Clean and clear benzoyl peroxide discontinued

How do I clean a tabletop made of Bamboo/Clear acrylic lacquer?

2023.06.09 05:34 LittleFlyingHorse How do I clean a tabletop made of Bamboo/Clear acrylic lacquer?

I bought a new desk from IKEA and I just realized I have no idea how to keep this surface clean without wrecking it! My old desk had a glass tabletop, so cleaning was a breeze.
Do you know how I can properly clean a desk tabletop made of bamboo/clear acrylic lacquer? Thank you so much!
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2023.06.09 05:29 TheBagelBearer My sister (18F) caught my dad (46M) subbed to his ex's OF

Prefacing to say that my dad's age in the title may not be accurate as I don't know the exact age and saying "late40s" apparently isn't enough to clear the posting hurdle.
My (22M) sister (18F) had been cleaning her room when she found an old phone, likely a hand-me-down long forgotten. Being naturally nosy, she went through the device, going through apps and the usual. Until she found that my Dad (late 40s, M) had been looking up his old ex (?F) on Facebook multiple times in the past month, and having subscribed to her Only fans.
This behavior isn't anything new to my dad, as ten years ago he cheated on my mother (mid 40s, F) with the same woman. My parents separated and by criminalizing my mother for being a medical marijuana user, my dad got primary custody, with my mother getting weekends. Fast forward a year and they got back together, not legally, but still together.
My sister first told me, then later my mom, who confronted my dad, crying, while his only lame excuse being that "it's just porn", he just thinks everyone in the house is being a dick to him.
This is hurting my mom more than I can imagine, doubly so because it's hurting both me and my sister, and my mom feels all the more worse that we're so anguished by it. She doesn't have anyone to go to because she doesn't want to come to me or my sister out of aversion to making us feel worse, and she doesn't have the freedom to run away like ten years ago.
I don't know what to do, I'm so furious with my dad and I want to do anything I can to make things better for my mom, she only has a few years left due to her Vascular EDS, and the last thing she needs is the person she loves the most hurting her so badly
Idk how to end this, thank you all for any advice
TLDR: Dad pseudo cheated on my mom with his ex's OF and it's hurting the whole family
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2023.06.09 05:27 Kathiravan_JLR KZ LINLONG – UNEXPECTED WONDER

Linlong, the ultra budget offering from the house of KZ is an excellent all rounder in this price segment. KZ really nailed this time with the Linlong even starting from the package where instead of giving a conventional type of cardboard boxes for the contents, they provided a nice hard case storage box in which all the contents are packed. This is definitely a praise worthy act from the KZ and hope they continue it in their next releases too. The earphone itself is completely made out of metal which makes them premium and sturdier, however the cable is fixed.
The Linlong adopts a XUN-6 Dynamic Driver in it thus sounding open and transparent which is pretty unusual from the KZ but they did it this time in a well fashioned way. The timbre and tone is organic making them sound more natural and realistic. The more concentration here is towards the sub bass which sounds fantastic for the price and in fact it's one of the cleanest bass responses I have seen in this price segment. The mid bass has warmth but not overly done making them sound more clean and well separated.
The mid range has an engaging presence with a good amount of detail retrieval. Both the upper and lower mid section are concentrated equally. The vocals are placed in a pleasing position and the organic tone makes them sound richer. The sibilance is kept under control and even while playing harsh tracks the earphones tend to smoothen them out elegantly.
The treble feels open, airy and detailed enough, thanks to the open back design. Has adequate brightness hence the percussion instruments to sound upfront and clear. The technical aspects are above average for the price and the staging and layering tends to be the superior aspects.
Overall, the Linlong is a solid earphone and a blind recommendation to anyone looking for an absolute value for money earphone in the budget range. After seeing tons of earphones with KZ’s usual V shaped sibilant prone tuning the Linlong feels like a fresh new package with a mature tuning overall. An UNEXPECTED WONDER from the house of KZ indeed!
Pros: Sub bass Authority and Clean Bass Organic Tone Wider Staging and Layering Open and Transparent Sound Design (Open Back) Value for Money (Practical storage case for simple bucks)
Cons: Fixed Cable Leaner Mid bass (Bass heads Gripe)
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There once lived an old couple who had an only daughter.
She was a beautiful girl, and was very much courted by the young men of the tribe, but she said that she preferred single life, and to all their heart-touching tales of deep affection for her she always had one answer.
That was "No."
One day this maiden fell ill and day after day grew worse.
All the best medicine men were called in, but their medicines were of no avail, and in two weeks from the day that she was taken ill she lay a corpse.
Of course there was great mourning in the camp.
They took her body several miles from camp and rolled it in fine robes and blankets, then they laid her on a scaffold which they had erected.
(This was the custom of burial among the Indians).
They placed four forked posts into the ground and then lashed strong poles lengthwise and across the ends and made a bed of willows and stout ash brush.
This scaffold was from five to seven feet from the ground.
After the funeral the parents gave away all of their horses, fine robes and blankets and all of the belongings of the dead girl.
Then they cut their hair off close to their heads, and attired themselves in the poorest apparel they could secure.
When a year had passed the friends and relatives of the old couple tried in vain to have them set aside their mourning.
"You have mourned long enough," they would say.
"Put aside your mourning and try and enjoy a few more pleasures of this life while you live. You are both growing old and can't live very many more years, so make the best of your time."
The old couple would listen to their advice and then shake their heads and answer:
"We have nothing to live for.
Nothing we could join in would be any amusement to us, since we have lost the light of our lives."
So the old couple continued their mourning for their lost idol.
Two years had passed since the death of the beautiful girl, when one evening a hunter and his wife passed by the scaffold which held the dead girl.
They were on their return trip and were heavily loaded down with game, and therefore could not travel very fast.
About half a mile from the scaffold a clear spring burst forth from the side of a bank, and from this trickled a small stream of water, moistening the roots of the vegetation bordering its banks, and causing a growth of sweet green grass.
At this spring the hunter camped and tethering his horses, at once set about helping his wife to erect the small tepee which they carried for convenience in traveling.
When it became quite dark, the hunter's dogs set up a great barking and growling.
"Look out and see what the dogs are barking at," said the hunter to his wife.
She looked out through the door and then drew back saying:
"There is the figure of a woman advancing from the direction of the girl's scaffold."
"I expect it is the dead girl; let her come, and don't act as if you were afraid," said the hunter.
Soon they heard footsteps advancing and the steps ceased at the door.
Looking down at the lower part of the door the hunter noticed a pair of small moccasins, and knowing that it was the visitor, said:
"Whoever you are, come in and have something to eat."
At this invitation the figure came slowly in and sat down by the door with head covered and with a fine robe drawn tightly over the face.
The woman dished up a fine supper and placing it before the visitor, said: "Eat, my friend, you must be hungry."
The figure never moved, nor would it uncover to eat.
"Let us turn our back towards the door and our visitor may eat the food," said the hunter. So his wife turned her back towards the visitor and made herself very busy cleaning the small pieces of meat that were hanging to the back sinews of the deer which had been killed.
(This the Indians use as thread.)
The hunter, filling his pipe, turned away and smoked in silence.
Finally the dish was pushed back to the woman, who took it and after washing it, put it away.
The figure still sat at the door, not a sound coming from it, neither was it breathing.
The hunter at last said: "Are you the girl that was placed upon that scaffold two years ago?" It bowed its head two or three times in assent.
"Are you going to sleep here tonight; if you are, my wife will make down a bed for you."
The figure shook its head. "Are you going to come again tomorrow night to us?" It nodded assent.
For three nights in succession the figure visited the hunter's camp.
The third night the hunter noticed that the figure was breathing.
He saw one of the hands protruding from the robe.
The skin was perfectly black and was stuck fast to the bones of the hand.
On seeing this the hunter arose and going over to his medicine sack which hung on a pole, took down the sack and, opening it, took out some roots and mixing them with skunk oil and vermillion, said to the figure:
"If you will let us rub your face and hands with this medicine it will put new life into the skin and you will assume your complexion again and it will put flesh on you."
The figure assented and the hunter rubbed the medicine on her hands and face.
Then she arose and walked back to the scaffold.
The next day the hunter moved camp towards the home village.
That night he camped within a few miles of the village.
When night came, the dogs, as usual, set up a great barking, and looking out, the wife saw the girl approaching.
When the girl had entered and sat down, the hunter noticed that the girl did not keep her robe so closely together over her face.
When the wife gave her something to eat, the girl reached out and took the dish, thus exposing her hands, which they at once noticed were again natural.
After she had finished her meal, the hunter said: "Did my medicine help you?"
She nodded assent. "Do you want my medicine rubbed all over your body?"
Again she nodded. "I will mix enough to rub your entire body, and I will go outside and let my wife rub it on for you."
He mixed a good supply and going out left his wife to rub the girl.
When his wife had completed the task she called to her husband to come in, and when he came in he sat down and said to the girl:
"Tomorrow we will reach the village.
Do you want to go with us?"
She shook her head.
"Will you come again to our camp tomorrow night after we have camped in the village?" She nodded her head in assent.
"Then do you want to see your parents?" She nodded again, and arose and disappeared into the darkness.
Early the next morning the hunter broke camp and traveled far into the afternoon, when he arrived at the village.
He instructed his wife to go at once and inform the old couple of what had happened.
The wife did so and at sunset the old couple came to the hunter's tepee.
They were invited to enter and a fine supper was served them.
Soon after they had finished their supper the dogs of the camp set up a great barking.
"Now she is coming, so be brave and you will soon see your lost daughter," said the hunter. Hardly had he finished speaking when she entered the tent as natural as ever she was in life. Her parents clung to her and smothered her with kisses.
They wanted her to return home with them, but she would stay with the hunter who had brought her back to life, and she married him, becoming his second wife.
A short time after taking the girl for his wife, the hunter joined a war party and never returned, as he was killed on the battlefield.
A year after her husband's death she married again.
This husband was also killed by a band of enemies whom the warriors were pursuing for stealing some of their horses.
The third husband also met a similar fate to the first.
He was killed on the field of battle.
She was still a handsome woman at the time of the third husband's death, but never again married, as the men feared her, saying she was holy, and that any one who married her would be sure to be killed by the enemy.
So she took to doctoring the sick and gained the reputation of being the most skilled doctor in the nation.
She lived to a ripe old age and when she felt death approaching she had them take her to where she had rested once before, and crawling to the top of the newly erected scaffold, wrapped her blankets and robes about her, covered her face carefully, and fell into that sleep from which there is no more awakening.
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2023.06.09 05:24 Outrageous-Bee-1846 8 days of IQOS

