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2012.03.12 02:09 cnnamn Puggle til you can't puggle no more

Puggles are definitely the cutest dogs ever.

2009.04.15 01:22 satx Bisexual

This group is for discussion and support for those who fall in between, for the "shades of gay" in what is often assumed to be one or the other: * bisexuals * pansexuals * omnisexuals * queers * non-straight individuals ... or anyone who doesn't quite fit the otherwise binary "straight" and "gay" pattern. If you can't work out if you're straight, gay, or anywhere in between... you should probably visit us.

2023.06.07 08:00 AutoModerator [Download] How To Make Money With Play-To-Earn Games (Crypto NFT Games)

I found link to the course How To Make Money With Play-To-Earn Games (Crypto NFT Games)
I found a link for the course for all of you out there who need it.
I don't know how long it will be available.
But it is working right now.
Link to download:
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2023.06.07 08:00 TrikPikYT Finally playing past the original trilogy and... who wrote Gears 4?

I was genuinely loving the updated combat and weapons of 4 and the characters. I still have no clue about the story of 5, but picked up on Kait being set up for it since I know the gamer outrage of a woman protagonist in 5. I loved the set up she was given with her being given the armor and the hints at her mother's past. That being said...
I hated the final act of Gears 4. It feels like such a slap in the face to the struggle we had the whole game. I knew who "he" was the minute he was mentioned but for the power dynamic to change so drastically because we finally just called 'him' is so ridiculous. It's like reverse Batman plot armor where you give the enemy the plot armor up until you decide to finally say "hey, we know Batman is Bruce Wayne and we have a sniper lined up on his bedroom every night. Care to make the call to finally kill him?"
ugh. loved the game up until the call to 'him' and the complete invalidation of your characters' struggles up to that point. Just call 'him' in act 1 and avoid the in between altogether.
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2023.06.07 07:59 BaseballDouble35 Lost little brother to suicide 4 years ago and lost twins to TTS in December of 2022

I'm a 26 year old male and I lost my little brother to suicide in October of 2019. I went to his room to ask him to use his computer and found him dead at 18. And in December of last year after six months of the hardest pregnancy I've ever witnessed my soul mate lost both of our twin girls to Twin Twin Syndrome. Through both traumatic experiences I've had to be strong. For my family with my brother ( I was the one who found him and tried CPR) and then my girlfriend who was the mother of our twins.
I feel like through it all most people expect me to be a pillar of strength to help them through but all along the way I feel like most people haven't realized how much these experiences have hurt and broken me.
I haven't been able to keep a steady job over the past 4 years or be nearly as naturally social because I'm so anxious and sad all the time. I've lost some of my best friendships due to people not wanting to be around my traumatized energy. I don't want to feel like this forever but also I can't quit or give up because my people need me. The sensation of drowning is constant for me and I don't see it changing anytime soon.
I will continue to be strong, but I have nowhere to talk about this so I found this subreddit and thought why not get it off my chest. If you read this, thank you and apologies if it comes off as rambling.
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2023.06.07 07:59 _this_corrosion_ Why In The USA.

At the end of the team as a material handler. While there were to clean. I guess I just got a job offer at a Goodwill, it has a policy that says you're not allowed to have some things cleared up when it comes to The Act.
So we lose an extra 15 minutes for closing procedures. This is a way out when living with with people who put in no effort make way more. Online therapy platforms are trying to kill me?
She will demean and she will terminate my employment and not worry about it any longer. After COVID I was going to roll over and do whatever they needed. They say it's because if you guys to help me?
Initially my manager and coordinator meetings.
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2023.06.07 07:59 CPlayto 15 year personal best!!!

