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Tank Wars

2016.04.09 05:22 bQvle Tank Wars

Free browser game – hours of entertainment. Welcome to TankWars.IO one of the the most exhilarating and addictive browser game in the world of IO games / MMO games. Take command of your tank and annihilate the enemy before he annihilates you! Be prepared to battle players from all over the world. Use your power ups to your advantage. Be aware of the planes! Some might get you! Others will help you with drops! Welcome to the fight Commander!

2023.06.01 07:41 Disastrous_Life_9360 What should I do?

My ex currently has custody of my son and I get visitation every other Saturday. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my doctor has advised me to be outside less so that I don't overheat, she also has me on medication to prevent the baby from coming early, which my ex is aware of. My ex has told me that the next visit which is this Saturday will be at the park near his house which has very little shade. I have expressed my concern for my son, my unborn son and my self, as the temperature on Saturday will be too hot for us to spend 2 hours in. He has ignored all of my concerns and he will not move the visit to a location that has either a pool or that is indoors with air conditioning. I want to see my son but I don't want to risk my health or the health of either of my sons. I have also told my ex my recent health problems with this pregnancy. I have bronchitis which means the bronchial tube in my lungs swell up if the weather is soo cold or too warm, I have bursitis in my left knee, and I have been getting pains in my belly if I walk too far, I've had dizzy spells if the weather is too warm, and I have fainted three times after going on walks. All of which my ex knows but still doesn't change his mind. I love my son but I don't know what to say to my ex to get him to listen to me.
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2023.06.01 07:41 J-Jupiter Car making noise like a slide whistle starting at about 20-25 MPH.

Car making noise like a slide whistle starting at about 20-25 MPH.
I've got a 2011 Honda CR-V with about 150K miles. Over the last few weeks, I began to notice a weird noise whenever I accelerated. Around 20/25/30 MPH, a hollow whistling noise starts up that disappears when I'm in neutral or when my foot is off the gas. The noise rises in pitch with MPH until it's too high to be hear anymore. My general maintenance mechanic (brakes, filters, etc) has checked it out twice and can't figure out what it is, but he suggested it might be transmission related.
Exhaust system checks out, temps are all normal, oil was changed less than 4K ago, starts fine, etc. The only thing that is somewhat concerning is my transmission fluid color, which is looking less like Unicorn Tears Magenta and more like Extremely Weak Soy Sauce, but I'm a bit wary of doing a change since I've been told that doing so on a high mileage car can end up making things worse (the whole "metal bits = traction, no metal bits = gears slipping" thing).
I'm probably gonna have to take it in to the transmission shop near me, but if anybody has any idea what's going on, I'd greatly appreciate the input.
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2023.06.01 07:41 FestiveSon_2746 [For Hire] Do you need a pro tutor to help with Accounting & Finance or mathematics?

I provide Top Quality assistance in Accounting & Finance. (Corporate, Management, Reporting, Analysis, etc) & Math(Calculus 1,2,3 & Statistics, R studio, SQL, Python)
Whatsapp - ‪+1 (608) 686‑2825‬
^ I’m a Math expert with professional experience in Finance and Accounting (ACCA, IFRS standards). I have been a part-time private tutor for 6years now and my colleague is an expert in Chemistry & Biochem. We have successfully assisted many students with their assignments, tests, and exams in the following areas :
*Calculus 1, 2, 3, ODEs, PDEs, Complex Analysis, Vector and Tensor Analysis, Discrete Math, Algebra, Real Analysis, etc
*Intro level probability and statistics
*Accounting & Finance (All coursework, Including Case Studies)
*Chemistry & Biochem .
We treat our clients with respect and professional ethics. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need any help with any of the subjects listed above or simply
email: [[email protected]]
Whatsapp: +1 (608) 686‑2825‬
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2023.06.01 07:40 Yuukikoneko Horrible flickering in games, seemingly caused by fog.

