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2023.06.02 13:26 Jumpy_Inflation_7648 [Star Wars] Random ideas for my ST rewrite, the Legacy Saga.

  1. 25 years after ROTJ, Grand Admiral Thrawn unites the scattered remnants of the Galactic Empire into the First Order, a smaller military junta interested in galactic domination. His backstory would be covered in several Disney Plus shows prior to the saga. Several other tidbits would be covered like the formation of Jedi Praxeum, the New Republic, and the fate of the Mandalorians.
  2. Thrawn’s goal is to take over the galaxy and prepare it for war with Abeloth, but would not anticipate her arriving sooner than he anticipated. He would be trying to build a fleet using the Star Forge, an ancient, automated shipyard in the Unknown Regions. It draws energy and matter from a nearby star and uses dark side power from Exegol to create ships. The Star Forge would be the First Order’s main base of operations instead of Starkiller Base or the Supremacy.
  3. The First Order fills a role similar to that of the Separatists from the PT: a villain faction that becomes irrelevant once a deadlier faction appears.
  4. The third film in the first trilogy ends with the Eldritch Empire showing up from the Unknown Regions and laying waste to the defeated First Order and wage war with the New Republic. The second trilogy centers around the heroes battling Abeloth and her undead army.
  5. Abeloth is very different than how she was in the old EU. Instead, she is an 8,000 year old alien who lived during the Old Republic Era. At one point during her youth, she got corrupted by the dark side, and attempted to harness the power of the Sith Shrine on Coruscant or Mortis. She formed an army of followers and traversed the galaxy murdering anyone who stood in her path. But she was stopped and banished from the galaxy by the Jedi Order. Out in the Unknown Regions, Abeloth continued to grow in the dark side, becoming a dark side necromancer and creating an army of undead foot soldiers using Dark Side Alchemy. She also attacked various nations living out in the Unknown Regions, including the Chiss Ascendancy. Her powers include durability, telepathy, and resurrecting the dead. Think less of the EU Abeloth and more of Tor Valum from DOTF. She and her undead army are sensed by Palpatine during the Imperial Era, which motivates him to launch an exploration campaign into the Unknown Regions to find the source of the presence. Grand Admiral Thrawn leads this campaign and forms the First Order out of the remnants of the Galactic Empire to bring down the Eldritch Empire.
  6. Thrawn and the Chiss have a dark history with Abeloth. After Abeloth was exiled to the Unknown Regions by the Jedi Order, she invaded the Chiss homeworld and massacred its inhabitants with the help of her followers. When Palpatine senses them in the Unknown Regions and has Thrawn go out and investigate the presence, Thrawn discovers what it is and forms the First Order. Holding a personal vendetta against Abeloth for murdering his ancestors, the Chiss seeks to dominate the New Republic so that he can prepare the galaxy for war.
  7. When Abeloth returns to the galaxy, she seeks out the power of Mortis or the Sith Shrine hidden underneath the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
  8. Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side would also be covered in a Disney Plus show called Jedi Reborn. In Jedi Reborn, Ben Solo comes to believe that Darth Vader would have made for a better leader than Palpatine. But that he ruined his career by redeeming himself in ROTJ. Ben feels that Vader was weak for allowing love and sentiment to cloud his judgment, and decides that he must carry on his legacy by destroying the Jedi and becoming as powerful as him. While he’s under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker, Ben wishes that the Jedi involved themselves in the affairs of the Republic like the old Jedi Order did. He wants them to be active peacekeepers instead of negotiators (this is before they scatter).
  9. Luke’s Jedi Academy, Jedi Praxeum, differs from the Jedi Order in the PT. Instead of being a militarized, monastic order, Jedi Praxeum is a smaller, independent institute spread across the galaxy, with its members patrolling galactic frontiers like vigilantes or Texas Rangers. It is also an open-door organization, allowing anyone of any age to become Jedi. Now, Jedi Praxeum wasn’t always this way. It was initially assembled as a unified Jedi Academy like the old Jedi Order. But after Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker’s first pupil, turned to the dark side, destroyed the Temple on Ossus, and killed one-third of the students, Luke realized that his small Jedi Academy was vulnerable. He and the other Jedi decided it was best for them to settle in different star systems across the galaxy to make it harder for future enemies to find and destroy them. They wanted to avoid repeating the mistake of the old Jedi Order. They became so complacent that they couldn’t stop Palpatine from becoming Emperor and wiping them out during Order 66. After Ben turned on the academy, Jedi Praxeum scattered across the galaxy. Instead of directly involving themselves with the New Republic and local planetary forces, the Jedi mostly keep watch of people from a distance, only stepping in to help when necessary. Otherwise, they mostly spend time helping themselves and each other connect with the Force. Because of this, the Jedi are a rarity in the galaxy. Although the Jedi will provide humanitarian aid to the New Republic, they don’t serve them like the Jedi of Old did with the Old Republic. This is to avoid complacency during times of peace. However, when vital matters must be addressed, the Jedi are called to Ahch-To for group meetings with Luke Skywalker. They will only unify when it is absolutely necessary.
  10. Luke Skywalker gets blinded by Ben Solo during a duel after he turns to the dark side.
  11. Kylo Ren acts as an opportunist in the second trilogy. After killing Han Solo at the end of the third film, he goes into hiding when the Eldritch Empire invades the galaxy. Kylo would become a fugitive and continue to sink further into the dark side while in exile. He seeks out ancient knowledge in Darth Vader’s castle and on other planets strong in the Force. One of the things he discovers is how to defeat Abeloth.
  12. Kylo Ren remains a villain throughout the whole saga. The moment he crosses the point of no return is when he kills Abeloth and siphons her powers for himself, much like Doctor Doom stealing the Beyonder’s powers in Marvel’s Secret Wars.
  13. At one point during the second trilogy, Anakin Skywalker visits Kylo Ren and tries to bring him back to the light.
  14. Rey trains Finn in the ways of the Force during the second trilogy. The first trilogy is about Finn breaking away from the First Order’s indoctrination, and the second is about him becoming a Jedi.
  15. Finn leads a Stormtrooper rebellion at the end of the third film, and the defected Stormtroopers side with the New Republic in their battle against the Eldritch Empire during the second trilogy.
  16. Throughout the second trilogy, the New Republic and the Eldritch Empire control their own domains in the galaxy.
  17. Thrawn is imprisoned with other remaining First Order officers by the New Republic at the end of the saga.
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2023.06.02 13:26 Nancy_Vicious44 Facebook Login

