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2023.05.30 15:07 monikacherokee [SPOILERS S3] Something is hidden in Dark's time...

- Why do we die?
- The dead are never truly dead. Maybe they’re not here, now. But everything that once lived, lives on forever. In the eternity of time.
If there is something that matters in Dark, it is time. But not only because of the trips made through it... There is an aspect related to time that has gone unnoticed and is more important in the story than we might think at first: The time frame in which events take place.
In the narrative, two main periods can be distinguished (without taking into account the years): the week from June 20 to 27 and the week from November 4 to 12. We also have a period of three days in September (21, 22 and 23) and several individual days (it is not possible to determine exactly when some of them happen)
Of these periods, there is one that is special because of the symbology it hides and that can be key in the narrative. We refer to the time in which the first season takes place: November…
One of the things that really attracts attention in the first episodes is the skeleton suit that Mikkel is wearing. Taking the dates into account, it is inevitable to associate it with a festivity that has been gaining importance in Germany since the 1990s: Halloween.
In addition, in southern Germany (also in Austria), Catholics extend the celebration from October 30 to November 8. They call it “Seleenwoche”, which means “Week of all souls”. These days serve to remember deceased relatives and attend religious services in honor of the saints.
However, in Dark these celebrations are not explicitly alluded to, despite there being subtle indications, such as: Mikkel's costume, Jana's visit to Mads' grave, or various details throughout the series refering to "ghosts" or the "beyond" (see link)
This omission may not be accidental, but Jantje is using it as a narrative resource called "paralepsis" with which, offering half information, as a clue, she intends to call attention to precisely what is omitted. It is a “relevant omission” with which she subtracts details from the work that are apparently uninteresting and, nevertheless, they constitute indications hiding and revealing at the same time the story to which they refer, configuring the work as an enigma.
To understand the importance of this "relevant omission" regarding the moment in which the first season of Dark takes place, we have to immerse ourselves in the culture from which the symbol of the triqueta comes from, since Halloween has its origins in a Celtic holiday: the Samhain.
Celts did not understand time as a finite line. On the contrary, in their understanding of the Universe, it was considered as an infinite cyclical process. Celtic time is conceived as a circular path that always returns to the same position.
In the past, Celtic communities only observed two seasons: winter and summer (light and dark, life and death). Their year was divided around four lunar festivities that celebrated agricultural and livestock cycles: "Imbolc", "Bealtaine", "Samhain" and “Lughnasa”. There were also four solar festivities corresponding to the equinoxes (spring - "Ostara" and autumn - "Mabon") and the solstices (summer - "Litah" and winter - "Yule"), although these were of lesser importance.
The lunar festivities are also known as "cross-quarter day" as they are located at the midpoint between the equinoxes and the solstices. In this way, the eight festivities mentioned above (known as "Sabbats") mark the astronomical milestones of the Earth's orbit around the Sun.
Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the descent of the herds to winter pastures. It marks the start of the "Celtic New Year", separating the "light half" from the "dark half" of the year.
Currently, it is usually celebrated on November 1, although, according to some sources, formerly it lasted nine days, grouped into three blocks of three days each and in the center of all of them the day of Samhain. In addition, it would not coincide with a specific date because it was celebrated on the new moon closest to the astronomical midpoint between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. Earth reaches this midpoint on November 8.
Samhain is believed to have been the pagan Celtic festival of the dead, and over time Samhain and All Saints' Day influenced each other and eventually syncretized into the modern Halloween.
The origins of the celebration date back to the Celtic peoples who inhabited pre-Christian Ireland over 2,000 years ago, and it is associated with many important events in Irish mythology. In the earliest literary records of the holiday, Samhain was characterized by large gatherings and parties and was the time when the ancient burial mounds, which were considered portals to the “Otherworld”, were opened. Some accounts suggest that on Samhain bonfires were made and offerings or sacrifices were made.
Samhain was a liminal or threshold festival, in which, according to Irish mythology, the border between this world and the other was diluted, which meant that supernatural beings such as spirits or fairies, called "Aes Side" (considered by scholars, remnants of pagan gods and nature spirits) could more easily enter our world through portals opened to the "Otherworld".
But also the souls of the dead relatives returned to visit their homes, just as those of the deceased during that year traveled to the "Otherworld" during that night when the veil between the present, the past and the future disappeared.

With the name of "Otherworld" ("Orbis Alia") reference is made in Celtic mythology to the fairy world that coexists with that of human beings. It has been interpreted as an expansive world with numerous domains and kingdoms within it, and is home to many beings (gods, fairies and spirits of all kinds, along with the souls of the dead)
In the Irish mind-set, the "Otherworld" is neither Hell nor Heaven in the sense in which we now consider it. Rather this "Paradise" is a land of eternal youth and bounty, and a place accessible, with difficulty, to the living.
Many of the ancient tales tell of humans gaining access to the "Otherworld". Sometimes they were invited or summoned there by some god or spirit, sometimes they were kidnapped by one of the Otherworlders, and some people entered the "Otherworld" of their own accord during those times of the year when the walls between their world and "Otherworld" were lowered (as during Samhain and Beltane)
The portals to the "Other World" were found in nature and they used to be in caves or at the base of hills, on cliffs... It is also believed that the patches of mist could have some opening to the "Otherworld" within them.
One of the best-known portals is the Oweynagat cave (known as the "Gate to Hell"), near Rathcroghan (Cruachan), the oldest Celtic archaeological complex where the first legends related to Samhain are located. What's more, many people believe that this "Gate to Hell" could be the place where Samhain originated.
The entrance to the Oweynagat cave
The "Otherworld" is sometimes located under the burial mounds, dolmens and other megalithic monuments. Thus, we have the "Sídhe": underground worlds located under mounds of earth or ruins that serve as a refuge for fairies. In this way, stories circulate throughout Ireland about Knocks (from the Irish "Cnoc", meaning "hollow hill") inside which live extensive fairy communities ruled by a king or queen.
In many Old Irish manuscripts, the "Otherworld" is located beyond the Western Sea.
One of the great treasures of the Irish "Otherworld" was a ship that moved across the sea under the power of its pilot's thoughts. This mythological object was called "Ocean Sweeper" (Aigean Scuabadoir) and was brought from the "Otherworld" by the heroic Lugh, later becoming the property of the ocean god Manannan Mac Lir (first ancestor of the human race and god of the dead). He was responsible for transporting the dead heroes to "Tir Tairnigiri" (The Promised Land), where they would find their final resting place in the "Otherworld" located somewhere in the West.
Likewise, according to Gallic myths, once the souls had left their bodies, they went to the northwestern coast of Gaul and there they embarked towards ancient Britain. When they wanted to cross the sea, the souls went to the houses of the sailors, at whose doors they knocked insistently and desperately. The sailors then left their homes and took the dead to their destination in ghostly ships.
Apples and hazelnuts played an especially important role for the first Celts, which is why they were considered foods from the "Other World". The apple symbolized life and immortality, it was the talisman that allowed access to the "Otherworld" and gave the power to predict the future.
In Celtic mythology, the apple tree is the quintessential "Otherworld" tree. It is believed that an apple tree grows in its center whose fruit has magical properties.
Additionally, apples serve as a graceful food offering that helps spirits travel safely as they pass through the veil between the mundane realms.
For the Celts, trees were of great importance, but the most sacred of all was the oak, which represented the "Axis Mundi". The oak was a symbol of connection to the spiritual world, its roots piercing the subterranean realms of the "Otherworld" while its branches reached the heavens.
The oaks also provided an important food: Acorns. The acorn, being a seed, contains both the memory of those that have passed and the promise of those to come, symbolizing the cycle of life and the seasons. They were considered a symbol of growth related to life, representing longevity, immortality, rebirth...
Birds are a powerful force in Celtic mythology, often symbolizing the flight of spirits or the guiding for souls in their transit to the "Otherworld."
The Celts thought that birds were the reincarnation of the souls of the dead, so they could be messengers from the "Other World".
The female characters, especially the witches, are very often associated with birds.

Next we are going to detail the existing analogies between this Celtic mythology and the story of Dark:
- The title of the series is related to the moment in which it begins: Samhain, the entry into the "dark time" of the year.
- Characters travel to "another world" through a cave.
-When Mikkel enters the cave, he does so guided by a Jonas who comes from another time.
- Mads, Erik and Yasin are kidnapped by a Helge who comes from another time.
- The members of “Sic Mundus” live underground, under the orders of Adam. After, their lair is in the ruins of the nuclear power plant (Remembering the "Cnocs")
- The "sacrifice" is mentioned by several characters.
- We can see apples in many places: it appears in the intro of the series, on the wallpaper in the bunker, with Noah on several occasions, in various fruit bowls (at Ines Kahnwald's 1986 house, at Egon's 1953 house, at Bernard Doppler's house, at Adam's lair, at Alt-Martha's house, at the attic room of the Tannhaus factory…)
- Acorns and birds are also very present elements in the narrative.

EPILOGUE - Death and astronomical events
Curiously, although it is not mentioned in the series, three astronomical events take place during the story: the summer solstice (June 21), the autumnal equinox (September 23) and the last "quarter-crossing" (November 8)... Three of the " Sabbat” of the Celtic year…
June 27 is also a special date as it is the day the sun sets the latest.
All these dates are important in Dark: Mikkel's death takes place on June 21 and Katharina's death on September 23. The Apocalypse happens on June 27 in Adam's world and on November 8 in Eva's world.
Finally, all the characters in both worlds “vanish” on November 8, the day Sonja, Marek and Charlotte should have died. Exactly the "quarter-crossing" day of Samhain...

So, it is inevitable to reach this point without asking the question... Could we understand the story of Dark from a supernatural perspective? Are the worlds of Adam and Eve the "Otherworld" of the origin world? Would Jonas and Martha be "angels" as Marek says?
"Why do we die?..."
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2023.05.30 15:04 Floodman11 Everything YOU need to know about the 2023 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans - Ask your questions here!