So, for years now, I've had horrible flickering in a handful of games: WoW (a specific fog effect in one of the new dungeons), New World (in one of the dungeons and a specific area, video at the bottom), League of Legends (when hextech rift spawns, several large square areas, like a tile, start flickering, this is the longest running issue). Many games don't have any issues or flickering of any kind, even in foggy areas, but then some games are just horrible.
What happens is that certain fog effects seem to cause flickering in the shadow, causing the brightness of said shadow to go from super dark to super bright super quickly. It's like a strobe light. It's significant enough that it gives me a headache, and makes me feel sick in some games like League or New World. It's not random, and doesn't happen all over the game, only in specific spots, and very reliably.
In WoW I can turn off "compute effects" and the flickering will mostly go away, though there's still some small artifacting whenever one of the now invisible fog clouds blows past.
In League, I can get "Environment Quality" to low or very low, and the flickering goes away entirely, though I can still see the "seams" of the tiles that flicker, and if I have some kind of lighting effect near me, like Milio's backpack, the flickering happens in said lighting -- it's sort of a glow effect, like a torch, for those who don't know what I'm talking about.
In New World, there's nothing I've done that fixes it.
I've tried all sorts of things to try and fix it, including:
The only thing I haven't tried is rolling back to a much older driver (some people say they're more stable), as I'm not sure how to do that and I'm not sure which driver is the oldest that will work for my card.
Since the issue has started happening, I've replaced every piece of hardware in my PC, even the PSU. The only piece I haven't replaced is the motherboard, and at the moment I don't have the money to do so since I would also have to buy a copy of Windows (using an old prebuilt that I've upgraded over the years, so my Windows is built into my motherboard and will not follow to new hardware).
Running on: B350M Bazooka (using latest BIOS), Ryzen 5 5600, Radeon RX 6600, 32GB of DDR4 at 2667MHz, 1000W PSU.
Below I'll attach some screenshots and a couple videos.
Anyone have any ideas? It's really obnoxious.
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2023.06.01 07:39 dollerium Anyone else leave their rental because things felt ‘off’?

Yesterday, we arrived at our Airbnb and immediately were concerned for our safety, and the general cleanliness of the home.
Immediately we see a cockroach on the ground, so we were skeptical right away. We peel back the sheets at every rental and hotel, and this time we find an extremely stained mattress with no mattress protector, just a sheet. There’s trash and debris all over the “pet friendly” yard. Those are things we could maybe get over…but we checked all of the windows and back door, and everything was unlocked. The listing also advised that 2 areas of the house were off limits for guests (the master closet and garage) and that they were monitored by cameras. We decided that was okay when we booked, but once we got there, the whole place just felt off and we were so uncomfortable. We couldn’t see the cameras they supposedly installed, which made me think those aren’t the only cameras in the house?
Everything being unlocked felt very strange to us and we immediately left. Now we are fighting for a chargeback because the host refuses to refund us, even with our proof of the cleanliness issues. This is the final straw for us and we’ll no longer be using Airbnb. I just wanted to share this experience and see if anyone else has showed up to a rental that felt unsafe/a bit creepy?
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2023.06.01 07:37 Snoo-53572 My roommate (22F) keeps stealing my (24F) food and threatened me with eviction when I confronted her.

I’m a student and I work, in my country the government supplies every university student loans and grants based on household income. I come from a single parent household with an average household income. My roommate on the other hand comes from a two parent household, with a very high income as her father is a CEO. The government payments cover my rent and utilities only, I work for everything else. My roommates parents pay for her rent and utilities and give her a monthly allowance she’s also bragged about a credit card with no limit that her parents pay for.
On the problem, I cook nearly all my meals and eat them throughout the week, whereas my roommates orders in or goes out, either way there’s hardly any food in her section of the fridge, it’s usually just wine and fruit. Lately I’ve noticed my food missing or perhaps there’d be little left, as I said before I work for everything outside of rent and utilities and grocery shopping isn’t cheap.
I confronted my roommate about this and explained to her that if she wants to eat my food, she needs to contribute to with payment, she argued that her parents have cut her allowance back due to over spending, that she can’t afford to pay me, to which I replied that she shouldn’t be going out everyday & ordering food if she can’t afford it & to get a job since there’s plenty of places hiring in our area even at my workplace. She didn’t like that idea & complained that my friends often eat my food, which is true but if I’m hosting everyone contributes, it’s an unspoken rule between my friends hell between any friendship groups (I’d assume). I explained this to her but she just called me selfish and greedy, and threatened to have the landlord throw me out because he’s apparently a family friend.
Anyway I left shortly after that argument, I had to go to work by the time I went home the house was empty, I assumed she had gone out. During her night out she along with her friends sent me drunk voice notes, threatening to throw all my food out, to make the house messy (she knows I like to keep it clean) petty shit like that. By the time she came home at early hours of the morning (4am) she made her presence known, which woke me up.
Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I decided to hit the gym, I assume she heard me or perhaps it was a coincidence (unlikely) as when I went downstairs to grab my water bottle her latest hookup was hunched over the kitchen countertop eating my food. He was drunk so I didn’t want to think he had ill intentions but I’m sure my roommate put him up to this.
I went upstairs to confront her when I did she acted as if she was just waking up, she screamed at me, called me crazy that I could have had this conversation another time and not embarrass her or myself in front of her guest. She said I’d regret it, to which I just left the house.
I’ve never had a problem with this roommate, we’re not friends but we’ve kept things friendly, her behaviour is a little surprising, now I’m wondering how I should approach this topic without causing any more arguments?
TLDR; Roommate keeps stealing my food and when I confronted her she threatened to have me evicted.
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2023.06.01 07:37 True_Pein RAM Problems

