve become a star above the sea.”
She squeezed the rag, lifting her hands and letting the suds seep through. The melody dissolved into the air. Another gust of wind raced through, this time noticeably stronger. She returned outside.
“Sawyer, you really ought to come in. I need help boardin’ the windows.”
Sawyer remained in the field, and Marybeth saw it. The tornado, finally in view, sweeping through the village lining the horizon with aggression. She almost felt the flame of death’s heat run through her hair, her legs picking up once more as she stepped backwards towards the house.
“Sawyer! Sawyer, you damn idiot!”
Maybe Marybeth’s words were ruthless, and lacked objective, but the tornado didn’t show mercy, so neither did she. Many people lost their lives in that hour. The village was demolished, the cows refused to milk out of fear. As for Marybeth, she lost Sawyer that night. Maybe not physically, but spiritually, he was gone. She had been sleeping next to blind faith, she had been setting the table for a coward.
Marybeth, sweet old Marybeth, had been kissing a scarecrow.
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2023.06.07 05:29 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 6 (pt 1)

Toxic Rats: Geoff, Scott, Trent, Sammy, Sierra
Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Katie, Molly, Scarlett, Dave, DJ
Episode 06: Runaway Model
"Previously, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!" Chris opened over a stock shot of Wawanakwa, the capstone theme starting up in the background. "The campers got deep," the recap montage opened with Sierra and Molly sinking to the lake bed in their antique diving suits, the former quickly getting held back by Fang, "in an underwater scavenger hunt."
"Sierra quickly got under her team's skin as soon as she came back," Sammy was shown upset with Sierra for taking a picture of her, "and Anne Maria and Geoff began to develop feelings for each other," the two were shown having a conversation with each other in the morning.
"In the end, Leshawna was tossed for swiping everybody's stuff," Sammy was shown tossing out everyone's belongings from the bag, "even though it was really Scott. Sneaky," the host added over Scott admitting his role in the confessional.
"It's now Team Maggot versus Team Rat," the host said, the Maggots' logo appearing on-screen against a radiant golden background. The logo rotated around into the Rats' logo, and a five-way split-screen of the Rats' remaining members rose up from the background – Trent in the upper left against a brownish-red backdrop; Geoff in the upper right against dark blue; Sierra in the middle top against orange; Sammy in the bottom left against turquoise; and Scott in the bottom right against yellow. "Will the Rats man up before they're a man down? Let's hope not," Chris said as the scene cut to him standing at the end of the dock with Chef. "There's nothing more entertaining than a man down."
As if on cue, the wood under Chef started to creak and crack, breaking away and sending Chef plunging into the lake with a startled scream. Chris laughed. "More where that came from, right now, on Total! Drama! Revenge of the Island!"
The sun was already high in the sky as the episode opened, and a loon cried out in the distance as the camera panned down onto DJ and Dave looking rather distressed outside the communal bathroom. The normal guy knocked on the door and asked "Is it our turn next?"
"Keep your panties on!" Anne Maria called out as the camera cut to the inside of the bathroom. The mirror on the back wall was too cracked and smudged to use, the trash can was grimy, and the strip of fly paper hanging in the corner was in need of a change, but nevertheless, Molly, Anne Maria, Katie, and Scarlett were still gathered along the countertop – Scarlett was sitting on the far left, Molly was plucking her unibrows, Katie was happily filing her nails, and Anne Maria was spraying her hair.
"Anne Maria?" Molly said. "Could I borrow some lipstick from you? I forgot it back at the cabin."
"You can help yourself, but don't go touching my hair spray," Anne Maria answered. She finished spraying her hair, and flicked it to show how bulletproof it was as it briefly shined. "Now that is how you do hair!"
"I prefer having a natural appearance," Scarlett clarified. "I'm mostly just here to wash my face and brush my teeth."
They later saw that Katie had pulled out a bag containing a makeup kit.
"What's that bag for?" Molly asked the influencer while brushing her hair.
"This is my portable makeup kit," Katie said. "If I need to get myself ready in the morning, this'll do the job in five minutes max."
"Do you carry that around with you at all times?" Anne Maria looked at the bag.
"Only when I'm traveling to places," Katie answered as she put on her lipstick. "I've done a lot of makeup tutorials with this thing, and they've skyrocketed my channel up to one million views."
"That's interesting to hear," Scarlett rolled her eyes. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave."
Katie watched Scarlett and Anne Maria go, and turned to Molly. "By the way, you can borrow my lipstick too if you want."
Confessional: Katie
"Chris still has a hold of my tablet," Katie confessed. "I'm sure my subscribers are wondering why I'm inactive, but some of them will probably understand that I'm competing on a TV show."
Confessional: Molly
"Katie's been a lot more helpful to us with her device taken away, and now she wants to help me with fashion," Molly explained. "If that means she's not mad at me anymore, I'll take what I can get."
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to the girls' side of the Rat cabin as Sammy said "I can't believe what happened last episode." The shot cut inside to show her sitting in her bunk bed. "Not only did people's belongings get taken, but Leshawna was pinned for it."
Sierra was using her phone until she heard Sammy. "What makes you so sure it wasn't Leshawna if the bag was under her bed?" the blogger emphasized.
"Someone else could've slipped it under there, and Leshawna's too respectful to touch our things!" Sammy enforced.
"I'll have to think about that more," Sierra said. "You know, this is the most I've ever heard you say."
