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You can now test out June 7 start date

2023.06.02 15:13 Real_Eyezz You can now test out June 7 start date

June 7 posts with proposals and voting can go live. If nothing urgent comes up, I have some fun nft giveaways I can propose and similar votes we can do. As of 8:48 am eastern everyone that's shared their wallet address so far, you should have a voting token now. You can enter your full 0x address here to check
I miscalculated setting the voting threshold at 30 votes minimum needed to pass a proposal. Most Daos are actually using between 1 to 6 percent with probably about a 5 percent average. I'm going to research a bit more before voting goes live. This could look something like 8 to 15 votes needed for beyond_uranus instead of 30. Something like that.
If you're using Loopring mobile wallet like many of you are - you can use the wallet connect in the connect menu on snapshot instead of the "injected" option shown in the video - and you should be able to connect. If you have any issues - feel free to mention them here so i can include them in the video showing the ways to connect on mobile.

If you're bored and you'd like to, try do as much damage as you can to snapshot's beyond uranus snapshot page to get comfortable you can't break it.
If you have not received it, you weren't with the sub when we took it fully private a short while and eligible. If I'm wrong and missed you correct me though and ill double check the member list.

yourstwo ljsweet
leoschen ClickClack24
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2023.06.02 14:05 samacora Official Friday Free Chat Thread

Good Morning Patriots
Free place to chat and a good place to discuss whatever you like with other sub users

Key dates on the 2023 NFL / Patriots calendar.


Undrafted Free Agent Tracker.


New England Patriots News Link Catchup - Opportunity knocks for Mack Wilson, Sr.; Behind OTA penalty

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2023.06.02 14:00 AutoModerator New Fan Friday! ~ Jun 02 2023

This thread is for new fans of the Sharks or even fans of other teams to ask questions that they have been curious about. Check out THIS LINK and THIS LINK for some team history! If you're coming to from out of town to see the Sharks play, please check out THIS LINK for some general information! The nice folks here will more than likely answer your question or point you to where you need to go.
Looking for user flair? Click THIS LINK to see how to select flair on new and old reddit. On the official reddit app, tap the ... menu in the upper right-hand corner when viewing the sub. In the menu that appears, tap on 'Change User Flair,' make your selection, make sure that the 'Show my user flair on this community' slider is to the right, and then tap apply.
Check out the Sharks Audio Network for audio broadcasts of Sharks games and other podcasts regarding the Sharks and the Barracuda.
The platform includes the audio broadcast of all regular season and Stanley Cup Playoff San Jose Sharks games. Long-time play-by-play announcer Dan Rusanowsky returns for his 31st season behind the microphone with Drew Remenda returning primarily for road games. Joining them will be color analysts Scott Hannan, Bret Hedican, and Mark Smith.
There is a variety of Sharks and Barracuda programs, including exclusive programming with Sharks Head Coach Bob Boughner, Sharks GM Doug Wilson, player profiles, game highlights and replays, catch-ups with Sharks alumni, classic Sharks games, as well as an opportunity for fans to interact with Sharks and Barracuda hosts and personalities.
Sharks personalities Randy Hahn, Bret Hedican, Drew Remenda, and Ted Ramey all contribute to the Sharks Audio Network programming.
Please check out the [**Visitors Guide**]( for some hotels, some food ideas, and other info which may help answer some of your questions about your upcoming visit. Some basic things to keep in mind:

* Doors open 60 minutes prior to game time for general admission.

* Tailgating is **NOT** allowed per San Jose City Ordinance. However, SAP Center **does** allow you to bring food from outside into the arena with you.

* The Sharks enter the ice and skate through the Shark Head from between sections 127-128. The most direct views of the Shark Head are from sections 115-121 in the lower deck and the lower rows of 215-221 in the upper deck.

* The Sharks attack towards the lower numbered sections (103-113 & 203-213) in the 1st and 3rd periods.

* Check out [this link]( for the SAP Center bag policy.

This will be a weekly thread, so if you have more questions come back next friday!
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2023.06.02 13:59 Typo_of_the_Dad Are these things improved in the full game?