A couple of months ago, I built a PC. Once it was finished, I played a game. I got in game errors, display freezes, and blue screens. Eventually, I ran the memory diagnostic, and it's told me that it detected a fault.
I bought new RAM with a warranty and tried again. The new RAM worked for a while, but the issues popped back up and the diagnostic said it detected faults again within a week.
I swapped to another set of RAM, and I eventually got a blue screen on Windows loading. I didn't even make it to the sign in screen. I was able to get a working set of RAM with the original set and my current set, but I figured that one of the sticks would go bad eventually. I paid to have a Microcenter near me take a look at it, but they couldn't find anything wrong.
I got it back yesterday, and was getting the original in game errors again, so I ran the memory diagnostic, and guess what? Faults have been detected again.
Does anyone know what's happening here?
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2023.06.01 07:36 Several-Custard3809 AITA for having a drink

This happened a week ago, when my (20M) boyfriend of three years, and I (17F) decided to go out with some friends to a party in the woods. My boyfriend drove us there, and he asked that I not drink so that I can be the DD on the way back, and I agreed. It was about a fifteen minute drive from his house, and the part was deep in the woods. There were about 45 people there.
I saw one of my friends who I’ve known forever, Jack, sitting with his girlfriend, Ally. I sat down with them near the bonfire as my boyfriend went off to find some of his friends. Everyone was just having fun and many people were either smoking or having some drinks. I don’t smoke, and I very rarely drink, so I was really the only sober one there besides three or four other people.
Jack hands me a drink, but remembering my earlier promise to my boyfriend, I waved it away with a comment about being a DD. Jack kept trying to get me to drink it though, and so did Ally, but I ignored it and chalked it up to both of them being a little tipsy. After about five minutes of them pushing me I drink it, I eventually gave in and drank it as fast as I could. Immediately, I could tell something was off, as not only did the drink taste a funny, but my mind was also a bit fuzzy. I ignored it, and continued talking with my two friends.
After that though, I genuinely don’t remember anything else.
I know I must have wandered off at some point and fallen asleep though.
I woke up around nine hours later about fifty yards away from the actual bonfire. I cursed myself for drinking and I knew that my boyfriend would be angry with me because I wasn’t able to drive him home. I tried to check my phone to see if he had texted me, but it was dead. So I was stranded, and it was about a forty minute walk back home. I knew my parents wouldn’t care because I had already told them I was staying with my boyfriend last night.
I ended up walking back to my boyfriends house and when I knocked on the door, he told me to “Go the fuck away.” I didn’t think he would be that mad about the night before. I asked him if I could at least get my things, and he said that a “cheating whore” like me didn’t deserve to get anything. At this point I’m more confused than anything, and I keep asking him what he’s taking about but eventually he just stops answering. I went back home and both my parents were gone so I let myself in with the spare key.
When I got in my room, I changed and charged my phone. But when my phone was fully charged, I got a flood of messages from people, but the first one I checked was from another one of my very close friends, Kelsey, when I opened her message I quite literally screamed. It was a picture of me, in the woods, slumped against a tree, with my shirt off and my pants around my ankles, and what looked like multiple guys, including Jack, having their way with me. Along with the picture, she said “Ally took and sent this picture to hella people”
I just don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.01 07:34 Accomplished-East383 Double major

