Liposuction cost akron ohio

N910HP Currently searching for a escaped inmate

2023.05.30 16:34 Far-Daikon673 N910HP Currently searching for a escaped inmate

N910HP Currently searching for a escaped inmate
Just thought this was kinda cool to see, but kinda scary. Their is also supposedly a drone using heat seaking technology flying around, but don’t see a thing for it. The guy escaped while being transported to the hospital.
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2023.05.30 15:39 Assessment05 ARCA Menards Live

The Kentucky Speedway opened in Sparta with intensity in 2000 by website hosting a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Race and they have not slowed down on the grounds that. Located among Louisville and Cincinnati, Ohio, north of Louisville, the Speedway is situated on 1,000 acres and seats over 70,000 racing lovers. Even though the tune has hosted many NASCAR occasions, it has not been selected to host any of the NEXTEL Cup Series races. However, the track is one of the top tracks for private trying out of NEXTEL Cup automobiles and spectators are allowed to look at the trying out from outdoor of flip 3.
ARCA Menards Live
The Kentucky Speedway's calendar of events includes NASCAR, Craftsman Truck, Monster Truck, Indy Racing and ARCA Harley Davidson occasions. Single day race tickets begin at $20.00 for adults and season passes begin at $165.00.Although Sparta is a small metropolis, the Speedway is centrally positioned among two principal cities, which offer race enthusiasts two times the options in terms of pursuing race related sports. Bowling Green is home to the 68,000 sq.Toes. National Corvette Museum with classics, one-of-a-kind prototypes, race tune champions and lots extra.

Also positioned in Bowling Green, the Beech Bend Raceway Park hosts several drag racing occasions throughout the 12 months which includes the Tenn-Truck Shootout, AMRA Harley Davidson Drag Racing, Fun Days, NHRA Drag Racing, Buick GS Nationals, Street Car and Chrysler Classic. On their oval song they host normal Stock Car, Street Modifieds, Figure eight competitions, Mini-Cups, Mini-Touring and Legends Cars to name some. Camping is available at one among their 250 web sites with fees starting at $25 day by day. They offer weekly costs and feature rental RVs that sleep 6 for $a hundred twenty five. In step with night time as properly.

The SCCA, Sports Car Clubs of America has several places at some point of Kentucky and every membership hosts a huge variety of events. The Kentucky Blue Grass Club is positioned in Louisville and hosts Fun Run, Test 'n Tune, several Points Events, Driving clinics and much greater. The Central Kentucky SCCA is positioned in Lexington and their calendar of occasions includes; Point Events, Test 'n Tune, the Lexington Grand Prix, Great American Solo Series events, Mazda Challenge and various rallies.

For those who love KART, Drag or Stock car racing, there are out of doors tracks in numerous places throughout Kentucky. The Lightening Valley Motorsports Park is positioned near Junction City and opened in 1995. They host various KART and Stock vehicle races in the course of their season. The Ohio Valley Dragway in West Point Kentucky is an legitimate NHRA strip and home of the Door Slammer Nationals. There scheduled races encompass Motorcycle, Mustang, Camaro Night, Underground Street, Corvette Night, Mychron Top Gun Jr. Series to name some. Kentucky's racing roots run deep and the style of events offered at some point of the nation will thrill any race fan.
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2023.05.30 15:28 ComprehensiveShirt1 Looking for OFF-MARKET properties in Cleveland/Akron Ohio.

Pm me with details please. Cash buyer, quick close, and boots already on the ground! Thxxxx
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2023.05.30 14:34 Ill_Effective_7425 Estimated yearly income 18,000, got denied ACA, sent to Ohio Medicaid. I have ~40,000 in money market account and in-laws pay monthly rent. Will I get denied Medicaid?

I quit my corporate job and am currently self-employed. I applied to marketplace insurance for spouse and me, estimating 18,000 yearly income because YTD I've made 17,000 with previous employer and I'm not sure how much I'll make this year w/ my small business since it's just starting and not making anything yet. Spouse and I have approximately 40,000 in savings and rent is paid by my spouse's parents because spouse is in graduate school and not making any income. Ohio medicaid said they hadn't received my application from marketplace, so I went ahead and filled out the application directly with them, including details such as the money we have in our bank accounts, money received as "gift" from parents for paying rent, loans for grad school, etc.
Will we be denied medicaid due to the amount we have in savings and the gift money received? If so, I'd rather redo the marketplace application and get insurance because we have a lot of monthly medical expenses and can't go a month and a half without insurance. (Ohio medicaid site says approval takes 45 days.)
COBRA coverage through my previous plan is $1500/month and we haven't even met our high deductible with that insurance plan, so our costs would be very high for June/July if I do COBRA while waiting for medicaid.
Hoping someone can help me know if I shouldn't waste time waiting for medicaid. When I did the marketplace application, I read somewhere not to count gifts as income, but if I did count the amount my in-laws give us for rent each month, I don't think we'd qualify for medicaid and then I could go back to the marketplace. Trying to figure this out before 5/31 so we can have some sort of coverage for June!
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2023.05.30 14:27 kylexyz001 23 [M4F] Ohio/Worldwide- Let's Be Each Other's Everything (Longest post ever?)

Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one.
Table of Contents
1…… The Main Goal
2…… What I’m Seeking
3…… Personality
4…… Interests
5…… Physical Characteristics (with pics)
6…… Expectations of You
7…… Living Situation
8…… Deal Breakers
9…… Closing Remarks
The Main Goal:
Well if you’re browsing this subreddit then much like me, you were alone this weekend and I’m sure you’d like to change that as much as me. I won’t lie, I am going through a rough part of my life right now. It’s difficult for me to find the energy for anything at the moment and I’m just really seeking affection in general, anything that will give me a push. I don’t want to be that person who brings everyone down but I could really use someone to talk to right now. I’d really like to find someone who’s similar to me so much to the point that we do everything together and talk about everything while not having to pretend to be interested. I want someone with whom we can mutually spew our emotions onto and have those feelings reciprocated. Not an emotional punching bag, but an emotional teddy bear to hug and cuddle until everything feels better as many times as we need. There’s people who I’m sure have told you the same, they’ll be there no matter how many times you need the support, no matter how many times the insecurities and bad thoughts come back but they don’t mean it. I will be the exception, I’m not so ignorant to think some nice words and tales of relating to you will magically forever heal whatever ails you then get mad when you seek the same support again. Mental ailments are rarely temporary and I don’t care about someone because they’re perfect, caring about someone means being there no matter how many times they need you to be. It doesn’t feel like a chore, it doesn’t get old, and it never will.
What I'm Seeking:
I will upfront let you know if I’m clicking better with someone else or if you’re the one, I’m not here to tread the sea of fish or keep my options open, I’m here for one singular person.
A relationship is difficult for me right now, it’s been nearly half a year since I got out of my last relationship and the reasons for it ending are partially responsible for how I’ve been feeling and why it’s so hard for me to seek the comfort I so desperately crave. I will tell you about it but for the sake of not treating the entirety of the internet as my therapist, it’ll be in private. I really need the comfort of intimacy and the warmth of someone who cares. I'm not going to feel better if I just sulk and don’t move on. This is my attempt to get better, I’ll admit I’m not great right now and I don’t expect you to be either. If we can help each other heal, then I’d be more than happy :) A relationship isn’t just being there for when someone’s at their best. Even if a relationship is hard at the moment, I do want a life partner and I don’t want to be alone. Things aren’t going to get easier without you so I don’t want to hesitate. I view my other as an equal, I don’t like categorizing us into specific roles. We take care of each other and treat each other how we like to be treated, whatever that is, it's as simple as that. I don't care if you're "successful" or not, living simple lives with our days filled with love is the ultimate measure of success to me.
On the Surface:
As you can tell I can be rather… stoic but that’s largely due to my current stressors, I truthfully am goofy and fun loving but I just can’t find it in me right now. I want to return to that but without someone to light up my world it’s been difficult to just have fun and enjoy stuff. I’m definitely more introverted, you won’t catch me at any parties or really outside at all. I definitely prefer being home though the occasional outing is not out of the question and one day I’d like to travel to other countries because I think that kind of perspective is important.
The Core of My Being:
I like being a spectator to it all and if we bear witness to humanity burning or its miraculous recovery, I want to watch it with you. I enjoy watching humanity advance, less so when it devolves but I want to watch it to the end nonetheless. I’m both a realist and someone who lives with my head in the clouds dreaming of scenarios or worlds that don’t exist. I’m saying that I enjoy a good narrative and can suspend my disbelief to enjoy something but you won’t catch me refusing vaccines or ignoring blatant facts for the sake of some pseudo science or witch doctor’s remedy. I’m an atheist but I do not rule out existence after death, not because I’m agnostic but because due to the nature of potentially infinite time at some point after how many googol years with a googol amount of 0s after that, something’s bound to replicate your consciousness perfectly at some point. It’s actually a really fascinating topic I like talking about. If infinite time and infinite possibilities exist, does non existence exist? Though that’s an awfully existentially dreadful thought process considering the ramifications of infinite existence and infinite possibilities during said infinite existence. I would say I’m confidently left leaning and I don’t think I could truly get along with anyone right leaning, at least America’s definition of right leaning. Left and right seems to have just become; do people deserve to suffer or do they deserve to live good lives? Being political is not something I expected to become but how can you not be when crimes against human rights are being passed on a daily basis and at the end of the day, everything’s political. Oftentimes I imagine the perfect moment as relaxing with my significant other playing games or cuddling in a cold room under blankets.
I value that special someone above all of the existential thoughts, the bad of the world, the good of the world, they practically become my world. So many worries wash away when I’m with them. I don’t know if that’s the defense mechanism my brain created to not feel bad 24/7 but if it is, I’m currently without it.
I talk of philosophy and politics here but really I spend most of my time just playing games, watching stuff, and trying to not be sleep deprived. I’m also nowhere near as well spoken, heck sometimes I feel like my speech is broken. I won’t claim to be something I’m not, I sit at home while I complain about the world doing nothing about it wishing I had someone here with me. I’m not noble nor do I really want to be, I have morals I uphold but much like most other hypocrites I acknowledge that my comfortable life is built on the suffering of others without doing anything about it. Why? My sleep problems? Am I depressed? Is that why I have no energy to do anything? Do I just think nothing I could do could help? I can’t nail it down myself, maybe it’s a mix of everything, maybe I’m just a bad person. I have always told myself that if I had wealth I would help people but if I get that kind of wealth will I just become a wealth hoarder who tries to justify my riches as something I earned rather than something given to me through incredibly lucky circumstances? If I do help people is it because I’m a good person or out of guilt? Will I die alone? I feel like I drive everyone away with my clinginess, I get paranoid often and need reassurance often. It’s something I want to work on, something I’ve been trying to work on. Hearing that someone cares about me just never gets old. I value self awareness even if it’s painful.
I’m definitely a socially anxious/awkward mess, especially around strangers. I do feel a large amount of anxiety in public, people can’t tell by looking at my face since I kind of go stone faced in an attempt to block everything out but yeah you’ll notice that if we go out in public. Growing up my pediatrician said I was probably autistic, never got a formal diagnosis so that’s just great. But yeah that explains why I can’t make eye contact with people, I kinda just stare at the ground and avoid their gaze at all costs. A lot of these social struggles go away to a great degree once I know you for a bit but yeah I apologize for how terrible I am at socializing at first. Don’t let my social struggles fool you though, I love cuddling and being close with my person.
I am a heterosexual male, though I’m not very masculine like at all. I may even be a bit feminine sometimes. Not that I believe any activity or manner of acting belongs to a gender but I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m definitely super affectionate and love it when my partner is too. I am open to dating demi people but I do have a libido so I don't think asexual would work out.
Video Games:
