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2023.06.07 04:29 ddaveyy [USA-CA] [H] Various games for the following consoles: Gamecube, Gameboy, GBA, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sega Genesis, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. As well as various consoles, Amiibos, accessories and game manuals. [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Etc.

Hey everyone!! Back with a new and updated post. These prices are WITHOUT shipping. I will provide a quote for you, but it usually isn't more than $6 unless the items won't fit in a regular bubble mailer.
Everything has been personally tested by me and is confirmed to be fully functional. I can provide pictures upon request. I tried to stay below pricecharting, if I'm off on any of my prices, I'm more than open to offers!
PLEASE NOTE: I am open to ALL offers. The worst I can say is no!
Here's everything I'm currently selling:

SNES Samurai Shodown $9 Loose, in roughish condition.

Nintendo 64 Turok 2 Seeds of Evil (Gray cart) $10 Loose.
Nintendo 64 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 $14 Loose.

Gamecube All-Star Baseball 2002 $3 Loose.
Gamecube ATV Quad Power Racing 2 $8 Loose.
Gamecube Bionicle $5 Loose.
Gamecube Chronicles of Narnia $5 Loose.
Gamecube City Racer $41 CIB.
Gamecube Disney Sports Skateboarding $20 Game, case, and original artwork only.
Gamecube Hunter The Reckoning $12 Loose.
Gamecube King Kong $9 Loose.
Gamecube Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $12 Loose.
Gamecube Sonic Adventure DX $30 Original case, cover art, and game.
Gamecube Super Mario Strikers $62 CIB.
Gamecube Spongebob Creature From Krusty Krab $17 CIB.
Gamecube Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble $90 Sealed. Some damage on the backside label. Please inquire for pics.
Gamecube Whirl Tour $8 Missing manual.

Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Strike $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Big Buck Hunter Pro $10 CIB game and gun accessory, no big box. Shipping will be around $10.
Wii Black Eyed Peas Experience $2 CIB.
Wii Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 $2 CIB.
Wii DJ Hero 2 $2 Disc and box.
Wii EA Sports Active 2 $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii EA Sports NFL Training Camp $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii Epic Mickey 2 $15 Sealed.
Wii Link's Crossbow Training $5 Included pouch that would come with Wii console.
Wii MLB Superstars $4 Disc and box.
Wii Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 $12 CIB.
Wii NASCAR The Game 2011 $5 Disc and box.
Wii Need for Speed Prostreet $4 Disc and box.
Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii $18 Loose.
Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 $3 Disc in box.
Wii Red Steel $3 Disc in box.
Wii Tony Hawk Ride $2 Disc in box, no skateboard.
Wii We Love Golf! $7 CIB.Wii Wii Play $4 Loose.

Gameboy Batman The Video Game $18 Loose.
Gameboy Advance 007 Everything or Nothing $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Activision Anthology $21 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Avatar The Burning Earth $13 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Batman Begins $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Bratz $1 Loose, has no label.
Gameboy Advance Crash of the Titans $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Elf Bowling 1 & 2 $16 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Family Feud $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Fantastic 4 $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Finding Nemo $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing $12 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Klonoa Empire of Dreams $41 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Madden 2003 $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Monster Force $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance NFL Blitz 2003 $8 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Dual Cart $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Scooby Doo $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Snood $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Movie $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Sudoku Fever $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Texas Hold Em Poker $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance That's So Raven $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Treasure Planet $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Ultimate Card Games $6 Loose.

Nintendo DS Band Hero $12 CIB.
Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Bleach The Blade of Fate $12 Loose.
Nintendo DS Brain Age $4 CIB.
Nintendo DS Charlotte's Web $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Coraline (Have two copies) $70 Both CIB.
Nintendo DS Contact $28 Loose.
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 $20 Loose.
Nintendo DS Dynasty Warriors DS Fighters Battle $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Guitar Hero On Tour (Have two copies) $3 Both loose.
Nintendo DS Hannah Montana $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Harvest Moon DS $20 Missing manual, otherwise cib.
Nintendo DS Imagine Babyz $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel $55 Loose.
Nintendo DS Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS Madden 06 $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario&Luigi Partners in Time $61 CIB.
Nintendo DS Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Have two copies) $8/$11 One copy loose, one cib.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Nicktoons Unite $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Petz Catz 2 $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Ratatouille $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Scrabble $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Simpsons Game $14 Loose.
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor $50 CIB.
Nintendo DS Skate It $9 CIB.
Nintendo DS Sonic Colors $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Sonic Rush $13 Loose.
Nintendo DS Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Trouble $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll $9 CIB.
Nintendo DS Tetris Party Deluxe (Have two copies) $9/$4 Both copies loose, one missing it's sticker.
Nintendo DS The Amazing Spider-Man $10 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Sims 2 Pets $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS Tom and Jerry Tales $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Wipeout The Game $4 CIB.

Nintendo DS Cooking Mama $1
Nintendo DS Jump Super Stars $1 Japanese version box and manual.
Nintendo DS Scribblenauts $1

Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Awakening $36 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia $33 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Luigi's Mansion $40 Loose.
Nintendo 3DS Madden NFL Football $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultra Moon $35 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon X $35 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers $41 Loose.
Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS $11 CIB.

