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2023.06.01 06:50 nosaraestatesreviews Nosara Estates Reviews And Complaints 2023 Beach Vacations Tips We're Recommending for Everyone

Nosara Estates Reviews And Complaints 2023 Beach Vacations Tips We're Recommending for Everyone
Welcome to Nosara Estates, a luxurious residential community nestled in the pristine beauty of Nosara, Costa Rica. Nosara Estates offers a remarkable blend of tranquility, natural wonders, and modern comforts, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an extraordinary lifestyle.

Nosara Estates Reviews And Complaints 2023 Beach Vacations Tips We're Recommending for Everyone
Situated on the stunning Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Nosara Estates is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests, breathtaking beaches, and an abundance of wildlife. The community embraces sustainable living and conservation, ensuring that residents can enjoy the beauty of nature while minimizing their ecological footprint.
At Nosara Estates, you will find a range of exquisite properties designed to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Whether you seek a spacious oceanfront villa with panoramic views, an elegant jungle retreat engulfed in serenity, or a contemporary condominium with all the modern amenities, this exclusive community has it all.
The development of Nosara Estates also prioritizes the creation of a thriving social atmosphere. Residents have access to world-class amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa facilities, gourmet dining options, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Additionally, the community offers a range of recreational activities, such as surfing, yoga, hiking, and horseback riding, ensuring there is never a dull moment.
Nosara Estates represents a harmonious fusion of natural beauty, luxury, and a commitment to sustainable living. Whether you are seeking a permanent residence, a vacation home, or a sound investment opportunity, this exceptional community provides an unparalleled lifestyle that will exceed your expectations. Embrace the tranquility and embrace the remarkable experience that Nosara Estates has to offer.
A beach vacation is often considered one of the best types of vacations for several reasons:
  1. Relaxation: Beaches are naturally soothing and serene environments. The sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, and the gentle ocean breeze create a tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation. The calming effects of the beach can help reduce stress and rejuvenate the mind and body.
  2. Scenic Beauty: Beaches offer breathtaking natural beauty. The vast expanse of the ocean, the shimmering water, and the stunning sunsets provide picturesque views that are both awe-inspiring and refreshing. Whether you prefer a tropical paradise, a rugged coastline, or a serene beach town, there are numerous options to choose from.
  3. Variety of Activities: Beach vacations offer a wide range of activities to suit different interests and preferences. You can relax on the beach, go swimming, sunbathe, build sandcastles, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. Additionally, there are opportunities for water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing. Many beaches also offer beachside amenities like beach volleyball, beach bars, and restaurants, making it a versatile destination for fun and entertainment.
  4. Health Benefits: Spending time at the beach can have numerous health benefits. The sun provides vitamin D, which is essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. The sand offers a natural exfoliant for your feet, and walking barefoot on the beach can help improve balance and strengthen foot muscles. The ocean water is also known for its therapeutic properties, as swimming or floating in it can promote relaxation, improve circulation, and soothe skin conditions.
  5. Family-Friendly: Beach vacations are often a popular choice for families. Children can enjoy building sandcastles, playing in the water, and exploring the beach, while parents can relax and unwind. Many beach destinations also offer family-friendly accommodations and amenities, making it convenient for families to have an enjoyable vacation together.
While the preference for a beach vacation ultimately depends on individual tastes and preferences, the combination of relaxation, scenic beauty, activities, health benefits, and family-friendly options make beach vacations a popular choice for many people seeking a memorable and rejuvenating getaway. Today Nosara Estates is trending worldwide due to top class beach homes available for easy ownership as well as on rent.
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2023.06.01 06:49 Conscious-Donut-3298 Struggling as a young caregiver

This is my personal narrative, a 28-year-old caught in the challenging role of caring for my elderly parents. My parents, aged 77, reside in a small Greek hometown while I've chosen to live and work in the bustling capital, enticed by the promise of a higher salary. However, my childhood and teenage years were marred by the strict parenting I endured, leaving me unable to enjoy the company of friends or the freedom to explore the world. Financially, our family struggled, relying on meager retirement income from the government, prompting me to step in and assist by paying utility bills and providing additional financial support.
Navigating the Greek national health system has proven to be a formidable task. Although healthcare is technically free, the system's deficiencies and lack of adequate staff create a challenging environment. Both of my parents battle diabetes and heart failure, with my mother's health steadily declining over the past two decades. Hospitalizations have become a frequent occurrence, as they tend to avoid regular check-ups and seek medical attention only when the situation becomes dire. Throughout it all, I have stood by their side, spending extended periods in hospitals and assisting with their rehabilitation.
Regrettably, tensions have arisen between my parents and me. Despite my best efforts to follow doctors' advice and provide unwavering care, my parents fail to fully recognize and appreciate my dedication. Their well-being has impacted my own work life, and I've made the difficult decision to return to my own life, leaving them behind. However, they staunchly refuse to leave their hometown, declining any additional assistance and relying on their neighbors for support, even though it rapidly depletes their limited finances.
My life has become an endless cycle of hospital visits, canceling plans, and sacrificing my own personal time for the sake of my parents' well-being. The toll on my mental health is significant, as I grapple with depressive episodes, insomnia, and debilitating panic attacks. Unfortunately, my parents seem oblivious to my struggles, insisting that everything is under control and urging me not to worry. I'm at a loss to comprehend how they view living in an unsanitary home plagued by cockroaches and neglecting regular care as "fine" or within their control.
During this difficult journey, my father's health took a devastating turn. He developed gangrene, leading to a life-changing decision. The doctors had no choice but to amputate his leg. Witnessing this immense physical and emotional trauma shook our family to the core. I became his primary caregiver, spending long hours at the hospital, managing his care, and supporting him through the difficult process of rehabilitation. The impact on our lives was profound, and I had to put my own life on hold once again.
As days pass, I fear yet another hospitalization looms for my father, whose health continues to deteriorate. The prospect of managing this situation once again feels overwhelming, leaving me feeling utterly lost and alone. The weight of my responsibilities as a caregiver has become unbearable, and I yearn for a sense of balance and support that currently eludes me.
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2023.06.01 06:49 Aggressive_Barber368 Theories from the credits sequence

This is a place to dump all of your credits-related fan speculation, as I'm looking for a good place to host all of mine!
This is almost assuredly overthinking, but there are three very specifically named film references in this trailer. One is a movie theatre playing The Arrival, which is an Amy Adams movie about communicating with aliens. I know that there's supposed to be an angel with amnesia and also a new female angel character, but if this season in any way has to do with alien disclosure or alien conspiracy theories I will die? We can't forget the random scene in the OG Good Omens where the aliens stop to talk to Newt, so maybe more is made of that tiny original subplot in the sequel.
More confusingly, the theatre show playing in the red curtained theatre in this sequence is "Ladies of Camelot," which could either be a reference to actual Camelot or JFK stuff. If it's actual Camelot, isn't the story basically a love triangle between Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere? So maybe there's a love triangle element to this, which will piss off many people on this Reddit who are dedicated to Crowley and Aziraphale 4eva. If it refers to JFK/Jackie O Camelot though, perhaps there really is a broader conspiracy basis to the season. There is a theory that JFK was killed because he was trying to disclose UFOs, after all... Then again, on repeated viewing the poster kinda looks like a Moulin Rouge type of place with a windmill and can-can girls so perhaps Camelot is just a reference to some kind of burlesque.
The last one is a poster in bombed out London of Stairway to Heaven, which is a Kim Hunter movie from the 40's. The plot: "British Air Force pilot Peter Carter (David Niven) is on his way home to England from a World War II bombing mission in a badly damaged aircraft. Before he bails out of the plane into the ocean, he contacts June (Kim Hunter), an Allied radio operator with whom he shares what he believes to be his final moments on Earth. But Peter survives, finds June and they fall in love. A problem arises when a divine messenger (Marius Goring) arrives to escort Peter to heaven to rectify his wrongful survival." The divine messengewrongful survival point sounds VERY much like a Good Omens plot point and maybe connects to the angel amnesia element. Coupled with the "Wings for Victory" poster on the side of the burnt out bus in the same shot, it definitely seems like there's a WWII theme to whatever this could be.
Lastly the graves in the graveyard might hold some clues. There is definitely focus on Jane Austen, which goes along with some of the production images we've already seen featuring novels. One of the graves has a full inscription but is hard to read with the video quality. Something about "here lies..."
This is all to say that everything in there is probably a red herring and the show has nothing to do with any of this. Fun to think about though.
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2023.06.01 06:48 grapejuicecheese AITA for shoutingat my mom?