As stated before, I do spend a lot of my time playing video games. It’s been hard lately with me having no energy but I really do want to play more games and have a good time playing them with you! I primarily play on PC though I do have a switch. I’m primarily into platform fighters, roguelikes, open world, survival, and sandbox games. As for single player story games, I enjoy watching them through twitch or youtube but for the most part I don’t play them myself. I’d watch you play them though!
Here’s a list of games we can play:
-Minecraft (Java)
-Risk of Rain 2
-Gunfire Reborn
-7 Days to Die
-Bloons TD 6
-Platform fighters: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Slap City, Multiversus, Flash Party, Fraymakers
Whatever you want to play I’ll give it a shot! I will say that League bores me to death but I’ll play it for you :) I try to avoid MMOs, not because I don’t like them but because of how addicted I can get to them. I enjoy learning games in-depth so MMOs can be a fast track to addiction.
I recently got Kerbal Space Program 2 and ehhh not really worth it right now but hopefully later it will be? I’m super excited for Tears of the Kingdom! In the far off future I’m excited for Rivals of Aether 2 which is a platform fighter releasing in 2024, let me know of your most anticipated releases and I’ll see if I could play them with you!
Also I never got into FPS games but I could totally see myself playing like CoD with you or Escape From Tarkov. Any FPS really, I’m down.
I am a fan of Pokemon but with how things have been lately I don’t know how long that will last. Pixelmon is a common Pokemon mod I play for Minecraft if you want to play that! Also if I say I want to play something with you I mean it but there are often times when no matter how much I want to I'm just drained and can do little more than lay in bed so please don't think I'm making an excuse.
I really enjoy keeping up with the latest advances in pretty much everything, it could be biology, technology, astronomy, anything! I love seeing progression and I love talking about it! Really I could go on and on about what I’m obsessing about that day. I particularly love technology, ask me for my laptop specs I dare you. When I was little I always wanted to be a scientist of any kind but then insomnia and fear of college stuff hit me like a truck aaaand that’s the end of that dream.
You got me, I like anime but I’d like to think my tastes are benign.
Here’s some of my favorites I can list from the top of my head:
- To Your Eternity
- Vinland Saga
- Spice and Wolf
- Re:Zero
- Mob Psycho
- Dr. Stone
- Attack on Titan
- Spy x Family
- My Hero Academia
- Ranking of Kings
- Demon Slayer
Okay I can go on and on but I will say I don’t like pointless fan service and the spamming of cliche anime moments. I mostly enjoy action and anything well animated if it doesn’t have a potato story. Heck Demon Slayer could be my top 3 out of season 2’s animation alone. I don’t watch slice of life often or romance but I would with you!
I’m not going to go on and on about the tiniest little things when the main ones are covered but I’ll watch pretty much any show with you and anything really. I like random youtube videos that explain some kind of lore or mystery, sometimes mini documentaries too.
As for food I looove sushi and I’m a sucker for fast food. Okay and candy, definitely candy.
I used to play tennis but haven’t really had the opportunity nor friends to play it with and I’m way too socially anxious to seek it out. Also I will say that when we move to something like discord I type waaaay more casually. I’m not going to expect long paragraphs back and forth like we’re writing English papers for each other, I do enjoy long conversations but seriously don’t worry about having to put the utmost effort into every response, I just like making good first impressions I guess.
My Physical Characteristics:
I’m 5’8 (172cm), 128 pounds (58kg), with curly brown hair and blue eyes. I like keeping my hair long in the winter and cutting it in the summer. I’m pretty slim in general so if you’re looking for someone large, that’s not me. I don’t work out but my work is pretty physical so at least I’m not totally inactive. I don’t have the urge to work out or gain muscle but I do want to maintain my slim figure so if I start losing control of that I’ll work out. I like to keep my face shaved because I don’t think I look good with a beard/mustache so if you’re into those I apologize. I have an average amount of body hair? I’d prefer to be completely shaved but it’s easy to lose motivation with that battle, if you prefer shaved then I’d have no problem complying. Anyways here’s what I look like:
My Physical Preferences:
Having physical preferences makes me feel shallow, if I could make myself not have them I would but unfortunately that’s now how that works. I don’t care if you’re shorter or taller than me and I don’t care if you weigh more or less than me. All I ask is that you’re slim-average weight. I would never ask for someone to be something I’m not. I don’t care about tattoos or piercings.**(6)Expectations of You (Relationship Only):**I am not looking for someone “exciting” or someone to “keep me on my toes” I’m not looking for someone to cater to my every whim or anything like that. I don’t care if you’re “boring” or if you aren’t “successful”. I know it’s a common thing for people to not want a “boring” relationship and to seek something argumentative or something with constant challenges but I just want to be with you. During the exciting times, the boring times, and everything in-between, all of it will be great with you! Maybe we do argue sometimes or maybe there will be challenges but that will never be something I purposefully seek out and I don’t want that to be something you seek out either. I will not play tricks on you and I will not play mind games, I expect the same from you. We all have personal measures of success we may or may not have lived up to but what I care about most is our commitment to each other. If we have each other we can get through tough times, near the ends of our lives I want us to look back and feel that this life together was worth more than anything. That’s not saying I want us to be haphazard, I don’t want us to make poor decisions for the sake of yolo and I want us to always be rational, especially with each other. I want you to be someone I can trust to make decisions and weigh the options with a level head, I’ll try my best to live up to the same for you. Most of all I want empathy, understanding, someone to feel the utmost comfort and trust in.
Living Situation:
Currently my life is pretty relaxed, I work 3 times a week as a night shift stocker. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my roommate but we’re looking to move into someplace larger by the end of the year if everything works out. The internet is weirdly great for Ohio too like I have fiber and later this year we’re supposed to be getting dedicated fiber so that’s neat. I’m not attached to Ohio so the ultimate goal living location wise is probably moving to a country that won’t send you into a lifetime of dealing with the repercussions from one medical emergency.
Deal Breakers:
Might as well make this simple and make it a list.
- Anti-vaxxers
- Unironically believing astrology
- Right wingers
- Hard drugs (occasional 420 and alcohol is fine, may even join you)
- Wanting children, there was a time when I was younger when I wanted children but with the state of the word that’s a definite no and I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress. I’d love a stress free life with as much time with you as possible.
- Homophobic
- Transphobic
- Racist
- Super Religious
- Don’t be a bigot and don’t deny facts.
Closing Remarks:
Well you made it, I was thinking that finding someone I’d be willing to put a lifetime of effort into at least required this much effort. If I think of anything more I’ll update the post. Also about timezones, it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are. I don’t have a sleep schedule and I have most of the week off from work so it really doesn’t matter.
I request that in your response you do put effort into it, it doesn’t have to be anywhere near as long as this but at least enough so I know that you read this and enough about you so I know why you saw potential compatibility. I will seriously read all of it and respond the best I can. I do also request a pic included in your response (sfw please) or one soon after we start talking to prove identity, I’ll send identity proving pics too. As long as this post is up, you can send a reply!
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2023.05.30 08:32 Many_Tangerine8884 account of my deep plane/neck lift

