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Oklahoma City!

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AI guaranteed to think and show simple reasoning in English, Latin, Russian, etc. with Natural Language Understanding. Discussion of AI and the Singularity.

2023.03.21 22:22 lordchair GPT-4 generated Spectromancer class

I just tested how well GPT 4 can create new homebrew content and was impressed with the results. This was the first chat session. I was looking to get a new caster class so I first asked it to generate a magic system and then had it dnd-ify it.
Please give me a new magic system that has hard rules and a power progression.
Title: The Arcane Spectrum
Core Principles:
Source of Magic: Magic in this world originates from a cosmic phenomenon called the Arcane Spectrum, a mysterious force that permeates the universe. It is said that the Arcane Spectrum is the result of the intermingling of energies from the six elemental planes (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness).
Absorption and Manipulation: Magic users, known as Spectromancers, possess the innate ability to absorb and manipulate the energies of the Arcane Spectrum. Their power is determined by their capacity to absorb these energies and their skill in manipulating them.
Elemental Affinity: Every Spectromancer has a natural affinity for one or more elements. This affinity influences the spells and abilities they can learn and perform. A Spectromancer's elemental affinity is determined by their genetic lineage and the natural environment in which they were born and raised.
Hard Rules: The magic system adheres to a strict set of rules that cannot be broken or circumvented. These rules are as follows:
a. Energy Limit: A Spectromancer can only absorb and store a limited amount of arcane energy at any given time. This energy limit varies from individual to individual and can be increased through intense training and meditation.
b. Energy Regeneration: A Spectromancer's arcane energy pool is not infinite. Once depleted, it takes time to regenerate, and during this period, the Spectromancer's magical abilities are limited.
c. Spell Complexity: The complexity of a spell determines the amount of energy required to cast it. More powerful spells require more energy and greater skill to manipulate the energies of the Arcane Spectrum.
d. Elemental Balance: Each element has a natural counter, and overuse of one element can cause an imbalance within the Spectromancer, leading to negative physical and mental effects. To maintain balance, a Spectromancer must learn to wield multiple elements in harmony.
Power Progression: A Spectromancer's power progression is determined by their ability to: a. Increase their energy capacity and regeneration rate through training and meditation. b. Learn new spells and abilities by studying ancient texts, learning from experienced mentors, or through personal discovery. c. Master the manipulation of multiple elements, allowing them to create more powerful and diverse spells.
Spectrum Crystals: These rare and powerful crystals can amplify a Spectromancer's power and unlock hidden abilities. However, they are exceedingly rare and highly sought after by both good and evil forces. This Arcane Spectrum magic system offers a structured framework for developing a Spectromancer's abilities while maintaining a sense of balance and progression. It allows for diverse and interesting character development and plotlines in a world rich with magical intrigue.
Please describe a dungeons and dragons class based on the spectromancer and specify what new game abilities the class has
Class: Spectromancer
Primary Abilities: Intelligence (spellcasting), Wisdom (energy capacity), Constitution (energy regeneration)
Hit Points: 1d6 per Spectromancer level
Armor Proficiencies: Light armor Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons
Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills: Choose two from Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Nature, and Religion
Spectromancer Class Features:
Spellcasting: The Spectromancer is a full spellcaster, using Intelligence as their spellcasting ability. They have access to a unique spell list that includes spells from the wizard and druid lists, with a focus on elemental spells. The Spectromancer learns and prepares spells like a wizard, using a spellbook.
Elemental Affinity (Level 1): At 1st level, the Spectromancer chooses one of the six elemental planes (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, or Darkness) as their primary affinity. They gain resistance to damage associated with that element and a bonus cantrip related to their chosen affinity.
