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Anything to do with Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas. (East Peoria, Morton, Bartonville, Chillicothe, Washington, Metamora, Pekin)

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2023.06.02 13:31 throwaweigh842 Help! Six week plateau

I've done a search for this and I've found some posts but none that fit well enough to fully help me. This is also an edited repost because it auto-removed last time (maybe because I hadn't confirmed my email yet).
Me: 35F, 5'5", Australia. No known health issues or medications that would affect weight. Most days I hit 30 minutes of exercise without doing any formal exercise.
I started WW in mid-January, weighing 153lb (69.5kg). I was allocated 23 points. I have stuck to this so carefully. I think most days I might actually be under, but I just don't want to go over. Some days I track at the end to realise that I'm somewhere near 10, but others hit 20-23. I'll normally have almost all of my 'extra' points leftover, with only one day a week above the 23 (usually around 28pt).
In early April, I reached 136.7lb (62kg). I have barely budged since. I can fluctuate around 200-300g (7-10.5oz) between weeks, but nothing is getting me below around 61.7kg (136lb). I know I'm not currently overweight, but my goal weight (and the weight I have felt most confident at) is 57kg (125.6lb).
Does anyone have any tips that have helped them break past a plateau, or does it sound like WW just doesn't work for me anymore?
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2023.06.02 13:31 Lissy_theLonely Just found out my Husband is paying for subscriptions on Onlyfans. What should I do?

Tl;dr: My Husband (28yo) of almost two years who I have been with for nearly 11 years has been paying for subscription on Onlyfans since before he proposed to me. We are high-school sweethearts and he was watching porn when we were just starting to date but he was young I did not think too much about it. Just recently I asked him if he was paying for any porn sites and he said no he would never do it. Just last night I came across an email with Onlyfans, I got into his account and see he has been spending money for years on it. I was frustrated last night and did not say anything but Changed his password out of frustration (which is an easy fix for him). Me (27yo) have been taking care of my mom for the last year due to her terminal cancer, I still clean, cook, I have been the main source of income the last three years. I have put on some weight due to the stress and am always so tired since I'm practically working two full time jobs along with the upkeep of life. Maybe he is just not interested in me anymore, I don't know, but I would be lying if I said I'm not extremely hurt and am just thinking I'm not good enough. It's not enough to be faithful anymore. I gave up all my friends in this relationship and due to not having any time with taking care of my mom. I feel like I need to change myself to make him happy, is he not happy with me anymore? Why would he even propose if he had interests elsewhere? Was it just easy since I take care of everything for him to just marry me even though he was not interested? We have been saving up to buy a house and I pay the majority of the bills as it is, to come across this it just hurts. I just feel betrayed. I don't know what to do next.
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2023.06.02 13:30 throwingthings69 It’s really fucked up how much cat calling gets down played.

I first visited a major city when I was 15 with a group of classmates and on three different occasions I had grown adult men shout nasty comments about my body and general appearance directly at me (only black girl) singling me out from the group I was with. I was literally just a kid.
Now it’s almost two decades later and I live in a major city and it’s still something I deal with nearly every day. I can cover my body, wear noise canceling headphones, cross the street multiple times down a single block just to avoid groups of certain men. I’m always factoring in street harassment when I consider which route to take.
I don’t know… I keep seeing posts about how “no one says hello” or “smiles at each other” anymore but it’s like… why would I? I have no reason to trust a random man on the street lol. Literally any time I extend random kindness to adult men/strangers on the street they try to take advantage of it. This of course doesn’t include my neighbors or shop owners who I’ve gotten to know over the years of living in my neighborhood…
But spending years of your life having the opposite sex shout dehumanizing shit about you as you walk by is kind of insane?? I almost never react but man… it’s so upsetting how much people seem to brush cat calling off as some silly or even flattering thing.
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2023.06.02 13:29 CharmingTease 48 [M4F] #UK. I hope the guy who invented auto correct burns In HELLO!

