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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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Dedicated to Kanye West.

2023.06.07 07:51 Background_Garlic_26 can’t stop overthinking.

So from a past few days my mental health has not been so stable and good. I’ve started to overthink a lot. And when i say overthink it’s not like ki i think for a while and then i forget about it. It’s like every conversation i’ve ever had with my boyfriend lately, i sit and think about it very fucking deeply and i ruin my own mood by thinking so much and taking out different meanings of things he said.
Last night i was on a vc with my bf and he was eating. I don’t remember what i said but then he added “tu gai ki tarha chabati hai” (you chew like a cow). And i can’t stop thinking about it💀 Alot of people have said this to me in the past. Only a few months back i got my braces removed and having braces gave me confidence idk why. I felt prettier having them. Now, what my bf said, he said that jokingly cuz he was laughing. But idk why i can’t stop thinking about it kyunki mai chutiya hu na. And yes i know all this is very stupid💀👍
please lmk if i’m wrong and what i should do to stop this fucking bhenchod overthinking.
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2023.06.07 07:50 yuhizora 23 [M4F] something special

im a hopeless romantic potato whos looking for someone to vibe and get to know each other with :)) gusto ko i share sayo mga kung anu-anong memes nakikita ko sa fb, mga things na alam kong interested ka, would love to take u out on dates, or we can just chill watch anime/movies on disc. love language ko un eh :)) share music, etc..
about me: 6/10, normal BMI, likes to talk about anything anime, manga, gacha games, webtoons, etc. jpop, indie, alternative, breakcore are my fuel to go through life. i also play games like league, dotes, csgo, can also play valo but im new at it. tho im open to new experiences.
about u: please be 19-24, same interests and hobbies as mine (mahilig sa anime, big + points if gacha game addict din), taga OLFU antipolo (pref but not req.), normal BMI, average looking, hindi ghoster, around qc so we can go on dates or okay with traveling
HMU with an intro if ur interested
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2023.06.07 07:49 Starmew27 App being dumb

So about a month ago the app updated on my smart tv. At first it wouldn’t let me sign in. Now that it’s back to “normal” every button on my remote, tv remote app by Vizio, and the iPhone remote thing on my phone just act like I’m pressing the ok button. Doesn’t matter what button I use it still does it. Like to watch a movie I have to search for it on the tv search feature then open it through that. Cause I tried using my phone to cast it but it was just like screen share and I can’t use my phone then. Plus it lags bad. It’s just annoying. Also I’m sorry I needed to rant.
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2023.06.07 07:49 two_under_three I don’t want to move with his friend but don’t think I have a choice. What can be done to stop this?! I feel like this is a bad investment in time and money.

