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2023.06.07 04:55 Exotic_Anxiety_2944 Why does Depop do this ? What in the fack is the point of accepting offers?

Lol Ijust decided to expand my reselling as if I’m not already overwhelmed by my small growing business. And I had three sales my first few days which is super cool ( 1 in my first few hours ) . But I’ve gotten so many offers and likes. I like ANY other platform , if you send or accept a offer it’s binding and you instantly get charged whether the seller accepts or you accept from the seller. Can someone make a petition or complaint to Depop that it’s makes no sense to then have to play “ let’s hope my item doesn’t sell on another platform in the next 24 hours game “ because it’s like playing Russian roulette with a sale? And please tell me why so many people send offers that they don’t even want? I mean I have an item I just listed that received 5 offers in two days . Lol like let me pick which buyer looks the most reliable ? This blows
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2023.06.07 04:54 According-Breath-219 19M need people

I need some new people to play with consistently, I text really fast if you want to talk off the game too. I will say that I’m a high maintenance friend before you text me. Feel free to hit me up My psn is KyoGalaxy. If you’re crossplat just dm me. I am available so if it goes that way then cool but I’m ok with just being friends.
I play siege, overwatch, Minecraft, dbd and fortnite mainly.
I’m in est btw but idc where you’re from.
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2023.06.07 04:48 dahcowboy [S] Total Drama: Into the void (Sign ups)

Hello everybody.
So, you are all probably confused about the title. I bet your like "Wait, if this is a new series, that Danganronpa: Is there any hope left??? canceled? OH NO!"
Well, don't you worry, the funny Dangronpa project isn't canceled. I just feel like making another series, after getting some inspiration from two AO3 fics: Epic Character Elimination Reboot and Press A Button, Win a Prize (Or Destroy the World). There's also another reason why I wanted to do this thing: Since my sophomore year is ending this week (at the time of writing this) and wanted to have a busy summer vacation, I figure writing two projects may take up my time. The last reason why I wanted to do this thing is that there are characters in the Danganronpa sign-up that I wished I picked, but didn't have the chance to because there are only 16 spots. So hey, if you want to suggest that character again, you could do that!
Before we get to the rules, I want to give out a quick summary:
After a long long vacation break, the (in)famous Chris Mclean decides to make yet another season of Total Drama, this time with 24 four completely new computers. These players would compete in a black void because purchasing an island would cost way too much money. Who would win? who would fail? And most importantly, will someone ever file a lawsuit against Chris?
Find out on Total
Into the void!
Alright, enough talking, rules time. Rule
1: No real-life people (meaning non-fictional characters, so people like Dream (fake speedrunner), Jack Black (I know he's a gamer, but he real), and John F. Kenndy (though you can submit his Clone High counterpart).
Rule 2: You can suggest any character from any type of media (whether that be Comics, TV shows, or even movies) just tell me where they're from and their gender.
Rule 3: NO NSFW (this rule is pretty self-explanatory)
Rule 4: You could submit a lot of characters (like 10 to 100), but I will pick them based on knowledge, their backstory, or if I just found their personality to be cool.
Rule 5: NO DANGANRONPA: IS THERE ANY HOPE LEFT CHARACTERS, (by that, I mean the characters that are participating in that can't be allowed. You can suggest other characters from their fandom, though ) as this is canon to the Danganronpa: Is there any hope left timeline. I won't be listing them, but I recommend you check it out to see which character can't make it in.
Optional: You can add an Audition Log. In it, you can tell the character's personality, background, and/or reason why they're joining the show. You could even write dialogue! This is completely optional, however, I would recommend it because it would convince me to add your character more.
That's all the rules, here's the link to the signup:
And I'm done! Hopefully, I'll balance this and the Danganronpa project, since I really enjoy writing some dialogue for the former. The sign ups will end this Friday, so you better be quick!
I'll also be subbmitting sign ups in AO3, so come cheak it out right here:
Also, if you want to read to 2 fics I got inspation from, here they are!
Epic Character Elimination Reboot
Press A Button, Win a Prize (Or Destroy the World)
Alright, Ima go now and write the killing game thing now, so bye!
(This was a mistake)
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2023.06.07 04:46 THEWESTi Help deciding if xreals are right for me

I currently have a Pico 4 VR headset that i use almost daily for working and gaming. All of my working and gaming is using Immersed or Virtual Desktop to cast my PC which lives in a closet (ethernet connected to my router). I use the Pico headset wirelessly with no noticeable latency (I have a great router). I don't really use the VR head set for VR games and hate using the controls for anything.

My screenless computer is a Windows PC and I also have a Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio that I use for work and sometimes cast its screen into my Pico as well. I have an iPhone phone as well.

For screen mirroring, the Pico is fantastic as its lenses are much better than Quest 2. My main issue with Pico is the bulky VR headset really disconnects me from my partner when we are both in the lounge. I would rather use something light weight while I sit with her and would be cool to see the TV sometimes too.

Does the XReal with perhaps that Beam product sound right for me? I'm based in New Zealand but will try order from the US and have it shipped there and forwarded to me.
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2023.06.07 04:45 Benrar The Power of Splash Art: Selling Skins and Showcasing Style in Stormgate (with a nod to League of Legends)

The Power of Splash Art: Selling Skins and Showcasing Style in Stormgate (with a nod to League of Legends)
Splash art is a game-changer when it comes to selling skins. I hope Frost Giant takes a page from League of Legends, where really cool splash arts have players itching to buy. They're not just pretty pictures; they're the key to showing off, especially in the loading screen.
In competitive games, people crave individuality and self-expression. Splash art instantly gets the attention of your teammates and opponents, so that you don't have to rely on them noticing your slightly different models in game. When playing league, I very rarely heard people say "that's a sick skin" when in game. That usually happens in the loading screen when looking at the splash art.
But it's not just about personal gratification. Splash art creates a buzz in the community, sparking discussions, anticipation, and grabbing your attention. This engagement leads to increased sales, revenue, and more content for us to enjoy.
What is some of your favorite splash art? How important are they for skin sales and player satisfaction?
TL;DR: Splash art sells skins and lets you showcase your style. It sparks community engagement and boosts sales. Embrace the power of splash art in Stormgate!
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2023.06.07 04:44 Godguides Biggest Tips You Would Give Other Players

Some of these will seem like common knowledge to you but others might not know it so please put your thoughts down.
I'll go first:
  1. Find a champion you enjoy: This seems obvious but if you don't find one you like to play this game is not going to be fun to play.
  2. The less toxic you are the better for your mental: We all know those triggering teammates that you just want to flam like crazy. But if you keep your cool and mute them or respond respectfully, it'll go a long way to help yourself because you will be climbing out of the slippery pit of tilt.
Those were more outside of actual gameplay but any tips are welcome.
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2023.06.07 04:44 im_disappointed_n_u Did anyone do their first custom loop in a sff case?