This happened many many years ago back when I was 12 (37M now) but it still haunts me to this day. Back then, I was going through puberty and had a lot of pimples on my face. My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the dermatologist so we could remove my pimples. I didn't know what it was like at the time, so I said yes. The procedure was incredibly painful for me. I cried several times. I especially hated it when the dermatologist went for the blackheads on my nose. Those took a long time and were excruciatingly painful.
Once the procedure was done, the dermatologist told us to come back in a week. When we got home, I told my mom that the procedure was too painful and I changed my mind. I'd rather live with my pimples than go through that again. My mom told me she already paid in full. I told her that I didn't care it was too painful.
The next week, my mom tells me to go get dressed, we're going to the dermatologist. I told her that I didn't want to go. She tells me that she asked me if I wanted it in the first place, that she had already paid in full and to not be such a baby and the second time isn't as painful as the last time. I ultimately gave in, and no, it was just as painful as the first time. It was traumatizing.
The moment the procedure was over and we were on our way home in the car, she said "See, it doesn't hurt as bad right?" I cut her off and in tears, yelled "Don't you ever bring me there again!" The rest of the ride home was quiet. Later that night, I could hear my mom crying.
My mom never brought me to the dermatologist again. We never spoke of the time I yelled at her. She did give me acne cream, which I thanked her and used but that was it. Our relationship is otherwise good, she's a senior citizen now and me and my siblings take care of her. But this incident has stuck to me in my mind all these years and it's painful for me to recall. The memory of her crying is what kills it for me. AITA? And would it be a good idea to bring it up after all these years and apologize to her?
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2023.06.01 06:47 LegitimateCable5106 Q Clearance process

I’m looking at moving across country for a position that requires a TS Q.
Worry is that they have me start work while being investigated, which I know is normal having secret now. But, I’m worried having a recent discharge from the military (honorable) for anxiety/ depression will dq me from this process? No longer on meds and stable, I’m just concerned that the discharge was so recent for mental health and may cause a clearance denial Would hate to sell my home- move- and then be terminated for clearance
Thanks for your time
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2023.06.01 06:47 Melatonin_ate_my_cat The amount of r/MagnusArchives content that I find on pinterest is starting to get creepy

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2023.06.01 06:46 HealBeforeZod To Kill a God

Zod's notes: Originally written as part of a writing prompt. Prompt: A suicidal god has kidnapped the world's scientists until they can come up with a way to kill him. Original Prompt
Day 13
Upon determination that the entity, henceforth referred to as D3I7Y, was not joking, and we were unable to escape, we have begun to entertain his absurd claim of godhood.
At first, we were hesitant to kill our captor. Even though he begs us to assist, the business felt like murder, why take the life of a delusional creature? Having exhausted all means of escape, the mere circumstances of our capture defying the known laws of physics, we began to consider the unthinkable.
Today we commenced our first crude attempts to terminate D3I7Y. Although D3I7Y has performed acts that have defied reason, we started with the standard avenues to end a human life. Strangulation, gunshots, and immolation all failed, as did attempts to drown D3I7Y. Decapitation, to everyone’s astonishment was unsuccessful as well. Perhaps this is some sort of elaborate magician’s feat, parlor tricks. I remain skeptical on all accounts, but I will keep looking for a logical explanation.
Day 15
After dozens of attempts in the past few days, we have resolved to take turns, using our respective areas of expertise to devise a solution to our predicament. D3I7Y appeared amused at our process.
Today, renowned chemist, Dr. Yoon, developed a highly reactive compound that dissolves all known matter it touches within seconds. Today, for the first time since our capture started, we broke through the physical confines of our prison. The compound, naturally, dissolved the beaker it was mixed in, then went through the countertop in a few seconds, through the floor, and down into an endless void of white. D3I7Y seemed amused at the sight when walking into the lab. We mixed the agent over D3I7Y, who giggled in delight and replied, “it tickles”. To our amazement, the floor beneath D3I7Y dissolved, but D3I7Y floated atop the gaping hole. He glanced down for a moment at the hole to the endless void, surveyed the hole from our initial test, and shrugged. He snapped his fingers and repaired the holes. He gave Dr. Yoon a gold star and wished us better luck next time.
Dr. Baptiste had a few theories, but they were dismissed due to lack of empirical evidence.
Day 19
Dr. Mwangi, a physicist with decades of expertise in electrical currents teamed up with other scientists with an engineering background to hit D3I7Y with an estimated 700 million volts of electricity. Generating and controlling the electrical current was an impressive feat that defied contemporary abilities. While we all marveled at Dr. Mwangi, D3I7Y appeared to shiver slightly before walking across the room. He opened the cabinet and pulled out a bag of popcorn kernels which all popped the moment he touched the bag. He gave Dr. Mwangi a nod of approval before sauntering off with his snack.
Day 34
Two days ago, Dr. Ramamurthy, a noble-prize-winning molecular biologist, engineered an altered strain of bacteria usually present in the decay of living flesh. Her specimen is the most dangerous biological organism I have ever witnessed. The altered strain multiply at an alarming rate and dissolve surrounding cells. Said specimen was hypothesized to be able to deteriorate all the cells in an adult male body within 3 hours. D3I7Y was injected with several copies of the specimen. After 12 hours D3I7Y reported feeling “a bit bloated”, but after another five hours showed no traces of the specimen in his bloodstream. Tests continue, but there appears to be no progress. Meanwhile, whole cadavers that we have tested on have all been reduced to a microscopic level.
Day 40
Today, Dr. Cray, along with a team of military engineers, created a nuclear warhead powerful enough to destroy half of earth. When pressed, D3I7Y assured us that he would take the device to a safe space where no surrounding structures or living creatures (aside for himself) would be at risk of any explosion or radiation. He vanished from sight with the warhead.
He reappeared 20 minutes later, looking just a touch downtrodden. This is only unfounded speculation, but I think even D3I7Y was disappointed this time.
Dr. Baptiste once again urged us to try one of his theories, but his methodology is based in fairy tales, not science.
Day 47
No, the lasers did not work. That is all I will say.
Day 55
Geologists made attempts today, but D3I7Y just thanked them for the materials and made them friendship bracelets.
Day 60
Astrophysicist Dr. Guerrero applied 30 years of research into action and, impressively created a black hole at a location D3I7Y confirmed was safe. Once again, D3I7Y vanished from our view, this time for approximately 4 hours. Prematurely we began to celebrate. When D3I7Y returned he said nothing, he just snapped his fingers, creating a rope swing attached to nothing and swung back and forth slowly for 20 minutes.
Day 70
We decided, “why not” and let the zoologists have a go. Thirteen bears, 8 jaguars, and 10 blue-ringed octopi later and no, nothing. D3I7Y’s spirits do seem a bit better after cuddling with the jaguars and gushing about how cute the octopi were. He also taught the bears some adorable tricks but did advise us against interacting with the bears. There was one animal we did not get to test on D3I7Y. I do not think it would have worked anyway. On a related note, there is an inland taipan loose somewhere in the lab. I do not anticipate good sleep tonight.
Day 95
I am pleased to say the ordeal at last is over. I am home, writing from my own desk, having kissed my precious children goodnight after being apart from them for over three months. I wept for joy when I found myself returned, and realized it was not a trick, dream or illusion.
From what we could observe, D3I7Y faded from existence with a look of serenity upon his face and bid us farewell.
I will not document the way D3I7Y finally met his end, for I have had an arduous enough experience with one so called god. If there are others, I do not wish to gain unwanted attention by posting the secret to killing a god.
I will, however, say this:
Today, Dr. Baptiste stepped forward to test his theory. In our hubris we did not let him try sooner. Physicists, biologists, chemists, electrical engineers, and every manner of expert tried and failed. In the end, it was the man with a Doctorate of Philosophy, an expert in theology, that upstaged us all.
Apparently, gods cannot be killed with mortal weapons of destruction, only by ideas.
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2023.06.01 06:45 jaegarbong Endgame (i suppose) spoiler question: Is he gonna follow me around??