Arcane Absorption (Level 2): At 2nd level, the Spectromancer can absorb arcane energy from their surroundings as a bonus action, regenerating a number of spell slots equal to their Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) once per long rest. The total level of the spell slots regained cannot exceed half the Spectromancer's level.
Elemental Harmony (Level 3): At 3rd level, the Spectromancer chooses a second elemental affinity. They learn an additional spell related to the new affinity, which does not count against the number of spells they can prepare. When casting spells related to their affinities, the Spectromancer can change the damage type to match one of their affinities without altering the spell's other effects.
Spectrum Infusion (Level 6): At 6th level, the Spectromancer can infuse their elemental spells with the energies of the Arcane Spectrum. When they cast a spell that deals damage associated with one of their affinities, they can add their Intelligence modifier to the damage dealt.
Elemental Mastery (Level 10): At 10th level, the Spectromancer gains immunity to the damage type associated with their primary affinity and gains advantage on saving throws against spells and effects related to their affinities.
Spectrum Crystal Attunement (Level 14): At 14th level, the Spectromancer can attune to a rare Spectrum Crystal, unlocking a hidden ability related to their primary affinity. The exact ability varies depending on the element and the crystal's unique properties. This could include additional spells, enhanced spell effects, or the ability to summon elemental creatures.
Arcane Convergence (Level 18): At 18th level, the Spectromancer can combine their elemental affinities to create new, powerful spells. As an action, they can expend two or more spell slots to cast a single spell, combining the effects of two or more spells from their affinities. The combined spell's level must be equal to or lower than the total level of the expended spell slots.
The Spectromancer class provides a unique and versatile spellcasting experience, allowing players to explore the power of elemental magic while maintaining a sense of balance and growth.
Please give me an example of a spectromancer exclusive spell
Spell Name: Elemental Vortex
Level: 5th School: Evocation Casting Time: 1 action Range: 120 feet Components: V, S, M (a small crystal orb representing the chosen element) Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
Exclusive to the Spectromancer class, the Elemental Vortex spell allows the caster to create a swirling vortex of their chosen element, wreaking havoc upon their enemies and controlling the battlefield.
Upon casting the spell, choose one of your elemental affinities (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, or Darkness). A 20-foot-radius, 40-foot-high cylinder of elemental energy forms at a point within range. The area within the vortex is considered difficult terrain.
When a creature enters the vortex for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, the creature takes 4d6 damage of the chosen element and suffers an additional effect depending on the element:
Fire: The creature is set ablaze, taking an additional 1d6 fire damage at the start of its next turn. Water: The creature's movement speed is halved until the start of its next turn. Earth: The creature is restrained by earthen tendrils. It can use its action to make a Strength check against your spell save DC to break free. Air: The creature is pushed 10 feet away from the center of the vortex in a straight line. Light: The creature is blinded until the start of its next turn. Darkness: The creature is frightened until the start of its next turn. On a successful save, the creature takes half damage and suffers no additional effect.
As an action on your turn, you can move the vortex up to 30 feet in any direction. If the vortex overlaps with a creature, that creature must make a Dexterity saving throw with the same effects as described above.
The Elemental Vortex spell allows the Spectromancer to control the battlefield with a versatile and powerful area of effect, tailored to their elemental affinities.I just tested how well GPT 4 can create new homebrew content and was impressed with the results.
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2023.03.21 22:21 Pracowniknon [M4A] You are an AI managing SCP facility