"What do you mean?" Sammy asked.
"You're mostly silent, and also nervous most of the time," Sierra claimed.
"I just prefer keeping to myself," Sammy said. "I'm introverted."
"Have you managed to have any friends in your life?" Sierra wondered.
"I do, but I only have five friends," Sammy responded while holding her arm. "We make up the cheerleading team back home, and they really love and care about me, but they tend to forget about my own opinions."
"Have you ever told them it bothers you?" Sierra asked again.
"Not really. I don't want them to hate me," Sammy said sadly.
"I never had many friends, so I don't know how to help you there, but if you want to let them know something is wrong, just do it," Sierra shrugged. "I'm sure it can't hurt."
Confessional: Sammy
"Sierra may have a point. She's eccentric, but she definitely can be smart." Sammy admits. "My friends can drag me into activities I'm not interested in, although cheerleading is something I like to do."
Confessional Ends
The whining ring as the scene cut to a shot of one of the island's loudspeakers heralded a broadcast from Chris. "Iiiit's challenge time!" he began. "Campers~! Meet me on the other side of the island~!" he announced in an almost sing-song voice.
The footage immediately skipped ahead to the two teams already nearly assembled on two sets of low bleachers in a clearing lined with a handful of stage and spotlights. The five Rats were seated on the stands to the right of the camera, while DJ was just now filing in with his teammates on the left.
"Yo Katie," DJ greeted the girl. "Your hair is looking fantastic today.
"It's all thanks to this makeup kit," Katie showed her bag as DJ took his seat next to her. "It's really helpful for your looks."
The perspective inverted to reveal that the two teams had gathered before a large stage and runway, complete with a short catwalk and a large curtained-off backstage area. Chef was already waiting in the pink dress he'd worn to ceremonies back in season two, and Chris shortly joined him by way of descending from above with his jetpack. The host was wearing a sharp gray suit and fashionable glasses with tinted lens, but more noticeable were the changes to his hair – it was now pure white and long enough for him to sport a short ponytail.
Chef walked up as he landed and took the jetpack of his back, then walked away as Chris spread his arms and smiled. "Welcome to your challenge," he opened. "The Weird and Wild Fashion Spectacular!" He took a paper fan out of his breast pocket and waved it a bit as he spread his arms even wider.
"We're doing a fashion challenge? Awesome!" Molly cheered.
"Fashion? Now you're talkin'!" Anne Maria sprayed her hair about while complimenting Chris.
"You won't be walking the catwalk," Chris started to fan himself, "no-no-no-no. No amount of fashion can help you people."
"You don't say?" Dave mumbled to himself.
"Here's how it's gonna work," Chris continued. "Each team gets a wardrobe of clothes," the camera cut to a dresser, clothes rack, and several pieces of luggage on the side of the stage, "a make-up kit, and ten minutes to dress and make up a model." Chef held up an hourglass and glared mutely at the camera. "Which, you'll send down the runway," the shot zoomed in on the host's fan as he walked his fingers across it, "to be judged by myself, Chef, and today's Total Drama classic competitor, Lindsay!"
One of the suitcases on the side of the stage popped open, revealing the former contestant. "Yay! Don't you just love my new, special fashion boots?" Lindsay asked the campers, raising a leg to show off blue boots different from her regular brown ones.
"Wait, we get to dress an actual model!" Trent got excited.
"Uh-huh," Chris said, scraping some white powder off his shoulder with his fan. "Right after you catch one."
"Catch a model?" Geoff wondered. "Why would one even come to this island?"
"Did I say human models?" Chris corrected, fanning himself again as he walked across the stage. "Don't think so! No, your models are in there!" He thrust his finger off to the right, forcing Lindsay to duck under his arm. The camera quick-panned to the woods just as an earth-shattering roar shook the area.
"They're wild! They're mutated!" Chris told the campers, the camera moving behind his back. "And like me, they despise teenagers." The five Rats were shown looking shocked and concerned.
"Okay fashionistas," the host said in a campy accent, "go!" He blew his airhorn again, and the campers ran off.
The footage flashed ahead to a trail in the woods, Sierra and Geoff searching behind a rock and Sammy looking at a bush in the background while DJ walked by in the foreground. The camera panned to the right and stopped on Anne Maria and Scarlett, who were warily looking upwards.
Something croaked above them and the shot cut to a small frog, seemingly normal aside from an eye stalk on the top of its head, sitting on a branch. With a grunt of effort, Molly pounced on it from the right, and smiled when she opened her hands and saw she'd caught it. Unfortunately for her, the mutant frog produced an odd noise and flash of light, blinking out of sight but quickly reappearing on top of the confused young woman's head. With another noise and flash of light it disappeared, this time bringing Molly with it, and they blinked back into existence in mid-air a few yards away. Molly screamed as she started to fall, and the mutant frog teleported away to presumed safety before its failed assailant landed with a crash on the forest floor.
In another part of the forest, Trent was looking around absentmindedly while approaching what appeared to be a gigantic turtle shell, a short and spiky tail poking out of one end. The boy tapped the tail with his foot, but gasped when the tail suddenly wrapped around his leg and pulled him inside the shell. The beast inside growled and stood up, its stout legs and turtle head popping out of the shell's holes...along with Trent. With another growl, the mutant punched him away, and he landed in a heap with a pained groan.
The camera cut next to what appeared to be an ordinary beaver sitting perfectly still just at the edge of a bush. Dave rose, grinning from another bush in the background, then pounced upon it. His jubilation quickly faded into confusion as the unmoving beaver was somehow lifted up by its tail, taking Dave with it.
