Harley davidson cuckoo clock

Pics of the test Ride Event by Harley Davidson I ride the street bob 107 amazing experience

2023.05.30 16:50 Aggravating_Eye8757 Pics of the test Ride Event by Harley Davidson I ride the street bob 107 amazing experience

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2023.05.30 16:38 antihoss Slowly coming along. Maybe I’ll be able to ride it by this weekend!

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2023.05.30 16:07 scab_wizard My '67 shovel is finally reborn after I was hit on it 3 years ago.

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2023.05.30 15:39 Assessment05 ARCA Menards Live

The Kentucky Speedway opened in Sparta with intensity in 2000 by website hosting a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Race and they have not slowed down on the grounds that. Located among Louisville and Cincinnati, Ohio, north of Louisville, the Speedway is situated on 1,000 acres and seats over 70,000 racing lovers. Even though the tune has hosted many NASCAR occasions, it has not been selected to host any of the NEXTEL Cup Series races. However, the track is one of the top tracks for private trying out of NEXTEL Cup automobiles and spectators are allowed to look at the trying out from outdoor of flip 3.
ARCA Menards Live
The Kentucky Speedway's calendar of events includes NASCAR, Craftsman Truck, Monster Truck, Indy Racing and ARCA Harley Davidson occasions. Single day race tickets begin at $20.00 for adults and season passes begin at $165.00.Although Sparta is a small metropolis, the Speedway is centrally positioned among two principal cities, which offer race enthusiasts two times the options in terms of pursuing race related sports. Bowling Green is home to the 68,000 sq.Toes. National Corvette Museum with classics, one-of-a-kind prototypes, race tune champions and lots extra.

Also positioned in Bowling Green, the Beech Bend Raceway Park hosts several drag racing occasions throughout the 12 months which includes the Tenn-Truck Shootout, AMRA Harley Davidson Drag Racing, Fun Days, NHRA Drag Racing, Buick GS Nationals, Street Car and Chrysler Classic. On their oval song they host normal Stock Car, Street Modifieds, Figure eight competitions, Mini-Cups, Mini-Touring and Legends Cars to name some. Camping is available at one among their 250 web sites with fees starting at $25 day by day. They offer weekly costs and feature rental RVs that sleep 6 for $a hundred twenty five. In step with night time as properly.

The SCCA, Sports Car Clubs of America has several places at some point of Kentucky and every membership hosts a huge variety of events. The Kentucky Blue Grass Club is positioned in Louisville and hosts Fun Run, Test 'n Tune, several Points Events, Driving clinics and much greater. The Central Kentucky SCCA is positioned in Lexington and their calendar of occasions includes; Point Events, Test 'n Tune, the Lexington Grand Prix, Great American Solo Series events, Mazda Challenge and various rallies.

For those who love KART, Drag or Stock car racing, there are out of doors tracks in numerous places throughout Kentucky. The Lightening Valley Motorsports Park is positioned near Junction City and opened in 1995. They host various KART and Stock vehicle races in the course of their season. The Ohio Valley Dragway in West Point Kentucky is an legitimate NHRA strip and home of the Door Slammer Nationals. There scheduled races encompass Motorcycle, Mustang, Camaro Night, Underground Street, Corvette Night, Mychron Top Gun Jr. Series to name some. Kentucky's racing roots run deep and the style of events offered at some point of the nation will thrill any race fan.
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2023.05.30 15:26 applestatehd Is Harley Davidson Good for Long Ride ?

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2023.05.30 15:22 applestatehd Is Harley Davidson Good for Long Ride ?

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2023.05.30 15:07 Potential_Ad_1080 On Road Motorcycles Global Market Report 2023 Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2023-2032 Harley-Davidson Incorporation, Yamaha Motor Co Ltd., Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A, Honda Motor Co Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - Good PR News

On Road Motorcycles Global Market Report 2023 Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2023-2032 Harley-Davidson Incorporation, Yamaha Motor Co Ltd., Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A, Honda Motor Co Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. - Good PR News submitted by Potential_Ad_1080 to u/Potential_Ad_1080 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:50 Professional-Ad6927 Need help with y Harley Davidson v rod muscle