I am going to be a freshman this fall, and I am currently set to be a finance major. However, I also have been playing with the idea of doing a double major of finance + cs since they are in different colleges and both interest me. Is this even possible and would the course load be too much?
Edit: Not sure how much of a difference it will make, but I have taken 10 AP tests and gotten 4s and 5s on all of the 6 that I have gotten back so far.
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2023.06.01 07:33 ZanphyKing Stuck between Truth and Health…

Hey guys. I’m pretty young, and researching philosophy is usually done unrestricted and with full access for me, meaning I usually expose myself to many articles and ideas expressing anti-Catholic, or even atheistic beliefs. I feel horrible during it, but even more so, after it. I rarely see an counter argument near the proposed idea, so it leaves me with a dreadful feeling.
It’s an addiction, honestly.
But, it’s addicting because I’m fully convinced that If I stop researching, I am willfully ignoring truth. If I just settle on “I’ll learn about this later” or “Nah this is wrong because I dislike the feeling it gives me” then I am not in search of Truth.
Please persuade me to the Catholic justification of stopping this painful cycle of scrupulous (but seemingly unescapable) behavior!
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2023.06.01 07:33 Smooth-Brilliant9370 My GF(21 F) and I(M 21) barely have sex.

My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly 6 years and we have been together ever since our sophomore year of high school. I love her so much and she’s my best friend. I love spending time with her because we’re able to watch shows, crack jokes, take walks together and really enjoy each other’s company. We live down the street from each other so we see each other very often. At the same time though we barely have sex. Granted this is due to a couple factors. One is because we don’t have our own place and we both live with our parents. So whenever I do go to her house we’ll never have the house to ourselves. Also, I’m in college, so during the semesters she’ll come over and we’ll have sex but it’s not that often. Maybe once every two or three weeks. My college is 30 minutes away from where we live so she takes Ubers to get there. Ubers do add up after a while up so that’s not really a sustainable option. We’ve gone to hotels once and a while but those are pretty expensive too. Even though I’m working to get one, I don’t have a car yet. However, my gf’s grandma just recently gifted her a car. This seems like the best place to do it I would think, but my girlfriend is pretty timid when it comes to sex and she doesn’t want to do it in there. I’ve always had a high sex drive so it’s hard having to wait months for sex. There was a period of our relationship (during our high school years) that we went 2 and a half years without sex since we had no where to do it. With me being home for summer break and my gf having her car, I feel like we should be having sex way more often but we’re not. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation?
TL;DR my gf and I don’t have sex often because of external factors. But with her now having a car, and a opportunity to do it, we still are not having sex.
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2023.06.01 07:32 UMANGTSHIRTPRINTING Men & Women formal shirts with company logo - #customized office shirt manufacturer & printing in Delhi

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2023.06.01 07:30 NitroFish44 [WTS] [US] Pen smorgasbord-Vintage and Modern! Pelikan, Wahl, Parker, Waterman, Ingersoll, Gravitas, Tactile Turn, Platinum, Lamy :-)