I'm a decent enough guy, im a husband and a father, i go to work, i go through all the formalities talking with work colleagues who i have no real intention of becoming friends with, i have lunch on my own because i really cant stand how some people moan about the same thing day after day. I go home then normally i will prep and cook dinner, i cook 90% of the time, and i enjoy it, i find it therapeutic, i might then sort the washing out if there's a load in the machine, tidy up a little, shower then relax in front of the TV. Can you see a problem here? Routine, too much routine, come and distract me from my everyday life, let me get to know the real you as i open myself up. Maybe we'll become something more than just friends, maybe, just maybe, we'll become each other's 'everything'.
I'm a slim man, i work out occasionally, and i have a high metabolism (i know, im cursed) olive skinned, (apparently i have that mediterranean look) im 5'11, short dark hair that i cut myself, plain brown eyes and a short salt and pepper beard. I consider myself to be a decent guy, im the type who would happily hold open a door for you and greet you with a smile. I believe in good manners, it costs nothing to say 'please' and 'thank you', id probably go as far and say that im a gentleman. I love a bit of banter and sarcasm.
I find myself drawn to a woman who sees herself as confident and witty, a little bit sassy, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it. She's her own person, free spirited with a dark sense of humour and who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. And you'd most probably turn my head if you said that you have a mum bod, or call yourself curvaceous, even if you think you're the plain Jane next door type of woman.
Now, if we get on well, in time you'll find out that im a red hot blooded man, conversation may turn from time to time, talking about likes, desires, wants and needs, not necessarily sexting (how can you sext someone you don't really know is beyond me), but just figuring out if we're on the same page.
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2023.06.02 13:28 happymusicdude 29 [M4F] Tennessee/Online - Tell this Nashville musician if he's bigger or smaller than your bf/ex

The title pretty much says it all. Back in college, I had a friend who loved when I'd send pics of myself, because I was bigger than her fiancé. Eventually she had to play with it, so she invited me over. We slept together, and she came multiple times from penetration alone which allegedly was something that never happened with her fiancé. Ever since then, I've had a thing for women comparing me to their partners/exes. If anything in this post sounds interesting, fun, or hot to you, shoot me a chat
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2023.06.02 13:27 Yoruake My grandma wants me to get her wedding ring

My grandma has terminal cancer. The doctos said she has about a month until she will die. It is not a matter of "if", but of "when" it will happen. And it helps me, to have these facts clear, because I am neurodivergent and facts are a coping mechanism for me. Facts help me to bear hard things.
Today my aunt said to me: "Your grandma said, she wanted me to give you something, when she's gone." She said, that it would be pretty hard for her, but because it is grandmas last wish, she will do so, even if it hurts to give it away.
To be clear: I do not want any inheritance. I would be fine with some of grandmas or grandpas dishes, before they will land in a landfill, I would be happy to give them a secound life and that's what I told my aunt. If she really is hurt, by giving something away, then I do not need it. I expected she will say something, like a dresser or some dishes or some of grandpas baking things... But no!
My mum was sitting with us and answered: "No, you will like, grandmas thought and I really should take it."
So to make things short: my aunt told me, that my grandma wants me to have my grandparents' wedding rings. She does not want to wear them on her last journey. She wants me to melt them down and make my own new rings for me and my boyfriend out of them, when we will marry some day or just for daily wearing. I am sitting here and am crying, because my grandparents shared a love for nearly 50 years and my grandmother never wanted to date after my grandpa died 14 years ago. She loved him from the moment they met and love did not end with his death and that she wants us to repurpose her wedding rings for us...
She loves us and she thinks, that our love is like my grandparents. My grandma once told me, that she wanted someone to have her wedding rings, who truely has a love like her and grandpa (and at that point, she wanted my aunt to have them). So yes... I am crying, because it touches me, that she just blesses our love without even saying anything. My grandma did not even tell me... she wanted it to be a surprise after she died. And she knows... she knows, that I understand even if she did not say a single word.
I love her and I will miss her, when... the day comes... but now my tears are very touched tears, because my grandma is a very loving old lady and I am so happy because she (finally) gave us her blessing.
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2023.06.02 13:27 Any-Literature-3184 It's been 2.5 weeks since I stopped smoking (kind of)

I haven't bought cigarettes since 17th of May. I was out drinking with friends and smoked a whole pack on that day, and felt like shit the day after, so I decided to turn things around, for real. I've quit for nearly 6 months before, and my need to smoke is only prominent when I'm with friends, most of whom are smokers unfortunately.
Anyway, I have had one cigarette after dinner with one friend, and one after lunch with another (separate days) last week. But that's it. I don't really even want to smoke, it's not a struggle whatsoever for some reason.
I've been avoiding some of my friends and colleagues though, because I know spending time with them will make me want to smoke.
I also have a very sore throat for this past week, so I was wondering if it might be caused by the quitting.
Anyway, if you could motivate me to keep this going I'll be forever grateful ❤️
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2023.06.02 13:27 _-_-_TabIthA_-_-_ 36 [F4M] #Pennsylvania - Seeking older nudist man who wants a loving and affectionate long-term relationship Possibly willing to relocate if I were to find a genuine connection with the right person