My post below is a copy and paste of a reply to a redditor considering a facelift. My reply was a few months ago and since then I've had a complication so I've edited at the end to include this.
I thought it would be worth to make this a post rather than stay as a reply

I am recovering from deep plane, neck, upper and lower blephs. Surgery was 12th Jan
Yes its a very invasive procedure.
Procedure, I was shaking alot walking into the theatre. I was very happy to be anaethetised, then it seemed 5 minutes later they were waking me up. I stayed over night in hospital much! Thoroughly research your surgeon. Be aware a lot of cost is anaesthesia and hospital too. Make sure you can have 4 weeks off work if needed. Peoples recovery time varies widely. You need someone home to help you for at least the first week. Recovery is not the time to be impatient and try to carry on as before. You have to rest. You'll have stitches, swelling and numbness. The first few showers are scary, everything feels so tender. Have lots of fresh towels and hand towels. Saline solution, swabs. You wont sleep well for weeks due to being uncomfortable all night while trying to arrange a million pillows around you. If your not elevated enough your face will wake you with swelling. Ice packs are your friend. So is your compression garment, which initially you will hate. Don't be in a rush to stop wearing as it really does help with support. Make a ton of freezer meals and eat soft foods for at least 2 weeks. ( I found it hard to have anything other than soup for that time) Teeth will be difficult to brush- get a baby tooth brush and if you have gingivitis a mouth wash for that.
I swelled a hell of a lot, and bruised badly. Now at this point my face is still bloated looking but getting better. I'm still wearing my compression half the day and at night. I haven't been out in public yet but hoping I can go food shopping by the weekend without getting looks
My neck looks so smooth, completely wrinkle free and despite swelling I can see I have no jowls. My surgeon said results should be seen fully by 6 months- 1 year. Everyone says different things.
Totally worth it, despite the pain and uncomfortableness.
EDITED TO ADD! 30/5/23
I am likely needing a revision as it appears to much fat was removed under my chin leaving a hollowed out appearance. Also looking fatty either side of this. Submandibular? I've done some reading and it seems to be referred to as çobra neck which is most likely to happen with zealous liposuction? She never mentioned any liposuction as part of my surgery. My husband also found stitches from the drains were still in my neck, which he removed.
I've spoken with the surgeon via text and she came across as flippant, saying its likely to be swelling and if not we can easily do a revision through the existing scar. For me, the thought of further surgery and all that entails is not something I can just shrug and hop straight back into any time soon!
I expected an apology that the drain stitches were left in but she didn't respond at all to that, it's like she didn't even read it.
She did assure me she's there "every step of the way'' which I feel are very empty words in my experience this far
I did thorough research, but even then with that I've been left feeling disappointed. I won't be mentioning the name of the surgeon as at this point I don't think it's fair or necessary, yet.
I hope my honest, detailed experience this far helps someone.

