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2022.11.10 02:54 puppysearchbot Missouri

columbiamo (sss)
columbiamo (pet)
columbiamo (pas)
joplin (sss)
joplin (pet)
joplin (pas)
kansascity (sss)
kansascity (pet)
kansascity (pas)
kirksville (sss)
kirksville (pet)
kirksville (pas)
loz (sss)
loz (pet)
loz (pas)
semo (sss)
semo (pet)
semo (pas)
springfield (sss)
springfield (pet)
springfield (pas)
stjoseph (sss)
stjoseph (pet)
stjoseph (pas)
stlouis (sss)
stlouis (pet)
stlouis (pas)
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2021.07.10 23:07 McLifty Buying a 1998 SR5! Have a question about rust...

Hey there! I'm excited to join the 4Runner family but I'm taking my sweet time to find the right ride.
I'm pretty committed to getting an older generation model due to their reliability, but I know rust is a big thing to look out for.
Wanted to get an opinion from someone that's been around the block a few times. What do you think of this 1998 4Runner
Is it worth checking out? It'll be my daily driver and I want this sucker to last for 300+ miles if I can.
Y'all rock!
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2018.10.01 18:09 Redditsfinestcancer Thought you guys might wanna get in on this
3 jeep comanche pickups (no texting)
You're buying all three $2500 Phone 795-0525 Area code 319 Brown 1989 base LB 2wd 4.0 5 speed 88k miles runs great titled Red 1989 eliminator SB 2wd 4.0 auto 136k miles runs great no title Grey 1986 LB 4x4 4:10 axles 4cyl 4 speed non running no title . . .
Seems alright to me.
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2016.11.24 18:27 DinobotGrimlock Seeking Some Aid: Need Some More Pete(s)

Guten Tag! I come to you /de, as you are my only hope. My wonderful niece has a best friend and his name is Pete. She and Pete, they go everywhere together. I am afraid at some point she is going to get separated from Pete and it is going to be devastating. I would like your help in obtaining another two or three Petes, as backups.
I have already contacted Semo in an effort to get another one, but they do not ship to the U.S.. Amazon, nope. Ebay, nope. German craigslist, nope. Any help you are willing to offer would be lovely.
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2016.09.22 19:28 SlightlyAmateur Thoughts on buying this mazda3 This car is right in my price range and basically exactly what i was looking for, just asking for your thoughts on it.
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2015.11.11 16:47 soorr Encrypted posts

I've been seeing a lot of posts like this lately.
I'm guessing they are selling drugs or stolen items to the crowd with the cipher. Any thoughts on what it says?
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2015.08.08 09:22 v1xiii Insurance sales jobs on craigslist. Are they legit?

There are many postings on craigslist for medical insurance sales jobs. Are they for real? I've heard of people making good money selling supplemental Medicare insurance.
For example:
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2015.04.01 02:18 TeamLouie Is this too good to be true or am I missing something?
Okay, I apologize, I know there's a subreddit for this called /pcmasterracebuilds or something but I couldn't find it, and I wanted to check on this with people who would know. He says he's selling this to buy an Xbox One, and if it's true, I'll see of I can scrape money together somehow to get it.
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2015.03.05 22:49 jmperson First bike - possibly taking a road trip in the summer

Like it says, I want to get my first motorcycle now, start practicing, and take it on a road trip this summer. Besides that, I'll be using it to commute. I really like the classic styles like a Triumph Bonnevile.
I'm a complete noob, and this will be my first time riding. I'm already signing up for classes to learn. I live in the rural south where it's hilly, but I plan on touring all over the US this summer if the chance presents itself.
I thought about getting a Bonneville because I'm absolutely in love with everything about their style, but I've heard the brakes are a little bad and that they're not great for beginners.
I'm also looking at this specific Honda CB1100.
I'm still open to Bonnevilles, that CB1100, and any other suggested models.
Budget is 8K-10K, but I'm willing to go up just a little (I'm going to spend a fortune on safety equipment anyway).
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2015.01.18 05:52 captianD Thinking of buying my first banjo opinions on one I found on craigslist

Craigslist add
Imgur album if you don't want to go to craigslist
I was just courious if this would be a good first banjo and if 220 was a fair price for the banjo. I already play guitar and am really wanting to start playing banjo thanks for your help!
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2014.05.26 16:49 southpaw0727 Starter Bike?

Looking to buy my first bike (first time rider), and wondering if this is a decent choice for a starter bike. Don't know much about Buell other than they don't exist anymore. Was recommended that I avoid bikes over 500cc at first. Is this a good deal?
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2014.04.12 04:19 fuckyourswag Is this a good deal? 280z for $900
I'm not very familiar with the older z's but while I was looking on craigslist for a cheap beater I can buy quick and use as a daily driver to get back and forth to work, I came upon this.
I'd just like a little info on these cars and if they make good daily drivers. I'm 23 and just my girlfriend and I would be using the car, so being roomy isn't much of a concern. I'd also like to know if you guys think whether this is a good deal to jump on or not.
I'm fairly mechanically inclined. I can replace alternators, various sensors and pretty much anything that doesn't involve an extensive teardown of the engine or transmission. I hope this is enough info to go off of to give some advice and opinions..
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2013.04.03 01:54 potato_devastator I'm thinking about picking up and restoring a 2nd gen MR2 on a budget, looking for advice

I'm looking at early 90's Toyota MR2's (I decided I don't want a Miata). I found this this on craigslist and it's along the lines of what I want, although the price seems a little steep on that one, and I wouldn't mind a NA. The plan is to pick it up and park it in my driveway, then proceed to clean it out, take apart and rebuild the engine, new clutch, and just replace anything that looks questionable. After it is mechanically sound and up to my standards, I will do whatever body work it needs and paint it (black) but that isn't priority. I have $4,000 to work with right now which obviously isn't much, but by my calculations I shouldn't need to spend much more than that. Of course it can vary depending on what is wrong with it, but I figure I should be okay. Having never done this before, I could be dead wrong, so...
Opinions? Suggestions? Advice? Talk me out of it.
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2013.02.27 22:29 Imaflyguyinatie For fun, go on craigslist in a local city and type in "custom" under "Cars and Truck for sale", post results.

I'll start:
EDIT: If the mods will allow, I'll come back every once in a while and post this same topic and see what cars pop up over the weeks.
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