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2022.12.05 09:09 EchoTik EchoTik Weekly Leaderboard|TikTok Trending Creators & Videos (11/21-11/27)

EchoTik Weekly Leaderboard|TikTok Trending Creators & Videos (11/21-11/27)
Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.
In order to facilitate you to quickly understand the popular trends of TikTok and improve your content creation ability, EchoTik (echotik.live), the TikTok data analysis platform, has launched the trending videos weekly leaderboard & the dark horse Creators weekly leaderboard .
Please check the list and analysis of last week (2022/11/14-20).

EchoTik Global Follower Growth Weekly leaderboard (11/21-11/27)

According to EchoTik (https://echotik.live), from November 14 to November 20 last week, the top 5 global celebrities were: Enejota, mzogzage, FIFA, Heluvcoco, MrBeast. The top 8 leaders on the list have a weekly increase of more than one million followers.Details: Visit EchoTik (https://echotik.live) and click on Creators - Leaderboard to see the full leaderboard and other related leaderboards, with multi-dimensional filtering by date, region, influencer type, and influencer categories.
It is worth noting that the famous Brazilian footballer "Neymarjr" (@neymarjr, TikTok nickname: Enejota) has been among the top 5 global fans on TikTok for several weeks due to the fever of 2022 Qatar World Cup.
This week, he ranked at the top of the global TikTok fan gain list with 3.3M new followers.
The official account of the World Cup: FIFA (@fifaworldcup) also ranked Top 3 on the list of weekly fan gainers with 2.1M new fans, and the average video views reached 2.8M, which shows the high attention of the global audience to the soccer tournament.
For TikTok creators, brands and sellers, it's important to keep up with the trends in marketing and creation, and Echo has already compiled a full guide to TikTok marketing for the World Cup:

EchoTik Global Dark Horse Creators Weekly leaderboard (11/21-11/27)

EchoTik has developed an exclusive growth index for our users to help filter out the dark horse creators with the most growth potential (under 100,000 followers). From November 21 to November 27, the top 5 dark horse creators in the world were: Victoria Aristocrat, finn, kimito, ArlynTh, JoBillington-Game.
Victoria Aristocrat ranked first in one week. The creator is a fashion wearer with an Instagram account and her own swimwear brand, suitable for collaboration with brands and stores of women's clothing, jewelry, Shoes & Boots.

EchoTik Global Trending Videos Weekly leaderboard (11/20-11/27)

In the past 7 days, the most liked videos in the world are as follows. The top 11 videos have received more than 5 million likes.
Above is the content and data analysis of TikTok creators & popular videos weekly list (11/21-11/27) brought to you by EchoTik in this issue. In the next issue, we will bring you the weekly list of TikTok trending products and small shops. EchoTik, a third-party data analysis platform for short videos and live-streaming e-commerce.
EchoTik's mission is to enable global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands to master the marketing methods of short videos and live-streaming to sell and promote their products easily.
EchoTik.live will continue to accompany you to explore the new opportunities of global video and live e-commerce, and provide you with TikTok related information and guidance on product selection and operation. Welcome to follow!
Chrome Extension:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tiktok-analytics-by-echot/napmaafilgfpfohgpjokahilhgmkkfjo
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2022.11.22 05:25 A33Bot [Themes] Link no longer available - discussions about possible reasons and alternatives @ 2022-11-21 20:25

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2022.11.22 04:41 A33Bot [Themes] Users discussing account suspension on arga.li @ 2022-11-21 19:41

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2022.11.14 19:00 Conscious-Olive8944 Top Benefits of Considering Scalp Micro Pigmentation

On the off chance that you're battling with going bald, you could have considered a scope of choices to assist with reestablishing your certainty. One choice turning out to be progressively well known is scalp miniature pigmentation (SMP). SMP is a corrective methodology that includes inking color into the scalp to make the presence of thicker, more full heluvcoco redit hair. You can utilize it to conceal diminishing regions, camouflage balding, and try and assist with making the deception of a hairline.
While SMP won't stop going bald or advance hair development, it tends to be a compelling method for supporting your certainty and work on your appearance. A portion of the advantages of thinking about this method incorporate
Top Benefits of Considering Scalp Micro Pigmentation
1. It Is Insignificantly Intrusive
Not at all like hair relocate a medical procedure, scalp miniature pigmentation is a non-careful therapy that doesn't need entry points or fastens. As far as one might be concerned, the methodology is considerably less prone to cause scarring and can be finished in a more limited measure of time filip nordegren cameron. Furthermore, Micropigmentation Method Orlando is less inclined to harm the encompassing tissue, making it a more secure choice for those with ailments that might be impacted by a more intrusive system.
2. It Is Reasonable
Balding can be an expensive issue to treat with a wide range of items and medicines. However, not every person can stand to burn through cash on them. In any case, Restorative Scalp Tattoo Orlando is a genuinely reasonable choice since it doesn't be guaranteed to require utilizing genuine hair. Thusly, there is compelling reason need to purchase expensive haircut creams or other hair medicines. The pigmented piece of the scalp just requires an intensive wash, potentially some sunscreen, and, in the event that you decide, a modest quantity of hair wax to add sparkle.
3. No problem at all
Many individuals stay away from and disdain balding medicines since they dread synthetics, medical procedures, and conceivable incidental effects. SMP in no way includes the utilization of synthetics. Everything necessary to apply the pigmentation is an electric tattoo needle and a light sedative to numb the region and stay away from disease. There is no requirement for entry points or careful instruments on the grounds that the miniature pigmentation strategy doesn't need them.
4. Short A medical procedure and Recuperation Time
📷 📷
There is next to zero recuperating time with SMP. A couple of days, probably, as no meddlesome strategies are involved. There are no scars to recuperate isekaiscans twitter from between medicines or join to eliminate; only a daily practice of purging the scalp. Every meeting endures a couple of hours, and results are as of now genuinely obvious after the main meeting.
5. It Gives a Practical Look
At the point when dealt with by a prepared master, miniature pigmentation going bald treatment gives the impression of genuine hair. It offers an almost impeccable impersonation of hair tone and surface, giving the presence of unequivocally shaven hair. What's more, the results of scalp miniature pigmentation can help with hiding defects on the scalp, for example, scars from mishaps or cuts made during techniques like hair transfers.
6. Helps works on self-assurance
Balding and hair diminishing have a specific disgrace or generalization. It's viewed as that the individual encountering it is old or more seasoned than they are. This condition can sometimes make patients experience an extreme decrease in confidence. For individuals with design hairlessness, alopecia, and subsiding hairlines, SMP can increment certainty.
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