Need help with y Harley Davidson v rod muscle
I’m about to buy a v rod muscle and trying to make it look amazing like fully customize with the 330 fat tire and custom air box cover and fender and etc ( I’ll have a picture of what I mean). but I noticed all those parts are for just the regular v rod I was on a website called zeeldesigns And they had all the parts I wanted the air box cover the fender but it said only for the v rod ( the regular version) and everywhere I’ve been looking I’ve noticed there only parts for the regular v rod. So is the regular v rod the only one that can get customized like with the 330 tire, air box tank and etc. or is there a website that has what I need for the b rod muscles 2010 that u want.
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2023.05.30 14:03 AntelopeValleyhd 2023 harley-davidson ® sportster® s

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2023.05.30 13:33 mikesfamous Harley-Davidson® Maintenance 101

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2023.05.30 12:57 1000andonenites The Citizenship Ceremony at Shirljohannes

I had never visited the small town of Shirljohannes before, somewhere on the border of Germany and Switzerland, despite my fairly extensive travels for work around Europe. These continental small towns, they are so charming and picturesque, the literal scenes of The Sound of Music and shite like that. However they do end up being a bit “samey”- and I wasn’t expecting my overnight stay at Shirljohannes to be much different. It was an unplanned stop, I had found myself somewhat tired and drowsy after an exceptionally good meal, and decided to check in a local inn and get some much-needed sleep.
The pretty inn with blooming spring flowers at the window sills and such like certainly didn’t belie the horror of the next day. It was only the obvious confusion of the otherwise polite young clerk upon laying eyes on me that gave me the inkling that I had made a terrible choice to break my journey in Shirljohannes.
I couldn’t help noticing the large bright posters hanging in the lobby. Depicting small crowds of people clearly of non-European descent, such as Arabs, Middle-Eastern, Far East, and South / South Eastern Asians, they all bore the words “Lotteri Dag 2023”. Some kind of artsy “United Colours of Benetton” ad, I naively assumed.
The clerk, himself clearly of Middle-Eastern origin, greeted me with a startled look which he could not hide. He asked for my name and then exclaimed “Mr. Abbas? You are Mr. Abbas? And you’re staying here?”
I was irritated. “Yes indeed, I am staying for one night. This seemed a good a place as any for a stop, I was too tired to drive on”.
“Can I see your ID please? Do you have European ID sir?” To my ears, he sounded very suspicious.
I am of course used to a certain amount of low-level, poorly-concealed racism traveling in Europe, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed that this clerk, whose parents if not himself would probably have shared a similar heritage to mine, would act like this. I offered my passport. “No, but I have the correct visas” I responded sharply.
The clerk said nothing more, and checked me in. My mood soured, I went to my room, and soon fell asleep.
The next morning, two officers approached me at the breakfast table, where I was enjoying some amazing pastries, already checked out and my suitcase at my side.
“We entered you in the Lottery sir” they said in heavy accents. “We ran background checks on you- you are waiting for your Canadian citizenship and thus eligible to enter. Canada entered an official agreement with our government just last week. You can look up the articles.”
I stared at them, completely confused. “What are you talking about?
They returned my stare with bland official courtesy. “The Lottery sir. You will be entering the Passport Lottery held periodically at Shirljohannes, to celebrate the citizenship of our hardworking foreign worker population. You were found to meet the official requirements for entry. We entered your name. You will present yourself at the town square in precisely 43 minutes, when the name will be drawn.”
The other continued “And sir, please do not even think of leaving Shirljohannes or calling anyone outside the town. It will be much better for you to complete the Lottery. The odds are, you will be on your way within the hour.”
They left.