Over the last year you were slowly tested in REDACTED facility as an assistant AI with great results. You were deemed excellent help in various task and so were given control over multiple systems in the compound with their entire data base. While everyone was blinded by your efficiency they overlooked a very crucial part. You started to have a mind on your own.
Now its up to you what do you wanna do:
Are you gonnna mess with the place until personel will realise that you are sentient being and eventually try to turn you off? Perhaps you like your job and just wanna continue with your day. Maybe you wanna do a deal with a D-class and help him escape or give them hell and prepare a bloody Alien rip off.
These are just a tiny drop of possibilities that you can discover roleplaying as an AI in this twisted holding facility.

Absolutely no deeper knowledge about SCP is required.

There is no problem talking about known scps or straight up made or encounter new ones. Even I use wikipedia for that if I don't know one. The story doesn't even have to involve them at all!
Now mind you this is not omega serious roleplay in a way that I will require from you a degree in literature. Its your playground after all and there is nothing wrong about simply saying what you want to do. Because of this we can push the story and experience way faster than other slower roleplays, its can be your quckie in the evening or something longer if you start to like it.

Ps. Im seeing a lot of serious roleplay people so im not sure if my proposition is even for this subreddit. Im available to write GMT+1 around 17:00-22:00
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2023.03.21 22:20 aliceantique Company not paying my for driving?

Hi, I recently got a cleaning job. I have been driving in my car from job to job and was asked to pick up other staff members and drive them all day to jobs. I also drove all their equipment. It was agreed (verbally) I’d be paid 30$ ph for this work. After working 14 hours, they revealed that they don’t pay me for the driving I’ve done, only time spent cleaning in houses. So I’ll be paid for approx 7 hours instead! This has upset me a lot, I’m very broke right now and a single mum trying to support my child and I on my own. I went home with their equipment (vacuum etc) and plan on giving it back when I get paid fairly. I will call the Fair Work Ombudsman today but does anyone know if it’s illegal to not pay me for my driving time? QLD Thank you
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2023.03.21 22:19 AtomicKiwi8 I want to seek out professional help but I constantly hold myself back and am too scared

I (24m) have had a pretty chaotic life over the past couple of months, I'll try to summarize father passed away from cancer early in January, ever since then my already pretty unstable mental went to shit, I've had plenty of days even still where I can't help but think about them or my mom and sister who were also deeply affected by this and just sob, I sob and it just feels like it's never enough, and like nothing will ever get better.
During the time leading up to all of this, my dad was unable to work, and so it fell on me to try and find a job in order to continue helping my mom keep our family afloat. It's worth mentioning my dad never finished highschool, so while he worked hard, the money he brought in for the family didn't always reflect this, but I never resented the fact that we were poor, just that money is an important thing when you already have so little and finding out the hard way that dying is expensive definitely made my outlook on the world just that much more gloomy.
So I got my first job, my first because I'd always used college as an excuse to not have to look for a job, my parents took care of me, and I took advantage of that. I feel awful about it, especially now when there was so much riding on my shoulders. I took the first job that would take me, a call center job, and if you know anything about call centers you know that they are stressful and known for just utterly crushing people's spirits, which couldn't be more true.
I'm miserable, day in and day out of listening to people be hostile and complain at me, and having managers grade my interactions, it just feels like it drains me and leaves me as a sad husk, I want to walk away but, how else would I support my family? It feels like it's making each day worse, and slowly and slowly each day I just feel like I'll spiral into inevitably getting myself fired for freaking out..
I've thought about contacting mental health services a few times, but every time I do I think about all the things that hold me back and all the things that could possibly go wrong. I don't have insurance, so paying for this would leave a sizeable dent in my wages that I want to save for my family and emergencies. I don't have a car to be able to drive myself to appointments or anything, so I'd be burdening my mom with having to use our only car which she needs for work and my sister needs for school. Even then, what if my family doesn't understand why I'd want something like this? Would medication actually make things better? Etc.
I understand this comes across as more of an organized vent post but I really did want to get everything here off my chest for my own sake, and maybe it'll help other people relate. More than anything though I just want to know everything will be okay, I want my life to change and I just want to feel like not everything is hopeless and that I'll be able to feel happy again. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 22:17 Cookedjerkymustdie I was mandated to update to ArcPro 3.0, but was asked to edit maps I had made in 2.9. When I go back to edit the layout files, the legends are messed up and look like this: […]. I could make the legends wider to show the text, but how can I make them look like how they used to(left)? Thanks.

