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2023.06.02 12:54 FixAccomplished5745 Some questions about the X1 max riot

Hey guys, i ordered an x1 max riot yesterday and i have some general questions about the board.
First of all, should i actively try and avoid speedbumps to not damage the motors, or does it clear most of them without issue? i will still be cautious of course.
is the advertised range achievable at around 25km/h? i'm 71kg atm and i live in the netherlands, so hills are non existant. all the reviews and range tests i've seen were with aggressive riding at like 30km/h+, but i mainly plan on using it for commuting, so i'll try and ride as smooth as possible.
do you guys feel the trade off in range is worth the added comfort of bigger wheels? i want as much range as possible, but i also don't want to rattle off the board everytime the road gets a bit rough. i ordered the standard version btw, so i got the small urethane wheels.
Any advise helps
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2023.06.02 12:53 smicolon Best custom web development company in UK 2023

Here are some top custom web development companies in the UK based on their reputation, portfolio, and client reviews:
  1. 3 SIDED CUBE - A multi-award-winning digital agency that specializes in custom web development, mobile app development, and digital strategy. They have worked with clients such as the Red Cross, Lush, and Boots.
  2. Cyber-Duck - A full-service digital agency that offers custom web development, UX design, and digital marketing services. They have worked with clients such as the Bank of England, Cancer Research UK, and Thomas Cook.
  3. Intelivita - A custom web development company that specializes in web design, mobile app development, and software development. They have worked with clients such as NHS, Deloitte, and Channel 4.
  4. Dotsquares - A global technology and custom web development company that offers a range of services including web design, mobile app development, and e-commerce solutions. They have worked with clients such as Nestle, Warner Bros, and Coca-Cola.
  5. Red C - A custom web development agency that specializes in web design, mobile app development, and digital strategy. They have worked with clients such as Tesco, William Hill, and Virgin Trains.
It's important to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as experience, expertise, and client feedback before selecting a custom web development company to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs and goals.
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2023.06.02 12:53 OnlineBookClub Book of the Day, June 2nd — Unsound by Ash Finley

Book of the Day, June 2nd — Unsound by Ash Finley

Book of the Day, June 2nd — Romance, Rated 5/5
Temporarily FREE! Get your copy below:
Unsound by Ash Finley
This book has earned a PERFECT 5-star rating from an official Reviewer and on Amazon!
Unsound follows a tight-knit group of troubled teenagers living at a boarding school for at-risk youths in a remote forest in Washington State. These kids have had childhood ripped away from them, but they're on the journey to take their lives back.
"This was a fantastic read! First, I loved the story's premise—a bunch of troubled teens having to live and work together in fairly close quarters, promised drama and action." ~ OBC reviewer
#romancebooks #comingofage #freebooks
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2023.06.02 12:52 HootyHootMcOwlface I'm writing my BA thesis on diversitymanagement and the handbook for diversitymanagement says ADHD directly correlates with psychopathy and low work quality. I. AM. FUMING.

In the handbook the authors quote a study that says:
"Research on life history strategies suggests individuals with indicators of a fast life history strategy report more Dark Triad related traits, including antisocial and opportunistic personality traits, manifested as both Machiavellianism and psychopathy. Such a point has been echoed in work on the Dark Triad proper.
Life History Theory also predicts that cognitive systems will co-occur with life strategies. In particular, a fast life strategy should not only be manifested in personality traits, but also in lower order traits like self-control. Limited self-control is likely characteristic of those with a fast life strategy because these traits will not interfere and may actually facilitate a shorter-term and opportunistic perspective whereas, these tactics are more likely to interfere with the longer-term and delayed-gratification projects pursued by slower life history strategists. We define self-control as the ability to inhibit impulsive responses that undoes one’s commitment and measure it with self-control, consideration of future consequences, and attention deficit disorder symptoms."
Now, in the handbook the authors claim:
"The Dark Triad include Psychopathy, Machiavellism and Narcicissm. The Dark Triads traits include characteristics und behaviours like articifial view of the self, manipulation of people for self-serving purposes and a lack of empathy and pangs on conscience. The three hallmarks of the Dark Triad correlate with mobbing. Psychopathy and marchiavellism correlate with a lack of self-control, a lack of future events due to own behaviour and ADHD. Psychopathy and Machiavellism correlate with low work quality."
I don't know whether I'm reading this wrong, but to claim that there is no difference between the study, that spoke of ADHD symptoms, and the authors claiming it is ADHD solely, is so wild to me.
To me, it implies people who show symptoms of ADHD or having ADHD are at risk of developing a anti-social personality disorder, or are more likely to have it, since they say those two correlate.
What they actually don't mention though, which is written in the study, is that:
"Specifically, we expect the Dark Triad to be positively correlated with attention deficit symptoms and negatively correlated with self-control and a tendency to consider future consequences."
Why ? Because they simply define (!):
"We define self-control as the ability to inhibit impulsive responses that undoes one’s commitment and measure it with self-control, consideration of future consequences, and attention deficit disorder symptoms."
There is a correlation because they just say there is.
Furthermore the study says: "The Dark Triad will be positively correlated with limited self-control. Specifically, we expect the Dark Triad to be positively correlated with attention deficit symptoms and negatively correlated with self-control and a tendency to consider future consequences. "
OFC ADHD symptoms fall into that category, but that doesn't make people with ADHD more prone to being psychopathic, narcissistic or machiavellistic bumholes. It just means there is an overlap in behaviour, but it does not mean it correlates.
Furthermore: The testing they did was done with incarcerated males, who ofc show more signs of psychopathy, SINCE THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW ALREADY. THATS WHY THEY ARE IN PRISON. Plus, it only involved males, so we as women were completely cropped out of the picture.
I am so fucking pissed.
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2023.06.02 12:52 lreverchuk Pleased to Share a Recent Client Testimonial for Echo's Contribution to Homeflow's