Around 9 years ago I took time off from drinking, I made it 15 days. Since then I've had plenty of 2, 3, maybe 4 day "breaks".
Today is my 16th day and IWNDWYT. It was like a switch got flicked, I can't describe it. Not taking it for granted though. Thank you all, it's been so helpful to come here.
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2023.06.07 07:58 creepercvnt Polar Rust - Vanilla+

Hey my dudes, I know you see 10,000 server ads a day but just wanted to throw ourselves into the mix and hope for the best 🤍
For those of you that played Rust Sanctuary at it's peak, you may recognise a lot of familiar faces & features!
Additional recyclers & drone markets at fishing/ranch
increased sulfumetal/stone ore spawn rate
50% base upkeep (TC has half the usual resource cost)
Long days, short nights
ingame cosmetic item store, buy fun rewards with points earned by playing!
Custom designed outpost/bandit for ease of access and better FPS.
No BP Wipes, ever! In the event of facepunch forcing a BP wipe (extremely rare) we keep backups to restore your hard work.
Join Server: connect join.playpolar.uk:28095
We're a community-tab based server for the time being - run on dedicated hardware with active staff who have worked with orgs such as apollo, dubs, helix etc... - admins are NOT allowed to play.
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2023.06.07 07:58 AloneAndNobody To be hurt by who you hurt

To some Narcs.
I've came to understand you. That's the danger you will always try to dissolve. Clarity, a strong foundation of truth with alinging actions, firm, to be stable, to be steady to give security in the situations to come.
I know you use chaos, lies, manipulation, gaslighting toxic red flag behaviour. You think it is just all okay. Because you try to confuse and stun the person so they either forget the truth with doubting themself or they leave you to win.
Not today. I'm calling you out, and I draw a big line on the ground I refuse to let you pass. If you come close, I will attack you like a tiger, including the fierce eyes. It's because people only do bad things to bad people who hurt their good people when they are good people. It's not about what you can do. It's not about what I can do.
What you can isn't always what you should.
It's about the moral, and you took the textbooks, movies, cartoons, stories and other examples of moral to use as a strategy. You want to know what it does when we figured out it was a lie? It broke us. Yes I'm talking plural about myself. Cause I know the impact isn't just one me. You've effected people before and after. So why am I writing you this?
Well because there's people out there, your victims who have been temporarily sucked dry of their empathic and considering and rational capabilities because of your abuse. You scattered their reality because yours always have been scattered and there's no one else but you to blame for it. You've known what's been wrong because it has been said to you. But you dont give a fuck about boundaries. You just say you're sorry. But for the people who have been told they were you, I truly write. Because if you regonise yourself or was once called a narc when you weren't, and yes I call them out too but I do when I'm sure because I know one thing certain and I'm carving it for everybody to behold in this digital stone, Is that you make your victims appear like you. They break themself down by the negative thoughts you speak into them, echoed by their critical inner voice who have always humbled them into the perfect mix of empathy and defensive, breaking their core and provoking them into seeing no way out or only one way out of life and I'm here for every victim to speak up now and tell you,
I'm healed. I'm regonising and stopping this shit whenever I witness. The world has the right to know. You're the emotional abuser and if suicide, depression and trauma is an effect of your actions then I've every right to say you're a legimate threat to society.
So for the people who know they weren't like this before encountering you, You've been out of character because someone forced you to with emotional abuse. But you can get back. You're not the same because you came to know darkness in what was suposse to be enlightened experiences. Heal your wounds, in pain, in severe mental pain, your senses can make you act it out and the effects of the torture you've been through will take long to wear off. You deserve love and acceptance. You will need to learn how to embrace yourself again because someone stripped you off that. That's difficult so please do not be hard on yourself. Treat yourself right. To be righteous you got to be right. Do not forget the truth. Do not lose your voice. If that's what makes you lost, dig deep into your amazing mind and find it again no matter how long you need to. You deserved better. You did and still do. Calm down in your steps when the world seems to slip away. There's people that want to help but aren't that fast. Don't ever forget you're a superhuman when you're fighting evil even if it's just in the mind, it's also in the physical realm. You matter, you always did. They didn't see what everybody else saw and we want you to see what we see again too. But they scattered your reality and like glass, we have to precisely restore it to make you look really at you. You were never them. Don't make yourself to yourself like them. Do not think you are them. You aren't.
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2023.06.07 07:58 kateobrienswayy CD Scammers/Photographers