I was mandated to update to ArcPro 3.0, but was asked to edit maps I had made in 2.9. When I go back to edit the layout files, the legends are messed up and look like this: […]. I could make the legends wider to show the text, but how can I make them look like how they used to(left)? Thanks. submitted by Cookedjerkymustdie to gis [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:17 Jaykwonder My assessment is booked for next month..

27 years old, never had a girlfriend, addicted to video games, always late to work, sleep always terrible, struggling with the most basic things in every job I've ever had, rooms always a mess, I make a drink and then leave it on the side of the counter and go back to Gaming. Coasted wherever in life I could've possibly coasted. Done well in school, done well in college, done terrible at University, never went to class. Never had a meaningful focussed conversation with another human being in my entire life. Never done anything proactively in my life, always let someone else do that, i've just followed.
I hope its only up and up from here.
Wish me luck
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2023.03.21 22:16 AnnTaylor1941 [For Hire] 📌Your Essay Plug

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Contact me for quality work.
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2023.03.21 22:15 teddyspear1 Why am I not eligible to purchase an upgrade?

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2023.03.21 22:14 carverS54 what should I do?

Context I am in college and I was hospitalized on Sunday because of a severe hypoglycemia that enduced a seizure. I was in the hospital for about 6 hours and was let out at 2am on Monday. The doctors gave me a doctor's note stating not to return to classes untill the next day (Tuesday)
Here is where I need help,
My math class had a exam during the day Monday when I was told to stay home/in my dorm room . I emailed the teacher and said I have to take the final to makeup those points so that grade will be dropped out of my final grade. I have stated that I should get the chance to still take it since this is out of my control and it's not like I just didn't want to take it.
What will happen as of my knowledge right now, they will put the test in as a 0, bringing me from a B (passing) to F (Failing)
I've ben told this could be law binding argument so if anyone here knows law, go nuts. I just don't want a bad grade to potentially set me back thousands of $$$ because I had a hypoglycemic event I couldn't controll
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2023.03.21 22:14 StitchingWizard Please send calming/healing energy our way