Has anyone else been totally disconnected from their Facebook save and not been able to get it connecting again? I’ve contacted JC and they’ve tried to apply a fix twice now. None of it is working because every time I open the game and try to load it starts a new game ID and then generates a new random character. It’s taking me in a total loop and it’s been 3 weeks now I’ve been locked out of my game 😞
I’m beginning to wonder if this is a bug from the last update or an issue on the FB end.
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2023.06.02 13:25 armadabrewing Live Pro Wrestling At Armada Brewing with Paradise Alley Pro Wrestling!

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2023.06.02 13:25 LtPercivaI I got a charge for the 350 CMPCTs but my credit card flagged it as a suspicious charge. Will I still get the pair?

I still haven’t gotten a notification from Confirmed that I won the draw, and it still says it’s in progress on the app. But, I got a charge that got declined due to a “suspicious charge” that I confirmed was me. Is it going to give me an L now even though it seems I was selected?
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2023.06.02 13:25 hot_packets_ Best atomic test site to have irl Oppenheimer experience?

My gf, my bf, my boof assist partner and my 3 dogs are super pumped for the new Oppenheimer movie. Just like true natives (from Texas) we want to next level this shit by cosplaying as atomic particles and watching an atomic test. Can anyone recommend a good spot around town? If needed we'd settle for hanging out at whatever spot is most like a nuclear wasteland. Namaste
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2023.06.02 13:25 AutoModerator FIA Formula2 Championship: Barcelona - Qualifying Discussion


Spanish Grand Prix - Qualifying

F1FS Wiki: FIA F2 Guide 2023 Drivers & Teams 2023 Calendar

Session Times

Friday-Sunday times are in CEST (UTC+2:00)
  • Practice: Fri 02 Jun 2023, 11:05 (UTC+2)
  • Qualifying: Fri 02 Jun 2023, 15:55 (UTC+2)
  • Sprint Race: Sat 03 Jun 2023, 14:15 (UTC+2)
  • Feature Race: Sun 04 Jun 2023, 11:25 (UTC+2)
You can convert the session times to your local time via
A full time table of the weekend's events can be found here: Link

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Montmeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Circuit Diagram
Length: 4.657 km (2.894 miles)
Turns: 14
  • Sprint Race: 26 laps - 121.082 km
  • Feature Race: 37 laps - 172.309 km (Mandatory pit-stop)


2022 Pole Time: 1:28.612 ( Jack Doohan, Virtuosi Racing)
2022 Fastest Lap:
  • Sprint Race: 1:35.211 ( Felipe Drugovich, MP Motorsport)
  • Feature Race: 1:34.231 ( Jack Doohan, Virtuosi Racing)
2022 Winner:
  • Sprint Race: Felipe Drugovich, MP Motorsport
  • Feature Race: Felipe Drugovich, MP Motorsport


2023 Pole Time:
2023 Fastest Lap:
  • Sprint Race:
  • Feature Race:
2023 Winner:
  • Sprint Race:
  • Feature Race:

Live Timing & Streaming

The FIA F2 championship has its own official Live Timing services.
  • Live Timing: Here.
  • List of Broadcasting Channels: Here

F1FS Guide

New to FIA Formula 2? You can read our dedicated guide HERE, or watch our video guide from 2019 HERE!