So I started vaporizing tobacco, but it took <5mins to load the vaporizer and I'd only get 3 decent puffs. I did have a humidifier pack and kept it in a container in a bag with a small ripped hole and the pack. Took too long.
So I bought iqos having known about it as a Veev Club member. I had smoked a pack of cigarettes about three weeks prior and was using nicotine gum 4 mg (which I still use) and Veev mostly, but less often.
I had been using organic tobacco but found out in the curing process chemicals were added, so I looked up buying truly organic tobacco leaves and shredding it for my vaporizer. I might do this but am too lazy. So I got the iqos. Initially the first few days I had a brown mucus cough, just one which cleared but the throat remained sore.
I clean my two iqos approx every three uses and use the Auto-Clean once a day. Also, I find it hits better if the second light (last one) is used also don't always use it with two lights charged. Let the battery get lowish then charge don't constantly charge.
And if you want clouds... Get another vaporizer or you'll feel the sore throat; lighter quicker puffs with the inhale of a cigarette not the long inhale of a vaporizer I noticed it was the same cloud, with the latter having too hot of air causing irritation. Short quick puffs with 20-25 seconds in-between.
Well that's my 8 day conclusion. Thanks for listening.
Tip let the oven heat for a little bit and then slowly slide in the Heet. Haven't noticed a difference in flavor really with different Heets.
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2023.06.09 05:08 Due-Target1635 Car dies at stops and then usually will not start up again until it sits for 10 minutes to an hour

Dealing with a unique headache that I am hoping someone will be able to shed some light on. 2005 Toyota Camry 2.4 160k miles starts and runs fine, plenty of power, idles fine. Once every 20 miles or so, I come to a stop at a red light or stop sign and the car dies. Worse than that it stays dead. This is obviously not only a pain in the ass, its proving to be dangerous. Crank and crank and crank nothing. It decides to start again without issue between 10 minutes to an hour after letting it sit, and then will run and drive fine until it shuts off again. I killed the starter cranking and cranking, so there is a brand new one in there, the alternator is a year old, battery around a year and a half old with correct voltage and squeaky clean terminals. Plugs are pretty new but coils look kinda old (some genius glued them to the connectors), there is no apparent misfire either. Fuel pressure is high 40s psi running and low 40s with the motor off. Fuel pump and filter good then? As far as vacuum leaks go, i have yet to search thoroughly for one, but the car idles perfect, there are no clearly disconnected hoses anywhere, nor any associated noises. WTF why does this car keeping shutting down? I think my plan of action tomorrow will be: take battery to be tested (even tho new and with proper voltage) and if it passes take the alternator in and test that. It should still be warrantied. Something tells me it isn’t the battery or alternator though, and so I turn here. Please help!!
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2023.06.09 05:01 MYPRESSUREVESSEL Phenolic Resin Reactor Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor MY Petrochemi...

Phenolic Resin Reactor Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor MY Petrochemicals MY PETROCHEMICALS 008615720699140