I never did a custom loop before due to the extra cost of blocks and fittings. But i recently got my first six figure job and i can afford it now - but i also recently got a buddy pass that allows me to fly for free with two free checked bag and a carryon, and started dating a girl who lives a 10 hour drive away from me. I like to bring my vr gear when i travel but my laptop has aged beyond being useful for vr (1060), and im just not interested in a neutered gaming laptop at a huge cost premium. So, i want to convert one of my existing rigs to a sff build.
The only way im going to fit my zotac 4090 in any of those is with a water block, and i was thinking of replacing my 12700k with a 13900ks and thats gonna need liquid cooling too.
Ive done air cooled sff builds before so im a little worried about how difficult my first open loop is going to be in sff. Ive seen sff builds with dual 240 rads so i think that would be adequate for a 4090 and 13900ks (maybe have to lower pl on the 4090 or disable some e cores or something)
So like, tips, tricks? Case reccommendations? Sfx psu capable of powering 13900ks and 4090 reccommendations? I can do a practice run in the atx case. Is this even feasible? Should i drain the loop before flying with it? Is it possible to build it compact enough to fly without partially disassembling?
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2023.06.07 04:43 KrazyKyle1024 The Problem with Calculus in a Chemistry Major

To be clear, I enjoy math. I understand that it's at the root of pretty much everything, and especially of the things I love, such as chemistry, music, video games, and everything in between. Solving algebra is relaxing to me and takes a part of my brain that I like to exercise, and while I'm not perfect at it, its inclusion in the laws and equations of chemistry is something new that has made me love it since coming here to NCSU, even though I already loved chemistry before coming here.
I also understand the importance of entry level calculus in regards to getting a chemistry major, and I appreciate that it actually has a use in things like determining the rate of a reaction at a given time. At the entry level, it makes sense to know some calculus because if you know how to do that, you will probably know how to do any algebra thrown at you in chemistry.
By that, I mean I have, on record, from people teaching and researching in the field of chemistry, heard them say that they don't have to use calculus, and when my professor had to teach something involving it to us, he had to look at his notes for it and said that you could just look it up in the field. This is a very accomplished chemist by the way, as I assume that all chemistry professors are.
So here's my question: If my PhD/PhD study professors rarely, if ever, use calculus, why are chemistry majors required to take four different calculus courses (1, 2, 3, Differential Equations) when 1 is at least enough?
I'm going to continue with my statement that I enjoy math, because I daresay that advanced calculus is the point where math is no longer math except for, occasionally, the very beginning or the very end of a long and drawn-out puzzle. So far my calculus 2 course has been little else than definitions, new integral equations to memorize, and often unintuitive steps I have to memorize or else the whole solving process goes off the rails. One unit in the textbook is literally just about consulting a list of provided integral definitions to solve problems, which I thought was already the point of learning the material. There is also nothing in the book that gives real-life applications of the concept, so I'm being unironic when I say that seeing the dam scene in Fast X made me think of any of the concepts (namely hydrostatic forces) in any situation outside of calculus.
And the worst part about it for this class in specific? 60% of my grade comes from proctored tests, 30% comes from the final, and only 10% comes from my actual homework. 90% of my grade comes from the times when I have no notes, a scientific calculator that can't do graphing or calculus work, and my unreliable brain where despite studying, I only realize I messed up on several things after the test. Therefore, 90% of my grade comes from being in a situation that is unrealistic in the real world, because I had to leave behind both my TI-84 calculator that could basically do the problems for me and my phone that has both Desmos and Maple on mobile, not to mention Google that tells me how to solve the problems in the first place. I told my brother who goes to Appalachian State that I couldn't use Maple or anything, and he was surprised because he was allowed to use them because he would have that in a normal situation.
So what am I getting at? I don't think chemistry majors should have to take anything after Calculus 1, and calculus tests/exams (not just for chem majors but for everyone) should allow students to use Maple/Desmos, or at least the TI-84 calculator they were already required to have. In the rare case that a class needs any new calculus, it's not unreasonable to assume that it can be taught in the class using concepts from Calculus 1. Anything after that (and in that) can and will reasonably be looked up on Google. We already do that for chemistry concepts and values in the lab, which is the closest thing to us being in the field or in any normal situation, so why can't that same concept be applied for calculus?
TLDR: Calculus 2+ the way it is is outdated and unnecessary at least for Chemistry majors (probably for more than that honestly) and it needs some kind of overhaul or just be scrapped from the required courses.
Now, I understand this is just my opinion, and I doubt anything will come of this, but I wanted to vent this here because I'm sure someone else gets this and because there is NC State faculty that actually sees these posts. Chemistry is not just a "big brain" course, but having four calculus courses implies that the people in charge of creating the curriculums see it as such without considering the actual course.
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2023.06.07 04:41 FutureHistoryProf 26m high school teacher off for the summer!

I teach high school English, I’m done with the school year and relaxing for summer. I love to read, write, play video games, go hiking and work out. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for 2 years now, it’s had its ups and downs, but I’ve lost around 40 lbs and I’m currently weightlifting a lot and building muscle mass.
I’m a huge nerd. I love Lotr, Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC and more. I game on both PS5 and PC. Also really love plants and nature.
I’m passionate about a lot of topics, including teaching, and I’m a big advocate for mental health, so tell me how yours is doing currently, or just vent! I’m happy to listen.
Open to any and all conversations; just looking for cool people to talk to.
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2023.06.07 04:39 cephandriius [S] Survivor S09 Sardinia Full Season

Past Seasons:
S01 Polynesia
S02 Indonesia
S03 Canary Islands
S04 Antigua
S05 Tasmania
S06 All-Stars
S07 Santorini
S08 Maldives
S09 Sardinia
Past Winners: S01 Lesley Martin, S02 Chris Garcia, S03 Lu Carmona, S04 Izel Xiu, S05 Raj Milano, S06 Sylvie Vesterguard, S07 Ernie Maltisanti, S08 Louie Moreno

For the newest season of Survivor, 20 castaways separated by age and gender have embarked on a 39-day adventure where they will be forced to lie, cheat, and backstab each other on their way to the title of Sole Survivor. Who will leave their mark on the game, and who will join the ever-growing list of Sole Survivors? 39 days, 20 people, and 1 Sole Survivor!!!

Sardus Tribe (wearing Yellow)
Austin Perez: 25, Beach lifeguard u/Twig7665
Carter Whitworth: 23, College Student u/JTsidol
Charya Khong: 19, Musician u/Unite-Us-3403
Liam McCurrah: 24, Animation Student u/SilverOwl24
Tommy Yamashita: 29, Food Truck Chef u/FrieNads

Corsica Tribe (wearing Peach)
Giselle Jimenez: 20, Model u/angiewantscookies
Kelly Wilson: 20, Student u/JTsidol
Lillith Sanchez: 24, Game dev/survivalist u/Twig7665
Rosanna Pierce(Ro): 23, Dance Instructor u/ripecornball60
Sienna Marinelli: 23, Dietitian u/dksurvivor

Nurra Tribe (wearing Purple)
Anais Haddad: 42, Secretary u/dksurvivor
Esmerelda Rackhelm(Ezzie): 46, Stripper u/Swoldow
Ida Cohen: 40, Flight Attendant/ Air Force Veteran u/SilverOwl24
Nari Higashikata: 45, Librarian u/somewell
Yhondra Willions: 45, bodybuilder u/asiansurvivorfan

Gallura Tribe (wearing Blue)
Abdul Bobi: 45, Taxi Driver u/asiansurvivorfan
Bob Hillen: 57, Marine Biologist u/FrieNads
Clint Moonshine: 46, club owneretired actor u/swoldow
Harold Baskins(Harry): 61, Restaurant Owner u/ripecornball60
Lance Vance: 68, retired rock star u/Guetguet1993