I was in Times Square the other day and these group of guys surrounded me trying to hand me a CD. I walked past them and said no and they called me and my friend Karen’s and acted all aggressive saying “get the fuck out of here” as if they’re not the ones who were swarming me😂 I’ve heard that the CD’s are even blank and who even uses CD’s anymore? This happened another time when I was with my boyfriend and we said we didn’t carry cash and they were trying to get us to Venmo them. These guys who were photographers also kept following us down a few streets and taking pictures of us, tried touching us and wouldn’t stop bothering us after we said no. My friend and I actually had to run away from them because they wouldn’t stop and were taking random pictures of us all angry with our faces covered and saying “look how beautiful you look” 😂Felt like a celeb being harassed by the paparazzi. Wondered if anyone else had this experience
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2023.06.07 07:58 Fit_Acanthisitta_624 Mixed signals from a Japanese guy..

Hello, I don't normally do stuff like this but here it goes.
So I met this Japanese guy in Japan while I was studying abroad, we went to the same college and I was the one who made the first move. I ended up asking for his line the few days I met with him and he ended up giving it too me. This was my first time making the first move with someone I thought was attractive and I decided to take it slow and kinda see where things played out between me and him, because at the time I had no idea if he liked me back or not. Our interactions in person were always amazing we flirted with each other and I could tell when we hung out in a group of people he always had his attention and focus on me. He always would be speaking directly too me in groups. Over time I decided to start texting him. Which started out with both of us sending pretty long paragraphs too eachother in which made me gain confidence in me pursuing him. There were also inside jokes we would make in text he would reference in person with me and mess with me about, which I also took as a sign to possibly continue pursuing?
He obviously enjoyed talking with me.
During this time though I was getting closer too my trip ending abroad and we ended up having a very last minute get together near the end of the semester. We ended up hanging out alone for 8 hours in which by the end of it he paid for my food. After we got food things got wierd back at our school. He started being very vague with text messages like just sending stickers? Which I know and I have heard about Japanese people not being direct about rejections, so I decided to read the room and back up from him... but once I made the descion to back away he would than initiate with another text message.. signaling too me he still wanted to stay in contact.. so I decided to keep texting him. After that there was a period where he became very busy with a job and he didn't text me very often, I was very respectful of that and at the time he would explain every so often how much he worked and it reassured me he still wanted to stay in contact.
During this time there was a period where I had texted him and he didn't respond for a whole week and at this moment, I decided to try and back up again.. than right when I make the descion too move on he texts me again apologizing for not responding? We ended up calling that night and had a great time and he seemed to really enjoy my company. overtime similar things would happen where texts were dry and he seemed super uninterested and super inconsistent but when we called he always seemed super happy and interested in talking too me.. Fyi: when he became less busy he stated we could call whenever I like but obviously.. the mixed signals have killed my confidence a bit to know if I should take up that offer or not.
I plan on telling him how I feel soon about the texting.. and maybe having a kokuhaku but I haven't decided... I want to be fair and make sure I'm honest about the inconsistencies.. I'm not sure if he is stringing me a long or possibly just using me for English practice when convenient but I thought I should just be upfront and tell him..
Also atm we are in the same lull of him not texting me for a while/vague text messages. I asked him when we could call next but no response or read.
Fyi: a lot of the times he would read my messages and than not respond hours later... which always confused me.
Please let me know what you all think.
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2023.06.07 07:58 seanbain1965 [UK] Change in TUPE status.

[UK] The company I worked for went out of business on 8th March at the point I started to work for their new company. I have been paid 3 times since then. 2 days ago my boss called me to say that the business had lost their 2 largest clients and were no longer in the position to pay my salary going forward. What they proposed is that they will terminate my employment and then offer me a commision only position. They also said that I would then claim my redundancy from the old company via the Government. My question is twofold. Firstly, can they do this since my understanding is when you are TUPE your salary, notice, length of employment etc., is the same. Yet in the termination letter I received yesterday, they say they have terminated my employment from the 6th June. They then state I started with the new company on the 1st March which is strange when I have a message form him on the 3rd of March stating I worked for Nectre not the new company (I asked the question) and are going to pay me notice up until the end of the month. I feel there is something going on but I can't put my finger on it. Secondly, is this legal?
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2023.06.07 07:57 Potential-Salt7285 Fics that feature Lily and Sirius’s friendship?