Phenolic Resin Reactor Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor MY Petrochemicals MY PETROCHEMICALS 008615720699140
Phenolic Resin Reactor Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reactor MY Petrochemicals MY PETROCHEMICALS
Jiangsu Mingyan Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. can customize reaction gold and complete sets of synthesis equipment for various types of resins and emulsions for users according to customer requirements, mainly including: phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane, saturated resin, non-aqueous Saturated resin, paint equipment and synthesis equipment of various water-based emulsions. When we provide synthesis equipment and complete production lines, we will realize the temperature, pressure, monomer and additives according to the specific process requirements of users.
The automatic control of the addition time, according to different material characteristics and processes, select the appropriate heating, cooling and stirring methods to ensure effective control of the reaction process and achieve maximum conversion efficiency.
Synthetic raw material of unsaturated polyester
Diprotic Acid
The double bonds in the molecular chain of unsaturated polyester are composed of unsaturated di
Provided by cloud acid, in order to adjust the double bond density of polyester, a mixed acid component of unsaturated dibasic acid and saturated dibasic acid is used in the synthesis of futa and polyacid. The introduction of blood dibasic acid can reduce the knot quality of polyester and increase the compatibility with cross-linking monomer styrene.
Product features: 1. Vacuum feeding, safe and convenient; 2. The temperature control system is stable and reliable; 3. The automatic control system is accurately executed according to the process requirements:
  1. Main reaction
The kettle is made in strict accordance with the standard, safe and reliable.
The stirring device is driven by the power unit of the motor reducer, and the agitator (blade, anchor type, frame type, dispersing disc type and other stirring forms) rotates in a fixed direction: during the rotation process, the material is driven to rotate axially and radial rotation. The material in the reaction gold has both directional movement and circular movement, so there are several stirring forms such as shear stirring and diffusion stirring at the same time. It can effectively stir and mix materials quickly.
Scattering disc through high Running at a high speed, the material flows in a ring shape, generates a strong vortex, and descends to the bottom of the vortex in a spiral shape. Strong shear impact and friction are generated between particles to achieve rapid dispersion and dissolution. The stirring plate moves through the circle to generate better radial force, accelerate the material circulation and improve the dispersion efficiency.
The complete set of resin equipment is the key equipment for producing unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin and paint.
The complete set of equipment is converted from
The kettle is composed of vertical separation column, vertical condenser, horizontal condenser, water storage, oil overflow tank, high level tank, dilution tank, pipeline (dilution tank) vacuum unit, etc. The whole set of equipment and material contact parts are made of Made of stainless steel.
The main advantages of unsaturated resins:
•Quick cure at room temperature with no volatiles:
. Low viscosity, good impregnation:
, There are many curing methods, such as triggering cycle, UV curing, etc.:
. Good mechanical and electrical properties,
•Good chemical resistance:
. It can transmit light and be easy to color, and the outer layer can realize protection and decoration at the same time.
Versatility: Styrene is a versatile monomer that can be used to produce a wide range of plastics and synthetic materials.
Low Cost: Benzene, the primary raw material used in the production of styrene, is abundant and relatively low cost.
Lightweight and Durable: Styrene-based materials, such as polystyrene, are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for packaging and other applications.
Environmental Concerns: The production and disposal of styrene-based materials can have negative environmental impacts, including air and water pollution.
Health Risks: Styrene is a hazardous substance that can have negative health effects, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and cancer.
Flammable: Styrene is flammable and poses a fire risk if not stored and handled properly.
Common promoters of styrene include Benzoyl peroxide, tert butyl peroxide and dimethyl diisopropionyl oxide. These compounds can trigger the polymerization reaction of styrene monomers, promote the production of styrene, promote the use of promoters and initiators in combination, and initiate a series of promoter systems called initiation systems.
Curing molding of unsaturated polyester resin:
  1. Pre-curing stage
During the heating process of unsaturated polyester resin, substances such as curing agents and cocatalysts are usually added to cause crosslinking reactions. During this process, the molecular weight of the polymer gradually increases and some chemical bonds such as ester bonds are formed.
  1. Final curing stage
During the heating process, different degrees of crosslinking reactions begin, at which time the curing speed of the resin gradually accelerates and gradually forms a hardened layer until it is fully cured.
During the curing reaction, factors such as heating temperature, time and the type and content of curing agents and additives in the resin will affect the properties of the resin. Low curing temperatures or short curing times can reduce the content of crosslinkeds, resulting in poor polymer performance and vice versa. Therefore, in production practice, it is necessary to fully master the curing molding technology of unsaturated polyester resin and reasonably control the heating parameters to obtain good product performance.
Curing characteristics of unsaturated polyester resin: The curing characteristics of unsaturated polyester resin are mainly as follows:
Fast curing speed: Unsaturated polyester resins are characterized by fast curing because they can react quickly with reaction-able monomers. During the treatment, the curing speed can be adjusted by controlling parameters such as temperature, time and adding other curing aids.
High degree of curing: Unsaturated polyester resin can achieve high cross linking density after curing, so as to have excellent physical properties such as high strength, high hardness, chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
Dimensional stability after curing: During the curing process of unsaturated polyester resin, monomer polymerization can change the volume of the resin. However, after the polymer is formed, since the molecules of the resin have been consolidated, no more volume changes occur, thereby achieving dimensional stability of the material.
Easy to process: Unsaturated polyester resin can be cut, drilled, processed and molded by different processing methods, which can meet the production needs of various industrial products.
In short, unsaturated polyester resins are widely used because of their fast curing, high cross linking density, dimensional stability, and easy processing.

Call/Whatsapp: 008615720699140
E mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])


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2023.06.09 04:59 uhohpickledradish Can’t stop smelling/seeing my grandfather’s decomposing corpse. How to cope? (CW: Graphic, im sorry)

I (22F) found my grandfather deceased, face down, on the floor of his bedroom two days ago—June 6th.
My mom went into his den to say hello to him and ask him how he’s feeling as he had been having problems with his heart the past couple days & feeling light headed. He didn’t answer, and because she cannot see i got up from the kitchen table and went into his den to find nothing. He just wasn’t there. I texted him and asked him where he was, because he never leaves without saying goodbye to either of us OR without his phone.
I heard his phone go off and we both figured he had just gone to the bathroom, but when i called his name, he didn’t answer. I went into his room and barely made it three steps before i found him, lying face down in the corner of his bedroom. He was blue, i could see every vein in his body, and cold/clammy to the touch. I knew he was gone as soon as i walked in but my body couldn’t process what my mind already knew, and with my mother screaming and crying in the background after i told her to call 911 i just couldn’t think clearly.
I called 911 myself, trying to take control of the situation, and they told me to begin cpr. I had to get him on his back somehow, so i unfortunately had to drag him across the floor and rock him until i eventually got him on his side enough that i could roll him over. The entire time my knees were slipping in his urine, and it took me about 3-5 minutes to get him over. And when i did, he was so swollen and a deep, dark-blue that i couldn’t recognize him. He was unrecognizable, had dried blood on his face from where he fell, his mouth was open and frozen like he had been choking and couldn’t call for help. I stopped breathing, and began compressions, and the first push felt like i had pushed down on a bag full of chips. Just the full sensation of his crushing ribs against my hands turned my brain off and i think i did 40 compressions before i realized i had to breathe for him. But then i couldn’t, and i started crying but no tears would come out and i was just making noises that sounded like crying and pushing on his chest ad blood gurgled in his throat—staring at his blue face—because i couldn’t breathe for him.
It took police and the funeral home 5 hours to get his body out of his house. I had to retell the story about 8 times, all within view of his body just lying there in a pile of his blood and pee, while my mom was locked in her room wailing with our two dogs who had no idea wtf was going on.
When he was finally gone, physically at least, they left his blood and everything in his room, and i just couldn’t deal with the cleanup so i shut his door and tried to deal with everything as neighbors showed up and everyone comforted my mom and i tried to clean the house and take care of his dog etc. but i didn’t sleep, because every time i tried i’d see his face, and i just couldn’t. the following morning i went into his room to clean up what was left and when i opened the door i was smacked with the overwhelming smell of rot and i can’t get it out of my head. Everything smells like it; the lasagna the neighbors brought over, the bread, the chicken…i have no appetite, no desire to sleep…but if i don’t do any of these things it can trigger a seizure due to my epilepsy. I know it will take time to get over this, but i need help now. My mental and physical health are BOTH at risk and i don’t know what to do or how to cope.
I recently got a new therapist because the one i’ve been seeing since i was su*vidal as a child is taking a break due to family issues, but she’s fully booked until july. i know it’s only been about 3 days when i’m posting this, but i am losing my mind.
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2023.06.09 04:58 azrael201 DF83 stalls when grinding dark beans on coarse

It has been working great for expresso the month I've had it and tonight I just wanted to run a bag of Costco mayorga beans through for drip. I've ran coarse before a few times but tonight it just choked after maybe 30g. I cleaned it out and still wouldn't run. Then I had to run it with the lid barely on before it blew out a mess of grinds. I cleaned it again and made sure it was cleared. Then ran the same beans again on coarse and it choked after a second or two.
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2023.06.09 04:57 dewindy8 Complementary Serums / Ingredients fot Tret?