So I started playing the remake's demo yesterday evening, and it's really good overall, but some things stood out as kinda bad to me. The GUI in particular has several issues, like tiny text or text that's too transparent in parts, having to click specifically on a small icon like "load game" to interact with it (or press enter all the way across the keyboard), no salvage hotkey, backspace in a sub menu takes you out of the menu instead of to the parent menu, etc.
At one point, using the med bed also wasn't possible because I was being chased by enemies, but a bit later when I used it without enemies around the game would spawn an enemy with a magic elevator in the floor right next to it, so I got hit automatically when stepping out.
The physics were also somewhat glitchy when moving into certain objects, or trying to stand on a service trolley to reach a camera.
Overall the combat felt harder than in the original (well, enhanced version) and I found it hard to avoid getting hit by the zombies in melee, partially because of how the camera moves when attacking. Maybe I was just tired from work though, anyone else?
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2023.06.02 13:51 Nonabrow Where should I start with µ-Ziq?

I know this is unrelated to aphex, but the µ-ziq sub-reddit seems really inactive and empty. Just wanna start getting into Mike's music and assumed a lot of people on here could give me a hand.
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2023.06.02 13:30 actowiz How to Scrape Online Food Delivery Apps UAE Data with Professional Web Scraping Services

How to Scrape Online Food Delivery Apps UAE Data with Professional Web Scraping Services

What is a Food Delivery App?

Food delivery apps online are an innovative way of distributing food. Some restaurant owners prepare their food order apps so that the customers can order food quickly and provide fresh food. Many online food delivery apps are accessible in the market that works like a general platform between restaurants and customers. Some of the leading food delivery apps in UAE include Burger King UAE, Careem, Deliveroo, Eat Clean, EatEasy, Instashop, Make my meal, Munch:On, Noon Food, Smiles UAE, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Zomato.

Some Statistics About the Growth of the Food Delivery

Revenue of the segment of food delivery reached US$9,207m in 2020. The income is projected to show a yearly growth of 9.5% (CAGR 2020-2024), resulting in market size of US$13,233m by 2024! The largest segment of the market is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery having a market volume of US$4,934m in 2020.
Actowiz Solutions offers the best food delivery app extraction services in UAE to scrape food delivery apps like Burger King UAE, Careem, Deliveroo, Eat Clean, EatEasy, Instashop, Make my meal, Munch:On, Noon Food, Smiles UAE, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Zomato. We provide food delivery app extraction services to all consumers with accuracy and delivery on time. Our food data scraping services help get details like product information, prices, features, quotations, etc. At Actowiz Solutions, we assist in extracting accurate data and offer all the necessary business information.

List of Data Fields

At Actowiz Solutions, we scrape the given data fields for scraping food delivery apps online.
  • Restaurant Name
  • URL
  • Type
  • Cuisine Types
  • Discounts
  • Ratings
  • City
  • Location
  • Sub Location
  • Cost Per Person
  • Cost For Two
  • Working Hours
  • Address
  • Contact Email
  • Phone Numbers
  • Website
  • Food Menu
  • Logo Image URL
  • Menu Image URL
  • Facilities Available

Best Food Delivery Apps Scraping Services UAE

At Actowiz Solutions, we provide the best food delivery app scraping for the given apps:
With Actowiz Solutions, you can quickly get a quicker turnaround time because you rely on us than scraping data yourself.
Usually, web scrapers break when targeted sites make changes to their designs or structure, and therefore you want a fast support team that can take actions straightaway. With Actowiz Solutions, you will get direct support.
We offer a well-organized food delivery app extraction service with various customizations. You might need to deal with the extracted data and different delivery methods in various data formats. Therefore, our food delivery app extraction services can fulfill all their needs.
Maintenance is a significant portion of web extraction. It is essential as the web is highly dynamic. All scraping setups working today may not work tomorrow if the targeted apps make changes. Therefore, Actowiz Solutions is the most satisfactory service provider for food delivery app scraping.
Contact us for all your food delivery app scraping UAE requirements.
You can also reach for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping services needs.
sources >>
tag : # scrapefooddeliveryappsUAE
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2023.06.02 12:29 SebKennedy1997 My Jaguars jersey wall

My Jaguars jersey wall
The completed jersey wall of my new man cave featuring a teal wall, signed Jimmy Smith, Mike Hollis and Myles Jack jerseys, James “Little Man” Stewart-signed cap, and my entire jersey collection 😁 Go Jags!🐆 #DUUUVAL
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2023.06.02 09:33 whispereyenews By Mike Rwothomio A truck destined for Nebbi town from DRC rammed into a pedestrian leaving him dead on the spot at Jupacora village Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district yesterday. #WhisperEyeNews The trailer seen by the Whisper Eye News that its number plate wouldn't be tracked had its