Hi there! So I'm 36 years old from Pennsylvania. I have always had a thing for much older men and don't even really know why exactly. Part of it might be that I've always been very mature for my age and tend to get along much better with people who are older than me. The idea of being in a committed long-term relationship with someone older just feels right and natural to me. I am somewhat of a traditional person and do want to be properly married at some point.
Like the title says, I am willing to relocate if I find a genuine connection with the right person, but I would strongly prefer to remain on this continent, so that means please only message me if you're in the United States or Canada.
I also don't want you to message me if you're into the whole dom/sub dynamic or daddy/daughter dynamic; I'm not interested in those dynamics at all. I'm just a traditional woman. I'm a very loving and affectionate person by nature and a strong believer in romantic love, and I just want to find my one-and-only who I can fall deeply in love with and devote myself to forever. I'm the type who sees human sexuality as a very deep and meaningful act of affection between two people who are in love, and I would rather make love than just have sex for the sake of sex. Looks aren't really important to me; I'm the type of person who bases romantic attraction on personality and chemistry more than anything else.
In the spring and summer, I regularly attend an all-ages family nudist camp that is near me. My mother raised me to be a social nudist, so I have been going there all my life. I'm not one of those nudists who is nude at home all the time; for me it's more of a social thing that I do at a family-oriented camp environment. I find the social cohesion in an environment like that creates friendships and bonds that are unlike any social dynamic that you would ever find in any other regular social situation. My own theory regarding this is that it triggers a dormant social-cohesion mechanism in the human psyche that we had way back in our early history when we were living in small communal tribes. Back then, it was probably more normal for people to be casually nude if they wanted to be during the warmer months because everybody knew everybody and nobody was a stranger, and I think that kind of thing would kind of solidify your bond with the tribe. That's just my theory anyways, but it makes a lot of sense because I'm friends with families at that camp and am much closer to them than I am with anybody outside of the camp.
But if you think that your lifestyle values align with mine, free to message me in chat, and we'll see what kind of chemistry we have! 😊
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2023.06.02 13:26 alimiab I need help with one of my rat’s trusting me

So I’ve got 2 boys that r only 2 months named Mickey and Remi. Remi is very curious, confident and trusting. He loves being pet n eating treats out of my hand. He’ll even climb on top of me and give me licks. Now I’ve only had them for almost 2 weeks but I feel like I’m getting nowhere with Mickey. Mickey doesn’t bite or anything like that but he tries to destroy everything. There’s this hammock they love n he just wants to kill it hahahaha. Then when it comes to people Mickey really freaks out if a human is near him. He doesn’t like being touched AT ALL. He loves his cave and whenever I open the cage door for them to come out Remi will instantly run out with excitement to see everything but Mickey won’t. Mickey always watches Remi get treats but Remi is so sweet n brings treats to him. This can also be an issue as Mickey just waits for Remi to give him treats instead of coming up to me to get them. Remi trusts me so much that he’ll even hide behind me when he gets scared. I just don’t understand why one of them is super secure and the other is the opposite. Is this normal?
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2023.06.02 13:26 thatsmystickynote [TOMT][MOVIE] Only remember one word - MESOPOTAMIA!

Really cannot remember the film at all.
I think it's animated (I was thinking hotel transylvania or zootopia, but searching subtitles for the films mesopotamia doesn't show up). Would have come out in the 2010s I'd have said.
I know the line is delivered with enthusiasm and with the syllables emphasised - MEH SO POTAMIA! I also think the character is essentially giving a bit of a history lesson.
If anyone knows the film that'd be amazing, as I'd my partner doesn't believe it exists and is giving me grief. I need a win.
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2023.06.02 13:25 MikeShoeCompany Why isn’t there a solution for this common problems?