I was prescribed Tret, and a mix of Benzoyl Peroxide + Clindamicyn. Would it be too much for me to add OTC Azelaic Acid? Have people tried this combination? Or are there different ingredients you'd suggest to complement tret? I'm making slow and steady progress, but still breaking out in CC's, and texture is not gone yet. I'm exactly on the two month mark.
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2023.06.09 04:55 GalaxiGazer This letter is brought to you by Cheetos, because this is dangerously cheesy

Dear you,
I think we're both getting hungry (lunch for you, dinner for me) so I'm sticking with the title.
Before I get into the meat-and-potatoes of this letter, I want to give you a little backstory: today was supposed to have been my day of returning back to my old place in order to finish clearing out the rest of my stuff, so I can finish cleaning and prepping it for final inspection before turning in my keys. Supposed to be. My plans for today were changed unexpectedly yesterday, when my body was screaming for rest and my mind reasoned that, since I'll be getting my car worked on this upcoming Saturday, I can use that time with my car in the shop to get cleaning done. I will admit today that I kept negotiating with the universe, but I'm glad that I had acquiesced in the end. Otherwise, I would not have "sent" you this letter.
Earlier today, I wanted to send you a letter requesting something to the effect of, "Please let me know that I am on your mind and that you are thinking of me." I eventually decided against it, and let the universe provide that to me instead. I'm very glad that I did!!
There were a couple of household items that needed to be restocked immediately, so I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. As I parked my car, this (, 27 seconds in) started to play. Now, while I do cherish those sweet memories of seeing George Lopez and his family slowly and gracefully jumping up in the air, I thought back to *that* night back in October 2020 (and IIRC, this was actually the first song from your selected playlist). I had a big smile on my face as I remembered hanging out with you and that I am looking forward to one day being able to hang out with you again (and, unlike October 2020, there won't be those same restrictions in place, so we'll have more freedom).
Then, I walk into the store and grab the first set of items. This time, I'm thinking back to Peter Pan. Remember Skull Rock? I thought of you. I look forward to watching this with you, and seeing how animated you are as you (try to) memorize and recite every single one of Captain Hook's lines, including my favorite, "And just what do you think you are doing, Mr. Smee?" (yes, we'll even follow it up with Hook. I haven't forgotten, Rufio).
I was perfectly content with what I had gotten so far, but the universe was not finished with me. As I was checking out my items, I heard this ( A smile was already creeping as I finished checking out, but I couldn't help myself as I turned towards the exit and seeing shelves of packaged fireworks as she exclaimed, "Baby, you're a firework!" If you and I happen to be watching Skylark's live interview that had the world watching, don't be surprised if I start cracking up like a mofo. I'm warning you ahead of time! ROTFLMAO
Thinking that I was finally done, I head out the exit and I quickly lay my eyes on this guy who looked just like Rick Astley. He had given me a very weird look on his face. For a brief second or two, I had expected him to stop me so he could break out into his signature dance and serenade me, "We've known each other for so long ..." I mean, I'm already laughing when I hear that song anyway, now I've got a new memory to add to it. Thank you for that!!!
Okay, now here's where it gets dangerously cheesy ...
As I was calming down from my adventure and spending my last seven minutes on the road for today, this ( started to play and it carried me home.
Aside from the fact that I grew up to this timeless classic, I've spent many years wondering what it is that they were talking about. With all the stupid idiots I got involved with previous relationships that I've grown up from, I had wanted this type of love but never could. Even with each of my legal relationships with little boys who never wanted to grow up my ex-husbands, I had never experienced this. There were also times when I'd listen to this song and read all the comments on YouTube, everything from "This is going to be my wedding song" to "I'll never forget the look in my bride's eyes as we danced for the first time as husband and wife to this song during our wedding, that summer day in June 1989. We're still married to this day". I was happy for them but I couldn't understand or relate. Well, now it's my turn ... June 8, 2023.
I'll do one better: many years from now, our eldest daughter B.L., her sisters and I will be at our house the night before her wedding day. After spending the evening playing around with different hair styles and makeup tricks as a rehearsal for tomorrow, watching funny chick flicks, and retelling stories of her many mistakes she's made on her own with guys ("You remember Mark?" "Oh, that guy with that gross tattoo?" "Yeah, he broke up with you by peeing in the snow!" "Sheesh, I'm glad you didn't end up with him!" LOL). Things will get quiet as I softly brush her hair, and she'll ask me, "Mom, how did you know that dad was the one?" That very same smile will creep back to me, and I will tell her the many stories that I had been saving for this moment. But, as I retell this one, I'll add: "Yes, even while I was circling around my apartment complex before parking my car, I was listening to that song and I just knew that I would end up marrying your father. I knew that I was making the right decision because the idea of being with him and spending the rest of my life with him brought me peace, such calm, and a strong sense of anticipation. I never had that with any other guy. That's how I knew, that one summer day back in June 2023." I'm excited about telling her one day!
Turns out, that the reason why I had not experienced that song with anyone else was because the universe was saving that experience for you, for me to enjoy at the right time. Your boots haven't touched down on American soil yet, but already I'm experiencing the blessing of having waited. And if this is my experience now, I can only imagine what you're like when you're here! I'm glad that you're the first one that I get to think of when I hear that song, getting excited and joyful looking forward to when you and I can officially start our life together and build our family.
You are the perfect one for me, and you forever will be. I will love you so, for always.
~ Me
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2023.06.09 04:49 lemonade_ Sponge dissolved under the sink

Here is a picture of it, it’s a brand new sponge that fell out of the bag. Does anyone know what could have dissolved it like this? The non dissolved half looks wet because I put it under water before I saw it was dissolved.
Under the sink on the side the sponge was on we have borax, peroxide, cleaning vinegar, barkeepers friend. On the other side under the sink (farther from the sponge) we have bleach and Fabuloso. Nothing looks spilled, but I guess if a little spilled out of something the sponge might have absorbed it?
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2023.06.09 04:48 SchnootFarms Does this look like eczema on my cheeks?

Does this look like eczema on my cheeks?
30/F/Northeast US
I have seen a dermatologist for years. I used to get painful, cystic acne, but I went on spironolactone a number of years ago, which took care of that. I had these patches initially when I went on the spironolactone, a number of years ago, and they cleared up within 6 or so months on it. However, the last year, these have come back, and are persistent. They never really go away, except maybe fade a bit for a week or so, and then flare up again. When they flare up, I get whiteheads inside the patches. I have talked to my dermatologist and I almost feel like they don’t even see them. They tell me my skin looks great and to stay on the spironolactone and check in 6 months. I get eczema on other parts of my body, and last night I tried the eczema cream on the splotches on my cheek. They seemed to have gone down. However, these patches on my cheeks are never itchy, like I have typically known eczema to be. Can eczema on the face present like this? I change out my pillowcases when I do laundry regularly and clean my phone screen.
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2023.06.09 04:23 lovethehorsepics [Title]

We can just start there. The wake up call. But you're already gone. A wisp, a faint murmur of love lost, you've extinguished the flame with your fingertips. Touch, and sight, and sound - these were never an option for us, every interaction governed by the weight of our words. Every tick of the clock, like clockwork, you are on my mind. Minutes pass... you've lived here for centuries now, I just couldn't see you clearly. A clean lens, sharpen and focus, the aperture widens, then...
Captured, locked inside my thoughts for eternity. A memento mori for the death of a love that would never be. Yes, dear, I'm oddly sentimental, so I can't just let it go. I build my scrapbook, and you burn the past to the ground. Polar opposites.
I can survive without you, but I'd rather thrive with you.
Please come back. I already miss you.
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2023.06.09 04:09 absz [YAVP]×28: Polytheist greaterplayer in 28 wins out of 933 games (the fewest possible wins)