By Mike Rwothomio A truck destined for Nebbi town from DRC rammed into a pedestrian leaving him dead on the spot at Jupacora village Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district yesterday. #WhisperEyeNews The trailer seen by the Whisper Eye News that its number plate wouldn't be tracked had its submitted by whispereyenews to EastAfricaNews [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 09:33 whispereyenews By Mike Rwothomio A truck destined for Nebbi town from DRC rammed into a pedestrian leaving him dead on the spot at Jupacora village Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district yesterday. #WhisperEyeNews The trailer seen by the Whisper Eye News that its number plate wouldn't be tracked had its

By Mike Rwothomio A truck destined for Nebbi town from DRC rammed into a pedestrian leaving him dead on the spot at Jupacora village Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district yesterday. #WhisperEyeNews The trailer seen by the Whisper Eye News that its number plate wouldn't be tracked had its submitted by whispereyenews to EastAfricaNews [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 08:46 Sweaty-Ad8900 Day 1 of my journey to experience Rain World with minimal spoilers

When I started up the game I freaked out due to my fan going into maximum overdrive upon going afk on the main menu for a bit to switch to the purple lizard. I play on ps4 and I don’t know why it does this. When I looked at the character selection I noticed the monk, survivor, and hunter. Hunter was unable to be picked so I had to choose either Monk or Survivor. I ended up picking Survivor because I have played difficult games before, I don’t care if I die as long as the game is good. While I was watching the cutscene, my fan was screaming at me to turn it off, almost as if a bomb was going to go off. I ignored it and watched the sad opening cutscene with no context. Honestly, it was pretty sad, and I think that it did great at setting the mood for the rest of the game. Because this game is about survival, I made it my goal to die as few times as possible. Despite my goal, I died quite a few times, which is pretty frustrating. It is difficult surviving in such a dangerous place. Makes me think that I would not have a chance at surviving stranded in the wilderness. I started the game by following where the little yellow thing wanted me to go. That is how most of the beginning played out. I maxed out my stomach, followed yellow dude, and hibernated. My gameplay changed when I encountered a different little yellow thing resembling a plant. I don’t know what it is but I am able to eat it. I think that it keeps my level at where it is whenever I die, with only one use each time. I know this because I started to explore more and I intentionally ignored where yellow dude wanted me to go. This resulted in me figuring out that I can’t just face everything head-on like other games. Even in Minecraft, Dark Souls, and Sekiro, you can have a reliable offense or rely on mobility to face your problems. But in this game the enemies have the same if not better mobility than you. At first I would fight the lizards using a bunch of rocks I found thinking, “If I hit them enough times, they will die”. I learned through browsing this subreddit a bit that I need to use spears to attack and deal damage. I still haven’t killed an enemy yet. Ever since then, I stopped trying attack everything. A few deaths later trying to explore and I experienced my first drowning. It was an intense experience. I don’t know how they did it, but I always fear for my life when it starts raining. I managed to go to what I call level 3 or 4 and I found the blue little dude. I don’t know what they do though. It appeared twice because I died both times I managed to get it to come out. After a while, I realized that the red symbol on the map where there is a gate corresponds to one of the symbols I get when I level up. I came up with a new goal; survive until that level and unlock the gate to go see what lies ahead. I ended up doing just that and I headed over to the gate. At first, I didn’t know that there was a floor because I’m still not used to the 2d elements in this game, so I jumped to the other closed gate because I saw that there was an indent that I could stand on. Took me a bit to realize that there was ground right there. Also, a little side note, why are there heaters and why do the gates cause water to run through the area when they are activated? If this is a spoiler to the lore then don’t tell me. After I go through the gate, I arrive at the industrial complex(?) and find the next safe area. It is at this point that I would like to mention that I didn’t really learn how stealth works yet. It was only after I looked at the non-spoiler faq on this sub that I realized I needed to try to be smart about how I played the game. This revelation made the game more fun to play. I started to explore the new area but I encountered a purple lizard. I encountered one before and after a little bit of observation, I learned that they are capable of climbing EVERYTHING. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. But, I was in the middle of learning how to climb, so I was startled and started to make irrational decisions. Rather than trying to get into the safe area (I don’t know if the lizard was blocking the way or not), I continued trying to climb. After way too much effort, I managed to just barely avoid death about three times and climbed up to the next area. It was then that I encountered a new lizard, a blue one. I quickly learned that it could float through the air. Because it was in the way, I had no choice but to give up because there was a purple lizard chasing me from below and a blue lizard chasing from above. So I jumped off the tower into the area I was at previously, and so did the purple lizard. Then the blue lizard came into view from above, I have nowhere to go and died. This was an especially sad moment because not only did it not save that checkpoint, it also took away the level I needed to get past the gate, so I spawned all the way back at the last safe area I hibernated in. Lesson learned, hibernate in a new area before exploring. After a long break to do something else I came back and quickly leveled up and made way to the safe area again. It was at around this time when I started to learn how the stealth and movement mechanics worked. The game started getting more intense probably due to the immersion I felt. I explored a bit more and found out some new enemies; white lizards, weird birds, my negligence to look at the time, and fall damage. I still don’t know what white lizards do, but I am currently too scared of trying to find out. I also forgot to mention that I encountered these leech mosquitoes that I could eat back in the dirt area. I started eating one, but then all of a sudden, the big leech got mad and prepared to strike. I wasn’t dumb and I tried to run away, but I didn’t expect how it was going to attack. Because this game is new to me, I wasn’t used to how everything attacks in this game and it one-shot me. Lesson learned, don’t mess around with anything big no matter what. I’m starting to catch up to where I am at currently.
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2023.06.02 08:30 mcfucking A FACE TO A NAME AND A LOWE TO BLAME