With only days separating us from the Centenary Edition of the 24 Heures du Mans, it's time again for the Le Mans Primer thread! This is the place if you’ve got any questions about the 2023 Le Mans event, no matter how small! There are no dumb questions about Le Mans!


The Race

It all comes back to Le Mans. A century ago, people asked ‘Could a car continue to drive for 24 hours straight?’, an event was made to test that theory, and a legacy in racing, motorsport, and motoring was born. The 24 Heures du Mans is the holy grail of endurance motor racing, and brings up its Centenary edition this year. In its 100 year history, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is recognised as the most prestigious and gruelling test for innovations and improvements in motorsport technology. Technologies such as disk and air brakes, streamlined bodywork, fuel, oil, and lubricant improvements, improvements to engine efficiency and longevity, even things as simple as LED lighting and windscreen wiper blades have been trialled and tested at Le Mans. The normally hot conditions in the middle of June stretch the limits of reliability, with all the teams knowing that in order to beat their competitors, they must first beat the event. A variety of different engine configurations, displacements, positions, fuels, and hybrids have won over the history of the event. So far, petrol-fuelled traditional piston engines have been the most successful. Mazda managed to win using a Wankel Rotary engine in 1991 with the Mazda 787b (oh god listen to that sound!), while Audi was the first to win with an alternate fuel, taking victory in the diesel-powered R10 TDI in 2006. 2012 ushered in the era of the Hybrid, with Audi taking victory in the R18 e-tron Quattro, featuring a flywheel hybrid engine.


The Qualifying format for Le Mans is unique to the event, and called Hyperpole. In this format, all classes are permitted to use the track in the 1 hour qualifying session on Wednesday evening. The top 6 cars from each of the 4 classes then progress to the Hyperpole session on Thursday night, which sets the top of the grid for each class. This means that each class will be segregated on the final grid.

Session Times

  • Ligier European Series Practice 1 – Sunday June 4th, 08:00 Local, 06:00 UTC, 02:00 ET, 16:00 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Ligier European Series Qualifying 1 – Sunday June 4th, 09:15 Local, 07:15 UTC, 03:15 ET, 17:15 AEST – 20 Minutes
  • Test Day Session 1 - Sunday June 4th, 10:00 Local, 08:00 UTC, 04:00 ET, 18:00 AEST – 3 Hours
  • Ligier European Series Race - Sunday June 4th, 14:00 Local, 12:00 UTC, 08:00 ET, 22:00 AEST – 60 Minutes
  • Test Day Session 2 - Sunday June 4th, 15:30 Local, 13:30 UTC, 09:30 ET, 23:30 AEST – 3 Hours
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Practice 1 – Wednesday June 7th, 09:00 Local, 07:00 UTC, 03:00 ET, 17:00 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Ferrari Challenge Practice 1 – Wednesday June 7th, 10:15 Local, 08:15 UTC, 04:15 ET, 18:15 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Road To Le Mans Practice 1 – Wednesday June 7th, 11:30 Local, 09:30 UTC, 05:30 ET, 19:30 AEST – 1 Hour
  • Free Practice 1 - Wednesday June 7th, 14:00 Local, 12:00 UTC, 08:00 ET, 22:00 AEST - 3 Hours
  • Qualifying Practice - Wednesday June 7th. 19:00 Local, 17:00 UTC, 13:00 ET, Thursday 03:00 AEST - 1 Hour
  • Road To Le Mans Practice 2 – Wednesday June 7th, 20:30 Local, 18:30 UTC, 14:30 ET, Thursday 04:30 AEST - 1 Hour
  • Free Practice 2 - Wednesday June 7th, 22:00 Local, 20:00 UTC, 16:00 ET, Thursday 06:00 AEST - 2 Hours
  • Ferrari Challenge Practice 2 – Thursday June 8th, 09:00 Local, 07:00 UTC, 03:00 ET, 17:00 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Practice 2 – Thursday June 8th, 10:55 Local, 08:55 UTC, 04:55 ET, 18:55 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Road To Le Mans Qualifying Practice – Thursday June 8th, 12:55 Local, 10:55 UTC, 06:55 UTC, 20:55 AEST – 20 Minutes x 2 Classes
  • Free Practice 3 - Thursday June 8th, 15:00 Local, 13:00 UTC, 09:00 ET, 23:00 AEST - 3 Hours
  • Road To Le Mans Race 1 - Thursday June 8th, 18:30 Local, 16:30 UTC, 12:30 ET, Friday 02:30 AEST - 55 Minutes
  • HYPERPOLE - Thursday June 8th, 20:00 Local, 18:00 UTC, 14:00 ET, Friday 04:00 AEST - 30 Minutes
  • Free Practice 4 - Thursday June 8th, 22:00 Local, 20:00 UTC, 16:00 ET, Friday 06:00 AEST - 2 Hours
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Qualifying – Friday June 9th, 09:00 Local, 07:00 UTC, 03:00 ET, 17:00 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Ferrari Challenge Qualifying – Friday June 9th, 10:15 Local, 08:15 UTC, 04:15 ET, 18:15 AEST – 45 Minutes
  • Road To Le Mans Race 2 - Friday June 9th, 11:30 Local, 09:30 UTC, 05:30 ET, 19:30 AEST – 55 Minutes
  • Ferrari Challenge Race 1 - Saturday June 10th, 09:30 Local, 07:30 UTC, 03:30 ET, 17:30 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Porsche Carrera Cup Race 1 - Saturday June 10th, 10:45 Local, 08:45 UTC, 04:45 ET, 18:45 AEST - 45 Minutes
  • Warm Up - Saturday June 10th, 12:00 Local, 10:00 UTC, 06:00 ET, 20:00 AEST – 15 Minutes
  • RACE START - **Saturday June 11th, 16:00 Local, 14:00 UTC, 10:00 ET, Sunday 00:00 AEST

The Track

The Circuit de la Sarthe covers 13.6 kilometres of the French country side. It combines the permanent race components of the Ford Chicanes, the pit straight, under the Dunlop Bridge and through to Tertre Rouge as well as the normal everyday roads of the Mulsanne straight through to Indianapolis and Arnage. The track has gone through many iterations over the years; originally, the cars raced into the heart of the city, turning just before the river Sarthe, before hurtling down the 8.6 kilometre straight. In 1932, the circuit removed the journey into the city, and more closely resembled the track we see today. Here’s a video of Mike Hawthorn touring the circuit with a camera and microphone attached in 1956, one year after his involvement in the Le Mans disaster. The addition of the Porsche Curves and the Ford Chicanes in 1972 added an extra dimension to the high speed, fast flowing track. In the late 80’s, the Group C prototype cars would reach over 400km/h, achieving average speeds of almost 250km/h in qualifying for the entire lap. This is an onboard of Derek Bell’s Porsche 956 in 1983, showing the ridiculous speeds on this configuration of the circuit. This configuration remained relatively unchanged right up to 1990, until FIA mandations required that for the circuit to be sanctioned, it must not have a straight longer than 2km. The 6km Mulsanne straight was cut down into three relatively equal length portions by two chicanes, giving the iteration of the circuit used today. Allan McNish takes you on an onboard lap of the 2008 circuit in this video. McNish is one of the gods of the modern prototype era, winning Le Mans 3 times; once with Porsche and twice with Audi. For a more comprehensive focus on the track, John Hindhaugh’s track walk takes you on a 30 minute exploration of the track, with in depth focus on corners like the Dunlop Esses, Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne Corner, and the Ford Chicanes.
For some modern on boards, check out the fastest ever lap in the Circuit de la Sarthe: Kamui Kobayashi's 3:14.791 in 2017 Q2, and last year’s Hyperpole lap, by Brendon Hartley, setting a 3:24.408
The Dunlop Bridge
The iconic Dunlop Bridge has been a part of the Le Mans track since 1932, making it the oldest Dunlop Bridge at any track. This part of the track requires a good launch out of the first chicane before cresting the brow of the hill, and plunging through the esses out onto the Mulsanne straight. As the LMP cars are much more maneuverable, caution must be taken passing the slower GT traffic, as Allan McNish discovered in 2011.
Tertre Rouge
Tertre Rouge is the corner that launches the cars onto the long Mulsanne straight. Maintaining momentum through this corner as it opens on exit is imperative to ensure maximum straight line speed heading down the first part of the Mulsanne. The undulation in the road makes for fantastic viewing at night, with some magic images of the Porsches throwing up sparks on the exit in 2014. Finally, this was the location of Allan Simonsen’s fatal crash in mixed conditions in the 2013 Le Mans. The Danish flags will fly at the corner in his memory.
Mulsanne Corner
After the incredibly long Mulsanne straight, the Mulsanne corner nowadays features a subtle right hand kink before the tight 90 degree turn. Here, the cars decelerate from 340 km/h down to below 100 km/h, resulting in a brilliant opportunity to overtake. Again, care must be taken overtaking slower traffic; unaware drivers have caught out faster cars attempting to pass through the kink, such as Anthony Davidson’s spectacular crash in 2012 resulting in a broken vertebra for Davidson.
Indianapolis and Arnage
The Indanapolis and Arnage complex is one of the most committed areas of the track. Hurtling down the hill from the Mulsanne Corner, the road suddenly bends to the right, a corner which only the bravest prototype drivers take flat out, followed by a beautifully cambered open left hander taken in third gear. A short sprint leads the cars into Arnage, the slowest point on the track. The tight right hander was the scene of heartbreak for Toyota in 2014 when the leading #7 broke down and had to be retired after an FIA sensor melted and shut off the electronics. Kazuki Nakajiima was unable to make it to the pits, leaving him stranded on the circuit.
The Porsche Curves
At a terrifyingly high speed, the Porsche Curves is the most committed part of the lap. Getting caught behind GT traffic in this section can mean losing phenomenal amounts of time. This was the site of Loic Duval’s horrific crash in practice for the 2014 event. Keeping momentum through the flowing right-left-right handers that lead into Maison Blanche requires 100% commitment and ultimate precision, with severe punishment for getting it wrong. The exit of the Porsche Curves underwent significant change in 2020, with additional run-off added in the middle part of the section. This has turned the treacherous and claustrophobic sweeping left-hander into an open and sweeping corner, encouraging every little bit of road to be used on the exit. What it hasn’t changed is the terrific consequences for making a mistake
The Ford Chicanes
The final chapter in the 13.6km rollercoaster that is Le Mans is the Ford Chicanes. Two tight left-right handers with massive kerbs are all that separates the driver from the finish line. Watching the cars bounce over the kerbs in beautiful slow motion is certainly something to behold, but 24 hours of mistreatment can lead to suspension and steering issues. The drivers have to be attentive until the very end, lest they throw it all away in the last minutes of the race.
The Circuit de la Sarthe requires over 85% of the lap on full throttle, with the cars accelerating from less than 100km/h to over 300km/h five times each lap. The challenge of having a car finish Le Mans is in itself, an achievement.