Will post some pics later....
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2023.05.30 07:25 StressedCatAbbu (OH) Go to court myself or hire an attorney?

I got pulled over for speeding in Ohio by a sheriff's deputy. He claims it was 86 in a 70, but I doubt I was going that fast and was passing, but I didn't fight it. In fact the Sheriff didn't even ask questions or anything, just told me to take out my registration and license as well as my SSN.
I didn't admit any guilt, and I didn't say anything else. Now, I live outside of the state, in Michigan, where the penalty for driving 15 above is 4 points, but in OH is 2 points. I have a clean driving record, but 4 points will raise my insurance quite a bit. I don't really care about the fine, I just want to not get the points on my license. I looked at local attorneys, all who are saying I can take a lesser point charge, in the area who are all asking for $500+ in addition to court fees and whatever the charge on the reduced ticket will be, so it's going to cost me about $800 to $1K.
I was wondering if I can just go myself to the courthouse and fight/reduce the plea without an attorney, or should I just hire the attorney who may reduce it? I have never done anything like this, so I don't know whether I am being taken advantage of or not.
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2023.05.30 05:58 Unkle_Adams Insurance suggestions

Hey y'all I'm a new rider, just today put my first 100 miles on my MT03!
Regrettably, I haven't gotten insurance yet and now that I'm finally riding more, I'm looking for suggestions and how much y'all are paying so that I know I'm getting a good deal.
I was interested in looking at this Voom insurance that had a sponsored ad on Fortnine's channel. But so far as I can tell it's the exact opposite of "low cost." I like the idea of the pay per mile because I live in Ohio and I wouldn't be riding more than 4 or 5 months at a time, but when the baseline they're quoting me is $200 + another $1.50 per mile, that seemed completely outrageous to me.
Geico came back at around 90 ish a month. Still working my way through the usual suspects but I'd like a little advice from more seasoned riders before I pull the trigger on anything.
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2023.05.30 03:44 Small_Bet_9433 Big Ten Programs (Legends Division + Maryland) That Have Played Teams They Have Never Beaten

I know what you're all probably thinking, "Legends and Leaders, what is wrong with you?". But hear me out! All must know of the divisions the Big Ten used from 2011 to 2013! Rutgers and Maryland joined in 2014 when they switched to the East and West divisions, so I tallied the responses from my comment on my previous post to decide who of the two would be the legend. Tomorrow Rutgers will be the leader along with Notre Dame. The year in parenthesis is the date the teams last played each other. As always if I missed any dates or matchups, please let me know!
  1. Michigan
Arizona State (0-1) (1987)
Kansas State (0-1) (2013)
Mississippi State (0-1) (2011)
Oklahoma (0-1) (1976)
Tennessee (0-1) (2002)
Texas (0-1) (2005)
TCU (0-1) (2022)
Toledo (0-1) (2008)
Wesleyan (CT) (0-1) (1883)
Cleveland AA (OH) (0-1) (1891)

  1. Michigan State
Alabama (0-2) (2015)
Army (0-2) (1984)
Auburn (0-1) (1938)
BYU (0-1) (2016)
Colorado State (0-1) (1998)
Florida State (0-2) (1988)
Georgia Tech (0-3) (1985)
Houston (0-1) (1967)
LSU (0-1) (1995)
Louisiana Tech (0-1) (2003)
Texas Tech (0-1) (2010)
Saint Louis (MO) (0-1-1) (1924)
Marietta (OH) (0-1) (1920)
Haskell Indian Nations (KS) (0-1)
Fort MacArthur (TX) (0-1) (1917)
Creighton (NE) (0-2) (1923)
Cornell (NY) (0-1) (1926)
Chicago (IL) (0-1) (1923)