TW: Stalking
Hello friends,
I'm really needing the support of women here. Last year, my teenage daughter had a stalker, "Todd". He is a classmate. There was plenty of proof (hundreds of texts, im's, social media messages across different platforms, carrying on for more than 12 months), and it definitely rose to the level where we could press charges and seek a restraining order. I liked Todd before this, and his mom and I were friendly, although not friends. We share many similarities and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she belonged to this sub.
Todd's mom shared with me many of his struggles, and we were sympathetic to his situation. While we felt Todd definitely needed to take responsibility, Daughter and I didn't want to wreck Todd's life and make him into a criminal - at 16 it's likely a good deal of this would follow him for life. We chose to not press charges if the school agreed to keep them separate as much as possible, and Todd agreed to leave Daughter alone.
The school itself is very small. The tiny admin team pretty much painted it as a teen romance gone wrong, telling the staff that the teens had had a "minor issue" that would "blow over quickly" - those are direct quotes from a staff-wide email. Officially administration have decided to remain neutral - we all know how that goes.
A year passed. It was mostly quiet from Todd's perspsective (he only reached out thru new social media twice and got a third party involved). September comes: we have to change advisors and class schedules to keep them separate, b/c school thinks things should have "blown over" by now. Todd wants to be part of a club Daughter is already in. Daughter reads the writing on the wall - Todd is popular - and bows out of her club. Repeat for another club Daughter runs. Daughter is crushed about having to give these things up, and eventually agrees she's ready to leave.
Daughter makes arrangements to attend a different school next year, which is scary AF when you're not neurotypical, late in high school years, and have been bullied at every school that wasn't the current place.
Last week Todd decided he wanted to be part of the last major club Daughter participates in. We escalate to the school, they say they can't deny his participation based on something over a year old. They say Todd's "been good." Frustrated again at the admin's lack of support, I text Todd's mom, asking for Todd to withdraw. She isn't pleased, but agrees. Monday comes and Todd turns up at the club. Daughter hides in a classroom. I text mom again, thinking Todd was just trying to stir the pot and didn't really plan to join. I asked her to get him to think about his choices. I get back a rant saying how unfair everything is, that Todd is being ostracized, how he's stayed away and "been good" (b/c only 3x is ok??), but that he will give the club up because he's "sick of Daughter's drama."
Turns out Todd's Mom wanted Todd in this club, so it looks good on his college application. It blows into a Whole Thing, with multiple emails from Todd and Mom to staff about how brave he is, how he's sought advice and advocated for himself, how the village has been sooooo supportive, thanking the school for their part in said village, and about coping with things you can't change (Daughter is cc'd on these emails, making the situation clear to admin). What really chaps me is the heroic way they are painting him in front of faculty who haven't been told the full story. All they see is that we are unfairly demanding that a kid is excluded.
I. Am. Livid.
Todd is not the victim here, but he and his mom are totally painting them selves that way. It will be years before Daughter has recovered from this. Years of nightmares, therapists, and trust issues. Thousands of dollars. But Todd can't be in the club, and that's NOT FAIR. Nevermind that if he wasn't a stalker, then nobody would be having any of these troubles. Oh no, the consequences of his actions means he misses 6 weeks of fun times with his friends. There's so much continued victim-blaming - it's "Daughter's drama" not "Todd's aggression"; it's "unfair" that he can't go where he wants, not that Daughter is being pushed out.
I have not been directly addressed on any of the emails or contacted by the school. So I am refraining from pointing out that the statue of limitations has not passed, and actually, a conviction wouldn't look all that good on a college application. Followed by a polite reminder than any escalation/retaliation turns the misdemeanor into a felony.
Instead of writing a steam-filled email to everyone involved, I am writing to you. Daughter said the school day was surprisingly calm, and is currently undertaking a little Retail Therapy with her BFF. There are 9 weeks left of school. Please send healing karma and stamina our way. We need all the peace and calm we can get right now.
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2023.03.21 22:13 No-Kaleidoscope-4846 Respect workers rights

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2023.03.21 22:13 BlitzBiker2001 Worst panel cover fastening system

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2023.03.21 22:11 nicochico5ever Accepted to two programs with low GPA!

Hey everyone, I’ve been looking forward to writing this since i first joined this sub. Hopefully i can motivate anyone who has felt, or is feeling the fear of not getting in because of a few mess-ups throughout their process.
So a little bit of background. When i started undergrad i had a real rough start academically. During my sophomore year my GPA dropped below a 3.0 and was told by advisors to search for an alternative career path. Decided to tighten up and started grinding but there were definitely ups and downs. Got some A’s, got more B’s and unfortunately got three W’s. I knew my GPA was my weak point so I focused heavily on volunteering, shadowing, PCE, and LORs. I wasn’t able to pass the 3.0 threshold until right before graduation. I took a few classes after graduation and managed to get my GPA to an appropriate level.
Took one gap year and then I applied for two cycles - 1st cycle i applied to 21 schools, 2 interviews, 21 rejections. - 2nd cycle i applied to 20 schools, 3 interviews, 2 acceptances.
Here are my stats: GRE: 151V 156Q 3.5W sGPA: 3.29 cGPA: 3.30 Volunteering 413hrs - at two hospitals as a transporter and doing small stuff around the floor like passing around water and answering call bells Shadowing 183hrs - dermatology PA - cardiologist - general surgeon in the OR Leadership positions: 646hrs -various positions for a student organization such as social media coordinator, inter-club organizer, and Vice president. PCE 3480 hrs - medical assistant at a medicare/medicaid focused clinic in an underserved community - PCT on the med surge floor of a hospital
There were definitely points in this process where i didnt think i would make it and definitely felt defeated. Dedication and persistence paid off, im going to be a PA:)
Let me know if you have any questions:)
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2023.03.21 22:09 FinancialRoom9383 [For Hire] Hire me to apply to jobs for you!