Nintendo Switch Bioshock The Collection $21 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Diofield Chronicle $35 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection $22 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Dragon Ball: The Breakers $13 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem: Three Houses $32 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Moonlighter $15 Loose in gamestop box.
Nintendo Switch My Friend Pedro $20 Loose in gamestop box.
Nintendo Switch Supermarket Shriek $18 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Tandem A Tale Of Shadows $28 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes $25 Loose in gamestop box.

Sega Genesis Frogger $10 Loose in original case (no artwork.)
Sega Genesis Monopoly $7 Original case, artwork, and cartridge.
Sega Genesis Vectorman $10 Loose in original case (no artwork.)

PS1 Army Men Air Attack (Collector's Edition) $8 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Big Game Hunter Ultimate Challenge $5 Missing front page/manual.
PS1 Billiards $4 CIB. Jewel case is broken and cracked.
PS1 Bravo Air Race $12 CIB.
PS1 Cool Boarders 2 $3 Loose.
PS1 Command and Conquer Red Alert Retaliation $15 Missing manual.
PS1 Crossroad Crisis $7 CIB.
PS1 CyberTiger $7 CIB.
PS1 Dukes of Hazzard Racing For Home $9 CIB.
PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles $18 Missing manual. Greatest hits.
PS1 Harvest Moon Back to Nature $50 CIB.
PS1 Jade Cocoon Demo Disc $10 Loose in sleeve.
PS1 Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 9 $10 CIB in it's sleeve.
PS1 Knockout Kings 2001 $7 CIB. Jewel case is broken.
PS1 Madden 98 $5 Loose.
PS1 Nascar Rumble $13 CIB.
PS1 NBA Shoot Out $5 Loose.
PS1 NCAA Football 2001 $10 CIB.
PS1 NBA Live 98 $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 99 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 NHL Face Off 99 $5 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 NHL Face Off $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 2000 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Rally Cross 2 $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked and broken.
PS1 Raystorm $35 Loose.
PS1 Sesame Street Sports $8 CIB.
PS1 Sim Theme Park $6 Missing manual/front page.
PS1 Spongebob Squarepants Super Sponge $8 CIB, greatest hits.
PS1 Tetris Plus $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 Tiger Woods '99 $7 CIB.
PS1 Triple Play 99 $2 Loose.
PS1 Vigilante 8 $10 Loose.
PS1 WWF Smackdown $10 Missing manual/cover page.
PS1 WWF Warzone (Have two copies) $6/$4 One copy loose, one copy CIB.

PS2 Def Jam Vendetta $22 Loose.
PS2 Enter the Matrix $10 CIB.
PS2 Ever Grace $20 CIB.
PS2 Grand Theft Auto III $5 Loose.
PS2 Hunter The Reckoning Wayward $6 Loose.
PS2 IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 $4 Loose.
PS2 Justice League Heroes $11 CIB.
PS2 Medal of Honor Frontline $4 CIB.
PS2 Naruto Ultimate Collection $110 Sealed! Please inquire for pics. Really cool collector's game.
PS2 Nightshade $28 Loose.
PS2 Onimusha Blade Warriors $9 Loose.
PS2 Playstation Underground Jampack $4 Loose.
PS2 R-Type Final $17 Loose.
PS2 Rygar $7 Loose.
PS2 Shinobi $11 Loose.
PS2 Spiderman $9 CIB.
PS2 Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $12 CIB.
PS2 Tetris Worlds $6 CIB.
PS2 The Thing $42 CIB.
PS2 Thunder Strike: Operation Phoenix $6 CIB.
PS2 CASE & MANUAL Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 $10 Case and manual only.

PS3 The Last Of Us $20 CIB.
PS3 NBA 2k18 $10 Loose.

PSP Dissidia Final Fantasy $9 Loose.
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: THe War of the Lions $17 Loose.
PSP G-Force $3 Missing manual.
PSP Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 $8 CIB.
PSP Ghostbusters The Video Game $11 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP Ghost Rider $12 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP God of War Chains of Olympus $16 Loose.
PSP Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom $15 UMD, case and original artwork only.
PSP Killzone Liberations $6 Loose.
PSP Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars $12 CIB.
PSP LocoRoco $4 Loose.
PSP Madden NFL 12 $20 CIB.
PSP Madden 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Madden 2008 $5 CIB.
PSP Medal of Honor Heroes 2 $10 CIB.
PSP Monster Hunter Freedom $18 Missing manual.
PSP MX vs ATV: Reflex $5 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP NBA 10 The Inside $6 CIB.
PSP NBA Live 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Neopets Petpet Adventures The Wand of Wishing $7 Loose.
PSP SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 $14 Loose.
PSP Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo $4 CIB.
PSP Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas $7 CIB.
PSP Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 5 $30 Box, UMD, and original artwork only.

Xbox Doom 3 $10 CIB.
Xbox Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick $20 Box, disc, and original artwork only.
Xbox Metal Slug 3 $20 CIB.
Xbox Soul Calibur II $10 CIB

Xbox 360 Call of Duty Black Ops $12 CIB.
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma $5 CIB.
Xbox 360 Forza Horizon $17 CIB.
Xbox 360 Killer is Dead $20 Missing manual, otherwise CIB. Special Edition.
Xbox 360 NCAA Football 12 $16 CIB.
Xbox 360 NCAA Football 13 $25 CIB.

Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rock Band 4 (Have two copies) $15 ea Both CIB.
Xbox One Titanfall $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege $3 Loose.

PC Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight $8 Comes with manual in original case.

Gameboy Batman Forever $10 Good.
Gameboy Boxxle II $20 Good.
Gameboy Tetris $4 Good.
Gameboy Advance Activision Anthology $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 007 GoldenEye $6 Good.
Nintendo 64 Mission Impossible $5 Good.
Nintendo 64 Mortal Kombat 4 $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 NBA Hang Time $6 Good.
Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros $12 Good.
Nintendo 64 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey $5 Good.

Blue Yarn Yoshi Good $15 Loose.
Chibi-Robo Good $10 Loose.
Green Yarn Yoshi Good $15 Loose.
Link Good $25 Loose, smash bros.
Waddle Dee Good $13 Loose.

Poke Ball Plus $55 Loose, in good condition. No Mew.
OEM Nintendo Gameboy Mini Backpack $20 Cool little OEM nintendo collectible. Blue color, in good condition.
Club Nintendo Luigi Hat DS Carry Case Bag Pouch $20 Good condition, cool Luigi collectible.
Gameshark Pro 3.3 for Nintendo 64 $30 Loose.
3rd party Gamecube memory cards $5 3rd party memory cards.
OEM Gamecube Controllers $35 each. Have four available, one black, two indigo, and one indigo/clear, all have nice and tight sticks.
OEM Gameboy Four Player Adapter $15 Loose in good condition.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller $20 Green controller, nice and tight stick.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller Pak $30 CIB, box in okay condition.
OEM PS1 Controller $15 One PS One controller available.
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2023.06.07 03:58 ShadowXJ Petr Sykora's number in 1999 IIHF World Championships

Hello fellow hockey fans,
I recently came into possession of a Team Czech jersey (from the 1998-2000 era) that was worn by the national team during the 98 Olympics and the World Championships.
Petr Sykora is my favourite player, and I'm considering getting it crested with:
(This matches his cresting at the Olympics) -
But wanted to know if anyone knows what number he wore at the 1999 World Championships, I want to make sure I get a name/letter combination that isn't a jersey foul (ie: he actually wore). So just want to check in and see if he wore 17 or 39 during that tournament. I'm having trouble finding photos online, so thought I'd ask here. It's a small thing, but just preferring to get a combination that is only SYKORA, rather than P.SYKORA which he wore at the Olympics due to Michal Sykora being on the team as I understand.
Appreciate any help!
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2023.06.07 03:37 Ok-Curve5569 Skate sharpenings with the Sparx FIRE (flat inside radius edges)

Recently took my skates to a new spot a little further from home than the normal spot that uses the Sparx platform. Received a FIRE grind. Skated a few times and have really liked the increased bite. For those who’ve also had a FIRE sharpening, pros? Cons? Do your skates stay as sharp between sharpening at traditional hollow cuts?
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2023.06.06 20:59 LadyRyissa Romance novel about a figure skater who reluctantly becomes a pairs skater

I am looking for a teen or young adult novel where the main character is training to be an olympic figure skater. She has trouble landing a triple axel or triple lutz, which is why she's not winning competitions, and is also struggling with her social life because she has to practice all the time. She calls in sick for a practice to hang out with her boyfriend, but her coach sees her and she knows she's busted. When she meets with her coach, she says she can't work with her anymore and sends her to a new coach, for pairs skating. She's partnered with a former hockey player and I think his name is Kai. He was injured and is recovering and really doesn't want to do pairs skating. They start out antagonistic towards each other but have a lot of chemistry. They kiss after successfully pulling off the death spiral in practice, and there is some love triangle drama.
They go to a competition at the end of the book in silver outfits to resemble robots.
I read this way back in the late 90s/early 2000s, and I don't remember if it was part of a series or a standalone.
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2023.06.06 16:53 ClaySL School List Review

I’ve been substituting schools in/out for weeks, please help!
Background: ORM, Missouri resident, undergrad at Jesuit midwest school, applying after 1 gap year, peds interest and looking for a collaborative school (ideally in the midwest), not super research-oriented
Stats: MCAT 521 / cGPA 3.99 / sGPA 4.0
Clinical: ED Scribe 1600 hrs, Shadowing 60 hrs (Peds Surgery + Derm), no volunteering
Non-clinical Volunteering: Best Buddies 120 hrs, underserved high school mentoring 120 hours, underserved K-12 tutoring 120 hrs, free health clinic secretary 90 hrs, senior socialization program 40 hours; I’m still doing Best Buddies and just picked up the socialization program after some time away
Research: 2 yrs in a basic science lab 400 hrs with 1 poster presentation
Leadership: board for Best Buddies and high school mentoring club ~200 hrs each, Supplemental Instruction Leader for gen bio 300 hrs
Other work: Pharm Tech ~300 hrs
Hobbies: Piano since I was 12, haven’t competed since high school but did ensemble through college; have been learning Spanish since graduation; picked up ice skating recently bc I’m a huge hockey junkie and I want to play
School List:
(Can’t do UMKC due to a strict genetics requirement RIP)
OOS Private:
Sidney Kimmel
Creighton + Loyola (Jesuit connection)
OOS Public (tried to go with schools with around 4%+ OOS acceptance rate):
Ohio State
Arizona Phoenix (I know it’s a long shot but I love Phoenix/Tempe)
Thinking of adding Wayne State

Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.06 15:10 ogreatgames NHL 08: Enjoy Hockey – PS2 Game!