Just wanted to take a moment to share some positive feedback on Clutch we received from a client recently.
We worked with Homeflow, an esteemed business in the UK known for building top-tier estate agency websites and developing software aimed at enhancing online performance for estate agents. As a company, we've always aimed to create value for our clients, and this case was no exception.
Our team at Echo had the opportunity to recruit several proficient web developers to fortify Homeflow's delivery mechanism. The experience has been nothing short of amazing!
It's always a rewarding feeling to see our efforts contribute to the success of our clients. As we continue on our journey, we are eagerly looking forward to helping more clients achieve their business goals.
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2023.06.02 12:51 Remdolf92 The Dragon Quest games just make me feel positive emotions.

Recently I've been on a Dragon Quest binge and before I get into more detail on that a little bit of background info about me
I've been actively gaming since 96' and very rarely would I be playing anything that wasn't classified as a JRPG. My childhood years consistent of me playing Final Fantasy games day in day out and talking non stop about Dragon Ball Z. I think I have played a little over 200 JRPG's throughout the years (The FF, Tales and Atelier series combined almost make up more than half of them) but never actually gave the Dragon Quest games other than VIII a chance. And boy, I fell in love with it! It was just perfect, from the world to the gameplay, from the characters to the story; I just loved it. Since I was already such a big Akira Toriyama fanboy it added more to the experience.
However after that I wanted to try out the previous games as well but for some reason they appeared as if they were non existent. No retail store in my area, no friend or no one else who was into JRPG's that I knew of had ever played or seen any Dragon Quest game other than VIII. I guess it was the FFVII of the DQ franchise at the time, huh? Mind you, this all happened back when DQVIII first came out. I don't even remember who got me the game. All I remember is that it was a birthday gift.
Then as years went on I kind of totally forgot about it and stopped reading up on info about the series or following any news regarding them. Not until the release of DQXI at least.
Around the time DQXI released I watched some trailers, gameplay footage and read some reviews. Everything about it sounded perfect, minus the OST. I don't know why I made such a big deal of it or why it even stopped me from giving the game a chance but the occasional review talking about how bad the soundtrack was just took away from anything positive I've heard about the game. So I didn't bother buying it. What makes my decision so weird and out of place is: that I have played a handful of JRPG's that average on the low 50's on metacritic and still had fun with all of them. Thinking back I seriously don't understand the decision making of my past self. Sure, music is a very big deal for me but definitely not a deal breaker when everything else is seemingly perfect.
Fast forward to the year 2023 and me coming across Dragon Quest Builders 2 while browsing through PS+ extra looking for something chill to play. I adored everything about the game and after getting the Platinum trophy for it, I went back and also did the same with the first DQ Builders. All this was followed by me then playing through both Dragon Quest Heroes games that were available on the platform and they were okay at best but the characters, monsters and world building was just amazing. Also seeing characters from DQVIII make an appearance in them just brought back so many good memories of my teenage years.
Now with 5 games from the franchise placed on my belt of completion I finally gave in and tried DQXI S. Spin Off's were all fun and that but I wouldn't be able to make an opinion of the series without actually playing another mainline entry I thought.
I'll say it, I just hate myself, haha. Everything and I mean it, everything in the game was good. That's what made me so much more frustrated of my prejudice back when the game released.
Now I have placed an order for 2 of the games for the Nintendo DS (IX and V specifically as they came up first and I managed to find a good deal) and I'm looking forward for them to arrive. Meanwhile I'm playing through DQVIII again and loving it all over again.
This franchise consists of nothing but games that make you feel good I think. I found myself smiling all the way through playing the few that I did play and I can't wait to get more of it.
I feel ashamed to call myself a JRPG enthusiast while it took me this long to dive into the juggernaut that is the Dragon Quest franchise. And also now I get why I got so many surprised reactions from people online when I told them that I was a massive JRPG fan but hadn't played any other DQ game but VIII.
If the rest of the series is even remotely as good as VIII and XI were, then it'll probably end up becoming one of my favorites in the genre. I just wanted to talk about the games and how good they made me feel.
Thanks for attending my TED talk.
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2023.06.02 12:51 CodexHax I'm able to find Questionmaster's configurations using devtools.

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2023.06.02 12:49 JoshAsdvgi The Great Serpent and the Flood

The Great Serpent and the Flood

The Great Serpent and the Flood

From Maine and Nova Scotia to the Rocky Mountains, Indians told stories about the Great Serpent.

