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1500 kCals A Day!

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2013.02.02 09:52 I_Miss_Claire No such thing as stupid questions

Ask away!

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2023.06.04 12:27 mandolingravitymir Eyeconic Tortoise Shell Glasses Promo Code

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2023.06.04 12:26 tgu0_o 8 month old kitten only knocks things down at night

I still need to get better at tiring him out right before bed, however my kitten continously knocks things over at night. We have little to no issue in the day with this. I don't know what to do about this habit or how to break it. Worst part is he knows it's wrong! This morning at 5am I stared at him and he chirped in annoyance that I was watching him so he couldn't knock things over without getting in trouble. Little man also gets upset when I tell him no!
It's a lot easier to sleep through the night when I'm not worried about him breaking something and is just running around, any ideas on how to break this habbit?
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2023.06.04 12:26 fungenerat0r As a victim of CSA, I’m afraid I should never have children.

I’ve been in a committed relationship for a few years now, we’re planning to get married. Even though life is good now, my partner mentions wanting to have children at some point in the future. And while having a family with him is the best outcome I could think of for my life, it’s not very realistic. And i’m afraid it’s a bad idea.
My childhood was very traumatic. I suffer from CPTSD and a schizoaffective disorder. I went through a heroin addiction, I had a suicide attempt and I spent a lot of time in psych ward and rehab. And I’m an amputee. And I’m barely 30, I’m just starting to recover and live my life how you should live it.
I’ve done some messed up things in my past and I made bad choices. I’m still learning to take care of myself and manage my life. I don’t think i’ll ever be in a place where I deserve and can take care of a child. I’m really scared I inherited my father’s horrible person genes or something. I just don’t see myself as a good dad and I’m afraid of being in the presence of a child, let alone raising one.
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2023.06.04 12:26 Leesta01 Car Park

Hi, I haven’t received my car park ticket due to a ticketmaster issue, so will be picking it up at the event. I was wondering if it is says on the pass which car park you have to park in, or can you just park in any car park? We are in general camp but trying to camp up in one of the less rowdy camps (have been told that will be red/purple) so wondered where is the best place to park?
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2023.06.04 12:25 grizwa TIFU sending a drone off to its doom and other disasters. a truly terrible day

Well id had a bad month in general, broke some bones, lost loads of money, other various issues and had to take time out of work, so i was already feeling pretty crappy already and yesterday life just decided to really pile it on, it was a very expensive day.
i had to go into town to deposit some cash in the bank, i get myself ready to go and pop on my (£850) headphones, no sound in the right ear, close investigation reveals the driver is broken due to a screw that got pulled in by the magnets. so rather unhappy i set off to town
i deposited my cash and had a wander round town, as i passed CEX i noticed they had a DJI Phantom 3 in the window, i thought "ive always wanted to play with a drone, its a nice day, fuck it treat yourself" so i go in and buy it, its 2nd hand so theres no box or instructions but i assume itll all be fairly straight forward
i get home charge it up and try and find out how it works but the info all seems to be for iphone, im unable to find the app on the play store but there appear to be several alternatives, i struggle for ages trying to even get the thing to connect with various apps and failing
eventually i find an app that connects to it, it seems to work on maps rather than the controller, which i couldnt get to do much of anything. i set it to fly up over my house and come back, which it does OK so i try and zoom out to set a new route but as im connected to the drone it wont load the map or zoom out, i reconnect to my wifi and zoom out tapping about so it loads the map of the area
i then reconnect to the drone, it says something like "aircraft connected" and then suddenly off it goes, i try to access the camera it says "unavailable" i try to cancel, "operation failed" and it just zooms off into the distance at top speed never to be seen again, i thought maybe itd return but it never did.
but wait my bad day isnt over yet! i come in annoyed and hungry, think "fuck it im having a take away" go on uber eats and order a pizza. as the tracker shows its almost at my house i go downstairs to wait, but theres no knock on the door, i thought maybe the tracker was just off or something, i wait a little more, nothing, look outside, nothing, i come back upstairs and it turns out id had a message from the driver asking for the house number for some reason which had started a 7 min timer which had expired as i hadnt answered in time, the app suddenly said "delivered on time" and that was that, i was charged full price but never got a thing
[TL:DR] broke my expensive headphones, bought a drone to console myself, didnt know how to work it properly and sent it flying off to an unknown location never to be seen again. ordered a takeaway to console myself, missed the delivery and got charged anyway
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2023.06.04 12:25 Otherwise_Notice6421 STILL Looking for a VERY SPECIFIC manipulative Tommyinnit fic.

