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2021.03.21 18:04 RageAgainstTheSurge PerfectALARM

PerfectALARM is an offshoot of ArchLinuxARM aiming to help new users set up Arch Linux ARM for the ARM devices, especially the Raspberry Pi 4B and Zero W.

2010.08.12 13:27 Steiner69er Ever wake up and this "internal alarm" in your head counts down before your "actual alarm" goes off


2023.06.01 08:08 Udayk02 Related to CPU usage

I have developed a project which involves two modules. In one module I have an onnx model of all-MiniLM-L6-v2 for getting the embeddings. On another, I have FCoref (Roberta - biu-nlp/fcoref). I have created a flask app for both to provide API and put this into docker images. I have run 24 docker containers of the first module and assigned each container to 1 core of the CPU being used. 2 containers of the second module are run and each container is assigned to 10 cores of the CPU. CPU contains 64 cores. So, I have used 24 + 20 = 44 cores. Remaining 20 cores are free. (Here, each module can be seen as a cluster of containers. 24 containers of first module form a cluster and 2 containers of the second module form a cluster. CPU affinity is set using cpuset option in docker compose) Both the clusters are being load balanced using HAProxy.
I have now ran a load test.
I'm not getting why the inference speed is increased. The cores assigned to them are different and there is no shared memory to the docker containers. Each container has it's own memory. But, the inference speed is increasing when both the clusters are being used at the same time to their potential.
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2023.06.01 08:08 Def_Not_Rabid I’ve slowly been realizing how much of my parenting is just a trauma response

I’m just trying to process this all so bare with me and hear me out. This is going to start out sounding braggy but just be patient. I’m a mess. I promise.
I am, for all intents and purposes, one of those super moms. I’m a single mother to autistic twin 3.5 year olds. We have a set schedule and a routine that we follow (and I will fight you if you try to mess with our routine or our schedule). I have a little Montessori closet/dressing station and kitchen set up that we use religiously so my girls know how to get the things we need to eat/get out the door. We have a pretty little weekly routine calendar with photo tiles I hand made. I have snacks prepared and portioned and meals for the week ready to go. My fridge is full of mason jars of rinsed and cut fruit and vegetables. My car has an emergency snack bag, a travel toy box, and a “what if all of us fell into the river and then had to go to church immediately after” disaster bag (we don’t go to church but what if). My girls attend therapy daily and they’re known as the girls with the pretty little coordinating outfits and the homemade organic snacks and the yuppie lunches and all that jazz.
And if you had told me five years ago that that’s who I and my children would be, I would have laughed in your face. If you have hinted at that future to my friends or my family or my (now ex-) husband (their father), they would have questioned your sanity. And they would have been right to do so.
But the thing is, then I had twins. I thought I was prepared. I worked in the two year old room in daycare. I could handle 15 two-year-olds solo (ratio is 8:1 but if you have two adults in a room and one adult has to change diapers, that leaves the other adult to manage the remaining 15), two should’ve been nothing. I had twins, and their dad checked out.
He didn’t leave. That probably would’ve been better. He just mentally checked out. For their first 3 months he handled one feeding a day (the one immediately after he got home from work), but then he decided he didn’t want them so I took over everything. For the next 15 months I did everything while he either went to work or sat in the house and pouted.
And all this time, I was just trying to keep my babies alive and him not upset. That’s all I wanted. But all this time I was in reaction mode. I was constantly needing four hands and having only two. I was constantly listening to one of my babies cry and knowing if I had just planned better, if I had just had their bottle or pacifier or toy ready and within arms reach, it wouldn’t matter that I was pinned helping their sister and I would’ve been able to help her faster. And while I listened to my babies cry, I would also know that their dad was listening and getting angry that a baby was crying. Not out of concern for our baby—if he were concerned he could’ve gotten up and come into the room and helped—but because a baby crying is loud and annoying and I was taking too long to make it stop.
And then I kicked him out of the house. And then I realized I actually could get my girls involved in early intervention services. Because all this time my daughters had also been failing their developmental screeners and he’d been refusing to allow them to get evaluated. And it turns out they both were 75% delayed across the board. So not only was I taking care of twin toddlers by myself, but I was also taking care of twin toddlers with the danger awareness, motor skills, communication skills, social skills, and self help skills of infants by myself. So we started all of the therapies and now I was doing the work of an occupational therapist, speech therapist, physical therapist, and behavioral therapist for two tiny humans 24/7 by myself. And the only way I could manage was to throw myself 100% into being ready and prepared.
We set our routines and schedules because my girls didn’t have the receptive language to understand verbal instructions, but they did have the pattern recognition to willingly follow along with the same set steps every day. We made our visual calendar so I could point to how the day was going to go. We prepped our meals and snacks so I could get them one handed while dealing with a meltdown. We built up our car stashes so I could handle meltdowns by myself no matter where we were and still get to where we were going looking presentable. We have our little kitchen set up so the girls can pick their plates and utensils and I can avoid the meltdown. I dress my girls in cute little coordinating outfits and feed them homemade and organic and sugar free because that’s the one tiny thing I have control over (don’t worry they will absolutely get to choose individual outfits the second they care—right now they just both love the same things so they’re happy wearing the same type of outfits in different colors. And they still get fun food too I’m making sure it doesn’t turn into an eating disorder for them type deal).
I am accused of being uptight and militant. I look uptight and militant. And impressive. I look like super mom. It looks like I’ve got it all together. But honestly, I’m hanging by a thread. I do all these things because I’m terrified. I’m terrified that if I’m not prepared, if I haven’t set the schedule and the routine and given my girls the tools to help me help them, we’ll slide back into those dark days (that I’ve honestly mostly blocked out) where my babies were crying and I just had to listen to them because I didn’t have enough hands and I wasn’t prepared ahead of time for what they’d need.
So, yeah. It’s been years since those days where my infants were crying and I just did not have enough hands and I still get a pit in my stomach at the idea of messing with my routines or my systems. I go into emergency preparedness mode. I start planning for every change months in advance to make sure I never go back to those days. It’s fine, I guess. It works. My daughters are happy and healthy and thriving. They’re getting ready to graduate from ABA therapy and move on to regular preschool with no interventions. And I do manage to do things outside our routine. As I type this we’re halfway across the US starting in my ex’s grandparents’ house for a visit because they’d never met the girls and I wasn’t sure if my ex would get around to ever making the trip. We did the three hour flight and six hour drive just the three of us. I just could do without the constant anxiety.
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2023.06.01 08:08 musashix Last dps phase solo flawless...