Odd situation but long story short bf made plan to move us including his childhood friend into an apt we will pay for but that supposedly he and his friend will be splitting the rent up 50/50. Bf of ten years and I have a toddler and a baby. We moved in with his mom last year but now have to move ASAP (they were running their own business and long story short- it went under and the family house is foreclosing). Anyway, a little background: before the family business tanked, about eight months ago- my bf convinced his childhood friend to move here and work for the business. His friend has been living in the house and working for them; they now owe him money for the work he’s done but since the business went under- there is no money to pay him. His friend isn’t hussling them for the money, but he has voiced that it would be nice to get paid.There may be ability to pay him through the sale of some family assets, but this takes time. Anyway, everyone in the house has intended on getting a place together (us along with his mom, her daughters aka bf’s younger sisters, the family pets, and his childhood friend) but we realized that was not going to work out monetarily. So his mom and sisters are going to figure out doing their own thing and we agreed same for us.
With that being said, bf has decided we should move with his friend because we can save money on rent and because he says he feels bad leaving his friend in the dust. I said sure as I’m all about saving money and going with what my bf thinks (trust). Also, bf says he is just lonely and misses having friends around. Hence why he brought him out here in the first place.
Unfortunately, his friend just feels like an extra baggage because he does not have any money to contribute to our move (like I said, his family owes him paychecks) so contributing to help us in getting into our new place is not happening. I don’t feel this is fair when we could get a smaller place for just us and it may be cheaper (been doing some research- splitting 50/50 rent on a 2 bedroom sometimes ends up being the same as a studio or one bedroom- if we’re looking at good ones; for decent selections, the 50/50 split is a hundred or so dollars cheaper). Not to be a bitch but I just don’t want to feel responsible for another person when I already have 2 kids and the thought of a couple hundred dollars savings sometimes feels like a sacrifice I would rather not make for peace n quiet.
They’ve briefly discussed desires for our new place in front of me: bf’s friend said he has family he can go stay with if he has to (like if we can’t find something that works for all of us), but of course that his preference is to continue to live with his homie (my bf). They are on the same page about splitting rent 50/50, but the thing is we’ve never done this before with him and he has never paid 50% of the rent at his last place with his family. These are worries in the back of my mind along with my desire for space likely being a pipe dream.
Whenever I try to get the conversation going about us all getting a place together (to discuss details specifically so we’re all on the same page); I try to ease into the conversation because I just feel like maybe us all discussing together would help me feel better with this idea- it never carries. My bf often says feel like discussing right now and or his friend just says whatever works and they move onto the next thing. This casual dismissal of discussing the logistics doesn’t work for me because I just don’t want to feel slighted in my own home or like I have no say, like things weren’t discussed and it ends up sucking. I don’t want to become irritated and resentful but am starting to feel mildly irritated.
I had mentioned to my bf in private that I would like for whatever place we get if it’s with him to have two bathrooms otherwise I’m not into it at a and bf says he agrees. He usually changes the subject saying everything will just work out. Bf’s friend says he is not picky about the bathroom situation and that we should be open minded. Bf’s friend is a pretty mellow person with not that much stuff, he is right in being flexible so I feel bad having these secret complaints as it probably wouldn’t be bad to live with him (we currently do and it’s not bad, but this place we live is way bigger so it’s different).
Anyway, I don’t dislike the guy, but I’m having a hard time getting over how I just don’t want to live with anyone aside from my bf and our kids simply because I want my own space (even if it’s a cheaper tiny studio). Bf and I haven’t lived alone without roommates in years and I miss it. I feel like I never get any quality time with him and I hate feeling like a third wheel especially not in my own house.
I can’t help but feel like this is not a good idea. Is it wrong to try and prevent this from happening or should I keep biting my tongue and go with it/figure out how to change my perspective despite feeling like I don’t want this for us?! Info to add: bf knows he is the one paying the rent (he will have a full time job while I continue my schooling online and caring for the kids, contributing my $3600 in student loans every 4 months to help him pay the rent); this is agreed upon til I graduate in a year and can contribute more financially. With this in mind, should I not bring these qualms up?! Any advice???
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2023.06.07 07:49 Vey-kun [FOR HIRE] Any chibi/pfp/fandom, starting from $5

[FOR HIRE] Any chibi/pfp/fandom, starting from $5
Dm me here or vey_kun on insta. Even one art appreciated. 🙏
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2023.06.07 07:49 TreningDre One week in

I’m 1.5 hours from beginning day 7 of being porn, alcohol and weed free (took a sober month and decided I’d try to cut out porn as well). It’s the first time I can remember going this long without porn in I don’t know how long. That’s fucking depressing.
One thing I’ve come to learn about myself in that time was that I always thought I was high libido up to this point, I felt like I was horny all the time. My wife even called me a nympho at one point. But it turns out it was the porn, since stopping I’ve had some desires to want to open up a private tab and visit my go to hub but I’m able to push past those and refocus on other things. It wasn’t until today that my wife said “how come you don’t harass me like you used to” and it dawned on me that porn played a sizable role in my excess pursuit of my wife, nothing crazy, the occasional butt slap or spooning and a boob grab. Things to let her know I was in the mood. But I haven’t actually been in “the mood” for a few days now which is unlike me… or I guess how I should be? I really don’t know. It’s a shame that porn is so accessible, I was 13 when I started and 31 when I finally decided to do something about it.
Honestly, I’m bummed that I was unaware how much porn was actually affecting my sex drive but I’m beginning to notice the damage that’s been done and I’m just hoping I can reverse it and focus more on the real and less on the fictitious fucked up world that is porn.
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2023.06.07 07:49 shuttershopinterior_ Best Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism BangaloreShutter shop