Okay, so basically I'm looking for a specific fic with these things:
-Tommy takes advantage of the Hybrid instincts of other people to get what he wants.
-He purposely doesn't sleep for days at a time to catch the attention (and by proxy, the protection) of a phantom hybrid.
-That Phantom hybrid ends up being Wilbur.
-Tommy's a manipulative little shit, and I love him for it.
-The story doesn't take place at Origins SMP. It's all modern and everything.
-It was posted on ao3 if I remember correctly.
PLEASE someone help, I've spent the last few days (week) OBSESSING over looking for this fic.
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2023.06.04 12:25 Carl0907 Horribly realistic dream

I had such a strange and realistic dream last night. It wasn’t a nightmare but it created so much fear I woke up still thinking I was going to be killed.
So, what I remember was that I had been created in a genetics lab by some guy I referred to as father (he kind of looked like David bowie dressed as a 1700’s goth vampire thing) me and the rest of the lab made people were allocated a set of houses, while father had this facility that was like some sort of compound that was able to pack itself up into a platform and fly away.
What he wanted to do was create these “super geniuses” as he called them, he would test me and the other people regularly. The tests were usually to see what I could make out of given materials, making a knife out of a stone and some leather and etc
I’m not sure how long I was there but it must’ve been a couple of days before he rounded up people that scored best on the tests and brought them into the facility.
No one questioned it, but that night armed men bust through my door. I was upstairs and there were people downstairs they went for first. I heard the other test subjects being dragged outside and shot. I used the commotion to sneak outside. Everything was on fire and there was screaming everywhere. I was seen and these sea lion creatures were sent after me by the soldiers. I ran to fathers compound to tell him what was happening, he was the one who ordered it though.
And then, get this, the whole platform just takes off. I remember looking down at the ground and seeing the soldiers rounding up the last of the subjects and killing them.
I was meant to be killed but it was decided I would pass into round 2. Me and the remaining “genius” people were scanned on our wrists.
For the next few days I was tested on and made to build more objects. I tried to convince the other people that father was going to purge us again. However, these people hadn’t seen the first purge and didn’t believe me.
When father found out I was telling people he tried to execute me, but there were too many of the test subjects around. Instead he told me there would be another roundup and purge.
No one else believed me when I said we had to run so I went off myself into some woods and hid behind the trees.
The purge did happen and I heard people being taken out of their homes and killed.
The last thing I recall there was search dogs after me.
After I woke up from this dream I was still looking for where in my room I could hide and still thought there were people after me. It is probably one of the scariest and most lifelike dreams I’ve had.
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2023.06.04 12:25 pineapples372 How did you make your home accessible?

I don't use a wheelchair at home currently, but want to plan for it when I buy a home in a few years. I don't know anything about renovation, how hard is it to eg, retrofit a kitchen?
And I live in London, is it even possible to make a tiny flat accessible? I can't even really imagine what an accessible home looks like without it being really big, hallways and doorways would have to be wide, and you can't have things in the way..?
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2023.06.04 12:25 AngronApofis Looking to get back onto 40k

When I was young I got into Warhammer, specifically chaos space marines. My main Focus was plague marines (although I did a bit of everything, it was a total mess) and looking to get back into It, little by little, with 10th edition, I have been taking a look at the rules.
I have seen quite a bit of negativity for the DG with the new edition changes but I dont really mind that too much. DG is still the army that I like the most, and if I get back I am definetly coming back with them.
My problem is: Salvaging from my own collection has granted me what I think is a pretty decent starting point of:
7 Plague Marines (Old Metal models) 7 Plague Marines (Old Finecast models) 1 Nurgle Prince Demon (Finecast model) Typhus (Old Metal Model) 2 Chaos Spawns 2 Rhinos (1 is a Vindicator but It should be easy to 'fix' I think) 1 Great Unclean one (Old Metal Model. This is, I think, useless nowadays? Considering the new great Unclean one is like, massive).
Looking at the new rules this seems like a good spot to start, for the moment, so I am not looking to buy too much until I start expanding (other than Paint supplies and such).
My question is: How do I modernize this as much as possible? Unfortunately my plague marines have 3 Plasma and the rest are all bolter and knife. Obviously new plague marines use many different Weapons such as flails and cleavers, and they have a champion per unit.
Regarding the demon Prince I am definetly giving him wings because that seems to be what everyone is running nowadays...
What is the best, cheapest way to make my troops look like a modern Squad? Does anyone have any idea?
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2023.06.04 12:25 piepurefeatherran Vans Sk8 Hi White Coupon Code

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2023.06.04 12:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Palliser – Tax Delinquent Blueprint 2022 (

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2023.06.04 12:25 asati_sprout Those of you who work, how do you cope and keep a job?

Actually I want to know about the whole process. What kind of job do you work? How did you find a job, and when doing a job interview, how much do you tell the employer about your health issues? How difficult was finding a job for you? Do you get support at work considering your health issues? Or do you try to act as much as possible like a healthy person and cope with it on your own?