Twitter & Discord

For up to date information regarding this series, follow these Twitter accounts:
We have a Discord server for the subreddit, check it out here: Link

On-Demand Race Replays

You can access previous races of this series and more here: F1FS Race Replays

Top 5

Drivers' Championship
Pos. Change Driver Points
1 +1 Frederik Vesti 89
2 -1 Theo Pourchaire 84
3 - Ayumu Iwasa 69
4 +1 Kush Maini 49
5 +1 Dennis Hauger 48
Teams' Championship
Pos. Change Team Points
1 - PREMA Racing 130
2 +1 ART Grand Prix 108
3 -1 DAMS 103
4 +1 MP Motorsport 88
5 -1 Campos Racing 82
Full championship standings here: Link
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2023.06.02 13:25 amermaidfromjupiter My roommate/landlord keeps making comments about my lifestyle and implying she wants to “fix me”

I moved into my new roommate (who is also my landlord)‘s place almost exactly two weeks ago. This was my first choice while I was apartment-hunting. I came from almost a full year of a really toxic and tense living environment with two people my age, one of whom was a former friend. When I first got here, it was the first time in a really long time that I felt happy and excited for life. It has made everything else that has been wrong with my life come to the forefront in a way I’m having trouble ignoring, which I take as a sign that I need to address and fix these things as well. That said, in my pessimistic fashion that’s always too reliable for my liking, I was wondering if and when the other shoe was going to drop. It seems like it either has or is trying now.
To put it simply, I feel like my new roommate is trying to fix my life with what she personally feels like I need. More frequently, when I’ve come back from work—and I’m the sort of person who wants to spend time alone and decompress, especially since the commute is longer than it was before, and my job is stressing me out a lot more, she has made more unsolicited and unprompted comments about what I’m doing “wrong”. For example, the day after I moved, I got a Walmart delivery that was just under $180. That’s definitely a lot of money for me, but I literally had no food at all and was trying to restock to be set for a while. That order also included household items we needed, like a bunch of rolls of paper towels. She has repeatedly made comments to me about this as if it’s so hilarious that I spent that much money and I don’t know what I’m doing. She has also repeatedly made comments about the food I eat. She keeps telling me not to get any more groceries because she’s going to get me on this illegal thing she does with food stamps, where she purchases them from another woman and you can buy whatever you want for half the price.
Additionally, she recently has been on my case to get my permit and actually going to practice driving around (I have never been behind the wheel ever before), because she doesn’t want me to use the buses anymore. Then yesterday, she, out-of-the-blue, started telling me I can’t stay in my room “and sleep” all day, and went on a whole kind of stereotypical older person rant about how my generation is “too soft” and “we need to let things go”. She kept saying she doesn’t know some of the things I’ve been through because I haven’t told her and she won’t pry, and then insinuated I don’t know what a real struggle is and she has been through hell and back and knows what does and doesn’t work. I have previously told her that I’m planning to get a new phone ASAP because the one I have is still being paid for by my mother, who I want to go NC with and don’t speak to, and she said “that’s not a bill I need”, “parents come around”, and the least I could do is give my mother a call to flex on her because she’s paying for my phone.
Now, these comments are just annoying more than anything else, especially because they strike me as “older person condescendingly sharing wisdom that’s outdated and not actually helpful” (for context, she is 46 and I’m 23). I also hate how they’re given when I literally just walked through the door. At least for now, I’m not actually triggered or really upset. But I just don’t see why she feels so comfortable making them, and I’m worried she will try to move from words to action, especially with the illegal food stamp thing and driving to force me to drive. I also just don’t like the authoritative comments about how I should be spending my time in the place I’m paying for. She has made other comments like “I couldn’t wait to get you into the palm of my hand” that implies she sees me as an experiment or something she’s going to have fun morphing.
One of the things that appealed to be about this place in particular was the fact that she kept saying it’s quiet and I would be left alone, which is something I definitely didn’t have at my last apartment (or anywhere I’ve lived honestly). I just want a place where I can just be me comfortably, have predictability and communication, and live my life in peace. To be frank, I’m generally exhausted and only working on improving my life now because I’m still alive and unfortunately look like I won’t be dying anytime soon. I spent the last year incredibly depressed and constantly planning and fantasizing about su!c!de because life was so bad; and it’s like someone who doesn’t know the full extent of that wants you all cheery and running around at the flip of a switch and is unpleasantly surprised that isn’t the case.
For clarity though, while I do spend a lot of time in my room—because I like having a space that’s really just mine, and also because this is the first time in a year where I’ve had a real and comfortable bed to sleep in and I honestly like just lying down on it—, I’m not sleeping the day away, or scared to come out like I was at my last place. I’m really just an introvert, but I’m also just worn out by people overall and don’t like to interact with them if I don’t have to. I also don’t see a need to tell her my life story, as we’re just roommates, and I’ve been burned a lot by telling those stories to people who didn’t actually need them. I also don’t know how she’s going to construe them, and whether or not they’ll be a “real struggle” or grounds for more unsolicited commentary.
Moreover, I don’t want or need the food stamps. Knowing my luck, that’s when someone is going to catch on and then I’ll have a record for fraud, theft, or whatever crime that would be. Yesterday, she said she would protect me if anything ever happened, but I have no reason to believe that. I also don’t want to learn how to drive right now. Maybe down the road, but I don’t mind and actually enjoy riding the buses. The things that I need to do that matter to me now are getting a new job and getting my own phone.
I don’t know, I guess I wanted some outside perspective. Am I being too pessimistic and unappreciative of what she’s saying? Do I have the right to not be super amused by what she’s saying? What should I do, or intend to do, moving forward?
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2023.06.02 13:23 TurnipFalse7205 Will AWS be beneficial for security roles in IT?