G'day Cucks and Cuckettes. Looks like the market has transitioned back into Kangaroo mode. Let's bounce into this bans post.

- Shoutout to all those that attended the annual meetup. A special mention to u/MooCowLevel who now has a hat trick of solo sub meetups. Your dedication outshines your loneliness.

- u/lionsforlambos has won their head-to-head bet.

- u/Yevgeny_Trouserkoff popped their betting cherry with a win.

u/limpcrayon survived their perma ban bet head to head. Well played.

New Bets
- u/ewanelaborate has taken the opposite of u/PowerBottomBear92's one month bet. Mike will risk 1 month and Power's will be increased to a 2-month ban

- u/raegrog bet WR1 to hit $2.05 the week of 22-26 or 2 weeks in the sin bin. Well played.

- u/MaximumGirth343 called the floor for LMG taking a ban for 3 months if it trades under 6 cents before this post goes up.

- u/Tenconeslater has bet IVZ to hit 25c by July 1st or a years worth of wakaing alone

- u/Nevelo and u/AltruisticCurtains have gone head to head. The not-so-bearish Curtains bets that the XJO does not close lower than its March low of 6898.5 at any point between now and 1st Sept or a 1-month ban.
Hairy Beary Nevelo countered that XJO closes lower than that, with the additional condition that XAO also goes below 7000, between now and the 1st of Sept or a 1-month ban.

- u/witchdoc86 bet WA1 $6 party by the end of the week. That looks like 2 weeks for you.

- u/Moon-Runner bet on 50 cent wakas by September or a 3-month ban.

- u/houli_dooli is keeping the ban bet lights on with SYA back to 20c before 30 June or 1-month ban.

- u/CluelessAboutHeaps has bet old fave ZIP to finish red today or a 2 month time out.
- u/Particular_Love_8811 continues their loe affair with BOQ tipping it to end day $5.50 or higher or a 2 week ban

- u/joshhyy12 will serve a 1-month ban.
- u/Zealousideal_Ad642 should have stuck with the confusion and taken the opposite side. Since you joined in that's a month for you too.

- u/ImaDegenAndProud thanks for the reminiscing. That's a ZIPtacular month for you.

- u/BrettoStevens will be back with the black lung after 2 months of living down the mine.

- u/Neither_Storage7619 that's a month in the sin bin for you.

- u/theres_a_crisis that's a 2-month ban for you.

- u/ChalkyAus that's a month for your failure
- u/ne14tennis has lost their WBT perma ban bet. We bit you adieu.