The Classes

The WEC consists of three classes on track at once, resulting in three separate races on track each in their own battle for 24 Hours. The classes are split based on their car type, with LMH and LMDh machinery facing off in the Hypercar class, purpose built prototypes with a spec engine and gearbox battling in LMP2, and GT machinery racing in GTE. Each class has its own set of regulations, driver requirements, and relevance for the Le Mans event.


The current top class of endurance sportscars is Hypercar, combining cars built to Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) and Le Mans Daytona (LMDh) specifications. Fighting it out will be LMH machinery from Toyota, Ferrari, Peugeot, Glickenhaus and Peugeot, while Porsche and Cadillac will be racing in LMDh cars. The LMH cars are bespoke sportscars, designed to a strict set of requirements dictating maximum power, drag coefficient, and weight, amongst other parameters, intended to limit the cost of the category. LMDh machines on the other hand are based on the future LMP2 chassis offerings, with manufacturers able to develop their own engines and bodywork, aligning with the power and drag coefficients of LMH. As part of cost-cutting, the Hypercar class is also subject to a Balance of Performance (BoP) formula, to level the playing field and ensure good racing! Hypercars are a little slower than their LMP1 predecessors, with lap times around the 3:24 mark for the Circuit de la Sarthe, which is on par with the 2014 LMP1 cars.


The second prototype class is LMP2, and provides an excellent platform for endurance racing on a budget. The LMP2 class features a spec drivetrain and gearbox, using a Gibson V8 producing 400kW, and a selection of three chassis to choose from, of which the Oreca 07 has been the chassis of choice. This ensures that the competition in the class is very tight, and often comes down to the drivers and the team’s performance instead of just having the best car. While LMP2 was capable of 3:25 lap times in years previous, part of the ‘stratification’ of classes with Hypercar’s inclusion, the LMP2 class has lost some power and had some weight added. This should put LMP2 at the heels of the LMH pace, but with laptimes outside the 3:28 mark.
LMP2 is the first class that must feature amateur rated drivers. The Amateurs must drive for a minimum of 6 hours in the car over the course of the race. This means that there's an element of strategy of when to use your amateur driver throughout the race, as the amateur driver is generally slower than the Pros. The pro drivers in this class range from up and coming talent, former F1 drivers, and some of the best sportscar pilots in the world, and with 244 cars in this class, LMP2 is sure to be a hotbed of action over the 24 hours.


GT class cars are cars that are derived from production models, and feature some of the most iconic cars and brands battling it out at the top of the field. The GTE cars are on the border of aero dependency, and can lap Le Mans in around 3:45 in a professional driver’s hands.
This year is the last year of the GTE class, and features 21 cars in a Pro-Am category, with cars from Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Chevrolet on the grid. Despite the lack of a Pro category, the driver quality in GTE-Am is still incredibly high, with factory drivers, young stars, experienced champions and every level of experience in between on the grid, with each car featuring two Bronze or Silver rated drivers. With two amateur drivers, the strategy considerations multiply. While GTE-Am might be the class focussed on the least over the course of the race, the stories that come from this class are phenomenal, and it's well worth following.
The GT classes feature a range of different cars and configurations, and to equalise each of these against each other, the class goes through a process called 'Balance of Performance' or BoP. The organisers can adjust each individual car's weight, fuel tank, air restrictor, turbo boost pressures, and aero performance to alter performance levels to enable the different cars to race competitively. This can sometimes be contentious as every team will feel hard done by, but it is a necessary evil to having the variety of cars on the grid.

Innovative Car

Each year, there is the option for an Innovative Car, with untested or innovative technology, allowed to enter in it’s own category. In years past, this has allowed for entries from the Deltawing, or a modified LMP2 to allow amputees to race.
This year, the Innovative Car entry is a modified Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Next-Gen NASCAR, run by Hendrick Motorsports. The Next-Gen NASCAR features modifications to allow it to run safely on the Circuit de la Sarthe, and will be driven by multiple NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button, and Le Mans Overall Winner Mike Rockenfeller.

The Legends

Part of the allure of the Le Mans 24 Hours is the history, and the legends steeped in history over the course of its 88 previous editions. The race has had many headline battles in its history - periods of time where two or three teams went toe to toe for years, with the drivers, cars, and brands embroiled in these battles given the chance to elevate themselves above the rest, and show their prowess.
In 2019, we at /WEC, took our normal Le Mans Legends celebrations to a new level; each week, members of the community have been writing reviews on some of the closest, most fascinating finishes in Le Mans history! You can check out these reports below!
Bonus CookieMonsterFL Write-Ups
For a bite-sized history lesson on every Le Mans event, check out this post by u/JohannesMeanAd2, describing every Le Mans in a single sentence!
The early races were dominated by the Bentley company in their Speed 6, who won 5 of the first 7 races. Cars were separated into classes by their engine displacement, and the overall winner was based on distance covered. If two cars had finished with the same number of laps, the car with the smaller displacement was declared the winner. The race wasn't run during the second world war, and comparatively very little information is available on the stories of the early days of Le Mans.
After the second world war, teams such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin became the dominant teams. This era featured the legendary Jaguar D type, the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, and the Aston Martin DBR1. Jaguar won 5 times between 1951 and 1957, followed by an era of Ferrari dominance. Drivers such as Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, and John Fitch became household names as Le Mans became a battle between German engineering and British "garagistas".
Ferrari and Ford was the story of the 60's, with Ferrari winning 6 times straight before Ford won four in a row with the GT40 Mk II, taking their first win in 1966. The story of their rivalry is legendary in it's own right - Henry Ford had almost successfully bought out the Ferrari motor company, only to be knocked back by Enzo himself at the 11th hour. In retaliation, Ford planned to hurt Ferrari where it mattered most; on the track. The Ford GT40 was so comprehensively dominant that it won the 1966 edition 21 laps ahead of the next car back - a Porsche 906/6. None of the Ferrari 330P3's finished the race. This battle gave drivers like Bruce Mclaren, Dan Gurney, and Jacky Ickx their first Le Mans victories, and propelled them to the forefront of motorsport stardom at the height of motorsport's popularity.
The 1970's saw the dawn of Porsche, with the 917k taking the brand's first win in 1970, with the same car winning the following year in the hands of Helmut Marko (yes, that Helmut Marko). It would be 5 years before Porsche would win again, with Matra taking 3 victories in the interim, each at the hands of Henri Pescarolo. Porsche returned with the 936 and the 956/962c dominating the race for the next 20 years. In fact, from 1970, Porsche won 12 times in 18 events, including 7 in a row, and they miiight have been a bit cheeky about it. Amongst these 12 wins, there were 4 for both Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell, and two for IMSA legend Hurley Haywood, as well as the first win for the Joest team in 1984. This era coincided with the introduction, and subsequent destruction of the Group C sportscar formula, widely regarded as the best Sportscar championship regulations of all time. Porsche’s dominance was eventually ended by Jaguar in the XJR-9LM, at the height of Group C’s magic. Ickx's 6 wins at this stage had earned him the nickname 'Mr Le Mans', a fitting title for one of the best drivers in the world at the time.
GT cars became a force to be reckoned with at the end of the Group C era, with classes being split into LMGTP and LMP. McLaren and Porsche had wins in GTP cars, in the F1 GTR and the 911 GT1 respectively, while Porsche, BMW and Peugeot scored LMP wins. 1997 saw the first win for Tom Kristensen, while the following year Allan McNish took his first victory, starting their journeys into the legend books of Le Mans.
The 2000’s ushered in the era of Audi, with all 13 of their wins coming since the turn of the century. GTP was disbanded due to safety issues, being replaced by GT1 and GT2. Audi picked up wins in the R8, the R10, the R15, and the R18, often dominating the might of the Peugeot 908. Audi's dominance elevated not only their drivers to legend status, but also their team managers, car designers, and race engineers. People like Reinhold Joest (team manager), Dr Wolfgang Ullrich (Audisport director), Ulrich Baretzky (engine designer), Leena Gade, Howden Haynes (race engineers) behind the wall and Allan McNish, Tom Kristensen, Rinaldo Capello, Marcel Fassler, Andre Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer have become household names in the sport not only for their wins, but their longevity and domination. Audi's dominance was only broken by a win for Bentley in 2003, running basically an Audi under a British racing green skin, and Peugeot in 2009, before being ended for good by Porsche in 2015. After both Porsche and Audi left the top class, Toyota rose to dominance, taking the last 3 Le Mans events in a row!
Between 2015 and 2017, Porsche added to their victories, now holding a record 19 overall victories at the Circuit de la Sarthe. Audi trail with 13, with Ferrari, Jaguar and Bentley holding the next three positions. Toyota finally took their first overall victory in 2018, and have won every year since. Tom Kristensen is has the most victories at Le Mans, with 9 overall victories over his career with Porsche, Audi and Bentley, inheriting the title of Mr Le Mans.

Videos and Documentaries

Entry List

Spotters Guide to be added when released!

Once again, /WEC will have a community spotters guide thanks to the efforts of Ziombel_444! The planned release date is the 6th of June, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Check out Ziombel_444's other work at Spotters.Guide, and support this great effort!