  1. Problem: You have an important job somewhere, you make a lot of money, and you use social media regularly. In these sensitive times where everyone has a problem with everyone and what they post, your content could cause the online mob to cancel you and you might lose your job. The cancel mob may or may not cancel you, but the risk is there. So here is the solution, why isn’t there an insurance for these kind of things?
You may ask, how is this insurance going to work? It is simple. After someone signs up and buys an policy from you as a insurance seller, you will collect all the social media accounts they want to protect, you will get their authentication info, and you as a insurance company, will monitor everything that person posts, you hire people to look any potentially sensitive comments/videos that policy holder posts, using powerful python bots and AI to analyze every post that person submits to your web app before they are green-lighted to the the app the person wanted. Here is the workflow.
  1. Someone buys an insurance policy from you.
  2. They give their usernames and all their auth for every account they wanted to be protected
  3. Each time they want to post something to their accounts, they will first come to your web app and write what they want to write, and submit for examination. If the platform approves, it will go live, otherwise the platform will notify the person the issue.
  4. The platform will query all the platforms you use for your legal name/or username(s) to find any problem brewing and will notify you before anyone can take alarm. The platform will query with the use of AI to look anything that conceivably be controversial and let you know whether that content is problematic. The feature is called controversiality meter, in this feature, you set how sensetive the meter is: if you only want to look obvious offensive language, then you will set it to “low”, so this feature will catch anything you have ever wrote that contains the N word (if you are white), and if you set it to “high”, the feature will query everything you have wrote with in the limits of each platform’s content history and look anything that could be offensive to someone.
Depending on how advance the current AI gets, this insurance platform could even have bots that could “represent you in twitter court”, responding to the mob and trying to reason with them. But I don’t think that functionality is near, maybe the 22nd century .
So, what happens if something goes wrong?
Let’s say, you as a policy holder, you submitted something you thought was fine, the platform checked it and said it was fine, but later you woke up to find that you no longer have a job, that highly paid important job you bought insurance for, because of the online mob contacted your employer and caused your employer terminate your employment. What then? You will be in luck! Because of this insurance, you will be compensated for that loss up to the maximum amount you chose when you bought the policy, because essentially you won the bet against the insurance company.
So, here is how that process gonna work, and please keep in mind, I am not a lawyer and know fuck alll about how insurance works beyond a surface level, feel free to correct me if this idea is totally idiotic.
  1. You bought a policy that insures $80k if you lose your job because of online mob. In order to get this, the loss of your job has to be connected to the content you wrote, and was insured under this policy. If you had a drunken fight in your local bar, called someone N word and someone recorded and then sent to your boss, that won’t qualify if you lose your job. You posted some content and never submitted to our platform and thus we didn’t “approve” it, that, too, won’t qualify.
  2. Someone who is so thirsty for social media fame tries to lie about you, spread your pictures or videos without your consent, calling you a “Karen” or any flavor of the month, then under this policy, you have very powerful tools: first and most obvious benefit will because we manage your IP, we can force these apps to take down any content we want under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) with our scary lawyers sending letters to them. If that doesn’t work (which is rare), we’ll threaten these social media upstarts with lawsuits which makes these people reconsider. And as our insurance company gains more notoriety so as our stature.
  3. You will pay $2,500/month up to $10,000/month depending on the policy you choose. This policy will also have tools to hook up into the APIs of all these web apps so that you can edit, delete, or update any content you think is, or will be problematic.
What do we call this service? Parachute? Or some word that has the word “Para” to imply “together, or alongside”, maybe “Parahelper”? I don’t know, maybe that sounds more retarded, but you marketing geniuses can come up with something smart.
What is the fatal flaws of this business opportunity? Why hasn’t big insurance parasitic companies jumped in yet?
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2023.06.02 13:25 Easy-Virus1421 Japan Off Base Housing Questions

Moved to Japan (Yokota) as a contractor. Trying to establish myself. Currently living out of the base hotel.
I’m trying to rent a house and go through the Japanese way of doing things. I’ve tried getting answers at the base housing office but they told me I’m a contractor they can’t help me and gave a list of realtors. My next stop is the legal office, but I’m kind of expecting a similar response. The realtor I’m working with is asking for a lot of things that I don’t think I can get being in the country as SOFA.
My questions are:
Can you get a residence card under SOFA status (Realtor said it’s required to rent — but I don’t think I am entitled to it).
Does anyone know if you can open a Japanese bank account without a residence card?
Does anyone know if you can get a Hanko stamp without a residence card?
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2023.06.02 13:23 Ginyat Wondering what to choose from MPD18, MPD32, MPD218, and Korg padKONTROL

Hi, I'm starting out with making music (mostly sampling). I am wondering what to choose from. Here is what I found near me (prices in CAD):
Used MPD32 for 80 Used (Very Good) padKONTROL for 85 + 25 (shipping) + Tax Mint MPD218 for 90 + 30 + Tax Used (Excellent) MPD18 for 90 + 35 + Tax
I already have a digital piano with MIDI output, a laptop, and a nice pair of old Studio Headphones. What would you guys recommend?
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2023.06.02 13:23 Fsk-919 What are the best composite decking brands?