Tick - Tock
- u/ok_rub_9490 owes us some proof of ANL

Ο Λόου λέει να πάρεις έναν συγκάτοικο, αλλά μοιράζομαι ήδη με 17 σκυλιά
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2023.06.02 07:48 editortroublemaker Happy Pride, y’all

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2023.06.02 07:39 TheHaptic Underpaid at my store

For reference I worked at jersey mikes for 1 year and a half and went from crew to shift lead. Nothing crazy. My wage went from 10.00 to 12.50. But I was essentially a trained assistant manager and could probably run my own store in a month. But I left to pursue my career.
Came back to Jm 7 months later and got hired in as crew at 12.75. But other people who have been working there for less than six months are making 13.50 an hour and they just hired someone in at $15 with no experience.
I should be making $16.
But oh well. I’m moving to florida and going to get a job at jersey mikes down there. My fellow Floridians, what are you guys getting paid down there?
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2023.06.02 07:01 ncohafmuta Resources, Wiki, FAQ, Posting Guidelines, Getting Help, Quick-Fire Questions

There's a wealth of information available on our sub before you even get to posting a new thread.
If you're here on the Mobile app, look in the main page's ABOUT tab for our sub's rules and direct links to resources, or in the MENU tab for our Wiki page list directly.
If you're here on a Desktop, look through the top nav-bar and side-bar for the same kind of resources.
Either way, a browser is the preferred way of viewing resources, our Wiki in particular, as searching of text and section nav is much easier.
The Wiki's FAQ page will help you with getting started, how to ask for help, components, quick-fire pre-built solutions, and other common htpc tech questions; while the other Wiki pages will help with setup, builds, and more specific topics.
Only if you can't find an answer in our resources or by through searching the sub should you start a new thread.
You can post quick-fire, general discussion questions on this thread for help that doesn't require its own dedicated thread or if you're not sure. Mods/Experts will check this thread and will point you in the proper direction or help you directly.
As always, keep mindful of the rules.
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2023.06.02 06:40 TheEagleMan2001 [FO4] <-- Ignore that, works on all games in general. Guide For Modlist Preservation. Note this was first posted to Skyrim mods so replace mentions of Skyrim with Fallout