Endurance Chat

/WEC's podcast, Endurance Chat, will have four episodes in the lead up to Le Mans, as well as a Pre-Pre-Race show in the hours before the event. Watch this space for updates!
  • Endurance Chat S8E11 – The Centenary 24 Hours of Le Mans Preview - History, context, and insight into this year’s edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours
  • Endurance Chat S8E12 - The 2023 Le Mans 24 Hour Hypercar Class Guide – COMING SOON
  • Endurance Chat S8E13 - The 2023 Le Mans 24 Hour LMP2 Class Guide – COMING SOON
  • Endurance Chat S8E14 – The 2023 Le Mans 24 Hour LMGTE-Am Class Guide – COMING SOON
In addition, Endurance Chat made a series of features detailing the history of sportscars in the late 60’s and early 70’s, at the transition point of GT and Prototype machinery. The series details some of the machinery, events, and drivers in one of the fastest and most dangerous periods in racing history. You can find a playlist to these features here!

Streaming and Television

In the past, the FIAWEC Broadcast has started from Qualifying Practice. We are awaiting confirmation if that is the case this year – Streams for non-FIAWEC sessions after that point will be subject to the organisers of those series broadcasting those sessions.

  • Official stream OUTSIDE US ONLY - The Le Mans package gives you access to all WEC sessions (Qualifying, Warm Up and the Race) with a choice of on boards, cross platform compatibility, and up to 5 devices connected at once. Additionally, replays of the event are free after the event. Official comms headed by Martin Haven, Anthony Davidson, and Graham Goodwin, who in my personal opinion properly nail the tone of the event. Has been known to get overloaded and crash however
  • Eurosport will likely be broadcasting the event in a variety of locales throughout Europe. This will be updated when confirmed
  • Radio Le Mans will be streaming live radio for every session
For American audiences, unfortunately the Official stream is geoblocked for your area. Information on how to watch will be updated when confirmed
  • [Official TV Broadcast distribution](COMING SOON) Find out how to watch in your region!
Any further updates on TV or Streaming distribution will be added as they are released!

Social Media

If you're looking for more interaction, you can find most of the teams, drivers and commentators on Twitter, giving you instant interaction with those in the midst of the event.

If someone wants to make a twitter list for the teams/driveetc for this year, that would be greatly appreciated!

Live timing

Be sure to join the discord for alternate timing solutions!

Get Involved!

By far the most fun you can have watching an endurance race is watching it with the official /WEC Discord! It's a lot of fun and a really great atmosphere to watch the race in!
If you want to have a go at picking who you think will be winning in each class, jump into mwclarkson's Fantasy Endurance Contest! It's free to enter, and if you win, you'll get the satisfaction and achievement of being right!
If there's anything you'd like us to add, or need clarification on, please comment below and we'll add it in!`
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2023.05.30 15:00 AthleticsBot Game Chat: Braves @ Athletics - 06:40 PM PDT

Braves @ Athletics - Tue, May 30

Game Status: Scheduled - First Pitch is scheduled for 06:40 PM PDT

Links & Info

ALW Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Texas Rangers 34 19 - (-) - - (-)
2 Houston Astros 31 22 3.0 (107) 3 - (-)
3 Los Angeles Angels 29 26 6.0 (103) 5 3.0 (106)
4 Seattle Mariners 28 26 6.5 (103) 6 3.5 (106)
5 Oakland Athletics 11 45 24.5 (84) 12 21.5 (87)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Braves Bryce Elder (3-0, 2.01 ERA, 58.1 IP) No report posted.
Athletics JP Sears (0-3, 4.70 ERA, 53.2 IP) No report posted.

Division Scoreboard

TEX @ DET 03:40 PM PDT
MIN @ HOU 05:10 PM PDT
LAA @ CWS 05:10 PM PDT
NYY @ SEA 06:40 PM PDT
Posted: 05/30/2023 06:00:01 AM PDT
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2023.05.30 14:50 Julian_cc Gel to Nebido and cycle 🔴

Trigger Warning, Anatomy, Cycle Talk.
Maybe someone has experienced something similar and can share the experience.
I was on gel - 2 pumps - for 4 months, I switched to Nebido injection as it is more comfortable for me in the summer.
When I was on gel, I had a period after 1 month and after 4 months, so I felt it was just going to be less frequent and just stop.
After switching to the injection I had my period the day after (the 4-month period from the previous section) and the next one in a month, now I can already feel it's coming. I hate it, I am moody, my chest and stomach ache and meh, I just want it to stop.
I had the first injection about 9.5 weeks ago and the second (booster) about 2 weeks ago. The blood tests are scheduled for 6 weeks after the second, so it will be around week 13.
Timetable: 1.12 - start gel 27.03 - first injection 17.05 - booster
Do you think I should make an appointment to see my doctor now (after the blood test) or is it perfectly normal during this 'loading' phase?
I love the idea of having a shot every 12 weeks, but the emotional and hormonal ups and downs of the cycle that is back in the game, kind of kills the enthusiasm.
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2023.05.30 14:46 DeppStepp Which season had the best Interludes?

Season 7: Episodes 12-14
Season 8A: Episodes 6-7
Season 8B: Episodes 14-16
Season 9: Episodes 6-9
View Poll
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2023.05.30 14:37 LInternationale1991 AI techbros after watching a TV show finale: "AI will fix this. No shows will ever end." (Mild Succession spoilers)

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2023.05.30 14:31 adz0r Ninjas in Pyjamas.CN vs. EDward Gaming / LPL 2023 Summer - Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia Liquipedia New to LoL

Ninjas In Pyjamas 0-2 EDward Gaming

NIP Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website EDG Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube


Winner: EDward Gaming in 30m MVP: Ale (1) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
NIP jayce neeko ksante nautilus gwen 49.3k 7 2 CT1 HT3
EDG milio zeri lucian wukong kindred 60.5k 13 9 H2 H4 C5 B6 C7 C8 B9
NIP 7-13-23 vs 13-7-40 EDG
Invincible sion 3 0-4-5 TOP 4-1-4 4 jax Ale
shad0w viego 3 5-1-2 JNG 0-2-11 1 vi JieJie
Angel annie 2 0-2-5 MID 6-1-6 1 ahri FoFo
Photic aphelios 1 2-5-4 BOT 2-1-8 2 jinx Leave
Zhuo lulu 2 0-1-7 SUP 1-2-11 3 rakan Meiko


Winner: EDward Gaming in 20m MVP: FoFo (1) Match History Game Breakdown Runes
Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
EDG gwen milio lucian ahri syndra 41.7k 13 8 HT1 M3 H4 O5
NIP jayce zeri vi lulu poppy 31.9k 4 1 H2
EDG 13-4-35 vs 4-13-12 NIP
Ale ksante 2 1-1-8 TOP 0-2-2 2 jax Invincible
JieJie viego 3 4-1-6 JNG 0-4-4 1 wukong shad0w
FoFo neeko 1 4-1-7 MID 3-2-0 3 akali Angel
Leave jinx 2 4-0-5 BOT 1-3-2 1 aphelios Photic
Meiko rakan 3 0-1-9 SUP 0-2-4 4 nautilus Zhuo
Patch 13.10
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.
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2023.05.30 14:26 Queen-Lexopedia New Watcher: there are missing episodes of season 2

I’m a new watcher and I realize there are gaps in season 2 on the streaming apps. There are 5 episodes that are missing from season 2:
  1. Ep 14: "The Next 50 Years"
  2. Ep 18: “A Walsh Family Christmas"
  3. Ep 23: "Cardio-Funk"
  4. Ep 26: "Things to Do on a Rainy Day"
  5. Ep 27: "Mexican Standoff"
Are these episodes important or filler? If they’re important where can I watch them?
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2023.05.30 14:26 blueySurvey Rate the episode: Duck Cake (S2E44)

"Bluey wants to help make Bingo's birthday cake but first must put away her toys. But nothing can tempt her to clean up until Dad drops the cake." ***
What do you think about this episode? How does it compares against other episodes? Rate it here and post a comment about your thoughts.
Rating tips:
More information can be seen on the project announcement post.
See Bluey season 1 rating result here.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 14:17 rtsgrl • • Ravensburger's Christmas Edition Puzzles Thread • •

We're out of season, but it's never too early nor too late for a Christmas thread. Credit goes to u/CleverHarwood who started the Christmas saga and then followed it up based on tips from fellow puzzlers.
The aim of this post is to create an easy-to-maintain Ravensburger Christmas resource linked to our Wiki. I will carry on updating this post, so don't hesitate to comment and point out any missing bits (even if you stumble upon it weeks or months after its original publication date). Thank you.
The focus is on Limited/Special Christmas editions. I have hyperlinked the completed puzzle if it was posted on the sub and avoided external links. Multiple external links have lead to my post removal by reddit spam filters.
A very special thanks to u/hyperkid137 for sharing the Ravensburger link and the redditor who first shared the Puzzles by Lisa website link. eBay (active and sold items) and Puzzlelink are the other two resources that were useful in the data collection.
Last updated: May 2023

Christmas/Limited Edition with the yellow star on the box Please note some of these puzzles were released by Ravensburger USA. I have provided this information if located/available