Good evening folks! I hope everyone has had a great start to their week after the holiday weekend :-) Listed here is another batch of pens as I continue to curate my collection. All these pens are great writers and would serve you well. It gets harder and harder to choose which pens to let go of. As a virtue of that, there is no “bad” choice here!
Verification and photos: Please note: there may be ink on the nibs(and on my fingers lol) in the photos as a result of my testing them. Rest assured, all nibs are in great shape
-All sub rules in effect. PayPal G&S is the only acceptable form of payment! -Please post on this listing first, then PM with your PayPal email and I’ll get an invoice sent out ASAP. Users that indicate firm intention through messaging to purchase a pen will get priority for a given pen, irrespective of “pm” order in the thread.
-The cost of shipping is higher than ever. All packages ship with full value insurance-absolutely no exceptions. Shipping will be a flat rate of $10. I’m happy to combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.
On to the pens!
[D for vintage] Platinum Pocket Pen w/18k factory Music nib! $200+shipping
This pen is quite unusual in that you definitely don’t see them everyday. While I’m not an expert on Platinum as a brand, I do know these pens are few and far between. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen available and I paid a pretty penny for it. I’m sure there are others out there, but they rarely come up for sale. This is a must have for any Platinum collectors out there! The 18k music nib writes absolutely beautifully and has a bit of spring. The pen is also in good shape and is ready to write sweet, sweet music! If you’re a Platinum collector(or a traveling composer), this is a must have pen for you ;-)
[D for vintage] vintage Pelikan 400 w/14k EF flexible nib $235+shipping
Vintage Pelikans do not get the hype they deserve within the community imho. They are great pens in every way! Beautiful, sleek, very easy to clean, and with great nibs, you’d be hard pressed to find a pen, either modern or vintage, with more upside/features than these models! This pen, from the early to mid 1950’s, is in good condition with very light microscratching commensurate with careful usage throughout the years. Somewhere along its life, the original cap was replaced with an example from a 400nn and is in really good shape itself with only some light brassing. The nib is absolutely wonderful and is the real draw here. It has plenty of flex available if you’d like to use the pen for that. It writes absolutely beautifully, the ebonite feed offering a steady supply of ink for wet, luscious lines. I have a bunch of these pens in all nib sizes for a good reason. If you don’t have one of these, you should seriously consider picking this pen up. I guarantee you’ll be happy you tried it out. I’ll also guarantee that you won’t stop at only one! They’re truly that good….
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic in Gray Pearl Shadow-Wave w/14k Med. flexible nib $125+shipping
Up next is a fantastic user grade Vac that would be perfect for someone who’s either just getting into vintage, or for the person who wants a vintage pen to carry with them daily without having to worry about losing an Uber expensive pen. The pen presents very well but is user grade with brassing to the trim and a depression or 2 on the body. The nib is awesome and has rare flexibility to add plenty of character to your writing. It is not easy to find a Vac with flexibility at this price point!
[D for vintage] Wahl full length slender pen in Jade celluloid w/14k Fine flexible nib $125+shipping
Those that know me here know that I collect Wahl as a primary focus. This pen was an early acquisition and is perfect for getting into vintage. The Jade celluloid has discoloring, as do most pens made of this material. The color on this pen is a lot better than some. The nib is awesome! A fine with flexibility to take your writing to the next level. I’ve traded up to a similar pen that has better coloring, so this pen must go! Discover why I love Wahl so much! I guarantee you would not be disappointed with this pen if you purchased it! Last minute edit: I just realized I didn’t take a picture of the nib on this pen, grrrr. The nib is in excellent condition. The light is now gone for the day however, so I’ll provide pics to whoever is interested.
[D for vintage] Ingersoll all metal pen w/14k Med. Stub Italic nib $110+shipping
This pen is great for somebody who wants to experience vintage stub flex without breaking the budget. While still a stunning pen, the exterior does have some wear, however it’s a very old pen! This is a twist filler, requiring that one simply remove the blind cap, insert the nib in ink, and twist the metal piece to “deflate” the sac. After releasing the metal piece, allowing the sac to fill with ink, boom, the pen is filled! The nib is what makes this pen special! A #2 Ingersoll, it is a truly flexible, italic like MF nib. There is some feedback when writing, however this pen is a whole lot of fun to write with! If you’ve never experienced a flexible stub, here’s your chance to do so in a relatively inexpensive manner!
[D for vintage] Waterman CF all metal pen-Crocodile pattern w/18k Broad nib $195+shipping