![video](um3wcj2y5r291 " Ice skate hardcore in this awesome hockey game. Enjoy the magic of the NHL as you go through intense hockey matches. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#nhl #games #playstation --
NHL 08 For PlayStation 2. Ice skate hardcore in this awesome hockey game. Enjoy the magic of the NHL as you go through intense hockey matches. Go through an intense Dynasty mode and aim to go to the top of the top. Skate through tough rivals to score plenty of hockey goals. And pass the puck carefully to your team mates score the goal wonderfully. Use your hockey stick to score goal after goal against some of the toughest hockey teams. So skate on into giving this cool game a try. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.06 14:12 MysticInept ELI5 why are crossovers faster?

I started ice skating this year at almost 40 (just moved from the southwest to the north and we found out we really like it and hockey).
I'm working on crossovers, and I get that I need to learn them and they come up as a hockey skating topic a lot (I might try playing in the future). I get that they are supposed to be faster on a curve.
But I'm having trouble visualizing why. Suppose I am practicing going clockwise on the center circle. Intuitively, it seems balancing on my right foot outer edge and generating force by pushing off with my left foot would be faster than pushing off with left foot, crossing over, small push with right foot, bringing right foot back, pushing off with left...
what am I missing? Apologies ahead of time for being a little obtuse. I'm not a kinesthetic learner, so I don't pick up physical things intuitively.
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2023.06.06 13:45 wildlyscore24 Seems legit

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2023.06.06 13:36 MonsterBash716 Improving\fixing a 9 year old player's Hockey Stride

So my daughter has been on skates since 4 and started playing hockey around 6. It wasn't until about 6 months ago she started to REALLY taking interested in the game and wanting to improve...and most importantly willing to work at it. We've done quite a few clinics and shoot 100s of pucks a week in the basement over those last 6 months. She's not an naturally athletic persons and has to work hard on darn near everything
She has greatly improved in all aspects of the game (actually beyond my expectations), can pick corners amazingly well..and her edge work has caught up with the higher level players of her age. Her 'starts' are acceptable and constantly working on that.
Where she lacks horribly is her stride..she still 'runs' on the ice.
She fine playing house and even travel, but it's super noticeable playing in the higher level spring select teams
We've watched videos...worked on it on the ice together...livebarned stuff...clinics...skating coaches... slide board..etc. I just can't breaker her of the habit.
There's a local speed skating school that offers some discounted lessons for young kids that wanna try it. I figure they probably have the perfect skating stride and might be able to crack her. We might try that but they don't start for quite a few months
So I'm looking for some advice from the experts here... tips...tricks...suggestion or maybe that one little thing that will make it go 'CLICK' for her. Dryland would be a plus as we're taking a month break from the ice. But anything and everything welcomed!
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2023.06.06 05:45 verisfly Sharpening EDC knives.

I recently got a TSPROF Kadet Pro. I have it set up and all, but am unsure what grit I should be sharpening my knives at.
I have mostly S30V and M390 blades I’m wanting to sharpen, is there a relevant chart to show what grit(s)I need to use for a “workhorse/everyday carry” knife?
I am aware of the leather strop making a huge difference, but other than that, any tips would be huge on this journey of sharpening my EDC knives.
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2023.06.06 01:39 rndbpm Observations from a beginner 2 months in…

40M, started with no experience aside from a handful of times I’ve skated casually as a kid.
I can now do all these things to a degree of confidence high enough to tackle some winding, mildly hilly trails. - plows - drag/t/l stop - soul slide - lunge/power stop - parallel turns/carving - crossovers
So, I think I have enough skills under my belt to share some observations that I think might be helpful for other beginners looking for the same answers I was. - I bought Oxelo MF500s. Size 43 had my toes scrunched so I got 44. Good length as my longer foot just fit. Little did I know due to lack of experience, I couldn’t judge well that they did not fit well width wise. It wasn’t until I started skating and learning parallel turns / one foot glides that I had lateral movement in the boot particularly with my smaller foot. I think this impacted my ability to balance well on that foot. - I bought Superfeet Hockey Carbon Pro insole which solved the lateral movement issue. - the better fit also allowed me to loosen my upper buckle while having better stability than before with the looser lateral fit and tighter buckle. I was really surprised that I preferred to loosen the upper buckle. - a looser upper buckle allows me to get on my inner and outer (especially the outer) edges easier which is important for quick changes in direction and tight parallel turns - I had trouble drag stopping while using my right leg as the balance leg. I would pull to the left every time I engaged the drag foot. I solved this by getting on my right outer edge more which allows me to better steer while dragging. I discovered this by comparing what I was doing while braking with my left as the balance leg. - a powerstop is really a very sharp parallel turn. I realized I was doing this stop while practicing sharp turns. And, now, this is how I am strengthening my powerstop on my weak side. I don’t practice the powerstop. I practice very sharp turns and my weak side powerstop will improve naturally as a result. - my crossover got MUCH better once I stopped looking down and instead looking in the direction I wanted to go - getting the inside leg on its outer edge, leaning into the turn, and looking in the direction you want to go are key to parallel turns - don’t worry about balanced rocker frames or 90mm wheels not being for beginners, I got the Endless 90 ES and LOVE them. Much more stable and nimble than the stock 243mm frames on the Oxelo. The small frame wasn’t great for my size 44 foot.
Like I said, I’m just a beginner. So, if anyone with more experience has more advice to add or corrections to make, I’m all ears!!!
Also, from the list of skills above, for someone looking to venture out into the burbs next, aside from perfecting existing skills, what would you prioritize next? I have jumps and curbs on my list.
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2023.06.06 01:17 _dqpb Reno events forecast June 5 through June 11