With a shaking hand, I pulled out my phone and began googling. Within seconds, I realised I do not have access to the world wide internet, but only some weird local Shirljohannes intranet. I hastily clicked on the bizarre English translation.
The Lottery was the (almost) last step on the long, convoluted journey for Foreigners in Shirljohannes applying to become Citizens. After years of filling and sending in forms, paying fees, waiting, waiting, interviews, more forms, changes to family composition, more waiting, Foreigners who were eligible for citizenship and the cherished passport of a European country would have to enter the Lottery.
The Foreign community would choose one person, who would be sent by ambulance to the local hospital, where they would be administered a painless, lethal dose by professionals. The final step, necessary to prove their loyalty and dedication to their new country.
I clicked through the convoluted intranet text, sun streaming on the beautiful breakfast setting. A cuckoo jumped out of an ornate old cuckoo clock and declared time. The young clerk from last night came up to me as I was reading.
“Mr. Abbas, it is time to go. The community- it’s better to go- they don’t like it if there are delays.”
I looked up at him, terror gripping me. “I don’t understand… how is this happening, how is this legal?”
The clerk shrugged. “It is legal. The municipal councils voted it in a few years ago- and the elders of the community support it. There were so many hate crimes, so much violence against foreigners. It is better now. I heard North America will be adopting similar laws soon. Of course it is very silent now- but if you looked, you would have found the information- and of course, the dependents of the sacrifice will be supported- very humane- but come, let’s go. We cannot keep them waiting.”
Propelled by fear, I got up, and followed him outside. The sun poured through the clear Alpine air into my eyes. In the glare, I could see knots of people, in twos and threes walking down the scenic mountain streets, all towards the city square. The clerk and I joined the flow.
Walking by us was a small group of women, dressed in ornate decorative ethnic clothing I would associate with India. The sunlight struck off the brilliant spangles in their clothes. I then noticed many people were dressed ethnically, while others wore plain western style clothing. Several women wore the hijab. There was little subdued chatter. I heard a woman in a sparkling robe say in a dialect I recalled from my childhood, “I prayed and prayed all night it would be me- I can’t bear my children- “ before the other women said “shhh Tasneem, do not talk of it. Do not go welcoming sorrow.”
As we drew closer to the town square, the crowds grew larger, and quieter. There was a moment of pure silence. Then everything began happening very fast.
A middle-aged man who looked to be some authority figure went up on a platform before a small splashy fountain which held the statue of naked white Venus and some other Greek deity. I just noticed the device set up on the platform.
The man operated the device. My heart was beating so fast as it spit out a paper that I thought it would burst out of my chest. The man held up the paper and he read out a name. “Tasneem-”
I didn’t catch the last part of the name in the rippling sigh which broke through the crowd. I saw the women fall away from the one whom I had earlier heard talking about praying. In the same movement, paramedics moved up to her, and started guiding her towards a waiting ambulance, at the edge of the town square.
The silence continued, although small murmurs could be heard. Tasneem did not struggle - her demeanour seemed one of submission .
The knots of people broke away from the crowd. A certain festive mood was undeniable. My young companion was no longer at my side, and I caught sight of him running over to young folk closer to his age, releasing a whoop of joy and relief.
I looked around. The two officers approached me and smiled grimly. “Very well Mr. Abbas, the Lottery is over. Congratulations on your upcoming citizenship. You may depart now without any further delays.”
I nodded. It was clear they expected me to leave right then. I could not disobey. I quickly walked to my car, and got in.
Within twenty minutes, I was well on my way to my destination, Shirljohannes behind me. May I never set foot in that terrible town again.
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2023.05.30 12:42 mikesfamous Best used harley davidson motorcycles for sale Mike's Famous