More than a century ago the serpent was considered to be "a genuine spirit of evil."
Some version of the story of the Great Flood of long ago, as recounted here, is told around the world.
Nanabozho (Nuna-bozo, accented on bozo) was the hero of many stories told by the Chippewa Indians.
At one time they lived on the shores of Lake Superior, in what are now the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin and the province of Ontario.
One day when Nanabozho returned to his lodge after a long journey, he missed his young cousin who lived with him.
He called the cousin's name but heard no answer.
Looking around on the sand for tracks, Nanabozho was startled by the trail of the Great Serpent.
He then knew that his cousin had been seized by his enemy.
Nanabozho picked up his bow and arrows and followed the track of the serpent.
He passed the great river, climbed mountains, and crossed over valleys until he came to the shores of a deep and gloomy lake.
It is now called Manitou Lake, Spirit Lake, and also the Lake of Devils.
The trail of the Great Serpent led to the edge of the water.
Nanabozho could see, at the bottom of the lake, the house of the Great Serpent.
It was filled with evil spirits, who were his servants and his companions.
Their forms were monstrous and terrible. Most of them, like their master, resembled spirits. In the centre of this horrible group was the Great Serpent himself, coiling his terrifying length around the cousin of Nanabozho.
The head of the Serpent was red as blood. His fierce eyes glowed like fire.
His entire body was armed with hard and glistening scales of every color and shade.
Looking down on these twisting spirits of evil, Nanabozho made up his mind that he would get revenge on them for the death of his cousin.
He said to the clouds, "Disappear!"
And the clouds went out of sight.
"Winds, be still at once!" And the winds became still.
When the air over the lake of evil spirits had become stagnant, Nanabozho said to the sun, "Shine over the lake with all the fierceness you can.
Make the water boil."
In these ways, thought Nanabozho, he would force the Great Serpent to seek the cool shade of the trees growing on the shores of the lake.
There he would seize the enemy and get revenge.
After giving his orders, Nanabozho took his bow and arrows and placed himself near the spot where he thought the serpents would come to enjoy the shade.
Then he changed himself into the broken stump of a withered tree.
The winds became still, the air stagnant, and the sun shot hot rays from a cloudless sky.
In time, the water of the lake became troubled, and bubbles rose to the surface.
The rays of the sun had penetrated to the home of the serpents.
As the water bubbled and foamed, a serpent lifted his head above the centre of the lake and gazed around the shores.
Soon another serpent came to the surface.
Both listened for the footsteps of Nanabozho, but they heard him nowhere.
"Nanabozho is sleeping," they said to one another.
And then they plunged beneath the waters, which seemed to hiss as they closed over the evil spirits.
Not long after, the lake became more troubled.
Its water boiled from its very depths, and the hot waves dashed wildly against the rocks on its banks.
Soon the Great Serpent came slowly to the surface of the water and moved toward the shore.
His blood-red crest glowed.
The reflection from his scales was blinding--as blinding as the glitter of a sleet-covered forest beneath the winter sun.
He was followed by all the evil spirits.
So great was their number that they soon covered the shores of the lake.
When they saw the broken stump of the withered tree, they suspected that it might be one of the disguises of Nanabozho.
They knew his cunning.
One of the serpents approached the stump, wound his tail around it, and tried to drag it down into the lake.
Nanabozho could hardly keep from crying aloud, for the tail of the monster prickled his sides.
But he stood firm and was silent.
The evil spirits moved on.
The Great Serpent glided into the forest and wound his many coils around the trees.
His companions also found shade--all but one.
One remained near the shore to listen for the footsteps of Nanabozho.
From the stump, Nanabozho watched until all the serpents were asleep and the guard was intently looking in another direction.
Then he silently drew an arrow from his quiver, placed it in his bow, and aimed it at the heart of the Great Serpent.
It reached its mark.
With a howl that shook the mountains and startled the wild beasts in their caves, the monster awoke.
Followed by its terrified companions, which also were howling with rage and terror, the Great Serpent plunged into the water.
At the bottom of the lake there still lay the body of Nanabozho's cousin. In their fury the serpents tore it into a thousand pieces. His shredded lungs rose to the surface and covered the lake with whiteness.
The Great Serpent soon knew that he would die from his wound, but he and his companions were determined to destroy Nanabozho.
They caused the water of the lake to swell upward and to pound against the shore with the sound of many thunders.
Madly the flood rolled over the land, over the tracks of Nanabozho, carrying with it rocks and trees.
High on the crest of the highest wave floated the wounded Great Serpent.
His eyes glared around him, and his hot breath mingled with the hot breath of his many companions.
Nanabozho, fleeing before the angry waters, thought of his Indian children.
He ran through their villages, shouting, "Run to the mountaintops!
The Great Serpent is angry and is flooding the earth! Run! Run!"
The Indians caught up their children and found safety on the mountains.
Nanabozho continued his flight along the base of the western hills and then up a high mountain beyond Lake Superior, far to the north.
There he found many men and animals that had escaped from the flood that was already covering the valleys and plains and even the highest hills.
Still the waters continued to rise.
Soon all the mountains were under the flood, except the high one on which stood Nanabozho.
There he gathered together timber and made a raft.
Upon it the men and women and animals with him placed themselves.
Almost immediately the mountaintop disappeared from their view, and they floated along on the face of the waters.
For many days they floated. At long last, the flood began to subside.
Soon the people on the raft saw the trees on the tops of the mountains.
Then they saw the mountains and hills, then the plains and the valleys.
When the water disappeared from the land, the people who survived learned that the Great Serpent was dead and that his companions had returned to the bottom of the lake of spirits. There they remain to this day.
For fear of Nanabozho, they have never dared to come forth again.
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2023.06.02 12:49 Upstairs_Fortune6488 Am I wrong with my behavior towards female coworkers?