The shot cut outward to reveal the beaver has no more than a lure of a large bipedal anglerfish-like monster, which promptly roared. Katie, who was standing nearby, promptly ran away, and was soon followed by Dave and the angler mutant.
Another flash moved the focus to a close-up of a slice of pepperoni pizza, lying on the ground in the middle of a loop of rope that led off to the left. "Pizza? What's this doing here?" Scott said, the camera zooming out to show him looking down at it. He looked up and tilted his head, and the shot cut over to none other than Fang not quite hidden behind a tree, an axe in one hand and the anchored rope of his snare trap in the other.
Scott knew what was going to happen, but decided to have a little fun. "Too bad there's pepperoni on it, otherwise I'd totally eat that," he said loud enough for the shark to hear as he walked off.
Fang palmed his face and walked over to the slice and started picking the toppings off of it. Meanwhile, Scott used his shark tooth to cut the rope of the snare.
The effect was instant. Fang was hoisted up in the air by his wrist, and Scott came over to where the pizza was. "Oh perfect! No pepperoni!!" He picked up the pizza and ate it as he left, the shark growling at him as he was hung up.
The scene cut abruptly to a massive mutant brawl between a massive two-headed rabbit, two spiny woolly beavers, and a hairless squirrel zapping them with its eye-lasers from a nearby branch. The camera panned left as a giant hermit crab scuttled up and snapped its claws, with Trent, Sammy, and Geoff watching from behind a bush in the background with wide eyes.
"So which one do we use?" Geoff asked.
"Uh, maybe we should find something that can't eat us," Sammy replied.
A whine signaled the loudspeaker turning on once again, and soon enough Chris's announcement rang through the air. "Five minutes, people!"
"Hey, Rats!" Sierra quickly followed, directing her teammates' attention to their right. "Why don't we use that rat?" he asked, the shot cutting to a close-up of a small rat happily chewing on a leaf atop a fallen log. A large hairless rat jumped onto the log, quickly stuffed the rat into its mouth, then chittered and looked around.
"It'd be easy to catch and dress. It just needs a little more domestication," Trent proudly said.
"That's a good plan," Scott supported with a grin.
"Stand back," Geoff told everybody and went towards the rat's direction. "I have an idea for the fashion style."
"Don't give up yet! There's gotta be something on this island we can catch!" Molly told her teammates, the Maggots now hunkering down behind a bush.
"How about that critter?" DJ looked over the bush, and the shot cut to none other than Sasquatchanakwa walking into a cave, oblivious to the teens watching him.
"How are we gonna get him out of that cave?" Dave asked.
Scarlett smirked. "I've conducted a plan, but I need a bag for this," she told her teammates.
The Maggots were back on the stage watching Scarlett seated near Katie's makeup bag. She folded a few clothes together, squirted it with glue, and shook the bag together.
"This is what I call a "Detonating Duffel Bag," Scarlett talked about her creation. "It can and will dress any target within its sixty foot blast radius! With a mix of glue and clothes it'll be unremarkably simple to just launch the bag at the animal."
Confessional: Anne Maria
"I like her way of thinking," Anne Maria told the camera, "even if I don't understand what she's saying half the time."
Confessional Ends
Katie picked up her bag and looked at what was inside. "Puffy sweater vests? Plaid skirts? High knee socks? It seems you just put together an outfit that resembles yourself, Scarlett."
"Katie has a point," Dave told the brainiac. "You clearly made the outfit something you yourself would like instead of what everyone would like."
Scarlett was annoyed. "So what else should we use instead?"
"How about we compare our fashion styles and see what we'll all agree on," Katie suggested.
"That can work," DJ nodded. "To our cabins!"
The scene immediately flashed away to the Rats where their own rat has been dressed by Geoff.
"This rat looks ready to party and have fun!" Geoff described his choice as the rat was wearing a black collared shirt, a brown cap, a black chain necklace, and gray sneakers.
The rat expressed its dislike of the party style by ripping the clothes into shreds.
"Seems the rat isn't a big fan of the choice of fashion," Scott said.
A sudden ringing got the team's attention, and Chris announced "Three minutes remaining!" over an unseen loudspeaker.
"If you guys don't mind, I'll take a crack at it," Sammy offered.
The scene cut back to the Maggot cabin, where the team were inside the girls' side of the cabin.
"So these are what we normally wear," Katie said as she presented a row of clothes on the bunk bed. From left-to-right, it showed clothes belonging to Scarlett, Anne Maria, DJ, Dave, Molly, and Katie.
"That's correct," Anne Maria agreed, "but why are our clothes all lined up?"
"You know how some teams normally can't agree on anything, right?" Katie started her conversation.
"You're right about that," Molly said.
"So what if instead of arguing, we just combine our fashion styles into one big burrito?" Katie said extravagantly.
"A fashion mesh? That's a weird way to go, but I don't want to argue right now," Dave told them.
"If I had my sewing kit, I'd whip up a line of clothing suited to fit our animal, but since we're running out of time, let's just try to stuff all our clothes into the bag," Molly suggested.
"I'll add some dye colors inside just to make our colors clash," Katie said.
"I'll assist as well, but let's make sure to actually fold our clothes," Dave emphasized.
"Agreed," Scarlett said. "We want to make our outfit mash look as clean and fresh as possible."
"Now that we have a plan, let's get right to it," Molly encouraged the team.
Confessional: Dave
"I don't like to give away my clothes, but once I realized that I only have to give two pairs, I went along with the plan," Dave admitted.