I achieved polytheist greaterplayer status in 933 games, taking the minimal number of wins possible (28) by never repeating a background, god, or species unless necessary. You can check out my score page and stats page at the usual places; alternatively (especially if you’re reading this from the future), you can check out my grid or list of wins, also available in a score PDF or stats PDF if you’d rather. (Why did this take 28 wins and not 27, you ask? 0.30, with Armataurs and Reavers, came out while I was playing 0.29, but I’d already won a Palentonga Abyssal Knight!)
You can also find this post at, in preparation for the upcoming subreddit blackout protest action (solidarity!).
I started playing DCSS just about two years ago (July 31, 2021), although I’d played a bunch of NetHack and some Brogue before. I insisted on my first win being a DEWz^Sif, because dammit, I wanted to win as a caster, and those were the three casteriest choices! (My first NetHack ascension was a Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha, back in the day.) In retrospect: wow, what a choice. It took me 109 games of trying over a month and a half, but I got that first win!
I then decided I wanted to try something totally different, so I went with a FoFi^Qaz – I loved the sound of a shield plus an executioner’s axe. Again, in retrospect: a Formicid of Qazlal‽ But it only took me 4 games over 4 days to get my second win. (Only had a battleaxe, in the end.)
Around here I committed to the idea of going for polytheist greaterplayer in the minimal number of games, and started to work out my list of characters. One thing I decided on early was that I was going to delay the canonical “easy characters” for new players as late as possible, to… well, to show off, I guess, let’s be honest. So I put DrCj^Veh and MiBe^Trog at 24 and 25 on my list, respectively. Other than that, I let myself play what I wanted, repeating characters until I won, and occasionally tweaking the list. I played on stable, since the thought of a game breaking out from under me on trunk was unappealing. By sheer chance, my very first game from above was the day after the release of 0.27; it took me until after the release of 0.30 to complete my goal.
I really like DCSS. I absolutely love the spellcasting; the different spells feel interesting to cast, and meaningfully different from each other. Casting Maxwell’s Capacitive Coupling is different from Shatter is different from Polar Vortex – or, at lower levels, Foxfire is different from Magic Dart is different from Freeze. The weapon abilities, armor and weapon brands, and random and fixed artifacts all come together for a really dynamic equipment game, too. I think the skilling system is neat but really hard to get a handle on; there’s a high skill ceiling there. On a more meta-level, I really appreciate the philosophy of Crawl, particularly around a lack of grinding. The only downside is how much the game fills my head even when I’m not playing; it’s fun, but potentially a little bit all-consuming.
A couple of spell opinions: if I find Olgreb’s Toxic Radiance early, I’ll try to retool almost any character who plausibly could to cast it; it nukes everything, and means I can hit Orc before Lair. Plus, it trivializes (the offensive part of) Spider and to an extent Shoals. And that’s all without adding in Ignite Poison! Mid- to late-game, I think Yara’s Violent Unravelling is one of the strongest spells available. It cleans up against summoners, so no sudden Tzitzimimeh or Brimstone Fiends or Neqoxecs from your neighborhood demonologists; it dispels scary buffs like haste and might; and it cancels dangerous spells like, in particular, ironbound convokers’ Word of Recall. And it does all this by turning enemies into bombs! What’s not to love? It’s worth going out of your way for, IMO.
I definitely (as one would hope!) improved over the course of this journey. I found myself regularly going for 4 or 5 runes (I got much less scared of Abyss over time, though I still default to Vaults:5 or Slime for my 3rd) and the Vestibule of Hell, though that’s partly because I always like getting stronger characters and seeing what they can do. I learned that I should refine my skilling down to my actual goals, and sometimes even managed to actually do that. By the same token, I’ve at least started to learn to embrace using my consumables. And I just got better at tactics; some of these I got to bring in from NetHack, but others were different (e.g., NetHack’s doors restrict you to 4-way movement, and you can only shoot in the 8 cardinal directions).
What’s next for me with DCSS? Well, I’ll maybe take a bit of a break, but my official score page doesn’t know that Arcane Marksmen were renamed to Hexslingers, so it looks like I’m missing that… and it has an empty column for skald for some reason, so maybe I should fill that in… and while I’m back there, I never did play a deep dwarf or a centaur or… oh hey, the stats page records that I’ve only won 1 draconian color towards Tiamat…. Or I suppose I could just play some games for fun, but hey, where’s the fun in that? :-)
Major thanks to this subreddit, the wiki (so glad it’s back!), the learndb and the knowledge bots, listgame and Sequell, and the #crawl IRC channel for being incredibly valuable resources for learning about DCSS. And my profound gratitude to the Devteam for putting together an incredible game and continuing the development in the open (I lurk #crawl-dev sometimes), and Linley Henzell for writing the original Crawl back in the day.
Here are a few thoughts on my 933-game, 28-win journey, character by character, for anybody who’s interested in some of the details.
  1. DEWz^Sif, 3 runes (109 games). So much floundering, so many bad branch orders, so much confusion about skilling! I was very much learning the game during this – at one point, I said “I think my short sword with rF+ and MP+ is better than a +6 quick blade”. Still, despite everything, I got Shatter castable in my winning game, and that can’t have hurt :-)
  2. FoFi^Qaz, 4 runes (4 games). Things improved pretty fast! This only took me four tries, and I snagged both the silver (for the first time) and slimy runes.
  3. GhEE^Yred, 3 runes (46 games). As of this writing, I hold the only online win for a GhEE^Yred, and I see why. I thought, oh, ghouls have okay earth aptitudes, undead fit with Yredelemnul… nope. It took me until playing demigods (my 27th win) to really understand how important stats are.
  4. SpEn^Wu, 4 runes (30 games). This was fun! Dart, dart, lunge, stab, kaboom! After losing two games here, I put DCSS down for almost a year, and came back to 0.29 (having skipped 0.28 entirely). It also featured my one departure from my rigid plan – I found an early Jiyva altar in a Sewer once, and decided to roll with it (before dying).
  5. PaAK^Lu, 5 runes (4 games). Knowing that Palentongas and Abyssal Knights were being removed, I wanted to get a game in with them. Conveniently, I’d already planned on playing a PaAK. It was so different – I’d gotten so used to running away!
  6. FeSu^OneiGozag>Jiyva, 15 runes (2 games). I saw oneirical’s guide/s and was just so tempted, so I rejiggered my list to fit it in. What a blast! The guide was good enough that this only took me two tries, and that was for my very first time in extended (beyond the Vestibule of Hell), a ziggurat (which I completed!) or even the Crypt! Thanks, oneirical!
  7. OgGl^Oka, 3 runes (137 games). I don’t know why I found this so hard – harder even than my DEWz when learning the game! The thinking was: go Okawaru, get a great artifact giant spiked club from them, get a bunch of large rocks from them, Hulk smash. I didn’t get that GSC, but I did smash things with a great mace they gave me and a GSC that I enchanted myself.
  8. NaVM^Chei, 4 runes (10 games). Olgreb’s Toxic Radiance my beloved. I found the woodcutter’s axe on D:5 in the hands of a gnoll bouda in a vault, and it almost killed me (6673 D:5 HP: 3/70 [gnoll bouda/the +3 woodcutter's axe {vorpal} (1)]), but I used it for the rest of the game – it’s an awesome find on a spellcaster, I never put a single skill point into Axes.
  9. HOMo^Beogh, 4 runes (27 games). My first time playing skill-target games to get a title – I wanted to be a Messiah, so I targeted Fighting at 26.9 while letting Invocations hit 27 (and dipped into a ziggurat to get my piety back up after Z:5).
  10. DjFE^Makh, 15 runes (41 games). I really like Djinn. You can cast so much! I had the Elemental Staff, which was great fun; Iron Shot + Chain Lightning is a great pair of spells, too. After I realized how much I could cast, I made it a point not to make any physical attacks – in the end, I only made three mêlée attacks all game, and they were all accidental (and no throwing at all). This character just felt super strong, so after finishing Zot I decided to take my first unguided journey into extended, and ended up completing two ziggurats after getting all my runes. (Lom Lobon was scary, though – I had multiple close calls and used a ton of scrolls of blinking.)
  11. VSWr^Usk, 8 runes (43 games). I’m proud of this game for being one where (1) I realized I could go into extended, but (2) I realized that discretion was the better part of valor and left early after exiting a ziggurat with single-digit HP from a mummy floor. I used an artifact spear of speed all game because I found it early and it was fast enough to capitalize on my bite, but I think that was a mistake and I should’ve gone to/back to short blades to get the stabbing bonus (never found a quick blade, though). On the upside, I found a potion of experience in a bailey in my winning game, only to discover I was already carrying two others! I made the tactical error of Grand Finale-ing the Royal Jelly, and then almost dying to engulfment by quicksilver oozes.
  12. TeAE^Zin, 5 runes (5 games). Since I was worshiping Zin I wanted to go to Hell, but this character didn’t feel strong enough. Otherwise, not terribly remarkable. I did pick up Wyrmbane in Depths, which was a good time, as I was barely doing any physical combat before that.
  13. BaAM^Hep, 5 runes (1 game!). My only one-and-won and consequently (due to my play-one-character-repeatedly approach) my only streak! Barachi, Hexslinger (formerly Arcane Marksman), and Hepliaklqana all seem to be really strong together. And it didn’t hurt that I bought Zephyr in a shop in Snake; that thing is nuts. I did a little bit of a ziggurat before Zot:5, but decided to take the 5-rune win rather than get cocky.
  14. MfIE^TSO, 15 runes (43 games). At first, a Mf^TSO was where I was planning to do extended for the first (and only?) time; thanks to oneirical, I learned I needn’t be so scared. Still, I decided I was going to take this character all the way; I wanted to play with one of TSO’s holy weapons! So… I died to Gloorx Vloq due to lethal poison. But eventually I made it! I got to use both a eudemon blade from The Shining One and the trishula “Condemnation”, so really taking advantage of all the Merfolk aptitudes. I even cleared a ziggurat! Other highlights include accidentally clearing Slime without rCorr (it was only on an artifact weapon, and I forgot I wasn’t using it until after dispatching TRJ) and realizing in a ziggurat that a potion of attraction + Cleansing Flame can actually recover you a lot of health as a worshiper of TSO against smiters/damnationers/tormenters who are trying to keep their distance.
  15. MuNe^Ash, 5* runes (20 games). My winning game got one extended rune – icy, from Cocytus (in addition to silver, slimy, barnacled, and serpentine). It didn’t seem to me like Mummies were as hard as people say, but that might be because Ashenzari is as good as people say. I had a very frustrating death where I tried to take advantage of being undead to clear some of Tomb:1 but misremembered how far in I could go – and this in a game where I forgot to do Vaults:1–4 and went straight to Depths, and cleared it! My winning game, I went back and revenged myself on the safe part of Tomb:1, at least. I also killed Mennas and dipped into a ziggurat. I was surprised how good Haunt was; I took it as a lesson in the danger of being surrounded.
  16. KoDe^Dith, 5 runes (16 games). It’s amazing how good an early stab on a red enemy as a Delver feels, as you rocket up in XP. I hit #********* stealth before picking up the orb.
  17. HuCA^Ignis, 3 runes (23 games). I know it’s not “intended”, but I had to keep Ignis for polytheist. That meant I underused their abilities, since I was nervous about running out. In my winning run, Wyrmbane was graciously donated by Maggie on D:8, and I dropped axes like a hot potato. Obnoxiously, though, the very first gloves to spawn were the Mad Mage’s Maulers on Shoals:4.
  18. VpBr^Kiku, 5 runes (32 games). I definitely preferred to be bloodless; the benefits seem really strong. Not much else to say here.
  19. MeAr^Ely, 3 runes (18 games). I was not looking forward to this; I play slooooowly. But it was more fun than I expected! Elyvilon is great, and not just in 0.29 for Meteorans where you can use them to get rid of your Zot clock drain (a synergy I opted into accidentally). Smite-targeted “Heal Other” to OHKO enemies? Amazing. And Meteoran aptitudes are great! Still, not planning to do this again any time soon. Also I’m kicking myself for missing an enchant weapon scroll that would’ve let me bring my lajatang up to +9. How do people take Meteorans into extended? I felt like I was running out of Zot clock so often!
  20. GnWn^Nem, 5 runes (6 games). I got to be a hybrid tank casting 5th and 6th level spells in crystal plate, what’s not to love? Also vampiric axes are incredible. Nemelex wasn’t too shabby either. Unfortunately, I really wanted to rescue Crazy Yiuf this run, but I wasn’t thinking and killed him with Manifold Assault trying to get a balrug while standing on the exit.
  21. GrCK^Xom, 10 runes (48 games). The Xom-meister! Another run I wasn’t looking forward to (I had this and Meteoran classed as “Miserable” in my planning document), so I paired it with a powerful species. I got a bit cocky and wanted to try extended runes with Xom due to some great equipment, so of course I died in Pandemonium with 7 runes on game 6 (I hadn’t noticed that I could read scrolls again). But I did eventually win with a ziggurat and the 5 Pan runes; I tried Cocytus, escaped a hairy situation, and decided enough was enough with Xom. Extended runes with Xom! I’m proud of that, but no more Xom for me, thanks.
  22. OpTm^Gozag, 15 runes (9 games). After oneirical’s guide, I sort of figured this character would do 15 runes. And boy howdy did it. (Plus a ziggurat!) Dragon Form was strong early, Storm Form and Necromutation were naturally stronger later. (This might be the run where I forgot how to do extended without Necromutation, actually.) And Bribe Branch is bonkers strong; Zot:5 and Tomb were so chill. Bonus: the Octopode lich tile is so cute! Thank you, sastreii!
  23. DsHu^Fedhas, 5 runes (66 games). Some sloppy play made this take so many games. (What early-me would’ve said to calling this “so many”!) Fedhas seems quite good, although in retrospect going ranged with Demonspawn means your body mutations feel pretty pointless unless you get antennae… which I did in my winning game, so that’s nice :-) Overgrow is neat; I was able to crack into the Zot lungs, but I sadly didn’t get a Gauntlet so I couldn’t sequence-break it.
  24. DrCj^Veh, 15 runes (5 games). As I mentioned, I deliberately put off the canonical “easy characters” as late as I could. So here was a (grey) DrCj^Veh, the magic character that, in retrospect, maybe I should’ve started with. (I think renaming “Wizard” to “Hedge Wizard” plus changing the abbreviation was a good call.) Okay, so taking it into extended and completing a Ziggurat isn’t a starting-character approach! Shatter remains great, but I feel like Fire Storm is overrated? I got to use the Elemental Staff again, which is always a treat!
  25. MiBe^Trog, 3 runes (4 games). Ah, the classic starting character. This is as late as I could put it: 25th, the final background. (After this, I had to repeat something until the release of 0.30, but that happened later.) What is there to say? I acquired “the +9 executioner's axe "Cusuarph" {vorpal, rC+ Dex+4}” in a Bailey on turn 10129, basically stapled it to my hands almost immediately (it hit mindelay mid-Lair), and then threw on some crystal plate I found in Elf:3. Grandplayer complete!
  26. TrGl^Ru, 4 runes (19 games). Now I was into repeats! I found this character challenging, but Ru is really strong. I lost a character with the scales of the Dragon King and the shield of the gong in Slime after clearing Vaults, which was more than a bit tragic, but my winning game found mundane gold dragon scales on D:7 so it worked out. I sacrificed Arcana (Earth, Hexes, and Necromancy, not that it mattered), Nimbleness, Stealth, Artifice, and Drink, which worked out. Polytheist complete! (Unless that includes atheist.)
  27. DgHW, 15 runes (153 games). I decided I wanted to close out the 0.29 list with a Hedge Wizard, coming back to where I started. Then. That took. Forever. The most games of any combo. 0.30 came out while I was working on this character! Admittedly, I lost six different Demigods in extended that I could’ve taken to a 3–5-rune win. (Fuck Dis, fuck Ziggurats.) My first extended loss was after a much more reasonable 23 games (and I claim partly due to lag – I hit Xkk to examine a panlord while at lowish health, the game missed the X, and… not that I would necessarily have survived anyway, but still). After 30 games, the 0.30 tournament started, and although Call Imp got a lot better, I didn’t get a single win during the tourney as I kept brute-forcing extended (but did get the combo high score, somehow). I finally won, using Chain Lightning and very aggressive casting of Maxwell’s Capacitive Coupling. I tried to do a ziggurat after Dis but before Tartarus (!) of all places, and while I found the Necromutation I was looking for, I had to bail. After Tomb, I decided I really wanted the ziggurat completion, and tried again – I had to run through most of the final floors, but I got out! And finally rescued Crazy Yiuf, to boot! If you require atheist, then now it was polytheist complete!
  28. AtRe^faded altar Jiyva, 4 runes (12 games). Now that 0.30 was out, I had Armataurs and Reavers to win. So, like everybody else, I played a bunch of AtRes. I went for a faded altar when I could, since I hadn’t done that yet. My first game? Xom. It actually went pretty well, though, despite the eventual death (after conversion to Cheibriados). My eventual win was with a faded altar Jiyva from D:3, and while the loss of consumables wasn’t great, you hit max piety fast. I definitely underused their abilities, particularly later. But I made it out. And with that: greaterplayer complete!!
If you really did make it all the way down here, thanks for reading everything! I really like Crawl, but don’t have a ton of folks I know in my daily life who play/ed it, so it’s nice to share with a community who knows what I’m talking about :-)
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2023.06.09 04:04 Fluffy_Maintenance_5 [Landlord-US-FL] returning security deposit-trying to be fair and legal