I love the friendship between Lily and Sirius, and was hoping to get some more recs about them. Does anyone know any good ones?
Here are a few fics that heavily feature them that I’ve read so far:
The Marauders by Pengiwen
The Dog You Feed by JanuaryGrey
“When Sirius ran away from home he went to live with the Potters, but before he made it there he wound up lost, alone, and hurt in Muggle London. With James out of the country, Peter stuck at home, and Remus trapped by the full moon, it’s Lily Evans (who hates his guts) that Sirius is forced to turn to for shelter and more advice than he could have bargained for.”
In Love and War by Icepen
“After a horrible summer before her Seventh Year brings the war to her doorstep, Lily Evans knows one thing for certain-- she will not be safe at Hogwarts anymore. Her position as Head Girl, her new friendship with the Potter heir and the disgraced Black heir, the sudden and tragic murder of her parents all shoves her into a limelight she never wanted. Learning to cope with her grief and her trauma, Lily needs to navigate the treacherous waters of her new situation as the war against people like her escalates in the world she is about to graduate into.”
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2023.06.07 07:57 Actual_Confusion_517 How on the nose is my anagram?

Hi all! For those who might like a puzzle this one might be fun to solve (I hope).
Basically I’m writing a (high fantasy) book and the father of one of my main characters is regarded as the most powerful person alive. He fought and killed a god, has near impossible amounts of power and it is rumored that even death can’t touch him. His son has no powers whatsoever and is generally completely useless (except for the fact that he just can’t die).
Now, both of their names are anagrams as the father has a great love for languages as he had to learn every single one to do his work.
The fathers name is Peter Ragheim and his sons name is Felissya (Felix) Steyn Ragheim.
What is the fathers real name? What is the son? And how on the nose are these anagrams?
Thank you all for the feedback in any case!
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2023.06.07 07:57 Blake7567 Realising I might have waited too long to buy a GPU..

For context, I live in NZ.
I've been eyeing a new build recently. 5600 + 6750 xt - you know, pretty standard. What I failed to consider, however, is that since the 6750 is AMD's previous generation of GPU that they might go out of stock... forever. Now, following a nationwide sale (king's birthday) I can't find a reasonably priced ($650 - 750 NZD) 6750 XT anywhere.
Basically what I'm asking is, do you think I'm out of luck? Do you think they will be restocked or might I have missed my window?
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2023.06.07 07:57 Regnes Just finished Season 1, the writing is bad enough as is, but the courtroom scenes take it to another level.

I know we can't expect it to be completely realistic, but they clearly made no effort to make it a believable courtroom. It was weird in the first episode when Michael suddenly switches to being a defense lawyer, and I wasn't expecting much realism after seeing that bit, but good god...
When the prosecutor told Michael to go fuck himself and he just let that fly, I was so confused. I was telling myself it had to be a dream sequence, but nope, that happened.
Then they got to the actual trial and it really felt like these people have never actually seen a court case in their life. You can't just introduce new evidence on the fly, you're supposed to declare it in the discovery phase. I was ready to assume we're supposed to pretend that doesn't exist, but then the defense lawyer later mentions they did do discovery.
Legally Blonde is a better legal thriller.
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2023.06.07 07:57 HKDrewDrake Inconsistencies between TMDb and TVDb

When I search and rename files from the series Rugrats (1991) a lot of episodes were not renamed. I did some digging and found that as of season 3 and beyond the total episode counts don't match between TVDb and TMDb. I don't have premium so I can't use TVDb but it seems to be more complete. It would be okay if they were listed as specials and I could just re-tag them there but they seem to be legitimately missing. What do you guys do when this happens?
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2023.06.07 07:57 Jagdtiger56 Gen 2 : 16 & 17