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed back to the Rats, the camera positioned close to Sammy's face but focused on her four teammates behind her. The camera zoomed out as they watched her tighten a piece of cloth over their rat model.
"That should be about it," Sammy said. "Me and my friends tend to design clothes during our sleepovers."
"It's not bad, Sammy," Geoff started to say.
"I think you did a wonderful job," Trent critiqued.
Another ringing got their attention, and they looked up towards an unseen loudspeaker as Chris announced "One minute!"
"It's good enough," Scott declared. "Let's get back to Chris."
The scene flashed back to the Maggots hiding behind a rock near Sasquatchanakwa's cave.
"This DDD is ready for action," DJ held up the bag.
"What does it stand for exactly?" Anne Maria asked him.
"Detonating Duffel Bag," DJ made it more clear before tossing the bag over to Katie. "Go long!"
Katie ran towards the cave with the bag in hand as the scene cut to the inside. Sasquatchanakwa was sitting in a wooden armchair, drinking a can of soda and watching some jaunty-themed show on an old television set when Katie's bag landed in his lap. With a curious grunt he looked at the bag.
That's when the explosion happened, and when it did, the yeti let out a frightening roar, scaring the Maggots.
"That doesn't sound good!" Katie panicked.
Confessional: Katie
"I don't know if running away from Sasquatchanakwa is worse than hurting him," Katie said. "I'm not the fastest runner, but I'm not going to die."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to a spotlight as it turned on; then a couple stage lights turning on as well; then a mutant squirrel hopping up next to a book-reading bear which lowered its book to reveal its three eyes, both animals looking at something curiously; then the stage and catwalk, Chris front and center with Chef and Lindsay – the former in sort of rapper-ish outfit with a red tracksuit and hat, earphones, and gold chains – sitting at the judge's table.
"It's freaky forest fashion time!" the host announced. "Rat-istas," he turned and pointed his fan backstage, "show me somethin' fierce." The five Rats walked out on stage, Geoff, Trent, and Sierra on the left with Sammy and Scott on the right.
"Chef, drop that needle!" Chris commanded next, the shot cutting to a close-up of a record turntable as the needle was dropped onto the spinning disc and a trendy tune began to play. The camera zoomed out, and Chef gave the host and campers a thumbs-up.
"This small rodent is wearing a fresh, popstar fashion style like no one else's," Sierra began smoothly, motioning to the gap between her and Sammy as their model reluctantly scurried out on all fours but continued down the runway on its hind legs. It was wearing a pink wig and a purple dress with white stripes. The camera followed it as it walked along looking both nervous and awkward, Sierra continuing her piece all the while. "Her pink hair matches well with her diva attitude and her dress screams fame." She finished with a grimace.
"A bit typical and overly glamorous," Chris said as the rat reached the end of the catwalk. "I give it an 8.5," the host announced as he held up a placard with his score.
The Rats shouted cheers of victory.
Chef held up an 8.0.
Lindsay held up a 1.8 to the uproar of the Rats. She realized her mistake and flipped her placard upside down, showing an 8.1. "Oops."
"Okay," Chris said tersely, looking back towards the catwalk. "Show me what you've got, Maggots!" he called out, the trendy music resuming as the shot cut back to the stage, showing it utterly empty. The camera zoomed in and the music kept playing, but for several more seconds there was still no movement backstage. "...Maggots?" Chris called out again and finally Katie ran out screaming at the top of her lungs.
"As you can see, the yeti is wearing a mix of several different styles based upon us," Katie said as her team quickly ran out to join her.
All six looked towards the backstage curtain, and the furious sasquatch growled and chased after them. His outfit consisted of several different styles – white sneakers resembling Katie's, long white socks resembling Scarlett's, pants resembling Anne Maria's, a blue and yellow collared shirt resembling Dave's, glasses resembling Molly's, and a hat resembling DJ's.
"The outfit consists of a variety of garments applied forcefully to random parts of his body," Katie said, cringing in terror as her team's model quickly tossed Scarlett, Dave, and Molly away again while DJ and Anne Maria quickly got off the stage. The ape-man grabbed her after she finished.
The music stopped, and Sasquatchanakwa finally noticed the three judges just as the first one spoke up. "That thing is huge," Lindsay gasped at the sight of the model before her, "but the outfit had too many themes. Maybe stick to just one next time."
"I agree with Lindsay," Chris admitted, fanning himself again. "It hardly complements the Yeti's husky physique."
Confessional: Katie
"Going with Scarlett's first idea for the yeti would have been boring," Katie groaned in disappointment, "but at least the yeti probably wouldn't have gotten as mad right now."
Confessional Ends
Still holding Katie, Sasquatchanakwa saw what he was wearing. Angry at the 6-way outfit put on him, he threw Katie away, took off the hat and glasses, kicked off the shoes and socks, and ripped off the pants and shirt.
"Chris is right. The team are too different-" Lindsay tried to say, but was cut off when the yeti suddenly reached forward and grabbed her by the head, yanking her out of her seat. The shot zoomed out as an engine whirred to life, revealing that Sasquatchanakwa had also commandeered Chris's jetpack. With the captive dumb princess in his arms, he took off into the air.
"Hey, he took my jetpack!" Chris quickly protested. The shot cut back to the ape-man and dumb blonde as Lindsay screamed, and Saquatchanakwa flew off to the foggy and ominous crags of Boney Island.
"Uh-huh...," Chris said blankly, still fanning himself. "Will Lindsay survive?" he asked the camera, lifting up his shades. "And am I legally liable if she doesn't? Find out, after the break."
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.07 05:28 tiffisffit Hair won’t hold color anymore