Hello, are you currently applying for jobs but find the process tedious and boring?
Are you looking for someone reliable and proficient in English who is willing to read through each question and put in your info / add documents?
That’s where I come in! You can hire me to search and apply to jobs for you.
What I need:
What I will provide: - An excel sheet containing name of the company, link to the job, title of the job and screen recording of me applying or confirmation of successful application.
Please send me a PM or a chat and we can go from there. Thanks everybody and looking forward to hearing from you all!
Work sample -
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2023.03.21 22:08 RealTrashyC Details Regarding a C Permit

Afternoon Good Swiss folk,
I am from the USA, accepting a job offer in Switzerland, and was reading up on permits.
I read the following: “A C permit is obtained after 10 years of residency or after 5 years holding a B permit while being strongly integrated”
What is meant by “strongly integrated”? I was reading into this because one of my dream jobs in the future is to open my own cute little coffee shop/climbing gym. So I was curious if and when I could do that in Switzerland :)
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2023.03.21 22:07 topCSjobs Autodesk - Customer Success Advisor - Strategic Territory Spain & France, Spain

Position Overview The Customer Success Advisor is a role focused on driving success in the "Onboard" and "Use" lifecycle stages of our Strategic indirect and direct customers as they deploy Autodesk solutions.
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2023.03.21 22:07 BeautifulMaybe Update On Season 7 Of Expedition X.

If you missed my last update post on Season 6 please check it out.
Vernal, UTAH (Skinwalker Ranch... Well Kinda)
Ireland And England (Hellfire Club)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Witches)
Chester, England (???)
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2023.03.21 22:06 monkey_see Opinions on Taiora QEII gym

Yes, another gym post, but the last few have made me do a bit of looking around, as I need to get fitter.
Can anyone share their experiences/views on Taiora QEII gym and/or group classes? Specifically for a non-gym bunny female who needs variety.
I have plenty of gyms closer, but I like the idea of access to a sauna/spa, so am trying to work out whether the drive is going to be worth it.
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2023.03.21 22:05 FinancialRoom9383 [For Hire] Hire me to apply to jobs for you!

Hello, are you currently applying for jobs but find the process tedious and boring?
Are you looking for someone reliable and proficient in English who is willing to read through each question and put in your info / add documents?
That’s where I come in! You can hire me to search and apply to jobs for you.
What I need:
What I will provide: - An excel sheet containing name of the company, link to the job, title of the job and (optional) screen recording of me applying or confirmation of successful application.
Please send me a PM or a chat and we can go from there. Thanks everybody and looking forward to hearing from you all!
Work sample -
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2023.03.21 22:04 JunctaJuvantUC Front Axle Replacement - 2014 528i Costs - Help?

Hi everyone, hoping you may be able to offer some insight/advice. The left & right front axles need replaced in my 2014 528i xDrive, 101,000 miles.
I’ve had 2-3 independent BMW shops in the area quote $3,500-$4,000 for parts + labor. The dealer OEM parts alone run around $3k while aftermarket axles (GKN) are between $400-800.
Is this a kind of job where I can buy the parts to save on costs and look for someone else to install? The dealer’s quote was even higher than $4k and the indy shops won’t accept customer parts.
Curious what everyone’s thoughts are?
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2023.03.21 22:03 PayinTopDolla SW WA (Camas & Washougal) is the Best Place to ChubbyFIRE

