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2018.01.10 19:06 sbwv09 Seeking Sister Wife, the TLC Reality Show!

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2023.05.03 12:40 celebnationofficial Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimitri Snowden Gushes Over Ashley Amid Season 3 Courtships Still going strong. Seeking Sister Wife ...

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2023.04.28 21:49 celebnationofficial 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Dimitri Snowden Accused of Domestic Abuse "Seeking Sister Wife"...

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2023.03.14 11:24 celebnationofficial 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star Dimitri Snowden Restraining Order Dissolved "Seeking Sister Wife"...

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2023.01.12 15:21 AllTheWayToTheFBI What people from the TLCsisterwives Reddit thought about the Paedon interview

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2022.10.21 17:57 shiftycapone07 Shocking…🙄

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2022.09.01 01:36 pinklove0015 Seeking sister wives and what you think of all the families from every season!

I am going to give a rundown of all the families from all of the seasons and my opinions also would love to hear other's opinions as well!
Snowden Family (Dimitri and Ashley) They were on the show for three seasons. I really liked Ashley. She was pretty strong and confident and really seemed to like the life style and did it for herself and not Dimitri. They are no longer together. I was not a fan of Dimitri. He was very cocky and over confident.
The Briney Family (Drew, April, Auralee, and Angela) I liked April the first wife. I think Drew did not treat her right. I believe he favored the second wife Auralee. He did not hide that she was the favorite. This family was too much drama and did not fit well. Angela I found annoying. Drew was a wimp and seemed like he enjoyed his wives fighting. Very miss matched group. I am happy April divorced Drew she can do so much better.
The Alldredges (Jeff,Vanessa, and Sharis) I really liked this family a lot! Jeff seemed to really value and love his wives equally. He seemed like a very kind man. Also seemed to respect his wives. I liked Vanessa she seemed very sweet as well as Sharis. The women seemed to have a good relationship and care about each other.
The McGees (Bernie and Paige) Bernie has passed. I liked these people but not as a polygamist couple. Didn't seem like it fit them.
The Winders (Colton, Tami, and Sophie): I liked this family. They seem like they all care for each other. Colton seems to love his wives and be living the life style for the right reasons. Only looking to add someone if everyone is on board.
The Merrifields (Garrick And Dannielle) I will start off by saying I CANNOT I repeat CANNOT stand Garlick! He literally makes me sick. He does not love Dani at all and was totally obsessed with Roberta. I hear she never ends up in CO. I think Dani can do better and should kick Ick to the curb. He is constantly crying over Bert. It's pathetic to watch. He loves Bert does not love Dani at all. I think Bert scammed them from the very beginning and had no intentions on coming to the States.
The Clarks (Jarod, Vanessa, and Kaleh) Couldn't stand them. Felt bad for Kaleh seemed like Jarod and Vanessa were just looking for a maid.
The Joneses (Tosha and Sidian) I genuinely like this couple! Sidian seems to really love Tosha and vice versa. They seem to really embrace the life style. I think Arielle will be a great addition. I do believe Sidian cares about the two women.
The Epps Family (Marcus, Taryn and India) I cannot stand Marcus. He is so short and tiny. I cannot fathom what these two pretty women see in him. Taryn seems like she doesn't care what Marcus does or with who. India is a walking contradiction, but I do like her. I believe both these women can do so much better than Marcus.
The Davis' Family (Nick, April and Jennifer) I think they are weird sleeping in the same bed, but I really like this family. Yes the women support Nick and he stays home, but they all seem to genuinely care and love each other. Nick seems to love both of his wives and give them equal attention. He also respects his wives and runs everything by them first.
The Foley's (Steve and Brenda) Cannot stand them. Steve is creepy going after someone close to his sons age, Brenda annoys me.
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2022.08.15 21:10 newmusicrls Beatport Warm-Up Essentials 2022 Minimal / Deep Tech

Beatport Warm-Up Essentials 2022 Minimal / Deep Tech RELEASE DATE 2022-08-15 CHART DATE 2022-08-10 AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR DOWNLOAD NiTROFLARE SIZE 312MB WEBSTORE beatport.com/chart/warm-up-essentials-2022-minimal-deep-tech/740230 20 TRACKS:
  1. Andrew Azara – Circus Groove (Original Mix) 05:45 128bpm B
  2. MEEN – Fruit Of Tulum (feat. MC Junior) (Wyatt Marshall Remix) 07:08 130bpm G
  3. Danny Snowden – Routine (Original Mix) 07:00 130bpm G
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  5. Tim Taylor (UK) – Beatbox (Original Mix) 06:56 129bpm Gm
  6. P H – Summertime (Original Mix) 07:45 129bpm E
  7. Perky Wires – Lunasee (Original Mix) MinimalFreaks.co 06:28 129bpm Ebm
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  13. Callum Edwards – Now You’re Gone (Original Mix) 06:30 130bpm Bb
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  15. Zambiancki, Alex Dam – Calories (Original Mix) 06:05 127bpm Db
  16. Locklead – Blue Monday (Original Mix) 05:49 128bpm Fm
  17. Dimitri Monev – Lady’s Mob (Original Mix) 08:10 126bpm A
  18. Andrey Loud – Rowlin (Original Mix) 07:14 127bpm Dm
  19. Litmus – Mon Dhaba (Original Mix) 07:56 129bpm Dm
  20. Max Chapman – Badman (Extended Mix) 05:55 130bpm F
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2022.07.23 17:37 cuntyone1 Why does dimitri Snowden appear so nice?