  1. Minnesota
Arizona State (0-1) (1969)
Hawaii (0-1) (1997)
North Carolina State (0-1) (2000)
Notre Dame (0-4-1) (1938)
Oklahoma (0-2) (1986)
Tennessee (0-1) (1986)
Texas Tech (0-2) (2012)
Virginia (0-1) (2005)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-3) (1944)
Chicago Naval Reserve (IL) (0-1) (1918)

  1. Iowa
Colorado (0-2) (1992)
North Carolina State (0-3) (1992)
Miami (FL) (0-4) (1992)
Oklahoma (0-2) (2011)
Stanford (0-1) (2016)
Texas A&M (0-1) (1931)
Utah (0-1) (1978)
Physicians & Surgeons (IL) (0-1) (1897)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-2) (1944)
Great Lakes NTS (IL) (0-4) (1943)
Doane (NE) (0-1) (1895)
Denver AC (CO) (0-1) (1893)
Centenary (LA) (0-1) (1930)

  1. Northwestern
Akron (0-1) (2018)
Arizona (0-2) (1976)
Arizona State (0-4) (2005)
Arkansas (0-1) (1981)
Florida (0-2) (1966)
North Carolina (0-2) (1977)
Southern Cal (0-5) (1995)
Tennessee (0-2) (2015)
Texas A&M (0-1) (2011)
Texas Tech (0-1) (2010)
Washington (0-3) (1984)
New Hampshire (0-1) (2006)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-1) (1942)
Harvard Prep School (IL) (0-1) (1886)
Denver AC (CO) (0-1) (1893)
Chicago University Football Club (IL) (0-2) (1890)
Chicago Naval Reserve (IL) (0-1) (1918)
Carlisle Indian School (PA) (0-1) (1903)

  1. Nebraska
Arkansas (0-1) (1964)
BYU (0-1) (2015)
Duke (0-1) (1954)
Georgia Tech (0-1) (1990)
Georgia Southern (0-1) (2022)
Houston (0-1) (1979)
Ole Miss (0-1) (2002)
Stanford (0-1) (1940)
Southern Cal (0-4-1) (2014)
Saint Louis (MO) (0-1) (1907)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight (0-1) (1942)
Carlisle Indian School (PA) (0-1) (1908)
Camp Dodge (IA) (0-1) (1918)
Butte AC (MT) (0-2) (1896)

  1. Maryland
Houston (0-1) (1977)
Miami (OH) (0-1) (1969)
Marshall (0-1) (2013)
Nebraska (0-2) (2019)
Notre Dame (0-2) (2011)
Ohio State (0-8) (2022)
Oklahoma (0-4) (1967)
Oregon State (0-1) (2007)
Stanford (0-1) (2014)
Texas A&M (0-2) (1958)
Washington (0-1) (1982)
Wisconsin (0-4) (2022)
Walbrook AC (MD) (0-1) (1901)
Swarthmore (PA) (0-1) (1919)
Princeton (NJ) (0-2) (1922)
Mount Washington AC (MD) (0-1) (1906)
Haverford (PA) (0-2) (1916)
Gibraltar AC (DC) (0-1) (1900)
Gallaudet JV (DC) (0-1) (1898)
Curtis Bay Coast Guard (MD) (0-1) (1943)
Columbia AC (DC) (0-1) (1894)
Chicago (IL) (0-1) (1926)
Chemical Warfare Service (DC) (0-1) (1918)
Carnegie Mellon (PA) (0-1) (1921)
Baltimore Medical College (MD) (0-1) (1897)
Alexandria Episcopal HS (VA) (0-4) (1900)

*Don't sleep on Iowa Navy Pre-Flight!
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2023.05.30 00:41 giveithell Minimizing out-of-pocket costs in Texas

I have a bronze ACA plan in Texas with low premiums but where I pay 100% of costs until a high deductible is met (about $9000). I was hoping not to use the plan at all, but I have been having chronic issues and plan to return to TX with the intent of seeing specialists (traveling outside the state since Jan 1). I think it's possible I would reach the max OOP quickly.
I'm trying to understand my options. I believe I could:
a) Try to find a way to pay the deductible. The easiest way would be to get a job, but my health problems are currently a substantial impediment there.
b) Move counties and re-enroll into a plan with greater cost sharing. Not ideal as that means more waiting to see docs plus everything else that comes with moving.
c) Qualify for charity forgiveness? Can I even quality given that I have insurance? This is the option I have questions about.
A hospital in my network covers 100% of bills when income is below 2x the poverty rate. This year, my income will definitely be below that (but above $0), but last year my income was above cutoff for any assistance (4x the poverty rate). I'm not sure I could prove my low income until after I file taxes in 2024. By then, the bills may be in collections.
Plus I'm not sure which bills would qualify. If I see my PCP at the hospital, does that bill fall under the hospital's charity policy? What if I get an MRI and radiologist bills separately? When my dad had ER visits a few years, he had bills both from the hospital and separately from the MDs via a company in Ohio (even though he was in Texas).
I guess my questions are: Can I quality for charity forgiveness? Is it possible to delay income verification into the next year? And what bills incurred for care received at a hospital might be excluded from charity policies?
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2023.05.29 22:05 ComprehensiveShirt1 Looking for off market properties in Cleveland/Akron ohio!!!