This beautiful all metal CF is a prodigious writer! It’s also the sought after crocodile pattern. Wet, juicy goodness! It’s in spectacular, collector grade condition! Aside from the normal marks all CF’s get on the overlay of their sections, the pen is in perfect shape. You’d be hard pressed to convince anyone this is a vintage pen! Aside from the solid gold models, this is the penultimate CF. I have one last CF I’ll be keeping. Believe me, it was a very hard choice as to which one to let go of. hard to find and expensive CF proprietary converter included in this sale
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic Deb. in burgundy w/14k EF-F nib $125+shipping
This may be one of the most beautiful Vacumatics I’ve ever owned! It’s certainly feature packed and is one of the most fancy pants version(aside from the gold Imperial model) you could get of this model/size pen back in the day. Double-striped jewels, duo-tone nib….this pen has it all! Nib writes a perfect, beautifully juicy MF line! There’s some brassing on the trim, and a name engraved on the barrel, but this pen is absolutely stunning in person! Take a look at the video in the gallery.
Modern pens below!
[B+] Lamy Accent Briarwood w/14k Med nib $115+shipping
Lamy’s Accent is a great way to enjoy Lamy’s gold nibs. This pen is customizable in that you can purchase additional barrel inserts if you wanted. The Medium nib writes beautifully and is exactly what one would expect from a Lamy nib. This pen is in really good shape and needs a new owner who will actually use it!
[B+] Lamy Studio Palladium w/14k Fine nib $125+shipping
There’s probably not a whole lot I can say about the Lamy Studio that hasn’t already been said and they are indeed, great pens! This one is in great condition and also writes beautifully. I’ve always liked the way Lamy gold nibs feel against paper. I also really like the ergonomics of this pen. For my hands they’re extremely comfortable to hold, and quite grippy given the texture on the section. This pen is ready to be your faithful writing companion :-) I’m primarily a vintage guy and don’t use this pen nearly enough to justify owning it.
[A2] Pelikan M200 w/SS Med. nib $110+shipping
This is Pelikans entry level model in beautifully chatoyant brown! This pen is stunningly beautiful and also writes extremely well. Hot take….Pelikan stainless nibs are fantastic! Not often talked about due to Pelikans much ballyhooed gold nibs, the stainless examples are wet, smooth, reliable writers. This pen is essentially brand new and has only been inked once with the very gentle Waterman Black(my mainstay ink). Another good thing about these stainless nibs is that they write true to size, unlike a lot of Pelikans gold nib offerings ;-) The absolute best thing about these pens are the screw in nib units standard across most of Pelikans lineup. They make these pens a breeze to clean! You get the ink capacity of a piston filler with the easy to clean nature of screw in nibs? Sign me up!!
[Parts due to no nib, A2 otherwise] Tactile Turn Gist-all copper NO NIB $125+shipping
This pen is essentially brand new and has only been inked once or twice. I’m keeping the nib that was in this pen, however it’ll take any Bock #6 nib unit that you’d like to install. This pen is in immaculate condition as it relates to the metal, save for a bit of patina to the raw copper surface of the body(which can be polished if you prefer). I don’t think Tactile Turn produces the Gist model any more(a mistake imo as these are really awesome pens) so if you’ve been wanting one of these, I’d grab it! As time has passed, it seems they come up for sale less and less often. Also willing to trade this pen for a Titanium version in similar, like new condition
[B+] Gravitas Pocket pen-copper w/SS Fine nib $90+shipping
Gravitas pens are hot right now! It’s no wonder as you can feel the quality of workmanship as soon as you pick one of these pens up. This pen is in great condition with only a bit of a developing patina. I’m happy to polish it for the new owner if requested. Grab this pen at a discount and without the wait of shipping across the pond.
[B+]Gravitas Pocket Pen-brass w/Ti ultra flex nib $100+shipping
Same story as above for this one. A quality pen with almost zero signs of usage. The ultra flex nib has been quite a surprise for me! It is much softer than say, a noodlers Ahab. I’m talking MUCH softer. It also writes extremely well! The thing is, since I’m a vintage flex guy, the nib just doesn’t get the use it deserves, so it’s listed here :-(
[B+]Platinum PTL-5000a w/14k Fine nib $90+shipping
Another Platinum, this one discontinued several years ago. While it’s a great pen that writes wet and smooth for a Japanese fine, I just don’t use it. These pens gained an almost cult like following and were known to have nibs with flexibility. This example is no different. Great pen in great condition and with a great nib!
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That means you’ll receive the guidance you need throughout your journey to a six-figure win. 🙂
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2023.06.01 07:29 devytime Im sad I can’t attend any Illenium shows this year. Heres my discovery story of Illenium <3