Title Artist Pieces Year on the box Notes
Here Comes Christmas! Ingrid Slyder 500 2023
Rockefeller Center Joy Pierpaolo Rovero 1000 2022
Enchanted Christmas Demelsa Haughton 500 2021
Christmas Songbirds Ingrid Slyder 500 XL 2021 Sold in the Christmas Edition and 'standard' Ravensburger box
Christmas Eve Zorina Baldescu 1500 2020
The Christmas Shop Janet Kruskamp 500 2020
Christmas in The Square Victor McLindon 1000 2019
Cuddly Christmas Dominic Davison 500 2019
Packing the Sleigh Liz Dillon 1000 2019
Playful Christmas Day 1000 2019
White Christmas Dominic Davison 1000 2019
Christmas on Pet Street Ingrid Slyder 1000 2018
Christmas Village Marcello Corti 1000 2018
Christmas Wishes Barbara Behr 1000 2018
Countdown to Christmas David Krustkamp 1000 2018
Snowy Village Barbara Behr 1000 2018
Christmas House Steve Crisp 500 2017
Festival of Festivals Roy Trower 1000 2017 Released as Santa's Christmas Party in the UK
The Joy of Christmas Connecticut Community Foundation 1000 2017
Winter Wonderland Ingrid Slyder 1000 2017
Christmas Joy Interlitho (Stock art) 500 2016
Santa's Ready Ingrid Slyder 1000 2016
NYC Christmas Steve Klein 1000 2015
Santa's Final Preparations Roy Trower 1000 2015 Released under the same title in the Limited Edition in the UK
Americana Christmas Medana Gabbard 1000 2014
Christmas Train Roy Trower 1000 2014 Released as The Santa Express in the UK
Mapping the Course Elaine Maier 1000 2013
Idyllic Village Debbie Cook 1000 2013
Santa Needs Directions Roy Trower 1000 2013 Released as Which Way is Santa? in the UK
Joy of Christmas Roy Trower 1000 2012 Red box edition
Santa's Sleigh Ride Roy Trower 1000 2012 Released as Santa's Flying Visit in the UK
Santa's Caught Simon Mendez 1000 2011
Snowy Day ddfa (Stock art) 1000 2011
The Christmas Shop Tricia Reilly Matthews 1000 2010 Ravensburger USA. Modular box
Holiday Baubles Caroline Valeureuse 1000 2010
Not a Creature was Stirring Nicky Boehme 1000 2010
Santa's Arrival George Schriemer 1000 2010
Santa's Story Time Gilberto Marchi 1000 2010
Santa's Flying Visit Roy Trower 1000 2010 Ravensburger USA. Modular box; released under the same title in the UK - standard box
Two Angels Alessandro Scanziani 1000 2010 Ravensburger USA. Modular box
The Christmas Market Roy Trower 1000 2008 Released under the same title in the Limited Edition in the UK
Joy of Christmas Roy Trower 1000 2008 Blue box edition
Santa's Christmas List Roy Trower 1000 2008 Released under the same title in the Limited Edition in the UK
White Christmas Rolf Bunse 1000 2008
It's Christmas Roy Trower 2000 2005
It's Christmas Roy Trower 1000 2005
Santa Claus Ute Thonissen 1000 2005
The Christmas Village Roy Trower 1000 2004 Released under the same title in the Limited Edition in the UK
Christmas Ute Thonissen 1000 2003 Comes in a metal tin box

Limited Edition UK puzzles

Title Artist Pieces Year on the box
26: Santa's Workshop Roy Trower 1000 2022
25: The Christmas House Roy Trower 1000 2021
24: Christmas is Coming Roy Trower 1000 2020
23: Home for Christmas Roy Trower 1000 2019
22: Let's Visit Santa Roy Trower 1000 2018
21: Which One's Santa? Roy Trower 1000 2017
20: Santa's Christmas Party Roy Trower 1000 2016
19: Santa's Final Preparations Roy Trower 1000 2015
18: The Christmas Farm Roy Trower 1000 2014
17: The Santa Express Roy Trower 1000 2013
16: Christmas Shop Roy Trower 1000 2012
15: Which Way is Santa? Roy Trower 1000 2011
14: Santa's Flying Visit Roy Trower 1000 2010
13: Santa’s Christmas Supper Roy Trower 1000 2009
12: Santa's Christmas List Roy Trower 1000 2008
11: The Christmas Market (Santa's Secret Visit) Roy Trower 1000 2007
10: The Christmas Fair Roy Trower 1000 2006
9: A Country Christmas Roy Trower 1000 2005
8: The Christmas Village Roy Trower 1000 2004
7 1000 2003
6 1000 2002
5: Christmas Carols Peter Bradshaw 1000 2001
4: Christmas Traditions Kevin Walsh 1000 2000
3: The Ivy and the Holy Carol Lawson 1000 1999
2: The Twelve Days of Christmas Carol Lawson 1000 1998
1: Victorian Christmas Gale Pitt 1000 1997

Christmas Disney Puzzles

Title Pieces Year on the box Notes
Disney Snow Globes 1000 2021
Disney Princess Christmas Celebrations 500 2017
Disney Pixar Christmas 1000 2016
Disney Christmas Train 500 2016(?)
Disney Christmas 1000 2015
A Disney Christmas 1000 2011
Winnie the Pooh. Christmas Fun 1000 TBC Developed in the UK
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2023.05.30 14:09 bravohusband Not Many Changes VPR then everything else

Not Many Changes VPR then everything else submitted by bravohusband to bravo [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:09 fishing_on_a_tree Soul exchange coming in 2 days

Soul exchange coming in 2 days
Served hot from the official forum. Don’t see a list yet.
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2023.05.30 14:08 SDG_Den crafted weapon levelling is... getting mildly ridiculous.

with season of the deep we now have well over a hundred craftable weapons. each one already taking quite a grind to get (especially neomuna ones).
however, the real grind does not start until you craft the weapon, generally with terrible perks because the "default" perks are absolute trash 90% of the time.
on most weapons, you'll want at least one of the "max level" perks, with WQ, VOTD, risen and haunted weapons that's level 13, for everything else that's level 10.
this means you need to get the weapon to level 10 before you can get the roll you want.
that's 1450 kills on a primary, 1K kills on a special weapon. not sure how many for heavies.
this is only aided minimally by activities giving you deep sight progress. a playlist strike gives you only 35% for (on average) 10 minutes of your time, a raid only nets you 12% per encounter, nightfalls give you 44%.
you have to do these activities *with these garbage roll weapons* in order to get them to level up, or you have to sit at shuro for 1450 kills per weapon (which is actually the most efficient way to do it, allowing you to do 1 weapon per hour)
it is a MAJOR slap in the face to spend an hour in a raid with garbage rolled crafted weapons, only to get a total of 48% on your weapons. especially for heavies since the way they level up is exclusively through kills but you don't really use your heavy weapons to slay ads most of the time (with the exception of machine guns)

now, it's time for some math.
lets say that, based on the split, it's on average 1K kills to get a weapon to the level you want, that's pretty generous since the oldest crafted weapons require closer to 2K kills on primaries but oh well.
to get every weapon to the level where you can get the perks you want on it, you'd have to get over 100K kills with these trash weapons.
alternatively, I've looked at my average kill count in KWTD raids, it's around 200. with 1K kills for level 10 you get 1 kill equalling 1%, so if you run only one crafted weapon for the whole raid you can get the equivalent progress to 248 kills, with a full set of 3 crafted weapons you get the equivalent of 344 kills in terms of progress.
you'd have to do 300 raids with a full set of crafted weapons to get all your weapons fully levelled.
assuming you do DSC, you can do that in around an hour with a semi-decent team, meaning you're looking at around 300 hours of DSC clears to get your weapons levelled.
optimal strats shuro farming can net you 1K kills in around an hour, meaning you're looking for 100 hours of shuro farming.

and to reiterate, those 300 DSC clears or 100 hours of shuro farming are *with full sets of garbage roll crafted weapons* just so you can get the normal perks unlocked.

this system was... fine, i guess, when there were only 25 weapons to craft (VOTD, witch queen and risen weapons) since at worst you were looking at a combined 25 hours at shuro chi, but at this point, why?
the intention is CLEARLY for the weapons to level in normal use, that's what bungie keeps tuning the system for. however, this will never be how the playerbase does it because *nobody wants to use a polygonal/steady rounds/no distractions/moving target defiance of yasmin for 1K kills*

IMO, there needs to be a much, MUCH less grindy way to unlock the normal perks. the enhanced perks can stay the way they are since you're unlikely to want to get enhanced perks on every gun, just on the ones you actually use (which will end up with high levels anyways, my deliverance that i actually use is at lvl 130 right now)
either they need to be unlocked by default, or normal perks should unlock when a version of the gun with those perks is dismantled. if you dismantle a chill clip deliverance, you should now be able to put chill clip on your deliverance.

alternatively, changes need to be made to the way weapons are levelled.
first of all, certain activities should reward much, MUCH more XP. if you finish a whole raid, that should give you at least a full level, not just 48%. maybe if you finish a final boss without using a checkpoint they can give you an additional 52%?
same for nightfalls, 44% is fine for the lowest tier one, but doing a GM with a crafted weapon should give it at least a full level, if not two.
weapons should also get more XP for killing higher value target, as well as getting XP for assists and for hits on bosses. this helps with ad clear weapons levelling significantly faster than heavy unit killers like rocket launchers. this holds true ESPECIALLY for raid bosses. there currently is no incentive to try to use your crafted rocket launcher on (for example) nezarec because only the person that lands the final blow will get 1% progress on their weapon, everyone else gets nothing.
also, PVP percentages need to be raised AND account for assists. who in their right mind would want to get 500 final blows with a garbage rolled crafted weapon? if you get 30 kills each game, you only have to get around 300 final blows aka 10 games but that's still 1 hour and 40 minutes of crucible where you have to perform pretty well with a weapon that is likely quite mid.

personally, i believe the normal perks should just be unlocked by default. we've already grinded out 5 deep sights, let us have the roll we want. chances are that it already dropped on a non-crafted roll anyways.
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2023.05.30 14:00 Blooper_Bot Tailgate Party - Tuesday, May 30

Braves @ Athletics - 09:40 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Braves Bryce Elder (3-0, 2.01 ERA, 58.1 IP) No report posted.
Athletics JP Sears (0-3, 4.70 ERA, 53.2 IP) No report posted.
NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 32 22 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 28 26 4.0 (105) 2 - (-)
3 New York Mets 27 27 5.0 (104) 4 1.0 (108)
4 Philadelphia Phillies 25 28 6.5 (103) 6 2.5 (107)
5 Washington Nationals 23 31 9.0 (100) 12 5.0 (104)