Hey everyone, I’m new to this subreddit and I’ve been finding the information here very valuable. I previously worked in tech support and wanted to transition into an IT role and was hoping I would be able to get some advice from you guys.
I’ll definitely be starting out in IT Support but I’m interested in security based roles in IT… Wasn’t leaning directly towards cloud security but I’m not ruling it out at all.
I’m planning on getting my CCP but I’m thinking that SAA is definitely worth getting as well… I had planned to get Sec+ and CySa+ further down the line… I’m not quite sure if this stack makes sense or the roles I’d be able to land with a stack like this.
I also want to point out that I’m not interested in programming. I’m open to suggestions as I’m just about to start my certification journey by knocking out an AWS cert or two. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
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2023.06.02 13:23 asianmeals2 The Fascination of Instant Noodles in Malaysia

Instant noodles have become a quintessential part of the Malaysian culinary experience. These pre-packaged, quick-to-prepare meals have gained immense popularity due to their affordability, convenience, and diverse flavours. Instant Noodles In Malaysia are not merely a snack but a cultural phenomenon, enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. This article explores the enduring love affair between Malaysians and instant noodles, examining their history, cultural significance, and the reasons behind their widespread appeal.
Historical Context
The introduction of instant noodles to Malaysia can be traced back to the late 1960s when they were first imported from Japan. As a result of Malaysia's rapid industrialization and urbanisation, the demand for convenient and time-saving food options increased. Instant noodles quickly captured the market, offering a quick and tasty meal solution. Over the years, local manufacturers started producing their own brands, catering to the unique flavor preferences of Malaysians. This led to a proliferation of local instant noodle brands, each offering distinct taste profiles that appealed to different regional palates.
Cultural Significance
Instant noodles have transcended their status as a mere convenience food to become an integral part of Malaysian culture. They are readily available in grocery stores, convenience marts, and even street stalls, reflecting the ubiquity of instant noodles in the Malaysian diet. Instant noodles have also found their way into traditional Malaysian dishes, such as "Maggi goreng" (fried instant noodles) and "Mee kolok" (dry tossed instant noodles). These innovative culinary adaptations showcase Malaysians' creativity in incorporating instant noodles into their traditional cuisine.
Moreover, instant noodles have become a staple for Malaysian students and office workers due to their affordability and ease of preparation. For many, they evoke nostalgic memories of college days or late-night study sessions. The widespread availability of halal-certified instant noodles has also made them a popular choice among the Muslim community in Malaysia.
Flavor Diversity and Innovation
One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of instant noodles in Malaysia is the wide range of flavours available. From the classic chicken and beef flavors to more adventurous options like curry, tom yam, and kimchi, Malaysian instant noodles cater to diverse taste preferences. Manufacturers continuously innovate by introducing new flavors and incorporating local ingredients, such as spices and herbs, to create unique taste experiences.
Instant noodles have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Malaysian cuisine and culture. Their convenience, affordability, and diverse flavors have made them a beloved choice for Malaysians across all walks of life. From humble beginnings as an imported food item, instant noodles have evolved to become a significant part of the Malaysian food landscape. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or incorporated into traditional dishes, instant noodles continue to bring comfort and satisfaction to millions of Malaysians, reflecting their enduring appeal in the Malaysian culinary scene.
Visit the site :
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2023.06.02 13:23 tetsurohoshino1 Found these today

Found these today
Gaijin you make me truly mad
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2023.06.02 13:23 digiskolae DigiSkolae Institute: The Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow

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There are many reasons why you should choose DigiSkolae Institute for your digital marketing education. Here are just a few:

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What Are the Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field, and there is a high demand for skilled digital marketers. By learning digital marketing, you can gain the skills you need to launch a successful career in this growing field.

Some of the benefits of learning digital marketing include:

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If you are interested in learning digital marketing, then DigiSkolae Institute is the perfect place for you. We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing courses that are designed to help you learn the skills you need to succeed in today's digital economy.
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2023.06.02 13:22 AloneMasterpiece815 Distressed because I hyper-fixated on the ikea website and got nothing done. Need Advice

Hi i am 23F and this is my first ever reddit post.
I have so many things to do but I did not do anything. I scrolled through ikea for about 7 hours and obsessed about it. Mind you this is on a working day.
I would be alright doing this if I did not have so many things to do that I am avoiding.
I haven’t gotten back to my text messages. i haven’t worked or studied and now I am extremely anxious. I haven’t eaten.
I feel like a failure. The time blindness is unreal.
My to do list apps are filled with random things in them, they are overflowing because I have to write down every new idea on them. It’s like an archive of things that I would never do, but can’t delete the tasks for some reason. Because I would lose the information.
I just want it to be simple. I do not want this to be how my days go.
Please give me any advice. I am willing to work with anything at this point.
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2023.06.02 13:22 Handeyed Moving out

Hey folks! I’m sorry for this post but I’m leaving my place tomorrow and Australia on Sunday but haven’t managed to sell two chunky items and I don’t know what to do, I kind of panick. I’m selling a beloved sofa bed and an almost brand new desk. I know reddit isn’t the place for that at all, but that’s a desperate move… I won’t put any link to listing unless someone is curious, but even if you know someone that know someone… any help is appreciated. Thank you 🙏🏻
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2023.06.02 13:22 gib_loops What should I do?