20th: In the first immunity challenge Gallura tribe loses and sends Kelly to Exile Island where the promise of an advantage that could change the game lurked around every corner. At the Gallura tribal council, everyone agreed that Abdul Bobi was the weakest link, and voted him out unanimously.
19th: Gallura finished last once again at the immunity challenge and chose to send Austin to Exile Island. At tribal, everyone decided again to vote out their next biggest perceived liability. Unfortunately, that was Harry Baskins and he became the next boot.
18th: A twist resulted in the four tribes dissolving down to two. The new Sardus tribe resulted in three OG Sardus; Austin, Whitworth, and Charya three OG Nurra; Ezzie, Nari, and Yhondra 2 OG Corsica; Gigi and Kelly and one OG Gallura; Lance. On the new Gallura tribe are the OG Gallura; Clint and Bob two OG Nurra; Ida and Anais two OG Sardus; Tommy and Liam and three Corsica; Lilith, Sienna and Ro. The new Sardus tribe won immunity and elected to send Ro to exile island where she will be immune from the first tribal council. At Gallura tribal council even though there were 4 pairs of 2 from each original tribe, everyone was in agreement that Tommy Yamashita was a big liability in the game and would also weaken the young male tribe. Tommy Yamashita was voted out unanimously.
17th: At the reward challenge, Sardus tribe won and sent Anais to exile island. While on exile island, she found the hidden immunity idol! This immunity idol can be played after the votes are read. At the immunity challenge, Sardus won again, and Gallura was forced to go to yet another tribal council. At tribal council, everyone saw how big of a threat the three Corsica girls were. Sienna and Ro brought Anais into their alliance, and the power looked like it was about to shift. Lillith realized she was 4th in the alliance and flipped over to the other side of the tribe. Sienna was frustrated that Lillith would flip that easily and argued the tribe should just vote her out as she couldn’t be trusted. On the other side Lillith argued that taking out a big threat in Sienna now was the perfect time before she gained too much power. In the end Sienna Marinelli was voted out 6-3.
16th:>! Gallura lost another immunity challenge and Anais and Ro were feeling the heat as tribal council approached. Anais and Ro still gunned for Lillith as she seemed the most likely person they could flip the vote onto. So they approached Clint and Bob from the older mens tribe to try and work together. While Clint seemed on board, Bob seemed less sure which lead to Clint getting noticeably upset while at camp. At tribal council the tribe started wondering if they could trust Clint to be a cool head and work with them, so in the end Clint Moonshine was voted out 4-3. Ro and Anais scraped by yet another vote, but were still precariously balanced.!<
15th: The twist in this episode was that both tribes would go to the tribal council. Sardus won immunity so they were up first. The two young girls Kelly and Gigi had formed a strong relationship with Whitworth and Charya which really worried Nari, Yhondra, and Ezzie. Lance was relentlessly pushing Charya as he viewed him as the biggest threat. At Tribal, The three older girls convinced Austin of the threat of the relationship forming between Gigi, Whitworth, Charya, and Kelly. Austin was unwilling to vote out one of his original tribe mates though, so he pitched Gigi. In the vote, it was a 4-4 split between Gigi and Yhondra with Lance being the tiebreaker having voted for Charya. In the end Lance viewed his relationship with Ezzie and Nari as stronger and voted with them to send Gigi Jimenez home.
14th: Sardus tribe kidnaps Liam to keep him safe from the tribal, leaving only Ro, Anais, Bob, Ida, and Lillith. Ro and Anais finally broke through to the tribe and kept their flames alive for yet another vote as the tribe unanimously voted to eliminate Lillith Sanchez.
13th:>! Sardus tribe finally won an immunity challenge sending Gallura to tribal council. Everyone on the tribe seemed committed to completely eliminating the showmance that started with Gigi by voting for Whitworth. This cemented itself when Austin, Charya, Lance, Kelly, and Yhondra formed a new majority alliance. Whitworth was voted out unanimously.!<
12th: At the next challenge an opportunity to mutiny over to the other tribe was presented to the two tribes. Charya and Ezzie from Sardus mutinied over to the Gallura tribe. Charya left to try and form more relationships with players and consolidate his power with his closest ally Liam. Ezzie left her previous tribe after accurately sensing she was on the outs, and wanted to survive as long as she could. Despite a stronger Gallura tribe after gaining two new tribemates they lost another immunity challenge. This time, Ro and Anais feeling no other way to survive realized that it was going to be one of them and their streak of luck had finally run out. At tribal council, the vote was 5-2 on Anais, but she played her immunity idol making Ro Pierce the 12th person voted out of the game. I was sad to see Ro go here. I was rooting for her and she managed to survive on the bottom for a good amount of time. I could see her time in Ceph’s Survivor not being done quite yet.
11th:>! Sardus Tribe lost the immunity challenge and received a message in the bottle to be opened after tribal council. Lance had slowly taken control of his tribe and manufactured relationships with everyone in the tribe. Austin saw this and was desperately trying to put pressure on Lance. However, Lance had approached Kelly and Austin and told them the plan was to vote for Nari. Austin didn’t believe him and tried to convince everyone to go for Lance. At tribal council, Lance, Nari, and Yhondra voted for Austin, while Austin had voted for Lance and Kelly for Nari. Austin Perez was voted out here, and I was honestly sad! He had a reasonably good position through pre-merge and could make some bigger moves in his limited time in the game. I could see him coming back in the right circumstances.!<
10th: After voting out Austin, the tribe was immediately told to vote out another tribemate. With no time for scrambling the majority, Lance, Yhondra, and Nari went for an easy vote and voted Kelly Wilson out 3-1. Kelly did well to become the last member of the Corsica tribe, but unfortunately, her game after the tribe swap was left in shambles. Her allies were put on the other tribe and quickly voted out. Kelly would have had a lot to work to do at the merge.
9th: Merge time! Three of the original tribes were represented headed into the merge. For the young men's tribe, Sardus had Charya Kong and Liam McCurrah. For the Older men's tribe, Gallura had Lance Vance and Bob Hillen. Finally, all five original Nurra Tribe members, Nari Higashikata, Yhondra Willions, Ida Cohen, Anais Haddad, and Ezzie Rackhelm, had made it to the merge. At the first immunity challenge, Ezzie won, guaranteeing herself a 1 in 8 shot at becoming the Sole Survivor. Lance had introduced a plan to his allies to vote out Anais. His reasoning was her story was getting better every day she managed to survive, and she had no allies which made her a big threat. Liam who had until this point had played a very quiet game. Liam linked up with other players who had played under-the-radar games and formed an alliance with Bob and Ida. His thought process was looking at the 5 original Nurra members as a huge potential threat so they needed to eliminate someone from that tribe while also weakening the opposing alliance. Ultimately, Bob, Ida, and Liam settled on Yhondra as a potential threat. Proving Liam’s fears to be true, Nari and Yhondra wanted to work with their original Nurra tribe members and vote out Bob. At the Tribal Council, the atmosphere was tense, and everyone was on edge knowing the vote could go either way. In the end, it was a 4-3-2 sending Yhondra Willions home as the first juror after the merge. Bob, Liam, and Ida had brought Anais in from the bottom and won the first battle at the merge.
8th: Ida wins the next immunity challenge giving her a 1 in 8 shot at winning the title of Sole Survivor. At camp after the challenge, everyone was looking at the newly minted alliance of Bob, Liam, Ida, and Anais in fear worrying that if they gave way for another vote, they would run away with control of the game. With this fear in mind, Lance, Nari, Charya, and Ezzie banded together in their own mini-alliance. Liam worked on Charya to remind him of the relationship they had formed and tried convincing him to work with him. Lance recognized Charya as a potential flip, and feeling the heat tried to reinforce their relationship together too. At tribal council both alliances seemed locked in with very little wiggle room. At the vote it was split 4-4 between Lance and Bob. After a little discussion Lance bargained with the other alliance saying whoever voted for Bob on the revote would not be a target the next time they went to tribal. Anais decided to trust Lance’s word and flipped on the revote making Bob Hillen the next eliminate in a 4-2 vote.
7th: Charya wins the next immunity challenge giving him a 1 in 7 shot of winning this game. At the next tribal, and true to his word, it seemed likely that Ida or Liam would be voted out. After bonding super closely with Lance, the target seemed set on Ida. Ida Cohen was voted out 5-2 with Nari not wanting to vote out a close ally and keeping her inside the game.
6th: Ezzie wins her second immunity challenge. At camp before tribal, Nari approached Liam and Ezzie to form an endgame alliance. Nari convinced them by pointing out how big of a threat level Lance was building. Liam agreed with Nari and agreed with the points, but was unwilling to move now. Everyone agreed that Charya had played a really good social game to this point, and needed to be voted out before going further in the game. Charya Khong was voted out 5-1.
Finale Summary!>! Five players remained in one of the most explosive seasons to date. Anais Haddad started the game on the bottom with no clear alliances. Since then she saved herself with an immunity idol and has survived countless votes where she could have been the target. Can Anais scrape past 2 more votes to make it to the end as the ultimate underdog? Liam McCurrah started off struggling in this game. With his friends mostly eliminated prior to the merge and on his own, Liam assembled a team of outcasts to make a huge move in the beginning of the merge. Since then, Liam has relied on his social game and his quick thinking to make it this far into the merge. Can Liam continue strategizing his way into final tribal council? Ezzie Rackhelm has been a dominant physical player in this game. Backing up her strategy, she has worked hand in hand with Lance as the strategic counterpart to his social game. Looking to distance herself from Lance she formed an alliance with Liam and Nari to go to the final 3 together, but has she done enough to separate her gameplay from Lance’s? Nari Higashikata has played a very under-the-radar strategic game. Surviving with her strategic gameplay, Nari has never really been in danger while keeping louder more boisterous players around to hide her game. Can Nari make the moves required to finish her game and win Sole Survivor? Lance Vance has handled this game with a masterful mix of social and strategic gameplay. Starting in a tenuous position in the pre-merge, since then Lance has formed multiple alliances that have helped him get to the end of the game. Can his social game get him to the final tribal? !<
5th: Ezzie wins her third straight immunity challenge giving her a 1 in 4 shot to win this game. Everyone agreed that one person had survived too many votes to risk taking them to the end. That person was Anais Haddad, and despite her efforts to flip it to Lance, her luck finally ran out, and she became the 16th person voted out of the game. I was sad to see Anais go here. She had a great run and found the first playable immunity idol. She was able to survive many votes I frankly thought impossible, and overall she was a fabulous player to have played this season. Definitely a game-changer.
4th: In the last twist of the season, at the immunity challenge it was announced that this season will feature the very first FINAL THREE. This meant that this was the last challenge before Final Tribal Council. Everyone gave it their all, but in the end Ezzie edged it out to win her fourth immunity and guaranteed herself a spot in the final tribal council. Lance, feeling the pressure, desperately appealed to Nari and Ezzie to hold true to their alliance and vote out Liam as a big threat in the game. While Ezzie seemed good with it, Nari was convinced she had a better shot against Liam then Lance in FTC. At the tribal council, the vote was tied 2-2 and then 1-1 against Lance and Liam. Both of them were forced to compete in a fire making challenge where the loser would be sent home. In the end Liam burned through his rope faster then Lance and made Lance Vance the 9th and final member of the jury. Lance was such a fun character to have throughout the season. Lance had a great social game similar to past legends like Bridge, Ernie, and maybe even Izel. I was definitely rooting for him throughout the season and was sad to see him go.
Final Tribal speeches: Ezzie, Nari, and Liam made it to the final tribal council where they addressed the jury and tried to give examples of the games they had played. Ezzie flaunted her physicality and dominance in challenges while also doing a great job of staying on the right side of the votes. Liam made a show of his big move to start the merge, his social game to keep himself alive after losing his allies, and ended it by eliminating one of the biggest threats in Lance. Nari talked about how she managed to get her whole tribe to the merge, and while she was always clearly a strategic threat, never came up in the votes to be voted out. In the end the vote was 4-3-2 with everyone having strong reasons for voting for each of the finalists.
3rd: In third place came Ezzie Rackhelm. The jury valued her physical game and placements among the majority alliances. In the end they couldnt separate her game as much from the game that Lance had played and wanted to see more individuality in her gameplay. She becomes the second runner up recieiving 2 votes. Overall, i loved having Ezzie in this season. When I first simmed it, I honestly thought she was going to win. I think she has more she can give to survivor and would love to see her come back for redemption.
2nd: With three votes in second came Liam McCurrah. The jury applauded Liam’s big moves in the game at the beginning and end of merge, but wished that he hadn’t disappeared in between those moves. They also dinged him for immediately losing all of his allies after making the move. While Liam came close, in the end his answers didn’t adequately satisfy the jury.
1st: That means that Nari Higashikata becomes our newest sole survivor! Nari played a wonderful under-the-radar game where she was always a threat, but never the biggest one. She played a very consistent game and worked her way through the post-merge wonderfully. Overall, while sometimes its hard to write the story of an lowkey player like Nari, hopefully her gameplay came through and you can see why she was our winner. Congratulations to u/somewell for having your very first winner in my seasons!
Overall Summary: I LOVED THIS SEASON!!! I don’t know what it was about it, but everyone was so much fun to have around. I thought Lance was a highlight of the season, and we had big moves spread throughout the season. Anais was fun to see survive so many different votes after being on the bottom so long. Nari was a good winner in a great season and so many people I feel like have the potential to come back!
Potential Returnees: Austin, Lance, Liam, Anais, Ezzie, Nari, Ro, and Charya
What did you think of this season? Who would you want to come back? Who was the most robbed player this season? After season 10 would you be interested in a post showing the stats(most votes for, Fan favorites, challenge wins, etc.) that the castaways in my season have produced?
submitted by cephandriius to BrantSteele [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 04:39 SFRealEstate415 [USA-CA] [H] MSI Reference RX 6900XT (Reference Air cooler + Waterblock), Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (ITX) + AMD Ryzen 9 5950X [W] Local Cash