Division Scoreboard

SD @ MIA 06:40 PM EDT
PHI @ NYM 07:10 PM EDT
WSH @ LAD 10:10 PM EDT
Posted: 05/30/2023 08:00:01 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.05.30 13:56 autobuzzfeedbot As A Music-Obsessed Gen Z'er, I Found 21 Songs That Perfectly Embody The Experience Of Navigating Your 20s So You Don't Have To

  1. "20 Something" by SZA — If you have no idea what you're doing in your twenties, you're definitely not alone. This decade is like a blank slate as you enter adulthood for the first time, which is both exciting and terrifying.
  2. "Story Of My Life" by Ant Clemons — Following unconventional dream-like music, acting, or comedy in your twenties can be especially challenging as we are all constantly under pressure to find stability in our careers. Your twenties are the time to take a risk and follow your passion, even if it's risky.
  3. "24" by sundial — In your twenties, it can be easy to feel left behind because everyone you know is at a different stage of life for the first time. This is the time to remember that everyone is on their own path and to not compare your life to other people that you see on social media.
  4. "Don't Tell My Mom" by Reneé Rapp — No one wants to admit that they're struggling and worry about their loved ones, but this added pressure of dealing with stress and anxiety on our own usually just makes it ten times worse.
  5. "Love Me More" by Sam Smith — We have heard the term "self-love" all our lives, but in our twenties, we realize how important that practice is when navigating the unknown. Self-love can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself, and practicing it constantly allows you to be in the headspace to succeed in this decade of life.
  6. "Best Days" by Alessia Cara — It's easy to forget that when you're in your twenties, you are still young! There are so many great life moments to come, with some of your best days ahead.
  7. "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac — Our twenties are the beginning of adulthood, where we really say goodbye to our childhood selves. Though realizing that we will never be kids again can be hard, we can still bring elements of those younger versions into adulthood.
  8. "golden years" by Christian French — Our twenties are heavily romanticized by the mainstream media in movies, TV, ads, you name it. We are told that these are our "golden years" where we should always be having fun and achieving, but that is a lot of pressure to put on a decade that is known to be unpredictable. Our "golden years" can look different and still be just as valid.
  9. "Twenty One" by Khalid — When you're truly on your own, it's all too easy to rely on others to keep you grounded and happy; after all, that's what the first twenty years of your life were all about. But there's a flip side to that trap that's so easy to fall into: You, and only you, are in charge of your own happiness. As intimidating as that sounds, it can also be a powerful realization.
  10. "Chaotic" by Tate McRae — Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, and that's okay! In our twenties, we often find ourselves clinging to old friendships, firstly because they are familiar, and secondly, because we believe anything is better than being alone. This decade is a time to figure out what we value most in our friendships and set aside relationships that no longer serve us.
  11. "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson — If you grew up in a small town, the idea of starting your adulthood in the same place can be somewhat unappealing. It's important to always acknowledge where you come from but to also be unafraid to try something new.
  12. "Good Thing" by Zedd & Kehlani — Being "good on your own" is harder said than done, but once you find your independence, you'll be unstoppable from your twenties on!
  13. "Fake Smile" by Carlie Hanson — We're all guilty of trying to put on a mask to hide how we're really feeling. Whether it's hiding your nerves at your first job or wearing that fake smile around your friends.
  14. "jealous of my friends" by Bea Miller — Being jealous of your friends is a universal feeling for the twenty-somethings. Social media can make it even harder when everyone is showing off their personal wins, but realizing that others doing well has nothing to do with your journey is crucial.
  15. "" by J. Cole and Lil Baby — Learning to check your ego in your twenties is important because pride can often get in the way of achieving your goals.
  16. "Seasons" by Madison Ryann Ward — Your twenties are a learning season of life. Not every part of your twenties will be a happy season, but it's important to find ways to stay present as life changes.
  17. "Changes" by Justin Bieber — While transitioning from your early twenties to your mid-twenties, you can feel the shifts in your mindset, decision-making, and thought processes as you move through the world. Acknowledging those changes is important because you are growing!
  18. "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyoncé — Sometimes what we think we want in our twenties is not what we actually need. At times when things don't happen as you planned, it can be difficult to move forward, because you already have a picture painted in your mind. But the #1 phrase of your twenties should be "everything happens for a reason," because it usually works out better in the end.
  19. "Eastside" by benny blanco, Halsey, and Khalid — Adulting in your twenties is a lot of pressure. From taxes, to rent, and health insurance, I mean everything costs money. On top of that newly added pressure of providing for yourself, you have to simultaneously juggle all of your emotions as relationships fail and the world around us changes.
  20. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield — Your twenties are the beginning of your chapter of adulthood! You and only you are in charge of how your story unfolds.
  21. "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus — Sometimes we all just need some motivation and a taste of childhood. In your twenties, it's important to remember that there will always be setbacks and difficulties, but learning to navigate them in a healthy way is how you will grow into the best version of yourself.
Link to article
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2023.05.30 13:51 biggrabo Last Games against Heat this Season were really good for us

I watched some recap games of this season against the heat in which we both won the games and i feel actually really good and not to worried about. Key Factors i want to Point out.
  1. HomeCourt Advantage & Preperation : After the long ECF Series the Miami Heat had 3 more games and only 2 Days to rest and prepare for Denver. Altitude is a big Topic. Also Denver got ready for the Heat as noone was expecting the Celtics to really come back
  2. Nikola Jokic & Jamal Murray I dont really have to say anything about Jokic and Murray, but i will say that in the last game Murray wasnt playing against the Heat and the game before he was jsut scoring i think 11. A hot Jamal Murray and a really hungry Jokic will be a big Problem for the Heat.
  3. Hero missing first games Hero is missing the firs games which is good for us as he was really making things tuff in the last games with his precise shooting. He missing out and then throwing him into the Finaks after Injury could break the Heat but still a risk of him being a deadly shooter from outside.
  4. Miami Defense and Bench When it comes down to the Defense especially who will guard Jokic the Miami Heat are in a bad position. With Adebayo trying his best on Jokic and Butler maybe taking care of Jamal as good as he can we have other Weapons on our hand. A tall MPJ who can shoot but also drive. Gordon who proved that he can score from outside if he wants and needs to. KCP being KCP. With Jokic standing on the high Post with Bam Adebayo in his back the whole Paint can and will open up. Even tho Miami has a good Paint-Defense and allowed very few Points in there. Noone will find an Answer for Jokic. The Bench is not to well for Miami either. With the Injuries they had only 3 Players used in the last two games of the Series.
  5. Denvers Defense Jokic being underrated as a Defender and all the Guys on our side playing phenomenal defense will give the Heat a lot of Problems. The only guy we really need to focus on is Jimmy Butler, which can be done with a nice Help defense. Gordon is performing really good on defense and KCP is also known as a good defender.
  6. Prediction We will start with a nice 12 Point deficit win int eh first game. DEN 1 - 0 MIA Game will be huge for Jamal. MPJ hitting those 3s and Denver taking the win. DEN 2-0 MIA In Miami Butler will have a crazy game and Lowry also stepping up when needed. DEN 2-1 MIA Hero coming causing Problems and Denver found a way to stop him but to late. DEN 2-2 MIA Denvers Adjustments worked, easy win . DEN 3-2 MIA Miami strugglin early in the first 2 Quarters, not having a big run later. DEN 4-2 MIA
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2023.05.30 13:43 Tyleops1 Hang on a sec….jacks Instagram story shows him listening to an old urban legends ep?? Am I going crazy or something he could barely listen to it when he was there let alone listen back to it 😂