Why preserve your mod list? There are several reason you may want to preserve your mod list in the way I will be going through today. As the guide suggests, preserving your mod list will mean when you setup that "perfect" mod list, you only ever need to do it once then you can keep it forever whether you change PCs or a game update breaks all your mods or you wanna play different modded versions of the same game. For example when looking at FNV there's the option of playing normal FNV and TTW, due to the way the TTW installation works you can't really just create a new profile on your current instance and disable the TTW stuff, instead you would need to uninstall TTW and do your setup without it then reinstall TTW when you want to go back to it. While this may not be a huge hassle as the installer is quite simple, it is infinitely less annoying to just have them both installed at the same time and be able to run them separately without any need to uninstall and reinstall things. When looking at Skyrim even with the downgrade patcher people still constantly argue about whether or not you should downgrade and the Best of Both Worlds is also an option for the downgrade patcher, my own personal answer to this was to just have a list for all 3 versions of skyrim because why not. As stated this will also allow you to pass your preserved mod lists onto new PCs so if you ever change out your PC you can just keep playing like nothing ever happened without even needing to reinstall the game on your new PC. If you have a friend you've always wanted to share your mod list with but they don't wanna go through the hassle of setting it all up, now's your chance to share it with them without doing anything more than copy pasting onto a USB.
I also wanna point out that this guide will be specifically for MO2 since it will take advantage of the Portable Instance installation that Vortex doesn't have. I don't wanna discourage Vortex users from doing this but know that it's more annoying and it also won't support transferring the list from one computer to another because of the way vortex handles it's installed mods. I'm not talking about mod deployment here so don't bother saying anything about the hardlink deployment. What I mean is that if you take your mods sub folder within the main vortex folder and try to pass it to a vortex folder on your new PC it will not work as vortex doesn't have any support for this. Finally, note that doing this will take up a lot of space on your PC which is another reason I recommend MO2 since you can get a hard drive with a couple TB for cheap to use for storage then pass the modded instance you're actively using onto your main SSD which vortex will not allow without significant hassle.
To begin with I will go over how I organize my folder. Know that you don't have to have your stuff organized exactly like mine but you do need to make sure you have all the stuff you'll need within your modding folders that you'll wanna keep. If you don't have 2 drives on your PC then replace any where that says D:/ with C:/ instead
To start create a new folder under D: and name that folder modding. (D:/modding)
In your Modding folder create a folder called Base Games and this is where you will be backing up all of your base game files, this is what lets you get around the whole steam update stuff, to get your base game backups you go into your steam commonapps folder and just copy paste the whole game folder and that's all there is to it.
D:/modding/base games
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim SE
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim AE (Make sure to also run the game from this folder and download all your owned CC content so it's there and you don't have to do it ever again)
D:/modding/base games/Skyrim Future Update
D:/modding/base games/FNV
D:/modding/base games/FO3
When you have your base games backup up then we move on to getting a mod list setup. This is as simple as modding normally however you will begin to encounter issues with the multiple installation instances as you use tools like Dyndolod that auto scan your windows registry for the game install location which it will see as the first place you launched the game from so if you launched it when it was in steam folder then the dyndolod would look there for your game instead of your modding folder, I'll address this further on in this guide.
Create a new folder in your modding folder and this will be your actual mod list folder so as an example we'll call this list "A Dragonborns Fate" as their guide is quite useful and I would recommend it to anyone as a base for a new modlist on the current AE version. Inside this folder you'll want to have your MO2 portable instance installed there and then you'll also paste your game folder next to the MO2 folder
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/SkyrimAE
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/MO2
While you're here also add folders for other things you may wanna keep stored. For people who setup dyndolod store your Texgen and Dyndolod outputs here so that you don't lose them in the future and you'll know which mod list each output is for so they don't get mixed up in the dyndolod folder. If you're someone who sets up custom DAR folders to customize all your animations I would also throw an animations folder in here so you can have animations specific to each list. For example I use the dynamic stances mod and I have several prebuilt folders saved for each stance that are specific to each instance so in one mod list I will have a certain combination of animations for my high stance but on another instance I made for a friend, the stances all have different animations from my own
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Texgen output
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Dyndolod output
D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/Animations
As I mentioned before, the modding process from here is exactly the same as normal, setup MO2 to handle nexus links and just setup your mod list like you normally would. For the most part you shouldn't have any issues with programs not finding your game folders since you can run them through MO2s virtual file system so things like the nemesis engine should work just fine. The only problem I've had is with Dyndolod since even after putting my game folders location in the argument line in MO2, dyndolod kept checking the windows registry and was looking into my skyrim instance in the base games folder and launching from the modpack folder didn't change the registry since the other instance is still there. I know some of you are reading windows registry and starting to get worried that the fix is super complicated because windows registry sounds like hackeit stuff. Editing your windows registry is incredibly easy and literally takes like 30 seconds but it will be a bit annoying since you would need to do it for both your SE and AE instance so dyndolod knows where to find them.
To start you'll wanna copy the path to your skyrim folder inside of the mod list folder so for this example you would be copying this path - D:/modding/A Dragonborns Fate/SkyrimAE
Next go down to your start menu and search registry editor and the windows app will pop up, when looking at the registry editor you will see a bunch of weirdly named folders on the left hand side, among those folders look for "HK_LOCAL_MACHINE". From there it will show several more folders and you wanna look for the "Software" folder. In the software dropdown look for "WOW6432Node". Finally, look for the Bethesda Software folder and there you will see "Skyrim Special Edition" when you click on the folder you will look over to the right side of the editor and you will see something there that says "default" and "installed path". To change the installation path simply double click the "installed path" and a little menu will pop up, in there just paste your folder location over the existing location and hit "OK"
At this stage you have a copy of your mod fully saved to your PC, permanently and you won't have to worry about future updates or having to scrap your mod list to make a new one which realistically you didn't have to do anyways when using MO2s profile system. If you're trying to pass this list to a new PC or to your friends PC you will now notice a little issue pops up. When you try to run the game you will be hit with a "download" button from steam since steam ID locks games to a specific PC. You can just go ahead and download Skyrim normally and then go through the hassle of redownloading CC content and telling MO2 to now use a new folder, also if you're using this to save a TTW list you'll need to reinstall TTW. When I started this I promised the ability to pass this to a new PC without extra setup on the new PC and this is where we will get into cracking your game files.
Before I go over this I want to make it clear that I'm not posting this to condone game piracy. Cracking has it's roots in game preservations just as much as it does with piracy so it's usually seen in a bad light. I want to make it clear that cracking your own game files is 100% legal as long as your aren't using them to redistribute the game to other people. Passing it over to your friend is absolutely Piracy and that includes giving them the AE content if they don't own it. I can' control what people do with this but know that if you pass this to someone who does not already own the content you're giving them that is considered piracy and is very much illegal.
I'm not gonna put the actual instructions for cracking here since that's already on the sites of the tools you'll be using. I will only link the tools here and the rest will be up to you. The main tools for cracking are going to be Steamless, and Goldberg emulator. These tools can be a bit tedious on their own but someone has graciously made an auto cracker that requires you to download the first 2 tools and then automates the process for you.
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2023.06.02 04:56 BigBugB0i Dawg tf Rober dressed like that 💀💀💀

