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IEM Dallas 2023: Playoffs

2023.06.02 13:37 Eventvods IEM Dallas 2023: Playoffs

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Playoffs, Day 1, Thursday - June 2nd

# Map Team 1 vs. Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Discussion
Y1 N/A AST vs MOUZ Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV
Y2 N/A AST vs MOUZ Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV
Y3 N/A AST vs MOUZ Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
Z1 N/A G2 vs FaZe Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV
Z2 N/A G2 vs FaZe Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV
Z3 N/A G2 vs FaZe Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
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2023.06.02 13:12 FranckKnight RAGE THREAD - F-YOU FRIDAYS - SO VERY SAVAGE

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2023.06.02 12:55 yoaver Theory: Bran is the Mother [Spoilers Extended]

Okay so hopefully the tinfoil-y title made you read the post, but this is a serious narrative structure discussion post.
So as you know, Bran becoming king of Westeros by the end of the books was confirmed as one of the 3 major plot points GRRM gave the showrunners of Game of Thrones. However, when that tweet was revealed in the show, it was terribly executed and as such terribly received by the fandom, which were all hoping such a twist would be better handled in the books. After all, Bran is one of the intended Big 5 characters of the story (alongside Jon, Dany, Tyrion and Arya).
So after a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that King Bran is a lot like the Mother from a narrative structure standpoint. Not the Mother of the faith of the seven, but rather the Mother from the popular 00s sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

Major Spoiler for HIMYM ahead: The show revolves around a man named Ted, telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. However, the show starts with actually showing how Ted met one of his best friends and on-and-off fling, a woman named Robin. The show became a hit, ran for 9 seasons, through which Ted and Robin got together and broke up, grew as people, got together with many different people, and eventually married different people, with Ted marrying and having kids with the titular Mother, a character that was only introduced in the final season of the show.
And then came the finale: In the grand finale, it is revealed in less than 30 minutes that Robin got divorced, the Mother died of an illness, and the whole show was actually about Ted wanting to ask his kids permission to get back with their honorary aunt Robin.
The finale was terribly reviewed and considered one of the worst finales of all time when it came out.
So, how did that happen? What happened was the show was originally only planned for one season. Had that come to pass, we'd be spending time with Ted and Robin for an entire season, the Mothe would've only been in a couple episodes at the end of the season, and Ted and Robin would've gotten together only after the Mother died. But, the show became a hit, so they had to make it for 9 seasons, in which the characters grew in directions very different from the characters they were in season 1.
TL;DR: And so, the predetermined ending did not work well with the story they'd actually written.
Now with that in mind, let's go back to ASOIAF and King Bran. Back when it was written A Game of Thrones was supposed to be the first book of a trilogy. As such, the world is a lot smaller and less extensive than the worls we see in later books, and we are given the impression that the major players in this world are the Starks and the Lannisters, with their mythical histories.
BUT, the books grew majorly beyond GRRM's original intention, and 5 books in we are still not at the point in which he intended to finish the second book of the planned trilogy (Dany arriving in Westeros). In the span of the 5 books, many things changed. The politics got a lot bigger focus than originally intended, magic took a backseat, and many many new characters grew in importance, with our original Big 5 being pivoted in different directions than originally intended.
With the much much larger focus on politics and diminishing focus on magic, Bran got shafted as far away from the politics and leadership as can be in the books. In fact, while themes of leadership, governance, what makes for a good ruler, and the chains of command are a part of almost every character's arc in the books, Bran is the character least connected to politics, and thus became a relic of a previous outline.

So here's my theory: Much like the Mother from HIMYM, King Bran is a relic from a story that since pivoted to become a different thing entirely, and no longer fits well with the story as it is.
King Bran fit well as an ending in a world where there are only Starks, Lannisters, Others and Dragons. A World of Ice and Fire if you will. But the world in the books as is, while haaving the aforementioned elements, is a deeply political world that focuses on the Greyjoys, Martells, Slavers, Tyrells, Maesters, Freefolk, religions and cultures, and all of the above, as well as characters that grew in importance from the original outline (Cersei, Sansa...) comment entirely on rulership and politics, while Bran does not.

So I think GRRM might be struggling with getting the story back to its original outline, and eve nif he goes with it, there's a good chance that it will fall flat, as it no longer fits with the story and world that he wrote. And much like with the Mother, the ending beat is likely to feel jarring and unearned for readers, who became attached and endeared to the world of Planethos as it is currently, and not what it was back in a Game of Thrones.
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2023.06.02 12:04 brandonbrandonfruit Tips For VATS Only Runs?

Been thinking of doing a VATS only run. My only plan right now is maxing out Perception & Agility but that can only get me so far. Any tips or tricks? Please, no spoilers. I've played almost every game but not enough to say I know every plot line and ending.
TL;DR: Looking for a good VATS only build for the 3D Fallout games. No spoilers please.
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2023.06.02 10:39 ThrowRA23400 Maybe first panic attack in my (29m) life caused probably because of negativity in my actual relationship.

Hello everyone,
last days I have really high anxiety and last night I think I had a panic attack. The thing is that my girlfriend constantly fill our time with negativity and depressive informations. We are still young (m29/f32) and 6 Months together.
Her problems are all over the place. She hates her boss/job, doesn’t have friends, problems with mother, my friends, her cadriving etc.
Since we are together I get daily E-mails screenshots of her Boss giving her regular tasks for that day. But she is overreacting on any email at work and reflect that on me.
She bought a nice new car recently. But after that she was for 3 Months afraid - what if she scratch it or something. Every day - constantly. Few days ago that happened and somebody damaged her car on a parking lot. She asked me what to do - my go to was: CALL THE POLICE! She didn’t do it, she decided to trust other person that did the damage and went her way to negotiate with her car insurance. Days after that on hourly bases she bothered me with: “WHAT IF…?” questions - even after insurance company already called her and said her that everything is set up and that they will repair her car.
If we put everything on the side I am also constantly listen about her ex. After all this negativity yesterday I said to her that I have a feeling that I’m losing my breath and that I can’t breathe (my heart rate went also through the roof +110bpm to +120bpm acc to Garmin). She said:”Oh yeah, my ex also got panic attacks at some moment - that’s why I left him. It was total mess to deal with that”… She also concluded that I am problem in our relationship because developing panic attacks. (Never had one in my life…and now I am totaly confused). I immediately left her appartment in fear and drove myself home. (I think it was a spontan reaction - I didn’t know what to do, just panicked, sat in my car and went to my place…while having 1000 calls from her and mostly her on the line telling me I am the problem).
About my situation: in the middle of changing jobs (got great offer from Fortune 100 company, but jobs changing is already stressful for me), have tough family situation (as kid kicked out of mothers house and went to fathers place…finished master engineering degree while parallel working and dealing with life/rent/food and having no money)…all that didn’t break me, but now in this relationship I feel broken and without way out.
On the beginning of the relationship I checked myself on all STDs before we had sex, but she refuses till this day to do the tests.
TL;DR; I think that relationship makes me anxious and make me develop panic attacks but I am not sure anymore.
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2023.06.02 09:54 Sundarran Theory regarding Bode's...