I come to my work to get paid. I don't come to chit-chat and gossip. I work as a CNC machine operater. Most of girls, women, I work with are just gossiping, talking about stupid stuff, and they basically dislike me because I don't come over to them to talk to them. I focus on my work and then I go home. I have good relationship with male coworkers, but mostly because we have mutual topics to talk about and I am good at what I do.
Some women are cheating on their husbands.. some girl cheat on their boyfriends. They gossip a lot. I simply don't want to talk about these things. Also, some women, married, are used to attention, which I don't give them. So they kinda dislike me. I say hello and I am on my way.
I don't think I am superior to them. Only thing I am "better" than my coworkers is that I am more educated than them. But that doesn't mean I am a better human. They are better than me at other things and I can learn from them too. I have also questioned myself if I was demeaning towards female coworkers and I concluded that I am not based on couple of things: I am shy with women, because I feel I am not good enough. I don't feel they are not good enough. Second, I am the only one who actually considers them being put down by company I work in. They are not allowed same chances as male workers have. Are not allowed to operate on machines, even that these are not heavy machines, but basically programmed machines and there is no hard, physical work that women can't handle. They are paid less than male coworkers because of scarcity of chances to learn on CNC machines. When bosses come to talk to us operaters, they don't address female coworkers as "operaters, workers" but by generic term "women", which I find belittling in working environment and I find it as a gender inequality. One day boss asked me "can a woman work here?" I said yes, if she has good nerves, as anybody else. I also try to teach them how machine program is working and how to change and measure cutting tools and how to input that measurment into machine. In that sense I am not devaluing anybody. I think I am the only guy teaching them these things even if I am not allowed to do it (we recently had order word for word "dont let women near tools" by our production manager whom I find to be a bit retarded). Female coworkers don't communicate with me either a lot, because I am not a talkative person anyway, except with people I am close with. I open up rarely to people.
But I do have trouble in communication with them. Not with all female coworkers, but with some of them. I don't like some gossiping etc. Also, I did notice that some married women like attention and I simply don't have time for that. I go to work and I am thinking about last exam I have to study for when I come home. They do not like me that much I guess. But they still check me out from time to time, which is funny.
Am I wrong with how I behave in work? I also have to add that I do have a bit of social anxiety and that I have always been a shy person.
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2023.06.02 12:48 PsychologicalPilot55 Unpopular opinion Max Bowden overrated by fans

I know this is an EastEnders fan forum but I think I am the only person not impressed with Max Bowden acting. In fact, I think Max Bowden overacts. I think Bowden does a poor job in the same sex romantic scenes with costar Tony Clay. I see two young straight men uncomfortable kissing another man. The kisses are terrible they look so uncomfortable doing it. This is bad acting. An actor is supposed to make audience believe their characters are gay. I don't see this with Max Bowden or Tony Clay. The kissing is terrible the actors lips are tightly closed. I can tell they are straight actors playing gay men. By contrast Harry Reid who is also straight in real life his Ben Mitchell character I believe is a gay man. Harry kissed other men passionate with lips wide open. Kate Oates it appears trying to make Max Bowden the next Danny Miller. In fact, I think Harry Reid Ben Mitchell performance much better. Harry's Ben was more human, more empathetic, and I had sympathy. Check Harry Reid performance when his first boyfriend Paul dies just incredible acting . One thing I respect about Harry Reid is how professional he was on and off camera. I am not going to get into details because people can use Google read the articles online themselves. Max Bowden behaviour on EastEnders set not professional at times he definitely gets preferential treatment on the show. Max Bowden put in the spotlight because the producers at BBC think he can win show a big award. However, this is another summer Ben Mitchell character get spotlight. It just seems unfair to the young male actors in Bowden age group. Harry Reid never got the respect from the British media and fans. Harry Reid is a gentleman on and off the camera. Harry also a good actor and much believable playing a gay character than Max Bowden.
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2023.06.02 12:48 Legitimate_Dirt_6559 perma ban

Hello anybody know what is mean. one year i got banned for toxicty. i want to play paladins again
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2023.06.02 12:47 ProfitRemarkable7529 I NEED A HACKER TO HACK A PHONE AND DELETE A VIDEO ON THE PHONE.

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2023.06.02 12:47 True_Plantain_7101 Now that the congressional review act passed 52/46 it puts my mind in limbo again although It’s going to be vetoed. All this back and forth. People forgiven have started moving on with life, now this.🙄

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2023.06.02 12:47 weluvmusic Top 100 Tech House June 2023 FLAC