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2023.06.01 06:43 MeliodasUQ SOLO FLAWLESS GHOSTS OF THE DEEP COMPLETE!! Beautiful dungeon.

Ghosts of the deep flawless This one was a doozy, it took a LOT of practice to get it down, especially memorizing the Location of the symbols in the water section when facing ECTHAR. The first encounter isn't really anything to write home about, I used eyes of tomorrow to just clear up everything that spawned at every symbol location, or just kill the witches and go on to the next section. Repeat this four times and you're done.
When I was first practicing for this run, I realized I was pretty slow, especially in comparison to when I'm on hunter where Ecthar could barely catch me, I'd juke him behind the stone pillars and make my way through. So, I changed it up from having high recovery to T5 recovery and send my mobility to T7. This felt MUCH MUCH better, without this tier of speed, being underwater felt like such a slog pushing through, and Ecthar would even shield bash me, that got annoying. But seriously though this dungeon is amazing, it's beautiful, the underwater sections are so unique in how they fit into the mechanics of the dungeon. Having Ecthar behind you at all times, like a shark ready to send you to your end should you slow down or slip up keeps the nerves tense, at least for the first few times. For damage phase I took the offensive route with Synthocepts instead of being safe with Loreley, I would do this for the final boss as well. Loreley is for sure the way to go about it for being safe, but when you're Doing damage like this it's hard to want to put it down, ended up 4 phasing Ecthar.
When it comes to the final boss I feel like they made the encounter entirely too long, combine the shield, the boss health and the mechanics in between, this gives you a LOT of freedom to slip up and die in so many ways. The amount of micromanagement you have to do is insane. Watch out for stray moths, watch out for the elites shooting ya, watch out for the acolytes shooting ya. Moths can spawn from a downed enemy and suddenly blow up thus ending your run, moths can spawn after aligning the first two symbols to reveal them by the boss. Killed VOHLOG but didn't reveal a symbol? Moths are spawned once again by the boss. SO MANY things can and will go wrong. You really have to be on your toes. I learned a lot of things through trial and error, as well asking friends in datto's discord for advice on how to handle it.
For final boss damage phase, I tried Actium+Xenophage, that didn't work out well for me, it felt frustrating seeing my damage do so little to take down the boss's health bar. Popping super and then pulling out the setup to do damage I would die too fast from taking too much damage . I tried bait and switch Cataclysmic, still didn't work out. I tried taipan, and that was also a no-go. Rocket damage didn't feel great, and bump in the night felt too slow, so I put that down completely. I got advice from a fellow titan to keep a sunspot from the super under my feet after damaging the boss, that kinda worked, but then I'd die. I brought up the idea of just clearing out the acolytes before starting damage, after grabbing the last symbol. Use about 30 seconds of the symbol timer and just clean out the Acolytes and keep the thrall to reproc radiant, it worked great! I didn't have a bunch of things adding to the damage I was taking from the boss. Leviathan's breath, good god does this thing CHUNK, I love it. Quite a few are afraid to use it because of the possibility of their DPS dying should they miss a shot. I'm telling ya, you don't have to worry about that. I would once in a while miss 1 or 2 shots, but getting back into tempo more than made up for those missed ones, I hit all of my shots afterward. This is what a scuffed First phase looks like, By the third phase it looked like this. I was able to kill the boss in a total of 5 Phases, it felt amazing. Bob and weave when doing damage as well, quite a bit of her arc shots missed me when I'd do that. I'm not great at explaining how to be efficient, but do take your time, and find a rotation that works for you. This felt amazing to do! Ty for reading, and a Major Ty to Pat#3298 for helping me figure out strats!
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2023.06.01 06:42 fallingcoffeemug Objective FPS hitscan in a terrain with many obstacles