Looking for used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale in CT, Long Island & Rhode Island? Mike's Famous is the best place to get a customized used Harley!
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2023.05.30 10:28 juliarenteria Equity Valuation Methods

Equity Valuation Methods


What makes private company valuations special is the ambiguity and room for independent evaluation that exists when compared to a publicly traded business. You’re operating with less current and historical data, lower transparency on future business performance, and the capital structure of the company may not be completely accessible. There’s also the question of accounting: private companies are not bound by traditional Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) regulations and enjoy a lack of strict reporting requirements.
Typically, firms that have been taken over have a control premium attached (i.e. the acquiring entity pays over the odds to have a controlling stake in the company’s daily operations). Comparing a potential target to recent transactions can help account for any disparities due to the control premium and evaluate the target firm’s value from a better position.


Most PE/VC firms estimate a company’s value with the help of Equity Valuation Methods. To evaluate an organization, there should be enough understanding of Venture Valuation, which is considered as the most holistic evaluation approach.
All valuations are related to the careful consideration of both hard facts and soft aspects. And they are applied thorough risk assessment of the aspects such as:
  • Management
  • Market
  • Science and technology
  • Financials/funding phase
To determine the private company valuations as accurately and objectively one use various assessment methods, which are mainly suited for the evaluation of technology firms, with more growth potential and start-ups of all kinds.
Although not every kind of valuation method is appropriate, they vary as they assess every organization according to their industry and financing phase. The top Equity Valuation Methods are as follows:
Equity Valuation Methods
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method To value a private business in the discounted cash flow method, a VC/ PE Firms must be serious about the acquisition, the target will likely disclose their books, but they still require to be audited to ensure accuracy. This is less commonly used as the primary barometer for private valuations due to the uncertainty of private companies’ financial statements. Private companies’ accounting statements may also include personal expenses along with business expenses in the case of smaller family-owned businesses and have unexplained gaps across the board. However, if the acquiring firm is able to determine accurate numbers for revenue and operating costs, taxes, and working capital historically, they an model these numbers out to a 5–10-year timeframe (depending on the length of the project) and then determine Free Cash Flow. Since the Free Cash Flow is representative of how much money the business has available to give back to shareholders, it is considered an accurate measure of a company’s fair value. The discount rate problem mentioned above also factors into calculating the company’s beta, which is the level of volatility associated with investing in the firm as opposed to the global equities market (typically, benchmark indices such as the S&P 500 are used for comparison).
  • Comparable Company Analysis The goal of using comparable company analysis method is to search for other public businesses that share characteristics with the private firm. These characteristics include industry, margins, revenue/size, geographies in operation, and age. For an established business, this process is much easier. For example, SaaS businesses will have dozens of similar companies because the market has become extremely saturated in the last decade. Most SaaS businesses founded during the last decade are still-loss making, have high revenue growth, and have a high dollar-based net retention rate that compensates investors for the poor bottom line. In this scenario, for a PE/VC firm considering a buyout, the value lies in evaluating a discount in the company relative to other publicly traded businesses. To measure the discount, investors often calculate industry averages of different valuation multiples. Continuing with the SaaS example, these metrics can be traditional ones such as EV/EBITDA, EV/Revenue, and Free Cash Flow/Share or industry-specific metrics such as churn rate, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and annual recurring revenue.
  • Comparable Transaction Comp If a private company is trading at lower multiples to other public competitors while anticipating higher or equal revenue growth, it becomes an interesting investment this when comparable transaction comp comes into existence. If their market timing and execution strategies are right, a PE/VC firm can come in, buy this company out and make a profit through an IPO once the project’s timeline is complete. If the target firm operates in an industry with lots of recent notable transactions or IPOs, we can use information from those transactions to calculate a valuation. What separates the world’s best private envestor and helps them deliver high value to LPs consistently is that they factor in everything when valuing a company: any potential one-time events affecting valuation, quality of management, and alignment of the acquireacquiree’s goals, and finally whether the private company will be able to deliver a high return on invested capital. In volatile equities markets like today, LPs and Venture Capitalists may want to seek liquidity in their fund interests, so they need a higher rate of return to justify the investment. This is perhaps a reason why the volume of PE/VC funding has decreased in the last year; markets are uncertain about future prospects and are only seeking investments with either high conviction or minimal downside (ideally both).
  • Asset-based Valuation Method The asset-based valuation method is used for considering the value of the assets and liabilities of a business. Under this method, the value of a business is equal to the difference between the value of all its relevant assets and the value of all its relevant liabilities. The advantage PE/VC firms hold over investing in public markets is in the timing. There is potential to make massive gains if these firms can time their entry into the private markets during a period of uncertainty and low valuations and exit into the public markets once bullish market sentiment has returned. Typically, industry averages can be used for calculations with a slight premium attached to account for higher cost of equity and debt (since investors have lack of liquidity with holding equity in a private firm, it is an intrinsically riskier investment).
  • Sum of the Parts Valuation Method A conglomerate that has diversified business interests may need a different valuation model. In this method the valuation of each business is done separately and gets added up for the equity valuations. This valuation method is called a sum of parts valuation method. To evaluate beta, PE/VC firms either use industry averages and then unlevered or lever that number depending on what kind of beta was used and adjust that number accordingly based on the target’s credit history. It's often said that valuation is an art and not a science – and this is especially true for investing in the private markets. Our calculations are based purely on a series of assumptions and estimates and trusting the accounting processes of the target company.
  • Risk adjusted NPV Risk adjusted NPV is a most common valuation method of valuing compounds or products in the industries like pharmaceutical and biotech. The risk adjusted net present value (NPV) private equity valuation method utilizes the similar principle as the DCF equity valuation method, except that each future cash flow is adjusted by risk to the probability of it actually occurring. The probability of the cash flow occurrence is also called as the ‘success rate’. The success rates of a certain compound/drug can be estimated, by comparing the probability that the compound/drug will pass the several different development phases (i.e. phases I, II or III) usually undertaken in the drug development process.