16 The Lord God commanded the man saying, from any tree of the garden you may freely eat
17 but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for on the day that you eat from it you will certainly die.
So its not until verse 21 that God creates woman because, God had tried to make an animal of some sort to be a helper to man. So it doesn't Make clear who or if the woman was told about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Finally in chapter 3 : 3 it gives the answer if you would like to look. Hope you enjoyed this little personal study.
God Bless
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2023.06.07 07:57 Unskilled_Genius_ I am sure that my (25f) cousin's(30f) husband is a thief, as he has stolen from us and i dont know what to do about it

I(25f) lived with my cousin (30f) for about a year, five years ago. We have a relationship similar to that of sisters. Although we occasionally argue, we always manage to reconcile and move on from the disagreements. A couple of years ago, she got married after knowing her husband for only three months. Initially, everything seemed to be going well, but then she started having issues with her mother-in-law. At the time, she didn't share many details with me, but I did my best to support her.
During that period, I also got married, and we stayed in touch, meeting frequently so that our husbands could get to know each other.
At first, they informed me and my family that George, her husband, had been fired from his job due to false accusations of robbing the safe.
According to them, it was a heist orchestrated by the boss's son, who was involved in gambling and had accumulated debts. The boss, unaware of his son's involvement, called the police and needed to shift the blame to someone else to protect his son.
We didn't think much of it. Around the same time, while George was unemployed, he borrowed money from my husband and asked him not to disclose it to anyone, including his wife. Given that George and my cousin had a baby at that time, my husband didn't want to refuse, so he lent him the money.
Later on, they told us that their house had been robbed, and their gold jewelry was stolen. Strangely, there was no sign of forced entry, and it seemed as though the thief knew exactly where they kept their valuables. This raised some suspicions within my family, but we still hesitated to point fingers.
Following that incident, as per tradition, my father and aunt gave gold to their newborn baby. It's worth noting that my father purchased the gold from a reputable store where he had previously bought gold for my wedding without any issues. He personally knew the owner of the store. However, a few days after receiving the gold, my cousin and her husband claimed that both of the gold gifts was fake. We strongly believe that it was genuine when my father gave it to them and my aunt bought hers somerewhere else.
It is also worth noting that gold being fake is not a common thing here, it is our tradition giving gold rather than gifts or money in special occasions like weddings, child birth etc. and gold is basically like cash you can exchange it with money easily. And gold jewlry is the same you can still exchange it with money because even tho it is used gold is preserving its own value. We think it is possible that george might bought same type of gold and changed it with real ones in the house without his wife knowing. So that he would sold the gold and keep the money.
All these incidents occurred about a year ago, and George still hasn't repaid the money he borrowed from my husband. Fast forward to the present day, they were visiting my parents, and after they left, my mother discovered that her valuable jewelry was missing. It was there in the morning, and now it's gone. There were other instances like my cousins or her babys gold jewlry gone missing in the house that they informed us about. We are convinced that George is responsible for these thefts, but unfortunately, we don't have any concrete proof. I don't think my cousin is aware of her husband's actions. I doubt I would easily believe someone if they accused my husband of being a thief. I still care about my cousin, but I want to distance myself from George. I dont think this is possible without distancing from my cousin too. And i dont think she would believe me if i told her. What should i do? Should i tell her and probably she never speaks to me again? Should i just distance myself from them?
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2023.06.07 07:57 Nwabudike_J_Morgan June 6, 2023 - The Ten (2007)

The Ten

Directed by: David Wain

Starring: Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Winona Ryder, Adam Brody, Jon Hamm

10 stories, each inspired by one of the 10 Commandments. In the final chapter, a family man skips church to get naked with his friends and listen to Roberta Flack.