Creating a modern wardrobe that fits your lifestyle is now easier than ever with the help of Shutter Shop’s Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism in Bangalore. This innovative mechanism allows you to create custom-made wardrobes that fit perfectly into any space. With their easy-to-use design tools, you can choose from a wide range of materials and colors to create a wardrobe that reflects your style and personality. The sliding mechanism also helps you save space, as it allows you to open up your wardrobe without taking up too much room. With Shutter Shop’s Sliding Wardrobe Design Mechanism in Bangalore, you can create the perfect wardrobe for your home.
We offer top-notchSliding Wardrobe Designer in Bangalore services that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure that you get the best possible wardrobe designs that will fit perfectly into your space. We use the latest technology and design techniques to ensure that every detail is taken care of. With our sliding wardrobe design services, you can be sure of getting a stylish, functional and durable wardrobe solution that adds value to your home.
Shutter shop offer excellent design plans Acrylic Kitchen Shutter Manufacturers in Bangalore to our customers. Our plans reflect creativity and innovation.
Visit For More Information:
Address: A24, 3rd Floor, Geetha Towers, Near Skoda Showroom, above Sri Udupi Sannidhi, Kamadhenu Nagar, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 016
Call us: +91 8951248887
Mail: [email protected]
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2023.06.07 07:49 Fit_Acanthisitta_624 Japanese men and mixed signals..

Hello, I don't normally do stuff like this but here it goes.
So I met this Japanese guy in Japan while I was studying abroad, we went to the same college and I was the one who made the first move. I ended up asking for his line the few days I met with him and he ended up giving it too me. This was my first time making the first move with someone I thought was attractive and I decided to take it slow and kinda see where things played out between me and him, because at the time I had no idea if he liked me back or not. Our interactions in person were always amazing we flirted with each other and I could tell when we hung out in a group of people he always had his attention and focus on me. He always would be speaking directly too me in groups. Over time I decided to start texting him. Which started out with both of us sending pretty long paragraphs too eachother in which made me gain confidence in me pursuing him. There were also inside jokes we would make in text he would reference in person with me and mess with me about, which I also took as a sign to possibly continue pursuing?
He obviously enjoyed talking with me.
During this time though I was getting closer too my trip ending abroad and we ended up having a very last minute get together near the end of the semester. We ended up hanging out alone for 8 hours in which by the end of it he paid for my food. After we got food things got wierd back at our school. He started being very vague with text messages like just sending stickers? Which I know and I have heard about Japanese people not being direct about rejections, so I decided to read the room and back up from him... but once I made the descion to back away he would than initiate with another text message.. signaling too me he still wanted to stay in contact.. so I decided to keep texting him. After that there was a period where he became very busy with a job and he didn't text me very often, I was very respectful of that and at the time he would explain every so often how much he worked and it reassured me he still wanted to stay in contact.
During this time there was a period where I had texted him and he didn't respond for a whole week and at this moment, I decided to try and back up again.. than right when I make the descion too move on he texts me again apologizing for not responding? We ended up calling that night and had a great time and he seemed to really enjoy my company. overtime similar things would happen where texts were dry and he seemed super uninterested and super inconsistent but when we called he always seemed super happy and interested in talking too me.. Fyi: when he became less busy he stated we could call whenever I like but obviously.. the mixed signals have killed my confidence a bit to know if I should take up that offer or not.
I plan on telling him how I feel soon about the texting.. and maybe having a kokuhaku but I haven't decided... I want to be fair and make sure I'm honest about the inconsistencies.. I'm not sure if he is stringing me a long or possibly just using me for English practice when convenient but I thought I should just be upfront and tell him..
Also atm we are in the same lull of him not texting me for a while/vague text messages. I asked him when we could call next but no response or read.
Fyi: a lot of the times he would read my messages and than not respond hours later... which always confused me.
Please let me know what you all think.
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2023.06.07 07:49 husseiniq2 Profit from the Internet by blogging

Earning from blogger is one of the most popular ways to get extra income online right now. Since building a personal blog or website is relatively easy, many people have taken advantage of this opportunity and created blogs covering various topics, such as technology, sports, cooking, travel, fashion, and more.