Skipped last week because it was a holiday weekend, we're back to the regularly scheduled forecasts. Many more venues/events sources are now being tracked, and new experimental adjustments have been made for supporting recurring events. Thanks for the continuous appreciation, and for all the suggestions of event websites/sources!

Monday, June 5

Tuesday, June 6

Wednesday, June 7

Thursday, June 8

Friday, June 9

Saturday, June 10

Sunday, June 11

More events

Other Resources

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2023.06.06 00:28 MotorFollowing Surface Rust on brand new blades

Surface Rust on brand new blades
I just bought a pair of CCM AS 590 skates ($580 CAD) with V step blades ($150 CAD) from source for sports.
I opened up the package at home and there's surface rust on the top edge (edge that fits into the holders).
Is this anything to be concerned about? Would it turn into something problematic over time?
They're the only ones they had on hand in my size.
Should I bring it up and return them or ask if they can clean it up?
I haven't gotten them sharpened yet, I took them home first just to take my time with the fit before I do anything with them. I'm going back to get the heat molded and sharpened.
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2023.06.05 23:33 BuoyantPelican Anon finds an unexpected interest

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2023.06.05 22:02 lelejill Tryout in less than 2 weeks, hand cut and stitches, what can be done to minimize the impact

Tryout in less than 2 weeks, hand cut and stitches, what can be done to minimize the impact
Happened right before a skate in bathroom, someone pushed him, hand got cut by metal, lots of blood on his hand when I saw him, 3 hours urgent care, few stitches, tryout in less than 2 weeks.
What can we do to minimize the impact?
All those early morning 5:30, 6 and 7 am practices, 300 puck shooting everyday, only watching hockey on youtube no cartons... my son is heartbroken
My son is righty, cut is on left hand, tried use right hand to practice but not really effective!!
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2023.06.05 21:55 guckertryan Relentless Hockey

Has anyone ever bought a relentless hockey training program? If so how do you feel it improved your play/skating?
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2023.06.05 21:52 Piratedad83 [USA-CO] [H] Nintendo Games and Consoles: NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS [W] Paypal