Advice needed
I have been interviewing for a position in a small, relatively new company since March this year. At the end of April, after several rounds of interviews and tests, the HR called me and said that they will love for me to join them in about two months (as per my request) and that I will receive an official offer sometime in mid-May.
That hasn't happened, so 10 days ago I sent them an email saying 'hey, I would appreciate knowing when I'm going to receive the offer'. They apologised for the delay with the offer and promised I'd hear from them by the end of the week. That hasn't happened either.
Are they ghosting me? Should I sent them another email? I really want this job, it would be a dream come true for me and would genuinely change my entire life.
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2023.06.02 13:22 bookviaus Cheap Flights to Visakhapatnam from USA

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2023.06.02 13:22 TryingNotToGoCrazy48 Higher heart rate on modafinil?

Hi everyone!
I just started taking 100mg of modafinil 3 days ago. I’m still new in my diagnoses and getting used to the side effects and such.
I was wondering if higher HR was normal when starting modafinil? I’ve noticed my Hr will be on the higher end 90-110. Does this typically fade? I tried to jogging this morning with it and just walking sent my Hr too 140 lol, so I think I might start taking it after I workout haha
Ive definitely felt more anxious and jittery, still haven’t decided if it’s helped the fatigue and mental fog yet. How long did you give it before deciding wether you wanted to continue it or not?
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2023.06.02 13:22 weshall8 Saw this in a newspaper today

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2023.06.02 13:22 Millionoutfitscantpc Druid help

This may sound dumb but I’m new to Diablo, does the weapon I hold damage convert to my maul attacks and puliverize?if not how do druids do out put damage from weapons??
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2023.06.02 13:22 Logical_Hat8594 Need Help With A Malfunctioning Drive

I’ve had a recent issue just pop up with my external hard drive I use for work. It has a lot of files on it that I need pretty badly but after a sudden power loss it stopped being recognized on the Mac I was using.
I switched to PC as I have it formatted to work with both as exFAT and it didn’t show up there either but did show up in disk management. There was a dialog pop up that said there was an error with the drive and I needed to scan and fix it so I did that and then it will now show up in windows file explorer and show all my folders. However if I click on anything it bricks up the windows file explorer and won’t respond until the drive is removed at which point my PC starts working again.
I’ve tried changing the letter of the drive and re-writing the paths which just lead into the same issue. Disk Management says it’s healthy but I can’t access anything on it and any attempt to use it nearly crashes my whole computer.
Should I be looking into data recovery like r-studio or EaseUS even though I can see the folders and they haven’t been deleted from the external drive? I just don’t know what the specific issue is with the drive so I don’t know what fix to search for.
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2023.06.02 13:22 Bluefunkt Alex Lifeson to feature on new podcast from Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett- 'Shred with Shifty'.

Alex Lifeson to feature on new podcast from Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett- 'Shred with Shifty'.
Lerxsty will be a guest on Chris Shiflett's forthcoming podcast examining famous guitar solos. 'Shred with Shifty' will show Chris asking famous guitarists how they created their best solos, and studying how to play them.
"My new show, Shred With Shifty, was born out of the fact that I spend an awful lot of time watching people on the internet explain guitar parts almost right, so I thought, what if I could just go to the source and find out what my favorite players actually did on the solos I love?" Chris explains.
Other featured guests include Nile Rodgers, Rivers Cuomo, Richie Sambora and Mike McCready.
More details on farout here, or Variety here.
Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube here.
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2023.06.02 13:21 davenirline Array binary serialization. What did I miss?

Hello. I'm a Unity developer. I'm trying to create a binary serialization for a 3rd party library. Their data is stored in an Array[]. What they then do is cast the array to their correct types when needed. I'm trying to serialize this. However, it's not working all the time. The problem is in the reading. The reading is "successful", meaning that the amount of bytes that were expected to be read for each Array are correct. But the contents of the array may not be correct. It breaks when they are casted like it's illegal or becomes null. Here's the serialization code of these Arrays:
public static unsafe class SerializationUtils { public static void Write(BinaryWriter writer, Array array, Type type) { if (array.Length == 0) { // Nothing to write return; } if (!type.IsUnmanaged()) { throw new Exception($"Writing of {type.FullName} is not supported."); } // Write the length first so we know how many to read writer.Write(array.Length); // Write byte array directly if the type is unmanaged since all data is written // from the address of the array GCHandle handle = GCHandle.Alloc(array, GCHandleType.Pinned); try { IntPtr arrayPtr = handle.AddrOfPinnedObject(); int sizePerItem = Marshal.SizeOf(type); int arrayLengthInBytes = array.Length * sizePerItem; Span byteArrayAsSpan = new(arrayPtr.ToPointer(), arrayLengthInBytes); // Write to writer writer.Write(byteArrayAsSpan); } finally { handle.Free(); } } public static Array ReadArray(BinaryReader reader, Type type) { int arrayLength = reader.ReadInt32(); Array array = Array.CreateInstance(type, arrayLength); GCHandle handle = GCHandle.Alloc(array, GCHandleType.Pinned); try { IntPtr arrayPtr = handle.AddrOfPinnedObject(); int sizePerItem = Marshal.SizeOf(type); int amountOfBytesToRead = arrayLength * sizePerItem; Span readData = new(arrayPtr.ToPointer(), amountOfBytesToRead); int readBytesCount = reader.Read(readData); if (readBytesCount != amountOfBytesToRead) { throw new Exception("The expected amount of data is not what is returned."); } } finally { handle.Free(); } return array; } } 
The assumption is that all types that will be stored in these arrays are value types and unmanaged. Maybe I'm missing something. What can I do to verify that the read contents of the array are valid?
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2023.06.02 13:21 Unitedinnovator Decoding Research Data Analysis: A Pivotal Tool For Business Decision-Making

