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2023.03.21 18:21 KINGREDDITCHUNGUS Day Of Reckoning (Knives Millions vs XDIVE Omega) + Connections And Other Stuff In The Comments

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2023.03.21 16:56 Afafakja Www?(Ashura vs Omega,Perfect Spear vs 2 Imperfect Swords).

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2023.03.21 15:53 ArtisansFORTE Omega Seamaster 300M (Black dial) - VSF vs GEN

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2023.03.21 15:44 kazakhstanontop Cursed_rapping

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2023.03.21 14:50 adz0r Team WE vs. Weibo Gaming / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Team WE 1-2 Weibo Gaming

WE Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook WBG Leaguepedia Liquipedia


Winner: Weibo Gaming in 33m MVP: TheShy (5) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WE elise zeri sejuani lulu kennen 54.9k 5 2 M1 B7
WBG cassiopeia maokai ahri rakan sion 67.9k 15 10 H2 I3 H4 C5 C6 C8 B9
WE 5-15-13 vs 15-5-33 WBG
Biubiu ksante 3 0-2-0 TOP 3-0-3 4 gnar TheShy
Heng vi 1 2-4-2 JNG 5-0-7 1 lee sin Karsa
Shanks syndra 2 2-2-3 MID 4-3-7 2 annie Xiaohu
Hope xayah 2 1-3-4 BOT 3-1-6 1 aphelios Light
Iwandy karma 3 0-4-4 SUP 0-1-10 3 renata glasc Crisp


Winner: Team WE in 30m MVP: Biubiu (2) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WBG cassiopeia maokai varus sion leblanc 52.6k 11 3 O1 H2 H5
WE caitlyn zeri aphelios syndra gnar 59.3k 23 7 HT3 C4 C6 B7
WBG 11-23-19 vs 23-11-60 WE
TheShy kennen 3 2-6-2 TOP 4-1-9 3 ksante Biubiu
Karsa vi 1 4-6-5 JNG 7-2-11 1 lee sin Heng
Xiaohu ahri 3 4-4-3 MID 2-2-14 4 ryze Shanks
Light draven 2 1-3-1 BOT 7-4-8 1 lucian Hope
Crisp nami 2 0-4-8 SUP 3-2-18 2 sona Iwandy


Winner: Weibo Gaming in 38m MVP: Xiaohu (6) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
WE caitlyn zeri syndra gnar ksante 66.6k 17 5 I3 H4 CT5 CT6 B7
WBG cassiopeia maokai rakan sion kennen 73.7k 23 8 O1 H2 CT8 B9 CT10
WE 17-23-41 vs 23-18-68 WBG
Biubiu ornn 3 3-4-5 TOP 5-6-10 3 renekton TheShy
Heng lee sin 2 3-5-8 JNG 3-5-14 1 vi Karsa
Shanks ryze 3 5-3-8 MID 8-3-13 4 taliyah Xiaohu
Hope aphelios 1 6-6-6 BOT 6-2-11 2 lucian Light
Iwandy lulu 2 0-5-14 SUP 1-2-20 1 nami Crisp
Patch 13.5
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2023.03.21 14:50 Kelson64 Match card for Dynamite this week. What do you think?

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2023.03.21 13:14 International_Ant217 Biggest Fantasy Match for Forbidden Door

Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada vs CM Punk and Jay White.
With Ospreay injured and likely to miss getting a match at Forbidden Door, Omega is left with his schedule wide open. Now also consider that he teamed with Okada in NJPW earlier this year following Wrestle Kingdom for a one off pairing so safe to say they're on friendly terms. Furthermore, it's becoming increasingly likely, almost even a guarantee, that Punk is on his way back into AEW and thus made amends backstage with the Elite - though that doesn't mean they are in kayfabe.
A CM Punk vs Elite feud will likely begin past Double or Nothing and would be the hottest and most important thing in pro wrestling all year and thus too big to the ignore in the Forbidden Door buildup. Then, in a move that's still 50-50, Jay White debuts with AEW and sides with Punk as an equal partner against his old enemies, the Elite. The two sides go back and forth until Omega and Punk are left with their schedules open for Forbidden Door. Omega challenges Punk and White to a tag team match at Forbidden Door and reveals he will announce his partner on the go-home Dynamite before the event. Speculation runs wild as many suspect it will be Ibushi, who already has more than enough history with White, but then Omega stuns us all by revealing the next best option - his greatest in-ring rival and the Rainmaker himself, Kazuchika Okada.
The match would have everything: storytelling, in-ring quality and character psychology, fan wish fulfilment, and genuine surprise too. The mere showdown between Punk and Okada would bring the house down, Omega and Okada's chemistry is godly and would work just fine as a tag team, and you could still throw in an Ibushi appearance after the match.
That said, it would depend on three key factors - whether or not Okada is IWGP world heavyweight champion by then, if White will even sign with AEW, and if Omega would prefer to defend his IWGP US championship at the event instead.
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2023.03.21 12:56 CelebrationWild7276 It's ok he's been a "rapper" for 25 years

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2023.03.21 12:27 Poly_Deez_Nuts Please it’s 7:27am . Your “wife” deserved it & tbh I wish they permanently ban YALL already 😑

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2023.03.21 12:27 gandalf45435 Oh My God vs. Top Esports / LPL 2023 Spring - Week 10 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Oh My God 2-1 Top Esports

OMG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube TES Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter


Winner: Oh My God in 34m MVP: shanji (5) Match History Game Breakdown
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
OMG jayce leesin xayah veigar lulu 65.9k 19 8 I1 H2 H4 HT5 B8 HT9 HT10
TES kennen rumble sylas akali yone 57.3k 11 2 CT3 B6 HT7
OMG 19-11-53 vs 11-19-31 TES
shanji ksante 1 7-2-9 TOP 4-5-4 4 jax Qingtian
Aki vi 3 4-2-8 JNG 0-5-8 1 sejuani Tian
Creme ahri 2 0-2-13 MID 0-4-6 2 galio Rookie
Able aphelios 2 8-4-7 BOT 5-3-5 1 zeri JackeyLove
ppgod renataglasc 3 0-1-16 SUP 2-2-8 3 rakan Mark


Winner: Top Esports in 28m MVP: Rookie (9) Match History Game Breakdown
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
TES akali yone sylas wukong tristana 54.6k 21 11 I1 H2 C3 H4 M5
OMG syndra thresh vi leesin jayce 43.4k 3 0 B6 M7
TES 21-3-64 vs 3-21-8 OMG
Qingtian malphite 2 4-1-14 TOP 1-5-2 1 kennen shanj
Tian maokai 1 3-1-16 JNG 1-4-2 3 jarvaniv Aki
Rookie leblanc 3 6-0-9 MID 1-2-0 4 kassadin Creme
JackeyLove jinx 2 7-1-10 BOT 0-5-2 1 aphelios Able
Mark tahmkench 3 1-0-15 SUP 0-5-2 2 nautilus ppgod


Winner: Oh My God in 31m MVP: shanji (6) Match History Game Breakdown
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
OMG jayce leesin xayah veigar syndra 57.8k 14 8 O4 O5 B6 O7
TES rumble thresh sylas akali yone 50.6k 9 6 HT1 C2 H3
OMG 14-9-38 vs 9-14-22 TES
shanji kennen 3 6-1-5 TOP 2-2-2 4 malphite Qingtian
Aki vi 1 0-4-8 JNG 1-4-6 1 wukong Tian
Creme ahri 2 3-1-9 MID 3-2-3 3 leblanc Rookie
Able aphelios 2 4-3-4 BOT 3-3-4 1 jinx JackeyLove
ppgod rakan 3 1-0-12 SUP 0-3-7 2 tahmkench Mark
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.03.21 12:25 Meat2urdoor The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef: Why Jack's Meats is Committed to Quality

The Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef: Why Jack's Meats is Committed to Quality