This is a prompt for a movement-enviroment TF2 based shooter. Players are limited to their base movement to scale around their environment. Players only wear a revolver and a knife. Headshots and backstabs insta-kill enemies. Bullets are hitscan, which makes them travel anywhere instantly. Players can tilt sideways (Q,E).\ \ TACTICAL\ You can't do aim-down-sights, nor would crouching replicate it. Being unable to hold down a place with A-D-S creates an emphasis on "fairness" for the Player's relationship with field of view and movement. How about instead of a Field of View, wouldn't it be more enjoyable to have a View of Field?\ \ When you're suddenly in an encounter with an enemy, most FPS games forces you to hold down Mouse 2, and lock your vision. It's a chore to kill the enemy, worst case. In this game scenario, you have all the visible options at your disposal e.g. shoot at them or run away from them.\ \ In the map, there's many obstacles placed besides paths, objectives, and chokepoints. Some being half your size, making Players able to hide their hitboxes behind most of them. Peeking by Q/E is available anytime, making dodging bullets available on the spot. Peeking to attack makes only your upper body visible, making headshots on you cleaner, but peeking can also make as your bait.\ \ Equipping your weapon takes half a second. Using a knife makes you walk +5 percent faster. Walks pretty much makes the volume of noise, which is like whispering, say. The speed of walks also determine how many steps you walk to a place. Walking gives you away to a nearby enemy. Crouching decreases the amount of noise and number of steps you make when you walk somewhere.\ \ PLAYER HP = +150\ Revolver DAM = -50\ Knife DAM = -38\ Headshots = -150\ Backstabs = -450\ \ Health kits may spawn in restock rooms (e.g. a saferoom). One health kit replenishes +80 HP and gives the player a small healing buff that ends when they get hurt again. Ammo boxes spawn along with health kits. One ammo box replenishes 1/3rd of the revolver's spare ammo.\ \ All revolvers have 24 spare bullets. All unlocks for revolvers are reskins, same as well for knives.\ \ WEAPON AND UTILITY DROPS\ \ A unique and balanced utility system creates a bend of diverged playstyles with simple counters anyone with any utility can do. There are two coexisting utilities a Player uses: Passive and Active Utilities.\ \ UTILITY\ Iron Mask Stats (Passive Mask) Being faceshot while worn deals -50 damage\ -5% slower move speed on wearer\ Breaks after one faceshot\ \ Loud Sneakers Stats (Passive Shoes)\ +7% faster move speed on wearer while active\ More steps on wearer\ \ The Ergonomic Approach Stats (Passive Juice-Hat)\ +38 HP gained on headshot\ Bullets have 2s lasting tracers\ \ Tranq Darts (Passive Bandolier)\ Colorblinds and slows victim for 1s\ -5% bullet travel speed\ \ The Baconer (Active Bottle)\ Vulnerably drink for 3s to get a 20% speed boost for each headshot kill for 10s\ 10s recharge\ \ The Dynamite (Active Stick of Dynamite)\ 3s fuse on thrown\ 5 sticks on wearer, 1 stick recharge 10s\ -30~150 damage capability\ \ The Medkit (Active Medkit)\ Vulnerably heal yourself or friend for 5s to get an +80 HP recovery\ 3 kits on wearer, 1 kit recharge 10s\ \ STRATEGIC\ Not only is this an environment-movement game, but an objective based game. Every mission is a special mission, and you cannot respawn until an important objective is completed. Most objectives require interaction with the world with (F) key.\ \ Two Teams: Government and Opposition\ \ All Players spawn inside the first zone with their role. Friendly fire is enabled! Nobody can identify someone's team if they had not done anything such as shoot or stab someone.\ \ Everyone has a neutral nametag in stealth. In loud, looking at a Player will indicate what team they're in by the color of their tag. Neutral NPCs are usually unarmed civilians. But Neutral hostiles will attack both teams.\ \ The government side is defending by interrupting the objective, or stopping the opposition by stopping them. The Government wins if they wipe out the entire opposition, or the round timer ends.\ \ The opposition side is completing an objective. Members of the opposition team have a task bar on their screen. The Opposition only wins if they complete the entire mission with at least 1 surviving member.\ \ There are two types of objectives: Progressional and Outcome Objectives\ \ Progressional objectives are mini objectives the opposition has to complete to finish an outcome objective, and no respawns on both teams occur until an outcome objective is completed.\ \ In objective missions NPCs will be spawned, depending on zones. Government or neutral NPCs will be alerted when a shot is fired, a person is killed, or a Player has a weapon.\ \ Stealth= No shots fired, Opposition Disguised Under Neutrality\ Loud= Shots fired, Hostile NPCs, Alarms\ \ NPC DAM does a significantly less output with -5 HP per hit, and hits can't land criticals. Bosses like gunships have a high DPS, making them formidable to fight against.\ \ MISSIONS\ The Blacksite Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Find the Cell Block\ - Save Rose (Opposition NPC)\ Zone 2\ - Wait for the Blast Door to Open\ - Stealth: Find and Interrogate the Base Commander\ - Stealth: Access the Terminal Computer\ - Loud: Bring the Ordnance to the Anti-Aircraft Sentries\ - Escape with the Heli\ NPC Types: Government (Soldiers), Opposition\ Environment: Shipment \ The Financier Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Eliminate the Financier (Government NPC) (Loud: Break into the Saferoom)\ - Find the hard disk (Optional Interrogation)\ - Wait for the Heli to Start\ NPC Types: Government (Bodyguards)\ Environment: House on Top of Building with a Saferoom\ \ The Deposit Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Breach the Vault (Plan A: Hack Two Control Points/Plan B: Thermite)\ - Steal the Dead Drop from a Vault Box (Find the Box Number in the Archives, Stealth: Disable the Vault Alarms)\ - Stealth: Escape in the Van\ - Loud: Burn the lobby down\ - Loud: Escape through the hole\ NPC Types: Neutral\ Environment: Bank with Offices and Furniture\ \ The Lakehouse Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Enter the basement (Plan A: Find the File with a Code/Plan B: Thermite) Zone 2 (No NPCs)\ - Enter the Server Room (Find the Drill/Find the C4)\ Zone 3 (No NPCs)\ - Bring all the servers to the boat (Make an Opening to Get Out, The Lakehouse has Alarmed Doors and Windows)\ - Deal with the Attack Helicopter\ NPC Types: Government\ Environment: Safehouse with Furniture by a Coast\ \ The Withdrawal Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Breach the Vault (Plan A: Celebrity Treatment/Plan B: Explosives)\ - Stealth Plan A: Disable the Metal Detectors to the Vault\ - Disguise as the Financier and Meet the Manager (Neutral NPC)\ - Take the Vault Money to the Van (Interrogate and Kill the Manager)\ Zone 2 (No NPCs)\ - Loud Plan B: Enter the Basement and Set Up the Explosives\ Zone 1\ - Set Up the Cage in the Lobby\ - Take the Vault Money to the Cage\ - Wait for the Heli to Arrive\ NPC Types: Neutral\ Environment: Bank with Furniture and Offices\ \ The Scientist Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Enter the Basement\ - Open the Blast Door (Take Down Falcon's Second in Command/Find the Screwdriver and Pliers, Explode the Wall)\ - Override the Control Room (Stealth: Kill All Government Players/Loud: Breach the Control Room with Gas Tanks, Protect the Router Boxes)\ - Escape with the Heli\ NPC Types: Government, Opposition\ Environment: Safehouse with Furniture\ \ The SCRS Objectives\ Zone 1\ - Hack the First Terminal (Bypass the Metal Detectors, Find the Terminal Keycard, Stealth: Disable Government Security NPCs, Loud: Protect the Router Box)\ - Hack the Second Terminal (Stealth: Find the Computer with an access key)\ - Hack the Third Terminal (Stealth: Find the USB)\ - Loud: Deal with the Attack Helicopter (Avoid Two Rockets)\ - Exfiltrate\ NPC Types: Government (Guards), Neutral (Helicopter, Civilians)\ Environment: Office Building with Helipad\ \ The Black Dusk Objectives\ Opposition can opt to start in Loud\ - Stealth: Find and Plant the Bombs\ - Development: Use the Vents to EnteFind the Code and the Keycard in Development\ - Operations: Use the Vents to Enter, Find the Drill to break in\ - Workshop: Find the code from the Head Engineer (Interrogation)\ - Loud: Plant the Bombs\ - Control Room: Unlock a Gate to One Site\ - Development: Use C4/Use the Vents to Enter\ - Operations: Breach Operations\ - Workshop: Find and Bring the Heavy Drill to the Vault/Thermite into the Vault\ - Escape (Plant the final bombs at entrance)\ - Loud: Deal with the Complication (Minigun Unit Blocks the Elevator for the Base)\ NPC Types: Government (Soldiers), Neutral (Minigun, Workshop and Development Workers)\ Environment: Bunker with Shipment and Wide Vents
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2023.06.01 06:41 Muted_Engineer4088 D&c experience felt like another slap in the face

First pregnancy, first miscarriage and d&c experience.
Yesterday i was admitted to the hospital for my d&c. The nurse that was assigned me as a patient was 30 weeks pregnant.
I completely understand it's her job as a nurse but it really bloody hurt. Having to sit there while she ran all my obs and talked me through the procedure and all I could do was stare at her big belly and cry every time she walked away. She was absolutely lovely but god that killed me.
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2023.06.01 06:41 getoffmychest7 I was almost a school shooter when I was 16

It's been 5 years now and I've never told anyone. When I was 16 a lot was happening in my life.. I was already pretty depressed because of the constant bullying I faced for years and I was simply just very lonely, no friends, no siblings, all I had was my parents until my dad passed away from an underlying heart condition right before I went back to school in my sophomore year. Every year was the same.. the bullying never stopped and what used to just make me just sad, led to hatred and a huge desire to get back at the ones that have wronged me over the years.. I started to become very angry, I even took it out on my mother while she was grieving too, I will never forgive myself for that.
My father was a great dad, we weren't very alike at all though.. he was the macho/sporty type and I never cared for sports, I feel like this made him feel a bit disappointed because he always tried to push me to get into things he liked at my age. After his passing I felt insanely guilty for not doing the things he wanted me to do and just not spending more time with him in general.. I started to burn/cut myself a lot to cope. My father was a huge gun fan, he owned many and had always tried to include me, I never really cared to learn about them or took any interest in it.. my anger was just growing rapidly and I couldn't stop it, I started to use his guns after school to blow off steam a lot of the time.
It started to become an every day thing and I was getting more and more frustrated with living everyday. The only thing that kept me from killing myself during that time was the fact that my mother would be completely alone, I wasn't able to do it. One day I started to jot down a hit list, when I did that, I wasn't literally deciding that I was going to shoot my school up.. but I was contemplating it a lot and my anger was growing more rapidly everyday. I assumed I'd eventually have enough and just off myself anyways so why not take the out the ones that have hurt me too? It was approaching the end of the semester and I eventually decided that enough was enough, I was going to try and give my mother one last good christmas and after christmas break I planned to do it. My mind was set, as sick as it sounds, it started to become all I could think about.. and I already had all the equipment I needed. shortly after new years, right before going back to school my mom was cleaning the bathroom and found some razors I had dug out. I guess this sparked her brain so she asked me to roll my sleeves up.. it was bad, I still have big ugly scars on my wrist till this day and usually only wear long sleeves because of it. She just cried and asked me why, I just remained very quiet out of embarrassment.. she asked me if I was thinking of doing worse and I didn't give much of a direct response.. I was way too embarrassed and felt disgusting. The next day my mother admitted me to a mental health hospital. I stayed there for 59 days and revealed a lot about the anger I had, the pinpoint was my depression though. It may had not been wise at all, but I have never told anyone about my plan.. once I got on some medicine and started to try and work through the grief, those thoughts appeared less and less. I wasn't in my right mind at all. I was angry with my mom when she sent me off and even after getting out, for a long time I still felt angry about it.. but looking back I'm very very grateful. That happened at the exact perfect time, and my mom figuring that out was a real blessing.. after I got out, my mom realized it'd be best if I was homeschooled for my remaining years and that helped my mental health a lot.
God, I am just so happy that I wasn't able to act upon something so evil.. things have turned around for me a lot in the past 5 years, I still struggle a ton, but I have a great girlfriend and I even have a coupl friends.. so that's new for me. This is something i'd never reveal to someone in real life.. chances are it would just lead to abandonment, I feel a lot of guilt pertaining to that situation now. I wanted to let it out somewhere.
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2023.06.01 06:41 BlueJthrowaway Having to contact crisis again (TW)