Decoding Research Data Analysis: A Pivotal Tool For Business Decision-Making
Research Data Analysis: the term might seem complex, but its essence is integral to business success. Essentially, it involves inspecting, cleaning, altering, and modeling data to uncover useful insights, draw conclusions, and support decision-making. For businesses, it provides a strategic lens to view operations, trends, patterns, and potential market opportunities. Let's delve deeper to understand its significance and the role it plays in business decision-making.

● Understanding Research Data Analysis

○ Data analysis is the science of extracting meaningful insights from raw data.
○ It involves various statistical, computational, and analytical methods applied to data sets to reveal patterns, anomalies, and relationships.
○ The ultimate aim is to derive actionable insights that can inform business decisions and strategies.

● Importance Of Research Data Analysis In Business

○ In today's data-driven world, businesses generate and have access to vast amounts of data.
○ However, this data is only as valuable as the valuable insights that can be extracted from it.
○ Research data analysis helps businesses, to -
Understand Customer Behavior
● Through analysis, businesses can understand their customer's preferences, buying habits, and needs, enabling them to tailor their offerings accordingly.
Improve Operational Efficiency
● Data analysis can identify bottlenecks in business operations and suggest improvements, leading to cost savings and increased productivity.
Drive Innovation
● By analyzing market trends and consumer needs, businesses can uncover opportunities for new products or services.
Manage Risk
● Data analysis can help identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.
Make Informed Decisions
● Data-backed decisions tend to be more accurate and effective, leading to better business outcomes.

● Role Of Data Analysis In Business Decision Making

○ In business decision-making, data analysis acts as a compass, guiding businesses through the vast sea of information toward their strategic objectives.
○ It helps in -
Setting Goals
Data analysis provides evidence-based insights to set realistic and measurable goals.
Formulating Strategies
By revealing trends, patterns, and relationships, data analysis helps businesses devise effective strategies.
Performance Tracking
Data analysis helps monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), providing a clear view of whether the business is on the right path to meeting its goals.
Risk Management
Through predictive analysis, businesses can anticipate potential issues and devise strategies to manage risks.
Resource Allocation
Data analysis can help determine the most efficient way to distribute resources, optimizing productivity and profitability.
● The role of research data analysis services in business decision-making is pivotal.
● It turns raw data into valuable insights, guiding strategic decisions and propelling business growth.
● In the modern business landscape, where data is abundant but actionable insights are scarce, mastering data analysis can provide a significant competitive edge.
● It isn't solely about collecting data; it's also about making the data work for you.
● By effectively analyzing data, businesses can navigate the complexities of their operations and the market landscape, steering their way toward success.
Navigating The Diverse Landscape Of Research Data Analysis Types - A Guide For Businesses
● In the realm of business decision-making, research data analysis stands as a compass, guiding businesses through the myriad complexities of data toward valuable insights.
● However, to harness its full potential, it is crucial to understand that not all data analysis is the same.
● Different types of analysis serve different purposes and yield distinct insights.
● Detailed below are the varied types of research data analysis and their respective value to businesses.

● Descriptive Analysis - The What

○ Descriptive analysis is the simplest form of data analysis. It answers the question "What happened?".
○ By summarizing past data, it provides a clear understanding of the events that have occurred.
○ Businesses use descriptive analysis to assess past performance and analyze historical trends.
○ Descriptive analysis includes measures like averages, percentages, and frequency counts.
○ Graphical representation of data such as bar graphs, pie charts, and histograms are common tools in descriptive analysis.
For example, businesses like Ph.D. thesis writing online providers use data analysis services to gain insight into the market.

● Inferential Analysis - The Why

○ The inferential analysis takes a step beyond the 'what' to explore the 'why'.
○ It involves drawing conclusions from the data that extend beyond the immediate dataset.
○ In other words, inferential analysis enables businesses to make data-backed assumptions and predictions about larger populations based on a smaller sample.
○ The inferential analysis is particularly useful in market research, where it can provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and attitudes.
○ For instance, businesses can analyze survey data to draw conclusions about their target market's preferences.

● Predictive Analysis - The Future

○ Predictive analysis ventures into the realm of prediction, answering the question of "what could happen?".
○ By leveraging statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques, it extrapolates from existing data to forecast future trends or behaviors.
○ Predictive analysis can help businesses anticipate future sales, customer churn, market trends, and more.
○ This forward-looking approach aids in proactive decision-making and risk mitigation.

● Prescriptive Analysis - The Action

○ Prescriptive analysis is the pinnacle of data analysis, addressing the question of "what should we do?".
○ It not only forecasts future outcomes but also suggests actions to benefit from these predictions.
○ Prescriptive analysis is used in various business contexts, such as determining optimal pricing strategies, improving supply chain efficiency, and enhancing customer experience.
○ This type of analysis is often powered by complex algorithms, simulation, and machine learning.
● Research data analysis is not a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, it encompasses a diverse array of methods, each suited to different business objectives.
● From understanding the past with descriptive analysis to shaping the future with prescriptive analysis, each type offers unique value.
● In the dynamic business landscape, understanding these different types of research data analysis can empower businesses to extract maximum value from their data.
● By tailoring the type of analysis to their specific needs and objectives, businesses can turn raw data into a potent strategic tool, fueling informed decisions, optimizing operations, and driving growth.