Please please someone help I don’t know what to do . I had light blonde hair for about 9 months and recently wanted to slowly go back to my natural hair color so I decided I’d start with a dark blonde. That didn’t end up well it turned greenish and the people at Sally’s recommended I dye it a different dark blonde with warmer undertones and still green . So I decided I didn’t want to deal with it so medium brown is what I tried for . I used a hair color remover and then dyed it and the top of my hair turned very dark brown the rest barely took any color. So I did research on my own thought maybe my hair was too damaged and put in a Neutral protein filler and a medium natural brown color and well it helped it still is light with very dark roots and slight green spots . Did I just not put enough protein filler in ? I did 1-2 ounces of it but I didn’t like drench my hair like I would a hair dye but it was pretty much covered completely. I just want a normal solid color any advice? :(
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2023.06.07 05:21 Bit_by_bit1 Drabble part 1

I’ve wondered what this story would be. Would there be romance or adventure or horror? Some complicated intricate plot woven together so perfectly it almost makes you pause, expect you’re so excited to see the resolution you can’t. Unfortunately for me, and well for you as well, I’ve never been much of a writer. Never been good at stories with a beginning middle and end, even the ones I make up in my head seem to ramble and twist and turn. Even this paragraph seems a little pointless.
What I’m trying to say is I don’t know what this story will be. I don’t even know if anyone will read it. I just know that I want to write it down, whatever it is. I want to unload this feeling onto some pages, and maybe if the feelings turn good onto a reader as well. I cant promise the second though, and with the way things have been recently I am not optimistic. But I can promise truth, and pain, and a lot of growth. Whats to come is real life after all, hidden under some deceptive fiction.
I don’t know your story, but maybe if you made it this far you want to know mine?