I'll have to look for a job soon and I'm scared that if I say something about my health issues, nobody will want to employ me because they don't want me to be a burden. It's also scary because I've never properly worked before and I have no idea how well I can handle it. The topic of health will likely come up since I have a pretty big number of absences on my school reports. Each school report has more than the last. Also I read that I do have to talk about the health issues that might impact my work...

I absolutely need a job to get out of the mess I'm in and I want to prepare the best I can. Sharing experiences and tips are appreciated!
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2023.06.04 12:24 alismmordecai Injuries take longer when having little kids

Has anyone noticed injuries take longer when having little ones because you don’t have the rest time needed to fully recover and heal?
I strained my pec months ago during a workout and it hasn’t gone away for months. I’m a SAHM (1 and 3yo) and I have to constantly clean and pick up the 1 year old which irritates my injury so it’s taking forever to heal. PT for 2 months only made things worse and more painful.
Now I’m not working out but I miss it so much and I want to be healthy and strong. But being a SAHM to little ones I feel has put a pause on my recovery because of everything I do on the daily. Has anyone experienced this? Also MRI shows nothing. This was months after the initial injury. No strains so I’m not sure what I can do at this point except let it heal before I try to strengthen it again.
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2023.06.04 12:24 TheChosenPoke Tips on how to beat illaoi?

Anyone have a list of things to do to beat Illaoi? For context, I’m pretty much an unrated with friends type of player, and we generally do really good, but any game with Illaoi is an instant lose. It doesn’t matter who fights her, we will lose the game. She can go 4/0 or 0/4 and still be able to 3v1 at LEAST. It honestly just kind of feels bad to play against her, you dodge her E, you dodge her Q, and she just beats you with ult and W, I’ve tried to focus on just dodging the tentacles, but then she just auto attacks you and you die just a little slower and you can’t do damage to her since you’re busy dodging. I’ve played champions who “counter” illaoi and I’ve gone 5/0 against her before, but after her 2nd item she just becomes an absolute killing 1v5 machine. If we do manage to kill her mid-late game, it takes up a ton of our resources and we become super vulnerable to the rest of the team. Grievous wounds doesn’t help, dodging tentacles doesn’t work, I literally just have no idea what else to do. Every time our team fights an Illaoi we kind of just accept that whoever lanes against her doesn’t matter cause lose or not, we’ll lose the entire game. Melee champions lose from getting close and getting hit by tentacles, and ranged champions lose because they either do negative damage to her or she walks towards them at mach speed and kills them the usual way. Should we just play flex or solo/duo and just ban her? It just feels so bad to fight her and dodge Q and E and either lose cause I tried to keep fighting or lose because I tried to run away.
submitted by TheChosenPoke to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:24 Nauhix Looking for help for my next iem decision

Hello everyone,
I recently got more and more into the iem hobby and I want to buy another pair in the ~50€-100€ range for myself in the near future.
I mostly like to listen to jpop (majiko, aimer, ado) and also ballads or slower Songs where the focus are the female vocals and instruments in the background. I also listen to ASMR quite a lot.
The only headphones that I own are:
- Marley Smiley Jamaica (first iems for me that I bought in ~2016 and I still hold them dear for the memories I have with them even if they aren't the best :c)
- Huawei Freebuds Pro (only TWS I own and quite like them for the comfort that they bring if I go outside)
- Tangzu Wan'er (Extremely surprised how good and comfortable they are. They are currently my go to headphones)

Currently I have these following iems in selection:
- Truthear Hexa
- Moondrop Aria SE
- Moondrop Starfield (heard they have great imaging and are very comfortable)
- Letshuoer S12 Pro (never tried planar before)
- Letshuoer Giz Galileo (they look absolutely gorgeous!)
- Dunu Kima / Kima Classic
Overall I like to use the headphones at home, so noise cancellation or durability is more down on the priority list. I would prefer comfort, soundstage and imaging more.
Which out of the selection do you think would suit me and feel free to recommend other IEMs that I could go and check out!
I would appreciate if you could help me with the next buying decision!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 12:24 piepurefeatherran Red Slip On Vans Coupon Code

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2023.06.04 12:24 MihawkLostToShanks [chat] 28 m Ireland, distract me while I learn how to fix something for monday 😭 anyone pls

I have a bunch of work due monday and just want someone to talk shit too while i do it, im interested in most things, im pretty great at advice too so could fix ur life idk
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2023.06.04 12:24 JamarcusMcdoodle Anybody know whats on my cat's nose?