I recently lost my job and had too cancel my trilogy show. I sold all 3 nights I had for the Armory since I live in Minneapolis and that’s where I saw him for the first time. With his Ascend tour with the live band on stage. With this tour being live band again I was so excited. But i guess life just be lifin ykno. Hopefully I can get my finances together too catch him in Illinois in July so I can catch this experience. The phoenix was my first tattoo and most meaningful. See when I was younger I was a very angry and depressed kid. Once I graduated highschool i realized being angry wasn’t who I wanted too be and had learned to let go and forgive of a lot my traumas because I saw it was only ever going too hold me back. I did a complete 180 on my personality and became the most loving and genuine version of myself which finally gave me a version of myself I was happy with which in terms helps so much with my depression. Simultaneously while all of this is happening I discover Illenium and his beautiful healing sound. This was in 2019 and I’ve been in love since.
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2023.06.01 07:29 KeyLeg1972 Fuel delivery dispute

I ordered heating oil from the same company for a few years- never had a contract, I’d call and ask for a price then request a delivery. One day they delivered fuel I didn’t order and sent me an invoice. I called to tell them I never ordered it; long story short I talked to a bunch of employees on different occasions and never got anywhere.
I was on autopay- I disputed with my cc company and they never responded so I “won” the dispute.
They recently started sending me invoices with finance charges, which compound.
I never ordered this and have spent hours trying to work this out with them- initially I just wanted them to reduce the price to the current market rate but they wouldn’t budge. Given how much time I’ve wasted, I now don’t want to pay this at all. Not looking for something for free, but it’s not like I can return the product.
Do they have a legal leg to stand on that I owe them any money?
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2023.06.01 07:29 redditop17 Need Advice on 'Selling" or "Renting" A Condo I own in NY

Hello Reddit Community. First time I’m posting via this Reddit channel and I could use your advice! Your insights and comments will be appreciated
Here is my situation:
I own a condo in NY (Queens borough) since 2002 that I’ve lived in and still live in for most of those years. From that perspective its been good for me. However, I purchased a condo specifically to have flexibility with renting when and if I needed to. I had moved out for a few years but had to return and I then had to deal with my tenant who would not get out and so it turned into a whole eviction process. An eye opening process especially here in NY.
I know that I want to move on from living in the condo as I have contemplated a change for a while. I’ve lived here many years and feel its just time for a change. Additionally, my immediate family who live in pretty close proximity to me (Parents & brother) are all moving to Florida soon. Being close to them was a pretty good reason to be nearby but with them leaving, that’s one less reason to stay where I’m located specifically. With that said, I have been on the fence about my options:
#1) Sell the Condo – Sell it outright and use the proceeds to rent temporarily somewhere until housing prices cool and buy then or buy investment property
#2) Rent the Condo – This would mean I move out, buy a new house but keep the condo and rent it again
In either scenario, I would be moving to Long Island, NY to be closer to my kids. There are pros and cons for each option which I will spell out below. I have been leaning towards a sell and getting out before what seems like an eventual downturn in the market. I want to make a decision by June2023 which is less than a week away

Info Notes
Year of Home Purchase 2002
Year of Mortgage Payoff 2032
Mortgage Payoff Amount ~$54K
Unit 2 BR / 2 Bath + Balcony (1050 Sq ft)
Building Complex 5th Floor of a 6 Story Condo (Part of a 2 Building complex)
Note: Refinanced to a better rate when 20 yrs was left on mortgage to a 20 yr loan (rate of 3.875%)

Financical Stats:

Costs While I Live in Condo

Item Amount Notes
Mortgage $933.00 PITI (Principal/Interest/Taxes/Insurance) per month
HOA $1,256.00 Covers Building Insurance, SupePorters; Garbage/Snow Removal/Landscaping/Cleaning of Interior & Hallways; Covers Water Usage & Home Heating/Cooking (per month)
Total Cost $2,189.00 Total Monthly Cost (minus Utilities) while Live-In Unit

Costs If I Rent Out Condo

Item Amount Notes
Condo Costs $2,189.00 Condo Costs Listed Above
Condo Sublet Fee +$250.00 Condo Sublet Fee**
Vacancy +$183.00 10%
Renters Insurance $10.00
Total Cost $,2,632.00 Total Monthly Cost (minus Utilities) if I Rent Unit
**Note: The Condo requires a $250 sublet fee if I rent out my unit; They do this to discourage renting and maintain mostly owner occupied units

Decision - Keeping Condo & Rent It
  1. Through Rental, tenant will pay off my mortgage over time (10 years remain)
  2. In 5 years when the mortgage is down to half amount for example, I will prob have the flexibility to just pay the remainder outright and have a unit free and clear
  1. The maintenance costs are a bit crazy to me but not necessarily out of the norm; There is an assessment that has just been levied for some major repairs and a 10 year loan has been taken out to do the repairs and minimize the per unit owner cost to a manageable size; That assessment is increasing maintenance to $1,256 p/month. A lot more than my PITI costs combined.
  2. The condo charges a $250 sublet fee for renting out my unit; That would bring my total monthly expense over $2600; Based on what I researched I could get for rents in this area, not sure I can get $2600; Even if I could I would just be breaking even with no cash flow; Wont include amount needed for potential vacancy; The sublet fee kills my flexibility