The bottle scraped across the chipping acrylic of the bar as I set it down. Stella. Just like an old friend of mine used to drink, that was before of course. Before I made a selfish choice that pulled me away. Another new town, another new beginning. I’m really good at those. I’ve had more than my share.
This towns larger than the last, has three restaurants (two of which belong to chains of course but ill take it) and a grocer all in “downtown”. I’ve seen most of it on my drive here from the airport. I’m here for work, and if were being honest I’m here because I messed up. And I’m running from it. Runnings not new either.
The edge of the beer label is fraying in the corner, and my fingers itch to pick at it. Someone once told me that meant you need to get laid. That same person tried to get into my pants 3 hours later, impressed he waited that long. He didn’t succeed, for all those nosy humans out there.
“Staring at that beer is just gonna heat it up more” the voice from across the bar sings at me, “and no one likes a warm beer.” It belongs to a woman in her mid-30s maybe with ashy blonde hair that’s in need of a wash. On her neck is a big snake tattoo, reaching up to bite behind her ear.
“I like your tattoo” I comment absently. I don’t. I think its tacky and the lines are messy, but I say it anyway. I say it because she wants to hear it, and cause I’m aching for a connection.
“Thanks, you don’t seem like the tattoo type” She replies. This comment used to catch me off guard, as always when someone would call me on my bullshit people pleasing. But I’ve spent enough years being whatever I need that I no longer break a sweat.
“Like tattoos well enough, just never was good at the whole commitment thing” there, a half truth. One that doesn’t offend, one that pulls it back to me. When in doubt, blame yourself. Is that how the saying goes? No, well that’s how it goes in my head.
“Well can I get you to commit to another stella?”
“Nah, but can commit to the check if you have a moment.”
“Guess that warm beer isn’t doing it for ya. Its 6 even.”
I hand her a 10, with a “keep the change” as she grabs it. “I’m headed to 462 Brooke Ave, do you know the way?”
“Old Wangers place? Someone finally bought that?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.
“I didn’t realize it had been vacant for so long? My agent said the last family just left” I replied, grabbing my jacket from the back of the chair.
“That was decades ago, rumor is Dr. Wanger left after his youngest started talking to the walls. When she the dog died three days after she said it would that was enough for him.” The bartender dropped this casually, while mixing a drink for the figure at the end of the bar.
“Wait are you saying its haunted?” I’ve never been good with scary, life is scary enough without adding paranormal to the equation.
She looks up then, face stoic. She’s really about to tell me I bought a haunted house. Suddenly that second beer sounds really good. “Gotcha” she grins, lips pulling up into a grin. “Welcome newby”
“Charlie.” I reply automatically, even though she didn’t ask. Then add “Just to confirm its not haunted right?”
“Not that I know of, but I guess you’re going to find out tonight.” She walks the mixed drink down to the stranger at the other end of the bar.
As I walk to my car it hits me, my agent said this house belonged to an old married couple that left for Florida’s warmer weather. Old Wanger house my ass. I chuckle as I slide into my seat, only to realize I never did get directions.
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2023.06.07 04:43 Loathe_entirely1 My “friend”copies everything I do and I don’t like it