At Jack's Meats, we believe in providing our customers with the best possible meat products. That's why we're committed to sourcing grass-fed beef. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of grass-fed beef and why it's the superior choice for both the environment and our health.
Grass-Fed Beef vs. Grain-Fed Beef There are two main types of beef production: grass-fed and grain-fed. Grain-fed beef is typically cheaper and more readily available, but it's also less healthy and less sustainable. Grass-fed beef, on the other hand, is higher in key nutrients and has a lower carbon footprint.
Nutritional Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef Grass-fed beef is higher in key nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and antioxidants. These nutrients have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses.
Environmental Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef Grain-fed beef is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. In contrast, grass-fed beef is more sustainable and has a lower carbon footprint. It also promotes biodiversity and helps to maintain healthy ecosystems. Animal Welfare Grass-fed beef is also more humane. Grass-fed cows are free to roam and graze on open pastures, which is a more natural and comfortable way of life for them. They're not subjected to the cramped and inhumane living conditions of feedlots.
Why Choose Jack's Meats ? At Jack's Meats , we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality meat products. That's why we source only grass-fed beef from local farmers who share our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare. We believe that by choosing Jack's Meats, you're not only getting a superior product, but you're also supporting a more ethical and sustainable food system.
Conclusion: Grass-fed beef is not only healthier and more sustainable than grain-fed beef, but it's also more humane. By choosing grass-fed beef, you're making a positive impact on your health, the environment, and animal welfare. At Jack's Meats the best online meat delivery sydney , we're proud to be part of a growing movement towards more sustainable and ethical meat production, and we hope you'll join us in this important journey.
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2023.03.21 12:04 PeePeeMcShiter Potnential Sakura Genesis Card? **COTAINS SPOILERS!**

After watching the NJ Cup final, here is (what I believe) the Sakura Genesis Card will look like - without the multi-man matches:
Please keep in mind I haven't watched every single NJ Cup show as my school starts around the same time NJPW does, but this is about everything I could think of.
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2023.03.21 11:39 Due-Neighborhood1783 Can anyone tell me who this creator is?

Can anyone tell me who this creator is?
Does anyone know her Tiktok account name? I just randomly scrolled through her vids on Reels, but it seems like the one I saw is a fake poster on Youtube. Here's the "fake poster's" link.
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2023.03.21 10:32 Goblinlv5 DAE Think Matches can Happen for the Sake of Happening?

How dare fed shills not understand that people can wrestle just because??? Why do you need build up for El Viking Raider de Pendejo vs OmegaLUL, let the spotfest speak for [email protected]#fedshill
Also damn Hentai Haven Himmler for booking 4 random tag teams with no buildup or reason to put people on the card for Wrestlemania!!!!
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2023.03.21 05:50 BlubberyGuy The oldest Cornell video?

What is the oldest Cornell video made for the internet? (that we can still access)
Doing a surface level scrub of YouTube, I found some stuff:
The two oldest videos on YouTube which mention Cornell (the college) in some way are these:
  1. -- halftime at a Cornell vs Long Beach basketball game (Dec 30, 2005)
  2. -- festival at the commons (Dec 6, 2005)
Both of these are roughly from 8 months after the first YouTube video ever
Going into 2006, we have a few more options:
  1. -- "808 Inferno", you just have to watch it to understand (Feb 1, 2006)
But the best of them all is probably the Cornell Dance Dance Revolution club's videos, all on the channel OmegaCorn. These videos are the brainchildren of Eugene Cheng, an amateur(?) filmmaker for A12 Productions (with an amazing website) that is also the founder of the Cornell Dance Dance Revolution club itself. There's probably a correlation to be found here.
  1. -- "Cornell DDR Club 2004 - Dance Dance Resolution" (April 24, 2004) is the first video published by the DDR club series, which comedically tells the story of the club and the skills of its members. Founded in 2001, the club had a rough start but managed to gain influence among sweaty nerds. Students are interviewed about their thoughts on it. Since this video is from 2004, it is technically the oldest of this list and predates YouTube itself -- in fact this video is old enough to be a freshman here.
  2. -- "Cornell DDR Club 2005 - Dance Dance Revalation" (Mar 10, 2006) is a comedic retelling of the DDR club's history, similar to the first iteration. Filled with action scenes across campus, from collegetown to Teagle, jokes about the other Ivies, and interviews with staff (including Happy Dave himself), this is probably the most quintessential piece of Cornell media on the internet that I have found. I implore you all to watch it right now.
  3. -- "Hero Spoof" - unlike the other videos on this channel, this one was done for Aiya, a Cornell martial arts choreography club. Eugene flexed much more of his creative muscles with this work, with intense action sequences across campus. This premiered at China Night '05, which I assume is during April off of an article about the event from 2002 + the upload date of the first video around the same month
That's all I can find which scrape against Father Time himself, however there are very likely others which dot around or before these but are hard to find due to low view counts/vague titles. Like this masterpiece.
Any other cool finds? Post them here!
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2023.03.21 04:34 Old_Parsnip254 Selling dm Marc♚#0684