TRIGGER WARNING: drug use, addiction, death, relationship with an addict, emetophobia.
I don't know where else to post this... I'm in the queue for crisis as I'm typing this and it's taking a while so I figured screw it... just trigger warning...
My partner and I both have CPTSD. We are also both recovering addicts, we've both been very successful in staying clean for the most part minus the occasional relapse, but I learned today that my partner has been on a bender for a few days at least. It would be quicker to say what they haven't put in their body.
I have been throwing up and been sick since I found out. I have no idea where they are because we are LDR, I know they're not at home but idk where they are, I don't even know if they're alive. Because of our families I'm literally all they have so I don't have anyone who knows them that I can reach out to that's even aware of their addiction or their mental health. I don't even know if they're even in their home state. I have no idea. I'm just in limbo right now and I keep getting more and more sick.
The image of them lying dead on the floor just keeps playing over and over again in my head, and I wouldn't even know that they've died because there's no one that even knows me who can reach out to me to let me know that they've died. If they do, they'll just stop responding and I'll never hear from them again.
I feel like it's all my fault. I should have been paying more attention. I should be able to help them but I'm just stuck in limbo not knowing if they're ok or if they're dead and I won't know until they message me.
And I had to set boundaries that I can't respond to them unless they're sober because it's triggering for me, and because it's too emotional for me even if it wasn't triggering. I've been in relationships with addicts before and I feel like I'm just repeating history. It's the same shit over and over again - I get the messy, misspelled text profusely apologizing, saying I don't deserve this, trying to explain... so I told them that I can't respond to them until they're sober again. But I'm terrified that's just going to push them further into this because I'm pulling away.
I don't know how to cope with this. I don't know what to do here. I'm so scared and so sick and so upset at the whole situation. I don't know what to do here so I just needed to get it out of my system in a way that wasn't so physically gross.
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2023.06.01 06:39 Actual_Formal561 Life goals vs health

I am a 38 year old female, married, have a 6 year old kid. I live in a under developed country and am doing quite well as per the country standard. Me and my husband both are quiet well known in our fields, making good money and we'll respected. We live in a country where you live with your in-laws, and I don't get along with them so much, but nevertheless, I don't let it bother me.
Me being me want more in life than what I already have, family and professional growth, bucket lists aside there are few things I want to achieve for myself. I want to get a PhD degree, want to build a home(owning real estate is very expensive and mortgages aren't easy to get in this country) and I want to learn dancing professionally, the last one has been in my list since I was a kid.
So a week back I joined this dance class which my daughter already goes to. I woke up early did the cleaning and cooking for the day, sent of my kid to school and then before my workday started I went to the class for an hour. I was feeling so good about this. It not only gave me physical exercise but also gave me one more purpose, some learning and excelling to do, I felt happier and more content.
Now let's come to my health. I haven't been in the best of my health for some years now. Although not consistent I try to eat healthy and workout as far as possible but still I have always been prone to infections UTI and sore throats are very common for me. I caught COVID twice, dengue once(which almost killed me) in the past two years, I had a lot of complications in my pregnancy. Then after 9 months of giving birth, I had a gallstone surgery, which generally heals in 3 days, kept me sick for 3 weeks. Last year, I had a surgery on my left foot for ACL and meniscus tear, which took me through 1 year of sports therapy. The disk on my neck has depleted and my shoulder joints are also swollen. I also recently had some lymph nodes on my neck swollen, which caused me pain, but root cause wasn't found and it subsided eventually.
Now, 2 days back while in the dance class, I jumped for a dance step and when I landed I felt like the ligament of my right foot was injured, my knee couldn't take my weight. I came back home but mid way I almost blacked out due to stress on the foot. Since having gone through a surgery already, I rushed to the doctor, doctor has asked me to rest for a week, and has said if symptoms persist, I will have to go through an MRI and have to go through the same surgery in the right foot and go through the sports therapy again. I am waiting for the week to get over, to find answers to what has actually happened to me.
I have two burning questions in my mind.
1) what makes me so weak health wise, I try to take care of my self, prioritize me, keep my self happy. Is there anything I am not doing, I should do differently. Am I pushing myself too much or should do more. What is it that is not working for me.
2) should I let go of my dreams, should I just learn to be content(I don't know how to do that), is it that I am trying to achieve too much.
I have been thinking about these things so much the past two days, thinking of not going back to the dance class is making me cry, it is my childhood dream, have cried so much with so many people in the past two days. I don't want to appear a sick or a sad person but what do I do?!
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2023.06.01 06:39 SwampBanshee What should have been my due date is approaching soon…

I know this is long, so feel free to let it get lost in the void. I just need to vent.
I’ll admit that I haven’t always wanted to be a mother. Babies freaked me out and children were always a little gross to me. At one time I was completely adamant that I’d prefer to be child-free and just have dogs. And then I fell in love with this absolute gem of a human being and I couldn’t imagine NOT having children with him. Now, here I am. I’m 27, I’ve lost my first pregnancy, have tried and failed to get pregnant again for the last five cycles, and I don’t even have a dog.
Last year, in October, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I was ecstatic as my husband and I had just ended our wait in August and had stopped preventing pregnancy. It happened quick, but we were excited about what the future held for us and our child. I felt so lucky to be someone that it happened so quickly for. I had a wonderful month and a half with my baby. I felt good, everything felt right. I couldn’t have been happier at where my life was going.
Then in December, at almost 11 weeks, during our second appointment we were told there was no heart beat. Even though three weeks before our little ones’s heartbeat had been so strong. I was—am—devastated. I’ve never experienced anything remotely close to how I felt sitting in that room waiting for the doctor to come in and officially break the news after our third ultrasound that day. I didn’t want to cry in front of them and I just kept repeating “I just want to go home” to my husband.
Passing everything only managed to traumatize me more. I had to take two rounds of miso. When it finally worked it worked too well, I bled too much and was in excruciating pain. I had to go to the hospital and get hooked up to IV morphine. The only solace that day was the presence of my husband and parents and the compassion of the nurses and doctor caring for me. Everything else just hurt, physically and mentally.
So, I was definitely surprised when in January I decided I’d be comfortable trying again if my husband was too. He was and we tried again in January. And February. And so on. Well, here we are at month five and nada. I thought I had a positive test the other day, but it was unfortunately just an indent. I was so sure I was pregnant. I just felt it. I KNEW this month was our month.
I wanted that test to be positive so badly, but at the same time the entire thing has completely altered the way I view any future pregnancy. I feel like I’ve been robbed of ever getting to enjoy being pregnant. My confidence in my body’s ability to keep my baby safe has been stolen from me. It’s like I have no say anymore. It doesn’t matter what I want or what I do, the universe can take whatever it wants from me. Just because it can.
It seems like I’m spending more time trying to prepare for another devastating blow than I am thinking of names or nursery themes. I’m not excited the way I was when we first started. I’m not looking forward to experiencing pregnancy anymore. I’m anticipating that same grief I felt when I was told we’d lost our baby. I don’t want to tell my parents just to break their hearts again. And I don’t want people to walk on eggshells around me. Or look at me like I’m a millisecond from having a mental break.
The fear is stifling, but I want to get pregnant again so badly. And it seems things have been extra tough lately, especially with my job and what would have been my due date approaching. I work in healthcare and pregnant women are a common occurrence. Last week we had a woman miscarry at 11 weeks. I avoided looking at the contents of the specimen cup at all costs, but unfortunately got to hear about tiny black eyes and little fingers and toes in perfect detail from an oblivious coworker (she really meant no harm). I thought I was going to throw up. Yesterday I had to go to a heavily pregnant patient’s room. She was hooked to a fetal heart monitor and I could barley focus on anything but the sound of her baby’s heart beating. After I left, I cried in the elevator.
I know five months isn’t long. I know there are people who’ve been trying for years and years, but the first time happened so easily. I didn’t expect it to go like this. Hell, I expected to be preparing for my baby to be making its arrival in a few short weeks. And I just feel like I have no one to talk to that gets it. I have friends who have had miscarriages, but it’s isn’t the same. They all had children prior, they didn’t miscarry their first ever pregnancy. I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I don’t want to hear “I know how you feel” from someone who got to go home and find comfort in the children they already had.
I hate that I feel this way. I hate how this bitterness has seeped into me.
It all just feels so unnecessarily cruel.
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2023.06.01 06:35 LoneRedditor123 I met a version of me from another world. They tell of an impending cataclysm