Profit from the Internet by blogging

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However, to profit from Blogger , the blogger must consider developing his skills and using appropriate tools to improve the quality of his content in terms of design and content itself according to the requirements of search engines, in order to attract more visitors to the site.
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Blogger blog

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Creating a successful Blogger blog requires perseverance and persistence
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2023.06.07 07:49 delsystem32exe anyone feel that they are the only 'real' object and that everyone else is simulated / ie soliplism

sometimes i feel that this entire consciousness is a construct. everyone else like the people i see are programs, or not real. It seems like especially with how good chat GPT is, It seems like computers can easily model human conversations and facial expressions / images. Even with todays rudimentary computer power. I am beginning to suspect that this consciousness that I am experiencing is some sort of simulation / test to train a model on my reactions to certain events. This is not a stretch as I can see even with slight advancement in technology, we should be able to have the brain connect to a mainframe system in 100 years max. So, I think that odds are, its probably a simulation right now. But If it is, how can i be so sure that everyone else is real and not just calculated stimuli that I am receiving as data on a ethernet cable or something. sometimes, i question whether I am indeed real.
Also the absurdity of life also seems to lead me to think its a simulation. Like a simulation that is unit testing against unknown / undefined behavior just like a QA engineer would unit test for strange abnormal events. Lately I have recognized a series of absurd events that are beyond the normal frequency of them I am accustomed to.
i have had a few times in my life where it seems like i felt like a consciousness trapped inside. its somewhat scary. soliplism seems like the only slightly scary feeling, as when one dissassociates from their body, it can feel strange / scary. One day a long time ago, my consciousness dissassociated from my body and time slowed to 0, it was almost as if i was traveling at light speed or was in a black hole, which causes the observer to experience massive time dilation. This was frightening as even a second felt like a minute or hour, it felt like living in slow motion. it is quite painful.
thankfully, these depersonalizations are quite rare. I have not had them frequently, but lately, I have been slightly having these sensations more frequently, but not when time slows, but the feeling where you detach from yourself and view all these experience pass by as simulations or actions not happening to you. its somewhat annoying and feels tiring.
soliplism i feel is the only tiring philosophy. nihilism is great, absurdism is great, soliplism is good when thought of abstractly, but depersonalizations idk can be kind of tiring or painful. it feels like dehydration but much worse.
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2023.06.07 07:49 t_murphy_studios Anyone know how to fix this?

Anyone know how to fix this?
My steam deck was set up for Dual Boot with windows 10, everything used to work fine, then out of nowhere my non-steam games wouldn’t launch at all, saying I couldn’t access the file, did a ton of troubleshooting steps, including making sure I had admin access to everything, nothing worked.
Next step of course was to update my drivers. Only issue there is that my windows partition on the internal SSD was so small that it could only fit Windows and nothing else would go in there, I had everything else on my 256GB micro SD card. When I got the drivers for the APU, they wouldn’t download because I didn’t have enough storage, so I ticked the factory reset box, and that finally let it download.
Knowing the nature of these updates and how often they restart the system, I knew I had to babysit it since it wouldn’t boot straight back into windows, and I’d have to open the boot manager to go to the OS selector, since that broke without warning a few weeks after dual booting. The first few reset cycles go by fine, then it just decided it didn’t want to work anymore, and started to give me this weird, diagonal, blocky, screen?
It seems that everything else is working relatively fine from what I can decipher, but the display is not happy with me. It doesn’t work connecting to an external display either, and there are no issues with Steam OS.
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2023.06.07 07:48 kkruiji Are any of you sceptical of multiculturalism?

I would accept it only if the immigrants learn the local language(if you dont want to segregate yourself, show respect for the country you live in ) and integrate. But I also have heard that groups immigrants/ locals are segregated within the city(London ,German cities)
When Its said that multiculturalism wont replace my culture, I get skeptical. My 1, 8 mil nation nearly got replaced by russians and we still live within a divided society . And, no, I think nothing can unite us now.As a nation we felt more united when we passed the laws in favuor of Latvian and teared their monuments down. And people are saying" your country doesnt belong to you", " longelivity isnt a valid reason". This all makes me more protectionist and anti multicultural.
Do any of you also have doubts?
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2023.06.07 07:48 Ancient_End_ What is the normal engine temp for an ea888.3 engine?