Anybody know whats on my cat's nose?
It started appearing around his 3rd month (now 5/mo old). When I try to scrub it with wet cotton, I get a lot of stain but it starts to appear again after drying. At first, i thought it was just a stain on the hair and it thought of waiting and letting it outgrow the stained hair, but it doesnt.
2nd grooming in and the groomers cant remove it daw.
I know na I should ask my vet but I thought I should ask here first coz it might be something very simple, idk. Its my first cat by the way, i just worry on little things like this.
submitted by JamarcusMcdoodle to catsofrph [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:24 craftyeri_ Druid is good, no matter which stage

We all have been reading how Druid is lackluster when it comes to clearing content.
And i wanted to share my build that i've been removing everything in my path, including single target bosses.
I've used only 2 potions while in Capstone Dungeon. I don't even use any potions during normal dungeon farms. Unless you are chain CC'ed, you won't be taking much damage since mobs will stay immobilize most of the time.
UPDATE ***** I've been trying the build at WT3 and you still destroy everything in your path. Just try not to get CC'ed and you are good.
This is by no means "best build" or anything like that. Just an experiment i've been doing since level 25.
Hope this helps some people.
I'm gonna share my level 50 build but even at low levels, you can play around the same skills and get similar results.
Build is for applying status effects and amplify damage on targets.

Basic Skill : Earth Spike 2/5 * Enchanced Earth Spike * Wild Earth Spike

Core Skill : Tornado 5/5 * Enchanced Tornado * Raging Tornado
Core Passive : Heart of the Wild * Wild Impulses * Abundance

Defensive Skills : NONE
Defensive Passive : NONE

Companion Skill : Wolves 4/5 * Enchanced Wolf Pack * Ferocious Wolf Pack /// Poison Creeper 5/5 * Enchanced Poison Creeper * Brutal Posion Creeper /// Ravens 5/5 * Enhanced Ravens * Brutal Ravens
Companion Passive : Call of the Wild

Wrath Skills : NONE
Wrath Passive : NONE

Ultimate Skill : Petrify * Prime Petrify * Supreme Petrify
Ultimate Passive : Defiance 3/3 * Natural Disaster 3/3

Key Passives : Earthen Might

Now that we are done with Abilities, you can check what they are doing and tinker around that depending on your skill points.

Stag : Gift of the Stag
Eagle : Avian Wrath
Wolf : Packleader / Calamity
Snake : Calm Before the Storm

You can choose one of the spirits to bond with them and select 2 Boons from that spirit. We go with Wolf.

This is where your "luck" starts to kick to boost your damage even more.
Your key legendary items effects are;

The Earthen Might Key Passive also applies to your Storm Skills.
Gain 1 additional Companion. In addition, your Companion Skills deal %* bonus damage.
Core Skills deal an additional %* damage for each active Companion.

Good but not necessary;
Tornado will seek up to * targets.

You can fill rest of your legendary items with any related effect.

Please share your insight regarding this build so that it can be improved.
Thank you for your time and have fun.
submitted by craftyeri_ to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:24 mo4391 Using supermarket’s own recipe website instead of Gousto/Hellofresh

People are probably already aware of this, but stupidly I only just found out yesterday. When you go onto Sainsbury’s (and I am sure other supermarkets!) grocery shopping website, you can go onto the recipe section and it allows you to purchase the required ingredients for that recipe for at home delivery
The whole reason I was using Gousto was the convenience of not having to go grocery shopping or trying to decide on what food to eat and then spending ages buying the ingredients online, but it appears I can now do this using the Supermarket’s own website at a fraction of the cost!
It also allows me to get rid of any ingredients (e.g my partner can’t handle the smell of onion/garlic) from the order thereby also reducing waste.
Hopefully this helps someone in a similar position.
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2023.06.04 12:23 piepurefeatherran Vans Hoodie Mens Coupon Code

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2023.06.04 12:23 -_Kadmina_- Adrenaline NERF/Rework Suggestion

I have a good idea on how to balance Adrenaline without changing the perks conditions. So as of now, Adrenaline gives you both a health state and a sprint burst.
To balance it out I'd suggest you can only have one effect at a time. So there are two possible outcomes:
1. You are injured, Adrenaline activates and you gain a health state. You do not get the speed.
This is how it can passively/indirectly nerf gen rush. Before the last gen pops up, survivors will be more inclined to group heal, whereas now a survivor with Adrenaline heals everyone but themself. It slightly, but slows down the last gen activation.
Having a Killer chase an injured survivors who is on a death hook only to have that survivor not only fully heal or get up but also run tf away far from a Killer. Many Killers have had games where they had 4 survivors injured and they all healed and ran away thanks to Adrenaline.
This would make chases more fair, because now a survivor both heals and gains sprint. It gives them massive and unfair chance at survival, completely denigrating and nullifying Killers efforts at the time. He is unlikely to catch you again.
2. You are fully healthy at the time of Adrenaline activation, so you gain sprint burst. You only get the speed.
This can be very beneficial during a chase, you basically gain a free sprint burst.
Overall I think this is the best idea on how to balance Adrenaline. Before I suggested that Adrenaline won't activate if you are Exhausted at the time, but people did not like it.
submitted by -_Kadmina_- to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]