I used to think I was pretty normal. Just another guy in his mid 30s, working my 9 to 5 and going home to my beautiful wife and kids. Life sure does have a strange way of working itself out sometimes. I had been your everyday stereotypical anime/nerd type in high school, getting picked on and harassed everyday. It turns out my crush at the time, this stunningly beautiful girl who always hung out with the cool kids, was in fact a pretty big nerd herself.
Sparing all the details of course, we ended up together, married and with two amazing kids. Been together almost 10 years now. Yeah, life sure is strange alright. At least, that's what I thought, before I started thinking it was downright crazy.
"Alright Erick, it's come to my attention you've gotten some customer complaints over the last few weeks", my boss said. Pulling me into a room shortly after arriving at work. I worked a fairly simple and easy job at a local retail store, not too far away from where I lived. My boss looked extra pissed than he normally did.
"If you keep up with this attitude of yours, we're gonna have to dock your pay, or worse", he spoke sternly. I winced and nodded in agreement, despite knowing how full of shit he was. Must have been my manager trying to earn brownie points from the dissatisfied customer who reported me. Oh well. I've always been pretty timid and non-confrontational where I worked, so I knew the claim was BS.
As my day went on, however, I got a call on my phone. Still at work as my boss was leering at me from a distance, I quickly shuffled to tap the screen and decline the call. As I read the caller ID however, I remained frozen, eyes locked to the screen. Unwilling or perhaps unable to look away. It was... me?
Quickly I stuffed my phone back in my pocket, as my manager rounded back to check on me. He really had it out for me that day, can't say why. "I'm keeping my eye on you, Erick", he spoke again briefly, as he left for his office.
"Bad day, huh?", my wife spoke up from the dinner table. Damn, I must've really blanked out the rest of that day. "Yeah...", I said, lifting up my fork, "Boss is riding my ass again, how was your day?"
"Oh, it was okay", she replied. "Kids and I took a vacation day down to the local water park", she paused to take another bite. "You look really shaken up, Erick. Are you sure you're okay?".
"Yeah, I'm fine Denise", I lied. "Just a bad headache or something". Deliberately being vague as to not worry her further. By the time dinner was done and the kids were tucked in, I was already laid back on my recliner, sipping a cold beer and watching TV.
"Another late night then?", Denise piped up from the stairs. "Yeah, sorry hon. Just want to catch the news before bed, love you", I spoke softly. "Love you too!", she playfully quipped back. Dear god I love that woman, but I couldn't shake what I saw on my phone earlier. It just had me shaken from the moment I saw it. At the time perhaps I thought my mind was playin tricks on me. I wish that was all it had been.
The following day I awoke. My wife had already been at work and the kids were picked up for school. Denise had left me a note on the counter, hoping I'd have a good day, and that there was some medicine for me if I still felt bad. Smiling as I grabbed the note and took the small pill, I headed out the door and left for work.
Sparing too many more details, it was another slow day. Thankfullywith a less annoying manager on duty as I slogged through the day. As I left my shift and prepared to head home, I saw a bright light in the sky fall down just past the horizon. Surprised by the phenomena, I called out to the people walking beside me. "Holy cow, you guys see that light flying down just now?", I exclaimed. "Must've been a meteor or something...". The people next to me looked a mixture of surprised and confused. Like they thought I was telling a story or actin crazy. I brushed it off and headed home.
"Daddy, look what I got!", my daughter spoke. We had been enjoying our family meal as always, and my sweet little Ericka piped up, showing me a drawing she made in class. My wife had hoped our firstborn would be a son, so we would name him after me. We decided to name her Ericka, as it seemed similar enough to my own name.
"Wow, that looks great sweetie!", I replied. Smiling ear to ear as she held it up for me to look at. She had drawn me a pretty purple elephant. Of course, it looked nothing like an elephant, but what else can you expect from an 8 year old girl. I gave her a big kiss and pinned the drawing up on the wall by our kitchen. I would always see it walking into the house.
The night continued on. My wife and I tucking in the kids and sharing our own moment of intimacy. I decided I'd stay up later and maybe watch a few episodes of an anime I was currently watching. This was my guilty pleasure since I had no work the following day. As it turned out, I don't think I would have ended up there anyway.
A knock came at my door. Mind you, the time was close to 1AM, so I was very nervous at first. Either a solicitor, a homeless man or someone coming to rob us. The thought of it being any one of those things sent a chill down my spine. Nevertheless, we had ourselves a peephole in the door, so before I made any brash decisions, I decided I would peep through it to see who was knocking so late.
The man I saw on the other end looked... exactly like me. In almost every single way. His brown shaggy hair, the 2 moles on his left cheek, even the whole shape of his face. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Uh, hello? Who are you, what do you want?", I choked out. Trying to contain my confusion.
"It's me, Erick. Or I guess, I'm you. Open up, I gotta talk to you", he replied. He spoke as calmly and professionally as any other person would to a total stranger. It sounded like the most normal thing in the world to him. "Come on man, I'm freezing my ass off out here", he spoke again.
I pressed my forehead to the door, and clenched my eyes shut. Trying to get a hold of myself. Trying to shake off whatever hallucination I was experiencing right now. This just couldn't be real. I looked back up into the peephole, and sure enough, he was still there. Looking more agitated than before.
"I don't think...", I trailed off before being interrupted. "Look man, I know this is weird for you. Hell it's weird for me too, just let me in so we can talk this out". Every fiber of my being told me not to open this door. Hell, I had a family to look after. But I couldn't shake this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. Like something about him was... trustworthy.
It took me another minute, but I opened the door. Gesturing at the man to stay quiet since my family was asleep. I allowed him inside and we both walked into the kitchen together. My apparent twin had been slightly covered in snow and shivering. "Thanks, I was worried I'd freeze to death out there", he said. "You got any-", I interrupted him. Not being the confrontational type, it took a lot for me to muster up the words.
"Alright, who the hell are you, man?", I yelled back in a quiet hush. "You look exactly like me, what are you my long-lost twin or something?". I was in no mood to play games. Inviting this stranger into my home was bad enough. Denise would kill me if she found out.
"No, no, nothing like that", he replied. "I'm you, Erick. I'm the same man who grew up watching all that nerdy anime shit, getting bullied by Patrick, getting hit on by that pretty cheerleader." He went on. "I know it's hard to believe, but I am you...", he paused for a moment. "I'm the light you saw in the sky".
"What the hell does that mean? Are you saying you're a time traveller or something?", I spoke back incredulously. "Yes... and no.", he replied. "I'm sort of like a copy... of the present you." He waved his hands around on the table, in motions that were difficult to follow. Attempting to explain this in a better way. "Think of it like there are multiple timelines, and multiple universes. I'm just another one of you", he said fervently.
This was all a lot to take in. I was naturally skeptical but I just couldn't believe he was lying to me. He knew everything about me. He even knew about the things I repressed from my childhood. That, and he looked like me. But why? All of this explained how he got here, but not why he was here.
"Okay, so if you're me from another time or whatever", I replied back. "Then what are you doing here? Why are you in my house on a Friday night at 1AM?", I asked. "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure why I keep coming back here. Maybe it's the nostalgia... or the sense of wanting all of this.", he motioned around my home. "Family. Security. Love."
"What's that supposed to mean?", I asked with even more caution than before. "Well, in my time, something really bad happened. I managed to get away in one of the many time capsules our people carried, and managed to get plopped down in your world", his voice started to shake. "They called it the reckoning. No one where I'm from knows quite how it happened, but...", he paused, tears starting to well up in his eyes. "Our entire world was split in two, and I do mean that quite literally."
Stunned and perplexed at the same time, I replied, "Your world was split in half? How? Why?"
"I don't have those answers Erick", he interrupted, now with more anger in his voice. "The world I'm from is identical to yours in every way. Only issue is, I came here from a doomed one, after watching my entire family die", he slammed his fist on the table. "To try and prevent it from happening here!"
"Here?", I replied. "It's gonna happen here too?" Sitting down at the table, I pondered everything I had just sat through up to this point. If I was hallucinating or going crazy, I had hoped this ride would've ended already. "I've already visited other worlds, Erick", he spoke again. "Many, many others just like this one. Where we're from, our method of travelling isn't permanent.", he looked down. "There's no easy way to explain it but eventually, I'll get sucked back into my world and likely die as a result".
I leaned forward in my seat. "This is a whole lot to lay on me man, but I still don't know why you're telling me all this".
"Isn't it obvious? To save our...", he paused. "Your family". Getting up from his seat, he went on to start looking at all our family photos we had hung up on the wall. Stopping to admire all of their faces. "I may not be able to stop this cataclysm, but the least I can do is warn you".
"Warn me? Hell, if something like the earth splitting in half is going to happen, then what good does a warning do me?", I spoke sarcastically. The other me looked back dishearteningly. He must've known it was pointless, or he just hadn't thought that far ahead. I had sympathy for him. He was me after all, and he had lost everything. I don't know what I'd do if this happened to me.
"I can't stay, but you should know one other thing", he spoke. "Of all the other worlds I've visited, there was one in which the reckoning did not claim the lives of our family".
"How was that?", I asked. For the first time he'd offered me a gem of respite. Something that didn't sound as bleak. "You died", he replied.
"I died? How exactly? What killed me? I need to know!", I answered back angrily. Not caring that my voice may wake up Denise. "I don't know", he replied in a monotone voice. "I can't even say whether your death is what stopped it altogether, but I do know that your death saved them initially". He walked back towards me. "Would you not die, to save the ones you love?".
All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain enter my skull. A pain so intense that I started to scream. "You know the funny thing about you humans?", the man spoke. "You're very easy to manipulate". The man slowoly walked towards me and placed his hand on my head. The pain becoming even more intense as he did so. "Your family will survive this coming war, but you will not".
All of a sudden, the man's eyes, face and mouth are all contorted into a cacophony of teeth, hair, razor wire and a black substance with the consistency of sludge. The man slowly walks inside and assimilates me into his being. I am now Erick.
I find the accounts of this human so interesting, I feel I should document them. After all, what's another way to pass the time while this timeline is stricken from existence? You were all warned never to enter space. Never to send your satellites and communicators through the veil of nothingness. Now a war shall start, and we shall be your undoing.
This blue marble you call Earth shall be destroyed, and assimilated like all the rest. We are coming. We are inevitable.
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2023.06.01 06:35 themightyox Who Paid You For/In May 2023? Here is My List and an Earnings Milestone.