  • Rated: R
  • Running Time: 96 Minutes
  • Genre: Comedy Sketch comedy
  • Release Date: August 3, 2007
  • Country(s): USA
  • Language(s): English
  • IMDb user rating: 4.9/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Critic: 35%
  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience: 40%
  • Metacritic Critic: 50/100
  • Metacritic Audience: 6.7/10

Awards: 1 nomination


Streaming Options:

  • Not currently available for free streaming.
  • Not currently available for rent or purchase, either.
  • We should work on our quality control. But keep checking, you never know.
Select free options listed above, view the full list of streaming and purchase options on JustWatch
Discussion topic(s):
  • It is terror Tuesday! Or terrible Tuesday.
Please tag any spoilers with the code:
>!X is actually a ghost!!< 
Which will read as: X actually a ghost!
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2023.06.07 07:56 aardvark_the_awful Votes

Anybody else consider themselves as someone who doesn't care much about reddit votes EXCEPT WHEN YOU NEED TO? Just fucken deciding "you know what, my input is valuable and right now, required, and here's MY vote."
Anybody else downvoted someone just because they disagreed with you, even though they were right and you knew it?
I FUCKEN HATE REDDIT. WHY DO I SPEND ALL OF MY TIME ON IT? I COULD BE MAKING ENOUGH MONEY THAT I JUST WOULD HAVE HAD KIDS AND NOT EVEN KNOWN ABOUT YOU OTHER SPAZS. It's not you, it's me, but serioisly it's you and not me AND THATS WHY IM GONNA MAKE THE MOST OF THIS MONTH, just chattin to some fellow retards trying to work out who's right.
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2023.06.07 07:56 gomirefugee InTheGloaming going dark June 12-14 in protest of Reddit's upcoming changes that will kill 3rd party apps

Hi Dear Friends -- the InTheGloaming mod team will be participating in the broader protest of Reddit's upcoming user-unfriendly changes to the API. You can read much more about these changes and impacts here, but the punchline is that a lot of tools and apps that make Reddit usable for users and moderators will die with these upcoming changes.
You will be impacted if you use Apollo on iOS, Reddit is Fun on Android, Narwhal, etc., or even just enjoy reading comments or browsing well-moderated subs contributed to by the many users and moderators who use full-featured third party tools requiring API access over the inferior official app. You've already seen the negative effects of Reddit's product direction recently if you were a fan of the search tools like the camas.unddit.com Pushshift-based site that used to be linked in the main discussion post for digging up old conversation on a topic.
We will be taking the sub private on Monday June 12, and restoring to public status sometime on Wednesday June 14 (Australian Time? who can say) before the scheduled Thursday-Sunday discussion thread posts. We do this in solidarity with many other subs large and small protesting these changes.
Please enjoy your brief vacations from Reddit next week, and we will see you back for more snarking, hopefully with positive developments on Reddit's support for third party tools.
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2023.06.07 07:56 solosaulo Are straights ... or are LGBTQ+ community more prone to embark on interracial relationships???

... my feeling is that lgbtq+ community is more likely to 'fall on', or actually strive for to have relationship with another race. our definition of love is more man on man, and women on women principle. same sex univeral love. so culture and differences are less important. we are less likely to conform to pigeon hold. if we date a man. HE IS A MAN. and it doesn't matter what his culture or race is. we are sucking his dick, and enjoying his male body and qualities.
or is it??? the attraction to same sex. does it eliminate the need to date and sex your own culture? tossed out the window is all that. now you begin to allow your sexual needs based on a hot guy, for the fact that he is a hot guy. a male is a male. so are straights more prone to interacial. or are the lgbt community? less than heteros. the thing is. in order to be attracted to another culture. you need experience with them. you need to be around them to get to know them.
who does it better? interactial relationships? the gays or the straights?
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2023.06.07 07:56 LacrossBoy This game feels soo bad as a "new player"

So I started when the game came out in EU. Went really really hardcore in the game. 2 weeks in and 15 hours played on steam.
However I went on holiday for 2 weeks came back and my server is dead. Like not even able to find players to raid with. So swapped server and with not having the basset event or any of the banners for really strong units I am so far behind it's basically not even worth playing.
This game feels like if you take even a small break or your server dies you might as well just leave the game as starting from the start and being Lv30 matched against people who are lv70 with units you can not even get as they are event specific feels soo incredibly bad.
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