Just on season 3, and dimitri seems so nice. I know he’s not but anyone else fooled by how happy Ashley and Chrissy seem?
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2022.06.29 01:21 Stunning-Ad1085 Did anyone ever notice this slip up from Dimitri on Season two??

You can catch this watching episode 10 of Season two. @42:05 Vanessa’s mother grills Dimitri Snowden about his Season one fling. He is visibly flustered by her boldness and says the following, “ well a couple of things… Ashley and I agreed that we’re gonna not have sex right now, with anyone until we’ve-I * you can see him trying to maintain his composure with weird eye blinks and a gesture to point to himself with a half laugh**- until um, we know this is the person we are going to move forward with.” It really substantiates the rumors that the sister wives have to sleep with both Ashley and Dimitri. Anyone else have slip ups from either of the Snowdens caught on camera?
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2022.06.08 23:56 Candid_Asparagus_785 Are Ashley and Dimitri Still Together?

Ashley and Dimitri found themselves alone in their plural marriage once again in 2021. However, it seems all of the drama surrounding their breakup with Tayler, Chrissy and the pandemic took its toll on Ashley and Dimitri’s relationship. After months of speculation, Ashley confirmed that she and Dimitri have split.
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2021.07.23 02:38 realSisterWives Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden Confirms Split From Dimitri

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2021.07.14 02:15 Stashiatracy Has anyone else noticed Dimitri Snowden’s social media purge…? I wonder what finally inspired it…?

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2021.07.13 05:06 dcorcor408 Are there any updates on the Dimitri Snowden situation?

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2021.06.30 19:42 CannaZebra “Sometimes emotional maturity is knowing when to let go of what is hurting you, despite the effort you put into building it up.”

Screen Rant: Seeking Sister Wife: Why Fans Believe Ashley Snowden Left Dimitri.
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2021.06.24 04:51 QueenCreo Alleged email sent to Demetri from Ashley. Way too long to post it in its entirety.

It was leaked to Yate’s. Before sharing a transcript of the message, which was read by John Yates in the video, I feel I should preface it a bit to provide context.
Ariadne says that it was common for Dimitri to share messages that Ashley sent him with other women. She explains that this message was sent to another former sister wife, who then sent it to Ariadne after the first season of Seeking Sister Wife. That season featured Joselyn, who is mentioned in the message.
Leaked email from Ashley to Demetri
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2021.06.23 10:32 UrbanDurga The Disappointing Snowdens

Listen, I wanted to like the Snowdens reeeeeal bad. I have a soft spot for people who choose to forge a life for themselves off the beaten path, who create traditions and ceremonies and rites for themselves; who live life on their own terms. I genuinely thought the wedding with Vanessa was absolutely beautiful. I think that for those in the African diaspora, these acts of reclamation/reconstruction/ownership are especially meaningful, and inspiring to see.
But it’s so disappointing to see a couple with the potential to actually live authentically by their own rules be reduced to so much artifice and pretense. They are not stupid people. They’re attractive, creative, intelligent (though delusional about weird, alt-science/medicine shit), and energetic. They’ve just funneled all of their potentially great qualities into lies, grifting, and the creation of personality shells that seem to be completely hollow. And of course, if the compelling allegations of abuse are true, it’s even darker still.
It really is too bad that they’ve squandered what they’ve actually got going on, in an effort to convince people to buy into their artificial selves. It’s a sad subversion of their potential for legitimate authenticity while trying too hard to appear radically authentic.
They could have this beautiful, quirky, eclectic, meaning-rich, sacred family that lives by its own rules in its own little kingdom, and I’d deeply respect them for it. Want multiple wives? Go for it, but be transparent and act with integrity (read: NO NDAs, no abuses). Want a structured open marriage? Fine. Set boundaries, communicate honestly, meet the women, and let Dimitri toss that D around into “alkalinized” vaginas.
But instead, they’ve chosen attention-seeking behavior, potential/likely abuse, outright lies, control structures, messy grifting, vapid self-delusion, questionable emotional environments for their children, and pretension. It’s just such a waste.
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2021.06.14 12:46 abjinternational Dimitri Snowden Alleges He's Homeless in Stunning, Leaked Email