Im on my 7th attempt and 1hr 20 min into the Ghosts dungeon going for solo flawless. Easy run so far, just setting up the 6th and final dps phase of the last boss....
server disconnect >_> #!@%!$@& off Bungie. You owe me a damn emblem. /wrists
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2023.06.01 08:08 westcoaststyle [USA-CA] [H] OLED Switch dock; Zelda: TotK CE art book; DualSense/Xbox controllers; Shantae PS5; Gaming steelbooks [W] PayPal, Venmo, Nintendo Wii

Hey all, I have the following items for sale. Will ship within two business days after payment is received. Due to my 400+ transaction flair, F&F/Venmo is preferred to avoid fees. I believe I'm the first to hit 400 on this subreddit. :)
Most prices are negotiable and pictures are available upon request. DO NOT PM me without coming to a deal in this thread first. You will be ignored. Thanks for looking!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some items for sale:
Asking Price Item Platform
$60 shipped OLED dock (white) + power and HDMI cables Nintendo Switch
$60 shipped Zelda: TotK Collector's Edition Art Book Nintendo Switch
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the following NIB items available:
Asking Price Item Platform
$100 shipped Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (Series 2) - White Xbox Series X / S
$75 shipped Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Collector's Edition Sony PlayStation 5
$75 shipped Shantae Risky's Revenge Collector's Edition Sony PlayStation 5
$55 shipped Midnight Black DualSense Controller Sony PlayStation 5
$40 shipped Electric Volt controller Xbox Series X / S
$35 shipped Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Sony PlayStation 5
$35 shipped Shantae Risky's Revenge Sony PlayStation 5
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the following steelbooks (no game included unless otherwise noted) available ($5 per case + $5 shipping OBO):
Asking Price Item Platform
$40 shipped Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle (NIB - game included)
$15 shipped Shadow of the Tomb Raider (NIB - game included)
$10 shipped Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition
$10 shipped Doom Eternal
$10 shipped Just Cause 4
$10 shipped Need for Speed
$10 shipped Sifu Vengeance Edition
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibly interested in a Nintendo Wii (to replace my old one that got water damaged) preferably with the GameCube ports with at least two Wiimotes. Let me know what you've got!
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2023.06.01 08:08 clearfield11 5 month old WILL. NOT. SLEEP.

My second child is 5 months old and will not sleep and quite frankly, it’s starting to drive me insane.
My first daughter sleeps like a dream and always has (currently 2 yrs old). She was sleeping through the night at 4 months old and has always taken long, very predictable naps. She was a formula baby.
My second daughter is now 5 months old and I can’t for the life of me get her to sleep during the day or night time. She’s up every 1-3 hours at night so I haven’t slept longer than 2.5 hrs at once in over 5 months. She will sleep 8:30pm-8:30am, waking up 7-8 times per night to feed or fuss. She will not nap during the day unless it’s a contact nap, but I have a toddler so I can’t physically do that all day long. She gets short naps during the day, maybe 15-30 minutes if we are lucky. I’ve tried setting her down for naps but she just screams her head off until I pick her back up again.
This baby is EBF. Trying to save money since I got fired 2 weeks before my maternity leave this time around (lucky me). I’m a SAHM to my 2 girls while dad is gone working during the day, hence why I’m the one up at night as well. Baby won’t take a bottle, either.
I’m desperate for some advice. I have no idea what to do and I’m going crazy! It’s not even midnight and I’m already up for the third time. And yes, I try to sleep when baby sleeps but it’s still not enough. I’m exhausted all the time!
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2023.06.01 08:07 ll--o--ll US set to allow General Electric to make engines in India for New Delhi's military jets