What is the normal engine temp for an ea888.3 engine?
Just bought the car from dealer (Audi A4 quattro 2.0tfsi 2014 with 94000km) and I’ve noticed i opened the hood and the heat from it just radiated into my face.
I’ve read the coolant while driving from work to home and the temp was kinda fluctuating from 108°C to 102°C, 97°C lowest. The coolant reservoir was sludgy before cause it has not been changed (dumb me didnt checked it before buying). It had a coolant flush once only still on warranty work. Does anyone know if this readings is normal? Thanks guys
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2023.06.07 07:48 FigRight8465 Can someone help me on this. Loose door knob.

Can someone help me on this. Loose door knob.
I can't open it, I can't find the keys for it. Is there a way for me to fix this? If u have any questions please do ask in the comments 🙏
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2023.06.07 07:48 After_Business3267 8 years together, sex once every couple months

Me (32f) and my partner (51m) have been together for 8 years. We only have sex once every 2 months or so at this point. it wasnt always like this though. I remember two years in we were down to once every couple of weeks and that felt bad to me. 5 years ago I had a family member diagnosed with terminal cancer, and then shortly after was diagnosed with a chronic but nontransmissable skin condition affecting my was very traumatic and upsetting to me. That along with the family tragedy made me very depressed and unwilling to have sex due to skin irritation for about 3 months. Eventually my condition improved significantly and I came to terms with it emotionally but our sex life has never recovered. Over our relationship, my partner has put on 20-30 lbs, which isn't a big deal to me except it affects his confidence level, and he has cited that ( in not as many words) as a reason that he doesn't feel as good about his body/initiating sex anymore. BUT other than the first year he has only initiated sex maybe 1/10th of the time. I have made it clear numerous times that I'd like him to initiate sex more often, because I'm the only one who does, and I need it to feel desirable...but he doesn't. I swear to god, I experimented by not initiating for a couple months, and got NOTHING. It takes months for him to want it enough to ask. I know that sounds petty but I had to know. I used to be so demonstrative and open with my affection, but he thinks giving my bum a squeeze is enough for me to clue in! I actually use my words and say what I want :( i also forgot to mention he can't maintain an erection for too long due to anxiety/ condoms feeling uncomfortable. 75% of the time we have sex its only me getting off, and when we have sex more frequently he orgasms less
A couple years ago I met someone, a total stranger, and became infatuated with them because they showed a teeny bit of interest. Nothing happened AT ALL, I became so guilty about feeling attracted enough to someone that I would fantasize about cheating, that I came clean to my partner about it. It was a desperate attempt from me to let him know how unhappy and unsatisfied I was. he begged me to stay and try to make it work, but nothing has changed. I love my partner very much, but I've known for awhile it will end. We aren't compatible enough to have children, and thats what I want, but he is short tempered, pessimistic and incredibly messy.
I want more than this but I am so so scared to leave and where I live is very expensive and I have no savings, my life would totally be upended and his as well. I am willing to give it one more shot though
Any and all advice would be appreciated...I feel like I live with my head in the clouds all the time, constantly wanting another type of life. It stops me from putting my all into what I do have
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2023.06.07 07:48 BlahajBoii Why does my voice sound so horrendous when I listen to my vocals?!

I grew up singing and basically dedicated every waking second practicing. It was my reason to live, and made me feel alive. I was told that I used to have perfect pitch.
5 years ago I started HRT and my voice got much deeper. I would guess dropped at least an octave maybe two. I’ve tried singing (I got depressed and haven’t practiced nearly as much as I used to. I’ve even lost how to sing with my diaphragm :/.) and it’s just not the same. I can’t find my range and it’s actually very depressing. It’s in between. When I’m singing I feel like it’s on point but when I play it back it sounds like a fucking cat dying. Music is my life but if this is how I sound…what do I do? I am too embarrassed and broke to take professional lessons. Someone pls help.
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2023.06.07 07:48 SahilSingh2402 Building a Behavior Classifier for Flies: How to Approach the Problem?