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Montreal, Quebec--(Newsfile Corp. - May 30, 2023) - Amex Exploration Inc.(TSXV: AMX) (FSE: MX0) (OTCQX: AMXEF)("Amex or the Company") is pleased to announce and discuss results from its property-wide regional exploration campaign on Perron, including two geochemical surveys and exploration diamond drilling. Both the regional drilling and geochemical surveys successfully identified significant targets for follow-up in areas that have seen little to no drilling by Amex or previous operators (Figures 1, 4, & 5). Amex plans to expand and tighten up the spacing of its geochemical dataset, and conduct follow-up drilling on these new targets over the coming months.
Geochemical Exploration Programs Generate both Gold and VMS Targets
Ionic Leach Geochemical Soil Survey
In the fall of 2022, Amex, in conjunction with Vision Geochemistry and Laurentia Exploration, conducted an Ionic Leachgeochemical soil survey, covering approximately two thirds of the Perron property. The soil samples were analyzed by the Ionic LeachTM method (ALS Global), which measures the concentration of metal ions in soil. The Ionic Leach method aims to detect mineralization through deep overburden coverage. Geochemicalanomalies sourced from ore-grade mineralization often present sharp and high-amplitude signals, which are ideal for drill targeting. The survey was designed to focus with higher resolution over the Beaupre Block and along the Normetal Mine Horizon, and with lower resolution over the Normetal Volcanic Complex and the Normetal Southern Block. The results for zinc and gold from the Ionic Leach survey are both presented in Figure 2.
The Ionic Leach survey highlights a significantly large zinc anomaly (~600m by ~300m) along the eastern portion of the Normetal Mine Horizon. This anomaly is associated with copper, lead, silver and gold, indicative of VMS-type base metal mineralization. On the regional scale, several gold exploration targets were also identified, including:
  • Northeastern corner of the property, near the contact between the Normetal Volcanic Complex and the Gale Group basalt and iron formations;
  • Southern-central portion of the property where the Late Diabase Dyke intrusion contacts the Normetal South Block; and
  • Western area of the Beaupre Block where the Beaupre rhyolite meets the Beaupre basalt and the Normetal South Block.
It should be noted that there is a general enrichment of gold anomalism within the Beaupre Block rhyolites, consistent with the lithological units that host gold mineralization at Perron. An internal analysis was completed to assess the correlation between gold signal strength and the overburden thickness logged from existing drillholes. The analysis determined that the gold anomalies were generally absent in areas where greater than 20m overburden thickness predominates, suggesting that the migration of ions from mineralized zones were unable to reach the upper soil horizons in these areas, including the Denise Zone and a portion of the Team Zone. However, the results from the Ionic Leach geochemical survey show a strong response over the known gold zones located in the western portion of the Beaupre Block, including the Grey Cat Zone, Gratien Zone and the N110 Gold Corridor, where overburden thickness is generally much less than 20m in thickness.
Spruce-Bark Biogeochemical Survey
In the summer and fall of 2022, Amex, also in conjunction with Vision Geochemistry and Laurentia Exploration, conducted a property-wide spruce-bark sampling biogeochemical program. Similar to the Ionic Leach geochemical soil survey, this method aims to locate mineralized areas with limited or no rock exposure due to extensive overburden cover. Black spruce was used because it has the capacity to absorb and retain metals from weathered bedrock and groundwater through their deep root systems. The regional survey was designed to target VMS-type mineralization with high-resolution over the polymetallic QF Zone and lower resolution over the balance of the Perron property.
The results for cadmium and gold from the spruce-bark biogeochemical survey are both presented in Figure 3. For detection of VMS mineralization, cadmium is presented instead of zinc. Because cadmium is geochemically similar to zinc, and unlike zinc, it is not an essential element for plant metabolism, cadmium often serves as a better pathfinder element to target zinc mineralization in biogeochemical surveys.
Results from the property-wide biogeochemical survey delineated a broad VMS target in the dacite-andesite fold of the Normetal Volcanic Complex, signified by the strong cadmium anomalism. The spruce-bark sampling results also show gold anomalies coincident with the Ionic Leach geochemical soil survey results, located in the northeastern corner of the property (Normetal Volcanic Complex and the Gale Group basalt and iron formations) and the southern-central portion of the property (Late Diabase Dyke intrusion contacts the Normetal South Block).
Figure 1. Geological map of the Perron Property with mineralized zones.
Figure 2. Zinc and gold results from the Ionic Leach geochemical soil survey. To help visualize anomalous areas, each grid is presented by an inverse distance weighting (IDW) interpolation to predict the z-scores in between soil sample locations
Figure 3. Cadmium and gold results from the spruce-bark biogeochemical survey. To help visualize anomalous areas, each grid is presented by an IDW interpolation to predict the metal content in between spruce-bark sample locations.
Regional Drilling Program
During the winter season of 2023, Amex' main drilling focus was on regional exploration in areas that are typically more difficult to access in warmer seasons. This drilling was primarily focused on the newly identified N110 Gold Corridor, which is located north of the Gratien Gold Zone, and the eastern extents of the property along the projected extension of the Beaupre Rhyolite, which is the host to the majority of the gold identified on the Perron project to date (Figure 4). To the west, at the N110 Gold Corridor, Amex has intersected numerous veins and veinlets containing visible gold over short widths. The N110 Gold Corridor was identified through a structural interpretation of the Company's magnetic dataset and scattered historical gold intercepts, including, 3.18 g/t Au over 4.50 m in hole PEX-21-054 and 2.56 g/t Au over 3.30 m in hole PEX-21-065. The results of drilling at the N110 Gold Corridor will be announced once received and compiled in the coming weeks, but preliminarily the Company is very encouraged by the amount of visible gold identified in the structure and has planned follow up work to look for high grade ore shoots within this +1km area of gold mineralization (Figure 4).
Figure 4. Plan view of the N110 Gold Corridor with visible gold spatial distribution (red stars in the figure) from the 2023 drilling campaign.
On the eastern side of the project, Amex initially set out to test the projected extension of the Beaupre rhyolite, where the Normetal and Perron faults meet. To date the Beaupre rhyolite has not been intersected to the East of a large diabase dyke; however, Amex intersected VMS-type base metal mineralization (Figure 5). This drilling was done in advance of receiving the geochemical results, and the coincidence of the VMS-type drill intercepts and the very large (greater than 600 m) strike, paired with a strong multielement geochemical anomaly (Zn-Cu-Pb-Ag-Au) are very encouraging. Three drillholes crosscut semi-massive to massive lenses and returned zinc and silver intercepts as shown in Table 1 and Figures 5 and 6. See Table 2 for drillhole coordinates. These initial massive and semi-massive intervals, spread over approximately 600 metres of strike, appear to have only intersected the periphery of the geochemical anomaly, indicating a potentially larger VMS body may be located at the core of the anomaly. Amex is currently conducting borehole EM surveys in the area and plans to drill test any anomalies identified through this survey. Amex will also tighten up its geochemical survey over the balance of the Mine Horizon geological unit, host to the historical Normetal mine, Normetmar deposit, the QF Zone, and this newly identified area of VMS-type mineralization.
Figure 5. Map view of the new discovery VMS-type mineralization. Zn interpolation of the ionic leach soil program is directly correlated with Zn in drillholes
Table 1. Assay results from the new VMS discovery

Figure 6. Highlight photos of the semi-massive to massive sulfide lens intersected in drillholes PEX-23-147 and PEX-23-170. Abbreviations: Sp - Sphalerite, Py - Pyrite, Po - Pyrrhotite, Chl - Chlorite.
Table 2. Eastern VMS drillhole coordinates

Jacques Trottier, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of Amex Exploration commented, "We are very pleased to see the geochemical targets that have been generated through these inexpensive regional surveys. I am particularly intrigued by the VMS-type zinc, silver, lead, and cadmium anomaly on the eastern side of the property, adjacent to and on strike with the past-producing Normetal mine, the Normetmar deposit, and our own QF Zone, as well as the new targets that occur both in the northern and southern extents of the project which have seen very little drilling, as well as the N110 area. Our drilling to the east seems to corroborate the strong geochemical signature and we have drilled several intervals of zinc and silver mineralization, indicative of a possibly significant VMS system in the area. Since our drilling was before receiving the geochemical survey results, we were not targeting the VMS mineralization. The fact that we have intersected VMS type mineralization on the very edge of this anomaly bodes well for a significant new discovery."
Trottier continued," On the gold front, the N110 Gold Corridor is showing a lot of promise, with visible gold intersected in nearly every drill hole. This is a new promising structure and we plan to test this area in detail this summer looking for secondary structures where gold may have concentrated. On the whole our regional exploration program has been a complete success and has generated numerous blue-sky targets at Perron. At the same time, we continue to define the known gold zones and in particular we will be focusing defining and expanding the Team Zone which was found in 2022."
Qualified Person and QAQC
Jérôme Augustin P.Geo. Ph.D., (OGQ 2134), an Independent Qualified Person as defined by Canadian NI 43-101 standards, has reviewed and approved the geological information reported in this news release. The drilling and geochemistry campaigns and the quality control program have been planned and supervised by Jérôme Augustin. Core logging and sampling were completed by Laurentia Exploration.
The quality assurance and quality control protocol include insertion of one blank, one standard and one duplicate every 10 samples, in addition to the regular insertion of blank, duplicate, and standard samples accredited by ALS Canada Ltd. during the analytical process. Additionally, sample weight is taken prior shipment to validate sample identity. Gold values are estimated by fire assay with finish by atomic absorption. Zinc, Copper and Silver values are estimated by four acid digestion multi elements Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES), ME-ICP61. Zinc values over 1%, copper values over 1% and silver values over 100 g/t are estimated by four acid digestion ICP-AES, OG62.
The soil samples were sent to ALS Canada for processing and Ionic LeachTM analysis (ME-MS23). In addition, all soil samples were separately tested for paste pH analysis before and after the additional of HCl (OA-ELE07 and OA-ELE076AP). Ionic Leach samples used a static leaching process using sodium cyanide with a highly sensitive ICP-MS finish capable of sub-ppb detection.
To ensure consistency in the interpretation of the soil data, a geochemist conducted a comprehensive review of the soil descriptions and photos of the collected soil. Due to the heterogeneous overburden cover, the dataset was geochemically levelled using the z-score method. Z-scores are commonly used in statistical analysis to normalize populations of data, and therefore establish meaningful connections between datasets. A higher z-score indicates a data point that is more anomalous in relation to the rest of the dataset. For instance, if a data point has a z-score of 2, it means that its value is two standard deviations (2σ) greater than the mean value of the dataset, equivalent to the 97.7th percentile.
The biogeochemical (bark) samples were sent to Activations Laboratories Ltd. (ACTLABS) Canada. The bark samples were dried below 60°C. Dry vegetation samples are dissolved in acid and analyzed by ICP-MS (code 2G).
The Qualified Person has not completed sufficient work to verify the historic information on the Property or neighbouring projects, particularly in regards to historical drill results. However, the Qualified Person believes that drilling and analytical results were completed to industry standard practices. The information provides an indication of the exploration potential of the Property but may not be representative of expected results.
About Amex
Amex Exploration Inc. is a junior mining exploration company, the primary objective of which is to acquire, explore, and develop viable gold projects in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Quebec. Amex is focused on its 100% owned Perron gold project located 110 kilometres north of Rouyn Noranda, Quebec, consisting of 117 contiguous claims covering 4,518 hectares. A number of significant gold discoveries have been made at Perron, including the Eastern Gold Zone, the Gratien Gold Zone, the Grey Cat Zone, and the Central Polymetallic Zone. High-grade gold has been identified in each of the zones. A significant portion of the project remains underexplored. In addition to the Perron project, the company holds a portfolio of three other properties focused on gold and base metals in the Abitibi region of Quebec and elsewhere in the province.
For further information please contact:
Victor Cantore President and Chief Executive Officer Amex Exploration: +1-514-866-8209
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Forward-looking statements
This news release contains forward-looking statements. All statements, other than of historical facts, that address activities, events or developments that the Company believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future including, without limitation, the planned exploration program on the HGZ and Denise Zone, the expected positive exploration results, the extension of the mineralized zones, the timing of the exploration results, the ability of the Company to continue with the exploration program, the availability of the required funds to continue with the exploration and the potential mineralization or potential mineral resources are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are generally identifiable by use of the words "will", "should", "continue", "expect", "anticipate", "estimate", "believe", "intend", "to earn", "to have', "plan" or "project" or the negative of these words or other variations on these words or comparable terminology. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company's ability to control or predict, that may cause the actual results of the Company to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations include, among other things, failure to meet expected, estimated or planned exploration expenditures, failure to establish estimated mineral resources, the possibility that future exploration results will not be consistent with the Company's expectations, general business and economic conditions, changes in world gold markets, sufficient labour and equipment being available, changes in laws and permitting requirements, unanticipated weather changes, title disputes and claims, environmental risks as well as those risks identified in the Company's annual Management's Discussion and Analysis. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those described and accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Although the Company has attempted to identify important risks, uncertainties and factors which could cause actual results to differ materially, there may be others that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. The Company does not intend, and does not assume any obligation, to update these forward-looking statements except as otherwise required by applicable law.
To view the source version of this press release, please visit
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2023.05.30 13:33 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 11 PREVIEW