Research Data Analysis
Unfolding The Steps Of Research Data Analysis - A Comprehensive Guide For Businesses
Research data analysis plays a significant role in any business operation. It provides a clearer understanding of the business landscape, reveals patterns and trends, and informs strategic decision-making. However, deriving meaningful insights from data is not an instantaneous process; it's a journey that comprises several critical steps. Detailed below is an in-depth exploration of these steps, from data collection to interpretation.

● Step 1

Data Collection

○ The journey of data analysis begins with data collection.
○ It involves gathering relevant information that can answer business questions or support decision-making.
○ Data can be gathered from numerous sources, such as transaction records, customer surveys, social media, or external research reports.

● Step 2

Data Cleaning

○ Once data is gathered, the subsequent step is data cleaning, also known as data preprocessing.
○ This step aims to identify and rectify errors and inconsistencies in the data, such as duplicate entries, missing values, or incorrect formatting.
○ Clean data is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the subsequent analysis.

● Step 3

Data Transformation

○ After cleaning, the data is transformed into a suitable format for analysis.
○ This process can include activities like normalization (scaling data to a standard range), discretization (converting continuous variables into discrete ones), or encoding (converting categorical data into numerical format).

● Step 4

Data Analysis

○ This is the core stage where the actual analysis occurs.
○ Depending on the business objectives, different analytical techniques may be employed, including -
■ descriptive analysis (understanding what happened),
■ inferential analysis (exploring why something happened),
■ predictive analysis (forecasting future outcomes), and
■ prescriptive analysis (suggesting optimal actions).

● Step 5

Data Interpretation

○ Data interpretation involves making sense of the results of the analysis.
○ This stage is about translating the technical findings into meaningful information that can advise business decisions.
○ For example, an increase in sales might be interpreted as a positive response to a recent marketing campaign.

● Step 6

Data Visualization

○ Data visualization aids in understanding complex data by representing it in a graphical form.
○ Charts, graphs, and infographics make it easier to spot trends, compare variables, and comprehend the story that the data is telling.

● Step 7

Reporting & Decision-Making

○ The final step is to communicate the findings and insights to the relevant stakeholders through reports or presentations.
○ The insights derived from data analysis should inform decision-making, guiding the business toward its strategic objectives.
● Research data analysis is a systematic process that demands meticulous execution at each step.
● It involves transforming raw data into actionable insights through a journey of collection, cleaning, transformation, analysis, interpretation, visualization, and reporting.
● Businesses that understand and adeptly navigate this process stand to gain a substantial competitive edge by unlocking the potential of data to inform strategies, optimize operations, and drive growth.
● It's not just about having data; it's about understanding it, and that's where the magic of data analysis lies.
Harnessing The Power Of Research Data Analysis In Business Operations
In today's dynamic business environment, the difference between success and failure often hinges on the ability to make data-driven decisions. More than ever, businesses need to understand their markets, customers, and internal processes, and research data analysis provides the necessary tools for such understanding. This article explores how businesses can utilize data analysis in various aspects of their operations, including marketing, sales, supply chain, and human resources.

● Data Analysis In Marketing

○ Effective marketing begins with understanding the target audience, and data analysis offers invaluable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends.
○ By analyzing customer data, businesses can identify successful marketing strategies, segment their audience for targeted campaigns, and predict future marketing trends.
○ Moreover, through sentiment analysis, businesses can gauge customer reactions to marketing campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly.

● Data Analysis In Sales

○ Sales data analysis can be a gold mine of insights for a business.
○ By scrutinizing sales data, businesses can identify best-selling products, peak sales periods, and the effectiveness of sales strategies.
○ Furthermore, predictive analysis can forecast future sales trends, enabling proactive planning and inventory management.

● Data Analysis In Supply Chain Management

○ Supply chains generate a wealth of data, from procurement and production to distribution and customer service.
○ Analyzing this data can help businesses optimize their supply chain operations, diminishing costs, and elevating efficiency.
○ For instance, data analysis can help identify bottlenecks in the supply chain, predict demand and supply trends, and streamline logistics and inventory management.

● Data Analysis In Human Resources

○ Data analysis is increasingly finding application in human resources (HR) management.
○ HR analytics involves analyzing employee data to inform HR policies and strategies.
○ For instance, data analysis can provide insights into employee performance, retention, and satisfaction.
○ These insights can guide recruitment strategies, employee development programs, and workplace policies, contributing to a more productive and satisfied workforce.
● In summary, research data analysis is a potent tool for businesses, providing insights that inform decision-making across various operational domains.
● Whether it's understanding customer preferences, forecasting sales, optimizing supply chains, or enhancing human resource management, data analysis is key to unlocking operational efficiency and strategic advantage.
● In the competitive world of business, data-backed decisions are the currency of success.
● By effectively leveraging research data analysis, businesses can ensure they are making decisions based on facts, not just hunches, positioning them for sustained success in their respective markets.
Tackling Challenges In Research Data Analysis - A Strategic Guide For Businesses
Research data analysis has emerged as a cornerstone of successful business decision-making. By providing deep insights into market trends, customer behavior, and operational efficiency, research data analysis can give a competitive advantage to companies like United Innovator. However, like any powerful tool, its implementation is not without challenges. This article sheds light on some of these common hurdles and offers practical solutions for businesses to overcome them.