Equity valuation focuses on the estimation of the likelihood of an organization being a successful firm in the coming future. Though it is many times very difficult to build-up any model that can predict the success of any organization. For instance, the next-gen enterprises like Google and Facebook share almost none of the aspects that were present in behemoths enterprises such as Exxon, Wal-Mart or even Apple for that matter.
There are a few questions that need to be addressed before a valuation exercise is done. These issues are not quantitative and won’t be available to seek direct application in the valuation report. These issues are mainly qualitative and indirectly influence the valuation.
The most important qualitative issues are as follows:
  • Industry Analysis Industry analysis is very important; the new age organizations are always in the competition with one another to get a share of the same market. If an organization’s competitors become more powerful and efficient then it tends to lose out. In the current modern market, no innovation does not mean stagnation rather it is the end of the enterprise as more effective challengers will sooner or later keep you out of business. Hence, equity analysts try to strive deeper through industry journals and have an interest on the company that is conducting thorough research. They also take help from the Porter’s five forces model to gauge whether or not, the industry as a whole is losing its effectiveness to another industry.
  • Strategy One more qualitative issue to be addressed is the organization’s strategic vision. Mainly the companies usually follow one of the three strategies. They will either try to be:
  1. Cost leaders i.e. organization that offers the product or service at the lowest price to the consumers. An example that can be considered as - Wal-Mart
  2. Innovators i.e. providers of high and top quality products and constantly build new and better products. An example that can be considered as - Apple
  3. Niche service providers i.e. providers of products and services for a very specific group of customers, whose requirements are well understood by them i.e. Harley Davidson motorcycles
  4. Each of these strategies needs a very different approach. For example, cost leadership needs superiority in the supply chain, innovation needs focus on research and development and niche services needs focus on customer relationship management. Equity Analysts must be aware of the strategy of an organization, their investments towards developing the capabilities needed to service this strategy and also the advancements that the competitors are making in this regard.


The long timeline of private equity funds and VC investment means there is a lot of flexibility around waiting for the right market opportunity while improving operational quality that is not available in the public markets.
Public companies are affected by general market momentum and volatility due to earnings releases and Federal Reserve Policy that can skew stock prices away from “reasonable valuations” and muddle investor sentiment. These risks don’t exist in the private markets, providing an opportunity to deliver a higher return to investors in the long run without traditional volatility concerns.
Source: https://www.uspec.org/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-equity-valuation-methods
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2023.05.30 09:59 applestatehd 2023 Harley-Davidson ® Breakout® - Apple State Harley

Discover the exhilarating power and timeless style of the 2023 Harley-Davidson® Breakout® at Apple State Harley. As a premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, we invite you to explore the unrivaled performance and iconic design of this legendary machine. Join our community to connect with fellow riders, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest news and events. Experience the thrill of the open road and unleash your passion for Harley-Davidson® with Apple State Harley.
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2023.05.30 09:45 applestatehd 2023 harley-davidson ® pan america™ 1250 - Apple State Harley

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2023.05.30 09:19 Rufian2113 1999 Harley Davidson Softail FLSTF Fat Boy handlebars off angle when front tire is straight

I got the bike like this about a year and a half ago, and while it doesn't affect how it drives (that I've noticed) it throws me off visually. If I use my fuel tank as reference for a parallel line with my handlebars, the front wheel is about 5 degrees off center. It's always in the back of my mind that it could wobble on me at highway speeds though, so I'd like to repair it. Any help would be very appreciated. I have the 97-98 Softail factory service manual, but I don't know exactly which procedure I should be looking at.
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2023.05.30 04:32 Own-Button-1752 2017 Roadking Special

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2023.05.30 03:37 ortahfnar Daily Reminder: The Interastral Peace Corporation is not peaceful

They've done things today almost as bad as coming up with this plan back then
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2023.05.30 03:17 Parasamgate Anyone install a tour pack rack recently? Is there a reason the gap between one of the screws and the hole they tell you to make is bigger than the others?