The unoficcial start of summer has passed and the heat it on. Quite literally as Im sitting here in 90 degree heat and broken AC. Maybe the earnings for the summer will be hot hot hot too.     So just today I passed a HUGE Mturk Milestone. $80000 in lifetime earnings. $80K.. Kinda mind blowing. Ive been doing Mturk since 2013 but only hardcore since 2015 (only $600 total combined the first two years) Its still kinda amazing that Ive made that much. Although Im sure there are others that have made wayyy more than I have. If you are interested in my other stats. 827368 HITs approved. 149 rejections. 99.9819 approval rate. A lot of mind numbing work   And this got me thinking. 80K on Mturk. Im at like 16K on Swagbucks. And over $5k lifetime on prolific. Thats over $100K from online work/beermoney. And once you add in sites like Perk and all from the heyday of beermoney.. its probably close to $120K. Obviously this was my main income while most people its just side stuff.. but its definitely been an interesting ride. I dont want to see $100K on Mturk. Trading is taking over for me... slower than I had hoped. But its going to get there. But Im still oddly proud of my beermoney accomplishments  

May summary

This month started really well. ONe of my favorite requesters was posting on Mturk.. and I was kicking but... AND then.... My AC died. And when you are trying to do mind numbing work in 85+ degrees even with fans running.. it just becomes a slog. Landlord claims AC will be fixed tomorrow. He finally called a professional after waiting for a part to fix it himself... and then finding out its not the right part... Glarg.   So everything was about normal. Swag up a little.. Mturk and Prolific down a bit. Nothing much from other sources. Will probably work that better this month. Prolific hasnt had a summer slowdown yet but was having some tech glitches this week.. hopefully that gets fixed.     Thats all I have this month.   There are two general things I want to chat about though that dont have to do with earnings.   The first is Mturk. I get a lot of questions about Mturk each month. And I dont mind helping and answering questions so dont think im complaining. BUT.. I have written an Mturk 101 that might answer a lot of questions you might have. Its linked on the right hand side of this subreddit.   The second thing is people from countries other than the US contacting me. Again I certainly dont mind, but I really have no idea what works in other countries. Its just not something I have the time to keep up on. And I hate that there arent many options for people outside of the US/UK/CA. Its heartbreaking when someone says just $25 a month would make a big difference and I dont know where to refer them to. SO if you arent from the US.. I honestly dont know how to help you but wish I could   So thats my May How did you do?    
Program May Apr Mar Feb Jan 2023 Total
Mturk $545 $572 $521 $468 $587 $2693
Prolific Academic $191.98 $243.88 $210.43 $201.52 $118.80 $722.73
Swagbucks $116 $70 $117 $143 $108 $554
GG2U $7.40 ---- $7.70 ---- $13.50 $28.60
InstaGC $0.15 $0.70 $0.10 $0.10 $0.89 $1.94
RecieptPal ---- $25 ---- ---- ---- $25
Cloud Connect ---- $13.76 $16.43 ---- ---- 30.19
Brandbee ---- $10 ---- ---- ---- $10
Volkno ---- $5 ---- ---- ---- $5
Focus Group ---- ---- $40 ---- ---- $40
YouGov ---- ---- ---- $100 $10 $110
Totals $814.53 $940.34 $912.66 $912.62 $838.19 $3603.81
  FOOTNOTES 1. Does not count Ref earnings
I live outside the USA. How can I earn? Unfortunately most of the stuff I do is either USA only or US/UK/CA/AU. So its hard for me to advise whats available to people outside of those areas. If you live outside those 4 countries I really dont have advice for you. And I dont have much advice for even outside the USA.
How Much Time do you spend with this? Its Hard to quantify. I am in front of a computer ALOT but its not always focused on making money. I have games I play and have scripts that watch for HITs ON Mturk so if something pops thats good I switch over. Plus Im often doing multiple things at once. That said.. there are people who make more then me with less time. Im actually very inefficient.
  Why dont you get a real job? Health issues.. and I can nap at 1PM.. and I dont have a boss looking over my shoulder... and I can work naked (I dont.. or do I....)
  You must have a ton of referrals to make that much! All the totals above represent only personal earnings. I seperate out ref earnings.
  OMG! You must cheat somehow to make so much! I do nothing outside the TOS of any of the programs. I consider this income to be a blessing and wouldnt do anything to jeopardize that. Plus cheating just kills programs and defrauds the companies that are allowing me to make this income.  
Do you have to pay taxes on all of this Yes on most of it. There are some exceptions but the majority of this income is taxable. Most of these companies dont issue 1099s but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay taxes. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions on how to handle taxes on "beermoney" income
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2023.06.01 06:33 ukaelezerk Where to watch Purgatoryo Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!