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2023.06.01 08:07 lilpopjim0 Differences between an Aero Designer, and an Aerodynamicist? (factory based)

The main differences I can imagine is that an aerodynamicist figures the mass flows through cooling ductwork, wing performance, aerodynamic balance of the vehicle and CoP location and migration. They set specifications for the new parts and alter these specifications based on CFD/ wind tunnel data.
A designer is the person who designs the concepts the aerodynamicist's thinks of, and revises the models and parts based on results and requirements, as well as detailing how they are to be manufactured etc.
Does the aero designer have any say in how the car is to be designed from an aerodynamic point of view, or is it strictly a role where they just simply design the surfaces and packaging for the aerodynamic devices?
How technical is the role of an Aero Designer, vs the technical role of an aerodynamicist
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2023.06.01 08:07 catistix My (20M) roommate (22M) is ruining my relationship with my partner (18NB)

And it’s not gonna be how you think.
For context: I am autistic. I have a very low social battery, I work full time at a customer service heavy job which eats up 99% of my energy, I don’t really have any friends because I just do not have the energy to speak with them, but it’s easier speaking to my partner because they are the only person I can unmask around. Also to add, I am below the poverty line and I’m barely making it, I eat like 1-2 times a week to make up for this.
To start, I moved across the country to be with my partner. They still live at home for the time being because they’re still in school and their family isn’t very welcoming or trans-friendly (they’re not out to their family, I am FTM and have to “girlmode” whenever I go over there), I live in an apartment have for over a year. My last roommate ending up moving away so I got a new one earlier this year and at first, everything seemed okay.
Here’s the issue: It is not okay. He is a child. I don’t get more than 30 seconds of alone time if we’re both home and awake. In my room? He barges in, or knocks obsessively if it’s locked. I go outside? He follows, and if he doesn’t follow he will set out on an adventure to find me. I go to work? He visits me! I go to the laundry room? Followed. Gas station? Followed. Bathroom? Oh, I can’t even use it because me stepping outside my room is an invitation to hang out to him, I will have to wait hours to piss because he will just talk to me nonstop. He overfeeds my cats and I tried talking to him about it and he just guilt tripped me with “You hate me. You’re mad at me” so I know discussing the whole stalking thing will not work.
Not only that, but I am basically his maid. Yesterday I came home from work to a pile of chicken nuggets on the couch (my cats literally roam free, that is so unsafe) and a bottle of ketchup wedged between the cushions. He’s stained pretty much everything with hair dye or some sort of food. He steals my dishes and doesn’t clean them and they pile up im the sink to the point some stuff has molded before. I pay for everything like toilet paper and trash bags and if I run out of money and can’t pay for them, he just throws trash on the ground (he already does that with trash bags present, to be fair) or uses paper towels as toilet paper all while buying himself snacks at the gas station, so I know he has some money.
He is eating at my energy. I am a full time employee and a full time parent to a man who is older than me. By the time I’m finally alone and he’s gone to work, I’m 101% tuckered out and cannot speak even if I tried. This is genuinely fucking with my relationship, because I don’t have any energy to speak to my partner. I just get irritable and angry. I literally started relentlessly screaming at my charger last night when it fell out of the charging hole because I was so frustrated with work + my roommate, I just cannot do it. I cannot balance all 3. The issue is, I need this roommate or I will be on the streets, same with my job. I cannot break the lease because it is 2x the rent and I don’t even make enough for my half of the rent, I am consistently in the negatives.
My relationship is completely fine outside of this. We were doing great. Then my roommate moved in. And I cannot get my mind off anything else, as you’ll see from my post history, because it’s almost 24/7. He works nights so I don’t even get alone time because I’m sleeping most of the time he’s working. This is genuinely ruining our relationship, my partner has expressed sadness that we rarely talk but they understand the situation (They despise my roommate and would totally confront him if I gave them permission, but seeing as I live with this guy I don’t wanna cause stuff).
I don’t know what to do. I guess I need advice in both relationship aspects, but mainly with my partner because I genuinely cannot confront people even when I want to, I go nonverbal as a symptom of my autism and I already know he guilt trips me if I try to communicate. I’m genuinely losing my sanity. I have become the most angry and frustrated person on the planet and I’ve never had an angry bone in my body before this. I just want my relationship to be okay again but I know if I talk to my partner more than I can, I’ll lash out, so my only option is to just not talk to them but that’s bad too. Please help
TLDR: Roommate doesn’t give me any privacy and basically treats me like a maid/parent and it’s destroying my energy along with my job, and I have no energy for my partner anymore but I’m out of options
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2023.06.01 08:06 No_Situation9535 Exploring the Timeless Luxury of Davidoff Cigars