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2023.06.02 04:54 Sad_Disk_5293 Confused and looking for advice

Hi. This is my first time reaching out to anyone about this so I’m not too sure what to say. I’ve struggled with eating/food my entire life. I (22F) have about 5-8 different safe foods I am able to eat. These foods have been consistent for me through my whole life. I have extreme anxiety surrounding food. Even the thought of trying something new will send me into a meltdown, let alone the pressure of another person attempting to get me to try something. I want to be able to try new foods and widen my pallet, but the fear keeps me from doing so. Reading through this sub has made me feel better knowing I’m not alone. I want help, but I don’t know how to ask out loud without being judged or laughed at. I’m tired of being the friend at dinner who doesn’t order anything because there is not a safe food on the menu. I apologize if this is long winded, but I’m at my wits end. Looking for some friendly advice also on how to bring up my concerns that I may have ARFID to my friends/family without feeling embarrassed or judged. Thanks for all the help.
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2023.06.02 04:54 jdt1986 Motorola One Vision (Kane) - Which variant?

Hi all,
I have a Motorola One Vision (Kane) which I am wanting to install Lineage OS 20 on - However there are 2 variants listed on the LOS website:
One Vision * XT1970-1 * XT1970-2 * XT1970-3
P50 * XT1970-5
I have gone through EVERY menu and sub-menu in settings and cannot find anywhere that identifies which XT1970 model I have? Does anyone know where I can find this info?
The builds/downloads are the same, but the guides are different, so I want to make sure I pick the right one.
PS. I no longer have the box, receipt, manual etc, in case anyone is going to refer me there.
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2023.06.02 04:42 lostandlooking12 40 [M4F] #NewJersey - Need a sub who wants to be owned and bred

Imagine a come through the door and take your clothes off with saying a word.
I lay you down on your back and stick my cock in your mouth. I thrust my cock in and out of your mouth.
Slow at first, and then faster and faster until I am just face fucking you. You are drooling all over my cock and balls as you gag on my dick.
I pull out just to spit in your mouth and lube my fingers with your own spit, pull your legs in the air toward your head and finger fuck you while I slam my cock down your throat once more.
Then I put my hard cock in your pussy and fuck you raw until I cum so hard inside your pussy and breed you like a good whore.
About me: 5’11, 200lbs, HWP, pics in profile and in link:
Chat me if you’re interested.
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2023.06.02 04:26 Candid_Card3684 Sea server high ping in Australia

Hi All,
I'm playing from Australia and I usually play in SEA server. Last week I don't have any issues with ping until this week came, it started to spike too 250+ms. I'm using Lightning Broadband internet.
My friend, on the other hand, only have 94ms and he is using Aussie broadband.
Any thoughts on this?
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2023.06.02 04:22 Vawkx Bought a new PC for girlfriend - CPU temp says 99 celsius in BIOS. Bad CPU fan?

I bought a gaming PC for my girlfriend. It was prebuilt but I had the option to modify some components, so I switched from an i3 to an i5 and from a GTX 1060 to a 1660 Super. I just plugged it in, went to the BIOS and to my surprise, the CPU temp jumps up to 99 degrees celsius without doing anything. I suspect this is because I kept the default CPU cooler, but I'm not much of an expert so I just wanted to ask this sub if this could be the problem. I have the PC hooked up to a 32 inch ultrawide monitor but I doubt that would cause the CPU to overheat like that.

These are the PC specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-12400F - 6 Cores
Cooler: Standard cooler
Motherboard: MSI PRO H610M-G
Memory: RAIDER GAMING 16GB DDR4-3200
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super 6GB
PSU: RAIDER Pro Gaming 500 Watt

I'm considering buying a more expensive cooler and replacing the default one if this is indeed what's causing the overheating. I have a Be quiet! Dark Rock 4 in my own PC with similar specs and my PC never overheats, even during heavy workloads. I'm aware the default CPU coolers are usually shit but I hoped it would suffice. Any advice is welcome!

EDIT: I am installing Windows 11 via a USB drive right now and the installation menu is laggy as hell, so there's definitely not a faulty sensor either. The fans are blowing like crazy so I'll turn it off once the installation is done.
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2023.06.02 04:15 tbones94 Guess there won't be anything left at the end of the month for the MAGAs.

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