Wife Tayala and the Inquisitor that killed her. A lot of the inspiration for this came from the thread started by u/Global_Help_1225 , so credit to them for a big part of this. Warning that this theory does contain spoilers for both Jedi games, Rebels, the Ahsoka novel, the Vader comics, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
So we know that one of Bode's main motivations for joining the ISB was to learn the identity of the Inquisitor that killed his wife. There are multiple candidates that could have been responsible, and we're going to run through them all to get the best feel for which Inquisitor it could have been, starting with the least likely to most likely.
-Tenth Brother
He died within a year of the Clone Wars ending, and is quite unlikely since the Inquisitorious was barely organized.
-Sixth Brother and Unidentified Inqusitor from Tales of the Jedi
Judging from the Akuna family portrait, Tayala was likely killed only in recent years since Kata doesn't look much younger than her in-game model. Kata is likely between 8-10, and looks about 5-7 in the portrait. The Sixth Brother died in 18 BBY to Ahsoka, literally only a year after the Clone Wars ended. Kata would have been far too young for this portrait to have been taken while he was still alive. As for the Unidentified Inquisitor in Tales of the Jedi, he's basically meant to be the same as the Sixth Brother despite not being confirmed to be the same character and he is quite unlikely due to this.
-Iskat Akaris and Tualon
I put both of these candidates at the same level due to how connected they are. Iskat is clearly shown a merciful streak as she was willing to spare Eeth Koth's wife from death. I imagine she would take a similar position with Tayala considering the nature of her relation to Bode. Tualon would likely be there with Iskat considering their missions together and affections for each other, and would just accept what Iskat wants to do. Thus they are both very unlikely.
-The Grand Inquisitor
The head of the Inquisitorius seems highly unlikely. From what we know about the circumstances surrounding the death of Tayala, she was killed due to Bode not being home at the time. Logically speaking, this is a reckless move. A better strategy would have been for them to lure Bode out by taking Tayala hostage and forcing him to choose between letting her die or giving himself up. Slaughtering Bode's wife out of malice doesn't seem like the Grand Inquisitor's m.o., considering his tactical nature. He similarly prevented Reva from executing a Jedi instantly because he wanted to learn the location of other surviving Jedi. Killing Tayala accomplishes nothing useful besides making Bode possibly angry enough to come out of hiding for revenge. However, this method is far less reliable than keeping her alive as a hostage, which is typically the Grand Inquisitor's favored strategy. Even if he did kill Tayala, he likely wouldn't have left a body and would have tried to convince Bode that she was alive in prison, similar to what he did with Luminara and her corpse. In the end, the GI makes little sense to be the killer.
-Second Sister
For similar reasons to the Grand Inquisitor, Trillia doesn't make sense either. She had a similar calculating demeanor to the GI, and would likely want to capture Tayala instead of killing her. The only instance Trilla has of killing an innocent is Prauf from the first game. She mainly did this to draw Cal out as she knew that the Jedi was among the crowd and would not tolerate the death of innocents. Killing Tayala out of view from Bode would not have the same effect, and would likely be detrimental to her hunt. This leads me to think she can be eliminated from the likely candidates as well.
-Seventh Sister
This is another character that I think has enough tactical sense to keep Tayala alive. She does the exact same tactic with Ezra and Sabine in Rebels, knowing that they're more useful as bait to bring out the big fish. Thus, not the inquisitor that we're looking for.
-Fifth Brother
While he certainly has a brutish and reckless streak, I doubt he was the person responsible for Tayala's death. In Obi-Wan Kenobi, he's shown to have much more restraint than Reva when it comes to dealing with questioning civilians. While he's not above maiming his targets, he does typically have the sense to keep them alive and useful, if barely. While he could be a good candidate, he doesn't seem likely due to the reasons above.
-Eighth Brother
While not a lot is known about this inquisitor, I doubt he was the killer either. Considering he seemed to be chasing Maul for a long time, I think this was his primary assignment and he had little time for anything else. Maul is quite dangerous and likely far too important to devote time to hunting anyone else, especially the equally elusive Bode. Granted this argument is weaker, but I think there's some merit to it.
-Ninth Sister
This is both a likely and unlikely candidate. Her reckless and cruel personality is certainly the type to kill Tayala simply out of spite due to not finding Bode. She clearly has little regard for tactics, considering how she doubted the Grand Inquisitor's intuition about Cal returning to Kashyyyk. So this leaves her as a likely candidate...EXCEPT for the fact that she sees Bode during the opening of Survivor and doesn't appear to recognize him. Of course, this could be due to her focus on Cal since he cost her a hand in Fallen Order, but I imagine she would have taunted Cal about doing her job for her (by bringing Bode to her). Either way, something tells me she isn't our culprit due to a major factor.
What's important about all of these Inquisitors is that we know when and how they die. For narrative purposes, I don't think that the writers for Survivor would want to use an Inquisitor that is confirmed dead in a different Star Wars media. It likely would have no narrative punch if an Inquisitor known to die would appear in a sequel or spinoff game. There would be very little tension and would ultimately prove disappointing in the story. If we factor in the narrative purposes of having an Inquisitor who's fate isn't known, then this does help to substantially reduce our list of suspects.
-Third Brother
Yes, you read that right, in addition to Reva's title of Third Sister, there is a character known as the Third Brother. He was introduced in a source book a while back known as Darth Maul and other Dark Side Followers, from the Star Wars Encyclopedia. All that is known of him is that he carried out terrible things in the Empire's name, and that his eventual fate remained secret. It's rather odd for a source book to include this information without any pay-off, and I think this was put into the book for some future potential in case an inquisitor is ever needed in a story. However, this also works against his likelihood as he could just be a random mention in a book that will never be heard from again. Endless possibilities, but too little is known about him.
-Fourth Sister
This is another Inquisitor we know practically nothing about including her fate. Her concept was first introduced in a Halloween type comic from a few years back, but it was shown that this was just a rebel impersonating an inquisitor later in the story. Fourth Sister properly first appeared in Obi-Wan Kenobi. She doesn't do much throughout it and generally doesn't have much of a presence, but she has a decent alien design and we don't see her die. Unfortunately there's not enough known about her personality to see if she would be the type to kill Tayala out of malice, but she did seem more restrained than both Fifth Brother and Reva. If they want to do something important with her, this could easily be it.
So this brings us to our final suspect, someone we know is alive far into the Imperial Era, has a reckless habit, and someone who's fate is unknown...
-Third Sister a.k.a. Reva Sevander
Reva is the most likely suspect responsible for Tayala's murder, from both a logical and narrative perspective. Let's start with her personality. Reva is extremely reckless, and can often be quite cruel. She maimed an innocent bystander on Tatooine by cutting off her hand, with very little provocation. Barely ten minutes later, she was attempting to decapitate a surviving Jedi, Nari, before being stopped by the Grand Inquisitor. Despite Nari being more useful alive for interrogation, she attempted to kill him instantly. Her reckless nature was also demonstrated by her attempted assassination of Darth Vader. Rather than attempting to strike from a distance, she engaged Vader in a direct duel and suffered the consequences for it. Attesting to her cruel tendencies, she attempted to murder the innocent Luke Skywalker as retribution for what Vader did to her fellow padawans. These traits combined easily demonstrate how she could be the one to kill Tayala, as it was done out of pure malice and had little tactical advantage.
Additionally, her being the killer can make great sense from a narrative perspective. A massive setup in Jedi Survivor is the revelation that Cere was helping an organization known as the Hidden Path, a refugee system for survivors of the Jedi Purge. At the end of the game, it's revealed that Tanalorr will be used as the Path's future base of operations. Now what Jedi has connections to the path besides Cere and Cal?
Obi-Wan Kenobi. At the end of his series he is seen comforting Reva and assuring her that she can build her own future from this point. However, this would be quite difficult with the Empire around. While they might think she's dead at the moment, this likely would not last. Reva is likely branded a fugitive by the Empire, and will be ruthlessly hunted. So what better way to keep her safe than by sending her to the Hidden Path?
It makes the most sense for her to join the Path now that she is on the path of redemption and needs refuge from the Empire's wrath, and she's in the perfect position to do it through Obi-Wan. This also helps the narrative as it would directly put her into contact with Cal and Kata in the future. A big part of the next installment is likely going to deal with Cal fighting his own darkness, and Kata will likely have a similar battle with her own demons. The next game will likely have another timeskip, ideally five years into the future to coincide with Rebels and Andor, as 5 BBY is when those shows start. Kata will be well into her teens by then, and possibly be training as a Jedi if she inherits her father's force sensitivity. It also makes sense that Reva would only show up around this point, as it will likely take a few years to connect the Hidden Path with Tanalorr. She could serve a great role in the story for both Cal and Kata. Obviously Kata will want to confront her over the death of her mother, and Cal could possibly see shades of Trilla in Reva, which might help to make him want to protect her, as he will be reminded of how he and Cere tried to redeem Trilla. He'll see Reva as a chance to fix his failures, by finally redeeming a fallen Jedi. He could never do it with Malicos, Trilla, Dagan, or Bode, and would likely want to do it now more than ever. This could serve as great story conflict between him and Kata. There's so much potential by including Reva in the story, both for her character and the development of our main protagonists. I'd also really like if she got redeemed and purified her crystals to be white, since Survivor also showed bleeding crystals to make them red. It would add to the lore and work on many thematic levels.
So out of all our known possible suspects, I think Reva makes the most sense and would have the most impact in the story, especially since her fate is unknown. If you read all the way through, I hope you enjoyed it.
TL;DR Reva killed Bode's wife and she'll play a role in the next game.
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2023.06.02 09:50 Fit-Arachnid-3922 Looking for ideas for a microcosm