LOCAL ONLY - 94015/94112
Item Description Price
MSI Reference RX 6900XT Was used sparingly to game in my ITX build. Have the waterblock on and have the original reference cooler $450
Asus ROG Strix X570-I Gaming (ITX) + AMD Ryzen 9 5950X READ FIRST I have the backplate but can't find the screws or the cooling brackets (Cost like $8 on amazon). Was used with the 6900XT as a spare rig, was sparingly used also. $450
Thanks for Reading!
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2023.06.07 04:36 spaaceghost New Account, Older Player thoughts

hey everyone. as the title says, i am an older player. i think my main account had 6 years in it. to avoid a long story, i have decided to let that account run free in a big farm
so im starting a new account because new beginnings and wow. the new onboarding for players is pretty neat
the tutorial fights are done with Stark Spidey who is one of my favorites. the first crystal you get is a Nexus(1 star characters but still) but the coolest thing is this Summoners Journey
so as you do some quests[level up a character, open a crystal, complete Quest 1, etc], you can unlock a character
the first one is a 2* Wolverine. the next is a 3* Captain Marvel. im not sure if anything is beyond the 3* but still. what an awesome way to ramp up. i get that 3* Cap Marvel and ill be feeling good
to sum up, just an older player thinking it's pretty cool how they start people off now
you whippersnappers. have fun and enjoy your game
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2023.06.07 04:35 BigSlickAce My job is targeting me but they do it soooooo well. What should I do?