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2021.06.10 19:55 LALfangirl John Yates Parts 1-5 Interview Summary

I spent too many hours of my life watching this so you don't have to 😂. I am going to summarize the things I remember about this below, I did not take notes or anything, so these are just my random memories. If anyone has something to add, please do so! Also, feel free to ask questions and I will try to remember whether it was answered or not. I was stoned through parts of this, so sorry if I forget things or get details mixed up, I am trying my best 🤣. I will probably do Part 6 and 7 once I have more time, this took way longer than expected hahaha.
Part 1: John starts off by showing a video from I believe 2017, before the show aired, which is of a man (at some point in the series they call him Jay) who claims he does not know the whereabouts of his 2 sons. Jay states that the mother of his children (later named Tai) just turned herself in to the police for running Jay and their 2 children off the road However, Jay doesn't know where his sons are and the last known whereabouts were with Dimitri Snowden, whom Tai had run off with. I believe it is stated that the children had been missing for 1 month at this point.
Dimitri makes a lot of claims about his employment and hobbies, all of which are false. Namely, he claims to be an MMA fighter who has never lost a fight, but there is no record of him ever having competed. He also makes several claims about being a first responder, but never really states what kind of first responder, all of his employment claims and accolades are very dubious.
There is quite a bit of talk about Christeline's abuse, as well as other former sister wives support of Chrissy, which I won't go into because it has been talked about so much and if you don't know about it, that info is readily available elsewhere.
Parts 2-4:
I am grouping these these together because they are all interviews with a former sister wife of the Snowdens, Ariadne (Ari) Joseph. She provided a lot of bombshell information and I will do my best to remember all the crazy parts!
Ari met Dimitri on a Facebook group in like 2012, I think she said it was a polygamy Facebook group but I honestly can't remember for sure. Dimitri tried to pursue her but she was pregnant and in a relationship at the time so she rejected him. A couple years later they reconnected. Ashley and Ari also built a friendship with each other and Ashley came out to visit Ari. They claimed Ashley was the one to visit Ari first since women are the "center" of polygyny, but Ari states the real reason is because Ashley knew that if Dimitri went out there, he would sleep with Ari immediately. Ari said that red flags were showing up immediately, Ashley was criticizing everything Ari did and was trying to control Ari even in her own home. They ended up feeling like things wouldn't work out because Ashley was already too controlling, but somehow they ended up reconnecting and they ended up inviting Ari to move in.
Ari is an actress (you can look her up, she has a number of 1-episode roles in a lot of TV shows) and Dimitri loved this because he really wants to be famous. At one point, Dimitri wanted to be Ari's manager, which she declined because he doesn't actually know anyone in the business so she didn't know how he could help her.
Ari says that Dimitri proposed to her the very first day she moved in with them. Ari brought her 2 daughters, and the Snowdens were at the time living in a small 2 bedroom apartment with their 2 children at the time, and then they had Ari move in with her 2 children. So 3 adults and 4 kids lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment. When Ari got to the apartment Ashley greeted her completely naked. Dimitri required the women in the house to be fully nude at all times. He wore boxers or underwear most of the time, and the children wore underwear. Dimitri's main concern was the women remaining naked 🤢. Ari said that sex happened immediately, no detox diet or anything similar.
Ari, Ashley and Dimitri always slept in the same bed. Additionally, Ari states that she hardly ever saw Dimitri, she spent almost all her time with Ashley and the children while Dimitri locked himself in a room all day working on the computer. He almost never interacted with his children, and Ashley never seemed to want to interact with the children either. Ari states that Dimitri would only see the kids in the morning and at bed time.
Ashley and Dimitri claimed that the reason they had such a small apartment was because they were waiting for their sister wife to find their permanent home. They found that big house in Atlanta, which was a $3000/month rental. Dimitri would not be approved for a lease since he has terrible credit, so he paid $10,000 upfront to secure the lease. Dimitri is constantly "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul". His money either comes from scamming people or borrowing money from what remaining friends he has. It sounds like that number is 0 at this point. Additionally, their house in California is a $6,000/month rental.
Ashley is extremely jealous and is not at all OK with polygamy. She constantly undermines all of the sisterwives. She tries to turn Dimitri against the other women by criticizing the women and basically manipulating Dimitri into disliking the other wives. She treats them poorly and is not at all the zen goddess with no jealousy like she tries to portray. Dimitri has also given her Chlamydia, and sleeps around constantly. Additionally, Ashley was actually Dimitri's mistress during his first marriage. Ashley and Dimitri have long, screaming fights with each other often. They also are physically violent with each other.
Tai from Part 1 (the missing children) was also someone Dimitri was trying to bring in as a sister wife. Dimitri is a felon, and he has a fake social security number. Jay accused Tai of giving him that fake SSN (she is an accountant or something of the sort). Ashley hated Tai, as she hated all women who slept with Dimitri.
Dimitri always claimed he was getting bonuses for work and would receive large sums of money, but Ari later found out he would basically get advances for work he promised (sounds like software/app work) but would never follow through. One example is he is being sued by a school district for $45,000.
Dimitri was physically violent with Ari, to the point where her young daughter got a knife out thinking that she had to save her mother 😭. Ari ran and locked herself in a room with her children and Dimitri punched through something and was banging at the door trying to get in. Dimitri later sexually assaulted Ari.
Dimitri sleeps with every woman immediately. Ari alleges that even with Vanessa, Chrissy, and Tayler, Dimitri slept with them right away, and did so when Ashley was in the shower. That is his MO. Ashley makes up things like the detox diet because she doesn't want him sleeping with anyone but her so she prolongs that as much as she can, but ultimately he sleeps with them immediately anyway. Ari states she believes Dimitri is a sex addict.
The Snowdens were constantly borrowing money from Ari. Ari also spent a lot of money on the Snowden children because they were wearing old clothes that were too small and didn't have essentials like a winter jacket.
Dimitri was heavily abused by his father and says his mother abandoned them. Ashley had no relationship with her mother, according to Ari, and Ashleh stated her mother was an alcoholic.
After Ari, Dimitri and Ashley have required all women they date to sign a very restrictive non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is allegedly why so many of the women are fearful of speaking out against them, because they fear harsh legal repercussions. I would guess these NDAs are non-enforcable, but I am not a lawyer and do not know what the women's lawyers are suggesting (if they even have lawyers) but this is the reason that Vanessa, Chrissy and Tayler have been so quiet. They are terrified of their NDAs. Ari can speak.out only because she doesn't have one. To be clear, this is NOT a TLC NDA for appearing on the show, this is something the Snowdens do.
The children are essentially abandoned by Ashley and Dimitri. They run wild and neither parent seem to love them. They witness physical abuse and yelling, and they cling on to anyone who shows them love because they never receive that from their parents.
Dimitri is the one who requires the wives wear a bindi, this was not Ashley's idea
Ashley believes herself to be a witch. Ari also suspects that Ashley put something in her food which made her violently ill for multiple days.
The Snowdens keep kind of a sister wife rating sheet, like an Excel document, where they rank all of the women they may bring into their lives on things like beauty, intelligence, etc. I think I remember that careeability to bring in money was one of these but I can't remember for sure.
Despite being a felon, Dimitri owns many guns and Ashley buys them for him. He get them shipped from.out of state.
Part 5: Not gonna lie, I didn't really watch this because it is just about why Chrissy deserves the GoFundMe, which I think is obvious
Those are the big things I can think of, please add your own info if I missed anything!
ETA: I just remembered that Ari stated she was not allowed to leave the home by herself. Dimitri demanded she always be with Ashley. Ari stated she and Dimitri only went out on a solo date 2 times during the course of their relationship
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2021.06.10 12:45 abjinternational Vanessa Cobbs to Dimitri Snowden: You're a Liar Who Needs Professional Help!