Hi all,
Spoiler if you are one of our 11 listeners that listens to the NapHammer Podcast XD
TLDR at end I am at the start of a campaign, getting towards what I would consider to be the prologue of of my story. It's at this point that I want include a rp encounter that will be a microcosm of the end of my campaign to help with theme set up. Essentially, where I will be leading/hoping my players get to is an end decision about their patron that they will be taking jobs from. The setting is a typical medieval kingdom with divisions between peasants and nobles. As they progress with this patron they will be discovering that their patron is fighting for the removal of the class system and creating a kingdom where everyone is on equal footing. Whether they are low born or noble, they have access to the same resources. Their patrons view is that borders divisions is the active system that prevents harmony (this is tied to a religious belief and tied to the creation myth of the land). Their goal is to remove those borders in order to promote cooperation, unity, and harmony to those throughout the land. At the end, once they take over control, the twist is going to be revealed that their plan is to militarize their kingdom, and start attacking and fighting the other kingdoms. Their internal motivation is that either their army will win, thus removing all borders to get to their view of unity, or all of the other kingdoms will have to unit to defeat them, creating the unity by being the large enough threat to unit everyone else against.
In my mind, the final conflict is the decision for the players to keep the current status quo and not agree with and have to fight against their patron. Or go along with their patron's plans and ideals for the long haul, even if it means causing much more suffering in the short term to get there.
What I'm wanting to do is set up this theme earlier, by putting my players in an rp scenario, but at a much smaller scale. The idea that I have currently is they come across a town that is experiencing hardship and famine. The town leadership is at a crossroads of what to do and needs the party to be the tie breaker. Do they open up resources to everyone at an equal rate, angering the nobles that live there and expect proper treatment, or keep the rations as they currently are, angering the peasants and having to placate them so they don't revolt. If the party chooses to open up the store houses, the nobles will leave, taking all of their disposable resources that was providing some incentive for trade that was allowing for food stocks to be replenished at the current rate, which will cause food to run out significantly faster, but will allow for peasants to work the land with enough energy once the hopeful rains come. If they choose to keep it as is, nobles will stay, peasants will be angry, but everyone will survive. Party is low enough that they don't have the ability to change the weather for the town to make it prosper.
It's a little weaker than I would like currently, which is why I'm reaching out to the hive mind to see if you can strengthen the idea.
Thank you
TL'DR: Bad guy gonna Code Geass the party at the end of the campaign. Looking for an encounter that sets up that theme at the start of the campaign while players are low level.
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2023.06.02 09:29 Vibe-Father Looking for an upgrade to my BMW E91.

I currently have a 2008 328xi wagon. I like it, but coming from a modified Acura TL-S 3G with 300hp and a 0-60 of 5s I’ve gotten a bit bored with the power output.
I understand I’m probably not going to get a comparable power output to the Acura out of most wagons, but I’m hoping there’s something out there that is a step up from where I’m at now.
Here are my stipulations:
  1. Wagon.
  2. Either more stock power output, or betteeasier options for upgrading.
  3. Around $12,000 or under.
  4. I prefer European luxury, but I’m open to other things aside from a dodge magnum. (The interior is like a fisher price car)
Info: I live in the Western US, and importing unfortunately isn’t an option.
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2023.06.02 06:00 LucyAriaRose AITAH for breaking up my engagement because what my fiancé said about my mom?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/ThrowRAmissjay. She posted in AITAH, (yes, that sub, not the other one,) and her own page.
Trigger Warnings: sex shaming, religious bigotry,
Mood Spoiler: a bleak look at society
Original Post: May 16, 2023
I (26F) am not from USA so I might have some grammatical errors. So, my dad left my mom and I when I was only 5 years old. I also have a brother (21M). He left the country with his mistress and never tried to contact. We were really poor. My mom had to do some immoral stuff to get food on the table. She was a stripper and also sometimes pleased men to get money for us. She put me and my brother through school. I understood why my mom did what she did because we had no money and she wanted us to have a life better than ours. And I am not ashamed because of it. I also started working part time when I was 14. I was a good student so I got a scholarship to a good university. My mom eventually stopped stripping when my brother got a part time job too. She now only works as a waitress.
I met my fiancé, Javi (27M) in college. This was my first serious relationship. We both loved each other. I never told Javi about my mom's past because my mom made me promise to never say that to anyone. I kept that but it felt so wrong to keep this huge information away from my fiance. Javi knew about us. He only knew that my family was extremely poor. He doesn't care about that. He is a very sweet guy who always takes care of me. He even covered some of the cost of my brother's education as well even though I told him not to. My mom also likes him, that's why she told me not to tell Javi anything about her past or what she did for a living. So, a week ago, my mom and I went to Javi's house to meet his parents. I didn't realize his uncle and aunt would also be there. Upon seeing his uncle my mom's face went white as if she saw a ghost. His uncle also kept staring my mom as if he knows her. My mom felt uncomfortable and said that she wants to go home. Javi was confused by it. But nonetheless we left earlier than we anticipated. The next day my fiance came to our place and shouted at me that I lied to him.
He said that I am a gold digger just like my mother, and my mother is the reason why his uncle's first marriage broke. I asked him to explain what the hell is he talking about. He said that his uncle knew my mom because he was a regular customer of her and often hired her for her services. His wife caught them red handed and immediately filed for divorce. My mom was crying and said that she didn't know he was married, she never asks men about their marital status. I told him that he has no right speak to my mom like that and his uncle was fully to blame because he was a married man who was hiring escorts for himself. My mom has no obligation towards his marriage. Javi still blamed me and mom and said that he felt deceived. He said to my face that he doesn't want to date a "whore's daughter" because I will probably invite men just like my mom. My mom had to beg him to not break the engagement. I am tired. If I do end up marrying him, my mom would always have to suffer because of it. I don't want that, so I gave him back his engagement ring and told him to never show his face. My mom is angry because she thinks this is my only chance to get married because no other guy would marry into a family where the mom works as a sex worker.
But I think I did the right thing because I am not ashamed of my mom, I didn't even wanted to hide it in the first place. I wanted to tell him the truth but my mom refused it. So, AITA?
Edit: I need to clear things out a bit. Javi knows everything about my life. He knows my dad fled the country and we had to live in poverty because of it. He knows my mom got pregnant way too young. I did give him hints that my mom had to do shady things to get by (he probably thought my mom stole things). But I didn't disclose that she was a sex worker. I wanted to tell him but my mom said not to because she doesn't want this to escalate. Also I never asked Javi to pay for my brother's education. He did it from the goodwill of his heart. I did promise to pay him back. I am not after his money. I do love him a lot. Even though we are broken up now, I still miss him. We have been together for 6 years. It is not easy to throw away those 6 years just like that.
Relevant Comments:
More about culture:
"I know that. And I understand why he is upset. Sex work is heavily criticized in my country to the point even doctors refuses to treat them. I understand his family's stigma especially his uncle was caught with my mom. So, they have a reason to hate her. I hoped that he would be a little bit understanding about our situation. If my mom didn't start working as a stripper, she would have never been able to send us school or college. I did love him a lot."
Can you and your mom go to therapy?
"It is hard to find a good therapist around our area. Yes, I have money now but my mom doesn't want to disclose her past because in the past she was denied care because of her profession."
More about the uncle:
"Everyone knows what the uncle did. I do not have to broadcast it. His uncle was a regular client of my mom. She knew him because he would often hire her and also because his wife slapped and beat her when she found her in his uncle's house."
Some people shame her mom for sleeping with married men as an escort:
"First off all, it is none of my mom's business to tell those men to stop hiring escorts. Do you know that more than half of the men who hire these sex workers are actually married? Are you really telling me that my mom is an asshole for not turning down 50% of those men? Do you know what that means? It means losing 50% of her income. Do you know what it's like to lose 50% of your income? If she refused those services then she would have never been able to keep a roof.
Secondly, it's their marriage. My mom is just a service working who provides her services to men who hire her. It is none of her job or business to snoop or tell those men not to cheat. It's that man's ugly character that cheats on his wife with an escort. By your logic a waitress shouldn't serve a married man food because only his wife gets to serve him food and no one else."
"Listen my mom was a sex worker. It was her job to offer services to anyone who is willing to pay. Even if she refused to do that, do you think that man who wanted an escort would stop? No, someone else would take that offer. It is not her responsibility to save a marriage that is already broken. She is a sex worker, not a marriage counselor. What she does is business. The man himself doesn't care about his marriage then why should my mom who is not romantically involved with any of them? You offered your judgements it is fine. But I must say your judgements are rather poor because you are blaming a poor woman who only did what she did to put food on our plate. Would you rather she loose more than 50% of her income than care about some random man's marriage that the man himself doesn't care? It is not my mom's job to provide loyalty. It is 100% on the man who hired an escort in the first place."
This sub doesn't give an overall judgement, but most of the comments were NTA
Update Post: May 26, 2023 (10 days later)
Hi everyone. I wanted to say thank you so much for your support. I never thought I would get so much support from strangers than people from my own community. I was however expecting a lot of hate towards my mom considering her profession but it is less than what I expected. I don't know if this qualifies as a proper update but there have been few changes. After I broke the engagement, I have been getting calls from my friends and Javi's family that I am making a huge mistake. My close friends know that my mom used to be a sex worker but mutual friends of mine and Javi does not know about it. So, they are also questioning me if I ever did that. Javi did apologize. He said he got carried away by his emotions and he loves me. Ngl, I love him too. I wanted to get past all of this. I know people have told me that I should not get married to this guy. But I was weak for a moment. Until he told me that he is willing to let things go and start anew if my mom does not attend any wedding functions. I was shocked.
Weddings are a big deal in our culture. There are many functions and parties surrounding the wedding. How can he ask that I do not involve my mom. He told me that because of my mom's past it would be difficult for his family members to be around her. He convinced his mom with difficulty about this engagement. Also since his uncle is going to be there, it will only remind him of bad things. At that moment I realized that I was never a consideration. It was always him and making his family happy. My family is beneath them because we are not from a respectable background and come from homes of sex workers. I stood firm and told him no, it is not going to happen. I will not give into their demands because the way I see it my mom did not do anything wrong. It is funny how quickly people will judge a woman based on her work, that she had to do to feed her kids but no one will come forward to help her in time of her need. Javi threatened that I am making a huge mistake by letting him go. I just left. I do not have the energy to deal with it. I think this news is spreading like wildfire now. I may have to move out of the city because if this news reaches to my workplace I know damn well people will ostracize me. So, I might look for job in a different area.
Lastly, I messaged him saying I am sorry for not telling him earlier about my mom but I loved him a lot. I am sad that he chose this topic to ruin a 6 year old relationship. I will be going to the bank and pay back the money he paid for my brother's education. I am still crying and jilted to say the least. Also, I saw that my post was shared in different religious groups bashing my mom. Saying that I deserved it. Well, let me tell you religious fanatics that most men who claim to be religious are not at all. My mom had many clients who claim to be religious including pastors and preachers. So please before blaming my mom look inside your house and your family. You might find chameleons hiding within your family too.
Edit: People who are asking why I am paying him back, it is because I don't want him to use it as an excuse to call me a gold digger who used him for his money. I don't want to be in his debt.
Relevant Comments:
Can you move elsewhere where people don't care?
"Thanks. I am encouraging my brother to apply for his masters abroad. Even if I missed the window he would be out of here. He won't have to face the scrutiny. And no sex work is legal in here but very much frowned upon especially in our town."
You made the right choice and someone else will be out there
"Thanks, but I wonder if anyone would ever be accepting of my life. Because if they do they might have to face insults and ridicule from the society. Who wants that? I just know even if it hurts, I cannot be with someone who was so disrespectful towards my family."
I truly wish OOP and her family the best. OOP seems like an amazing woman, and she was raised by an amazing woman.
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2023.06.02 06:00 LucyAriaRose AITA for calling my roommate's family a bunch of misogynists and asking her to move out?