Artist: VA Title: Beatport Top 100 Tech House June 2023 Genre: Tech House Release Date: 2023-06-01 Quality: FLAC
Tracklist: 1. ESSEL – Sweat (Extended Mix) (5:04) 2. Vintage Culture – Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix) (4:04) 3. Aluna, Chris Lake – Beggin’ (Extended Mix) (5:28) 4. Biscits – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) (5:04) 5. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Extended) (5:30) 6. Westend, Noizu, No/Me – Push To Start (feat. No/Me) (Original Mix) (5:31) 7. Joshwa – Magalenha (Extended Mix) (6:30) 8. Kevin McKay – Get Busy (Extended Mix) (5:12) 9. Ben Sterling, Superchumbo – All Over My Body (Original Mix) (6:36) 10. Matroda – Throw Your Hands (Original Mix) (4:34) 11. Audio Bullys, Michael Bibi, KinAhau – Different Side (Original Mix) (5:32) 12. CID, Sage Armstrong – The Function (Extended Mix) (5:32) 13. Westend – Maracuya (Extended Mix) (5:37) 14. Mau P – Gimme That Bounce (Original Mix) (5:21) 15. Vintage Culture, Meca, Bhaskar, The Vic – Tina (Extended) (5:34) 16. Junior Jack, Juliet Sikora, Flo Mrzdk – Thrill Me (Extended Mix) (6:02) 17. VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Original Mix) (6:30) 18. Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz – New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended) (6:03) 19. Manda Moor – Picante (Original Mix) (5:44) 20. Camille Doe – Alright (Extended Mix) (6:33) 21. TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria (Extended Mix) (6:09) 22. Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon – Work (Extended Mix) (5:48) 23. Matroda, Dino DZ – Saturday Love (Original Mix) (4:06) 24. Truth x Lies – Dos Gardenias (Original Mix) (4:56) 25. Bruno Furlan – Bongoloco (Extended) (4:48) 26. Dimitri Vegas, Steve Aoki, Chapter & Verse – Friends (Extended Mix) (4:20) 27. El Chuape, Hugel, Ryan Arnold – Pa Lante (Extended Mix) (4:21) 28. R3WIRE, NuKey – Transition (Extended Mix) (5:05) 29. FISHER (OZ) – Yeah The Girls (feat. MERYLL) (Extended Mix) (6:21) 30. James Haskell – Check It Out (Extended Mix) (6:10) 31. Jack Orley – BUM! (Extended Mix) (4:45) 32. Chris Lake, Aatig – In The Yuma (feat. Aatig) (Extended Mix) (6:06) 33. White Sheep, Curol – Vamos a Bailar Original Mix (5:56) 34. Craze, Black V Neck – Ride That Thang (Original Mix) (5:15) 35. Joshwa – Bass Go Boom (Extended) (6:28) 36. Kim English, Schak – Moving All Around (Jumpin’) (John Summit Remix) (5:33) 37. Jose De Mara – To My Beat (Extended Mix) (5:33) 38. VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone – Flowcito (Loco Dice Remix) (6:04) 39. Matt Sassari, Soshy – Back To This (feat. SoShy) (Extended Mix) (5:09) 40. Damelo – Afters (Extended Mix) (5:28) 41. AKA AKA, Artenvielfalt – Let Me Show You (Extended Mix) (4:33) 42. HUGEL, Merk & Kremont, Lirico En La Casa – Marianela (Que Pasa) (Extended Mix) (4:07) 43. Nolek – Con Todo (Extended Mix) (4:44) 44. Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti, David Amo, Tony Romera – Raw (Tony Romera Extended Mix) (5:00) 45. Jerome Robins, Sinner & James – You’re Not Alone (Sinner & James Remix) (6:09) 46. Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas – Miracle Maker (Extended Mix) (6:04) 47. TOBEHONEST – Conga (Original Mix) (6:48) 48. Prophecy, Crusy – Pills (Extended Mix) (6:05) 49. Siege – Rhymes (Extended Mix) (6:08) 50. Italobros – Shopper (Original Mix) (6:17) 51. Shiba San, AYAREZ – Twist It (Extended Mix) (4:50) 52. Green Velvet, Chris Lake – Deceiver (VIP) (Extended Mix) (6:28) 53. Mosby, Ric Waves, Freenzy Music, Jhonny Weezy – Takoflow feat. Mosby feat. Ric Waves feat. Jhonny Weezy (Original Mix) (5:42) 54. Mau P – Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix) (5:23) 55. Hugel, Westend, Cumbiafrica – Aguila feat. Cumbiafrica (Original Mix) (5:03) 56. Noizu – Lost (Extended Mix) (5:03) 57. MK, Dom Dolla – Rhyme Dust (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix) (6:46) 58. BLOND:ISH, Nfasis, Hugel – Tra Tra (Extended Mix) (5:21) 59. Lil Wayne, SIDEPIECE – A Milli (SIDEPIECE Extended Mix) (3:30) 60. Majestic, Sara Sukkha – Dance All Night (feat. Sara Sukkha) (Extended Mix) (4:41) 61. Simon Fava, Sergio Mendes, Yvvan Back – Magalenha (feat. Sergio Mendes) (Extended Mix) (4:51) 62. Devotionz, – Tattoo (Extended Mix) (6:11) 63. Raffa FL – Ritmo (HUGEL Extended Edit) (5:34) 64. Twenty Six – Stan (Extended Mix) (5:01) 65. Cassi – Request (Extended) (6:43) 66. Andruss, Lowderz – Dum Dum (Extended Mix) (5:29) 67. Paul Johnson, Airwolf Paradise – Only Man (feat. Paul Johnson) (Original Mix) (5:31) 68. John Summit – La Danza (Extended Mix) (5:39) 69. Marshall Jefferson, Solardo – Move Your Body (Extended Mix) (6:13) 70. Wax Motif – Telugu Tech (Extended Mix) (4:48) 71. FISHER (OZ) – Losing It (Extended) (6:40) 72. Mihalis Safras, Yvan Genkins – Las Solteras (Extended Mix) (5:15) 73. Wax Motif, Riordan – La Samba (Original Mix) (4:27) 74. Andruss, Fatboi – Agáchalo (Original Mix) (5:26) 75. Danny Leblack, Saul Antolin – El Desorden (Extended Mix) (6:43) 76. Beltran (BR) – Smack Yo’ (Original Mix) (5:06) 77. The Martinez Brothers, Tokischa – Kilo (Beltran Remix) (7:04) 78. Rsquared – Kind of Lady (Original Mix) (6:06) 79. Chico Rose, Dot N Life – Trankilo (Extended Mix) (4:45) 80. Seb Zito – Lights Down (Extended Mix) (5:40) 81. CVMPANILE, Draxx (ITA) – WTF (Extended Mix) (5:00) 82. Sam Curran – Twilight On The Terrace (Original Mix) (6:07) 83. DJ Snake, Wade, Nooran Sisters – Guddi Riddim (Extended Mix) (4:18) 84. The Martinez Brothers, Rema, Gordo – Rizzla (Mochakk Remix) (5:21) 85. Ollie BC – Red Mercedes (Original Mix) (5:30) 86. BLOND:ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier – Sete (Original Mix) (6:35) 87. ESSEL – Lennon (Extended Mix) (5:17) 88. illusionize, NightFunk, EVEL!N – Body Shake (Original Mix) (5:48) 89. Mason Collective – A Little Affection (Extended Mix) (5:50) 90. Plastic Robots – Tell Me Something (Original Mix) (5:30) 91. Biscits – House All The Time (Extended Mix) (5:16) 92. Matt Sassari – Give It To Me (Full Vocal Mix – Extended) (5:39) 93. Martin Ikin, The Melody Men – Feel The Same (Extended Mix) (5:31) 94. Joshwa – Supersonic (Extended) (6:35) 95. Roxe – Smack (Extended Mix) (5:15) 96. Tom Santa – Rainfall (Praise You) (Extended Mix) (4:46) 97. MANT – No Turning Back (Original Mix) (6:02) 98. Manda Moor – Picante (Sirus Hood Remix) (5:55) 99. Ferreck Dawn, The Melody Men – Vibe With It (feat. The Melody Men) (Extended Mix) (5:29) 100. Shermanology, FISHER (OZ) – It’s A Killa (Extended Mix) (5:05)