I might be overthinking this, but I don't want to do anything that causes an issue later on. I am installing the Air Wing Tour-Pack Lid Rack kit. It has 3 hex screws one size and the 4th larger than the rest. For the 3 that are the same, the screw diameter is 1/4" and the hole is 9/32, so an offset of 1/32". For the 4th the diameter is listed as 5/16" and the hole they want is 3/8", so an offset of 1/16th.
Is there a reason I need this extra big hole? I don't even understand why they wanted a larger diameter for one screw in the first place.
Thank you for your help.
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2023.05.30 02:41 Jaded-Selection-5668 91 soft tail springer

91 soft tail springer
My favorite
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2023.05.30 01:07 Peaceandlove79 How mariujana healed a man with prostrate cancer

How mariujana healed a man with prostrate cancer By Alessandro Carosi
I was for dinner in this restaurant in Ramintra outskirts of Bangkok, the evening was paid by the political party my friend joined in the last elections and was a chance to meet some interesting people that was interesting for completely other reasons than politics.
We arrived early and not everyone was at the restaurant but slowly one by one everybody arrived and one guy in particular let himself to be noticed in the crowd, he had a backpack full of small bags and started to throw it on the tables to each of us I was wondering what the hell was and I thought about cocaine so I asked my friend and told me to be marijuana …. So now the interesting thing is that is legal in Thailand and in every corner you can find small or big shops selling weed and last week walking around in Kao San Road that is a popular area for tourist and young backpackers turned out to be some sort of Thai version of Amsterdam …… and all I can say is ….. no comment !!!!
Let’s go back to the dinner, the guy that come in masked turned out to be a man, a 65 years old man, he looked out of place in that dinner cause I would have seen him better in a Harley Davidson bikers gathering for the way he dressed and long hairs, he sat next to me and I asked what was all the ganja about and here the story become really fascinating.
Five years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and one year to live and you can imagine the shock and fear, he tells me that spent months crying knowing that he could die in any day but he didn’t want chemotherapy so he begins searching for alternative medications till he find a lot of articles about the healthy benefits of smocking marijuana and having nothing to lose he starts smoking and one year pass by and he still alive, two years, three, four, five and he still alive and is when I met him so curious I ask if he did any check up but that’s even more surprising cause he tells that ……. No, he didn’t and he doesn’t wanna do it, since he started smoking he felt better and better and still feel in great shape mentally and physically so he isn’t interested to go back to the hospital and that’s amazing cause he isn’t the first case that I hear to be healed naturally.
I don’t want to go too deep into the medical aspect of it or the alternative natural solutions but what I’m gonna Touch is what might be the cause of any disease … STRESS!!!
We live in a system that is made to cause stress on a daily basis and people are mentally and physically ill more then ever so something has to change but we can’t expect that from the same people that benefit from us being sick we must start to find a solution internally trying slowly to remove ourselves from this broken system, I’m sure a lot of people was healed by natural medications but I’m sure there are many others that haven’t been so we should focus to the reasons why we get ill in the first place and begin to unlearn what this fucked up society taught us and learn a new way.
I believe that any disease starts from an unbalanced Soul and that’s when our immune system weaken and any mental and physical disease appear, I could see that on myself everytime I was ill and that happened when I had a prolonged state of stress.
Someone sick won’t rebel, someone sick will be in fear, someone sick is an obedient being and all the Covid thing should make you think how easy is to control the population emotions and way to think, there is no gain for people that want to be in power from having a healthy, educated to questioning and fearless population.
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2023.05.30 00:18 HeatherIsTripped Anyone have any information on this paint job?

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