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2021.06.09 11:45 nickelu Article: Ariadne leaks alleged message from Ashley Snowden to Dimitri Snowden

I saw someone ask about this on another post. I was curious about it as well. I accidentally came across it. I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I super stink at searching Reddit. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ariadne leaks alleged message from Ashley Snowden to Dimitri Snowden
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2021.06.09 11:44 nickelu Dimitri & Christaline Divorce Papers. Has anyone shared this yet?

I don’t know the legitimacy of this site but here’s the link.
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2021.06.08 09:46 cutestcatlady Snowdens and Chrissy

I’ve never liked the Snowdens and always got bad vibes from them. Fake vibes. Putting aside what we now know about what’s really been going on in the Snowden household and what a piece of sh*t Dimitri is... if I were in a relationship with someone who proposed on my visit, I’m not so sure I would say yes or rush to get married in that same visit. Like the Snowdens didn’t even try to go to South Africa and meet Chrissys family or see where she lives and where she comes from? That would be a huge deal breaker for me. Someone I’m about to marry would HAVE to meet my family. And not just meet them one time but get to know them and my family’s opinion would be extremely important to me. Call me old fashioned but getting my dads permission to marry me is huge to me too. Makes me wonder if these would be red flags to anyone else? And why didn’t Chrissy see them? Also no judgement at all to Chrissy here. She seems like such a sweet soul and absolutely did not deserve the abuse she endured and I’m so glad she got her and her girls out of there. If you’re able please donate to her GoFundMe!
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