List has been updated with additional SNES, N64, and Gamecube games. Paring down some parts of my collection. Happy to post pics of anything that you might be interested in. Shipping is $5 for the first game or 2, and then goes up from there as needed. Shipping for consoles will be around $15, depending on where you live.
Check out my Playstation games post here (with new PS3 games added):
Check out my Sega and Xbox games here:
NES (Cartridge Only)
NES console, power cable, AV cable, controller $80 (I have 2 bundles available)
Racket Attack $5
SNES (Cartridge Only)
Acme Animation Factory $15
Championship Pool $5
Claymates $15
Final Fantasy II $60
King of the Monsters $15
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past $40
Lion King $15
Mario Paint $5
MLBPA. Baseball $5
Monopoly $5
NHL Stanley Cup $5
NHLPA Hockey $5
P.T.O II $25
Pinball Dreams $10
Populous $5
Roger Clemens MVP Baseballe $5
StarFox $20
Super Mario World $25
Super Metroid $80
Tecmo Super Bowl $20
Tom and Jerry $15
Top Gear $10
Utopia $20
WWF Super Wrestlemania $10
Nintendo 64 (Cartridge Only)
N64 Console, power cable, AV cable, controller $100
N64 Console w/expansion pak, power cable, AV cable, controller $150
Memory Card (x5) $10/each
Rumble pak $20
Doom $35
Jet Force Gemini (No label) $5
NFL Blitz 2001 $30
Perfect Dark $20
Pokemon Snap $20
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (Label Issues) $15
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer $10
Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire $15
Super Mario 64 (Faded label) $40
Superman 64 $15
Gamecube (CIB unless noted)
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 $10
Donkey Konga (Case and Disc) $20
Dragonball Z: Budokai (Case and Disc) $20
Dragonball Z: Budokai 2 $50
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles $20
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Case and Disc) $260
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Case and Disc) $30
Lego: Star Wars: The Video Game (Case and Disc) $10
Mario Superstar Baseball (Case and Disc) $60
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System $35
Metroid Prime (Case and Disc) $30
Namco Museum (Case and Disc) $10
Nascar Thunder 2003 $10
NBA Street Vol 2 $35
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door $100
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (Case and Disc) $180
Pokemon: Colosseum (Case and Disc) $160
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder $10
Sonic Mega Collection $15
SSX 3 $25
Super Bubble Pop $10
Yu-gi-oh! The Falsebound Kingdom (Case and Disc) $20
Wii (CIB unless noted)
Wii Console, power, A/V, and sensor bar cables, Wiimote and Nunchuk $70
Ben 10: Galactic Racing $5
Ben 10: Protector of Earth $5
Build 'n Race $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops $5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Case and Disc) $5
Carnival Games $10
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 $15
Disney Sing It: Family Hits (Case and Disc) $10
EA Active: Personal Trainer $5
Family Fest presents Movie Games $3
Game Party $5
Ghostbusters: The Video Game $10
Guinness World Records: The Videogame $3
Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock $25
Guitar Hero: World Tour $20
Just Dance $10
Just Dance 2 $10
Just Dance 3 $10
Just Dance 4 $10
Just Dance 2014 $10
Just Dance Kids (Disc only) $5
Just Dance: Summer Party $10
Kirby's Epic Yarn $20
The Last Airbender $10
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword $25
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess $15
Lego: Batman: The Videogame $5
Lego: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $5
Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean $10
Lego: Star Wars: The Complete Saga $5
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal (Case and Disc) $5
Madden 11 $3
Major Leage Baseball 2K12 $5
Mario Strikers Charged $15
Mario Super Sluggers $35
Minute To Win It $5
Monkey Mischief! (Disc only) $3
My Fitness Coach (Case and Disc) $5
My Sims: Agents (Disc only) $3
My Sims: Kingdom $5
My Word Coach $5
Neo Pets: Puzzle Adventure (Disc only) $3
Nerf: N-Strike $5
Ni Hao Kai-lan: Super Game Day (Disc only) $3
Petz: Crazy Monkey (Case and Disc) $5
Puzzle Kingdoms $5
Rapala: We Fish $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids $5
Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 (Case and Disc) $5
Rockband $20
Skate It $5
Skylanders: Giants $5
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure $5
Smarty Pants (Case and Disc) $3
Speed Racer: The Video Game $5
Squeeballs Party $5
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels (Disc only) $3
Super Paper Mario (Case and Disc) $15
The Price is Right: Decades (Case and Disc) $5
The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Case and Disc) $5
Thrillville: Off the Rails (Case and Disc) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (Case and Disc) $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 $5
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09: All play $5
Ultimate Band $5
Wacky Races: Crash & Dash $15
Wii Fit $5
Wii Music $3
Wii Play $10
Wii Sports (Disc only) $20
Wii Sports (Cardboard Sleeve and Disc) $25
Wii Sports Resort $30
Wonder World: Amusement Park $5
Zoo Hospital (Case and Disc) $5
Zumba Fitness 2 $3
Wii U (CIB unless noted)
Disney Infinity (No manual) $5
Disney Infinity 2.0 $5
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (No manual) $5
Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Course (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2015 $5
Just Dance 2015 (Disc only) $3
Just Dance 2016 $5
Just Dance 2016 (No manual) $5
Just Dance 2017 (No manual) $5
Lego: The Movie Videogame $5
Madden 13 $10
Minecraft: Wii U Edition $15
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventure (Disc and manual) $10
Skylanders: Super Chargers (No manual) $5
Skylanders: Trap Team (No manual) $5
Smurfs 2 $20
Splatoon $15
Super Mario 3D World (No manual) $15
Nintendo Switch (CIB unless noted)
Gundam G: Generations Crossrays (JPN) (Cartridge only) $40
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild $45
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Cartridge only) $35
Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Paper Mario: The Origami King $35
Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Pokemon: Shining Pearl (JPN) (Cartridge only) $25
Super Mario Party (JPN) (Cartridge only) $20
Gameboy (Cartridge only)
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 $5
Donkey Kong (1994) $20
Game & Watch Gallery $10
In Your Face $5
Monopoly $5
Xenon 2 $30
Gameboy Color (Cartridge only)
A Bug's Life $5
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 4 $20
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX $45
Mario Tennis $15
Rampage: World Tour $5
Gameboy Advance (Cartridge only unless noted)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $5
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe $4
Disney Princess $5
Finding Nemo: The Continuing Adventures $5
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events $5
Mega Man Zero 2 $35
Midnight Club Street Racing $5
Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (Box and manual, no game) $10
Nicktoons Unite (Box and manual, no game) $7
Pac-Man Collection $5
Spider-Man (Box and manual, no game) $15
Spyro: Season of Ice $7
Star Wars: The New Droid Army $5
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $45
The Sims: Bustin' Out $15
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 $10
Nintendo DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
50 Classic Games (CIB) $5
Avatar: The Last Airbender $15
Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush $3
Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp $5
Brain Age $3
Cars: MaterNational Championships $5
Deer Drive $5
Diner Dash: Flo on the Go (CIB) $15
Final Fantasy III (CIB) $25
Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue $5
Insecticide $5
Madden 08 $5
Madden 09 $10
Major League Baseball 2K11 $5
Mario Party DS $10
My French Coach (CIB) $5
Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends $5
Nintendogs (PAL) $5
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (CIB) $5
Puss in Boots (CIB) $5
Quest Trio (CIB) $5
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing $8
Spore: Creatures (CIB) $10
Zubo $5
Nintendo 3DS (Cartridge only unless noted)
Code Name: STEAM $5
Miitopia $20
The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins $5
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Cartridge only) $15
Tomodachi Life (Case and Cartridge) $40
Wario Ware Gold $35
Wipeout 2 (CIB) $5
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2023.06.05 19:45 ColonelFedj Scott Wheeler's 2023 Draft Rankings
I know a lot of us are all aboard the Fantilli hype train, but we were all aboard the Bedard hype train too until that didn't pan out. I figure it would be good to get excited about other guys we might take at 2OA incase GMPV isn't thinking Fantilli is the right choice. So I pulled some snippets from Scott Wheeler's article ranking the top 100 players in the 2023 Draft.
(excerpts will be written like this)
Here's where he ranks the top 5 skaters: Tier 1 1.) Bedard- 5'10 185lbs Obviously in a tier of his own, unfortunately is likely Chicago's.
Tier 2 2.) Michkov- 5'10 172lbs He has Michkov rated as the 2nd best player but admits that the uncertainty around his ability to leave Russian is cause for concern.
3.) Fantilli- 6'2 195lbs
Profile Fantilli is a big, strong, powerful center who takes pucks from the wall to the interior with force, ease and speed — the kind of player every team covets. He can beat you along the wall on the cycle. He can beat you carrying the puck in rotations around the perimeter of the offensive zone. He can beat you by pushing through lanes to the middle third, driving the net, or dropping a shoulder to take space that isn’t there. He can beat you flying out wide. He has regularly blown me away in viewings these last couple of years (at Hockey Canada’s showcase two summers ago, in games where he looked like a man among boys in the USHL, and again at various points throughout his historic, Hobey Baker-winning freshman year at Michigan).
And even at 6-foot-2 and about 195 pounds, he’s one of the best skaters in this draft. It’s not often we see players his size who can move like him. His skating is balanced. It’s powerful when it needs to be and light and adjustable when it needs to be. Within his movement patterns, he can handle the puck on a string and shade opposing defenders off his hip. He’s going to be a transition monster. On top of it all, he’s physical, he’s a fiery competitor, he’ll get after it on forecheck and track pucks, he plays with energy, and he’ll pounce on turnovers and be opportunistic. He can score from midrange consistently with his low-kick wrister and one-timer, he’s got an ability to protect the puck in and out of coverage, he’s got a dangerous curl-and-drag wrister, and he’s comfortable in traffic. When he’s on, he can completely take over a game.
He also shed some of the force-it plays this year that could frustrate me and others at lower levels (he made better decisions on shot selection, overhandled less, and utilized his linemates better). I think he’s going to play in the NHL next year and be successful on raw ability from the jump. And I wasn’t deterred from that belief by his low point totals at men’s worlds. Once he refines and rounds out his game some more and adds more muscle as he ages, watch out.
4.) Carlsson- 6'2 198lbs
Profile Though he doesn’t play the game with some of the shine of the three players in front of him, Carlsson had a tremendous age-adjusted season between his play with Orebro in the SHL (including in the playoffs), at the world juniors (where he was one of Sweden’s top forwards despite playing sick/banged up), and then for the senior men’s national team for the first time (a team he is now the youngest player to ever score for), even considering his December 2004 birthday. This all came a year after playing to virtually two points per game at the J20 level (he looked good in an important role as a top-nine centre for Sweden at U18 worlds before an injury kept him out of their medal-round run to a gold medal, too).
Carlsson’s a big kid who has begun to come into his body (he’s 6-foot-3 and 198 pounds), but he’s also got slick handling and finesse for a forward his size, regularly finding his way through traffic or around it by out-waiting defenders one-on-one in shielded puck protection off of his hip. He stays on pucks, he’s got great instincts and takes smart routes around the ice, he’s sound positionally, he applies pressure off of the puck and comes up with possession despite not being very physical, and he just always seems to be involved in positive things inside the offensive zone. His skating also continues to improve (he’s not fast, but he’s an above-average skater for his size by my measure and it shouldn’t be preventative in him reaching his NHL upside). His long stick can limit him catching and handling pucks in his feet at times, and he doesn’t have a great shot, but those things should come, he’s got soft hands and standout finesse skill as a passer, and he’s got great dexterity and reflexes all told.
Carlsson’s also one of the smartest players in the draft and understands spacing and timing on and off the puck at an advanced level for his age. And while he played almost exclusively as a winger in the SHL the last two seasons, Carlsson came up as a centre and I like the way his game might fit there long term because of his combination of size, detail, talent and awareness. He projects as a pass-first playmaking centre with a middle-six floor, first-line potential, and clear PP value (in multiple roles, too, because he’s great around the net and below the goal line passing low to high, but can also run it from the flank).
5.) Smith- 6'0 181lbs He's been shooting up a ton of draft boards, and even though he hasn't cracked the top 3 in any that I've seen yet, I wouldn't be surprised if he does the closer we get to the draft.
(Sorry if the formatting sucks, I'm on moblue while on break at work lmao)
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2023.06.05 19:28 Zealousideal_Abies94 Skates