In the world of premium cigars, few names command as much respect and admiration as Davidoff. Established in 1911, Davidoff has been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and unparalleled luxury. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Davidoff cigars have become the preferred choice of discerning aficionados around the globe. In this off-page blog, we delve into the fascinating world of Davidoff cigars, exploring their history, craftsmanship, and the unique experience they offer.
  1. A Legacy of Excellence: Davidoff’s story begins with its founder, Zino Davidoff, a passionate tobacco enthusiast who dedicated his life to crafting the finest cigars. Zino’s relentless pursuit of perfection and his commitment to using only the finest tobacco leaves laid the foundation for the brand’s exceptional reputation. Today, Davidoff cigars continue to be meticulously handcrafted using a blend of carefully selected tobacco leaves, resulting in a range of cigars that epitomize elegance and refinement.
  2. Uncompromising Quality: What sets Davidoff cigars apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. From the moment the tobacco seeds are sown to the final stages of production, every step is carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail. The tobacco is sourced from renowned regions, ensuring that only the best leaves make it into the final blend. Expert blenders and rollers work tirelessly to create cigars that offer a harmonious balance of flavors, complexity, and smoothness. This uncompromising commitment to quality has made Davidoff a benchmark for excellence in the cigar industry.
  3. Signature Blends: Davidoff offers a diverse range of cigars, each meticulously crafted to cater to different preferences and occasions. The brand’s portfolio includes classic lines such as the Davidoff Signature Series, known for its refined and subtle flavors. For those seeking a bolder experience, the Davidoff Nicaragua line offers a rich and complex taste profile, showcasing the distinct flavors of Nicaraguan tobacco. The Davidoff Millennium Blend is another standout range, featuring a harmonious blend of Dominican tobaccos aged for up to a decade. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned aficionado, there’s a Davidoff cigar to suit every palate.
  4. The Davidoff Experience: Smoking a Davidoff cigar is more than just enjoying a premium tobacco product; it’s an experience that engages all the senses. The cigars are meticulously constructed, with impeccable attention to detail, resulting in a smooth draw and an even burn. The flavors are nuanced and complex, evolving throughout the smoking journey. The aroma is captivating, filling the air with a delicate bouquet. Davidoff cigars create an atmosphere of sophistication and indulgence, allowing smokers to savor moments of relaxation and contemplation.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability: Davidoff is not only dedicated to creating exceptional cigars but also to sustainable practices. The company is actively involved in various initiatives to promote responsible tobacco cultivation, environmental conservation, and community development. By prioritizing sustainability, Davidoff ensures that their cigars not only provide pleasure to consumers but also contribute positively to the world.


Davidoff cigars embody the pinnacle of luxury, elegance, and craftsmanship in the world of premium cigars. With a rich history, unwavering commitment to quality, and an unparalleled smoking experience, Davidoff continues to set the standard for excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of cigars, indulging in a Davidoff cigar promises a journey of refined flavors and unforgettable moments. Experience the timeless allure of Davidoff and elevate your cigar-smoking experience to new heights.
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2023.06.01 08:06 DerWolfDenGaming Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game [Saturdays][1:00PM EST][SPG][Campaign][Roll20][Zoom][Discord][20$] Would you like to enlist?

Game listing:
About the adventure:
It is the 23rd century and humanity spans the galaxy, however humanity has also learned that they are not alone among the stars...
Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game "The Pluto Campaign" will cover the signing up, training, and eventual launch of a squad of mobile infantry into a campaign against a new and never before seen enemy, the Arachnid Empire or as they are more commonly called "The Bugs." In cannon this will take place a number of years prior to the events of the book and the movie.
The story will be told in three relative acts:
Finishing high school and signing up for military service. (Intro to the setting) Basic Training (Learning how to be a mobile infantryman) The Pluto Campaign to retake the planet from and unknow and new enemy. (Spoiler: It's The Bugs.) (Fight for your lives) Remember civilians, service guarantees citizenship!
Would you like to enlist?
I will provide all the needed rulebooks and custom tokens for each player as well as one on one guidance with the system, setting and roll20 as needed. I have designed a custom character sheet for use in roll20 that will handle all of the rolling and macro generation for the game.
If you have any questions or would like to know more do not hesitate to reach out to me on Discord! DerWolf#0001
Happy gaming!
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2023.06.01 08:06 KobzE71 What set should I have for BanKarin?

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2023.06.01 08:06 OkBad2804 I’d Rather An ALL-KILL Map Than Have To Suffer Another Second On RPD For Both Sides

I just want a cool ass neon setting, be it indoor or outdoor. There could be a stage, maybe the torture room where Trickster gets his samples, or even Yun Jin’s studio/office. I’d give every organ in my body not necessary for survival to get RPD removed with its stupid long corridors and safe pallets and its puzzling gen spawns.
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2023.06.01 08:06 Strengthwars Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members

Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members
Do you ever lie awake at night wondering who those missing Justice League designations are in Season 4? No? Just me? Well, anyway--
Young Justice: Phantoms told another satisfying story that reflected on and wrapped up threads connecting as far back as the first season while also doing some exciting new world-building (or galaxy-building on the cosmic side). One element of this included the expansion of the Justice League roster, which is a show staple and has happened every season. Invasion's five-year time skip added Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Black Lightning, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Zatanna, and Rocket, even if Ted was dead by the time the season began. As the galactic efforts of the team expanded, Outsiders' shorter two-year time skip brought about a much bigger expansion with ten members. Even though we never got to see Fire or Magog, even by Phantoms, we did learn about their place on the League by the end of the third season. Alas, the fourth, despite giving us some info and clues, did not reveal the full list of the expanded roster by the end of its run.
Here's what we know:
  • La'gaan is granted the title of Aquaman and invited to join the Justice League in "Leviathan Wakes" on July 3rd, 2020.
  • In "Death and Rebirth", during the wedding of Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz on September 16th, 2020, La'gaan/Aquaman is heard zeta-ing in under the designation 45.
  • Steel was designated 36 in Season 3 and represented the final member of those who joined between Invasion and Outsiders.
  • Metamorpho is seemingly folded into the Justice League during "Nevermore" at the end of Season 3 when Batman Inc. rejoins with the rest of the groups, including Metamorpho and Orphan -- who were recruited specially to Batman's effort and weren't originally members of the League or Team. We see in Season 4 that Orphan is designated B-36, after the last known Season 3 designations, meaning it's likely Metamorpho is 37 on the League front.
  • The "Foreign Affairs" tie-in comic set after Season 4 confirms that Cyborg is designated 39.
  • Series co-creator Greg Weisman has stated that the designation ordering for a batch of members that all join at the same time (as was typical for the aforementioned waves in previous seasons) is determined by those heroes' debut order. As seen in “Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!” during Season 4, Zatara joined the League alongside Captain Atom, Black Canary, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Captain Marvel, and Red Tornado. They were designated in that order because it is the order they became heroes, which is proven by how Zatara was one of the earliest, debuting the same year as Superman. And again, regardless, this has all been confirmed by creator comment.
  • We see Victor Stone become Cyborg in February 2019 and join the Outsiders toward the end of Season 3.
  • With the unusual exceptions of La'gaan and likely Jay Garrick, who seem to join at particular intervals, new Justice League members tend to join in collective batches, as exemplified with Zatara's wave or the other aforementioned ones. Though we do not have confirmation as to when exactly Cyborg joined the League, it is likely that he was recruited alongside another few heroes in the short gap between Seasons 3 and 4.
  • All this to say that Cyborg's placement as 39 in this new wave that goes up to 43 or 44 means that all new Justice Leaguers but one debut BETWEEN February 2019 and February 2020. We are dealing with a fresh batch of heroes that we would not have seen costumed in previous seasons... but that we may have already seen in civilian form.
  • If we assume Metamorpho is 37 for the sake of argument, as it's unconfirmed but seems likely, 38 and 40-44 are all unknown designations. But we know from Season 4 that Flash (Jay Garrick) and an unknown Green Lantern occupy at least two of them.
So... for anyone still with me, who might fill those remaining slots? I have a few thoughts:
Jay is probably 44 and joined outside the other six.
The first thing to acknowledge is which character has that mysterious 38 slot preceding Cyborg. That slot means that the first hero to join the League after Season 3, assuming they joined alongside Vic, was someone who had become a hero prior to February 2019. Obviously, Jay Garrick became a hero quite a bit earlier, in 1940 to be exact, and was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. We learn in Season 4's "Leviathan Wakes" that he has become a member of the more modern Justice League and see him on his very first mission nearly two months later in the next episode. These time discrepancies are odd, but Jay is a long-time hero and it's not unreasonable to hazard that he may have joined outside of the normal League recruitment schedule. They no doubt would have been happy to accommodate him at his own pace. This, plus the fact that his first mission wasn't until August 2020 when we know the main recruitment wave happened prior to February, leads me to suspect that Jay joined more recently compared to the mentioned episodes and that he is designated 44. It's possible that he's 38, but that would eliminate all the interesting possibilities of longer-standing heroes who may have become Leaguers by the fourth season...

Rocket Red (Dmitri Pushkin)
Dmitri is a Justice League member in the comics and we saw him don his Rocket Red armor for the first time during Season 3's "Leverage", set on November 17th, 2018 -- a few months prior to Vic's becoming Cyborg. Now, the Rocket Red Brigade in YJ is a Russian superhero organization and Dmitri especially doesn't take kindly to American espionage/intervention. He wants to rival the Justice League, not join it... at least at that time. Could he have changed his mind in the following year or so? Perhaps. I'll circle back to this for my next idea, but in the credits scene of “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!” in Season 4, we see Black Lightning and Superman discussing the forthcoming Justice League Reserves and a screen displaying potential recruits. In addition to this, Superman notes that "Russia has more Rocket Reds" as an idea for further recruitment. His use of more is interesting, as it potentially signifies that there is already a Rocket Red within their circles. However, given Dmitri's characterization from what little we saw of him and what we know the Rocket Red Brigade's nationalist goals seem to be here, it's equally possible and perhaps more likely that the "more" simply refers to the membership beyond Dmitri and his superior, Olga Ilyich, whom all the heroes would have learned about in Season 3, given that it was a Team mission reporting to the League. Perhaps a Rocket Red or two made it into the Reserves, but I'm betting the 38 designation actually belongs to a different character...