I am NOT the Original Poster. That is u/masculinerm. She posted in AmItheAsshole.
Trigger Warning: misogyny; parental death
Mood Spoiler: sad but hopeful
Original Post: May 19, 2023
RM = roommate in this post
Throwaway because RM knows about my main.
I (26F) am an Assistant Loco Pilot. A train driver in layman's terms. If you haven't already guessed, it's an extremely male dominated position, with women not being recruited for the job until around 20 years ago. It wasn't my dream job. It was my father's job that I was offered by the railways after his accident in the line of duty and I had to take over for my family as the breadwinner.
On to the point. I live in a city away from home so I rent a flat with a younger woman who is studying. She studies for late hours so she doesn't have a problem with my crazy schedules as I have a ton of night duties that don't follow any shift system. I do pay more rent because shes a student and I sort of inconvenience her with my schedule. However, recently after her family visited her and went back, she started being cold towards me. When I confronted her about it, she said her mother didn't like the way I behave and that I'm practically a man.
The way I 'behave' is wear a shirt and trousers pair (that's the uniform for it, in case it wasn't clear) to work and work on small electric projects during leisure time. That's something my father and I used to do when I was younger and it's a memory I hold of him. According to my RM's mom, having such a job, dressing up like a man, working on 'man stuff' her words, not mine, practically makes me a man and that my RM should be vary of me, and the next thing I might start doing is drinking until late and having rowdy alcohol parties with my work buddies at the flat we share.
Even if it isn't my dream job, I take it seriously because I have two younger siblings, my mum and my grandparents to support. It's not obvious but the job gives a lot of physical and mental stress. I said if that's the problem for her, maybe RM should be moving out of the flat to make her misogynistic family happy. The only reason we got the flat to rent is because I'm a government employee and I pay more share of the rent in compensation for the inconveniences. My RM then called me an AH and other profanities because she can't find a place so soon as she's a student and it's unfair of me to ask her to move out because of her 'old fashioned' family.
TL;DR Roommate's family called me too masculine and told her to be vary of me, so I asked her to move out.
EDIT for INFO since I saw a couple questions: I work in the Indian Railways. The Indian Railways is a central government organisation. It has a scheme for the employees to offer their spouses a pension or offer their eldest child a job when the employee dies before their retirement or gets unfit to work. In case of the eldest child taking the job, if the child is an adult, they are given training immediately while being paid a stipend. If the child isn't an adult, the spouse is given a pension until the child gets old enough to take on the job.
Relevant Comments:
For those confused about how OOP took over her dad's job:
"It's not hereditary but there's a thing the department of railways does. If the worker gets unfit for working and/or passes away while in duty, the family is given an option. We can either take the widow's pension scheme or the eldest child can get the job. Since the widow's pension scheme doesn't offer enough money to support the whole family (two younger siblings who are still in school and sick grandparents who need intensive care), I decided to take the job. I had to drop my studies and take the training with stipend for the job."
OOP is voted NTA
Update Post: May 26, 2023 (1 week later)
I've read the comments on my post, and while most were supportive, thank you all for that, I've seen some suggest my RM possibly having problems within her family. I have to admit, I haven't given a thought in that direction. I'm privileged enough to come from a family that doesn't believe in gender norms, so my mind didn't go in that direction. Also some of you suggested RM's father could have been abusive towards her mother or her. Considering all that, I decided to have a talk with her.
Thankfully, her father isn't an alcoholic or abusive, but it became very apparent to me that her parents, especially her mother, is extremely controlling. If anyone doesn't know, breaking out of a mother's control, especially as a daughter, is very difficult. When I sat her down and talked with her, she apologized for the profanities and behaving the way she did. As it happens, her mother all but warned her to not get close to me, because of which she stopped interacting with me completely.
I told her I understand, and that I was there for her. I told her that I would have understood if she told me what happened. She replied by saying that she didn't really know what to do or what to say to me or to her mother. While I said we've resolved this and she really doesn't have to move out, she said she thinks that her moving out is actually a good idea, because she feels she'd piss her mother off more if she continues to share with me.
Meanwhile since a couple of people suggested that I move to the Railway Quarters, I looked into that. I plan on shifting my mother and my grandparents here because it would be easier for my mother if she stays with me, since one of my younger siblings is already staying in their university's hostel and the other would be leaving for their university in August/September. I definitely cannot house my mother and grandparents in the current flat. One of my dad's old friends who still works with me kindly agreed to look into it and see if he can speed up the process due to his connections.
I told my RM if the processing and paperwork goes through, I will move into the Quarters in September, and since their new semester starts in September, she can find a new roommate who is more "acceptable" to her parents and keep the place. I also told her that if she decides to stand up to her mother, I will be by her side and support her, no questions asked.
PS: People from other countries, please don't start saying that me getting my dad's old job is fake or my culture is unfortunate because it expects me to take care of my family. Every country operates differently, and due to different societal situations, we have laws and policies that might seem strange to you. And every culture has different ways of doing things, and I think this is one of the very nice things about mine. I would have taken care of my parents and grandparents anyway, even if my father hadn't been in the accident and lived to see his retirement.
Marked as ongoing in case we get an update on the roommate or OOP's move.
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2023.06.02 05:23 agenciq [Genuine Q] Throne and Liberty combat system.