I’m not sure which brand I should use. Tree seems overly expensive compared to others I’ve been researching that are similar in quality. Veranda seems like it’s no longer being made by that name since it’s been bought by fiberon. Although the website is still up and running it’s out of stock at all Home Depot’s near me with no availability for ordering.
What have you used and what products can you recommend?
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2023.06.02 13:22 Aggravatedmomoftwo Choosing family or my spouse

I 36F am married to 38M for roughly 15 years, for 8 of those years we’ve practically lived two separate lives because of his career choices. He’s an over the road truck driver who has moved us (my kids 15f, 13f and I) to different states where I have no support system or family to only see him every few months. Last year we moved back home where my family is. He ended up quitting his job because he “wanted to go local”. This lasted a total of three weeks before he ended up going to another state to stay with a friend and find work up there. He found a job that ended up being 5 days on and 2 days off. I never agreed to moving out of state yet here we are again moving once again.
Usually I’d shut my mouth and just go with it knowing that it’s just going to be me and my kids for the most part. But we moved back because my mom is deathly ill, she may have a year or two good years left before Parkinson’s and dementia fully take over. It’s been over 8 years since I’ve lived near my mom. When I tell my spouse this I’m told “well, you can fly down, you’re not missing much yet and can be there when she’s dying.” I went through this with my grandfather and yes, I got to see him the last 72 hours of life but I immediately had to leave and couldn’t be there for the funeral. To this day it eats me alive. The last time we broke up for a few months my brother died and I was able to spend three weeks there planning my brother’s funeral, packing his things, going to his celebration of life. I’d never gotten to do this if we weren’t broken up at that time.
While my marriage has had ups and downs this choice will end it. My brain tells me to leave but my heart says otherwise and it always comes back to my kids. I never wanted to separate them from their dad as I never was around mine growing up.
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2023.06.02 13:22 gila-monsta AITA for not wanting to give my good friend a wedding gift after she forgot to wish me happy birthday?

Feeling a little sad. I met my friend in 2021, and we were both each other's first friends post-covid in a new city. She is ~3ish years younger than me but we're both in our 20s.
She asked me to be her bridesmaid near end of 2021, and I said yes with no question. That was a bit of a bad call on my behalf, because the wedding activities are all a few states away (7 hr drive) in a small town that is ~1 hr away from nearest airport. I didn't ask her the commitment/expectation that was needed, and I'm sure she wouldn't have known having only been a BM in one previous wedding. Either way, the plans for her wedding wildly changed and even came to a point where she was not going to have one and just do something small.
Fast forward and an official wedding is scheduled for memorial day weekend 2023 (last weekend). Her bachelorette party was last minute in March and she had driven to the other state, leaving me to either do a 7 hour drive on my own or fly and figure out how to get from the airport. I passed on the party (and donated my 50$ concert ticket to someone else). The original agreement was the bride and I would drive together for the Bach weekend but she ended up leaving early so I decided it wasn't feasible for me to drive alone for that long for essentially 1 night.
She actually was already legally married before her wedding this past weekend, and I was the one to go with her to the courthouse as a witness (back in January of this year). It was a big secret.
Fast forward to yesterday, a few days after the wedding and travel, and it's my birthday. She sent me an Instagram meme post but no happy birthday message.
I'm feeling pretty sad and frustrated she forgot. I still have to deliver her the cash gift for her wedding, but was waiting until we both returned back to our town (the plan was next week). (She did not go on a honeymoon or anything and they already drove back from the wedding to our town.)
Anyways, I was going to make her a custom doormat and get a few things along with the cash gift to give to her in person next week, but now im feeling much less motivated to do this. I usually don't care about who does and does not say happy birthday to me, but this one specifically hurts.
I was thinking of just sending cash/card in the mail and not doing the heartfelt additions. She is moving in a couple weeks so I'll probably never see her again, based on her effort level in the friendship.
It just kind of sucks, feeling like I exerted all this effort for her and to not really get any reciprocation.
AITA for skipping out on giving her wedding gifts/ just sending a generic card with some cash in the mail?
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2023.06.02 13:22 Boneyard_Tales The Church on the Hill

Short Synopsis
A young boy with an interest in local history and cemeteries learns about life and the value of friendship when he meets a child named Peter in the local cemetery that may not be all that he seems.