Many of you may know Cliff Steele/Robotman from the acclaimed Doom Patrol show, and he made his first true appearance in Season 4's "Emergency Dive" after an illusion of sorts in the third season. In YJ, Robotman was a founding member of the Doom Patrol in 2011 and died with the rest of his crew in 2015. In Season 3, during an episode set in 2018, Beast Boy's dream sequence seems to indicate that he still believes Robotman to be dead. But Robotman is a living human brain stuck in a metal body, and we learn in the fourth season that said robot head was recovered and that Cliff has slowly been working himself out of the depression stemming from losing his team and spending years at the bottom of a river. Whether that's the exact timeline of events is a bit in question, but we know that by Season 4, Robotman is up and running and ready to help Gar despite still facing struggles. Cliff is not typically a Justice League member in other mediums, but neither is Zatara, Rocket, or Magog. One of the best things about YJ is how it remixes and reimagines typical continuity, and in the world of Earth-16 where the League is the premiere superhero organization that it is, it makes sense that they'd properly take in Robotman. We know that he's able to utilize Black Canary's mental health services, as he is a key example she brings up in "Death and Rebirth" as to why she wants to organize a proper sanctuary for struggling heroes who need to work on themselves. Given his ties to the hero community in 2020, I find it strange that Cliff would not be featured on this screen:
The pictured Justice League Reserve candidates in “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!”
Black Lightning and Superman conveniently cover up two of the slots, but it seems far more likely that was done to avoid showing characters the creative team didn't have designs for rather than the ones they did, don't you think? So my question is, if Robotman is so connected to the superhero community as they support his recovery, why would he not be on speed dial for the next crisis via this Reserves setup? Or at least be in contention? I think a very likely answer is that Robotman cannot be a Reserve member because he is already a regular member of the Justice League, specifically under designation 38, as he debuted in 2011 and would have joined alongside Cyborg. While he's still on a journey of recovery, Robotman seems up and running enough (pun intended) by Season 4 that I don't think it's too much of a stretch to propose that he's joined the team proper. But beyond that elusive 38 slot, I do have one more guess to propose as to another member of Cyborg's wave who could have become a hero after him...

In Season 3, we are introduced to teenage interview show host Courtney Whitmore. Sometime during 2019, she acquired a Cosmic Staff and became Stargirl, as we see her as a member of the Outsiders during Season 4. For anyone familiar with Courtney's DC Universe/CW show, you'll know that Courtney is a legacy hero and that her uncle, Pat Dugan, is a critical part of that journey. Pat was a sidekick back in his younger days and, in the comics and Stargirl show, suits up in a robotic suit of armor as an adult to aid Courtney as her sidekick. Thanks to the recent Young Justice: Targets tie-in comic series showing us Green Arrow flashbacks to 2010 and the time frame of Season 1, we know that Pat Dugan and his old mentor Sylvester Pemberton exist... as Star City traffic reporters rather than heroes (at least at that time). It seems like Courtney's E-16 legacy may be more of a media one than a heroic one, but her Stargirl persona persists and so it's not impossible that her uncle may have his suit as well. While it's far from assured, Pat is a character we now know is around, and given that he'd be becoming active after Cyborg and that he and Courtney are often a package deal, I think it would be interesting if S.T.R.I.P.E. was one of the members who joined the League between Seasons 3 and 4.
If anyone out there was courageous enough to read all of that, I commend you for your patience and appreciate your shared interest. I love this world and its rich characters, history, and mystery, and given the sub's rising subscriber numbers, I know I'm not alone. So if you're mighty curious as to who else may have joined the Justice League between seasons, I would love to hear your thoughts below. Remember, most of them are likely newer heroes, so your answers are welcome to range from why a new character like Vixen might work well in the current context of the show, to why a deep-cut Season 1 cameo like Pieter Cross may have only recently become Doctor Midnight and joined the big League. You don't have to read all of the above, I'd just love to hear your thoughts!
tl;dr: In addition to Cyborg, a fourth Earth Green Lantern, Jay Garrick's Flash, and La'gaan's Aquaman, there are FOUR unknown Justice Leaguers who joined the team before or during Season 4. Based on the points above or your own theorizing, who do you think those heroes might be?
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2023.06.01 08:05 Xelko2 Let’s go. Beated Boss X and now i’m onto my first Internationals race for my second account.