FileCat - Beatport Top 100 Tech House June 2023
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2023.06.02 12:47 JoshAsdvgi THE GREAT MEDICIME DANCE



The Tsis-tsistas people have danced the great medicine dance for a long, long time, longer than anyone can remember or even imagine.
The dance represents the making of this universe and was conceived and taught to the people by the Creator, Maheo, and his helper, Great Roaring Thunder.
It portrays the making of the sun, moon, and stars; of rain, wind, and snow; of Grandmother Earth and the blue sky above her; of the mountains and rivers; of all living things, big and small.
The dance is performed especially in times of starvation, distress, and widespread death.
This, our most sacred ceremony, was brought to us by the Sutai medicine man Horns Standing Up, under the guidance of the Creator himself.
Long ago, when the earth and the people dwelling upon it were young, our tribe was starving.
The earth itself was starving, for no rain was falling.
Plants and trees wilted.
Many rivers dried up.
The animals were dying of hunger and thirst.
The Cheyenne had nothing to eat except some old, dried corn and their dogs, which used to carry their packs in those days before we had horses.
There were not many dogs remaining, and very little corn.
So the people left their old hunting grounds, left the land which had nourished them for generations, and started off in search of food.
They went north, where the drought was less severe, but found little game and no buffalo at all.
One evening they came to a stream in which water still flowed.
The leaders and old chiefs sat down beside this stream and sadly watched the thin, weary people pitching their tipis.
Then it came to the chiefs, as in a vision, what ought to be done.
They ordered all the men to go to the women, each man to the woman he felt most attracted to, and beg her to give him something to eat.
The men did as they had been directed, and each chose the woman who was to feed him.
Among the warriors was a young medicine man.
He went up to a beautiful woman who happened to be the wife of the head chief.
She set a bowl of dog soup before him and waited for him to finish eating.
Then he said: "I have chosen you from among all women to help me save our people.
I want you to go north with me, as the medicine spirits have commanded.
Take your dog teams and bring supplies for a long journey-now, right away!"
Though she was the chief's wife, the woman did what the medicine man had asked.
She was ready to travel in no time, and the two left unobserved in the dark of night.
Two days and one night they traveled without stopping, urging on the dogs who carried the travois with the tipi poles and hides and other things needed for survival.
At last they rested.
The man told the woman to put up the lodge and to prepare two beds of soft, fragrant sage for them to sleep on.
He said: "Make the tipi face the rising sun."
He also told her that Maheo, the Creator, had sent him a vision revealing that the two of them must go north and bring back the great medicine lodge, Maheo's symbol of the universe, and with it a sacred ceremony which they would teach to the Cheyenne.
"In my vision," he said, "Maheo promised that if the people accept and perform this holy ritual, the rains will fall again and the earth rejoice, the plants will bring forth green leaves and fruit, and the buffalo will return."
And so they traveled, the woman every evening pitching the tipi facing east and preparing the beds of sage on opposite sides of the tipi, the man sleeping on his bed, the woman on hers.
One night she said: "How is this? You made me run away with you, but you never approach me as man approaches woman.
Why did you make me go with you, then?"
He answered: "We must abstain from embracing until we enter the great mountain of the north and receive the sacred medicine dance.
After we emerge from the mountain, I shall embrace you in a renewal-of-alI-life ceremony by which people will continue to be born, generation after generation, through the woman-power of perpetuation."
At last they came to a vast, dark forest from whose center rose a cloud wreathed mountain reaching far into the sky.
Beyond the mountain they' saw a lake of unending waters.
They came to a large rock at the foot of the mountain, rolled the rock aside, and discovered an entrance.
They went inside the mountain and, closing the opening behind them, found themselves in the mountain's great medicine lodge, which was wonderful to behold.
Today the medicine tipi which the Cheyenne put up for their sun dances at Bear Butte is an imitation of that sacred mountain lodge.
The young man and the woman heard voices coming out of the mountaintop-the voices of Maheo the Creator and his helper Great Roaring Thunder.
Instructing them in the holy ways to perform the sacred ceremony, Maheo spoke for four days.
Then they had learned all there was to know about the dance, the Creator, said:
Now you will leave and teach the people what I have taught you.
And if they perform the ceremonies in the right way, they will be favored for generations to come.
The sun, the moon, the stars will move again in harmony.
Roaring Thunder will bring soothing rain and winds.
Corn and chokecherries will ripen again.
Wild turnips and healing herbs will grow once more.
All the animals will emerge from behind this mountain, herds of buffalo and antelope among them, and follow you back to your village and your people.
Take this sacred hat, and wear it whenever you perform the sun dance.
With this will control the animals-the buffalo, the antelope, the elk, the deer-who give themselves to the people for food.
The Tsis-tsistas shall never be hungry again, but live in plenty.
Put on this sacred buffalo hat as you leave, and Grandmother Earth will smile upon you forever.
And so the young medicine man of the Sutai and the good-looking woman left the mountain through the secret passage.
As they rolled the rock aside and emerged, buffalo without numbers streamed out of the
mountain behind them, and the earth brought forth green shoots.
Herbs and plants sprouted under a gentle rain, and the earth was like new, glistening in freshness.
Thus the man and woman walked sacredly, clad in buffalo robes painted red, and the medicine man wore his horned cap.
Their dogs walked before them, dragging their travois poles, while behind them followed a thundering herd of buffalo, and after these came all manner of animals, male and female, big and small.
At the day's end the man and the woman put up their tipi and lay down on their beds of sage to rest, and all the animals settled down to rest also.
And at some time during this journey back to their village, the man and the woman did lovingly what was necessary- to ensure renewal and continuation of life through woman-power.
Each morning during their travels, the man sang the sacred songs which the voice of Maheo
had taught him.
At last one evening they arrived near the stream where the people were still camped, awaiting their return.
The medicine man and the woman did not go into the village at once, but spent the night outside.
In the morning the medicine man put on issiwun and entered the camp, accompanied by the woman.
He told the people of all that had passed, told them that he had brought them the knowledge of the great medicine lodge and the great sacred dance, the songs and ceremonies that went with it, and above all, issiwun, the sacred buffalo hat which had the
power to control the wandering of the animals.
He told the people that if they performed the sacred sun dance, they would have plenty of buffalo to eat and would never suffer hunger again.
The people put up the medicine lodge according to the young man's instructions, painted their bodies in a sacred manner, and sang the right songs.
The children made clay figures of buffalo, antelopes, and elk and brought them into the lodge as a symbol of life's renewal
Since then, whenever the little figures are placed inside the Medicine lodge during the dance, some of those animals will come near to gaze upon the sacred tipi, and some of their animal power will linger on.
In the same way, our old friends, the Sioux people, fasten the figures of a man and a bison,
both cut from buffalo hide, to their sacred sun dance pole.
Then an eagle will come in and circle above the dancers to bless them.
Thus the Tsis-tsistas people performed the great medicine ceremony for the first time, and all was well again.
And the people named the young medicine man Horns Standing Up, because the sacred hat has two horns at each side.
-Told by Josie Limpy and Mrs. Medicine Bull, with the help of an interpreter, at Birney, Montana, in 1972.
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2023.06.02 12:47 rollingup-hill Qualification Check Ltd - WES evaluation