Where to watch Purgatoryo Drama subbed online, no pop-ads, for free!
Looking for place to watch Purgatoryo for free? We just updated it to Drama Full, follow the below link to watch/download it: Purgatoryo
A story of Ilyong, recently-dead man killed by the police, after he was caught stealing. This is the beginning of his story, his death. Soon after, he was brought into a sleazy funeral home, run by Violet, a greedy homosexual who has learned to survive by renting out the dead bodies in his funeral home to Simon. Along for the ride is Jojo, a police officer who is under the payroll of Simon and who supplies the dead bodies for Violet to take care of and make money from. Violet has two workers, On-on and Dyograd.
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2023.06.01 06:32 giffordBurgan Vanlords in Los Angeles park RVs and trailers on streets, then rent them for housing

Vanlords in Los Angeles park RVs and trailers on streets, then rent them for housing
In Los Angeles, California, there are people buying RVs and trailers, parking them on public roads, and renting them to people who can't afford to rent an apartment.
From the story, https://abc7.com/los-angeles-vanlords-rv-renters-rvs/13322319/ :

In Chatsworth, on Forest Lawn and across Los Angeles, many of the RVs are rentals. People pay to live in them.
"I only pay $400 a month because it was a friend of a friend," said Lorna, who says she works full time as a home health aide. "You know, a lot of people pay a lot more than that."
"Vanlords," as L.A. City Councilmember Traci Park calls them, typically buy RVs at auction, then either drive or get them towed to their location of choice.
They're often parked illegally, are hooked up to rogue power systems, and are in the "Wild West" of rental agreements, with neither landlord nor tenant protections.
"A lot of times, the inhabitants of the vehicle don't know the name of the person who rented it from, they don't have valid contact information, a lot of these vehicles are not registered, they're not adequately insured," said Park during a conversation in front of an RV encampment in Venice.
Using the restroom isn't an option in the RVs. Some tenants use gyms, where they are members.
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2023.06.01 06:30 erina_fjwr How do I beat Simulated Universe World 4 Svarog in his 3rd phase?

My team is Gepard, Natasha, Serval and either Dan Heng/Bronya. Everything seems to go fine in the first 2 phases and even the first half of the 3rd phase but then he steals my Gepard and one-shots my Serval and Bronya at full health. It’s really annoying because it takes like 20-30 minutes out of my day basically to just get killed at the end. What am I doing wrong and how do I prevent him one-shooting me? Any tips that you guys used?
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2023.06.01 06:26 Lucky_Day7181 the first time telling my birth story

hi im a 26 year old woman in a relationship with a 31 year old man. we have been on and off for a while but ulitmately have been together for about 5 years. he also had two kids during one of our breakup periods, which he has half custody of.
when i found out in november 2021 i was pregnant, i was thrilles but he never acted the concerned/doting father or spouse during this time and it made me a little depressed he didnt care to do things like set up the registry or nursery with me but i figured hes just a mans man and not into that type of thing.
fast forward to the night i went into labor..
despite my constant nagging for him to make arrangements for his kids if i was to go into labor on a night when we had them over, he never did and sure enough thats exactly what happened. my water broke at 7pm. after calling the doctor, i was instructed to go right to the hospital.
i had to drive myself. by the end of the 50 minute car ride the contractions were becoming almost unbearable, had the ride lasted another 15 mins i wouldve had to pull over and call for help. i was quickly brought to a triage room where i waited in agony, alone, from about 8:30pm to 4am because no labor and delivery rooms were available.
during this time i wasnt allowed an epidural. i called and texted my bf endlessly and got no response. thoughts about having my mom or a friend come to my aide were set aside because i was only allowed a single vistior my entire stay because of covid, and i could not think of a more embarassing and tortureous humilation than admitting the father od your child is ghosting you while you're in labor.
by about midnight i was in so much pain and horrified i might be alone if something went wrong so i called his ex, the mother of his two other kids and explained to her what was happening. she also couldnt get ahold of him but promised when she got off her night shift job she'd go straight there and take over with their kids.
she arrived around 2am and found him asleep, completely unfazed and unbothered and fought her protests to come to me in the hospital because he was "too tired to drive". finally, she convinced him and he finally made it to me after 9 hours of facing a scary, painful labor alone.
he stayed for about two hours, until they finally got me into a room and i could finally have my epidural, which gave me so much relief. after struggling in pain all night i was finally able to relax a little and tried closing my eyes. he made every excuse and fought to return home so HE could get some much needed rest and at that point i was tired of fighting and let him go.
while he was gone, the babies heart rate began to drop several times as a reaction to the epidural and the doctor decided to speed things up to get her out. he pretty much just pulled in the driveway when i called him as i was beginning to push.
i will always hate the way i felt in this moment, literally giving birth while on damage control to the doctors and nurses that he really ia a great guy and accwpting my fate that id be going into labor alone to protect his image to my friends and family that would understandably be outraged if i had called one of them to come be with me instead.
he arrived one minute before i had my daughter..she was born at 7:01am on my birthday, coincidently. i had a teeny shred of hope that perhaps he was just pretending to be an asshole so that he could suprise us on our birthdays with something over the top nice, but of course that was squashed when he turned around and left within two hours of her birth.
because of the covid rules at the time, youre only allowed to leave the building one time a day and so he used that up when he left earlier and was unable to return til the next day. with no other visitors allowed, i sat with my newborn baby in silence her entire first day of life aside from the nurses and doctors coming and going.
day two, he did come for a little in the morning and left to go mountain biking with a friend most of the afteenoon. he returned in the evening, fought and complained about having to spend the night, but this time i insisted. the next morning he complained the entire time about discharge being so late and was a real jerk to the staff about it. i was so humilated because they had been overly generous in helping me with my baby since i was alone and exhausted most of her first few days of life.
my baby is about to be 10 months now..i can only say things have gotten entirely worse. im not allowed to return to work because he refuses to watch her alone and i dont have stable enough options. because of this, im now financially dependent on him. im forced to sleep on the couch with her nearby so we dont wake him. he has never woken up with her in the night so i am completely sleep deprived, burnt out, and exhausted. hes never fed her a bottle so she refuses to from anyone but me now. he wont change her, bathe her, and has never put her to bed or down for a nap. hes never been to a doctors visit and it took him three months to realize she has a birth mark to which he accused me of hurting her because it looks like a bruise.
according to him this is a normal, typical, loving relationship though. he makes me have sex with him sometimes several times a day. i spend what little money i had on the kids and he spends it on his hobbies, sex toys he makes me use, and alcohol.
i am grateful to not suffer physical abuse from him..but i wanted to share my story even if noone reads it.
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2023.06.01 06:26 bbbbbbbbflat Moving and I found a nest

Knew I had a mouse problem, but I always catch and release, then try to identify how they got in. Well, one mouse hid pretty well. I was pulling some clothes out of an old box upstairs and disturbed what I think must've been four or five mice (maybe more). All juvenile looking. They weren't newborns, but probably not very old. Flung one out of the box by accident and it tried to get back in by climbing a screen I'd taken out of my window. Hadn't managed to do it, so I just picked up the screen and dumped it back in. They're all presumably in there now.
My question is: since the mice were all laying together- what are the odds mama was nursing them in there? They were under a layer of shirts and they all started to flee together further into the box. I jumped and tossed the clothes I had, so I didn't see exactly how many there were. I want to dump the box outside and just let mama collect them. But, I'm afraid if I dump them out and she's not in there, they won't survive. I know mice will return to a disturbed nest, so I left out some of my no-kill traps in the same room. If I manage to catch her tonight, I'll dump her in the box and then dump it outside. If not, should I just go ahead and dump it out somewhere? I really don't want to dump them here, because whoever moves into this house next will probably not be so kind. But I do not have a car and I'm not sure how to get it far enough away. My friends will not be down to help lol. I thought if maybe I could pull the clothes out outside bit by bit I could trap them in the box then maybe move them to a terrarium, then release them after the move. They're deer mice, if that helps (another reason I'd really like to get them gone, no offense to the little creatures).
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