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2023.06.01 08:05 Sir_Crocodile_Mr0 Tell my your wacky Dnd Characters ideas and I'll re-flavor them for a Sci-Fi setting

Tell me your character idea: (Class, Subclass and Race at least) and I'll do my best to describe an idea for them to be a Sci-Fi character using that same idea. If you have a specific sci-fi setting in mind or a vibe of the sci-fi setting, such as Cyberpunk or Space Opera then say so, and I'll try to make it fit in.
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2023.06.01 08:05 Jwilliquette Why is my PC underperforming?
Above is a link to the benchmark I ran on my PC. I’m well aware that my GPU is far better than my CPU but I couldn’t pass on a $330 6750 XT.
Anyway, I just got this GPU today and decided I’d factory reset my PC to make everything feel new and clean, I downloaded a bunch of games I’ve been excited to play and booted up Star Wars Fallen Order first. I maxed out the settings and noticed fairly early on that despite maintaining a high fps (90+), I was experiencing micro stutters and even tearing at a certain point. The game is still very much playable but I don’t understand why these things are happening. I’m even having slight problems with Borderlands 3. With my parts I should be able to maintain a high FPS and smooth experience on games like these, the part that is really confusing is the fact that my FPS is high. I really don’t know what to do from here, I don’t think I need a new CPU to fix this and the benchmark says my pc is running as expected.
I’m so lost that I’m genuinely starting to wonder if my crappy ssd and hdd are causing these problems but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.
I have the AMD software, my drivers are up to date and I looked up the best setting for AMD Adrenalin. What do I do from here? Any help would be very much appreciated as I’m lost for solutions here.
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2023.06.01 08:05 gynolurker9000 Gyno surgery and experience - 1 day post operation - Braithwaite [not sure why reddit wont upload my image]
Background: Currently mid 30s, 5'10 and 150 lbs , struggled with gyno for a good 10+years (acne/scarring is another issue but honestly does not bother me as much). Used to lift seriously (weight 200+) but stopped in recent years. I never seriously considered gyno surgery as it is expensive and I felt that cutting out a portion of my tissue would somehow cause me to die much earlier so was never really motivated to pursue the surgery. I have tried stand alone cycles of SERMs (Nolva and Ralox) with varying results. Ultimately the gyno always came back even if there was some minor benefit from the cycles so I knew it was unsustainable in the long run.
I shopped around for quotes from the top rated mentioned surgeons on reddit and most of the quotes were really high ($10k-$16k...). I felt that my case was minor and didn't want to spend that much on something I wasn't that passionate about. I eventually came upon posts from others who have went with Dr. Braithwaite (Chicago) and was shocked that the price was so low (most quotes I seen were ~$2-3k range). The before/afters looked great so I went ahead and ended up getting a virtual consultation with Dr. Braithwaite and got a quote after a brief video call confirming my gyno ($3,200 total for gyno surgery + minor lipo; my cost is on the lower end as my case is not major). The main reason the surgery price is lower than most is because there is only local anesthesia administered. I had my consult mid March and was able to book my appointment for end of May. Overall out of pocket cost for me was the cost of my flights, one night hotel stay, and any public transport to and from the airport (I flew in to O'Hare, you can easily take public transport and walk if you want to save cash). I became ultra paranoid that someone was brush into me cause me to bleed internally so I ended up just taking Uber on the way back.
Office visit: I arrived early the day of surgery and waited until my surgery time slot to see the Dr. Based on his assessment, the Dr. indicated that he would also lipo a portion of my upper chest near my armpit as I had some irregular fat stores there (probably because I used to be much bigger).
The surgery itself was fine. The Dr. and his staff were very friendly. The most painful portion of the surgery was the initial shots to administer the local anesthesia, especially into sensitive tissue. All of the surgical work was done through the incisions made on my areola. The fat was first all scraped out to more easily separate the gland. The scraping was a bit uncomfortable especially as some of the fat taken near my armpit area was not fully numb but that was to be expected. The most mentally horrifying part of the surgery was the gland removal. The gland is removed and cauterized at the same time, so from a sensory perspective you can hear the revving of the cauterizer, smell your tissue being cooked from the cauterizer as it is also being carved from your body, and you can see the smoke (or vapor from the cauterizer) from your gland being burned. The combination caused me to freak out internally so I closed my eyes and focused on breathing through my mouth. Only other odd portions is sometimes you get shocked or slight burn from the cauterizer as the local anesthesia isn't perfect but if you are in pain the Dr. adjusts. The surgery was certainly not quick but overall I think it went smooth (not that I have any other experience). The resulting gland removal was pretty big for me relatively as my body is overall small. Not much fat was removed as I guess my chest before had a small amount of fat and gland in the worst positions to cause my chest to just look disgusting. Note that there are no drainage tubes here with as the thought process here is that the fluids will naturally dissipate over time and avoids the risk of drainage tubes/additional aspirations needed. Seromas forming is part of the healing process - I am not OCD and based on my reading of everyone's experiences, I understand I may have scar tissue or false alarms that the gland has come back, but in looking at my nipples I do not think there is much chance my glands can make a comeback unless I started blasting.
The follow up appointment was the next day to mainly see if there was any internal bleeding. I was very worried the night before as my armpit area became more bloody and filled with fluid, but the Dr. assured me that was normal from lipo and it was only filling because the compression vest was constricting the fluids. I ended up having some foam inserts added to the armpit area to attempt to alleviate the constriction from my armpit area.
Results: The before photo is the morning before the operation. The after photo is the day after. Most important things to note from the after photo is that my bottom chest looks indented because that is where the compression vest is most compacted/ends. Also the chest right above the indent is actually filled with fluid- that isn't my actual pec (I am swollen, not swole). I am confident this will even out once the fluid disappears as based on even the current look, I should be able to wear anything I want once I heal so I'm not worried if there is a small imperfection that may remain after all is said and done. I just want to heal as fast as possible and not get caught up in the details before the process finishes. I trust the process and know that healing will take months. The look of my areolas is already a night and day difference
Feel free to ask me any questions, I have still yet to process what a change this is but I am already pretty sure this is going to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. There simply isn't a better price point for quality that I am aware of for a US gyno specialist. Right now my main concern is to avoid getting any hematomas because dealing with that would be too stressful, so I am trying to avoid going outside and just taking it easy for the next week.
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2023.06.01 08:05 AutoModerator [Updated] Agency Incubator by Iman Gadzhi