Hey everyone,
I have a dataset that contains the positions of 9 flies for each frame. I want to build a behavior classifier based on this data, but I'm not sure how to approach the problem.
My goal is to create an input that takes 9 rows at once, where each row represents the position of one fly, and then learn from it by finding distances between each body part of the flies with each other to determine whether they are touching, grooming, or avoiding.
Additionally, I would like to consider past frames while predicting current frame outputs. Does anyone have suggestions on how to approach this problem? Are there any similar models or approaches that already exist for this?
I'm open to using various machine learning models such as decision trees, support vector machines, or even deep learning models.
If you have any insights or resources that could help me get started, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 07:48 Radproff Slovene sports media about future of Jumbo Visma and interest of Ineos

I got aware of this article, if I understand correctly this is the biggest sports magazine in Slovenia
It quite surprised me
Google translation:
At Jumbo-Visma, honey and milk were pouring, but now big changes are in store for the Jumbo-Visma cycling team, as the main sponsor and commercial giant Jumbo has announced that it will withdraw from cycling at the end of 2024.The reason is primarily a change in Jumba's strategy, which will allocate sponsorship money elsewhere. Jumbo-Visma was considered one of the richest teams in the caravan, it had some of the best cyclists in its ranks, who in recent years won all the biggest and smallest cycling races, and Jumbo contributed as much as 80 percent of the budget, or 20 million euros approaching 25 .The retail giant has already announced it will pull out earlier if a new main sponsor is found, but not before the end of 2024, when the contract expires.Naturally, the question arises as to what will happen to Jonas Vingegaard, Primož Roglič and Wout van Aert. The three cycling stars earn a total of quite more than 7 million euros per season, and as they have valid contracts even after 2024, their financing will be much more difficult.If Jumbo-Visma does not manage to find an equivalent sponsor, then it is in for a dropout of stars. Quite a few teams are interested in the services of van Aert, Vingegaard and Roglič, first and foremost the ever-improving Ineos, which is fueled by the euros of the fourth largest chemical company in the world.
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2023.06.07 07:48 IlluminationTheory7 What is the etiquette for interviewing and managing potential offers from competitors?

For some context I am in a pretty niche role where there are perhaps 10 direct competing firms in the industry each with 1-3 people at various levels doing the same role as me, so it is fairly close-knit and most people know who is who in the market.
I do get approached by head-hunters from time to time as well occasionally from competitors, but have usually turned the approaches down politely as I’m relatively happy where I am from a work/life balance perspective. I’ve however started to realise that this might be doing a disservice to myself financially as there may be better money out there.
I have a number of questions around etiquette that I’m hoping some of you might be able to help with:
- Is it ever a good idea to interview somewhere that you don’t want to work at but does pay better, solely to get a higher-paying offer to take to your current employer?
- When formally interviewing with competitors, are you usually expected to at least pretend that you would be keen to work for them? How do you answer questions about why you want to work for them, if perhaps you know that you aren’t actually that keen to work for them?
- Does it burn bridges when you interview with competitors and pretend that you’re interested in working for them but then decline an offer?
- If you do interview somewhere and receive an offer, do you only present it to your current employer if you have the offer in writing, or is a verbal offer usually enough?
- Should your current employer then decide to match (or better) the pay then will you be burning bridges with the competitor by declining the offer? And similarly does it make things awkward going forward at your current employer if they do agree to match the offer?
- How do you decline an offer from a competitor without burning bridges and keep the door open in the future?
- Am I over-thinking things?
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2023.06.07 07:48 i_am_riddhi Modest TR recs?

As a TR, the clothes in the market that suit me are not the most professional and office friendly (floral corsets, and cute clothes available near me).
Undoubtedly, necks which flaunt a little cleavage look great on me, so do delicate prints, but they aren't the most professional of dresses.
Shirts aren't exactly my forte, unless they have amazing cuts and very soft fabric.
What could be some professional and somewhat modest clothing recs for TR? Any brands in India, which sells western clothes that are modest and suit a TR recommendation?
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2023.06.07 07:48 bellaliane Create a link to an email in Excel

Hi reddit! I've been assigned a task at work and I'm trying to make my life easier. Basically, boss wants me to copy and paste literally everything from a specific shared inbox into a excel spreadsheet - which is fine - but some of them have attachments. So I thought, can i just create a hyperlink in the spreadsheet that will open up the email in outlook? Thank you so much in advance team <3.
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2023.06.07 07:48 ExtraVeggiePuns 35 M. East coast insomniac lawyer looking for chats about everything and nothing

I’m tired during the day but as soon as I get to bed I can’t turn my brain off. Open to chat with anyone and everyone. Tell me what’s on your mind!
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