Hello. I am a landlord and trying to figure out what is legal and FAIR to deduct from the security deposit. When my tenant moved in to the house it was professionally cleaned. When I went in for the inspection (5 days late because they asked for extra time and I agreed to 5 days) the house smelled like cigarette smoke and the carpet smelled like dog pee. There was trash in the backyard and trash that did not fit in the trash can as well as in the refrigerator. (I have photos of all of this). They parked on my covered back porch (which is clearly not for parking) and there are oil stains on the pavement. The house was relatively clean but not move in ready. (I do not mind whatsoever to do a couple hours of cleaning and not charge for it). I am really not wanting to charge them for the new carpets that I possibly need because they are old carpets. I am considering charging them for a carpet steam job but not even necessarily wanting to go that far. Like I said, I am trying to be fair and legal. I spent several hours of my own time scrubbing the back porch, cleaning the floors, refrigerator, oven, fans and general deep clean things. The lease said the house needs to be in the condition it was on move in day. (Professionally cleaned). I truly would not have cared about my time in doing so. I had many of my own cleaning supplies, I only purchased extra supplies because I thought it would help with the cigarette smell and oil stains on the back porch. Below are a list of things I am considering deducting from the deposit.
- $90 for the cleaning supplies I purchased to cover the smell of dog pee, cigarette smoke, and the oil on the covered back porch. (I have a receipt). This is not including the cleaning supplies I purchased to make it move in ready. As I said, I am not worried about that.
-$100 for trash removal. I had a car load of trash that I had to remove and take to the dump. This was trash left in the yard and trash that was incorrectly placed in the trash can. When the trash collector came it was not all collected because of it not fitting in the cans.
-5 days of prorated rent for staying 5 days passed when the lease ends. When I agreed to allow them to stay the extra 5 days I was not planning on charging, however this was never discussed. The reason I am thinking of charging them for it is because I am almost certain the carpets need to be replaced, as the smell of dog pee and cigarettes is terrible. This will go towards that cost but most certainly will not come near covering the cost.
-$200 pet fee. In the lease it states there is a $200 non refundable pet fee for each pet. They had 2 dogs and only paid a $200 pet fee. I figured this extra $200 for the 2nd dog that they did not pay for would cover the cost of a steam job. I do believe that I will have to replace the carpet instead. However, I am trying to be fair because the carpet is old and I do not think its fair they purchase brand new carpet and I come out on top.
This is a total of $700. I just wanted to hear some opinions to make sure that I am being fair and legal. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.09 04:04 xRilae Just ranting. So hard to feel things just out of your grasp...