I don't post often for fear of posting in the wrong spots, and if is the wrong forum I apologize. For brevities sake, I will try to get straight to the point but this will be long. To any one that makes it to the end, thank you in advance. If you want to skip to the last five paragraphs you will get the jist of what I am trying to say. I am trying to avoid getting put on probation for disciplinary actions, but they won't be clear with what I have done wrong. I am willing to reconcile at work but I don't want to leave this job without trying to take the proper steps to make things better.

I'm low man on the totem pole for a big company. A big one, that some might say is too big to fail. What I can say that it is in sales. My issue stems from the fact that I'm just not comfortable enough to chit chat with managers about the topics they want to talk about, which are either inappropriate, distracting me from work, or super personal. I've felt like they've wanted me gone for a minute, but I just don't fit in so I mind my business and do my job to the best of my ability.
Recently I was threatened to be put in a program to correct behaviors they don't like, but Im not officially on this probation. When I asked what the issue was they said certain team members feel I'm not approachable and or they don't like how I walk away when certain managers come over. While I believe I am operating within the rules of engagement, given that their topics make me uncomfortable and Ive chosen not to formally file any complaints, yet.
Here are a couple true examples of why I don't like to chit chat with the managers at work:
Manager 1: Likes to sneak up on you and talk about their sexual escapades they had over the weekend. I personally am not comfortable with this type of conversation at work and when they trap my in a conversation I freeze and draw blanks. I come off as cold because my appearance is intimidating, but I'm truly so uncomfortable I just freeze. When I try to probe and get to know them, the get turned off if I ask them the wrong question. I asked a manager if they watched a certain show and they got upset, said no, and ended the conversation. This same manager is high ranking, and will open a conversation talking about getting caught performing fellatio on a beach in Mexico. This was a true interaction and I wasn't interested.
Manager 2: Likes to take every opportunity to talk about themselves and their plans for vacation, but has literally cost me sales and reprimanded me for it later. This person is very touchy feely, and will subtly force you to shake their hand. I always shake for fear of retaliation but this manager will literally throw you under the bus if you treat them like they aren't a god. This manager will have me do things their way when we were trained to do it another way but the inconsistency causes friction between the rest of the team and I pay the price for that when this manager isn't around.
Manager 3: Very nice and very sweet, but they won't have my back about certain instances for fear of being on the outs with the other managers. But when we are alone, they tend agree with me. This person is new and I care for them but they allow the more tenured managers to gaslight me about any issue I bring up. I still truly care for this person, and don't want them to risk their future when I am just an associate so I just deal with it.
Manager 4: The same as manager 3, but not as nice. And we don't have the rapport for me to really go to them about my problems. They were on leave for a while and came back happy to see me, [they asked first] then gave me a hug, but before the day was over they wouldn't even look at me.
Manager 5: This manager does this weird thing where they ask you how you're doing, ask you something you're passionate about, and then they walk away... Literally just like that. I am getting reprimanded for not being open enough to conform to the culture of the company, but every time this manager asks me how my fishing is going, or if I was gaming last night, in the middle of my response they walk and it hurts every single time. They do this to everyone.
Manager 6: Replaced the manager that hired me and ultimately just won't ever let me plead my case. This manager is a nice person, but I understand this person cares more about appeasing the other managers versus actually getting to the root of the issue. Truly a nice person though, I won't take that away from them.
Manager 7: The big boss. I rarely see this person. They usually don't talk to me unless we cross paths, but for the most part they try to not even look my way. It really sucks because I feel me and this person have the most in common of all the managers. They know what's going on, but they stay out of it. I find this hard to respect none the less.
I know I'm writing a lot but I promise I am leaving a lot of relevant info out. I constantly get praise for holding myself accountable at work, the same people tell me I need to hold myself accountable when it comes to the friction between me and my coworkers. The issue is, I get along pretty well with many of them, and the others I don't chat with, we just don't chat but not for any particular reason. That's just how life works. I also took it upon myself to meet everyone, I learned about 40 names my first week out of over 100 employees and out of no where, the whole store stopped talking to me. I really don't know what I did, and it was too obvious to not feel it was orchestrated behind closed doors, but of course they will never admit to this. They try to make it seem like its the whole store, but I know the people I don't get along with; leadership just won't tell me.
In my meeting today, two managers threatened to put me on a probation of sorts and the focus would be coworker rapport. My sales metrics are trash this quarter but they told me they weren't worried about that. They told me it would last two months, and every week we would go over that week and I would be graded. They said the issues that warranted this meeting were because I walk away when I see managers coming, I have team members that aren't comfortable talking to me, and they were upset because I had an incident where a manager where I refused to shake his hand. If you read the descriptions about the managers above, I feel like most would understand.
I won't parade around like I am innocent, but I don't go out of my way to bother anyone, and I do everything they ask me to do. So I am not insubordinate. Here are the things I know I've done wrong recently, and or things I feel I could have handled better:
--I have been tardy for work maybe three times the past couple of weeks, and I've left early from feeling ill. I don't have a rep for either of these things but I've been stressed out over a recent move and am just falling into a new routine, but I am back on track.
--When I arrive, I go into the break room to clock in and I go straight to the floor. I don't mingle in the back because the managers and their buddies literally stop talking when I come around. I am so uncomfortable I just need to get out of that room. I literally have days where a person I had a good conversation with the day before won't even acknowledge me in the break room because the managers or leads are around. It kinda hurts my feelings, so to keep myself in good spirits to start my shift, I go in the back, and jump right on the sales floor. I know I could afford to play the games they play, but I'm just not built like that. I don't even feel welcomed to eat lunch in the break room. For the past 10 months I sit alone in my car on break.
--I am quiet when I am not around the coworkers I trust. Certain team members have really betrayed me, and don't know that I know that they take everything I tell them to a manager and they talk about it in the breakroom. It's so predictable that I only tell them stuff I want everyone to know. I find it serves my mental health and my ability to sell stuff better to keep conversations with these coworkers superficial and light hearted or avoid them all together but they will literally go tell on me if I don't tell them personal stuff about my life.
--I am a bit short with a particular manager, but never what I would deem disrespectful. I know I should just suck it up and play the game, but this manager makes my days hell at work, does stuff to spite me, and hurts my sales as a result of their inadequacies. They are the manager of sales, and can provide no support or advice to help me as a sales person. I honestly feel alone and lost when they are on they floor, and when I give feedback I get their response "well this is how I do it'. Manager number 2 if you didn't guess already. The other managers won't accept that I've already done everything they've asked me to do as far attempting to connect with everyone.
When I was talking to the managers today, a situation that happened a couple of days ago came up and I quickly realized the scenario was the catalyst for this awkward meeting. My boss singled me out and asked me to do something that would jeopardize my relationship with the other team members but I prepared myself to do it anyway. The following shift, I went home sick and on my way out he tried to give me a high five but I just couldn't bring myself to comply because I had had enough. I told him "no more dap, handshakes, or anything like that; especially after what you did the other night.".
I know I could have handled that differently, but that was the point they chose to take action. They brought up older scenarios that I have already mentioned but they failed to address those situations when they happened. They told me that certain people feel a way about me, but they won't say who. I am entitled to zero due process apparently. Not once did they mention my terrible sales numbers. They have plenty of ammo to use if they wanted a formal and documented meeting, but they only ever come to me when someone who I don't know has their feelings hurt.
I was writing a letter to [redacted] support because our HR isn't truly an HR and they are in the clique of spies utilized by the managers. I figured I would ask the reddit community first what they would do, because this site has really saved my life. I had two weeks of bliss at this job, then the team wouldn't even look at me. It almost brought me to tears many times, but I stuck it out and just grew closer to the people that accepted me when it wasn't cool to stand next to me. Now all of a sudden, I am at risk of being terminated because I refused to fist bump a manager, when truthfully there are other mistakes I've made that they don't even bring up. So I know they are building a case against me and it's fucked up because I gave my all to this company.
What should I do? I am definitely going to apply for new jobs, but I can't just keep running from my problems and starting over in a new place hoping for a change. I need to make a fundamental change in my behavior, or I need to swallow my pride and suck up to the bosses but they constantly move the goal post so I really can't make any progress even if I wanted to. I am fearful of retaliation if I go above the store manager because the regional manager knows what's going on. I am also afraid of retaliation if manager number 2 holds for a fist bump again and I refuse. I am not ready to leave until I hit my sales goals. I owe myself that much.
This company is slick, and if I make the wrong move they will bring up my tardies and other fireable offenses but I have really tried to be an exemplary employee thus far and my team agrees. I will be under the microscope and eventually on probation. Please help, I know quitting is the move, but I gotta change some things before that happens. I knew this was coming, because the behaviors are so predictable, but my journal has but only two entries. I am not the vengeful type, but I don't believe in bullying no matter how passive.