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2023.05.29 20:43 LegallyTimeBlind NE Road Trip Possible Route (Open to Suggestions)

Hello everyone. My wife, 18-month-old son, our 12lb dog, and I are planning a nine-day road trip in a 24-foot Class C RV we are renting. I would like the highlight of the trip to be Acadia National Forest and whale watching, but it is a considerable distance away from our starting point of central NC. With the current route, we would only be staying in each campground for one night before travelling to the next (with the exception of Acadia National Park being two nights). While I was initially against the idea of driving more than four hours each day, that seems largely unavoidable and now I am wondering if it is not better to have a day here and there throughout that is spent primarily driving to a destination, thus reducing the number of stops and to give us a longer time at some of them. Ideally, the stops would have electrical hookups (I know my current route contains a couple that do not), but the RV does have a generator, so it is not a deal breaker if they do not. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with the NE. This will also be my first time driving a RV if that helps in determining best stops.
Currently Planned Route
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2023.05.29 19:07 Ovta Need Advice: Renting out Ohio home furnished while moving to Arizona. Thoughts?

Hey fellow Redditors,
I'm currently facing a situation where my fiancé and I will be moving from Ohio to Arizona for a two-year period, after which we will move back. We've been brainstorming ideas to make the transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible, and I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our plan.
Here's the gist of it: We own a home in central Ohio, and rather than going through the hassle of moving all our belongings across the country, we're considering renting it out as a furnished rental. This way, we can save on moving expenses and generate rental income to offset the costs of renting a furnished place in Arizona.
I'd greatly appreciate any insights you might have on this idea. Have any of you tried a similar approach before? Are there any potential challenges or drawbacks we should be aware of? What factors should we consider before making a final decision?
Looking forward to hearing your experiences and advice. Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.05.29 17:14 Aafiyat1 What is non-surgical body contouring: Preparation, Treatments, and Cost

Are you tired of stubborn fat that just won’t go away, no matter how much exercise or dieting you do? A non-surgical body contouring procedure may be the answer. With this innovative treatment, you can lose unwanted fat without having to go under the knife in a safe and effective manner. You will learn everything you need to know about non-surgical body contouring in this blog post — from preparation to treatments and cost — so you can decide if it’s right for you. Take a dive into the exciting world of non-surgical body contouring with us!

What is non-surgical body contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment that can help you achieve a more toned and sculpted physique without surgery. This type of treatment typically involves using advanced technology, such as lasers or ultrasounds, to target stubborn fat cells in specific areas of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks.
Unlike traditional liposuction procedures requiring incisions and anesthesia, non-surgical body contouring is minimally invasive. The process often involves applying heat or cold energy to break down fat cells so your body can naturally eliminate them over time.
One common type of non-surgical body contouring treatment is CoolSculpting which uses low temperatures to freeze away targeted fat cells. Another popular option is SculpSure which employs laser technology to melt unwanted fat from problem areas.
Non-surgical body contouring treatments offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical options with little downtime or recovery needed. However, it’s important to note that results may vary depending on individual factors such as age and skin elasticity. Read more about non-surgical body contouring……
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2023.05.29 16:18 TheDancingMaster Holy shit they turned the Keating Five into a real thing??

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2023.05.29 16:03 A_Peoples_Calendar On this day in 1851, Sojourner Truth gave what is now known as the Ain't I a Woman speech, delivered to the Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio: "I have plowed and reaped and husked and chopped and mowed, and can any man do more than that?"

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2023.05.29 15:57 ComprehensiveShirt1 Looking for off market properties in the Cleveland/Akron ohio market! Cash buyer, quick close, and boots on the ground!

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2023.05.29 14:52 JohnBrownsAngryBalls Cleveland, Akron and Ohio leaders promote safety for summer

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2023.05.29 11:36 HistoryGoneWilder On this day in History, May 29, 1851 – Sojourner Truth delivered her famous Ain't I a Woman? speech at the Woman’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. #history #didyouknow #dailyhistory #today #OTD #AfricanAmericanHistory #womenshistory #womensrights #equality

On this day in History, May 29, 1851 – Sojourner Truth delivered her famous Ain't I a Woman? speech at the Woman’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. #history #didyouknow #dailyhistory #today #OTD #AfricanAmericanHistory #womenshistory #womensrights #equality submitted by HistoryGoneWilder to u/HistoryGoneWilder [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 09:54 AutomotiveAppearance Turn On The Ride to Awesomeness with Vehicle Detailing- Infographic