Just ranting. My youngerish (73) and very physically healthy Aunt is in hospice for Alzheimer's. Essentially checked herself into a geri-psych (we needed to get the recent outbursts/halicinations under control so she could move to a memory care facility), and she left 5 weeks later on a gurney doped up on morphine and moved to hospice, with "maybe 2 weeks." It felt like getting hit in the face with a sack of bricks. It's been 3 weeks, and things are still pretty status quo. She's fell out of bed twice trying to get up but because shes so physically healthy, wasn't injured at all. (She's at hospice in the memory care room we were expecting to be spending time in, and memory care places cannot put rails on the bed, as it's considered a restraint. There is at least someone here 24/7 with her to watch during the day, then at night we move the bed against the wall and my Mom moved the other other bed up against it to prevent this. The first time was the middle of the night and she'd beed largely comatose with the morphine so quite a shock. The 2nd time was after she was flipped and the other bed had to be moved, but we had an arm chair there but it wasn't enough).
Anyways, she asks for water, not so much for food, but if offered she did enjoy some yogurt and such but hospice said that just prolongs things. It's just so frustrating for someone so physically healthy to, what is essentially, starve them to death. I realize it's not the same and you have risks for aspiration and pneumonia (she had not yet shown any dysphagia though). Especially because even though she may not communicate super clearly, it's still "her." She didn't turn mean or lose her kind personality. Even until recently, she enjoyed traveling - would not remember it, but could enjoy being in the moment. I don't know if she knows mine, my Mom's, or my Uncle's names, but I believe there is a level of recognition. She will reach up for hugs, kisses, etc. She never once asked who I was, but did refer to me with my nickname and the tone of voice she always used for me in person as recently as January, and on the phone while she was in the geri-psych. With all the morphine now, no way to know.
I'm well aware there's a level of selfishness on my end. I have heard it many times, the "die with dignity and grace." I have been through this many times with other relatives, but in most cases it was something like cancer where they made the decision to discontinue treatment, and physically, they looked sick. Their body has deteriorated and it was very clear what the right decision was.
I know there's no cure, or even seriously effective treatment. My hope so much was that she could stay stable in memory care, and something really useful in treating would come along in time.
Most frustrating is I spend hours poring over studies about potential helpful treatments. I found several interesting studies about exposure to low-dose radiation that showed improvement in quality of life for end-stage hospice patients with Alzheimer's. Because its just like a CAT scan, it's not invasive to the patient. Like damnit, why can't we just try it? Nothing to lose and all to gain. On the other hand, there are tests where they need to do a spinal tap every week or something, which would not be at all fair to put someone through. It's just so frustrating to think there's something that might help a little, to bridge the gap to a cure for someone who would have many quality years left, but it's just out of my grasp.
I can't help but feel that, sure, just keep doping up with morphine, that's easier. Again, I know it's selfish. When someone's on morphine, they don't appear in agony, which makes it even harder. The "what if's" don't go away. Where does reasonability end and selfishness begin? How do we really knows what's going on? Haven't done scans in at least several years.
This hell is something else.
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2023.06.09 04:01 Brief-Statement-2411 Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!
I was cleaning out my phone to clear up some memory and came across this old quik vidoe I did. Thought I would share it before I delete it.

jimihendrix #tamiyakingcab #radiocontrolcarmagazine

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2023.06.09 04:00 Brief-Statement-2411 Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!
I was cleaning out my phone to clear up some memory and came across this old quik vidoe I did. Thought I would share it before I delete it.

jimihendrix #tamiyakingcab #radiocontrolcarmagazine

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2023.06.09 03:59 Brief-Statement-2411 Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!

Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!
I was cleaning out my phone to clear up some memory and came across this old quik vidoe I did. Thought I would share it before I delete it.

jimihendrix #tamiyakingcab #radiocontrolcarmagazine

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2023.06.09 03:55 Melodia_Violin I've been involved in a neighbor war and I didn't even know it