Thank you,
Your neighborhood, friendly dread head.
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2023.06.07 04:34 Drama_Queen_tm [Iphone] [point and click escape/puzzle game] White game with multiple rooms with different colour theme, have to solve all rooms to escape

Platform(s): Iphone
Genre: Point. and Click escape/ puzzle game
Estimated year of release: no idea
Graphics/art style: not sure but everything is white except for certain coloured elements (ex the red room is all white except has a red stripe
Notable characters: n/a first person
Notable gameplay mechanics: there are multiple rooms, each with its own colour theme and then a colour wheel in the hall. Each room starts with a small stripe of colour blocked by a puzzle and you have to solve multiple puzzles in each room to spread that colour strpe to the main area. all rooms have to be solved to unlock the wheel and escape
Other details: after unlocking a room a statue rises up from middle of the room. puzzles ranged from math/logic puzzles to finding a clue somewhere and using that to solve
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2023.06.07 04:32 Hexgof2 I had an idea come to me for a Fnaf game that probably will never go anywhere (Art made by me)

I had an idea come to me for a Fnaf game that probably will never go anywhere (Art made by me)
So basically
I think it would be cool to have some sort of puzzle horror game with Funtime Freddy as the main villain
It’d be sorta like Saw with him appearing on TV Screens and talking over a loud speaker
One thing I thought of for this would be going through some sort of maze while wearing a springlock suit and being followed around by an animatronic
I feel like this sort of thing could be very scary
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2023.06.07 04:29 ddaveyy [USA-CA] [H] Various games for the following consoles: Gamecube, Gameboy, GBA, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sega Genesis, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. As well as various consoles, Amiibos, accessories and game manuals. [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Etc.

Hey everyone!! Back with a new and updated post. These prices are WITHOUT shipping. I will provide a quote for you, but it usually isn't more than $6 unless the items won't fit in a regular bubble mailer.
Everything has been personally tested by me and is confirmed to be fully functional. I can provide pictures upon request. I tried to stay below pricecharting, if I'm off on any of my prices, I'm more than open to offers!
PLEASE NOTE: I am open to ALL offers. The worst I can say is no!
Here's everything I'm currently selling:

SNES Samurai Shodown $9 Loose, in roughish condition.

Nintendo 64 Turok 2 Seeds of Evil (Gray cart) $10 Loose.
Nintendo 64 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 $14 Loose.

Gamecube All-Star Baseball 2002 $3 Loose.
Gamecube ATV Quad Power Racing 2 $8 Loose.
Gamecube Bionicle $5 Loose.
Gamecube Chronicles of Narnia $5 Loose.
Gamecube City Racer $41 CIB.
Gamecube Disney Sports Skateboarding $20 Game, case, and original artwork only.
Gamecube Hunter The Reckoning $12 Loose.
Gamecube King Kong $9 Loose.
Gamecube Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $12 Loose.
Gamecube Sonic Adventure DX $30 Original case, cover art, and game.
Gamecube Super Mario Strikers $62 CIB.
Gamecube Spongebob Creature From Krusty Krab $17 CIB.
Gamecube Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble $90 Sealed. Some damage on the backside label. Please inquire for pics.
Gamecube Whirl Tour $8 Missing manual.

Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Strike $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Big Buck Hunter Pro $10 CIB game and gun accessory, no big box. Shipping will be around $10.
Wii Black Eyed Peas Experience $2 CIB.
Wii Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 $2 CIB.
Wii DJ Hero 2 $2 Disc and box.
Wii EA Sports Active 2 $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii EA Sports NFL Training Camp $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii Epic Mickey 2 $15 Sealed.
Wii Link's Crossbow Training $5 Included pouch that would come with Wii console.
Wii MLB Superstars $4 Disc and box.
Wii Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 $12 CIB.
Wii NASCAR The Game 2011 $5 Disc and box.
Wii Need for Speed Prostreet $4 Disc and box.
Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii $18 Loose.
Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 $3 Disc in box.
Wii Red Steel $3 Disc in box.
Wii Tony Hawk Ride $2 Disc in box, no skateboard.
Wii We Love Golf! $7 CIB.Wii Wii Play $4 Loose.

Gameboy Batman The Video Game $18 Loose.
Gameboy Advance 007 Everything or Nothing $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Activision Anthology $21 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Avatar The Burning Earth $13 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Batman Begins $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Bratz $1 Loose, has no label.
Gameboy Advance Crash of the Titans $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Elf Bowling 1 & 2 $16 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Family Feud $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Fantastic 4 $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Finding Nemo $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing $12 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Klonoa Empire of Dreams $41 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Madden 2003 $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Monster Force $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance NFL Blitz 2003 $8 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Dual Cart $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Scooby Doo $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Snood $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Movie $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Sudoku Fever $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Texas Hold Em Poker $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance That's So Raven $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Treasure Planet $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Ultimate Card Games $6 Loose.