Just paid for WES but i saw this below my registration number and was redirected to a website of a company in England called “Qualification Check LTD” which apparently handles the verification and sends the report to WES instead of the university.
Just wanted to ask if anyone has opted for this? I legit couldn’t find ONE review on all platforms I really don’t want to waste my money. Nothing in google reviews, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, quora. Not sure if it’s even legit but WES prompted me to it on it’s official site so idk.
I’d really appreciate if anyone could offer some advice about this!
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 12:46 Outrageous-Jury-7685 What does a pink bright nose tip signify?

Male aged 32)
I went on sunbeds a few years ago 2019 and was brown af but when I stopped a few weeeks later my skin was light and healthy again
Few months later first lockdown came in March 2020 then I suddenly noticed this shiny pink nose that’s an under the skin blushing type pink not sore it’s a smooth pink nose tip
It stands out like a sore thumb
Had it ever since and it affects me that bad I cover my face in the shop nearby
Also It’s very minuscule but I can feel with 2 fingers it’s slightly puffy at nose tip and a little droopy too
▪️It’s never changed at all since March 2020
▪️I touch it my fingers feel moist if that means anything
▪️Rosacea Gels and creams didn’t work at all after 4 months twice a day
Also have these dark creases on the corner of my eyes down to my cheeks a little that I googled and it came up malar bags/festoons
Which I never had before
Also have to admit I’m a heavy nightly scotch drinker but I feel that would have happened way sooner if it was that
Is there any way to cure this or am I stuck with it?
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2023.06.02 12:46 glorious_sunshine Looking for dash cam recommendations

Which one(s) did you go for and would you recommend it?
I looked at a bunch of them but some are down right unaffordable for me. I'm looking at something in the £30-£70 region. Top of my list is the Orskey one (~£45 on Amazon) but recent reviews are more of a mixed bag.
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2023.06.02 12:46 aeffect_mark Aeffect - Theory of Mind (debut album stream)

Hey folks,
We’re really excited to announce that our debut album ‘Theory of Mind’ drops today. ‘Theory of Mind’ is a wall of devastating sound, twisting and snarling through dissonant down-tuned guitars, angular drums and thunderous vocals. The eight tracks span notions of ambition, purpose, legacy, exploitation, neglect, and despair. We’re honoured to have worked with acclaimed producer Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta), who has brought his signature monstrous tone creation, mixing and mastering. Check it out on our Spotify, Youtube and Bandcamp.
Early reviews are saying:
“Abrasive, raw, and layered heavy death metal. It’s guttural horror but the kind that you just find fascinating. Featuring eight tracks; eight examples of their visceral savagery, eight progressive wanders through the creative mind of this band, and eight reasons to bang your f\*king head. Hectic, horrible, and harsh, yet exceptionally likeable.”* GBHBL 8.5/10
“The oxygen is sucked out of the surroundings and the bludgeoning of DJent fuelled rhythmic debauchery beings. The sense of impending doom is inescapable. There are moments buried in the mix that sound like they’re cut from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, that eerie sense that something wicked this way comes being inescapable. By the end you may find yourself staring into the abyss as you wonder what you’ve just heard.“ Metal Noise 8/10
“The parts are reminiscent of Gojira in their early days, Meshuggah and Textures, while some parts can also be influenced by Periphery. The brutal drums are accompanied by guitars that act almost spherically and are a source of tranquillity in terms of timing. The duo also knows how to make the music completely small, even at surprising moments, and then to give the bombast even more prestige”. The White Rooms
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2023.06.02 12:45 nosaraestatesreviews Nosara Estates Reviews The Most Demanding Vacation Destination In Costa Rica

Nosara Estates Reviews The Most Demanding Vacation Destination In Costa Rica
Unveiling a hidden gem on the Costa Rican coastline, Nosara Estates invites you to indulge in a life of unparalleled luxury and natural splendor. Nestled in the vibrant region of Nosara, our prestigious residential community offers a captivating fusion of sun, surf, and sustainable living. With world-class amenities, exceptional craftsmanship, and a commitment to environmental preservation, Nosara Estates sets a new standard for coastal living. Welcome to a sanctuary where dreams become a reality. For more information must follow this link.