When I was a kid I had a fascination with graveyards, burial grounds and old churches. I wouldn’t call this a morbid fascination but more of a learning place for a kid of the age of 5 or 6 to explore death and what it means to be remembered by loved ones and friends. As this fascination grew it lead me to the study of local history which would become a keen interest for the rest of life.
My great uncle Tom, who was a mountain of a man as he had worked all of his life as a miner in the local pits, encouraged this interest I had shown in history and at my behest, after Uncle Tom picked me up from school, we would often take long walks with his mongrel dog Tina around the local cemetery. The cemetery was scattered around the large hillside of the local church on the hill. The church cut quite an imposing presence in the small village I grew up in, as it seemed to loom over the whole place sitting high above the rows of houses, local pub and farms. Everyone in the village attended the church at least a few times a week, but at night it was considered a spooky place to the children in the village and my friends considered me very odd and often ridiculed me for my interest in the place and I gained the affectionate nickname Spooky Steven. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was just kids playing around and now we are all grown, we often all sit together having a pint in the local pub and laugh about it. I had my fair share of pokes of fun at them too when we were kids, there was no Internet or game consoles back in those days, so entertainment was what we would make it.
The church was ancient and had gravestones and markers now crumbling with the decay of age that dated as far back as the Anglo Saxon period of Great Britain. This history always fascinated me and it became a common practice for me to head to the graveyard, most often alone in my youth, and make grave rubbings to find names from the past and look them up in the local archives at the town library. This small library was full of old documents such as land registry papers and birth or death records which dated back for hundreds of years, it was like google before computers. I would spend hours in there till closing time at 6pm, looking through all these ancient records and when names came up again and again in certain papers, you could slowly build up a picture of someone’s life. You could see when they were born, who they worked for, who they married and how their lives progressed, most of the older papers ended up with people inheriting land or buying farms and making their way as countryside workers, it was enthralling to me. I think it made me realise early in my life, that if you say someone’s name aloud or read it, that person’s memory is still alive. Even at a young age I found that rather comforting.
Listening to this I’m sure you can imagine I was a bit of a loner, you don’t get the nickname Spooky Steven for being the captain of the football team. No-one was ever cruel to me or anything, I was bullied a little for being different and that was upsetting at times but I wasn’t bothered and I always just kind of did my own thing, so you can imagine I was happy when at about 12 years of age I found a friend who was interested in the same things as I was.
One beautiful summer afternoon while in the graveyard among some shady ancient oaks swaying in the breeze, I was taking some graphite rubbings in a particularly old part of the cemetery and I meet a boy named Peter. Looking back it’s strange that I didn’t know Peter from school, but you don’t think about these things at a young age. When ever I was in that part of the cemetery Peter would often turn up unexpectedly and talk to me about what I was doing and why I was interested in these old names from the past. He was full of information and seemed old for his 13 years, he talked about a lot of the old names on the gravestones as if they were still living. He would tell me about Mr Jones the welsh baker, who spoke with such a strong accent that he was hard to understand and how John Blakley the blacksmith would often let the local children into his shop and teach them how to use the kilns and pay them a small wage for helping him keep the fires burning good and hot. I checked out all of these people that Peter talked about in the library and they were all legitimate people who had lived in the town often hundreds of years in the past. I didn’t question this as Peter would have access to the same documents from history that I did, but I had never seen Peter in the library and I was there most afternoons.
On another occasion Peter told me that he was made to leave school and work from a young age because his father had died in a farming accident, so he had been put to work to help support his family. These times I met Peter we’re all in the late 1980’s and early 90’s and it was only when I began to get a little older that I started to think Peter was not from around here. There was no way a boy of 13 years old would be allowed to work at the hard labour Jobs that Peter talked about doing. Drystone walling or working in the fields are highly dangerous jobs that deal with heavy equipment and chemicals that a child of that age would never be allowed to use in this day and age. But, still I thought nothing of it at first, my young ego thought that maybe he was trying to impress me so I would be his friend. I started to ask about him at school amongst my friends and then the teachers and no-one knew who this boy was. I was again ridiculed for having an imaginary friend so I took a bunch of school friends to the church yard to meet him, but he would never show when I was there with other people. This became very frustrating, so I stopped talking about him.
After about a year or two of meeting with Peter on a few different occasions in the cemetery, I began to notice things that were odd or different about him. The clothes he wore seemed old fashioned and unlike me he didn’t seem to be getting any older, at that age kids grow at an accelerated rate and I was already almost a whole foot taller, but Peter had remained the same. On the last day I saw Peter in those years I questioned him about his clothes and the way he looked and he took great offence to this, his eyes welled up and tears began to roll down his cheeks. I told him I was sorry and that I wouldn’t mention this again, he then said to me some words that I will never forget “Its ok” he said through his tears “It’s been my absolute pleasure to spend this time with you. Just do me a small solid and say my name every once in a while when you are here, I’d appreciate that” he then smiled at me in a way that breaks my heart when I remember it and walked away into a shady part of the cemetery and that was the last time I would see him as a child.
By the time I was around 16 years of age the local historian knew me by name and we had developed a friendship and she began to tell me stories from the past which were not written in any of the history books. Some of the stories she told me were spooky ones about hauntings and other strange paranormal stories of local legends. Because of this interest she had and the passion with which she told me these tales of local occurrences, I felt comfortable enough with her to mention Peter. Her eyes lit up and she asked me to please tell her more. I told her everything and we stayed together well passed closing time looking up names and histories of local residents but we couldn’t find anything about about a young local worker named Peter, however we did find information in a record about the death of a local farmer in his 40s who was crushed in an accident with his wheat plough in the summer of 1889. The strangest part of the story is still to come.
Later in life when I turned 18 I was a regular in the village pub and became very friendly with the landlord and often did shifts in the bar serving in the evening to help pay my way through college where I took a bachelor’s degree in history. In the summer for extra pay the landlord asked me if I were interested in clearing out some of the old attic spaces to get the place ready for an extension that they were going to build. The extra money was welcome so I agreed and that is where the most amazing thing happened. Amongst all the cobweb ridden stacks of books, papers and a wealth of old furniture I found a framed portrait from a very old 1890’s camera. The picture was of a boy laying dead on a bed of flowers on one of the big old wooden tables in the pub, it was Peter. I rummaged around and to my amazement I found hidden in the back of the frame an old newspaper clipping about the death of a 13 year old chimney sweep named Peter Robinson. I was not afraid, but the revelation came as more a relief to know that perhaps I wasn’t crazy and that Peter had reached out to me from somewhere beyond our own understanding of this world. I chose not to mention this to anyone as Peter had never shown himself to anyone else and it felt it would have betrayed our friendship that had occurred in those early years of my youth.
A few weeks later I found myself drawn back to that shady part of the church on the hill amongst those ancient oaks and mossy gravestones with bottle of beer in my hand. It was a beautiful day, there was a gentle breeze and the crickets, birds and insects chatted in the gentle afternoon, just like those summer days I had spend in this place as child with my Uncle Tom and Tina who were now themselves long since departed. I rose the bottle of beer in the air and said Peter’s name out loud and for a brief moment, from the corner of my eye I thought I saw the flicker of a boy standing in the distance in the summer shade and a smile spread across my face. That day I learned a lesson for good, that if we think of those who are dead and gone and remember them out loud they will live on and never be forgotten.
The End
Written By John Renney
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2023.06.02 13:21 Bewquifius_Maximus Apprentice pay help