Nintendo DS Band Hero $12 CIB.
Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Bleach The Blade of Fate $12 Loose.
Nintendo DS Brain Age $4 CIB.
Nintendo DS Charlotte's Web $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Coraline (Have two copies) $70 Both CIB.
Nintendo DS Contact $28 Loose.
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 $20 Loose.
Nintendo DS Dynasty Warriors DS Fighters Battle $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Guitar Hero On Tour (Have two copies) $3 Both loose.
Nintendo DS Hannah Montana $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Harvest Moon DS $20 Missing manual, otherwise cib.
Nintendo DS Imagine Babyz $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel $55 Loose.
Nintendo DS Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS Madden 06 $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario&Luigi Partners in Time $61 CIB.
Nintendo DS Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Have two copies) $8/$11 One copy loose, one cib.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Nicktoons Unite $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Petz Catz 2 $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Ratatouille $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Scrabble $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Simpsons Game $14 Loose.
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor $50 CIB.
Nintendo DS Skate It $9 CIB.
Nintendo DS Sonic Colors $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Sonic Rush $13 Loose.
Nintendo DS Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Trouble $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll $9 CIB.
Nintendo DS Tetris Party Deluxe (Have two copies) $9/$4 Both copies loose, one missing it's sticker.
Nintendo DS The Amazing Spider-Man $10 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Sims 2 Pets $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS Tom and Jerry Tales $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Wipeout The Game $4 CIB.

Nintendo DS Cooking Mama $1
Nintendo DS Jump Super Stars $1 Japanese version box and manual.
Nintendo DS Scribblenauts $1

Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Awakening $36 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia $33 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Luigi's Mansion $40 Loose.
Nintendo 3DS Madden NFL Football $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Ultra Moon $35 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon X $35 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers $41 Loose.
Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS $11 CIB.

Nintendo Switch Bioshock The Collection $21 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Diofield Chronicle $35 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection $22 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Dragon Ball: The Breakers $13 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem: Three Houses $32 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Moonlighter $15 Loose in gamestop box.
Nintendo Switch My Friend Pedro $20 Loose in gamestop box.
Nintendo Switch Supermarket Shriek $18 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Tandem A Tale Of Shadows $28 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes $25 Loose in gamestop box.

Sega Genesis Frogger $10 Loose in original case (no artwork.)
Sega Genesis Monopoly $7 Original case, artwork, and cartridge.
Sega Genesis Vectorman $10 Loose in original case (no artwork.)

PS1 Army Men Air Attack (Collector's Edition) $8 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Big Game Hunter Ultimate Challenge $5 Missing front page/manual.
PS1 Billiards $4 CIB. Jewel case is broken and cracked.
PS1 Bravo Air Race $12 CIB.
PS1 Cool Boarders 2 $3 Loose.
PS1 Command and Conquer Red Alert Retaliation $15 Missing manual.
PS1 Crossroad Crisis $7 CIB.
PS1 CyberTiger $7 CIB.
PS1 Dukes of Hazzard Racing For Home $9 CIB.
PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles $18 Missing manual. Greatest hits.
PS1 Harvest Moon Back to Nature $50 CIB.
PS1 Jade Cocoon Demo Disc $10 Loose in sleeve.
PS1 Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 9 $10 CIB in it's sleeve.
PS1 Knockout Kings 2001 $7 CIB. Jewel case is broken.
PS1 Madden 98 $5 Loose.
PS1 Nascar Rumble $13 CIB.
PS1 NBA Shoot Out $5 Loose.
PS1 NCAA Football 2001 $10 CIB.
PS1 NBA Live 98 $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 99 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 NHL Face Off 99 $5 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 NHL Face Off $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 2000 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Rally Cross 2 $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked and broken.
PS1 Raystorm $35 Loose.
PS1 Sesame Street Sports $8 CIB.
PS1 Sim Theme Park $6 Missing manual/front page.
PS1 Spongebob Squarepants Super Sponge $8 CIB, greatest hits.
PS1 Tetris Plus $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 Tiger Woods '99 $7 CIB.
PS1 Triple Play 99 $2 Loose.
PS1 Vigilante 8 $10 Loose.
PS1 WWF Smackdown $10 Missing manual/cover page.
PS1 WWF Warzone (Have two copies) $6/$4 One copy loose, one copy CIB.

PS2 Def Jam Vendetta $22 Loose.
PS2 Enter the Matrix $10 CIB.
PS2 Ever Grace $20 CIB.
PS2 Grand Theft Auto III $5 Loose.
PS2 Hunter The Reckoning Wayward $6 Loose.
PS2 IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 $4 Loose.
PS2 Justice League Heroes $11 CIB.
PS2 Medal of Honor Frontline $4 CIB.
PS2 Naruto Ultimate Collection $110 Sealed! Please inquire for pics. Really cool collector's game.
PS2 Nightshade $28 Loose.
PS2 Onimusha Blade Warriors $9 Loose.
PS2 Playstation Underground Jampack $4 Loose.
PS2 R-Type Final $17 Loose.
PS2 Rygar $7 Loose.
PS2 Shinobi $11 Loose.
PS2 Spiderman $9 CIB.
PS2 Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $12 CIB.
PS2 Tetris Worlds $6 CIB.
PS2 The Thing $42 CIB.
PS2 Thunder Strike: Operation Phoenix $6 CIB.
PS2 CASE & MANUAL Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 $10 Case and manual only.

PS3 The Last Of Us $20 CIB.
PS3 NBA 2k18 $10 Loose.

PSP Dissidia Final Fantasy $9 Loose.
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: THe War of the Lions $17 Loose.
PSP G-Force $3 Missing manual.
PSP Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 $8 CIB.
PSP Ghostbusters The Video Game $11 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP Ghost Rider $12 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP God of War Chains of Olympus $16 Loose.
PSP Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom $15 UMD, case and original artwork only.
PSP Killzone Liberations $6 Loose.
PSP Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars $12 CIB.
PSP LocoRoco $4 Loose.
PSP Madden NFL 12 $20 CIB.
PSP Madden 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Madden 2008 $5 CIB.
PSP Medal of Honor Heroes 2 $10 CIB.
PSP Monster Hunter Freedom $18 Missing manual.
PSP MX vs ATV: Reflex $5 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP NBA 10 The Inside $6 CIB.
PSP NBA Live 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Neopets Petpet Adventures The Wand of Wishing $7 Loose.
PSP SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 $14 Loose.
PSP Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo $4 CIB.
PSP Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas $7 CIB.
PSP Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 5 $30 Box, UMD, and original artwork only.

Xbox Doom 3 $10 CIB.
Xbox Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick $20 Box, disc, and original artwork only.
Xbox Metal Slug 3 $20 CIB.
Xbox Soul Calibur II $10 CIB

Xbox 360 Call of Duty Black Ops $12 CIB.
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma $5 CIB.
Xbox 360 Forza Horizon $17 CIB.
Xbox 360 Killer is Dead $20 Missing manual, otherwise CIB. Special Edition.
Xbox 360 NCAA Football 12 $16 CIB.
Xbox 360 NCAA Football 13 $25 CIB.

Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rock Band 4 (Have two copies) $15 ea Both CIB.
Xbox One Titanfall $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege $3 Loose.

PC Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight $8 Comes with manual in original case.

Gameboy Batman Forever $10 Good.
Gameboy Boxxle II $20 Good.
Gameboy Tetris $4 Good.
Gameboy Advance Activision Anthology $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 007 GoldenEye $6 Good.
Nintendo 64 Mission Impossible $5 Good.
Nintendo 64 Mortal Kombat 4 $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 NBA Hang Time $6 Good.
Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 $10 Good.
Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros $12 Good.
Nintendo 64 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey $5 Good.