tl;dr at the end.
I tried not watching any vids from the recent gameplays floating on the net to avoid spoilers but finally gave in and watched some yt vids from streamers that had a chance to try it out and also saw some posts here.
I get that the consensus is 'major disappointment', and honestly can't disagree. I generally dislike the auto combat idea in any game (amongst other things). But one thing I couldn't understand is, basically every streamer was ranting and going on and on how bad the combat system is, how 'you can't move while attacking or using a skill' and it's very static and how a massive no no that is.
What gives? If you think of TaL as a lineage successor with all the sieges in the trailers and all, then that's exactly how the combat was in Lineage2. As I was never particularly fond of WoW, L2 was the thing that got me into MMO (when both games were at peak, so like long time ago lol). I spend countless hours in the game, made lots of friends, took part in massive epic sieges and generally have lots of fond memories, still consider it the best mmo i ever played and really miss that social aspect. To get back on track tho, (correct me if I'm wrong) even WoW, considered to be the pinnacle of mmo had a lot of skills that rooted you in place.
I guess where I am going with this is, during the time I played L2, I don't think I ever heard anyone complaining and saying 'gee I wish the combat was more action packed'. It was the teamwork that made the dreamwork so to speak.
I get that the times are changing but it feels like people started judging mmo's as solo experiences where your character is supposed to John Wick their way out of any situation with all the pretty particles you could possible imagine and if not then the game is bad.
So what am I missing here, what is really so bad about this style of combat?
What is so bad about static combat system? It was the same in Lineage2 and no one was complaining then so what's up?
I am not defending TaL. More of a combat system discussion.
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2023.06.02 04:54 Vibe-Father What would be a legitimate upgrade from an E91?

I currently have a 2008 328xi wagon. I like it, but coming from a modified Acura TL-S 3G with 300hp and a 0-60 of 5s I’ve gotten a bit bored with the power output.
I understand I’m probably not going to get a comparable power output to the Acura out of a BMW with the stipulations I have, but I’m hoping there’s something out there that’s more powerful than what I’ve got currently.
Here are my stipulations:
  1. Wagon.
  2. Either more stock power output, or betteeasier options for upgrading.
  3. Around $12,000 or under.
Info: I live in the Western US, and importing unfortunately isn’t an option.
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2023.06.02 04:08 GriffinGOD 4th Gen TL Advice Needed! Please help

Anyone who has had or currently has a 4th generation Acura TL, please assist me with these questions.
Allegedly the 3.7l and the 3.7 SH-AWD had some cam problems and was also recalled.
Did this extend to the 3.5l engines, or are those ones not affected as much by this cam issue?
I’m looking at a 2012 3.5l TL and looks to be in great shape and I don’t hear any cam “ticking” noise. What I’m asking is, are the 3.5l effected? It’s has me nervous as I don’t know what the baseline sound should be for a 4th gen.
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2023.06.02 04:04 WhosYourGlad Anyone know if accord body kit parts will fit on a 4th gen TL?

Anyone know if accord body kit parts will fit on a 4th gen TL?
I was looking on eBay to see if they had any kits for sale on their for the OEM kit for the tl and noticed that the plastic kits made for the accord looked pretty similar in size to the front bumper on 2012 Acura tl and was wondering if anyone knows if it will fit before I buy? I don’t mind drilling the shit to make it line up just want to see if the measurements would work?
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2023.06.02 04:01 SayElls Accepted new sales gig, leaving Sunrun door-to-door, am I entitled to commissions from my pipeline that haven't yet gone through to install?

As the title says, I have accepted a new sales role.
Currently I am a 1099 100% commission-based salesperson at Sunrun in southern California. I have ~10-15k worth of commissions of yet-to-be installed solar projects in my pipeline.
Right now, this Sunrun office has a quota to "keep your pipeline" of logging 20 geo-tracked pitches each weak, or creating 2 leads (obtaining power bills), or "closing" two deals (getting documents signed that setup the initial inspection). This quota is relaxed this quarter due to NEM3 blues hitting hard. For background: when I started in Q3 of 2022, there was no quota. Then Q1 of 2023, there was a quota to get 4 installs or 8 "VCs" (verification calls, the ethics call that takes place after you get someone to sign the docs that get someone partially locked-in to the process).

Why I bring this up is because I will be highly unlikely to meet these expectations once I start my new job. I can try and convince management its better to exempt me from the quota and have the possibility of me making some sales for them, rather than them just ending my contract.

What I am really curious about is what Sunrun will have to say about paying out for my installs that have yet to happen yet (curse you utility company and city permitting office for absolutely nonsensical lead times!) and what California law would say about getting paid out for commissions. The tricky part, I think, is that the actual work (panels on roofs) hasn't happened yet, however, I have done everything reasonably expected of me to get the process over to our operations teams regarding making the sales. Supposedly the person who shakes the tree gets the fruit, but I feel like Sunrun could say that I am owed nothing since the actual paying part (panels on roofs) will take place after I start at my new job.
Any advice is appreciated.
Tl;dr: Am I legally entitled to commission payouts from installs that are at various stages of my pipeline if I leave Sunrun?
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2023.06.02 01:27 agent031693 J37 to J35 swap easy or stupid?

So I have a TL with a J37A1 engine (manual transmission) that needs to be rebuilt. I'm not doing that work myself, so the mechanic quote is anywhere from $2-4k... Depending on all the parts that will need replacing. At minimum the pistons and rings, rocker shaft bridges and motion lost coils, as well as seeing what else is going bad as the engine is torn down to change some gaskets... That and the mechanic is having trouble sourcing the parts. E.g. we called an an Acura dealership, and they can't find the rocker shaft bridges in inventory, anywhere
I have found most of the parts, online. I also did see a rebuild kit for only a few hundred bucks, that included pistons, rings and all the major gaskets, but that place was sold out for years. I went on ebay, found the same rebuild kit for over $1k
So I continue my search and have started to look for rebuilt and/or low mileage engines. This 3.7 is hard to track down. So what about a 3.5? Specifically one pulled from a 2014 RLX? I found one for ~$1,000. (Potential) Issue being that that car was only offered in FWD and automatic transmission, how much work (extra) will need to be done to get this to bolt not only into the bay, but to the transmission? What other issues might arrise in the swap process?
While we're on this topic, that j35 I found is local. However I found a (few) website(s) that claim to sell "low mileage JDM engines, straight from Japan, at reasonable prices. Any validity to a website such as These websites claim things such as "due to strict Japanese automotive laws, most engines are pulled out before they hit the 100,000 kilometer mark on the odometer. Hence why we can sell so many engines guaranteed to have no more than 60,000 miles that have absolutely nothing wrong with them"... That's not an exact quote. But the basics of something that I've seen listed on multiple websites, and seems fishy to me
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2023.06.02 00:30 AzelfWillpower [TotK] A "merged timeline" isn't exactly possible with what we know about the Downfall Timeline

This is tagged as TotK to be safe, but there will be minimal TotK spoilers or mentions in this post.

Have you guys seen that video going around about a merged timeline theory? I have. I've nothing against anyone who believes it or the guy who made the video (I admire the dedication), but I still don't think that a "merged timeline" -- at least not in the literal sense -- could ever be feasible. If you've been near the realm of Elder Scrolls lore, you've probably heard of a "Dragon Break" -- where a series of events that may or may not have happened all happen at once. It's a break in linear time. Or, in meta terms, it's what developers do when they don't want to make a story decision and accidentally make player agency worthless. As for how this relates to Zelda, people think the Zelda timeline has been hit with one big Dragon Break and merged in Tears of the Kingdom. But the reason I find this, or any kind of "merged timeline" to be impossible is because of one specific timeline; the Downfall one.

A lot of people (justifiably) dislike the Downfall Timeline, as it was retroactively added as a way to bandage inconsistencies between the prologue of ALTTP and Ocarina of Time. And the main complaint I see is one key thing; it's not a timeline.