In Week 4, it becomes more important than ever for the mid-majors to strike while the iron is hot. We saw it in Matchday 10 as Detroit Mercy upended Oklahoma. Now, another early success story of the mid-majors takes a shot at a big name. This one is a true battle of David and Goliath, though.
#17 DePaul Blue Demons vs. Rhode Island Rams.
It's a team that thrives in the middle taking on a team that lives for full-court. A pair of giants underneath who so far have led their team. The bigs of the Big East taking on the roadrunners of the Atlantic 10.
But Rams coach Frank Keaney is under no delusion that it'll be an even fight.
"We've had our chances to make a mark this season," Keaney said. "I hope this one pays off. We do really well against the outside teams, but the big boys are the ones we've struggled with."
Indeed, while both teams are 7-3, that's highly deceiving. DePaul has beaten West Virginia, Auburn, and Colorado, getting three victories over the Power Six schools. Rhode Island, meanwhile, is 0-2 -- and the games against Minnesota and NC State weren't that close.
Still, Blue Demons coach Ray Meyer isn't taking the Rams lightly. "If they can get in a groove, they can compete with anyone. We've seen them beat teams by 70 points this season [Rhode Island beat Fairleigh Dickinson 125-54], and they beat a team with a dominant big like us [knocking off Jacksonville in overtime]. We're going to have to be on our best to win. But I think there's a gameplan, and I hope we execute it."

#17 DePaul Blue Demons (7-3) # Rhode Island Rams (7-3)
Emmett BRYANT 1 Steven CHUBIN
Tyrone CORBIN 3 Johnny EZERSKY
Steven HUNTER 7 Cuttino MOBLEY
George MIKAN 9 Lamar ODOM
LINE: DePaul by 28
#1 UCLA (10-0) at #8 Michigan (9-1)
#5 Kansas (9-1) at #3 Kentucky (9-1)
#12 Connecticut (8-2) at #25 Illinois (8-2)
#4 Duke (8-2) at #6 Michigan State (8-2)
#10 Indiana (8-2) at West Virginia (8-2)
#2 North Carolina (8-2) at #22 Florida (8-2)
#9 Notre Dame (8-2) at #11 Ohio State (8-2)
#7 Syracuse (8-2) at #15 Southern Cal (8-2)
#17 DePaul (7-3) at Rhode Island (7-3)
#19 Georgetown (7-3) at #18 LSU (7-3)
#23 Iowa (7-3) at Clemson (7-3)
Iowa State (7-3) at #14 Arizona (7-3)
#16 Maryland (7-3) at South Carolina (7-3)
#20 Minnesota (7-3) at Detroit Mercy (7-3)
#13 Texas (7-3) at Oregon State (7-3)
Wichita State (7-3) at #21 Alabama (7-3)
Old Dominion (6-4) at #24 UNLV (6-4)
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2023.05.30 13:28 viixian long time "high elo" overwatch player swapping to paladins (temporarily), my perspective and would like feedback ^__^

i've already seen a couple threads about overwatch players swapping to paladins but i wanted to give my perspective and maybe get some feedback from other paladins players (; ω ; )
for context i peaked 4400 and peaked at rank #31 in overwatch 1, i peaked gm1 and rank #282 in ow2. with the recent news about PVE being somewhat cancelled and ow devs listening to casual players which QUITE LITERALLY killed ow1 along with horrid new characters, awful balance changes, and oh god dont get me started on the 3+ year long content drought.
i played overwatch since release, actively scrimmed, streamed, played in community tournaments and open division. during the content drought in ow1 during maybe december 2021 to october 2022, i swapped over to valorant for a bit. valorant was fun and a learning curve, but i quickly went from a silvegold player to an ascendant 2 player. i got extremely bored of valorant and when the ow2 beta dropped, i swapped back over.
i was honestly initially excited and had a blast the first 3 weeks of ow2 being released, but i was immediately disappointed with new events coming out and no new skins, other skins and content from years ago being rereleased in blizzard's sloppy job of giving us "content", once again awful balance changes, season 2 elo inflation, awful matchmaking thats been going on for months at this point, an overall horrible competitive system, and of course the announcement of no PVE.
it has been a major disappointment and i've been incredibly bored. im a freelance artist and a streamer, so overwatch was my main content aswell as my outlet outside of work.
me and another friend who is also high elo + my boyfriend decided to try paladins.i will say that i dont expect a multimillion dollar somewhat polished game like overwatch, and i have played paladins in the past, but that was around 4+ years ago and i didnt really remember much.
the first day we played the client kept freezing and crashing, my friends client kept crashing aswell and some games our textures wouldnt load at all despite us having higher end pcs.
we quickly grinded lvl 15 and got enough characters for ranked in a 2-3 day period, but within some of these matches, we actually ran into 3 different cheaters who were just hard locking. i want to clarify aswell that we are somewhat "aimers" (sounds cringe as hell im so sorry T__T) so we do know what cheats look like, and we also received a notification the next time we logged on that someone was punished.
we did our placements and during these placements it was really hell. 2 afks in the first 2 matches we played, despite the afks someone on our team didnt like that we weren't playing "meta" (I was playing rei, my friend was playing vatu) and despite us having stats higher than the whole lobby, the 3rd match we had with this guy he intentionally banned our champs, so we were forced to play other characters that we still ended up doing well on and winning lol.we lost another game and won another.
we placed silver 4 which was fine, but we noticed after placements that our matches were incredibly easy to the point we were in queue for 10-15 minutes at a time but our matches would last about 5-8 minutes.
i ended up skipping to gold 4 and so did my friend, but as we kept playing more ranked, we noticed an influx of people who will purposely ban your hero pool, a LOT of dcers and afkers, and most of all oh my god why do people whine so much in this game? its to a point where its worse than ego inflated plat overwatch players lol.we've had so many people whine over team comp and during one of my games on stream, someone flamed in the select screen for me picking rei, then 1 minute into game apologized to me because i kept him alive.
overall in our 2-3ish days of grinding comp & our last few days of playing the game, i've noticed these main things
-game overall lacks a lot of polish and refinement, movement feels a tad bit clunky aswell as aiming feels kinda slow.
-it is blaringly obvious the skill ceiling isnt very high for this game, but nonetheless its still fun.
-so many afks/dcs, not sure why but it is extremely frustrating. typically they dc before the round starts when you're buying items. why doesnt paladins include a match cancel system for these dcs/afks like overwatch?
-tp gain feels very low. despite skipping ranks the usual amount of points i get is 15/16. not sure if thats a lot of tp but compared to valorant's system (19+ usually for a win) and ow's rank up system, i feel i have to play an insane amount of matches, and these matches usually include insane stats like me going 12/2/34 with 100k+ healing & 40-50k dmg on rei.
-game client is overall horrible, takes a very long time to load up. it has also sometimes frozen on load up, which has happened to my friends aswell. game has also crashed mid game, or freezes mid game. its overall extremely frustrating and it made me realize how fast the overwatch client loads up and how quickly you can queue lol.
-ranked select and ban system is very time consuming. i think putting character bans up to 1 person is kinda troll aswell. i think if there was more a team vote system it would be a lot more fair, and after having someone purposely ban our mains a couple games in a row, it was extremely frustrating.
-almost no one using voice chat? ive noticed little to no one has used voicechat in any of our matches at all. not sure if its just cus we're starting in low elo, but the only people who have used voicechat in my experience are people who have open mic on who didnt know, people who only use mic to flame/complain (and its really not usually flame its just someone going "heal me you bitch" or "why the fuck arent we on point") or people who say 1 or 2 things then dont say anything for the rest of the game. also alrdy dealt with some weird sexist ppl but thats to be expected and i rly cba to care.
-crossplay is kinda a mistake. my best guess is that they implemented crossplay because of low player population, but honestly crossplay in any competitive game is just a mistake. unfortunately pc players will always have the upper hand compared to console players, and the few console players we have had were just awful, not to mention weird and toxic.
i will say overall there are a lot of things that i do like, such as passive healing, and not a lot of "game changing ults" that stress you out the whole game. while there are what i like to call "braindead" heroes/characters, thankfully nothing even close to moira seems to exist. overall huge majority of the characters feel great to play and nothing feels incredibly broken, or "unfair". nothing necessarily feels hard to counter either.
i cant help but feel sad though for paladins, as i really feel with a great dev team and a bit more resources and a higher budget, this game could bring in a lot of is blaringly obvious how unpolished and sloppy this game feels, especially to experienced fps players. you would think with all these years it would be a bit better by now, but despite that issue in itself the game is not that bad.its definitely been more fun learning paladins than playing in the current state of overwatch right now.
character kits are actually also pretty fun and interesting for the most is monetized in a really nice way, a lot of content and really nice skins, icons, etc are out. wish overwatch did more of that, and it seems a lot of fanart is implemented into the game which is really nice to see as a freelance artist.
overall those are my opinions on paladins, im going to keep playing and maybe give another update within a week or so! if there is anything you'd like to educate me on or give me more info about, please do. if theres any other high elo ow players swapping over aswell, let me know im very curious lol.
also overall if paladins had a higher budget, devs fixed stuff and made some quality of life changes, aswell as fixing their client (ffs) i think this game could take over ow2 at the moment. ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )
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