Hi I'm into nearly my 3rd year of my level 3 apprenticeship in comms construction sector. And it came to me that my pay hasn't increased since I started, I'm over 23 and I've read up that after the 1st year apprentices should be getting the national minimum wage per hour. I've brought this up with my safeguarding contact to look into this in the meantime. Does the wage increase apply to me or is it different since the company I'm working for pays its employees under the self employed construction way.
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2023.06.02 13:19 visionlanguage22 Finding the Perfect IELTS Institute Near Me: Unleash Your Potential with Vision Language Experts

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2023.06.02 13:17 Prestigious-Tea-358 Is this abuse?

I’ve been looking after a family member with severe mental health, so it might just be because of a personality disorder, but I’ve felt very unsafe at times.
When they get angry, they often through things around me or near me. At one point they got angry at me telling them to drive more carefully after the pulled out in front of a car and threw the keys at me, which hit me, when we stopped. When they’re angry they drive well over the speed limit and recklessly, particularly if I’m asking them to be careful.
There’s been a lot of times where they will force themself into my room and refuse to leave and when they finally do they tell my that they won’t be alive in the morning.
They always have to be physical with me despite knowing it makes me extremely uncomfortable. This can be anything from hugs from behind, to hands lightly on my neck, to relentless ‘play fighting’. I used to engage with it to a degree when we were a bit younger, but I’ve been trying to stop it over the last couple years.
I understand that they have a personality disorder, but any time I set up boundaries or tell them I’m upset with their behaviour, things see to escalate.
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2023.06.02 13:16 IndomitableThumb I think my gf has begun purging but denies it. I need advice.