The Child Timeline and the Adult Timeline are not connected solely by lines in Hyrule Historia, there is physical precedent that they have both existed. Link, the Hero of Time, dwelled in both the Adult Timeline and the Child Timeline, being the very cause of the split in the first place. The Downfall Timeline has no such luxury. It is not a split caused by time travel, or any kind of magic interference. It is a literal "What-If"? scenario that one could apply to any other game in the series. And while I do enjoy the concept, the problem remains that it is not an actual timeline. Not in the sense that the Child and Adult timelines are. The Downfall Timeline and the Child/Adult Timelines are not connected by time or space, and unlike the Child/Adult timelines there is no triggering event in the Downfall Timeline that could reasonably cause any kind of split. While it is caused by something specific (Ganondorf killing Link) that shouldn't affect time in any real way.

There have been theories to explain this (The Wish Theory, which I adore) but going off of what we've seen in Hyrule Historia and all other iterations of the timeline, it's little more than a hypothetical. Why wouldn't another timeline be created when Link loses in Twilight Princess, or Wind Waker, or ALTTP? The meta reason is that you can't really tie a loss in any of those games into another story, but there's no lore reason why we shouldn't have an absolute tangled mess of constantly spawning timelines if we take the Downfall Timeline to be a literal instance in which a new timeline is created. And that'd be a pretty big Dragon Break.

The second reason as to why I don't think this would ever be a thing is because never has it been stated that BotW is at the end of a combined timeline, but rather that it's at the end of "all of them". This does not mean all of them happened. This means whichever timeline you want it to be in, that's where it is. It's a matter of leaving things up to the players.

"We want players to be able to continue having fun imagining this world even after they are finished with the game, so, this time, we decided that we would avoid making clarifications. I hope that everyone can find their own answer, in their own way."

A merged timeline leaves only one answer, and goes against the complete ambiguity and "it's whichever one you want it to be" they seem to be going for. It's at the end of any one of them, and it's up to you to decide that.

TL;DR - There can't be a merged timeline because the Downfall Timeline is entirely based on a hypothetical outcome of the Adult Timeline, with no actual temporal event that would cause a timeline split. It is a "What If" scenario with no connection in time or space to the other timelines. There is also the meta reason of Aonuma wanting to leave it up to the players, which a "merged timeline" would infringe upon.
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2023.06.02 00:15 Qingque-at-work- Math behind defense shred, how much damage SW and DefShred gear can add vs a harmony

(Hi QQmains. I did some serious digging to see if its worth it to pull for SW for an eventual mono quantum team. There was so little info out there that I actually think it will be worthwhile to post in the main sub too, so feel free to point out any errors you see so I can clean it up before posting there. I feel like Qingque should especially enjoy having a debuffer since she gives herself so many buffs already, so thats why I really dug into SW, plus being quantum makes SW a nice forever compaion for QQ. So enjoy and feel free to give feedback. I'm sure my formatting will end up terrible).

So with silver wolf banner coming up, I wanted to see how worthwhile she is for actually boosting damage. Obviously silver wolf is invaluable in difficult fights if it means the difference between being able to break enemies or not being able to break them (high MoC relies heavily on breaking to stop enemy super attacks).
But the elephant in the room is: you could just bring a team that is the right element to break. If so, is SW worthless? Is SW still on par with or better than another buffer or debuffer support that you could bring if we ignore her adding a weakness and 20% elemental resist shred? I decided to find out through the power of math!
Here's a quick table of contents if you want to see something specific: 1. Defense Shred, the one stat with exponential scaling 2. A quick rundown on defense shred options 3. Comparing SW to her competition 4. Quantum set for non-quantum hypercarries?!?! 5. The TL;DR to boost your damage through the roof.

  1. Defense Shred, the one stat with exponential scaling
As I'm sure you have heard, stats have diminishing returns. Actually that is complicated enough it will get a whole dedicated post from me about it, but needless to say, the TL;DR is that you want to spread your stats around, and not go too far into one stat bucket. Since everyone gets attack, damage, and crit from light cones, traces, and relics, defense shred is a nice all around multiplier. But interestingly enough, the closer you get to 100% defense shred, the better each point of defense shred gets!
If you look at the Defense Shred Calculations image, you can see that in a normal endgame scenario, we are level 80 vs a level 90 enemy, and all of our damage is reduced by 53%. All your hard work, half of it just disappears. And all enemies, from bosses to weaklings, have this at level 90 (except warp trotters which are even tankier!).
The first 10% defense shred you get increases your overall damage by 5.3%, but each 10% after that gives more and more, until the final 10% of defense shred (going to a full 100% defense shred), gives a 21% overall damage boost. This means a little defense shred isn't great, you need to stack it! Interestingly, if we are allowed to blow past 100% defense shred, things get a little crazy. So crazy that I have to assume that defense shred will be capped at 100%. But resist shred can go past 100% (and with no penalty like in genshin), so we will have to see once SW is out and we have enough defense shred in the game to acually go past 100%. A full 100% defense shred gives a whopping 110% overall damage boost! But how feasable is that?

  1. Here are out limited defense shred options: - Pela ultimate, ~40% defense shred - Pela technique, 20% defense shred (For 2 turns only, will only be helpful ultra lategame when we 2 turn Moc...does it reapply each wave like welts technique does?) -Resolution Shines Like Pearls of Sweat, the Light Novel Title of light cones, gives 12-16% defense shred. As a standard 4 star light cone, we will all end up with S5 in a year or so, most likely. -Silver Wolf, ???% defense shred, we only know CBT values, so I will just assume 54% overall defense shred to get a nice even number with S5 RSLPOS light cone. -Quantum relic 4 piece set, gives 10-20% defense ignore. This stacks additively just like defense shred, the only difference is that it only works on whoever is wearing it, unlike defense shred. Fun fact on the fine print of the set bonus: the 10% defense ignore is unconditional. And the 20% defense ignore is on quantum weak enemies, NOT on quantum outgoing damage. So your ice or electric or fire units can get the full 20%. If only there was some character who could make all enemies weak to quantum...
So currently, with Pela trace lvl 12, and her technique, and RSLPOS S5, and a carry holding the quantum set against a quantum weak enemy, we have 98% defense shred. But only for 2 turns. SW can get up to 90% by herself, actually less than pela and only on a single target! But with no 2 turn restriction. Also, SW has a 13% resist shred to whatever element her skill activates, and that is on top of the 20% resist shred that comes with adding a weakness (and I'm not calculating that 20% here since I want to look at worst case for SW).
OK, so we know that defense shred adds a ton of damage (roughly double), but there is an opportunity cost! SW, or pela for that matter, will be replacing a buffing unit most likely. So, lets look into how much a harmony unit increases your hypercarrys damage, vs our defense and resist shred units.