So, my wife (29F) and myself (27F) have been living at our current apartment for little under two years now. The way our building is set up, it's a three floor building, divided into three sections, with six apartments and only one staircase in each section. We're on the top floor. This is somewhat important for later.
Back in November, we had new neighbors move in to the apartment directly below us: a husband (We'll call him John) and wife (We'll call her Jane), who was expecting their first kid soon, and their two dogs (a German Shepherd and a Chow). My wife and I have two dogs ourselves (a bloodhound mix and a Labrador mix), and these were the first neighbors in our section to have dogs too, so we were really excited, maybe our dogs could have some friends. However, I found out last week that these neighbors were essentially trying to sabotage me and my wife being able to live here by essentially filing a whole bunch of false complaints against us. And the thing is: we've only had five interactions with these neighbors. I'll include rough dates these happened so you can understand how sporadic these interactions were, too.
Interaction 1 - I ran into Jane while she was walking her dogs as I was getting ready to go to the store about two weeks after they moved in. We exchanged hellos, I got to meet her dogs, and it was just the typical "welcome to the apartment complex, good to finally meet you" kind of stuff
Interaction 2 - Happened around New Years' Eve 2022. As I was coming down the stairs to take my dogs out, Jane was just coming back up with her dogs. While the interaction definitely wasn't great, it definitely could have gone worse. My dogs did pull the leashes out of my hand, but all they did was essentially shoulder check her dogs and bark as a form of posturing, and thankfully no one got bit. She did call the office and file a report, and we all (landlady, the neighbors, and myself and wifey) agreed that my dogs will have mesh muzzles on whenever they're outside to limit how much they can open their mouths. These muzzles do not restrict the dogs' breathing in any way, shape, or form.
Interaction 3 - Happened in late Feb. Wifey and I were coming home from a date night where we went out to eat and went to Barnes & Noble to pick up the next book in the Heaven Official's Blessing series that wifey and I are both reading. When we got back, both John and Jane looked like they had just gotten home from taking their dogs for a drive, and the dogs were getting out of the car. This was my wife's first time really meeting them, so she stayed in the parking lot to say hi while I went ahead upstairs to put our dinner leftovers in the fridge and the book on the shelf. A few minutes later, she comes up cradling one of her hands. Their Chow actually did bite her, and her hand was bleeding! Thankfully, it was a small bite and we were able to clean it with first aid equipment that we had at home, and we were able to cover it with a regular band-aid. After making sure she was okay, I called the office to file a report of my own. This lead into:
Interaction 4 and 5 - Both happened on the same day. Number four happened the morning after the bite, where once again, Wifey, myself, the neighbors, and the Landlady (we'll call her Clara), all met in the leasing office to discuss the bite. While Jane did admit that she loosened her grip on the leash to let the dog approach, she actually had the audacity to try to ultimately blame Wifey for getting bit! Thankfully, Clara shut that down real quick and told Jane that it didn't matter if Wifey approached the dog or not; the fact remains that everyone was in the parking lot, a public area, and where the Chow bit Wifey would easily have been the face of a little kid. Clara put the same requirements that the Chow needed to wear a muzzle when outside and also demanded proof of vaccination for the Chow be sent from animal control. That night (interaction 5), Jane came up to our apartment and spoke to Wifey on the landing. I had just gotten off work, but I could hear them through the door. Jane was essentially saying the same things that she had said down at the office, still trying to shift blame onto Wifey. Wifey actually still tried to extend a hand of friendship, saying that while our dogs might not be friends, we could at least be acquaintances. From what I heard, Jane didn't seem to like that idea.
After the bite and the conversation at the office, we stayed behind to talk to Clara after John and Jane left. Clara said that after Interaction two, Jane had called the office four times in a row before I even got back into my apartment, claiming that my dogs were vicious and needed to be removed. Apparently, John had personally gone down to the office claiming that the German Shepherd had an injured leg due to my dogs, but Clara later saw Jane walking both dogs, and both were fine. Now, Clara has met our dogs, and she loves them. Both dogs love going to say hi to her, and they give hugs and kisses, which she loves, and she told us that she doubted what John had been saying the moment he came to complain. She also said that on multiple occasions, the Chow had full-on snarled at her when she wasn't even close, and told us that Jane knows that at least the Chow is actually vicious.
For the next few months, we all do our best to avoid one another. However, if I or Wifey was out with our dogs and the neighbors came back from an errand or something like that, they would lurk in their car until after we went back into out apartment. Even if we weren't anywhere near their car, they would just sit. Now, I admit, if I'm listening to a song that's almost over, I'll stay in my car for an extra minute or to let the song finish. But sometimes, we'd be out with our dogs for 10, 15, 20 minutes and John or Jane would STILL be in their car. I also caught Jane following us on some occasions, but she was always really far away, so I couldn't tell if she was actually following us or if she was just nervous if we would turn around before she got to our stairs.
Well, the neighbors were scheduled to move out at the very end of May. May 31st, and they have the UHaul truck. I was NOT sorry when I took the dogs out and saw them loading it during my lunch break (I've worked from home since the pandemic). However, at the end of the day, I ask Wifey to take the dogs out with me, and we see they have another UHaul, and they're unloading it BACK into the apartment! Jane followed us again during this walk, only this time, she was NOT subtle about it at all! She was right behind us for half of the walk, doesn't say a word to either of us, and while she is texting, she's regularly looking up and making eye contact with us, almost like she wants us to know she's following us. This happened at around 6pm, so it was still fairly light out. Later that night, at around 9:40, when it's very clearly dark, I took the dogs out again, by myself this time. Jane comes out of her apartment and says that lately, Wifey and I have been stomping on the floor and it comes through their ceiling and it's waking her up in the middle of the night (Wifey does have insomnia, so she is up late sometimes). Jane tried to gaslight me and say that she talked to me about it months ago, but the five interactions I mentioned earlier are the only ones we've ever had. She said that she had called Clara about it several times, and that if we continued stomping like that and waking her up, she was gonna call the cops. I agreed only to get her to go away, but as I thought about it, why in the world did she not bring this up when she was following us earlier in broad daylight and instead try to corner me alone when it's dark out? I also went back through my phone records, and the only missed call I have from the office was in March and was a callback regarding a maintenance request I had put in. All other calls in my phone to the office were ones I had made. Wifey didn't have any missed calls from the office, either.
The next morning, Clara calls me. The place that John and Jane were looking to move to ended up being a scam and they were hoping to cancel their early lease termination and move back in, since they had nowhere else to go. I tell Clara what happened with Jane the night before, and OH, BOY, does Clara have tea!!! Clara's assistant property manager (we'll call her Mary) is a personal friend of Jane! Those calls that Jane said she made to Clara about Wifey and I "stomping"? Were actually texts sent over Facebook Messenger directly to Mary! These do not count as noise complaints, since they weren't made through the office channels (either the office phone or email), and from what Mary confessed, John and Jane were planning to file a complaint against us for "excessive noise while we were moving out"... in the middle of the day! Clara thanked me for providing my side of the story, and informed me that, while she'd give them an extra week and a half to let them search for a legitimate place to move to, they would have to be out by a certain day and no more extensions.
John and Jane did not take that well! We happened to take our dogs outside when they were already out with their dogs? Call to the office, "Their dogs attacked ours!" We start doing dishes? Nope, we're "throwing around cookware, it's so loud; should we call the police to do a wellness check?" One of us takes a shower and a bottle falls due to the water? "Are they doing construction up there without approval?" The funniest one was they tried to call Clara to file a noise complaint while Clara was in our apartment with us monitoring another maintenance request being filled (we had to get work done on our tub, so yes, it was a bit loud)! Clara was an absolute gem during this whole time, shooting down each and every single one of their complaints for the bullshit that they are, sticking up for me and Wifey when corporate asked what was up with the deleted "complaints", and she kept me and Wifey informed during this last stretch of John and Jane's neighbor war.
As I'm writing this, I'm watching them pack their new UHaul. I feel such relief knowing that after this week, they're going to be out of our hair completely. Neighbor wars are exhausting, I don't know how Karens can handle this!!! This next part is sung to the tune of that song from The Sound of Music: So long! Farewell! Good riddance, stupid bitches!!
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2023.06.09 03:52 k_furnish Forward facing nostrils using 16g internally threaded 316L surgical steel labrets now crooked.

Forward facing nostrils using 16g internally threaded 316L surgical steel labrets now crooked.
I got two forward facing nostril piercings done back in march. Initially, I was happy with the placement and it was healing ok cleaning it with sterile saline once per day and antibacterial soap once per day (not my usual care but I was afraid for a face piercing to get infected). First photo is immediately after. Second photo is in mid April when I bumped/caught it on something three times in a week. Last photo is now. I was hoping after it healed from the trauma my right one would straighten back up, but it clearly hasn’t. My question is if my best/only option is to remove the one that’s lower and wait and get it redone? Is the other still placed ok? I will ask for flat jewelry in the future bc I do think the ball style made it difficult to protect.
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