● Data Privacy Concerns

○ With the surge in data collection comes increased concern over privacy.
○ Businesses must ensure they are compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA when handling personal data.
○ In order to overcome this challenge, businesses can adopt robust data governance practices, anonymize personal data, and ensure transparency about data usage with their customers.

● Ensuring Data Quality

○ Poor quality data can lead to inaccurate insights and misguided decisions.
○ It's imperative for businesses to ensure the data they analyze is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
○ Regular data cleaning and validation can help maintain data quality.
○ Moreover, deploying data quality management tools can automate the process, reducing errors and improving accuracy.

● Lack Of Skilled Personnel

○ Data analysis requires specialized skills and knowledge, which many businesses may lack.
○ This shortage can be addressed by investing in training existing employees or hiring skilled data analysts.
○ Collaborating with external data analytics consultants is another viable option, particularly for small businesses.

● Managing Large Volumes of Data

○ With the rise of big data, managing the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming.
○ However, advancements in data storage solutions, such as cloud computing and data warehousing, can help manage and organize large data sets.
○ In addition, tools like Hadoop and Spark can process big data efficiently, making it easier to analyze.

● Integrating Data From Various Sources

○ Businesses often collect data from numerous sources, leading to disparate data types and formats.
○ Integrating this data for analysis can be challenging.
○ However, data integration tools can help combine data from different sources into a unified view.
○ Implementing a data warehouse can also facilitate the integration process.

● Making Data Analysis Actionable

○ Translating data insights into actionable decisions is a key challenge.
○ It's not enough to collect and analyze data; businesses need to interpret and apply these insights effectively.
○ Creating a culture of data literacy within the organization can help bridge this gap.
○ Also, visualizing data using tools like Tableau or Power BI can make insights more understandable and actionable.
● While challenges in research data analysis are undeniable, they are not insurmountable.
● With the right strategies, businesses can navigate these obstacles and harness the power of data analysis.
● By addressing data privacy concerns, ensuring data quality, developing skilled personnel, managing large data volumes, integrating various data sources, and making data actionable, businesses can unlock the full potential of data analysis.
● In doing so, they transform these challenges into opportunities, driving their growth and competitive edge in the data-driven business landscape.
Pioneering The Future With Advanced Research Data Analysis Techniques
● Research data analysis is at the forefront of innovation in the business world. Companies offering Ph.D. research proposals are using this actively nowadays.
● From understanding customer behaviors to predicting future trends, data analysis has become a crucial tool for business success.
● The evolution of this field is continuously unveiling new techniques and methodologies that offer deeper insights and more precise predictions.
● Explored below are some of the advanced techniques in research data analysis that are shaping the future of businesses.

● Machine Learning

○ Machine learning is a subdiscipline of artificial intelligence that makes it possible for systems to learn and improve from experience without explicit programming.
○ It is particularly effective in analyzing large and complex datasets.
○ Machine learning algorithms can help businesses predict customer behavior, identify patterns and anomalies, automate decision-making processes, and much more.

● Natural Language Processing (NLP)

○ NLP is another AI technique that allows computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language.
○ For businesses, NLP can be used to analyze text data like customer reviews, social media comments, or call center transcripts, providing valuable insights into customer sentiment and preferences.

● Deep Learning

○ Deep learning is another aspect of machine learning that apes the functioning of the human brain to process data.
○ It's exceptionally useful for tasks like image and speech recognition and can also be employed for complex prediction tasks.
○ For instance, deep learning can be used in predictive maintenance, where it can predict equipment failures by analyzing various sensor data.

● Network Analysis

○ Network analysis involves studying the relationships between entities.
○ In a business context, it can be used to understand relationships between different products, customers, or various business units.
○ By analyzing these networks, businesses can identify influential entities, understand community structures, and optimize communication or distribution paths.

● Time Series Analysis

○ Time series analysis involves analyzing data that is collected over time to identify patterns or trends.
○ This method is commonly used for forecasting purposes.
○ For instance, businesses can use time series analysis to forecast sales, stock prices, or product demand.

● Sentiment Analysis

○ Sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining, is a technique used to determine the sentiments expressed in a piece of text.
○ Businesses can use sentiment analysis to understand customer opinions and feelings towards products, services, or brands, often using data from social media or customer reviews.
● The advanced techniques of research data analysis open new doors for businesses to understand their environment, optimize their operations, and innovate their strategies.
● From machine learning to sentiment analysis, these techniques offer a deeper, more nuanced understanding of data, enabling businesses to make better-informed, data-driven decisions.
● In the evolving world of business, the importance of staying on the cutting edge of data analysis techniques cannot be overstated.
● Businesses that adapt and adopt these advanced methodologies will not only obtain a competitive edge but also pioneer the future of their respective industries.
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