  1. Comparing SW to her competition
In my image "damage increase of buffers and debuffers", I have to make quite a few assumptions. For damage, I use the formula of attack*dmg*critdmg*def*resist*vuln*toughness. I looked at what different e0 5 star hypercarries can look like with all their traces, solid (not perfect) gear, buffed states activated, and good light cones (multiple superimposition 4 stars, or FTP 5 stars). Obviously every character has slightly different stats, and will have different gear. But I averaged things out to having a 200% increase in attack (slightly less than 200% att%, plus the flat attack), 200% in all DMG bonuses, 100% net crit damage [you won't crit every time but you can average out what the damage will be when accounting for crit %, and this is a somewhat balanced and reasonable value, obviouly yanqing will be higher]. Then I assumed no defense or resist shred (seele is an outlier there), and no vulnerability (welt trace), and no toughness bar modifies (you lost 10% damage if they aren't broken). But stats like vulnerability and toughness modifier are irrelevant to this since their values will be the same regardless of which units are picked, I only put them in to show I wasn't forgetting about them. My one small number fudge was I didnt subtrace out the flat damage value before adding the attack mulitpliers of the harmony units (since I don't have an exact number, I'm using a 200% green number compared to your base attack), so me adding the harmony attack% to the full number and not 80% of it actually makes the harmony units look a tiny bit stronger than they actually should. The big missing info that I can't easily calculate here: how much value is speed from asta, extra turn from bronya, or extra energy from tingyun? On the flip side, how much value is the slow from silver wolf, the break from silver wolf and pela and asta, or the damage increase that other teammates get from the AOE buffs/debuffs vs. the single target of some skills like tingyun ult. These are all addittional factors that you have to keep in mind when looking at this chart, the numbers do NOT give an easy "this unit is 10% better than this unit no matter what", it can only look at the dimension of damage of a hit. You need full sims for that, and I haven't seen any for teams and gear like I'm doing here, so this will have to do for now. And keep in mind, this is assuming that the enemy is already weak (and this 0% reduction from resistance), so SW is being considered only in her worst case scenario (but I do give the 13% resist shred, so it assumes she occasionally uses her skill). ALSO, this assumes 100% uptime on everything, when in reality it is much easier to keep a 2 turn debuff active than a 1 or 2 turn buff (seele turns go brrr), especially if you have bronya blasting through your carrys turns.
If you took a look, you will see that, unsurprisingly, in a lightly geared situation, bronya sits supreme without even accounting for her turn acceleration. But when you really start to stack up the best light cones and situations, Pela and SW really start to pull their own weight. The difference between a plain pela ultimate and a defense shred stacking pela team is HUGE, and something I wish was more widely explained (rather than the usual "I think pela is underrated but I'm not sure how". The extra defense shred over SW even beats out the 13% resist shred boost that SW can bring.
The last 2 lines are really the big news that blew me away. I figured that most lategame teams will have 2 support slots, and only 1 dedicated tank/healer, since we won't be 20 levels under and will have max gear. And looking at the damage multiplier values, a single hypercarry getting a huge boost will be better than 2 carries getting a small boost (and fighting for skill points). So we see that stacking harmony units really has diminishing returns, since they keep adding to the same buckets, mostly attack and damage (and for my example I used bronyas signature so that damage boost could stack, in reality dance dance dance would be run on one of them). So combining 2 harmony units isn't a huge force multiplier, especially if they both also focus on speed (which also has diminishing returns, though not calculated here). Also, I didn't even consider stacking debuffers together, since each alone could almost get 100% defense shred, running both would be a complete waste. But mixing SW and bronya, we see HUGE results. pela and tingyun together also show a similar increase. Since the harmony and nihility hit different buckets, they really multiply off of each other, way more than 2 harmony units do.
  1. Quantum 4 piece set: So IF looking at the info above, you decide to run a nihility unit, the quantum 4 piece set is probably BiS for your hypercarry. If you are running SW, it is a 15% overall damage increase (OVERALL!) on non quantum weak enemies, and over 30% on quantum weak enemies. And as we know, if you are running mono ice, you might get unlucky and implant quantum, or they might already be quantum weak. And that is a solid bonus effect. No current set is anywhere close to 30% overall damage increase, miles away from it.
  2. TL;DR
I think with this information, going forward I personally will use one harmony and one nihility unit as my 2 hypercarry supports, instead of 2 harmony units. I will definitly try to have one harmony unit that boosts speed though (either by the speed stat or by letting you use your damaging ultimate faster).
For the nihility unit, you really want to use Resolution light cone, it really even crushes stuff like unique multipliers (vulnerability), or break effect (since that can be gotten on gear). And I will start farming the quantum set for my carries, as that even further boosts what the resolution cone gives on defense shred.
Pela vs. Silver Wolf is still a huge question mark. If teams need SW to add a weakness, she is invaluable. But if the enemy is already weak, Pela perfoms close enough (and better for 2 turns) making the SW pull questionable, well unless you need both for 2 different teams! In my opinion, SW will be excellent for mono quantum teams, and still completely solid if you want to run a triple element team, as she still is a huge force multiplier when combined with a strong harmony unit.
Thank you for reading, and I hope all this information can help the meta pullers out there decide if SW is worth it or not. And that it will get all you Pela havers to start gearing her up!
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2023.06.01 23:54 Nobro1245 J37a4 swap

Found a j37a2 in my price range, is my 2012 Acura TL sh-awd compatible to swap in the j37a2? What is the difference between the two?
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2023.06.01 23:41 TimeJustHappens Updates to Wording and Clarity of Subreddit Rules

Hi everyone!

We are here to notify everyone that the rules for /VALORANT have received updates to their wording/clarity. We have been collecting user feedback on wording confusions and have been monitoring removed submissions to pinpoint the most commonly broken rules due to misunderstandings. Rule ambiguity causes confusion for users and additional workload for the moderation team.
No rules have had their core purpose changed. Some rules have had clarifying statements or additional phrasing added to expand on specific examples. This announcement is a transparency breakdown and not a policy change.
If you have questions/comments about the clarifications or would like to offer any points of confusion, we will be sticking around for this announcement's one week duration to try and answer comments. You can also speak to us directly/privately through subreddit modmail. Our general Moderation Statement can be found in the subreddit resources section of our wiki.

Summary of Changes

[All Rules]

  • Revised spelling/grammar issues
  • Shortened wording when appropriate

[Personal Attacks]

  • Removed "primary intention" since personal attacks are not permitted regardless of whether they were the primary intention
  • Replaced "victim of this rule" with "victim of a personal attack" since the rule is not what is attacking the user


  • Changed wording to be more clear that the ratio considers the past 25 submissions, not 22 submissions
  • Added wording to make it more clear that this is across all of Reddit and not just a consideration for the subreddit (concurrent with Reddit site-wide rule suggestions on spam and self promotion)
  • Added the statement "Directly asking for promotional engagement (such as likes, subscribers, views, etc.) is not permitted." to reflect extension of self promotional begging

[Stream and Channel Links]

  • Moved rule to section 2 "Spam" due to its close relation to Self-Promotion

[Reposted Topics]

  • Revised "Frequently asked questions and topics will be removed" to "Routinely asked questions and topics with static answers may be removed" to better reflect how we evaluate common topics
  • Changed "Posts will no longer..." to "Topics will no longer..." to reduce confusion about what is being compared as a repost (i.e., the original post is not the repost, its the topic)
  • Changed "toxicity" to "breaching Riot ToS" in generalized complaints to better encompass the extent of topics like generalized cheater complaint posts

[Irrelevant Topics]

  • Added "Articles, surveys, studies, and other generalized gaming content must specifically focus on VALORANT" to reflect a clarification on surveys and studies commonly asked by users
  • Added "Content with the primary focus on real-life issues or complications which are not specifically related to VALORANT may be removed" to reflect community feedback on IRL issue posts

[Low-effort Submissions]

  • Restructured slightly to make line about memes and short jokes be one of the bullet points
  • Added "and polls" after "short jokes"
  • Added "or specific question" to gameplay help exception to better reflect the removal reason wording
  • Added "Short cosmetic purchasing/comparison polls which are highly subjective (posts giving breakdowns of skin effects comparisons, art evaluations, and other meaningful discussions are permitted)" to reflect quality clarification on low-effort skin purchasing polls
  • Added "AI generated content that does not contain significant/meaningful involvement or effort from the author, such as short prompts, lack of additional content creation or context, and generalized topics made only for the purpose of showing that the content is "AI generated"" to detail new stance on AI content and its quality threshold

[Vague Titles]

  • Made the rule of thumb statement its own sentence instead of a bullet example
  • Added "misleading" to the list of disallowed title qualities

[English Only]

  • Added short disclaimer explaining that we are unable to properly moderate all languages


  • Moved Rants to section 3 "Quality" to better reflect what it is about (similar to low-effort)
  • Changed "player's general visible rank" to "player's general visible rank and MMR" to be more thorough regarding the semantics of rank vs. MMR
  • Replaced "AFKs, toxicity" with "players breaking Riot Games Terms of Service" to more accurately label the category

Changed Section 4 "Video Restrictions" to "Post Format Restrictions"

[Directly Linked and Uploaded Clips]

  • Changed name to "Gameplay Video Content" to better reflect that the rule is not just about clips and omit the "directly linked" that users often get confused about
  • Changed wording "to be directly linked and uploaded" to "to be submitted as a video or link submission"
  • Removed timezone conversion examples and instead put a disclaimer to use a converter website due to user confusion during time zone shifts, daylight savings, etc.
  • Revised list of examples of allowed/disallowed content to be more general and follow the format of defining Esports and Educational content

[Short Duration]

  • Moved the 15s video minimum rule as a bullet point in the list instead of a separate sectioned statement to reduce separation and confusion
  • Condensed statement of exemption for Esports content because it is defined later to "VALORANT Esports content is exempt from the Short Duration guidelines and may be submitted as images and videos under 15s."