Decision - Sell Condo
  1. Would probably get top dollar on sale of home selling now; if there is a downturn it can be MANY years before I can get the money I would be able to get now (anticipate $425k to $450k)
  2. Sell and use part of the money to buy new home for myself and/or use the money on alternate investment(s)
  3. Keep the money liquid for opportunities that come up in the next 1 to 2 years
  4. Free myself from the politics of the condo board and how the complex operates; A lot of the issues are financial in that over the years money has been collected and not well managed or spent which is why HOA fee is so high; this provides a level of inflexibility on managing expenses which I have limited control over
  1. Don’t have that much left on mortgage; selling now would mean investing elsewhere via new long term mortgage at todays higher interest rates (albeit at smaller mortgage amt since I would be able to put down a larger down pymt); Additionally, at todays market prices, I would not be able to get a unit like this one for the price I paid over 2 decades ago and for the interest rate I have now
  2. I have been wanting to build a real-estate portfolio and my thought has been that this would be my 1st unit in that portfolio and I should keep it & build from there; Selling would mean starting from scratch instead of building; However is this Condo Unit really a good investment? I'm doubting that based on numbers
I'm hoping the amount of info I posted doesn't turn anyone off from responding. I tried to give the full story so that you knew where I was coming from. Again your insights and comments are welcome! Please help!!
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2023.06.01 07:28 vooua Need a opinion on what do do with drake warden class.

I'm in the process of starting a campaign with my irl friends and my DM and I have talked about how my class works and that I have a bond with my familiadrake where we share an HP pool. the mechanics of it are that if I take damage, my drake takes damage (and vise versa) aswell as have a limit of 30 feet because me and my drake are that bonded. after a few days of thinking... from my perspective that concept removes the whole point of the class and just removes the extra health and freedom of movement that my class gets from the drake. Hes arguing that it balances out my class because I get practically extra scouting abilities and attacks to use in battle. But I cant help but feel that my class is just getting a hard nerf and removing nearly the whole point of using the class in the first place. My DM wants the campaign to be very roleplay based and not worry about mechanics which I have no problem with and says I should have a bond to the point where I don't want the drake to die which is fine. DM and I are ok with removing the summoning mechanic. but that removes the possibility of the drake dying and me just re-summoning it because I care too much for my drake.
my questions are 1. is this even a nerf or am I overthinking/reacting 2. is there any way we can change this or balance this bond mechanic in a way where it doesn't feel like a hard nerf. 3. (general question). as a drake warden. what happens when I die and my drake is currently summoned. what does the drake do. can it attack? can it heal? or does its aimlessly dodge and do nothing because lack of command from me/sentience.
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2023.06.01 07:28 wintericy1313 Cruella came today ! But had to take her into Bab to get her totally redone !pic is her after

Cruella came today ! But had to take her into Bab to get her totally redone !pic is her after
So glad I live near a store and feel horrible for those thar don't! She was terrible! Complete lumpy everywhere..her head looked all out of shape ,barley could stand to even hold her even with the coat on! I took her in and the employees agreed how bad she was and explained that Bab uses different stuffing sometimes than in-store !! It just depends on who's stuffing and what they get in if you get the good stuff or the horrible stuff 😠when they opened her up the stuffing was TERRIBLE! some hard stiff scratchy stuff ,honestly you could get better quality at the dollar store ! I wish I would have thought to take a pic....never will I order prestuffed again! Makes me wonder what the mini pride frog is stuffed with...she feels and looks great now that she has been totally restuffed with the good stuff !
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2023.06.01 07:27 banana-bels Refined Storage trouble (ATM8)

i’m having this weird issue with my refined storage crafting grid. i can access the interface & pull things out & put things into my storage when i’m near my base, but when i’m far away it only lets me access the interface & craft items from jei but won’t let me put items in or pull items out. it only happens when i’m far from my base, and i have the dimensional card in, as well as a creative crafting grid. so i’m unsure why it lets me access the interface far away, but not do anything with it. any help would be appreciated!!! it’s been bugging me
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2023.06.01 07:26 Antique_Turn4529 M30 Bored and tired at work and would love to have a [chat] about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.01 07:26 RandomMexican26 AT&T internet

Hey everyone, a random question
If there's anyone that lives in Fate (near downtown) and has At&t internet, do you have service? Since the rain on Monday night we've been with no service and I was just curious if this is an area issue or if it's only me
Thanks in advance!
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