Firstly, how long have you been playing? Second, when you guys are airing out your stuff, why do you take the soles and the blades out of your skates?
I’ve been playing hockey for 30 years and I rarely if ever do this.
Lastly, I was born with no sense of smell.
EDIT - One more thing. I rarely if ever buy new skates. Always find something worth while at my local Play It Again. And only buy new skates every 10-15 years. So that’s a little insight in my mentality.
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2023.06.05 17:11 Sulphure885 New Players or Returning Players

Hello everyone!
I used to play a lot of hockey as a kid. My Grandad was an off-ice official for a minor league team, I attended their camps and played a lot of street hockey. In short life happens and we moved and I haven’t played in an organized setting in 18 years, and I haven't played at all in 12 years.
Recently, I found a rink close by that has a Men's league and I've decided to pick it back up. I'm going to the ice 2-3 times a week, attending stick times to work on things again, and I've felt like a newborn baby deer first learning how to walk. But, I've finally after about 15 hours on the ice finally got a hockey stop back.
So I wanted to share with you all what I've learned so far in this process, and hopefully, it can help someone else.
Hockey Sticks - The last stick I owned was 3 pieces - Plug at the top, aluminum shaft, and a screw that went into a composite or fiberglass almost type material blade. Things have changed a lot.
My suggestion is, instead of going off "recommended flex rating charts", if you're going to buy a $350-400 stick, I have a few options to consider.
Look at buying 2-3 other entry-level sticks with different kick points, different flex points, and try 1 or 2 blade options. Up to that $350 range, find what you like, then buy a nice stick in the price range you want once you figure out what works best for you.
Just starting back, I was recommended a 102 flex, and I can barely get the 87 flex I bought to bend out of the gate. If you don’t want to “experiment” with $400, then go to a shop with synthetic ice and try to get a stick to flex. Keep in mind, the synthetic ice has a higher friction coefficient, so you need to go down to get the same feel on the ice.
Also, go to stick time at your local rink, talk with some of the guys in the locker room, and see if they'll let you try their stick for a few shots and see what you like.
Equipment - Equipment has changed a lot and apparently now changes close to every June. I bought what was the closeout for last year's model, and it's better than what we had before, and I like it.
One thing I would say is to go to a pro shop and try it on. I did multiple measurements online and went to a pro shop, and I almost always went down 1 size. Example: I have big hands and short fingers, so when you measure from your middle finger to your wrist, if your middle finger doesn’t touch your wrist (on a closed palm) you’ll be a size too large. Like your finger won’t line up with the breaks in the padding.
Jerseys and Pants - If you're a bigger guy like myself (6' and over 240), good luck in standard Bauer cuts and tapered fits in other lines. CCM Tacks has a 2XL pant that's a "classic" cut. You can get a set of suspenders with them, and you can use those from 250-300+ lbs. They aren't too long; they have good breathability to them and are less than $150. CCM jerseys fit well if you're a bigger guy. For 250-300, a 2XL fits great with pads.
Skates - First of all, go to an actual store with a 3D scanner. I tried measuring three times, taking multiple ratios, and using the foot outline technique, but it still didn't work for me. I ordered a set of skates online and they were a full size too big with a standard cut when I needed a wide. Then, I went to a pro shop with no scanner, and even though the guy had been doing it for years, he still gave me a skate that was half a size too big and half a size too narrow. Finally, I went to a Bauer Fit center and found out I was actually a size 8.5 with a High Volume Wide cut boot.
So, my suggestion is, if you haven't been in skates in a long time and have no idea what your boot size is, buy CCMs. They have a 60+ exchange policy on their skates, and no one else will take their stuff back once it's been baked / sharpened. In short, if you can wear a "Puma," you'll probably have little to no issues. But if you need a "NewBalance Wide," you'll probably go through a few pairs before you find the right one. Just go with a company that allows you to swap stuff out before you get stuck with paperweights.
Overall, my advice is to do a lot of research and take it with a grain of salt because what works for others may not work for you. Keep your original boxes and don't make any customizations or modifications until you're sure you're keeping something, and keep the original boxes for the duration of their return windows, just in case.
Hope this helps, Someone!
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2023.06.05 13:09 eugene8080 What shin guards are these?

What shin guards are these?
Saw a hockey coach with these small shinguards on IG. I was looking for something small like this to throw in a small bag with my skates for public skate or shinny too.
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2023.06.05 05:19 Comfortable_Hat5699 Blade Sharpening in Northern California

Hey everyone! Looking to find my long-term partnership with a sharpener. Right now I go to Avanta in Hayward and I really like them! They've been great to me, but there are some mixed feelings from some of the coaches I work with. Right now I'm in Matrix Legacy Blades—I'm aware that there's a unique mount for them. I'm also considering the future where I'd invest in JW Gold Seals. Some other places I've heard of but haven't gone to yet:
Any other places or reviews would be greatly appreciated!
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