I have a friend I met at work we instantly became friends. A couple months in I started noticing she started doing everything I was doing if I applied for a job position she applied for it too, if I dressed up for work one day the very next day she would come dressed up the way I did the day before. I love Red Bull I used to drink one every morning, guess who else needed to drink a Red Bull every morning after that. Anyways I quit that job and we stayed talking after. Fast forward till now. Ive always loved going on walks and bike rides on trails around my city since I was in high school, guess who buys a bike and starts going on bike rides and walks around the city posting every times she goes. There’s more like she bought the same exact car as me. Dyed her hair blonde after I did. I introduced her to all of my outside friends and i don’t know how to cut her off now.. Also I know I don’t own any of these things but it just annoys me. I don’t want any weird secret competition or imitation around me. What should I do?
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2023.06.07 04:41 temmiewithaphd just dyed my hair!!!!! so happy!!! [16, dms open :)]

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2023.06.07 04:34 Desperate_Tennis_810 [ToTK] Link and Zelda's house

This also touches on why some people in hyrule don't seem to know Link, even if you spoke to them in Botw, but I've seen some questions on the topic of whether or not Zelda and Link have been living together, seeing as Link's house from botw is owned by Zelda in Totk.
based on the fact that the Champion's photo hangs in the house if you hung it there in Botw, the house quest is considered canon to totk, alongside the Tarrey town quest, as Hudson and Rhondson know who Link is in Totk.
it's been pointed out that the people of Hateno village don't seem to recognize Link, alongside many other people in Hyrule who Link would have spoken to in Botw. However I don't think this is an oversight on the dev's part.
Mainly because, Link as an individual wasn't really an important person as far as botw's setting was concerned. Link didn't really introduce himself to people when he spoke to them. from the perspective of the average citizen of hyrule, Link was just a random traveler who did odd jobs for them six years ago. rarely if ever did his name come up in conversation. Hudson remembers who Link is, because Link set up his wedding, but Bolson doesn't seem to, because Link was just one of dozens of clients he's built houses for. And six years feels like the appropriate estimate for passage of time, not just because it lines up with the real world gap between the games, but also the age of Hudson's daughter Mattison, who looks to be around six years old.
It's not really surprising that most people don't remember him. Most people probably never saw Dark beast Ganon, or would have understood what the divine beasts were actually doing when they fired on Calamity ganon. And very few people probably saw Link fighting it in Hyrule field. also keep in mind, while the sheikah camera exists, it still isn't mass produced, readily available technology, so given the medieval nature of Hyrulian society, most people who have heard of the Knight who seals the darkness have probably never seen him in person or know what he looks like. All the Yiga clan know about Link is that he's a blond knight traveling around Hyrule. Most of them try to check to make sure before they attack. the people who do know who link is in Totk, are mostly just the important people who would have had a vested interest in Link's identity, like the main characters, the Knights at Look out landing, the Sheikah, the Zora and some of the various citizens of Hyrule like Traysi, Hudson, Buliara, Bludo etc. Hestu and the Koroks seem to have forgotten him, but they seem to have bad object and people permanence by their very nature as koroks. I doubt Hestu has any sense of time or people, seeing as he's basically a spirit himself, and probably forgets every one he meets after enough time's past, especially considering the vast minority of people, if anyone at all besides Link can see him.
Now back to the main topic, considering that the people of Hateno call the house "Zelda's house" and the sign that denoted as Link's house is gone, It seems that Link gave Zelda the house for her own, as a permanent residence seeing as it was a convenient location he already owned, and Hyrule castle still wasn't fully hospitable, nor a place she'd want to live in.
As for whether or not they live together, I'd say yes, but not all the time. Seeing as the school children who often play in Zelda's house don't really know Link, I'd say he's not really there during the day time. I think Link has a "Sonic the hedgehog-esque" living arrangement. In Sonic games, Sonic technically lives with Tails most of the time, but also spends a lot of time on solo adventures, and doesn't really live in one specific spot for extended periods of time. I'd say Link's probably the same. he usually spends the night at the house, sleeping on the floor with his sword at the ready, but spends most of his days out monster hunting, training or keeping guard from afar. Link's job as Zelda's bodyguard does require him to blend in the background, so he's probably not noticed by the people of Hateno very often.
Considering botw's ending shows Link and Zelda setting off to check on the divine beasts, and that the people at Look out Landing had been looking for Link and Zelda, it seems Link had been escourting Zelda around Hyrule following the calamity's aftermath, but just as her bodyguard, and probably rarely if ever spoke to any one aside from her, and they probably had Captain Hoz and some other volunteer knights as an entourage. Look out Landing had probably been set up for a good while before Link and Zelda actually embarked underneath the castle, maybe even a few years.
Considering that Zelda had his hair band and refurbished tunic hidden away and talks about how she's hidden the tunic in the castle, with the expectation that he'll go there and solve the puzzle she's set for him, it seems that they are in close proximity most of the time, but that Link does go out on his own frequently enough that Zelda could set up the puzzle without his knowing, and that Link could be expected to go the castle by himself at some point and find the puzzle. And considering the fact that she'd go out of her way to set up the puzzle at all, it seems they have a close enough relationship that she'd take pleasure in setting up surprises and things for him.
Considering there's only one bed and one pillow, I doubt they share the bed, but I'd say Link would insist on sleeping on the floor with a sword at the ready anyway, because he's that committed to his job. Link's characterization in botw and totk is that he's a soldier first and foremost, so I's say he's maintained most of his knight instincts and practices even though they've more or less ceased to be relevant.
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2023.06.07 04:24 BITTYBEDROCK Bella Part:1 [M4A][Crime scene][Good friends][Suicide][Demons][Yandere][Weird death][Mystery]