Blue Yarn Yoshi Good $15 Loose.
Chibi-Robo Good $10 Loose.
Green Yarn Yoshi Good $15 Loose.
Link Good $25 Loose, smash bros.
Waddle Dee Good $13 Loose.

Poke Ball Plus $55 Loose, in good condition. No Mew.
OEM Nintendo Gameboy Mini Backpack $20 Cool little OEM nintendo collectible. Blue color, in good condition.
Club Nintendo Luigi Hat DS Carry Case Bag Pouch $20 Good condition, cool Luigi collectible.
Gameshark Pro 3.3 for Nintendo 64 $30 Loose.
3rd party Gamecube memory cards $5 3rd party memory cards.
OEM Gamecube Controllers $35 each. Have four available, one black, two indigo, and one indigo/clear, all have nice and tight sticks.
OEM Gameboy Four Player Adapter $15 Loose in good condition.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller $20 Green controller, nice and tight stick.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller Pak $30 CIB, box in okay condition.
OEM PS1 Controller $15 One PS One controller available.
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2023.06.07 04:27 Bismuth84 Here's hoping they repeat the Starwatch event in the future

Those Echo, Baptiste, and Soldier 76 skins look cool, but unfortunately I didn't get them the first time around. Of course, since most of the other skins are tied to the battle pass and games like this don't usually make battle pass skins available again, it's questionable whether or not the shop skins will be available again. What do you think?
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2023.06.07 04:26 Kalissian Never been in, father divorced my mother and became JW when I was young, converted sister, and further attempts are being made to convert me.

So yeah. Title sums it up. My mother and father divorced when I was rather young. Once he married my stepmother they slowly became JWs and eventually brought my sister into the fold.
Now, granted, dad tried once to convert me I was 18. I was in my teenage edgelord athiest phase then, so it didn't go so well. Other than a comment here or there, it's not been much of a problem. I get along fine with my JW fam for the most part.
I was at my sister's house, and he was in town for the weekend. It was just a regular family gathering, until my bro-in-law and father started edging towards the conversion talk.
This time it was my BIL doing most of the talking mainly because my father tends to get a little temperamental and, rightly so, that ain't gonna do any favors. My sis chimed in once or twice, but she's much like my father so she was basically shushed. My BIL is a lot more civil and is trying to come from a ground of understanding, which I do appreciate. Basically some things we touched on were:
-Prophecy. Basically he's all about the Book of Daniel and the 1914 stuff. I've not looked too much into it, but I do know it's pretty damn easy to fudge numbers so wouldn't be surprised that's going on there. Basically "world is getting worse by the day, etc etc, so much killing, people can't even leave their doors unlocked anymore". My main rebuttal to this, having not been familiar with all the particular maths was that the world has always been a rather rough place. The only difference is now with 24 hour news cycles and the internet, we can hear just how bad shit really is everywhere rather than most of the news never making it beyond the community it actually affected.
-Death and Afterlife. The one that really shocked my father in particular is that I'm not quite afraid of death. Do I want to die? No, but I know it's gonna happen at some point so I'm not going to fear it. I think he took it as a personal insult, like I didn't want to live forever with him, but... yeah living forever kind of sounds dull tbh. I feel it cheapens the life we have, and what will you even do for eternity?! It'll get boring at some point. I straight up told him sleeping forever sounds cool enough to me. BIL started making some points about how death "feels" unnatural, which I just simply said "I don't agree with that view". I'm guessing this line of discussion is meant to play upon fears of death/attachment to loved ones. I brought up that, while I'm not as strongly of an atheist as I was in my teenage years, I have mostly found solace in Buddhist lines of philosophy (I wouldn't say I'm a practicing Buddhist, but as far as a moral/philosophical framework it's the thing that has clicked the most with me). Particularly philosophies on attachment, so this line of discussion kind of fell flat for them.
A couple other things I touched on were Biblical history (BIL legit didn't know the OT is from the Torah), translation errors, and so on. Either way, it seems like there's being a push to convert me again. I was taken a bit more off guard so I don't think I was able to make a lot of the stronger explanations/points that I would have liked, but I suppose reading more and more on this sub will give me a better understanding of things to look out for.
Anyways, that's enough rambling. It's just something I had to type out and share somewhere, this seems the place to do it!
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2023.06.07 04:22 Far-Music-7990 Is Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home Worth It?

Question: is transfering all of my pokemon from bank to home worth it?
Background: I have been playing nintendo since gameboy & nes. I started on atari. Snes was my first console. I cannot explain why, but I cherish and adore older pokemon games. I have literally played gen 1 & 2 more than 50 times each. I frequently restart the games (im currently playing through red, yellow, gold, & crystal via 3ds). When i refer to gen below i am strictly talking about the new waves of specific pokemon.
Somewhere down the line i stopped loving newer pokemon games (similar to ARLO). I sank so many hours into gen 1-4. I love gen 1-3. Gen 5 was okay but the menu graphics bothered me because they werent great. The pokemon were cool though. I did NOT like gen 6 or 7. I havent played gen 8 or 9, but they dont appeal to me at all. I enjoy the new forms for older pokemon. Theyre fun. I own pokemon legends arceus on switch and im loving the refresh to the series. I wish there was more quality of life improvements and less fluff but i can say that about every pokemon game.
What pokemon are NOT allowed in Legends Arceus?
What pokemon are NOT allowed in Shining Pearl?
Will all of my event pokemon transfer? Shinies? Special moves? Breeded moves? Etc... (i dont care about gimmicks - mega, z, crystal, giant)
I find it odd how pokemon has restarted several times but still omits several pokemon from the newer games...
Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 04:19 OhStreet I missed the entirety of the play tests for this game and you guys are making me regret it deeply lmao

I heard about this game once it feels like years ago and thought it looked really cool, but pushed it out of my mind since it didn’t seem like I was gonna play it anytime soon. I stumbled across this subreddit recently towards the end of the playtests and I haven’t seen so much damn hype for a game before and now I’m getting a huge case of FOMO 😂 I can’t wait for this to come out now (hopefully, from what it’s sounding like)
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2023.06.07 04:14 HomieManGuy [22/M] looking for a chat!

[22/M] looking for a chat!
Hey everyone, I hope you're doing good! I'm pretty much here cause I wanna meet some people that wanna make a new friend (hopefully for more then an hour). I'd say I'm pretty chill and if you get to know me enough we can even voice chat or even play games! I'm on PC so if that's an issue rest in peace.
Anyways my interests include: -Astronomy -Gaming -Science (mostly physics cause physics cool) -Technology
Yea pretty lame interests I know. If I somehow got your attention and you want a friend or even a gaming buddy just shoot me a message and we'll see where things go from there!
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2023.06.07 04:14 PlantsInPants_ Math Content Monetization

Hi there everyone!

I have been working & doing prepping to create a channel that teaches math to high school and college students. Khan Academy-esque. I've always had a passion for mathematics and I think this could be a really cool and unique hobby.

The thing is, I want to understand if these videos would be able to make any amount of money with AdSense (lame question, I know). But I'd like to understand if this will be a hobby or a potential (tiny) side hustle. I think I'd like to do it either way, but I think it's important to understand what role it plays in my life before jumping in.
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