Turn On The Ride to Awesomeness with Vehicle Detailing- Infographic
Unleash the power of detailing to revamp your ride. Discover how a thorough car detailing job can restore your car's appearance and increase its resale value.
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2023.05.29 06:07 Fit_Emotion5728 Tax Pro Resume Advice: Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

Backstory: I've been working in tax full time for almost six years (and part-time for about almost 9). I started out working for a small firm until 2020, left that firm and just handled my own clients for about a year, realized I wanted more experience in a larger firm and got a position in a mid-size regional firm in NY. Now, I am looking to venture out to a larger firm as I feel I've maxed out my potential at this firm.
A side point, I've kept my book of business throughout this time (with my current firm's permission). I may or may not have to drop these clients when moving to a larger firm. There is a large opportunity cost there (as I currently have a larger client, whom I bill around 100K a year, and total billings from my book of business are around 150K a year). Not interested in going out completely on my own now, I'm still pretty young and want to obtain more experience.
Current base salary at firm 130K (no bonuses really or any other additional comp)
Wanted to hear some opinions from Reddit on my current resume, detailed below:
Summary of Qualifications
• Preparing and reviewing the following: Individual, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Trust, and Gift returns (federal and state). Including experience in preparing Schedules L, M-1, M-2, and M-3.
• Experienced in the following areas of income tax used in the preparation of returns (including but not limited to): Passive and non-passive activity characterization (and loss limitations) including the real estate professional rules and grouping elections; At-Risk Basis and Excess Business Loss limitations; Accrual to cash (and vice versa) conversions; 1231 gain and loss treatment; Partnership §704(b), §704(c), and §752 allocations; §754 elections (basis step-ups); Accounting method changes (Form 3115 and §481(a) adjustments); State apportionments/allocations; QBI rules and allocations; §263A UNICAP rules; Depreciation methods.
• Performs advisory services in the following specialty areas of taxation: Sales Tax (primarily NY & NJ); Employee Retention Tax Credit; Grantor Trusts; Foreign trust distribution planning and reporting (Form 3520); “Throwback tax” calculations (Form 4970); Transfers to foreign corporations (Form 926); Gift tax related planning including retained interests and estate freezes; Qualified Small Business Stock Exclusion; Personal Holding Company Tax, Employee Benefits; NYC Unincorporated Business Tax; and 831(b) insurance company taxation.
• Handles tax examinations in the following areas: Sales Tax; 1040/Schedule C; Partnerships; Foreign Trust Distributions, Charitable Contributions; NYC UBT Tax, §163(j) related issues and elections, Captive Insurance Companies, Texas Franchise Tax, Ohio Commercial Activity Tax; DOL UI Audits, Payroll tax; Qualified Opportunity Zones and NOL Carrybacks.
• Drafts memorandum for clients analyzing, explaining, and interpreting various tax matters/code sections.
Work Experience
[Name of Firm]
Performing tax advisory services and drafting memorandum for clients on a wide range of tax matters. Prepared and reviewed Individual, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Trust, and Gift returns. Represented clients in handling their IRS and State examinations on a wide variety of issues.
[Name of Firm]
Performed accounting and tax advisory for multiple businesses with seven to nine figure revenues. Including: Preparing the entity returns; calculating deferred tax provisions, recording accounting entries relating to prepaid expenses, accruals, and other adjusting journal entries.
[Name of Firm]
As [Position title] Prepared Individual, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Trust, and Gift returns while advising and consulting clients in their respective tax practices. As [Position title] was responsible for the relevance, accuracy, and structure of the individual, small business, and corporate tax education learning materials.
Key Skills
•Experience with CCH ProSystem Fx, Lacerte, and ATX tax preparation software •Experience with CCH AnswerConnect and Thomson Reuters Checkpoint tax research platforms •Experience with BNA Tax Planner to prepare tax projections •Presented multiple firm seminars on topics including [Topics of Seminars] •Experience with QuickBooks accounting software and Microsoft Excel •Experience in drafting memorandums and other tax-related compositions.
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2023.05.29 02:44 Zestyclose_Custard98 Which schools should I remove?

I initially planned on applying to the 40 schools listed below. However, I need to take some off the list due to a major unexpected cost that came up (I won’t go into the details) and I was wondering if you guys could give me some input on which schools would be least likely to take me? My EC’s are pretty solid, sGPA 3.73 and cGPA 3.84, 512, UT resident. Thank you in advance for the help!
Edit: I have 600 volunteer hours and 1200 clinical (and growing)
MD schools: Albany Rosalind Franklin Eastern Virginia Geisinger Ohio State Vermont UCLA Colorado SC Greenville VCU Wayne State West Virginia Nevada Reno Utah George Washington Creighton Drexel Georgetown Temple Rush Saint Louis Thomas Jefferson Wake Forest Quinnipiac Loyola Toledo Tulane Miami
DO schools: Midwestern AZ Midwestern Chicago Campbell Des Moines KCU Marian PCOM Touro Nevada Touro California West Virginia Kentucky NYIT
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