  • Added disclaimer "Sexualized or harassing comments towards users are not tolerated"

[Soliciting, Peddling, Riot's Terms of Services]

  • Revised statement about Riot ToS to "Content that breaks Riot's Terms of Service (boosting threads, advertisement of cheats/hacks, account selling/buying, etc). are strictly prohibited and may be met with an immediate permanent ban." to reflect our protocol exception of a permanent ban on first offense
  • Shortened "falls under soliciting/peddling/Riot ToS" to "this rule"

[Direct Address]

  • Changed example "Riot, you need to" to "To the developers" because there was already a similar example of "Riot please"

[Private Individuals]

  • Added "linking to a players profile or website" to methods of exposing a private individual to encompass things like linking to a person's Tracker.GG page
  • Removed "visible or non-visible names" and added separate statement of "Censoring names and identifying content does not permit bypass of this rule" to enforce clarity on specifics of rule
  • Changed "content creation or media presence" to "media presence or consented content creation" to clarify that another person making content of the non-consenting person does not qualify as a public individual

[Technical and Account Support]

  • Changed "As a community, we do not possess the ability to assist with technical support or account support issues" to "/VALORANT is not a dedicated community for technical or account support" due to user feedback that the phrasing was objectively wrong regardless of the intent of the statement


  • Added a new section which clarifies that while game related leaks are permitted, the sourcing of leaks is not (such as asking for help in leaking a document, crowdsourcing a leak effort, etc.).

[Claims Require Evidence]

  • Added "In game leaks must provide sufficient legitimacy and evidence" to the list to reflect stance on source-less leaks

[Flairs and Tags]

  • Reordered list to be in the same order as users see the flair list for intuitive clarity
  • Removed redundant definitions covered below by new definitions

[Reddit Rules]

  • Added a statement to review the Reddiquette page to reflect site-wide rules surrounding things like all caps titles, spam emojis, upvote/downvote manipulation comments, and more

Added a new "Definitions" section that includes VALORANT Esports, Educational, and Gameplay

submitted by TimeJustHappens to VALORANT [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:19 roofracksystem Roof rack bar THULE Acura RDX MOTION XT ALPINE

Roof rack bar THULE Acura RDX MOTION XT ALPINE submitted by roofracksystem to u/roofracksystem [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 23:06 Wolfmanscurse A "Creepy" friend of OOP's girlfriend asks OOP to open their relationship so he can sleep with OOP's girlfriend. No one but OOP seems to see a problem with this.

*I am NOT OP. Original post by u/ThrowRAJeffTheCreep in relationship_advice and trueoffmychest *
trigger warnings: Manipulation, financial abuse, ableism
mood spoilers: sad but hopeful
My (25 M) girlfriends (26 F) close friend (27 M) asked us to open our relationship so he could pursue her. Now I am not comfortable with her still being around him - May 14th, 2023
All names are fake
I've been with my Gf "Emily" for 4 years now. Emily has a close friend "Jeff" who I have never liked. The guy has always come off as skeevy, whiney, and creepy to me. I've heard things about him from ex-friends, and even current ones that make him just come off as pathetic and creepy. I could go on about it, but I'll cut to the chase though. The real reason I do not like Jeff is that he has always been interested in Emily. They met in middle school and he's had a crush on her since then. He's tried and failed multiple times over the years to get her to like him. Ever since I came into her life, and we started dating, he's always given me the feeling that he's orbiting waiting for us to break up to try again. He's backed off romanticly though and hasn't tried anything for the 4 years we've been together.
Jeff has been a sore topic for me and Emily. Even though I don't like him, she and her friends do. I've made it clear to her that I don't like him, but I've never interfered with her friendship with him because I've always trusted her when she tells me she feels nothing romanticly for him.
This all changed last week. Jeefs own romantic life can only be described as unusual. From what I know, mostly one-night stands and third-wheel scenarios. He's openly "poly" and I've heard far too much about it from him. Not the lifestyle for me, but whatever suits you. What got to me though, was how he would talk about it to the people in monogamous relationships in his friend group. Pitching it as if he was trying to sell them on it for other reasons.
Last week, Emily and I tagged along with her friends for an outing. We ended up at a dive late at night for drinks and Jeff tagged along with the two of us. He was incredibly offputting to me the entire night, much more than usual. Acting all buddy-buddy with me to an uncomfortable degree. As we sat and chatted, he brought up his most recent relationship from a few months back. A poly relationship where he was third-wheeling another couple. It was, very awkward. Much more so when out of nowhere he recommended we try something like that ourselves. The short of it is he asked us to open our relationship and become a "triad" with him. He knows I'm straight, so what he really meant was he wants to fuck Emily and for me to be ok with it.
Emily declined, and I wanted to tear into the creep; however, Emily made me go to her car so she could pay for our drinks and leave knowing I was about to make a scene.
Suffice it to say, I am not comfortable with her continuing to associate with him. I've made it clear that what he did was completely disrespectful of our relationship and that I don't trust him not to do something more sinister at this point. Emily, however, disagrees. She's saying this is "Just how Jeff operates" which makes me even more uncomfortable with the situation. He's not neurotypical, and her whole friend group has used that as an excuse for so long, I'm sick of hearing it. We have been arguing non-stop about this now. She doesn't think this is enough of a reason to cut him off and I cannot understand why. Her friend group has essentially decided to stay out of it as well. I did share my thoughts with someone I know who is an ex-friend of Jeff's from high school. I also learned that Jeff has tried to break up Emily and her boyfriends before, and he thinks this is another attempt.
She was planning on going out Friday with friends to a movie, which included Jeff. We ended up having another massive argument in which I told her to not come back if she left. She's been staying at her parent's house since.
Right now, I feel like I'm living in fucking bizzaro land. Every single weird thing about her and her friends now sticks out like porcupine quills. It's like I'm the only one who sees a problem with what Jeff did, and that my opinion does not matter. Emily refuses to tell me what about Jeff is so important in endearing he's worth this. It's like to her this is just normal or something. How do I even proceed at this point? It feels like I'm just being walked over. How can I convey how uncomfortable I am at this, or is it even worth it at this point?
My girlfriend Emily has a friend Jeff who has had a crush on her since middle school. He asked us to open the relationship so he can "date" the both of us despite me and him both being straight men. I've not tried to put any restrictions on who Emily can be friends with but now I feel completely uncomfortable with her continuing to associate with him. She, and her friends, disagree and have moved on like nothing happened.
My ex-girlfriend has been leading a neurodivergent man on for over a decade to scam money out of him, even while we were together. - May 19th, 2023
I wasted the last 4 years of my life with a girl we'll call Emily. I thought she was a good and honest person, boy was I wrong. Emily had a close friend named Jeff. I never understood it. Jeff is a creepy and pathetic man who has orbited her since middle school. He's neurodivergent, at least that's what their friend group has used as an excuse for his actions. He's always had a crush on Emily. According to ex-friends, he's tried his hardest to get her to like him since they met. Emily does not like Jeff any more than a friend. Even then, the way she talks about him to me makes me feel she's completely disgusted by him physically. Along with her "honesty," it made me never question their friendship, even if Jeff was obviously orbiting waiting for us to break up.
A few weeks ago Jeff asked us to try out polyamoury so he could have sex with Emily. I was furious. I wanted to put him in his place, but Emily stopped me. She seemed to have no problem with him asking, even though she turned him down. Her whole friend group acted like this was just a normal thing to ask. That me upset and mad that he would dare disrespect our relationship like that was wrong. It was a "me" problem.
There are things that should have clued me into the fact that her friend group was a circus. I just ignored it, however. After the polyamory incident, I couldn't though. The things that ex-friends told me about Jeff and Emily made me ask questions and start digging. I ended up contacting one of Emily's ex and learned something very interesting. In high school, Jeff was giving Emily hundreds of dollars he was stealing from his parents.
I and Emily had been arguing constantly after Jeff asked the question. She had been staying with her parents for a time while things cooled off. Once she showed back up at our place this week I decided to confront her and asked if Jeff was giving her money. She denied it at first, but I told her if she does not tell me the truth I will forward many of the texts she sent me commenting about Jeff's body and face to Jeff himself.
Jeff has been giving money to Emily since they met. For the entire 4 years we were together he was sending her sometimes hundreds of dollars each month. Her texts with him are flirty in nature. While not outright saying she's interested in him, she's heavily implied it. Acting like it's just "not the right time" for her to be with him.
She has reaffirmed to me that she's not interested in him, in fact, she's implied she actually hates his guts. I asked if her friends are also taking money from Jeff, and she said she did not know.
I packed my shit up yesterday and am staying with my brother till I find a new place. I blocked Emily. I sent Jeff a text simply showing him how Emily talked about him to me. I'm 99% sure Jeff is stealing from his parents still as he lives with them. I found his parent's numbers and texted them letting them know what's happing.
Moving on from 4 wasted years is going to be tough.....
Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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