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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
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Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 08:05 FrostedEevee I want to buy XC3. Is the Gameplay mode as good as XC2?

I have only played XC2 and that game gives me biggest rush of Nostalgia. For birthday I can finally buy XC3, but I have option to some other games too. I am most open towards XC3 though. However, I heard there are only 6 Main characters playable in it.
So I want to ask is the battle system similar to XC2 where while we do have 5 "playable" characters technically, you have varied blades with different mechanics to choose from (Which makes it like Genshin or Pokemon, that choose your character's "customizable powepartner")
Or will it be the 6 people using their own set of moveset, which while is still cool, isn't as interesting I guess? I am a XC2, Genshin. Pokemon fan so I guess you can see having diversity to choose moveset (Blades, Characters, Pokemon respectively) is really something I am into.
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2023.06.01 08:04 myoscaralexander Find the Best Special School for Autism in St. Louis MO

Children with autism require particular care and attention when it comes to their education, as the traditional classroom setting may not be conducive to their learning. The Academy of St. Louis is a private, Catholic special school for students with autism in St. Louis, MO offering special education for students with autism for K-12th. To learn more, visit
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2023.06.01 08:04 rajdubey123 One Good Earth: Where Nature Meets Urban Living

In the bustling city of Gurgaon, amidst the concrete jungle and fast-paced lifestyle, there exists a sanctuary where nature and urban living seamlessly converge. Welcome to One Good Earth, a residential project that offers an idyllic blend of modernity and tranquility. With its prime location in Sector 71, Gurgaon, this development has captured the attention of homebuyers seeking a harmonious balance between a sustainable lifestyle and convenience.
One of the most enticing features of One Good Earth is the availability of residential plots under the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) scheme. DDJAY plots in One Good Earth offer a unique opportunity for aspiring homeowners to build their dream abodes in a planned and regulated environment. This scheme aims to provide affordable housing options to individuals from different income groups, promoting inclusive urban development. By offering DDJAY plots, One Good Earth fosters a sense of community and belonging, creating a vibrant neighborhood that is diverse and inclusive.
Sector 71 in Gurgaon has emerged as a coveted residential destination, known for its well-planned infrastructure and proximity to essential amenities. This sector enjoys excellent connectivity to major commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers. With a DDJAY plot in One Good Earth, residents can relish the advantages of living in a well-connected location while enjoying the serenity of natural surroundings.
One Good Earth in Sector 71 Gurgaon presents a range of residential properties that cater to various preferences and budgetary considerations. Whether you are looking for a compact plot for a cozy home or a more spacious plot to accommodate a larger family, you can find suitable options in this development. The project offers flexibility in terms of plot sizes, ensuring that homeowners have the freedom to design and construct their dwellings according to their specific needs and aspirations.
What sets One Good Earth apart from other residential projects is its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality and amenities. The residential plots in One Good Earth 71 Gurgaon are competitively priced, making it an attractive proposition for budget-conscious homebuyers. The project offers an exceptional opportunity to own a piece of land in a prime location without burdening your finances. With the rising cost of real estate, such affordable options are a boon for those who aspire to own a home that they can truly call their own.
In addition to its affordable price point, One Good Earth boasts a range of amenities that enhance the overall living experience. The project is designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, with ample green spaces, landscaped gardens, and tree-lined avenues. Residents can enjoy leisurely strolls, engage in outdoor activities, or simply unwind in the lap of nature after a long day. The development also includes amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, and sports facilities, ensuring a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.
As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise, One Good Earth in Sector 71 Gurgaon stands as a testament to the possibility of combining affordability with quality living. The project offers residential plots under the DDJAY scheme, providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to build their dream homes in a well-connected and sustainable environment. With its competitive pricing and commitment to creating a harmonious balance between urban living and nature, One Good Earth is truly a haven for those seeking a residential property that offers both value and a sense of community.
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2023.06.01 08:03 EdinHardzard How to order something from Amazon NL

We are travelling to Holland in a few weeks for Defqon. Our comfort camping set up doesn’t include camping chairs and the ones available to buy in the add on shop look terrible and expensive. Two of my group will be in Amsterdam on the Wednesday and are staying in a hotel. Is there some way I can order chairs from the Dutch Amazon to be delivered to the hotel? I had a look but it doesn’t seem to want to do it due to me not being in Holland at the time of ordering.
Is there an easy way to do this?
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