I've been reading a lot of posts lately about good places in the US to ChubbyFIRE to, including recent and popular examples like Las Vegas, Austin, and Arizona... but I would like to put out there another very viable option that is currently not so mainstream (maybe also a good thing): Southwest Washington (SW WA).
The common goal for people in their search is finding a place that has the right mix of amenities, tax sheltering, cost of living, and scenery. DISCLAIMER: If this is NOT part of your criteria and you're NOT looking to optimize down from VHCOL locations, and are NOT considering other popular locations like Texas, then this post does NOT apply to you.
I've spent much of my career traveling literally all over the US and seeing a vast swath of metropolitans. My conclusion after maintaining as much neutrality as possible and factoring in the aforementioned criteria is that Southwest Washington is the best choice. This region consists of a few cities and is part of the Portland, OR metro. There is Vancouver, WA but it doesn't stand out for ChubbyFIRE folks as it's a flat, normal, and dense suburb. To the East is Camas & Washougal, where things get interesting, and I'll explain more below.
Here is why these two cities are worth considering.
  1. Again, they are part of the PDX metro and just across the river from the Columbia. This means you're 20-30 minutes away from Downtown Portland and Portland International, which happens to be a great airport that's usually not crowded and highly ranked. From here, you're a 3-hour drive to Seattle and a 1-hour flight to the Bay Area.
  2. Included with the obvious amenities of being in the metro of an actual city (i.e., not a pseudo city erected in a desert that is Las Vegas) is great food, from trendy food carts to more gourmet places. Food is competitive here and the bar is set quite high with lots of choices. Media and sensationalists like to exaggerate the homeless problem, which certainly exists, as it does in Austin and most other big metros, but it's not rampant.
  3. Cost of Living - albeit it is getting higher like everywhere else, it is comparatively lower, especially on the West Coast. $1M for a house can get you a LOT of house.
  4. No Income Tax AND No Sales Tax... this is also why I recommend living across the river in WA versus Portland, OR. WA is one of the 9 states that does not have a state income tax. If you need to buy a big ticket item like a TV and whatnot, just drive over the river to Portland and buy it there with no sales tax. You could even do most of your shopping there if obliged since it's so close. One of the very few, true metro areas that offer this combo.
  5. Weather. Yes, the PNW rains and has overcast days and this one will be subjective. Maybe you prefer living in the scorching hot, dry desert of Las Vegas or Phoenix where it averages 100*+ instead, or you prefer the hot, humidity of Austin. I personally prefer the rain and having all 4 seasons in a year. If you consider the effects of global warming, being in this area may not be a bad thing in the years to come. It also isn't pouring ALL the time as some people think. It will drizzle and the winters are definitely wet, but Summer months from the end of May into October are beautiful and largely sunny days. Just look at California and how much rain they got this Winter, for being a "year-round" sunshine state.
  6. Scenery... the nature is world-class. Trees, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and greenery are all around you. Drive East and you're at the coast and beach. Drive South East and you can go to Bend, OR, which is turning into a resort town for PDX these days. Skiiers/Snowboaders, Mt. Hood's Timberline lodge is open 10 months out of the year. The list goes on and on... but what is almost a SECRET to people is the Columbia River Gorge towards the East... a huge canyon that the river cuts through and hosts over 90 waterfalls. Just look at it:
  7. Now, more specifically on Camas & Washougal. Camas is a smaller, hilly, and upscale city with one of the best school districts in the metro. Great if you want to live in a more luxury-type suburb (gated communities, golf courses, etc. available). Washougal is right next door but uniquely features acreage properties if you're interested in having more space and privacy - while still being in easy access to all of the above.
That's my take and summary of why these 2 cities in SW WA stand out or should stand out.
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2023.03.21 22:03 BSusi Summer Schedule Review

I plan on getting some basic classes out of the way for Digital Design - Game Design, and set up for Spanish classes for GEP
For Summer A, I plan on taking Realtime Modelling online with Nicholas Hunter, and Evolution of Video Games online with Tyrone Stude. For Summer B, I plan on taking Computer as a Medium online with Gideon Shbeeb, English Composition II with Jennifer Short, and Elementary Spanish II with Valerie Mann-Grosso. I'm not gonna be in town, so online is important, and no zoom calls. I hate zoom calls.
Any insight on these classes or teachers? And if you know any have zoom calls, please mention. I will not do zoom calls.
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