Nosara Estates Reviews The Most Demanding Vacation Destination In Costa Rica
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I provide top quality assistance in computers science/ programming and engineering related courses. I offer help in projects, assignments, code reviews and exams.
You can reach me through:
Email: [email protected]
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 Java and android programming.
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 Half or an agreed payment is made as commitment fee and the rest upon completion.
 Favorable payment plans.
 Payment is made through: PayPal- goods and services Crypto
When you hire me, you hire the best: thank you.
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2023.06.02 12:44 KickzNGigglez Mentor/Ult.Raider Tank and DNC E-GF YPYT me w/ Plot Twist

MentoUlt.Raider Tank and DNC E-GF YPYT me w/ Plot Twist
So I usually don't do roulettes but I'm hurting for tomes trying to craft iLVL640 for all 19 jobs. So, my standards are lowered and I queue up for MSQ roulette. I was actually excited to get Prae this time because I was in a sick run the previous night where we got Gaius to 0.1% with several GCDs to spare. It really boosted my confidence on ninja as I usually play Tank and healer for reasons. I send my greeting and only get a welcome from the WHM, so I figured they're probably just want this over with, fine. I've grinding this content plenty to omni and understand.
I immediately notice the PLD is sort of slow to do anything so I do my huton ninjitsu, hide reset, and Shukuchi in to get started. I shade shift and arms length to help out the rest of the party and nothing remarkable happens. The next single pull is about the same but I use bloodbath and second wind instead after my very long ninjitsu prepull setup. For the last pull, I just poke the 2nd pack with range into the PLD. Before anyone says anything, I'm not really rushing things. I'm legit RP walking in stealth for a few seconds, taking a look at my surroundings to see where everyone is at. Surely the battle mentor won't YPYT me in prae of all places. They're probably just having computer issues. I'm sure things will get to normal once they deal with it in CS. I'm too fucken trusting and need to always assume the worst from people.
First boss, nothing remarkable happens. I do my long ass ninja prepull setup and suiton ninjitsu as I see everyone port in. Fight feels weirdly slow for whatever reason. I do notice the PLD just stopping randomly. Poor dude must be really having terrible computer issues. Surely he'll figure it out after the long mech sequence and 2 long ass cutscenes before the Nero fight I thought.
We get to Nero and this is where everything goes chaotic. I'm obviously ahead of the pack because ninja. However, I know I'm not that far ahead because the WHM makes it to me before I even start my Huton setup. I do the suiton setup when I see the tank make it in and use it, assuming he's going to pull, and he doesn't. Fine, ninja has so many mitigations and heals, I might as well be another tank for a good few seconds of the fight. I take that tank buster like a boss. I tank Nero all the way up to the stack marker and when it's only me and the WHM stacking up, it dawns on me that this is a cringy E-couple and shit was taking long because they were probably bitching in a linkshell getting carried instead of actually playing the fucken game. I probably should have known as there wasn't any reason for someone from crystal to be queuing on Aether late into the night on a weekday outside of group play. The stack marker sets me and the WHM to about 20% and she can't save me from that range after using benediction on the tank buster opener. The provoke after I go down to save the healer confirms my suspicion that this is a YPYT moment.
PLOT TWIST, I'm a way bigger cringy E-Dater mentor that does the sort of things that would make Yoshi-P cry. If this dumb E-couple would have taken a look at the WHM's adventure plate, they would have noticed something along the lines of "u/KickzNGigglez 's baby girl". I use that time dead to pull up the party menu and got ready to send this loser to the shadow realm. I set the vote into play post combat and my partner immediately votes yes before the next cutscene can get triggered. We see the vote go through during the CS and his spot is immediately filled, giving me the most satisfying feeling of justice.
The new chad tank comes in and I tell him what happens. He laughs because imagine being a big enough loser to YPYT in Prae. The dancer does their best "WhY dId YoU kIcK hIm?" as if we did notice the obvious team killing. Chad new tank even backs me up on this with facts and logic. Unfortunately, the new tanks pulls immediately assuming this was over, so I couldn't send the vote in for the DNC too. I figured fair, he didn't know the whole situation and I didn't want to waste his time as much as this couple wasted mine. I have a back and forth with the dancer who is barely playing the game now. I don't remember what she says but something along the lines of I deserved what they did to me, giving me decent ammo to put in my report imo.
I decided to check this guys Adventure plate and notice the cringy "Beast mode on" alpha male wannabe BS on it along with the hardcore content and ultimate raids tag. I call bullshit because what sort of ultimate raider can't do a W2W on Prae and has such a fragile ego. I pull up FFlogs and sure enough, he has a LFG information listed with no Ultimate logs (I wonder why).
So IDK, get fucked by an ERPer you stupid, fragile, poser. I genuinely feel sorry for this dude's static for the new raid tier. I won't publicly post his name because it's against this subreddits rules and rules are big for what I do. Outside of this subreddit though.... lol

Rather tame from mute couple till Tank BF gets snapped out of existence

Beast mode on.... unless you hurt my feelings :(
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