After a few altercations with a problematic Girlfriend (Bella) your close friend, Jake, needed to spend some time with friends so he called up You up (as your off duty at the time) and a few others just to hang-out and have fun, but just two days later it turns out that Jake’s Ex had a killing streak. A few days later as you get called in to work on a new case the person you see on the floor caught you off guard, as you look at the scene in front of you another friend of yours, Kyle, comes up to talk to you…
Kyle: Hey, you doin’ ok?

Kyle: That's good to hear.

Kyle: I’m doin’ fine thanks

Kyle: Yeah “What a scene!” is right! Creepy basement, Weird thing written in blood on the wall, just blood spatters everywhere, a pentagram made completely drawn out on the floor with a picture frame, car keys, a book, some random kitchen knife (looks like it’s been used quite frequently though), and a big lop of hair all placed on one of the five points on the pentagram. As if that weren't enough Jake's Ex lying dead on the floor with a knife sticking out of her chest with a shit ton of ash discoloring her clothes. Weird ass scene if you ask me.

Kyle: Yeah how DO we tell Jake about this?

Kyle: The keys? Yeah these are car keys I just said that are you even paying atte-

Kyle: Wait…your right these are the keys to Jake’s car, that uhhh… Bel-Air! right?

Kyle: Yeah. Just wait till we tell him this *sigh* he won’t take this well at all.

Kyle: Both his car keys being stolen and having to be taken in a evidence and his Ex committing suicide, he still loved her after all even with all the shit she put him through.

Kyle: I think you should tell him, after all you’ve known him the longest it might make him feel better if his childhood friend told him instead dontcha’ think?
Random officer: Ok everyone! Forensics are here and everyone else can leave, except you Kyle. We need your detective skills for this one!
Kyle: Welp you heard her, I’ll talk to you later buddy, but you better get on home take your mind off all…this and rest for the night, I’ll inform you of everything in the morning, sound good?

Kyle: Great now you best get on talk to you later

*Police chatter and sirens in the background*
*footsteps followed by a car door opening and closing as the listener gets in*
*Sounds of a car starting up and driving off as listener leaves*
*listener parks car and gets out opens the door to his house and walks in*
*Telephone rings and listener picks it up after a few rings*

Kyle: Hey! I know it’s a little soon, but we found a few major things that are pretty concerning one of those things being a Book of demonology, soul fusion, and transmutation/ possession along with finding a picture of all of us in that picture frame with everyone else's eyes “X” out with a sloppoly drawn heart on Jake and Bella’s head I think we all know what that means at least, but what I can figure out is what the books are for, I mean demonology that stuffs all made up isn’t it? Well anyway I’ll get back to you in the morning. I know you must be tired and You still gotta be the one to break this news to Jake and all that so I say sleep on it and do all that shit tomorrow. Have a good night buddy.
*Listener puts phone back on stand, gets underneath the covers, and falls asleep*
The end of part:1
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