I think my girlfriends AN has progressed to BN. She denies it. What should I do?
This became longer than expected. Go to the bottom for a summary. Any advice would be appreciated.
Background: I became aware that she was struggling with an eating disorder shortly after we got together. She was very restrictive of her eating and pretty much subsisted on junk food.
It slowly got better after we both went to university. Recently she has been eating almost a normal amount.
Why I think it's escalated: I have seen some evidence in the past that she might be purging. I saw some specks of yellowish brown on the rim of the toilet, and occasionally a oily film floating on the water. I know that oily films can come from other things, so I didn't jump to any conclusions.
In the busyness of uni, I forgot about it. But last night, after she ate a particularly big meal by her standards, she went into the bathroom and put a tiktok on full volume. She double flushed and brushed her teeth immediately. I quickly connected the dots, there were clues I had been ignoring.
We have always had very open communication, so I asked her about it (dumb, I know). She first didn't understand what I was asking (I think she did, but feigned ignorance), then scoffed at the idea, claiming that she has never been able to make herself vomit, and if she could how come I didn't hear any noises? (Ive known people who can vomit silently) Then when she could see that I didn't believe her, became angry. I explained that I have had a few people close to me go through this in the past, and no matter how open our relationship they always lied about it. She in turn told me she has been accused of this in the past, and that those who accused her of it didn't believe her either.
I did some investigation later. I found an oily film in the toilet, noticed that she had a red mark on her pointing finger. As well as what seemed like faint Russell's sign on the same hand. I searched her place today and found pens that she doesn't use, they were dirty and had a lot of suspicious marks on them. And to top it all off there were yellowish brown specks on her toilet rim as well as a on other items around her bathroom, which were near her sink. I also found two sweaters which had white/yellow/brown dirty patches, these were near the neck/shoulder region. One of the sweaters was the one she wore last night. It was buried under clothes in her washing basket.
SUMMARY: She has struggled with ED for some time. Admits to restrictive eating. Goes to the bathroom after big meals, is often quick about it though. I confronted her, she reacted strangely and proceeded to deny, then got angry.
Evidence: yellowish brown specks on/around toilet and sink. Occasional oily film on toilet water. She displays slight Russell's sign on her right hand. Pens around her apartment have suspecious marks on them/unusually dirty dipite lack of use. Clothing with suspicious dirty patches.
The fact that she has been confronted about this by love ones in the past indicates that it might actually be an old habit.
The things I found are not definitive evidence, if she has been doing this she is very good at hiding it. Because of this, I don't know whether I'm jumping to conclusions that might be incorrect.
I am worried sick and in dire need of advice in broaching the topic again. Thank you for reading this long post, and for any advice or perspective you could provide.
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2023.06.02 13:16 Respac Accidentally Jailbroke My Toaster

Hey folks, I've really outdone myself this time. So, I was working on jailbreaking my iPhone X with the latest Taurine tweak. I was immersed in the process, trying to get all those pesky repos straightened out.
But somehow, in my caffeine-induced stupor, I must have blacked out or something. When I came to, I was staring at a Terminal window that was SSH'ed into my darn toaster.
Now, I've seen some things in my time as a jailbreaker but this... this takes the toast. I'm honestly not sure whether to be impressed with myself or scared for my mental health.
Anyway, now my toaster is acting like an iOS device. It now refuses to toast bread unless I swipe up to 'Unlock' it, and it's asking me for my Apple ID which is quite unsettling. Every time I push down the lever, it gives me an 'Are you sure? This action will void your warranty' message.
The only good news is that, apparently, it's running ToastOS 13.4.1, and I've always heard that's pretty stable. The toast even comes out with a nice Apple logo seared on one side. Not sure if that's an improvement though.
The biggest problem I've got is that now my Cydia Impactor isn't working anymore. I tried using Checkra1n but it gave me a 'Device not compatible' error.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm kind of missing having toast without going through two-step verification.
And yes, I've tried turning it off and back on again. No dice.
P.S: Is anyone else having trouble with their TweakBox after using it near kitchen appliances? Just curious.
Please help me restore my toaster back to its factory settings. It's not ready for this level of intelligence. Thanks, fam.
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