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2023.03.21 04:13 baneskis AEW show at Cable Dahmer Arena this Wednesday 3/22/23 at 7 pm

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2023.03.21 04:02 Aggressive_Ad7273 How is that even possible?

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2023.03.21 00:25 PrivacyParanoia Card Recommendation Please!

Hey there! Thinking about what card to apply to next. I got a promotion from Amex Plat for 150,000 signup bonus for $6k spending/6mo. Easily attainable & the bonus seems really good to pass up. I've also been considering the CSP/CSR, wondering if the Chase trifecta is worth it for me. In addition to the Amex Plat, I've been considering the other Amex Plat cards as well such as the Morgan Stanley and Schwab versions.
I have E-Trade brokerage account for Backdoor ROTH/IRA as well as Savings Acc & reoccurring ETF investments w/ them. E-trade has about $13k in ROTH, $18k in savings, $5k in stock market. I have Schwab brokerage account as well as checking account w/ direct deposit setup. Schwab brokerage account has about $170k value in investments now, spread across stocks and ETFs & checking @ around $9k. $35k additional spread across various savings accounts.
I currently use Freedom Flex for all dining to get 3x cash back. I use Venture X as my catch all for 2x. Apple for 3x when I buy Apple products. I never use Discover since they converted my IT card to Miles without my permission & refuse to change back. I use Venture X for travel expenses to get 10x hotel/car, and 5x flights. I started comparing w/ Chase recently, but it seems so far that Venture X has had better deals. My fiancé has some Cap1 or Citi card that gives him 6% on groceries, so I don't need that category to be considered.
I'm interested in learning more about Chase point multipliers, because for Venture X, it's only 1x value but with CSR you could get higher multipliers.
I feel like I need to get a better cash back card on my dining since it's my highest expense monthly. Also potentially a travel card because when I do travel, the expenses are high, comparable to dining vs other lower usage categories. My goal is to get a new card every 6months(ish) since that's what's recommended for churn/better score/etc. I know it's a bit sooner than 6mo since my last card only 3 months ago, but Amex card seemed too good to pass up w/ current promo.
Some random facts: I despise United Airlines & will likely never travel w/ them again, so if a specific card gives better points for that airline, I don't care. I primarily fly from/to LAX, JFK for domestic. International trips are usually to Asia, sometimes Europe. 26yrs old if that matters. Lease for car will be up soon & will be debating if I want to UbeLlyft everywhere instead of getting a new car (will still need to do the math if it makes sense, but maybe some card with UbeLyft rewards could be good to keep in mind)
Thanks in advance for the help & happy to answer any clarifying questions or if I left something out.
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2023.03.20 23:58 SuspiciousKangaroo33 Mistress clearing up the air about the Loosey vs Salina lipsync

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2023.03.20 23:45 Till_Any “How do you drop the ball on Goldberg???” - Tony “The Kid” Khan

I’ll love to see Goldberg make a surprise appearance at Forbidden Door.
Imagine Goldberg vs. Omega. Dream match!
Ignore my previous post history. Thanks.
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2023.03.20 23:43 fganniversaries Fighting Game Anniversaries: Week 12 (March 20 - March 26)

Hey y'all, this is fganniversaries again. Like last week, I will be recapping anniversaries relating to fighting game announcements/releases this week. Like always, if I missed one, do please let me know in the comments. Here would be the following anniversaries:
March 20
March 21
March 22
March 23
March 24
March 25
March 26
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